You From Another Star E8

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MJ is far superior in a way that no one realized – not even himself. It’s not from all the knowledge he gleans from reading books or staying aloof for all those years either. When it comes to love – he doesn’t know fear. This guy acts on his impulse first and thinks about it later. While humans play mind games, strategize, and calculate at times when it comes to love, he just reacts in a pure instinctive way like a child taking the first steps. He isn’t afraid of falling down at all or the pain and just keeps his eyes on the objective. He knows better than anyone that there is a clock ticking and the sand in his hourglass is quickly dwindling down, but he isn’t going to let limited time left on earth stop him from going after what he wants. He waited 400 years for this opportunity so he isn’t going to waste even a second of it. Starting now.

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Written before it aired: Just based on the preview, somehow MJ made it so that SY didn’t remember that he was the one who saved her. Maybe he had an ability we didn’t know about like being able to erase short term memory or more likely as HK said, she was given some sort of drug so that she couldn’t remember the last hour. Either way I was worried we wouldn’t get any more excuses for sleepovers so how great is that MJ invites her to stay with him to keep her safe. I never thought I would like a psycho character like JK, but he is playing cupid to our lead couple so that’s about the only good thing he has done so far. I still don’t get why his character is written so evil -he doesn’t have a middle ground. It’s either kill or be sweet. The man is super scary cuz of that -wish he would stick to one side so it’s less creepy. I’m more concerned about SY. So far she has been putting up a strong front, but now that the only friend she thought she had has literally turned her back on SY, I think SY will feel more alone and devastated by her situation now. I think that’s why she was so shocked when MJ told her to stay with him for the time being. She knows exactly how much he doesn’t like having people around and would prefer to be alone, but for someone like that to extend her an invitation, she must know it just means how serious her situation is at the moment. Something tells me that SY is starting to piece the clues together. She is sensing something is off about MJ cuz each time she needed someone, he was there. I sort of hope she reaches the truth of his identity on her own instead of having it revealed all at once. All she needs to do is put a few more puzzle pieces in place and she will be able to see the big picture. She might be slow about remembering her house code, but you can bet when it comes to recalling the face of her rescuer, SY will be quicker on the uptake.

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Now that I know both of their homes are sets that cost a million dollars to build and not an actual apartment, I wonder if this view is CG as well cuz it’s just stunning. It made me wonder now that her picture has been taken down across the way, what source is SY turning to in order to lift her mood when she is sad or lonely. Maybe she is looking next door to her balcony like MJ did.


the lackey and another guy put SY in the car and take out her brakes.  they let her car roll down the hill towards the cliff.

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MJ listened to all the sounds until he heard her voice calling out for him

just as she was about to go over he stopped her car.

*she never once called out for anyone but MJ which says a lot about who is on her mind the most and obviously close to her heart

she gets out and looks around calling out for manager doh, but MJ is gone. she sees the damage to the car he made when he saved her. she calls out for him asking where did you go. hurry and come out cuz I am scared. please. she gets a call. her phone is in the car. MJ left it for her.  HK asks why it was so hard to contact her. then he hears her crying and asks what’s going on – where are you. she says i dont know – there are trees here. a cliff too. I don’t know where this is. I almost died. he tells her to come to her senses and turn on her phone locator

she is crouched over next to the car when HK shows up. he asks if she is ok.  she falls into his arms in

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when they arrive at the hospital they run into MJ on his way in. HK tells him – hey next door – if you were going to take her to the hospital you should have watched over her better. do you know what happened? she asks where he was coming from. MJ says I told you I was going to the police station and then coming back. she says were you really coming from the police?  didnt you come to me? tell me. didn’t you come to the cliff a while ago- I clearly  saw you there. MJ says I don’t know what  you are talking about. I took care of matters well at the police. since you are with your friend I can go right. HK says of course. go. I am not just a friend – I’m her boyfriend. MJ walks off so HK thinks he is rude. HK asks what she meant about seeing him on the cliff. SY: I saw wrong. HK: you were so shocked so you saw a hallucination. but from here on even if you see a vision don’t see him and see me.

as MJ walks away he hears SY saying to HK-thank you – I really thought I was going to die a while ago-  what would I have done if you weren’t there. HK: what would have happened to me  without you. let’s go in. MJ looks down at his bloody hand

*it must be so hard for MJ pretending not to care when her well being is all he can think about

JK asks why did you make the mistake. you dont do that often. the guy tries to explain

at the site they were walking away when they saw MJ appear and stop the car. lackey wonders who the guy was. since the master cylinder was totally taken out there was no way the car could have stopped. lackey tells him to take care of SY as in kill her cuz she got out of the car,  but MJ attacked both of them

lackey says we were both knocked out when we woke up.  SY had already disappeared. JK asks who suddenly showed up.lackey says I dont know

HK is arguing with the doctor that someone came and gave her a shot so she couldnt remember the past hour. she was kidnapped for an hour but doesn’t remember so a strange drug must have been given to her. doctor argues there was no prescription for any drug to give her. HK says someone came and gave her a shot. nurse asks who.  SY says I don’t know he wore a doctor’s coat and I couldnt see the face. doctor is going to do a test on her blood to see what drug is in her system. HK wants to know where to go to check CCTV footage.

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MJ treats his injured hand at home

HK is walking  her to her door trying to get her to go to another hospital. she doesnt want to be at a place where there are a lot of people and just stay home. HK says according to the hospital CCTV some crazy guy planned to do all that to her. but don’t worry I will catch him. she doesn’t want him to report it to the police cuz she doesnt want to be on the news. MJ hears them talking. HK is asking how much longer do I have to leave you alone cuz it makes me nervous and I dont like it. she says I will go in to rest. HK: ok call right away if anything happens.

MJ hears her scream

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she goes in and her house has been ransacked. MJ is knocking and says open the door. she runs over and opens it. he asks what is going on. SY: someone came to my home. my home is a mess.  she holds his arm from going in saying what if he is still hiding inside. MJ asks do you have some other place to go

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he takes her to his place and says stay here for the time being. she says when I have a hard time it’s strange but you are next to me. but a while ago you were not there. he asks where is that place. she thinks no I am getting weird.she sees his bandaged hand and asks  why is it like this – did you get hurt. he pretends he got hurt in an accident while leaving the police.SY: what accident. MJ: it’s nothing -don’t be an annoyance and hurry and wash up and sleep

HK waits for Sae outside her home. he worries she dressed too thinly and puts her in the car. he confides how he didnt like leaving SY alone -how it was hard to walk away – and wants to put a bodyguard on her but SY wont like it. cant you stay with her for a night. I will take you. she wont let me report it to the police so I cant but is that just any incident. someone dragged her all the way over there. whoever it is if I catch him I will kill him. sae: did you come to talk about that. HK: arent you shocked that SY went through that. Sae says how there are plenty of people to help SY. if something happens to her would you stand still. he asks if they fought. he tells her to be nice and be understanding if SY got angry. she says why do I have to be nice. I am not that nice. honestly I am bad but just pretended to be nice. he says you are the nicest in the world. what I cant say to SY I say it all to you

flashback to when they were kids. HK says I will only tell you. to tell the truth I like SY alot. I dont get it either cuz she is rude and arrogant and looks down on me in front of kids but what can I do when I like her so much. help me so I can get close to her as friends at least. she doesn’t treat me as a person -I will ask as a request cuz you are nice

Sae cries and says 12 yrs ago that man who rescued her at her accident. I saw him. HK asks where. how do you know his face. she says i saw that accident by chance. HK asks who is he? did he say he was the one who rescued her. She says yes. I’m sure it’s him. if I tell this to SY what do you think will happen. she waited for that person a long time. HK asks who is that man.

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MJ is reading the paper. SY comes over after her shower. she is wearing his clothes. she says sorry. MJ: for what? she says I filmed a lot of movies so I know. if a woman like me uses the excuse of not having clothes and wears men’s clothes like this and walk around the home, I know the meaning. MJ: what is the meaning? SY: as a guy your heart will flutter, but dont misunderstand. i was just really scared and couldn’t  go home to get my clothes so I borrowed yours. there was no other intent. MJ: doesn’t matter if there was intent or not.  SY: that’s what you would say -just don’t blame yourself for having other thoughts. don’t all people feel that way – when you see something beautiful you like it and have fluttery feelings. he holds up the vase and says how is this vase? isnt this beautiful? no matter how beautiful the vase is, i wont have fluttery feelings for it when I look at it. or similarly just cuz a dog is cute I wont have fluttery feelings for a dog either. just cuz a tree has beauty I wont have fluttery feelings for it when I look at it either. SY: what are you saying? MJ: the chun SY standing in front of me is the same as a vase , dog, or tree  so you dont need to worry i will feel fluttered for you or feel bad and pay attention to it –  so go sleep if you have that kind of time for unnecessary concerns.  SY: ok -me who is no better than a vase dog or tree will sleep so just give me some blankets. MJ: go in and sleep. she asks you want me to sleep on the bed? he says just for today. SY: cuz I suffered tonight I do have to sleep deeply. but like I said last time I have insomnia. just give me a book. so I can sleep and he is surprised it’s her habit to read a book to fall asleep.

while selecting a book he tells her not to touch anything. SY asks if he going to read the books or did he read the books. MJ says he read them already. She then asks him why he is collecting them – if he is trying to show off to people who see the library, that he is a professor. She doesn’t understand it all all; why not just sell the books or give them to someone else. He hands her the books and tells her to select and the first one she looks at is filled with hanja, or Chinese characters. She asks if they are an alien language. MJ informs her it is hanja. SY asks if he is kidding; she needs to be able to read them to fall asleep. She picks up the next book, it is the miraculous journey. It has pictures so she likes it.

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she reads the book in bed. She starts reading it out aloud. Narrating that “edward fell to the ground with a loud sound and started rolling down the long and dirty hill, and when he stopped, he looked at the sky. he started talking to the star. then he stopped. Edward thought.” MJ can hear her reading from outside.” how much longer does he have to leave and not get to say farewell. deep inside him somewhere Edward was hurting. he wanted to cry. SY: open your heart and someone will come. someone will come for your sake.  but you have to open the door to your heart first. MJ: no don’t believe that. you cant trust that.” they took turns narrating as he walks over and tucks her in bed. MJ: it’s too late the heart in the ceramic doll started opening again.

* all this narration to say he is falling in love again is so beautiful.

MJ goes shopping for the food item SY likes in the market

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SY comes out and MJ is gone. she calls him and the phone is at home. he forgot to take it. she says what is this leaving without a word and leaving me alone – it’s scary. she sees it’s snowing outside and goes looking for the umbrella. she finds her shoes in his shoe closet. he comes home so she hides the shoes behind her. she asks where he went so early in the morning . he says to buy this and that. she goes over and shows him the shoes. you need to explain. you said you didnt do it – “how do you see me. what would I do with women shoes”. i think you said that. MJ: I did? he shows her the food he bought. she calls him “the tame cat that” and forgot the rest of the saying so MJ fills it in for her. she  wants him to be open about how he likes women shoes. I have a lot of heels so I could have given you a few pairs. he tries to deny it but she says it’s ok. people could have different tastes – who would insult that. dont be too embarrassed and just tell me when you like a certain style or color and I will give it to you as a present

YJ is walking and his dad is walking along on the opposite road. a bike knocks down the dad. YJ goes over and asks are you ok. can you get up. are you in a lot of pain. should I call 911. his dad says it’s ok I will go on my own. YJ doesnt know what his dad looks like

his dad remembers how young YJ was when he left home. YJ held onto him and cried begging him not to go. his dad remembers and cries

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SY eats and compliments MJ for buying it well cuz it’s delicious. she offers to clear and clean cuz his hand is hurt. she is inconveniencing him so she should do this much, but she shatters the bowl when she drops it

MJ says the plate SY broke is from 1693, he got it directly from the greatest master craftsman at that time.  A price cannot be put on the value of that plate.

SY cleans it up and has no idea how expensive it is. she mutters it’s ok -she was wondering why he was holding onto something so old and damaged. looking at his cabinets there are a lot of dishes and bowls to throw away so she offers to get rid of them all and replace them.  MJ: don’t do that. I will do the dishes so move. she stops him and says I will do it. don’t feel bad it’s ok.

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she offers to clean too bragging “I clean well – wanna see?” and knocks down an expensive vase. MJ is almost in tears explaining the vase has the handwritten words of Heo Kyun on it…basically also priceless. she says sorry and offers to buy him the same one. more expensive. there are a lot of those. let me clean first, but he had enough of her breaking his stuff so he backhugs her and begs her to be still. don’t do anything. I will chase you out. she says I got it. let go. he goes over to the broken vase

cop shows the detective and prosecutor – Yoo and Park the info about how this culprit-the one who hurt SY was Han’s stalker. Yoo and Park find out since Yura’s stalker confessed willingly and put up bail he was sent home. When Han Yura was alive, she had a restraining order placed on him once too. The guy testified during questioning that he saw Yura got to a death experience center a month ago with some guy. Park and Yoo figure that Yura’s will must have been written then. Yoo: if that’s true then it wasn’t the real will. The other guy says how can you believe that crazy guy’s word. I called the death experience center, but that place said it never saw Yura, and the CCTV was broken a month ago so now way to double check the date she went

park and Yoo realize that Han might not have committed suicide.  then there is a culprit who could benefit from her death. someone who could get her to go with him to the death exp center and take her will. maybe she had a guy. Yoo: since that stalker saw his face clearly let’s look into the center

JK watches footage of the camera bear video being found by MJ

lackey reported he couldnt find the USB at SY’s home

when MJ found the camera in the bear he told SY to get ready to leave while he looks around to check for more cameras placed anywhere. MJ took the USB from her computer and sensed the USB was taken from some man after he was unconscious

HK goes into see Sae. Sae asks did you come cuz you were curious who that man is. HK: I am curious but that’s not why I came. I came to ask for a favor. dont tell me or SY who that man is. I will ask as a favor. you know my heart too. since you might be uncomfortable I wasn’t going to say, but I saw your interview. you had a long time one sided love. it made me sad. how could you not tell me. who is it that made your heart suffer for so long. should I meet him once. just confess. look at me. cuz I confessed she seems to be wavering a bit. do what I did and just close your eyes and confess. she asks how. HK: is it hard?  if you cant do it face to face cuz it’s hard  just call and say I like you and hang up. honestly if it’s a guy if a girl like you said she likes him – a guy cant help but waver for you. don’t forget my request. i came out for a short time for lunch so I will go.

as he walks away she calls him. he says why call me. call that guy. call the one you like. she cries and looks at him. he realizes it’s him. they stand and look at each other

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MJ is pouring tea for SY’s mom. she looks around as he serves her. she says there was no chance to say hello properly last time. she says how this home is different than SY and wonders if he rents or owns or inherited from his parents. he asks what she is here for. she says that she has to like him to become SY’s manager. she asks you came out of Harvard? what is your age? do you have a gf? what does your dad do? he asks do I have to answer. she likes it and hires him cuz he can keep secrets and likes that he doesn’t talk a lot. no matter what reporters ask you wont answer so I like that. she gives him her number to punch in and wants them to keep in contact 24/7. if something happens to SY report to me.

at the comic book store, SY shows up to return the books. Bok says how MJ borrowed these. Bok is upset that SY made him borrow them and she misjudged him. SY says I have something to ask you

Bok recites what SY told her –  some man was in the car but within a second was in front of you. your car almost fell off a cliff but that man stopped the car with his body and disappeared within a second. SY agrees  that’s what happened. Bok tells her be sure to go to the hospital

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SY goes to meet the doc and says you cant tell anyone I was here -it’s a secret. she explains what she has been seeing- first time she felt it was strange (when they kissed) that it’s too real to say it was a dream and ridiculous to say it was reality. she tells him all the incidents when MJ showed up and rescued her. I clearly saw he was in the car a second ago but in a second he was rescuing me. (cliff scene) he wasn’t a thunder man. what’s more shocking was when I got out of the car he disappeared.  you are writing I am crazy arent you. The doctor  thinks SY is having visual hallucinations due as an acute reaction to stress. People suffer from this kind of thing when sudden shock and stress breaks down everything one has worked hard for and feels she/he can’t keep what he/she had. At first it appears as auditory hallucination and then get worse as visual. SY asks why she only sees one particular person. Doctor explains it might be someone you meet often or because she has developed a sense of dependence on that person. He warns her against doing so, since she can make herself and that person exhausted. just think you are taking the air out of a balloon.  try talking to other people or getting hobby.

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SY goes out of the cab and meets MJ . she called him to meet him at her car mechanic. she asks why come here when I could have handled it. he says you told me to come. SY: I did? did I? I don’t have the dependent personality when I can do things on my own. if I keep depending on you -making you exhausted – I am not that kind of woman so don’t feel burdened. SY: I can do it alone.

they go in and find out someone took out the brake’s master cylinder so that is why her brake didnt function. the mechanic wonders if she hit a rock to stop cuz there is no way the car would have stopped on its own without brakes and there are large dents in the front. she remembers MJ saving her so she tells herself it’s ridiculous. MJ: what is?  she has an appt with HK for dinner so she has to go. MJ asks will you be late. SY: whether I am late or not it would be nice if you didn’t pay attention. I told you I am not someone who depends on others and give them burden and exhaust them. MJ: did anyone say anything? he wonders why she keeps talking about that from a while ago

Park tells Yoo that han’s stalker died in an accident. he was someone they really needed to prove/ be a witness that the will was written for another purpose

SY is waiting for the elevator and JK goes over. she gets startled. she asks about HK and he says he arrived first. they get on the elevator together. JK says i heard you had an accident. be careful. she says there is a lot of crazy people in the world. i think the one who kidnapped me was the one who put the camera in the bear sent to my home. if it wasnt for that person something terrible would have happened. JK asks who is that person. the one who discovered the camera.  she wonders how JK knew cuz she never told anyone that person discovered the camera. he laughs it off saying it’s obvious. let’s go

she is having dinner with HK and JK. HK asks if Sae said anything. she asks what. he says never mind. she tells JK that she doesnt think Han killed herself. I saw her on a video meeting with another woman and it was really strange. that woman said to Han to get away from him cuz you could die too. HK asks who is that. where is the video. let’s go to the cops now and take it to them. if Han was murdered -you will be out of suspicion. JK says no to do that cuz it quieted down but could cause more problems. he asks where the video is. should I look at it. she says it’s gone

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MJ and Jang are playing a game and MJ won again. Jang is tired and says shouldnt we go home now. MJ: already? Jang: what do you mean already.  cuz it’s snowing there will be traffic so we should hurry and leave. MJ wants to play another game cuz even if I go home no one is waiting. Jang says when did you ever have anyone waiting. MJ: that’s right I always didn’t have anyone. Jang: you said chun SY was at your home -did she go back to her home? MJ: no she said she had a dinner appt or something. it’s snowing the weather is cold- a woman who was in a big accident the other day -she said she would walk around on her own so who am I to say anything. what difference does it make. jang: she must have gone to meet the guy who likes her huh? MJ:how (did you know)? Jang: cuz I thought you were being jealous. MJ: what? you guessed wrong. Jang: there are two months left. the death certificate is almost done, but I cant put your heart in order for you

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MJ goes home and her shoes are inside. he smiles and goes in to see her setting up food to eat. he says you said you were going to be late. she says I was tired. come sit down. MJ: what is all this. SY: cant you see – it’s chicken and beer. MJ:  you said you were going to have dinner and come so did you not get to. SY:I dont know. it was strange but i didnt have an appetite and couldn’t eat, but as soon as I got home I got hungry so I got it delivered. he says to eat and gets up but she makes him stay to drink beer cuz it’s no fun to drink alone. let’s drink together. MJ: I dont drink alcohol. SY: how could that be – it’s just cuz you don’t know how. she tells him he just needs to and he will know how. MJ: it’s cuz it’s not like I haven’t drank it before.

back in joseon days MJ is at a gathering not drinking saying he has fun just talking. there is peer pressure to drink so MJ gives in and drinks.

when everyone was drunk MJ lifted his finger and made plates and bowls float around and scared everyone.  then he makes the guy float too. the man faints. people run out scared. MJ was too drunk to notice the commotion and made everything outside float too like brooms . then he floated drunk on a horse

별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-12-48] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-15-42] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-18-06] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-18-19] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-19-05] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-29-01]별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-20-48]

SY: you really don’t drink? MJ says how many times do I have to say I dont drink. SY: why do you not drink with a ceramic vase? are  you saying you don’t drink with a dog? cant drink with a tree. MJ: are you drunk already? SY: no not at all. listen carefully to my words. (This word “kemi” is Korean’s way of shortening the word chemistry.) SY says there is such thing as chemistry between two people, but I don’t  remember what kemi is short for. Anyway, I am a bundle of chemistry; all men go crazy over me when they meet me and burn like fire. She also has chemistry with females “they all get jealous of me when they see me. I am a bundle of charm, of things to be jealous of, a femme fatale. he retorts: if you arent drunk and are like this you should go to the hospital (meaning cuz she has lost her mind). she says i already went to the hospital and  because of you getting diagnosed that I am too dependent on you, so how could you compare me to a ceramics, dog, a tree. this kind of thing didn’t happen in my life. if you are human how could you not feel anything when you see me? this isn’t a simple problem. I need to make a comeback to the industry but it is a serious problem like this; how can I have confidence and return to the top status again. it wont do. just give me 15 seconds. my nickname is 15 seconds fairy cuz I can capture people in just a 15second commercial. so give me 15 secs -even after 15 sec if I’m still like a vase, dog, or tree then I will admit I have no charm. he gets up to leave, but she starts the timer and makes poses to make him interested. time sort of slows as they stare at each other. she gives up, but he suddenly pulls her close and kisses her. she had her eyes open in shock then closes them and gives into the kiss.


Jang says I’m almost done with your death certificate, but I can’t put your heart in order for you.  MJ says i cant put my heart in order. I keep looking back. also I keep regretting. jang: what? MJ: not living a life like everyone else even once. sharing a small breakfast and dinner with someone. returning back to a home with someone waiting, expressing the sincerity of liking one person, things like that- trivial things that humans, who don’t even live a hundred years, all do and why I ridiculed, those small, warm, everyday things…I want to do them now. What do I do?

별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-28-17] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-28-24] 별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-30-18]

What would you do for love? how much of yourself would you sacrifice? how much pain would you be willing to endure? how much loss could you handle? These are some questions MJ will be thinking about in the coming days, but I bet there is only one that matters the most to him before all the others cuz it’s what SY would ask: What would it take for you to stay?

별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-21-48]별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-21-57]별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-06]별에서 온 그대.E08.140109.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-34]

But what I want to know is how much love do you need to feel in your heart to feel so full that leaving doesn’t matter anymore.


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  1. Adela_Romania says:

    ty Softy 🙂


  2. raindrops1 says:

    Thank you Softy,


  3. Sally Wakasugi says:

    Another great episode! I’m imagining all the gals of this blog squealing with delight at the last scene’s image burned in all our minds. Now that he’s given in to his desire to kiss her, I wonder about that ‘no saliva’ thing that was part of the beginning (and made us all worry). Was that his own mistaken assumption that’s now been proven false? Or what? I loved the part of her reading that book in bed with him listening out on the lounger. Wondering what JK’s next move is going to be; as you said Softy, surely his attacks are ‘helping’ our couple come together all the quicker. But it makes me a little nervous nevertheless. Looking forward to the recap. Thanks again, Softy!!


    • blnmom says:

      I wonder if the no saliva thing is because if he ingests human saliva he starts to become human? Like he felt cold for the first time, after kissing SY on the boat and eating with her and Jang?


      • Sally Wakasugi says:

        Yes, perhaps you have hit the nail on the head. He felt real pain and anguish at YH’s death when she was killed by arrows protecting him, and developed his “defense theory” (the only way to protect yourself emotionally is to never open up to people or expect anything from them, etc) which led to his emotional withdrawal and refusal to accept women’s sexual temptations thru the years, right? Since after nearly 400 years of no emotional investment with people, naturally a person will become like a stone–all petrified! But her behavior initially ignited his anger and disgust, which led to curiosity and more involvement, then that kiss while she thought she was dreaming, and eating together and him hopelessly falling for her…he’s finally come alive again emotionally through his exposure to her. Ah! So satisfying. And wasn’t their kissing great?! No fear of saliva in sight!! lol


  4. Swee says:

    Omo, did I read He kisses her? Oh man, streaming was bad tonight, going to read your recap and hunt that last kissing scene. Thanks Softy 😘


  5. Anonymous says:

    This drama is interesting, I can relate so well . Thanks softy! have Good night 🙂


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    Awww… the kiss! The kiss! Thank you Softy for ths recap.


  9. ermagaddddd the kiss, the kiss!!! how do we live with another week till the next episode??? *dramatic sobs* 😦


  10. Koo Kyu says:

    wohooo…love this episode 🙂
    preview?? 😦


  11. If i werent in love already, this episode would have caught me. Awesome, i loved it! Thank you for your recap, watching the episode with it, is almost like subbed 🙂


  12. OUAFA says:

    Hi every one Thanks softy for the recap , i always look for your personal thoughts and comments ( after the star) i enjoy reading it .
    As for today’s ep that was awesome , the best till now i thing we crossed too many stages after that kiss OMO i couldn’t believe my eyes that was a big move , i wonder what will happen in the next ep ? will he admit his feeling for her or just express his denial to prove that the kiss meant nothing to him (i hope for the first) ,
    i totally agree with you Softy i really hope she will find out his identity by her own , and take time to absorb it because knowing her she will be shocked .
    As for the “Saliva thing” i didn’t understand it could you explain it again as i said i enjoy your thoughts .
    And i don’t know if you noticed between all the superpowers that MJ has the only power he doesn’t have is healing himself !!!, so i suppose he is vulnerable wish mean he could be killed by JK while protecting SY , oh my god i am so scared for both of them i hope they will be fine .
    Also about JK , i really think that he is possessed by an evil spirit controlled by that Nail on his finger something extraterrestrial like MJ’s alien enemy something like that , wish will explain his evil evil evil side .
    Once again thanks Softy and sorry i took too long to express my thoughts ,
    Thank you .


  13. faith says:

    I am so happy to finaly find you softy. I knew you are recaping this drama but for some reason I couldn’t find your recaps on the internett at last today I found you:) Thank you for the recap.


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    Thansk Softy! OMG love this couple!


  15. marie says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. i dont really understand the usb part. when MJ took out the camera from the bear, he already kept the usb? And how come it ended up in the hand of the unconscious guy when he has kept it. I remembered in the earlier episode when he took out the camera, he didnt notice the usb bec SY closed the notebook when MJ came in.


    • OUAFA says:

      Yes you are right i was also confused about the USB at the beginning but i think Softy explained it , the USB is with MJ and the vision he felt was i thing from the future you know that he has this power to see the future , i think may be .


  16. mmhuerta says:

    Gracias Softy!!!


  17. chikoku says:

    Another great recaps, softy !!! Thank you…

    There is one thing that bothers me..When MJ rush to the hospital, he just found her cellphone.. it means that she left hers in the hospital, right ? So, after MJ save her, then she called HK with cellphone. So where the cellphone came from ?? Anyone could explain thus ?


    • OUAFA says:

      i think that MJ left her the cellphone in the car and left so that she can contact someone to come definitely.


      • chikoku says:

        i see… Thank you OUFA…. But why the director didnt show it on the screen ? Does he has special intention, and enroll it later for more explaining ?


  18. Yukie says:

    Softy!! Thanks again for your great recap.

    I am officially losing sleep over this drama so cute to cool so amazing ~~~~~


  19. spider says:

    Loving this show too!!
    Ending left me grinning 🙂
    I actually had the impression that SY started growing uneasy herself *flutter-flutter* with his gaze and that was why she broke eye contact, only to have MJ pulled her in for the kiss.


  20. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I came to read your recap first thing on Thursday and when you wrote “kiss” I literally started checking which website had the raw episode loaded so I could watch it. Sorry for not thanking you properly that day. I could not get enough of this show. I love how it ended episode #7 and how this one started. I love how he compared her to a ceramic piece, puppy or tree with his straight face and how he was shaken by her braking those precious and priceless pieces!!! It is fun to see him fallen for her and she being slightly clueless. He has done some many things for the first time just because she has told him to do it;and, she giving him 15 seconds made me laughed. I heard a study that said that a man needs 10 sec to make up his mind if he is interested in a woman or not, if he looks away before those 10 sec, he did not noticed her. MJ’s stare was perfect. I am glad she responded well with her body language to that kiss. Thanks again for this wonderful recap!!!! You are Terrific!!!!


  21. nonski says:

    hello softy,

    thanks for the great recaps!
    started saving them so i can read while i’m watching the vids.
    just starting to get my kdrama life back



  22. bisi says:

    Pls I need the download link for episode 7 n 8…pls am dying here


    • Adela says:

      what i’ve been waiting half of week


      • Softy says:

        Thanks for sharing this video. I saw it and squealed like crazy. There is already a subbed version of this, but one line is off so here it is:.

        SY checks on MJ and wonders if he is dead. then she sits and asks “is this by any chance your first time?”
        HK is mad at SY and yells – why are you at DMJ’s home? where is DMJ?
        Saemi asks: what is the relationship between that man and Chun SY?
        MJ asks her: who are you?
        Sae: Yoo Saemi
        SY asks MJ: what is your ideal? For me it’s someone who will stay by my side for a long long time.
        Jang says to MJ: when your heart gets deeper (in love)- when you leave- the person left behind hurts that much too as much as her heart has gotten deeper.
        JK calls out for SY
        JK asks MJ: was it DMJ? it’s with you isn’t it? the USB

        *what is that object in SY’s hand?

        So I guess all that kissing and eating together did affect him after all – his immune system breaks down. Now I’m wondering if the guy lying on the street that gets the USB taken away isn’t MJ. Just like before, maybe he becomes powerless and weak and can’t protect her.


        • adela says:

          @Softy: thank you too, for the translation and comments :).
          Btw: I read the book “The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane” and it has happy ending after a long journey for him, after he learn what means love he returned again to his first love :). I guess this will have happy end but we need to expect of a lot of tears too for both of them in the journey of their lives!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Big fan of KSH/JJH!

    Got a few questions:

    1. Are metas really common in kdramas, or is YWCFTS just happened to be particularly loaded with them?

    2. In the history of Korean entertainment/cinema/television culture, if an on-screen couple (KSH/JJH) with a high level of caliber, chemistry, and past collaborative success (The Thieves) are starting to work together more and more, is this a good sign/indication of more future collaborations? I’d just like to know if YWCFTS marks the beginning of many more wonderful years and great works between KSH and JJH. For those who are knowledgeable about Korean cinema/television’s tradition/culture, is this a likely possibility? Meaning…is this what’s happening right now with KSH and JJH?

    3. I’ve noticed how realistic YWCFTS is to real life. I’m curious to know how much of Cheong Song Yi and Lee Whi-Kyung’s background/history/story in the drama is made up, and how much of it is actually based on JJH’s life with her husband? Have JJH and her husband known each other for 15 years, like Cheong Song Yi/Lee Hwi-Kyung have? Did they go to the same school growing up? Is her husband in a chaebol family? Is her husband a powerful and somewhat famous businessman in Korea?

    4. I’m an American, so I’m unfamiliar with Korean society and culture, so my last question is about what the current social attitude/social norm/opinion in Korea is regarding marriage. I forgot where I read or heard this, but I recall JJH mentioning “marrying up” (meaning marrying upwards on the social ladder) in regards to her marriage with her husband. Her husband is rich, powerful, and somewhat famous in the Korean business world. Please don’t misunderstand! —I’m sure they love each other, and that he is a great person. As she is a great person. I mean no disrespect.

    I’m just simply curious about Korean culture/society. Is marrying up a very important thing in Korean culture? Is it especially important for famous people (like JJH)? If she had chosen to marry someone less…how should I put this…less big (in terms of money, fame, connections, etc.), would this have been considered a no-no? Would she never have even considered looking for someone…more ordinary/average?

    Or did her husband in real life just so happen (either by chance or by fate, but definitely not by design/not intentional) to be rich, powerful, influential, and somewhat famous?

    No disrespect whatsoever to any of the actors and their loved ones, nor any disrespect whatsoever to any of the characters in this wonderful drama. I’m just a new Kdrama fan, a new fan to South Korea overall basically, and I’m just simply curious about Korean culture/society.

    Thanks, looking forward to everyone’s response!!


    • Softy says:

      I’m not positive, but I don’t think her husband is considered a chaebol. I heard she married the son of some famous Korean designer. That designer was popular in the past I heard but not sure if his mom is still that much in demand. I also heard she was friends with him for years before she married so I don’t get the feeling this was a marriage to rise in any sort of economic status. She was already really rich to begin with cuz getting her to sign on for CFs cost the most I heard. So if anything doesn’t it mean her husband was the lucky one since he married someone almost every guy in Korea had a crush on for years.


    • tezuka says:

      1. metas can turn up in k dramas, but this one has more than most because of SY’s character being a hallyu star.

      3. my sense is the same as Softy’s on this. JJH married into a good family, but not chaebol. I think her husband’s mother designs hamboks.

      2. given their ages. I would be surprised to see these actors headline another drama — even though they have been incredibly fun in this one.


      that preview makes me think we are about to see MJ try to create some distance from SY for SY’s sake supposedly. WAHH!


  24. KDfan says:

    ThanksSofty for the recap and translation of episode 10 preview. Saw from another YouTube Chinese subtitle that SY asking MJ was that his first kiss?

    Looking forward to the end part when SY can figure out that the broken glass piece was from her car headlight due to MJ’s hand injury from saving her…


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