Uncontrollably Fond: E3

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How many of us want a few minutes of respite from our troubles and worries? To finally forget anything bad that is happening in our lives and just enjoy those precious moments of temporary relief. I think that is what surprised Eul so much and brought her to tears. After years of stress in trying to bring her father’s killer to justice and running from debt collectors, she discovered she still had the ability to laugh. To finally feel normal for a second must have been heaven sent. I love that scene cuz she rediscovered laughter with the person she least expected to find it with while he realized his new goal in life was to cause her laughter again.

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Speeches made out of sheer desperation are the truest ones in my book. It’s full of genuine emotions that overflow from the depths of the heart. Those whispered words that sound like a prayer have the ability to alleviate the weight of guilt and carry with it the slightest hint of hope.

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I really really wanted this to be my main pic tonight, but I had nothing to say about it except for how perfect Kim Woo Bin looks.

Joon = Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin)

Eul = Noh Eul (Suzy)

J = Choi Ji Tae (Im Joo Hwan)

Haru = Ji Tae’s sister

Jik =Eul’s little brother

JE = Yoon Jun Eun = the hit and run driver and Assemblyman Yoon’s daughter

Gook Young =Joon Young’s manager

Man Ok = Joon Young’s stylist

The guy Joon calls “uncle” isn’t a blood relative – he calls him uncle cuz the guy is close friends with Joon’s mom. The guy also has a long standing crush on Joon’s mom too.

(argghhhhh – so many names to memorize)


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Starts from Eul walking away and then fainting. Joon starts running towards her and holds her in his arm calling out her name. she is still gripping the money he gave her as he holds her close to him.

She wakes up in a hospital bed with an IV drip. Gook is standing there looking miffed. she asks who he is and he says don’t you know me? I’m Shin Joon Young’s manager. she asks why she is here. he says that’s what I wanted to ask. I was on a good blind date, but Joon called and told me to come to this hospital right away. if I didn’t come that I would be fired so I came, but you were just laying there.  Eul asks where Joon is now

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at a party Joon’s agency president gives flowers from Joon to a girl. she wants the person relaying the birthday wishes to come in person to say it and buy the flowers himself so the president says how Joon doesnt come to things like this. the girl and everyone is shocked when Joon shows up. Joon says sorry for being late and happy bday.  she says if you are sorry then sing a bday song for me. so Joon plays the piano and sings.

he replays times when Eul insulted him.

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Joon suddenly stops playing and gets up and walks out. the bday girl chases after him asking what’s going on but he says sorry. she begs to go with him and say she wants to be alone with him today but he asks if he did anything that he needs to take responsibility for (regarding her) or did anything that confused her. “don’t over do it – we are just talents in the same agency – nothing more or less.” she asks why he came to her party then so he smiles and says cuz I thought my head would burst cuz of some girl. I thought if I came here I wouldn’t think of her, but I thought wrong.

Gook wants Eul to get treated and hospitalized but she says she is well now. he is afraid that after she leaves, she will sue Joon later. he pays her off saying don’t put on the internet what Joon did or bother him. he thinks she likes payoff based on her actions before when she took a bribe. she starts counting the money despite his warning not to in front of people. she says this isn’t a bribe, it’s a payoff. he gave her 950 so she guesses Gook kept 50 so he denies it.

In Gook’s car he is complaining cuz she took the money and got a ride from him too. Eul drinks his flat soda without asking so he points out how most women would have asked first instead of just drinking away. she says how he was going to throw it away cuz it was flat. he argues he wouldnt have thrown it out and drink it all. either buy me a new one or spit that out. so she spits out what was in her mouth into the bottle.  he says I lost – you win.

when they pull up at her home debt collectors are taking her stuff like computers. she runs over and asks why they are taking other people’s stuff. the guy pushes her away and says then repay the money. she says she is. she is paying him back in small installments so he thinks it will take forever. “waiting on you we will pass away.” she gives him the money she got from Joon and asks for the computer back for her brother. the debt collectors took her deposit money already so she yells and screams at them cuz Eul and her brother will have no place to live then. they are heartless and tell her she shouldnt have borrowed money then.

when his mom goes home, Joon is sitting on the steps waiting for her. he asks how a mom could just walk by her son sitting on the ground. she says her son died 5 yrs ago but he begs her to hang out with him. she calls him ajussi and asks if he is ill. he says yes I am ill so hang out with me. she calls gook and tells him to come to her house right now and take away some crazy guy

she goes inside her home alone and goes to Joon’s old bedroom and looks around. she mutters that crazy kid

Gook is scolding Joon for going to his mom’s cuz Gook knew Joon wouldn’t be welcomed there. Joon replies – if I saw mom I thought I wouldn’t think of other things. Gook asks what other thoughts? Joon mutters about someone who makes his head all confused. when Joon drinks from the coke bottle, Gook tells him how Eul spit into it. Gook tells him about how terrible her life is but Joon turns on the music and tells him to drive while Joon sleeps. Gooks keeps talking about how he didnt like her at first thinking she was rude, but he totally understands now that he saw how she lives. why she had no choice but to live the way she does. then he brings up how debt collectors showed up and took her deposit money. Joon turns up the music to drown him out but Gook asks him to film the documentary and just think of it as saving a person. Joon turns up the music again so Gook yells that he saw her going towards the bridge a while ago. what to do if she already jumped in and died? search the internet. Joon shuts off the music and says I told you I wanted to sleep. I told you to be quiet! Joon makes him pull over and leaves Gook on the street. Gook yells that his wallet is in the car after Joon drives off

Joon calls someone to go drinking with him and says he will be there in ten mins. then he remembers what Gook told him about Eul and how she was headed toward the han river bridge and that she may have already jumped to her death so he suddenly stops the car and turns around. he is looking for a girl on the bridge.

He sees a girl on the bridge and gets out yelling Eul’s name and calling her crazy but it was one of his fans.

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Joon keeps driving and this time he finds Eul on the bridge but keeps going.

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she makes a call to her brother Jik and asks if he ate. he replies he is eating now. she asks what the menu is. he says meat. she yells at him for lying and thinks he is breaking off bread and eating it again. she yells at him for not eating properly while other kids take vitamins and stuff to keep up their strength. he calls her a nagging ajumma and insists he is eating meat so she wants him to show her and switches her call to face time. J’s face comes up and he asks if she is eating properly. he shows her that her brother is eating meat. she tells Jik that he should have asked J to buy him beef if he was going to buy meat (cuz they are eating pork). so Jik tells her to not to be so shameless (meaning have manners and not ask for too much). he says that J doesn’t have money either so J insists I have enough to buy you guys food. J tells her that he will take responsibility for Jik’s food so she should eat properly and not starve. she thanks him and says “even if Jik says it’s ok -don’t just buy him one person amount. our Jik eats a lot of meat so since you are buying, feed him enough…” Jik cuts in and interrupts her asking are we beggars. he wants her to live with pride even though they live without having anything. aren’t you even ashamed? he grabs the phone and hangs up on her. J asks why he is being like that to her. Jik explains to J that it might be hard to believe but Eul never used to do this in the past. a long time ago she had a lot of pride and was cool and impressive.   J insists she is still very cool and impressive and pretty. Jik asks: like a girl? J: yes – like a girl.  Jik: is my sister really pretty? J says yes and orders meat for one person amount but Jik changes the order for two people and calls him brother in law.

Eul stands on the bridge again and leans over, almost hanging off

flashback to 2011

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Eul is caught by Joon so he asks how much of a bad thing did you do to look so startled? he reads the insults she wrote on prosecutor Choi’s poster -stuff like “no better than a devil in hell, scum” that she will strip him of his prosecutor robe, “die you bastard”. She tries to sneak away and trips and falls so Joon holds out his hand and squats down to her level to ask if she ate cuz he hasnt yet

they go eat together at a pojangmacha, but only he eats his noodles. he says it’s been 4 yrs since they met. when did you come to Seoul? she notices his law books so he fills her in about his law school and that he passed the bar after getting discharged from the army.  he says it’s cuz you didn’t seduce me. it’s cuz you weren’t around there was nothing to do but study. if I become a prosecutor it’s all your fault” she gets up so he asks where she is going. she says the bathroom and runs off

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he throws a shoe at the back of her head and says is the bathroom that way? where do you think you are running off to criminal? (for vandalism) He demands her ID so she asks why. he says to turn her in if she runs off again. he goes through her bag and holds up her wallet so she cant reach it. he says her ID picture came out well. she call the cops but he cites exactly what she did illegally and the punishment for making baseless calls to the police (stuff like $4,000 fine and how much jail time she will get) and tells her to inform all that to the cop who answered. and that there is an eyewitness to her crime. should I tell him? he takes the phone and starts speaking so she takes the phone and hangs up. she asks what she should do then so he says “I’ll overlook your crime so date me.”

she marches off to the nearest police station

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she stands outside the door and cant bring herself to open the door. Joon leans against it and asks why she isnt going in. you said you were going to turn yourself in. you said instead of being my girlfriend, you rather take your punishment. a cop comes out and asks what’s going on. she sends the cop on his way. she asks Joon instead of dating for real -you said all we have to do is pretend to date- just for one week so you can get rid of the girls following you around. He acts miffed and says he is totally peeved now so just face her punishment and tries to open the door but she doesn’t let him.

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in a restaurant Na-il is crying in front of a guy cuz she says his love changed and he says he didn’t love her so how could love change. she points out they ate together and watched a movie. the guy says that was cuz she said she would lend him money if he ate with her and watched the movie so that’s why he did it. he says they dont look like they belong together to be honest. she thinks they do. he asks if she never dated before so she  brings up Joon’s name and how they dated so the guy doesnt believe it and thinks she is lying so Joon comes in and puts his arm around her and tells the guy it wasn’t a lie and they dated before -passionately.  joon faces her and says what a waste. if I knew you would become this glamorous (cuz of her curves) no matter what happened I wouldn’t have let you go.

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Joon is holding Na-il’s (Eul’s friend) legs while she does sit ups. she thinks there is no difference between her and the girl in the photo except for the saxophone so Joon reluctantly agrees. she thinks that guy from before is now interested in her cuz Joon said he dated her before. Joon changes subject and asks when Eul came to seoul. she asks if he met Eul. he mentions Eul’s part time job. Na Il points out how Eul cant be picky about jobs and takes anything that pays. he asks if Eul  goes to college so Na Il says how can she attend college when she is having a hard time making a living and getting her brother educated. Na Il asks why (he is asking) cuz she thinks Joon will try to pester and torment Eul again like in high school and not to do that cuz everyone in the world is after a piece of her so leave Eul alone and not mess with her.

assemblyman Yoon is promoting Choi  and asking for votes when Joon rides by on his bike and sees all that.

Joon doesn’t look where he is going and runs into J’s sister Haru on his bike. J helps Joon up and asks if he is ok. he got a cut on his hand so J offers to go buy medicine and tells Joon to wait. Haru starts to yell at Joon to watch where he is going but stops when she sees how good looking he is. Joon says sorry to her and calls her a kid and leaves. J tells her she was at fault too and she should have been careful. she says how good looking he was and wants to marry Joon

JE comes over to say hi and J said I heard you were in NY. she says she came back to help out with the campaign. she asks J when he is going to propose cuz their parents are talking about engagement. Haru is shocked that her brother might marry JE

Choi informs assemblyman Yoon that the victim’s daughter remembers JE’s license plate number. Yoon asks if Choi wants to end JE’s life with this hit and run accident. choi points out there were 3 witnesses. Yoon says that’s why I came here tonight in such a rush like a crazed man. if I go down, it wont be good for you too. without me your office would have disappeared.  choi: I know that’s why my wife and I are grateful. but Yoon says I don’t need your gratefulness. a person is better than an animal because they know how to repay a kindness. isn’t that so?

J overheard the whole conversation outside the door. he was holding a Harvard acceptance letter.

Eul is standing in the rain holding up a posterboard about choi as J watches her from inside

Eul is campaigning for some guy that’s number 2 on the ballot. Joon’s mom walks by and says she is voting for choi.  Eul stands across JE as they respectively promote different people. JE is campaigning for choi.   JE asks Eul if she is staring at her and Eul says yes and tells her she has an eyelash (on her cheek) and says don’t work too hard cuz choi is a bad guy

*I just realized these two were in Gu Family Book together

Eul gets a call from Joon so she reluctantly runs off to meet him

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Joon is meeting with some girl and she asks what is the problem and what he doesn’t like about her and she will fix it so just say it. He lists her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, voice, height, personality, blood type.  she says she will fix it all so if she comes back after fixing it all then they can date. he says I have a girlfriend and her personality is no joke. she doesnt believe that Joon has a girlfriend but Eul shows up and says I am Joon’s girlfriend. she lays on the aeygyo really thick to him and asks if he finished class and then she sits and pinches his cheeks saying our handsome sweetie – havent seen you in only 12 hrs but I missed you so much I thought I would go crazy. he has to pry her hands away from pinching his cheeks. they keep up the ruse and act lovey dovey –  he hugs her hard and says how much he missed her. he points out how Eul’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are perfect – even if I wanted to fix you there is nothing to fix. she tells the girl- you be careful. Shin Joon Young is mine. if you flirt with him even one more time, your toast.

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Eul sits on the steps alone and calls herself a crazy girl so Joon comes over and asks “who” so she says “me -I’m the crazy girl cuz I got involved in a psycho like you -what am I doing? He mutters then why commit a crime and have to pay the price. He uses her lap as a pillow. she insists she did plenty for today ( the way she pretended to date him earlier). I’m going home. but he says he didn’t sleep cuz he was studying for the test so just ten mins let me use you as a pillow. she says forget it but he counters there are 9 more left but he will count this as 2 so she counters and asks for him to deduct 3.  he agrees and gets comfortable. she pushes it by saying “I did well today so just one more. deduct 4.” but Joon retorts “wanna die?”

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she leans back and pouts. Then she tells him ten mins passed and tries to wake him. she takes out his pencil case and draws whiskers on his face. he suddenly wakes and asks if ten mins passed. she looks over and cant stop laughing. he asks why she is laughing. suddenly her laughter turns into tears. for those few seconds of laughter, she was a carefree kid again, but her reality caught up with her.

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as she looks over at him with tears in her eyes, Joon narrates ” I suddenly wanted to call Na-il. I cant keep my promise to you – I will keep joking around with Eul – I will tease her and pester her.  by doing those things, I have to keep seeing her and live. I’m sorry Na -il”

Joon stands outside the restaurant and watches Choi through the window. Choi brought his group out for a meal at the restaurant. his wife is there too. Joon’s uncle looks worried.

Joon finds his mom in the kitchen crying alone. (she is obviously hiding from Choi) Joon asks what she is doing there (sitting like that). she lies her stomach hurts.  he yells at her to go to the hospital if she has a stomach ache -why sit there like that. she tells him to be quiet and and sitting like this will help so go and study. he squats down so she can get on his back and says let’s go to the hospital. she insists she will be ok if she sits like this so he yells are you a doctor -let’s go to the hospital.

the restaurant ajumma tells Joon’s uncle to go make food but he drags her outside and asks if she is in her right mind. she should have tried to make choi go somewhere else. she insists she did it on purpose. she wanted choi and Joon to meet cuz  Joon grew up well so it’s time for him to meet his dad. the uncle asks why should she be the one to decide if it’s time for them to meet or not. why are you interfering? didn’t you think about how startled she will be? (joon’s mom). she better not get ill over this. the woman is insulted that he cares more about her than his own older twin sister. his sister thinks he should act like a man and finally tell Joon’s mom to get over choi and just live with him. he refers to Joon’s mom as precious and dismisses the idea of her being matched up with him.

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as Joon is carrying his mom on his back out the door, choi recognizes Joon and offers his car when he hears that Joon’s mom is ill, but Joon declined. his mom hid her face from choi. after they leave choi’s wife asks who that was so choi explains how joon told him he would come find him after he passed the bar.

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as he carries his mom on his back he tells her to lift her face. choi wont see so it’s ok to lift your head. long time ago I went to meet him. I told him that after I pass the bar, I would take my acceptance and go find him again. before you die, I’ll make sure you can go find him once and brag -even without you -I raised your son well to be exactly like you. I’ll make sure you can brag all you want.  his mom cries as joon cries and tells her “if this happens again in your next lifetime – don’t ever run away again (the way she ran off when she had Joon) -where is the difference between education and social status in love?

Eul has 3 video footages of choi coming out of a room salon(expensive bars) drunk. Eul got it from a part time driver (for people who are too drunk to drive) who saw it by accident and caught it in camera cuz there was talk that Choi hit on the room salon madam. Na il asks what she plans to do with this cuz he isn’t someone Eul can go up against. you will get hurt if you do. Eul says I am my dad’s daughter so I have to do something – anything. if I run away cuz I’m scared then who will resolve my dad’s injustice. she gets a call from Joon.

Joon leaves her a voice message – that he will deduct 2 if she comes out right away cuz his mood is low. come and play with me. he still has her ID and checks her address on the back.

Eul comes out at night and takes out choi’s poster. his number is on it.

Joon walks over to the address on her ID.

She makes a call to Choi and identifies herself. I dont know if you will remember but I’m the daughter of the hit and run victim from 5 yrs ago who passed away Noh Jang. choi is sitting in the back of the car with his wife so he pretends not to remember her at all. Eul: you said you dont remember me? choi: sorry but I will hang up now. she says I don’t know if you will remember well cuz you’re not smart” and proceeds to lists off the dates choi went to the room salon to meet madam Song. Eul mentions how even after someone he knew passed away a week before he went to the room salon. Eul tells him off and says to stop deceiving the public and to cease his election. she calls him the devil and says if he steps into position-  there is no hope in this country. beg for forgiveness even in this late stage and if you admit to your wrongdoings,  I’ll stop here. my father’s accident that you fabricated, if you reveal those witnesses even now, I’ll burn all the evidence I have of you.  choi tells her to do whatever she wants and though he doesnt know who put her up to this – that these kind of threats wont work on him and hangs up. his wife asks who the call was from so he makes up a lie and says it wasnt anything at all.

함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_003175515함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_003211591

Joon overheard the call she made to Choi. he looks over and sees her putting a USB in her bag. Eul calls KBC station.

Joon walks down the hill following her and looks over at a delivery motor bike left unattended

Eul stands on a street corner hailing a cab on her way to the news station when her bag is snatched by a guy on a motorbike. she chases after the motorist and gets hit by a car. the guy stops his bike and takes off his helmet. the guy on the bike was Joon and he looks back in shock at what he caused.

at the hospital Eul’s brother is hysterical saying “noona cant die”

함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_003377470

Joon sits on the floor outside her surgery room. he narrates about when he was little his mom took him to church and begged God over a 100 times for her wishes, she told him to say his wishes too cuz God would listen to him, but I refused to plead for the wishes saying “where is God in this world?”

“I was wrong. I will believe in your existence so please save Eul. if you just save Eul I will give up all the health and happiness in my life. if you just save Eul, I will give up the rest of my life. kill me and save Eul please.”

J walks over and looks at Joon sitting there

present time

Joon pulls Eul away from the bridge and yells “is living that much of a joke. is it that easy to die? let’s film the documentary. all we have to do is film it you crazy girl.”




Gook tells Joon that Eul is overdoing it trying to look good in front of Joon

joon turns down the documentary

J asks JE to marry and skip the engagement

Joon asks Eul – “is fainting your concept” what do you want?

Eul asks for a lot of money (one yuk -I think like $100,000)

Joon looks like he is in pain

His voice asks the doctor how much time do I have to live? 6 months? 3 months?

함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_003525668

The things you do for love. Out of his love and guilt for endangering her life, Joon begged God to save Eul’s life during her operation. He was even willing to trade his life for hers. All of this happened because he wanted to protect another love he had for a father who doesn’t even know of his existence yet. Joon snatched Eul’s bag because it had damaging video content of his dad, but he had no way of knowing that she would get hit by a car. Though I highly doubt that Joon Young’s current medical situation was a direct result of his offer to God to save her life and take his instead, I’m still holding out hope that his impending death will be the impetus he needs to make the right changes in his life before he runs out of time. I want him to reunite with his mom and show Eul that there is a good side to life after all the heartache she had to endure. Like in that scene on the steps where he made Eul laugh as if she was a carefree kid instead of someone burdened with debt and responsibility all the time. I also want him to eventually face his dad and make Choi see that agreeing to cover up Eul’s dad’s hit and run accident was one of the worst decisions in his life next to abandoning Joon Young’s mom. Choi needs to realize how wrong he was in covering up that accident and his role in that injustice was going to get worse as time goes by as long as Eul continued her fight for justice. Just as JE needs to face prison time for her felony, her dad and Choi need to face punishment for their cover up. It seems like there are a lot of characters who have to pay for their rash decisions and actions from here on.


함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_000236864 함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_000282456 함부로 애틋하게.E03.160713.720p-NEXT.mp4_001367851


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    • Softy says:

      You are so right, but I only turned off my tv set – I still watched dramas online from the US and BBC like downton abbey, call the midwife, Houdini and Doyle, Catch, GoT,Good Wife (though the series ended badly), etc
      I just stepped away from all things Korean for a long time cuz each new series episode didn’t catch my attention – it was the oddest thing.


  3. raindrops1 says:

    Although I still need to catch up, I couldn’t help read your recap. My homework for the weekend is to get caught up. It’s actually not real homework at all or I should say it’s great homework to give myself…watching more kdramas 😁 Thanks for the recap!


  4. Nino says:

    Welcome back. I’m your silent reader. Your recaps are my favorite. I’ve been following u since Dream High and Ojakkyo Brothers. Glad to see u active again. No pressure. Haha..

    I love reading your thoughts at the end. As usual it’s always interesting and makes me see it from different view. Thank u for picking this drama. Let’s enjoy the ride. 😊


    • Softy says:

      Thank you – you’ve been here from the start if you followed me from Dream High days. 🙂 I can’t even imagine how many ups and downs you followed on this blog since then. I felt bad for a long time for not making up my mind to stop blogging or continue. I kept feeling guilty for neglecting my blog for so long cuz I never think of it as a chore to recap, but then I couldn’t force myself to like any recent kdrama when I really didn’t. There were so many popular ones I missed and even considered picking up to recap, but my heart wasn’t in it and if that’s the case, I knew my comments would be forced and generic so I thought waiting for a drama I can be sincere about would be better for my readers. Thank goodness I have readers like you that get that about me. 🙂


      • Nino says:

        Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s been 6 years since Dream High. Look at how successful Samdong and Hyemi now. 🙂
        Aww..don’t feel bad about it. I’m also have been on k-drama hiatus for the last 2 years. Nothing excites me anymore and real life matters are also more demanding of my time. If this can make u feel better, when I’m bored or just want to get the feels back I’m often stop by your blog and reading your old recaps. And I can still feels your excitement and passion in the recaps. That’s just how good u are.
        Keep up the good work, Softy. 🙂


  5. Carolina Lee says:

    Woot hoot! She’s back! I wasn’t into UF but if you are going to recap this then I am in.


  6. Tiara says:

    hi , do you know what song in the beginning of ep 3 ? thank you .


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