You From Another Star E11

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What he couldn’t say with words or show with actions, he made up for it the only way he knew how – with this apologetic kiss that she doesn’t even know about. I always knew his powers would be used like this one day, but I had no idea it would move me to tears as well.

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Written before it aired: While reading the book, I kept thinking of why MJ is so much like Edward Tulane. Like the ceramic doll, all this time he just existed.  He didn’t know he could feel so much for someone again. He didn’t know his heart could break more than it already did when he lost YH, but he is starting to get it each time he thinks about leaving. More importantly, by loving with all his might, he didn’t know he had the right to stay by SY’s side.

After 400 years of existence, I bet MJ thought he couldn’t be surprised by humans anymore. He probably thought there was nothing to learn from them. That’s why he is so stunned to realize there are still things that could surprise him. Last time when SY confessed and then tonight when SY told him openly “I want to be with you,” he looked at her with such envy. I bet he wishes he had that kind of courage – to speak from the heart without holding back. He was so guarded all this time – unable to bear the thought of being hurt again that it preventing him from expressing his feelings. Just like humans, he is learning the price of feeling alive is the pain you feel at the thought of losing the one you love. That’s why I hope he doesn’t leave SY feeling so insecure. I want MJ to change how he has been and start acknowledging his feelings for her as well. It’s a little too late to take baby steps at this point since time is running out so here is hoping he makes a few more giant leaps in her direction and not make her wait even a second longer to reciprocate her feelings.

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You can’t run away from your feelings when your heart is already full from loving someone – there just isn’t any room to hide. Denial always has a time limit. Sooner or later – you have to face facts. Your heart is taken so just surrender to your feelings. SY knew it right away and dove head on into this relationship. If only MJ would follow her lead.


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Starts from JK pointing the tranquilizer gun saying I have to take care of you first so that it will be easy to get rid of chun SY. go well. He shoots and MJ disappears. MJ shows up behind him and says what did I tell you- I said you couldn’t kill me. JK turns but MJ is gone. he appears again and says listen to me well. stop here and dont do anything.  JK tries to shoot again but MJ disappears and JK yells how dare you order me around. come out? MJ appears and hits JK on the head. JK passes out.

the lackey gets ready to come out of hiding and attack SY but she pretends to take a call from her brother saying -it’s me – what do you mean where am I – I am at my next door neighbor’s home 2302 – I’m at the front entrance and am about to come out after opening the door. once she is outside she leaves in a hurry and goes home and locks her door. she calls out for YJ. he asks what’s wrong. she tells her brother  to hurry and contact the security office now – someone came in secretly to her next door neighbors house. YJ: what are you saying? you went next door? who is there?

She remembers how she was walking around in the library wondering if MJ went on a date. She saw the lackey in the reflection and pretended to call her brother

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YJ asks who is the guy? why did you go into someone else’s home? did you have a relationship where you told each other’s secret house code? she tells him to hurry and call the security office and ask them to come up. He goes and calls.

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He gets her a drink and says don’t go anywhere. she says I survived cuz I am an actor.  with my great acting. the door bell rings and her brother thinks the security team came. He asks who are you. the lackey’s voice says I am from the security office.  she recognizes the voice as the same guy from the hospital so she doesn’t let YJ open the door. it’s strange. YJ asks where did you say you came from? when they look the lackey is gone

YJ calls it in and learns the guy wasn’t from security. they were delayed and was going to come up now. SY wonders why these things keep happening. DMJ

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MJ takes out the dart and feels weak. he is in the car when SY calls him. where are you? I was just at your house and some guy was inside that home. he suddenly transports. SY: hello? are you listening? don’t you hear me? hang on someone is here.

the door bell rings and SY asks who are you. MJ says it’s me. DMJ. she opens the door and asks what happened. I was just talking to you on the phone. he asks if she is ok. she nods yes. he faints in her arms.

credit roll

YJ and SY carry MJ to her bed. YJ: what is this. she checks and says he doesn’t have a fever but why is his body so cold. go and get the thermometer.  YJ wonders if they are so close that she knows his house code and lent him her bed. She says I borrowed his bed too.  YJ: what? are you two dating? SY: no. YJ: if you aren’t then why lend each other your beds. SY: what difference does it make. you are in high school so what do you know. just hurry and get the thermometer.

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She mutters to MJ – you said you were better than the doctors. your body is an emergency hospital. you get hurt easily and get feverish easily and now you fainted too.  She looks closely at MJ and wonders how a man’s eyelashes can be this long. she is about to touch them but YJ comes in and asks why be so surprised -did you commit a sin. do you like this guy. she denies it saying is your sister someone who would like someone on her own. when he is the one stamping me. am I a woman who would do that alone? so he asks are you having a one sided love. SY: I said no. leave – get out.  she took his temp and wonders how a human can be 28 degrees C. what is this. is this broken? she touches his hand and says his whole body is ice. shouldn’t he go to the hospital?

Saemi’s mom is crying and waiting on Yoo’s condition. Saemi says father got a ticket and will get on the plane in 3 hrs. the mom says if something goes wrong with my son I will die too. Saemi says how could you say such things. that wont happen. the mom wonders what crazy guy did this to her son.

Park is looking at a photo of the accident site and the expensive pen that was found. a guy tells him how only 3 people have this type of pen cuz this it needs to be special ordered. just one costs a lot. Park says thank goodness for this evidence cuz there aren’t anymore. hurry and find out who those 3 people are. if I catch him- I wont leave him alone

JK parks the car and his face has a red scratch

at the dinner table the dad asks about JK. the mom says he will be done so eat first. HK asks his parents if they heard any news about JK’s ex wife. the dad says she went to study in England after that happened with JK.  HK says each time I went to England I emailed, but  she didn’t even check it. dad asks why bother hearing news about a girl we have no more connection to.  JK shows up and the mom wonders what happened to JK’s face. JK says it was while I was exercising. were you talking about someone just now? HK asks about JK’s ex wife  -do you not keep in touch with her too? JK: we broke up so why would I contact her. HK tries to ask that call last time was it her, but  the dad says stop it – why keep talking about her when she isnt family anymore.

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YJ yawns and comes downstairs and finds a shocking view. SY trying to cook. YJ: what are you doing? SY: did you wake up? how about eggs for breakfast? YJ comments about how burnt it is on the bottom. SY: it’s ok just eat the top.  she wonders why MJ is sleeping so much –  for ten hours.

she goes to wake him

flashback to when MJ was back in Joseon passed out. the head doctor remarks about MJ’s condition. how bad off he is. the other doctor takes MJ’s pulse. he remarks how he never came across a pulse like this – that the pulse is too fast and strange -not normal. so the head doctor instructs how to take the pulse and does it himself.

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back in joseon MJ drinks the medicine and thanks the doctor. I lived cuz of you. the doctor is surprised how MJ was able to recover so quickly after being near death and remarks about MJ’s bizarre condition. MJ: naturally.  MJ points to the sky and says cuz I am from there (he points to a star) I am from that star. doctor thinks maybe MJ isn’t fully well yet and lost his senses. MJ: I am not from here.

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SY tells him to wake up. MJ opens his eyes and looks at her. he asks where is this place. she says it’s my room and you slept over ten hrs. what happened yesterday? I wanted to ask from before but I was holding it in. are you sick somewhere? you dont have some fatal condition that is allowing you to live only a few months right. it’s cuz of your diary before. it’s nothing like that right? he says no and gets up. she says lets go out to eat -do you like eggs? do you still not know what’s going on? that way is the door and this way is the kitchen. he says I am going home. she asks why. what I am saying is that I inconvenienced you and want to pay you back for your kindness. MJ: you don’t have to repay me. SY: what will you do if that person is still there. MJ says i will take care of it -you just take care of yourself well.  he leaves. YJ says to her again -you said it’s not one sided love. SY: it’s not.

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She goes out to the hall and Saemi is there with MJ. SY asks her – what brings you to my home. but Saemi isnt here to see  her -she came to see MJ. SY tries to ask why -about what? but Saemi tells him how she needs to ask him some things about what she just told him. SY tries to ask what saemi just said but MJ invites her in. SY tells her that MJ is not well so keep it short.

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SY is listening at her door as YJ asks what are you doing. she mutters DMJ can hear me singing and hear me yelling and came running in but it’s so sound proof so how did he hear?

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MJ serves her tea. Saemi says sorry for showing up suddenly. MJ: I didn’t know the prosecutor was your brother. how is his condition now. she says he got surgery last night but hasnt woken up yet (isn’t conscious) and they have to take another MRI. I heard my brother went to go meet you yesterday. MJ says yes we had an appointment at the café of that building. she asks why were you going to meet my brother. he says i had something to give him. she asks did someone else know about that truth. cuz it feels like someone knew where my brother was headed in advance. do you suspect anyone? MJ remembers asking JK – was it you that did that to prosecutor Yoo. JK: I told you. letting you and SY live -it’s cuz I am letting you. MJ says aloud: anyway that happening to your brother -it’s my fault. she says now – that’s not why I told you. MJ says I will do my best to settle this incident. she says thanks for saying that but it wont be easy to capture the culprit cuz there is no CCTV footage and no evidence aside from a pen found on the site.

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SY is muttering and wondering what the two of them are doing in his home. there are so many cafes outside so why not meet there. what is there for the two of them to talk about at home leaving all those other places alone. what are they talking about that I cant hear.  MJ hears SY complaining and being jealous so he smiles. Saemi asks why so he says it’s nothing.

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when he walks her out SY pretends like she came out too. she asks Saemi – are you leaving now? Saemi says yes see you again. she asks where MJ is going. MJ: the mart (grocery store). SY says that’s good. I have to go too so I can go with you. he asks are you going to go dressed like that. she says i will just put on a coat so wait and dont go anywhere.

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when SY dresses and goes out MJ is gone. SY: what is this.

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SY goes to the market and finds MJ. SY: I said let’s go together so why be so cheap. lets buy things together and split in in half. you live alone too and there is only me and YJ at my home.  She tries to get him to buy groceries together so they can save. she shows him how there are a lot of one plus one deals. buy it cheap when they sell a lot and split it between them , but MJ only buys the amount he eats and doesn’t buy a lot of stuff he doesn’t need just cuz it’s one plus one.

she doesn’t give up and follows him around as he shops. she asks if he likes tofu. I don’t like it much. I only eat the ones inside stews.   aren’t you going to buy potatoes? but he doesnt like potatoes. she asks why? it’s so delicious when you steam them. do you dip it in sugar or salt? MJ: salt. SY: you don’t know. potatoes are really delicious when you dip it in sugar -from here on try dipping it in sugar. MJ: whatever I dip it in cant I do that on my own? SY: how about chicken? do you like legs or tougher meat? MJ chooses the tougher meat so she says I always choose legs. she catches up to him and asks why do you keep going ahead? we have opposite eating habits so we will never have to fight over food for the rest of our lives. that makes MJ stop and turn around. he says eating together with you for the rest of our lives wont happen. he walks away

SY asks where his car is. she tells him to take her car and she will take him but he gets into a cab and leaves alone. she wonders why he is being like this with her.

HK is at the office and hears JK canceled the meeting today cuz he doesn’t feel well. the boss asks HK why JK doesn’t feel well so HK says why are you asking me that? the boss realizes he let the cat out of the bag. HK: you knew? the boss says of course I knew you were his younger brother. HK: since when? the boss says from the day you put up your family photo. HK:so that is why you took my side and stuff. you must have been really uncomfortable cuz of me. the boss says a little bit but then he denies it. HK: I only thought of my situation. I am sorry.

HK goes to JK’s office and the sec says he isn’t in now so HK offers to sit and wait. HK tries to go through his brother’s desk but the drawers are locked.

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SY says he took care of me well in the past. even though he complained, he bought me ramen when I asked and bought medicine and put it on my injured foot. when I had my appendectomy he stayed with me overnight.  he told me to only hide when I did something wrong and protected me when I was trapped in my car cuz of reporters. so one day -maybe cuz I depended on him –  it seemed like I started liking him so I confessed and he changed 180 degrees.  he is totally cold and doesn’t reply when I speak. why is he like that to me. does he like me or not. the comic book guys argue saying I think he likes you and the red tracksuit says he doesn’t. blue one says he bought her ramen – when he buys you what you want to eat he likes you. red one says if he likes you then when you confessed he should have accepted.  Bok weighs in and say I don’t think he does either. it’s not easy for a woman to confess first but he changed 180 degrees right after you confessed so it means he feels pressure. blue guy says no -maybe he is doing the push and pull of love. cuz the other person isn’t just anyone -you are chun SY. SY agrees and says cuz he might look easy by saying “ok.” Bok says I don’t think so. normally if a guy likes someone they keep coming after you like HK.  if he really likes you isn’t that the normal thing to do.

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SY stands outside MJ’s door and remembers how Bok encouraged her to go after him saying since you already confessed everything – it wouldn’t be right to back down. try going after him once. you might be in the dumps right now but you are still chun SY. SY tells herself – yes I am Chun SY. she is about to ring the bell when MJ opens his door. MJ asks what are you doing. she asks where are you going. he says fishing. she asks where to – is it far? can;t I go along too. I like fishing too – when I was young I followed my dad and went with him often. MJ says no. SY says I have something to say. MJ looks at her as she stares ahead

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in the car SY says it’s a little weird for me to say this with my own mouth but I was #1 for the woman men want to date. of course these days I’m not as high on that list but I used to be #1 and will be #1 again. that kind of person said something to you ( confessed) you know what I said and you didn’t answer. not only did you not answer – you are ignoring me. unbelievable. how could you do this to me. I don’t get it. MJ: want to get out of the car. SY: but it’s the highway. MJ: that’s why.  SY: ok then I will resume talking about it later

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at the ice fishing site SY plays in the snow and says how great it is cuz no one is around. how did you know about this place? do you come here often? she feels so good cuz she was at home all the time. MJ ignores her and keeps preparing to fish

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MJ makes a hole in the lake and SY comes over. she brags how well she skates. she had lesson as a kid for figure skating and if she kept it up before there was Kim Yuna there would have been Chun SY. are you going to boil water for coffee? make mine too.  he stops her and asks did you really come all this way cuz you wanted to hear my answer. SY: no cuz I wanted to be with you. but I do want to hear your answer too. MJ: ok then I have to give you  an answer. I thought I already did. since you dont understand I will be reply bluntly. I dont like you. since you are like this I dont like you even more. SY: why did you help me then. why were you by my side when I was having a hard time? why? he says cuz I felt sorry for you. and cuz you are a celebrity – to be honest it was surreal. that’s how I felt inside, but you thought I did those things cuz I like you -making me feel sorry. still – since you are a strong confidant woman, I didn’t know you would act like this. if you knew you wouldn’t have done those things.  SY: so? what do you want me to do? MJ: I wish I couldnt see you in front of my eyes. she cries and says but why do I feel like you are lying. she looks down and cries. she turns around and walks away

*You could almost see his heart breaking having to say those hurtful things to her. guess he hasn’t learned yet that the lies we tell ourselves and to others for the sake of self preservation only ends up hurting both parties

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SY is walking at night on the road and HK pulls up. she asks how he came here. he says get in

MJ is sitting alone at his camp.

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in the car SY is crying and says sorry. HK: it’s ok. SY: not that – I never knew how you felt. so this is what it feels like to confess and get rejected. I’m so humiliated.  HK says it’s like that the first time but after going through it for 15yrs it’s bearable. the first time you did that to me in front of everyone. SY: you must have been humiliated – I didn’t have any witness it but still I could die from the mortification. HK: of course. SY: since I got to talk to you about it like this I feel a little better. HK: it might get better and one night it could come back and overwhelm you so be careful.  you will know what it feels like to kick your legs when you are lying down. you might call and insult early in the morning too, but don’t do that. you remember how much you hated that right? SY: I remember. it was really annoying. HK says you don’t have to say it was that annoying. SY: sorry.  he goes on and gives her more advice. dont listen to sad songs. if you listen to those you cant control your emotions. SY: so how about you?  whose song did you listen to and wasn’t able to control your emotions?

flashback to young HK singing sad song at a singing room alone

SY says what a bad girl she should have accepted you. HK: that’s what I am saying. SY: if I had accepted you back then, we would have dated for a short time and then you would have grown tired of me and moved on to someone who liked you. she asks how he knew where she was awhile ago. did that person call you? HK: yes. SY says he didnt want to send me away alone. HK says he was just being nice. like you do to me. it didnt mean anything. what do you like so much about him. it didn’t work for me for 15 yrs so why does it work for him. you haven’t even seen him for that long

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Jang goes over to meet MJ. MJ says you came. i didnt call for you to come here. Jang repeats what MJ said “what are you doing? I am fishing alone at night. not saying you should come.” this means to come – what else could it be?  MJ says it’s nice that you came. Jang says how his wife was starting to nag and make him tired so it worked out well. she didn’t when she was younger but over time she nags more as she ages. MJ asks what does it feel like to grow old together. i want to grow old together.

SY is in bed feeling miserable. she checks her phone then resumes moping.

Jang says how MJ doesnt look well. let’s go now. MJ says yes it’s cold. Jang wonders why MJ is so cold these days cuz you didnt used to be so it makes me uneasy. MJ says in the past there was someone who saved me when I almost died. that person said that

the Joseon doctor asks MJ, “Can you go back to the place you are from anytime?” MJ replies. “It depends on the laws of the universe. If I wait, that path will open. Since there is no other way right now, I must wait.” doctor says, “During the past three months while treating you, I witnessed a lot of things and was surprised many times. I was also able to see more broadly. But there is one thing that worries me. The human body is the same as the (?) if it does not flow with the heaven, life cannot be continued. The source of the universe is the same as the that of life.  (doctor says a phrase that he explains next). ‘If it flows, it won’t hurt. If it doesn’t flow, it will hurt.’ But on the ground in which the heaven’s qi doesn’t flow, how long will you be able to coexist? The day will come when all the qi will be used up (flows out). I just hope that you will be able to return home before all the qi disappears.

*Joonni translated this scene and explained that the doctor’s student’s headband from the earlier scene reads “yin and yang” so all that qi or chi he is referring to has to do with energy. When MJ uses up all his qi, then he could die.

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MJ says i think what he said is happening now. Jang asks if that means MJ cant stay here even if MJ wants to. MJ says if the heaven’s qi doesn’t flow-I might die soon. the ice cracks.

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-41-54]

SY kicks her legs and sits up in bed. she goes and drinks soju. YJ asks what is this. she asks want a drink? you cant yet huh? our YJ is still in high school. he tells her not to drink too much

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-44-54]

she wakes up with a hangover. YJ goes to school and says how he is going to study hard after seeing what she did yesterday. cant just live doing whatever you want. she asks what did I do?

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-06-42]

she suddenly remembers – last night she sang alone – a sad song (“like I was shot with a gun”) and yells out manager Doh. She was acting like a crazy person

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-07-26]

she checks her phone record and realizes how many times she called MJ. she drunk dialed him like a psycho amount and yelled at her phone – why aren’t you answering? you bought the phone I asked you so why aren’t you answering?  I will keep calling till you answer. DMJ!

SY is stunned she did that. she checks what she tweeted. she called MJ a bad guy. I stayed up all night for you. cant you change your mind. I will do well. is it cuz I broke your vase last time. I told you I would pay for it. let’s go to Yichun together. she drops the phone and grabs her head in shame

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-09-56]

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-52-16] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-53-45] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-53-54]

she is brushing her teeth and screams remembering how she knocked on his door crying. MJ opened the door and she held up her shoes and says the shoes you stole. you liked it so much you stole them secretly. what do I do with these. it has our memories.

SY bangs her head against the glass partition

HK asks if JK went to work. the mom says he left. why aren’t you going in to work. HK pretends he is coming down with a cold and is staying home. his mom offers to get some medicine taken up for him and tells him to rest

He goes through JK’s drawers and finds two passports. one is the ex wife’s

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-56-08] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-58-07] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-58-16] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-01-16] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-02-10]

in the parking garage HK thanked MJ for earlier. for calling me and not letting SY go alone. MJ asks : did you wait all this time just to say that. HK thanks him for saving her 12 yrs ago. MJ: I told you it wasn’t me. HK says my SY doesn’t know you are that person but she seems to like you a lot. do you really not like SY or is there another reason. MJ says the woman you like likes me and that’s what you are curious about? if you like her don’t pay attention to someone else’s heart and protect her in your way. and Lee JK. HK asks how do you know my brother. my brother asked about you last time too. MJ: yes your brother – protect Chun SY from your brother first. HK: what does that mean. MJ: you cant know everything yet so I cant tell you anymore than that

SY’s mom says how HK mentioned it once before. about making an agency just for SY. are you saying you really will make an agency for her? JK says yes mother. It’s too bad what happened to SY over this matter and i want to take care of her myself from here on. if you have time can we have dinner together. I will come and pick you up. she says of course. he twirls his ring

Park is given a report about the 3 pen owners. one is abroad and one wasn’t located yet and the other one -Han SJ died 2 yrs ago. (the guy is reporting about MJ – one of his fake death certificates that Jang always made for him every ten years). Park is upset cuz none of these 3 people have any connections to Yoo’s attack. are you sure Han SJ is really dead?

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-19-58] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-21-05]

MJ watches the footage of his library when SY was in there wondering where he has gone when it’s cold out. and if MJ went on a date somewhere. MJ can see the lackey. JK texts him a photo of SY’s mom and the message – since you are protecting SY so well I found another way. what are you going to do – you choose/decide. MJ is angry

after filming when Bum asks if she is going to the hospital, Saemi tells him she is going to drive herself cuz she has some place to drop by -you guys can leave work first.

in the car, Saemi remembers what HK said -that he is going to cancel what he said to her before. that he didn’t want to lose her as his friend. now I know how selfish those words were and how silly. more important than me not wanting to lose you  is for you to be happy. next to a man who cant love you-acting as his friend, you cant be happy. she points out he is doing that now (with SY). HK: I am nervous now (about SY) so I cant let you be like me too.  I wont see you even as a friend now Yoo Saemi.

SY wakes up when her doorbell rings. it’s Saemi.  SY wonders what to do since Saemi showed up suddenly cuz she looks like a mess now. SY dresses up to open the door. Saemi asks to come in

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-16-24]

SY says it’s awkward – I didn’t  imagine a time would come when I would feel awkward with you. Saemi says I was awkward around you a lot -you were just dumb to know. SY says after I saw you outside I changed clothes and put my hair up too – in the past I didn’t need to do that.  like you wanted I must feel a sense of rivalry with you. Saemi: so? do you want me to be thankful? SY: you are really twisted. that’s not good for you.  as your friend – no as the person who used to be your friend – I will give you some advice. just live your own life and don’t become twisted cuz of me. Saemi says my life is already complicated/twisted as much as it can cuz of you. SY: why cuz of me? Saemi: remember how you said you wanted to meet that person from 12 yrs ago when you almost died – that one day you wanted to meet him – the one who saved you. SY: yes I did – why? was that wrong?

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-20-18]

MJ waits holding the USB in his hand and gets the flashback of a body on the ground and the USB taken from the still hand. MJ is about to cross the street when a car runs him down. MJ cant stop the car from hitting him and only slows it down for a few seconds. he gets hit and thrown and lands on the ground

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-25-36]

SY tells her not to play around and just say what she wants.  Saemi says you said you would recognize him at once.if he showed up in front of you again you said you would recognize him at one glance. SY: so? Saemi: using the excuse that you were waiting for that person -for the reason that you would meet him again  – HK – that foolish kid who only sees you – so that he cant come or go,  you held onto his ankles. so why werent you able to recognize him? SY: what wasn’t I able to recognize? Saemi:  he is right next to you so why don’t you recognize him. SY: next to my side? where? who? what are you saying?

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-09-11] 별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-09-39]

blood pools around MJ’s head. the lackey walks over and takes the USB from MJ’s hand. MJ is helpless and can only watch him. He closes his eyes.


at the lake SY says so what do you want me to do. MJ: i wish I didnt see you in front of my eyes. SY: but why does it feel like you are lying?

she walks away and MJ watches her. he closes his eyes and makes time stop. her footstep stops. he goes over to her and faces her. he takes her hand and kisses her.

*That kiss shouldn’t count cuz she didn’t know about it – it shouldn’t count cuz he broke her heart- it shouldn’t count for so many other reasons but why do I feel like it was the most meaningful one yet? Maybe it’s cuz he kissed her with all his heart – for these few seconds – he got to take back the lie he just told her and made up for it with this kiss.

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-42-25]별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-42-50]별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-03]별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-18]별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-44-47]별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-30]

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted SY to find out who MJ really is. If she knows he was the one who saved her 12 yrs ago, how will it change what they have and her feelings towards them. It took just a second to realize Saemi just did SY a huge favor. By telling SY that her savior is right in front of her face, it’s going to open her eyes about so many things. It would explain why he was always next to her when she needed him. It would explain why she was drawn to him from the start. It would also explain why she is not going to let him reject her. If anything, this news about MJ will make SY jump to action. She waited 12 yrs for this guy so I doubt she will wait even a second longer to make him hers. Rejecting her was his choice, but she isn’t someone who is going to just meekly accept that -not when her first love is on the line. All this time, MJ was trying to protect her and now even her mom. But he still doesn’t get something – SY isn’t a little girl anymore. She can fight her own battles so maybe together, they can bring JK down and put an end to his murder spree.

별에서 온 그대.E11.140122.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-11-33]

MJ is so childlike in his wonder – he probably doesn’t get why she likes him so much. It seems so unfair. All he wants to do is like her back, but who he is prevents that. When he declared aloud to Jang that he wants to grow old together (with her), you could tell from his tone that he is fed up. He just wants what everyone else has – things that come so easily to others – why must it be such a struggle for him. Pushing her away each time hurts him more than it hurts her. Her pride and ego are taking a beating, but for him it’s just his heart. I hope each heartache makes him stronger and bolder. That stolen kiss was sweet and almost made me cry, but I prefer when she is aware of what’s going on so she can enjoy it too and get lost in the kiss with him. Together forever can start now with that first step by telling her he loves her.


35 comments on “You From Another Star E11

  1. Adela_Romania says:

    Softy: While reading the book, I was thinking the same as you! I think he will be by her side, more and more, especially now when he really knows the dangerous she is exposed!


  2. faith says:

    does anyone know where to watch this drama live online


  3. Anonymous says:

    i was abt to ask the same things…. any site that i can watch it live?


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    Campinggggg…as always..thank u in advance!!!!

    We love u softy!!!!


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    Softy, Many thanks as always for the recap 🙂


  6. KDfan says:

    Thanks for the speedy recap, Softy. It seems that MJ gets weaker and weaker after each usage of his super power. Wonder who will come to his rescue at the end of this scene..


  7. Swee says:

    Omg, I can’t wait for tomorrow ‘s ep and no preview. Love the drunk SY. I wonder how long we have to wait before MJ confesses to SY, his words at the camping site were so hurtful, but he redeemed himself at the end with the kiss but too bad, SY had no clue the kiss happened. Thanks Softy for the super fast recap. 😘


  8. Pam says:

    Omo…this show is killing me! Poor MJ and SY. Loving every moment. Thanks, Softy, for the super-duper fast recap.


  9. Thank you Softy!!! This episode is sad :((( it’s sicksweet, like a dried up rose by the window pane… so sad so full of feels… and why is our hero on the floor?:(


  10. Samashburn says:

    I think in the end MJ may be a human since he had some changes on him like he can feel the cold. My opinion.


  11. bella157 says:

    Thank you sooo much for the super fast recap. Love this show. I was wondering why no one was live recapping (like people did with Heirs.

    I’m not sure he will turn human, but I don’t think he can hide his love for her anymore. We have so many episodes left, I can’t begin to imagine where it will go.

    Like a really good book; this drama is hard to put down. Eagerly waiting for it to show up on dramafever and hulu.
    Thanks again


  12. Samashburn says:

    Just watch this raw episode even though i didn’t understand. It was sad and heartbreaking episode .


  13. joonni says:

    ah, I didn’t say it was the doctor’s arm band but the doctor’s students’ head band! 😀


    • Samashburn says:

      Hello, jooni. I don’t really understand that part. What do u mean by yin n yang/ qi n chi for that scene. What’s related to MJ power?


      • joonni says:

        Hi, Samashburn. I had trouble translating this scene because 1) the guy doesn’t enunciate, and 2) I am not familiar enough with the concept he is talking about to give you the best translation. Qi and Yin/Yang have a very long history and different schools of thought, and I can’t specify exactly which theory of those two things the drama is referring to. The basic idea is that qi/ki is vital energy that can exist anywhere and in anything. It exists in you and around you. The idea is that qi moves and/or can be transferred, and that the yin and yang, which are manifestations of qi, have to be in harmony with one another. The general idea that I think the doctor is getting at is that MJ’s qi or life force is being affected negatively by the different environment or energy on earth. He needs to go back home to his own planet for the balance of his qi to be restored.


        • v says:

          Qi is life energy, yin and yang is negative and positive qi respectively. For human they can absorb and dump yin and yang from earth since it is where they come from, because human’s qi is abundant in earth. Unfortunately for MJ, his qi does not replenish because his source is not earth qi. it is his planet’s qi. So the more he uses his power or the longer he stays in earth the more his life force is depleted, thus he feel cold in earth. Most probably his planet have more extreme condition compared to earth so he did not feel cold at earlier times because he have more energy compared to human, but since his stored energy has slowly used within his 400 years in earth and have not been recharged (earth qi doesn’t match his — just like different countries have different electricity voltage, some house appliances cannot charge within different voltage, take it as his voltage is 220 and earth voltage is 110) he started to feel the condition in earth. I hope that helps.


  14. Thank you for the recap once again Softy. I read it and watched the raw. This is the first time i myself have really some doubts if those two will get a happy end. And not in the *together in heaven* or the *reborn as <insert species here* variant. I think it is MJ who is blocking his own Chi by rejecting his love. I hope tomorrow will bring some more answers 🙂


  15. OMG Softy I totaly agree with you 🙂 I so hope for us to have a happy ending.
    I bet we will have some eps. full with angst, thats the kdrama construction, but I so hope that this will not take too long…


  16. Anonymous says:

    It simply breaks my heart seeing him trying to push her away. I understand that he’s got valid reasons to keep her at bay. But he only needs one reason why he should do otherwise. Excellent recap Softy. I’m forever a fan of your insights on kdramas. Keep up the good work~


  17. vb says:

    Thank you Softy for recap. First time to post in your site. I hope for a happy ending for the both of them. However I know that eventually as they fall in love, the real conflict will begin, starting with Min Joon’s mortality or immortality.


  18. MJShinshi says:

    Hi softy 🙂 love these two and wishing and hoping for DMJ to hurry and not reject her anymore! I think MJ exchanged the USB drive….or made copies…crossing fingers. I had a feeling it would be him on the ground from all those premonitions. He is bleeding bad!! Poor SY she will go crazy when she finds out about this. Seriously can someone put a stop to mr murder spree!

    Thanks softy for your hard work and sacrificing your sleep so I to can enjoy this show 🙂 Take care and hope you get your needed rest after Thursdays 🙂


  19. sal728 says:

    After such an episode I know I should be panicking about MJ and what just happened, but there is a place in the very back of my heart that felt like he did that intentionally–stepping off the curb, anticipating the car hitting him and having the USB taken from him…but I know that sounds off-the-wall, too…Since we’ve only just passed the half-way point in this drama, my head is spinning with all the possible directions the plot could take after this. I’m a hard core drama watcher, so it’s kinda hard to surprise me usually. But since this storyline involves someone from outer space, the sky is literally the limit! lol How much fun it is to look forward to the last half of this mystery!! Thanks again, Softy and Joonni, too, for your hard work.


  20. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thanks for another great recap to another intense episode. I liked her persistent, her craziness while drunken, her denial of being a one sided love, their heartbreaks. You could see the alien who is crazy in love with her when talking with Jang and the need he felt to stop time for a second to kiss her knowing very well how his body weakness after sharing saliva with her. I was wondering if that is why he could not prevent to be hit by the car; but, he had seen that someone was grabbing the usb and a body lying in puddle of blood. Does that mean, he was destined to be hit? I too wish she had known about the kiss so she can treasure that memory with him alone when he showed her his true feelings.


  21. v says:

    Hi Softy do you know whether I can share You From Another Star memes? I am addicted to this drama and I want to share laughter with every fans out there.


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