You From Another Star E14

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Maybe their dreams of happiness is enough for right now to sustain them till the moment they can turn them into reality. That day is getting closer so I can already imagine all those happy scenes we will be getting in the near future. They are overcoming hurdles most drama couples don’t have to face so I think we need to give them more leeway to work things through. In the meantime, can I just say this show really knows how to give a person a lot of mini heart attacks. It’s not always just the shocking unexpected scenes that surprise me, but the quiet meaningful lines and looks that catch my breath that really slay me. That’s why I feel like for the past few weeks, I’ve earned my right to see some happy moments again between them. Unfortunately for impatient viewers like myself, it seems like it’s taking forever for these two to finally meet on the same ground addressing the same feelings. I feel like this is one of those cases where you have to suffer through a lot of sadness and heartache to rejoice in their reunion and cherish it that much more when it finally arrives. I haven’t seen a drama test the limits of an audience’s patience to this extent, but it looks like no one is going to walk away from this show anytime soon. My feet are firmly planted where they have been and nothing is going to make me budge. Thank goodness we have E15 tm night so I can finally exhale with a bit of relief.


Written before it aired:

Did his love for her make him more human or was it her love for him? It felt like with each of her confessions, his resolve to stay strong and resist following his heart kept crumbling away to reveal the vulnerable man within. MJ has been shielding himself from the pain of loss for way too long – so much that he forgot what it feels like to really live. On E4, Jang said to MJ, “Even though humans know they will die one day, they live with all their might. Though they know they will  part someday, when they love-they love like there is no tomorrow. acting foolish like that is what a human does.” Back then MJ wasn’t completely in love with SY yet so those were just mere words, but now I bet MJ is feeling the truth of it. He has become something he never thought he was capable of doing – becoming more human by the day. Now MJ has human emotions like greed – wanting to live with the person he loves, hope – that somehow fate would intervene again and make his wish come true, and desperation – willing to do anything to stay by her side. In a way, by rescuing SY time and time again, MJ saved his own heart each time -from the pain of having it broken again. That kind of anguish is something no one wants to repeat twice in their lives and since it’s up to MJ, he is going to make sure it doesn’t. One broken heart was plenty so he will make sure it never happens again in this lifetime for the both of them.

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With everything trying to pull them apart, if holding on is all they can do – even in their dream state –  it’s nice to see that they cling to each other like nothing is separating them. I love how she came into his lonely world and just engulfed it with laughter, joy, life, and love – filling it to the brim so that just the mere thought of losing any part of that paralyzes him with fear and dread. It’s been very frustrating watching him deny himself of a love he has so deservedly earned so I’m hoping this wasn’t another dream sequence. Judging from the way he is holding her, I bet he is wondering what took him so long. You couldn’t tell from how happy they look, but it took over 400 years for this. It’s probably MJ’s first real back hug. The other one doesn’t count cuz he was trying to stop her from breaking anymore precious things in his home. I really hope MJ is done being just her secret guardian angel and become someone else – the only person in the world who can make her feel this content.


I don’t know about you guys, but I try not to dwell on the ending. There are a quite a few episodes left so I want to hold onto the hope I have for a happy ending for as long as I can. The odds are stacked against that happening, but I’m not ready to let go of my optimism yet. I keep reminding myself this is a rom-com and not a melodrama so hopefully the writer remembers that as well. Having just one episode last week was excruciating so while waiting around for any news about this show, I did some research. I found out that the soompi thread for this drama recently passed 400 pages, Heirs ended with almost 1750 pages (same as Gu Family Book), Master’s Sun with almost 1600, TWTWB 740, and I Hear Your Voice at almost 650.  That got me thinking about the online fervor and attention from the audience and fans. When Heirs was on, Joonni and I would be sitting at a department store food court having dinner and overhear people talking about the episodes that week. People just couldn’t get enough of Heirs back then. These days I noticed the age bracket of the audience is slightly higher this time around. Mostly married women seem to love this drama way more than teens or women in their early twenties. Same thing happened during IHYV too. So what exactly constitutes the higher number of pages – the popularity of the lead stars? the timing (as in the season it airs)? the interesting plot? the quality of the show? the age of the audience and how much free time and energy they have to spaz? or does it all come down to just preference? As in how much you care enough to interact on the soompi thread. Judging from how high the ratings are for this show, it’s surprising to learn how low the number of pages the thread has, but since this show doesn’t lack in quality, great chemistry between the leads, or anything else, I’m going to chalk it up to the lack of LMH and KWB combo factor. As adorable as KSH is, even he can’t beat that combination all by his lonesome. 🙂


Starts with previous scenes and MJ saying I came here from another place 400 yrs ago and lived here for 400 yrs. I was the one who rescued you 12 yrs ago. that child from 400 yrs ago – the owner of this hairpin -you resembled her, but if you are just Chun SY, then I have no interest – go! Then SY asks – not even for one moment – didn’t you like me? if your heart fluttered cuz of me. or if you sincerely worried about me- not having anything to do with that girl – didn’t you just like me even once? MJ: no not even once. Then HK asked MJ-  do you not like SY or is there another reason? MJ: protect SY from your hyung. then MJ held out the USB to JK and asked – is this what you want? if I give you this then will you stop everything? JK yelled: how dare you give me orders. I will kill you for certain. then when Jang told SY that MJ was leaving soon and to sort her feelings for him now if she had some for him. then how MJ said to Jang – what I can do now from here on- isnt it disappearing well.  then how MJ met with JK saying – I came to offer a deal. don’t you want me to take the blame for everything and disappear? I will do what you want. then that narration when MJ was asked how he felt since the day to leave was getting closer. he broke down in tears.

SY jumps and the screw comes off and one of the wire breaks. she sways to the side and hits the wall, but then the remaining wire breaks so she falls. she is rushed to the hospital.

a reporter finds out about the accident and hears that someone died. he starts typing that she is in critical condition.

Jang sits in the interrogation room alone and says he went crazy

JK sits in his office smiling at the news of SY’s accident. suddenly MJ shows up. JK says what’s going on – shouldn’t you be meeting the prosecutor right about now as we promised. just as he is about to push the red alert button under his desk, MJ flips it away. He pins JK to the window and lifts him off his feet. MJ says what do you think I will do to you. JK laughs.

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suddenly they are on the roof and MJ holds JK up near the ledge. MJ says i will kill you. JK: me? you? you dare to? MJ: yes – I will do that to you right now. he holds JK off the ledge and says like what you did to SY – I will kill you the same way. he leaves JK suspended and yells die.

A few days ago, Jang was walking and JK’s other lackey runs into him and puts a mic on his briefcase.

their conversation was all overheard by JK- when Jang asked MJ if he couldn’t erase memories. in movies when an alien pushes down it erases the person’s memory. cant you do stuff like that? MJ says that’s in movies.  so JK overheard about MJ’s powers. Jang: you can stop time, transport, and everything else so why cant you do that one? you really don’t have  that ability? MJ: I don’t.  Jang: now we don’t know when your powers will disappear. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. now it’s BBB (random chance). it makes me so uneasy.

JK also heard their conversation inside when MJ said the best thing I can do now is disappear well since I cant live here anymore. and just do what I can do. Jang: what is there that you can do? what?

MJ gets up to leave but Jang stops him and asks you arent by any chance thinking of that right? you cant do that. if you kill someone with your ability then …. we dont hear the rest. JK listens and says so there was that. he calls to meet MJ

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JK meets with MJ. JK: I thought about your offer. you said you would take the blame for everything and disappear. there is nothing bad about that. to tell the truth things were getting bothersome.  if you just keep your promise, there is no reason for me to go further. I am someone who has a lot to lose. MJ says if you break your promise. but JK stops him and says I know you are a special person. you showed me many times.  I tried to get rid of you somehow but I know very well that wont work.  if I messed with you (or her) the wrong way, I know fully well that it wont be any fun so why would I – I am not that foolish. MJ said if you break your promise I will get rid of you with my own hands. I am someone who can do that -like you said I showed you many times so you know that very well. JK: yes I know that well

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From outside the room, HK listens to his parents talking about JK’s former wife – the one HK brought up last time. the mom asks have you heard any news of her? the dad says how would I know. the mom says: what she said right before she got divorced still bothers me.  she said how she was scared of JK and to save her. the dad gets mad and says she should have been grateful they took her as their daughter in law, but she gave it all up and ran away so how dare she say she is scared of him. the mom says arent you – he is my child that I bore but JK is difficult. I cant put my finger on it but he is different from HK so I am more careful around him. the dad says that’s why JK is my heir. he is more sensible and different from HK.  the mom says what happened when they were younger still bothers me so the dad warns why bring that up – I told you not to talk about that. HK knocks and comes in. he asks if they have time cuz he is planning to go visit the older hyung’s grave next weekend. the mom agrees to go with him next weekend.

HK goes to the mental hospital and asks to see JK’s former wife – the patient named Yang Min Joo. the nurse says there is no person by that name. HK says how many patients are here in this hospital. it’s such a big hospital so how could you not even look as soon as you heard the name and say there is no one by that name. you must be really smart. she says what are you saying – there is no one by that name so please go back.

Saemi and her mom meet with Ahn. the mom says you heard my Saemi and SY are filming the same movie right.  Ahn says yes I heard that Saemi took good care of SY so the mom says that’s how Saemi is. she is so nice. how could she do this if she thought about how she suffered cuz of SY. Ahn says how in the past SY always asked for Saemi to work on the project together and when the director said no SY said if Saemi is left out then she would pull out too. she threw up such a fuss so it was a headache for me. the mom gives him a look so Ahn stops talking and says that was all in the past.  the mom tells him to take good care of Saemi. Ahn says I already am a lot. the mom wants him to send more staff to the set for Saemi. so that anyone can see she is the lead so that there is a big difference with SY. also make sure there is no more news articles about SY making a comeback. Saemi tells her mom to stop cuz he gets it. Ahn says there is good news – Saemi has that big ad (the billboard one that SY used to look at).

Yoo and Park are talking about the cell phone calls from the villa JK used during his vacation days. Han and JK’s calls were in the same place during the same dates

a mole goes out and reports that they found out about the villa so it needs to be cleaned up

at the villa, maids and staff clean so there is no trace of Han and JK ever staying there together. they leave evidence of MJ staying there and put his school stuff and ID there

when Yoo and park go to the villa there is no evidence of Han and JK being there together and only find the stuff that belongs to MJ and Han. the manager says Lee JK uses this villa for private use and hardly comes here. Park says he stayed here in the last summer break. the man says there is another villa nearby and that’s where JK stayed last summer. Yoo asks who stays here normally then. the manager says buyers JK invites or he lends it out to personal guests. Park asks if Han stayed here. the man says yes she came last summer. I heard he lent it to her cuz she is the department store model. she came with some man. park shows a photo of MJ and asks is this the man? the manager says yes that’s him. park says you have a really good memory to remember so well to recognize someone you saw last year right away.

in the car, Park thinks he caught something from Yoo cuz he feels strange about how things are falling too well into place. somehow it doesn’t seem like it was DMJ.  Yoo tells him how MJ is coming tm to turn himself in. Park: he is really unusual.

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MJ stares at his photo in the museum. then he narrates while holding the photo in his library. now matter how much time passes – when I had time that didn’t end, not once did I think that time was precious, but now if I can have just one more day to be together -even if I lost everything I had -it doesn’t matter. but now I know the truth very well that I couldn’t get that even if I threw away everything I had. as he says that, he watched her sleep in her room. she wakes and looks around but he is gone

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-02-07] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-02-21] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-03-40] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-05-47] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-06-08] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-07-02]

she stands on the balcony and looks over at the new poster of Saemi across the way. SY looks up at the sky and says what is up with this.  there are times when there are so many stars in Seoul. DMJ –  did you really come from one of those stars. you should just have said you didn’t like me.  why say you came from the stars. from here on now whenever I see the night sky –  I will have to think of you. MJ listens from inside.

MJ: now I also know when a person i love exists the truth that fear sets in – the person I have to protect –  that I might not be able to protect her –  I am afraid now.

the film set is busy preparing for the shoot

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MJ dresses and gets ready to turn himself in

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SY puts makeup on and gets ready. she gets a call that the director doesn’t want her to wear makeup cuz this is an action scene so she takes off her makeup saying I wouldn’t – would I do that. I won’t.  when SY goes out, her mom asks why do you look like that – you said you would do your own makeup – let’s stop by the salon and then go. so SY explains all she is going to do is jump so why bother looking good on set- let’s just go. her mom asks what about the car so SY says I can just drive. the mom says it wont look good (lowers their impression on people) and wonders what kind of manager DMJ is.

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when they go out they meet MJ by the elevator and her mom says it’s good that we ran into you.  aren’t you taking care of my SY anymore. so SY tells her mom he no longer does that. when the door opens, SY asks him permission to ride the elevator first cuz it would be uncomfrotable to ride together. he steps back.

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on the elevator her mom asks what’s wrong – did you two fight? she offers to talk to him separately  and scold him so SY says mom if you bother that person I will just live with him.   I like him a lot  so I confessed but he rejected me.  her mom says are you crazy – when you have HK. SY: that’s why – it was hard to hold back my feelings for him. the mom asks are you crying? you are crying over a guy? SY:  yes I am crying. cuz of that man I am crying pathetically a lot so dont bother him. I was barely able to be patient just now not to cling to him. her mom calls her crazy. SY: yes I am crazy.  MJ overheard all that

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outside the prosecutor’s office, Jang stops MJ and says have you gone crazy – why are you thinking of doing that?  MJ says if I don’t then I have to kill Lee JK -kill him or make him stop -one out of the two or else SY might die. through the detective SY told him about Lee JK and Han relationship. there is no time.  Jang chases after him asking please promise one thing then.  that no matter what – that wont happen. cuz of some man like that – I wont be able to watch that happen to you. promise me – do that at least. you wont listen to me at all and just act like you dont know till you leave – I told you to just be comfortable for the time you have left till you leave but you wont listen to me so just promise me this one thing.  MJ: I promise. Jang says you  promised – if you go back on this promise – I really wont see you again. Jang walks off in a huff.

in the interview room Yoo says everything that is said from here on will be recorded. do you consent? MJ: yes I consent. Yoo: start.  MJ says I am the person caught on the camera on the cruise where Han was killed. Yoo: continue.

Bum keeps staring over at SY as she memorizes her lines. the coordi brings over heat packs for Saemi so Bum reaches for one to go and give SY so Saemi prevents that by asking him to go over her lines with her so he agrees to. he ad libs a line and makes the others laugh.

SY’s mom comes over and says Saemi  requested you to film so she can show she is the lead now. she wants to rub that in your face. even though her mom is like that I thought she was nice, but she is worse.  SY: mom – I have to memorize my lines. the mom says what lines do you have to memorize – you only have 3 words- “stop right there.” SY grabs the script back and says I have a lot of action scenes. her mom says Saemi got all the romance part and the soles of your feet will get black (with dirt). why aren’t they bringing over even one chair.

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suddenly a car drives up with trucks. HK comes out with a crew and sets everything up for SY – chair, heaters, heat packs, and food for the filming crew. her mom is pleased and welcomes him. SY asks how did you know to come here. did you tell him mom?  the mom says he asked where your filming location was. SY: what is all this? HK puts a coat over SY saying you will catch a cold. the mom thanks him saying he knows how to spend money. our SY will have renewed energy. HK: she has to. she cant lose energy. the mom goes off to tell everyone to eat. SY: why did you go so far as to do this much. HK says how they have to cater to the staff to film her well.  he asks who the other actress is that she is working with. he looks over and sees saemi . Saemi walks off set. HK: so it was Saemi -the actress you are working with.  SY says yes. to tell the truth I know too that Saemi likes you a lot, but why is her mood like that? HK: I have to make her sort her feelings (for me) even a little faster. SY says I should have done that (for you) too huh. HK: you are too late. he points and asks if she is filming that today. she says if you have time watch it and then go. I am going to use some new stunt in an action movie. he notices the lackey’s face but gets distracted by the staff coming over to eat. her mom is telling them to eat a lot.

the staff eats while SY’s mom tells them to eat a lot. she goes over to Saemi’s mom and invites her to come over and eat but SM’s mom declines.  she comments to SY’s mom that the lead didn’t do anything so why be childish and try to buy people’s favors with food. SY’s mom says it’s your first time so you don’t know well so should I teach you how to make your  daughter the real lead?  just cuz you have a few more lines doesn’t make you the lead. take your time – if you rush like that it makes it too obvious -that your daughter isn’t ready but you put her in the lead and are afraid she will see the bottom. then she goes and invites the director to go eat

HK watches SY stretch and asks aren’t you scared? SY: I am scared but so what if I die. HK doesn’t like she said that. so SY says dont worry I wont die. let’s eat dinner together later – i will buy you something good to eat. she goes to test the wires.  the stunt coordinator tells her about the jump. when she falls midway they will pull on the wires. then what they will film for the full shot. what’s important about this cut is that you look cool as you jump.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-56-24]

SY gets ready at the top and then jumps. HK looks over and sees the lackey’s face again and remembers him from all those times he met privately with JK. just then the wire clasp breaks off. director yells for the main safety wire to be pulled but she sways to the side. her mom asks what’s going on. just then, SY falls when the hooks all break off. HK runs over to catch her and breaks her fall somewhat. he falls down with her. Saemi yells out HK’s name. SY’s mom screams and faints. everyone rushes over to HK and SY. director yells for no one to touch them.

both HK and SY are taken to the hospital. Saemi cries over HK as he is wheeled inside

the reporter gets the news that the person died and types up the report that she is in critical condition

they show HK’s surgery.

Saemi is waiting outside his operating room and HK’s mom comes over and asks what is this – what happened to our HK. the dad says dont make a fuss there are so many people watching.

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in the hospital SY’s mom asks why SY isnt going into surgery. the doctor says how she has a special blood type so that’s what they are waiting on cuz they don’t have that type of blood.he says it’s urgent and asks the family to be tested and if there are any more family members to test the blood.

at the comic book store bokja and the training suit guys read about SY’s accident. they wonder how this happened. Bokja is outraged about the hateful comments online that are happy that the wire broke and stuff so she wants to sue all of them. when some girls come in happy about the accident Bokja and the guys ask – are you human? get out. you are forbidden from coming in – get out.

on the bus SY’s dad hears two people talking about the accident -that the wire broke during filming -that she is hurt a lot and is in critical condition.  the dad yells which hospital. he rushes off the bus

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-07-17]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-08-27]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-08-37]

at the hospital her mom worries and says what if you and I aren’t a match? what happens to our SY? YJ: they said they are looking into other hospitals (for a match).  the dad shows up so the mom says “SY’s dad.” YJ is surprised to see him. the dad asks about SY and the mom just cries

* in Korea, it’s traditional to address a parent by the name of the first born child -never the younger ones.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-14-09]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-21-13]

Park tells MJ: what is this? it’s too easy. without needing to ask anything, you said you did it. if this is all true don’t we need to arrest him prosecutor? Park: the lawyer came along with him and just sighs deeply. say something.  Jang asks for a break. Park: ok. Jang asks if MJ wants a drink but he says no thank you.  Yoo and MJ are left alone in the room. Yoo asks is there a secret you want to keep/protect or someone you want to protect. what is the reason for driving yourself into a corner with a complete perfect lie. I dont know what or who you are doing this for, but thanks to you – you could end up taking the blame for someone else’s crime. Park comes in and reports to Yoo – there is big trouble. Chun SY was in an accident while filming.  she is in critical condition. look at this. the number one search is how she is in critical condition. MJ gets up and grabs the phone and reads it. Yoo notes the desperate look on his face. Park: that’s right – you are close with Chun SY. how could this happen. MJ quickly runs out. Park runs after him

when park goes out – he asks if MJ already left but the woman says how MJ didnt just come out. park says but he just opened that door suddenly and came out just now. she insists no one else came out before Park. I was watching this whole time.  he goes back in and asks if something is wrong with the door. if MJ came back in. Yoo: no he just left.  Park says he left but he is gone. he was just here but he is gone.  why is this situation not unfamiliar to me. he remembers when MJ disappeared on him before. he looks at the camera and says i have to confirm something even if I hear that I am a crazy guy

they all watch the video of MJ leaving but he didnt come out the other side of the door. it’s like what you see in a Hollywood movie. look at the goose bumps on my arm right now. what is this guy – harry potter? is he playing with us?

park tells Jang to talk – what is this? magic? sleight of hand? or else how can you explain this situation. jang says you must have seen it wrong. park says: I’m going insane.  it’s caught on the CCTV. he opened the door on this side and went out but he didn’t show up on the other side. he disappeared like magic. Jang says the CCTV is broken or defective then. park tells him – are you really going to be this way? call him and ask him where he went- if he went to Hogwarts’ magic school. i feel like I am dreaming now. he leaves the room in frustration

Jang sits alone and says he went crazy

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-35-24]

the doctor tells her parents that the dad is a match for her blood type so SY can have surgery now and tells the dad to prepare to give blood. the dad tells the mom not to worry and leaves. MJ watches them from a distance and sees how injured SY is.

JK reads about the accident and smiles.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-39-03] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-39-32]

MJ makes a fist and leaves the hospital and transports. he goes to JK’s office. JK says what’s going on – shouldn’t you be meeting the prosecutor right about now as we promised. just as he is about to push the red alert button under his desk, MJ flips it away. He pins JK to the window and lifts him off his feet. MJ says what do you think I will do to you. JK laughs. MJ transports them.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-43-55] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-44-43]

suddenly they are on the roof and MJ holds JK near the ledge. MJ says i will kill you. JK: me? you? you dare to? MJ: yes – I will do that to you right now. he holds JK suspended in the air and says like what you did to Chun SY – I will kill you the same way. he leaves JK suspended and yells die.

JK hangs in the air and doesnt fall. JK says you cant kill me. I know. if I die that you will die too. JK laughs.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-46-03]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-46-42]

flashback to what JK overheard when Jang said to MJ -you aren’t thinking of doing that by any chance right? you cant do that.  if you make someone die with your powers then at that time you will die too you said. that’s why you didn’t harm anyone and was living well all this time being patient.  no matter how much you want to kill him – you cant ever follow that heart. to kill that guy who isn’t human – you cant die too.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-55-01] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-57-40] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-00-23]

JK heard that so he says – you weren’t by any chance trying to kill me while throwing your life away were you? did we have that kind of close relationship?  I know everything about you – your secret, who you are, where you are from, and also your what your weaknesses are. all of it. just cuz you are an alien I doubt you have many lives. were you going to use up your one life on me? MJ says if I kill you and can stop you then it doesnt matter if I die. he looks away and drops JK but JK yells SY will die too. if I die then SY in the hospital now will die too. while playing a game with someone like you – you think I didnt prepare for that possibility. even if you kill me you cant stop me. if I die then you die too then no one can protect that woman. is that ok? MJ tries again to make JK fall.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-36]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-58]

Just before JK kisses pavement, MJ stops him right there-like a few inches off the ground then MJ drops him. JK coughs and gets up. MJ is standing there. MJ: pray that Chun SY is safe. if something happens to her, I will come back to kill you. you said you have a lot to lose didn’t you. what it feels like to lose each one –  i will let you taste that. after that, I will make it so you lose everything. I will let you know clearly what total destruction is. JK says: you dare too, but MJ says I will let you know who you dared to mess with

doctor tells her parents the surgery ended well but they have to wait and see while keeping her oxygen on to keep her breathing safe. her mom asks about her life. if she will be ok. doctor says wait a little and watch. if she resumes normal breathing within two days then they wont need to worry anymore. he says thank goodness and leaves the room. her dad thanks him. her mom thanks the dad saying you saved our SY. the dad says I will go now – if something happens let me know right away.  the mom says stay until you see SY wake up. the dad says she wont want to see me. the mom says that’s always your problem.  dont you know how she feels? don’t you know how much our SY missed her dad. just cuz I said don’t show up –  how could you not show up even once. you are more coldly harsh than me. she leaves the room so he holds SY’s hand and cries

her mom goes out and tells YJ – arent you going to say hi to your dad. he says you said I didn’t have a dad. didn’t even leave a picture. YJ walks off

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-39-48]

as her dad holds her hand, SY narrates – dad when I was younger whenever I was scared I called out for you. but now I call out another name. DMJ.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-40-32] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-40-53] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-41-57] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-04]

in her dream MJ and SY are walking together like a happy couple. SY: for the first time there is someone I love more than you. from morning till night –  i have someone I want to do everything together with. in her dream MJ comes out on the balcony and puts his arms around her in a back hug.

while the dad sleeps MJ comes in to see her.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-03] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-31] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-04]

SY: no matter how much he pushed me away to leave, my feet wont take a step. no matter how much I try not to like him I cant dislike him. I keep having sad dreams where he loves me.

MJ leans over and kisses her forehead.


별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-36-34] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-02-09] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-02-19]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-38]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-37-16]


after the kiss, as MJ walks away from her bedside, SY holds his hand so he looks back at her and she opens her eyes to look at him. she narrates as tears run down:  I keep having sad dreams.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-50-29]

*can I just say – I love how SY has confessed to her mom aloud and now to her dad in her dream state that she loves MJ – SY might have to put up a brave front in front of MJ, but with her parents she lets her sincerity just flow. That’s how much she loves MJ – so much that it won’t be contained.

I think his façade is over. No more running away from his feelings. That look on MJ’s face says he finally sees her – not just who he almost lost trying to protect her. He was willing to lose everything without realizing he was also risking her broken heart in the bargain. I think he faced his fears and realized there was one more he never even considered – the fact that he could lose her all on his own just by pushing her away from him and not letting themselves just love each other. It’s hard to believe the words of a madman could make MJ finally see sense, but I think the lesson he learned is loving comes first. Spend the remaining time with her, let go of his fear, and just cling to her for a change. Make some real memories now and don’t try to survive on just dreams anymore.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-07-10]

**Is anyone worried for HK?  He was the only one who tried to catch her. He deserves to survive just to find his own happiness one day.


35 comments on “You From Another Star E14

  1. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Thank you for the recap. Fighting! I look forward to this ep but I’m really hoping that MJ starts taking measures to protect himself & SY. To some degree I feel has taken him to lightly. I realize that falling in love, being an alien and having to leave soon are weighing on him but evil brother is not going to stop any time soon.


  2. Cikitita says:



  3. Iviih says:

    Hi Softy!!!!!!!!! How are you? How is everyone?

    Thanks for recapping this drama ❤

    I really like it, and SY is turning my fav female lead. Love her ❤

    I wish to see more of KSH's acting though. I know he has to act like he doesn't care, but it is already episode 14, and I wish to see he expressing him more in front of SY.

    I can't wait for today's episode!!


    • raindrops1 says:

      Hi @Iviih,
      Hope you are well. I agree, I can’t wait for MJ to express and show his feelings for SY directly to her. I also think the best way to fight evil brother and all there other obstacles is to fight them together.


      • raindrops1 says:

        Sorry…typo..I meant Hi @lviih.


      • Cikitita says:

        Hi everyone..who always camping here too..hope everyone in a good health..especially softy..coz were really always wait for ur fast recaps…

        Cant wait for tomorrow episode..the epilouge is just so sweet…cant wait to see them together..^.^


      • Iviih says:

        Hello @Raindrops1 and @Cikitita!

        I think the best way to fight JK is telling the police already about JK.. and then staying together to protect each other kekekekek

        This episode SY still didn’t get a straight confession from him 😦 but I’m sure seeing him watching her on the hospital made her happy, unless she thinks she was hallucinating 😦


  4. Samashburn says:

    Omo, omo, this episode were quite scary though. I could feel the tension ( I should feel this kind of feeling lastttt Thursday!!!! Argh!!!!). Aren’t JK even care that HK injured coz for what he did?? I worried about MJ now, since the CCTV incident caught by the police, prosecutor.. Just what I thought, SY does dream too while she passed out.. SY, fighting!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Today’s episode are just like a flashback like cruise ship scene on the day of han yu ra murdered. Nice edit for making viewers curious today. DAEBAK!


  5. sal728 says:

    Today’s episode was so heart-wrenching! The way they kept jumping back and forth time-wise drove me crazy! But I was so glad to see MJ assert himself to JK (that desk flipping over was great!), and that the dad showed up and helped her, and I loved HK driving right into the shooting area and throwing his affluence around in support of SY; felt so good!

    It figures those happy images were part of her dream; when are we going to see them interacting that way in reality??? Surely the day will come; surely we are not going to be left emotionally adrift in a sea of regret for having watched this drama so faithfully?!? Looking forward to tomorrow night, too.

    Thanks, Softy, for narrating so quickly and clearly. You’re our hero!! ❤


  6. Swee says:

    Hi Softy and thank you for recapping. I would be completely lost without you, watching the drama live but no clue what being said, thanks Softy for rescuing us all non Korean speakers.
    I was expecting lovey dovey moments after watching E14 preview, but it turn out to be another dream….


  7. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you for another great recap. I could not believe it was already done!!! I still have time to rest before having to get up and make breakfast for the girls. Wed-Th you are set thanks to terrific Softy and this drama. Going to watch the episode later. Have a great day/night everyone!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Softy, thanks for the recap. I love your insights and although today’s epi is unlike the rest whereby there is always some lighthearted moments by CSY & Bokja but today’s epi is still very touching. We see CSY’s relationship with her mom & dad, Bokja and CSY as well as LHK’s love for CSY. Finally dad is coming into the picture. Hopefully we can see more of dad, reconciliation and such.

    Softy fighting!


  9. StarFan says:

    Thanks for recapping so quickly! been a wreck waiting all week for this 🙂 seeing the heroine leap off a ledge and freeze framed midair does that to me…

    So they revealed tt his power has a karmic effect if he uses it to do evil. And the handsome devil knows it. Ay. Somebody bash him with a trout already.

    But gosh, are the leads still not together? That backhug sequence in the preview must have been another dream then. Tmrw, maybe.


  10. Kdramaface says:

    Oh gosh I’ve been refreshing this page like a crazy person waiting for new on ep 14 – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This recap brought years to my eyes I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when I actually watch it. I nearly does this week from anxiety while waiting for this show, damn Luna year >.< Thanks again for the recap I really enjoyed it ❤


  11. StephK says:

    Thanks Softy for your excellent work!😀👍

    Another dream. Wishes that SY and MJ will be together soon for real.Tomorrow is already episode 15…


  12. bella157 says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK You Softy for that fast almost live recap. I can finally work!
    Does Jang really know that MJ will die if he kills someone? or is he just guessing?


  13. bella157 says:

    I agree to your statement about how few “fan” recap pages there are for YFAS. It’s better watched than Heirs; so it is surprising. Maybe just more dramas on currently that are worthy of attention.
    This is a great drama on all fronts, chemistry, story, music, direction, etc.
    thanks again for recapping and allowing us space to drool, dream and enjoy our YFAS fix.


  14. Summerose says:

    Nice to know there’s another episode tom… Hopefully, more OTP scenes…

    Thanks again for recapping… Love reading your insights…


  15. Iviih says:

    Aww I liked the episode a lot, but I’m starting to worry what will happen in the next episodes.

    Today it felt like the writer and pd were trying to buy time making some scenes a big longer than they should, and by showing the same scene again in the same episode… I feel like 18 episodes would be perfect for this series… I kept wondering what will happen in the next episodes, they can’t show us SY or MJ trying to keep safe from JK until episode 20 or JK almost dying by MJ’s hands but staying alive everytime… and not getting arrested.

    I really hope the allien plot comes soon, I mean about what will happen to MJ, his powers, some alien friends will come visit, try to get him back, get together with JK for some reason… IDK what will happen? Will HK suffer memory loss, to make JK character not get arrested soon? I feel like if MJ wanted, JK would be arrested already. He can enter his house, get the USB and handling it to police. He can overhear JK’s talks to know where it is.


    • Iviih says:

      *alien *Handle

      some typos.

      Thanks again for recapping it Softy, sorry about me talking about the episodes getting a bit slower/dragging. It is because I want MJ and SY together as a couple asap, not flashbacks anymore but the real deal! lol


    • Ivoire says:

      Hi Iviih,

      I really like your 1st comment. This made me laugh, ” I kept wondering what will happen in the next episodes, they can’t show us SY or MJ trying to keep safe from JK until episode 20 or JK almost dying by MJ’s hands but staying alive everytime… and not getting arrested.”

      And I agree with what you said there, but it was funny how you said it. Thank you for the laughs 🙂


  16. myblaze says:

    Right now i really want to help MJ kill JK. somehow there’s a secret in the family, perhaps the older hyung was killed by JK but the parent hide it because they canT believe JK kill his own hyung. And because of that now he become a psicopath – he kill everyone around him. I donT understand why he’s never caught. I loves the epiloques it show another side of the story.
    PS. I think i’m agree with you, LMH really makes everyone addictive to soompi. His drama’s thread always reach awesome number just like bbf, city hunter, heirs and dont forget Faith which reach almost 4.500 pages


  17. Soyz says:

    Thank you. I like this episode. I’ve never guessed it right for what’s gonna happen next in the drama. The writer’s done really good job so far. This episode told us the thing that a lot of viewers including me wonder why MJ does’t just kill JK to bring everything to the end. I satisfied with the plot. I love that MJ see his dream with SY as a happy one, but SY see hers as sad one. It’s so reflected their personalities.


  18. Ivoire says:

    Hello Softy,

    About this, “Is anyone worried for HK? the reporter clearly stated someone died so I sure hope he got his facts wrong and jumped the gun by reporting a death. I don’t want HK to die like that. He was the only one who tried to catch her. He deserves to survive just to find his own happiness one day.”

    I liked HK from the beginning and I LOVE how he has been acted. Park Hae-Jin is doing a wonderful job portraying him. I cried, seeing him at the hospital, hurt. I love how he loves SY. He is unabashed about it, and sincere about his love for her. He truly wants to protect her, and he did just that in this ep. I know he is the 2nd lead, so he won’t get SY, however, if DMJ were not in the picture, I personally think that HK would be worthy of SY’s affections.

    I am very worried about him, and I hope he doesn’t die. I love what he asked the desk clerk at the mental center (this is a big center, how did you know that lady’s name right away?) I want him to help solve the murder, and help put his brother away in jail. HK CANNOT DIE. He MUST NOT die. He should be in this drama until the last ep. I want to see him here until ep. 21, hopefully happy. I agree, he should find happiness of his own, one day. Thank you Softy, for caring about HK. I love him. He is funny and caring, even when he is air headed 🙂

    Also, yes, this drama gives me mini heart attacks as well.


  19. OUAFA says:

    Thank you Softy for today’s recap that was awesome, i felt on my nerves during the ep that was anxious and heart breaking in the same time , i really felt sorry For MJ and poor HK i really pity him he is really kind and amazing i hope he will survive the accident and be happy in the end , he really deserve it .
    I was wondering what Lawyer Jang made MJ promise him , i didnt get it because they didn’t mentioned it neither did you Softy , i just wanna know what the promise was ,
    And thank you again Softy for today , that was fast really really fast ,


  20. Anita says:

    Hello Everyone!! Firstly, I want to thank Softy for making every Wednesday and Thursday livable. I am very addicted to this drama and Kim Soo Hyun, and to survive last week, I watched The Moon that Embraces the Sun because I couldn’t get enough of him! Anyways, because I’m so addicted to this drama, I was searching like crazy for a preview, because I can’t wait to know what’ll happen, and I found a written preview for episode 15. All I understand is “Jae Kyung, Hui Kyung, Yoo Ra, Song Yi and Min Joon. If it isn’t much bother, I was wondering if someone could translate.
    “재경은 혼수상태인 휘경이 자신과 유라의 관계를 눈치채고 있다는 걸 알게 된다. 송이를 구한 게 휘경이며 두 사람이 약혼한 사이라고 언론에 보도되고, 민준은 송이와 휘경이 신경 쓰여 아무 것도 할 수가 없는데…”
    Thanks again for your hard work Softy!

    PS. I am praying for a happy ending for Min Joon and Song Yi! I have high hopes that they’ll get it!! They deserve it, and so do we!!


  21. Nekoi says:

    Hi Softy, regarding the (lack of ) thread pages on soompi in comparision to idol dramas, namely Heirs, you might want to realise that despite its low numbers, there are many mature and interesting posts on YWCFTS as opposed to the other drama. Would you rather read posts with content or posts that contain, “OMG LMH is so gonna kiss her!” “OMG KWB should cut his hair!” etc? I am not so hard up on numbers, and so far, I love the YWCFTS thread, until recently, seeing more unnecessary whining erupting from within. I hope I will not end up avoiding this thread before the drama ends, because I’d love to hear more from sensible and informative peeps. 🙂


  22. Swee says:

    I am worried for HK, he does not deserve to die, please don’t let him die. I hope he lives and find his own happiness but not with SM, he is too good for SM.
    I hope the story does not go to the extend of SY choosing HK over MJ since HK saves her life and openly confesses his love for her. A girl can only confess and wait so long, rejection is heartbreaking, DMJ, please don’t let SY wait any longer.
    I often hear people say, marry or be with someone that loves you more. Who loves who more in this drama?


  23. StephK says:

    Today’s episode written preview:
    JK knew that HK, who is in coma is awarded of his relationship with the actress. Due to HK’s rescue of SY, news of them being an engaged couple is circulated. MJ and SY are concerned about HK; as a result there is no progress between them.

    SY regains conscious and tears up in front of her dad. MJ is speechless knowing that SY will be sharing her intention to get engaged with HK.

    Guess today will be another sad episode that we can’t see MJ and SY together as a couple…


  24. d says:

    what is the brand of lotion she was using in epi 14 thanks


  25. chikoku says:

    I guess, DMJ will take revenge not by his self power, but his wealthy power. He is a richman, right ? The pycho man killed many people because he think they will endanger his position, bussines and company. His company is what the most he love. So, i think DMJ will using his money to take over or even destroy it. Just guessing ^_^


  26. nnma says:

    does anyone know what song played when song yi narrated bout her sad dream. thx


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