“Gettin’ back on the bike”


Hello everyone, just wanted to update on which dramas might be recapped here soon.

It has only been a few weeks since I’ve stepped away from Kdramas, but it feels like a lifetime. During that month long break, I watched shows that didn’t need translating like the Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Revolution, The Crisis, The 100, 24, and GoT. Sort of wish my blog wasn’t limited to just kdramas cuz I had so much to say about those shows. All my Korean friends were surprised I wasn’t watching any kdramas at all since that’s pretty unusual for me. Whenever they asked what I was recapping, it felt weird saying “nothing.” That’s when I decided to sort of ease my way back to kdramas with baby steps like downloading all the episodes and trying to watch a few minutes here and there. I tried watching the first episode of Angel Eyes on my computer, but then I caught a glimpse of GHS’s current look on TV on a rebroadcast and something about her bizarre eyebrows just made me tune out. I honestly couldn’t focus on the story cuz I kept wondering why any sane woman would do that to her eyebrows. Then I tried watching the first episode of Doctor Stranger and next thing you know, it was over and I hadn’t paid attention to a single scene. I tried again and the same thing happened. I took that as a sign that this drama wasn’t meant for me. Even though I still haven’t watched the first eight episodes yet, since it had been a little over a month since I’ve recapped live, I wanted to get some practice in with E9 of You’re All Surrounded tonight. Turns out I didn’t need to worry. All these years of training recapping live since 2010 paid off cuz it was a breeze. Now I need to go back and watch E1-8 to be caught up on You’re All Surrounded. That will make one kdrama I can finally say I’m currently watching when people ask. Here are some other upcoming ones I’m looking forward to and my top two choices to pick up for live recaps.


High School King of Savvy (June 16): Ever since Master’s Sun, I’ve liked Seo In Gook. Then I watched Answer me 1997 and listened to his music and realized I had to keep my eye out on him. I really like the premise for this quirky new drama and can’t wait to see if it can live up to its previews. Since it’s cable, the torrents won’t be as fast so probably won’t end up recapping.


Trot Lovers (June): Shockingly enough, I’m looking forward to this a lot. When I first read about this show coming up, the title alone made me dismiss the drama cuz anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that trot music is like fingernail scratching on chalkboard for me. My skin crawls just hearing any note of it and I’ve been known to switch cabs as much as three times to avoid that music when the drivers wouldn’t turn it off or lower the volume when I ask them. Then one day I saw the photos of Ji Hyun Woo’s new look and realized I didn’t account for army abs grabbing my attention. Suddenly this rose to second place on the list of shows I was anticipating. A great new look after the army will do it every time – it draws the crowd around for sure. Joonni was so shocked when I told her I was interested in recapping this now. She doesn’t mind the trot music as much as me and was already considering this so one of us will definitely be recapping it live. Tell you one thing for sure, I won’t be buying the OST for this.


It’s Okay It’s Love (August)

I’m still getting over the fact that I actually loved a melodrama so much (TWTWB) that when I heard about this one, just reading the two names Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin sold me. If I had been waiting for a kdrama to capture my interest these past weeks, this one began with a shout. I am so looking forward to this pairing it’s not even funny. Unfortunately I might have to play tug of war with Joonni over which one of us gets to recap this cuz right now we are both eyeing this drama and Trot Lovers. She can only handle recapping one and there is no need for both of us to recap the same one so we will probably have to do rock paper scissors to see who chooses.

Three Musketeers with Lee Jin Wook: I loved Nine so if the people who made that is working on this, I’m automatically onboard. Plus it’s Lee Jin Wook – who can say no to him? I would definitely consider this a priority to recap if it wasn’t three seasons long and Joseon style, but something tells me all that sageuk talk is going to leave me staring at the pretty and not knowing anything he is saying. Darn it – why did it have to be sageuk? Hope he doesn’t look good in hanbok or I’m in trouble.

Nodame Cantabile (October): I heard Joowon is coming back to dramas with a Korean remake of Nodame Cantabile so I already downloaded both the animation and the Japanese drama in anticipation. Tried watching a few, but kept forgetting I had to read subtitles and looked away from the screen so I had to rewind a lot. Hopefully, I’ll finish it before the Korean version starts.

Now for that other list of dramas and reasons why I probably won’t be recapping these:

Fated to Love You: I don’t know either one of the leads real names so it’s highly unlikely I will want to memorize their characters’ names. Zero interest for me.

*Updated on August 15, 2014. E14 just recently aired and now I’m a fan. I want to kick myself for not recapping this from the start like a few readers asked me to. Their instinct about this show being great was 100% accurate. I will defer to your advice next time for future recaps. I also learned parts of the two leads’ names – both have “Jang” somewhere.  

Joseon Gunman (June 25th): I’m still trying to get back into the habit of recapping so starting with a sageuk might be a terrible idea since I might only know every other word at most from each line of dialogue. Plus I don’t care for the female lead at all in this. I’ll probably tune it to watch for Lee Jun Ki, but the chance of this being recapped was zero starting from day one when I heard it was a sageuk.

The Records of a Night’s Watchmen (July): In another life when I am reborn fearless, I might be able to handle watching this without one eye closed, but as it stands, I used up all my courage during Arang and then Master’s Sun. Two scary dramas with ghosts seem to be my limit. One can only suffer through so many mini heart attacks before she realizes she is pushing her luck. Plus I’m still miffed at Jung Il Woo for making me suffer through a few episodes of his god awful previous weekend drama Gold Rainbow.  A great mane of glory can’t wipe his slate clean that easily.

Here is a snippet of E9 from tonight:

너희들은 포위됐다.E09.140605.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[01-53-31] 너희들은 포위됐다.E09.140605.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[01-53-44]

Soo Sun went to his place to question him about being Kim Ji Yong so Daegu gives her ten minutes to speak and just keeps counting down the minutes as she rattles on. Soo sun: No matter how much I think about it – I can’t just move past it like this. I think you really are Kim Ji Yong. He takes a step towards her. Since he threatened to kiss her if she calls him that again, she holds up her hand and says “but you can’t kiss.” Daegu: 8 minutes (left).  She continues talking:  So what’s I’m saying is – it’s cuz I don’t understand. I think I have the right to ask.  after your mother passed away and you disappeared, I worried so much. You really are Kim Ji Yong aren’t you? Daegu: 5 mins.  Soo sun: by any chance – is there a reason why you have to hide you are Kim Ji Yong? huh? Daegu: 4 mins. Soo sun: Just tell me that much. if you have to hide you are Kim Ji Yong then I won’t push it anymore and ask. is that it? Daegu: 3 mins. Soo son: ok. I get it.  Daegu: I will tell you again but I am not Kim Ji Yong. Soo sun: I said I got it. Daegu: but I know that guy a little. he told me to tell you – you used your head a lot this time. you are correct. there is a reason why he has to hide. so for the time being don’t go around questioning and don’t tell anyone. She lets his words sink in and agrees. but then she says “tell your friend Kim Ji Yong I get it.” Daegu tells her to leave now but she mentions how there is a place to eat outside and asks if he ate cuz she hasn’t eaten anything yet.

During their dinner, they both drink soju and Soo sun grins at him. He asks what is it. Soosun: why do you think I am smiling? Daegu: cuz you lost your mind. Soo sun: it’s cuz I am happy. to tell the truth, I thought you – I mean I thought your friend Ji Yong died. not just me but all of Masan thought that. after your friend Ji Yong’s mother died like that and then your friend Ji Yong was gone, everyone in Masan went into shock and searched for you. especially me – I regretted so much. so please be sure to tell your friend Ji Yong.  in the past, what I said about his mom out in front of school that I was very sorry for it over time. Daegu says it’s ok but corrects himself and says “Ji Yong said it’s ok.” She tries to say more so Daegul stops her from asking anymore. She begs for just one more and asks how did your friend Jo Yong live all this time? did he live in the orphanage? is that why he changed his name? Daegu wonders how she found that out so she explains how she heard about his growing up in an orphanage. he tells her not to look at him with pity in her eyes cuz he was lucky and the orphanage director was a good person so he was able to gradate from college well. it wasn’t such an unfair world. Soo sun: thank goodness. for the last time…” she tries to get in one more question but Daegu cuts her off saying no more. She begs for just one more and he doesn’t have the heart to say no to her. Soo sun: be sure to relay this to your friend Ji Yong. whenever he needs me – to be sure to call me. For the time being I will forgive him for not calling me noona so…. Daegu interrupts and says “noona? what nonsense.” she almost gets upset but resumes smiling and says she will let it slide since today is a special day.  your friend Ji Yong is two years younger than me and in the past he called me noona. but I will forgive it all and hide it from Taeil and Gook and not reveal the secret to them so tell him to be sure to call me if he needs me. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I will keep his secret till the end so if he needs someone to talk about this or that comfortably or if he wants to ask a favor – tell him to be sure to contact me then cuz I’m on Kim Ji Yong’s side no matter what. That’s all – now I’m really done talking.” She makes him clink glasses and tells him to hurry and eat before the noodles expand.

After they eat, Daegu tells her to leave now and turns to go but she back hugs him and says: thank you. I’m really grateful and you are brave. Daegu: why are you like this suddenly? Soo sun: you are really brave

* On a day like today after constantly denying who he really was to Pan seok and then Soo sun, he really needed to hear that bit of praise. He wished his mom had been alive to say those words, but the next best thing was hearing it from a friend. Daegu was crying tears of relief. For far too long, he has been doing things in secret and keeping his emotions in check. This isn’t the kind of person he wanted to grow up to be, but circumstances forced him into this life. It was going against his nature to be so gruff and aloof with people. He did too great a job in putting up the wall of defense he built up around him to protect his feeling. It seemed so indestructible that even he had a hard time letting his guard down once in a while. Each time he cried alone and stayed alone, he suffered quietly. Like tonight, after the accidental death of the father incident with those two sons, each of the young cops went off alone to call their parent or be tempted to make contact – including Daegu. He typed the words he wanted to say to his mom in a text he can’t send. “mom – you met father over there right? Is father good to you? Is it ok living there more than when you were with me?” He slowly deletes his message.

That’s how this guy endures his loneliness and accumulates so much pain and sadness, I’m not sure how he can keep holding it together. But the second Soo sun back hugged him, it was that moment when he realized now that she knows his real identity, he has a friend he can be himself with once in a while. After holding in so much emotion over the years, he can finally let go of some of his burden and maybe learn to share them later on down the line. He doesn’t have to feel so alone anymore. For a tortured soul, that must mean the world. That’s why even though she might have been the one holding on tightly, for a few seconds, Daegu is the one who finally got to let go tonight.


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  1. hell59 says:

    Thank you so much for the update! I am looking forward to both yours and Joonnis commentaries! You are both the greatest and thank you again for your wonderful work!


  2. Ivoire says:

    Hello Softy!!!!!!!

    It is good to have you back 🙂 Welcome back!!!!!! I thought a lot about you and about the people in Korea when the ferry tragedy happened and after. I work with children, and the little boy (he is 6) always asks me to pray with him before he goes to sleep (he doesn’t want to have any nightmares, that is always his 1st request). We prayed often for you and for the people in Korea. I also stayed informed through KBS World, which I have at home. As someone who has worked with children for some 35 + years, and as someone who has been entrusted with other people’s children, at times doing a living-in nanny position (like I am doing now), I was heartbroken to see and hear what had happened, both for those who died and for the parents and all those who missed them (and those who were not found). I cried a few times for them.

    If you remember, I lost my dad a couple of years ago (I shared that news with you at the time, or a little after), and so I could relate to an extent to the pain the Korean people went (and are still going) through. I am glad you took some time off, sometimes, that is the best thing to do. I would check your blog every so often, to see if you had posted something, letting us know where you were at emotionally.

    I am going to switch gears, since this thread is about you being back, and the dramas you will be recapping live. You said this, “Sort of wish my blog wasn’t limited to just kdramas cuz I had so much to say about those shows. (You were talking about US series, I think).” Do you have to limit yourself to Kdramas? I was just curious…

    Funny how you feel about GHS and Angel Eyes. I am actually enjoying that drama, in spite of its flaws, and I like GHS in it, a lot. I have only seen her in BOF and in Angel Eyes, and I have liked her in both. To each her own, I guess. I really like how the leads cry in this drama (and the fact that for the first 12 or so episodes, it doesn’t feel like a typical melodrama. Even after ep. 12, actually. It is peppered with cute (and at times tender) and funny scenes, which I personally appreciate. And this of course, is just my opinion). I really love LSY in it, more so than in MDSY.

    Also funny that you can’t stand trot music, because I actually like it, quite a bit. I have watched a few Immortal Songs2 episodes, and I find interesting how some of the trot songs are remade by current singers. I am very curious and interested in the trot drama on KBS, plus I think JHW is a really good actor, so…

    I am curious about some of the other dramas, and yet I would like to take a break from Kdramas as well. I thought this summer might be a good time to do so, we will see how that goes 🙂

    WELCOME BACK again Softy!!!!!!! (Sorry for shouting, I am just excited for you, and happy to see/read you back 🙂 ). I hope you will enjoy recapping your dramas. Have a wonderful day 🙂


  3. i am so looking forward for your recaps as i am looking forward to most of the shows in your list 🙂

    glad to hear from you and more power!


  4. Nekoi says:

    What? Did I read wrongly or did I get the wrong idea? Can’t believe you dunno Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara? (Fated to love you)


    • Softy says:

      You read it correctly – I never bothered learning their real names. Memorizing Korean names is hard for me -they all sound and look the same. I even ranted about it on my About page. I have to constantly cheat and google to get the correct spelling even for this short post. I havent watched that many kdramas before coffee prince and only a handful each year since 2009 so it’s no shocker that I dont know a lot of korean actors and actresses names. I’m really good at recognizing faces, but terrible at names. Just ask Joonni -she has to constantly tell me who so and so is, but a lot of times I have no idea who that is until she shows me a photo. I saw JN on School 2013 and that’s all – never learned her real name though. It didnt occur to me till just now, but I’ve watched him on 11 eps of Midas before. I remember hating that drama and him for mumbling his lines so much – he tends to speak in a low voice and slurred his speech so it was frustrating trying to hear him. Joonni explained that’s just how he speaks so I told her I would never recap his drama ever again. I even deleted Midas from my list. I chose to forget everything about Midas and it worked cuz I forgot his name too. It took this long to remember him from Midas cuz of that new wave perm. 🙂


      • Nekoi says:

        Haha, you are sure one of a kind! Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara is one of the most anticipated couple to reunite after all these years. Yes, I agree with his speech problem, but he’s not the only Korean actor who does that, in fact, he is usually quite endearing in rom-coms or melo. Midas was…. argh. I can’t believe I actually sat through it all (it was for Noh Minwoo especially). Fated to love You is adapted from a really successful Taiwanese drama, so I predict it will be a hit, who knows?… I hope one of you will recap it if possible. 🙂

        Anyways, welcome back. Let’s enjoy dramas!


  5. Dear Softy…
    Welcome back! Missing your work of arts so much..
    And thank you for the YAS’ 9 snippet…
    I can’t wait for JooWon’s Nodame Cantabile… I hope you will do the recaps…
    As for Fated to Love You, for me, the hopeless romantic type of person, is a great movie… I watched the Taiwan version, and am looking forward to seeing the Korean version… And if you are somehow interested, please also do the recaps… 🙂
    After Emergency Couple, Choi JinHyuk kind of captured my attention…
    Ah well, looking forward to your comeback… Saranghae yo, Softy… 🙂


  6. Iviih says:

    Hello Softy!! *hugs* nice to hear about you, and glad you were enjoying your time!! ^^~~
    Welcome back 😀

    I’m watching YAAS (and enjoying it so much ^^ thanks for brief recap),

    Going crazy over A witch’s love OTP ( they have crazy chemistry!!)

    I’m watching while FF Hotel King – too much drama but it ends up being funny.

    Doctor Stranger – I might drop it because I’m so confused and I don’t buy main couple – no chemistry.

    About upcoming dramas:

    High School King of Savvy (June 16) Glad you want to recap it, I think it’ll be a cute and fun drama.

    Trot Lovers (June): Eunji ❤ love her and her singing, so I'll check it out, not sure how trot sounds to you Softy but I do find some trot songs fun!

    It’s Okay It’s Love: GHJ, I'm in!

    Three Musketeers: Lee Jin Wook and Nine pd? I'm in!!

    Nodame Cantabile (October): I might not watch it… it depends who is the main actress, my perfect female lead actress turned it down so I'm not excited anymore.

    Fated to Love You: Unpopular opinion – I watched the TW drama but It was so annoying how stupid the main girl was, and the main guy was really a jerk, so I worry about the k version – though Jang Nara and JG have a special place in my heart, since "Successful Story of a Bright Girl " one of my first Kdramas!

    Joseon Gunman (June 25th) and The Records of a Night’s Watchmen (July): I need a sageuk in my list! I'll check them of course ^^ ~~


    About other series, Softy, it is your blog so I think you should post about things you like and enjoy, not just about kdramas! Why not, I support you, I'm going crazy over GOT, last episode was amazing and sunday's episode will be epic kekekeke I have yet to caught up Good Wife…
    I'm also watching resurrection – very interesting.


  7. Nice to have you back. I look forward to many of those.


  8. Iviih says:

    One mv Softy (not mine)

    Witch’s love/romance


    • raindrops1 says:

      @lviih, thanks for sharing. I love the OTP in Witch’s Romance. They do have great chemistry and for me the reason I love the drama is because of them and their scenes, interactions and their story line. I can’t believe the show will come to an end soon.


  9. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,

    Welcome back!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to see which show you decide to recap. I’m thrilled that the shows on your radar are the shows I’m looking forward to. Win-win 😀 Although most of dramas coming up to some degree intrigue me I would say my top 3 would be: It’s Okay, It’s Love, Trot Lovers, and High School King of Savvy. The teasers for High School King of Savvy are so cute and fun. I’m crossing my fingers that the show keeps that light, cute tone throughout the story.

    Whatever show you decide to recap, I will be here following you, cheering you on, and enjoying the ride. I can’t wait!

    The possibility of Joonni also recapping is just like getting an extra cherry on top of your sundae. Yay!!

    Sending you hugs and virtual Vit C so that you are ready and energized when you start recapping.


  10. Stella says:

    As much as I like reading about Kdramas on your blog, I wouldn’t mind if you deviate from Kdramas and write about other tv shows 😛 There’s too many to choose from and I don’t really know where to start with regards to UK/US tv shows…


  11. Anonymous says:

    hi softy,….. i’m soooooo glad you’re back…. ….


  12. nonski says:

    Welcome back Softy! been stalking here and happy to read your post.

    I love that most of the dramas you are contemplating in doing livecaps are mostly the ones I am interested too. It’s been a drought for me in Kdramas for some time. I do hope I will be able to follow your livecaps and Joonni’s too. I will be looking forward to Seo In Guk’s drama and It’s Okay, It’s love. Just in case you will recap High School King, I would volunteer to post torrents for you. Everything else okay, I will be able to do it before i head to sleep.

    Just some thought, why don’t both you and Joonni continue your “traditions” and you recap Jo In Sung drama and she does Trot Lovers? 🙂 just sayin’ 🙂

    Really happy to be back here too. missing you Softy, this place and the friends around here, @Iviih @raindrops1 @JooWon4Ever @Ivoire and a lot more. Coming here always feels like home.


    • nonski says:

      oh and one more thing, i knew a lot of people would be very happy if you’d share your thoughts on American drama series you are watching. I for one am watching but currently i’ve been obsessed with revisiting House M.D. you know that we always come here to read about your thoughts and live recapping, so whichever it is doesn’t matter, we’d love it just the same.


    • raindrops1 says:

      @nonski, Hi chingu. I hope you are well. Yes, Softy’s blog feels like home to me. Well said:) I also love to see familiar and friendly faces. I look forward to seeing the “hang” commenting, following and supporting Softy.

      I concur, whether kdramas, American shows or anything else…we love reading your thoughts and insights, Softy.


    • Ivana/Iviih says:

      Hello nonski glad to meet you guys here! Kisses!


    • MJShinshi says:

      Hi softy! Great to see you back and recapping again, yay! **happy dance** I have been catching up with US and English shows. its nice not to have to watch for subtitles all the time. but the kdrama actors are so haawwtt that I don’t want to miss a second of drooling and swooning! lol @ midas guy I didn’t even know he was the one on fated to love you but when I finally read someone’s comment about that little info, I automatically thought of you softy not liking him and midas and how I hated that show and my wasted time watching the eps I did watch! 🙂 Looking forward to your recaps, I have been checking back and also joonni’s as well so I am happy to see you both recapping!

      hi nonski! its been so long 🙂 great to be back on cadence and swoon over kdrama hotties! 🙂


  13. jnewin says:

    Glad to see you watching other dramas besides kdramas. Sometimes we need something different.


  14. SS says:

    Welcome back Softy

    I was in Seoul 2 weeks ago to catch Joo Won’s performances in GHOST. It was surreal and I can say taking the trip was like fulfilling the extreme of my fangirling. But he is my first and last, I am not fangirl material to begin with. So, no regrets.

    About drama recaps, we have not been watching the same dramas so if you will recap Nodame Cantabile, I am looking forward to hanging out here like OB days 😀


  15. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Myself too have been away from K-dramas due to Fifa World Cup; so, it is great to come to your website and find this post!!!! Looking forward to whatever you decide to recap or post. I love your sincerity and commitment. May the coming dramas be good. The only one I am still watching is ” A New Leaf”. It is great to read your post. Take care.


  16. ctfrsgp says:

    Dear Softy

    Welcome back!

    I am so glad to read that you are back into recapping K-dramas and that you are planning to do it for our Joo Wonnie’s upcoming new drama which I read in his Soompi thread that the English translated title is “Catabile Romance” (instead of Nodame Catabile”).

    Let’s pray that we will get a good female lead (preferably on a K-pop idol) and a fun-loving cast, a capable director with a sense of humour and definitely a sane scriptwriter who will not fail us like the one who nearly ruined L7CS if not for the cutie Joo Won and the team work with his co-stars. At least for now, we know that we already have the veteran actor Baek Yunsik on board as JW’s mentor – Franz Strezemann (not sure what is the Korean name for this character). JW’s character will be called Cha Yoo-Jin.

    I will be looking forward to reading your recap for this new drama and have a blasting time here chit-chat with fellow JW fans here in Oct.


    • ctfrsgp says:

      Arrhhhh… typo error above… I meant to say I hope the female lead will not be a K-pop idol (at least not the one whom some people are hoping for). I want one who can act and work really well with JW.


  17. midnitegenx says:

    Welcome back! Your website used to be the 1st one i check each morning.


  18. readlead says:

    didnt know that you got accident before, glad to hear you’re okay now… 🙂

    anyway, I really heart you during your live recaps of master’s sun on soompi…
    I really hope you can do it again for It’s okay it’s love on soompi… 🙂

    but whatever the final decision you make, fighting! 😀


  19. janu says:

    Hi Softy~

    I just read about Yoo Byung-eun’s body being identified, and it made me want to reach out to you. The ordeal isn’t over, but the death of the biggest Big Bad in this seemingly far-fetched, but all-too-real drama, is a major culminating event~ I’m wondering how you’re feeling about it.

    Even though I’m thousands of miles away and have never been to Korea, for some reason, this story hasn’t let go of me. The first thing I’ve done every morning since the Sewol sank is to read the headlines of a few Korean papers online, looking for further developments. It feels like it’s a way for me to continue to sit vigil for the souls of those bodies that have yet to be recovered.

    I must admit that a big part of me is very disappointed that YBE wasn’t captured alive and forced to face the tsunami of collective wrath and grief that was waiting for him. However, I hope that his demise will begin to bring some measure of closure to all who are still suffering as a result of this catastrophe. May justice be served to the other villains in this story, and may the tragedy catalyze some major positive shifts in Korean society.

    Sending hugs to you, Softy, as well as love and blessings to all.


  20. cikitita says:

    welcome back softy..how i miss ur recaps so bad..^.^
    so happy that ure active again along with joonni..
    cant wait to read ur recaps soon..:)


  21. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, how are you? I hope you are doing fine, healthy and enjoying your Kdrama and Tv series. Well, should you decide to recap any of the current dramas, I will camp here for sure. I have yet to watch It’s ok, It’s love but will start if you are recapping. No pressure, take your time. I am totally in love with ‘Fated to Love you’ and ‘High School: Love on’, both addictive and fun. Cheers, Softy.


  22. Ivana/Iviih says:

    Hi Softy, so what do you think about the dramas?

    I checked all and I’m loving Marriage not dating! Really loving it!

    I’m liking fated to love you but I watched the tw version and worry the comedy will turn into melo.

    I’m watching and not sure about it’s okay it’s love… it is just weird drama. I see JS last character from that winter instead of his new character, and I need to watch more to know. :S

    Joseon Gunman is good but nothing new, I’m enjoying it but it is because of LJK! 😀

    Three Musketeers can’t wait.

    Trot lovers: Hmm later, not excited anymore, love eunji but the chemistry isn’t there 😦

    I’m enjoying cable dramas much more than public dramas!


  23. nonski says:

    hello softy!

    had been very busy so i haven’t visited and i am happy to see you recapping again.

    don’t know where to post my comment since you’re recapping only It’s Okay It’s Love
    and i want to comment on Fated To Love You. I was so happy to read your sidebar and that
    you are watching FTLY too. i earnestly hope that you’d recap or even a mini recap on this one.
    i would really love to read your thoughts on it. i super love FTLY. i’m just a so-so fan of JH
    but with FTLY, i’m a certified Gunner already. lols. 🙂 this drama, being a romcom had drained so
    much of my tear duct glands already. i hope you had watched ep 16 already. i’m just kinda miffed
    that they had been sitting on their situation too long. i do hope something fantastic will happen on
    episode 17. seriously there had been so little news of the show before it airs wed-thurs. also
    there are so few reliable livestreams this days or it may be that i was out of the loop too long.

    softy, wishing you always good health. take care.


    Liked by 1 person

  24. nonski says:

    Softy you might want to watch this


  25. nonski says:

    another i wanted to share with you softy and with everyone, this is beautiful



  26. nonski says:

    sorry for being spammy just want to share this really nice MVs

    Liked by 1 person

    • Softy says:

      Sharing great music videos and insights isn’t what I consider “spamming.” You would never be guilty of that so feel free to share as much as you want nonski- videos or links. I love this drama too so I’m enjoying these great music videos. I especially love that first one above “I wonder if you wonder about me too”- it’s so haunting. Thanks so much for sharing these.:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • nonski says:

        wow love the new feature of your blog, we can like the posts already.

        sure will do share, i super love this drama too…
        initially, LG’s cackling put me off from watching this for a while
        but it did not take long, for one cuz i love the Tversion too
        and while getting hooked with this, omg, this way better than the original version
        i cannot believe how many times i have rewatched episode 16
        and everytime, it tugs my heart, but i could not stop until it is ep 17
        Softy what are your thoughts on episode 17?
        i hope that even if it is just baby recaps, you can spare some time for this gem.
        thank you in advance and looking forward to your thoughts


      • nonski says:

        softy this one is really good too…just background music but epic

        Liked by 1 person

  27. nonski says:

    hello softy!

    did you watch episode 17? i am crying rivers now. i really want to know your thoughts. this drama is so achingly good!


  28. nonski says:

    off to sleep now, thanks softy and here is the preview



  29. nonski says:

    softy just read your thoughts on episode 17. i love it. you really you always give such beautiful insights on a drama. thank you.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for leaving those gifs – just watching it without sound made me almost bawl. then later when I heard what he said in those videos, I think I cried more than her for a second. crying is supposed to be therapeutic, but it sure didn’t feel like it last night. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • nonski says:

        it actually made my head ache. 🙂
        but that did not stop me from rewatching ep 17 during lunch break
        and bawling all over again.
        i think i can watch it a thousand times yet will never skip a beat
        if asked to watch it again.
        i love how jang hyuk (male lead) is so awesome with his character
        he makes LG come alive on screen.

        softy i just finished re-watching episode 18
        tonight’s episode is just so full of feels
        i do look like a clam atm
        i just can’t stop grinning
        pay-off time

        cr: @jeonghyang soompi

        Liked by 1 person

        • Softy says:

          I know what you mean – it felt like E18 was the complete antithesis of E17 and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Sure did feel like viewers earned this episode by crying and suffering so much along with them through last night’s.
          I just wish they had reunited sera and Daniel a little better than her staring at photos from their childhood. I thought her scar would come into play again, but they used something as simple as a photo to trigger Sera’s memory. Daniel sort of deserved a little bit more fanfare for helping to reunite MY and Gun. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as our main couple are together again. I wonder what they are storing up for the last two eps though – so curious. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • nonski says:

            lots of people are wondering about that too at soompi, some said about him having the illness after all and that being shown, others think, it would be open ended, like who cares if you have or not, let’s just live together.
            if they follow the taiwanese version, last episodes will be happy times. there will be a wedding and a baby. well, i am having my hopes high since most elements here did use the t-version.


  30. nonski says:

    just done with FTLY finale
    and so far, it’s the awesomest kdrama ending EVER!
    oh, i am just so dead right now,
    actually all at FTLY soompi thread are dead right now.

    hope you had watched it too.
    some say it’s lots of fanservice
    but who cares, i just love how this drama played and ended.


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