You From Another Star E9

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I’m so glad she sat in his chair and saw the view he looks at each night. It’s too bad she couldn’t see what he looks at when he gazes out. He might be looking at stars and thinking of his home from time to time, but lately all his thoughts have been about her so how cool is it that sitting in this chair, her thoughts are probably about him too – how content and at home she feels here with him. No matter how you look at it – somewhere between all that playful bickering and eye rolling on his part, these two settled into a groove. She is more comfortable here than at her own place. It’s like she didn’t just step into his life – she crept into every thought he has these days. I’m beginning to think that door he was supposed to open to his heart to let love in, it was flung open by SY and she just made herself right at home – like she never plans to leave.

*I have too much to say about this episode so I inserted them between the recap and at the end.

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Written before it aired: Isn’t love suppose to make you stronger so why is MJ getting sicker? I guess we are to assume that his rule about not mixing saliva really was connected to his longevity. This reminds me of that war of the worlds movie. All that bombing and shooting at the aliens didn’t harm them, but our bacteria got them in the end.  So far MJ has been becoming more “human” by being able to feel the chilly weather and now he is struck down by the common cold. I wonder if it was that kiss that did him in. I couldn’t help noticing that even though he is an alien, he is reacting surprisingly the same as a man and being a big baby about catching a cold.

I finally got a copy of the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and I must say – this is a really well written book. I’m so grateful to this writer for introducing me to it. I love the quotes from this book so much.

*Thanks to Joonni for translating the first scenes about MJ’s lecture and also for the epilogue at the end. 🙂


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Starts from MJ giving a lecture to his class: An American psychologist named Harry Harlow performed an experiment on the rhesus monkey, which has 95% similar genetic makeup as humans. He took a baby monkey from its mom and put in to a room with two monkey dolls, one doll was made of wire and held a bottle with food and the other was made of soft cloth but held no bottle. The hypothesis was that the infant would chose the wire mother with food, but the infant showed an attachment to the cloth mother. What was proven through this experiment was the importance of “skinship.”

Then scene goes to SY asking for 15 secs. she starts the timer and poses.

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*unless that background was CG, this means they filmed this kiss scene twice – once on the set and then outside on that sofa

MJ lectures “eye-meeting can be a form of indirect skinship. When a human meets the eye of someone he/she likes, dopamine is released from the brain, happiness surges

Their kiss scene comes out

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Back to lecture. When humans kiss, the heart-rate increases two-fold, respiration rate increases, so does blood pressure.

As a result, the heart races, there is shortness of breath, and dizziness occurs, allowing one to delude oneself that he/she is in love. But all this is the mischief of skinship, and the trickery of hormones. One must not fall for it.

back to his home. she cant sleep and he cant focus cuz of his elevated heart rate. He goes to the sofa and they both feel the after effects of the kiss

she mutters: I did it. (as in she started it by testing him) that could happen.

MJ stood out on the balcony with a blanket over him and looks cold

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she wakes up and goes out and sees him shivering and sweating on the sofa. she calls out to him and gets closer – she wonders if he is sick and touches his forehead to check for fever. as he tried to say “dont do that – don’t touch me -don’t come close-go away – go”

MJ concludes his lectures: dont fall for it.  you have to be able to make the difference between falling in love and your heart beat getting faster

JK’s lackey tells JK – it’s the same face as the guy caught on the camera – the face of the guy I saw on the cliff. JK: did you say his name is DMJ? lackey says yes. JK remembers seeing MJ at the parking garage when Park asked to speak to MJ. lackey says if SY doesn’t have the USB for sure then the chance it went to  DMJ is high.

SY mutters  that he got sick right after they did that  ( kissed) – what kind of manner is that- it makes me seem like a lump of virus

she goes over and tries to shake him awake but his hand falls limp so she wonders – is he dead? his heart is racing as she listens and says it’s beating so fast. can a person be alive when the heart races this fast? she reaches over to touch him but he grabs her hand so she asks are you ok. I thought something bad happened to you. he says move away. she wants to take him to the emergency room cuz his body is too feverish -his forehead could fry an egg, but he says I wont go. she asks why? why wont you go?

he moves to his own bed.

she calls her friend and says he has a lot of fever. how high is his temp? about 50?  Bok says can a person live if his fever is 50 Celsius. please let’s talk realistically. SY: anyway it’s really hot – what to do cuz he wont go to the hospital. Bok asks who is it? SY: is that important? what should I do? you said you know this well cuz you raised 3 nieces and nephews. Bok: of course I know. when there is a fever – you have to strip him. SY: do I really need to do that? she hears MJ moaning. Bok asks did you take his clothes off. SY: not yet. Bok: take all his clothes off and and massage his whole body with a lukewarm towel. SY repeats the instructions (massage his whole body) and says do I have to go that far? Bok says that’s the best way. I did that for my nephew and took his diaper off even. SY: that isn’t the situation. Bok: is the kid that big? how old is he. she hears MJ moaning and knows it’s not a kid and that it sounds like a grown man so SY quickly says hang up for now.

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SY gets ready and says I have to save him. she unbuttons his shirt and starts to towel off his chest so he asks what are you doing. she says this is good for lowering the fever. or you could take your clothes off.  he tells her not to do this and to leave. she says to feel fortunate cuz it was her original dream to be Helen keller – an angel for care. so he corrects her – you meant Nightingale so she says don’t focus on details. the point is my dream was to be a nurse and I’m acting like a nurse now. I have to massage your entire body with a lukewarm towel -if you don’t want me to do that –  then do you want to do a self massage? he says please get out. she asks is it cuz you feel awkward about  what happened last night (meaning the kiss)? it’s not your fault.  I warned you – I am a lump of chemistry – a lump of charm (attractiveness) I understand – you are a man too – so how could you help yourself. after you did the (kiss) if you are suddenly laid up like this -then what am I? by any chance was it your first time? first time?  MJ: would that be? SY:  at your age? what have you been doing all this time? what is this. I’m the one surprised by it- since it turned out this way-  it makes me sorry. anyway i have to lower your fever so even if you are cold just endure it. why are you like this suddenly after being fine. she goes and opens the window saying it’s cold

HK thinks over what happened with Sae when he told her – why call me when I told you to call that guy you like. He texts her – are you sleeping. if you aren’t sleeping call me.

Sae gets the text and turns her phone off

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she goes to her brother’s room and says oppa I am curious about something. last time – that guy caught on the CCTV photo -DMJ – how old is he? he teaches at a college. what did he do before that? can you find out about his siblings? does he have a twin or an older brother? Yoo: why are you curious about that?  Sae: what is his relationship with SY. did you find out anything? Yoo says arent you the closest friend with SY? instead of asking me that you should ask your friend directly. Sae says we arent friends anymore. Yoo says that’s more strange if you arent friends then why be curious about that man’s relationship with SY. she asks him to just answer cuz that man is strange. he asks what is strange

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MJ wakes up and his window is open. he tries to close it with his power but he is too weak and it doesn’t work so he goes over to close it manually. he turns and finds SY sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag all zipped up. he asks what are you doing inside. she asks did you wake up? i was worried and thought I should be next to you but it was too cold cuz I opened the window. MJ sighs deeply. she rolls around saying this wont open – why wont this open. he says it’s ok now so leave. SY: excuse me? what did you just say? “it’s ok so leave” did I hear that wrong? or did you lose your mind? is that something you should be saying to someone who stayed up all night nursing you. how rude of you to say that-   since you are back to being rude you must be feeling better now. she cant unzip the sleeping bag so she mutters why wont this open. MJ: cant you be quiet.  she says the zipper is broken cuz it wont open.  unzip it from the outside, but he says just stay put then and don’t bother me. he leaves her there and goes to bed. she yells -are you joking – open this -I was being kind and I get backstabbed like this. I don’t see this as doing the right thing. a person shouldn’t do this.  if I helped you when you were sick shouldn’t you say thank you first. you shouldn’t live that way. I am giving you genuine advice. hurry and open this. I’m going to count to 3 i wont put up with more than that. I wont be able to take responsibility for what I will do. 1, 2, 2 and a half. half a half. half half half. half half half. then she sings bammballaabambam.  she is so loud so he opens the face part and says be quiet. it’s giving me a headache. she asks him to take her out of there so he carries her and drops her on the sofa. SY: what is this – are you not going to let go. she threatens what she will do when she gets out. when I am really angry it’s scary. then she mutters about how it hasn’t been that long since he came at her suddenly and took away her oxygen. then she curses at him

someone is taking something from MJ’s desk at school -all his old fancy pens and notebooks

other professors come in and talk about how MJ hasn’t come in yet and he has a class today-what is this -he is never late. the guy says MJ is resting today cuz he is sick. the woman says this is the first time he has been sick

Jang goes in with food and sees her on the sofa and asks who are you. SY says father. Jang: Chun SY shi? SY: we meet again. she bows and says father happy new year. Jang says you too. she says if you have time – couldnt you please take me out of here

she asks if MJ called him early this morning. jang says yes. she asks why is he suddenly like that – suddenly sick and didnt want to go to the hospital. jang says he doesnt need to go to the hospital. SY:why?

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Jang serves food to MJ and asks -even if it’s hard please eat some.  MJ says my throat hurts so I cant eat anything.  Jang asks what happened. this happened 30 yrs ago when you worked at the bank -when you first met me- cuz of that bank employee that hated you – he gave you coffee after spitting into it and served it to you-after you drank that you fainted and was really sick for a whole week. MJ says that guy’s name and says I still remember his face well. Jang: you were afraid that would happen again so you were careful.  is it cuz you had a meal with SY?  no that wouldn’t be it cuz you ate with me. you were ok doing that much. what happened then. was it by any chance that? that? MJ: what? I have to rest.  Jang: you should have held it in. why do that -risking your life (putting your life on the line to do that) rest then. why did this have to happen when you are leaving. it’s upsetting. by any chance couldn’t you not go? after your heart (feeling) gets deeper -after you leave-  of course the person leaving will feel that too but the person left behind hurts as much as her heart gets deeper too

Park and Yoo go to the stalker’s home and there are photos of Han posted everywhere. Park calls him a guy who was crazy for Han.  Yoo finds a photo of Han coming out of some clinic a month ago and Park wonders if Han was pregnant. Yoo says that didn’t come out on the test so Park explains about that in detail and they didn’t do any test on whether she had been pregnant

they checked the clinic and come out. Park says this case is dramatic – then Han had a man. it must be that man she went with to that death experience center. maybe it’s that person dong MJ cuz of that rumor that SY and Han fought over some man at the hair salon. Yoo says we saw the CCTV footage that day and it didn’t show that.  Park says but it showed they fought and a man came out -DMJ. Park  comes up with a scenario – DMJ and SY liked each other cuz they live next to each other then somehow he had an affair with Han. cuz he had a lot of money.  he got caught by SY. cuz of her personality she threw a hissy fit. so he chose SY – but Han got pregant. so he made up his mind to get rid of Han and got on the boat.  Yoo says DMJ had an alibi that night –  there is no proof so dont make things up

Jang asks SY to take good care of MJ and heat up the rest of the porridge and tell him to eat. SY: yes I will father. don’t worry. Jang: just in case but even if he misbehaves (acts rude)  just cuz you hate him you shouldn’t spit into his porridge. she jokes I was going to do that so he looks shocked. SY: I was just kidding father. jang says no you cant do that for real – it will be big trouble

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She goes in to wipe his face and remembers how MJ wrote – his last 3 months on earth. then how she asked him about it and whether he is going somewhere or has some terminal disease. all he said was I said don’t ask questions. She recalls that and says no way it would be that (she thought maybe MJ is dying)

JK is in the car talking to his lackey and finds out about Han’s pregnancy. he wonders why that didn’t come out in the autopsy. lackey says cuz the pregnancy was at it’s earliest stage.  JK remembers how Han  said to look forward to what she will be saying to all the people they know cuz he will be shocked too when he hears and that she stopped taking her depression medicine. lackey fills JK in what’s going on in the investigation – that they are looking for Han’s man. the chance of SY being the suspect for murder is high but if she tells people about JK and Han’s relationship then…JK doesn’t hear the rest and says we have some place to drop by

SY’s mom is on the phone telling that person she will pay them back and not to worry. then she meets with some new agency head named Kang. until a few months ago he called often wanting to sign a contract with SY. they meet  about SY’s contract. she finds out how much SY is going to get and is so happy cuz it’s a lot. but Kang has a condition. SY only did tame projects all this time.  now that SY is older he wants to change her image. he wants SY to do racy movies so her mom throws water in his face. Kang: mother.  she yells at him. who is your mother. I never had a son like you who is old. if you are looking for a mom go home and ask your mom -why am I living like this.   he talks back and accuses her of living off her daughter so how could you act like you are a mother. why? cuz the money isn’t enough?  just tell the truth and ask for more money. if I give you more she will do it. what wouldn’t you make her do. you are Chun SY’s mom – the one who is selling off her daughter’s soul and living. no one will give you more I bet.  cuz I will – I thought she can take it off and I can make something off it.   before he leaves he says SY is out of this business so you dont have anyone to live off so come to your senses

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SY wakes up in bed and MJ is gone. she wonders why she is sleeping here. she sees him sleeping in his chair so she goes over and asks are you feeling better. she sees his band aid and asks is your hand not better. how much did you hurt it. she reaches out to touch it but he pulls away and says it’s already healed now. SY: your father stayed a long time and then left. He was really concerned about you a lot. you must be closer to your dad than your mom. i was too. MJ asks where is your father. SY: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in over 12 yrs. I miss him but he hasn’t shown up even once. it’s probably cuz I was so ill behaved the last time we saw each other so he must have lost all his affection for me.

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flashback to young SY coming home and YJ saying I am hungry. SY: what about mom and dad.  she hears her parents fighting in the other room. her mom tells her dad to leave – just him. but her dad says I told you I would raise the kids. her mom says then you take YJ and leave and I will raise SY. dad: why are you keeping SY who earns money and giving me YJ who has no use. mom: yes I will raise SY cuz she earns money. if you keep her nothing will become of her. I am the one who made her debut as a kid actor. I went to all the film sets at night too. from here on too I have to take care of her. I will make her become successful. so her dad says i can do that too and follow her around on film sets at night and make SY become successful. you can do it so why cant I? am I crazy – when she earns so much – why would I let go of such a cash cow.  he sees that SY heard so he goes out to explain that is not what he means and tried to hold her hands but SY cries and says don’t touch me. don’t call my name. you are no longer my dad. don’t show up in front of me again. if you call my name even once more I will die. she runs out.

*You can tell her dad didn’t mean any of those words about raising SY cuz she earns money. he only said that to anger her mom cuz that’s all her mom cares about and he doesn’t want that for SY .

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SY says I must have gotten older. what my dad said back then now I understand. he didnt mean it. what I am angry about now is that the time my dad and I spent was too short. if we were going to have such a short time together then he shouldnt have loved me so much. after that happened I ran out and almost died. I ran across the road and almost got hit by a truck but some ajussi saved me. even when I think about it now it’s really strange – it was clearly right before I was hit by the truck – when I came to I was across the way in the arms of that ajussi – what was he? a human or a ghost. his clothes were black. he seemed like the grim reaper. MJ: when you talk for a long time it becomes nonsense.  SY: yes I understand. I would have said it was nonsense too. but this is a fact. I wasnt the only one who saw – HK saw too. MJ: just sleep. he gets up.  she gets a call from JK and wonders why is he calling me so often these days. MJ makes her drop her phone with his power so that her battery falls out. MJ hears JK at her home calling  for her. aren’t you inside. you aren’t. you are one lucky girl.  SY says how JK is strange these days. MJ: what? SY: I think he likes me. last time he came to my home and  told me to take care of my health and was considerate of me and said let’s eat and keeps calling. what do I do- I really hate this.  she doesn’t like coming between brothers – JK and HK. what if she breaks them up. MJ asks do you think all men in the world like you. SY: except for you -all of them. but I cant leave you out either. (meaning the kiss). last night I was surprised. what is your ideal? he says i don’t have stuff like that. she says i do – someone who will stay a long long time next to me. not someone like my dad who will suddenly disappear -someone who will be with me for the rest of my life for a long long time.  thinking of that – HK is perfect. he gets up so she asks why. he says i have to prepare for tm’s lecture. she sits in his chair and looks up at the night view

*as soon as SY said  “if we were going to have such a short time together then he shouldnt have loved me so much” MJ had such a look of guilt on his face.

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-44-38] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-49-43] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-51-12]

JK goes out of her house and sees MJ standing there like he was waiting. JK remembers MJ from the bear cam but asks who are you. MJ: I want to ask. who are you to come out of chun SY’s home. I know she isnt home now. JK: she isnt home – i thought she was here and went in. if you see her tell her I was sad I couldn’t meet her and that I will see her again soon. he gets on the elevator but MJ holds the door open. JK: what is it? MJ: stop it. JK: what? he touches his nail ring and looks up at the CCTV. he gets close and asks you have the USB dont you. it would be good for you to hand that over – to you and to SY. there is something you dont know. I’m not someone you can touch. you are alive now cuz I let you live. same for SY too so be grateful. he moves MJ’s hand away and lets the door close. MJ looks scared.

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-53-12]별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-53-30]

the door opens at the first floor and MJ is already there. JK seems surprised by that. MJ: the moment you touch SY your true nature will be revealed to the world. I will make that happen. also there is something you don’t know. MJ leans in close and says  you cant ever kill me

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-53-57]별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-54-24]

MJ goes back and sees SY sleeping and remembers how she said: someone who will stay a long long time next to me. not someone like my dad who will suddenly disappear -someone who will be with me for the rest of my life for a long long time. then he remembers what jang said: after your heart (feeling) gets deeper -after you leave-  of course the person leaving will feel that too but the person left behind hurts as much as her heart gets deeper too

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At school MJ rides his bike over and Sae watches him in her car and checks that photo again. she goes out and introduces herself. I am an actor. he remembers her from her drama. saemi: sorry I heard you had a class today and came to see you. I don’t know if you know but i am SY’s friend. there is something I want to discuss about her problem. do you have some time.

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-03-20] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-06-53]

they sit for drinks. she says sorry cuz you must be busy. he asks what do you want to say. she asks did you hear about me from SY. he remembers all the bad stuff SY said about Sae. how her makeup doesn’t look good – that she acts with her head and doesn’t feel with her heart. Sae says i heard a lot about you from SY before that she is getting a lot of help from you -it seemed like SY is relying on you a lot. we were close friends from middle school, but after this bad stuff happened, there was a misunderstanding so we grew apart right now. I want to reconcile somehow. but you know her personality. it’s not easy.  MJ: I know her personality –  it’s not easy. she says i know her situation isn’t good and want to be of strength somehow. but if she knows I am doing this I think she will dislike me even more. couldn’t I ask for a favor? can you just tell me how she is doing – if nothing bad is happening – I worry -and it’s not like I can call her directly so  could I contact you when I am curious. he says ok. she asks is this your first time meeting SY or did you already know her. he says i met her for the first time when she moved in. Sae says thank goodness someone like you is next to SY’s side

in the van the coordi hands Sae something and calls her SY unni by mistake. Sae thanks her saying I will eat it well. coordi  apologizes saying it’s a habit. Sae acts understanding about it. it’s ok you spent a long time with SY so you could do that.  how they must be suffering cuz of what happened to SY and then they came directly to work for Sae . they both deny it. Sae says how it must be frustrating for them to work with her after working with a top star. if there is anything I dont know tell me. coordi says i like working with you an angel better than when I worked with SY unni. Bum agrees and lies too that he likes it much better working with Sae

outside the car Bum lectures the coordi saying “an angel? you shouldn’t be like that. coordi: you said “of course I like working with you a lot more.” Bum is upset that they have to earn a living so all this cant be helped.  coordi  feels like the hardest question to answer is – do you like mom or dad. Bum says when I was young in front of my dad I said I liked him and in front of my mom I said I like her but in my heart it was always my grandma. cuz she raised me. today too my heart chose SY noona but  I lied that it was Saemi noona.  she says me too. HK comes over asking where Sae is. they point over there

Sae is filming a kiss scene. HK watches it. the actor keeps laughing and cant film the scene well. HK asks what is up with that guy. Bum says that’s what he does – he makes NG as soon as there is a kiss scene

the actor is on the phone saying Sae is better than SY. so HK bumps into him on purpose to knock him down. Hk runs over and asks Sae if she is having a hard time filming. arent you cold?

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-09-56]별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-13-15]

SY asks why MJ met with Sae. why did she go to see you? MJ says I told you – she is worried about you. SY: worried? what a laugh. she isnt my friend anymore. what is she planning. what does she want to know? does she want to know how pathetically I am living or what?  MJ: you were friends for a long time. SY: what difference does that make? MJ: she seems like a good person. SY gets mad and asks whose side are you on now. my side or Yoo Saemi? MJ: we aren’t talking about that now. SY: why aren’t we? if I don’t like her -shouldn’t you think “there must be a good reason for that.” MJ: that’s right – everything has a reason. all those people around you leaving you – there must be a reason for that. SY: what? me ending up like this – then is that my fault? MJ: cuz those people around you didn’t take your side -before you resented them  -think about why you couldn’t  make those people be on your side -maybe you being lonely is your fault. SY: I am not lonely  -who said I was lonely. MJ: if you aren’t then why are you here. you cant go to your friend or family -why are you at a strange man’s home-what do you know about me?  why depend/rely on me?  you are lonely cuz you cant keep anyone by your side. cuz you have no place to go.  she stands and yells for him to get out. MJ: this is my home. she yells: don’t say a word – get lost . she runs off and slams the door.

*those were some loaded words he said aloud. stuff he should be asking himself. It is his fault he is lonely too. It’s his fault that he has come to love having her around – having someone to talk to – come home to -having someone to take care of and having someone take care of him… if he only knew how lonely his life would be without her in it, he wouldn’t have said such things to her. she got to run away from his truthful words, but he has to sit there and accept the fact that those words were meant to be directed at himself.

HK asks Sae didnt you get my text. she says I got it. he asks why didn’t you call. sae: cuz I was scared. HK: after getting your call then I though it over a lot. during all that time I  didn’t have a clue – you were the one I confessed for the first time that I liked SY. you are the one who gave my letters to SY. cuz of SY each time I had a hard time I called you out and talked it over with you –  each time I did that how hard it must have been for you. i am sorry. but from here on too I will be sorry too. i know better than anyone that heart how it feels when the person I am looking at doesnt see me. how much your heart hurts I know that better than anyone. when I think about that it really upsets me too but what can I do for you when I have someone else I love in my heart. all I can do for you is turning you down so I am sorry. call me when you get over your feelings. cuz I dont want to lose Sae as a friend. he starts to walk away but she calls out his name and goes over. Sae: DMJ the man who lives next door to SY –  didnt you think you saw him somewhere before? HK: what are you talking about suddenly. she shows him the photo. HK: what is this. Sae says I told you that I knew him-  12 yrs ago at that accident the man who rescued SY. that is the photo I took back then.  i see the same person – how about you? HK says does this make sense. it was 12 yrs ago – you changed and I changed. she says I don’t know what happened either. the important thing is the man who looks exactly the same as the one from 12 yrs showed up again in front of SY. and SY doesnt know yet that man is the one from back then

HK drives and remembers how SY asked him – do you remember that person’s face? I saw him for sure but I cant remember. it’s overdoing it to call him my first love. I just wanted to meet him again some day to thank him for saving me back then and ask him once – why did you save me

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-38-12]

SY goes over and says just cuz i told him to get lost did he really get lost. her stomach grumbles so she mutters I am hungry. the doorbell rings

MJ left to buy her chicken and beer to go

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-48-05] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-48-20]

she opens the door and HK asks why she is here in MJ’s home -where is he? SY: why are you like this? he pulls her out. come out.  she says to let go. I came here cuz I had no place to go.   the day I came from the hospital someone ransacked my home and I was scared but there was no place to go.  HK: why don’t you have a place- you could have gone to your mom’s home or the hotel. SY: I don’t like my mom’s home even more and I am an actress so how could I go to a hotel. am I in a situation now that I could do that. HK: but still not here.  If you have no place come stay at my home. SY: say something that makes sense. HK yells : or I will buy you a home. stay there but not here.  every other place is ok but not here. she tells him to calm down. he says there is a country home and an ajumma who can cook for you and a lot of guards. go stay there for the time being. let’s go there SY -I am asking as a favor. you were having a hard time these days so go there and rest . let’s do that. she tells him to go to the car first and she will take her stuff  and go down. he thanks her

she packs up and mutters stuff to an invisible MJ

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-50-34]

MJ arrives home and runs into HK in the lobby. HK remembers that accident from 12 yrs ago and MJ’s face. MJ: what is it?

SY sits down and writes a note. it’s me chun SY – anyway thanks for everything. I am going to HK’s country home. she mutters – why should I write down where I am going.  it sounds like I want him to come and find me. don’t write it. she crumples the note and is about to throw it away but she finds the bloody shard of glass in the trash. it’s from her car headlights.

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-53-57]

MJ: why are you like this I said.

SY remembers calling out for MJ and her car being stopped at the cliff

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-55-07]

HK asks: who are you? MJ: what? HK: are you the person who saved SY 12 yrs ago? MJ looks up at him in surprise


별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-55-53] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-58-05] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-00-10] 별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-07]


MJ: There aren’t many times I saved other people using my abilities. To reveal my abilities is to reveal my identity, and there aren’t many people who will not use me and just accept me as I am while knowing the truth of who I am. I do not know the limitations of my abilities. I think I can teleport about 200-300km if I know the exact location, and I can stop time for about 1 minute. The important factor is the condition my body is in. When I first met Lawyer Jang, my body was in very bad condition, and I almost killed him.

1976 Seoul. MJ goes by the name Heo Yoon. The guy who gave him the drink is Min Kyung Wook. coworker gave him a drink so MJ drank it (the guy spit into it but MJ didnt know). Lawyer Jang is begging for money; his mother needs surgery and his mother suffered so much trying to support Jang while he was studying to be a lawyer. if my mother passes away I will die too. please. He begs and begs but the bank guy rejects him.

young Jang was about to kill himself and steps off the roof but MJ calls out wait and uses his power to stop time so Jang’s body stops mid fall. MJ falters cuz he isnt feeling well so Jang almost fell and died but MJ went over and pulled him to safety. jang asks who are you? a ghost?

별에서 온 그대.E09.140115.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-55-26]

*I am hoping on E10 that she doesn’t leave with HK. I want her to change her mind and realize she likes it better with MJ. or better yet, she will figure out about that shard of glass and she wont leave until she finds out why it was in his trashcan.

I sort of hate that HK knows about MJ’s identity. HK is going to do everything to keep them apart now. come to think of it, I hate Saemi for telling HK. that was a dumb move on her part cuz now HK is going to be super protective of SY from here on

what MJ narrated already happened. by going down those stairs so quickly and using his powers like that to appear in front of JK when the elevator doors opened, now JK knows he isn’t dealing with a human. plus that added threat that JK cant ever kill him. I’m so scared for MJ and SY now.

I get why MJ told her off like that – it doesn’t count as being a noble idiot to push her away and distance himself cuz he is genuinely worried for her – he doesn’t want to be another person who hurts her like her dad by leaving suddenly.  Plus he didn’t mean a word of it cuz he did go out to buy her dinner.

Joonni and I were talking about the ending for this drama. there is only one way for a happy ending – MJ just has to become more human with more interaction with SY. that way he can start to age and not outlive SY so they can grow old together. It would mean he has to give up going home after waiting 400 yrs but I say by falling in love now, he actually waited 400 yrs to really live. why go back home to no one when he has someone here and now who wants him to stay.


27 comments on “You From Another Star E9

  1. adela says:

    Softy: I must say I read the wonderful book in few hours. I was so into it that I could not put it away till I read it all. 🙂
    Thank you in advance for the recap!


  2. faith says:

    Dear softy, this is the first time for me to wait for the recap of this drama. Is it not live recap.


    • Softy says:

      this is as live as it’s ever going to get. I update and post the entire ep by 11:05 or so when it ends. Good luck finding one that is faster aside from the recaps that say “SY left the room – MJ went to work”
      I tried to hit update during the half way mark but they kept talking so it’s more imp for me to catch the dialogue then hit update and wait for my page to reload and miss typing what they said.


      • faith says:

        I understand I like your recap. May be I got the time wrong. When I opened my pc at 1430 north europian time the recap was not out. That is why I asked. I am not thinking of finding someone else. Thank you for the recap


  3. cikitita says:

    camping here again!!!
    cant wait for the recap..thanks a lot..^.^


  4. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    I have yet to read the book but I’ve been thinking of buying it since it was for introduced and I think I’m going to buy it. I think it’s really great how the writer weaved the story in the book with the story of the drama. Plus, I think anytime more ppl reading the better 🙂
    Evil brother scares me, and I worry for Mj because he is going to constantly have to on his toes. I look forward to finding out what made evil brother become so evilll. In addition to what’s the meaning of his ring, they keep on zooming in on it so it must key item in all of this.
    As always Softy thank you for the recap. I hope you have had a good and positive start to your 2014.


    • raindrops1 says:

      I’m also getting bad vibes from Seme. I don’t know on the one hand I want to understand her and sympathize with her but then she does underhanded things that make me feel not so sorry for her. Your recap will help see what she is up to since she was talking with MJ. I think we finally find out how MJ and lawyer Jang met (this was something I was curious about).
      Boo no preview and things are getting so good because it seems that they are finally realizing that MJ is the guy that saved her.


    • Softy says:

      You should buy the book or borrow it cuz it’s really worth reading – I swear the words will catch in your throat and you just drown in its sincerity and truth. The writer has this gift for expressing so clearly all the emotions in the scene without overdoing it or making it too flowery. the chapters are super short so it’s so easy to read and so fast. I love the ending the most. 🙂


      • conjie008 says:

        Softy my dear how are you.. 🙂
        Been under the weather lately, can’t seem to shake it off.
        I’ll have to read that book..your talking about. You got me curious yesterday, so I’m picking it up today.
        Have an awesome evening..


  5. conjie008 says:

    Softy, Thank you for the video song.
    Really love the last one.


  6. Swee says:

    Oh man, my streaming stopped at the last minutes, what happens next?
    Waiting patiently for your recap Softy, love this ep. Thanks Softy


  7. boingboingracquet says:

    Love the book too…it brought tears to my eyes a few times. I felt really sorry for Edward.


  8. Swee says:

    Awww….. what a daebak ep. Mj is obviously in love with SY but what about her? he is the first person she thinks of in time of trouble but is she falling for him too? I would prefer if she feels something for him first before realising he rescued her 12 years ago. Thank goodness we have another ep tomorrow. Thanks for recapping Softy.


  9. Blue Passion says:

    Good Morning: Can not believe your recap is here!!! Thanks a million now I can go back to sleep (worked last night). I am worried now that JK knows he is not human. Just have to wait for tomorrow. Have a good one.


  10. Pam says:

    Hi, Softy! Thanks so much for recapping this drama! I marathoned the first 8 episodes and love it so much! I appreciate all the time and work you’re putting into this for your fans.


  11. Hello Ms. Softy,

    i rarely rarely leave a comment, but thank you very much for all of your thoughtful insights! I am curious about things, but it’s better for things to be in the open… between all of the leads… and she can make her own decisions…. I hope the best for all of them!!! ^^


  12. Sussie says:

    Hi! First, thank you Softy for such a wonderful recap. As always your recaps are pretty amazing!
    Oh my! How to explain HOW MUCH I love this show? Well, let me confess I marathoned 8 eps on Saturday night!! And now I am asking myself “why did I took so much time deciding to start watching this show??” (well, I know the answer… I wasn ´t sure of watching a “currently airing” drama cuz it is so bad for my heart LOL, and I had some disappointments last year )
    I m so glad now that I started watching while this one is airing… it is really SO SO GOOD, so FUNNY and CHEMISTRY OFF CHART!
    I read Softy ´s recap as soon as I could (cuz of work) and during my lunch break my meal was watching ep 9 RAW. LOL! Can you imagine now how much I like it?!
    Concerning this ep events, I like them all of them, except SM big mouth! I don ´t pity her anymore. She doesn’t deserve any pity, she seems really calculative. Clearly, she decided to stay behind SY in her shadow cuz she thought that way she could someday conquer HK. She decided it that way.
    As for our hero, I think that “exchanging fluids with humans” doesn t make him human BUT make him almost “as vulnerable as a human is” (note that I say “almost”, cuz he is still stronger than a human… that fever was really high!). What I meant to say is that for me, kisses etc etc are not a kryptonite that may kill him but those exchanges make him vulnerable to virus, environment threats etc etc. For example: He becoming sick on ep 9 was not because of that kiss (what a great kiss btw! I wasn´t breathing while they were kissing!) but, he fell sick because he was exposed in the cold weather without the appropriate clothing. Why I think this way? Cuz his heart rate was getting down (well, again up when he reminded that kiss hehehe). But after being freezing over there in the balcony, and since he was unshielded (as an ordinary human being is),… he of course became sick.
    My theory is that once they fully start dating and exchanging more and more fluids (hehehe), he will be “unshielded” all of the time so he will start aging too. I think that he will keep some of his superpowers but weaker and vulnerable to getting hurt and sick.

    What do you think? Does it seems logic?

    PS: i am really loving this show… it s been a while since last time i laughed so much with a drama!
    The only thing I could ask for more is for our OTP to kiss a lot more! And more hugs and sleepover scenes at his apartment! I would love that she keep staying with him!

    And, oh my! I watched their kiss in The Thieves movie… that one is really hot, so i hope that the writer and director show us at least one like that 😛


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Anonymous here again! I’ll make an account soon I promise lol!!

    2 Questions:

    1) A lot of people are saying on some forums that after You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun won’t do another movie or TV drama together again EVER. Because they’ve done romance already, there’s nothing left to do.

    Is this true? Such an awesome couple won’t ever work together again?

    What do you guys think?

    2) Has anyone read this news article by any chance? 

    In it, Jeon Ji Hyun says now that she’s older she has to look out for her career more, and be more careful with which roles to take. Does this mean You Who Came From the Stars may be the last time we see Jeon Ji Hyun in a Sassy Girl kinda role?

    Any thoughts/comments on her future movie and television roles?


    • sal728 says:

      Naw, I’m not in the camp that says they’ll never work together again. Never say never. Their ‘chemi’ (to quote SY) is WAY too good to let it go completely. And even if JJH decides to lay off the sassy roles, she’s admitted that she herself has many of the qualities of her characters (in that article; thanks for the link), so I don’t see her making big sweeping statements yet re: what roles she’ll do or not. The world is her oyster! She’ll do what she wants when she wants to, that’s all.

      Keep the faith!


      • Anonymous says:

        I’m an American, and a new fan to Korean entertainment industry.

        JJH originally turned down to be in YWCFTS, and KSH personally asked her to be in this drama. So my question is how influential is the Korean public towards wanting to see Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun work together again in more projects?

        Do actors listen to what the audience wants to see?

        I just want to see more collaborations between KSH and JJH. I’m sure thousands of other fans want to see that too. Thanks again!


  14. CutieJumper says:

    Hi Softy,

    Thanks for the recap. I really like this drama. After the heirs this is the only drama i want to watch. I am happy to hear that you discussed this drama with Joonni. I have been checking her website for days for an update. I really worried because she hasn’t posted anything after Christmas.


    • Softy says:

      Joonni told me to tell you that she is doing fine – it’s just that she is taking a break after recapping Heirs for 20 eps. When she finds that next great drama she loves, she will be back to posting regularly.
      Right now I am taking advantage of her break and getting her to help me translate MJ’s narration and lecture scenes cuz they are super hard for me. 🙂


  15. sal728 says:

    Thanks for your hard work, Softy! Everyone appreciates it, so don’t doubt us!! I always like reading your commentary and find what you and Joonni discuss interesting. I was wondering about the intention of the director when showing the field while they were kissing on the couch. This was how he felt?? As though back in that era when he loved YH?? What is that supposed to convey to us? What do you think, Softy? Also, what does daebak mean? Everyone uses it mixed into their English. Contextually it seems to mean “great” but I wanted to hear your translation.

    I have a confession to make. I had sort of a busy week this week and on Wednesday completely forgot to watch the live feed, like I usually do–I’ve been re-watching The Master’s Sun lately and was distracted by enjoying that story again and couldn’t believe I went till 11am today before remembering FAS!! It shows how satisfied I was by him kissing her a week ago…I didn’t feel left on a ledge about to drop off for a change. Now that we understand better about his aversion to ingesting saliva from a human and how he seems to be evolving into more of a vulnerable human-like person because of SY’s kiss, it has ‘upped’ the tension again for me, wondering how JK may attack him, and if he’ll have the superpower to withstand the attack, etc. I’ll be sure to watch the live feed tonight!! See you later, Softy!!


    • Softy says:

      I thought the director might have shown that kiss in the field to convey how much this kiss meant to him – that it meant more to him than her cuz it’s his first- just like his heart rate stayed a lot higher than hers. she went back to normal, but his never calmed down for a long time.

      daebak does mean great or amazing but in korea people use daebak normally in cases when they hear something amazing or scandalous – like when they have no words to describe how big the news is – sort of like the equivalent to “OMG” 🙂

      I am becoming more convinced that guy on the street – the one who isn’t moving when the USB is taken away is MJ.


      • sal728 says:

        I am responding now after having watched the live feed on Thursday and seen JK’s attack and MJ’s avoidance of the bullet. So far so good anyway. Since your recap of E10 that I read so far didn’t include the very last scenes with the lackey hiding in MJ’s library while SY is snooping around, I’m not sure how much more of the interaction between JK & MJ will go on. I agree that MJ’s vision when he touched the USB was probably his own hand on the ground getting the USB taken out of it, but I refuse to believe he’ll be killed by JK for the duration of the story. No way. (right?)

        Thanks for the replies to my questions. Now I can see that daebak is like OMG. I’m an American who’s lived in Japan for the past 32 years, so I have to pick up the new English expressions and turns of phrases from FB and other SNS channels, like your blog’s correspondence. Since becoming nuts about k-dramas for the past year and a half, I’m picking up a little hangul here and there. Since the Korean romanization’s pronunciation is very different from the Japanese romanized version, I am at a disadvantage. I understand a lot of Chinese characters, so K-period dramas are easier to glean the meaning from, if Chinese is used. But hangul is really perplexing. Anyway, it is wonderful to have someone to ask these sorts of questions to in English. You’re a real encouragement to people like me. Thanks a LOT, Softy, and gambatte (Japanese version of “fighting!”) in your efforts in Cadence. Hugs.


      • sal728 says:

        Thanks for replying, Softy! I’m glad to know your thoughts. Now that you mention it, ‘daebak’ is perfectly translated as OMG; you’re right, everyone uses it that way. I’m an American who has been living in Japan for the past 32 years, so all the abbreviations like OMG became popular while I’ve been overseas and “out of it.” Only through using FB and other SNS vehicles like your blog, where I can read the Eng. correspondence of younger people, have I gleaned the newer expressions over time.

        I’ve been crazy about K-dramas for the past year and a half or so. Didn’t think I could ever absorb a third language, but very gradually I’m picking up spoken Korean. Forget hangul, though. It’s way too perplexing for me to grasp. I like period dramas where they use Chinese characters (which are used in Japan); then I have a fighting chance of understanding the meaning once in a while! A lot of the English-subbed k-dramas shown on have gaps where there isn’t any translation. I’ve found reading your & Joonni’s recaps often fill in the gaps for me; what a blessing that is! It’s encouraging having someone to ask questions to in English about this kind of thing. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, Softy. Means the world to me!

        BTW, I also think the hand that has the USB taken out of it is probably MJ’s. But after watching E10 tonight I am happy that it wasn’t accomplished yet when JK tried to shoot him. Glad MJ has recovered from SY’s saliva enough to be able to avoid bullets! But of course, now the truth is out and JK must know he is certainly not human…wonder what is going to happen with the lackey in MJ’s library, lying in wait for SY (?)…this is certainly a difficult storyline to predict! And thus I love this drama a lot!! Till next week…


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