You From Another Star E3

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This drama is so genuine it kills me. He pretends not to care, but can’t help himself. She pretends not to hear him, but doesn’t miss a single word. Whatever they say about each other, when they are alone facing the truth of those comments – those words sink in and take root. If their sincerity doesn’t get to you – I don’t know what will. I can’t wait till MJ learns that offering to protect someone means that you are promising to care for them so by giving that protection, he is also giving his heart. In his case, it turns out to be for a few lifetimes.

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Written before it aired: The first time Min Joon saved Song Yi, he caused that accident so he felt responsible and pulled her palanquin to safety. Second time he rescued her, he had a premonition her accident would occur so he went to intervene. Now this third time, he had a dream about her falling over the railing so we know he won’t stand by and let that happen, but I’m curious about how she died back in Joseon time. He clearly said “that kid died” so I’m thinking the one time he didn’t get to save her stayed with him so that’s why he saved her 12 years ago and why he will make sure to save her again. I don’t think you can chalk all of that up to fate or destiny if you keep choosing to rescue someone. Maybe it’s more about MJ learning that part of fate entails involvement and caring. The more he falls for her, their destiny to be together will be solidified. That’s the hope I am going to cling to and will continue to drown out any talk of MJ going back home or the fact that he won’t even be able to have a meal with her. I have faith the writer will work some kind of magic and get herself out of that hole by getting around that fact cuz if this drama doesn’t have any kisses, it’s going to be a huge waste of great chemistry.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon (MJ)

Jeon Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi (Song or SY)

Yoo Inna as Yoo Sae Mi (Sae)

Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung (HK)

Lawyer Jang= MJ’s only friend

Yang Mi Yun = Song Yi’s mother

Chun Min Goo = her father

Chun Yoon Jae=her younger brother

Lee Jae Kyung = heir of S&C group

CEO Ahn – head of SY’s agency

Han: SY’s rival actress


Starts from MJ showing her the photo asking who is this. she says why look at someone else’s pic without permission. he asks who is it? SY: do I have to answer? she starts to leave but he pushes her against the window. SY: what is this – are you crazy? MJ: who are you

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flashback to her back in joseon time asking him -who are you? cuz it’s strange. you suddenly floated off the ground. that day what you wore was strange. your strange hair. that strange vehicle that came from the sky too. it’s all strange. who the heck are you? no matter what you say I wont be surprised – enjoyed reading books about supernatural things. my mother didn’t like it but I didn’t think that only humans were in this world. ghosts – gumihos- grim reapers- I think they all can exist. which one of those are you?  can you not talk – do you some place to go then? do you have family? whatever you are whatever your identity- you are my hero. if I say you saved my life my mother in law wont chase you out-  so come with me. I will help you. he just stares at her

he followed her back to her mother in law’s home. she finds out that she supposedly hung herself and committed suicide last night.

the girl and MJ watch through the window as her mother in law orders some man to find the girl saying no one can see she is alive and walking around. MJ sees the bad guy is about to notice her so MJ covers her with his arm so she isnt seen and made them both disappear

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MJ took her to a field far away.

they are standing where her grave marker is. she cries and says this is my grave. then what am I? a person or a ghost. what happens if they find out I’m alive. now where do I go? she sobs in front of her grave

she decides to let her dad know what’s going on and get his help about what to do. she says goodbye to MJ saying -thank you for everything. I don’t know where you are from but I hope you go back safely. even though I don’t know your identity – you seem to have a lot more great skills than me so I wont worry too much about you. she bows and turns, but MJ spoke for the first time and said go with me. let’s go together. I will protect you

present day – she pushes him off and asking did you just ask who I am. do you still not know me. I am Chun SY. MJ says yes you are chun SY – you couldnt  be that girl. she asks who is that girl? does she resemble me? these days when they go to a plastic surgeon they all ask to look like Chun SY so there are a lot of women in cheongdamdong that resemble me -but why is there an original -cuz you cant duplicate me. he looks down and sees her shoes so she asks where are you staring? MJ asks are those shoes yours. she says yes these are the only pair in korea. I’m not the kind of woman that wears what everyone does.

Jung asks MJ maybe she could be a reincarnation or a doppelganger. MJ argues those things couldn’t exist- think rationally so Jung argues – if there are aliens there could be doppelgangers. what are you going to do about  the shoes -you said it was the shoes you saw then. like 12 yrs ago – if you saw a vision of what’s going to happen  – the owner of the shoes could die – like 12 yrs ago – are you going to intervene in the accident or look the other way like you’ve done all this time

*Jung is like Jiminy Cricket to MJ’s Pinocchio as Jung tries to taunt MJ to do the right thing

Sae is talking about what happened in the salon -how much did SY fight with Han for everyone Sae meets to mention the fight. SY: I don’t know – it keeps bugging me.Sae asks who the man was that dragged SY away by the wrist. SY: that guy – the one who lives next door. Sae: the professor of your class? why would he (do that)? SY: I think to return my wallet. then he said I resembled someone.  Sae: who? SY: isn’t it obvious? his first love or his mother who passed away resembled me. we know that feeling. I think he was flirting with me. she grimaces in pain saying how her tummy hurt since dinner. Sae thinks maybe it’s cuz SY starved too much to film a photo shoot. some singers come in to say hi to SY and congratulate her. how pretty the dress was. where was it from (which brand). Sae is called in to do her next scene. when Sae leaves SY lectures the girls saying dont you know Sae? both girls admit they know Sae. SY: if you know her – why didnt you say hello to her? are you rude girls who only say hello to certain people -where did you learn to be that rude. I will watch you two – if I catch you one more time ignoring Sae again I wont leave you alone. you heard the rumors about my temper right – those aren’t rumors – they are the truth. she walks out muttering I forgot all the lines I memorized cuz of them. the girls say bad things about SY-how people cant wait till SY is ruined to step on her -they all want something bad to happen and when it does it will be the end for SY

HK remembers what MJ said to him – how he could trust SY with him. HK says I saw him somewhere before. HK gets up and says it’s 6 – aren’t you leaving? I will be leaving work first then. the team manager gets angry at HK for leaving first since HK is a newbie so his boss says I will do it and lectures HK

the guy asks is the office a playground – did you come to play? HK  says I finished my work but the guy says if your sunbaes didn’t finish their work yours didn’t either. I should have known since you put up celebrity photos (on your desktop) so HK says she is my girlfriend but the guy doesnt believe it yelling – be quiet – if chun SY is your girlfriend then my wife is Kim Nam Joo (the actress he costarred with in another drama before) our office workers put up their family photos to be inspired and think I have to feed my family -I must do my best.  He makes HK leave and get coffee to say sorry to the other sunbaes.

the boss looks down at HK’s family photo with the others and they all realize about HK’s family -that HK is the youngest son of their president. HK comes back with coffee for them and says how well he was taught – that he would leave after others are done with their work so his boss and manager are all suddenly nice to HK and say how everyone finished work -let’s all leave work now.

JK asks if HK is doing well at work and not making it obvious who he is so HK says of course. no one knows I am your younger brother.  the director of the company Lee comes in to speak to JK so JK makes HK leave first. Lee asks JK about something Lee brought up before. some man -Im Sae wok.  how he was involved in the shopping mall construction and passed away in a car accident. we need to investigate. I heard at the funeral through his family and there are some strange things that happened before his accident. JK says I told you before – we aren’t at fault and the police will take care of it but Lee says something is bugging me – before the day of his  accident he met someone in our company  we don’t know who that is so we have to look into the details.  JK says then look into it. how is your diabetes? Lee says how he takes insulin shots regularly and stuff. JK says you know i like you right. take care of your health. Lee thanks him and leaves

at night Lee’s insulin shots are replaced

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MJ remembers the day of the accident when he pulled her palanquin to safety. from next door, he hears SY in pain. she wonders what is wrong with her stomach. she calls her manager saying where she is hurting but he thinks it is the same as last time – related to her stress so she says it’s different from last time – hurry and come but  he can’t come cuz he is out of town at his dad’s memorial and says call 911. she cant cuz of the reporters so he says call your mom. should I call her? but SY says no dont call -don’t call my mom – i will go on my own. MJ heard where she is hurting and knows it’s her appendicitis but ignores it

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she tries to put on makeup despite her pain saying come to your senses – you are Asia’s star. you are the nation’s actress. she goes to put on her shoes worried about hospital fashion (like airport fashion) cuz she cant lose but she is in too much pain. she stumbles out just as MJ is leaving. she asks sorry but where are you going now. he says the hospital nearby. SY: at 2am? MJ: I have some business there. SY: anyway that’s good cuz i dont feel good – could you take me on your way

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MJ acts and sounds like a doctor at the hospital( from his former career)  and tells the ER doctor all her conditions like fever etc and that she has appendicitis so prepare her for surgery. the doctor asks who are you. what is your relationship with the patient? SY says he is my manager. MJ: me? no way.  doctor is upset he got ordered around by a manager and mumbles there are too many medical drama on these days

after the doctor leaves, MJ asks her- how am I your manager. she says I am an actress -if talk goes out that at this late at night I showed up with a strange man people might spread rumors I am pregnant or tried to commit suicide. MJ: still – turning a person into a manager. nurse comes over asking you are her manager right? go and fill out her paperwork. SY asks if she has appendicitis – does she have to have surgery. MJ: of course you do – then don’t do it? She worries about the scar from the surgery cuz she has to wear a bikini. she tells him to explain for the doctors to do the surgery well. MJ says why should I.  SY:you said you would be the manager. MJ: when did I? when the nurse calls out Chun SY’s manager MJ answers “yes” and that bugs him cuz he is going along with it.

MJ fills out the paperwork and the clerk asks if the number is correct. MJ says yes and leaves. the clerk says there are still people who use pagers.

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as she is wheeled into surgery, she calls out to MJ as “manager Doh.” he sighs and steps closer saying what? she pulls on his jacket saying-  you cant go – when I wake don’t go anywhere – you must be next to me. got that? manager Doh -do go anywhere –  you cant go. she goes into surgery. He walks away but stops and sits down to wait for her surgery to be done.

after surgery the nurse says to MJ cuz he is the guardian that SY has a lot of gas in her stomach and it’s important to hurry and let that out so she needs to be walked around for  her to hurry and fart so SY claims – I don’t do those things (farting). the nurse says she has to in order to be discharged.  SY says I don’t fart but MJ says to the nurse I will let you know when she does

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as she walks she wants a more fitted hospital gown and asks him to ask if they have one in red cuz it looks better on her, but he looks at her and says you think I will ask that?  she shakes her head no. MJ: just walk. as they continue walking she brings up what he said on the roof and asks she must have been a really pretty girl. MJ: what? SY: the woman you said resembled me. if it’s to the extent that you confused her with me – it means her visual was no joke. MJ: I was confused for a second but looking closely – you’re not. you two are different people. SY: was she like your first love? MJ: no -someone I was sorry to. SY: she wont be the only person you are sorry to – look carefully at your life – it wont be one or two. just from looking – your style… just fix your personality. she suddenly farts. MJ: it worked. SY: it wasn’t mine. but he calls for the nurse but she denies it again.

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they walk back to her room and she sees out the window – snow – the first snow

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back in joseon she says it’s the first snow – did you know – in this country in Joseon – on the first day of snow you can be forgiven for any lie. I have something to tell you. to tell the truth, I like you. I will hurry and grow up and I want to show you my grown side. she looks at him and says it’s a lie. didn’t you know? i told you. today- even if you lie you can be forgiven cuz it’s the first snow

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-21-33]별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-21-51]

present day SY says very seriously: on the first day of snow it’s fried chicken and beer. MJ sighs cuz she is clearly not like the girl he knew back in Joseon. SY: or cow stomach and soju. even pork skin is good. I also want to eat seafood and makuli. black bean noodles and sweet and sour pork.  MJ: look here. SY: suddenly I crave raw squid. if you dip it in red pepper paste as it moves and chew it -it’s really chewy.   MJ asks sarcastically – did you have an intestinal surgery instead of appendicitis. SY: I don’t even remember when I got to eat everything I wanted.  she lists all the calories for the food she craves. since I got my appendix out maybe my body got lighter. MJ: if you have time to talk nonsense – sleep more. SY: if I sleep -do you plan to leave? I told people you are my manager so if you leave they will think it’s strange.  so what I am saying…he cuts in and says I wont go and sits to read the paper. she gets in bed. he asks what sign she is and he pretends to read her horoscope saying be careful of water and dont get on any boats. SY: but I don’t believe those stuff. MJ: still – it wont be bad to be careful of stuff they say to be careful of. isn’t that so?  he turns and looks, but she fell asleep already

next morning HK tries to go in and see her claiming to be her boyfriend. don’t spread that rumor. but the guard isn’t buying it. HK says i will confirm it and calls her but her phone is off. the guard says ten guys already claimed to be her boyfriend. HK says I am not like them. he asks where is her manager. he knows me. MJ comes out and guard wants MJ to confirm HK is her boyfriend. HK asks why are you here? he isnt the manager. guard says what are you saying. MJ came in with her last night when she was admitted and stayed all night together. HK: what? all night? guard asks what should I do? MJ:  the patient needs to rest so dont let any visitors in. HK tries to call out next door guy but MJ walks away

Sae is doing an interview but all the questions are about SY. how Sae is SY’s best friend and they have been friends since junior high. Sae says yes since we were in junior high and high school -we saw each other at school and on the set so we couldn’t help but become close friends. reporter asks SY got surgery early this morning -are you going to visit her? Sae says yes after the interview is over. since the question was going to be about SY again Sae asks aren’t you curious about me so the reporter asks if Sae has a boyfriend so Sae says for over ten years I had a one sided love

flashback to back then when young HK walked down the hall. SY was in class complaining about all the lines she has. Sae points out SY’s role is jang hee bin child role so SY says it would be nice to have Sae’s role and not have any lines and not have to fall into the water when it’s cold. HK comes in and Sae smiles at him. he only has eyes for SY though. he goes over and you know me right? I am HK. SY: who is that? he reminds her how she filmed a chocolate CF and got popular and got a drama. the president of that chocolate company is my dad. SY: so? HK says how he begged his dad for SY to be the model for his dad’s company’s chocolate. SY thinks he wants to be thanked but she points out cuz she was the model his dad’s company sold a lot of chocolates. did you come to thank me for that? I don’t have time to accept that kind of hello.  he gets angry and says if it wasn’t for me do you think you would have gotten this famous? my dad said he didn’t want to but I convinced him. SY: who told you to do that.

Sae narrates how that person never looked at her once. I don’t know why I keep looking at him. she sees how HK is still trying to get in so see SY claiming to be her boyfriend.

Sae and HK are visiting with SY. HK asks why SY dragged MJ in  – when the manager couldn’t come you should have called me.  SY says how MJ had to go to the hospital anyway. Sae: you said it was 2 am. SY: he said he had business. HK thinks MJ planned this -that he is her stalker. living next door and her professor -it had to be planned.  SY says i am the one who moved in next door and resumed classes. HK thinks he should move in next door and asks if MJ is renting or owns. SY makes Sae take HK away and go home. but HK wants to stay and sleep here. SY: why sleep here? HK: cuz it’s dangerous. SY: you are the most dangerous. Sae asks did you call your mom but SY changes the subject and talks about getting her hair done cuz her photo could be taken when she walks the halls. Sae: your mom will worry. SY asks for the paper. to check their horoscope and can’t find  it – the one about her being careful of water and not get on the boat. what is this -did he make up a horoscope that doesn’t exist?

MJ says to Jung – I made up stuff about her horoscope and warned her not to go near water. Jung: did it work? MJ: she doesn’t listen to others.  Jung asks so are you going to leave it alone. MJ says I did as much as I could so I don’t think I should get involved anymore. Jung says then why did you call me. I have my own life and you call me at any time – if you aren’t going to get involved with Chun SY’s accident  anymore then don’t – why keep talking about it?  it means inwardly you are paying attention to her. MJ says long time ago you found me difficult (to speak with)but these days you are acting comfortable around me.  this modern society’s losing its reverence for its elders. Jung says we saw each other for over 30 yrs so of course it’s time to feel comfortable. also visually – if anyone sees – we are like dad and son so it makes me comfortable. MJ’s pager goes off and Jung thinks it’s weird cuz Jung is the only one who knows the number. it’s the first time I saw your pager go off. he hands over his cell phone saying call the number

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SY is surprised he really does have a pager. MJ: how did you know my pager number? she got his pager number from the form for the guardian contact info and asks about the horoscope -where is it -I cant find it. MJ: it’s there. did you call just for that? she asks for a favor so MJ says didnt I already do enough  – did you think I would listen to that kind of request?

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MJ goes to her friend Bok’s comic bookstore and the friend has a crush on him right away. MJ reads her a list of books he wants to borrow and gets embarrassed about the racy titles. The Splendid Temptation of the Man Next Door, The Greedy Superior and the Late-night Office.

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-09-36]별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-09-27]

he dumps all the comic books on her bed. SY is happy and he reads the titles to make fun of her cuz they are erotic manwhas – The Butler of the “One-room”,  why would a one room need a butler? they should save up for the rent for the one room. SY:would this really be a one room? you lack imagination. MJ: The Greedy Superior and the Late-night Office – do I need to imagine that? SY: it’s books in my life.  don’t mock it. she asks what superior books he reads and it’s from joseon. (the book he likes is “Goo Woon Mong”- a Joseon era fantasy novel) he tries to defend it saying it’s better than Harry Potter cuz it was 400yrs ahead of it. SY: I’ve been curious from a while back – what year were you born?

her brother is running in to visit SY when his mom stops him. she asks where he has been and not coming home. YJ: where is that brat hurting to be hospitalized. his mom hits him for calling his noona a brat. YJ: anyway let’s hurry and go in but his mom says to wait. She calls out to Ahn and he comes over and introduces the director and staff who are filming the special. she says you are working hard. I am Chun SY’s mom and this is her younger brother YJ. director  says SY took after her. the mom says everyone says that. Ahn fills her in on the concept for today-not being able to meet her family for a long time cuz SY was busy.  that they heard about SY’s surgery and hurriedly brought over the mom and brother.  the mom says don’t worry and gives Ahn ideas about filming starting from the cab and the mom crying but YJ warns the guy not to film him and goes in. she tells Ahn just to film her and leave out YJ and that she is a better actress than SY

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-24-40] 별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-25-17] 별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-29-12]

MJ is reading the paper as SY reads her manhwas. YJ goes in and asks are you alive. she starts to lecture him saying how he didn’t take her calls -mom said you ran away from home and aren’t eating well. she feels pain and stops talking. YJ:close your mouth and lie down. it’s good that you are alive. he turns to go, but she says are you just leaving when you haven’t seen me in a year. she offers to give him allowance but he says no i work part time jobs to earn money for food. SY: who told you to work a part time job? I said to stay home and study. YJ: didn’t you know. I didn’t want to use your money so I left home. cuz if I stay home I have to use your money. SY: are you going to talk to your sister like that? YJ: that’s why don’t send money home. cuz of your money our home is like this (a mess) dad wouldn’t have ended up like that if it wasn’t for you. just then her mom cries and makes a dramatic entrance. my daughter -how much pain you must have been in. mom came. my son – cuz his sister is hurt – look at how upset he is.  she is overdoing it and saying how her kids have a deep misunderstanding so YJ leaves. the mom goes over to SY to hug her but SY yells please dont do this – leave mom. everyone please leave. MJ watches all that

as she walks out, her mom says as SY gets older her temper flares more.  just her face and body takes after me and not her personality. Ahn agrees and wants her to sign the contract next month for SY like always. she plays hard to get saying how much S&C group are contacting her (so SY can sign with them) that SY has been with one company too long since she was a child actor so isn’t it time for a move.  he says it would be a bother to move – a friend from long ago is a safe friend. she says but I like new things so he offers to take her to the department store for new things

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SY’s dad hears about SY being hospitalized here. He is about to go into the hospital but he sees YJ leaving and hides. MJ comes out and sees her dad and then MJ looks over to where YJ had gone.

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-35-22]

SY looks out the window at the snow

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-37-44]

flashback to when she was young and waiting for her dad in the snow. he says its cold so you should have waited inside. she asks if he bought it – her fried chicken. she says how the PD said when it snows chicken and beer are the best.  but he says you cant drink beer  and makes her drink coke and one day when she is older she can drink beer with him. SY cries remembering that and wonders why am I like this

her dad walks away without visiting her

Lee takes his insulin shot when JK calls him and asks him to come to his room. lee cant take the elevator cuz of an inspection so he takes the stairs. he suddenly gets dizzy and falls down the stairs. he is about to call but a foot kicks his phone away so Lee dies

JK tells his dad about Lee and how there was something wrong with his insulin. the dad wonders how Lee could have made that kind of mistake. he wants to go directly to the wake

SY is telling her coordi what kind of concept she wants for her look. she wants a natural sexy look even though she got up from the bed. her manager says he cant find those shoes. the professor had all her belongings. she wonders why everything is here but not those shoes. then she remembers him asking about her shoes so she thinks MJ has a shoe fetish and says i didnt see him that way

MJ is giving a lecture in class about love. he says love expires according to the rules of nature. Love is not
forever. The only reason that love might be sacred is because it helps a species thrive. in the middle of his lecture his pager goes off

MJ goes to meet her (she is in disguise) and tells her I told you to stop paging me.  I will say it clearly – erase my pager number. she asks where her shoes are. MJ: how would I know? SY: everything else is there but the shoes are gone. he says this is why they say don’t help others out. i dont know about it. she asks if he is really going to be this way -cuz she was thankful he helped her out at the hospital – I said I didn’t see him that way but he is a good guy -so are you going to backstab me like this. MJ: I dont know what you are saying. she yells what are you going to do with women’s shoes. he yells I didnt take them

they are sitting in his shoe closet so he sighs looking at them

Han is having a meal with JK and she says I heard your brother is still after SY so you stop him.  if we get married and your brother marries SY then I will be sister in laws with SY so I dont like it. JK asks are we getting married. she says we’ve been dating for a year. we meet in secret like this so people don’t know. she mumbles that reporters are missing out on daebak news like this. JK: why do you want others to know? Han: what is this. are you saying we wont get married. then let’s break up. if you don’t like that then get married. is it cuz of your former wife. I am different from her. you know that. also i wont tell anyone what I know. I got invited to Noh’s wedding. you are friends with her fiancé right? let’s go together. JK  agrees to go to the wedding with her

SY is getting her makeup done. makeup artist says maybe it’s cuz you got surgery but you lost weight and look prettier.SY: when I go to someone else’s wedding I look I get insulted by others for stealing the bride’s thunder.  makeup artist says then should you go looking less pretty cuz if you go like this it would steal the bride’s thunder. SY wonders why Noh is getting married on a cruise.  in this cold weather does she want us to freeze to death on the boat?  the coordi got another pair of the same shoes but this one isnt SY’s size -too small. SY asks for her phone. she calls MJ and records a message and says I bought those shoes again. i am overlooking it this time cuz I imposed on you but you should apologize – I still dont get why you took those shoes.

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-55-56]

she hangs up and Han says I told you not to show up in front of me. SY says I said I didn’t want to (change salons) but what to do cuz we will meet at the wedding today. Han: while I am saying it nicely don’t come. SY: why – are you afraid the reporters will only take my photos when you worked so hard to look good. you tried so have some confidence. SY rubs it in about a movie deal that came in to Han. Han said she would decrease the money she gets paid to appear in the movie in order to work with the director so SY offered the same thing. The last thing she says is “I thought I might not run into you as often if I go the Cannes” (as in the Cannes Film Festival, the assumption is that this director is really famous and good) so after SY leaves, Han says I will kill her or I will die

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-58-43]별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-59-47]

MJ listens to SY’s message -that she bought those shoes again. he sees her on the news wearing them. he knows the wedding is on a boat and remembers her slipping and falling.



MJ: why dont I believe in love?

SY: I totally believe in it (love)

MJ: long time ago too there were a lot of those people –  the lady of house and servant, overcoming status barriers, running away together, but that love didn’t last even three years and ended. the lady has to chase around the servant, who is having an affair.

SY describes how she wants to be proposed to – singing for me and kneeling

MJ: humans who kneel and sing proposing for marriage are childish/immature

SY: they are doing it for the taste of being immature – cuz it’s love

MJ: love cant conquer time

SY: a love that can conquer everything – I think I will meet him soon – if I meet him I will get married cuz it’s time to get married


Jung asks MJ – so in the end are you saying she got on the boat wearing those shoes? Are you confident that you will be okay (you won’t feel anything) if something bad happens to her?

SM: SY is gone. no matter how much I looked – I can’t find her anywhere.

HK: How am I supposed to believe that.

Someone: when this man disappeared, so did Chun Song Yi.

SY says to MJ: Something really weird happened that day. did he/you come that day? did you by any chance show up that day?

MJ went to the boat to look for her

별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-00-33] 별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-02-16] 별에서 온 그대.E03.131225.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-04-15]


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  1. Swee says:

    Merry Christmas, Softy. Thanks for recapping, thought you were going to take a break since it’s the festive season. Looking forward to tonight’s ep. Softy, fighting ! 😘


  2. Ivoire says:

    Thank you for the recap to come! How did MJ cause that accident? Was it when he came on earth and that wind was blowing wild? I am confused about it, because we haven’t actually seen the accident, or was the accident when the palanquin almost fell over? (And then he went to bring it to safety, on the ground). Sorry, I am still trying to figure things out, with this show.


  3. raindrops1 says:

    Dear Softy and Joonni,
    I hope you’ve had a very Merry Christmas. May you both be showered with many blessings. I hope the New Year brings you good health, happiness, and prosperity. Thank you for being so kind to to all of us in sharing your talents with us. As well as providing us a space to come and better understand our beloved kdramas, share our thoughts and meet fellow fans. Of course I hope 2014 brings dramas that you both fall in love with.

    Softy, thank you for the recap. I was very much looking forward to this episode. Amazing job as always. 🙂


  4. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,

    Thank you another amazing recap. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us even with the Holidays.

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    Merry Christmas to you too softy!


  8. Iviih says:

    Softy!! ^^ I’m enjoying so much this drama. I love the main girl!! And can’t wait hot allien giving his heart to her. Awww.

    I like everything about the drama, just don’t get the murderer part tbh, he’ll be the one trying to kill her because his jealous GF asked to? Hmmm..

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great time. Kisses.


  9. mmhuerta says:

    Merry Christmas Softy!!


  10. sal728 says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap, and on Christmas at that! Hope you had a nice holiday. This drama is unfolding nicely, although there are still spots that are hard to grasp. I wonder how MJ spent the first 370 years without a friend who knew and understood him (and helped him with death certificates) or did he conveniently find a lawyer-type who accepted and aided him every 50 years or so? I agree with you in finding MJ amusing in that he makes these sweeping statements naysaying involvement, then turns around and spends the better part of 36 hours hanging out in the hospital just to placate her. And btw, how can he know who her dad is? Being an alien means he is omniscient?? Still, the characters are growing on me rapidly; I already feel a lot better about SY since she seems to be a genuine friend to Sae. That older brother appears to kill off anyone who gets in his evil way. I’m guessing Han is next since she is pushing marriage. The dead body in those sparkly shoes is probably hers rather than SY, right? Anyway, looking forward to tonight’s episode and your recap. Thanks for being there!!


  11. swee says:

    This alien is an old old soul, my goodness, still using Beepers ! It’s funny to hear him saying don’t ‘beep beep’ me.
    This drama is just beautiful to watch, OTP simply gorgeous, the colour and cinematography (esp the Joseon scenes), the alien’s home and that shoes of hers, I want that pair of shoes!
    Looking forward to Ep 4 tonight. cheers 😘


  12. KDaddict says:

    Ep 1 and 2 didn’t hook me, but ep 3 sure did! The characters and their relationships have begun to take shape nicely.
    I love KSH in sageuk wear, esp that silly gentleman’s hat. Not every gorgeous actor looks good in it.
    His ice-cold expression vs his intense desire to get involved in her life. Wow. Ice-and-fire. KSH is really selling it!
    Looking fwd to tonight’s ep when he saves her on the yacht.


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