You From Another Star E13

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Each time MJ denied having feelings for her, SY always came back with a surprising response. Not once has she ever reacted the way he expected and let him down. She takes him by surprise each and every time so that his breath catches, making it so difficult to hold back his elation and relief till she turns around. You couldn’t see it on his face here, but there were fireworks going off in his heart. Just one of these days, I hope it finally becomes SY’s turn to have her heart jump for joy over a confession for a change.

Written before it aired: What SY has yet to realize is she has her own walking talking billboard now. Unlike the one she moved across from to stare at each day, MJ is right next to her. Just by looking at her photo up there, it used to lift her spirit when she was feeling low, comforted her when she had to endure insults from the public, and made her feel full despite all the dieting, but now she has someone who can do all those things and more. Even without that billboard anymore, SY has been able to walk around with her head held high. MJ gave her the confidence she needed to keep surviving and become stronger to make an even more impressive comeback. Unlike that billboard photo that existed as a representation of her accomplishments as a celebrity, MJ stands for everything she wanted to become as a woman in love. Someone who won’t give up, someone who will continue asking the questions she fears the answers to, someone who is courageous enough to dare to believe that he loves her too. Best of all, unlike that billboard, MJ can hug back when he finally gives her the answer she has been dying to hear.

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Reaction to preview: Can I just say, I love SY’s reaction to his secret. I am so proud of her for taking the news so well. She didn’t let us down and keeps going back to MJ. If you ask me, MJ is taking this self sacrifice mentality too far.  Even at that museum, fearing her rejection was secondary to keeping her safe. I get that he is lying and pushing her away to protect SY, but inwardly he has to feel good that she isn’t scaring easily.  It makes you wonder how many times he can lie to her face and deny liking her before his resolve breaks down. That’s why I am so looking forward to his answer in that beach scene. As she asked if he never once liked her, we don’t know what he will say yet, but she only needs to think back on his actions and see that he gave her an answer each time he rescued her. You don’t save someone that many times without facing the reality that it wasn’t done just cuz she looked like someone he used to care about. Both of them should see by now that MJ saved her each time cuz rescuing her means a part of him gets saved too. The part that has waited too long to love and be loved in return. If only she could see what we have been seeing – his harsh words and actions belied the truth behind the way he looks at her. That intense stare gave him away each time. The answer is written all over his face – it was never a matter of him not liking her even once, it was always “could he ever stop loving her for all eternity.”

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I really don’t get why MJ has to take all the blame for Han Yura’s death and disappear just to reinstate SY’s good name. Why allow a nut job to get away with his umpteenth murder. With all his intelligence – why can’t MJ outsmart a psychopath? Waning power aside, go after JK with all you’ve got. Why give in so easily without a fight? If there are only two months left, then spend it more wisely than running from the truth. MJ can’t stand to leave her side even for a day so how does he expect to stay away forever.

For anyone who is planning to watch Kim Soo Hyun’s movie Covertly, Grandly on Thursday night, be warned. SPOILER ALERT: I saw it in a movie theater when it first came out and let me just say – I have never cursed that much coming out of a movie theater in my life. To this day, I am still muttering curses each time I hear that movie mentioned.  Anyone who has seen the movie knows exactly what I mean. It has the most infuriating ending of any Korean movie I have ever watched and that’s saying quite a bit since I’ve seen so many “WTHeck” final scenes. Aside from those last moments, the rest of the movie is a gem and KSH has never looked better. Don’t let the goofy look, tousled hair, and tacky tracksuit fool you – underneath all that is a totally hot young Korean James Bond.


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MJ says When I first came here – I wanted to help people who were in difficult situations with the abilities I had. to do that – I had to reveal the truth that I was a different being than them.

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flashback to joseon when MJ walked by and helped a man whose leg was trapped under a rock. He uses his powers to lift the heavy rock and save the man

as MJ walked away the man he saved reported him to the guards claiming he used magical powers and with his eyes he made the boulder lift up -all those strange things that happened at the village is probably because of him. catch him. as the guards go after MJ, he vanishes.

MJ says they were thankful for my help for a short time. cuz of the abilities I have – cuz of the truth that I was a different being than them – it made them afraid. even if that person was someone I had affection towards for a long time -it was the same.

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at another more modern time, a man says “tell me – we have been best friends for over ten years. what is there for you to hesitate in saying. where are you leaving to?” MJ: do you trust me? the guy says of course I trust you – more than myself. MJ: how is my face – compared to when I first met you ten years ago? the guy says I always told you – your face is the same now as when I first met you. MJ: aren’t you curious about that reason?  guy says it’s cuz  your face doesn’t age that much. MJ tells the truth and says no. don’t be surprised. I am not from this star. I am an other being from another star. the man says are you taunting me now? MJ: it is the truth. the man says can you show me proof? prove it and I will believe you or else I will think you are taunting me. MJ takes out a book and makes it float and scares the guy. he falls back. MJ asks with concern – you aren’t hurt? the man says please save me. MJ starts to say why would I hurt you and extends his hand but the guy runs off scared yelling save me.

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MJ says after a long time and through many lessons/experiences, I realized  -if I didn’t want to lose someone – the truth is that I need to hide my identity well. today – for the sake of losing SY – I told her my identity – hoping she would stay away from me and fear me

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back at the museum. MJ: weren’t you curious who saved you 12 yrs ago. the one who saved you back then was me.  there was no other reason to rescue you except back then you resembled that girl from 400 yrs ago – the owner of this hair pin. to confuse you for her in that second – that’s how much you resembled her a lot. SY: what are you saying now – 400 yrs ago the owner of the hair pin – how do you know the face of  someone who lived back then?  then are you saying you lived for 400 yrs. MJ: that’s correct. 400 yrs ago I came here from another world and couldn’t go back to where I lived. so I lived here for 400 yrs on this land.   she says let’s go home now. you aren’t well. she turns to go but he makes the glass shatter and gets her attention. he steps closer and says in an accusing voice: you said it didn’t matter who I was. I am this kind of person. does it still not matter? She asks what was that just now. what did you do? he says don’t you get it still. I could kill you now here if I wanted so while I give you the chance -run away. go! but she holds his hand and cries – a reaction that takes him by surprise. she says I will hold on for a second – it’s cuz my legs are trembling so much. let’s just say everything you said is true. let’s say you could kill me if you wanted. but then why did you do that. during all this time – why rescue me a few times. do everything I asked- listen to everything I said -why protect me – why? MJ: I told you – I did it cuz you resembled that girl – that maybe there was some connection between you two. but it wasn’t so. if you are just chun SY, then I am not interested in what happens to you. he takes his hand away and walks out.

he leaves the museum and she stands there saying – nonsense/ridiculous. is he joking? an alien? he is the one who has to go to the hospital (see a psychiatrist). she looks over at the hair pin. she remembers the man who saved her as a kid. she wonders -was he really that ajussi? DMJ? she remembers when he saved her from the falling flower pot and then when he stopped the car from almost going over the cliff

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she walks out and MJ watches her leave. he makes it so that the cab cant start its engine and go after her. as she walks away, her stomach grumbles. SY says I am hungry. if he was going to talk nonsense he should have fed me first and said it. I thought it was a date. her heel gets caught in a crack. she yells up at the sky – you came from another star? you are an alien? if you are an alien then I am a vampire. starting from when I was 20 I didn’t age and this face and this skin is the same – they all say that I am a vampire. what do you know you grim reaper. you monster bastard.  MJ watches her.

JK goes off the deep end and says who told the prosecutor about me- who do you think it was – the one who knew that truth. it was SY. only she knew. I’m sure she said it.  when I don’t check matters stuff like this bothersome situation happens. if I wanted to pick on how SY knew that truth –  it’s cuz of you. you wanted to reveal me to your rival so you gave hints so that’s how SY knew about us. Han: you are blaming me now? JK: it doesn’t matter – you cant do anything to me. that’s why I killed you. Han says you did too much already – you think you can cover it all up. JK laughs and says a really amusing guy showed up. he has a strange ability. I don’t know his identity so it’s driving me crazy. I can never beat him in a straight attack. but I know his ridiculous weakness. chun SY. so I am going to play a game with that weakness. a game I can win for sure. Han: are you going to play a game with someone loving someone. JK says yes. you lost that game too. I wanted to see you guys for a long time so why did you mess with me

the museum staff find out about the broken glass. the guy reports how the CCTV was broken. the security doesn’t know how the door to the museum opened so they are restoring it now. the guy in charge says thank goodness nothing from the museum was missing. also I discovered a valuable/precious photo. it’s a photo from the 1910s. the guy in charge says it was taken when the university was set up so maybe that person is among them. the one who mysteriously donated all those valuable stuff in the museum to establish the school. the one who gave tuition fees and donated whenever they were in a financial crisis.  it would have been difficult to make the museum without him. they decide to display the photo during the 100 year anniversary.  it’s an old photo of MJ

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Jang and MJ are walking. Jang asks why did you have to go that far? she must have been so alarmed. MJ: she must have been. Jang: she didn’t run away? MJ: no. even when I told her to run away.  Jang: still – why did you have to tell her that. like I said – you should have made it clean and just move away and stop contact. by any chance couldn’t  you erase her memory. MJ: huh? erase what memory?  Jang: that comes out in movies. when an alien presses down on the head, it erases people’s memories. cant you do that?  MJ: it’s a movie. Jang says but you have the ability to make time stop and transport and everything so why don’t you have that ability. you really don’t have it? MJ says I dont have it.  Jang: it’s so nice when they press down and all memory is erased. MJ: I said I don’t have it. Jang: even the abilty you have now you don’t know when it will disappear. it works when it does and doesn’t work when it doesn’t. now it’s Bulbobok (random chance) it makes me  uneasy

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they sit and talk. MJ asks what can I do from here on. I have to leave soon. she cant go with me and I cant stay. wouldnt the best thing to do is for me to disappear well. cuz now there is no place I can live here. eating a meal together, going for walks, congratulating her on a good day -since I cant do those things. that woman – even when I am gone – so she is able to eat delicious things, go for walks, waiting for a good day, so she can live well- doing what I can do for her.  Jang asks what is it that you can do for her?

flashback to MJ offering JK -I will do what you want. don’t you want me to take the blame for everything and disappear. I will do that, then will you stop here

Jang asks what is it (that you can do for her)

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Bokja tells her to eat some sweet potatoes – you love them. SY says I cant eat anything. Bokja: this is a big problem. you are suffering from lovesickness.  what did that man say. SY says you cant tell anyone. she makes Bokja pinky swear and more. Bokja: tell me. SY: he said he was an alien. arent you surprised. you aren’t laughing either? Bokaj thinks he is avoiding. when I first confessed I liked a guy-  he said I am going to the army but I saw him at a club a month later getting set up with a girl from another table. second guy said I am immigrating but a year later she caught him eating somewhere. the most overwhelming case was the guy who said he was possessed by spirits and was going to be a shaman,  but he got married not too later at church. SY: so were all those guys lying?  bokja: yes cuz of me, but this case is going too far. he said he was an alien. SY: there wasn’t just one or two things that were strange though. even when he said that – a glass case shattered in front of me. Bokja thinks maybe he is one of those people on tv who claim to have met a UFO and got powers like twirling spoons with their eyes. SY: I don’t believe that stuff. does that make sense?  Bokja: you have less pride than I thought.  how much did you cling for him to lie like that  -that he is an alien. if that isn’t 100% a lie then he has lost his mind.  SY gets up and says I cant leave this alone. I have to confirm

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SY hikes up to that same cliff in heels and says if I call him from here and he comes then I will admit (what he said was the truth). she yells DMJ save me -rescue me. DMJ – I am in danger now – save me. other people think she is crazy. when she gets back silence, she says i knew this would happen. what kind of an alien is he. what kind of superman

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in class MJ is taking roll when SY shows up and sits in the back. he is surprised to see her there and tries not to react

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he ends class and after everyone leaves, SY quickly goes down and blocks his path. MJ: why? SY: try to leave. MJ: what? SY: try to leave. if you are an alien if I block your path can you not leave? try to leave. cant you teleport. MJ: move. SY: you aren’t are you? you aren’t an alien. you aren’t.  he leaves

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outside, he says what are you doing – everyone is staring. she tells him to fly. MJ: what? SY: fly.  cant you fly? do you need the superman suit? MJ: don’t joke. SY: it seems like I am joking huh? cuz I am like this it seems like I am joking and being annoying huh? that’s exactly how I felt. you aren’t that – right? you arent. dont you leave. leaving me behind – don’t you leave again. I will yell here that you are an alien. you see everyone is staring at me right. if i yell that -through SNS-it will be all over the country and Seoul within the hour. that a college professor is an alien. MJ: Chun SY – you – really. SY: why? did you trust me. you told me not to trust. you were the one who was friendly and warned me not to trust anyone. so why did you trust me? he takes a step to walk away so she threatens – if you leave me alone and go again, I wont end with just yelling. I will report to the police that an alien showed up, tell the Blue House (the president), and inform NASA in America – I will do it all so prepare. you saw me as easy. I am a woman who does what she says. he asks what do you want. she says have a meal with me.

she drives and he asks where are you going. SY: you said you would eat with me. I will decide where and what we eat. he asks why get on the highway

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during their meal she asks can’t you part the sea and stuff? MJ: stop it. SY points out how well he eats certain food like kimchi. do aliens eat that stuff too? you don’t recharge your energy from electricity and other stuff? then she pinches his cheek and asks your skin doesn’t peel off or anything? normally aliens have a different body under that skin and have blue blood so he gets mad and says my skin doesn’t peel off, there is no other skin under this, and my blood is red, and also people from my star have way better looks than you guys. cuz of ridiculous movies like Aliens – they make aliens seem typical- after watching movies like that I wasn’t frustrated just once or twice. she just smiles and offers soju. he says we brought a car, but she says we can go after we sober up and drinks

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they walk by the water. SY: let me ask one thing.  you asked me before who I was. flashback to the rooftop when SY replied -did you just ask me who I was? you still don’t know me – I am Chun SY. MJ said: yes you are chun SY – you couldn’t be that girl.  SY:who is that girl? does she resemble me? SY asks was it that girl from back then – the owner of the hair pin. he says yes. SY: if she was the owner of the hair pin then her hairstyle was tied up. did you like a married woman? I didn’t see you like that. MJ: are you curious about that? SY: that wasn’t the point. was she pretty? if she resembled me then she was. but was that really all of it. that the girl you liked resembled me a lot – was that all. MJ says yes. it started out as a misunderstanding (mistaken identity). you looked too much like her so it pulled me in – made me curious – and made me want to confirm/check. so I ended up next to you, but at some point, I realized you don’t resemble that kid. if I had liked you even a little, even though I realized you weren’t that girl – some feelings should have remained, but there was nothing left at all. SY: nothing was left at all. MJ: yes. SY: not even for one moment – you didnt like me? MJ doesn’t reply and remembers back.

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flashback to when MJ stepped closer to her on the balcony and then when he stared at her after covering her up with a blanket as she slept.  SY: not even once – your heart didnt flutter cuz of me. MJ remembers her holding his hand in front of the reporters and then when he leaned in to kiss her after he stopped time. then when he smiled when she left a message for him to buy a cell phone. SY: when you worried about me sincerely -that didn’t happen? flashback to the ship when MJ went to rescue her.  when he waited outside her surgery room. when he looked over at her empty balcony. SY: disregarding that girl – a time when you liked me just for me – there really wasn’t even once? flashback to when he back hugged her to make her stop breaking things, then when he put his coat and arm over her shoulder. SY: you didn’t imagine a future with me even for one second? he remembers the dream he had of waking up with her and living like a newlywed couple. MJ: must you hear an answer. SY: yes. answer clearly. MJ: there wasn’t – not even once. but is that more important. instead of me being an alien or living 400 yrs  and stuff like that – whether I liked you or not -that’s all ( you care about)? SY: yes – that is a 100 – 1000 times more important to me. more than what kind of alien you are and which star you flew here from – whether you are a vampire or a monster, the man I like – no the man I liked -what he thinks of me is the most important.  if you like me for real even for one second -if he was only interested in me cuz I resembled the girl he loved and couldn’t forget- that is way more important to me. isn’t that obvious. you are the guy i liked. whether or not you rescued me 12 yrs ago – whether you are that ajussi or not- that truth doesn’t matter – I just liked DMJ -the man living next door to me. I truly liked you. but if you looked at me in place of some other girl- that’s the worst. knowing you are that kind of man – if I keep liking you – it’s worse for me. I will get over my feelings. MJ: you thought well. she faces away and says sorry for bothering you all that time DMJ shi –  I wont do that again so dont worry. It wont happen but if my heart runs to you and if i call you or go look for you then do as you have always done and cut me off like a knife. if we run into each other then dont act like we know each other. cuz there is no reason to do that anymore. she leaves him alone and walks away. he watches her go

they drive home in silence and she goes into her home first.

MJ is giving a lecture in class about Kubler-Ross and the fives stages of emotional grief people go through. first: anger. SY is throwing a fit in her room cuz he doesnt have any feelings left for her -not even once did he like me. that bad guy -how can I get revenge.

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MJ: second: denial of reality.  SY: does this make sense. an alien. is he joking. is he teasing. is he filming a movie.  she thinks there is a hidden camera and looks for it. I know about you.

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MJ says third is bargaining. SY says he wasn’t originally my type. he was aloof and spoke rudely and spoke about Joseon.  he might really be an alien. he is a total nut job – in my life the worst nut job.

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MJ says fourth is depression. SY cries while she is eating. her mom asks why are you crying. SY says this isnt crying -tears are just coming out of my eyes. I wasn’t crying. she leaves the table.  her mom asks what is the difference between tears coming out and crying.  YJ says she is crazy these days

MJ: last: acceptance sets in. SY works out to look even prettier.

MJ says how a person has to experience sadness and grief themselves to recover from their pain/grief. but there is a difference between how men and women do that. women try to make themselves better for the sake of meeting a better guy and focus on themselves. men…

Jang tries to get MJ to eat but MJ wont, saying – it wont go down.

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MJ says how the man can’t handle his grief and is way more tormented than the woman. He sighs cuz that’s him in a nutshell right now.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-22-31] 별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-25-21] 별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-29-33] 별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-30-38]

Jang calls and says to MJ – your home is going to sell. MJ: it turned out well. Jang: someone made up some ridiculous rumors so I thought it wouldn’t sell, but someone showed up and is willing to pay more than the asking price. MJ starts to get suspicious and says: really? Jang: yes.  some young person didn’t even look at the home and made the deposit already. he said he is nearby and is dropping by the home for a short while. I called you to open the door for him when he gets there. the doorbell rings so Jang says he must have arrived already. MJ is still on the phone and opens the door and it’s HK so MJ tells Jang I wont make that deal. Jang says: no – he already made the deposit. MJ: I can just pay him back double. pay him back. he hangs up the phone. HK:why wont you make the contract? I said I would pay more than the asking price. if you don’t like the price then I can pay you twice as much. you put up your home for sale and I said I would buy it.  MJ says – I wont sell to you and closes the door. HK says why wont you sell to me? you said you are moving so hurry and go. whoever you sell the home to – I will be sure to move into this house. MJ gets mad and crushes the cup. he hears HK telling SY -the house next door is for sale. I am going to buy it. and she said to go ahead if you can. I would like it if you lived next door then I could see you often. MJ didn’t pay attention and poured water all over himself.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-34-50]별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-37-41]

MJ thinks she is already over him and feels upset. He quotes some saying -it means I miss you too much so there is dust collecting in the heart. this is – collecting dust? I don’t think there will even be a speck of dust to pile up.  is putting your heart in order the same as putting your room or desk in order. how could she do it this quickly? am I getting angry now? not at all. of course she should.  this quickly – being cool about putting her heart in order- really -thank goodness. I am not getting angry

SY tells HK how she got an offer for a movie yesterday. it’s not the lead but it’s a supporting role that has vision. the character is great. HK: how is it? SY: the personality is a mean temper. HK: it’s perfect for you. SY: it is huh? I don’t think I have to work hard to act. to be honest the lead character is always the same- cheerful, nice, and righteous – I always wanted to play a new strong type of supporting character.  HK: it turned out well. you are so cool. SY: of course. whether I am the supporting actress or the lead – I am chun SY. whoever the lead is I will do better than her

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-49-39]별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-50-12]

from his home MJ can hear their conversation. he hears her say a detective came to see me and asked if Han Yura had a man and if by any chance DMJ was dating Han, but that’s not correct. to tell the truth I know who it was. JK oppa was the man who dated Yura unni. HK: really? SY: yes so I told that truth to the detective. since it was  personal I wasn’t going to say, but since it is related to the case and also cuz.. HK finishes her sentence: cuz you didn’t like DMJ receiving  suspicions.  SY worries that JK will be really sad when he finds out

Park and Yoo are checking CCTV camera ranges as JK sits in his car and watches them.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-55-34]

*poor KSH has a stye under his right eye. you only get those when your body condition is really fatigued like lack of sleep.

MJ is boxing up his books when he gets  JK’s text: you have to keep your promise a little sooner. I will give you 4 days.

Park is upset cuz they have been at it for days and there is no evidence of JK and Han dating together like SY said they were. they checked in front of JK’s company and near Han’s home and everywhere and there is not even a single shot of them together. no record of them speaking on the phone together. he thinks maybe SY made it up cuz it would look bad for her if Han was murdered and didn’t commit suicide so maybe SY said Han had a guy. Park asks what Yoo is looking at.  Yoo shows him the list. the days that JK was on a break matches the same as Han. JK made calls from the resort. park asks for CCTV footage for the toll gate heading to the resort and back during those days

HK pretends he left something in JK’s car and gets the keys. HK checks the places and addresses JK drove to and locates the mental hospital.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-10-46]

SY remembers how MJ said: there was no other reason to rescue you except back then you resembled that girl from 400 yrs ago – the owner of this hair pin. to confuse you for her in that second – that’s how much you resembled her a lot. she goes inside the museum. she asks where the hair pin went. the man says there was an incident not too long ago so it was moved to another location.  she asks if it’s possible to know who the owner of the hairpin is and he says we don’t know that either.  she wants to know how old she was – whether she was married or single and how she looked. was she pretty? but the man laughs and says he doesn’t know either. she says excuse me and as she turns to leave, she sees that old photo and MJ looks the same. SY recalls asking: what are you saying now – 400 yrs ago the owner of the hair pin – how do you know the face of  someone who lived back then?  then are you saying you lived for 400 yrs. MJ: that’s correct. some girls are saying how good looking that man from 100 years ago was.  he is better than guys these days. SY blocks the girl from taking a photo. then she asks the curator what this photo is. he says people who helped a lot when this school was first built/established. she asks do you sell this photo? I will buy it. how much is it? he says you cant buy it with money. she blocks other girls from looking at the photo too and wonders what to do.

SY’s mom greets Saemi’s mom. SY’s mom says it’s been a while. Saemi’s asks you have been well right. SY’s mom says yes. and that SY is going to do a movie. Saemi’s mom says so she is starting her comeback.  how it must be hard since SY doesnt have an agency so her mom says she has an agency made just for her by S&C group so SY is considering it now. all she needs to do is seal her name on the contract but SY wants to think it over a little more. SM’s mom: I was worried so thank goodness. SY’s mom: thanks for worrying but worry about yourself. if my SY makes a come back, she has to take back all her CFs. see you again. as she is about to leave, SY’s mom is asked to pay cuz she is no longer allowed to have preferential treatments (cuz SY is not their ad model anymore)

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-26-10]별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-26-23]

MJ hears SY saying outside his door – should I say it or not. why should I tell him? forget it. he watches her on the monitor pacing back and forth debating whether to tell him about that photo.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-27-24]

MJ goes out and she runs away into her home. she left a note to say go to the school museum cuz there is a photo for the 100 year anniversary. dont try to know who I am no matter what. he reads it and cant help smiling

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-54-38]

MJ goes to the museum and makes his photo vanish just like him

Park comes in and says they have been caught. Yoo: did you find it?  Park says there isn’t one shot of Lee JK and Han going together, but within an hour of each other I found one that shows they traveled on the same road to the resort. we just need to go over Lee’s resort and something will come out of it.  where are you going.  Yoo says the owner of the pen – Han Suh Jin – the one who died. he might have given it to a friend as a gift. Park says you have to find out who did that to you.

SY’s mom is talking to JK about the contract. I always made the contracts anyway. JK says you thought over it well.  SY wont regret it either.  I heard she is going into a movie. then she will need a manager and a car first but the mom says that brat will throw a fit if she knows I made a contract without her knowing. I can tell her anytime so after she goes into filming -when she is crazy busy – when she feels the need for an agency, then she will make the contract.   JK says do that but I need to know her schedule so just tell me. her mom says of course

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-41-53]

YJ says i heard you are doing a movie. SY: I think it’s better to do a movie than TV. it’s action but I like serious melos better. YJ: why? cuz you are the lead in a one sided love?  she drops the script and pretends to kick him.  SY: where is an action actress like me in Korea.  she demonstrates and says how she will show them well.

on the movie set, there is wire set up and instructions to be really careful cuz the rope can come undone if it’s set up wrong. the lackey is the one working part time on the wire staff

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-46-01]별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-46-18]

Park asks if Yoo found out anything. Yoo says no. nothing much. he gets a call and goes out to see MJ

MJ apologizes for what happened last time. are you ok now. Yoo says yes. I was curious why you wanted to see me last time. MJ says I have something to tell you.

flashback to when Yoo went to interview HSJ’s coworker. Yoo asked if HSJ died for certain 3 yrs ago. the guy says yes he said he was going on vacation somewhere and then I couldn’t see him and lost contact with him. later on I heard that he passed away. Yoo asks if there was anyone named DMJ around HSJ. has he ever spoken of him or went to meet him? the guy says SJ didn’t have a friend.  we didn’t even have one meal together. and I never saw anyone come to meet him either. Yoo shows MJ’s photo and asks have you never seen this person? the guy says aren’t confused about something.  this person is HSJ. it is HSJ – just the hair style is different.  I am certain.

Yoo tells MJ – tell me what you want to say to me.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-58]

SY’s mom arrives on set with SY and wonders why no one is greeting them. what is this. no meeting with the director and it’s straight to the set.  the mom tries to bring up the agency but SY tells her to stop talking about that. director greets  Saemi so SY’s mom finds out the lead is Saemi. director comes over and greets SY. SY says it’s been a long time director. the guy says I kept saying let’s film together once and we finally meet. it’s good to meet you. cuz of your situation I wondered how it would be, but you got cast cuz Yoo Saemi spoke well of you and suggested you. SY asks Saemi: did you do that. Saemi: you always did that for me. the director says the first filming is a wire scene and our SY can do some action scenes. SY: yes I can. he wants her to discuss with the stunt coordinator and goes. Saemi’s mom asks SY please do well. you have to support her well next to Saemi so she can shine. they leave. SY’s mom is upset and asks did you hear that. so SY says you always said that to Saemi’s mom. you are receiving as much as you gave. she walks off so her mom yells whose side are you on

Jang tries to stop MJ from going into the prosecutor’s office. Jang says are you crazy? why are you thinking of doing that?   MJ says: or else i have to kill Lee JK -kill him or make him stop. one out of the two. or else SY could die. she told the detective about JK and Han’s relationship. there is no time

JK is on the phone and says he is nice and keeps his promise well. take care of chun SY.

SY is getting ready for her wire scene. director asks if she can do this herself without a stuntwoman. SY: you told me to do it. director says I said I would be grateful if you did. cuz it makes it more real. SY:I have to do it.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-16-01]

MJ and Jang are in the interview room with Yoo and Park. MJ is here to give his statement/confession. Yoo says what you say from here on will be recorded. do you agree. MJ: yes I agree. Yoo: start.

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-15-42]

SY steps up and jumps through the air for her wire scene.


*This was E13 so I don’t think she got hurt during this particular jump since they can’t have the entire episode of E14 with SY in traction lying on a hospital bed.  or maybe some of those wires held enough for her to just sprain an ankle or something. I bet the next dangerous scene is where MJ steps in and intervenes to save her again.

The important thing to note from this episode is that MJ is going to find out JK never meant to keep his word. That JK is still going after SY despite the deal he made with MJ. Therefore MJ doesn’t need to keep his promise to take full blame and disappear in 4 days. I have a feeling MJ has a whole other plan in the works and never meant to fully go along with JK’s demands.

I’m also concerned about what Yoo uncovered. Whatever MJ was going to confess to the prosecutor, Yoo already knows that MJ and the deceased HSJ are the same person. Plus Yoo knows that MJ can vanish just as quickly as he came based on the CCTV footage on the ship.


별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-17-03]

별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-12]별에서 온 그대.E13.140129.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-22]

SY yelled from the cliff -DMJ – I am on Bukhan mountain – I am in danger now. for real. save me. She waits and nothing happens. SY: I knew this would happen. how is he some alien. some superman. MJ hid behind a tree and watched her and mutters as he walks away-she can’t call just me anytime. she scared me.


35 comments on “You From Another Star E13

  1. faith says:

    Hei softy I am also hoping the same thing from the beach scene. I hope it will not be the end scene for this episode and we have to wait one week for the answer. The other thing I am afraid of is if MJ does not use his intelligens to win over JK it will be a sad ending. Looking forward to reading your recap. Thanks inadvance


  2. Dot says:

    Yes, that is one thing I’m not getting. Why MJ with his superpowers didn’t block JK ages ago. He could easily make some “accident” happen. Brakes, flowerpot… whatever. Or even the straight Sherlock approach. Just do SOMETHING!

    Anyway, thanks Softy for your hard work and good luck with this episode!


  3. StephK says:

    Thanks Softy for your 1st recap. Appreciate you keeping us informed who are All camping here.👏😀


  4. Adela says:

    ty Softy! Say to Joonni from our part 🙂


  5. osmanthus tea says:

    Hi Softy, thanks for doing the recaps so quickly. This drama has me on tenterhooks so much that I try to watch it unsubbed but there’s only so much I can comprehend. Your recaps have been so helpful! I really like the thoughts you put at the start of each episode too.

    I can’t believe we have to wait ONE WHOLE WEEK for the next episode. Sheesh. I hate that the ending scene inconveniently has MJ stuck at the police office. Dunno how he can rescue her even if he wants to…


  6. Hikary25 says:

    What nooo preview?? 😦
    The PD-NIM really want to kill us waiting for next week episode… no wonder they end the episode with such cliffhanger!! :S

    Will SY would really fell and MJ will take the blame without knowing what happen to SY???


  7. CHANB says:

    I found this news: OMG NOOOO!

    The drama “You Who Came from the Stars” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS. But this coming Thursday, January 30, episode 14 will be cancelled to give way for the celebration of Lunar New Year Holiday. In replace of the drama, Kim Soo Hyun’s movie “Secretly, Greatly” will be aired.


  8. bella157 says:

    Thank you so much for the fast recap of episode 13; can’t wait to see it.
    I don’t understand why MJ doesn’t use his powers to outsmart JK either.
    how is he going to transport out of the interview to save CSY when the wire breaks
    How does mom even have the power to sign a contract for her legally-aged daughter?
    Love the sibling relationship and how it is growing; less of the mom would be great.
    Love this drama; every moment; okay well I would prefer that the leads just had happy, instead of drama. but…. I can hope


  9. faith says:

    I do not think he will be abel to save her this time. But she will not die sence we have 7ep left. I hope when she gets hurt it gives him a wake up call and tells her how he really feel.


    • bella157 says:

      good point. that crossed my mind as well; she will not die (do the female leads ever die mid way through the drama? )
      or he transports fully exposing himself to the detectives; I’m not sure where the story would go at that time. She may call out for him, but she already “cried wolf” once; so he may think she is crying wolf again and ignore her cries.
      Actually, the more I think about what you say; the more I think it is right; he can’t or won’t be able to save her this time. But will she lose faith in him at that point? she is already doubting or believing that his ‘alien” is just a lie to get away from her. this could spell trouble for our favorite (current) couple.


      • osmanthus tea says:

        I half-hope that she gets injured – maybe go into a few days’ coma or something – so that he’ll realise that he can’t trust JK at all and really do something to 1) kill off JK and 2) treasure their relationship.


  10. bella157 says:

    last comment; I promise. Funny how she is doing a wire scene; I just watched a BTS of their movie The Thieves and she actually performed the wire scenes (like when she goes between the two floors, and jumps out the window; I was impressed. No stunt women for her).
    and he was the wire man; so a little nod to The Thieves


  11. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Thanks for the recap. I’m sad that we only get one episode this week but it hopefully means you will get more sleep. I also hope this gives the actors and production team, a chance to rest a bit.
    Happy Lunar New Year to you and Joonni.


  12. Pam says:

    Softy, awesome as usual! A million thanks! Hmmmm…..if SY gets hurt, I can’t wait see how MJ is going to react! Hopefully he reveals his true feelings to her. She’ll be giddy with happiness! Although I would miss seeing her silly little antics going crazy wondering why MJ doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. I hope her crazy side NEVER goes away. What an awesome actress!


    • bella157 says:

      I agree, although, I’m wondering if he will respond if she calls his name (with her inevitable fall from the wire) since she told him not to. Will he be able to refrain. I am not sure; although that she has never responded to him the way he anticipates should assure him to the depth of her feelings.
      I’m sure if he finally allows her in; we’ll still her crazy-in-love antics which could be priceless in and of themselves.
      Maybe MJ will be rejuvenated by his comets return and he’ll be given the choice to stay either with his powers or without.


      • Pam says:

        I wish MJ would come clean with his feelings but with so many episodes left, there’s still time for so much more angst and torture for our OTP.


  13. samashburn says:

    Is MJ is going to confess he’s sort of related to han yoo ra’s death? I hope not… Im kinda pissed off on MJ.. Can’t u just said that u wanna be with SY? Why keep lying to SY about his feelings towards her? And see the result now, SY is going to get over her feelings towards you, MJ! Im sorry, this comment are more dedicates to MJ. Not involved everyone here, haha.


  14. Nekoi says:

    Hi Softy,

    I disagree with what you feel for Covertly Grandly. I stated my thoughts here if you are ever so kind.

    *sorry but I edited out your link cuz I wanted to keep it spoiler free since that movie airs tonight and some people are looking forward to watching it. 🙂


  15. StephK says:

    The ending leaves us wondering what happens next. Hopefully the next week episodes will not disappoint us after an extra long wait.

    Will MJ saves her in time and didn’t do any confession knowing that JK has not keep his side of the bargain? SY has done her confessions, wonder will MJ does his next week??


  16. Zsahn Aislinn says:

    I really love SY’s awesome reaction to MJ’s confession. Him being an alien doesn’t matter to her; she’s more concerned about how he feels towards her – whether MJ likes her for who she is. During that scene at the museum, I can see MJ was a bit surprised when SY held on to his hand instead of running scared as he expected. I’m sure deep in his heart he must have felt overjoyed to hear her say those things he longed to hear. And that cliff scene and the next scene when she sashayed her way to MJ’s class was a bit funny,


    • Zsahn Aislinn says:

      I meant *were a bit funny*
      I’ve accidentally hit the Post Comment button while typing.


    • bella157 says:

      I agree about her response. I was thinking about it this morning for some reason and it appears to be a nod (since “we” have been making connections between this show and other movies the entire series) to Twilight; when Edward tells Bella he can read every mind in the room but hers and she asks what is wrong with her. Or when she goes to his house to meet his parents and her concern is NOT that she will be in a room full of vampires, but whether or not they will like her.
      When she was holding his hand to steady her world; I kept thinking DMJ you dummy, hug that girl; you wanted someone to like you for YOU and she didn’t run away.
      The whole Keubler-Ross analogy was hilarious. I also liked when she arrives in his classroom and then blocks his way, an annoyingly teases him “so fly” this show has me cracking up and remembering parts of my youth (and break-ups) I’d rather forget!


  17. v says:

    can u please do a recap for Secretly, Greatly ?


  18. sal728 says:

    I re-watched episodes 8 and 9 on Sunday, bored with waiting for Wednesday to come again. In so doing, I was reminded of the conversation between SY and MJ about her dad which led to her explanation of her ‘ideal’ partner–someone who will stay forever by her side. I had forgotten how this exchange between them was a kind of turning point for MJ. Despite his heart’s movement toward her, he began controlling his outward show of concern for her from that time on…knowing it is the kinder choice for her sake. She herself said her own dad should have not even loved her if he wasn’t going to stick around, so how could MJ feel free to express his love for her and then have to leave her side?

    We all want to see them both happy in love, like his dream of them as newlyweds, but I realized he is sacrificing his own happiness to protect her from the trauma of abandonment. With Jang’s reaction to MJ’s confessions of wanting to experience a normal love relationship, and all the angst going on, I sort of lost sight of MJ’s noble intentions to protect her heart in addition to her physical safety. With the last episode leaving her suspended in the air, literally, falling to certain injury (if JK has his way) if not death, it will be interesting to see what choice MJ will make to either save her on location, or through offering himself as a sacrifice with the prosecutor. I highly doubt the author will allow JK to “win” ultimately over our hero, so I’m looking forward to how this drama’s plot unfolds this week.

    Will Wednesday never come???


    • sal728 says:

      thanks Softy, for fishing my comment out of the spam and posting it for me! I appreciate your faithfulness! Also glad to see the preview and know what it says!!


    • Softy says:

      MJ: when I had time that didn’t end – I never thought that time was precious. but now if I can have just one more day together (with her) even if I lost everything I had – it doesn’t matter. but right now I am afraid – the person I have to protect – that I might not be able to protect her.

      MJ to JK: what do you think I will do to you?

      *If the preview is going out of order then SY was injured on set and wheeled into the hospital, then MJ threatened JK. Afterwards MJ reunited with SY and they had those happy scenes. I really hope that’s the order cuz I would hate to see someone else get rushed to the hospital.


  19. faith says:

    Thank you very much Softy. After seeing the preview I feel happy but I hope the scenes with them together is not another dream. And what you said about KSH being a korean james bond I think you are right when he gives her a back hug in the preview OMG his arm!! I think you right about the order also because from what I remeber his has the same cloth as he had at the police


  20. Swee says:

    Thanks for the preview Softy, that lovey dovey scenes better not be MJ’s dream! 2.5 hours to go, can’t wait .


    • bella157 says:

      can anyone Live recap? it’s is so painful waiting for someone to to recap.
      when I wake up at night counting the hours until I know the show has been on; it’s crazy-in-with-a-drama-time!
      One hour for all of you can watch it “live” and not have to wait for subs or a recap.


  21. Anonymous says:

    video not downloaded easyly………………………………………………..


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