The Moon That Embraces The Sun E13

This is not the face you normally want to see a cute king make, but it sure sets the tone for what this episode was like -volatile, unpredictable, and disturbing. But behind all those emotional backdrops, there was still love and sacrifice shown by H, Wol, N, and M. I am a little nervous about what H set off tonight in regards to M. If you push someone who wants to remain still too close to the edge, there is no way left for him to maneuver around and he wont have any choice but to jump. All this time I was worried that Yoon and his buddies would be the ones to make M go to the dark side, but now I realize that H might play a hand too. It made me picture M as that tree that is trying not to be swayed by the wind and how much H feared that M would be cut down. Tonight H sort of broke off a major branch and something tells me this tree is not going to take that well.

*A note about OB cast on Happy together Thursday night is posted on the side under “feedback for comments.”

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E12

Watching Hwon bumbling his way through his date by putting his foot in his mouth and mumbling about how he will pay her back, it seems the little kid inside Hwon never quite grew up. Hwon has a lot of growth to do emotionally and that side of him that likes to mess with HS is so cute. That is the charm of this love story. Meeting YW again isn’t what is changing him. Falling in love again is making a new man out of him. He finds purpose in life – a renewed conviction to not let Minister Yoon and his grandmother win in the end. The boy who didn’t have the power to go against them and let YW slip away grew up and now he is masking his true intent to bring the corrupt ministers down with veiled humor and smiles. With YW’s encouraging words of support and her moral guidance, not only will he uncover the conspiracy behind her death, he will also finally get what always eluded young Hwon -the satisfaction of standing up for what he believes in and utilizing his power to protect the ones he loves.

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E11

With this drama, sometimes you don’t even need the words to know exactly what they are feeling in that moment. it’s written all over their faces and how they look at each other.

* I love this drama so much it hurts sometimes from the emotional response I get from watching their scenes together.

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E10

This drama has a way of pulling out memories of first love you thought you had pushed out of your mind. It makes you wonder if a love like this could exist – one that time can’t even touch, where every memory is stored away and treasured –taken out only to be felt anew and put back cuz of the pain it floods you with. Does a part of us envy these characters for having such a lasting love that endures even as the memories begin to fade. That got me thinking about why this drama might be getting so popular. Everyone enjoys a good love story, but it’s so rare to find one that is told the right way – from its inception to its fruition, there has to be a fluidity in acting and plot so that we not only grow to care about these characters, we can’t even imagine a reality where we never got to know them. At least that’s how I feel about this drama so far and something about each poignant scene tells me that following my instincts for this drama was one of my best choices this year.

E11 video preview translations posted on comment with CK’s video. 🙂

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E9

Man I am loving this dialogue. it may be a pain in the butt to translate cuz it’s hard and I have to keep pressing repeat, but once I comprehend and get it down, it’s like poetry. even the harsh words. anyone who can appreciate the written word and its potential to enliven a character will fall hard for this cast. I totally love that even thought H cant trust what he is seeing standing right in front of his eyes, her handwriting will be the proof that opens them.

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E8

I had to resist the temptation to post the screencap of that last scene. So I went with this one cuz I am going to rave about KSH. This guy has got some moves. Sometime I think he could act with just a tree in front of him to converse with and he would still have us on our knees filled with emotion. I was always one of those viewers who went on praising Yeo Jin Goo for playing young Hwon so well, but the truth is, even though they are a few years apart, Jin Goo has years to go before he can catch up to KSH’s intensity and devotion to his craft. KSH literally throws himself into his roles – whether it’s a small one or the lead, it just doesn’t matter to this guy. He makes every line, look, and scene count. Not for him, but for his character. To this day, he has never taken on a persona and not made him memorable. Every time he breathes life into a role, it becomes mesmerizing. Perfecting the art of his craft is something this guy takes literally and we all win in the end. If you don’t believe me, watch that flip scene again. 🙂

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The Moon That Embraces The Sun E7

Tonight, KSH’s portrayal of Hwon reaffirmed the faith I always had in his acting. I love how arrogant he can be with just a twinkle in his eye and then just as easily plaster a fake smile on his face just to trip up the other person he is about to shock with his biting words. No wonder the ratings for this episode soared cuz with this cast and story, there is only one trajectory where this drama can head. Who knew it would reach so high so soon. This must be some kind of record. We are witnessing a kdrama phenomenon in the making and have front row seats to it. 🙂

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