It’s Okay, It’s Love E12

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Contrary to what we were led to believe at the start, I don’t think these two achieved true intimacy so quickly due to the physical aspect alone. I believe it had more to do with the merging of their cumulative feelings for each other. More specifically they didn’t judge each other’s peculiarities or idiosyncrasies from the start and just accepted them as natural fallacies – all part of being human. They had an easy air about them that enabled them to speak freely and comfortably – something they had never been able to do with others they dated. Their guards were down at the right moment for them to really see each other for who they really were and surprisingly – they didn’t see anything overly negative and only saw a lot of potential in being their perfect partner in life.  Instead of rushing their emotions and feelings, they kept up an easy pace that allowed them to progress at exactly the right rate for them to reach this level of intimacy at a time when they will need it the most. It will require all of their patience and understanding to get them through these difficult times ahead so let’s hope they stored up enough to last till the end.

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Written before it aired:

When JY asked her to marry, for a split second I wondered how the dynamics of their relationship would shift if she says yes. She wouldn’t just feel an obligation as a doctor to help him, but also as his spouse. Wouldn’t that be better for him in the long run? Then I figured nothing else could possibly change it more than the second JY learns about what happened on that fateful day when his whole family’s future was turned upside down. It took all these years of trying to right it and come to terms with it – deluding himself that he actually had, but now like a sudden icy shower, JY is going to be doused with the truth. It’s one thing not to play these guessing games of what might unfold in the near future, but when there are more major revelations coming up for our two leads, you can’t help but wonder if they will be surprised one at a time or just get deluged. That’s why I think HS should consider it carefully before giving JY any kind of answer. Cuz no matter how you look at it, moving forward is going to have a whole new meaning for our couple once they fully realize what it entails.



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Starts from JY saying: i thought about it carefully today and if we keep it up like this – we wont be able to meet for long (as in they wont be able to keep dating for very long). she asks if that means he wants to break up. JY: no not that. she asks for him to buy her medicine (for energy). he says I will buy it for you – also let’s get married. HS looks over and asks: what did you just say? JY: let’s get married. she keeps stealing glances and asks what did you say to do? to eat food? JY: I said let’s get married. HS: what? to drink alcohol? JY: why? do you feel pressured/burdened? HS: don’t talk like that without any meaning. if you meet some woman who will jump at those words, you will suffer. she points and tells him where to pull over.

Jo leans back and sighs after watching the CCTV footage. Jo says I need to give him treatments. SK comes in and sees T crying. SK asks Jo to play a game.  SK: why? is it problem with money, women, or home?  Jo tells T to go home and sleep today and let’s again meet tm. Jo tells SK to go out. SK asks what is wrong with him. he is crying too much.

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HS went to her friend’s bar to drink. the guy brings over something for free for them to eat.  HS asks who HJ is with. the husband tells her how HJ met them and about how the patient relapsed. HS warns that he has to be careful for the rest of his life with HJ. the guy says of course. then he says to JY – I heard you were dating. JY tells him- I proposed to get married. the guy says really? but HS says but I shot him down. the guy says she is filled with luck. JY sees HJ behind the counter and remarks that she can work too. HS: of course. the treatments help a lot. JY asks if the baby is healthy. HS says a lot. I am so looking forward to her baby. JY grins and says let’s get married. HS: how can you say the word married so lightly. like you are saying “if you don’t want to then never mind.” JY: then should I do it with gravity/weight? buy the ring, kneel, and be sincere? HS: don’t ever do that.  JY says again – let’s get married. HS: say something that makes sense. my family has so much debt. JY: I will.. she cuts him off and says don’t even say you will pay it off.  also I have to go to graduate school. I told you I was going next year. to tell the truth – dating you wasn’t scheduled in my life. to be honest it’s a confusing my current schedule problem. you already earned a lot of money and you are a successful writer so I’m sure it’s your dream to have contentment but now it’s the start for me.  so I hope what you said today wasnt sincere. she winks at him so he says ok then let’s forget about getting married.  HS: I am suddenly about to get angry. cuz you are being so cool about it.  how long can we happy like this? if we do break up, what will be that reason? family opposition?  like on makjang dramas if your mom doesn’t like me and gives me money to break up with you.  JY: my mom doesn’t have any money, but if she does do that- take that money and come to me. let’s run off. JY: how about you? what if your mom and family oppose? HS: first I would say I understand – but meet behind their back. after doing that if I get caught – I will say ok I get it and meet behind their backs. it’s too much of a nuisance to explain or convince. JY :Then there is only one reason for why we break up. HS: what? JY: my temper and your temper. she sprays her drink everywhere. JY: so dirty. she apologizes and asks -do you really want to marry me? why? no way – am I really the first one (you proposed to) so is this sincere? JY: you are the first and of course it’s sincere. but if you aren’t thinking of getting married – don’t ask anymore. HS: I am curious. tell me. why does JY want to marry HS. HS said she doesn’t like kids much. cant do housework. also she says she only likes to study. so why does JY want to marry HS? tell me. JY: let’s go. I have to write. he tries to get up but she stops him. HS: tell me. JY: I am tired. after taking you home, when I get home it will be in the early morning. HS: go separately. you look really tired. I can just take the bus from here. JY: take the cab. HS: then give me cab fare. he hands her a new wallet. HS: what is this? JY: I kept yours and bought a new one. she says how she likes this wallet and looks at their couple photo inside. HS: you have sense. then she notices all the money inside. HS: it’s money. JY: they say you shouldn’t just give the wallet (without some money in it). I thought you’d get angry cuz I gave you money so what’s up. HS: cuz we got closer. she is going to buy energy meds with this. she hands him a 50 and says – take this and tell me -what the reason is for you to marry me. JY: it would be better if you didn’t hear. you will feel burdened/pressured and after hearing it you will regret. HS: it’s ok. I will listen in this ear and let it go out the other ear. ok I will close my eyes. but don’t say anything cheesy. she waits with her eyes closed. JY: I sleep in the bathtub and not on the bed. for 365 days in a year -even in the winter – my mom sleeps in the living room with the windows open. what I said about the past and my hyung spending 14 years in prison – aside from you, I don’t have the confidence to tell another woman about it. even though you heard and saw my story -instead of disliking it or pitying me – like you right now -a woman who could listen attentively – would there be another in this world? I think there wont be. HS – if there is another woman like that -please tell me so I dont cling to you too much. you probably wanted to close with joking but it didnt end that way. he pets her hair and leaves. she is moved to tears by his sincerity

she walks outside deep in thought

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JY drives home and she calls just as he gets inside. HS: it’s me. JY: I know. HS: if I say I wont marry you – will you not date me? JY: no.  HS: you will date me? JY: yes. HS: and not date other women? JY: other women are no fun and I have no interest. HS: and you wont get irritated cuz I don’t follow what you want? JY: yes. HS: why? JY: cuz I love you. HS: why do you love me so much? JY: I don’t know. HS: it’s too much pressure. JY: I am sorry. from now on I will only love you a little bit so it wont be a pressure/burden. HS: i miss you -I want to hug you. JY: hold it in. HS: Ok finish early and sleep

Jo replaces and lights her candle for her. HS asks why. Jo: the wick was all burnt. it’s sunday so why don’t you sleep more? HS: sleep wont come. Jo: of all things  -when you love sleep so much. she tells him how JY sincerely asked her to marry. Jo asks what did you say? she says I told him to stop talking nonsense. I still have my residency to do.  Jo says you did well.

SK comes over and asks why dont you like marriage. I’m for it. HS: for 365 days with one man one home -without having any private lives -everything having to be collaborative – just thinking about it is stuffy. I like it just as it is now – once a week -meeting the boyfriend who used to live in the next room and now living in Seocho dong. SK agrees – it gets tiring whether you live together or get married. right now is good. you can do the push and pull of love. Jo listens feeling uneasy. as they eat SK says how his parents are coming to the café today so he can show them S. what do you think? HS: just meet her alone. SK: do you know what my parents worry about the most in this world? that I wont be able to meet a woman and growing old and dying a bachelor. I will let them know today that will never happen. Jo: don’t do that. SK: what are you saying I shouldn’t do? he touches a nerve by saying how Jo has something going on with Lee even though he has a wife so Jo gets angry and complains about the rice wasn’t cooked well again by SK. HS asks if it’s worth getting that angry over rice. Jo: wait till you get to be my age. SK: then you make the rice. Jo yells at him again mentioning the ways he instructed on how to cook it so HS says you told me but I didn’t relay it to SK. what’s wrong – did you hear anything bad from America? Jo: nothing like that. he gets up and leaves. H thinks he is like that cuz he is going through menopause but SK thinks maybe it’s cuz T came by.  T came to hyungnim’s hospital yesterday and something must have happened to him cuz he was bawling. she wonders what it was about

in the car Jo asks about when JY started talking about KW. so T tells him it was about 3 yrs ago. the day when JB got out and stabbed JY with a fork. that’s when he saw KW for the first time. on that night there were a lot of fans so it was chaotic but a few days passed and JY asked who was that student who cried cuz of me. Jo: but you didn’t see him. T: of course I couldn’t see him. I thought maybe cuz it was chaotic that’s why I didn’t see him. after that he spoke of KW once or twice. for the past few months he spoke of KW often that he is writing a book. Jo asks how much further so T says just a little more.

at the cafe SK is with his parents. the dad asks his wife aren’t we going. she says we haven’t even been here 30 mins. let’s stay a little longer and go. SK says yes. my girlfriend will be coming to work soon so you can see her.  dad says how could someone like you have a girlfriend? S is nearby and hears. the dad complains you didnt study when I told you and only work  at a café serving coffee. SK: dad – someone studies and someone runs a business. not everyone can become a businessman like you dad.  the dad says insulting things to SK and how he still hasn’t gotten better from his condition yet. so SK yells back I don’t want to do this either. he brings up when he was a kid and how he was treated. and that there might have been a chance for him to get well. so the dad takes that to mean SK is blaming the dad. he walks off so the mom explains dad is like that cuz he is upset thinking it’s his fault you are like that. so SK chases down his dad and says it’s not your fault. I am happy so you be happy too dad. his parents leave as SK cries.

T drove Jo to JY’s old home. flashback to that day – when the stepdad was beating up JB so JY grabbed the knife.  JB pushed the stepdad off and the dad fell on the knife JY was holding. JY knocks his head on the dresser drawer behind him from the force of the dad landing on him. the mom arrives just in time to see JB pulling the knife out. she went over to JY while JB said that JY stabbed him -when the police ask – tell them I stabbed him. JB hides the evidence of the knife in a bag. JY’s fingerprints are on it so hurry and go and trash it. I have to carry JY and go to the hospital. she helps put JY on his back. JB tells her I’m already a delinquent -I will only have to spend two or three years in prison and that will be it. That man isn’t dead yet. call the police. don’t forget – I stabbed him.  I stabbed him. as he runs off with JY, he falls down the step. that’s when the mom grabbed the bag with the knife to dispose of it but the stepdad grabs her ankle and makes her fall. Lawyer kang narrates that’s up to what the mom remembered. the psychiatrist said the possibility of dissociation was great.

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then the rest of the flashback shows how JB got up again with JY on his back, but JY had come to at this point and his eyes were open.  the mom stood up and grabbed the lighter and lit the paper. as JB carried JY out, JY  watched his mom’s reflection in the mirror as she threw the lit paper at the stepdad. the man reached out to her but she stood back.  (previous flashback showed that the man had already been doused with gas by JB so that’s why the room burned so quickly) The mom ran off in the opposite direction from the boys as the house blew up. she fainted from the shock.

lawyer kang says JY knew who the culprit was. at first he was initially going to do the right thing and say I wasn’t the victim but the perpetrator but because he was worried – in place of his mom – he accused his hyung as the culprit unfortunately.

* I don’t know what makes it worse – that the mom never forced JY into lying on the stand or cuz JY perjured himself all on his own for the sake of his mom. No wonder the mom couldn’t speak up to defend her son. She couldn’t very well contest what JY said on the stand cuz then he would be found guilty of perjury so she couldn’t chose one son over the other and kept her silence.

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HS asks JY -what did you say to my mom. JY: I told her I proposed to you. HS: what? didnt we finish talking about that yesterday. JY: it ended yesterday but today I am starting again. HS: when you go after something you have to see it till the end. you really do whatever you want.  JY: do I do that? HS: are you asking cuz you don’t know? JY: not right away but after a year let’s do it. after you come back from finishing your residency. HS: yes then we can talk about it then. JY: you and I are people with clear plans, objectives and goals. so starting from now include me in your schedule of life. I already included you in my schedule of life. after living the way I want I am trying to match your way of living. HS: I like it the way it is right now.  JY: what is the reason you like it just the way it is now? HS: I don’t like a relationship with no tension. if we get married it will be “this is yours- this is mine” it’s obvious it will be that way. JY: That will never happen. like you said (??) I might betray you. if you don’t like me anymore you will push back all of our promises we made and betray me and leave. that’s obvious. She calls them the betrayers. JY: that’s correct so even if we get married -so we wont betray each other or throw each other away – we will have to pay a lot more attention than now, love, and make an effort. How is that? wont get bored right?

T asks why he wanted to come to the home but Jo wants to meet with JY. take me to seochodong and you can go. T asks what to do about the mom and HS. Jo says – have to tell them. choi calls Jo and tells him JB’s case passed approval to be aired.  tell JY I will buy him drinks. he hangs up then choi asks out the girl MY for beer. she asks can you see me now?

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HS goes to her parents place and the mom says I will go rest at home then come out. her sister tells HS about Mr. Kim’s wife’s condition and the two of them will live in the mountain. so the mom made a farewell call.  HS goes over and greets her dad. the sister says don’t tell mom anything. if she runs off I might have to take care of father. if it wasn’t for ajussi you might not have gone to med school so the two of us were selfish and closed our eyes. HS: are you the only one who understands how mom feels. I am her daughter too. the sister calls out to play with mom and eat dinner. HS calls out I will take care of it.

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Jo meets with JY. JY asks why drink during the day.  Jo asks what is up with your face. JY: it’s cuz of stubbles. cuz I don’t have time to shave.  Jo offers drinks but JY declines – I want to drink but I have to write . I can only give you an hour. but Jo says you bad guy. your whole schedule today is mine. you took my pretty younger sister HS. and you cant give me your whole day schedule even? drink up. JY gets tempted and says I don’t know and just drinks. it’s so good.

HS is laying next to her mom munching away so her mom says go out and eat. why eat chips next to someone’s ear when it’s noisy. HS: let’s go buy clothes and eat out while we are at it. huh? get up. mom says why buy clothes suddenly. HS: then should I give you money. mom: why are you like this? HS: you don’t look happy so I want to alleviate your mood. mom says I dont want to. you will keep bringing up you gave it. HS: what’s wrong with that – that’s the fun of giving money. mom says if JY wants to get married then do it. HS: do you have money for my wedding? the mom: you earn a good living. HS: I am going to use my money on a trip and spend it all. she sits up so HS says mom since you are up let’s go buy clothes. mom: your father being that way – when others see they make fun of him. it’s not easy to say that’s ok. so do it if JY wants to. HS points out she wouldn’t marry a guy who would make fun of her dad.  the mom tells her how she wont be contacting Kim anymore cuz his wife is sick and they moved to the countryside. just wanted you to know.HS: when did the two of you ever contact often. you only called once in a while to ask how each other was doing. why? do you have something to say? mom says no. let’s go out. let’s see what my daughter buys that is so impressive. should we call YS too. HS: I don’t want to – today you are mine mom. mom says let’s go.

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JY is laughing at what Jo said about his patient. Jo: I really tried not to be shocked but I was. flashers never come to the hospital on their own. but this flasher came wearing a trench coat and said how he has been a famous flasher in front of a certain school for 20 yrs. JY : but why did he come? Jo explains the flasher exposed himself to his daughter’s friend who recognized him. thank goodness his daughter didn’t see. Jo: so were you able to treat him (fix what’s wrong with him). Jo” who am I? it took various behavioral treatments but it was game over in 3 yrs. JY: which behavioral treatments? Jo: first I made him get rid of all the trench coats in the home. second-get rid of all the pants in the home with elastic waistbands that is easy to take off. change every pants and make sure it has ten tiny buttons on it so he cant open it (easily). he wants to pull down his pants but the buttons wont undo. if he undoes one button there is another and so on.  the story amuses JY

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Jo waited till JY is drunk. JY: mom called and said hyung said he would drop by the home when he gets released. she likes that. thank you. Jo asks did KW go to the hospital cuz you said he was sick in the past. that his hands shook and was coughing. JY says the hospital said he was ok. Jo asks more questions about KW -how did you get close with him? JY: writing. cuz for us writing is everything or maybe cuz we grew up getting beaten. I don’t know well. Jo: when did you start meeting often? JY: in the past he came once in a while. but after meeting HS, he came more often. Jo: were you always so optimistic? JY: I don’t want to talk about stuff like that. Jo: come on say it. I said all the stuff I didn’t want to say to you. JY: no when I was younger I was totally fearful.  after the accident with my stepdad I wanted to live cheerfully on purpose. at least for the sake of my pitiful mom, I cant become weak. I always stared at the mirror -when it wasn’t even funny – I practiced smiling, practiced joking, practiced fighting, and pretended to be macho. do you know the camels in the Sahara? Jo: I know cuz of the trauma – they live their whole lives smiling. even though the owners untie the rope in the morning -they remember the night when the rope was tied and aren’t able to leave. JY: I don’t like camels like that. when the sun is up they should know it’s up. so that is why I do mind control. my past is in the past – it’s gone. I am free,. I am really strong. like the sun that doesn’t know darkness- bright and brilliant -like the sunlight that swallows all the darkness .  really really bright and strong. Jo: more than who? your hyung? JY: hyung  is weaker – enough to not withstand me. hyung needs to be compensated. Jo: you did compensate – I heard from T that you gave him almost all your fortune. JY: that’s correct I did compensate – plenty.  but does that really make up for it.  I am really drunk. I usually don’t drink this much to get drunk. JY gets a call from KW and  says what is this. Jo: why? JY: it’s KW. he answers in front of Jo then steps away to talk

KW tells him -the result of the competition came out today but I  didnt make it -but  it’s ok cuz they have it again next year.  but I am worried you will be disappointed in me. JY: even if everyone in the world is disappointed in you I will never be disappointed in you. want to come to me? KW says no I have to go meet  my mom cuz she gets paid today so we are going to eat together. hang up.  he gets ready to go on his bike but suddenly turns as a car honks loudly and screeches to a halt

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Jo is trying to get JY to stand up as HS comes down the steps and calls them crazy. but JY doesn’t want to show her his drunk side saying it’s humiliating so JY is sitting crouched like that. HS goes over and says lift your head. you cant even look me in the eye. Jo says bring SK down cuz JY has no strength in his legs to walk.  she explains how SK is depressed cuz he fought with his dad in front of S. HS asks you can walk alone right. stand up. Jo was going to help but she slaps his hand away saying I will do it – he is my boyfriend. Jo mocks them for kissing. she gets him to walk one step at a time.

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when they get in JY wants to see SK but she says how about just going to the room and sleeping cuz you are really drunk.  HS: cant you just see me today. SK comes out and says how S wants to meet – should I meet or not. JY says you have to go. SK invites S to come in and meet on the lawn. SK worries what do I do  if that brat came to look down on me cuz she saw me fighting with my dad. JY advises dont meet a girl who looks down on someone. don’t cling embarrassingly too-it doesnt suit you. SK: now you know me a little. Jo calls up that S is waiting. HS: go down. even if you break up you have to keep your manners. they all cheer SK on as he goes down to meet S. Jo tells him not to clench his teeth and just meet her comfortably

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SK goes over and asks what. she says “just to see you” and imitates how he danced at the club saying it was fun. then she shares how her dad doesnt collect trash anymore at home and sells it. SK gets defensive and says my dad doesn’t hate me and isnt embarrassed of me – he is just upset. if you are going to mock my family – get lost. if you need money go look elsewhere. he turns to go but she kisses him. he is about to say he has a spell when a girl kisses first but he starts to have a spell. but she ignores his spell and just puts her headphones on him and it calms him down. he kisses her back. Jo watches from his room and remarks that old cold has finally passed. JY and HS watch from his window and smile down at SK

Jo calls Lee and says I have an imp consult – do you have time tm?

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JY lights the candle for HS and puts a post it on SK’s door. HS comes over and asks why are you only leaving a memo to SK and not me. JY: just cuz. she asks why didnt you bring up marriage yesterday and today. he says it would be tiring to keep doing that. she says see you on friday and shave. he agrees and leaves

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JB calls JY and says you are surprised I am getting out so early huh. let’s just the two of us meet without mom or dr. Jo knowing. the two of us can meet and remember the accident that happened in the past. who really stabbed with the knife. JY recalls his mom lighting that paper but says into the phone: even if we do – you killed that man hyung. you know so why are you like this.  JB says mom will be very sad when she learns it was you. huh? but she needs to know the truth. he hangs up

HS learns of a new patient named Natasha in her 20s – a Russian suffering from pseudocyesis (false pregnancy). she slit her wrist when she found out she wasn’t pregnant. she had two miscarriages so it’s difficult for her to get pregnant. they think she is acknowledging her illness cuz her stomach is less distended today. her depression is serious. the younger doctor wonders since it’s her imagination – how can her breasts get bigger and her stomach get distended . the other doctor reminds him I told you the condition controls the body.

HS asks Lee – what should I do. Lee: get married. HS: what? how much I will lose if i get married. Lee: if you think you will lose a lot then don’t do it.  if you have more to gain then do it. there are times when I get upset. how could I do that to the husband I loved. what did I gain? HS says you became a professor. Lee: I probably would have had a better life if I had a kid and raised it. HS: those words could convince me. how do you feel now. Lee: I blame myself but I want to take better care of other patients. she goes on about how she will fix her patients conditions and stuff so HS says I respect/admire you.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-46-02]

Jo comes in to speak with Lee. Jo: you two were together. HS: I will leave so the two of you talk.  but maintain that line. (Meaning for Jo not to cross the line with Lee) before she walks away he stops her and asks you are strong right? HS: of course. let go I have to go consult. after she leaves,  Lee asks why he looks that way. he sits next to her and says JY has a mental disorder. Lee asks if it’s serious. Jo says yes. Lee says let’s go to your hospital

Lee watches the video and says he  blames himself a lot for what happened to his hyung. even though it was for his mom’s sake that he did it. testifying his hyung was the culprit-  it must have been hard for a 16 yr old to live healthily. I would have done that too. Jo: “for the sake of the mom who lived a hard life always getting beaten, I really had no choice but to abandon my hyung. I had to protect my mom. I committed no crime. the fact that these things happened is the problem – what crime do I have. ” he should have spoke healthily like this to himself. but JY is too kind and couldn’t forgive himself so he made KW who is like him to protect him.   Lee: the mom was more of the problem. if she knew the truth she wouldn’t be able to live. so she wouldn’t know the truth, he would have wanted to keep her in a disassociation state. Jo: the problem is his reality with KS has been totally broken over the past 3 years. Lee says this is the worse case. cuz his relationship with his visual hallucination is too attached,  it wont be easy to get JY to acknowledge that  KW isn’t real (that he is a visual hallucination). Jo: that’s right. my patient before made up a visual hallucination of his wife who didn’t exist and lived with her for 20 yrs. she says tell HS right away. there is a danger. cuz he wants to protect KW he could do anything.  if we drag it out HS could get hurt too. Jo calls HS and says come to my hospital after work. yes it’s urgent. ok see you later

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-09-43]괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-10-00]

HS is on the bus listening to the radio talk show she did with JY. HS remarks how rude he was then. JY: I think that too. HS: how about food? JY: I have to work.  hang up. HS: I don’t want to get married. JY: ok. HS: what is this – why aren’t you serious? he tells her to hang up. then JY texts her photos of the hairbrush she used, toothbrush, messy tub, the towels in disarray, the wallet, shirt on the chair, unmade bed as traces/evidence 1,2,3,4 that HS has been here and left. me -the one with OCD  misses you. I wont clean up the evidence you were here and just leave it alone. one day all these traces/evidence will seem part of life , even if you don’t marry me, I love you Ji HS. she texts back I crossed over 51%  (meaning leaning towards marriage)

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-04-23]

HS goes to see Jo and calls out I am here. she finds Lee there too. HS asks what is it? why do your faces look like that? huh?



JY: I love you- it might be a real burden/pressure but so crazy (much)

Jo tells her : JY is hurting a lot – KW is a visual hallucination

HS argues with Jo about JY’s condition asking how he could rule out a brain tumor and conclude it’s schizophrenia

HS watches JY on the phone while his fingers twitch

JY wonders – how did I know really know? when KW was alone

Lee say the climax of most people with visual hallucination is suicide.

JY says to KW: dont ever think you are alone – next to your side I am there

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-04-39] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-04-50]

*I wonder if finding out about JY made that number go higher than 51% or lower towards marriage.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-08-06] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-09-00] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-09-40] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-09-57] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-11-50] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-13-48]

These two are about to close a chapter of the first part of their relationship to embark on a whole new one filled with lots of tears and anguish. They won’t have so many of these light hearted friendly bantering to fall back on as they struggle with his condition and getting him treatments, but hopefully that’s where the love and trust they have built up these past months will come into play. The only way he can make it through this is with her love and support and vice versa. If they can emerge from this experience still whole and intact, they may have a fair chance at that elusive happily ever after.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-13-57] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-14-11]괜찮아 사랑이야.E12.140828.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-04-02]
I think her desire to marry him went up a lot just with that speech alone or at best made those defensive walls of her crash down somewhat. The look in her eyes made me think she resented him a little for making it so tough to turn him down. She doesn’t want to get married but he keeps doing and saying all the right things like he is cheating by using charms that she just simply cant resist. That’s what her face seemed to say. That it’s unfair cuz he is giving her fewer and fewer options as he breaks down her resolve one eloquent speech at a time.


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  1. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Thanks for the recap. I’m both anticipating & dreading what’s to come. It surely will be a rollercoaster of emotions.


  2. grapefruit7 says:

    Thanks softy! next episodes looks more intense and sufferings for both HS & JY…


  3. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thanks! Saving my box of tissues for next week. I am so glad I survived these 2 episodes. What coming is definitely a storm. Thanks again for this great recap. Enjoy the remaining of the week and weekend!!


  4. I just thought of something. What if HS is the one with ALS.

    1. Is that what her father has?

    2. Did JY show symptoms before meeting her?

    3. We know JY is empathetic. What if he is showing her symptoms before she does?


  5. MoniW says:

    Thank you so much for the recaps. It is one of my favourite habits – to read your recaps as soon as I have seen the episode. I really appreciate the effort you put in and that you force us to think “outside of the box” with respect to the relationship between HS & JY :).


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