You From Another Star E10

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A first kiss led to a first confession. A 15 second seduction backfired and now she is bewitched by him. Then a revelation to protect the life of the one he loves – a sacrifice so great, yet done without a second thought. Jang’s warning fell on deaf ears tonight. Protecting his identity and his own safety is the last thing on MJ’s mind right now cuz he only sees her. We’ve been wondering if he could possibly leave her behind when it’s time to go, but the fact that he is taking so many risks to protect her is his answer.

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written before it aired: When you think about it – it shouldn’t be this hard for two people to acknowledge their feelings for one another. MJ won’t admit to Jang or even himself his growing feelings for her cuz he is leaving. She won’t admit she is bothered by MJ siding with Saemi cuz she wants to keep what they have between them. Those accusing words MJ threw at her about being lonely hit too close to home for her. SY looked so hurt cuz all this time, all these growing feelings, she was hoping that it wasn’t just her feeling less lonely these days. She was hoping she had some effect on his solitary existence too – that her presence mattered to him. That she mattered to him. It’s one thing to take someone under your wing and care for her, but to let her go again to be alone after letting her bask in all that solace – how will either of them deal? They aren’t strangers to feeling alone, but after spending so much time together – it must feel like a new sort of emptiness in their lives. Cuz if I remember correctly, it’s only when you have hugged someone so tightly that you can still feel them in your arms when you let them go.

I know it’s a little late in the game, but I really hope by dousing that creepy agent with that glass of water, some of that woke up SY’s mom too. At least I think some of his words hit home. I want her to realize living off your daughter is not what a parent should feel she has the right to do. Her mom did this for too long, but never realized how lonely she made SY in the process feeling like she didn’t have any true parents. If her mom making that kimchi for SY is the start of making amends, I hope it’s not at a time when SY feels it’s too late.


starts from SY looking at the shard of glass and remembering the accident

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HK asks who are you? MJ: what? HK: are you by any chance the person who rescued SY 12 yrs ago? are you that person. MJ acts like he doesnt know what HK is saying. HK says there is a photo taken at the accident site of you – i saw it and it was your face without a doubt. MJ points out there are a lot of people in the world who look similar and if it’s from 12 yrs ago -to be sure you aren’t wrong – it’s been too long. HK: that is why – how could your face be the same as 12 yrs ago. how old are you? MJ: you saw wrong. HK: more than anyone I wish I was too -but now just in the photo -it’s also left in my memory. that person was you. MJ: whoever is in your memory. whatever you are thinking -it’s up to you. believe what you want. it has nothing to do with me. do you have anything else to say.  HK : it doesn’t matter with me either. whoever you are – whatever your identity is -but if you are someone who keeps being involved with my SY then it’s different.   a man who is strange more ways than one -a man I don’t know the identity of -when he is connected to the woman I love – where is there a fool who would stand by and watch that -don’t get involved with SY in any way. MJ walks away

SY texts HK saying I cant go down now cuz I need to confirm something with DMJ

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MJ goes in and SY is waiting. he says what is it. she says you saw me as a fool huh? MJ: what are you talking about. SY: that night I almost died in that accident – you said you didnt come but what is this. she holds up the broken shards of bloody glass. MJ: what is that. SY: from what I can see- it looks like shards from my headlight and has blood on it. I discovered it in your trashcan.  MJ: so? SY: on that night you came there and blocked my car. and my headlights broke so its shards got caught in your hand. and you came home and treated it. so that is how it was left as proof like this.  explain what happened. MJ: I didn’t see you as a fool, but are a fool.  SY: what? MJ: you think all the shards of glass in the world are just from your headlights – last time when you broke my vase -you stepped on a broken shard. now a megalomania? SY: the shape of that was different. MJ: you said you went to do doctor’s – what did they say? did they say you being like this is normal?  he goes up

she follows him to his library and says: you said you went to the police station that night. did anyone see? he tells her to confirm with the police station herself. She  says that he didnt say that he got stabbed with a shard of glass and said he got hurt another way. MJ: so? she wants him to let her see his hand to check. she takes off the band aid but it’s almost healed. she says it’s all better now. he says are you done confirming. let go of my hand. she says there is more than one thing that is strange about you. I cant say what exactly but you are really strange.  MJ: after getting involved with you my peaceful life has been become a mess. it would be nice if you left now.  she says i was going to leave anyway. MJ: hurry if you can. she asks arent you curious where I am going. he pretends to read and ignores her

she goes down and sees the chicken and beer and smiles

She goes out and HK was pacing outside. he asks what did you talk about- what did you need to confirm. she says nothing much. he takes her hand and says let’s go. SY: wait a second

SY goes and stays with Bok in her tiny place. SY says how sweet the tangerines are. Bok says I cant sleep with anyone. if you suddenly show up like this. couldn’t you tie your hair back? She was busy cleaning up SY’s hair strands. SY asks do you have someone you like cuz you always made origami when you liked someone.  Bok asks how about you. do you like someone? SY: what are you talking about. Bok: ever since you came here you kept staring at your phone –  like you are waiting for a call. SY: I wasn’t. Bok admits I have someone (I like) someone who doesn’t seem to exist in this world. like he came down from some beautiful star. a man who has that auru and ambience. I fell for him at first sight. SY: did you only see him once and not see him again? Bok: no I met him one more time

Bok is walking down a lane and talking about MJ. how she ran into him and he stole her heart. how her heart has been caught. he lives in my memory. I thought I would meet him by accident one day. as she walks MJ rides by on his bike. she asks dont you know me. I tried to tell you that you looked nice. she tries to give him the origami but he says i dont want to buy it and rides off cuz he mistook her for a street vendor

HK overlooks a new lock installation on her door so no one else can open it and more CCTV cameras installed

her mom wants to know what crazy guy went through SYs home and if she reported it to the police. HK goes in and says it’s all done and invites them all out to eat something delicious, but SY says I am tired. why did you do something I didn’t even ask. why call mom and YJ. HK : you wouldn’t go to the countryhome and didn’t like the hotel. and didn’t want to go to mother’s home. her mom asks why don’t you like my home. SY asks them to leave now so I can rest.  YJ says I wont go. I will stay here for the time being. so HK likes that cuz if YJ is here he will feel better and I will go back and forth too. her mom was going to stay but SY makes her mom leave and asks HK to take her mom and go. her mom retorts – even if you tell me to stay I wont. she tells SY not to take a call from Kang and don’t speak to him

JK’s lackey reports in detail giving distance and specific time frame for the elevator and how long it takes to get to the first floor-  how fast a person would have to run down a flight of stairs -like over a second. JK says it’s impossible. any other possibilities. the guy says there was an elevator right by that one but it wasn’t in service.   JK says but I saw him on the 23rd floor and when he came down to the first floor.   does that mean I witnessed an impossibility

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jang worries that JK will have guessed that something is weird about MJ cuz of what he did at the elevator. why did you get emotional and make a mistake you don’t make. MJ did that to avert JK’s attention to himself and not SY. since MJ knows JK is after SY. Jang says how about just telling SY that he is dangerous and be careful and don’t get close. MJ says just cuz I reveal that he isn’t someone you can avoid. also it’s better for SY not to know his true nature. if she know his secret it will be more dangerous for her. but Jang is  concerned about MJ: what about you?  you lived quietly for400 yrs and you were just waiting for the day to leave so how about your safety. I had to write out your death certificates lots of times over the years. he goes on and lists some of them like car accident and stuff. there were so many reasons. but aside from those you could die for real. you wont even be able to go back where you are from and die here -didn’t you think of that?

park and Yoo are questioning Han’s sister. she says I have nothing else to say. if my parents know they will faint again. please go back. park says let’s ask one more – did your sister have a boyfriend. she says I told you she didn’t. she turns to go inside but  Yoo finally tells her that Han was pregnant. we already confirmed with the hospital. if she had a man – we have to know all that.   she worries if they are going to tell people. if you do you are killing again a dead person. if you tell people she was pregnant. Park says is that important now. there is a possibility your sister was murdered and not have committed suicide. Yoo says how Han stopped taking meds for depression and it’s proof she  wanted to have the baby and didnt want to die

in the car Park goes over the notes – that Han might have had a man -that she received a gift- but didn’t tell anyone who it was. all she said was he had a fortune and they were going to get married soon.  Yoo wants to go through her calls and something will show up. Park thinks it could be MJ cuz he has a lot of fortune. Yoo says there is more than one or two wealthy guys in korea

MJ is at the phone booth and sees JK riding by. a kid saw MJ disappear and points that out to his mom

JK tells the lackey to put someone on MJ to tail him cuz we have to take care of him first

MJ watches that from a distance

JK comes in and listens as HK is on the phone with SY -nothing much is going on right and YJ is there?  call right away if something happens. that crazy guy who went through your home –  if I catch him with my hands it’s the end of him. sleep well. JK goes over and asks did something happen to SY. HK: there are a lot of psychos these days.  JK asks -do you know DMJ? HK: how do you know him? JK: how is he? cuz he seemed really close with SY. did you discover anything strange about him. HK says no. he just lives next door to SY. why are you so interested in SY these days. JK says cuz you like her. you told me to help if I could. rest.

MJ looks at the USB. he has that vision again of the USB being pried out of a hand with blood nearby the body

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he watches the video of the woman (JK’s first wife) saying to Han: I found out his secret – I cant tell you – please take me out of here. get away from him- he might kill you. there is footage of Han and JK in the car. she asks where his first wife went to go study abroad. JK: England – why? Han: I was just wondering after divorcing you how great a country did she go to live in. but why don’t you contact me directly and always contact me through someone else. JK pretends it was cuz of his situation and to keep her privacy cuz she is an actress. she says it’s nice to keep my privacy but I’m sad cuz no one knows our relationship – I want to brag we are dating. MJ watches JK touching his ring

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SY read one of MJ’s books and is disappointed it’s about a man and woman dating. she texts MJ- what are you doing. she wonders if he is sleeping and texts are you sleeping. MJ gets the text and she sees that he read it. she wonders why he isnt replying after reading it. she gets up and tells herself I am ok. she counts and there is a call. the call is from the landlord cuz her rent wasnt paid yesterday

she goes into the bank and finds out it was cuz there wasn’t enough in her account for the rent to automatically be paid. she asks why there isn’t enough. he reminds her how she paid off compensation for her CF contract recently and used up most of her money to do that.  she asks to get a loan but is rejected. she takes off her sunglasses and says it’s me Chun SY. would it be hard for a star to get a loan. he explains no matter if she is a top star -she is like a freelancer now and she doesn’t have job safety so a job like her it’s difficult to give out loans.   she tries to argue she has used this bank for years and entrusted a lot of money – aren I V-VIP? he says you are no longer one. she finds out her mom used the cash services too often. so SY cant even get a loan for her home payments

SY drives home and parks on the line. she wonders if she should sell her car. she quickly apologizes to the car: omo what am I thinking – I am sorry – act like you didn’t hear.

she looks at her bag and wonders if she should sell the one she has a similar color.  she calls herself crazy and refers to her bags as children and runs off. she comes back and talks to the bag and offers to buy it back soon after its sold -I promise it wont take long – during that time take good care of your body and dont get scratches

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SY meets with a top stylist and tries to get him to buy her bags. he asks what all of these are. SY: these are my kids – the ones I value like my life and only wore or carried them  once or twice or didn’t get to wear. I will give them to you for half their price. if you tell people SY carried them they will buy them.  he says I think they will sell if I say you didn’t carry them. SY: what did you say. there is a misunderstanding. she goes on and says she is already a designer brand herself.  he talks about the rumors about how she is trying to sell her stuff for half. he offers to give her some money so take this and go, but not show up again. she goes out offended and says without you – you think I cant sell this somewhere else

she tries selling them online by posting pics of her with the items.

MJ is lecturing: William James in his “The Principles of Psychology” said that there is nothing worse punishment than being pushed out of society and being ignored by all its members. MJ gets text from someone trying to negotiate price for SY’s things. MJ continues. Human beings are weaker than you think, and are easily made happy or hurt by the way others’ demeanor toward them. MJ gets another text from someone trying to negotiate price for SY’s things. Student mutter.

Class ends. MJ calls the person and asks who are you and why do you keep calling. (SY had used his number to sell her stuff)  what is “woon po” (the word used in the texts sent to him). It the a portmanteau of the korean phrase to mean “including shipping charges,” so the woman explains she wanted to know if 450,000KRW with shipping including good. Isn’t he is the one selling CSY’s bags?

her mom lectures SY – I told you not to pay them back for the CF contracts. there are more that want you to pay compensation . what are you going to do. SY : what is this? I don’t know about it. i didnt make a contract. her mom says do you think this world is fairytale. SY: I will speak to Ahn. her mom wants to go with her to talk to him but SY says I have someone to go with

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SY is waiting at her balcony. MJ comes out and asks why (she called him out) She asks for a favor. he gets another text asking is there is no scratch on the bag. MJ: I was going to mention this but did you put my number up somewhere to sell bags? SY: did they call. He yells: how could you put my number up? I am about to go crazy from texts. SY says no to selling the bags at a discount cuz she is already sorry to her bags for selling them. so tell them no. MJ: right now that isn’t important.  SY: yes that’s not important. I have to go tm to my agency so come with me. MJ: why should I? SY: I am going tm to argue. MJ: isn’t that your major – arguing.  SY:  if I go alone I think I will be caught. MJ: what? SY: that I am not the SY from the past. to look strong I did my nails in leopard but my heart isn’t getting stronger.  I dont have confidence. if I go and argue in this state I will be caught- the way I am now. not having money – it’s ok. even when I had it I didn’t have it. I can just earn it again but if I get caught when I am pathetically at rock bottom I think I will really crumble. so when it looks like I will be caught – our smart DMJ get involved.  ok?

SY dresses up and walks in with MJ to meet her former agency CEO (Joonni translated this:)

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Ahn says he already checked with lawyer, and it is something that SY has to take responsibility for (referring to compensating the penalty for breach of of contracts with commercials, etc.).  SY agrees; she said she would based on moral principles. But not this -when did I say I would do this movie -they didn’t even show me the scenario (script) also airline endorsement. when did I say I would do that. (She never agreed to these contracts) Ahn argues that these are decisions she entrusted to the company. SY counters that she said the company should do it with her approval, not to make its own decisions. Ahn starts yelling that the company lost a lot of money because of SY. MJ interrupts, saying he looked over her contract. Ahn asks who he is. SY says he is her legal proxy. MJ starts talking. He says the company has violated a lot of clauses with SY, such as the company will do its best to not violate the person’s private life or personal rights. And that the company can’t take up a contract without the person’s approval. And that company will pay up when a third party demand payment. So according to this contract, she didn’t need to pay the penalty out of her own pocket, and if the company insists that she pays these other penalties, they will sue the company to get back the compensations she already paid. Ahn looks at his lawyer who looks away. SY repeats the Joseon phrase MJ used on her about the beottigogae. MJ is pleased

they walk out and run into Sae Bum and her coordi. Sae asks SY: are you busy now? cant we have some coffee? then Sae asks MJ: do you have some time? SY tries to say we are really busy but MJ says it’s ok

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SY, MJ. and Sae are sitting and Sae says it’s been a long time. I don’t think there was a time when we were apart like this. SY: why are you like this suddenly – act like you did last time. Sae apologizes for then. I was sad cuz you didn’t know my sincerity. in your place it was right to reject that offer (to do the drama). but not being able to do that I didn’t like myself. so I wasn’t in my right mind. SY tells her not to put on a show. MJ calls out her name. she says if you dont know don’t interfere. then SY says to Sae: I knew you acted nice but I didn’t know you would do it to me too. cuz you got caught – you came after me, so why are you shaking your tail now. MJ tells her to stop. Sae tells him: it’s ok SY has plenty of right to do that. SY: if you come out like that then how do I look? coordi comes over and spills hot coffee everywhere. MJ looks concerned for SY. coordi  wipes Sae but doesnt wipe SY. Bum asks if Sae is ok too but doesn’t ask SY.  Sae asks if SY is ok. Bum and coordi feel guilty. Sae asks if MJ is ok and wipes his hand cuz coffee got on him too. MJ says it’s ok. SY gets jealous and stands and says you said everything you wanted to say right? let’s  go manager Doh and MJ puts his coat over SY’s shoulder and leads her out with his arm around her saying let’s go. Bum wonders when the professor and SY got so close like that

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in the car SY says you said you didn’t have an ideal – but Yoo Saemi must be your ideal. MJ: nonsense. SY: were you just embarrassed? you said you hated anyone touching your body. when Sae said something was on it and wiped it -you stood still like you enjoyed it. anyway in front of Ahn – you did well manager Doh. if you are Chun SY’s manager you should be that skilled. MJ: chun SY. she replies yes in jeondae cuz he said her name so sternly. then corrects herself. MJ: come to your senses and live. SY: what? MJ: whether you know the world or not, the world won’t cut you some slack. Even if you fall without end or want to die because of the false accusation, the world won’t care. You are currently standing on the edge of the cliff, and if you make one wrong move, you can fall and disappear without a trace. so… SY cuts in: so that is why I am asking you to be by my side. MJ: why trust me? don’t trust me too. I cant keep staying next to you. she asks why? is it cuz I am broke? is that why?  cuz I might not be able to pay you. I am SY. you think I wont pay a manager’s salary? I wont do that. of course I just wont be able to pay you a lot. instead I wont make you work a lot. just stay by my side sometimes when I ask. couldn’t you even do that

* he looks so torn here – he wants to do as she asks, but he knows the reality of their situation all too well. You could just tell he was holding it in cuz he wanted to answer her and say yes I will do that

they go home and he tells her to go in. she asks you dont have a fever now? MJ: no. SY: how about food. you have to eat. I have to eat too. our YJ too.  if he is at home should we eat together. Mj says no and goes in

YJ is watching ET. he says mom brought kimchi and left so SY says you go over next door. YJ: why? SY: what do you mean why. I have been imposing a lot next door. when we have something delicious we should share it. give him some kimchi. YJ says you go -why make me. but she kicks him and says you go. then she sees that he is watching ET and says how old are you to be watching ET. are you an elementary kid? he gets up and reluctantly leaves. she says go and tell him it was from me and that I am at home

YJ gives it to MJ saying my sister said to give it to you

when YJ comes back she asks did you give it to him? YJ: cant you see that I did. SY: what did he say? YJ: say what? he just took it cuz I gave it to him.  SY: did you tell him I gave it to him? YJ says yes. she asks but he didn’t say anything. YJ: he didnt. SY: did you tell him I was at home?  YJ: why say that? SY: why didnt you bring back the container. YJ: he didn’t give it to me so I didn’t bring it. SY: that is expensive. go and get it. YJ: I am really going to get mad. if it’s such a waste you go and get the container.  SY: me? since you said that it cant be helped.  she runs to her room. she looks at outfits and says maybe it’s too much.

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MJ opens the door and asks what now? she is dressed nicely and says I came for the kimchi container. he says to wait and closes the door before she can go in. she yells my fingers were almost caught. She punches the code and goes in.  MJ: what is this. SY: you didn’t change the code. don’t change it cuz I always forgot mine but I don’t forget this home’s. it’s bizarre. you cleaned up. did you water the plant. it was wilting so I was going to water it, but it’s fresh and alive. that kimchi is really delicious -my mother doesn’t look like it but she makes great kimchi. put it outside one day and refrigerate it tm. MJ: ok so go now. he hands her the container. SY: go? MJ: didn’t you come for the container? SY: yes I came for this. ok. I will be going. she stops and asks were there no more calls to buy the bags? MJ: I told them not discounts so no more calls. SY: you should have said you would lower it by $20. MJ: while I say it nicely – change the number on the site. SY: ok. so cheap. I will be going. I was going to go. when she leaves he leans against the wall and sighs.

she goes home and startles YJ by yelling to herself “have you gone crazy? what do I do. did I just want to stay at that home? chun SY come to your senses.”

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-36-52]별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-38-27]별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-38]

SY: I am chun SY – why am I like this over that man. that (human) being DMJ. she keeps muttering that she likes his looks -his height, his small face, and his eyes.  last time when I saw- it looked like he takes good care of his body. still – what do I lack? why that (human) being DMJ?  came out of Harvard – is a professor and it was his first kiss. omo omo omo omo am I brooding about that kiss with him -huh? no way – am I missing that person now? no I am not. (she is in denial)

Park and Yoo are going over Han’s call records – there were no calls or use of credit cards recorded (for her man) no paparazzi photo of them either – there is no trace of a guy so how could she have a baby. Sae knocks and comes in. park recognizes her. she says oppa to Yoo

Yoo walks her out and says he made his sister drop off his underwear. he thanks her. she says drop by home cuz mom is worried. Yoo asks about Han and who is around her. Sae says you are still investigating that case. it’s already ruled a suicide and people are no longer interested -finish it up. Yoo asks did hear about her and a guy. Sae remembers SY saying to JK – are you dating anyone? Han said she was going to get married with S group – and there are only two sons in that family. JK said if it’s Han I know her cuz of our department store. just an acquaintance. Sae: why?  Yo0: I think this case involves Han’s man -did you hear anything or know anything? Sae says I dont know well

HK goes to JK’s room and picks up JK’s phone when it rings. HK hears a woman pleading -listen to me -I am not crazy -no one here believes me- you can get me out of here. HK asks who are you. JK takes the phone away. why answer someone else’s phone? HK : sorry. but who was that? she asked to be taken out. JK says it’s someone crazy. HK: she said she wasn’t crazy. JK: when you work at the office you get involved with a lot of strange people.  you dont need to know about it. dont concern yourself. HK: ok

MJ calls Yoo and says I want to meet cuz I have something to give you. they decide on a place to meet. the lackey overhears the call. SY texts to meet MJ

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-16-55] 별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-20-51] 별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-21-32] 별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-22-41] 별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-28-59]

on the balcony they meet and SY says what did you do to me? MJ: what do you mean – do what?  SY: you did something to me. you did. if you didn’t do anything then I wouldn’t be like this. MJ: talk so I understand.  I was clearly trying to seduce you in 15 seconds but did I fall for you. MJ: what? SY: what do you think of me. no no dont answer. you will die if you answer. it’s cuz I am embarrassed so I will turn my back and talk-you just listen. I’m not someone who does this. I admit you made me grateful all this time. but I am not someone who cant tell the difference between gratefulness and that (other) feeling. if I just pick on gratefulness I am way more grateful to HK.  but why do I have to brood over you (meaning keep thinking about you) – I’m a woman people brood over. my airport fashion – the lipstick I wear – my shiny hair- people are always brooding over me- but over what you said – over you- your kiss – am I crazy? what do you think of me as a woman?  no don’t answer – if you answer you are dead. DMJ – did you leave. you can answer this. did you leave? she turns around and he is still there just looking at her. they keep staring at each other

*This is a similar look he had on his face when young YH confessed to him back in Joseon. SY might have confessed for the first time in her life, but this was his second time being confessed to by essentially the same person -just a more grown up version of YH. the look on his face is a mixture of gratitude, maybe some glee, some sadness that her confession came so late, and one more – if YH didn’t die back in Joseon and grew up- would she have confessed again like this? confessed in such a sincere child like way that stunned him with how poignant it was.

she goes in and falls on her bed saying what to do.

The comic store guys read an article about rumors of SY being a “iljeen” (bully or the best fighter)during high school. The guy in read says he read a blog in which a neighbor of the distant cousin of the in-laws of SY’s schoolmate write that SY was really a iljeen and beat up a lot of kids. Guy in blue says if that the neighbor of the distant cousin of the in-laws of SY’s schoolmate said that, it must be true. Guy in red asks if SY bothered Han Yoora using her iljeen skills. SY shows up behind them and asks if they are sure she was a iljeen. Are they sure that if someone caught her attention, they all died.

SY is eating noodles with Bok and is upset that people are spreading nonsense rumors about her and asks should I hold a press conference.  Bok says do it. SY: what did I do that was so wrong. I have to say what I want to reporters. Bok gives her instructions and says take away all your smiles and act like you will cry at any time no matter what anyone says. when you go dont wear accessories. but SY says I will be in front of the cameras though. Bok: you aren’t going to film a photo shoot. wear top and bottom black. it would be good if you didnt wear makeup well. SY: does that suit me? Bok: prepare a handkerchief. SY: why? Bok: you will cry at the end. don’t cry during cuz you will look pathetic. but the last 5 mins let the floodgates open. SY: you are like a pro. Bok: where are you going to do the press conference. SY: shouldn’t it be at a hotel borrowing the biggest room they have. Bok asks will your agency do it?  SY:I dont have an agency. Bok: then do you have money. SY: I am broke. She gets a call about her shoes that she is trying to sell and yells into the phone those shoes aren’t a fake – SY got them in Milan herself

in the parking garage, when Yoo gets out of his car he is hit over the head and knocked out. MJ’s pen is left next to him.

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-27-54]

MJ is waiting in the cafe and sees the ambulance drive by. he hears what is going on at the parking garage and arrives to see Yoo being taken away by ambulance. then he sees JK in his car smiling at MJ

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-28-15]

MJ follows JK and they both drive along as JK grins

SY comes in and says YJ should eat food but he is done eating the ramen and doesnt want her to order him anything. he asks where she was all day. SY: I’m always busy.  she asks if anyone called or came looking for her. like for example someone from next door. YJ: no.

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-32-09]

she checks her phone and mutters a woman was brave and said those things ( confessed) no reply all day. let’s see if I ever do that again.   she suddenly says aloud  where did I put my hair tie -I really like that one –  I must have left it at manager Doh’s. what to do. she starts to change

she goes to his home dressed nicely again and wonders if he didnt come home yet. maybe he is in his library. she walks over there

JK drove to the cliff and MJ followed him there. they get out of their cars and JK keeps grinning

SY calls out to MJ asking are you here. he isnt. where is he. did he go on a date

별에서 온 그대.E10.140116.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-45-37]

MJ asks is it you that did that to prosecutor Yoo. JK says i told you – you and SY living was cuz I let you live so you should be grateful. i hate people who don’t know to be grateful. MJ holds out the USB and says is this what you want? if I give you this then will you stop everything. JK says yes. he takes out a gun. he asks do you know what this is. he points and says it’s to tranquilize animals. there is a special medicine inside. if you get shot once you will fall without any pain. i dont do this normally but you messed with me. so I wanted to send you off myself. if you die it will look natural. after killing Han you were terrorized by the investigation and couldn’t win over the pressure so you chose death. right about now there will be a suicide note on your computer.

SY is walking around the library and the lackey is hiding behind the chair.

MJ remembers Jang’s warning- right now in front of that person or anyone else you cant reveal your powers- are you going to lose everything you protected so hard all this time

JK says you have to die first for me to get rid of SY easily. the order doesn’t make much difference. go well. JK shoots and MJ teleports. MJ is behind him. MJ: what did I say – I said you couldn’t kill me.



SY visits the doctor again and acts deranged. (joonni translated this)

SY wonders if dependency can transform into love. The doctor replies it is not impossible but there can be confusion between loving and wanting to depend on a particular person. SY says she depends on chicken and beer; she always wants it when she is depressed. But it doesn’t mean her heart flutters when she sees a chicken leg. But her heart flutters in this case. She can give another example. When she holds a new bag, her heart flutters, but her lips don’t dry up nor does she doesn’t want to kill other women who hold the bag. But in this case, she does. Her heart flutters, and her lips dry up, and she gets nervous if she can’t see him, and she wants to hurt that girl who is flirting with him. SY calms her crazy self down when the doctor looks scared. She apologizes. She wants to break the wrist of the girl cleaning up the coffee spilled on him. What is this feeling? Doctor says let’s change your medicine. Make sure you take it regularly on time.


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    To this day, you never sees to amaze me.
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    • Softy says:

      Pretty sure it was meant purely for humor. If you saw how crazy SY was acting – you can see why he would want to medicate her cuz she seems like she is wigging out. 🙂

      I just watched an episode of an American drama called Switched at Birth and the mom in that show went to see a shrink and they spoke for like a few seconds and he prescribed her medication right off the bat too. I think it’s cuz these are dramas and there is no malpractice suits for fictional characters. 🙂


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      • Softy says:

        There is something about the lyrics of this song that is haunting – it reflects the character’s emotions in a way and I love the scenes that were chosen and how soft everything looks – here are some of the lyrics (couldn’t make out every word though) – it starts out saying “I have to hurry and go. I have to leave this place, but my feet won’t move. who is there – what is this feeling. I have to hurry and go – a little more a little more…my footsteps stopped. who is that person in front of my eyes -this heart that I cant explain – I cant breathe now- it’s not the first time I met that person. my steps, not even a hand, I cant move them. I really want to ask – do you know? this feeling? this time


        • Swee says:

          Thanks for translating the lyrics, Softy. I searched further and found the the lyrics at스치다/
          It is called brushing past by junsu and Lyn, what a lovely song and yes, it reflects the characters’ emotions. Thanks again. 😘


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    • Softy says:

      Each time Bok Ja narrated lines from the lyrics- that particular song played in the background. there were 3 songs total and that last one when she tried to give him the origami was yet another singer from the 1990s I think and for the life of me I can’t place the voice so I just watched like 50 music videos from back then and I found a lot of similar voices but not the exact song. I give up. Someone like Joonni or Blue would know right away who sang that song, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack for me cuz I just don’t know any music from that time. 🙂

      Joonni just came to the rescue and searched the lyrics and found the song for you. It’s called “my heart towards you” by Lee Seung Hwan (1991)

      I also found these other ones by the same singer that you might like

      This song is from the other drama “who are you” about the father who died and came back as a ghost to protect his daughter

      One more:


  25. Anonymous says:

    No Ep 11 preview, but a brief write up from SBS website. “HK starts to have suspicious on JK and begins his investigation on JK’s ex wife whereabouts. SM wanted to discuss the attack on her brother and visited MJ. SY became uncomfortable when she saw SM and MJ entered his house”


  26. bunniefly says:

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    • Softy says:

      SY: it’s a little weird to say this with my own mouth, but I was #1 as the woman (Korean) men wanted to date.
      That kind of person said something to you (referring to her confession to him)
      MJ: did you come all this way cuz you really wanted to hear my answer?
      SY: no it was cuz I wanted to be with you
      MJ: wonder what it feels like to grow old together
      HK says to MJ: I think my SY likes you
      MJ: if she is the woman you like then you protect her your way. protect Chun SY from your older brother first
      JK yells: how dare you give me orders
      JK to MJ: cuz you are protecting Chun SY so well I found another way -what do you want to do – you choose (youdecide)


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