It’s Okay, It’s Love E15

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At this final lap of the drama, I expected to cry, but I never imagined it would be over a character that didn’t exist in the reality of this show. KW was always in the background – someone JY could use to redeem himself for his past inaction of not being strong enough to save himself and his mom from all the beatings, but also his wrong action of sacrificing his brother for the sake of his mom. KW’s existence might have stemmed from a manifestation of JY’s guilt, but KW also came from a place of love. JY sincerely cared for him and in return so did KW. Despite what their friendship cost JY and his sanity, letting go of the part of yourself that you care about more than life itself has to be the toughest thing for JY to do. That’s why I’m so glad the bravery to let KW go came from not just HS, but also KW and JB. I don’t know what the final episode has in store for us tm, but I feel like this drama already gave me a satisfying resolution.


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Written before it aired:

During that scene in the bathroom when HS confided in Dr. Lee that JY is sleeping in a bed and not a bathtub, HS broke down in tears for so many reasons.  Thinking like a doctor, she realized it would be the opportune time for the ambulance to arrive and sedate him. As his girlfriend though, she didn’t want to take advantage of such a precious moment. It’s like a drop in the bucket compared to the bigger issues JY has to grapple with, but for HS it was still a celebratory moment she couldn’t enjoy. She had been hoping that he could progress and learn to sleep on a bed if she was there with him and it worked, but the timing was wrong – neither one got to relish in the fact that JY had crossed a big hurdle by sleeping on that bed. It’s one thing to hope to make a difference in someone’s life, but when it comes true, it’s only human nature to want to hold onto such a small accomplishment if all you have to look forward to is a sea of uncertainties.


Starts from HS saying: even if I go out dont call me. that way I can come again to you. she gets up and he calls out her name in a whisper but she leaves -he is alone with KW. after she is gone he says her name again. she cries outside his door.

Lee reports to Jo what HS did -breaking the rule and visiting JY and it was reported to the disciplinary committee. other doctors think HS impeded in the patient’s treatment through her impulsive emotional decision. until the results of the disciplinary action comes out, she has been suspended (can’t treat patients) and can only act as a guide for residents. so Jo decides to let JY’s family visit him. like when you have to jump off a cliff –  if you cant avoid it forever, you have to meet it head on. Lee asks if JB is getting along with his mom.   Jo says it’s been about a week and I haven’t heard much. Lee thinks that means he is doing well. Jo says I told you – JB is a kid who needs the love of his mom. Lee says then before the mom visits, let’s let JY’s hyung visit first

JY takes his meds and opens his mouth so the nurse can check he swallowed.

JB hands over his personal items but Lee  isn’t taking any chances and tells the male orderly to strip search JB in another room. JB asks why she is so pretty – are you by any chance an angel

JB is led away as Lee gives instructions to the nurse saying how there might be a ruckus – even if there is a loud sound – unless it’s more than punching -just wait and don’t go inside.  posts guards outside

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JB tells JY – so mom is the culprit. so what is your thought. as payment/recompense for being unfairly imprisoned for 14 yrs -you wanted me to take the money and get lost. JY says I am really really sorry hyung. JB punches him and then kicks him repeatedly asking what are you sorry for. tell me. are you sorry for not telling the prosecutor “instead of my hyung my mom killed him”? what are you sorry for?  nurse calls for the guards. as JB is held back, he says “since I was already a bastard -if I knew mom killed him-I would be happy and tell the prosecutor “it was my mom – take my mom away” you thought I would be crazy enough to say while getting beaten repeatedly, my mom went crazy and killed a person. you crazy petty guy. JY just lies on the ground as JB says “are you the only one who came out of mom’s stomach. I came out of mom’s stomach too.” he tells the orderly to wipe the blood on JY and walks out

[*I always loved this about JB – he may inflict pain and bodily harm, but he always makes some small gesture to make it up to JY. He left him his sneakers as a teen after beating up JY and today he told the orderly to wipe JY’s blood. I felt JB was justified this time in beating up JY cuz JY didn’t have faith in his brother when it counted the most. JY chose not to tell JB the truth about their mom being the culprit and it cost both brothers all that unnecessary pain over the years. That was so wrong. JB was right – he is her son too and he would have willingly gone along with the plan to protect her  – just as quickly as he was planning to take the fall for his little brother when he thought JY was the culprit. By perjuring himself on the stand and accusing his older brother of the crime, JY robbed JB’s right to step up as a son and do the right thing. ]

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Lee runs in to see JY on the ground. he says just leave me alone for a little while- just like this for a while. Lee gives him time and tells the others to leave. she wipe his lip and says I will be outside and after ten mins I will call the nurse. she leaves. KW watches him so JY says you are fake- you don’t exist

HS runs over as Lee reports to Jo over the phone that JY didnt get hurt much thank goodness. Jo asks how JY’s mental state was. Lee says as we expected. I don’t know if it’s cuz he got the beating from his hyung that he wanted to get all his life but he looked really at peace. JY seems like a strong person. I saw him fall asleep just now and came out. HS listens to all that and holds Lee’s hand out of gratitude and leaves. Lee says I think it was good to let them meet. Jo says thank goodness – he solved a really big homework.

they watch JB eat. T tells the mom that JB is eating well. she says JB has been like that after meeting JY. T asks if that means JB is over his anger at JY cuz yesterday he asked me when JY will get discharged. the mom asks he did? she smiles looking at JB

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HS watches JY from afar. she says he must have gone for a walk at night – he looks well. my boyfriend is really handsome.  JY sees her watching him in a reflection and then leaving.

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at night HS watches JY sleep through the door window and the doctor tells her she cant do this. he is worried that if the disciplinary committee find out she is doing this, they might restrict her from treating patients entirely. she says ok I am sorry, I will leave. JY wasn’t sleeping and opens his eyes after she is gone.

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His mom visits and JY smiles at her. she says my son looks well. he asks did hyung say anything to you? she says no he didn’t but after meeting you he eats well and looks comfortable. JY: mom I don’t see KW anymore these days. she says I heard cuz professor Lee called. JY: KW really seems to be fake. I took meds regularly and for a week I didn’t see him once. she says I heard you were taking meds well.  you are good. He notices his guard is distracted helping another patient so JY sits up and says I want to be discharged mom. she says he cant.  when I told HS that I was coming to meet you today, she texted me and said that you couldn’t be discharged no matter what. JY: I will go to you mom and you can watch over me 24 hrs. then it’s ok right? she doesn’t want to hear of it and says if you are going to say stuff like that I will leave, but he holds her hand and explains how HS is getting suspended  cuz of him. HS is a doctor but cuz of me she cant see patients. mom sometimes every once in a while HS comes to see me outside my room at night and cries leaving. I pretend to sleep but I know it all. It’s hard acting like I don’t know. the mom says I will tell HS not to go to your room but he says no if she doesn’t I will wait so don’t do that. she is poor and her dad is sick. she has a lot of debt and her dream is to be a professor. They say my condition doesn’t get cured easily mom. He looks over at KW and cries saying my illness could come back and I have to take meds for the rest of my life. his mom says I know. all you have to do is take your meds well but he says don’t be greedy mom. a person shouldn’t do that. I want to do it alone. no – together with you mom and leave HS here.  mom so that I dont get embarrassed anymore in front of the person I love, take me out of here. also trust me. Like I always did, I will stand on my own. they hug and he promises to take meds well. for real. I will take my meds well. if I see KW again you can take me to another hospital. let’s go now mom

Lee chases after the mom and saying like always JY still thinks KW exists. until he knows by himself that KW really doesn’t exist, he has not been treated so trust us and…  the mom interrupts and says I will make sure he takes his meds well. Lee explains meds aren’t enough. the reason we brought him here is to reduce his dependency on meds and later on when he is normal- for the sake of him being able to write.  but the mom says for the first time we have the chance to live like a family again – the 3 of us. our family will commit and try to endure. thank you. she bows and leaves

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JY sits in her office. HS cries and says to JY – dont go but he says no matter what you say – I am going. she asks why are you so cruel to me. JY: when HJ fell into the water, I remember YJ whose heart was aching. next to my side, I cant let that happen to you. HS: all you need are treatments.  if you love me – please..but he cuts her off and says to you – love is being able to let your heart down (being open), be able to show your weakness, not showing off, and be dependent on one another, but that’s not me. when I was young and got beaten with my mom by my stepdad I swore I wouldn’t be pathetic in front of anyone. even though I look like the bad guy – it cant be helped. that’s how I lived. that’s what is comfortable. if it’s more comfortable for you to think I don’t love you as much – please just think that way. this means I will do this my way no matter what. she asks what can I do to hold onto you. he kisses her and looks into her eyes saying if you practice farewells- later on it’s bearable. believe it. he leaves as she cries out his name sobbing

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as they go home JY remembers what HS said – you have to believe me – KW is a hallucination. I am real. differentiating between reality and fantasy – it’s not a doctor – it’s you. JY looks out the window at KW riding next to him and says what the hell are you KW?

HS gets home and SK hugs her. she goes to her room

at his mom’s place, JY stares at photos of HS on his camera. he watches KW watering the lawn

HS has a meeting and Lee wont let her see patients for two months as penalty for her actions.

Lee goes to check on HS and also gives her articles to put to order. Lee asks how she feels about the suspension and wonders why HS isn’t angry about it but HS has something else she is more interested in.  what to do to make JY come back to the reality she lives in and not the imaginative state KW lives in. just that one thing. Lee pats her shoulder and leaves.

the Jang family are together. his mom brings his meds to take so JY swallows the pills and opens his mouth so his mom can check. she gets a call from T and says is that so? I will tell him. she says how well JY’s books are selling these days. JB says maybe it’s fun buying books written by a crazy guy. she says how HS hasn’t called at all these days. JY says I am going for a walk so his mom checks to make sure his phone has the GPS locator programmed in. JB complains of being hot so his mom offers to bathe his back

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JY rides his bike and gets a text from HS saying I heard you are taking your meds well from YJ sunbae. aside from missing you I am well. Jo and SK surprise visit JY. Jo asks have you been well and high fives JY. SK is about to high five too but misses and accidentally slaps Jo. they all laugh about it.

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JB complains cuz his mom is scrubbing his back too hard. he asks her to scrub more lightly. she says to endure it for a short time and I will finish quickly. he loses his patience and yells out –  am I dirty? why keep cleaning? all day long you clean and wash the cleaning rag. is the whole world dirty? are you the only one who is clean? she replies –  it’s cuz JY and I fell into a poop cistern. maybe something happened to my brain but everything seems dirty and it smells and I cant sleep in a room with the door closed.  JB: you fell into a poop cistern with JY? why did you fall in?  she sits and tries to recall when that happened. from morning on I was beaten by the man we lived with so after running away in the neighborhood -the only place I could hide in was the public outhouse by the mountain overnight. I really thought I would die (from the filth) so I had to get out, but right then I heard that man’s voice again and JY came in. flashback shows that just when he was about to jump in JY saw her and said “mom” silently.  she says the way JY looked at me then. afterwards JY and I went to the river to wash up. I wanted to cry but JY said isnt it funny how we fell into a poop cistern mom. so I laughed too and we played in the water. [that’s the scene JB witnessed with so much envy from the bridge.] she says that’s when it started. JY slept in the bathroom and I couldn’t sleep in a room with the door closed. these days I often think of that suddenly. back then maybe the two of us should have held onto each other and cried. JY being sick -maybe it’s cuz he didn’t cry back then and it made him sick.  JB is moved by the story and resumes his position and tells her to clean him. she checks his scalp and says your black hair is coming back. this is so amazing. you have black hair. he says just wash my back. she says hold still – it’s refreshing huh cuz mom is doing it

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SK is splashing water on himself saying how cool it is. Jo says how SK is a cute kid. Jo asks if JY is eating well. JY says I sleep well too. Jo tells him how HS has been suspended at the hospital. you probably aren’t curious about the woman you broke up with cuz of her personality but she was suspended for visiting you. cuz of love she broke the rules as a doctor. if she told you she was doing well that’s a lie. she cant be well. JY changes the subject and says I heard from SK that your wife was coming back from America. Jo says watching you and HS love  – I suddenly wanted to love so if my wife didn’t come I thought I would have an affair so we decided to go back and forth to see each other. I am a grown adult in puberty who needs love. you are too. don’t be cocky and get help from HS.  get treatments at the hospital and meet HS. you still sees KW these days. if you didn’t see him there wouldn’t be a reason for you not to go and seek out HS. JY gets up and tells him to go safely. Jo says I will come again. Jo says let’s go SK. SK goes over and kisses JY on the cheek and thanks him for making him café manager. JY jokes do you have a habit of kissing already cuz you kiss S so much. SK smiles and says bingo. JY grins and pats him telling him to go. SK calls out hyung. HS noona, DM hyung, and I are real and KW is fake. we are all waiting for you hyung. if you don’t come back I will take back calling you hyung. I will be going.

HS is on the phone with her sister. HS asks why did mom put up a store for sell when it’s doing well. the sister says mom will give you the money when the store sells and you can pay back doctor Jo. the  mom gets on the phone and says with the rest of the money you can go on a trip or go study abroad -leave this place. HS says I cant go study abroad or go on a trip. I have to prepare papers for professor Lee. the mom doesn’t buy it and says to write someone else’s paper -is that why you became a doctor? you cant even see patients cuz of your suspension. I will either sell the store or the home so go study abroad. she hangs up on HS.

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JY is riding his bike when HS calls him. he says hi but she hangs up after saying it’s me HS. he resumes biking. she calls him back. he answers saying “why?” she says it’s been over a week since you left me. how do you feel after throwing me away. does your heart feel comfortable? I feel uncomfortable. she hangs up and calls again and he says her name but she hangs up again.

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JY calls her back and asks why are you doing this. HS says on the day the accident with your stepfather happened DM sunbae  understands that you couldnt help but make that choice but no – on that day you did something really wrong. for not consulting with the older brother who trusted you and your lawyer.  this time too you are doing something really wrong. throwing me away and leaving. rejecting my help. now when this call ends – even if I die – I wont ever call you again. like you – if I say I will do it – I do it. if you keep insisting KW is real –  we have to break up like this. listen well to what I say. when I hang up you will probably see KW again. {KW rides over to him as JY listens to HS on the line]  in front of your eyes, look at KW directly and find out he is an illusion and *contradiction. only then we can meet again. JY: KW exists HS. she says when you see KW recall the moments when you and I loved. when I touched you. when you touched me. when I laughed and cried in your arms- those moments are the only things that are real. JY says KW exists but I dont know why you are saying he doesn’t. I don’t know what is an illusion or contradiction. I cant seem to find it. she says you can find it. you can find it. look directly at KW in front of you. from his head to his feet -very very slowly – stop your breath – slowly -all hallucination/vision have a contradiction.  if you look carefully you will find that contradiction. that’s how most patients find it so you can too. when you find that he is an illusion and a contradiction then come to me. I will wait for you. I love you a lot. JY stares as KW rides over to him. JY says you are fake. what HS said is correct. KW says really? then like Dr. Jo said I am you? I am me – how could I be you? I couldn’t be you –  we look so different. JY tries to leave but KW stops him and says people are lying. like when you were beaten and they all acted like they didn’t know about it. people have no interest in a kid like me. even when they see me they act like they didn’t.  he keeps trying to convince JY but JY remembers what HS just said – when I hang up you will probably see KW again. look directly at KW in front of you. from his head to his feet -very very slowly – stop your breath – slowly. JY stares at KW’s bloody bare feet as HS’s voice says in his head – all hallucinations have a contradiction.  you can see clearly.  if you look carefully you will find that contradiction. KW says don’t act like you don’t know me. JY asks you and I – how many years has it been since we met. KW: 3 yrs. JY asks what grade are you in. KW says high school second year. JY recalls the first time he met KW -when JY asked him “who are you?” and KW said your fan Han KW. high school second year. JY cries and realizes KW isnt real cuz he is still in the same grade from 3 years ago. KW stops smiling. JY rides away from KW and he calls out to JY as he follows him. JY looks in his side mirror and notes KW’s bare feet

*I got this off the website: In modifying delusional beliefs, you are suppose to gently introduce the contradiction and set it against the delusion. a way to do this is to ask questions about the contradictory evidence and delusion close together so the patient becomes aware of the contradiction without it being specifically pointed out. The advantage of doing it this way is that the patient discovers the contradiction for themselves and avoids the situation of being proved wrong by someone else.

HS calls T and tells him to look at the GPS locator for JY and follow JY this instant

HS waits for the bus and gets on

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JY rides his bike and remembers what HS said she “when you see KW recall the moments when you and I loved. when I touched you. when you touched me. when I laughed and cried in your arms. those moments are the only things that are real.”a car comes over so JY swerves and falls off his bike. he remembers that night of the accident. he recalls all the moments he saw KW and how he was barefoot and bloody. his happy moments running with KW. how KW was always barefoot in every recollection.  then JY turns and remembers his younger self running away barefoot and bloody. JY turns the other way and imagines KW running barefoot and bloody. both memories of himself when he was young and KW merge into one. JY just stands there and cries realizing KW isn’t real

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HS is outside her home calling and waiting. she goes up the steps and through the gate. right behind her JY shows up out of breath. he falls and she hugs him. he says “behind me KW…HS…KW is fake. he couldn’t be me but that kid is me.” she cries and hugs him again. KW stares up at them. JY says help me. she praises him and says you did well. now it’s ok.

his mom packs JY’s stuff while crying as JB comes over and hands her those rice roses saying -while I was in prison – saving up the rice I wanted to eat, I made it from rice. keep that and don’t cry. she looks over at him speechless so he repeats how Jo said this time when JY goes to the hospital he will get well for sure. so dont cry. she holds back her sobs.

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Jo is preparing a shot for JY when SK comes over. he tells JY to smile and takes their photo. JY tells him -aren’t you going to call me hyung. SK says I’m going to brag I took a photo with  a famous writer.  JY tells on him and says HS – he wont call me hyung. HS calls SK rude and pretends to scold him saying should I beat you once? SK says if you beat me I will repay it two times over. Jo calls them children. Jo gives JY the shot and says you will get drowsy now so sleep. SK let’s go out. SK says I dont want to. I am going to sleep here. Jo hits him and tells him to obey. SK reaches over and kisses HS on the cheek so she says my body is taken.  JY says to Jo -I dont want to see him. Jo says I am sorry but i like SK more than you. Jo tells JY and HS not to make trouble (as in sleep together). SK teases he will eavesdrop. Jo makes SK leave so only HS and JY are left. she covers him and gets in bed with him saying let’s sleep. JY looks over to the side so she looks and says so you see KW. JY: like you said KW is over there. HS says you are doing well. let’s sleep. JY watches KW reading over at the desk

at the cafe HS meets with her brother in law. he is asking her to settle things here (as in break up with JY) and come home. he came so her sister and mom didnt have to come and make things loud. what you hated – I stopped drinking. try to notice your family making an effort. after he leaves HS walks away.  as she passes by S tells HS to have strength. SK asks S – what’s up – you are being so warm. S says cuz you might leave me. I am going to obey you well so don’t throw me away. got that? SK grins.

Jo says it’s time to send KW off now. isn’t it? JY agrees. Jo: when you were 16 and had no choice but to accuse your brother of being the criminal – you have to understand yourself for doing that so that now you can send KW off. aside from whether you did right or wrong, if you can’t understand what you did at 16, KW will show up again. JY says I will try. Jo tells him to come out and leaves. JY gets a text from HS’s mom – please I am asking you as a favor –  don’t hold onto our HS  – even if you are sick I want to believe you arent that selfish.

T waits below

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HS sees JY off and says you know I want to go with you to the hospital but we have to go separately – you know that right? JY: yes. HS: also even if we meet at the hospital, we have to pretend we don’t know each other – you know that right?  JY says a doctor who has been suspended – I wont let you get fired too.  she kisses him and says how much she likes him. HS: when you meet KW today please be sure to tell him. during all this time – for watching over him when my boyfriend was really lonely -that I am very grateful. now that I am here by your side – please go comfortably. JY agrees to relay that. she hugs him. she has a present for KW in the car and says give it to him well. go first. he walks off as she watches

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JY is at the hospital hanging out with other patients watching tv. nurse comes in and tells them to go to their separate rooms. he goes to his room and sees KW sitting there barefoot on his bed. JY stares at his bloody and dirty feet and says KW – let’s wash your feet. he gets water and washes KW’s feet. JY puts on socks and sneakers for KW as he watches with tears welling up. JY ties his shoelace and says my girlfriend chose presents really well. He stands and looks down at him. KW looks up and smiles and says “writernim – should I not come anymore?” Through his tears, JY tries to keep smiling.


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* I honestly don’t know who to be more proud of – JB for forgiving his younger brother and making peace with his mom, HS for not letting JY go, JY for doing his best to realize KW isn’t real, and KW for letting JY go.

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All this time JY was trying to protect KW, keep him safe, and never let him feel alone, but tonight it was KW’s turn. He was always on the receiving end of JY’s kindness, but when he asked if he shouldn’t come around anymore, it was like letting go of that invisible rope that tied the camel to the tree. JY’s subconscious was saying to KW “It’s enough now – there is no more for you to do anymore. Let me go.” KW let go cuz JY can stand on his own now. He has faced his brother and took the last beating he will ever feel like he deserved to take from JB. KW knows this now. By existing only for JY through the years, KW has proved his worth. He helped JY cope with the guilt of imprisoning his older brother and allowed JY to lead a productive life despite his burden of guilt. The only thing left that KW can do for his protector, friend, and writer is to let JY go so he can live out his life in peace with HS. KW knew he was holding JY back by continuing to show up for him so he did the only thing he could and offered not to come anymore. I think my flood of tears came from that brave act of sacrifice – giving up his existence so his dear friend can finally be whole made it seem like everything came full circle. What was created from guilt was returned with love.




9 comments on “It’s Okay, It’s Love E15

  1. grapefruit7 says:

    thanks softy! see u again tomorrow 😉


  2. YenP says:

    You’re awesome! How can you type all such things while still watching?


  3. shl says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you so very much for your blood, sweat and tears in providing live recaps. This drama has moved me in many ways, and you have greatly enhanced the experience! I especially appreciate how you express the significance of words, gestures and expressions.

    Thank you, thank you 🙂


  4. readlead says:

    I’ve been cried so badly while watching it and now reading your recap, I cry again…. whoa, so many wonderful thing happen though all the foot’s scenes truly broke my heart… and the last scene, oh god…. what I can say more for writer Noh, IOIL is one of heartbreaking drama ever! and every ep just keep getting better!

    see you again tomo night softy, thank you so much for incredible fast recap tonight! and also will check again tomo for complete recap! 😀


  5. drmjs says:

    Thanks Softy. As always, I enjoy reading you’re thoughts.

    I was curious as to how JY would develop insight into his illness, this episode showed us how…through his love for HS. JY finally realized KW wasn’t real, his insight even went as far as acknowledging that KW morphologically represented his young self. Developing insight is the first thing a psychiatric patient needs in order to accept treatment.

    So KW was his subconscious’ way of explaining his past action. His way of coping with the guilt – fear (of JB’s retaliation) complex. When he came into terms with where he went wrong in his tragic past, it was time for him to let KW go.

    I like how they made use of symbolism. Particularly KW’s bloodied feet. It was one of the reasons that made JY realize KW was unreal, in the last scene, which was so poignant, treating them with care and giving him shoes was JY’s way of showing him gratitude before finally saying goodbye. It was really apt.


  6. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you for this recap. I knew I was going to cry that is why I came to read your post first to prepare myself before I watch the episode raw first and then with subtitles. I can not type with tears in my eyes;therefore, I am so thankful for all your work because I can feel the emotions of the characters from reading your post. I might just wait a little while before I go and watch this episode do not want to end up with a headache from all the crying.


  7. anmol mohan says:

    hi softy.
    i am anmol from India and i am a big fan of your recaps.your writing has made me fall in love with so many shows like i hear your voice,moon that embraces the sun,its okay its love and you from another star which is like my favorite one you have said earlier you are not sure which drama to recap after this,i would like to make a small request to you which is if its okay how about she is so lovable starring rain and Krystal,the teasers are out and they look quite friends and i would be really happy if you would pick it up.
    thanks a bunch and lots of love to you.


  8. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    I hope you are well. Thank you for each recap, they are always so full of detail. When I read it and then later on watch the episode with subsI rrealize how you fully capture all that happens. Of course I love to read your thoughts on each episode because they have so much heart and emotion.
    It’s Okay, That’s Love has been a very unique viewing experience for me. I must say that the acting has been superb and these last episodes have been great. It’s as if we are taking the emotional journey with the characters.


    • raindrops1 says:

      When I saw (very powerful & very well executed scene) the scene of KW & JY’s younger self running and morphing into one, I thought: Softy will probably screen cap that scene 🙂


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