Uncontrollably Fond: E8

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Single-mindedness is highly underrated in this episode. Joon Young showed so much gumption and positivity that he could win her heart that even Eul didn’t know he had this side to him. I love how he turned achieving Eul’s affection as a goal and set out to make it come true setting aside pride or dignity along the way. If he is this good just during the pursuit, can’t imagine how much better he will be as her boyfriend once Eul accepts him.


Starts from Joon saying he loves her and Eul telling him to stop. everyone in the country knows you are a good actor – stop now. Joon remembers what Ji tae said to him- think of what you did to Eul. how can you look her in the face and say you like her. Joon tells her –  I love you. Eul cries and says: my Jik told me to be careful so much-  that you and I are from different worlds now – every word you say – every action – not to fall for it or be mistaken – not to waver – not to get hurt – he warned me so much. she shakes her hand away and yells – yes I am the crazy one. I am the crazy one. I should have listened to what Jik said.  Joon kisses her and Ji tae doesnt hear anything so he is about to knock but doesn’t. he leans his head against the gate

Joon tells her I never once used you or played around with you – just look at me and only listen to me. I love you. he lets her go so she turns to leave so he begs “dont go”. she walks away anyway. he stands there in tears.

she goes out and leans against the wall for a second. Ji tae hid and watches her walk away

Joon just stands there

eul walks down and Ji tae follows her a few steps behind.

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she crouches down and sits in the middle of the street

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Joon’s dog comes over and Joon looks down and sees the sausage she gave him so Joon picks it up.

Nari watches Yuna giving an interview saying that Joon and her used to be close colleagues in the agency and then things progressed. these days they have been too busy to meet often. interviewer points out how Joon went to her bday party, gave her roses, and sang for her. rumors spread among her friends. she says it was cuz Joon was busy and didn’t know he could attend but he showed up suddenly. I was surprised too. the guy mentions that at the concert, Joon took another girl’s hand -the docu PD – and disappeared and proposed to her. your shock must be great. Yuna says no. not at all. interviewer says the reporters are saying that it was all a performance to protect you. so you knew all about it? his acting was so great. Nari goes over and asks if Eul knew that Joon used her to distract from him dating Yuna.  Eul says I knew cuz he told me at the concert hall. “I’m going to act like this so react well.” nari asks so you acted too? Eul: yes – how was it? my acting was good huh? I think I should be an actor too. Nari shakes her and says how can you tell me now you brat. we didn’t know that so do you know how upset we have been. cuz of you Jik couldn’t go to school, couldn’t sleep or eat. Nari starts to bring up Ji tae but doesn’t.  Eul asks her to stop cuz she is having a hard time.

Yuna leaves a final message to the audience – sorry for not telling the truth and startling everyone. I want to apologize sincerely. to protect me, everything Joon endured and did, please don’t take it badly. I want to apologize to all the fans again. Joon’s staff watches it on tv. president thinks her acting has gotten great after starring in a miniseries. online people are calling them the korean brangelina cuz of the way Joon protected his girlfriend. president thinks a girl should be at Yuna’s level to be matched with Joon and not some unknown like Eul. Gook mentions how Yuna is the president’s niece but it’s making Eul look bad. M reads stuff online about Eul being used as a shield and the president thinks things turned out well for Eul cuz she was almost beaten to death by Joon’s fans but now talk of her being a gold digger stopped. Gook starts to say this isn’t right – that Joon really like Eul but stops himself. they wonder why Joon is so quiet and not reacting in anger. they are getting nervous cuz Joon isnt reacting to all the lies -not even a call.

Jik is at school and his friends are enjoying food and asking why Jik didnt tell them his hyung was so rich. Jik doesnt know what’s going on and says he doesn’t have a hyung. he is told that his hyung bought the entire school food including the teachers. Jik is called to the office. Jik goes over and Joon is there. the teacher and others make a fuss over Joon asking for autographs and thank him and take pics with him as Joon tells the student on the phone to study hard.

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Jik meets Joon on the rooftop. Joon extends his hand and says it’s been a long time. Jik ignores the hand and tallies up  how much money Joon spent on the kids and staff to feed them. 930 people times 6, 100 for each burger set. Joon says when did you grow up this much. I almost wouldn’t have recognized you if I met you on the street.  Jik says it must have come out to 5,673,000 won so give me your account number. Joon: I heard you study really well and your goal is seoul university. Jik ignores what Joon said again and says I cant pay off all 5,673,000 won right now but I will repay in installments so type your account number. Joon says  I like your sister. I like Eul so much I will go crazy.  I cant eat, sleep, or breathe.  I cant live (without her) so please help me – for her not to run away. to look at Joon hyung.  to trust me. your sister only listens to you. Joon said it with tears in his eyes but Jik just says “I will send 5,673,000won as soon as I have it through your agency” and walks away

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Eul is under her blanket and remembers Joon saying how he never once used her and just look at him and listen to him and that he loves her. she keeps saying no.

Ji tae is at work. his car has been brought back from Joon’s. the secretary asks to speak as a friend for just one minute so Ji tae tells him to speak. the guy tells him to not go on anymore – that he came too far even now. go and find JE and apologize and give up your feelings for Noh PD. do that. if Eul finds out who you are, if JE finds out who Eul is, if your parents find out about Eul’s identity….Ji tae cuts him off and says the minute is up.

Ji tae asks his other secretary if she bought what he asked.

Joon is waiting outside Eul’s home but Jitae shows up so Joon runs over too to stand at the gate. she opens the gate asking who is it and sees Joon and tries to close it but Joon wont let her

Ji tae came to feed her porridge cuz nari said eul wasnt eating anything at all. he tries to feed eul some porridge so Joon stands there and says she has hands too. Ji tae offers a different flavor porridge but she says it’s ok. he tells her to eat then cuz she doesn’t look well. Joon makes comical faces at their dialogue. Ji tae tries again to hand feed her and she glares at Joon and  is about to eat from the spoon but Joon eats it and makes her move over. he says how terrible it tastes and tells her not to eat it. she tells them this isnt her place it’s her friend’s home and she can eat on her own so leave. she goes out and leaves them alone. Joon calls out for her not to eat porridge and eat rice. she falls down on her way down the steps

Joon is eating the porridge and says you are a strange ajussi. you rejected Eul so why hang around her? cuz you don’t want her but it’s a waste to give her to someone else? Ji tae asks if yuna knows Joon is here. Joon says how could she know when I don’t even know her number. he finishes eating and says it tasted terrible. Joon brings up what Ji tae had said about Joon not having the right to love.  does love involve rights. if I like her I just have to like her. Ji tae: when a man loves a woman -they don’t do it because of rights. if I like her then I should just like her. I was really confused but thanks to you I figured it out. sincerely – thank you. Joon asks who are you? he points out how expensive Ji tae’s designer watch is but he is hiding it and passing it off as cheap. why is he disguised as poor and hanging around Eul. that there is no fake for that watch cuz it’s one of a kind. who are you? you aren’t a thief or scammer right? jitae: what’s so important about who I am? you and I both don’t have any right but we like the same girl.

Ji tae gets a call from haru who is crying and asking why he didn’t pick up- it’s his mom – she has collapsed. he goes to the hospital to see his mom. JE is with the mom. he asks why she is here. JE says his mom called and asked her to go the sauna so JE was taking her there but she suddenly said her chest hurt and fainted. Ji tae accuses her and asks what did you do? what did you do for my mom to collapse? JE asks what are you talking about. Haru comes in and says how JE took the mom to the hospital right away and saved her life. where were you when mom collapsed? I called over ten times but you didn’t pick up. JE: I am sorry I should have been more careful escorting an elder. I am really sorry. Haru says what do you have to be sorry for? dad is on a business trip and I couldn’t contact my brother. if it wasn’t for you I would have died from fright. JE hugs her and says the mom will be okay. Je tells him what the doctor said -that they will know details when the test results come out.  Haru asks why Ji tae isn’t replying to JE and thanking her for saving their mom’s life. She threatens to tell on Ji tae to their dad

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Joon checks various restaurants looking for her and wondering where she went. He finds Eul eating alone inside one. he motions for her to finish eating and come out and he will wait. hurry and just eat. he waits patiently outside. she orders extra rice. people wonder if it’s Joon outside waiting so he covers his face. he checks and sees her still eating.

Eul keeps eating and eating even though she is full. she looks up and Joon is gone so she is relieved. suddenly he is by her side. she got indigestion so Joon pulls on her fingers. he says he knows the best person to fix it. wanna go? he pays for her meal and takes her outside

she tells him to let go. am I that much of a joke? that easy to push around? he says no. Eul: so why are you doing this to me? Joon: what did I do? it seemed like you were hurt so it upset me. it seemed like it was cuz of me so it made me more upset so I want to hurry and make it so that you aren’t hurting. that’s all I was thinking. he covers his face and takes her hand saying thanks to yuna you were finally able to shed your title as gold digger so we cant get caught here quarrelling again then things will get weird. you wont die so let’s go quietly. she wants him to let go of her hand and not care if she has indigestion or not  but he says I dont intend to let go of your hand today so wanna stay up all night here like this? Eul: crazy guy. Joon: bingo – if you know- follow quietly

{there is a Korean idiom he used that is hilarious but hard to translate – basically it means you cant tell the person who is obsessed about something to cut off that obsession)

in the car Joon asks if she really cant stand to see him that much. she says yes. so he says my fans all time wish is to see my face for a min or two. if they hear about this, they will want to kill you. she tells him to just drop her off in front of the hospital and get lost.  Joon: ok. I’m good at getting lost. in a blur – I don’t even leave a speck of dust and cleanly get lost, but not now. minimum 3 months. maximum 4 months. she says she will cling to ajussi (Ji tae) again and keep pleading until he accepts her. I will keep going to see him, call him, cry… Joon interrupts and says do as you like. Eul: I like ajussi -not you. Joon: do it or not -it’s up to you. it doesn’t matter who you like – I dont have time to maintain my pride or get jealous.  she wonders why the hospital is so far away – is it even in seoul?

he pulls up to his mom’s work and Eul asks where is there a hospital around here?

They stand outside and he says if my mom tries to chase us away just say you are my antifan. Eul: your mom? Joon: yes my mom. she is an expert at pricking the finger of someone who has indigestion. Eul tries to run away, but he doesnt let her.

his mom is reading news about him and Yuna on her phone.

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Joon comes in holding Eul’s hand tightly and stands in front of his mom. the restaurant closes down

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Eul asks him to let go cuz they are in front of his mom and she wont run off. Joon relents and lets go.  Eul says sorry for saying hello late – I’m Noh Eul. uncle asks if she isnt the gold digger. so eul explains I’m not a gold digger – I was just used unfairly during his scandal. Joon tells his mom ” she has indigestion cuz of me so prick her finger mom”. Eul says it’s ok. I can just take medicine. she bows and says excuse me (getting ready to leave) and tells the mom – you really don’t have to worry. I am not a gold digger and your son and I have nothing going on between us. uncle disagrees saying it doesn’t look that way to me. whether you get your finger pricked or not – it’s the first time Joon brought a girl home. Joon tells his mom: she is the girl I like. I told you about her over the phone last time. Eul: his manager told me that Joon’s condition these days isn’t good. he got hit on the head a lot during filming so his brain…she gets cut off by the uncle. so she continues and explains that Joon doesn’t get what’s going on well. but Joon tells his mom that he was confused about his feelings for nine years but was certain he loved Eul a lot for two weeks. the uncle mutters that on tv all day it said Joon was dating someone else but you are saying you really like this girl? Eul denies it. that’s what Joon thinks but I don’t.  the uncle says Joon is having a one sided love. he tells the mom that Joon’s not right in his head. his mom gets up and yells for the worker to take down the notice and open the door and resume business. she scolds Joon for interrupting business and walks away but Eul says to her – I know my place really well -no matter what your son says I will do my best to avoid him and run away. you wont have to be concerned so don’t worry. if you cant trust me – should I write out  a contract? Joon asks why should you write a contract?  are you trying to make a person go crazy? Eul: if it doesnt work then I’ll just get lost. I’ll go where he cant find me. his mom notes that Eul is having a hard time with her indigestion so she goes over and pounds her back to help relieve it

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They sit together so the mom can treat Eul’s indigestion. the mom is about to bleed her finger. eul asks please don’t stab me so it hurts cuz you hate me. she closes her eyes and braces for the pain but the mom doesnt so Eul asks arent you going to pierce it? she reacts already so the mom says I haven’t done it yet.  Eul: please don’t hate me too much. mom: I don’t hate you. eul: why? if I were you I would want to kill me.  the mom says I dont hate you cuz you know your place well. she stabs her finger so eul screams

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Joon can hear the screech and winces sympathetically. uncle notes Eul’s cheap sneakers and straightens them. He sits with Joon and checks his brain by making him do multiplication and deems him normal when Joon gives the right answer. uncle says you didn’t hurt your head. you are this normal but why like a girl with cheap sneakers when there are so many expensive designer shoes around you. Joon agrees with him. the uncle says you cant deceive blood (aka “blood will tell”). your dad too – long time ago – didn’t like all those smart college girls and fell hard for your mom. when you get older and grasp reality, it will be better to choose high heels than cheap sneakers. Uncle makes a remark that Choi had plenty of chances to look for Joon’s mom but never did these long years.

choi goes to the hospital and ji tae is there with JE to meet him. choi goes in to meet his wife. JE tells Ji tae to change out of those clothes before he gets caught that he has fallen for a poor girl. she ask if he likes eul that much to the extent that he would shed expansive designer clothes to match that girl’s level and wear cheap and gaudy clothes. he tells her that he wants his family to stay together today quietly so he’ll get the driver to take her home.

the doctor informs choi’s wife that thankfully it wasn’t what they considered and all her vitals are normal and she can be discharged tomorrow morning, but she disagrees and says she is in a dangerous situation now. thanks to my husband I was able to get a kidney transplant but you cant view that as the complete answer. It might have extended my life for 10 or 15 more years, but that’s just an estimation. a kidney could fail at any time. she wants the doctor to tell choi not to let the patient get stress and do his best and show a lot of interest and attention to her.  choi comes in and asks what should I do to help her condition

Ji tae changes and remembers what JE said. they will be one family in a month. I told mother at the sauna a while ago. that I wanted to become her daughter in law as soon as possible. in one month it will be your parents anniversary so how about having our wedding then too. your mother likes it so much. you should have seen that.

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Joon’s mom is making radish kimchi and Joon helps her. he pours too much so she yells for him to stop cuz he made it too salty. how could he pour that like it was water? he pours water so she yells at him -what are you doing. Joon: you said it was salty.

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she gets up to chop lettuce and he says Eul is pretty huh. she is just like you when you were young huh. but I’m not going to make her turn out like you. I wont let her calculate about being poor, cheap, gaudy, caring about education and status by herself like you. I wont let her run away alone like you. his mom complains about the taste of the lettuce and calls and yells at the lettuce dealer for duping them and lying.  Joon says no matter what you say – I will never let her go. even if I die I wont let Eul go. from here on I will live doing everything I want.

uncle is with eul. he wonders why it’s so quiet inside with Joon and his mom. uncle explains how Joon is a poor son who doesn’t even get to eat a bowl of his mom’s food. he always does that – gets insulted a lot and then leaves. Eul asks why Joon’s relationship with his mom is so bad. uncle starts to say how Joon suddenly quit school and became a celebrity and how much it upset his mom but the uncle stops himself. hear the details from Joon. what does your dad do?

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Joon drives Eul home. he explains how his mom had him out of wedlock when she was 22 by herself. I didn’t have a father from the start. in high school, to pay for my tutor fees, my mom poured drinks at bars. she got caught for trying to bribe the teachers so I couldn’t hold my head up at school. he shares more stories of what his mom did for him. my mom even committed theft when I was in second grade cuz I wanted to eat the other kid’s sweet and sour pork but my mom didn’t have the money to buy rice. even knowing all this – am I still someone you cant even dream of? she thanks him for curing her indigestion and gets out of the car and goes in

[Joon shared all that personal info so Eul would understand that even if they live in different worlds now that he didn’t have the kind of background she thought he had. That his start was humble too.]

Joon sits in his car

choi tells his son to go home but Ji tae wants his dad to go home and rest cuz he hasn’t even had time to unpack from his business trip. he worries that his dad’s health will fail so he offers to stay with his mom but choi says I will stay by your mom’s side. Haru will be scared to be home alone so hurry and go.

Ji tae goes home and gets a text from eul. she asks if he wants to eat noodles.

he changes into his poor guy outfit and goes out to meet her. he is about to catch a cab. his dad calls and says sorry. Ji tae: for what? choi: for everything.  I will do better from here on – I will really do well. Ji tae says you are doing more than enough now. choi asks him to call and thank JE and that they owe her a lot. they say goodnight and hang up

Eul is waiting for Ji tae when the ajumma brings over free food cuz she heard how Eul was used and feels bad for her. she thinks that Eul must have wavered in her feelings if it’s someone like Joon. she tells her to eat cuz Eul was backstabbed by Joon. the ajumma asks if Eul was rejected only by Ji tae and Joon cuz when it rains it pours so there must be another guy who rejected her. it’s time for you to lower your standards.  she asks who Eul is meeting so Eul tells her. when the lady hears Eul is waiting to meet Ji tae the ajumma takes away the free food and just puts in the order for two noodles.

Eul keeps calling Ji tae but he doesnt answer.

Joon goes home and Gook and his president are there waiting for him. president tells Gook to get on his knees cuz he is too old to do it. Gook asks why just me and says this whole lie about Joon and yuna dating came from the president. the man apologizes to Joon for doing that without a word of discussion with Joon but he did it for Joon’s sake. Joon just says you did well and walks off. president wonders why Joon said that. Gook: I think it’s cuz he is crazy

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Joon takes his coat off and lays on his bed

Eul is still waiting and it’s been over an hour. ajumma asks why he hasn’t arrived.  Eul: he said he would come but he hasn’t.  the ajumma thinks he wont show up if he hasnt arrived yet and says Eul has been rejected again. eul says I was going to ask him to hold onto me.  it’s all his fault.

Eul walks out.

Ji tae is still standing on the street.

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Joon gets a call from Eul so he quickly gets in his car and drives off. he smiles as he speeds along

during their call, he said “I didnt hear you – what did you say. then don’t tell me. I’ll go to where you are now so tell me to my face in person

Joon gets out of his car and smiles when he sees her sitting there.

he walks over but suddenly everything gets blurry and he looks disoriented

he addresses God “you misjudged me God. over something like this – if you thought I would falter or give up or step aside, you were mistaken.

함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003416587함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003429021

He goes over and gives her a big hug

Joon narrates: throw anything you have at me – I wont ever despair or be sad or succumb

함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003435384



Eul says to Joon – if we do things like this – we really will get caught

Joon: get caught over what? honestly – that you like me too?

Ji Tae goes over and kisses JE

Ji tae tells the ajumma – I wont ever come here again and I wont meet Eul again

yuna asks Joon -what is your relationship with Noh PD?

Yuna asks him: should we just date?

Eul says I don’t know if Joon is the top star, but he isn’t my style. I like someone else. someone  way cooler than Joon

choi’s wife meets with some man and gives him and envelope and asks why bring up talk of that person again?

man says cuz I feel sorry – she had our Hyun Joon’s child (as in gave birth to)

some guy asks Eul if she isn’t going to attend K-festival

choi’s wife asks if Joon is going to attend too today so choi asks are you his fan too?

gook cries and says Joon just got hurt a little while ago- if something bad happens to him it will be big trouble. eul asks where is Joon

Joon: everything that happens to me from here on – it will all be because of you

함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003465671 함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003475304 함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_003518719함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_000740396함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_000743816함부로 애틋하게.E08.160728.720p-NEXT.mp4_000815588

There is something called tempting fate. If you already have a lot of challenges ahead of you, there is no need to dare God to throw anything else at you. Deal with what you have first. I get that Joon Young is showing unprecedented bravado with his fighting words, but I wish he would stop and consider how some things beyond our control can’t be challenged. It’s a test right now for him to even make it through this illness day by day or manage to resolve his issues with his mother or get Eul to fall madly in love with him. Those are plenty, why call out for more. Having said that, I have to admit I was very proud of him. He was so fearless and strong in his convictions that I believed in him that he could do all those things. I hope he fights this disease with everything he has cuz now there is another heart involved that will break if he loses.






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  1. allenif says:

    thank you so much, softy. been waiting for this. ☻♥☻♥


    • Softy says:

      there was sooooo much dialogue tonight I thought my fingers would fall off from all the fast typing. I love episodes like the concert one where there is a lot of staring and singing so there is nothing to type. Tonight’s episode is going to take the longest to translate for sure. good thing I love this drama 🙂

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    thanks so much softy!


  3. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy. I just finished watching the subbed episode. I can’t believe I teared up at almost every JY scene so far. It’s just so heartbreaking to see how happy he gets whenever he’s around his mom or NE. And that last scene had soo much feel.

    In next week’s preview, looks like there’ll be the scene from the long preview you shared last time. I didnt see the part where Gook cries and says JY’s hurt though. Did i miss that?


    • chokichoki says:

      Oh! And if I may add, it’s interesting to see sort of like a role reversal between JY and JT. JY’s the lead but he seems to be the second lead in this drama. All the things he does are all what other second leads had to go through.
      I have a feeling from the last scene that NE’s gonna say something that’ll break his heart. I hope that hug can change her mind if she does have such intention


      • Softy says:

        She called him first so I don’t think she will say anything hurtful – plus she didn’t pull away from his hug. Isn’t that a good sign? The preview made it seem like she was a willing participant in hanging out with him in his car just the two of them. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      it’s near the end of the preview where Gook says Joon got hurt


      • chokichoki says:

        That’s strange. The end of the preview that I watched was Nari’s voice (I think) asking Eul if she isn’t going to attend her dad’s death anniversary. I wonder if it was cut short. There was no mention of JY at all. I’ll see if I can find another vid. Anyway, thanks Softy! Can’t wait for next Wednesday!


        • Softy says:

          The preview I translated didn’t have that at all – wonder why we got two different previews – never knew that could happen. Maybe the raw I downloaded got cut off then- I’ll check tm 🙂


          • chokichoki says:

            I just saw the preview you translated on the Soompi forum. Yours is definitely longer but has no mention of her dad at all. I watched the subbed episode on this app called Viu. Never thought they’d show different previews.

            Judging from NE’s expression when Nari called her about the death anniversary, it looks like the scene where she hit JY’s dad with the van in the long preview is gonna happen soon.


            • Softy says:

              I checked two different raw files and neither one mentioned her dad at all in the preview- this is so weird. I really hope that van scene doesn’t come out for a long long long time cuz it’s going to make Joon and Eul enemies. I need them to be happy and cute like in the preview for a little while longer. There were scenes where Yuna and Joon pretend to be dating in the public eye but he is sneaking around with Eul in his car. I need more of that cuz his health is going to fail soon and everyone is going to be miserable.
              I sort of wish I never saw that long trailer cuz it gave away too much. I keep dreading certain scenes that are coming up. That van scene is one of them.


  4. MJShinshi says:

    that last scene – I am afraid his happiness will be shattered by what Eul has to share! I hope not.

    this is like minute detail but that bathroom sink level where JT changed before seeing his parents in hospital room….is JT that tall or is the sink level just lower?? he really stopped down to that sink!

    preview seems JT is not bio child either of the mom or mom paying off the man not to mention Joon’s mom…? I think the name he mentioned is Jt’s name which he uses with Eul and Jik…..argh that preview makes me want next Wed to be here already!

    thanks for translating the preview softy! I want Joon to fight too!


    • Softy says:

      I think the fake name Ji tae used is Hyun woo not Hyun Joon. I kept listening for it and found it in one scene in the restaurant.
      also some sinks are that low and that actor happens to be tall too so maybe that’s why it looked like he was stooping down so low 🙂
      You are so cute to notice that. I can’t seem to stop staring at the cute dog – wish he had more scenes. I love him. 🙂


      • chokichoki says:

        Hyun Joon is the dad isn’t it? I mean JT’s and JY’s dad


        • MJShinshi says:

          so may be the man is Choi’s bro or relative since they supposedly took him away from Joon’s mom! if that’s so they knew about Joon after all except Choi…ok I need to go do something productive and wait until Wednesday 😊
          hope you get some rest softy and have a great weekend everyone!


  5. MJShinshi says:

    lol I had to ask about sink couldn’t get that bit out of my head…

    I miss the dog too and that was sweet of Eul to go out and talked to Pororo and apologize for being put out due to her allergies….how fluffy cute is Pororo!


    • Softy says:

      I don’t go into men’s bathrooms here in Korea, but I can tell you that in the ladies bathrooms, they have a separate area for women (away from sinks) to put makeup on in public bathrooms like in hotels and department stores.

      I think the sink area where Ji tae was changing, the sinks were super low cuz it’s supposed to be inside a hospital so maybe they lowered the counter for patients in wheel chairs. That’s my best guess.

      The adorable dog just doesn’t get enough screen time. I’m so glad this show wrapped up filming ages ago cuz now I wont be tempted to stalk the dog on set. I would so seriously consider dognapping him – he is that cute. 🙂
      One of these days I am going to be very tempted to put the dog on the main pic and give him top billing over Woo Bin. 🙂


  6. I am thankful for everything you do for us Softy 🙂 Thank you so much!


    • Softy says:

      I do it to share the love for dramas we all enjoy 🙂 my type of live recaps have become obsolete cuz subs come out faster these days, but I can’t help doing these live “transcaps” (translation plus recaps) cuz it’s the only way I know how to do this. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn how to make them shorter. 🙂


  7. xyz says:

    Hi Softy,
    I checked on your site today after a long while and found you recapping this show. I’m so glad and thank you for your hard work.

    I think a different version of the preview mentioned above is YOUKU version (the one aired in China). If someone is interested, here’s the link.

    I guess the man in the preview who is meeting with JiTae’s mother is Choi’s brother. According to the character’s description, JiTae’s mother used Choi’s brother to force JoonYoung’s mother to break up with Choi. JiTae is her son from her first marriage.

    Whenever JiTae mentions “You have less right to love Eul than I do.”, I get annoyed. It seems to me that JiTae’s sins are worse than JoonYoung’s. JiTae has known Choi’s wrongdoings and who hit Eul’s father from the day of the accident. He lied his identity, is engaged to the culprit, and still keeps hanging around Eul and Jik. I want to tell him, “make up your mind and stick to your decision.”

    Sorry for the long post.


  8. nonski says:

    thanks for the recaps softy… i’m late to the party 😦


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