You From Another Star E12

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By asking SY to leave MJ alone and put her feelings for MJ in order, Lawyer Jang robbed MJ of something precious. Every second MJ has left on earth is a second longer he can spend with her. To make even one more memory with her is something he can store away in his heart for later when he feels her absence so acutely. This is a guy drowning right now – he is sinking faster than anyone can even imagine and SY is the only reason he is struggling to keep coming up for air. She is the reason why he is holding on – cuz if he doesn’t hold onto her, he will be so lost. Even though lately SY seems to be the one who has been clingy, emotionally – it’s been MJ all along. He is clinging despite knowing that the truth will make her think twice about him. SY gets to love him the way she sees him so that is why MJ has been reacting so distant. If she clings to him even after knowing his secret, I bet the reaction we get out of MJ will be a whole different picture. cuz then she will be loving him for who he really is and that kind of face value is something he has never experienced before except with Jang. I think that’s why during this confession scene, Jang hung his head in shame. He realized what he almost robbed MJ of and he couldn’t hold his head up. Jang did it out of loyal friendship to MJ and wanted to protect his safety, but Jang forgot about his friend’s fragile heart. When MJ gets injured, his body recovers. But if MJ’s heart gets broken, it’s connected to his spirit and lifeline. Shatter that and it becomes something far more dangerous – MJ might lose his will to continue living. That’s why Jang should have waited to hear an answer when he asked MJ “you becoming involved in Chun SY shi’s matter – what is the result?  what is there that got better?” If Jang had listened very carefully in that silence, he would have heard MJ’s heart reply definitively: “Me. cuz she taught me about love, I’m a better person now than before. I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel security and stability for the first time when I am around her. She filled that void in my life with laughter and it continues to resonate even when she isn’t in front of me.  Instead of just watching the world go by and biding my time, now I know how to love with all my heart and what it means to hold onto that love. She gave me all that and I realize it’s worth fighting for -even at the risk of losing everything I waited for all these years.”

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I really hate the thought of SY losing her childlike wonder, but I guess she needs to in order to become someone who deserves the sacrifices MJ has made for her.

Written before it aired: After what happened to poor MJ last night, I need SY to step up. I need her to put aside her hurt pride and bruised ego and see her fallen hero for who he really is. Like Saemi said, I want SY to see him. Not just to recognize him as the hero from 12 yrs ago, but as the man who has been currently sacrificing his chance to leave earth safely and putting  his life on the line to save SY and now her mom as well. As much as her mom has been the bane of her existence, her mom still remains the only parent figure SY has left so protecting her mom is the equivalent to protecting SY’s sanity and the limits of her endurance. I don’t know what leap of faith MJ took in allowing himself to be run over like that, but I hope there was a little part of him that was wishing that SY could rescue him this time. We don’t know the severity of his injuries yet or how long he will be laid up, but I really hope during that time, SY doesn’t fall apart. I am counting on her to have the presence of mind to protect MJ and take care of him this time.  Let HK figure out the clues about his evil brother and shield SY from JK so that SY can just focus on helping MJ recuperate. There are too many episodes left for anything really bad to happen to MJ, but we are running out of excuses to explain how MJ can keep recovering from his wounds so quickly. If the price of saving him is to know the truth about him, I say reveal it all to SY so she can let the truth sink in. Maybe Jang can even help her with that. All I ask is for SY to be her own hero as well as MJ’s.

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MJ is going to learn sometimes you have to endure the bad parts to enjoy and appreciate the good times even more – that’s the price everyone pays for happiness.


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Starts from MJ being hit with the car. He tried to use his power to make it stop but he had a look of shock that the car continued and hit him. he flies through the air and lands on the ground. the lackey takes the USB out of his hand and MJ closes his eyes.  a car passes by and a couple pulls over and gets out. she says it must have been a hit and run accident. the guy calls 911 and the police saying a person has fainted here – must be a car accident.  the ambulance pulls up but MJ is gone. the couple said there was a young man here who was bleeding just now

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Saemi: using the excuse that you were waiting for that person -for the reason that you would meet him again  – HK – that foolish kid who only sees you – so that he cant come or go,  you tied his ankles. so why werent you able to recognize him? SY: what wasn’t I able to recognize? Saemi:  he is right next to you so why don’t you recognize him. SY: next to my side? where? who? what are you saying? saemi asks are you curious. SY: no not at all. but I get one thing – you like HK dont you. starting from when? Saemi admits: yes I like him. ever since HK started liking you.  but why bring that up now? SY: so that’s it. you must have hated me a lot. now I get it. so is that why you brought that up? that you knew who that guy was from 12 yrs. I wont ask who that person is and  how you know about him. even if you are dying to tell me don’t say it. how could I trust your words? you were my friend for 15 yrs but not one second were you honest with me. your heart that liked HK -you wanted to find that man from 12 yrs ago somehow and your heart that wanted me to break away from you and HK -I know it too well.  as someone who used to be your friend at one time – that heart of yours, I resent it. you are mistaken but that man from 12yrs ago is no longer important to me. I used to be curious -cuz that person saved my life on that night my dad left, but I am no longer the young girl who cried and felt lost on the road cuz of her dad. so if you were going to shock me over that or drag someone near me and make things weird, don’t do it.  if I need to find out who that man is I will do it. even if I don’t recognize him and pass him by it doesn’t matter so don’t bring up that man in front of me again. SY stands and quotes what humans do –  when they see someone who is at a better place than me, instead of “I should go there too” – it’s “you should come down to my miserable abyss. come down come down.” but I’m sorry I wont go down to the miserable abyss you live in – hating someone and being jealous -where it’s like hell where you live. I wont do it so don’t reach out to me to say “come down come down,” SY walks out of the room and goes to her bedroom and leaves Saemi fuming in anger. she hears Saemi leaving

SY calls MJ but no answer. she texts I have something to say so call me.

she walks out and YJ comes in and gets a call, but he just ignores it and wont pick up. SY asks why aren’t you answering?  YJ: I don’t need to. SY: who is it?  YJ: some girl who is chasing after me cuz she likes me. he gets a text so she asks aren’t going to check it? YJ: no it’s obvious. she probably said I have something to say – call me. he gets another text so he says it’s annoying. SY had enough and hits him. YJ: why are you hitting me? SY: she might really have something she needs to say. accepting one call – is it that hard? you cant even reply to her text? you cant  think of the person who is waiting can you? it’s annoying? are you saving a world or saving a life? is making one call or sending one text – is it that hard? she stops when she realizes it’s what she had been doing to MJ.

SY goes in her room and remembers how saemi said – he is right next to you so why dont you recognize him. SY wonders what she wanted to say.  She decides not to be curious cuz if she is curious, she loses. she calls MJ again but his phone is off.

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she goes and rings his bell but panics when she sees the blood on the keypad. she goes inside and calls out for him. she finds him on the ground all bloody.

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MJ is walking in a field when SY calls out to him from across the river. she yells dont go. suddenly he transports and he is on the same side as her. he takes her hand.

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SY is crying and calls out to him and asks what happened. he opens his eyes. she asks are you ok? let’s go to the hospital. he says no dont call them. I cant go to the hospital. I can’t go. she asks why – why cant you. no you will die like this. he passes out. she calls out to him – wake up -what do I do

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Jang is taking care of MJ and SY asks is it ok to leave him alone like this. shouldn’t he go to the hospital. Jang says thank you for not calling an ambulance. cuz that would have been difficult for him.  SY asks why do we need to do that (not call) anyway he wont die right. nothing will happen to him? Jang says it would have been nice if he left it alone then this wouldnt have happened to him. SY: what? leave what alone? Jang tells her to leave -I will stay here, but she offers to stay too till MJ wakes up. Jang says I am here so it’s ok. also from the start I didnt know if I should tell you this or not, but MJ will be leaving soon. SY: where? Jang: he doesn’t even have two months left now.  she cries and asks where is he going? is he going far away – abroad. Jang: anyway getting close with someone who will be leaving soon, it wont be good for both of you. if you have feelings for him by any chance, it would be good if you put your feelings in order now. she stands there crying. Jang tells her: go back now.

she goes out of the room and sees the plants have all wilted again (probably how she is feeling right now too)

she goes to the hall and crouches. then she paces in the hallway. Jang watches her through the monitor

JK tells her mom to look over the contract and seal it (as in get it stamped and sealed with SY’s name) and send it to him. my side already stamped it all. she says yes I will. he gets a call and excuses himself. into the phone he says ok. she asks is there something bothering you. he talks about his charity service at the animal center and a rabid  Alaskan husky escaped.  she asks isn’t that dangerous.  JK: yes I have to hurry and catch it and take care of it (as in put it down).  anyway from here on don’t worry about SY. we will make sure she can go back to good standing again and do our best to support her well

HK is outside and hears the lackey reporting to JK. lackey says there is no danger the USB was copied and got out to others.  JK: what about DMJ? how was his condition. are you sure he couldn’t use his powers.  lackey says I only confirmed he lost consciousness,  but when the ambulance showed up he suddenly disappeared. JK tells him to go. as he is walking in, JK senses someone nearby, but HK already hid. his parents come over to take a walk at the park to digest. mom tells JK to go in and rest cuz he must be tired

Jang checks in on MJ and wonders if he is having a good dream. he leaves MJ alone

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MJ narrates I had a happy dream. SY leans over and kisses his cheek and tells him to wake up. he grins and rolls over so she tickles him and tells him to wake up so he rolls over to her side. they are acting like a newlywed couple.

he hovers in the kitchen so she tells him – why are you standing there like that -go sit comfortably and I will cook this for you.  he catches stuff when she is about to break them and offers to do it but she says no. I have a fantasy about wearing an apron.  no matter how my cooking result turns out, you just have to enjoy it.

on the sofa they watch home shopping and he calls them charlatans. she likes that it’s one plus one and you get a free frying pan so he stops her from calling in orders and tells her to just eat the tangerines.

they walk holding hands outside on the lake and play around chasing each other. he slips and falls and they both laugh as they make snow angels. they hold hands as they lay there on the snow covered lake.

on the way home she wants to buy ice cream. he says you will gain weight. she guesses she gained weight.  be honest I gained weight huh? he says of course you gained weight cuz you have a baby in your stomach. she looks 7 months pregnant. she says I am ruined. but he assures her you aren’t ruined. you are prettier with more weight. (*that proves this is a dream and he is an alien cuz no man could ever say that so convincingly)

at night they read in bed while she cuddles next to him.  he turns the lights off and hugs her as she sleeps, cradling her head in his arms.

MJ: I realized a happy dream – when I wake up -it makes me more miserable/anguished. it’s not good to have a happy dream

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HK finds her outside MJ’s door and asks what are you doing here. he remembers what JK and the lackey said earlier. when JK asked what about DMJ? how was his condition. how the lackey said I only confirmed he lost consciousness,  but when the ambulance showed up he suddenly disappeared. HK asks her did something happen to DMJ. she asks how did you know that. he says anyone who sees your face now would know. come here. why are you here like this

inside her home he asks what happened. she says I don’t know either how that happened to him. but dont tell anyone about this. HK: why? SY: if he wont  go to the hospital even in that state, there must be some circumstance. her mom comes over and says I was going to call you HK. thank you. HK: for what? she says I heard from your brother that he is going to make an agency just for SY. didn’t you hear about it from him? HK remembers MJ’s warning to protect SY from JK. SY asks her mom what she is talking about.  her mom says how she met JK last night. he said he would help you with all his power. that he would take care of you himself. how thankful is this. the mom is surprised that HK doesnt know about it. didn’t you ask your brother to do this?  HK says i didnt know. her mom says he prepared a contract and came. SY takes it and looks over it. her mom says you just need to sign it (seal and stamp) but SY says i wont so her mom says to HK to convince SY cuz she gets to start again. HK says  how JK overstepped cuz he didn’t even ask SY first. HK tells SY: if I tell him I don’t want it he wont continue so don’t worry.  she thanks him

Park goes to question MJ and asks if MJ is inside. he says how MJ is involved in this case so there are some questions that need to be asked, but Jang says how MJ isnt in the state to be questioned now. park says I will just ask a few simple questions.  MJ is the one who called prosecutor  Yoo over and he got into the accident when he got there. if he avoids questioning like this now, he will be suspected. Jang acts like a lawyer and points out that park is only supposed to question MJ, and not treat him like a possible suspect.  Jang points out Park needs evidence to investigate MJ as a suspect. coming here without calling is going back on that. on top of that Park has no evidence to even treat MJ as a suspect. if you want to question him then bring a warrant. park asks who are you. jang says MJ’s personal lawyer. if you have something to say contact him through me. he gives Park his card

*I have a bad feeling about this. Jang’s name is going to show up on that death certificate for deceased one out of the 3 owners of that pen cuz it’s the certificate Jang made for one of MJ’s past alias. Park is going to connect the dots.

SY is at home and Park goes over there. he says you suffered a lot cuz of Han’s case didn’t you?  SY points out how she already fully cooperated for that case. park: I didn’t come for that today. It’s about your next door neighbor DMJ. I heard you were really close. did you see MJ at the accident site on the cruise? she says how could he go there only people with invitations could get in. she remembers him being there and kissing him. Park asks did you see him by any chance? SY: I told you he couldnt have gone there. park asks if there is anything strange about MJ that you discovered and she says no. not at all. park : do you know anything about what was going on between Han and MJ cuz Han had a man. I thought maybe it was DMJ so SY yells : it wasn’t him. the two didnt even know each other so what are you talking about now. park asks then do you know anything about another guy?

during their meal HK watches JK punch in his numbers to his phone code to unlock it. when JK is in the shower HK unlocks the phone and writes down the number for K just as JK comes in the room.  JK asks what are you doing. HK: I was waiting for you. JK: why -do you have something to say.  HK asks about meeting SY’s mom. JK says yes. I heard you make that  request to father. to set up an agency for her.  HK says that their dad didn’t want to but JK says I can make it happen. HK says but SY doesnt want it. she doesnt like getting help from people. to tell the truth even if father gave permission I was struggling over how to bring it up with her. thanks anyway for paying attention. JK says try to convince her. no- should I meet her. HK says no she is stubborn. when she says she wont once she will never do it. JK: if that’s how she feels then. HK: rest

SY says I know the man Han was dating secretly. I saw the two of them talking. flashback to Han saying to JK -I think people I know and people you know all showed up. look forward to what I will tell them – I will reveal something surprising later – when you hear about that you will be surprised too. JK asked how her depression was these days. she says how she stopped taking medicine not too long ago. JK: you know I like you right? take care of your health well.  Park writes down everything SY told him about Han and JK’s conversation up to the part about taking care of her health well. they looked like they got along then? SY: I guess so since they were dating.  park writes Han was dating the heir of S&C group. Park thanks SY for the good info and asks what her relationship is with DMJ. she says i dont know either. could you leave now cuz I am tired

HK calls the number he wrote down and gets the psychiatric hospital and asks if there is a patient named Jang Min Joo (his former sister in law’s name) but the other person quickly says there is no one by that name and hangs up

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MJ takes off his bandages. Jang comes over and asks if MJ is ok. MJ: what time is it now. Jang says after midnight. how about where you were hurting and where you broke your bone. MJ: thankfully I don’t have any. Jang : I was so terrified. what happened. MJ says I was hit by a car. jang asks why couldnt you stop it. MJ says i dont know either. that was the first time it happened. even when my body condition wasn’t great it wasn’t so that I couldn’t do anything but i couldnt do anything. it felt like my ability wouldnt do as I wanted. why that happened suddenly.  Jang guesses maybe it’s connected to the cold you have been feeling lately. MJ says -it could be. as the day to leave draws close i think what I have (my abilities) are disappearing one by one. Jang: it really wont do anymore. I have to interfere.  I already told Chun SY that you are leaving soon and to put her feelings in order. MJ is surprised and says lawyer jang. Jang: yes. for half my life I watched over you. it was the most meaningful work in my life. even when you said you were leaving soon, I thought “after I die, who will protect teacher by his side” since I didn’t have to worry about that, I thought it’s better that this happened (that MJ is leaving) but you keep going through strange accidents and get hurt like this  – your  powers keep fading so I couldnt stand by and watch you by doing nothing. in the past you said when you get involved in human being’s matters -things that were meant to happen they happen – and bad things got worse. that young girl who died 400 rs ago too – in the end you weren’t able to rescue her and let her die. you becoming involved in chun SY’s matter – what is the result?  what is there that got better? while you stay here – if you see her face every day it will be harder to put your feelings in order so how about moving? this home has been let out anyway (put on the market for sale) so I will put your feelings in order too.

SY listens at the door but Jang comes out. he asks what are you doing. she asks if MJ is ok. Jang: he got better. SY: where are you going father? if you are busy – should I stay next to him and be his nurse? I did it last time so I can do it well. Jang: you don’t need to. and right now I am going to let out this home (put it on the market for sale). I told you -he is leaving soon. please – I wish you would leave MJ alone. he gets on the elevator and leaves.

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she tries to get in but the code has been changed. she rings the bell. He stares at her face on the monitor. she cries and asks are you looking? are you ok? are you really ok? i had a lot to ask but now I am not curious at all. you opened your eyes – you got up now so I’m ok. I miss you. MJ watches her and his eyes fill with tears. he reaches out to touch her face on the screen

Park visits Yoo and asks how could someone terrorize a prosecutor.  do you not remember anything at all. Yoo says it happened as soon as I got out of the car.  Park says  I investigated while you were laid up. that happened when there were two trucks  parked on both sides of yours blocking to cover CCTV. only this old pen was found at the site. there is no one that has been caught regarding that but I found out some new truth

Yoo gets out of bed and his mom says to the doctor – I wish he would rest a few more days but I don’t know why he isn’t obeying. can he leave? doctor tells Yoo to be careful not to start working right away. she asks what Park said that made Yoo get out of bed and be discharged. park says I only spoke about work. he was always passionate about his work.  I wondered who Yoo Saemi took after to be so beautiful and she takes after you

Saemi and her mom are talking. saemi asks if her brother was discharged. the mom says how Yoo is stubborn. she sits and says I overheard that Han didnt commit suicide. there is a witness. saemi asks who. the mom doesn’t know cuz she didn’t hear. if it comes out Han didnt commit suicide and it’s revealed  then what happens to SY. saemi: how would I know. her mom says how Saemi got all of SY’s Cfs and is doing so well right now. to be honest I don’t like her  recovering her reputation

saemi is meeting a director about the script and saying how good it is. director says how the role fits her well. she asks who is doing the role of the best friend. director says a few actresses were given the script and they are looking. she asks if SY couldnt take the role. he says her incident hasnt been resolved yet so she cant work cuz of Han’s accident. saemi says that only the director should know this but SY it will be cleared soon. director wonders if SY can recover her image. Saemi says that’s why I want to help her. SY helped me a lot in the past too. this is my first lead role in a movie. if SY is next tome I think I will feel more comfortable.  he admires her loyalty for standing by her friend. he agrees to it but wonders if SY will take the role of the friend of the lead when SY was always the lead so saemi says wont she do it since she is my friend. I did that for 15 yrs

the realtor rings the bell and is about to show MJ’s home to a possible buyer. he brags about how amazing the interior decorating is. how there is so much sunshine from the sunroof. SY walks by. he brags that a celebrity lives right next door.  this is a building where a lot of celebrities and prominent people live. this house was put up for sale suddenly so it’s at this price so buy since it’s out. he rings the bell again and says his father said someone would be home. is no one home? SY listens to all that and says to him –  did you come to see 2302. he says hello and that this owner’s father put the home up for sale.  SY: I wonder if it’s ok to say this to the person who came to see the home.  the woman asks about what? SY tells them all the things that arent good about this place -how the auru isn’t good and she cant sleep well at night.   so the realtor tries to stop her and brags about how long he has been a realtor and how this area has been famous since Joseon era. SY says you know how I’ve become withered – it all started  after moving here. after moving in here nothing good happened. lost my money and health.  she coughs and acts sick as she goes in

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Bokja repeats what SY told her. that he cant go to the hospital -then a detective came and asked about that person. his father said he is packing and moving soon and his diary said he only had 3 months left. SY: now there is only 2 months left. Bok asks who is that man? SY:I cant tell you. Bokja: whoever it is. fold up your feelings for him. anyone can see he is a criminal. SY: he isnt that kind of person. Boka: would a criminal go around with it written on his face?  Why do you think he can’t go to hospital? He’s a wanted criminal. Why do you think a detective came? He suspects something. Three months? It could be a statue of limitations. Don’t you have to report him to the police? SY: No! Bokja: If you hide a criminal, you’re committing the offense of harboring a criminal. SY: Yeah, I even searched the internet. You can’t be charged with that crime if you are a spouse. Bokja: So you want to register a marriage so you don’t get punished?! SY: would that be really weird? Bokja: is being weird the only thing? why are you like this. you are chun SY. no matter how much you like him protect your pride.

Just then YJ comes in and he is walking in slow motion in her eyes so Bok falls for him. she asks who is that cutie pie? SY says what cutie – my younger brother. bok says  really? you get to live seeing his face morning and night. so lucky. bell rings so SY goes to answer it then HK walks in so Bok has another crush. he brought SY dinner. Bokja asks who is this flower boy. SY says what is wrong with you – you know him. it’s HK. Bok says that HK back then  grew up this well. she asks dont you know me. I’m Hong bokja. HK doesn’t know her. she tries to remind him saying how she was his partner once in grade school. she cites a specific incident from their childhood but HK says sorry cuz he doesn’t remember. Bokja: it was just a memory for me then. HK asks why SY doesn’t look well. you didn’t eat today either huh? he brought food that SY likes so Bokja says to her – you are so lucky

Park and Yoo go to meet JK. they say they are investigating Han’s accident and in our investigation we learned you were in a relationship with Han. JK feigns surprise and asks who said that? Park: I cant tell you that but there was someone who saw you and Han speaking. could you tell us what happened that night.

on that night SY came out of the bathroom and walked past the lackey. he went to go get Han.  she asks did oppa ask me to come? where? she meets JK alone to have their own liitle party. Han: what is this – when did you prepare all this. JK: I told you – I like you more than you can imagine. so I can bear stuff that got a little burdensome cuz of you.  she wonders if he is doing this in advance in case she says stuff she shouldn’t in front of others. JK: that’s right. he tried to get her to drink but she wont (cuz she is pregnant) and he lies there is no alcohol in it. she says the fireworks are going to start at 12 – it will start soon then. why are you staring at me like that. he says to look at you a lot.  she says there were a lot of times I didn’t understand to be honest. you are such a good sweet (caring) oppa so why did your former wife do that. that is why she is being punished by you. it’s right that she is punished. dont worry I wont ever betray you. JK says yes you wont be able to betray me. I know that. she ask does this not have alcohol cuz I feel drunk. he says you arent drunk. you are becoming immobile/paralyzed. pretty soon you wont have strength in your hands and legs and wont be able to walk properly. your breathing will increase. your tongue will be paralyzed. in the end you will fall asleep. what you drank the medicine is the same as your antidepressant so later even if it’s tested – it will just be thought that you took it. you will just look like one of all those other celebrity suicides. she asks if he is joking now. he says i am not joking. why did you do that. I wanted to see you for a long time. she runs outside.

she gets to the railing and tried to reach out to people but the lackey came over to her. she backs away from him and falls over the railing.

JK says I dont know what you heard but I wasn’t dating Han. she just used to be my department store model for a long time. starting from this season we were going to change models so to be honest on that night I had to tell her that. nothing like you said happened. what to do – i have a dinner appointment. he twirls his ring

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-17-39]

JK meets with MJ and says I didn’t think you would contact me first. it’s uncanny that you are fine like this – what is your identity. MJ says I came to make a deal with you -I will do what you want. to take the blame for everything and disappear -isn’t that what you want. I will do that. so will you stop here then

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-37-27] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-38-02]

SY looks over at his balcony and wonders if he is home or not. she tries and thinks she can jump over but looks down and gets scared. she tells herself not to look down and crosses over to his place in her UGG house slippers. halfway there she gets a call from MJ. he asks where are you. she says to see you I am currently putting my life on the line. MJ: what? SY: anyway it’s a situation where my life is in danger, but talk.  he asks to meet for a short time so she agrees and says let’s meet

*when I asked her to step up tonight in my intro, I certainly didn’t mean it this literally – cant believe she risked her life to go over to his side of the balcony like that (good thing that view below is CG )

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-21-07] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-21-53]

she goes inside and dolls herself up.

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-22-13]

MJ waits outside by his car. she comes out and waves at him. (I bet his heart skipped at the sight of her) he just gets into his car. she says what is this. he didnt open the door. since he didnt open it I can. it’s not like I dont have hands

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-25-49] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-29-51]

in the car she asks if he is really ok. you recover so well. where are we going. he says you had something to ask me. she says i did but I told you I wasn’t curious. MJ: why? SY: it doesnt matter anymore now. it doesn’t matter. whoever you are. whatever happened in the past. whether you have a situation now that you cant talk about.   it really doesnt matter cuz you opened your eyes, got up, and are next to me now so it’s ok – for real. but where are we going. since you aren’t telling me it makes my heart flutter. this is a date right?

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-02-38] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-28]

MJ remembers what what Jang said. wont it be comfortable to think it wasn’t a fate that was meant to be from the start? MJ: why must I do that? the days I can see that woman – there aren’t even two months left. I like her. I am saying I care for her.  I like that woman

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-35-53] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-36-03] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-41-14]

she asks two months later where are you going. somewhere far? Europe? foreign places do not matter to me. when I go abroad to film , if I just have red pepper paste and kimchi, I was ok for months.  (meaning she can adapt well) so if you are pushing me away just cuz you are going somewhere-I’m saying it would be nice if you didn’t

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-37] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-03-50]

MJ cries and says to Jang: two months is good – one month is good too. I just want to be with her. afterwards, if i cant leave – like you said even if I die here on this land, inside a happy dream – if I can just not wake up – then I want to do that. couldnt  i do that? couldnt  i?

Back in the car, she asks  “You’re not a wanted criminal, right? Because of the ‘harboring a criminal’ offense, we can’t register a marriage…It isn’t a statue of limitations, right? she laughs it off and pretends to wipe at something on his shoulder.

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-18-57] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-47-31]별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-19-50] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-20-04]별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-16-52]

MJ took her to the museum. she asks if the employees here left work after not locking up. how did you open the door so quickly? (*he probably broke in).  aren’t we going to eat dinner. I didn’t eat anything so I am hungry. HK bought me rice balls but I didn’t have an appetite then so I couldn’t eat.  MJ cuts her off and says Chun SY – I warned you not to trust me. the man you are believing like a fool-to tell you what kind of secret he has, I asked to meet. she says you dont need to tell me if it’s a secret you have to say with such a scary face. I don’t want to know. she turns to leave but he holds her back. MJ: weren’t you curious who saved you 12 yrs ago. the one who saved you then was me.  there was no other reason to rescue you except back then you resembled that girl from 400 yrs ago – the owner of this hair pin. to confuse you for her in that second – that’s how much you resembled her a lot. SY: what are you saying now – 400 yrs ago the owner of the hair pin – how do you know the face of  someone who lived back then?  then are you saying you lived for 400 yrs. MJ: that’s correct. 400 yrs ago I came from another world and couldn’t go back to where I lived. so I lived here for 400 yrs on this land.   she says let’s go home now. you arent well. she turns to go but he makes the glass shatter and gets her attention. he steps closer and says in an accusing voice: you said it didnt matter who I was. I am this kind of person. does it still not matter?


*I get why he said that in such an accusing tone. in the past he didn’t care about the women who ran away from him when he told the truth. He wasn’t invested enough in the relationship for it to matter if they ran away scared or thought he was crazy, but this is SY – the woman he has risked so much for – the woman he cant bear to live without – the woman he doesn’t want to leave behind. If she treats him the same as the other women in the past, it won’t just devastate him, it will crush him. That’s why he is acting so aloof right now in front of her. he fears her rejection so much that it is already hurting him. in front of Jang, he can cry and be honest about his feelings, but in front of SY – he has to put up this façade – to protect himself from the pain of possible rejection.  That’s what makes him so vulnerable here – with just a word or look, she has the capability to shatter his heart.

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-17-08] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-18-00] 별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-18-14]

MJ: the day to leave is drawing closer. you asked how I felt? well…he sobs and chokes up with emotion and can’t speak.

별에서 온 그대.E12.140123.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-33-26]

*I wonder how deep in love you have to be in to believe what he said as truth. which voice will SY listen to? her heart that tells her to believe and accept him as he is or the voice of reason that tells her to run and keep away. which voice is louder right now? something tells me she wont listen to rationale or answer to fear. I think she will think about it and realize it doesn’t matter who he is – it hasn’t mattered for a while now. MJ thinks she will see him as an alien who is in love with her, but that’s cuz he doesn’t believe in humans enough. he doesn’t have the faith required to see beyond just what is in front of your face. He still doesn’t get the power love wields. It can make you do crazy things like crossing over onto another balcony while risking life and limb. It makes you pace outside in a hallway for hours worried sick. it makes you forget yourself and how big a star you are cuz he doesn’t see her star status – he didn’t fall in love with Chun SY the celebrity. he fell in love with the girl who misses her father. the one who cant even remember her own house code but memorized his perfectly.  the girl who is insecure despite her popularity. the girl who is willing to give up so much to keep him in her life. the one who is throwing away pride just to cling to him.  More importantly – she just might be that one woman in the world – the only one in his life who might not run away once she learns the truth. She might be that fated one who will stay and listen to the rest of his explanation about himself. The one who might be able to give him his happy dream and make it become reality – even for a brief time. cuz she knows how much that short time of happiness will mean to him – something to make up for the lifetime of nothing.


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      It’s funny how some dramas just stay with you forever and others you can’t even remember the ending.
      Speaking of which – just the other day I was thinking about how much I wish KSH would do another musical drama like Dream High. He has such a great voice so it would be so nice to showcase that talent in another musical character. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have even watched Dream High.
      I can pretty much say for certain I will never recap another long drama that is 58 eps like OB ever again. Everything about that drama was great so 58 eps didn’t even seem like it was enough, but with all these other dramas, even 20 eps seems like a lot.

      I must admit, when I first learned this drama was 20 eps, I was nervous cuz I didn’t understand how they could stretch out the story to last that long, but now after E12, I get why we needed all 20. In the next ep or so, I think SY will probably need a second to let everything sink in. I’m hoping she won’t mix up all her emotions and give into fear or doubt and just focus on how she feels about MJ. She seems like the kind of person who would let facts like him saving her so much be the main focal point – cuz she has to know that 12 yrs ago was just the start and he has been saving her all this time. I think once she realizes even HK and Saemi both know who MJ is, it will help her accept MJ more easily. I also have a feeling she will confide in Jang. Even though Jang tried to get her to back off, he learned his lesson and realizes what his friend wants is her so I bet this time Jang will try to convince her that MJ is a great friend and a good guy – more importantly, Jang could help her see MJ as a person and not as an alien.


      • sal728 says:

        I see Jang in a different way than you seem to, Softy. I think he is jealous of MJ’s love for her; that it’s allowing him to throw all caution to the wind in revealing his identity which Jang spent so long to protect and defend. I don’t think he hung his head in shame in that one scene while MJ was recuperating, I saw it as frustration that MJ wasn’t trusting his advice. Initially he was amused by MJ’s involvement with SY, but now that MJ’s acting willing to possibly die on Earth just to experience love, he is alarmed and getting desperate to protect MJ from himself.

        It’s possible SY will try to reason with Jang more in future episodes, but I think he’ll become even more antagonistic toward her after she accepts MJ’s real identity and doesn’t run from the truth about him. [I think Jang has enjoyed being MJ’s only defender and confidante.]

        I know we all want the love relationship, like in his happy dream, to become reality, but if she learns that by loving her and being together he loses his powers and can’t be healthy on Earth, I feel she’ll want him to return to his own star safely, even if they have to be apart. She’s shown such maturity already in just being thankful he’s better (after seeing him in a pool of blood in his living room) that she isn’t being greedy in her expectations…perhaps her growth as a person will continue through this love relationship and allow her to let him go–for his sake.

        Just a thought…


        • zebiekste says:

          Sal728, I don’t think Jang is so selfish, green-eyed old men. I think Jang is really loyal friend to MJ. Jang respects MJ as a teacher (MJ is clever, old alien after all), Jang care for MJ as a friend and now after so many years together after Jang has aged but MJ stayed the same, their relationships looks like father-son. As a friend Jang is saying to MJ “please go home safe, please stop to risk your life because of that girl”. And till the moment MJ said it aloud “I like her”, there was a chance he will listen to Jang and go home and stay alive. But at the moment MJ said how he feels about SY Jang become powerless and sorrowful, there’s nothing he can do, he can’t stand against love, however Jang understands what it means and how it will hurt both MJ and SY and yet he is trying to understand and convince himself that it’s normal, that MJ deserves the right to love even if it means death. But it is not easy for Jang to accept it, so give him time. I think Jang really like SY but he don’t like that she (not on purpose) is hurting MJ, Jang don’t like to see his friend injured, with hurting heart and choosing between life and love. It’s hurting Jang heart too. Maybe Jang will not support SY and MJ relationships but i think he will not go against them too. It’s normal that Jang is a little jealous of SY (Jang is so funny when he does so). Close friends usually are jealous of his friends girlfriends, but I have not seen a scary jealousy on his part till now.
          P.S. Wouldn’t any friend act just as Jang? Like – go abroad and stay alive (even if you are miserable all you long life, but please be alive), not – be happy for 2 months and die?? In some way friends are selfish, we want your friends to be happy but more than what we want our friends to be alive. First of all we care about our own feelings and we need time to understand that is best for friend, not that is best for us.


          • StephK says:

            I guess your comments explained why Jang asked SY to leave MJ alone when he met her at the lift as he left MJ’s house; even though it was after MJ’s confession to him.


          • sal728 says:

            It’s interesting that you interpreted what I said as being super-hyper critical of Jang. I didn’t mean he is selfish and green-eyed, and certainly not evil in any sense whatsoever. I just think he (as you said in your PS) is a very good friend that has enjoyed protecting MJ and being relied upon by MJ and is scared for MJ because he’s worried having a relationship with SY is harmful to MJ’s health. All the things you wrote about Jang, I also think of him, too: he’s very loyal, and like a dad/son in his love for him, and saying, “Please stop risking your life for that girl.” I agree he needs time to accept MJ’s feelings for SY, but I wonder if he can, since his sense of protection for him may win out in the end. His attitude toward SY at the elevator didn’t reflect any affection for her, in my eyes (although when they all shared a meal together, I think he found her charming initially).

            My reason for writing a comment at all was in reaction to Softy’s interpretation of his hanging his head “in shame” which I did not pick up on at all. I need to watch it again to see if his attitude changed by the end of that conversation with MJ (on the bed), but based on how he acted after that at the elevator, I didn’t feel he had taken MJ’s tears and heartfelt confession in a way that approved of pursuit of that relationship, as Softy had implied. As I said, it was just a thought.


      • zebiekste says:

        Softy, there are one common thing why I liked My princess back then and like YFAS now, it’s the feeling that they are not acting, it seems the role is so perfect for them that there is hard to get where they start acting. I knew the actress JJH before, but never pay my attention to KSH (what a mistake!) I haven’t watched a Dream High only heard soundtrack (honestly I’m not watching high school dramas anymore (Heirs too), I just don’t get them.. I think I’m getting old, no, I’m definitely too old for high school dramas) So I’m impressed by KSH performance now. And together JJH and KSH are a bomb. It’s surprising that MJ and SY get so much screen time but you don’t get tired of watching them.
        It’s 12 eps gone now but still I don’t get what kind of ending we are going to. If MJ does not become a human in some mysterious way there is no chance that he can stay on earth and grow old together with SY. Also I’m not sure that at the end they won’t kill MJ (I still remember the end of 49 Days. It’s not that I don’t get or like the 49 Days ending but, hell, they killed the main character!)


  21. Hikary25 says:

    Thanks so much for the fast recap!! I really hope- that what you say about SY acceptinig MJ and made his dream a reality happen next episode…but the face and corporal expression that SY made there in the museum made me have my doubts


  22. KDfan says:

    Interesting comment on SY’s expression, Hikary25. Anybody has any thoughts/comments on her expression ?


  23. Samashburn says:

    I guess DMJ is going to dissappear after he revealed himself to SY. By that time, SY will miss him. Gosh, im gonna hate that part.


  24. Softy says:

    I’m really scared for MJ. I don’t think he could handle a rejection from her. If she pulls away from him, it’s going to make a part of him feel like he lost YH all over again. As in he will feel a sense of devastating loss again. I used to worry that a little bit of the initial attraction he had for SY stemmed from being curious about how YH would have looked like as a grownup if she had lived. That one of the reasons why he started liking SY was cuz she is the grownup modern version of YH he never got to know. But the fact that SY and YH are too different in personality made me see that he would never confuse one as part of the other. Reincarnated or not -those two couldn’t be more different if they tried. YH was mature even for a young girl, but SY is a grown woman who still has a lot of maturing to do. That’s what makes MJ and SY work so well. He can teach her so much and she desperately needs someone like him – someone who can guide her and help her reach her full potential on an intellectual level. She has already picked up on how to use his old Joseon phrases in real life and you could see how proud it made him. This whole time for the past few episodes, we watched how SY suffered thinking MJ wasn’t into her so I would like to see a reversal. I want MJ to be the one wondering what she is doing, where she went, and who she is spending time with. I want him to be petty and jealous and be paranoid that she doesn’t like him anymore. Instead of just crying and opening up to Jang, I want MJ to show those same emotions to her. She needs to see that more than anyone else. that she matters a great deal to him – so much that he is willing to risk all. if she sees how much she means to him, I think it will help her get over the initial shock better. Supposedly they still have two months left and there are 8 episodes left so time wise, we are doing well. They could easily fit in an episode or two with MJ moping this time and pining away for her. It will be easier for him to do cuz he can hear what she is saying at her house. For some reason, picturing someone dignified like MJ losing it and acting desperately in love just makes me think there is no way SY can hold out that long. Especially if he uses his powers to transport her and show her what he is capable of, it will be like he is wooing her in the coolest way ever. 🙂


    • Samashburn says:

      Softy, thanks for your response. Oh my god, im really looking forward for episode, i mean like i wanna watch it right now coz im soooooooo curious what happen next. I never been this super curious for previous episodes. Another 4 WEEK to finish the drama.. Oh god why taking so long..


  25. stephK says:

    I hope the ending will not be like the song. The song is so nice, but the lyrics is so sad.


  26. Anonymous says:

    only one ep this week.


  27. Anonymous says:

    “휘경은 송이에게 재경과 유라가 연인관계였음을 듣게 되고 재경의 뒷조사를 시작한다. 민준의 비밀을 알게 돼 혼란스러운 송이는 결국 민준을 찾아가는데, 민준은 송이를 지키기 위해 모든 걸 자신이 떠안고 사라질 준비를 한다.”
    I can translate only 2 words of it “Min Joon secret/The secret of Min Joon” LOL


  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow,so interesting,really enjoy dis recap!!cn’t wait 2 watch dis drama


    • StephK says:

      Appreciate for sharing the ep 13 preview. Softy, can you translate ? Thanks.


    • Softy says:

      MJ: I told her my identity -hoping she would stay away from me and be afraid of me.

      MJ tells her: whatever happens to you, I don’t care. Go!

      SY looks up and yells: you came from another star? you are an alien? if you are an alien then I am a vampire!

      MJ in reply to JK’s text: what can I do from here on -isn’t the best thing for me to disappear well.

      SY to MJ: If you are an alien, even if I block your path can you not leave? Try to leave.

      SY to MJ: can’t you do stuff like parting the ocean? your skin wont peel off or anything right?

      MJ: what do you want? SY: even for one second -did you not like me? really – not even once?

      *I freaking love this short preview – gave me all the answers I wanted all week. Even one episode is better than none if it’s this good. 🙂


    • zebiekste says:

      I read that in text message JK gave MJ 3 days (to take the blame)…. So I’m worried that MJ will continue to push SY away..


  29. MJShinshi says:

    Thanks softy for translating preview 🙂 I am happy with one ep if she is still running after him.. yay!


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