Cantabile Tomorrow E2

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Despite great screenshots like this, through no fault of its own, I am not clicking with this drama. This brand of humor isn’t having the intended effect and only makes me cringe at times. I don’t understand where her character is coming from. If Nae Il fell in love with a guy cuz she got to know him better, that would be one thing. But at this point she is no different from all the other girls swooning over him on campus – except for the one fact that she doesn’t seem to value herself that much. I literally scowled during each scene she chased after him and threw herself at him. If there was a genuine basis for her adoration, I could understand, but she is falling over herself for a guy who shows her disdain. I just don’t get why she has to be this naïve and throw herself on him time and again just to be rebuffed. Was talent the only gene she inherited from her parents – did they never teach her to have pride and self respect? On a musical level, she is talented enough to stand her own against him, but on everything else, she falls short – especially the maturity to differentiate between love and infatuation. I get that he will eventually start to have feelings for her once he realizes that she matters to him and that’s why he went out of his way to cook and clean for her, but right now this relationship is tipping way too much over to her end. Problem is she doesn’t have all that much to hold onto cuz he is too intent on avoiding capture. A few episodes down the line, if their mutual respect for each other’s talent is the only foundation for them to base their relationship on, it makes me wonder what kind of future they would have together. As it stands, I’m not sure I will be around to find out what happens next.

*Sorry but I won’t be recapping this show anymore. DB’s recaps are posted next day and subs are super quick for this I heard so I’m certain fans will not have to wait that long to enjoy new episodes.

Written before it aired: I am a big fan of substance. No matter how simple or trivial the plot, as long as there is some tiny shred of lingering significant moments between characters, I can cling to it. I’ll form an unusually loyal attachment to the drama itself and recap all the way till the end just based on that. It doesn’t take much for me to want to stick with a drama, but the flip side is that if that element is missing, all I think about is bailing. I’ll know for sure after tonight, but I am on the fence about this show. Objectively, it’s harmless and entertaining sometimes, but I find myself asking the same question throughout the entire live recap as I type and translate in real time – “where is this story going?” Some stories need to be told softly and with care while others scream from rooftops. Indie films are like that – messages are told with subtlety and grace. At the end, you feel enlivened and a better person for having watched. Then there are those loud obnoxious dramas that get in your face and everything about it turns you off. I don’t want to name certain dramas that fall under both descriptions, but this one falls into a category that I never expected from a Joowon drama. Needless to say, I find it very frustrating that I am not head over heels in love with this show yet. I want to blame something concrete like directing, acting, or writing, but in the cold light of truth, I’m pretty sure my reservations have more to do with me than anything else. I’m clinging to the one aspect of this drama that I do like to keep my interest – the music. That love for talented composers and musicians served me well to get through a lot of dramas in the past so I’m hoping that applies here.

Character list so far:

Cha Yoo Jin = YJ

Seol NaeIl = Nae or N

Yoo Ill Rak =IR

Song Min Ha = MH or M

Do Kang Jae (mean professor)=Kang

Ahn Gun Song (nice professor) = Ahn


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Starts from YJ walking towards N in the wheat field of his imagination. Then back in the room they finish playing. Ahn claps and says how good it was. YJ thanks him. N is in a daze. she daydreams that he said to her – you should look at me. she says “I cant look -my heart” He asks what’s wrong. She runs out. YJ asks if she is like that normally. Ahn: yes. shouldn’t you know that by now? then he asks how YJ felt. didn’t it feel like a fun performance? YJ asks was this a class for me instead of N?  Ahn: dont you want to conduct?

*N keeps referring to YJ as her “brother” using the joseon form of “oppa”

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N talks to herself wondering why her heart is like this and imagines YJ telling her – it’s love. Nae Il – you fell in love with me. she has her own little sound of music moment on that field yelling that she loves him.

YJ stands alone and remembers what Ahn told him about conducting –  that he cant become a good conductor alone and must work with the musicians. YJ watches some guy conducting and imagines himself in that situation conducting a small ensemble.

N calls out for him. when she spots YJ she runs over to him and he mutters she isn’t giving him even a short break. she describes how wriggly her toes were during their performance. my body was shaking too. it felt so great. but right now I want to jump into your chest – my toes are wriggly.  YJ backs away and tells her to hold it in. she moves closer and says I know what this is. it’s love. I fell in love. so he denies it saying that’s not love. she describes how her heart feels when she thinks of him.  but he says it’s not – just an adrenaline reaction to the music – don’t mistake it for fluttering of the heart. it might be a heart problem so go to the hospital and get checked – also get your brain checked. so she argues if I hug you – wont I know? he has to hold her back from attacking him and warns her to keep her distance from him. she asks to touch his chest for a second but he says you cant and runs off. she asks just once but he says dont follow me. IR watches them together

N sits down alone and says how well he runs off cuz of his long legs. even though he runs away it will be my home. IR hands her a drink and thanks him cuz she was thirsty. he guesses she is a piano major. she asks how he knew. he says from her he heard a sound that draws people to her. she asks which one – Mozart, Schubert, or Chopin.  he says not that – Beethoven’s violin sonata 5. she gets up to leave saying I dont know it – it wasnt from me. he stops her and says how meeting like this was fate so how about accompanying me on the piano

YJ is debating which fish to buy at the market. he gets a text from N saying let’s have a cozy dinner together. so he wonders when she saved her number on his phone. he texts for her not to even dream of it. but he buys an extra fish for her

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as YJ walks home he sees her eating with IR at his dad’s restaurant. YJ repeats what she told YJ – it tastes way more delicious than what my mom made. he throws away her fish

they cheer about collaborating together (for his test) IR asks if there is anything else she wants to eat. just name it and my dad will cook it for you. IR’s dad comes over and offers more food for N -anything she wants even if it’s not on the menu. She asks if she could get this for takeout instead of eating it.

they see her out and she thanks them. IR tells her to go safely. after she leaves IR wonders if he was right for bringing her. his dad remarks about her hands – her fingers were long so hands like that play the piano well. this kind of info is what he needs to champion his son.  it’s his job to support him till his son’s violin sound fills the art hall (a famous performance hall)

someone rings his door bell over and over. YJ mutters why come here when you follow anyone around who feeds you- if you ate that much just go home. his ex Chae Do gyeon is standing in the doorway. he asks what brings her here. she asks aren’t you going to ask me in. are you going to keep me standing here. just then N arrives and invites DG in. N sees DG going into his home. he grins at N and closes the door. she drops the bags of food she brought for him

he asks why she came. DG says when did I come over only when there was something going on. before we dated we were friends. she makes herself at home and he asks what’s the problem – guys or performances. she says this is what’s nice about being friends for ten years. she talks about the Carmen role she always got but now she didn’t get it.  YJ: I have things to do. she asks what? cup ramen. YJ: yes cup ramen. she says for him not to turn away cuz she brought amazing news. YJ:: I am not interested. it involves conducting. I will see how you do today and decide to tell you cuz this was told off the record.

meanwhile N is trying to listen through the wall but cant hear. she tries to go over to his balcony yelling – what are you doing – separate.

when YJ leaves with DG the next morning, N comes out wondering how they could spend all night together

during practice with IR, N cant focus. IR says to focus and for her to earn her amount of food she ate at his dad’s restaurant and practice. N: does love do that – when it leaves there is nothing left behind.  he asks if she was spurned. N: all that is left is my empty heart. IR asks for her to focus enough for his exam. then you can lose your mind. she mutters what’s so important about the test when I lost my love. IR: it is important. more imp than love is the test. she cries so he says fine – I will fix your love. who is the guy who dumped you? N: a sunbae from my major. he guesses it’s YJ and that annoys him.  why did it have to be him. your ideal guy is pretty lofty. he show a photo of YJ and DG asks if this is the girl that is N’s rival-the primo donna. N learns DG’s name and tries to get his phone. he mutters it wont work. you lost. I cant fix (your problem with love) . he is surprised she doesn’t know who DG is cuz N keeps asking who she is. he mutters how the two girls are on a different class. N thinks she is better than DG and it makes IR laugh. she hits him

DG drags YJ to get coffee. other guy sees DG and narrates background info about her. he thinks she is pretty. they broke up but they must be dating again cuz she is pretty.

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DG says to YJ – I will really tell you know – don’t you trust me. YJ: I am not curious.  with that secret you got me to rehearse for your audition and now the cafe too. if you dragged me around for two hours it was plenty. so she spills the news that Franz is coming to their school as a professor. YJ leaves grinning

Kang sees YJ leaving administration and goes in asking why YJ came and why he is in such a happy mood. kang is told YJ requested a change of major form (he is planning to study conducting)

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IR tells N to focus cuz all she has left to her is the piano now. N: if I play piano well will be come back tome. IR says sure – if you play piano all your problems will be taken care of. if you really need a boyfriend – I will date you. she lifts her head and says what? IR: now do you feel up to playing the piano? she thinks IR looks like a squid (after seeing how good looking YJ is). she mutters how she wants to eat YJ’s spicy squid so IR says YJ made you that? she lists the other stuff YJ’ made her for -tuna fried rice and steak. IR thinks that something was going on between her and YJ cuz a guy would never buy a meal for a girl they don’t like but YJ cooked the food himself. she gains hope from that and asks what should I do. he says do more skinship. why else would YJ cook for you. he tells her to jump YJ. just then YJ arrives and says -do you want to die? jump who. he jokes that maybe they should have closed the door before saying stuff like that. she tries to hug him saying you came to see me -after abandoning sunbae DG.  but he wont let her hug and pushes her away saying why bring up DG here. she says I know it all – last night you were together all night but I’m ok with it. IR repeats – together? all night – what?

at YJ’s home the previous night, while DG sang YJ played the piano. he asks how much longer. it’s 3 am now. DG says is the time imp now? she is determined to do well on the audition tm.

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IR laughs and doesn’t believe it. N says so that’s what happened. you practiced all night. it was really hard huh? she tries to hug so he pushes her away. YJ came to see what’s going on and thinks they aren’t collaborating well. IR thinks cuz of YJ, his test could get ruined.  YJ: it’s cuz of your violin talent. IR says it’s not me – the problem is piano and points at N.  IR brags that he is 3rd place so YJ laughs. you grew up believing that’s for real? then shouldn’t you focus on your partner’s performance. IR brags about himself -how accurate his technique is and stuff and that he would become a professional violinist right after graduating. it’s the end of boring classical music. so YJ says it’s not classical music isnt fun it’s your pathetic playing that’s no fun.  IR says what do you know about violin but YJ takes the violin from him and plays it well leaving IR stunned and speechless. he leaves. YJ looks at N and says I know what you will say so be quiet. she thinks he is a braggart and rude but tries to hug him again. he makes her stop and holds her back

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IR practices alone but keeps picturing YJ playing the violin. he mutters – get lost this is my performance. the dad comes in quietly and leaves refreshments for him and leaves. IR says my dad really believes I will stand on stage at the art performance hall.

N is looking for YJ and finds a hat rolling around the ground and picks it up. Franz comes over and thanks her. he takes the hat and asks was your dad a thief. how could he put stars from the sky and put them in your eyes. *excuse me while I gag* now that I look – you are the thief – you stole my heart. she says sorry and offers her wrists for him to arrest her as the culprit.  he asks her to have a meal with him if she is sorry. she mutters about not eating with strangers so he pretends to be pitiful saying after being orphaned as a child – he always had to eat alone and was lonely. he walks away but she calls out wait a second and asks want to go with me to where I usually go to eat nearby

she took franz to Yj’s home. she says how great the timing is. she offers him food and franz asks for wine so she pulls one out and she asks YJ to open the bottle. she invites YJ to eat too so he says it was my food. franz calls her baby and asks isn’t this a restaurant. she says it’s her brother’s home. YJ shoves her away saying I dont have a younger sister like you. YJ asks franz – who are you ajussi? she doesn’t know his name either and asks who are you? he lies about his name using the food items on the counter to make up a fake name -Maeil hostein.

MH is meeting her friend YJ’s mom saying he is avoiding his mom – a mom who set up this cafe in front of school to be near her son. the friend rubs it in that MH hasn’t had kids so how would she know how a mom feels. so MH makes fun of her friend’s poochy tummy asking cant you get work done to get rid of the fat. the friend says to leave after paying for the coffee. just then Kang comes in so they talk in a way Kang cant understand through their teeth. MH worries for the friend but she tells MH to worry about herself cuz MH hasn’t been able to find franz. if she doesn’t have franz it could become a headache

내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-49-37]내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-52-29]내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-41-42]

franz looks at a photo of viera and young YJ so franz asks do you know this person. YJ tells him he is my teacher and takes the photo away from him. franz says so you were the pupil of the second person I hate the most. YJ: what? franz says to N: baby I don’t like the owner of this home so let’s leave. you can have the best lobster at the hotel restaurant I am staying at. N gets excited about the idea of lobster while YJ asks “hotel”? franz says after our meal I will show you my room all night. it’s a room with a great view. YJ: so what? who would go there. N says how she never got to eat a lobster but YJ warns her not to follow a suspicious old guy like this. she says  for him to view the world more purely. being suspicious of elders is bad.  why live like that. she backs up to grab her bag to leave. before they get to the door YJ yells all you can see is the lobster and nothing else. wait a second. N: why – have to hurry and go – don’t stop me – I have to eat a lobster. YJ bargains with her to prevent her from leaving. I will let you sleep at my home tonight. she goes over to him saying it doesn’t matter even if it’s not the bed. then franz says baby – I will lend you my penthouse. so she goes over to him but YJ says “on my bed” so she goes back to him. franz: baby -my bed is a waterbed. then she goes back to him. so YJ counters with the option of letting her sleep on his arm. she runs into his waiting arms. YJ gloats and smirks at franz. he throws franz out so he mutters that feckless young kid.

N tries to pose in a sexy way on his bed saying you on the left and me on the right (side of the bed). she lifts the cover and says hurry and come in but YJ pulls her away saying how could she get lured away by a suspicious old fogey. she struggles to stay in his bed reminding him he said she could lay on his arm but he yanks on her legs saying did you believe that? He leaves her outside his door as she begs to take out the option of sleeping on his arm. she begs through the door for him to open up. I wont leave here till you open up. he just sits and listens to a cd of franz conducting

franz starts to tear up the polaroid of N and YJ playing next to her but has a change of heart and only cuts YJ out of the pic

when YJ tries to leave the next morning he finds out she slept outside his door. he tells her to wake up but she only coughs. now she has a cold. but she says see – I knew you would open up right away

kang asks the arrival date for franz so they can prepare a welcome event at the airport. MH says how franz doesnt like media attention so there is no need to prepare a welcoming. Kang knows he avoids the media so there is hardly any photos of him but wonders if there is another reason to keep the arrival date a secret. she finally admits the truth that the maestro already arrived in korea

Kang gets a call and says that guy showed up

MH is on the phone and asks are you sure franz came to our school

franz is taking photos of the kids again and gets caught by kang. he calls franz a pervert for taking photos of female students and guards restrain franz. he says there is a misunderstanding but kang hits him with the fan again. MH runs over and makes them let go of him. she introduces franz to them

franz and MH catch up. she remarks how it’s been 7 years since they met. he says she looks beautiful as always. she says he is cool as always. kang apologizes to franz. franz says it’s ok – just a misunderstanding. I already forgot about it. she asks why he took photos. franz says cuz of work I had to do and looks at kang so she asks him to leave.

YJ piggy backs N and repeats how he told her to go to the hospital first but she says no. IR’s test is first. if he fails again he will be cut. YJ scolds her saying she should have taken better care of herself. she says I thought you would come out right away. he warns her to keep her face away from him before he tosses her.  a drum rolls towards them and he stops it. the jealous kid rolled the drums on purpose

내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-15-03]

YJ hands over N’s body to  IR saying take her. IR: why give her to me – what am I to do with her? he asks her – can you move your fingers?  she whispers into his ears so IR says – she said she would get better right away if someone kissed her. she puckers up so YJ says to IR: you should stop talking midway before you say something like that. IR puts her down on the sofa saying I will go crazy. IR asks if she can play. YJ says in her state she cant sit in front of the piano. IR asks then what do I do – give up on the test? since she cant accompany IR for his test YJ offers to step in to replace her since he bears some responsibility

Kang hears students saying how YJ is going to accompany IR on the violin so kids are gathered to watch. kang mutters that rude kid is going to accompany?

Kang and Ahn sit in the back of the hall to watch. kang asks what brings Ahn here. ahn says to watch my pupil. what about you. kang just looks over at franz and MH and remembers what the girl in administration said – that YJ requested a department transfer form. kang thinks the other two are here to confirm YJ’s ability

YJ is memorizing the music. IR is told her will be on in ten mins. he is nervous but YJ tells him to do some mind control. IR is about to leave the room so YJ asks where are you going – it’s almost time to start. IR retorts – to take a dump.  IR starts to get up so YJ asks where are you going. she wants to get a seat since they are going on next. but YJ makes her sit back down saying she can hear well from here too. she wants to go close and see and hear him play the piano

in the bathroom IR mutters I don’t have ability and insults YJ. kang compliments IR saying I heard you play before and I still remember your fervor/enthusiasm more than technique – today too I can count on an unique performance right?  IR: thank you. kang points out since YJ is the pianist – the piano should be a base but what if it shines through more. IR: it wont.  this is my test. kang: the star of today’s performance is the violinist -I look forward to your performance.

Kang walks out muttering how low he is being

내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-49-27]

YJ sits at the piano and wonders why they have such a large audience. YJ gives tips to IR- forget the technique and just focus on the sound of my piano then it will be ok. IR doesn’t trust him and thinks YJ will steal his thunder.  they begin and YJ narrates about Beethoven’s violin sonata 5. there is a title that people made for it and not the composer -“spring.” among the violin sonatas it’s the brightest/cheerful and beautiful and makes you recall a warm spring.  YJ is trying to mentally coach IR along saying “wait – this is spring” but IR doesn’t go along. N says it’s suppose to be a spring day but it’s a storm. Kang remarks that YJ is trying to pace it and wont learn to conduct others. YJ says I will match you so listen to the sound of my piano. IR says YJ is conducting me and arrives when I want him to. YJ understands what I am feeling. we are doing it together. N says thank goodness YJ brought along spring.

YJ carries N back to the waiting room and stops her on the couch. IR says it must be nice to be best at violin, piano, or anything you want. YJ: obviously – since I work at it to do that much. I started the piano and violin when I was 3. until I came to college I practiced the violin. did you do that much? don’t put down other’s effort.  suddenly IR hugs him and thanks him. he offers to admit they are best friends from now on. YJ: I don’t want to. IR: don’t worry you have plenty of right to be my friend. YJ turns him down and N tries to pull IR away from YJ. so YJ pushes both of them away saying what are these fools.

Kang admits to Ahn that YJ changed a lot and the performance was good.

IR goes to his dad and says how he played the best today. his dad is proud of him. IR says I will really do violin now – doing my best and play a lot at the art hall (one day)

there is a line of polaroid of the kids franz took photos of. MH says we already have an orchestra. franz talks about a special kind of orchestra – sensational -one that moves a person’s heart. isnt that the kind of orchestra you wanted? those are the students I found that will work with me. she asks if these students are orchestra material. first one is a photo of N. MH: including piano? franz says that student is the orchestra’s mascot. the inspiration/muse for the maestro. you can achieve your dream Minha. she asks how can I help

kids in the original orchestra talk about franz choosing kids to be in another orchestra. that’s why the kid who was going to study in Germany with viera isn’t going anymore. kids who have been selected will be contacted via texts today. he seems confident he will be chosen. they wonder if the original orchestra will be disbanded. but the other kid says does that make sense. where are there other kids with more talent than us. the conductor kid thinks they might just end up moving over to the new one.  one kid already got the text so the conductor one looks worried.

내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-14-59]

N gets a text about being accepted into the orchestra and told where to come. YJ is surprised she made the cut cuz she is piano. he thinks maybe his phone is broken so that’s why he wasnt accepted. what to do if it’s broken – that’s why I wasn’t contacted.  she texts him instead that his phone works and it annoys him so he yells I don’t need your text

the new orchestra members gather. YJ walks ahead as N chases after him asking him to go together

Kang invites franz to a meal. franz hands over paperwork and tells kang to take care of it. franz says I hate people who don’t obey MH and not take care of the paperwork. Kang doesnt want to be hated and says I will take care of it right away. the paperwork is for YJ’s transfer into the conducting department. Kang says aloud that YJ is cha dong’s son so franz takes note of that and reacts to hearing YJ is cha dong’s son.

IR cant believe they are all gathered here cuz of franz . he asks N to pinch him to see if this is a dream. N asks if franz is that famous.  IR says of course he is famous. my dad really likes him. YJ asks why N is here since she is a piano major. she asks why IR is next to her cuz it’s annoying.

내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-31-10]내일도 칸타빌레.E02.141014.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-35-22]

MH tells them I have someone to introduce to all of you. I think all of you knew and came. she introduces and then welcome franz. N calls him Maeil and waves while YJ is shocked. IR thinks franz looks average. franz says it’s nice to meet all of you. he says how MH asked him to be the conductor for this school’s orchestra. student says franz speaks korean well so IR remarks he was adopted. franz continues and says he wants to make a special orchestra with them. from this moment on -all of you are S’s orchestra.   then he holds up the transfer paperwork for YJ.  that YJ wants to transfer departments. N says that YJ cant transfer. then they wont have a senior-  junior relationship. franz tears up the paperwork and throws it. YJ stands up and franz says – I promise that while I am in charge of this department at this school – I will make sure that YJ never enters the conducting department.



YJ: it shouldnt have been this old fogey -at best

MH says trust him – he is the great maestro

N: of course it’s love – don’t talk nonsense. she kicks IR

YJ has to keep getting clingy IR and N from hanging on his arms and shakes them off

IR wonders if YJ is transferring or not

franz keeps tearing up the paperwork as YJ hands it to him

YJ: I want to learn to conduct
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    You all can try reading the recap over at dramabeans too. It seems they like the drama quite well 🙂


  5. moonflower says:

    I wanted to like this show but I just couldn’t get past the first twenty minutes. I get what you mean.


  6. Huong says:

    Naeil character is the way she is in the manga as quirky and weird. To get a better grasp of this, I would definitely suggest the manga since this drama is an adaptation of the manga; not a remake of the jdorama.

    Naeil character is hard to understand in here because with Yoo jim you understand his drive that he want to be a conductor and see his character depth but with Naeil it is harder because she’s a carefree quirky person who can come off as weird and at this point would make viewer wonder what her purpose in the drama if one has not read the manga .. she enjoy music and playing the piano but in her own way .. the drama is about two people who encounter binds them together and through each other they were able to achieve their dreams of conducting and the other of truly loving the classical music and the musician world


    • chikoku says:

      i watch almost every korean remake of many popular dramas (meteor garden,itazura na kiss,fated to love you, and now nodame cantabile).So far, i am satisfiy, even when it has flaw, i can accept it. But for this remake, i just really disappointed. It is an adaptation from manga, yes. But, we cant avoid to compare the drama adaptation (the original and remake one). I gave up at second episode just like Softy. I couldnt bear the noisy from Naeil and stressman’s attitude. I keep feel annoyed

      In japan version, even nodame is weird, have her own world,but i cant feel annoyed by her attitude. i just find her so cute and wise sometimes And i just feel so right that Chiaki cant help but falling in love to her.

      With a heart breaking, i must stop watching this version. Maybe i will have some peek at the final episode..


  7. nonski says:

    hello softy! thank you so much for the recap. i wasn’t able to watch the show since i was on a training. i actually forgot about it until i had to check in my plaine ticket online and when i retrieve my e-boarding pass from my email and saw your recap.

    i do hope you will like this drama. have no impressions on it yet. it’s been quite some time since we last saw a joowon drama and i am missing joowon. and your drama thoughts.


  8. skelly says:

    I totally understand your decision not to continue with recaps of this show. I also really wanted to like it. I have loved classical music and played it all my life, I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile, and I thought they had assembled a good cast. I am so dismayed that they have gone so far astray. It’s not that Naeil is weird – she should be – but the rest of the cast is boringly normal (wrong) and she obsesses about Joo Won to the exclusion of all else (wrong) and she does not clearly show what it is about her that makes her special and powerful (wrong). The sets are lovely, the acting talent is there, but I do not things the writer/director staff really understand the premise of the story, at all.


  9. SH says:

    Softy, have you seen Misaeng? I think you’ll love that show 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I watched the first episode and was so surprised by how good it was. I wasn’t able to watch E2 or the rest yet, but I have them downloaded so hopefully I can catch up soon. 🙂


  10. Marie67 says:

    Hi Softy,

    It’s been a long time and like you I am so picky nowadays with drama’s. But this one did catch my interest, it’s really good! I am talking about Pride and Prejudice with Choi Jin Hyuk, maybe you should give that one a go? I really would like your insights on that drama, it has everything: good story, chemistry (loooots of it), romance, good acting, humor and suspense.

    Take care 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I love Choi Jin Hyuk so I saw like ten minutes of the first episode, but didn’t get to finish the rest. I ran out of time. I will reply back after I catch up. 🙂


      • OUAFA says:

        Hi Softy , how have you been
        i was waiting for your work on any upcoming drama , there are really really some good drama starting now (Pride & Prejudice – Pinocchio – the birth of a beauty – Mr baek ) they are all good trust me , i’ve been addicted to your blog since Flower boy Next Door and i think you will enjoy all the upcoming drama because they’re good , i hope also that you will recap one of them ,
        always behind you , Fighting .


    • flo says:

      me too. i’m so picky with kdramas these days too. and i have to say i watched pride and Prejudice as well..i love it so far, but not addicted yet.i hope it will be good till finish.
      about Neil Cantabile,,as i said before,,i didnt like the story, it’s not my taste, it’s nothing wrong with JW, i just i cant connect with the characters, and with tears in my eyes, i dropped this drama in ep 1.
      btw i’m so looking forward with Hyunbin’s new drama next year with Han ji Min, and just heard their names together i starting to love this couple already.


  11. flo says:

    dear Softy, i havent watched Blade man it good ?. i’m quite liking Lee dong wook, but i cant stand with his female lead, after i read your thought i think i will try to watch it..and because you said Misaeng is good , i will try it too..arghh i need the very good k-dramas so badly nowadays.
    ps : there is one -act drama festival in MBC,the title is Old Goodbye played by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara ( yes. i love this couple so much ) and the teaser is soo good..will be airing Nov 9, 12.05 am KST .


    • raindrops1 says:

      Hi flo & Softy,
      I’m also watching both Blade Man & Misaeng. Happy to report that I’m enjoying both. I would say with Blade Man that if you see the 1st ep & get put off by the actions of then lead don’t let that stop you from continuing on because it gets better from ep 2. Prior to starting the drama I heard negative reaction of the acting of the female lead. I have never seen her in anything else but I think she is doing a good job. There is an development & evolution of then lead & the show gives it characters layers where they don’t come across as one dimentional. Everytimr the male lead tells the female lead to hug him, palli, pall I smile.
      Misaeng is soo good! It’s very realistic of office life, what a newbie goes through, office politics. I think that if you’ve ever been on the job hunt trying desperately to get hired, starting a job where you don’t know how you fit in, have dealt with the frustrations of office politics, office dynamic than you will relate to what you see. I would say that most of can. I would recommend watching something lighter at the same time because light is not what Missing is so having a show that counter balances it’s intensity is good.
      I also feel that I’m more picky about what I watch. I have to love it, root & fall in love with the characters. Life is too short to stick with a kdrama I don’t like.
      Softy, are there any upcoming dramas that you are looking forward to?

      Liked by 1 person

  12. A says:

    Hi Softy,

    I’ve been a big fan of your blog and alway admire your insight into the dramas’ representations and meanings. They seemed to mirror what I think when watching the dramas you recapped (and more) and it’s a pleasure reading what you have to say after each episode. It’s always something deep and meaningful which I like.

    Having said that, I know that you stopped watching Tomorrow Cantabile’s after two episodes, but if you have time, please consider finish watching it! I know you are probably busy and will be going on recapping other dramas, but I think this drama is something you will end up enjoying.

    Although the drama started off being a bit unrealistic, it slowly gathered its momentum through strong character development for everyone in the drama, not just the main characters. Its a story about growing up, learning from faults, accepting others and realising your dream. This drama had me laughing and crying. Each episode had me glowing in happiness knowing each of them is going on a difficult journey but they’re willing to risk it. And what they end up with is rewarding.

    So I am here, recommending you to watch this drama despite all its flaws which many people found. It is totally a unique drama on its own and brought in something fresh and real (which is missing from its Japanese predecessor). I believe it is something you will like, because I enjoyed it so much 🙂


  13. Athena says:

    Hi, Softy, I know how much you like Joo won and was going to ask you to give this drama another chance as well. The drama really got better; the tone changed from how it was in the first few episodes. I came to love it so much, the story, the characters, the cinematography, how classical music was used in the drama.

    Joo won was really amazing here. To quote javabeans (from the Comments section of Episode 16 (final) of Tomorrow Cantabile): “And okay, also Joo-won. It’s no surprise that he would knock it out of the park yet again with another strongly realized take on a character, and yet, I’m always surprised when he manages to do it again. Not all of his projects have been winners, but he always makes me feel, and I’m not sure that this drama would have been nearly as enjoyable without him in it. Still, no man is an island, and no one person can take credit for a whole show. So I’ll file Cantabile Tomorrow away as an unexpected pleasant surprise and probably come back to it on cold rainy days when the heart could use a bit of warming.”


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