Top Dramas


Korean Dramas

Ojakkyo Brothers

Secret garden

I live in Cheong Dam Dong

You from Another Star

Flower Boy Next Door

Queen In Hyun’s Man

That Winter The Wind Blows

A Wife’s Confidential

Answer me 1997



Coffee Prince

Can you hear my heart

Arang and the magistrate

Moon Embraces the Sun

I Hear Your Voice

Rooftop Prince

Master’s Sun

My girlfriend is a gumiho


Smile You


Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Dream High

You’re Beautiful

City Hunter

Gu Family Book

Scent of a woman

Gaksital (Bridal Mask)

Who are you (the one about the deceased father)

You’ve fallen for me

Protect the boss

Spring Waltz

Potato Star QR3

Best Love

49 days

Cinderella’s sister

Coffee House

Bad Guy

To the beautiful you

Japanese Dramas

The flowershop that doesn’t sell roses


Itazura Na Kiss

I used to think I could spot a great drama a mile away, but then A Wife’s Credentials came along and taught me a surprising lesson. Sometimes you don’t need all the eye candy for a drama to grab your attention. In a way, not having anyone to stare at really makes you focus on the dialogue and story better.  When I first saw trailers for AWC, I said in my head very decisively: “never in a million years would I ever watch that.” Then I ended up giving the first episode a try cuz my sister gave it a unique compliment. Since my sister praised it so highly, I didn’t take AWC seriously at first. You can’t blame me since Winter Sonata is her idea of a great drama so my hesitancy is justified. Next thing I knew, before E1 had finished, I began downloading the rest of them. This is not the kind of drama you wait on pins and needles for nor do you rush home to catch it live, but it is the kind of drama that lingers in your heart. No one has died or anything, but already I think I cried during every episode. There is something about the dialogue that just grips you and squeezes out every emotion you have. It goes beyond just empathy for the characters cuz you feel just as emotionally drained as them as they go through their tribulations. AWC managed to do the impossible and shattered every preconceived notion of what a great drama should be simply by demonstrating that words that ring true can have the power to enthrall and enrich our lives.

I saw “Spring Waltz” for the first time recently and this scene still haunts me. The way the passing countryside and light bathed his face and made it glow is just stunning. While he watched her sleep, just for those few minutes, I bet he was thinking this is what she would have looked like if she had lived. You could tell his heart was at peace after fifteen years of regret and longing. How romantic is it that even when he didn’t know she was the love of his life, he was still drawn to her.

When I first watched QIHM, I wondered why no one bothered to mention that this drama had a righteous sageuk klepto from the past – that’s sort of an important point to leave out when they were trying to sell this drama’s premise from the start. I certainly would have watched it sooner. Forget his photographic memory – the man’s got some serious skill for theft. It cracks me up that he always manages to steal the nicest backpacks and clothes. Did anyone else wonder what would happen if he couldnt steal any outfits and walked around like that – wouldnt he just get locked up. Another first is the drama title – sort of objectifies a guy for a change to call him so and so’s man. How ironic is it that the man being objectified is from 300 yrs ago. Love it. 🙂

QIHM feels like we are watching two people fall in love for real. Every word, glance, or action seems like we are experiencing every step of their romance. Seeing these two people grow closer together and becoming more intimate as time goes on, it gets harder to look away cuz we are drawn into their plight. Next thing you know we are rooting for them to work out, as if they succeed in solidifying their relationship in their fictional world, it gives us hope in our real ones.

This drama wins hands down for being unprecedented in its originality and carried out an implausible tale and made every moment real. Part of that credit goes to the love these two shared. It didn’t just transcend time and space on its own cuz their love was carried on the wings of hope. That flight was one of the most beautifully executed scenes of all time. The last 20 mins was a nail biter, but I will never forget how this perfect little drama went out with little fanfare on the screen, but fireworks were going off in our hearts.


112 comments on “Top Dramas

  1. missjb says:

    It’s hard to choose which one as my most favourite drama. I’m glad some my favourite drama are in your favourite list, though.


  2. qiu says:

    what about the past drama,,,, like princess hours ??? it’s pretty good too…


  3. connie says:

    Do you translate My Love by My Side also?


  4. sleeplessinwgtn says:

    Mine are:
    – Coffee Prince
    – My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    – City Hall
    – Dal Ja’s Spring
    – Long Vacation
    – Love Generation
    – Buzzer Beat
    – Secret Garden
    – Prosecutor Princess


  5. Mona Lija says:

    Mine :
    -God of Study (nerd alert! Well, plus Lee HyunWoo and Yoo Seungho)
    -Sweet 18
    -Ojakgyo Brothers (on-going but still good!)
    -Wonderful Life
    -You’re beautiful
    -Secret Garden
    -My Fair Lady

    I can make up to Top8 only. lol
    But, I do think current Korean dramas kinda sucks a bit. Most of them are like remake of old EPIC k-dramas.

    Planning to watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho(Seunggi!) and Protect the Boss(Jaejoong!)

    -One Litre of Tears (omg omg omg)
    -My Boys

    J-Dramas most of them are super epicly sad….


  6. PJupiter says:

    Here’s my current list of TOP 10 dramas:

    1.) Secret Garden
    2.) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    3.) Smile You
    4.) Ojakgyo Brothers (although it’s still on-going)
    5.) Princess’ Man
    6.) City Hunter
    7.) Protect the Boss
    8.) 49 Days
    9.) Best Love
    10.) My Name is Kim Sam Soon

    Dramas I plan to start:

    Thousand Day Promise, Glory Jane, Can You Hear My Heart?, and Mixed Up Investigation Agency


  7. Feima says:

    OMG! what to do! i watched all that you listed down ~ i am definitely a great “Softy fan” 😀


  8. Subject says:

    only 10? well, i’ll try to chose wisely:

    1. Iris – god, so good. full of action, romance and great acting.
    2. 49 days – the best drama ever! loved everything about it (yes, even the ending).
    3. city hall – for me, the best romantic-comedy ever. and the chemistry between Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won to die for!
    4. Time Between Dog and Wolf – yes, i’m an action junky. (and also my precious Jung Kyung Ho is here).
    5. Coffee prince – my first true love in k-dramas and the reason why i become so addicted.
    6. Protect the boss – the must funny drama ever. love ji sung!
    7. Lovers – action and romance again. would get a higher place if the lead female wasn’t that pathetic. (not the wonderful Kim Jung Eun but her character).
    8. East of Eden – i never understood how Song Seung Hun take part in “my princess” after this masterpiece.
    9. Que Sera, Sera – because of the emotions swirl that left long after the drama over.
    10. Smile, you/ojakgyo brother – good family dramas. love them both.

    i believe my choices will change in the future, but for this point, they are the best for me.


    • Subject says:

      i loved also: only you (with Jo Hyun Jae who played in 49 days), A man called god (with Song Il Gook which for me is the most beautiful korean guy i’ve ever see), Secret garden (most episodes), heartstrings (good drama about music, friendship and romance), Bad guy (oh, my Kin Nam Gil), Myung Wol the Spy (fun and interesting and eric is playing here), Swallow The Sun (Ji sung again, and so sexy here!) and Scent of a Woman (you never disappointed if you watch Kim Sun Ah’s drama).


  9. Lita says:

    1. Ojakgyo brothers
    2. Goong-S ( Princess Hours 1 )\
    3. Brilliant Legacy
    4. Can you hear my heart
    5. Smile You
    6.East Of Eden
    7. Swallow The sun
    8. Invicible Lee Pyung Kang
    9. Coffee Prince
    10. You are Beautiful


  10. Anonymous says:

    1- The Princess’ man (most beautiful show i’ve ever seen!! PERFECT)

    2- My girlfriend is a gumiho
    3- You’re beautiful
    4- Myung Wol (even if it would have been better without the last couple of episodes, the beginning is great)
    5- Flower boy ramyun shop (although not finished yet, so funny & refreshing!)
    6- City hunter
    7- Hana yori dango
    8- Buzzer beat
    9- Proposal daisakusen (don’t know why but really enjoyed!)
    10- Tumbling

    I would have put 49days but the ending ruined it for me. Also liked Goong a lot but not enough compared with the manga.


  11. lynnd says:

    mine is always becoz the scene or story keep playing in my head and give so much impact in my heart…and make me want to watch it all over again…hahaha so it will always be:

    1. You’re beautiful
    2. ojakgyo brothers
    3. my girl
    4. naughty kiss
    5. scent of women
    6. great inheritance
    7. great love
    8. prince hours
    9. skks

    i haven’t watch CYHMH yet so…i cannot put it on my list now even…i like Kim Jae Won.


  12. lynnd says:

    just finished ” Flower boys ramyun shop” ..& would like to put it on my list…the only drama that i re-watched immediately after i finished…so funny


  13. purplebasket says:

    Waahh. It’s so hard to pick out from all those. Hmm. But I’ll probably list what were really memorable to me and this is probably subject to changes. 🙂

    1) Save the Last Dance for Me
    2) Hwang Jini
    3) Jewel in the Palace
    4) Goong
    5) Kim Sam Soon
    6) My Girl
    7) Full House
    8) Coffee Prince
    9) You Are Beautiful
    10) Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    11) Scent of a Woman
    12) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    1) Love at the Dolphin Bay
    2) Lavender
    3) Why Why Love
    4) It Started With a Kiss
    5) They Kiss Again
    6) Meteor Garden 1
    7) Summer’s Desire
    8) Sunny Happiness
    9) Hana Kimi

    1) Proposal Daisuken
    2) Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
    3) Hana Kimi
    4) Code Blue
    5) Detective Conan
    6) Gokusen
    7) Mei-chan no Shitsuji
    8) Yukan Club
    9) Ouran High School Host Club


  14. numanumanoona says:

    1. full house – 1st k-drama i’ve watch n falling for k-drama
    2. princess hours
    3. my girlfriend is gumiho – lee seung gi. i love him
    4. ojakgyo brothers – the best storyline
    5. three sisters
    6. protect the boss
    7. my girl
    8. city hunter – i like the strategy n the math time.i love math.hahaha..

    1. Hana-kimi
    2. One Litre of Tears
    3. my boss my hero – best j-drama ever.can’t stop laughing.


  15. Hi there!
    just want to share my input:

    1. all about eve, (i love kim so yeon here even if she was the villain, great acting)
    2. memories of bali (jo in sung was here)
    3. spring days (jo in sung, go hyung jun) dont ask me but i love mishil!
    4. queen seon deok (though tragic, i love almost all the cast here esp kim nam gil who played bidam, go hyung jun as mishil, uhm tae wong as yushin, and more importantly lee yo won as the titular role)
    5. my princess (I used to hate kim tae hee for being the villain in stairway to heaven, but i grew to love her when i watched her in this drama. KTH and Song Seung hun have great chemistry)
    6. the princess man (my heart aches until now but i love the drama, good thing i was spared from watching another tragic ending)
    7. full house (had no proper words for this warm melodrama rom com)
    8. bread, love and dreams (kim tak gu) (i loved the casts and started eyeing joo woon as the next big star)
    9. lovers in paris
    10. spy myungwol
    11. poseidon
    12. glory jane/man of honor (havent finished…)
    13. ojakgyo brothers
    14. secret garden
    15, bad love/cruel love ( i started rooting for lee yo won here)
    16. bad guy (KNG really rocks!)
    17. jumong (SIG–rocks! and i really love saeguks such as this and QSD)
    18. princess hours
    19. temptation of wife
    20. boys before flowers
    21. My love my family
    22. My bittersweet life
    23. Lie to Me
    24. Romance Town
    25. 49 Days (loved all the casts here and i cried buckets of tears)
    26. Baby faced beauty
    27. My GF is a gumiho

    i’ve been racking my brains over these.. hehehe! great blog btw 🙂


  16. and i wanna add:
    28. stairway to heaven
    29. autumn in my heart
    30. winter sonata
    31. the legend, (Bae yung jun you got it!)
    thanks! 🙂


  17. sumida says:

    To me,, The Return of Iljimae (JungIl-woo) is better than Iljimae (Lee Jun Ki)the High Kick, 49 days ,FBRS…I guess I’m just “head over heels” JUNG IL -WOO


  18. Anonymous says:

    Princess Man rules!!!…only because Park Shi Hoo is so manly man and highly talented actor!!!!


  19. mitch says:

    Ahneyong! i’m a die-hard kdrama fan also.. i have watched almost 45-50 kdramas, 20-kmovies and 16-tdramas.. my top kdrama / tdrama/ kmovie favorites are:

    1 GOONG (Princess hours)- a fairy tale story of ordinary girl & prince. you’ll love the story coz once in your life, you dreamed of being on her shoe. hehe
    2 Secret Garden – a must see kdrama! #1 kdrama for 2011.. very touching & you’ll love it. i love Hyun Bin! we miss you!
    3 The Moon that Embraces the Sun- though it’s not yet done, but you’ll love the whole story. So you better catch up!
    4. Heart String (You’ve Fallen for me)- very fresh & typical story of teenagers. i love Yong Hwa! amazing voice!
    5. Spring Waltz- wonderful story! you’ll love the twist and turn of the scenes.
    6. Flower Boy Ramyun- unbelievable story but you’ll definitely love it! i love jung Ill Woo
    7. You’re Beautiful- amazing voices with handsome faces. love the story and scenes.
    8. SKK scandal- you’ll enjoy every details of the scenes. i love Yoo ah In. great acting and you’ll enjoy watching bcoz they’re all handsome.
    9. City Hunter- 2 thumbs up for Lee Min Ho! a very versatile actor. from rich/spoiled brat kid (from BOF) to action star! astounding stunts!
    10. 49 days- i really really cried a lot on this kdrama. i felt the story very much, it’s like a real story from somewhere. soooo touching. i love scheduler!
    11. Scent of a Woman- a very touching story. after watching this kdrama, i wrote my own Bucket list.
    12. Coffee Prince- an extraordinary story! love it!
    13. Mischievous kiss- i have watched the Taiwanese version of this, i sooo love the story and i love Kim Hyun Joong!
    14 Boys Over flower
    15. Only you
    16 Stained glass
    17 My Girl
    18 Personal taste
    19 Stained glass
    20 Which Star are you from

    A must watch kmovies:
    1 Heavens’ postman – love the story very much!
    2 A wolf’s temptation
    3 A Millionaire’s First love

    1 It started with a kiss 1 & 2- too much inlove with this tdrama.
    2 Hana Kimi- very funny and cute story
    3 Autumn’s Concerto- great acting Vaness! great story!
    4 Romantic Princess- i love Wu Chun! nice scenes
    5 Silence- i love the twist & turn of this tdrama. 2 thumbs up!
    6 Sweet Relationship
    7 Hot Shot
    8 Meteor garden 1&2


    • sumida says:

      My latest hearththrob at the moment is PARK SHI-HOO….saw him first in Iljimae with Lee Junki….fell in love with him and searched and watched the dramas he made…
      Family’s Honor,
      Queen Reversal,
      What Planet did you come from.
      Let’s get married…
      The Princess’ Man… this is the best of them all …….BEST MALE ACTOR 2011…Got sucked in to this drama pretty good,,am still mopping the floor from buckets of tears (hahaha) this PARK SHI HOO is super amazing actor…just like peeling an onion….layer after layer….you start to see his acting getting better and better yet….then it hits you …you are not getting enough of him!!!!!!


  20. mitch says:

    ,,and i’m looking forward to watch:
    1 The return of IlJimae
    2 Paradise ranch
    3 Dream high 1
    4 Cinderella man
    5 Protect the Boss


  21. sumida says:

    I love The return of Iljimae….this is where I fell in love with Jung Il-woo..after watching this drama I started to search and watch all the dramas he has made…the best I love the most is Unstoppable High Kick….he has the most infectious smile and highly contagious laughter..the guy can sing and play the piano as well…..


  22. crimson says:

    1.(since i recently been addicted to kdrama i cant say that this spot was already fill)
    2.moon and sun; Princess man
    ( moon sun my first ever kdrama i watch and lead me to watch other kdramas.Great casting ,great acting from child actor to grown up’s everyone play their role wholeheartedly thumbs up for kim soo hyun:the queen :eunuch and un(they makes me cry makes me smile),amazing story but what makes it dropped at no.2 was bcoz of prince myung’s death;huhu
    – princess man ,great casting,great acting (i loved park shin hoo and seyong(fmale lead) she’s the most lovable female character for me,someone with conviction),great beginning ,lovable couple but in the ending the plot seems lacking)
    3.deep rooted tree
    (goodness,this drama i highly anticipated it,it struct me up to the bone,action pack that’s makes me stuns,great ideals and really a drama that will push you yo love korea
    (YAI and song jung ki + yuchun = addiction)
    though SKKS plot seems common(like his beautiful and hana kimi) this 3 adorable guys in joseon outfit makes it a goosebumps
    5.Rooftop prince
    even it still airing this drama already captured a space in my heart comedy ,melodrama near to a complete dish hope it will hold the good floe of plot :surely it’s rank will go up

    kmovies(this one is difficult)
    2. ilmare
    3. the classic and 4th period mystery murder
    4. baby and me
    5. do re mi fa so la ti do ( i just complete it)


  23. crimson says:

    for nor segeauk list
    2.dream high
    2.49 days
    3.autumn in my heart,bread dreams girl friend is a gumiho


  24. flo says:

    mine :
    1. Ojakgyo brothers
    2. Smile You
    3. Goong ( princess hour 1 )
    4. Brilliant Legacy
    5. Can you hear my heart
    6. Spring Waltz
    7. Coffee Prince
    8. East Of Eden
    9. You’re Beautiful
    10.Invicible Lee Pyung Kang


  25. WitLily says:

    My favorite kdrama:
    1. Princess Man’s
    2. Coffee House (this drama very funny)
    3. Can you hear my heart
    4. 49 days
    5. Love Story in Harvard
    6. Dong Yi
    7. City Hunter
    8. Coffee Prince
    9. Princess Hours (my first kdrama :))
    10. Queen In-Hyun’s Man


  26. witlily says:

    For dorama my favorite only :
    Hachimitsu to Clover (^o^)b (best open ending drama ever).


  27. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, noticed FBND is placed 2nd after OB. I was secretly hoping it would edged out OB as I have yet to watch OB and I am one of the minorities that prefers YSY to JW. I think I need to start watching OB to appreciate JW more. 😍


  28. nuxludia says:

    Wow! I adore as well Ojakgyo Brothers! I finished it recently, but I remember last year I wanted to watch it ( I even watched the first episode) but the insane amount of episodes impeded me seriously to continue. But after loving Gaksital, I thought to give it again a try for JW and for UEE as well, whom I loked in You’re Beautiful quite well though she was a negative character.
    AWESOME drama…quite possibly my number 1 Korean drama now…WOW


  29. Anonymous says:

    1 full house 1
    2 goong
    3 queen seon deok
    4 jewel in the palace
    5 jumong
    6 dong yi
    7 smile you
    8 all about eve
    9 my name is kim sam sun
    10 city hall


  30. ita says:

    can download korean dramas here


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