You From Another Star E18

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How many “forevers” can you promise for it to come true. MJ is about to find out. When you love enough to want the impossible, you have to settle for what you can get now – no matter how short that time might be. I bet if you asked MJ if SY was worth losing everything for -he wouldn’t hesitate for even one second to say wholeheartedly “yes.” That’s the hero we have been given and it’s the one we have to trust that he is doing the right thing. Just as their love comes at a cost – so does our faith in this writer. Along the way, we will have these moments of complete happiness these two shared to help ease the pain that will inevitably come our way sometime soon. It’s like keeping an eye out for a tidal wave, only to realize you are staring right at it already. Still – I’m not going to blink and just face it head on. Let the deluge of tears come tomorrow night – I have my box of Kleenex ready and waiting.

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Written before it aired: There is an expiration date on this love and the sand is running low in the hourglass, but the overjoyed look on SY’s face says she is oblivious to all that. SY has never been so happy so I’m wondering when she will start to notice MJ’s waning abilities. Looks like Jang is picking up on the clues faster so I’m betting he is going to try to talk some sense into MJ. There needs to be one voice of reason at least to make MJ stop and consider what he is giving up. As much as I want MJ and SY to stay together, I don’t want them to pay such a high price for such a short time of bliss. By giving SY what she wants the most in the world right now, he is robbing her of something else. He is taking away any good memories she can have of this proposal and replacing it with shock and grief once she finds out he won’t be able to keep his promise to her anymore.

At the end of E17, I kept wondering what gives MJ the right to make such an important choice alone to stay behind with SY and now I know the answer. It should be his sole decision cuz he earned it for the last 400 years. He endured solitude in the hope that one day he could return home and is fully aware of what he has to give up (seeing his family and home again). Now that he has a significant reason to stay, it’s only right that he chooses to spend his remaining time with SY over returning home. That is why the promise MJ always felt in his heart, but never dared to make before, he finally said it aloud. When he first came to earth, he was curious about so many things. Over the years, he has seen and done enough to learn what makes humans the way they are, but there was always that one elusive experience he was missing out on: what it’s like to fall deeply in love. For the first time he is understanding that sometimes love dictates our thoughts, actions, and words. He is carried away by emotions and can’t see anything else. Every part of him wants to stay with SY so he won’t even entertain the notion of leaving for his own safety and longevity. He has made it his mission that whatever time he has left on earth is going to be spent devoted to making her happy. If “doing his best to stay by her side a long time” is to give up his life, no woman in her right mind would let him do that – let alone SY. Doesn’t love mean you keep that person alive somewhere -even if it’s not next to your side? Maybe SY can teach him one last lesson – that sacrifice can go both ways. If leaving is the only way to keep him alive, I hope she finds the courage and conviction to let him go. Better yet, how about finding some kind of cosmic loophole that could enable him to remain on earth without his abilities, but still alive. Cuz no matter how perfect it is now, it’s not anything compared to what they really want: growing old together.


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Starts from MJ walking up the steps and watching SY call out for him. he just stands there watching her look panicked. then he goes over and asks why are you calling so much. she asks where he went. MJ: I felt stuffy so I went for a walk. SY: i was alarmed that you left. he asks where would I go. SY: it felt like you would leave. MJ: i wont go – i wont leave you behind and leave. I will stay here. she asks what that means. MJ: I wont go. even after a month or two months so don’t be nervous/anxious. SY: will you be ok if you dont go? MJ: it’s ok. SY: is it really ok? he smiles and nods. she hugs him in relief and he embraces her.

He has an image of himself lying on the ground and he starts to disappear -feet first then his hand like he is dissolving.

MJ slumps and looks weak so she asks what’s wrong. MJ says let’s go so she asks where. he quotes what YJ said before and says where only you and I can be – trapped late at night within walls and there is a roof- where it’s dark and no one can see. she asks what is that – did you hear everything YJ said? MJ grins and takes her inside

JK is meeting with everyone. JK tells HK – you should have told me in advance there were guests. HK says if I told you in advance I thought you wouldn’t come. JK says it’s been a long time. his ex-wife says it’s been 7 yrs since you locked me up 7 yrs ago. JK: what? Yoo repeats that she has been locked up in a mental hospital 7 yrs. JK: so I see. Park says you are sitting here as the perpetrator who locked her up.  JK denies it and says me? why would I? arent you listening to one side too much – someone who isnt in her right mind. she claims she is perfectly ok and not crazy.  JK says i thought you went to study abroad and was living well. cuz you wanted to go so I sent you.  He tells HK -you must be so shocked but there seems to be a misunderstanding. this is something that has nothing to do with me. HK tells him to speak the truth. JK: what truth? he tells everyone : what to do – I have another appointment. if you have anything else to investigate then I will make some time with my lawyer. he leaves

HK follows and stops him. JK: what is this? HK: do you really have nothing to say? JK: what? HK: about sister in law and Han-also eldest hyung. JK: have you gone crazy? what would I have to say about those people?  HK cries and says it was the last time before I give up on you. cuz I liked you and respected you -I wanted to give you a chance – the last chance to explain. even by force I wanted to understand you  but i will totally give up on you now. also calling you hyung – I will give that up now. you are no longer my brother now. he leaves

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they go into the room together and SY says this is the only room. MJ: who said that-  there is another room next to this. SY: you said that room’s boiler is weak. I cant sleep in a cold place. MJ: then should I sleep there. SY: why make it inconvenient and do that. it cant be helped in this tough situation. should we just sleep here? MJ mutters that it isn’t that much of a tough situation. SY: but I will warn you -no matter what we cant kiss.  we really can’t. even if it was my dream to be a white-clad nurse, I’m tired of taking care of the sick. MJ mutters what is she saying. i wasn’t going to do that originally anyway. SY: you shouldn’t guarantee what happens in the future. MJ: I wasn’t guaranteeing. I’m saying I won’t. I wasnt even thinking of doing  that. she says ok then should I feel safe and lay on the same bed. she walks over to the bed and looks over at him asking what’s up with the expression on your face. MJ: expression? She asks why his face is getting red. MJ: me? SY: why are your ears getting red. MJ: what is? cuz it’s hot in here. she says let’s just say it’s hot then. i will lay down first now.

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she pats next to her on the bed asking arent you going to sleep. MJ: have to sleep. he walks over and lays down. she cuddles and moves under his arm. he lays his hand on her shoulder. SY: back then it wasnt a dream huh? on the cruise when you gave me your arm to lay on as a pillow. MJ: I don’t know. SY: it’s correct huh? that you kissed me. he claims you did that. she looks at him and says so we did do it – our first kiss on that night. she lays back down saying I’m sleepy. turn the lights off. this is nice to date an alien. he tries to make the lights go off but his powers dont work so he tells her to move and has to get up and manually turn it off. she asks what is this – cant you turn off lights with your ability? he says it’s cuz my condition isnt good. she pats the bed next to her and says ok so come over here. he gets in bed and mutters what kind of woman is so forward. you aren’t going somewhere else and doing that right? he “tsks” so she asks him to do it again. MJ: what? SY: what you just did. MJ: just now what?  what kind of woman doesn’t have any embarrassment. she laughs and says that’s it. it’s totally cute. do it again. MJ mutters like a grandpa so she copies him asks him to do it again. he tickles her and tells her “you do it again.” SY: ok I wont. he starts to say again “what kind of woman,” but doesn’t finish.

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Jang goes to MJ’s home and wonders where he went cuz he isnt answering his phone. he sees the plants and MJ narrates:  countless hours have come to me and passed, but in actuality, there was not much time left for me. now I know very well – the length of time isn’t important. The important thing is the person I spend that time with. now with the time remaining with that person. I will stay behind here. MJ looks at SY sleeping in his arms.

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in the morning MJ watches her sleep and tells her “get up so we can eat breakfast” when she opens her eyes, but she wants him to elevate her body like before so that when she opens her eyes she can be upright. MJ: don’t kid around and just get up.  SY: when that happened I was so shocked so I was wondering what is this. now that I think about it – it was so amazing and fun.  just do it once for me. cant you do it? he says of course it’s not like I cant. SY: do it for me then. he tries but he cant do it. she asks are you doing it now? MJ: how much do you weigh (how many kg are you?) she says what difference does it make. you were able to do it last time. he tries again and cant lift her that much except for a little. she falls back on the bed and asks is that the end of it? you cant do more? he tries again but fails. SY: looking at your face it doesn’t work.  MJ lies it’s cuz I just woke up.   she gets up on her own saying I shouldn’t have asked. I can just go out on my own feet – don’t worry about it.

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As MJ cooks she puts her arm around his waist. he tells her to sit and he will take the food to her. SY: there isn’t anything I can help with? MJ: it’s almost all done. SY: not that. your elevating ability not working. MJ: it did work. SY: it was too short and it looked hard on you. should you take some medicine – will it fit for your body? MJ: I told you – awhile ago it was cuz I had just woken up. I was tired from yesterday too. SY: we didn’t do much yesterday. from here on there might be a lot of times you need to use your power so what to do. MJ: it’s uncomfortable -this kind of conversation. she quickly lays off and says don’t let your ki/energy die. there are times like this and that – it must have been cuz you were nervous. that could happen. don’t let your ki die. fighting. have strength. she keeps clinging but he tells her not to but she holds on and baby talks saying I will.

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when they get off the elevator she keeps asking  if his powers continue not to work – cuz I’m curious – it was fun so I was wondering if it will continue not to work. her mom comes out and asks where she was last night to come home now. SY tries to lie she was filming but her mom knows the truth. how dare you lie. I already checked your schedule with the film crew. they said your scene wasn’t even there.  she tells MJ to answer -you know SY’s schedule. he doesn’t say anything so her mom asks if the two of them went on a trip last night. MJ tries to explain “mother – that..”but SY cuts in and says to her mom – speak to me.  i asked him to go. her mom says is it important who said to go? it’s important that you went. just cuz you went to Harvard and got used to American ways, but I didn’t raise my daughter like that. how could you take someone’s daughter and go on a trip. MJ bows his head and says I am sorry. Jang gets off the elevator and comes over and says to him – why are you sorry? Jang asks SY – you answer. did my MJ drag you by the hand to go there by force but SY says no I begged for him to go. Jang says to her mom: look at this. her mom asks MJ to answer: do you intend to marry my SY. Jang: what are you saying now? her mom asks what is this – why cant you answer? did you not intend to do that and went on that trip?  she asks Jang to keep his son in check better from here on -without any plans for the future I dont think this is right. so Jang gets mad and says-what is there that I didn’t do for my son for you to be like this. before he met chun SY, he never even dated a woman. this innocent guy SY slowly seduced him so these days he is doing stuff he never did. he pretends to tweak MJ’s ear for emphasis. her mom mutters – what are you saying my SY seduced? she asks SY – did you seduce him so SY says yes i did seduce him a bit. her mom wants to hit her. MJ explains to her mom like a grandpa -something about how one needs to be hit on the palm of the hand so there  is a sound ( as in – it takes two people to cause the problem). that isn’t one person’s fault. your mother’s heart that wants to blame me the man – I completely understand. I have a very apologetic heart. so her mom asks Jang – how old did you say your son was?

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inside his home, Jang says : so you aren’t going to leave? MJ: yes.  Jang: I don’t know anymore too. what can you do. you could die, but you want to stay here. if I think about it -where is there someone who doesnt die-it’s all the same. I will just think of it that way. but there isnt anything strange with your body right? MJ starts to tell him the truth but lies and says no I’m ok

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while he is eating alone MJ tries to use his power to pour water, but cant. then he tries to move it closer but cant. he wonders if it’s too far away and pours the water himself into the mug and tries to move the mug again but it only shakes. he wonders if it’s too heavy and replaces it with a paper cup. he makes it fall.

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MJ listens to the chime on his clock and stops time. he hears SY calling out for him

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SY is in her room calling out his name. she baby talks and asks can you hear what I am saying. can you hear what I am saying? you will be able to hear. it hasnt been long since we met but I miss you again. couldnt you teleport and appear in front of me. why aren’t you answering? you are teasing me huh? why aren’t you answering? don’t do that. when I think about how you can hear what I am saying now- do you know how much my heart flutters? her mom and YJ watch her like she is crazy

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-44-07] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-44-48] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-45-13] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-45-51] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-46-44]

SY calls out – aren’t you coming? when I am waiting? MJ texts ok I will go there now. SY: really? hurry and come. he tries to teleport but cant. she asks what are you doing and not coming. I’m waiting.  he texts annoyed: wait a sec. SY: ok. he tries again and ends up in the middle of the street with one slipper missing. he gets a call from her and she asks what is this – arent you coming. he says i cant go. she asks cant you teleport. he says it’s not like I cant. it’s the situation now. he runs home

when HK goes home his dad slaps him. his dad yells you crazy punk – do you know what you just did. did you know and did that? HK tells him how JK locked up the sister in law for 7 yrs. the dad says who is your sister in law. that woman was a toy to your hyung. your hyung liked her so I let her into my home. whether she is crazy or what – it must be cuz she was a bother/an obstacle to your hyung so that is why your hyung did that. still –  you turned your hyung into the police. when your hyung is so important. HK says i did that cuz I have to find out what kind of person he is. what kind of person he is and what things he did -not someone else but cuz I had to know.  the dad says leave. I only have one child JK. starting from today you are not my child so leave – leave!

JK and his lawyer meet with park and Yoo. lawyer says I will answer all the questions for JK. Yoo says how the lawyer can participate if he doesn’t interfere with the investigation. lawyer says how JK is not park of this case. park points out the victim who was locked up for 7 years said JK was the perpetrator. the lawyer shows paperwork about Yang being diagnosed as crazy from 2002-2004 and that she was treated for her mental illness. Yoo says it was during the time JK and Yang were married. lawyer thinks it’s a problem to consider someone like her sane and in her right mind.  park says that one was from ten years ago and reads the current diagnosis from yesterday that she isnt crazy and is sane. she just has stress from being anxious but it’s not serious. so she has the right to bring on these charges/accusations against JK cuz she is sane. you can see this right. Yoo asks if JK will admit he locked her up for 7 yrs without her consent.  JK says no if she was locked up for that long time then it’s the hospital’s fault/problem, but Park says  we already prepared that. there are records of Yang using your personal phone number to call you from the hospital. how will you explain that. JK lies: I got strange calls so I just thought it was a joke. I didn’t even imagine those calls could be from a mental hospital. is something wrong with that? Park accuses him of being in cahoots with the hospital director to keep her there but the lawyer says there is no proof so there is a problem to continue the accusations based on the victim words alone.   Yoo cant keep JK cuz there is no clear proof of what happened between Yang and JK. JK asks where his ex wife is now so Yoo says i cant tell you that

Saemi checks in on the ex wife Yang sleeping.

Saemi’s mom is worried that they will be in danger for letting some woman they dont know stay here. Saemi says how is she someone we don’t know when she was JK oppa’s wife and you even went to their wedding. the mom is worried cuz she was in a mental hospital. saemi says how she is a witness in oppa’s case and didn’t you hear how she was unfairly locked up. the mom thinks Saemi is being cooperative cuz it has to do with HK.

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HK is by the river and remembers back to when their eldest brother asks why HK was so late. I waited a long time. HK says it’s my SY’s graduation tm so I have to take her flowers.  his brother says you are graduating too. HK: why is that important. it’s important that my girl is graduating. the brother  gives him a graduation present. HK: what is this? a ball pen? the brother says it’s not just any ball pen – it records. he records -HK – congratulations on graduating my younger brother. he tells HK – I use this as my diary/journal so record so when you have thoughts, it will help to leave them as memos. this kid is graduating already. you are all grown up. he pats his butt. HK asks you are coming to my graduation tm right? the brother says of course.

HK plays the recording from his brother and cries.

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MJ wakes up in bed and sits up. he tries to make the cover lift with his power and it works. then he brings his slippers closer and it works.he smiles. he calls in a great mood and and asks where she is. SY: why. MJ:  just wanted to eat breakfast together. SY: what to do – something urgent came up so I am outside. MJ: if it was urgent you should have told me.  are you going around alone? SY: I came with a friend. MJ: which friend? lee HK? she says no there is someone else. let’s talk later. he says ok – call when you are coming home but she hung up already. MJ: what is this. he makes the water come closer and mutters -she asked me to show her (my power)

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SY is trying on a wedding dress and she is a vision in white. Bokja takes her photo. SY: how does it look. this feels different than when I do photo shoots. Bokja asks are you doing this stuff after getting his agreement? from what I can see he doesn’t so it feels like you are doing all this alone. SY: it’s the same as if he agreed. Bokja: how? SY explains how he was going to go somewhere far away originally, but he gave it up cuz of me. Bokja: where? SY: you don’t need to know that far. Bokja asks but is it ok he doesn’t go? SY: it probably is so he said he wont go. Bokja: from his position wasn’t there a reason why he had to go so he said he had to leave. did you by any chance cry and throw a fuss -cling to him and ask “wouldn’t it be ok if you didn’t go.  if you are going to go then let’s not meet.”  you didn’t do stuff like that? SY remembers back to when she said to him- you aren’t coming back? if you don’t go then what happens. why did it have to be now of all things.  couldn’t you just stay here with me? SY says to Bokja: not really. Bokja: you did those things. confirm it well -if there is any negative consequence if he doesn’t go. cuz he has to chase after you – his life might get complicated/twisted up. also if you are going to try these things on – reach an agreement with the guy first. let him decide to get married first. she sighs and says I felt it from the start but i really dont think you have pride

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-53-30] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-06-06] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-07-28]

MJ opens his door and YJ says I came cuz I had something to say hyung.  MJ: come in. YJ sits and says I will get to the point – I like you hyung. MJ: thanks. YJ: mom is the problem so I will try to convince her somehow. If I write out a contract that I wont run away from home starting from my senior year -then I think she will fall for it. then she might give her permission.  clueless MJ asks: permission for what. YJ: for you two to get married. MJ: huh? YJ: I don’t expect anything big. just look at one thing about that person. you have that innocence/pure heart that loves stars. that is what caught me.  MJ rubs his neck and says I get what you are trying to say but YJ interrupts and says -but man to man – make me a promise. that you will make my sister happy for the rest of her life. my sister suffered a lot cuz my dad left home and my mom lost her mind. at one point my mom lost her mind over money and made my sister have a really hard time. MJ: I see. YJ: just dont make my sister cry. with that I will give my consent/approval MJ: chun SY going around just saying whatever she wants –  I was wondering why, but it seems you two are very alike. YJ says there is one more person you have to meet.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-12-52] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-14-01] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-14-23] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-15-17] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-19-09]

YJ and MJ walk over so MJ can meet her dad. they watch her dad getting yelled at by some rude guy. he asks if there isn’t any valet here so the dad explains the attendant went to the bathroom. the guy wants her dad to park the car so her dad explains I cant drive well and what if I scratch up your expensive car. the guy drops his car key and says just do it and don’t say so many annoying things. you get a salary so are you going to just play and not work. I could tell the higher ups and get you fired ajussi. the dad bends to pick up the car keys so YJ loses his temper and runs over. Just then MJ makes the car drive around on its own. the guy mutters there is no one inside. MJ picks up the keys and says if you dont have the talent to drive even when you are drunk and have to entrust someone else – how about rethinking going around with a car. the guy mutters I’m so unlucky so MJ makes him have flat tires and says something really unlucky happened -what to do. he hands back the key to the guy.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-23-30] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-30-35] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-32-14] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-33-17]

MJ, YJ,  and her dad meet. her dad pours MJ some soju. her dad says you are the one from the elevator back then huh. MJ: yes. the dad says as you know I am a father without any right, but I want to overlook that and ask one thing -are you healthy? MJ says yes. her dad says then that’s good. I’ve lived and you don’t need that much money and after it’s all over with honor, there is only health – if you are healthy you can protect my person -back then I didn’t know that. there was no money and my honor dropped to the ground I  only thought now I can no longer protect my people. it was foolish. I should have overlooked those things and stayed by their sides.  i should have stayed with them. now that I look -I cant go anywhere to be compensated for that past time.  while you live – no matter what happens – if only you could stay next to my SY’s side, I will really be grateful – to do what I couldnt do, if you could do that. he cries and tells MJ to have a drink so MJ drinks it. YJ ducks his head and sniffles cuz he cried

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-51-13]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-51-26]

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-44-15] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-45-22] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-47-43]

MJ is drunk and YJ helps him walk. YJ tries to cover up his neck saying my brother in law cant catch a cold. MJ sees the phone booth and says we are here. YJ says come to your senses. we have to walk 30 more mins. why go in there? MJ laughs and puts him in then gets in the phone booth too. they both teleport to her home and land on her sofa. YJ tries to wake him and asks what happened MJ hyung. MJ waves his finger and makes the water bottle float into his hand and he drinks then passes out. YJ catches the water bottle. SY comes over and asks when he came. YJ: just now. she sees MJ passed out and asks what is this – I couldn’t reach him all day so why is he here?  what did you do to him? did you spit on him by any chance? YJ shakes his head no. SY sniffs MJ and asks YJ: did he drink alcohol. YJ nods yes. she tries to drag MJ away by the arm saying I cant live, but YJ tells her to get out of the way. my MJ hyung isn’t someone you should treat that way. SY: what? YJ: don’t ask anymore. I wont say anything at all. he carries MJ inside like he is precious cargo.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-52-29] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-52-40] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-53-23] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-54-20] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-56-34] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-57-57]

MJ wakes up hung over and remembers how he used his powers in front of YJ. YJ comes in and shushes him before MJ can explain and says i will be sure to keep your secret. MJ thanks him. YJ: could I ask for one favor? he lifts his finger. MJ asks what do you want me to do. YJ wants him to touch it with his so MJ says there is a misunderstanding but i am not from that side. YJ makes a puppy face and whimpers (just the way SY does) so MJ sighs and lifts his finger to the do the ET greeting with fingertips touching and makes YJ’s day.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-58-48] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-18] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-07] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-07-19]

SY puts some soup in front of MJ and asks how it is. MJ tastes and says: don’t make soup again.  she tastes it and it’s not good. she asks how much his utilities come out too. MJ: why? she says maybe it’s cuz it’s winter but this time my electricity and gas bill came out to a lot. also this home is rented monthly. with the utilities and rent – it’s no joke how much money is pouring out. he asks if she needs a loan. SY: no that’s not it. you live right next door so if you eat often over here and sleep here -I’m just thinking isn’t the rent and utilities a waste. She was trying to hint that they should get married and live together but he isn’t following and says frustrated – what? say it so I understand. SY: never mind.  he asks should we go there at night? SY: where? MJ: Namsan tower. you said you wanted to go. SY: should we do that? I will dress pretty and go out so you have to come dressed your best too. he pretends to mutter a complaint

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-08-31]

cut to MJ buying a new suit and looking stunning. (the camera doesn’t just love this guy – it worships the ground he walks on)

HK comes in and Saemi says she is in my room. she ate porridge well in the morning too. HK says how he keeps doing stuff that makes him sorry to her. she says no my brother told me to watch over his witness. it has nothing to do with you so dont think that way.

HK meets with Yang and she says even when I was married to JK – I kept thinking something was strange. no matter who saw he was a great person but it always felt like he was hiding something. then by accident I found something I shouldn’t have. in the deceased eldest hyung’s room, I discovered a voice pen. HK: was something recorded there? she nods yes.  HK asks does it have anything to do with my eldest hyung. she says how JK doesnt know the truth that there is such a thing. just in case he finds out, I left it somewhere else.  I should have reported him to the police right away then, but it’s all my fault. it was cuz I was so scared. HK asks where the voice pen is.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-47-47]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-43-41]

HK goes and claims the pen from the pawn shop and drives to the river to listen to it in his car. the brother started off recording the date – 2002-2-23. I had a meeting with the team leader in the morning then to buy HK’s graduation present at the department store during the day. at night – cuz JK said he had something he wanted to say so we are going for a drive.  HK knocks and came in saying – hyung drink juice. younger hyung told me to give it to you. the brother thanks him. HK: I am going out to meet my friends. mom and dad have a gathering so they will be late. the brother says I am going out with JK later too. then the house will be empty today then.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-52-39] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-56-14] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-57-13]

HK hears JK’s voice saying let’s go out hyung. the brother is telling JK that he doesnt feel well starting from a while ago. JK asks why. the brother says I dont know why it feels like I am so drunk. JK says it’s not cuz you are drunk. it’s probably cuz you are feeling paralyzed/numb. the brother says what? JK: pretty soon  you wont have strength in your hands and feet and it will be hard to walk properly. your breathing will accelerate and your tongue will become numb. in the end you will fall asleep. the brother asks what are you saying now? JK: you will be found by the river near the highway as passed away during driving. from a long while back I was thinking how good it would be if you weren’t around –  you got in the way too much. with that one excuse that I was born later than you, father never gave me any chance. the brother falls down and pleads please save me. HK listens and cries

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-57-47] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-58-10] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-58-24] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-58-33] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-59-34] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-00-50]

SY goes out and MJ is waiting by his car. he asks her to open his trunk. she goes over expecting an event and opens it and there is nothing in there but a car cleaner/wiper. he asks her to give it to him. she does and says dont you have hands or feet- why don’t you use your great power – why make a person do it. he tells her to get in and cleans the car. it seems his ability failed him again

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-03-53] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-06-55] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-07-27] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-09-11] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-09-40]

they are standing by the locks and people wonder if it’s chun SY with her boyfriend. SY is busy hanging their lock and makes him come closer and explains how this is the first course of people who are dating. MJ mutters this is what kids do. she puts the key in his hand and tells him to put it inside the container. MJ: then how  can we unlock it later? she explains we hung it up so it cant be unlocked. our fate has been tied up well here so we cant unlock it forever. he drops the key inside so she says you are locked with me now. we are totally intertwined. you don’t look happy. MJ: no I like it. what is that – I am chun SY. aren’t you too passive? couldn’t you act more excited. he grins.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-15-52] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-16-05] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-16-17] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-17-22]

SY stares over at him during their meal. she looks over and sees a waiter bringing over a lot of red roses so she raises her hand and was about to say over here but the flowers are for the next table. there is a ring too. SY still had her hand up so the waiter asks what she wants. she asks do you have cold water. she gives MJ the stink eye and asks if he is done eating. he says not yet. she says hurry and eat and let’s go.

in the car MJ asks if something put her in a bad mood. SY: no -I hung the lock and ate well so why would I be in a bad mood . just when he says her name to finally speak, he gets a call and says “hello – ok. I will go now.” she asks who it was. he says something came up so you leave first.

*I sure hope that call was from HK and not JK.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-24-38] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-25-20] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-25-44]

he drops her off and she asks “just me?” he tells her: go and stay at the home – not your home but ours. SY: our home? your home? MJ: yes I have something I must tell you. SY: ok.  she is about to get out but he holds her hand and says I will be there soon so wait. she says ok I will wait so hurry and come. she gets out and he looks over at her.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-27-59]

SY watches cartoon and stuff on his tv and looks around his library. she takes out his journal and sits down to read it

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-27-06]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-27-27]

MJ drives

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-31-48]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-27-45]

she reads excerpts from his journal entries: “a new destiny is starting- the comet I waited for 400 yrs -in 3 months, I can now go back to the planet I lived on.” “I hate women who get drunk, has drunken habits, is audacious, and ignorant. a woman like that moved in next door.” “There is one person I don’t want to forget. why did it have to be now when I have to go to another world/place.” “For the sake of losing SY I told her my identity today hoping she would be scared and fear me.” “If I lose the chance to go back this time I could disappear from this place. In the not too distant future, I would die.”

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-52-15]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-33-44]

She cries and remembers asking him – is it really ok if you dont go. and how he lied it was ok. SY had asked – is it really ok and he smiled and nodded yes.  she closes his journal and cries – clutching it to her heart.

KSH’s song plays



별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-55-39]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-55-59]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-29]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-56]

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-01-39] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-01-55] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-23] 별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-04-26]

when MJ was buying that suit -sales clerk asks if he is going to meet the elders (meaning the future in-laws for the first time) or  go to a job interview. MJ says to propose.

he buys a ring and goes home to rehearse how to propose to SY in front of his mirror. MJ: chun Song Yi. Song Yi shi.  Song Yi ah. he finally just tosses it and commands: you do it (wear the ring). MJ picks it up and mutters – this isn’t it (the way)

then he asks her to open the trunk. balloons with her face on the poster were supposed to come out of the trunk when he stopped time to make sure the poster clearly showed the words : I love you. (as we know his powers failed him so it didn’t work out the way he wanted)

at the restaurant SY was irritated he didnt have an event for her and asks if he is done eating. he says not yet. she says hurry and eat so we can go. he was about to take out the ring to propose but couldnt

MJ practiced this proposal: Chun Song Yi – I dont know how long I can live next to your side so I don’t know if I shouldn’t say these words right now, but I will do all my best to stay a long long time by your side. Though I dont know how long that time will be, I will do all my best and love you.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-35-02]

Everything she ever wanted was about to come true tonight, but his waning powers failed him and ruined his plans. it sort of makes you wonder if that might have been a good thing. if she had been reading that journal with a ring on her finger, I think she would have sobbed even more. it’s hard to imagine a heart breaking even more than hers right now, but if she saw for herself what MJ envisioned earlier when parts of his body just disappeared, I don’t think there will be words to describe her anguish then. what kills me right now is the thought that she is going to blame herself for asking him to stay. here she was tonight acting petty thinking he didn’t have any elaborate event planned for her or a proposal, but that whole time he has been planning something much more worthy of their love – his ultimate sacrifice. That is the thought that will gut her and leave her feeling so remorseful.

별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-54-32]별에서 온 그대.E18.140219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-35-12]

Before this episode aired, I was hoping SY wouldn’t find out the truth till at least tm night, but now I am relieved cuz I think their love has something to do with his existence. His love for her might even affect his abilities too. If she pushes him away and turns her back on him to make him leave, instead of saving him, I think it will make him die or disappear faster cuz he won’t have that will he needs to fight to stay alive. I don’t know why, but I think their love is what makes him exist -it’s his lifeline to earth- as if that love is giving him strength. Without it, if JK goes after MJ, I don’t think MJ can fight him off cuz MJ will have lost that will to live if SY leaves him. The girl being a noble idiot ruined a lot of storylines in the past, but it just might kill him in this case.


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  1. Swee says:

    This ep is so so good, i am amazed that this drama manages to stay this good nearing the end. I was worried initially with the one ep extension, the story will drag but so far all I see is the ep getting better. Thanks Softy for your recap and sharing your thoughts with us, I often tear up reading your work, so heart wrenching.. You are good, Softy. 😍


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