You guys know what this page is for – although with SOAW ending, it might get more quiet here since there will only be O brothers and PTB to post previews and stuff about :)

Let’s see if this page loads better now - Thundie can get over 800 comments on one page without a problem so I have no idea why these comments keep going to the middle and stuff. It’s like the bermuda triangle for comments getting lost.

Trying desperately to catch up with O brothers, but time is not on my side. Might have to do some super short summaries and forsake detailed translations till I can work on them every mon and tues till I eventually catch up – wish me luck. :)

275 comments on “KDF 5

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Oh do you want to review Phungsan Dog the movie?It’s out.However it looks dark.

    • Softy says:

      Hey CK I was already going to check out this drama – turns out it’s just one ep a week – is that true? Cuz then I can keep this drama and do thousand day and OB. Yeah I was going to pass on the yoon kye sang movie cuz he doesn’t talk at all I hear and I don’t care for the lead girl. :)

  2. Softy says:

    Man of honor E2
    Kim is now running a restaurant instead of being a driver. he finds out his son is in the hospital and lies to the mom that he is going to see a friend since he doesnt want to worry her.
    Kim goes to visit IW at the hospital and asked IW a favor regarding Y and IW said he would do it if Kim would be his driver.Y sees his dad go in there and listens outside. when his dad comes out Y yells at his dad to not live like that – bowing his head (to people like Seo’s family)
    Y goes into IW’s room and makes a mess looking for the fruit basket his dad brought IW.
    J breaks up a fight between IW and Y. later Y yells at her asking what gives her the right to interfere and she claims to be his fan. she apologizes and promises to get him a new nurse to take her place. he starts to feel bad and goes looking for her and she accidently pushes a cart into his ribs and fractures or breaks 4 of them so now his recovery time will be longer by a month or two thanks to her. Earlier J missed her test to become a nurse cuz she sees that Y’s condition is worse than IW’s so she convinces the doctor to redirect his attention to Y’s severe injury and saves his life. Then she does it again cuz they run out of blood and she is type O – the universal blood type. she thought she could take the test in the morning but she passes out from giving blood and sleeps thru the night and misses her test the next morning so years of studying went out the window. when Y learns that later on that she saved his life he feels guilty and goes looking for her.
    the homeless man that J helped asks her to tell him her problems. he told her she could have 3 wishes so she asked to meet her family again, like Nightingale become a great nurse, and then find sincere love-get married and make a happy family. he gives her a necklace with a pendant of a key. J doesnt know why but she gets emotional and cries when she gets that key. [earlier flashback showed her dad had picked it out to give her on her bday. he chose a key so that she could unlock her future happiness. Seo was there when Yoon bought it but Seo threw it out and the old man had found it in the trash.] Now the old man gives it to her saying this will unlock her 3 wishes and starts off with meeting her family again. right then a nun come over and tells J that the head nun who took care of J had passed away and left this box for J. inside are letters from her dad. in the preview it shows that the lettters were written by Kim so when she meets Kim, she calls him dad.

  3. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks for the recaps softy.I haven’t watched it yet.Am still firmly on ATK and OB.Plus Can’t Lose.


    Did you hear my squeal all the way from Australia?Oh man…will you be watching it?

    • Softy says:

      oooohhhhh i am so going to try to watch and translate this if Blue doesnt do it – sounds GOOODDD.
      **Ok I downloaded it and watching it now-since they are in Busan for some reason they are having the interview in Busan dialect which is kinda confusing for me – but the interview itself is hilarious – this is the reason why she is my fav – she cracks me up. the guy even said she is the funniest actress :) totally agree. they are talking about her diet so far- how she lost weight etc. do you think I should translate the full interview like Hyun Bin’s or just post highlights CK?

      • ck1Oz says:

        I can say just highlights…whether you can do it is another matter :-)

        What ?the others may like would be the conversation where she talks about her co-stars.Soompi is going nuts with LDW and her tweeting each other.I am dying to find out.There is this Mickey Mouse keyring he keeps posting.

        The problem with KSA is that she is so witty you see.If you do highlight you can’t listen to her replies.So I know Taxi is too long for you…just whatever you think is funny.Limit yourself to 4 or 5 :-) No more.Otherwise you’ll be doing the whole thing.

        I am in love with TB. In fact after ep 20 might go back to Bad Couple to watch him being sappy and in love.

        I NEED to see some romance for OB this week.Going nuts waiting for it @__@

        • Fanderay says:

          I’ve only seen TB in My Princess before. Did you get second lead syndrome when you watched that drama? I really like him, although I don’t think I love him as much as you!

          • ck1Oz says:

            I didn’t ship for anyone in that drama would you believe it.LOL.I just thought SSH was dead gorgeous but it’s a piece of fluff.I like my ‘hero’s with oomph :-)

            Lee Dong Wook makes my heart go ‘thumpity thump’ . Him, Hyun Bin, Micky and to a slighter degree KJW,The rest…they’re okay.

  4. MJShinshi says:

    yeah I agree with ck, just highlights will do softy. I’m gonna have to look this interview up and laugh along with you two, well ok tho much much later :) lol KSA just looks like she’s a lot of fun off screen! I want some OB romance this wkend too!!! Is it too much to ask TH to actually feel something or do something worth squeeeing about, well ok just him together with J is worth a squeel but a little more please…..! ok will see y’all tm with hopefully more on TH and J development…yay it’s almost Saturday, but before that gotta finish work for today :)

  5. Softy says:

    Ok will translate the funny lines from KSA’s interview and highlight the rest but I gotta say – I think there might be a part two cuz the program suddenly ended and she never did say what her surprise present was – they showed a clip of their next episode star at it’s the guy from family outing Kim suro or something so I don’t get where the rest of KSA’s interview went. Will work on it tm :)

  6. nonski says:

    cut scene while they in the car TH-J moment… OB 21

  7. nonski says:

    End part OB21

  8. Iviih says:

    ”For some reason it felt like I was watching something from the middle of the series instead of the start. I agree Softy… it’s so weird, they start already fighting? Maybe they will show us the past in the next episoses and show us why they are like this ?

    Well I don’t understand korean so have no idea, can you tell me, are they fighting or they are breaking up? I have no idea, I just know KRW oppa seems so cold and sad and have no life in his eyes… I miss him and was happy for seeing him again in the screen on my birthday, I thought it would be a nice birthday gift, but I’m not liking his character…. :( I hope it change… let’s see it subbed to know… bur so far I don’t like the main couple lol

    Miss his smile but not too sure if I’ll see it in this drama…. :( I guess I’ll stick to Glorious Jane and the Ramen shop (I need a light drama in my kdrama watching list)

    Btw :) Me too! Flower, I won’t watch it, to be honest I was just going to watch it because KJW, but now that he is out (now it’s confirmed, that is good to hear, he need to heal well and rest), and the actor who was picked to replace him, I don’t know him and don’t think he and LJA will make a good couple, he is too young. I thought KJW and LJA wouldn’t match, but I think this new actor anfd LJA really don’t match lol~

    • Softy says:

      Hey Iviih, happy bday :) yes they were breaking up cuz he has to marry the other younger girl cuz his family and hers are close and they were always supposed to get married and they finally set a wedding date, but at the last scene he tells his mom he doesn’t want to go thru with the wedding cuz he has someone else. All those constant flashbacks were showing how rocky their relationship has been all this time. They fight a lot don’t they? Since she knows he has a fiancé and kept dating him, I just couldn’t get on board with this couple. It’s not the kind of love story I was expecting. I’m gonna wait for ramen shop too. You are right LJA wont have chemistry with that kid – just the idea of those two together makes me laugh. What were they thinking? :)

  9. Fanderay says:

    has this been posted yet? For several minutes this MV lets me pretend that TH and J have tons of screen time together and that the drama is all about them :P

  10. Iviih says:

    Omo, omo, what? Jung Suk Won, The guy that had small roles on Dr. Champ, Midas, Shining Inheritance, will(was?) be cast in Ojakgyo Brothers! But what is more shocking is that he will be UEE’s second guy… the one who will form a three way relationship with Baek Ja-eun and Hwang Tae-hee. I thought it would be TP, but seeing this news, makes me think the writter wants TP and SY’s aunt together…


    Posted it on OB’s page but posting it here too for some people that maybe won’t see it :)

  11. Pjupiter says:

    The written translation for episode 23 is out and I’ve attempted to translate it. Please feel free to correct any mistakes, Softy and Fanderay! ;)

    ♧ 23부 :: 10월 22일 토요일 저녁 7시 55분 ♧
    복자는 마음을 정리하기 위해 어머니 산소에 다녀오겠다 하고,
    자은은 그런 복자에게 삶은 계란과 사이다를 준비해준다.
    해맑게 웃는 자은 앞에 복자의 심정은 더더욱 무너지는데…

    한편 태필에게 각서 얘기를 들은 태희는 충격받고…
    자은을 똑바로 쳐다볼 수 없어 자은을 하루종일 피해 다닌다.
    그러다 결국 마주친 두 사람. 태희는 다시는 얘기 못할 것 같다며
    가슴 속 숨겨둔 비밀을 자은에게 고백하는데…

    “Episode 23: October 22nd Saturday night 7:55 PM
    Bok Ja wants to sort out her feelings/heart so she decides to visit her mother’s grave site.
    Knowing that, Jae Eun prepares hard-boiled eggs and cider for Bok Ja.
    Seeing Jae Eun’s beaming, and pretty smile causes Bok Ja’s heart to break even more…

    On the other hand, Tae Hee is shocked after hearing about the contract incident from Tae Pil…
    He cannot face Jae Eun so he avoids her the whole day.
    However, eventually, the two run into each other. Tae Hee feels like he cannot ever speak again.
    He confesses the secret he kept hidden in his heart…” (This line is most likely referring to the secret about the contract, but it could (I’m hoping :lol: ) be referring to TH’s feelings for JE).

    I can’t wait for next week’s episodes :D

    • Fanderay says:

      It took me a second to realize who Bok Ja is because I always just think of her as “Omani” and because Bok Ja is the name of a character in The Musical too ><

      Regarding TH…omo omo!! I don't care WHAT secret he shares; it's going to be epic either way. I hope this isn't one of those misleading previews and he just ends up confessing something stupid (like that he always takes his shoes off when drunk). EEEE…yay for progress!

    • ck1Oz says:

      I am all spazzed out over LDW and KSA. The talk of the town is that they came together and they were secretly holding hands.My shippy heart has been in meltdown since.

      However the reason this is here because of the number of gorgeous actors and actors here.Plus I would be eternally grateful if you’ll go and watch this movie.That is because I am so going to watch it raw whenever it comes online.Subs or not.

      Sigh if Wookie is really dating Kim Sun Ah I would die from happiness.

  12. bella says:

    Hi softy , why don’t you watch “a thousand kisses” drama , it really a good drama ,first i thought it was boring but when I started it , I became addicted to it , I don’t get enough of it , trust me it’s not a boring story ,please start wath it , i’m sure you wont regret !!
    i waiting for your answear

  13. bqmonkna says:

    i recently fell in love with a thousand kisses.but im wondering how theyre going to carry out the show if the two main couples are moving so fast.

  14. Fanderay says:

    Yay, another one!! I love how at the end she included the clip where J calls TH “hyeongnim”.

  15. ck1Oz says:

    I know everyone is going to gush over J and TH.
    However am more interested in the SY/TB developments.I thought the contract stated that they don’t interfere in who they go out with although he did promise to try.Why thought does he have to throw away the ex photo?

  16. ck1Oz says:

    Also, for some odd reason I am embracing the makjang in Man of Honor now and going with the flow instead of dwelling on how ridiculous some parts are and it’s rather enjoyable – I get now how others were able to finish makjang dramas -they shut off reason and just followed along.

    :-) :-) Ah…softy.I am kicking myself about MoH as well after ep 4.However the OTP is pretty darn solid.Has PMY gone from almost quitting to hitting 3 successful dramas in a row?

    I was cringing about the misunderstanding but Jeong Gwang just gives these terrrible longing speaking looks to Jae In.Gah!!

    • Softy says:

      Man of honor is so easy to watch -way more simple than thousand days – you have to focus for that one or you get lost. :) even tho I am watching those dramas, zero desire to recap cuz I have to love a drama to invest time and effort That KSA interview took over ten hrs. Next time I am listening to you and just doing highlights :)

      • Anonymous says:


        Well softy…some day some day softy you’ll be able to manage highlights.
        In your career I’ve NOT seen 1 highlight yet. It always turns into a full recap.

        • MJShinshi says:

          So true ck…..softy gets into her translation mode and nothing can stop her thoroughness except too much makjangs or just plain boring scripts!! I’m not complaining I’m loving it!! :)

  17. Softy says:

    Cute song with our adorable couple

    They talk about the kiss scene – hope it will come out soon

    cast interview

  18. nonski says:

    yay! i am loving MoH, i like the “fairy-tale” element and just love mucho the OTP and it helps that both are really good actors. my only concern with regards MoH is it is quite long, i’m afraid somewhere along the way, it will get dragging.

  19. ck1Oz says:

    Fanderay and softy just wanted to say great job with OB. Do you notice how many comments you’re getting on the transcap. A lot of people seem to be following it. You made me follow my 1st 50 ep drama weekly woman. I don’t know whether to thank you or throw things against the wall. I’ve never been one to follow long dramas. It’s good though well written although the wait is not doing me good. On viki itself I notice the subs are hitting >90%. Softy you are really translating a lot of lines to get it up so high there. I’ve tried and tried can’t get a softsub maker interested to softsub this. It would such a waste if it wasn’t softsubbed for all those with no access to viki.

    Catch you on Sat will bells on. My poor heart. KD land really sucks I’m not even watching MoH even though I am editing. I just check the subs and certain scenes. Bored out of my mind that I’m about to start my 3rd TW tonight In Time With You. I was subbing on Office Girls earlier and after dinner will be doing MoH ep 3.

    Where are the KDs?? Where where where are they?

  20. So3 says:

    oh my gosh. did u guys read the rumor that Jang Dong Gun may be starring in the next Kim Eun Sook’s drama in 2012??? I hope it really happen… It’ll totally be on my must-watch list.

  21. Softy says:

    Hey CK :) sorry for dragging you along, but while SOAW was going on, I gave OB a try and I was more shocked than anyone to discover I liked it – then I watched e2 – e5 and I knew I was going to follow my first 50ep drama – high kick 1&2 doesn’t count cuz I didn’t watch all of them. Now I don’t know what I would do without OB cuz it makes up for a lack of dramas these days. I still watch MOH and TDP but not as invested in those. So glad OB passed 30% ratings this weekend – I want it to do well so it will get more attention on soompi – it used to be popular dramas would have thread pages past 100 but it’s still so low for all the dramas these days – wonder why no one goes on soompi as much.
    Hi So3 -I have no idea who Kim eun sook is – is she good? Who is she? Wonder why JDG is considering a drama comeback – he seemed to prefer movies these days I thought. If it works out, I’ll be watching with you. By the way, are you not watching OB? :)

    • So3 says:

      Kim Eun Sook’s the writer of Secret Garden and City Hall :)

    • ck1Oz says:

      :-) It’s fine dear it was me being impatient. I just marathoned again through J and TH’s moments from ep 15 onwards to ep 24 yesterday. If we speculate that it takes 2 times as long for family dramas to have an OTP- 10 ep =5 ep (16 ep drama). Therefore it will take us to ep 34 (!!!) to get to the declaration. Then ep 44 ( OMG) to get to the lovey dovey part. :-) :-) I feel so evil now.

      Sigh. Will endeavour not to come here during the week. It’s not as if both of us are not busy. I am on MoH this morning and then hitting my Korean books.

      Have a good week. Will be haunting this site for ep 25 previews. I don’t trust the early previews these days from ep 24.

      Are you still doing the transcap or summary for the earlier episodes? Or is ep 7-10 not going to be done? I mean I am just curious I have viki subs so can watch it but just curious that’s all.

      • Softy says:

        A while back I did the math too – how funny is it that we both did that- and I came up with that number too but I guessed earlier – around E30 for the first peck where one of them keeps their eyes open, my bet is it’s J. :)
        The reason why I can’t start on the earlier episodes now is if I make the post I am the only one who has access to it so that mean Fanderay couldn’t do anything to it like write, edit, or insert s-caps. She went on vacation last week so she will be gone for some time so I have to make all the new posts till she gets back. The only older one I was going to work on this week was E5 and E6 but I still don’t know for sure if changing the date on the post is the only thing I need to do to make all the posts show up in order when you click on the OB picture. I guess cuz everyone saw it with subs, I just figured no one was in a rush for the older ones and could wait till she comes back from her break to work on together :)

        • ck1Oz says:

          Okay. I haven’t watched it with subs. I can wait. That is how I increase my Korean vocab. I read your subs then listen really hard when watching it. If I use subs I will read and forget to concentrate on the words itself. Sometimes I re arrange it in English. It’s the only way I know how to learn Korean faster. Trying to get my head around noun modifier and participle clauses sentences. No I am not a language person just a poor volunteer trying to figure out why some subs sounds so odd and how to change it without changing the meaning :-0

          A kiss in ep 30 is fine. A kiss does not necessary follow a declaration. I think J would plant a surprise peck as well and poor TH would take till ep 34 to react. Haha.

          Besides we need ep 27-32 at least for the new guy to pursue J.

          Oh man…better get back to real life. Enjoy A Time To Remember. I can’t even read the recaps it’s too sad and intense. Shudder melodrama and I do not go together.

  22. Softy says:

    hey ck
    I will work on finishing up E5 and E6 of OB tonight so I can get those separated. That’s how I first learned Korean too – I would watch and try to comprehend without subs – but after a while I got so frustrated I would cheat and look at subs so you have more will power than me. :) So you are saying J will kiss TH first and I said he would so let’s see which one of us wins. :)

    I watched Only you today -that SJS and HHJoo movie – didnt you say you were going to watch it without subtitles? I paid attention if you want me to explain what they said via email or PM. I like that line she said in the movie about “if I can remember a lot, I can see well.” what did you think about the movie? my friend bawled like a baby and I didnt – at least not as much as I did during Gong Yoo’s movie. It’s funny how a tragic true story like the one in the Crucible doesnt get to her, but a sappy romatic melodrama unleashes a floodgate of tears.

    • ck1Oz says:

      I would be happy with ANY skinship softy :-) TH will give J a kiss first. Er like when? J is always the one that sets up the situation where the interact. Unless there is a quarrel scene and then I can accept TH being impulsive. Who are we kidding? We are episodes away from any progress. I have even dampened my hopes for SY and TB as well.

      Only you…no it wasn’t the movie I was going to watch. I wanted to watch Sunny you mean. Howver give to me in spoilers. I am a terrible person to bring to a movie as I want to know the ending. Sorry to say I am not a fan of HHJ even though I watched Brilliant Legacy. I was going to say I am not a SJS fan until I saw this. OMG softy that guy is built :-)

        • ck1Oz says:

          Oh can I just say I only even dare contemplate any melo dramas this year after 1 yr of KD, What is with Koreans and the love of the tragic? I mean…really? Softy I wouldn’t be able to sit through to watch Crucible. However I am a person who is willing to pay for tickets just so the ticket sales comes up and more people are aware. I don’t watch movies with a conscience. I donate or volunteer but don’t watch it’s not like an ostrich hiding it’s head in the sands.
          Wasn’t it released only on Oct 20th. I am overseas no access to it yet subbed or not.

          So…what’s the ending :-) :-)

          Thanks for doing ep 5 and 6. I just came back online doing some viki stuff. Better get back to it.

  23. ck1Oz says:

    Er….strange vibes. Pretty boys. Keeping my fingers crossed for you softy.

    • Softy says:

      I just finished E5 of OB so my brain is fried but I clicked on this to see – oh wow – I have no idea what to make of this trailer. it looks cute, but the girl is not as attractive as the guys :)
      There is a line where the girl says – are you cheating on someone now? (as in have an affair) – All you can see now is a face and breast size huh?

      also ck I cant post the ending of that movie here cuz of spoilers for others – but I will say my friend cried buckets but I barely did so it’s not as melo as people think it is. plus YAI’s movie is doing way better in the box office than “only you” :) I am watching song joong ki’s movie next and then JGS’s. It used to be I would watch one Korean movie every 3 years or so and now I am watching a bunch of them almost back to back – this is some kind of record for me.

      • MJShinshi says:

        when I read your earlier comment softy, I was just thinking (out loud now) “wow softy’s watched another K-movie, she just watched two in the past 2 wks!” but who’s counting right….lol Glad you’re enjoying the movies :)
        I am hoping beyond hope that the Flower Boy drama will be good, sure plenty of pretty flower boys but hope for more than that! I’m following MoH since I know the OTP and am enjoying it so far. I love how all smiley Jae In is throughout all the yelling. I want that head nurse to get her comeuppance soon! haha and the same for the mean dad, yikes couldn’t believe the preview when he saw Jae In’s mom awake!! how evil can one get?! sorry to those who are watching MoH, if I’m sharing too much..oops!

        • Softy says:

          I think it’s pretty safe to talk cuz no one would read if they haven’t watched yet. I don’t know their names, but I knew the guy with the evil dad was scared of his dad, but that he had to take meds for his fear was so sad. also I hated the parents for sitting their talking and the mom laughed when she heard her husband threw that lamp on purpose knowing the cousin would block it and protect the son – the dad said that’s the way the cousin can earn his room and board. Wow – I thought that was going too far. I really hope J helps him treat his cut and makes him come over to her side.
          I also hate that head nurse and want to snip off her stupid bangs. :) but the good thing is J isn’t someone you can keep down – she is like the energizer bunny of cheerfulness and good will.

  24. ck1Oz says:

    Hi had to start a new post otherwise it would become smaller. Come on some crumbs…did they end up together or not? Label it as spoilers or something. Aigoo whoever reads spoilers it’s their own fault.

    Well I actually would have watched YAI’s new movie. I mean Dead Poet’s Society remains one of my favourite all time movie. YAI can really act and he throws himself into his roles. This I wouldn’t mind reading from you about the movie. I like teacher-student movies. Then I would probably prefer Always. I like Kim Haneul every since 7th level civil servant but JGS is beginning to frighten me. I am not sure about SJK’s movie-not to my taste at all.

    Your Crucible talk made me go back to watch Coffee Prince.I am now in the middle of skipping through ep 11-16 only. Don’t have time as still busy. However this wait for OB ep 25 preview is driving me slightly insane. I know the preview will change but just can’t wait for J to see what her reactions are. Even though I know nothing is going to happen ep 25/26.

    Oh MoH-that Head Nurse needs to be sacked for her unprofessional behaviour. Think it’s called workplace bullying. Oh In Woo’s dad-I know he is supposed to be evil but anyone that abuses a child that badly… I will be quite satisfied if he meets with an awful end. I don’t even want him redeemed and feeling remorseful. Shudder those parents. Ergh.

    PMY is so perky. Is she like this in real life? I have this image of dorky Lee Min Ho and this jumping ‘chicken chicken girl’ just beaming at him. What a combination.

  25. ck1Oz says:

    ck speechless. Eh ah…nope nothing to say.

    • Softy says:

      Omg this video needs to come with a warning label :) watch while drunk: it will make more sense and be entertaining or watching while sober will only make you tilt your head sideways wondering if this is how much chocolate consumption it would take to make someone so goofy in a recording booth. I may have to rethink watching this now cuz it may make me frown and say “WTFudgesicles am I watching?” for the duration of the movie like I did while watching the music video. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        It did come with a warning. It left me speechless :-) I didn’t know what to think @__@

        The best I can come up with is…don’t think just watch and then…yeah don’t think. It would hurt your brain.

    • bqmonkna says:

      um. that was……..um…….. different im gonna go watch something to take my min off of whatever THAT was.

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