It’s Okay, It’s Love E11

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I think this is what I am dreading the most about the big revelation coming up when HS learns about JY’s real condition: will all this happiness and laughter be enough to sustain them when that moment comes? As a doctor, I am wondering if she is going to blame herself for being blind to so many warning signs that JY is more troubled than he lets on. Will she focus her full attention on getting him help before she even stops to consider what this will do to her heart? I’m just hoping and praying their love is strong enough to endure anything that happens cuz there is a big heap of trouble coming their way in the form of a vengeful brother and there is no telling how much damage he will inflict in his wake.

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Written before it aired: I was hoping for more scenes like this before all hell breaks loose so I guess I better cherish these moments while we have them. There aren’t that many episodes left and now that the truth is unraveling so quickly, it’s only a matter of time till HS learns the truth about KW too. I wonder how she will feel when she finds out she was jealous of a figment of JY’s imagination. It was sort of eery listening to Jo and Lee’s conversation last week about JY and how his childhood trauma would manifest itself in some way, both of them clueless that it already has. It was one thing for KW to get into that accident when he was hit while riding his bike since he isn’t real, but this time when JY gets behind the wheel, somehow I don’t expect him to come out of it unscathed.

*we finally got the truth about that night and it’s a doozy.
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*This guy was born to smile at a camera and always look this good.


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Starts from when they got off the elevator and JY saying the people from the radio broadcast think we only met while doing the talk show. they don’t even know we live together. HS asks why they have to go so far as to lie about it. JY: it’s a nuisance to explain.  she suddenly remembers what her sister said about him “JY is a player – he probably wont feel anything when he breaks up with you.” so HS asks if it’s a nuisance to say eight characters – we are dating. or is it cuz you don’t want to tell them cuz I am a woman you are going to break up with anyway.  what are you staring at? did I say anything incorrect? JY: what? a woman I will break up with? HS: yes a woman you will break up with. if I’m not the woman you are going to marry then aren’t I a woman you will break up with? why aren’t you answering? JY: what can I say? when what you said is correct. He walks off but goes back and tells her to watch what she says. just say one more time that you are a woman I would break up with. JY is called and told to hurry and come in. he tells her to go in and prepare.  woman says hurry cuz there is only 5 mins left. then HS asks what will happen if I say it? JY: are you curious? then try it and see what I do. I will show you. let’s fight after the show. ok? she nods and says she isnt a pro like him and doesnt know if she can do well but she will try to do well and goes in.

T texts JY and asks if that number is correct for KW cuz I called and it isn’t. JY says it is correct. T tries the number again but it still doesn’t work cuz it’s a number that isn’t active. T meets with JY’s ex. he asks if she had been well. she says yes. but what’s going on. did something happen to JY? T: last time in the letter you gave to JY,  you said someone who looks like JY threw rocks at your window and left. what was that about? it’s cuz I am curious

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JY starts his radio program with HS and confirms that Dr. Ji really wanted to recommend the “Before” series movie – Before midnight. he says that’s misunderstood cuz if you like the Before series, there is Before sunrise for those in their twenties who are going through new love. Before sunset for those in their thirties about aching love. so why Before midnight for those in their forties fighting in their marriage?  by any chance are you married? you look single. are you married? HS: you are correct. I am single. she writes him a notes – ya you are acting well – become an actor. he goes on and asks more questions about why she chose the movie. she says cuz of the ending scene.  he elaborates on the ending scene of that movie. acting like they weren’t going to never see each other again. she adds how it was a turmoil. he writes her a note  – like us right now? she explains instead of something like Notting Hill with the two cute leads with loving dialogue – so pretty, sexy, and cool – the kind of love you have for each other when you are young, instead of that – cuz it’s you – though they might lack and are old,  despite that – just loving-that was so moving for me. (she takes a stab at him and says pointedly) you probably wouldn’t know that kind of poignancy though. JY plasters on a fake smile and asks: what does that mean? HS: I just thought – sorry. JY: a long relationship, a sincere marriage – with things like that – you must see me like a player who wouldn’t have any interest in that? HS quickly nods and says: yes so JY grins at his staff like can you believe this woman. He says to HS: i am disappointed. HS: for what? JY: I don’t know about others but for you Dr. Ji – a doctor for psychiatrics, I thought you wouldn’t have those thoughts. HS talks about humans and how they all are mistaken in thinking of themselves as natural and loving anew but humans behave out of habit -just doing what they always did. JY: what that means is for those who are used to breakups think it’s not a big deal. he continues with his arguments and says to be honest I want to stop dating around (from one woman to another) and settle down. she writes you are being so sincere-like that I might get fooled too. JY says their talk panel is getting deeper cuz of a doctor of psychiatrics guest. after we listen to the music we will continue discussing the movie with Dr. Ji.

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during the break he turns her chair around so her back is to his staff. JY: if you are mad cuz I didn’t tell in front of  people that we are dating -it’s cuz I don’t like to reveal it and have people talking and also at the airport you said you aren’t a woman I am going to marry so don’t spend money. so I was trying to be respectful of you. HS: what respect? you are talking like you are thinking of marrying me. JY: you are strange for not (thinking that). you aren’t a kid. you are thirty. you met a really good guy – if you go to a certain extent with this person -“then should I go as far as marriage?”(you should have) thoughts like that. she quickly shushes him and says if you keep this up you might go so far as to propose. she shares how she feels so JY asks: then why are you smiling if you don’t like marriage. HS: cuz I don’t dislike that you are thinking of me as someone to marry. JY: why are you so selfish/greedy? HS: that’s who I am. JY: still let’s love and do the show. the music ends and JY continues talking about the Before movie -if Ethan Hawke didn’t have his experience with divorce and Julie Delpy didn’t have experience with pain,  how they wouldn’t have been able to reconcile so passionately. she taps his knee for him to hold her hand during the show so he does. He continues about how there is hope for everyone. HS continues talking about the movie too and says a lot of people will think because these two were married and had children, that they had no choice but to live together but more than anything I think it’s cuz they had cherished memories they were able to reconcile passionately.  JY says those memories that they went through together –  I want to meet someone I can have those memorable fights with. they continue holding hands tightly

JY’s ex tells T what happened that night. she opened her window and asked who is it? JY was alone and threw rocks at her window and said this kid’s name is KW and he likes you a lot. she says at first I wondered who is he? cuz I don’t know a kid named KW and wondered what he was talking about. then JY said next time act like you know him. she continues narrating what happened to T. but when I looked again it seemed like JY. I knew his face. but what was a little strange was he spoke like there was someone next to him. was that person really JY? T asks what was he wearing on that night?  she says a yellow shirt. T says then it wasnt JY cuz he wears suits. it wasn’t JY. she leaves and T sees her off.

Jo and SK are sitting with a group of patients having a therapy session telling them to understand. but they are yelling at each other. Jo calms them down with therapy and the ajumma apologizes to the husband patient. the man says please fix my temper cuz I don’t want to divorce. Jo says with that kind of heart you don’t have to divorce. he rings a bell and says let’s start over.

T drove Jo to his meeting place. T confides in Jo but leaves out the part about the fact that it’s JY. Jo asks  what are you talking about – saying there is a person when there isnt. T says a person I know fights by himself and gets hurt then says there was another person. Jo: who is that? T: other than that the person is normal – he knows/recognizes  me and his mom. he speaks well (sanely) and writes… (T stops himself before saying the whole word). so Jo asks why did you stop talking midsentence? T: if the person I know is mentally unstable  -is it possible for him to live so normally? Jo says yes of course it’s possible. they discuss the possible conditions of that person then Jo says  I cant know from just what I heard. why? is it someone you know well? that person has to go to the hospital.  I am late. let’s talk more in detail next time. I’ll be going.

T calls JY’s mom and says I will be going there

choi is pleading with JB’s lawyer to speak to them somewhere else, but the man refuses saying I have nothing else to tell you. I am sorry. choi asks him to think it over again. Jo comes over and asks what’s going on. choi says the lawyer Kang doesn’t want to discuss JB’s case. Jo says what a funny person – he should have told us from the start not to come then.  what is this making us come then go.  choi admits – at first I didnt tell him it was regarding JB’s case. Jo asks what is the reason he doesn’t want to discuss JB’s case?  choi explains Kang stopped being an attorney after JB’s case and became a professor. he thinks the ruling for that case was ridiculous. also JB and JY who testified that JB was the culprit – both of them could never be the culprit and that there was someone else who clearly was the culprit. Jo repeats: he said there was clearly another culprit? choi: yes and then he said he couldn’t say more and left.

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they are grocery shopping. JY asks why she is buying so much. she points out there are a lot in the family. she asks which bean paste he wants and when he says she gets the other one. then she asks which juice he likes better – apple or orange. he says apple but she buys orange saying let’s just blend the apples we have at home. JY: so are you saying you really don’t have any thought for marriage? she says as you know my career is just now starting – so stop talking about marriage. I really like this fluttering in the heart moment right now. then she asks if he asked other women this too so he tells her not to talk about people from the past  -you have no etiquette. because I am the first you think you are losing out? then go date someone else then come (to me). if you aren’t going to do that be quiet. HS teaes: should I do that? should I date someone else and come back?  she kisses him in public so she asks what she is doing cuz people can see. then he tells her which noodles to get but she gets another kind.

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they are sitting out on the lawn talking about kids. she wants one if she has to have them. he wants 3 kids. she points out a woman’s life is filled up having then raising those 3 kids. aren’t you being too selfish? when you aren’t going to raise them. JY: since I grew up without a dad -raising children is my dream. just you know this but I learned on the internet about breast feeding kids. HS: but still 3 kids is too difficult for a woman with a career. JY: a career woman couldn’t – only someone who is a housewife (stay at home wife). she glares at him so he asks why. I am just talking about what I wish for.  you told me to talk about my ideal marriage. HS: ok continue. JY: If I get married I am going to have an office in the house. when I leave work at the office, my wife will time it so that food is ready by then. she laughs again as he says that’s all my wife has to do. eat together and I will do the dishes. then my wife will…HS cuts in and says with a really tired face, her breasts will be drooping down to her waist from breast feeding – with one kid carried on her back and holding the other two under both arms. she will get depression and while crying she will breast feed the kids. while staring with eyes that resent you. JY: there will be 3 year gaps between them so that wont happen. two kids by then will be playing between themselves in the room so you only need to be carrying one.  HS: I really cant be your wife. in order to have 3 year gaps, I would have to start having them now till my forties.  I cant do that. I really cant do that. JY checks her out and says that’s right -why are you so old?  she laughs and says how she doesn’t like guys like him. too tiring. I like a man who does housework too. I can earn the money. I don’t really like a guy who is rich like you.

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he leans over and puts his hands over her eyes and tells her to imagine. that man has an apron on and is always nagging for you to hurry and come home cuz he made food. HS: oh how annoying. JY: I am perfect for you. cuz you are independent – you don’t like a dependent  man cuz he might spend all your money. a studious one is too boring. it’s obvious you wont like that type. you wont like a professor cuz he is arrogant (a braggart). wont like a musician cuz you have to listen to music. you wont like an artist cuz his paints would spray here and there – it will be annoying. I am perfect for you. HS  tries to pull her face away and says I dont like marriage. JY: I didn’t say let’s get married. but still I am perfect for you. she tells him to cuz that out cuz talking into her ear is ticklish.

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He tells her to get up cuz I have to pack my stuff. she threatens -when you move out of your room – just know I will find a guy a hundred times more cooler than you to move in. he leans in and says it wont be easy to get a guy like that. she gets revenge and grabs a hose and sprays him. he tells her not to do that. then they play with the hose and spray SK too when he comes over. he gets some water in his mouth and spits it out on JY as he tries to shield HS.

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JY moves his stuff out the next day. he goes back up and sits with Jo and SK in the yard. Jo asks if he packed all his stuff. JY says yes. SK makes a request to Jo  – for a cool woman as a roommate next time. Jo says that JY said there was no place to put his stuff so he wants to leave it here for two months.  SK thinks it’s an excuse -why? is it cuz if a man comes in that HS would cheat on you? Jo points out that HS is dating JY cuz of him – not his personality. JY: the three of us know that but HS doesn’t so act like you don’t know. SK calls him a house puppy (meaning a trained puppy) so JY tells him to cut that out. SK asks why HS isn’t coming out when her hubby is leaving. did she go to work already? Jo says she was wandering around the house cuz her hair was a mess. he tells JY to go look for her in every corner of the house. JY: I will just call. it’s time for everyone to go to work so I think there will be traffic so I’ll be going early.   Jo says ok let’s keep the farewell short. SK takes the remaining bags for JY and says come out. JY takes one last look around and goes

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Out by the car, SK shows JY the text from S. she wrote “you got cooler -want to date? not two timing. I’ll just date you.  JY asks do you like it?  SK: thanks. it’s all thanks to you. SK: but there is a saying that in a loving relationship –  the person who loves more – it’s a weakness.  I don’t want to be the weakness. is there a way to be the strong one? JY: you don’t become the weakness cuz you love more. it’s cuz there is no “yeoyoo” in the heart so that’s how it becomes a weakness. wanting the other person to accept what I give. with just love, I am happy. I am okay. SK hugs him and says why are you just now telling me that. you are so bad. he laughs and says I will be going.

Jo looks around JY’s room and remembers what HS had told him about JY and the painting in the bathroom and how he cant sleep unless it’s in the bathroom.

JY gets in his car and seems surprised by something in the back

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JY turns around and HS was hiding in the back seat holding up her phone with messages going across the screen – stuff like how he is moving for work, to be sure to eat his meals, meet her on Fridays, not to sleep on the chair but in the bathtub, and explaining why she is saying all this in this way. she is crying as she held it up while JY smiles. he touches her cheek and tells her to go. she gets out and walks off as he watches. he follows slowly behind her and then leaves. suddenly KW comes over on his bike so JY swerves to miss him and JY almost runs over HS. she falls to the ground to avoid the car. he crashes into the wall as HS screams out his name and goes to him.

T is with JY’s mom and she wonders why he broom-ing when he is already dressed and why he hasn’t gone in to work the past few days. T: I will go. she asks if there is something going on. she keeps nagging and says it’s not cuz I am annoyed by having you. it’s cuz I am worried. you didn’t go to work for a few days. you don’t talk. you don’t sleep well.   so he asks if she is getting old cuz she talks so much and that he will take care of things on his own. she gets a call so goes inside to take it

JB called his mom. JB asks do you like it that much that I called. she says yes of course I do. he asks can I go to your home when I get out. she says -where else would you go than here. of course you have to come to me. JB – thank you for today – for calling and talking to me. when you come I will be really really good to you. JB: I’m looking forward to it. hearing the mother I hated saying she will be good to me. his mom says when you come out our 3 family will live very happily. I will make everything you like and do everything you want.let’s go on a trip too. JB says ok – hang up. after his call he stands there for a second then bows to the guard.

the mom is so happy. T comes in and asks what’s going on. she says JB called and said he missed me after getting therapy with doctor Jo. T hugs her. she says how JB’s heart got more comfortable. T says I am going and leaves. she calls out for him to eat first

the editor is furious at T for not coming to work again cuz of a meeting

JB shares his plans with another inmate. JB told the inmate that Jo will testify for him. the guy says you said he was a doctor and couldn’t speak for you.  JB: that was regarding the incident from 14 years ago. while I am out and stab my younger brother again, the situation will totally change. cuz at that time Jo wont be a doctor, he will be an eye witness. at that time even if he doesn’t want to – he will have to talk. “Jang JB – over his resentment for his younger brother, he did something crazy. please be merciful/lenient.” if this happens, then I become the unfairly treated party. I can sue this country and receive money for being wrongly imprisoned. and exact revenge on my younger brother. guard comes over and says Dr. Jo called. JB says I have to clean over there. please tell him I will call later. also please tell him thank you for the (serum) treatment last time. guard asks did you tell him how you will be getting out next Friday? JB: you tell him. That I will be getting out on Saturday. the guard says but it’s Friday. JB: it’s cuz I want to surprise him.

*OMG JB is planning to attack JY again when he gets out.

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T rings the bell at JY’s place. JY is on the phone with HS when T gets there. JY is saying into the phone. I am really okay. just the bumper fell off. you really don’t have to worry about me. how about you?  is your arm really ok? she says it’s just a little swollen and it’s already been treated. do you really not need to go to the hospital? JY: you are putting on the medicine well right? so it wont scar?  HS: nagging.  when I meet you today – if there is even a hair that’s not ok -I wont leave you alone. JY: when you meet me today you better not leave me alone. then I will really not leave you alone. hang up. a doctor interrupts to say Lee is looking for her.

T asks who was that. KW? JY says it was HS – we are dating sincerely.

HS is talking to Lee about the married couple patients. she thinks it’s a married spouse problem. something is going on that only the two of them know about. there is a reason for that and it’s something others don’t know about. they decide to have a discussion meeting afterwards cuz it’s time for their patients to arrive.

HS meets with the wife while Lee meets with the husband. the woman says how her husband likes public transportation so he doesn’t use his car. he always rides the bus when he is drunk. as usual – to wait for her husband, she walked past in the mountain behind their apartment. her husband didn’t like that road cuz it was dangerous but it was the path to the bus stop so that road was comfortable for her. that night she was grabbed by some men and raped.

her husband says it was strange but my wife didn’t arrive. I called home and she didn’t pick up. didn’t pick up her cell phone too. it felt strange so I wondered if she had taken the mountain road so I went towards the mountain. that’s when he discovered his wife’s battered body.

the wife says I wasn’t able to protect my body. I seemed so foolish and thought I was sullied. I felt so sullied. HS takes her hand.

the husband says it was ok – as long as my wife was ok – I was really ok. Lee says it’s something you cant be ok about.  this is something to be angry about and to cry about.  the husband cries and says to be honest I want to kill those guys – I want to kill them all. I will kill them.

* I guess those roaches he imagined stood for the men who committed the rape and the husband injured himself trying to be rid of them but couldn’t. his self inflicted injuries could be from the self blame that he couldn’t have protected his wife and was trying to be rid of that guilt but couldn’t. as for the wife, the roaches only manifested when she was with her husband cuz it’s the guilt she feels around him for thinking she has been sullied and injures herself wanting to be rid of her shame.

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JY is trying to work so he asks arent you going. T says I said I wont go until you call KW. you said he was a good writer. then he should make a contract with our publishing company.  JY warns I told you not to mess with me while I am working. T: I don’t want to mess with you too. he gets up and says that’s why hurry and contact him so I can leave. He shows KW’s number and says isnt this Han KW’s number? is it correct or not? JY says yes. it’s correct. T calls it and makes JY talk. as T tries to listen for a voice on the other end, JY asks into the phone – what are you doing. JY coughs. KW was beaten up with his mom and they are both bruised as they walk along the road. KW is coughing same time as JY. KS : I am walking. JY: where are you walking? I hear cars. I told you not to walk on that road cuz it’s dangerous. KW: I like this road. JY: I really don’t like you. anyway I will let you talk to my friend from the publishing company. take his call. KW: why? he coughs as JY says my friend wants to publish your book. he coughs and says this is strange. why am I coughing like you. T only hears the recorded voice say that the number doesn’t exist. JY: anyway -I am warning you  – don’t go on that road.  I will give you my friend now. when T gets the phone the recording says this number doesn’t exist. he hangs up and T lies and says he hung up. JY says that cautious kid backed off again. just go for now  I will call him later again for you. I am not going to be patient anymore. get out right now.  T walks out as JY keeps coughing.

T goes out and cries again

Jo is on the phone with T and says I will meet you. why are you crying? you are a grown man. hang up. Jo asks what SK is doing. SK says S asked me to meet/(for a date) but she just contacted another guy to meet. Jo asks should I scold her. SK says no I will end it. I just said it so you would know. go. Jo mutters proudly how SK is getting more and more confidence

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[06-49-01]

SK goes over and gives her money to go clubbing with Sam and then fires her from today on. starting from tm don’t come to the café cuz you have been fired. she gets mad and asks what are you? and what is that money?  are you treating me like a beggar. SK: yes. she tries to slap him but he holds her wrist.  he yells at her and says if a person gives love know to receive it. know that you should be thankful to your father for recycling for your sake. even if your mother abandoned you -if she came to see you cuz she is sorry and gave you money know to be grateful. and don’t live that way. she yells back why are you talking about my mom. SK: cuz you came out of your mother’s womb you brat. cuz of my Tourette’s even if my father chased me out, I call him once a week to say I am safe cuz I was grateful to him for having me.  she walks off but he stops her and gives her one more chance -are you going to end it with Sam and date me sincerely or not. are you only going to see me (date me) or not? I will give you 5 seconds. 1-2- 3-4.. she agrees to date only SK sincerely. hurry so we can go to the club after work. wipe down the second floor tables. he walks off smiling

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-09-59]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-09-20]

HS is happy to see her friends. the friend has been out of the hospital for a month. they came to see their doctor for her pregnancy. she shows HS the sonagram photos of their baby and says it’s healthy. HS congratulates her and says you endured well. HS tells the guy he suffered a lot too and hugs him. the friend pretends to be jealous and says he is my husband so HS says let me just hug him a bit longer.

Jo runs over apologizing to choi and asks how choi got lawyer kang to meet. choi waited here from morning to night for four days. they knock and go in.

the ex lawyer Kang says there is no possibility whatsoever that the two brothers could have been the culprit in that accident. he explains how the case was terrible cuz it was rushed the prosecution and the judge was harsh on delinquents so that’s why the case resulted in the wrong verdict. back then he was a public defender with no power.  he shows evidence from the incident.  the knife had both brothers fingerprints  on it. then he shows a photo of the lighter. it belonged to JB cuz it had the name of the pool hall that JB used to go to. those two evidence was used against JB as the culprit. so choi asks doesnt it mean the chance of JB being the culprit is possible. Jo asks if the lighter had any fingerprints on it. Kang says no cuz it was in the fire and wiped it out. then Kang shows a photo of the knife wound. how the cut with the knife wasn’t deep enough to hit any major organs. choi says I don’t understand what you are saying. Kang says the reason for the victim’s death wasn’t the knife, it was due to lack of oxygen from smoke inhalation. the person who stabbed with the knife wasnt the culprit. the culprit was the person who started the fire. Jo’s mouth falls open in shock.

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-33-32]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-41-25]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-46-39]

While JY writes, HS comes out of JY’s bathroom after changing and tries to keep quiet. she looks at maps and stuff  posted on the wall. JY explains there are a lot of car accidents near KW’s neighborhood but he always takes that road so I am going to show him that and intimidate him. she says how he always thinks of KW. even with the car accident you said you saw a kid like KW. do you like me or KW? JY: I like you. just wait ten mins while I write this paragraph.  she says ok. she looks at the time and says don’t worry about me and work comfortably. I am going to read a book. she tries reading to kill time then she dozes off. then she changes and is about to leave but he says I am sorry – I really only have 30 mins of work left. HS: no it’s ok – you keep working. she is about to leave but sees his face. she goes over and sits on his lap saying so you feel more at ease – i am not leaving cuz i am angry. tm morning -no it’s this morning, I have an urgent consultation.  JY: but you normally don’t have one on Saturday. HS: I normally don’t but I do tm. she explains about a patient who needs her time from morning to afternoon. but if I stay here in a little while we will love passionately. after that -when I am at the hospital – I don’t have the confidence to focus during that long time with the patient. I’m not strong like you (I don’t have your stamina)- don’t you see how thin my arms and legs are. I rather just sleep at the hospital dorm room for a few hours. I really am not leaving cuz I am angry that you are working. I am leaving cuz I have to work too. JY: we met after a week, I really only need to finish this part – just 30 mins. 15 mins. HS: writing doesn’t work that way. she kisses him and says let’s just meet next week since your work goes well the most on Sundays -next week.

after she leaves JY runs out to catch her but she got into a cab

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-49-25]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-50-01]

he goes back in and smiles at the changes in the room and bathroom- her wallet is on the ground, bed is unmade, and towels are in disorder

*I’m not sure if he is smiling cuz the place looks lived in for the first time or because he finally feels okay with such a mess and finds it endearing.

Jo sits and remembers what lawyer kang said. He explains his discoveries were before the ruling. how he thought he had a good case and was preparing for the defense, but the next day he got a call – the corpse had been cremated. the prosecution was involved (as in covered it up). and on the stand the younger brother accused the older brother and that’s how the incident was settled. at the time, JB carried his younger brother out and there was only one person left in the home and the fire started after the incident. Jo says aloud -the mom.

T comes in to see Jo. Jo invites him to sit and explains he worked late yesterday and wasn’t able to call him. sorry. T breaks down in tears

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-10-31]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-10-42]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-10-55]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-11-13]

at the hospital, HS is on the phone with JY and explains she borrowed money for the cab from the security guard. hold onto my wallet well though there isn’t much in it. I can use a different credit card. so how many pages did you write? JY: five pages. HS: you wrote a lot. isn’t that writing a lot? JY: yes.  HS: what are you going to do now? JY: I stayed up all night so I have to sleep. what are you doing?  she says I don’t have to sleep but since I cant meet my boyfriend even if it’s Saturday so I’m just going to sleep. she opens the door to the dorm room and JY is there. JY: is that so? then let’s sleep together. she goes over and hugs him.

T sits quietly as Jo watches the CCTV video footage of JY fighting by himself

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-17-02]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[00-16-39]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-50-07]

JY is driving HS home at night. he asks what she is thinking. she says dont make me talk I’m tired. JY: i thought about it carefully today and if we keep it up like this – we wont be able to meet for long (as in they wont be able to keep dating for very long). she asks if that means he wants to break up. JY: no not that. she asks for him to buy her medicine (for energy). he says I will buy it for you – also let’s get married. HS looks over and asks: what did you just say? JY: let’s get married.



HS: do you really want to marry me?

JY texted her a photo of her shirt and wallet she left behind and wrote: me – the one who suffers from OCD misses you. I will just leave it alone.

HS: I like it just the way it is now

JY: from now on I will only love you a little bit so you don’t feel any pressure/burden

HS: JY sincerely wants to marry me

JB calls JY and says let’s just the two of us meet without mom and Dr. Jo knowing

JY: after the stepfather accident – let’s live cheerily on purpose

Jo confides in Lee and tells her about JY’s mental condition. Lee: if we drag out the time (in telling)- HS could get hurt too

HS: how long can we be happy like this?
괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-50-47] 괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-50-56] 괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-51-12] 괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-51-30] 괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-52-17] 괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[23-55-27]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-01-20]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-01-27]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-01-48]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[03-04-25]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E11.140827.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[02-36-09]

What the mom did is going to cost her the son she loves the most. Keeping the truth from her sons will complicate their lives even more. Both sons still don’t know the truth about their stepfather’s death. They don’t know that the smoke inhalation from the fire is what killed him and not the stabbing. JB is still hell bent on exacting his revenge and JY is still trusting enough to believe his brother won’t kill him. I feel like she should have told the truth to at least JY so he wouldn’t have lived so long with the guilt over the event. I wonder if he even knows that his older brother initially wanted to take the blame for the stabbing. Will that make JY feel more guilty or relieve some of the underlying resentment toward his older brother for taking every chance he has to hurt JY. If JB attacks him again, it’s going to be the third time. Something tells me this won’t be as harmless as a syringe.


10 comments on “It’s Okay, It’s Love E11

  1. mimi says:

    I honestly think both JY and his mother has repressed the memory. They remember it the way JB said told them. Which is probably why seeing his brother again triggered JWs appearance. Remember his script that made JY a killer. Taking into consideration that KW is imaginary means that JY wrote out his memory that has been suppressed. They love JB so really cannot see them intentionally having him go to prison for 11yrs


  2. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you very much for your great work!! I am glad did not used my tissues box while reading your post. Heartbreak is around the corner when the truth is revealed. Have a great day/night!!


  3. jjen says:

    I love the Before series! I always felt that the talk fests and dialogue in this drama reminded me of the couple in the Before series.


  4. Reggy Anggraini says:

    Hi Softy.. thanks for the recap and I am really enjoy to read this.. Reggy Ang-from indonesia


  5. grapefruit7 says:

    thanks softy!!!


  6. flo says:

    Dear Softy..i just read your thoughts about FTLY ep 17..i bawled like crazy last night, and i cried again when i read your thoughts..yes you are right there should be a limit, i couldn’t stop crying since last week’s eps. the writer is so poor heart cant take it’s has to be a romcom drama right? why it’s going toooo melodrama..but still, my heart is way too invested with that drama..thank you so much for sharing our thoughts , i’m really appreciate it..once again so sorry to your IOTL’s readers, cuz i talked about another drama in this recap..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Softy says:

      It’s ok flo- like I said before you can post comments anywhere you like. ^^ I’ve been posting mine at random ones too in order to reply or gush on my own. I guess I should have made a separate post about Fated once I started liking it so much, but I didn’t know where to insert one cuz I didn’t want to mislead readers into thinking I am picking up last min recapping for it (believe me I wish I could, but alas I don’t have superpowers like not needing sleep). That’s why I kept talking about it on my side widget and forgot to leave space for readers to respond so it’s all my fault.

      E11 of this drama was the most difficult last night cuz of so many scenes with packed dialogue – it took over seven hours to finish translating. Then like a crazy person I watched E17 of Fated and kept intermittently bawling and writing my thoughts on the side widget. I woke up with the puffiest eyes – not just from lack of sleep, but cuz I went to sleep after crying so much. You are correct – isn’t Fated supposed to be a rom-com? what happened to the comedy part these days? 🙂

      When I saw the first few mins of E17 of Fated, I must admit I wanted to crawl into the screen and slap Gun silly for being so hurtful and make him come to his senses, but something in the back of my mind stayed with me the whole time and kept me from hating him too much. I kept remembering that flashback scene at the end of E16 when we saw him all alone crying over his lost baby. I kept thinking that’s the same man who is trying desperately to lie about his true feelings and masking it with all these hateful statements. On the outside he might appear cool, indifferent, cruel, and collected, but in reality – in that moment Gun was crying and feeling so much pain on the inside from having to say such hurtful lies to her that inwardly, he was coming undone with every painful word. It took everything out of him to be so mean and that’s why afterwards -he had to just sit down for a bit to collect himself. I feel like the weight of his meanness enervated him and made him plead for her to forget him. It was the third time I saw him at his most vulnerable – first was when he drove through that tunnel crying over remembering how cruel he had been to her by asking if that baby inside of her really was his and regretting every hurtful word- the second was the night he went home alone and saw all the baby stuff he had collected and moved into his private room and broke down in tears over his loss. I think that’s the true genius of this drama – to make us feel every emotion they are going through so acutely and vividly that we don’t miss a single thought or feeling. It’s complete in its perfection and that’s what keeps us riveted.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, yeah I feel the same way as @flo, feel bad that we are writing everywhere, hijacking another’s drama comment section to discuss about FTLY, anyway, I get it that we can just post anywhere 😄, thank you. This drama should be classified as melo rom com, first half rom com and the other half melo, oh my poor heart hurt so much when I watched live last night and didn’t have a clue what they were saying, but cried anyway until my hubby asked whether I have gone crazy crying over a drama that I could not understand the language. Anyway, that is the magic of drama and good acting. Love reading your thoughts Softy, your analysis and grasp and perspective of a drama is always different from other bloggers, you are just more personable and emotional, sorry i wish I have better grasp of English language and could express myself better, anyway, just wanna say thank you for sharing.

    So glad there were so many revelations in Ep 17, guess when the writer nim decides to speed up the snail pace, it goes all out. Proud of Daniel and Sera, they did well, go and find each other now, siblings. Can’t wait for tonight’s ep, MY fighting, go and get Gun.


    • Softy says:

      Yes we really shouldn’t worry about where we post comments – like people keep reminding me – this is my blog so we can do whatever we want. 🙂

      I think you guys are so lucky for watching Fated live since I have to wait till after my live recaps to catch up. I’m pretty sure there are people translating live over on the soompi thread so you should check there instead of watching on your own and not knowing what they are saying. I have a feeling tonight’s ep will be the best one leading up to next week’s finale if the preview is any indication. She seemed pretty determined to stick to his side and not let him get rid of her anymore. Now that she knows the truth, I’m almost certain MY will hold on with all her might. 🙂 (It’s Gun that we have to worry about – where in the world was he planning to leave to – it better not be what I think cuz it goes against the face of what this drama was all about then)

      Liked by 1 person

      • mamaswee says:

        Hi Softy, rejoice…Ep 18 is so so great. Yes, i usually stream and read the soompi thread at the same time, just that this time most of the live recappers do not understand the language too, so basically we get the gist of what’s happening but not understanding. They were times when i felt so frustrated not knowing what been said that i shout ‘Softy, help! ‘, haha. I dont think there is any live recappers as thorough and as fast as you, Joonni comes second, (oopps, I love your recap too, Joonni).

        I have this silly grin plastered on my face today after watching the Ep 18 subbed. …. yay!!


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