Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E13-14

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There are only so many times you can go around in circles before you get so dizzy you don’t know up from down. I feel like this drama has been spinning from the same point of the story from day one. When it started to slow, the writer spun it around some more hoping for a better result- never making any progress out of the circle. I hung in there for as long as I could, but tonight’s events made me realize I had enough -even Hyun Bin’s dimples aren’t enough anymore. I never liked merry-go-rounds as a child, and it turns out I still don’t. I’m hoping for better luck with Producers or that next Hong sisters drama Warm and cozy.

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Starts from Robin/SJ saying that he arrived to TJ and TJ tells him to come up. then the scenes that let up to this moment when he gets on the elevator. also how hana said that SJ cant be easily hypnotized so that’s why he is posing as robin.

when TJ opens the door, SJ as Robin says is it you lee SH. TJ invites him in and offers tea. SJ looks around as he sits waiting. TJ comes over with the drinks and asks if robin recalled SJ’s memories about the kidnapping so SJ says yes almost all of it. SJ says how kang said that SJ made another identity cuz of that incident. it’s how I began. SJ hardly ever spoke about himself – he was aloof to me all that time. TJ: then those memories are SJ’s – what you dont remember. from what I know – SJ had some of those difficult memories and wasn’t able to erase them completely. so when that incident happened at the warehouse – he recalled what happened that night and wasn’t able to handle it. SJ asks so are you saying he is passing on those memories to me? TJ: yes.  SJ is hiding again. TJ made a stab at SJ so SJ as robin sticks up for SJ. would those memories be something worth hiding. I am different from SJ. he wouldn’t know how to take those memories.  TJ says let’s recall everything from that night when you started robin and SJ disappeared. SJ, hana, Na all say that TJ is going to hypnotize robin. TJ begins and says focus – I will count to 3 – 1,2,3, robin.

Na asks if robin really didnt get hypnotized

TJ makes robin remember what happened that night on 1992 at christmas. you were at wonderland – where were you doing. SJ says I was standing outside of the ghost house. TJ: should we go in. SJ: no I am waiting.  TJ: who? SJ: my friend. TJ: why? SJ: he told me to come there. he came to the ghost house. then we went in. TJ says yes go in and then you will get kidnapped soon. SJ: I am being dragged.

Na wonders if robin really was hypnotized

TJ asks if SJ was dragged away with his friend. SJ says yes. TJ: together? SJ: yes. so TJ corrects him and says that wasn’t it. SJ was dragged away first. SH kept holding onto the kidnapper asking – ajussi why are you taking SJ? SH kicked and beat him and kept holding onto him till the end. ajussi don’t do that to SJ. that’s where it went wrong. your memory and mine -isnt that so? SJ says to himself -yes. TJ: how do I know this? it’s cuz I am your friend Lee SH.

hana listens and says how could this be. Na calls in the cops

TJ says I wanted to meet you and clear it all up -making me go through a hard time.  resentment -hatred – but what’s making me angry is instead of SJ why do I have to be saying this to robin the one you are hiding behind. SJ opens his eyes and says SH. TJ gets up and says SJ?

cops rush into the building and calls for a stop on the elevators so they run up

SJ says how cops are all outside and heard everything they said. they know you are SH. TJ says shut up it wont end like this. Na rings the doorbell and yells to open the door.

SJ says it’s all over now. accept it. this might be the first and last time we get to talk in person. Na keeps knocking and demands the firemen to be called

SJ apologizes sincerely – for what I did to you and for forgetting and living. TJ asks this is how you sincerely apologize. SJ: I didn’t come just to apologize. TJ: then you  came to get one? I have nothing to apologize to you for. SJ: no I came to reveal it. TJ: what?  SJ: for us – for being abandoned and hurt back then.  our lives that were destroyed after that happened. for that sake we both need to know. the real truth of what happened that night. he turns off the mic so hana realizes its off

Sj says you really didnt know huh?  TJ: what? SJ: you didnt call me out there on purpose huh? you werent part of it too huh. TJ: what? SJ: that your father was the accomplice. TJ says dont be silly -that would never happen. SJ: did it really not happen? TJ: no.  don’t make things up. you are trying to make my father involved?  SJ: I am saying we were the victims. TJ: who said you could be a victim? you ran off that night and after that you didn’t lose anything so how are you the victim. SJ: cuz no one wanted that to happen. you and I went through something we didn’t want. TJ: so you are saying all of this was cuz of my dad? no my father never abandoned me. the one who abandoned us was your father. so what do you want.  SJ says we were young kids who were abandoned by our fathers.  TJ denies it -not me. SJ says it’s ok to admit it. even if you admit it, we are alive after all. no matter how difficult and agonizing it was-  isnt it important that we are alive now? isnt it more important that we can go on living. TJ says you need an excuse to keep living. there is no evidence of my dad doing that. all you have is your memory. he accuses SJ of adjusting his memory in order to run off. SJ says honestly there are times when I am suspicious of myself -like you said that I might have made up something again and whether I am trying to hide behind it. cuz I had plenty of suspicioin and blame towards myself so that’s why I want to confirm. answer me. you really dont remember. TJ says I honestly  dont remember. i think the time to talk face to face is over. Kang is here. find her.

Na asks when the firemen arrive and is told they arrived

SJ goes in and frees kang.

the door opens and TJ fights his way out. he runs down the stairs as cops go up and climb down in chase. TJ get on the elevator. cops miss him. TJ steps out and is cornered in the hallway. he surrenders but plays the music again that hypnotized the cops. he just walks away as the cops stand there with their guns raised

TJ rides off on his motorcycle

Na asks the cops how they could lose him. the cop says TJ played the song and they couldnt move

Hana runs in and sees Kang being taken away by paramedics. SJ walks over and she asks are you ok. you arent hurt. she yells that he promised not to turn off the mic so why turn it off. what if something happened. he pulls her into a hug. Na comes in and SJ asks what happened. Na tries to explain how they are searching for TJ. cousin S comes in and mentions how TJ is SH. he apologizes to SJ. thank goodness Kang is alive

Kang says it’s all her fault. she explains after learning TJ was SH, she thought the two of them could forgive and reconcile once they learn they are both alive. SJ: you didn’t know the memories I had forgotten. Kang: SH is in the same state as you. he erased one by one difficult memories he couldn’t handle. for people – what they went through is the greatest. you turned your torment toward self blame. SH turned it toward hate and revenge. SJ says it hasn’t been confirmed about SH’s dad. if he confirms that’s it’s true…she finishes his sentence. he will become really dangerous. it’s too late and he came too far for him to admit and accept the truth. he started as a victim but he became a criminal and ruined his life. SJ: there is nothing for him to lose. Kang: no there is one thing left. to go after you.  we have to stop that.   hana comes in and says Kang has to get her vital checked. kang is nice to her saying you suffered a lot cuz of me. thank you. hana: I am thankful you are safe.  Kang: I am more grateful that you were by SJ’s side

SJ’s dad hears that kang has been found. young tells him how hana, robin, and SJ made up that plan and they revealed that TJ is SH. everyone knows his face so TJ will be caught soon. SC says  SJ didnt disappear -he deceived them (by pretended be to robin). young brings up what the doctor said and says since SJ didn’t disappear today he isn’t in danger. so please stop saying to send SJ away to the hospital or America whenever something happens.

hana tells SJ – It was for a short time but I think i can understand you. during all this time I trusted and relied on TJ but the moment we confirmed he was SH, I thought no one will believe. what I believed all this time was pathetic and made me think I don’t know how to judge people. but to you it was your father and closest friend and that friend’s dad so if it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to hang on as much as you.all that time you did well. he grabs her hand and leads her into the secret room.

she asks why arent you speaking. he says how he never imagined leaving a message in the room with someone there. he begins his message and says i met SH and kang was safely recovered. we weren’t able to catch him but we revealed his identity so he will be caught soon. thank you. sincerely- we succeeded thanks to you. but honestly there is one thing i dont like – that we can only meet like this.

robin wakes up and remembers leaving the message that TJ is SH. he goes online and searches TJ.

robin goes and knocks on hana’s door. she is still sleeping. he goes inside and says was it difficult? he holds her hand as she sleeps. she is frowning so he asks why – what kind of dream is it? he pats her shoulder and comforts her.

TJ is sitting by the water and remembers what SJ said that they were young kids who were abandoned by their dads. how kang said that SJ wasnt the only one who wanted to forget that he went through something hard to handle. TJ cries and says i am different from SJ- that wouldn’t happen

Min and W watch the news about Lee SH and worries for robin so E calls and asks him to call W cuz she is worried. I worry about her so please call her

Na is briefing about Lee SH’s past. 33 years old. where he lived in the states went to school and how he got involved with all this – try to get close with kang and approached her. they went through his computer and he researched SJ all the time. they realize that TJ studied psychology on purpose. he doesnt have friends. he only contacted Ahn SJ and hana. they think that TJ will go and see Jung at the hospital next

cops are guarding Jung’s room and are told to be on alert cuz TJ could be heading there

TJ goes into the hospital wearing a mask

a man comes over saying he has to go into Jung’s room to take him to CT and later on TJ joins him and switches out jung with another body

TJ says how he was patient a lot while living. he wasnt going to see Jung until the day he died. i was going to make you pay for what you did in prison for the rest of your life. but that’s not how you will end your punishment

Na is told how TJ was able to get Jung out. TJ had been hiding in the CT room and the man on the gurney was the technician. they talk about maybe TJ used hypnosis again but Na rules it out. the cop thinks they might have been tricked again. Na brings up how they should resign now but he wants to catch TJ

SJ gets the call that TJ took Jung. SJ thinks TJ did that to confirm the past. Na thinks TJ will go after SJ and wants to put guards on hana and SJ so SJ says i already have guards. Na asks what about hana. SJ says she is here at my house we live together and we have guards – dont worry cuz we wont let her step one foot outside

SJ goes up to her room and knocks. she is still in bed so he asks are you still sleeping. are you sick? he removes the cover and feels her head. he goes back down and tells young to go out and buy porridge. she has a slight fever. i have medication so just bring food. young leaves to get it. SJ prepares the meds and tea. then he scoops porridge and takes it up to her. he asks did you wake up. are you feeling really unwell should I call a doctor. she says no it’s just body ache. he tells her to stay put and feeds her meds. then he takes her temperature and says you dont have a high fever. he asks what did you say to do back then. when she took care of him. he lists what treatments she had said like wipe the perspiration – I prepared warm tea. he tells her to keep the hand warmers in her hand. he apologizes and says how he didnt think she could get sick after being tense like him yesterday. also her shock over TJ must have been great. I was wrong – I should have taken better care of you. he takes her call and says how she wont be able to go into work for the time being starting from today. he explains how she cant go into work cuz TJ kidnapped the kidnapper. there are plenty of guards  at the house so don’t worry. just rest. this is my first break in years. also like I said – I want to do what I want. let’s do it all slowly. she remembers robin patting her so she starts to ask if he came into her room last night but doesnt

SJ watches CCTV footage of robin going into her room and exiting in the morning. he was in there 8 hours. SJ: he did well. I did well.

SJ leaves a message hana is sick – didnt you know she was sick. you should have told me

robin watches that message and goes to hana. he asks about meds and food and she says SJ already gave it to her. she barely touched the store bought porridge

robin goes down and calls young to go grocery shopping. get a lot of fruit like strawberries, red wine, and beef. she goes down and sees him raiding the fridge. she asks what are you doing. did you watch the message SJ left. he gives her orders not to talk about SJ or his dad when she is with him and to reduce her sleep time or sleep during the day to focus on him during his time. he says how he will wait and hear her answer. he gets up to cook for her so she back hugs him and says sorry for being asleep yesterday – i know you came to me. thanks to you i slept well. he asks why did you get sick. she says how it would be strange not to be sick even once since there wasnt a quiet day since she came to korea. I almost died a few times and you showed up and kept rescuing me so let’s both rest.

they go to his basement room and she lays on his lap and reads while he smiles down at her.

TJ has Jung tied to a chair in some warehouse. TJ tells him to speak. did you plan to do that with my dad that night. Jung remembers how he was beat up by Ahn. TJ keeps saying it’s ok -I want the truth. Jung denies that SH’s dad was involved. TJ threatens – you have to answer well. now it’s not just your life on the line. Jung keeps saying it wasnt SH’s dad. TJ says my father had nothing to do with it. he wasnt an accomplice. he never did that. are you certain? Jung confirms it (and keeps saying no it wasnt SH’s dad).

cop reports to Na how TJ bought bandages and meds for Jung so Na figures TJ wont kill Jung

pharmacist confirms that TJ was the one who bought the medical supplies

TJ wipes the blood and tells Jung dont be afraid – it isnt time to die yet. we have a lot to do

Na hears that TJ has been using his card at the pharmacist, conveniences store, etc and bought a laptop as he travels south to busan

SJ hears from young that TJ is heading to busan -that was his last exact location

SJ opens his fridge and asks what is this. it’s full. young says it was robin -he got groceries cuz he wanted to cook for hana since she is sick

SJ watches footage of hana and robin eating his cooked meal and hana laughing and enjoying herself feeding robin. he feels jealous that they look like a couple

young is on the phone with SJ’s dad saying that  he is on his way to SJ and he is hanging in well and will confirm and call once he gets there. he gets in his car and senses movement behind his car but drives away

hana gets a text from SJ to eat dinner. she goes downstairs. he tells her to sit. she asks if he is doing this cuz robin did it for her. he says no that’s not it -just wanted to eat together.

young drives in through SJ’s gate and security

SJ: you said it seemed like you had a dream before when you found out about my condition. it’s a dream for me too. the times I spent with you as robin is like a dream I cant remember. but you remember what happened in my dream. i want to remember together. hana: how? SJ: I want you to tell me. what I say as robin – how I make you laugh. how to love you.

suddenly the lights go off.

young’s trunk is open

hana thinks it was a blackout. he says dont be alarmed it will come back on soon. TJ steps up behind hana and grabs her from behind muffling her as SJ sits staring in surprise.

TJ says to SJ you and I have a truth to uncover


no preview



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When it starts to sink in that the opposition is making sense, there is nowhere else to run from the truth.

You are looking at a man who is beginning to see the end of his futility. All his effort to unearth a truth he so strongly believed in is about to bury him instead. It’s refreshing to see the cracks in TJ’s demeanor for the first time. He is beginning to realize he might not have all the answers now that he has been given an inkling of truth from SJ that TJ had been asking the wrong questions all these years. He built this whole revenge scheme on the basis that his childhood buddy abandoned him in his hour of need, but I can’t help but wonder how much TJ is going to crumble when he learns that he wasn’t the only son who was betrayed that night. SJ’s father refused to pay the ransom, but TJ’s dad was the one behind the kidnapping demanding the money. Not only was TJ’s friendship with SJ exploited that night, but also his own unfailing belief that his dad did everything he could to get his son back. I bet it’s going to feel like losing his father all over again once TJ finds out his father’s role in all this. He will have to mourn the father he thought he knew and loved while grappling with the truth that the person he sought to blame for that night was in his own family.

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Starts from Hana getting out of the cab and running inside. robin calls out her name and she runs over to hug him. He tells her how he wants to live. that he wants to live as robin -rescuing is his personality and as the one she likes. she looks up at him and then hugs him again. he puts his arms around her and cries.

when they go outside Na is waiting and asks what happened. are you ok? you are not hurt. he wants them to go with them but she says they will go tm morning. she asks if kang is well and is told that Kang has been taken to the hospital and they will call when she comes to. when they walk off Na makes comment about SJ’s changing style cuz he doesnt know robin.

in the car hana tells robin to go home and talk there

at the house he tells her how he got a text from her to meet. she says i didnt send it. she checks her phone and realizes it was sent from hers. he asks if she lost her phone and she says no. he asks who she met with today and she lists everyone including TJ. he asks where she was at the time of the text and she says at Min’s home. he points out how that text was programmed to be sent and cant know when it was set – today yesterday or way before. or they could have sent it through internet if they knew her ID and passcode. one thing for sure is Lee SH knows way more than we think about SJ, you, and me.  it means he knows my current state better than anyone since he called me to show up in front of kang.  she takes his hand and hugs him saying dont worry about anything anymore – I wont leave. I will be by your side. he hugs her back. she says up to now you protected me but from here on I will protect you. then she says I cant just protect only you. if I lose SJ I will lose you. if I lose one person I lose both. so I will protect you both. you and SJ – both of you. he has to live for you to live too. you have to live for him to live. he asks if that means she will love both of them. will she divide them like  this.  how can you divide love. how can you divide the person you love? I cant share/divide you with SJ or anyone. he walks away from her and goes to his atrium

she washes her face and remembers how robin said how can you divide love?

robin continues to pace

Na gets a call that the ambulance didnt go to the hospital. then where did it go?

Kang was unconscious and driven by TJ back to his place. she has an IV drip. she says going this far, if you ruin SJ, will your life become happy. you wanted a monster to come out of robin. TJ says yes I wanted that. he points out how robin gave up on his own when the road to live was getting better cuz he was afraid. cuz he hasn’t taken responsibility his life or his dominant personality’s.  it wasn’t cuz poor robin was SJ’s alter personality -it was cuz he didn’t find the road to live. she asks how did you become like this. you know it’s the opposite of that. she points out how robin never gave up on himself. he rescued and helped people. don’t you know what that means. he is getting stronger (as in he is becoming the dominant personality). the person who is afraid right now isn’t robin or SJ. TJ: then it’s me? Kang: if you werent why cant you reply to SJ? it’s cuz you are afraid. that there might be a new truth. that there might be a past you cant handle. TJ: no there is no such thing. if there was why wouldn’t I be able to remember it? kang: then confirm there isn’t. then you can ruin SJ. TJ stands to leave and finally has a humane moment and says you told me to let it go and say what happened that night couldn’t have been helped but if the result is that it couldn’t have been helped then who was the cause of what happened that night?  who takes responsible for it? someone should take responsibility for it. she says that culprit was caught and is being punished even now. TJ: does anything change cuz of that? kang: then does anything change cuz you do this? TJ cries and says I dont know but something could change.

he goes to his desk and remembers what kang just said. the person who is afraid right now isn’t Robin or SJ – it’s you. if you weren’t why cant you reply to SJ? you are scared. that there might be a new truth – a past you cant handle

next morning hana sees a note from robin. she says to give this message to SJ. he also left that note from TJ for SJ to see

Hana tells SJ about kang and last night. she says how kang was taken to the hospital after losing consciousness. he worries about hana and how shocked she must have been, you aren’t hurt?  she says I am ok. we have to go to the police now and you have to pretend it happened to you. she gives him the message robin left for SJ last night. robin says how SH knows all about them – their condition and the treatment kang had for them. he knew for a long time and prepared carefully for this – even kidnapping kang. looking at everything that’s happened so far there are two possibilities – it must be one person really close to us. if that isnt it then there is someone close to us he sent to keep tabs on us. be suspicious of all the people around you. you are the best at being suspicious. the video ends. just then SJ gets an email from SH. hana tells him to open it so he does. TJ says to email the truth of what happened that night if it exists.

TJ gets the email from SJ. SJ asks why SH took him to the haunted house that night. SH begged him to come there at that time. and while they were kidnapped he overheard the kidnapper on the phone. what are you going to do with your son – does it not matter if he dies? SJ says I wasn’t that son. so we can assume the kidnapper spoke to your father. so what do you think this means. TJ gets upset and spills his drink and yells

TJ goes in to see kang. he says how annoyed he is. I understand how bad he feels but SJ started again. she asks if TJ sent the email. TJ says I got his response. he spoke like my dad was behind the kidnapping. she asks him to confirm that -you want to show him that’s not true. confirm it. so he says how can I confirm it. even if he wasnt lying – that’s in his memory and it’s not in my memory. it’s been over 20 yrs and my dad passed away so how could I confirm it? SJ knows I cant confirm it so he is saying this. you know – he is trying to make me uneasy. Kang brings up Jung (the other kidnapper) who is in prison. confirm it.

so TJ goes online and researches and discovers that ahn is imprisoned in the same place as Jung.

hana and SJ hear the news that Kang has disappeared again cuz of the cops mistake. they found the abandoned ambulance too. Na is apologetic that they made a mistake and kang is gone again. Na talks about the text hana got and asks if hana never lost her phone. she says I didnt lose it even once. so Na thinks someone next to her took her phone and used it to program and send the text

TJ pretends to be upset about kang disappearing and wants to speak to ahn. he asks the cop to call Na and other officers in so TJ can speak to all of them to make them understand

Na asks what happened with the email. hana says they got a response. SJ says how SH will want to find out about jung (the sole kidnapper who was caught). SH might not go himself but he will send someone to confirm

in the car hana finds out that SJ is suspicious of TJ. SJ has a file on TJ and realizes he wasnt adopted. SJ is not taking chances and is suspecting everyone close to them like robin wanted him to do

SJ and hana go for a walk. she sees two young boys riding by on bikes and points out the kidnapping must have happened around that age – they must have been friends who played together every day – SJ and SH. you didn’t abandon him. SH wasn’t abandoned by you either.  your father didn’t come to rescue his son. his father told his son to bring his friend cuz of money. from the moment you were born a father’s existence was your whole world but he made that world fall apart. men who call themselves fathers to those young kids. SJ says in the world she grew up in, his dad would have been different. that’s why you grew up into this kind of person. thank goodness I met someone like you even this late (in life). so become my world. you said you wanted to protect us both. robin said he couldnt accept it but I was moved and almost cried a little. these days I act strange – cry and laugh. during all that time I didn’t do what I wanted but with you. I want to do what my heart wants together. I know- robin isn’t in agreement and you cant start with me first so you can do it slowly. these days I am great at waiting.

Na goes in to that meeting with TJ. TJ has put a trance on all the cops and got some to reduce smoking, lose weight, reduce stress indigestion, etc. he gets them to do what he wants (let him meet with Ahn during visiting time at prison)

TJ meets with Ahn. TJ says many people say you arent Lee SH. but the more they do that you are Lee SH. what you have to do from now is simple -find out a truth-whether there was an accomplice. that person is in there with you.

TJ shows Ahn a photo of the former kidnapper (Jung) in prison.

cousin S meets with that doctor for SJ. SJ’s dad asks why S is getting involved. S says of course I have to since you are here. the dad keeps S out of the room while the dad meets with the doctor.

SJ’s dad is informing the doctor about SJ’s condition as Young translates and the doctor wants to meet with SJ

W says I only lived for 20 yrs and only liked one person but I cried thousands of tears cuz of him. E says would he just have made you cry -you would have laughed a hundred times cuz of him too. she agrees. robin shows up and she goes over the stuff he has been doing to hide SJ. how night time is robin’s. W: when do you sleep? robin: I hardly sleep.  now she knows he has been using two phones and stuff. she wondered why he did this and that and now it matches up like a puzzle. there were things about him she thought was strange and  suspect, but now she understands. i am sorry. during all this time I sometimes thought you were being strange and was suspicious. instead of liking you cuz I trust you-I should have trusted cuz I liked you. he says how he wasn’t able to tell her cuz he couldn’t trust her. he is embarrassed and sorry.  she says enough of that talk and asks what hana said – did she want to break off. he gets a text and leaves. she wonders if hana didnt send him away or if she didnt go

robin rushes over to that same theater looking for hana. hana comes out and says she brought him here in case he remembers something. he gets angry she came here again when it’s dangerous. she explains kang has disappeared again. how shocked SJ was and that he got an email from SH and is being suspicious of people around him. . since she acts worried about SJ, he asks what about me. can you only see SJ having a hard time. what about me. she says how she wont lose the two of them. that’s the most important to me now. honestly – it was too hard to handle -I wanted to run away but after seeing you yesterday I knew -I cant leave. you arent the only one who wants to live. I dont want to lose you too. so let’s figure this out first. he says ok – let’s go. he remembers looking at the screen and says I think i might recall something but it’s not coming out

robin goes to the secret room and records a message to SJ. he says i dont care what answer you gave hana. it doesnt matter with me. as always I cant accept it. you cant divide. you keep saying that – that you are me. that liking me was liking you, but come to your senses. i am not you. I dont want to become you

TJ does the paperwork to visit with Ahn and is on the phone with Na to let him visit Ahn a few more times.

Ahn gets in line with other inmates to get haircuts. he sees the kidnapper working there and asks are you Jung. I was curious about the incident from the past. Jung asks what incident

Kang asks TJ to meet Jung. TJ says I dont need to. he explains how Ahn and jung are in the same prison. ahn will find out for me in my place. after he finds out if it’s not the truth… she interrupts and says you met ahn again? and put him in the trance again?  Ahn is in a dangerous state. she points out a hypnotist is not a god. ahn is dangerous

ahn is beating up Jung. Jung told him that SH’s dad was the accomplice so Ahn says my father wasnt that kind of person. he passed away while going around trying to rescue me -he isn’t someone who would do that kind of thing with you. I will kill you

Na gets the call from prison about Jung’s attack and that he is hospitalized cuz ahn beat him

TJ watches the news about the attack at the prison and how badly beaten Jung was. TJ wonders if Ahn reacted out of anger after hearing what Jung said or cuz of Ahn’s intense state -which is it?

Na calls TJ and asks if anything was strange about Ahn when TJ met him. TJ acts innocent and hears about Jung’s state. TJ asks if Jung is badly hurt. now TJ cant meet with Ahn for the time being

Young hears what Ahn did.

hana goes over and tells young that SJ didnt wake up again. young goes in and it’s robin. SJ’s dad came with the doctor

robin meets with the doctor.

hana explains to young how sensitive and depressed robin was yesterday after hearing about Kang

the doctor says Robin overcame his desire to survive. his ability to survive got stronger. he could have killed kang but rescued her. robin’s conscience is getting stronger. the dad wants to know if that means SJ is disppearing. the doctor says nothing is guaranteed but their pattern has broken down and robin will show up more and for longer time if the duration gets longer. the important sign is that SJ didnt show up today. from the first time he didn’t appear to today it’s been two weeks so it could become ten days then a week if the time reduces in increments (days apart when SJ doesnt show up and robin does) then SJ could disappear forever. young and SJ’s dad are alarmed to hear this

cousin S has the room bugged and is listening to everything

Robin calls TJ and says SJ is gone again and says how the doctor showed up. robin says i didnt tell the doctor everything. that he remembers all of what happened so TJ asks robin to come meet him so they agree to meet in an hour at TJ’s office

SJ’s dad gives orders to young and SC to make sure robin doesnt leave the premises till SJ appears

young and SC are in the car looking for robin. young thinks robin expected SJ’s dad would give this order to restrict him and left

cousin S is in the car and sees robin going past in a cab and gives chase

TJ gets a call from robin. he says i arrived. can I go up now. TJ says yes come up. on the way a kid carrying a balloon runs into robin. robin speaks like SJ and says no more balloons starting from today

robin continues walking

robin’s message to SJ: come to your senses. I am not you. I dont want to become you. but hana is worried about us so let’s catch SH. I think I know who SH is

hana told SJ to hurry and wake up when he was sleeping.

in his message to SJ, robin says how Lee SH is TJ. but there is no evidence. you have to come up with the evidence. SJ: how? robin: trance/hypnosis -that’s how he was going to control me. I cant remember but if you can get …

Hana comes up with an idea. SJ isnt so easy to hypnotize.

So hang, SJ, and Robin schemed this whole thing. they made SJ make that call pretending to be robin when he spoke to TJ. hana instructed SJ to speak to TJ in nice kid tone

hana went to Na and explained they have an idea and that SJ would be coming and they have to keep it a secret. Na and SJ meet alone to put a wire on SJ. SJ told him that Lee SH is TJ but there is no evidence so we are trying to confirm it. the cops are suppose to burst in the minute TJ says he is SH.

SJ asks why her expression looks like that. hana says if TJ really is SH, she will have to rethink what trusting people is. SJ: that’s why we are confirming. if we are correct we can find kang. SJ: you don’t be suspicious – I will confirm it.  hana tells him to be careful and come back

SJ pretending to be robin heads over to TJ’s office.

they wired SJ so hana and the cops listen outside in a van.

the other cops prepare to storm the office

cousin S walks over to the van and is sure it’s the cops inside

Na gives instructions to the cops waiting to barge in

hana says he rang the bell.TJ walks over and opens the door. TJ asks robin? Robin says yes. in his head he says is it you lee SH?



TJ: that’s where your memory and my memory went wrong

SJ to TJ: it’s all over now so accept it

hana: are you ok? you arent hurt? why did you turn off your mic? you promised you wouldn’t. what if something happened?

hana: I know you came to me -thanks to you I slept well

hana: did you see SJ leave a message?

robin to hana: dont talk about SJ during the time you are with me -focus on me.

hana: it was for a short time SJ, but I… (she doesn’t finish her sentence)

[Please don’t expect a more complete recap tonight -the rough live version is all I can manage. It took every ounce of strength and lots of cold meds not to cancel tonight’s live recap. I came down with a terrible cold and now my body is aching in every joint so the thought of sitting for hours on end while translating through the night makes me want to faint. It feels like a semi-trailer truck ran me over and then reversed a few more times for good measure.]


11 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E13-14

  1. 256train says:

    Thank you for the recap,
    wish you all the best, i know how bad the cold could be,
    take care of your self,


  2. MJ1903 says:

    Thank youuuuu Softy for all the recaps, they help me to have a better understanding on what happen in the story before watching the video .. get well soon !!! Stay in bed for 2 days is the best medicine for cold. Honey and lemon with warm water and ginger tea and also hot chicken soup will help.


  3. anmol mohan says:

    thank you very much softy for your hard work.really appreciate it.wish you all the best and do take care of your health first.get well soon!!{also try some of the home remedies for the body ache like drinking a cup of basil leaves,crushed black pepper,and ginger tea.it really helps a lot with the cold also as it strengthens your immune system}goodbye.


  4. nonski says:

    thank you so much softy and you take care!

    like you i am getting feed up with this drama but i will see this through till the end

    i am trying to cheer on the loveline but who am i kidding, it seems like they’re just hanging it till the drama ends.


    • Softy says:

      I was so frustrated with Na and those incompetent cops – they were the last straw for me – they screw up so much it’s downright annoying. plus I just don’t get why they bother with showing SJ’s cousin and his funny, cartoon like hairstyle. don’t get me started on how much I always hated the actor playing SJ’s dad either. There were just too many things I hated about this show, but I felt compelled to complete something since I dropped all 3 of Joowon’s previous dramas so I didn’t want to go down that road with Hyun Bin’s too. But the more I see Hana being happy with Robin and then hearing how SJ wants her to tell him how she is with Robin – I was like – are you kidding me? cuz you don’t know how to love you want pointers from your other personality? I just don’t see this drama ending well for SJ and Hana – unless they sacrifice Robin along the way and that would be sooooo wrong. He deserves to be happy.


      • nonski says:

        my reaction everytime these cops have conferences on SJ’s and Kang’s case was a mixture of dumbfounded reaction and mirth. i was like, does the cops in seoul really do this everytime? but then cut myself short and remembers this is just a drama.
        on the drama itself, i really dont want to drop this but sometimes the premise keeps gettting under my skin. i dunno how they will inject the sj-hana line when we’re at the finish line and yet it’s the robin line that keeps geeting the cam time. and yeah, as much as i am on the SJ line, it is not setting well on me that he can just say to hana that he and robin are just the same person. even if that is true he knew how different they are to each other. we also knew that it is far from logical to let robin survive when SJ had been the strong one ever since. i hope the next time the writer spins the drama around we get to a stop where there is some sense.


  5. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Hoping you feel better soon. Please take lot of rest, keep hydrate and sleep!!! Thanks for all your hard work.


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    I’ve been reading your blog for about a few years, but just in a lurker mode.

    I read from Hyde, Jekyll and Me recaps that you’ve not been feeling well recently, I do hope you’re feeling better now. Take good care of yourself.

    I’m a newly minted fan of Hyun Bin, also affectionately known as Binnie. ^_^

    I’m now relishing the transcaps you did on ‘Secret Garden’. I just completed a re-watch recently and it’s already my 2nd re-watch this year.

    Just want to say that Binnie has this amazing charisma which makes me carry on with his dramas and movies that I don’t usually watch. ^^

    Last but not least, I wish to express my appreciation of all that you’ve done for my Korean drama lovers like me. Thank you so much once again!

    P.S: I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen Hyun Bin in real life? ^^


    • Softy says:

      Hi ylksh- thanks for “delurking” – I wrote about all my celebrity sightings on Blue’s blog in two parts, but now it’s gone. Her site has disappeared since she stopped blogging. I haven’t seen Hyun Bin in person yet, but you can bet I will try to do so in the near future. My friend is a casting director here in Korea so she can get me into award shows, drama sets, and stuff. Wish me luck cuz seeing Hyun Bin in person is right up there on the list with Kim Woo Bin. ^^


  7. ylksh says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for your reply and I hope you’re feeling better now. ^^

    Have you recovered completely?

    No worries about the lost celebrity sightings posts though. It would have been great if I got to read them, but if not, it’s also okay for me. ^^

    I also wish you lots of good luck in seeing Binnie in person and of course, Kim Woo Bin too. ^_^

    I wonder if Binnie will attend SBS Drama Awards at the end of this year? If he does, you might be able to see him.

    I’m from Singapore and he was here for a fan meeting in 2013. I missed that opportunity to see him…but on the other hand, I was thinking that it might have been a more personal encounter if I got to see him at a fan sign or an awards show. An event that’s of a smaller scale.

    Do wish me lots of luck to see Hyun Bin in person soon! Hehehe…before my neck becomes too long from the waiting… ^_^


  8. MJShinshi says:

    oh dear softy, I hope you have recovered! I am sorry to hear that you have been ill. May you be back to complete good health quickly or may be you have already. Do take care and stay warm. **Hugs** I’m not gonna even comment on the show right now argh…!! Sad to hear Blue isn’t blogging anymore..

    I love your thoughts/comments on the side on current happenings in Seoul…and yes that is super cool – heated bus stop bench and electronic charging machine oh my! Seoul sure is tech savvy a long while ago I saw a samsung (I think it was samsung) ad or yt video about the bridge with the changing lights showing uplifting messages and music playing so as to decrease the suicide attempts from the bridge. I loved watching the ads after live streaming shows just to see the newest tech toys from Seoul! 🙂


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