Uncontrollably Fond: E6


I love this confession more than the concert one. This was said in the dark and his words were spoken with such sincerity that it didn’t leave any room for doubt. I think Joon Young knew she was listening to his every word. I think he made this quiet confession so she will know that none of this was a joke. Asking her to date and confessing his love for her in public, all of it was true. This was the only way he could get her to hear him. Now if he could only get her to see him as well and not just be blinded by her affection for Ji Tae.

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Written before it aired:

Now that both men have asserted their interest in Eul, she has a lot to consider. From our perspective, if you tally up the wrongs both guys committed to Eul and her family, Joon has less but his are more severe whereas Ji Tae’s are less severe but more frequent and longer. Choosing the lesser of two evils isn’t going to be easy when your mind and heart tell you conflicting things. I sense that her heart wants to choose Joon while her logic tells her Ji Tae is a safer bet. They say the course of true love never runs smooth, but they certainly don’t have massive potholes like the ones Eul encountered. Maybe the sleepover tonight will make a big difference and tip Joon in her favor.

I bet best friends Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin are having a big laugh right about now with their respective dramas going head to head. In the climb to the top of the ratings, I feel like this drama never got a firm foothold and kept slipping. Now that the eagerly awaited W-Two Worlds entered the scene, fully rested and eager to start the climb, we are going to have one major uphill climb for UF to stay in the running. I’ve always been loyal by nature so I’m not even going to watch W-Two Worlds until this one ends. That doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted cuz I like Lee Jong Seok too.


Starts from Joon driving and Eul asking where are we going. he says I dont know but dont ask me to let you off cuz I’m thinking of not stopping no matter what.

Ji tae goes and joins his dad on the treadmill. they both remark that they are late (tonight). Ji tae says it’s cause he was listening to his friend’s problem. my friend and my friend’s younger brother liked the same girl. but there was some terrible incident that happened with that girl’s family by my friend’s father. so my friend had no choice but to give up that girl. and that guy’s younger brother took the girl’s hand and ran off with her. choi says how the story sounds similar to a drama plot. Ji tae asks his dad to skip exercise and buy him alcohol today

Joon stops the car at the pier and says there is no place to go anymore since we cant fall in and drown and die in the ocean. she says let’s fall in and die. dont really want to live anyway. let’s fall in and die. she looks over at him and says even if I said let’s die you wont die. fearful guy.  he calls her bluff and is about to drive into the water but she yells at him and says what are you doing? Joon: you said to fall in and die. Eul: crazy jerk – if you want to die – die alone. she gets out of the car and walks off. he asks where she is going. he gets a call and turns his phone off and goes after her

{Eul had no idea how her words about falling in and dying was like an offer to Joon Young. Instead of suffering three months and then dying, if he could die here and now – what does he have to lose? Though he put his car in drive, ready to accelerate down that pier, I knew he wouldn’t go through with it. Killing himself is one thing but robbing Jik of his only remaining family member is a whole different story. Joon stole enough of their happiness so he wouldn’t dare cause more pain to her brother by taking Eul away from Jik.}

Joon waits outside the convenience store while she goes in and buys soju. he follows her to the beach where she sits and starts drinking like a pro.

She left her phone in his car and Jik keeps trying to reach her. nari is worried about her and wonders where Joon took her. I know he likes to do whatever he wants but why cause such a spectacle with his joking.  she reads what’s on the internet and all top 10 searches are about Joon and eul so she worries his fans will kill Eul soon

Jik calls haru and threatens not to touch even a hair on Noh Eul. you said you were Joon’s fan club president – if you even break a fingernail on Noh Eul -tell your members that I will repay them a thousand times over. he tells her to stop all the slander on the internet and threatens her some more. haru gets mad and asks do you know who I am?  how dare you threaten me. Jik knew that she was going to hire people to harass Eul so he says for her to be careful while out at night cuz he will go after her. haru wants to know where he is so she can tell her dad and send the police so Jik gives his address and welcomes her to come right away

Haru calls her dad and says some crazy guy is threatening your daughter dad but Ji tae answers. he explains they were drinking together and their dad went to the bathroom. she doesnt tell J anything and hangs up

choi is drunk and wonders why cuz he didnt drink much but J tells him that his tolerance got low and cant drink as much anymore (like he used to) so choi blames his wife

Eul is still drinking while Joon stands watch over her. she asks if he saw her phone and he says I didnt see it. she drank like 5 bottles. he gives her his phone to use. she calls Ji tae

choi goes home drunk and his wife asks why he drank so much, J admits he asked his dad to buy him a drink. she told him that choi couldn’t drink cuz his health isnt good and he doesnt get much sleep cuz of his work.  J says sorry.

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J gets a call from Eul. she says do you know how much of a hard time I had all that time – acting like I dont like you – you dont know how hard that was do you? why were you so good to me? when you dont even have money why buy me food? why buy me clothes? why smile at me -why worry if I ate – why take me to the hospital when I was sick? why did you do that if you were going to reject me twice like this – in front of people too so I got humiliated. why make a person confused? she bawls into the phone. what’s so great about you? you dont have more money than Joon – you are older than Joon – you don’t even have a car when Joon has 3 –  you dont have a  home or building. what right do you have to reject me? Joon asks for his phone back. she begs into the phone for J to think it over just one more time. I’m a really okay girl.  I will be really good to you so please accept me – let’s date. Joon takes the phone away. she asks for her phone back so he says it’s my phone. she insists on getting it back cuz she has stuff left to say to ajussi so Joon yells at her that she said enough. she keeps asking for the phone back so he throws it into the water.

J asks his dad – are you ok – should I get you water. choi waves him away. J says cuz of you dad – cuz of what you did – I cant go to eul

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she says bring me back my phone and he says it’s not your phone it’s my phone. she yells for him to bring it back cuz she has stuff still to say to ajussi so Joon yells her to go and get it then. she goes into the water so he calls her a crazy girl and has to carry her out of there. he drops her on the ground and says dont you see me – dont you know what I did cuz of you – cant you see me. she keeps crying for ajussi (Ji Tae). Joon kicks her so she falls over.

She wakes up in the morning and her head hurts from her hangover. she looks around and she is in a room alone. she is wearing ajumma clothes. she pinches her cheek really hard

she goes outside and her clothes are hanging out to dry. the grandma comes over and lectures Eul for drinking 5 bottles of soju.  the granny made her hangover soup and tells her to wait a minute. Eul asks why her clothes are hanging over there and why is she wearing these. grandma says dont you remember anything? he said you fell into the water and got your clothes wet. you also got drunk and threw up all over your clothes – so dirty. your husband had a hard time getting your clothes changed. Eul: my husband? grandma says don’t you remember your husband either? tall and polite. isn’t he your husband? eul: so you are saying my husband – that guy – changed my clothes? grandma says yes. what’s wrong with that – he is your husband. grandma goes in. eul feels violated and mutters -no way.

she goes over to his car and finds her phone. she wonders where Joon went. she remembers again how the grandma said Joon had a hard time changing Eul’s clothes but she has no memory of it

Eul waits for her phone to be charged and reads about herself in the paper. the guy sort of recognizes her so she speaks in a different dialect saying how she grew up here since birth and never left even once but the guy doesn’t buy her story cuz she is using a different dialect than the one spoken here.

she is on the bus and calls her brother. sorry – you worried a lot about me huh? Jik: why ? did something happen? she tries to test the water to see if he knows anything by asking if he saw the news or internet but he lies and says when do we have time to read those. why? what’s going on? so she tells him nothing was going on. I’m well and nothing is going on. are you at school now? Jik: yes – where are you? she lies that she had to go to the countryside for work but is on her way back to seoul. Jik lies that his class is about to start. she tells him to eat well

nari asks why Jik lied cuz he didnt sleep a wink or go to school and kept worrying this whole time about eul. he says if she knew that I worried that much – she will be more upset. he mutters that as soon as Joon comes back he is dead.

Eul checks her call list and wonders why J didnt call her even once- didnt he worry.

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she remembers Joon piggybacking her that night when she kept saying ajussi. Joon told her to stop. I’m shin Joon young. I’m not someone who should be treated like this by you. if you say ajussi just one more time I will throw you into the ocean. she throws up so he says get off

Ji tae is at work and lectures the man speaking and gives the project to another man. he calls for an end to the meeting. he gets another call from eul and but doesn’t take it again

she gets a call and is excited that it’s J but it’s Gook. He asks why she didn’t pick up her phone. he asks where Joon is and she says I don’t know. you could just ask him. gook says it’s cuz Joon isn’t answering. joon’s agency president is on the phone with a reporter asking for leniency (to try to make the scandal go down) when Gook tells him that eul doesn’t know where Joon is. joon’s agency president hangs up and yells why doesnt she know? she seduced our innocent Joon and took his hand and ran off in front of all the reporters. Gook asks if she heard all that. Gook whispers just tell me so she yells who seduced him? I’m a victim…but she lowers her voice when others on the bus listen in. she tells gook that she is a victim and that Joon isnt innocent cuz he is terrible and mean

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she suddenly remembers that night Joon wiped the vomit off Eul. grandma comes over and gives him a change of clothes saying wiping off the vomit wont do – she needs to be changed so that she doesn’t catch cold. Joon asks her to change Eul’s clothes but the granny says why make me do that – didn’t you say she was your wife? Joon grins and says yes. granny says it’s bothersome for me to change my own clothes so I wear this one outfit for a week. she leaves so Joon tries to muster up the courage to undress eul. he unbuttons her shirt but she is still saying ajussi so he lightly slaps her mouth

Eul remembers and covers her head with the bus curtains

at Joon’s mom’s restaurant, M reads aloud “cuz of one woman Joon’s life is like filming a makjang drama.” they are writing stuff like Joon went crazy and showing it to his mom for approval, but his mom isn’t in the mood to be an antifan. Gook comes over and yells at them and says prepare to be sued. Joon’s mom says her workers didnt do anything wrong. I’m the one who told them to be Joon’s antifan so bring me the paperwork to be sued.  the president yells at Joon’s mom for not acting like a mom in this situation and not protecting and not worrying about Joon her only son. is that what a parent should say? are you really his mom? Gook tries to restrain him but the man goes on a rampage cuz he has been holding it back cuz of Joon and wants to speak his peace today. so she yells back at him in banmal -what do you have to say to me so he says are you speaking banmal to me right now? I am older than you – dont you see these white hairs? she yells at him to speak banmal too if he wants cuz her son was studying nicely when this guy lured him away so what right do you have to say anything to me? he says how other parents would appreciate and be grateful for their son for becoming a successful star but she talks back that he should have done that with someone else’s kid and not her kid. the man insults her by saying now he knows why Joon acts so rude cuz he was raised by her so it would be weird for him to be normal. poor Joon.  the uncle comes over and grabs the president’s collar and wants him to apologize. she tries to get the uncle to let him go. but the uncle says he cant cuz that man called her crazy. she yells for everyone to leave things alone and leave Joon alone. she walks off. Gook says they cant leave it alone cuz they have to find Joon first. Gook tries to get his dad to let go of the man

Joon’s mom is outside and worries  -where did Joon go off to and who is that girl (referring to Eul). she sees the photo the ajumma sent and the text that says choi went to Joon’s concert

choi’s wife is in the car watching Joon’s mom and asks the driver if she found out what Joon went to the hospital for (as in what illness is he suffering from)

choi is walking with some Chinese businessmen when he sees a woman who looks like Joon’s mom so he sends everyone away and goes to the woman. he calls out Joon’s mom’s name. but it’s another woman – madam song from the room salon he frequented 5 yrs ago. she mentions that he is calling her by that name again (that’s why he went to her so often before cuz she resembled Joon’s mom and would call her by that name when he was drunk). madam song says she waited for him so how could he not come even once after he took office. she gives him her card and invites him to come over to her new place

nari makes eul wear sunglasses to try to disguise her so Eul asks if it’s necessary to go so far and Nari says yes cuz eul is the nation’s gold digger right now. everyone is after her. people are saying she is making the docu with Joon cuz Eul has debts with him. that Eul has video that people cant know about and she is threatening Joon with it. Eul’s voice gets loud and asks who said that. how outrageous. people actually believe that fabrication? Nari says people believe it and even though later the truth comes out that it wasn’t so, people will just believe what they want. Eul mentions how the papers hid her face with pixels but nari tells her that’s only in papers and on the internet Eul’s whole face and her address have been revealed. Eul asks what do I do – do I have to move to another country?  Gook calls again and asks do you really not know where Joon is – you are with him aren’t you  -you are with him and lying about it. Eul yells that she isnt lying – isnt it enough that I’m the nation’s gold digger – are you trying to turn me into the nation’s liar too? Nari tries to quiet her but Eul yells into the phone and attracts attention  “I don’t know where Joon is so if you are that frustrated then report it to the police. cuz that guy is the one who kidnapped me. report that kidnapper….” Nari makes her stop yelling

haru goes to meet Jik at his work and he acts startled so she gets sarcastic that he sent her an invitation and address to come by so since she came for real is he scared. he jokes that’s not it – it was cuz she was so ugly. Haru asks what his relationship is with that girl for him to make such a big deal and threaten haru that he would kill her if she touched a hair on that girl. Jik says his relationship with her is just that – close enough that he would make a fuss and threaten to kill anyone who messed with her so be careful that I don’t make a fuss. Haru stops him from walking away and asks where  is that girl right now. Jik: why? so you can tell people where she is and kill Noh PD for real? Haru: it’s not that. just tell me where she is. Jik says I dont know. she holds onto him and says how joon cant be found after disappearing with that girl – hung out all day on SNS and no one has seen him -people say that girl goes crazy for money so what is she sold Joon off or did something weird… Jik suddenly throws her into the trash bin and says if you have more trashy thoughts then throw it away here and come out. she tries to get out but he pushes her down and says just think of this place as your home and be comfortable. she threatens him again and bites him

eul is in disguise at night with a hat and sunglasses. people stare. she gets a call from gook again and mutters are you trying to start something with me

she remembers that night when she was tossing and turning and went outside to throw up again. she looks over and watches Joon washing her clothes. he asks why she woke up – to throw up again?

Gook asks if she really doesnt know where Joon is. she says I dont know-when I woke up he was gone and his car was there by the  water. i’ll text you the address

there are reporters outside her place so she hides. Ji tae is behind her and motions for her to follow him

they go to that restaurant again. ajumma says Eul became a total star. she asks what eul did with Joon to be able to sit with another guy just the two of them. Eul says it’s not like that so J tells the woman her food is burning but the woman says it’s ok. she asks for Eul autograph later as she leaves. Ji Tae changes her hat and gives her his cap and makes Eul take her sunglasses off cuz they are inside. she says arent you envious. if you didnt run away you could have become a star like me. you were cowardly and selfish. why did you show up?  if you were going to let go of my hand and leave you should be too ashamed to show up again. he agrees and says I should have – I was going to do that but I’m sitting in front of you like this. he changes the subject and tells her to eat the noodles and says maybe she should eat soup cuz she wouldn’t be feeling well after drinking so she suddenly wonders how he knew she drank. Ji Ta: you called me – really drunk. she asks when did I? I looked at my call list and we didn’t talk. he reminds her that she used Joon’s phone to call him and Joon was next to her while she spoke to Ji tae. she cant remember calling Ji tae so she asks what did I say. what did I say to you?he lies and says I don’t know – I don’t remember either. he gets a call and steps away to answer it

Ji tae takes a call from JE. she asks what he is doing and he lies he is in a meeting at the office. JE says sorry for calling during work. J: it’s ok -nothing much is going on with you right? JE asks if he went to Joon’s concert yesterday and he denies going. JE: oh so you didn’t go. J: why? JE: someone said they saw you at the concert hall. J: I’m not someone who has nothing better to do than to tag along to a celebrity concert. She is staring at a photo of him there but says that someone must have seen wrong. I knew you wouldnt go there. he asks her to eat dinner tm if she has time

Eul remembers what she said to ji tae. what’s so great about you? you dont have more money than Joon – you are older than Joon – you don’t even have a car when Joon has 3 –  you dont have a  home or building. what right do you have to reject me? Joon asks for his phone back. she begs into the phone for J to think it over just one more time. I’m a really okay girl.  I will be really good to you so please accept me – let’s date.

She has her face in a plate of water again when she remembers something else.


Joon called out her name softly. she turns over to her side and Joon is laying next to her facing her. she rolls back over to her other side pretending to still be asleep but she is wide awake. Joon: what do I do? crazy girl who turned her back to me – you dont even give me a glance. what should I do when you hold onto the crappy guy who threw you away. I’m still the famous Shin Joon Young.  should I hold onto you and say “dont do that” – should I threaten that I will hit you if you keep doing that -it’s clear you aren’t in your right mind so should I drag you to the hospital right away tomorrow? or think my confession was too late and give up everything and send you to that guy?

Eul left without telling Ji tae so he asks the ajumma if Eul went somwhere. the woman says eul just left -didn’t you see her. she suddenly wonders if Eul is a chaebol’s daughter so that’s why she took Joon’s hand and ran off. I hope I didn’t do anything to upset her

Eul takes a cab back to Joon’s car. it comes out to over 400,000 won (like $350) so she asks for a discount but he says no. she reluctantly hands over her card asking if she could pay it off in 12 monthly installments (which he will say no to)

she walks over to Joon’s car and Gook comes over. she asks if he still didn’t find Joon. Gook says he sent people everywhere to search and no one has seen Joon. she wonders if he went back to seoul. Gook says why would a star leave his car behind and take a bus or cab. she asks if he reported to the police. but Gook explains that if they go to the police and something goes wrong – reporters will get the scent and it will be the end. Gook worries Joon fell in the water. he calls out – where are you Joon? if you fell in and died then say you fell in and died.  Eul worries what if he really did fall in. Gook: what do you mean what do we do – we have to go in after him and rescue him. Gook goes over and wonders if she did something bad to joon. he points out how expensive Joon’s watch alone is and since she likes money… but she cuts him off and says yes I killed Joon –  I wanted his money so I killed him. how much money do you have – should I kill you too? Gook says no I don’t have money – just debts from loans. as she walks off, Gook says joon proposed in front of all those people and you didn’t accept-that guy Joon has so much pride -if Joon did anything cuz of you – I really wont stand still for it. where did he go?

eul is walking by when the grandma asks if eul still hasnt gone to seoul. grandma says she heard Eul’s husband was missing. she tells Eul how some people came to her home last night and asked when Joon and Eul came and left -“what did you guys do – by any chance did he say anything strange.” it’s like they were after a cheating wife.  Eul asks if Joon didn’t mention where he was going. granny says no. he only asked me to feed you when you woke, lend you my clothes cuz yours weren’t dried and gave me a lot of money and left.

함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003118300

eul goes into the room and remembers that night again. she woke up to see him sitting there staring at a picture. eul takes the pic and asks the grandma where this place is. grandma says it’s an island nearby – a boat ride to get there will take 40mins  so eul tries to get a boat but it’s closed. it’s after 5am and she waits outside in the cold. she tries to get a ride on any boat

she gets a ride and calls out Joon’s name when she gets there. she looks everywhere and falls down and asks where he is – where is he hiding so well. she gets up and keeps looking. she calls gook and says did you not find him yet. Gook cries and says no still couldnt find him -I think something happened. going to search till today –  if we cant find him I’m going to report it to the police

함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003397193

she spots Joon sitting alone. she goes over and yells how can you sleep when you got people worried about you. she removes his sunglasses muttering – are you filming a movie. as if anyone would say you aren’t an actor. He just glares at her. Eul: I’m crazy. cuz I worried about someone like this -what crazy things did I do?  took an expensive cab from seoul to here. couldn’t sleep in a cold place from shivering and waiting for the boat. got bit on the hand by a seagull. oh my money -do you know how many times i could have fed my brother Jik meat with that money.


Joon gets up and walks away from her. she asks do you think this is all a dream by any chance – it’s not a dream. I really am Eul. I came all this way to find you. wow -you really thought you were dreaming.  I really am Eul. you will come to your senses if I pinch you. he stops her from pinching him and says “go – get lost from my sight”  He walks away from her.



Eul says to Joon – i really want to apologize so hit me all you want till your anger subsides.

Ji tae says to JE- you said you saw that photo

JE says have nothing to give you

a nurse says that surgery is difficult for Joon cuz his tumor is in a bad location

eul asks what do I do if Joon really likes me and isnt kidding

함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003511909 함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003522023 함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003536012 함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003556352함부로 애틋하게.E06.160721.720p-NEXT.mp4_003525403

It certainly wasn’t too evident from her actions tonight, but I really hope listening to Joon Young confess like this meant something to Eul. I want to believe this was the moment her heart opened to him -just the possibility that he could be sincere. Then throughout the next day when she kept remembering more bits and pieces of that night and how well Joon took care of her, I think she was starting to forget how much she despised him. What convinced me even more was the fact that she spent a lot of money to track him down. This is the girl who saves every penny. Joon Young meant more to her than she realized for her to spend such a fortune on him. That kind of realization – the one that knocks you for a loop cuz you had no idea you held such strong feelings for someone you supposedly despised is going to be her wake up call.


14 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E6

  1. chokichoki says:

    You and me both. As much as I’m eager to watch W, I’m limiting myself to watching UF only. Don’t think I can watch both dramas simultaneously without cracking my head…and sacrificing my sleep.


    • chokichoki says:

      I just finished watching ep 6 AND reading your recap. I think I can finally understand the appeal of makjang dramas. You get to taste the main course with all kinds of side dishes – spicy, sweet, salty, sour and soupy- you name it. It’s too much and yet too good to resist. I’m sad Woo Bin didn’t get much of an airtime this episode but whenever JY is on, my heart just keeps breaking for him.
      And I still don’t get whether NE had ever loved him or not. Or is she at the she’s-unaware-of-her-own-feelings stage here? I just can’t wait for them to really be passionately in love as JY would’ve wanted.


      • Softy says:

        Eul had a crush on him back in high school and now after watching him at his concert, some of those feelings came back so that’s why she remembered her brother’s warning not to fall for Joon and reminded herself Joon lives in a different world than her.


        • chokichoki says:

          Aahh.. yes. Thanks for reminding me that. But I guess I need to see more of their past to better understand NE’s actual feelings. At this point it feels one-sided to me


  2. allenif says:

    Thank you so much Softy. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to your page. I used to camp here and wait for your recap. So I’m so glad and thrilled that you pick this drama. Thanks again 🙂


  3. Marie67 says:

    OMG please let there be some miracle for Joon! I so hope they can save him somehow, can’t the Doctors team come and operate on him?


  4. iviih says:

    Thank you softy!!

    So joon has a chance? Of doind surgery? it is in a difficult place, but he could still survive? please T__T

    Also, I fell for Joon this episode. He was sincere taking care of Eul, aside the kick he gave her at the beach o0


    • Softy says:

      I totally love that he kicked her – she was annoying the hell out of him by whining for Ji Tae right in front of him. That scene was sooooo hard for me to translate cuz her voice was annoying me so much. I hate when girls get drunk and forget they have pride and beg like that.
      I think that’s why I liked how Joon lightly tapped her on the mouth too when she was sleeping and still calling out “ajussi” – it’s the kind of thing this character would do. 🙂


      • chokichoki says:

        I thought I was the only who was okay with the kick. I can feel that he was at his wits’ end. And he looked like he didn’t mean any harm.

        I am friends with people whose automatic reaction is to hit others but not in a harmful way, of course (weird, I know). I’m not sure if the same applies to both his actions but I kind of get why he did so.


  5. MJShinshi says:

    Yay Softy is back recapping! I should have known you’d be interested in this show. I suppose I must have checked Cadence right before you posted you’ll recap UF so I missed it! I came thinking you’d be recapping W and voila found UF recaps. Thank you dear and love your insights on the show as usual and I look forward to your insights on Seoul too!

    I always feel as if Eul still and has always likes Joon but because of her friend back in high school and then how he went about getting her to date him back in the day to fend off girls….I don’t blame Eul for being cautious with this confession. of course we have not gotten anymore backstory on them from 5 yrs ago to learn what happened that they end up this way. I loved that Joon kicked her at the beach, that drunken screaming whining begging scene was annoying!!

    I’m wondering why can’t Pororo please get his own Wing of the house instead of outside on short leash….and I want to know why Joon doesn’t sleep on his humongous bed but always on floor..

    Thanks again softy! see you Wednesday and Thursday 😊


  6. nonski says:

    thanks for the recap of ep6 Softy. haven’t watched it yet and just have to read the recaps. i did not really intend to watch UF but when i saw the trailer and i fell in love with Woob’s acting. i’ve yet to watch W too. been really busy these past weeks preppinng for my mom’s 75th birthday.

    i am really glad that you are recapping again and i always love love reading your thoughts.


    • MJShinshi says:

      hi nonski! yay@seeing old kd chingus back on Cadence 😃 following softy!
      happy bday to your Mom, how exciting hope y’all have a blast!


      • nonski says:

        thanks @MJShinshi! i am just happy we can read again Softy’s recaps and thoughts and seeing you guys around is awesome and even more reading your thoughts too.


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