This time around I thought we could make page 5 last for a while, but it was not meant to be. Now that the other page is starting to act up, let’s start fresh with this one. To make things more interesting, I will be posting quick “scene” recaps up here for some of the dramas I don’t cover on the main page – like for Man of Honor, Thousand day promise, or FBR shop. The rest of the page will be for the usual chats, music videos, and previews.


S writes down her number and address and puts those slips of paper in all her pockets. I really admire how she makes every effort to remain in control of a situation she has no control over. It’s admirable somehow that she wants to fight the inevitable for as long as she can and it breaks my heart for her. I love this screenshot – her face is in normal light then a whiteness covers her face as if she is fading away.
One of the best Kdrama weddings in a long time – the tragedy behind their love makes it more beautiful

345 comments on “KDF 6

  1. Iviih says:



    I hope the link work for you. It’s Choi Jung Yoon’s (Aka Cha Soo Young from Ojakgyo Brothers) wedding photoshoot! She got married! I don’t know it was yesterday? After looking like crazy I found the entire photoshoot. And since I can’t read korean not sure if the guy in the picture is her husband, I think it is him because I saw one picture of him and he seems the same man from the photoshoot – he is handsome! :P kekekekeke And her junior! She seems so happy! :D :D

    • Jomo says:

      Wowee! She is a beau-ti-ful lady. Maybe she can have a big public wedding in the show at the end and wear that dress again.

  2. Jomo says:

    Because I couldn’t resist the pull of his lips!
    Here is a very unvaried yet still compelling look at FBRS.

    Spoilers through Ep 10

    • nik says:

      ArghhH! I hate you, Jomo! This has been in my waiting list. But, it climbs up the list in no time because of this video! You know what I like the most? When she get back at him trying to kiss but went to his ear instead. Hah! And how hot that kiss can get! *fans herself* Jung Il Woo is such a…. *nosebleed*

    • Fanderay says:

      I’m second lead shipping in this drama. What is wrong with me :(

      • nonski says:

        nothing wrong fanderay, i am a hyuk-bi shipper too… and some other gals at db… we’re rowing hard now to keep the ship afloat. :(

  3. Jomo says:

    And because for me, Me, Too, Flower’s Jae Hee and Bong Sun are THE couple of the season.
    I must be very relaxed. Both of my latest are very mellow.

    • Fanderay says:

      Jomo, I love you and I love this video! This song was my first dance at my wedding (it’s a waltz!) and it immediately gets me all emotional.

      I adore this couple too, and think they’ve been awesome together since the first episode. I love how vulnerable they are with each other, but with no one else. It happened quickly too, and in real life when two people really connect that’s how it often goes.

      I’m so happy you’re making MVs of this show; it hasn’t been getting enough love! I barely even miss KJW anymore.

      • Jomo says:

        Awwww! What a great choice for a wedding song…”And I will never stop loving you.”
        Now it’ll make me cry listening to it.

        Glad you like the vids.
        Doing these, I remember why I had to stop making them before — I was up until 2:30am editing the OB like a mad woman. On the other hand, I also remember why I made so many, because I LOVE DOING THEM!

        • Softy says:

          Dang…this video was so good I almost pressed download to start watching – wow great job at making people get interested in this couple. Maybe you should have done the promos for this show Jomo. :)

  4. Jomo says:

    And the second for Me, Too, Flower – Spoilers through Ep 8.

    • Fanderay says:

      hahaha, I cracked up at your opening scene choice. This whole MV is so cute that I can barely stand it.

      • Softy says:

        hey Jomo, love your videos but I am not watching this drama so I didn’t know if I should comment. Why does he still look too young for her? They are supposed to be a couple, but he is just too baby faced. That first scene cracked me up too but not in the same way as Fanderay. When he slapped his body all proud to show off, I was thinking ” yeah right – maybe in a few years when you don’t look like a scrawny teen” :) I just don’t get this drama – why did they think giving him curly hair would age him? It just makes him look like a kid whose mom made him get a bad perm.

        • Jomo says:

          Thank you!

          Why do I feel everyone should watch M2F? I am no longer an unbiased viewer though. I am a FAN! For me to tell you to watch is because I have fallen in love with it!

          The strip scene played for laughs rather than sexy, but at the same time it was actually sexy because there were daring each other to have sex in the office. You knew they weren’t going to do it, but, there was the one moment when you could see them think….maybe.
          Reminded me of the little scene in WUF when the doc called her bluff that she was a player when he took her to the hotel.

          As far as the age thing: You can’t hear YSY’s voice in these vids, and he really does use it to his advantage in this show. You know what I mean, the way he says her name, orders her around, gets mad at her…Plus, the character establishes himself to be the one in control right off the bat. As far as the chemistry, it’s really good between them – and that happened immediately in the first and second eps.

          I was thinking how different the whole thing would be with KJW as JH.
          Compared to YSY, KJW has bulk, age and a kind of quiet confidence that we adored in CYHMH. YSY’s JH has more nervous energy. He’s playing the character as a junk yard dog with style. But you are right, the HAIR? WTF? It works that he has an unremarkable figure because he is trying to stay in the background.

          • Softy says:

            The thing is I like this actor – I loved him in high kick 2, but I just can’t stand lee Jia. Just the sight of her turns me off. I really want to watch him in this, but I would have to stare at only one side of the screen where he is to get through it so I chose to stay away. I remember watching him in interviews. He said he is an only child and he talked about his parents a lot cuz he is close to them and how he wished he had siblings and was envious of other people who had them. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and I was soooo moved when he cried when he won an acting award for Kim tak Gu. Joowon was in the audience and he bawled – he was so happy for his friend. Their promos for Kim Tak Gu in japan are hilarious. They seem really close. :)

  5. Kat says:

    Where can I find the OB raw links and live links on here please? It says it’s in the “older comments” but there are so many older comments. Which one, which time index and by whom? Thank u. Btw, I’m very new here so I don’t know how all this works. Thanks again.

  6. Jomo says:

    Finally did one for OB – with scenes through Ep 36.
    Of course I used THAT scene. Hope you like!

  7. Iviih says:

    Padam, Padam aired today, no? So is it good? Did anyone watch it?

    Softy, did you find the channel it aired?:)

    • Softy says:

      Nope and I really tried too. I gave up and just watched thousand day promise and FBRS and then fell asleep early cuz I was so tired from lack of sleep over the weekend. :) when I get home tonight, will look for torrent and watch and get back to you. :)

    • Fanderay says:

      I downloaded it in HD as soon as it was up, but then I had will power for the first time ever and did productive things instead of watching it. The suspense is killing me, but I’m watching it first thing in the morning! I have a good feeling about it.

    • Softy says:

      I finally watched the first episode of padam padam and I freaked out cuz the scene where Guksoo finds Kang (Jung WS’s character) sleeping on a bench was filmed in front of Shinsaegae department store at express bus terminal and I go there all the time-almost daily. How did I miss them filming there? aigooooooo. man I am bummed that I didnt get to see those two in person.

      I dont know if I should recap this or not – it moves ssoooooo slowly. at first they were let out on probation for a short time cuz Guksoo’s father put in a request for kang too cuz normally family members have to request this leave – also that bald officer (Kim) sort of believes that kang has been innocent all these years and wanted to believe GS and Kang wouldnt do anything bad while they were out and he wanted them to get an idea of what the real world is like outside since they are going to be released from prison in a month. when they return to prison, kim warns them not to get in trouble in prison cuz then they wont be able to be released as scheduled. but then kang has to lose his temper and fight another inmate and accidentally kill kim. after kang is found guilty, his lawyer wants to appeal so that kang can avoid the death penalty and just go back to prison but kang says “no this turned out well – I wanted to die anyway.” just as he is being executed, there is a flashback to when he was hit by that girl’s car and he lays there thinking – where is this place – did I die? I did die – then where is this place? is this heaven or hell? her hand comes near his face to check if he is breathing so he says “what is this -this hand….he hears her report the accident. he thinks – what is this – this all happened before a few days ago…even if I died I can dream….but this is strange – a person can dream even after they die…. this place…that’s right after the car accident I went to the hospital… what is this again? he takes off his bandaid from his eyebrow and gets up. then he is back in the showers again and Guksoo tells him not to stop the bully from beating that weaker guy cuz the bully is doing it on purpose to provoke a reaction from kang. guk soo says as soon as Kang and guksoo leave prison, the bully wont torment the weak guy. kang turns to Guksoo and says : there is something weird about me – I’m dead – I certainly died but why am I here?
      this has got to be the oddest way to end the first episode EVER.

  8. Fanderay says:

    For the record, I too thought that scene was hilarious because he’s so scrawny, especially because we were originally supposed to get post-military KJW abs (Yoon Shi Yoon is so brave for doing that scene!). I almost didn’t Me Too Flower because Yoon Shi Yoon looks so baby faced, but he really does sell the character. He has a lot of the same mannerisms as Kim Jae Won, and shows a lot of confidence. He’s able to pull off that extra maturity that some actors just naturally have (Kim Soo Hyun has it too, and showed it in Giant).

    Looking at pictures of Yoon Shi Yoon it still seems uncanny that I buy the relationship, but when I’m watching the show, it seems like one of the most believable relationships this year. Waaaaay more believable than Ji Soo and Eun Bi in FBRS at least!

    None of that matters if you hate Lee Ji Ah though. I never even knew anything about her until I heard about her from you, so thankfully I thankfully I can enjoy MTF unhindered :D Ignorance is bliss!!

    • Fanderay says:

      dang it….I replied in the total wrong place. Why am I so inept? You can probably figure out where I meant to reply though ^_^

    • Jomo says:

      Softy and Fanderay-
      I’m like Fanderay, didn’t know LJ from Eve.
      BUT I think the writers did a GREAT thing for LJ by starting the whole show off with her as an unlikeable character. NOBODY likes Bong Sun. They used all the preconceived notions as a benefit rather than a crutch. We see BS unfold as a very complicated person, who just may deserve our sympathy more than our disdain. It was a brilliant move.

      BTW, Softy, watching half of the screen -LOL! I did that with LIP, I cannot stand Kim Jung Eun’s watery eyes. I will NEVER ever watch her in anything.

  9. Fanderay says:

    I know that some of you are prone to shipping second leads like me. This got posted today! Everyone must’ve shipped at least one of these guys (I swear I almost cried when it got to the YAI part).

  10. Trina says:

    since I have been out of kdramaland/chinese drama land… did you hear the news… that Jung II Woo will be replace Joo Woon with that fantasy saejuks… It is already chaos already in dramabeans and koalaplayground…. I thought it will be chaos here too…

    • Softy says:

      Yes I heard but why is there chaos? disappointment that Joowon wont be in the drama or elation that Jung Il Woo will take his place? I was sort of happy about it cuz Joowon is looking tired these days and I thought he could use the break. OB started in August so that means they started filming about a month or two in advance. If OB ends on time without the extension then it will have been on for over 7 months. Doing another drama on top of that would have been pushing it I think so I didnt hold out much hope for JW to be in that other drama. Plus I love the idea of watching Jung IW act with KSH. :)

    • Fanderay says:

      It’s weird…I think I technically like Joo Won more as an actor, but I was still really excited that Jung ll Woo is being cast instead. He just seems like the perfect person to star next to KSH…it’s going to be epic. I already know that I’m going to be horribly torn between them for the entire drama. I do like KSH more, but it sounds like Jung Il Woo is going to play a sweet character, and I’m a sucker for second leads to begin with.

      Softy…what are you going to do if one of them has to wear funny sageuk hats? Or what if there are “insect” men? You may just have to persevere and fight through it, like you did with Ji Sung’s hair.

      • Softy says:

        Oh crap – totally forgot about their sageuk attire and their funny hats – all i pictured was JIW’s iljimae hair that resembles MJS’s hair/*wig* and I was “woohoo-ing” with joy. Also I might not be able to translate since it’s a sageuk. Darn it :( I don’t care – even if it’s the shortest recap in history and I only understand one or two words, I wanna recap it. Plus KSH never let me down, but then again I never watched “Giant.”
        I totally agree about Joowon being the better actor, but I think JIW looks better in sageuk garb. :)

        • Jomo says:

          You bring up a good point about how he’s gonna look.

          He will have NO HAIR surrounding his face.
          When’s the last time he went bald faced?
          (I am going to check OOgle now.)

      • nonski says:

        I am crazy over KSH. As to JIW replacing Joo Won, well, it would be a needed break for JW, the guy should at least take some rest.

        I am so excited about this drama. With JIW and KSH, who won’t be? You’d be full with the hotness and handsome and these two are real actors. Softy, i had watched Giant and it was like the compendium of all the good actors. I was a little sad when KSH’s role grow up. Speaking of which, i might just have to take a peek later.

  11. Trina says:

    okay.. I went to koala playground as she mention that YSH is taking a break… blah blah.. Then she mention that it would be totally cool IF YSH will be with Jung II Woo and KSH and it would be cooler if Song Joong Ki will be playing oldest brother… hrmm.. I pray to the kdrama god make that happened as we soooo need it…. Oh not to mention it will be very HOT to have Goo Soo and Won Bin to play uncles… ^^ By the way, I am soo out of kdramaland/chinese drama land for now….

  12. Trina says:

    ahh…. my favorite OTP couple from Smile, You drama…. I sooo wish they make another one together……

    • Softy says:

      He has to come out of the army first. :) I love those two as well – one of the best couples on a family drama – top three for sure. Right now for me OB couple is winning, then CYHMH, and then smile you. :) I think it’s cuz they made it look so natural when they are around each other – really great on screen chemistry. Maybe cuz they are the same age.

  13. nuri says:


    I really need any news about Jae Hee new drama (color of woman), i couldn’t find any clip or even a little bit news about it.

    I’m Jae Hee fan and been waiting for his comeback drama.
    is it any good? anyone watched it?

  14. Softy says:

    Man of honor E18 deleted

    • Anonymous says:

      dear lovely softy,
      thanks you, you are the greatest.

    • MJShinshi says:

      thanks softy! now I can do some useful work and hopefully sneak out early and be able to watch the video then :) guests for Christmas are starting to arrive so my kd-time is even more limited! what’s a girl to do? lol It’s caroling time so I’m out there in the cold but for support only since I don’t sing! This is my favorite time of the year too so I’m super excited except for the part where I cannot live stream and swoon live together with everyone else. I must have patience!
      Well about that OB extension, I am not so sure about it myself. One good thing is that we get to see J and TH and the rest of the family a little longer but will their story line continue to keep us at the edge of our seats, tuck at our heartstrings and keep us swooning at their gorgeous-ness??? hmmm as we all wonder I sure hope that the writers are ready to deliver us the goodies til the very last scene whenever that is! Now I do hope KJ gets to join the family too, it’s too bad they don’t have another “daughter” for him. lol I look forward to this weekend and next MOH too! I really do love the snowfall effect and Christmas themed backgrounds, Cadence is even more lovely around Christmas. Thank you! :)

      • Softy says:

        Hey MJS, make sure you drink more eggnog and have fun for the both of us. I really miss spending the holidays in the states.That’s why I am trying to make it look more festive on the blog. :) I really wish the family adopts KJ too – he really would fit right in with everyone cuz he is such a likable guy. If you think about it, after TH figures out KJ is not a bad guy, I bet TH will accept him as a hyung and then KJ really can feel welcomed at the Hwang house. right now they still think KJ is a biological son, but once they learn he was adopted, I don’t think they will hold it against him for being Hong’s son. now if only there was a love interest for him on the show…

        • sunshine says:


          Read your comment about missing not spending the holiday in the states so I made you a little gift. It is kind of an eclectic mix bcs half of the songs I wanted had been removed by the artist. :)

          It’s the thought that counts, right? :)


          • Softy says:

            Wow this is easily the coolest thing EVER – how did you know I needed holiday tunes in the background as I work online? It’s like you are a mind reader cuz I was too lazy to download Christmas tunes so this is PERFECT. Just like your name, you sure do know how to spread the joy. Thank you so much Sunshine. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      dear softy,
      thanks, have a wonderful weekend.

  15. bluemoon1st says:

    Thank you very much for the recap <3

  16. sunshine says:

    hey softy! kamsamnida for the recap (prob spelled that wrong!)

    hope you have a wonderful weekend…oh, and i’m enjoying o.b! thanks so much for the recommendation!!! and you are right-good thing i jumped in before the series ended-i would have been so left out if i was watching them all after the fact :)

    • Softy says:

      So glad you like it sunshine. I knew you would – it’s hard not to like this drama cuz it has a bit of everything. I am just so nervous about the possibility of an extension. I don’t want anything to ruin the pace of this great drama. After all the crying a few weeks ago, it’s so great to have laughter again. Video preview comes out tm so I am on pins and needles. :)

      • sunshine says:

        i know what you mean…yes please-let’s keep it at this current pace…but if they do give it an extension i just hope they don’t fill it with annoying-time-wasting-fluff that makes no sense in the storyline. we’ll keep our fingers crossed :) btw-i’m totally smitten with joo won…if he was in anything i saw previously i don’t remember (and don’t know how that is possible).

        • sunshine says:

          oh my goodness. how did i forget him in baker king?! i just finished that one up recently. i must be nuts. i’m obviously watching too many to keep track. maybe because he had too many character flaws in that one…well, regardless, i’m loving him in o.b. :)

  17. Iviih says:

    Hey, did you see the poll at Dramabeans?

    So what do you think?

    I was sad that in the best bromance poll didn’t have Maroo and Dong Joo.

    Also didn’t have Dong Joo, Lee Do (treee with deeo roots), Jong and Se Ryung(princess’ man )in the best character poll. For me they are the characters I loved the most this year.

    I’m happy Can You hear my heart is winning the family poll, I think it deserves ^^

    For best kisses, I would say SOAW and Second kiss from Can You hear my heart.

    Because even though the others dramas had hotter kisses, for me it’s more about the feeling the characters were having at the moment, and not which kiss is hotter. So even though I think FBRS and Lie to me had hotter kisses they aren’t my favs.

    And for best couple, guess who I voted? Dong Joo and WooRi, LOL I’m so CYHMH’s biased no?

    But it isn’t because they are the cutest thing ever, is because they just needed to look in their eyes and they knew what it was about, no word needed, no explanation needed, also, they never had misunderstandings and trusted each other so much… it was love and trust what they had.
    I don’t think other OTP can beat them this year.

    And best historical drama? I’m watching Tree with deep roots, and it is a awesome drama, every single episode is awesome, I can’t even… but we never know… it is still airing, so Princess’ man take my vote for best historical drama so far. But if Tree With deep roots be awesome until the end, I’ll call it even between these two awesome dramas and I can’t pick which is better.

    I won’t talk about others categories because have so many… just wanted to talk about the most important ones ^^

    • Softy says:

      I just saw it- they left out OB for a lot of categories. For the best drama of the year, I would choose CYHMH, OB, and SOW. But like you, whenever they didn’t have OB as a choice, I voted for CYHMH. For the best bromance, I would choose M and DJ too and for best character I would have chosen DJ as well. But for best couple or OTP, if they had a choice, it would be a tie for J and TH and W and DJ. these two couples got to me the most this year. :)

    • svetusikls says:

      I saw it too…. yes, they are excluded OB from many categories. Not even in favorite pairing… and the best kiss too:( but in the best drama of the year I voted for the OB, 49 days and The prinsess’s man^^

      • Softy says:

        I think it’s cuz OB was too long – over 50 eps and it’s still going on so they might have excluded OB for those reasons. It’s still too bad though cuz I wanted to vote for them. At least they should have included OB for favorite lead couple and favorite character. Just those two additional categories would have been good. :)

  18. sunshine says:

    Thanks so much for the recap, Softy!

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