You From Another Star E6

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He has done it so many times before so he knows better than anyone that even if you can stop time, you can’t keep it on pause forever. There has to be a moment when he lets go so that he can let what needed to happen resume. He might not want that – he may even fight it with every fiber of his being, but those unspoken words have to come out. The trick is to have faith that the words you didn’t want to hear might end up being the ones that will make your heart soar higher than you ever thought possible. That’s the beauty of the human heart.

You are going to need something to hold onto for tonight’s episode cuz it’s not only going to sweep you off your feet, it’s going to make you swoon as well with tears and everything. A little bit of that magic from Moon showed up today and I’m reminded again why KSH is so perfect for this role. I can’t remember when I saw such a satisfying episode filled with every little thing you want in a great drama. It’s like YFAS managed to outdo itself in excellence and perfection.

*A huge thanks to Joonni for all her help on E5 and tonight.

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Written before it aired: In the preview he took her to the museum and clocked her reaction to the hairpin. It was like he was staring at her, but maybe trying to see a bit of someone else. What will it take for him to stop wanting to see someone in her who doesn’t exist anymore. Whether SY is a reincarnation or a doppelganger, it doesn’t change the fact that SY will never be YH. I want him to be falling for SY for her worth and see her value as a caring person who brings warmth to his cold world. If he stops to think about it for a second, he will realize how she makes his heart flutter in ways YH never could.  More importantly, I hope she continues to break down his resolution to never be hurt again by love. Just teach him that one lesson – that the value of loving far outweighs any chance of heartache.

I was so glad she shared and told him about how she feels about her poster on that billboard. Now that it’s been taken down, there will be one other person besides her who will worry about  how she will make it through her coming rough days unable to be cheered by it. Maybe instead of feeling better just staring at it, this time she can feel a different kind of comfort by having someone by her side telling her in person how wonderful she is.


starts from Park the cop asking MJ where he was  on the night Han was in that accident and how he got on the ship without an invitation. without a word MJ gets out. as MJ runs off the cop yells that MJ is the culprit

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back in joseon YH is running away from MJ saying dont follow me. the royal guards are chasing me. go -go back to where you came from. MJ is in pain and calls out “didn’t I say I would protect you – I dont like you getting let’s go together.” he holds out his hand and she takes it and they run off together

Park chases after MJ but MJ disappears

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MJ lands in the lobby of his apartment complex as two security guys were saying how the two of them couldn’t stop all the reporters pushing their way in. they turn and ask who MJ is. MJ says how he lives here and you guys must be new cuz the old guards knew my face well. MJ starts to walk away but the guards think it’s strange cuz it seemed like MJ dropped from the sky out of nowhere so they stop MJ

SY asks what kind of beverage JK wants and prepares it so he goes into her dressing room and looks through the clutch for the USB. she catches him in there and asks what he is doing. he says how he just wanted to look around in a star’s dressing room

JK asks if she is ok cuz of all the talk over what happened to Han. SY: are you ok? JK: me? why? SY admits she knows his relationship with Han -weren’t you two going to reveal you were getting married. JK: why did you think that. SY says I heard the two of you talking. JK: what? how much? SY: on that night in front of the bathroom you two fought.  over the problem about revealing you were going to get married. it didn’t seem like from hearing that it was going on for a short time (their relationship) he asks if SY told anyone that. she says no. who would I tell that to. since you had a relationship with her – since she ended up like that -if that fight was the last time –  I just thought your heart must be hurting. I wanted to comfort you.  JK: you heard everything that night. things got complicated. he asks about her medication for fear so she says how she takes it when she gets sensitive. He acts concerned saying he was worried about her and dropped by after what happened to Han. she thanks him

the bell rings so SY opens the door and it’s HK. he sees men’s shoes and thinks it’s the next door guy but SY says it’s your hyung. HK asks what he is doing here. JK says how he was around to meet someone and just dropped by. HK doesnt even like JK being here the two of them with SY alone cuz JK is a man too so JK leaves but she says take HK with you. but HK says tell mom I might not come home tonight so she hits him

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as MJ is being apologized to in the security room he sees JK in the elevator and runs out after him. guards note that all the light sensors in the stairwell went off all at once and since nothing but a ghost could move that fast they think the sensors are faulty

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MJ rings her bell and HK answers. HK thanks him sarcastically for last time at the hospital (cuz MJ didnt let him go in to see SY). cuz of you I almost got hit by the guard. MJ: where is chun SY? HK: what? where is Chun SY? is she your friend? your girlfriend?  MJ pulls him out and goes in looking for her.

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she asks were you the one who rang the bell just now. HK keeps knocking and tells her to open up. SY: what is this. why are there so many guys coming to my home today.  MJ asks with concern. are you ok? she goes to open the door for HK but MJ holds her back. MJ: aside from the person outside did anyone else come here? SY: who? JK oppa? MJ: who is that? SY: the one knocking outside – that guy’s hyung. he is also S&C’s heir. why are you curious about that? move so I can open the door for him first. MJ holds her tighter and says what kind of woman opens all the doors when someone asks you to. you don’t know what kind of guy he is so why let just anyone in. this woman has no fear. SY: that’s right – didn’t know what kind of guy you were and just let you in. without any fear. MJ: I’m not talking about me now. aside from me other guys. SY: why leave you out. go out please. now. she pushes him. he says wait – I hate anyone touching my body but she doesnt care and pushes him out. HK: are you ok SY? this guy didn’t do anything weird to you right? MJ: look here I am not someone who would do something weird.  HK: I told you last time I don’t like your looks. MJ: first time hearing that after living so long.  HK: why I think you would have heard it a lot.  she tells both guys she is tired and to leave. she closes the door on both of them. MJ is about to go in his hm but HK asks to talk

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HK asks if MJ is renting, leasing, or bought the apartment. MJ: why are you curious about it. HK: I will pay twice for your home. how about it. MJ: if you are going to talk nonsense I will go. HK: whatever you are thinking about SY dont do it cuz she is my woman. MJ asks if that has been agreed upon with SY so HK says not really, but will soon. we have a very special relationship -I saw her since middle school. we went to academies together. I gave her flowers for graduation. her first alcohol she drank was with me – I did those things so from here on –  I will do everything with her. I will take responsibility for her whole life until I die. MJ wrestles with this new feeling

MJ remembers his lecture about jealousy to his class. how it is the crude, childish and lowest of emotion, because it stems from the fear that the other person’s affection might be leaning towards someone else. This emotion, similar to anger, manifests itself starting in early childhood- when a child throws a tantrum, vomits, or sucks on his/her thumbs when the child sees his/her mother showing affection to another child- commonly we call this a regression. Even a mature adult, if he/she as low confidence, this person will expression this regression. Fearful that he/she will lose that person to another, he/she will express jealousy, doing and saying crude things. Student asks if he gets jealous when he likes someone

HK: you understood my words right? so from here on don’t hang around her. MJ: I went today cuz I had some business with her. HK: what? MJ: chun SY left her hair tie at my home. so I went to tell her to take that. HK asks if she got drunk and went there again. MJ: it’s not like that so don’t misunderstand. she was sober and slept over one night at my home. he walks away muttering I have to hurry and return her hair tie.

back to lecture in class – student says cuz you are so chic and cool I don’t think you would be jealous. MJ says as I explained, jealous is the most lowbrow and crudest of emotions, and since it is only experienced by people who have low confidence and an inferiority complex, I never felt that. He tells people the finals are next week.

SY sits in her car as Han’s fans egg her van. they accuse her of killing Han. Manager bum says there are too many of Han’s fans and reporters so we were told not to come in so let’s go back. SY mutters she came to return what belonged to Han (the clutch bag)

when they go to the agency they hear her mom yelling at Ahn – cuz he isnt doing anything for SY and she is being ruined. he says how he lost a lot of money cuz of this incident. she says that SY is the one earning a lot of money.  what did you say – let’s go together till the end. we are family. but now that you incurred some losses are you saying you will only save yourself right now.  he says to speak coldly -his contract  with SY is till the end of this month. SY comes in and says how she doesnt want to renew. cuz of the affection accumulated she was going to renew but she didn’t like how Ahn handled this matter and she will have to think of renewing. she is going to pay for the repayment for the CF herself. her mom calls her crazy. her mom tells Ahn to do as agreed for the contract. SY says dont contact me for the time being cuz I am going to rest. ahn tells her to rest. she tells Bum not to follow cuz you are no longer my manager

the mom calls her crazy and yells at  her for paying for all that money back for the CF cuz SY doesnt have that kind of money. but SY says it happened cuz of me so I cant make Ahn pay it all

Sae and her mom show up so Sae’s mom rubs it in that Sae is going to have a romance with the lead guy in that drama that SY was dropped from by saying her character is going abroad. Sae says to SY – dont misunderstand the director offered that but I told him I didn’t like it. I was going to tell you in front of Ahn mom. the mom complains about this chance that was hard to get. but Sae says even if it was a hard chance to get – I don’t want it like this- SY was treated unfairly and this happened so doesn’t it look like her best friend is kicking her to the side and getting that position. if I wait another chance will come. if not – cant be helped. so SY’s mom says Sae is better than her mom. Sae tells SY not to feel bad cuz she is going to tell Ahn that. but SY says you do that role cuz someone has to. it’s not like I cant do it cuz of you I just cant. so don’t feel pressure and do it. I’m ok. Sae’s mom says SY is better than her mom. SY tells Sae to go in. as she steps closer she mentions Sae’s lie about her mom fracturing her ankle. SY asks if it’s ok for the mom to wear heels after the fracture.

Sae’s mom asks if Sae really said that to the director. we need to take that back. but Sae says no need cuz I already told the director I would. I lied cuz I felt sorry to SY – I said that cuz I wanted her to say first that it’s ok for me to do it, but did you see her face – she wasnt congratulating me. I always congratulated her all those long years. her mom points out how SY only thinks of Sae has her bridesmaid and not a friend.  show her this time. when the spotlight is on the bridesmaid -what happens/

SY gets a present and opens it to see her photo with bloody eyes. she yells and drops it and knocks on MJ’s door and wonders where he went

Park is wondering where MJ went off to cuz he disappeared. he is wondering how MJ disappeared so fast. what is his identity. Yoo says how he looked into MJ and he isnt average – he has a lot of money

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MJ and Jang are camping out in the cold and ice fishing. MJ tells him about how he was able to own all this land

back in joseon MJ looked around as he was sold the land by the actor who played his eunuch in Moon. how an amusement park was built on it over time. then apartment complex so that’s how MJ got so rich cuz he got the chance to buy the land cheap during Joseon time.

The eunuch guy was what we call a real estate broken now. After MJ explains how he came upon all this land, the lawyer wonders why his ancestors didn’t buy up land like that too. MJ asks the lawyer to start to slowly sell off the land, and to put out his antiques and arts slowly after he has left. If too many expensive things all come out at once, he will receive suspicion. Jang says now that we are putting things into order it feels real that you are leaving soon. MJ says this moment is one I waited 400 yrs for. I thought I would be able to leave without any lingering feelings/regrets when the time comes to get ready to leave -the end is coming up, but there is a person left behind me. stuff I’m curious about cuz it wasn’t settled,  leftover feelings-sadness too- i am afraid of this situation cuz it’s similar to 400yrs ago. I thought if you die it’s the end  and you disappear but it’s not

MJ goes home and reads the note SY left. to buy a phone cuz she couldnt contact him when it was urgent. MJ narrates what he said to Jang – if the person I thought disappeared forever – has she appeared in front of me again after such a long time has passed

JK has been volunteering at the animal shelter regularly, the doctor notes that JK doesn’t even left him let the media know that a  2nd generation chaebol is volunteering at an animal shelter. The dog was found in the highway. Has various illnesses will be put to sleep, first he will receive anesthesia and the doctor tells JK that they’ve been using propofol as anesthesia.

*I think he is going to use this medicine on SY

HK gives SY’s mom a lot of flowers (cuz it’s SY’s bday). she says how she suffered when SY was born. she asks what HK is going to do with SY today. he is going to eat dinner but she says do something special- should I tell you how

HK asks for time off work for some important business and gets permission to go.

SY opens her door to get her milk and sees a note from MJ to come to school to take her finals at 4pm -must attend

she goes in and gets a text from HK – happy birthday and make time at night

she calls YJ for not saying happy birthday. he asks if she is ok cuz mom is saying people are all dumping her, but SY denies it saying today she got so many people asking her to show up and attend. YJ asks if she is going to go around alone cuz she no longer has her agency.  she is going to drive her own car cuz she has a license.

She goes to the parking garage and speaks to her car like a pet and absentmindedly hangs her bag on the side mirror to put her gloves on and gets in

she is singing and driving and includes her name into the lyrics. people honk at her to warn her about  her handbag but she is oblivious and says how some people just cant drive. she is low on gas and pulls into a station. she cant find her bag inside and the guy gets it from her side mirror where she hung it. she pays with a credit card so he asks her to sign it but she gives him an autograph like a star.

she pulls up to the school and asks if they valet

MJ looks at the time just as SY pulls up to the school and tries to park. she complains cuz they dont valet. someone hits her car. it’s reporter. she knows him so she hides her face. he tries to get her to get out but she says it’s ok just go.  more reporters show up and take her pics.

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-09-50]

while kids are taking tests MJ looks out the window and sees and hears the trouble SY is in

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-13-00] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-13-26] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-10-55]

reporter tells her to get out cuz it’s been an hour. we wont have a choice but to open by force. she locks her door. MJ shows up at the car to tell the reporter that this isn’t a car accident but was done on purpose, because the guy knew that there were someone in the car and that person could get hurt, yet he purposefully hit the car, therefore a crime of willful negligence. The guy asks who MJ is, and MJ says he is SY’s legal representative, and the witness of the intentional accident. MJ continues that if the woman in side the car was hurt, that the guy can also be charged with assault- he can go to prison and/or pay a fine. Guy says he was just trying asking her to come out of the car to resolve things over conversation, but MJ interrupts and says it is a crime of threat to raise your voice or to act menacingly at a person who doesn’t want to get out the car that is punishable by prison and/or fine. And for a situation like this, he can punished as a criminal caught red-handed so shall he call the police? To the people taking photos/videos, he says they can take them but if they distribute them without permission, they may be forced to compensate by a civil suit. they lower their cameras. MJ tells her it’s ok and to get out. she finally does. he says just hide when you do something wrong and not hide just anytime. she asks what took so long manager Doh for you to show up and takes his hand and says let’s go. they walk away holding hands but the cameras dont work (cuz MJ made them malfunction)

she says this isn’t the way to the classroom – aren’t I taking my test. he says it ended a long time ago. SY: then where are we going

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he takes her to the museum. SY: where is this place. MJ: the college museum. the place where there are the least amount of people at school. SY: anyway thanks. but if your interest law – how do you know so well.  she worries about the test she didnt get to take and asks for leniency cuz of that incident a while ago. MJ: even if you took the test you would have gotten an F. you had too many absences.   her voice got loud as she complained  at him for making her go back and forth but he tells her to lower her voice cuz it’s a museum. she complains how she hates museums the most cuz she gets sleepy the minute she enters

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-19-37]

she stops in front of the hair pin and is mesmerized by it.

Yoo is napping when Sae goes in. she sees the photo of MJ on the ship

flashback to when she was young. she bought a CD and was walking in the snow. she saw HK wishing SY merry xmas as she yelled at  him -why did you come again. move aside. SY ran away. Sae watched as SY almost got run over by the truck. she took a photo of MJ saving SY and holding her in his arms

Sae goes to her room and finds that photo and the face is same as MJ

SY is on the phone on her way to meet HK and asks why HK is at the amusement park at this time cuz I hate events like that. long time ago some guy put my name up and had roses. it was so annoying cuz the thorns tore up my clothes. HK denies doing that but he did all of that so he makes the workers take it all down – even the banner with her name

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-24-10]별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-51-34]별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-24-51]

SY thanks MJ for the ride and wonders how long her car needs to go in to be repaired. she was going to call and ask Bum but realizes he isnt her manager anymore. she asks MJ -now that your school work finished what are you going to do -do you by any chance want two jobs? during your break do a part time job. how about as my manager. MJ: stop saying nonsense. SY: why? you don’t like being a manager  then how about lawyer rep – that was impressive. if you don’t like that then my bodyguard. cuz there isnt much I know how to do myself. from when I was 12 till now –  smiling in front of cameras when they say  smile or cry when they say cry. this is all I did. there is not much I did with my own hands.  I really love coffee but since I don’t have a manager these days I couldn’t buy them cuz I don’t know how to order them.  MJ asks how much is it? SY: coffee? MJ: no the part time job pay. she smiles

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-52-00] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-55]별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-52-47] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-53-17]

HK is upset MJ and SY came together. SY invites MJ to eat with them before he goes but HK makes him leave. MJ says dont stay out too late and when you are done return her early to her home. HK agrees and wonders why MJ is ordering that that as MJ walks away. HK: I will do what I want.

SY asks why he wanted her to come here. HK says the ferris wheel cuz when you were younger you came to ride that on your bday

when she was a kid she rode that with her dad. her dad worries filming and going to school is hard on her. but SY liked it cuz she earns money and her mom isnt mean to her dad. she brags she met won bin and he was so good looking. he asks who is more handsome me or won bin. she says even if you are my bloodline I cant lie. so he tickles her till she says you dad.

SY asks how HK knew she rode that on her bday with her dad. HK: is there something I dont know about you. he holds her hand as they walk

MJ is walking and stops. he can see her walking hand in hand with HK

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-54-09]별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-54-26]

MJ remembers her reaction to the hairpin. she cried and said -why do I feel like this – looking at this -why do I keep feeling sad

MJ narrates: that was a sad dream. like a far away star, having become dim, like a legend.

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-04-27] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-32-17]별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-06-21] 별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-28-12]

Back in joseon they were running from guards. YH is saying his face is becoming more pale.  They reach the edge of the cliff. MJ was in pain and falls to his knees. she cries and holds out the hair pin and says my deceased grandma said – goodbyes should be said ahead because when the real end comes (when it’s really the last time) one won’t be able to say goodbye.  she hands him the pin. what I said before on the first day of snow – do you remember? (when she said she wanted to grow up and show him her pretty grown side) before I met you – I didnt have any hope for the days left to live; I only had resignation and resentment, but after meeting you, for the first time I longed for the future, for the first time, I earnestly wanted to live. she bows formally to him. thank you – thank you again. MJ cries. YH: please go safely to where you are from. I wont forget you – I cant forget you.  even in death no matter what that world is – i will not forget you. guards draw closer. MJ stands to face them and blocks her. he uses his power to make the men fall. but he is too weak to keep it up. order is given to shoot arrows at MJ cuz he is using superpowers so she blocks him with her body. he tried to slow down the arrows but his weakened state couldn’t keep them away. she gets shot full of arrows and falls into his arms

MJ narrates: there is a moment I wanted to stop forever – the moment when the person I loved died. dont want to see – dont want to believe – couldnt do anything -hating myself for that –  that moment when I was helpless” he cradles her head and sobs. then he yells out in anguish

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-04]

MJ recalls that and looks up at the ferris wheel

inside the Ferris wheel SY thanks HK for this and making her feel better cuz life was annoying these days. HK says i will say something after being prepared to be beat by you- i like you having a hard time. cuz there is something I can do. I’m bad huh. she agrees. HK: but couldnt you say this is love. you said I was the most comfortable. let’s say that’s love and just come to me. you and your family – till the day I die I will take responsibility- live doing everything you want. I will make that happen

MJ walks away and hears HK say: if you dont want to answer now then you can answer later. SY: no I will answer now

MJ stops and looks back up

SY: my answer is …

MJ makes everything pause and stops time and walks away

MJ narrates: there is a moment I want to stop forever. even if I had to do that (pause time) -that one word I don’t want to hear.


SY opens her door. Bum gives her a note. SY: what is this? He cries saying please be healthy noona. he cries and runs off

she reads his letter to her future manager: my noona – you cant ever let her drink more than 3 glasses of alcohol – she turns into a dog and bites for real too (she bit his head as he piggybacked her when she was drunk). stop her and dont let her do SNS. as soon as she opens her mouth all fantasies about her break apart. lastly these are the projects my noona needs to avoid. cant do medicals – she cant memorize medical terms. cant do legal (law shows) cuz she cant memorize long lines.  saegeuk? she cant. She hates the Joseon era.

she reads and says he knows me so well. why do I hate Joseon era? it’s strange but I don’t like it.

별에서 온 그대.E06.140102.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-22-10]


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    Dear Softy: Thank you so much for this episode!!! I am dying to go watch it raw and later with subtitles. I am so excited because just reading your recap I can feel his emotions. Jealousy and love those are powerful emotions that he is experiencing. He is in so much trouble with the detective and really acted without thinking of the consequences to him because of her. I want to know how he is going to justify his actions and being on the ship. I am amazed how two brothers can be the opposite: good vs. evil. We know of 3 people whom are dead because of him; but can you imagine how many others people might have gotten in his way and he deals with the problem this way!! Scary. Love to start my new year with a great new Korean drama and following your recaps!!! Thanks a million.


  9. Marie67 says:

    Hi Softy, Thanks a lot for recapping this. I love your insights the most.

    Happy New Year and may all happiness and joy become your life (ofcourse together with us and many many good drama’s 🙂 )


  10. rillakm says:

    eyy, how can this drama’s production be so cruel. Compared to Master’s Sun that keeps on treating us with bts. This drama is so stingy in releasing bts for us, maybe it’s because they are doing very well already without bothering giving bts, lol. How can we survive for another week without preview.
    Thank you for recapping this, much appreciated and as everyone pointed out, I do love your insights as well, so much thought into the matter of heart time love and etc. i just nod as I read it~ ^^


  11. chikoku says:

    First comment here..^_^ First know you from Joonni’s blog, when you help her doing FAITH recaps

    Thanks for amazing recap, softy. I really appreciate it. Make me ready for another amazing episode. I already falling in love with KSH in Dream High, and getting worse ( ?) in each drama he play. JJH ? Who not love her in may sassy girl. This drama is like jackpot to me..

    There is interesting matter here. Does anyone realize, this drama capture some memorable things from many drama and movie ? I notice ost of The Heirs (correct if i’m wrong) when a boy confess to a girl in front of comic store, and again i notice ost My Sassy girl at the end of this eps. And also, this drama is about a man who lived for 400 years and meet again with his lovers reincarnation. Is it seem just like Gu Family Book ? Also at the end of this ep, when she read the letter, mention about the things she should avoid, it so remind me to the most favourite scene from My Sassy Girl.. Is it just my feeling, or true ?

    Anyway, all the similiarity make me more in love to this drama. Keep recapping, Softy. I love you sooo much


  12. tezuka says:

    yes! i love the reference to the OST from The Heirs and the little boy saying to the little girl: “Do I like you?” like Kim Tan said. Very cute and funny.

    I am loving how much this drama is perfectly walking the line between humor and seriousness. Both of the lead actors have this endearing side, and it is being played so wonderfully.

    Softy — keep up the great work, it is much appreciated.


  13. conjie008 says:

    My dearest Softy & Joonni,
    This drama got me scratching my head, and thinking all the different scenario & out come for each episode. At lease it has given me that one thing to think about, to divert surreal they call it!!
    This drama will remind me of “QIHM”, where you have the past & future collaborate…presenting the out come of his decision.
    I look forward to your in site & Joonni’s.



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