You From Another Star E16

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When all you feel in your heart is love, there really isn’t much room for anything else, but leave it to these two to make room for everything – including more happiness, plans for the future, and some petty revenge just to name a few. You would think the safest place in the world would be in his arms, but this picture is only reminding us how much they have to lose.

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Written before it aired: Back on E2, MJ wondered if he wasn’t staring at a reincarnation. No one came blame him cuz SY and YH are alike in more ways than one.  Two different times and two different women and yet their feelings and actions overlap when it comes to MJ. Neither turned away from him once they learned the truth about him. Instead of running and screaming, YH stayed by his side and started having feelings for him. She yelled at him to go away to keep him safe. She died protecting him. Her love gave her the strength to do that. Something tells me SY’s love for him might be tested in the opposite way – if it’s strong enough for her to let him go.

As much as I loved that preview, I have to admit I almost cried. Even in his arms, SY still had doubts. She asked him who he kissed – her or that girl. His feelings for YH aside, SY doesn’t get that he owed a debt to YH for saving his life. YH shielded him from those arrows so he could live and fall in love 400 years later. MJ fell in love with the only other woman in the world who would accept his secret without question – someone who would surprise him by taking his hand when he yelled at her to go, someone who doesn’t care where he is from and only cared that he didn’t like her back, someone who would love him more each day, and hopefully- someone whose love is strong enough to make him stay. There is only one woman in his heart right now and it’s the same one in his arms so it’s high time for SY to trust that.

Due to the Olympics, this airs 30 mins earlier both nights at 9:30 sharp.


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Starts from SY saying: since you dont seem to know this still I will say it clearly. I dont like you anymore – since you are like this I don’t like you even more so please disappear from my sight – no, from my life. also it would be nice if you knew how selfish you are. MJ suddenly makes all the lights turn on everywhere. he makes her float over to him so she ends up in his arms. she asks what are you doing now. MJ: the most selfish thing I can do to you. he leans in and kisses her. She pulls away and says there really is nothing you won’t do. she walks off so he stops her. she asks why – do you like me? do you like me? the effect of the kiss is starting to weaken him. she looks away and says you really cant lie. you could have just said you liked me in this mood. she turns her back to him and says do you do that on your star. kiss a girl you dont even like. on my star this isn’t right.  the men on my star only do that to the girl they like. this isnt right. dont you think so DMJ? she turns and sees him on the ground trying to catch his breath.

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she has to half carry half drag him up the steps and says wake up – why are you like this. she puts him in the car. SY: what kind of man faints every time he kisses. she gets in the car and asks where the keys are. he says pockets. she gets it from his pocket and starts the engine. she reaches over to put his seatbelt on and his head falls to the side so she checks for a fever. his head falls on her shoulder as she wonders which star did you come from?

SY speeds and drives like crazy yelling at drivers to move. cant you see I am in a hurry? a person is dying. are you not going to move? she honks her horn and flashes her lights to get people to move aside.  MJ says go slowly – I will really die if you do this. she asks cant you see I am doing my best to try to save you now. she looks at him to ask are you ok so he says  – look ahead – please look straight ahead. she almost hits the car in front and brakes just in time

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she half carries him home and puts him in bed. she shakes him awake and says talk – this isnt a coincidence huh? MJ: what? SY: last time you kissed too you collapsed as soon as you did it. this time too as soon as you did it you felt faint. what is this – what is causing it? don’t act like you didn’t hear and tell me – what is it? what is the secret?  is it more shocking than being an alien. from what I can see – I think there is a problem with skinship. but nothing much happened when we held hands. does that mean you can’t kiss. huh? is that correct? MJ: be quiet. SY: according to what you said – you are an alien so you are different from me. you are an alien and I am an earthling. what is this. anyway i have to know what we can do and cant do -our limits. so starting from what we can and from where we cant. so starting from kissing – cant do all the rest? cant do anything more than that? since you already came out as an alien what is there that you cant say? what you can do and can’t do.  he pulls her close and makes her lay in his arms. MJ: this is ok. she says ok I know we can so let go, but he doesnt let go so she pretends to complain -I said to let go-  you dont listen. she snuggles and saying “oh well – cant be helped. but let’s sort this out. a while back i asked you “what about me – how do you think of me as a woman,” after that you ignored me so much. you used that hair pin owner and said you were only interested in me cuz I resembled that girl. that if I wasnt that girl you weren’t interested – did you say that or not? anyway so cuz of that I put my feelings in order but then today you suddenly showed up and kissed me without my consent so in my situation I cant help but be curious. who did you kiss? me or that girl I resemble? she complains cuz she cant beat a girl who isnt around. i really want to know – that kiss – who did you do it to? me or to that girl I resemble? do you know what the biggest headache in the world is? going up against a girl in a love triangle when she is from your memories. if she existed now in reality I could know what kind of girl she is and I could even compete with her, but this girl remains beautifully in your memories so how can I beat her? I really want to know – that kiss a while ago – who did you do it to?  me or to that girl? huh? MJ: I did it to chun SY. SY: who? he says her name again so she makes him repeat and cuddles. they sleep like that in his arms.

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when YJ comes downstairs he doesnt see her. it’s morning -7am. he checks her room but she isnt there. YJ: what is this? he calls her and says do you know what time it is now. she sneaks out of MJ’s room and lies. SY: i filmed all night and I arrived in the parking garage just now. I am going in now. when she leaves MJ’s home her brother is standing there. she says I know what you are thinking, but it’s not like that. YJ: filmed all night? SY: you could misunderstand, but it’s not like that. he yells follow me in and looks angry

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Like a kid in trouble SY plays with her rug while YJ beats the couch. YJ: were you there all night at that guy’s house – have you lost your mind. SY:I told you it’s not what you think. his condition wasn’t in a condition to do that.  YJ: what is so important about his condition? men are all the same dummy- when the sun goes down, trapped within walls, in his home then it’s all over. SY: what? he says it’s what men want. it’s dark so there is only one thought. SY: he isnt that kind of kid. the kid is sick. YJ: is a sick guy not a guy?  if he was sick then he must have been covered with a blanket – if you used a blanket then it’s game over. he moves to hit her so she pulls away. she mutters – now that I think about it – it’s making me mad.  she tells YJ: I wasnt able to do anything at all. the sun set and it was dark and there was a roof, walls, and a blanket but what you are thinking of – I couldn’t do anything at all – nothing at all. she sighs audibly

on the elevator, JK remembers his lackey saying -that day of the accident site I didn’t know your younger brother would show up. just in case he might have seen me there.

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JK goes in and HK says hi to him. their parents are there along with the doctor. JK asks when HK woke up. the mom says a while ago in the morning. he just finished a simple examination. JK asks the doc if HK is ok. the doctor says that looking at how HK can exercise and there aren’t any effects from his coma he could be discharged on wed. dad: what did I say – nothing big would happen – look at how perfectly fine he is.  JK asks if HK is ok. HK: just a little dizzy. he asks the doctor – you didn’t shave my hair and just put two staples in huh?  thank you for doing it so pretty.  the mom says HK cant remember the day of the accident. he only remembers making the reservation to send the food truck to SY’s film site and nothing after that on the day of the accident. the doctor says that could happen for a short time. dad says what difference does it make if he cant remember just that day. he could do that. HK asks JK if SY has been discharged cuz she is ok now. the mom says you are worried about that brat – worry about yourself. he tells her not to call SY that brat. the mom says you are alive cuz now that you open your mouth you only say things that I hate. he looks for his phone so he can call SY.

Yoo and Park are watching their interview with JK. Park says how JK’s expression doesn’t change.  Yoo says it’s a face we cant know what he is thinking inside.

on the video, JK repeats what they said – that he was in a dating relationship with Han. I told you that cuz the situation isn’t steady so does that become a problem? Yoo: tell us exactly. you weren’t in a dating relationship with Han? JK: I wasn’t. she might have thought that though. cuz of work related stuff we met a few times. she asked to have a meal so we met too. I would assume you looked into my relationships with women and already know, but after my divorce I haven’t met a single woman seriously. Park brings up his ex wife. are you in contact with her? JK: we broke up. Yoo: do you know where she is now?  JK says I heard she went to England but that does that have to do with this case. Park says from what we found out your former wife met up with Han. JK: really? does that mean my former wife is in Korea or did Han go to England to meet her?

Park says to Yoo -look at his eyes. the look in his eyes is that he is really curious.  Yoo says to try their best to find the former wife. Park says the video looked like some mental hospital so we are looking into it. but nothing is panning out. Park shows the home address of the ex wife but there is no one home. a guy comes in cuz Yoo’s boss wants to see him.

Yoo hears that he is off the case. the boss says I left you alone cuz you seemed to want to work hard at something but why go around doing unnecessary things. Yoo tells him how Han’s death could be a murder and not a suicide, but his boss says who said? the heir to S&C? think of it realistically. JK has everything so why would he do that (meaning what would be his motive). Yoo insists we have to investigate more to find out. the boss says Han’s death was a suicide and to wrap things up

JK and his dad talk. the dad asks if JK was dating that dead celebrity. how did you end up getting called into the police?  JK:I went and told them the truth. we didn’t have any relationship.  the dad trusts that JK wouldnt make any mistakes. don’t forget – after what suddenly happened to your older brother, you are my hope now. don’t make any mistakes don’t have any blemishes  cuz you are my heir.

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MJ opens the door to find a very pissed off YJ standing there. MJ: what is it? YJ: my sister slept here yesterday didn’t she? MJ starts to explain: she didn’t sleep, but YJ says I will impose for a second and just walks in so MJ says what kind of brother and sister (siblings) treat someone else’s home as theirs.

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when MJ goes in, YJ is already sitting and tells him to sit comfortably. MJ sits down. MJ: I am comfortable – this is my home. YJ:  I guessed something was going on ever since the kimchi container so I kept watch, but in the end, this is what happened. MJ laughs so YJ does too. YJ: I will ask man to man – do you like my sister? MJ asks what was your name. YJ: Chun YJ. that’s not important now. do you like my sister? MJ laughs. YJ: are you laughing? you make a person sit in front of you and you laugh? MJ: I didn’t make you sit there.  you came in on your own and sat.  YJ: yes I did that. man to man – I came to ask – do you like my sister? MJ: want some chocolate milk? YJ: you have some? he feels like kicking himself for doing such a poor job of being scary.

*it’s so cute how YJ came in determined to be the tough brother but ends up drinking milk like a kid cuz MJ doesn’t find him threatening at all.

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YJ is drinking and talking about his sister -ever since she was in school a lot of guys chased after her so I was busy trying to settle all those guys. this is the first time she liked some guy, I don’t know why but…he loses track of what he was saying as he looks up and sees the telescope. he drops his milk on the way so MJ has to set it upright.

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YJ goes over to MJ’s high powered double telescope and asks stuff about it – like how far he can see. MJ replies and YJ says impressed “daebak.” YJ finds the other bigger one so MJ lists nerdy info like what else he can see with that -like how far, the Andromeda, the magnification, etc. YJ asks is this all yours hyung? MJ nods yes. YJ: can I ask a favor? MJ: go ahead. YJ: can I take a sel cal photo next to it? MJ says take it. YJ takes photos. MJ hands him a stack of photos and says if you like stars, want these photos? YJ looks through them and they were taken in Chile – Atacama mountain.  YJ: when I earn money it was my wish to go there. MJ: it’s where I like to go the most. it’s dry and the sky is clear  so when it becomes night it feels like the stars pour down.  YJ is in love

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as he walks YJ out, MJ talks about the comet that is coming in march of 2014 and not to believe the news that earth will be damaged. cuz of that don’t say you will give up on your studies either. YJ: cuz NASA said it I thought it was real. it’s really not? MJ tells him how NASA said what the possibility was of destruction but they revealed that possibility went away. YJ: like you said I wont believe it and will be sure to study. I am so glad to have met you. MJ smiles. YJ says my sister lacks in a lot of ways, but be good to her. there is something I want to say. can I come over again to play?

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SY knocks and goes to visit HK. he had been looking at a photo online of their fall. he pats the bed next to him and says come over here. she goes over and hugs him with a sad face. he says why are you like this. my heart is racing so I could faint again. SY: dummy what would have happened if you had died. why did you do that. HK: why would I die leaving you behind?  she sits and says if something bad happened to you i wouldnt have been able to live too. how could I live? why did you do that for me when I didnt do anything for you. HK: you made me love you. he checks and asks you arent hurt anywhere. she cries and says i am sorry. HK: don’t cry. SY: even if you did this for me i am the same as always and cant do anything for you. I think I am making you miserable. I like DMJ – I can’t help it. he says I know. I cant do anything about me either (his feelings for her). don’t do that. I am really about to be embarrassed. SY: I might be able to live without my friend Lee HK, but I don’t think this is right. let’s…”  he stops her from talking by saying “chance.”

flashback to HK getting beaten up by some guys while HK was protecting her. she asks are you ok. HK: chance. she asks what are you saying chance for at a time like this? HK: why? you said you were grateful.  later on let me use chance just once. she says who told you to jump in – whether boys bother me or not –  why did you have to jump in and end up like this.  HK: they cant do that – kids who bother you will all die by me. from here on too. she wipes the blood on his face and asks are you ok. he says if you are sorry then let me use chance just once. SY: what chance? HK: later on when I say grant my wish just once -grant it to me.  she says ok. he makes her sign his hand and stamp by hitting her forehead

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HK asks if she remembers that we stamped on it. SY: I remember. HK: I really wanted to use that wish but I saved up that wish all this time holding back.  she asks what his wish is. HK: what you were about to say just now – dont say it. of course I love you but you cant love me -even though I am a little miserable – but even though you are like that and you aren’t next to me i really will become miserable so don’t do it – what you were going to say.

HK is eating when JK asks if SY came by. HK nods yes. JK remembers what he and SY said here. that she told that he was Han’s boyfriend. JK asks who else she told that to besides the detective so she said no one aside from HK. JK says I heard SY said something to you about the dead Han yura. HK: she did. JK: what? HK: the two of them didn’t get along. that she was really tired cuz of Han. JK: what else? HK: what? JK: she didn’t say anything about Han’s accident. HK pretends he cant remember. did she say something? like that? she just said it felt unfair cuz Han’s suicide wasn’t cuz of her. nothing much of anything else.  he pretends his head hurts. when I fell I think I hit something wrong – like my memories are broken. I feel dizzy when I have to think. JK says dont try so hard on purpose -rest. He gets up and leaves.

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when SY comes home YJ says the next door hyung is a nice person. SY: what? YJ: there aren’t any bad people who loves stars. if he has the best telescopes in his home to stare at stars and feels full, that’s all that needs to be said. SY: that person doesnt look at stars he is from there. YJ: what? SY: there is something like that. he goes back to his photos so she asks if he thinks there are aliens. YJ: of course there are.  I am someone who thinks an alien could live right next door to us. she calls him a genius.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-24-07] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-24-22] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-26-18] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-26-30] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-29-03]

when she goes out on her balcony she looks over to his side and calls out MJ’s name quietly. he comes out and asks why. SY: daebak. MJ: why did you call me? SY: to see if you could really hear or not. MJ: are you playing around? he goes back in so she calls out – how could you just go back in. I didn’t call to see if you could hear or not -I missed you so I called you. I said I called cuz I missed you. she mutters stuff about him being thoughtless and turns around and he is there. she wonders how he did that and even though she sees it -it’s hard to get used to it each time.  he repeats what she said about him being thoughtless earlier and pinches her cheeks so she says let go.

she makes coffee and YJ thought it was for him -weren’t you going to give it to me?  but she says what coffee for a young kid. YJ: then why is it two cups? SY: it’s for me to drink when I get sleepy while memorizing lines. he scowls and goes back to his photos.

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she asks MJ -did your father come from another star like you too. MJ: father? to tell the truth, he isnt my father but he is someone like a father. SY: then he isnt your real dad. so you dont have any family here. MJ: how could I. SY: then you spent such a long time alone without family? he doesn’t answer but looks sad so she says I have good news. I met my dad this time. cuz of the accident I was shocked and had a hard time, but thanks to it I was able to meet my dad again. we cant live together right away but when I think i can call anytime to meet again – It’s strange but it puts me at ease. something that weighed heavy in my heart feels like it disappeared.  he says thank goodness. she puts her hand over his and says you have me now. i will stay by your side a long time and not run off anywhere.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-42-47] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-43-04] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-44-58] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-45-26]

she suddenly takes back her hand. MJ: why? what’s wrong?  SY asks if his face will stay the same from here on. you will. even when I saw that 100year anniversary photo -only your hairstyle was different but your face was the same. how does that happen. he says the passage of time on my star is a lot different from time here. same thing for the aging process.  she worries then what about me? what do I do? my skin will sag, get wrinkles, have white hair, and my back will start to stoop over and I will become an old grandma over time. MJ: calm down -you will be pretty even when you age (get old). SY: this is why when you watch vampire movies they bite the girl’s neck so she becomes a vampire. the guy doesn’t age and becomes more cool – cuz if the girl keeps aging then even if they stay together- it wont be a happy ending. MJ: Chun SY. she holds up her hand and says I don’t want to hear anything now. I will go in first cuz cold air could make my skin dry out faster

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-16-36] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-19-39]

she puts on a facial mask and says will it work with just this? I’m ruined. she does hoolahoop and says “no – no – i will be 30 soon so what do I do. she watches something on tv about looking younger so SY runs to the kitchen and does it -blowing up gloves. her mom looks at her like SY has lost her mind.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-26-26]

Jang and MJ meet by the lake. Jang says how in her situation SY could think that. but that’s not what is important. pretty soon after a month, you will be….but MJ shushes him and makes him quiet and shows him the mic on the briefcase. he writes on his phone that there is a mic and to speak naturally. MJ says i met Lee JK. Jang: you did? MJ:  he asked me to help him and that he would support me. Jang: so what did you say? MJ: I said i would think about it. cuz it didnt seem like a bad deal/offer. cuz all I need to do is protect chun SY. Jang almost gets angry and starts to say “but” and stops himself. MJ: as long as Lee JK doesn’t mess with anyone for the time being and stays quiet -that’s the stipulation I gave him. if he just keeps that promise I might cooperate with him. Jang writes down: really? MJ smiles and shakes his head no.  Jang says aloud: if that’s the case then that’s worth thinking about.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-40-45] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-44-02]

SY’s mom says to SY: I was so surprised to hear the contract would be void. they said DMJ returned 3 times the contract amount. SY is surprised to hear that. YJ: MJ hyung did that? his mom looks at him and says MJ hyung? YJ: he is a really cool hyung. YJ says to SY: if you say you are dating that hyung I am totally for it. his mom says I don’t like that. there is HK. also DMJ’s father is not great at all. she asks SY if HK is getting discharged tm.

at the hospital HK walks out with his parents and JK. HK says he will take JK’s car cuz he wants to drop by SY’s home. the mom asks what about dinner. he says I told SY I would eat with her. HK asks JK to drop him off in front of her place. JK agrees. the dad mutters the brain surgery didn’t help him grow up. his parents leave. HK notices the new driver and not the lackey from the accident but pretends he has seen him before and says – it’s been a long time. I think I met you before when I went to visit my brother. the guy says I am new starting from a few days ago.  HK says for JK to hear – I cant remember a person’s face. I am always making mistakes

JK drops him off so HK gets out of the car. JK tells him to be careful cuz he isn’t back to normal yet. say hi to SY for me. HK says I will. go. he waves bye. then he gets into a cab

HK goes and finds out about the crane on her film site asking who set up the wires and stuff. the guy says our team does it. are you ok by the way? we worried a lot. HK: I am ok now. the guy says we don’t have that kind of accidents. this is from then. this bolt came out. we should have checked well so I am really sorry. HK says i didnt come to pick on whose responsibility  it was – I was just curious. the people who set it up – was it the same ones who always worked with the stunt action set up team.  the guy says no. when we don’t have enough we ask other stunt team to help out. also when we get part timers to help out. HK asks if they used part time workers on that day so the guy says yes we had a few part timers. HK asks do you have a list of names. the guy goes to get it

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-37]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-51]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-22]

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-56-36] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-04-06]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-57-00] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-37]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-57-17]

YJ opens the door for MJ and says you came hyung. MJ asks isn’t your sister ready yet? so YJ yells for her to hurry and come out. MJ hyung is waiting.  MJ points out to YJ -aren’t you a little rude to her so YJ says – did I do that hyung? I will fix that. she comes out looking like a teenager. they both stare. SY: why? YJ: what is that? are you a child? SY: do I look weird? MJ: yes.  when she goes back in to change YJ tells him my sister lacks a lot

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-08-49] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-12-24] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-17-51] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-18-28]

in the car SY tells him how last time they made me wait all day for a scene but it was cut so why make me wait around all day. MJ: what scene are you filming today? SY: action scene and kissing scene. MJ: what? SY: action scene and a kiss scene so MJ says use a double. SY: action scene? MJ: no kiss scene. SY: does that make sense. where is there an actor who uses a double for a kiss scene these days. MJ: that’s why try it once. why must you live always doing what others do? don’t you have to become a more creative and dignified actor? she says how he is bossy so he denies it. she admits she lied.  all I have are action scenes. running, sliding. hanging on, rolling. he says use a double for that too. SY: why? MJ: didn’t you hear what the doctor said? he speaks like a doctor and lists the complications that could arise with her health if she overdoes it so she says should I ask them to let me just do a kiss scene so he yells “ya!” SY: watch over me. chun SY – if she isn’t the lead they don’t even look at her -I know there are a lot of people who say “it sure looks good” but more than when I was the lead I think I am more happy now. cuz you are by my side watching over me. from here on too – keep watching over me.  even if it takes a long time until I go back to my place.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-23-10]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-27-52]

on the set Saemi says hi to MJ. it’s been a long time professor. how are you here. SY says he followed me. Saemi asks why did you follow her. MJ says I came as SY’s manager. Saemi says to SY: that’s good. I thought it would be hard for you without an mom said you had a contract with S&C. that wasn’t it? SY says no not that. Saemi says how one night of entertainment news is here -they asked to do an interview before we film -an interview with you and me together

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-32-54] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-35-05] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-35-42] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-38-15] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-40-18] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-41-22]

MJ looks on as the reporter says hello to the two of them who are filming the movie together and that there are a lot of rumors about them  dating. He asks SY to tell them a little about the second generation chaebol she had a scandal with recently so SY says he is just a friend. of course he is a friend I like a lot and treasure. the guy says how SY has endless scandals but it’s really quiet for Saemi -isn’t there any news of a boyfriend. She says how ever since SY was younger she always had guys liking her, so she cheated with more than two or three guys at a time so SY yells when did I do that? Saemi says it was a joke. the guy asks her to compare popularity with Saemi. so SY looks right at the camera and says all you have to do is be pretty. the guy asks how Saemi feels about being the lead this time. to be honest it’s pressure, but since I get to do this together with SY I feel safe. the guy asks SY -wonder why. Saemi: when SY was the lead and I was the secondary character role, SY always took good care of me so this time isn’t it my turn. the guy says how she is an angel. he says to SY- it must be nice for you to have such a good friend. how about you each saying something you wanted to say to one another. Saemi says to her – our friendship wont change even in the future right? SY laughs and makes a face to MJ to say: is she kidding me right now? MJ sighs and says aigoo.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-44-37] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-47-18] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-48-09] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-49-09] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-51-54]

MJ lectures her asking do you want to make a comeback or not? you should have been more like Saemi and been polite and nice. cant you do that? SY: you keep taking Saemi’s side. MJ: I am not taking sides. just then the director comes over and says you arrived. so she complains and says what happened last time – you made me wait on stand by and didn’t tell me you were leaving. no one told me anything and everyone packed up and left so what was I supposed to do. the director acts surprised to learn that and scolds the PD – I told you to contact her. the PD says the maknae didn’t. the maknae PD says sorry I forgot to call so the director pretends to scold him and be more attentive. he asks her to be understanding. they walk off so she says how in the past they werent even able to look me in the eye. she walks on ahead while MJ overhears those men talking. the maknae apologizes for not telling her but the director says you did well.  do you know how many of my scripts SY rejected? it looks good that she is mistreated this way when she used to be so high on top. the PD asks if they should rearrange her scenes in the front but the director wants her first and last scene to make her suffer today. SY turns and calls out to him – what are you doing manager Doh?

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-03-34] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-06-42] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-10-03]

while SY is filming her action scene, the director yells out “cut -NG. your expression isn’t alive-make it seem more desperate.” SY: I am really desperate right now director. he says no it’s weak. do it one more time.  MJ helps her out of the ditch and when she is having a water break MJ tells her to use a stand in. she says I cant cuz they need a close up shot.  he says again – didn’t you hear what the doctor said. he cites what could happen to her health so she says I can do it right away. I did this ever since I played child roles. she wonders – the take was ok so what was strange about it. director keeps calling out “cut – NG” and makes her jump and roll over and over. it doesn’t feel alive. let’s go again. after all of it he decides to go with the first take. while he is walking away MJ uses his power and makes the director fall down. then MJ makes the other one fall down too. she looks at MJ and he shrugs his shoulder.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-17-46] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-19-00] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-20-32] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-20-44] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-20-52] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-57-52]

after she changes, MJ covers her with a blanket and she asks if he is the one who made the director and PD fall down. it was you right? MJ: what are you talking about. she links arms so he says why are you like this. she says no one is looking. it is so nice to have an alien manager. you can do all sorts of things. what things can you do? he asks arent you cold. she says yes I am totally cold. she stops walking and asks can you do that stuff by any chance? can you make fire come out of your fingers. if you point your finger fire shoots out so that it lights up stuff. MJ: the mountain would catch fire. SY: ah that’s right. but you can do it? ah so you cant.  I am cold – cant you make me warm. dont you have an ability to make me arm. he puts his arm around her so she says i am totally warm

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-23-24]

at night the scene ahead is delayed by one hour so SY complains one hour delay means there are 3 more hours. we will be bored during that time so what do we do. the crew is playing go stop.

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-24-34]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-25-06]

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-32]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-40]

SY joins in and plays with them with MJ sitting next to her. she keeps winning cuz of MJ. they call her Tazza. MJ stops time and changes her cards. she thanks them all and it makes MJ smile

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-50-32] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-50-58]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-02-48] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-23] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-01]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-08-22] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-11-10]

they are sitting by a fire. SY says how this is the first time standing by was so fun. it’s ok to stay up all night too. she leans her head on his shoulder and asks what are we going to do on our 100 days. MJ looks uneasy and asks 100 days? SY:I used to make fun of it normally but since my situation changed like this my heart has changed. it’s childish but I want to do it. 100days – one year – 1000 days – I want to celebrate each anniversary. but which date do we start at? since it wasn’t definite up to now, should we just start from today? MJ: what did you want to do on that anniversary day? SY: we have to do everything others all do. for starters on 100days – couple rings and couple t-shirts.  also when you go to the top of Namsan tower there is a restaurant that goes around in circles. I want to go there and eat dinner while looking at the view. underneath there is a place where you hang locks.  I went there cuz of filming before so I thought later on when I date, I should come with my boyfriend and make a wish and hang a lock. also after a year, I have to eat some ice cream for you. MJ: ice cream? SY: you know – inside the ice cream, there is a ring right there. also celebrate for a week at least. what should we do for our 1000 days? is that in about 3 yrs? want to go backpacking to Europe then for about a month or a month and a half – how about it?

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-58-53]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[22-59-09]

he doesnt say anything cuz he is holding back his emotions. so she looks at him and asks why? MJ: Chun SY. SY: what now? why are you like this again? weren’t we dating?  am I overdoing it alone again? so is that why you said that before – that you are being selfish in what you are doing to me?  he looks at her and says let’s do everything you want to do in advance. SY: in advance? MJ: yes in advance- within one month let’s do all of it. she asks why – why do we have to do it all within a month? huh? why? why do we have to do that?  MJ looks down and says:I have to leave. she asks what are you talking about? leave where? where are you going? MJ: where I am originally from. after one month, I have to go back to where I came from. he looks at her and a tear drops from his eyes.


별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-41-37] 별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-56-04]

100 days later

at Namsan, there are a lot of locks and there is one with their names on it -hers on top and his on the bottom. SY is sitting alone inside the restaurant waiting -looking at the door expectantly. MJ doesn’t show up

별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-12-34]별에서 온 그대.E16.140212.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-40-02]

*There is only so much you can do to prepare for a broken heart – not sure letting her in on the fact that he is leaving soon is one of them, but I’m sort of proud of MJ for not keeping her in the dark. She already accused him of being selfish at the start of this episode and he told her he was going to be selfish by kissing her and entering into this relationship so it’s only fair that he holds up his end of it by not withholding important facts from her. I’m sure hearing the news was devastating for SY, but it doesn’t compare to the pain he is feeling having to tell her cuz he knows it means she will be smiling less from here on and crying more. By revealing that bit of news, he is robbing her of the security she feels and reawakening the concern she used to have about someone she loves disappearing suddenly. That’s why he owed her the truth – this time around, he wants her to face the fact that he is leaving and prepare her for it. From here on out, the next month will be the longest of their lives – counting down till they have to say goodbye. That’s why I bet his tears were for the start of both of their hearts breaking.


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  22. Anita says:

    The written preview has been posted!!! Can someone please translate? Thank you for your effort!!!
    휘경은 죽은 큰형의 사고를 조사하던 중 놀라운 사실을 알게 된다. 민준이 한 달 뒤 떠나야 한다는 걸 받아들일 수 없는 송이는 민준을 밀어내려고 하고, 속상한 마음에 민준은 정신 못 차릴 만큼 술을 마시는데…


  23. Nekoi says:

    The rough translation for the written preview is:
    There is an investigation into the case of Hwi Kyung’s dead brother.
    Song Yi cannot accept the fact that Min Joon is leaving in a month’s time, and tries to sway his decision.
    Min Joon is frustrated, and took to drinking? (Not sure about this part, haha)


  24. Summerose says:

    Again, thanks for a wonderful recap… Since she celebrated the 100th day, I hope it means DMJ is coming… Right?!?! Maybe he doesn’t have powers anymore so was caught in traffic… I wish!


  25. Anonymous says:

    Softy, I got a question here? What’s intention of yoo se mi to make song yi involved in a movie with her? Well, does it to do with what se mi’s mom said about song yi could make a comeback?


  26. dg says:

    any1 knows what brand song yi pink lipstick Is from


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