Uncontrollably Fond: E5


Well he can cross this night off his bucket list cuz it was the epic of confessions – Eul wasn’t the only one speechless cuz his fans were pretty stunned too. I know Joon Young’s motive and intent were sincere, but now that Eul has to grapple with the reality of the backlash from his romantic event, I wonder if he really did her any favors. His heart was in the right place, but his execution was questionable.

함부로 애틋하게 E04 160714 720p HDTV x264-RAiN.mkv_003553519

written before the show:

I recently found a long trailer for this show and it gave away a lot of future scenes. Watching it made me feel like I was walking deliberately into an emotional quicksand. There is going to be sooooooo much drama coming up. The line that  really stood out was when Joon Young and Ji Tae both said that they didn’t have the right to make Eul happy or love her. Guessing Joon Young felt like he didn’t because of the terrible things he did to her, for supporting his father instead of her cause to get justice for her father, and for not being able to stay in her life for very long. Ji Tae for lying to her all this time about his true identity and for what his dad did to Eul and her dad. Based on the trailers alone, I felt bad that both guys only cared about how much they might hurt Eul and didn’t stop to consider what she might want. She already endured a lot of pain and suffering in her young age so maybe she is willing to sacrifice going through some more to finally find love. It would be nice if one of the guys actually heard her and held on instead of trying so hard to push her away.

In between all the melodrama in upcoming scenes, I couldn’t help note that there are still two more car accidents coming up despite the two we already had. That seems excessive for one drama. That’s when I realized the word “makjang” really fits here.

Special thanks to Joonni for translating what was on the background screen during concert ^^


함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_000047668 함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_000071336

Starts from Eul asking what Joon would do if he only had a year left to live but he changes it to 3 months and gives his response.

there is a call to stop the interview but Joon says continue so she asks if he thinks the show is a joke. he says I am not joking I am speaking seriously/sincerely. I will be dying soon so what is there that I can’t do? she asks if he doesn’t want to gamble and lists other stuff but he interrupts her and asks “want to date me Noh PDnim? let’s say I will die after 3 months – passionately for just 3 months -just for 3 months – with all the dying strength – passionately.

the president laughs it off and says this is just a test film today and Joon was joking but Joon says to him “I wasn’t kidding.” he says it more  seriously – I clearly said I wasnt joking. Joon looks at her and asks do you not want to Noh PD? she smiles and says how could I not like it -I’m totally grateful –  top star shin JY wants me to date him -if she says no I don’t want to then she is a total crazy girl. when should we start? starting from today? if we do then we can reveal it to the public right? I’m okay with that. can I put on SNS that I am dating shin JY? Joon laughs and shakes his head.

Ji tae comes in and asks what’s wrong with Eul cuz her face is in a plate of water. the ajumma tells him that Eul must have caused another problem. J asks if she caused another problem and Eul mumbles that she might get fired from Joon’s docu cuz she took what he filmed as docu as entertainment or she took what he filmed as docu as entertainment or cuz she took what he filmed as docu as docu. J doesn’t understand and asks what she is saying. the ajumma comes over and says I think she is crazy. Eul gets offended and says that everyone looks down on  her so that she cant even say a word to Joon that he is talking nonsense. Eul gets yelled at by the ajumma. Eul tells him I must really be crazy. he wipes her face and says it’s good that she isnt doing the docu and not to do this dating docu and do a program she can do well on. he will find her another job. she asks how he could get her a job when he is jobless. he says I will get a job too. Eul: if you get a job should I get hired by you too? at least you wouldn’t let Jik and me starve. couldn’t you hire me as your wife.

what she said jokingly hangs in the air like the biggest temptation for Ji tae

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_000448661

Gook informs Joon that starting from tm another PD will film and replace Eul. I know you only asked her to date today to get rid of her – the president is furious and said how could that crazy girl be a PD -cant trust our Joon with that crazy girl. the production agreed. now do you feel better? Gook follows him and continues to yell at Joon and defends Eul asking what could she have said in that situation? “hey you cockroach dung -are you in your right mind now or not? you die and then I’ll die.” is that what she should have done? Gook continues the rant about how Eul didn’t have the strength to do anything about it when Joon gives him his scary look so Gook finally shuts up.  Joon tells him to call the president that Joon wont film a single scene without Eul as PD. find her immediately and reinstate her.

Eul watches J get drunk and she cancels her proposal. all you have to say is I don’t want you as my wife. why drink soju so much when you cant drink. why aren’t you saying “that’s not it – how could I turn down a lovely girl like Eul. I’m too happy and cant believe it so I don’t know what to do right now.” wow – till the very end you aren’t saying it. she gets offended and leaves saying she doesnt like him much either. she left her phone behind

she goes out and looks in at him drinking. she mutters that he isnt even coming after her. she is embarrassed cuz she got rejected at work and her proposal.

the ajumma tries to cheer J up by saying Eul doesn’t know her place – how could she go after J. he asks do you think I am better than Eul. she says of course – even though he is jobless, Eul has a bad temper, lots of debts, rude, and stuff. the woman offers to set him up with someone who can cook well,  have some savings, and doesn’t lack much in looks. J tells her honestly – I dont have the right so I cant accept Eul. her phone goes off so he leaves and the ajumma says that guy isnt in his right mind either

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_000747132

J goes out and calls her name and takes the call in her stead. Joon is saved as “bastard” with a cartoon of a dog (gae) and bird (sae) so J wonders what is this. J answers her phone saying this is Noh Eul’s phone. Joon asks why are you answering her phone? J: we were together and she left the phone behind. Joon: who is the one answering the phone? J: who are you? Joon: I asked first. J points out how it’s polite to reveal who the caller is before asking who is answering. Joon: cant you read Korean? my name would have come up on the phone. J replies – it only shows a dog and a bird. Joon realizes she saved him as “bastard”.  J: anyway our Eul cant answer now so call back later -if by any chance the person calling now is Shin JY -there is no need for you to call her back. she just told me that she was fired from your docu program. Joon gets mad and asks who are you to tell me what to do or not. are you by any chance the husband? (cuz back at his house when she was passed out Joon saw that she saved J’s name under husband and Eul saved Joon as “dog/bird” cuz she is too nice to write out the word “gaesaeki” which means “bastard”)

Eul realizes her phone is gone

Joon asks are you Eul’s husband? why aren’t you answering? are you her husband?

Eul takes her phone back and asks why he answered her phone. she says hello into the phone and Joon throws a hissy fit and yells at a driver for cutting him off.

J calls her and sees husband pop up on her screen and asks – am I your husband? she says yes – when I get into a confrontation with someone you only listen to the other’s side so you aren’t on my side (nae pyun) you are on other’s side (nam pyun =homonym for husband). I”ll be going. she turns to leave but J says you will meet someone nice soon- someone who can encourage you,  love you,  and make you happy. you will be sure to meet him. she says you are a terrible guy – if you are going to reject me then just reject me cruelly and not act nice. don’t call me again.

eul is walking when she wonders why Joon called. she calls him a psycho jerk. she mutters that she wont ever take his call and meet him again as she types Joon a polite text “sorry for not being able to take your call right away. because of the joke I overreacted to by not knowing my place, I am deeply regretting my actions -please have a generous heart and speak to the president to give me just one more chance..” She changes her mind and deletes the text.  she yells at it – without you can I not earn a living? (she repeats the offer she got from her previous boss about the double pay and stuff)

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_001050444함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_001055094

she sees a white car and walks over to it saying it looks like Joon’s car. when she looks in, the window rolls down and Joon asks why she is surprised. is it your first time looking at a “dog (gae)” bird “sae)? she wonders how he knew where she lived so he says he asked the production team and they told him. she wonders why they gave away her personal info like that but he asks why are you living with Nari – where is your husband? so you got married? do you have kids too? is your husband jobless? did he go broke after running a business is that why he made you work? he rolls up his window but she hangs off it and says what kind of crazy guy would get married to a poor person like me? if it were you -would you? I dont have a husband and of course I don’t have kids -dont have a home -don’t have money-and don’t have pride so I’m staying with a friend – I wont have a job again cuz of some psycho and will continue to not have money, home, or a husband. he smiles and she asks is this fun? is it funny? she steps away from his car muttering – why am I saying these things to you. she calls herself crazy and walks away. Joon looks pleased

she gets a call that she has to resume her job as PD for Joon’s docu cuz Joon insisted that he wouldn’t film a single scene without her. the guy on the phone asks her to come in now for a meeting cuz Joon also asked for the film crew to be reduced so she walks back to Joon’s car but he drives away

at Joon’s home the CCTV camera shows what’s going on everywhere. his poor dog is restricted to the deck on a very short leash. Joon wakes up and follows his morning routine.

Eul feeds Jik saying she will be too busy with work and cant take care of him for the time being so eat a lot now. nari says how Eul didn’t sleep at all to cook all this for him. Nari also mentions how salty the food is so just bear it. Eul is upset that he doesnt look like he is eating well at his friend’s home. nari jokes Eul should quit work and chase after him all day if she is so worried so he agrees and even wants her to come with him to school. he informs her of what Joon’s fandom is like – lots of pyschos and stuff and right now they are investigating Eul. Jik is worried the fans will mess with her. he gets a text from Haru (she asks why he didnt call after saying he would tell her about Noh PD and not answering his phone – you will die if you lied to me.) Jik shows Eul explaining this is the president of Joon’s fan club

Haru texts Jik -you remember me saying my dad is a famous prosecutor right? if you approached me cuz you were interested in me personally ..but his text interrupts hers by asking what are you going to do with the information about Noh PD? do your parents know you are living like this?  Eul wonders if Haru really has nothing better to do and wants him to give her his phone so she can tell Haru off but he doesn’t

It’s a wee bit disturbing to think of how much Haru is obsessed over a half brother (she is clueless now but cant help how she will react when she learns they are related by the same father)

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_001470136함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_001459055

Eul chases her brother asking if Joon is that impressive so Jik says yes Joon is impressive cuz he can make a normal person do crazy stuff like this (like Haru). Jik tells Eul not to fall for Joon. if you keep sticking by his side while filming the docu –  he will steal your heart and make you waver -no mistake about it, but don’t even dream of it. Joon lives in a whole other world than you now – with a single word he throws at you without thinking -with a single action -he can make you misunderstand and fall for him and make you get hurt and scarred. Eul thinks Jik ate something weird. Jik says I wish you would do well with hyung (Ji Tae) -though he doesn’t have anything he is a really good person. he suits you and that way you can be happy. I will only nag up to here for today. film the docu well. after he is out of earshot, she mutters that she was rejected by Ji Tae.

Ji tae remembers Eul asking to hire her as his wife and how he asked if he was her husband and how she replied

choi asks to meet with J. they play a game and talk strategy. choi wants another turn when he loses so J threatens to tell on mom.

Haru shows up and choi asks where she went so early. haru says Joon’s concert hall. she gives choi a shirt and wants him to wear it and go to Joon’s concert at 6. choi asks how he could go so Haru thinks he will be popular if there is a photo taken of them together and his polling rises. J tells her their dad is too busy. shouldn’t you be studying? Haru ignores her brother and asks her dad to go with her and mentions how Joon is also filming his docu.  J suddenly yells at her to stop -other students studying for college think even sleeping a minute longer is a waste so how do you have time to attend a celebrity concert? while I am saying it nicely – quit Joon’s fan club and all of it. Haru yells back that she wont cuz Joon is more important than college. there is no meaning in my life without him. why you interfering in another’s life? choi scolds her for being rude to J but she says J is acting strange suddenly and scary. he must have gone crazy. she leaves and J apologizes for fighting in front of him. choi says I suddenly like Joon cuz I was wondering why doesnt our Ji Tae get angry? there are so many things around him that should anger him but why doesn’t my son lose his temper? is something wrong with him? I worried if you shouldnt go to the hospital but no need. you know how to get angry and lose your temper. thanks to this guy I found out my son is okay -shouldn’t I buy him a meal.

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_001876831

his mom comes out when Joon is waiting on her steps and mutters that she changed her password (so that he couldn’t enter her home). he points out how she said she would call him back. he repeats the words on her text to him -in a meeting so cant take the call – will call back soon. when I called you ignored my calls and sent that text. she retorts -the meeting hasn’t ended yet so what are you going to do about it? Joon continues to block her path and says I am having a concert today. I chose the best seats so come with manager Jung -it’s the last chance for you to see your son so sexy. he puts them in her pocket but she rips it up and walks away so he chases her and says this is the last chance. even if you wanted to see me looking this great you wont be able to.  his mom says that’s what I have always wanted to hear. thanks for telling me such good news. move. she walks away but he pulls her back calling out mom. she yells for him to let go and  that she isnt his mom cuz when did he treat her like a mom. that school that you got into with so much difficulty -you gave it up on your own. didn’t even discuss one word with me about becoming a celebrity and you are doing it on your own unilaterally. Joon points out being a celebrity is a lot better than being a prosecutor. you don’t know how rich I am huh? I have a building, home, 3 expensive cars. but she retorts must be nice to be wealthy. you said you would side with poor people like us with no backing or money when you became a prosecutor. you bragged that you would so arent you ashamed but he says someone like me shouldn’t become a prosecutor. if someone like me became a prosecutor – poor people like you with no money or backing cant live in this country and must emigrate. his mom asks what? but Joon says he will leave her seat and uncle’s empty so come if you change your mind. but she claims she wont go – wait until you die and see if I go. as he walks away Joon mutters that he almost cried cuz of her.

Eul is filming outside his concert

Ji tae watches her from afar

at the concert, the ajumma tells Haru to stop crying but Haru is hurt that J yelled at her and glared at her like he wanted to kill her and thinks he went crazy. cho is disguised and shows up and sits next to haru. he thinks J was right to scold her for not studying and chasing after a celebrity. haru asks how he came here so the ajumma told choi how upset haru was by Ji Tae so choi showed up cuz he was worried about his daughter. choi even wore Joon’s shirt. he wants her to keep it a secret from J and her mom. haru hugs her dad.  choi asks the ajumma – I am raising my kid the wrong way huh? so she replies honestly that Haru isn’t book smart and her grades wont go up by sitting at her desk. Haru agrees and says at least I don’t do bad things cuz I’m too busy chasing after Joon oppa. choi agrees and says I’m proud of you daughter. the ajumma wants a pic of the 3 of them so she takes one despite choi’s request not to

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_002405560

the concert starts and Joon sings while Eul keeps filming.

omg – I just realized I have been to this exact same concert hall before. this place is huge. how did they manage to fill it with so many extras.

his VIP seats are empty cuz his mom didnt show up.

J stands in the back and watches Eul.

Joon looks at Eul as he sings

Eul remembers how Jik said to her “dont fall for Joon hyung- if you keep sticking by his side while filming the docu –  he will steal your heart and make you waver -no mistake about it, but don’t even dream of it. Joon lives in a whole other world than you now

choi stands outside the concert hall and remembers his encounter with Joon and mutters how Joon wont come to meet him at the court house (cuz Joon quit the law)

choi’s wife finds out her husband went to Joon’s concert and gets mad

Joon’s mom catches her worker watching Joon’s concert to say bad things about him but there isn’t anything to insult cuz even from a guy’s perspective Joon is cool so she hits the guy and yells at him to go in and work

The mom is upset cuz the uncle hasnt been at work all day but he hands over an envelope full of money. the uncle paid off his son’s debt to Joon. the uncle had tried to pay it back 3 yrs ago too but didn’t get to cuz of his son. she wonders where he got all this money. he explains it was from money he lent a friend a long time ago so the uncle laid in front of the guy’s house and made that friend get his home deposit back to pay off the uncle and now she can deduct the interest from his wage at the restaurant. the uncle is relieved to have paid off the debt after having it weighing on him for 5 yrs. he says now I have no debt to you. he also wants to clearly point this out to her -that Joon didn’t quit the law to take care of his son’s trouble.  firstly, I don’t know what the reason was but Joon quit the law first. secondly my son caused trouble. thirdly- Joon got his contract money for being a celebrity and took care of Gook’s trouble.

Joon goes in and freshens up during intermission. after the guest singer he only has one more song. Eul comes over and films him. she says it’s been a long time since you had a concert right? Joon: yes. she asks can you tell us how you feel but Joon asks -who is that guy? the one who answered your phone yesterday in your stead. the guy who is saved as “husband” on your phone. is he your boyfriend? she tries to steer the conversation back to his concert and his fans but he asks -he is your boyfriend huh? she asks what he ate today and what he normally eats on concert days but he asks how long have you dated your boyfriend. she asks what Joon does usually after his concert finishes and what will he do today but he cuts her off again and says “his voice didnt sound great – what about his visual (looks) -hearing his voice he sounds really unattractive -your boyfriend (nam ja ching goo) so she yells that the guy wasn’t my boyfriend. Joon: good job

s3함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_002958045함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003512569

Joon goes back on stage and sing and looks over at Eul. then he is engulfed in darkness as the screen behind him displays his message. he holds a big white teddy bear -the same bear he gave her. as he sings with writing on the big screen “A person I love is here – gathering a lot of courage today – I plan to confess my heart.”  Haru excitedly thinks he is confessing to her. Joon walks over to Eul and her camera work goes crazy when he drags her up on stage. he smiles and hands her the bear singing the words I like you I love you. she remembers him giving her the bear back in high school saying congrats on 100 days -I love you. they look into each other’s eyes as he sings they will aways be together and forever

lyrics are:

by any chance do you know what I’m going to say?

I wont say it too fast.

do you remember?

those feelings that first time –  those emotions

didn’t know probably back then.

I don’t remember exactly when it started

if it’s not too late even now

I have something I want to make sure to say to you

I like you

I love you

haru is shown a pic of Joon and Eul in high school when he gave her the bear.

Joon’s agency president looks at the article and asks what this is. Gook explains that as soon as the article went out that Joon proposed to Eul -this came up on the internet right away. the president asks where Joon is now so Gook points over to Joon resting. he proposed in front of all his fans and got rejected so he is sulking. the president goes over to Joon and asks what is this. Gook explains the photo was taken a long time ago back when Joon and Eul were in high school and just now surfaced. Joon reads what’s been posted on the internet. the president asks if Joon dated Eul back then.  Man Ok reads aloud the terrible things online people are saying about Eul -that she stole her friend’s boyfriend. that her friend even tried to commit suicide over it. that Joon is crazy cuz Eul looks like the gold digger type. is that something to do in front of his fans cuz he is crazy over a girl?  Joon gets mad at the mean comments and wants all the comments to be screencaptured and reported to the police. Man Ok points out that that Eul is in more danger if this much has come out about her on the internet

Eul is washing her face when Haru and other girls come over. haru calls her a gold digger and splashes water on her. Eul asks if they are very mad about the proposal event – but it was all a lie. you didn’t believe it was true did you?

outside the bathroom, interviewer stops Eul and says congratulations for getting such a wonderful proposal from Joon. Eul wants them to stop filming and says that wasn’t it but the woman asks if Joon and her dated in ever since high school. Eul asks who said that?  dont talk nonsense and put the camera away. the woman says don’t you know there is a lot of hoopla over the two of you right now on the internet. she shows it to Eul but J comes over and stops them from filming by saying they didnt confirm anything and nothing was verified. He takes Eul away

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003362003함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003446232함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003491870

she sees Joon waiting outside for her with the lower half of his face covered. she is still holding hands with J. interviewer comes over and films and watches as Joon reveals his face and goes over to Eul and J. Joon asks are you her husband? if so it doesn’t matter.  he tries to take Eul’s hand to take her away but J points out how they are being filmed -the cameras will capture it all – is that ok? Joon doesnt care that he is being filmed cuz it’s part of his life as a celebrity but asks if Ji tae cares cuz any minute now the attention will be redirected to Ji Tae. more photos are taken of the 3 of them. J hides his face more and lets go of her hand. Joon steps in and takes her hand and walks away with her.



Eul cries into the phone – please let’s date

nari worries that Joon’s fans will kill Eul

J says “because of what you did father I cant go to Eul”

Eul enters the water muttering – let’s just drown and die cuz I don’t want to live that much. Joon mutters that crazy girl

some ajumma tells Eul – your husband is at “?” Gook worries Joon drowned in the ocean

Nari tells Eul how much of a nation’s gold digger she has become

they face each other lying down – Joon says – Eul – should I give everything up and send you to that guy?

함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_002800070함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_002955877함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003500709함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003539570함부로 애틋하게.E05.160720.720p-NEXT.mp4_003542416

I absolutely adore sleep overs in dramas. It’s the one chance where one or both get to realize, discover, or reveal their true feelings.  Joon is running out of time so I really hope he opens up to Eul and not make her want to run away from him. I want her to really hear him instead of dismissing his words as a joke cuz he has been speaking the truth from the start. The documentary scenario of him only having 3 months to live is his reality and it would be nice for her to finally join him in it so he doesn’t have to go through all this alone. It sort of feels like the sincerity of his words and actions are chipping away at the barriers the past has put up. Hope he gets a big chunk knocked down in the 6th episode. May this wall of Jericho go down in flames soon.



6 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E5

  1. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy! Thanks in advance for the recap!


    • chokichoki says:

      Can you share the link to the long trailer please, Softy? Were you referring to the scene when JY was carrying the injured NE? At first I thought it was part of the flashback that they haven’t shown but I think their clothes and hairstyles were different.

      About today’s episode, I have mixed feelings about what’s going on. On one hand, I’m happy that JY wastes no time declaring his ‘relationship’ to the public but on the other hand, I’m wondering why he’s doing all this. I’m sure he’s aware that NE will have a hard time because of their relationship. He’s surely not the type to break NE’s heart simply because he wants to fulfill his dying wish. And if he does intend to make up for what he did to NE say, by marrying her and giving her his wealth, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

      I know it’s too early to tell but I just can’t help but wonder!

      Anyway, thanks again Softy for the recap!


      • Softy says:

        here you go chokichoki 🙂


        • chokichoki says:

          Thanks for the link Softy. There’s certainly A LOT that’s gonna happen! How I wish there’s an English sub for this trailer. I felt soo miserable not understanding a word they’re saying.

          Since this is a 20-episode drama I just can’t think of what to expect anymore. And I just finished watching ep 5 with the English sub. The preview for ep. 6 looks intriguing. All these while I thought that NE has no romantic feelings towards JT but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Way to make the loveline even more complicated


  2. afufu bing says:

    thanks softy for your hard work!
    i feel sad for joon every time he went to see his mom. how can a mom disown her own son for choosing a career not to her liking. not like he’s involved in crime.
    especially sad when joon said it’s her last time to see her son looking great *bawls*


  3. nonski says:

    thanks for the awesome recaps softy!


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