Uncontrollably Fond: E7

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Wishes sure do come true in the most unexpected ways. I wanted progress and boy howdy did I get it. I knew all that counting to rein in his feelings wouldn’t work when your heart makes you lose control. When words no longer work, you find another way to communicate your true feelings.

It’s been so long since I loved a drama this much. This one is hitting all the right notes with me. I love these smaller scenes that seem insignificant at first glance, but are magnified by the enormity, weight, and breadth of their growing feelings for each other.  It encapsulates exactly how two people falling in love should be feeling.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E6


I love this confession more than the concert one. This was said in the dark and his words were spoken with such sincerity that it didn’t leave any room for doubt. I think Joon Young knew she was listening to his every word. I think he made this quiet confession so she will know that none of this was a joke. Asking her to date and confessing his love for her in public, all of it was true. This was the only way he could get her to hear him. Now if he could only get her to see him as well and not just be blinded by her affection for Ji Tae.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E5


Well he can cross this night off his bucket list cuz it was the epic of confessions – Eul wasn’t the only one speechless cuz his fans were pretty stunned too. I know Joon Young’s motive and intent were sincere, but now that Eul has to grapple with the reality of the backlash from his romantic event, I wonder if he really did her any favors. His heart was in the right place, but his execution was questionable.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E4

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Instead of his impending death being a catalyst for Joon Young to change his reckless ways, I think it’s going to make him even more so. He is determined to plow his way to her heart no matter how big the obstacles that stand in the way like his guilt over putting her in the hospital, almost killing her in trying to protect his dad, by being the offspring of the man who allowed her father’s killer to go free, and even assisting his dad to get away with felonies. Despite everything Joon Young put Eul through, he knows this is his last chance to find any happiness. He was willing to give up everything including his life to save her, but now that it’s time to pay up, he still wants it all. It’s scary how single minded he is about living the rest of the time left on his own terms. Just like in the past when they were younger, he puts her in a position where she can’t say no to him. It was cute and all when they were kids, but now I’m starting to wish he would allow Eul to have a voluntary voice in this relationship too. I guess he doesn’t get that if he doesn’t come on so strong, she might have a chance to remember how much she used to like him. It’s not just time that he is running out of now. Joon Young is also running out of excuses.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E3

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How many of us want a few minutes of respite from our troubles and worries? To finally forget anything bad that is happening in our lives and just enjoy those precious moments of temporary relief. I think that is what surprised Eul so much and brought her to tears. After years of stress in trying to bring her father’s killer to justice and running from debt collectors, she discovered she still had the ability to laugh. To finally feel normal for a second must have been heaven sent. I love that scene cuz she rediscovered laughter with the person she least expected to find it with while he realized his new goal in life was to cause her laughter again.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E2

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My gut instinct says this drama is a keeper. Some plot points are reminiscent of so many past dramas, but if you shake it all up, you might end up with something original. The element you can never go wrong with is a ticking time limit. It keeps you on your toes cuz you know you shouldn’t be rooting for a couple that has an expiration date, but you find yourself wishing they had more time together anyway. It was going to take something really good to draw me out of hibernation and this drama did that with just a few scenes. The other big draw for me is Joon Young’s adorable dog. I am a sucker for those shaggy haired sheep dogs. They are like walking barking balls of cuddly fur.

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Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E13-14

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There are only so many times you can go around in circles before you get so dizzy you don’t know up from down. I feel like this drama has been spinning from the same point of the story from day one. When it started to slow, the writer spun it around some more hoping for a better result- never making any progress out of the circle. I hung in there for as long as I could, but tonight’s events made me realize I had enough -even Hyun Bin’s dimples aren’t enough anymore. I never liked merry-go-rounds as a child, and it turns out I still don’t. I’m hoping for better luck with Producers or that next Hong sisters drama Warm and cozy.

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