It’s Okay, It’s Love E7

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The very first time she made JY lean his head on her stomach it was done with clinical indifference cuz she was trying to assess the cut on his head and to pour disinfectant on his wound and bandage him up. It may have looked like a similar scene tonight but it was far from it. There was too much emotion in the way she walked over to JY, held his face in her hands to look at all the damage his older brother inflicted, and quietly hugged him before he could even finish his sentence. She didn’t give him the chance to put up a brave front. She knew if he didn’t have to face her, he could be honest about his emotions. As she cradled his head, she let him drop the smile and let the pain of the event from that night wash over him. It took everything he had not to just let himself continue to cry. This is the kind of emotional connection they both needed in their lives – not just for each of them to go on the mend regarding their individual problems, but to start healing together.

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This scene totally gutted me. It was all I could do not to bawl along with him. It must be so hard to love a brother who does this to you each time he sees you. JY has to swallow his own pain to protect his mom and keep his brother safe. I bet a part of him is so tired of this. Not being able to just freely hate his brother and always having to forgive him. He has to dig a little deeper each time to find excuses to forgive JB and I bet the human side of him wishes he could just stop. I love HS’s reaction – she behaved exactly the way he wanted in a moment like this – just comforting him with no prying questions or theatrics. She could have been outraged at his brother or cried and made a fuss about JY’s injuries but she just took in the whole scene and found a way to comfort him that would give him some peace of mind and semblance of normalcy. This time it wasn’t her training kicking in- it was what her heart told her to do.


Written before it aired:

After what happened at the end of last week, I never thought we would get to this point so quickly. I figured JY would be bedridden for a while, but judging from the preview, I guess he thought of a better way to recuperate from his attack. I was always so curious as to why they played those scenes from their trip so early on in the episode previews, but now I totally get it. It wasn’t just to entice viewers – it was to show HS’s progress in dealing with her condition. I bet finding the right man is making HS think a little less and go along with her accelerating emotions. In the past, she would think too much and put a break on her feelings and not allow herself to move past “cruise speed,” but with JY, it’s like she is following his pace. As the preview clearly showed, if anyone knows how to lead, it’s this guy. You just know he won’t do anything to risk having HS retreat back under her shell so he is going to treat her with the utmost respect and only do things she is comfortable with. In the end, that will win her heart even more.


Based on the preview and all that talk about progression (lines like “are we going to keep going?” “You cant stop now even if you wanted to – go all the way till the end” “Did you two progress? (move forward)” I like it just the way it is” “Let’s do well – from here on all the way”) I think HS will discover something new about herself on that trip with JY. With her previous boyfriend, it was easy to keep her distance and keep him at bay making him sleep on the floor, but I bet she won’t want to do the same with JY. Even within such a short amount of time, they have opened up and shared so much of themselves, it will seem like a natural progression to share even more. She never had that sort of relationship with PD Choi so her inclination to want to move forward each time will end up surprising both of them.

Jae Yeol = JY

Hae Soo = HS

Soo Kwang = SK

“sunbae” Jo Dong Min = Jo

Kang Woo = KW

Oh So nyeo, the teenage girl = S

Jae Bum (JY’s older brother) = JB

Tae Yong JY’s manager, backstabbing friend, or member of his editing team = T


Starts from JY arriving in his cab and looking over at HS. he tries to wave but she doesnt see him as his brother hits him in the back and jabs the syringe into his neck. she keeps looking around then calls JY. JB drags him over behind a pillar as JY’s phone keeps ringing. JB empties the syringe into JY’s neck and says to him -can you see? my successful younger brother – I’m your older brother. JB jabs JY with the empty syringe repeatedly then kicks him. JB asks -how is that -isnt this making you think of the past. flashback to young JB kicking young JY. current JB says: how does it feel going back to how it felt in the past? young JB said to him- if hyung tells you to stop where you are then you should have – why run away from me? you awful punk – you don’t call me hyung. JY tries to stand up only to have JB tackle both of them through the window of the store setting off the alarm. HS keeps trying to call but cant reach him. she finally gets a call and asks “who is this” in a playful tone. Jo goes back to his medical cabinet and realizes what JB did -switching out the syringes when JB tripped Jo. He calls JB trash and calls T and screams at him saying -where are you now? JB caused trouble so where is he now? Jo had yelled at Lee to go away and talk later so she walks away angry

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JB is choking JY and asking – was it fun? sending me to prison -just mom and the two of you living together-was it fun? but did I really kill that person? is the medicine not enough?  you aren’t talking. it’s already been over 13 yrs since I’ve been rotting away in prison cuz of you -should I just say I killed him?  the store owner screams and comes in asking what they are doing here so JY reacts quickly and says I’m sorry – I will pay – we were just having a scuffle between siblings.  JB gets up mumbling you planned it together with mom didn’t you? JY punches him and the woman screams again. a man says to call the police but JY holds JB back and says be still -if you go back to prison this time you wont be able to get out again.  a man says to call the police so JY says I will pay for the damages. please don’t call the police. JB hugs JY and begs please dont call the police. we are brothers. I’m not a bad person. my younger brother will pay for all the damages here. my younger brother has a lot of money. I am sorry. we will pay money. JY answers the call from T as JB clings to him. JY tells T to come and get him.

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T arrives and yells at JB calling him crazy. JB says I am hungry. T: how could you be hungry right now? just stay here. DM hyung said if you aren’t here – he said he would call the police – do you want to stay in prison. JB slaps him for the spray of spittle so T slaps him back saying what did you do well for you to hit me.  I put up with you cuz you are a hyung. T worries about the cuts on JY’s face but JY says it’s ok. Jo arrives and yells at JB -how could you come out on leave and cause trouble. T holds him back and says be patient for JY’s sake.  JB says I gave him the medicine but JY didn’t talk- why is that? is that really medicine that makes you speak the truth. Jo says why would I trust you to give you medicine. It turns out Jo gave him a placebo -just water in the syringe cuz Jo had a feeling this would happen.  T calls JB crazy then he apologizes to JY for getting Jo to consult with JB for JY and his mom’s sake. Jo makes  T take JB out but JB says to Jo in banmal – water? did you deceive me? water? T begs him to go quietly. JB cant believe a doctor would do such a thing so Jo says if you say one more word I will call the police right now. JB says I thought you were a doctor but you  are a total fraud. T warns JB to keep quiet cuz if Jo reports him now JB’s life will end. JB says just send me to prison – if I get out then that’s it. JB warns JY – we arent done. when I come out in two months that is when I will make you see the end.

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JY gets a call from his mom and says I met brother but wont be able to go today. she asks if the two of you met why cant you come home? JY lies that there was too much drinking with Jo. you knew I was making food all day with the neighbors and waiting for you. she senses something is wrong and asks did something happen. JY lies and says what would happen. if something happened how could I be answering the phone like this right now. really-nothing happened. we just ended up drinking longer. mom please just dont ask me anymore. later on when we meet I will tell you in detail. she things something must have happened since JY is talking like that. she agrees not to ask anymore. it’s ok as long as you are okay. I made too much food for nothing. hang up.  she hangs up and the women ask what’s wrong. are the kids not coming. she says they are drinking longer and will probably come early in the morning. she tries to give some of the food away to her neighbors who helped her prepare the feast but they leave saying they have plenty. Jo tried to take the phone away to tell the mom the truth but JY wouldn’t let him

JB and T go and get bread to eat.

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Jo tells JY – after consultations with your brother for over a month do you know what I felt – he is a very dangerous person. Jo talks about how JB attacked his family member and to get revenge. he advises -you need to report him to the police right away but JY doesnt want to. he says how he will just return JB back into custody. this is family business. please give leniency. Jo reminds him if he hadn’t anticipated this would happen and gave JB the serum for real and this happened then there is no telling what could have happened to JY. he could been dragged around in his drugged state and then what if he got into a car accident (like a car hitting him). then JB would have committed murder. JY: I wasn’t hurt that much. I was beaten and said I am ok so what is the problem? when I needed concern from people – not now – but back when my mom -when I was only 16 -it was when I was beaten by my stepfather. and my hyung when he was 19 and underage -14 yrs ago -despite the fact that it was self defense – without consideration for extenuating circumstance -for the reason that he had a history of violence (beating up people), he was sentenced to 11 yrs. Jo tells him not to speak emotionally. more than you think JB is a very dangerous person. JY replies – if my brother was really a dangerous person when he stabbed me with the fork 3 yrs ago, instead of my shoulder he would have stabbed me in the neck. even this time instead of a syringe it would have been a knife. isn’t that so? also if my hyung was really a dangerous person he should be scared that we would report him right now and do as told. he wouldnt be sitting and eating bread like a kid. like you said -if my brother wanted to get revenge till the end on his younger brother –  he might be a vengeful person -and later he might really stab me with a knife but over something that hasn’t even happened – I cant make my hyung rot in prison for the rest of his life.later on if that  happens then i will ask you to report him. JY turns to get his brother but Jo stops him and offers to take JB -just listen to me regarding this. Jo goes in to get JB

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HS’s former erotica drawing patient called to show her his artwork. the first one he drew that wasn’t erotica. I wanted to be sure to show you. she compliments him. kid says what you said – if I wanted to get better from my condition -more than medicine my will was important. I remembered that. after I went back, I went out to dance and drew – still didn’t go to school and don’t speak to my mom well but still I took my medicine regularly and got treatments well (therapy) and I’m doing well. and have the will to live normally. HS: I am envious. she picks up a can of paint and asks if she can color. he nods yes. she admits – to be honest I have a slight panic disorder regarding love so today in order to conquer that panic disorder, I showed some will. I sent a signal to a guy who is nice. let’s meet. but the end result was that I was rejected. your condition you can overcome it with your will but mine I have to kick it for treatment to be possible.  the result is that I have a more of a disorder than you so today you comfort me. kid asks why – did the guy say he didn’t like you? HS: we said we would meet and I even called but I cant reach him. kid says then do it again until you can speak to him.  ask him – why didn’t you come? was there traffic? do you really not like me? she says it’s ok. it will only hurt my pride. kid says then just live that way. you dont have any will. HS: what? he says he wasn’t able to draw this at one try. he drew it and it seemed like erotica so with his will he drew it again and again. she gets a text from her sister to apologize to their mom for what happened last time. my nice younger sister you are going to obey your older sister right? also give these photos to JY. it’s of him playing with the baby. HS smiles and says to the kid – I have to go. the kid asks arent we eating together. she says you eat alone. also stop bragging – your drawings are still really strange (meaning you have a long way till your artwork is better) you aren’t all well yet. this is just the start. see you again. she leaves and calls JY and is surprised he answered. HS: do you want to die? JY: just look at the way you are talking. it’s cuz I met my brother and got hit a bit.

JB is in the backseat of the car behind T and Jo. when he was a kid after beating up young JY he left his kid brother his sneakers

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JY sits and waits for HS on the bench. she goes over and sees the cuts on his face. he says it’s ok I didnt get hit that much. she hugs his face and pats his back to comfort him. he was smiling and putting up a brave face but breaks down, choking back his tears at her compassion and says you had this side to you.

Jo makes T pull the car over and tells JB to get out and do whatever he wants. JB runs off. T asks if Jo is crazy and calls out to JB to stop. Jo says leave him alone. T says what if he runs off – then what will you do?  Jo says if he was going to run away he would have already. just let him alone. let him get as much air as he wants. Jo remembers how JY said if my brother really is a dangerous person 3 years ago when he stabbed me with a fork – instead of my shoulder he would have stabbed my neck. even this time instead of a syringe he would have used a knife. isn’t that so?

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JY says I was on my way to you. HS: of course you would have been. JY: after hearing the 3 bell rings – I felt really fluttered so I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive so I ran and took a cab. he was walking backwards so she asks him to walk next to her before he gets hurt.  JY: you were surprised huh? HS: how do you feel now? JY: to be honest a little embarrassed -what you would think of my home/family. over this reason what if you get tired of me. I was thinking it would be nice if you didn’t. even though hyung is like that now, I want to mention the hope of when he comes out -our household might become happy. she says why are you like this. I am a doctor who handles mental patients every day. JY: what do you mean by saying that? she talks about how many people she meets each day who are emotionally hurting – I think your home too – it’s what happens when people live. on the way over I read about the past and the articles about your hyung. even if you don’t explain what’s uncomfortable for you to mention, I still get it. you really met the right girlfriend didn’t you huh? JY: girlfriend? HS: yes girlfriend. if we said we would date aren’t I your girlfriend? didn’t you clearly say on the way over you heard my signal and your heart fluttered so you ran over…he leans over and kisses her before she can finish. she backs away and doesn’t look well. she says let’s go and stumbles.  so he catches her and notices her clammy hands and the perspiration on her neck. he asks why are you sweating this much? she explains it’s her body reacting to her disorder and showing its limits through symptoms. it will do this a few times and stop.  JY: you are really ok right? HS: I am ok.

when they get home she asks you didnt perhaps feel anything too weird about me right. JY says not at all.  HS: thank you. she heads inside

her ex watched them outside and leaves. as S leaves the café after work saying see you tm, HS’s sister tell her not to be late tm like today. S asks if SK is cleaning and he retorts – cant you know from looking. some kid picks S up on his bike and they lightly kiss. watching that causes SK to have an episode

HS sits down and says let’s just say bye for today here cuz it’s embarrassing/awkward. she tells him to wash and put medicine on his cuts. he agrees and goes up first. she puts her head down and cant stop grinning

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JY is grinning too. he gets a text from Jo saying he is letting JB get some air and will feed him breakfast and take him back (to prison) in the morning so don’t worry. see you tm. JY hears HS going into her room

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next morning JY jogs and remembers their kiss. KW follows on his bike.

HS grins as she brushes her teeth

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KW says I am not going to school anymore cuz my teacher told me not to write the novel at school. I dont want to learn from a teacher who doesn’t understand me. JY says you should still at least go to school. He notices the cut on his elbow and KW explains on the road JY took to get to his home (on that wrong way road) KW fell down. it’s okay. just a little cut. JY mutters you don’t listen. I told you that road was dangerous and not to go on it. KW says when he fails the contest he is going to just die on that road then at least he would get the accident insurance and will give that to his mom. that alarms JY and says how could you say such a thing. he wants KW to go to the hospital to get his finger treated. KW explains it was just a joke. my finger is okay too. see you again. he rides off but JY calls out – weren’t you staying at your aunt’s place. KW says my dad left but came back home. JY asks if any result of the investigation came out of the police report he made and KW says people are cowardly and don’t have any interest in us except for you. dont worry about my dad. JY calls out to contact him if he finishes the novel.

they feed JB and he walks off. T asks where are you going – let’s go together so Jo says why – so you can go to prison too? just leave him alone. JB turns and speaks in banmal to Jo and says don’t come back to see me again. Jo yells back you don’t wait for me or call me. you bastard using a utensil like a knife.  JB insults him saying Jo isn’t a legit doctor. but Jo yells more insults by saying I am a doctor to patients and not to crazy bastards like you. JB spits at him. as he rides off Jo swears that he will treat JB for sure (make him better)

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JY knocks and asks HS – are you still sleeping – aren’t you going into work? it’s past 8. she opens the door and says I woke up.   he asks what she wants to eat for breakfast. HS: bread? JY: how about a sandwich?  HS: that wont be bad. JY: did you sleep well yesterday? HS: of course I slept well – why wouldn’t I? JY: then are we going to keep going (in our relationship)? HS: why? so you can quit/give up?  do you want to witness my symptoms. then should I bite you? is that what you want – is that why you are asking? JY: breathe then talk.   HS: even if you wanted to stop now you cant. how much I shed tears of blood effort to get to this point.  you have to go to the end with me. she closes the door. he grins and repeats – till the end.

SK is about to go to JY’s room so JY tries to stop him but SK goes in to use the steamer. JY: what are you doing? SK tells him how S kissed some other guy. not me but some guy. when this is happening to me – are you going to insult me just cuz I used your steamer. JY tells him to keep using it.  SK yells that HS washed her clothes with his again. she washed her underwear with his and he finds that disgusting. he barges into her room and throws down the laundry so she tells him to toss it nicely. he wants to know what is up with her for wearing that color lipstick to seduce a guy so early in the morning. she asks him to zip her up so he says I am a man too. you do it yourself. she says I cant that’s why I am asking. then close your eyes and zip it up. he does and asks if something good happened cuz she is humming. HS: no. SK: just from looking I can tell there is. what’s going on. I will fold your laundry so tell me. JY was in front of your door did you two make some progress. so annoying. you rang his bell 3 times didn’t you? she says i am really late and to come out. she leaves.SK is upset everything is going well for others except for him

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JY tells her to just wait 5 mins. she asks why. JY: sandwich isn’t ready yet – I will make it quickly. HS doesnt have time to eat anymore cuz she is late. JY: awhile ago you said. HS: awhile ago I was going to eat it.  she wonders if he is the style to nag more over time if they are dating cuz she doesnt like that style. she gets a call about a patient from another doctor. she chews on a bread so he says if you have time to eat that and tries to take it away  but she makes JY quiet. she whispers for coffee he gives her coffee while she talks. she spills some so he wipes her mouth. SK cuts in and says she did that before with Choi. she gets some photos of a hand cut in half. she asks for her schedule to be pushed back an hour. JY puts a sandwich in her mouth to eat on her way out. she says it’s delicious. he is about to wipe her mouth again so she tells him- why are you like this. just do it when I want you to. just cuz you did it once doing it twice or three times – this isn’t it. You have to go a lot slower than you think. let’s keep doing well from here on all the way. she goes back to talking on her phone and leaves. JY shares that he likes her style to SK. she has that charm when she makes up her mind to do something once she doesn’t hesitate and keeps going. I like that. SK predicts how HS will act towards JY from here on – she will kiss him back to the extent that JY wont feel neglected. JY realizes that SK knows a lot more about HS than he thought. SK continues how she will even touch JY and rest her head on his thighs, but that’s the end of it. she will make JY move forward (feel like there is progress in their intimacy and retreat by saying I didn’t know about that. at best it will last 300 days. SK teases how she will make JY’s blood dry up – an expression that means she will lead him on and make him miserable by not going as far as sleeping with him and will never go beyond that point. SK laughs about not matter how much Choi ate he lost 5kg of weight (cuz of the suffering) so JY says I am not choi. I am Jang JY. He walks off and SK wonders what is that confidence -ahhhhh  I am the only one who is lonely.

Jo texts Lee and says sorry about yesterday. I want to apologize so come out.

HS shows the photos of the cut hands to the patient who tried to cut his own arm off. she talks about the differences between the two patients hands and their hand condition. he gets the point HS is trying to make and says how even if he gets treated he will cut off his arm. his wife wants him to get treatment for cancer. HS asks if his baby and wife couldnt be his hope and shares how her dad used to make things too like her first bed asks him to get psychiatric treatments.

on her way out HS asks the wife if she prepared the photos and tells her to have hope.

HS looks at those photos with JY and her nephew and dad.

the man’s wife cries and shows photos of the baby and says how he needs arms to hold the baby. i didn’t know it was this hard on you. I will help you to earn money so let’s get you treated. the man cries

Doctor Lee ignores Jo’s calls so HS tells her to answer cuz she explained what happened yesterday. Lee confides to HS that she still has feelings left for Jo. what do I do. HS tells her to hold it in. i will act like I didnt hear that. you are really crazy. HS leaves

HS takes her mom’s call and says I dont know JY’s phone number and hangs up on her mom

her son in law offers to find out JY’s number but HS’s sister tells her mom to stop it and not do stuff HS doesn’t like. I feel like I will go crazy between the two of you. her mom only wanted to say thanks to JY for taking such good care of the dad cuz the dad enjoyed his time. she asks if meeting Kim was such a scar of them all. the mom is not embarrassed about her relationship with Kim and stands up to her daughter.  how if it wasn’t for Kim their dad would have died from his condition already and she wouldn’t have been able to send both daughters to college. you think I am brazen? no I am sure of myself in front of you guys. what is there that I cant do to take care of my husband and kids.  the husband wonders why the sister is like that to her mom when she told him she understood her mom. the sister turns on her husband and yells at him for drinking – are you an alcoholic like HS said? the mom gets a call from Kim while her daughter and son in law argue about his drinking. the mom is saying Kim’s wife will only get better if she eats after her chemo.

JY is with his team and then goes to the radio program. T goes out and asks if JY is writing these days.  is it not going well. since 3 yrs ago your writing hasn’t come out well. last time too you wrote that book after a very difficult time. JY points out it was hard to write but you ruined it (cuz T let that girl plagiarize it). T says sorry for that and for JB too. JY says  everything you do that you are sorry for -I am letting it go cuz you have been good to my mom for a long time. JY tells him to be good to his brother when he gets out and give his stocks to him. all I can give him is money. JY gets a text from HS’s mom and she thanks him for that day and for being so good to her husband and invites him to come and eat at her restaurant cuz the food is good. she sent a photo of the dad and JY notices the photo of the cliff – the same one in HS’s bedroom. T asks what is it. JY says see you later

after JY leaves, a girl shows up and says was that JY? I was his friend. T recognizes her.

Jo is apologizing to Lee for how rude he was the other day and explaining about JB and how he caused trouble on his leave so Lee says I heard about that from HS  but Jo didn’t need to behave that way towards her. Jo says I was wrong and asks to go eat together. you said you needed consultation and I do to so let’s do that while eating. SK asks her to stop being angry but she says you two get lost. Jo says how he was busy and made time to say he was sorry so she should accept. so why say get lost. she says if you don’t like get lost then should I say go go go like you did? SK asks if Jo did that – you were wrong. Jo asks so what is the decision – you wont eat with me? should I get lost? then I will. she yells at him for always doing this. saying he was wrong and apologize his own way and if she doesn’t accept -it’s over when he leaves.  like this when we divorced. SK says you should say that when only you two meet. why talk about the divorce when I’m here so she yells then you can just leave. SK tells Jo – that’s why I said I didn’t want to come along. you brought me along and now you are fighting. Jo yells at him to go wait so SK leaves. Jo says you are too much -did we get divorced the day before yesterday? whenever you get mad why do you bring up what happened 13 yrs ago like it was yesterday like you are my patient. stop it. they yell about their divorce and how Jo is selfish. in her family she was the one in charge who brought in the money but Jo had asked her to quit being a doctor when her whole family was counting on her. Jo claims he didn’t ask her to quit just for HJ to rest for a year.  they keep fighting then Jo leaves with SK.

her ex PD Choi shows up and asks if HS is seeing JY. she asks if he is asking as her friend or cuz he still has feelings left for her. he says cuz I have feelings left and she leaves

HS’s sister says how she cant sleep cuz she is worried about S and wonders what if something bad happens if S hangs out with the guy she kissed yesterday. would she have gotten (?) from school.  so SK asks would I know that? he glares over at S

on the bus HS calls JY and he is driving. HS: it’s me. JY: I know. HS: what are you doing? JY: driving. HS: hands free? JY: yes hands free. HS: how about food? JY: I ate. HS: with who? JY: someone you dont know. where are you? HS: on the bus to home. JY: how about food? HS: I ate. asking details like what I ate is a tiring style so don’t ask. JY: anything else you want to say? HS: don’t have anything. JY: then hang up. HS: ok see you at home. after they hang up, they both say I like him/her/it exactly (like this). HS: he is a perfect style. JY: she is exactly my style.  I like her a lot.

[SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[23-54-56][SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[23-56-15][SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[23-57-33]

when she gets off the bus he is there. she asks what are you doing here. he says waiting for my girlfriend. he hands her ice cream and they hold hands. she interlocks her fingers with his so he stares at her so she says it’s embarrassing so look ahead. why do you keep smiling. he says cuz I like you. she says it’s gross the way he is so straightforward like that. he asks if he should express himself in another way so she says you are a total player. where did you learn to wait with ice cream. they laugh and eat ice cream as they walk

[SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[00-00-40][SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[00-05-40]

at home Jo and SK are in the kitchen preparing a meal. she asks JY to scoot over on the sofa. Jo says to sit anywhere cuz the home is spacious so she tells him we are dating -didn’t you know. she makes JY scoot over more to the side. SK tells him to go to the edge of the sofa so JY obeys. it was so she can rest her head on his lap and say it’s nice -it’s comfortable. JY was about to touch her head but Jo, SK, and HS react so JY takes his hand away. He asks what she is going to do next weekend. she was going to clean so he asks let’s go on a trip. Jo and SK are narrating like they are watching a sports event and make comments. Jo calls him a player and SK says I need to learn that stuff. she asks why he wants to go on a trip – is it cuz he wants to move forword (take that next step in a relationship) like men talk about. JY says do you go on trips to move forward? you go to look at the view. do you go on trips to progress? she laughs and says he says he goes to look at nature.  you really speak well. as if someone would say you aren’t a writer. He asks about the photo in her room about that tourist site (that cliff picture). it looked nice. she says she saw it on the internet and liked it and wanted to go there on a trip with her dad someday. it’s in Okinawa. she asks if he could protect her (as in not make any moves on her) if they went on a trip together. JY says yes. she says let me ask one thing. if you really go on a trip with me -can you protect me ( as in not try to sleep with her). JY: of course. HS: really? JY: of course really. Jo doesn’t believe it. so she ask if he can promise in front of Jo and SK. so JY says of course and promises the two of them that if he cant protect her on the trip he will be a real dog player to them till the day he dies. JY tells her when we go on the trip and you see how I protect you – you will really be surprised. Jo mutters dog player.  she makes JY keep that promise and agrees to go on the trip next weekend after her work. she tells everyone to sleep well and leaves the room.

[SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[02-31-34]

Jo and SK doesn’t have faith in JY so they remark how JY could make such a ridiculous promise -what could two grownups protect -why  go so far away on the trip – why not just “protect”it simply here.  so JY says: a man said he would protect his woman  so why is your reaction like this? isn’t it obvious that a man would protect the woman he loves from a fire accident or another man…but Jo cuts him off and says -what? an accident? another man? you are the most dangerous man so why leave yourself out? JY gives a devilish grin and says: would I be included too? no way. He leaves so Jo and SK wonder if this is a homerun

JY and HS leave for their trip


no preview

[SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[02-33-11]

photos of their upcoming trip

[SKullHD] 괜찮아 사랑이야 E07 140813 720p H264 AAC[01-12-43]







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