You From Another Star E2

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That cold aloof façade MJ has been putting up is already starting to crack – even before he discovered SY’s identity as that mystery girl from his past. He might believe he learned his lesson hundreds of years ago not to meddle and help out humans, but he is starting to show signs of caring – from there it’s a slippery slope to falling hopelessly in love. There is something very satisfying watching someone who thinks he is beyond mere mortal concerns be relegated to sharing the same feelings of empathy all of a sudden. I love his expression when he had to face the consequences of his actions – he suddenly had to deal with his conscience and that twinge of regret made him use his super power to drop that girl’s phone to stop her from posting more insults about SY. The best part tonight was when MJ did something that no one but himself noticed – it was such a small gesture, but it clearly betrayed his growing attachment to SY. This was what I was hoping for all along – that he would start to feel something for her even before he found out she was the girl from the past. Some wishes take their time, but then there are those that are snuck in quietly and let their presence be known in the most heartwarming ways and we got a few of those tonight.

A huge thanks to Joonni for helping me out again tonight. All that Joseon talk was killing me. 🙂

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Written before it aired: The fact that Song Yi keeps rejecting HK when he is so eager and willing to be a part of her life says a lot about her attitude towards love. It makes you think this might be a case of selective isolation. She rather feel alone by herself than feel that being with HK. I think that’s why she got drunk and went over to MJ’s  – some part of herself feels drawn to him. Unlike MJ, she is quicker to voice and show her feelings so I can’t wait to see how she makes this stuffy alien loosen up. It’s been 400 years so it’s high time for MJ to behave like a human before he has to return to his home. I guess the ultimate human emotion of love will be the cause for shattering that hourglass and making him choose to stay with SY in the end. I can’t think of a better excuse than love for him to throw away what he has been so patiently waiting for all these years. He may have gone through the motions of living all this time, but now that SY has entered the picture, he gets to live for real and see for the first time exactly what he has been missing out on.

*I really think that MJ speaks to SY in banmal so often not because he is rude or feels superior or smarter than her, but only because he is so much older than her. He is basically the oldest person around so if he had it his way, he would be speaking banmal to everyone, but he can’t just be looks so young. It’s probably why he chose careers where he gets to be someone of authority – like a surgeon and now a professor. He gets to speak banmal to his students and it won’t see as rude cuz he is older and in a position that warrants respect.


Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon (MJ)

Jeon Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi (Song or SY)

Yoo Inna as Yoo Sae Mi (Sae)

Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung (HK)

Lawyer Jang= MJ’s only friend

Yang Mi Yun = Song Yi’s mother

Chun Min Goo = her father

Chun Yoon Jae=her younger brother

Lee Jae Kyung = heir of S&C group

CEO Ahn – head of SY’s agency

Han: SY’s rival actress

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-47-54] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-01] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-19] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-33] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-46] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-57]

I seem to have a mad crush on this home – I love everything about it.

E2 Recap

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Starts from other aliens in the forest collecting plant and other samples just like MJ during Joseon time. (This scene is giving me ET flashbacks) They are all wearing the same black outfits. MJ strays away from the others.

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there is a market place and people are having fun when time suddenly stops. MJ steps out of a room after changing into a hanbok and looking like everyone else. He walks around and tries out the old fashioned hacky sack the other guys were playing. he closes his eyes and takes a breath and exhales and time resumes. a con man dupes some of his customers and MJ notes that -he figured out how the game works.  a customer bets a lot of money – money for his daughter’s medicine and if he loses he will jump in the river and kill himself so MJ moves the ball in the right place so the customer ends up winning. MJ grins and walks on

at night the girl he rescued is writing and complaining about the work. it’s about people hanging to death, falling into the water and dying, starving to death, crying to death, why does my mom (or possibly mother in law) want me to write this 100 times. does she want me to follow my husband and die or what. why would I when I am only 15 yrs old. it’s already unfair that I’m a widow.  she falls asleep at night and some man comes in and abducts her

she is tied up and gagged in the forest. a masked man is making a noose. she manages to get free and scratches the man in the face and runs off into the woods. the man shoots an arrow but it seems to have missed her and hits the tree

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she gets up in the forest and sees MJ and gets startled but quickly recognizes him. she says aren’t you the one who helped me before back then – your appearance changed so I didnt recognize you. how did I get here? did you help me again just now?  he steps closer and takes a leaf out of her hair. she says I dont know how to thank you. today I want to find out your name at least – my name is Seo Yi Hwa but he suddenly floats up cuz he doesn’t have the hang of gravity yet. he comes back down to earth and hands her a hair binnoe (old fashioned hair pin)

current time there are students gathered around that hair pin taking notes. *Museum is explaining about the girl’s hairpin, which is made out of quartz, he doesn’t know why the bottom half is broken. The hairpin is from around 1600, and nothing is known about the hairpin’s owner. All the stuff in the museum was donated by an anonymous donor in 1914 when the school was founded, they tried looking for the donor since there were so many precious things in the collection, but he could never be found. MJ listens to the guide’s narration about himself and walks away

*That was all done by Joonni. 🙂

title credit

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-54-01]별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-54-19]별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-57-58]

the elevator doors open and MJ and SY are facing each other. he steps out and she calls out to him. she says i was overwhelmed at school so I didnt get to say what i wanted properly and if I dont get to say everything I want – my personality is that I kick while I sleep. since we ran into each other – how about if I say it now. he quietly just faces. SY: when a person talks you don’t reply. anyway- how old are you. he asks do I need to answer. SY: see – you are speaking informally again. even though I came on too strong – I will be 30 the day after tm. I don’t know what kind of support you got and  became a college professor at such a young age, but I’m older so speaking banmal is a little…. MJ mutters an insults so she takes offense that he just insulted her.  He was calling her arrogant in a Joseon way. He explains to her how the modern way to calling someone arrogant came about from the Joseon phrase to describe the embankments dried out during a drought. so she gets that he just insulted her with insult that dates back to joseon. he goes in and she is left flabbergasted again and calls him insane

she goes in and changes clothes and calls him rude. he can hear all that

he has a bad dream about some accident – a woman in shiny gray heels falls over the railing into the water

*I certainly hope this dream doesn’t mean that MJ is meeting SY for the third time cuz he was meant to rescue her again like he did all those times in the past – it would be better if he was here to prevent her accident and stick around to reap the benefits of his heroism.

MJ filled in Jang about that nightmare so Jang thinks just like 12 yrs ago maybe MJ is having a vision/premonition about what’s going to happen.  since the day of your departure is getting closer – maybe you are getting these signals -since you only have 3 months left on earth -before you leave maybe you were meant to help as many people as you can who are in need with your ability before you go. MJ says then will anything change?(if that will make a difference) I did that once before not knowing anything.

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Flashback. The guy who MJ helped to win the bet from before is now trying to sell off his daughter, addicted to gambling. he lost his home his wife ran away and the only one left is his sick daughter so he is going to bet her to play a hand. conman says you shouldn’t have won that time. MJ watches that

MJ: just cuz I helped for a short time – nothing got better. in the end what was going to happen did – what was going to end up bad – it became worse.

SY is wearing those gray heels and hears about the special that will be filmed about her. she replies that she is already special down to her bone. if I don’t do that you think people wont know I’m special? manager says everyone knows but there are still some people who are suspicious saying isn’t going to school just putting on a show. but if your real life for 24 hrs is revealed -that kind of talk will go away. so do it to approach the public with a more friendly image.  SY turns it down despite him saying that CEO ahn went through so much to make this happen for her. the coordi taunts that if SY doesnt do the special  another actress named Han said she would -that Han’s coordi said Han is waiting for SY turn it down and it will be called Han’s special so SY says how is she special. if she does it – it wont be Han special –  it will be Han normal. manager says her English got better after tutoring with a native speaker. SY says since it’s CEO Ahn’s bday soon- she will give him his bday gift in advance and decides to do the special- if the public wants it – showing a friendly image once in a while isn’t bad

Han hears that SY is going to do the special so Han is angry cuz she was looking forward to it. Sae comes over and Han asks arent you working these days. Sae says I am doing a drama so the coordi says the drama SY comes out in. what was your role. Han says that’s right – aren’t you close with SY? Sae: yes. Han: did you know SY is filming a special documentary. she doesnt like that stuff so why is she doing it suddenly. Sae : I dont know well either but SY doesn’t pay attention to me but she pays a lot of attention to you (meaning SY only cares what Han is up to)  cuz I cant be her rival and is good to me but she thinks of you as a rival. when she wasn’t going to wear a dress if she hears you are going to wear it she puts it on hold. dramas she wasn’t going to do if you want to do it -she signs the contract. that’s who SY is. SY is like a kid. Han: what is that – it means she heard I wanted to do this and said she would.  Sae: would she do that?

SY gives MJ the glaring once over as she walks out with a film crew. she goes to her bike and says hello to the film crew saying she rides bikes when she doesnt have schedule. she says since I rushed out I’m totally barefaced. but you are already filming- this program is so real

earlier in the morning she got full makeup done in the most natural way possible

SY lies all I did was wash my face and came out. I should have put some lotion on. they say how pretty she is and ask how she takes care of herself so she says nothing special-  I laugh often eat well and take vitamins. omega 3 and I use propofol. the effect is great. my body feels like i will float so my mood gets better. manager stops the interview to do damage control saying there is a misunderstanding cuz the medicine she is taking is called propolis. SY didn’t even get the difference between them at all so manager yells out to the press that SY is cute cuz she got confused. you are going to edit that part right. they want to keep it in cuz it was funny but manager insists it will ruin her image just for that short time of amusement. MJ stares over at her as he rides off on his bike and SY watches him

*propofol is a drug that has been on the news recently cuz of the scandals with female celebrities taking them

SY says how she is only a star outside and just a regular  student at school. manager has a list of students and faculty with photos so as they walk by if he spots someone he whispers to SY the student and professors names so SY can act like she is close with them but those people dont know her. when she calls out the guy’s name and says we should eat a meal once he is so shocked he can barely speak. her manager whispers another name so SY calls it out but the manager adds the woman is a professor so SY has to quickly recover and lies – you get younger each time I see you so much that I want to call out Young Ah ys.  so manager asks for that to be edited too.

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SY makes a big deal and hands in her report. MJ calls out her name and says during all that time you didn’t attend my class so you don’t seem to know the rules well but you cant plagiarize, copy, or paste but you did all those things.

manager gave her the report claiming not even a ghost will know this report was taken from somewhere else. there is no way to know so SY denies doing it but MJ lists the different thesis SY plagiarized from exactly as is so he gives her a zero. students start posting that online

after class students talk about the look on SY’s face when she got a zero. they post it online with the title “zero” MJ hears that and listens to the insults about SY that SY told him when she got emotional outside her door. the stuff about getting botox and stuff. how her stomach is full from all the insults. he feels bad for SY cuz she will  have to listen to more insults cuz of him so he makes the girl’s phone drop

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Alone in the classroom, SY reads the insulting posts – how she was humiliated and that professor needs to be praised. she is about to type – even SY can make mistakes cuz she is a person. the person in charge of those posts tells her she shouldn’t do this here. manager comes in to say sorry but she says you said even a ghost wouldn’t know – is that guy a ghost? he wonders how MJ knew cuz no one could know.  she wants to be alone and tells him to go. he says why are you like this – jus hit me like usual that’s what makes me feel comfortable but she says I really want to be alone so go. SY gets a text message about her card being used,  around $3,290 dollars at a mall. her mom.

SY is shopping and runs into Sae’s mom. she is shopping a lot. sae’s mom asks do you have that kind of time – dont you have to go. do you not know. SY is filming a special. last time the home and family came out -aren’t you going to do the interviews. you are still her mom. SY’s mom recovers from the surprise and says we are going to – with SY and YJ we are all having a meal together and filming it -maybe HK will come too – my Lee son in law. Sae’s mom says the two of them aren’t even dating so isn’t it going overboard to call him Lee son in law. her mom says SY didn’t say ok with her mouth yet but as soon as she does no need to date and will get married right away. she is just playing hard to get so I’m sorry to Lee son in law – he is S& C’s second son after all.

HK reads the news and wonders who gave my SY a zero. HK is new at his job so he has to get coffee for the elders but he was busy calling and missed all the coffee orders and just adds his coffee order too

Sae calls HK telling him today is my bday and tells him to buy dinner if he feels sorry (for forgetting). HK: of course -you are my best friend. be warned I am buying the most expensive meal. he wants to call SY too but Sae says she is busy today – you saw what was on the internet. when she is sensitive it’s better to leave her alone. I know her best. he says ok then I will pick you up – when do you finish filming. she says around 8.

SY takes a cab and gets another text about credit card use – over $1700. she looks at her family photo in her wallet as she pays the fare

SY’s old school friend is working with unattractive men and says I think my eyes will rot. so she goes and checks out idol singers online. she reads about SY and writes on the site that she is SY’s former classmate and there is a misunderstanding about SY – she didn’t become impossible to bear cuz she got popular she was originally rude (since she was a kid) and giggles but gets caught by SY.

SY came over to eat ramen and drink there and read comic books. friend asks what’s up so SY says I moved into this neighborhood. friend asks why. SY: do you not like it?  friend asks if it’s ok for SY to eat ramen – don’t you have to film tm? but SY makes her pour soju. she asks if SY is feeling low cuz she got a zero. you got something similar in high school too – didn’t you get 4% in math?  SY says it isnt cuz of getting the zero. friend reminds her that her name changed. SY: I dont get it. why do people act like they like me in front of me and hate  me behind my back. why would they do that. friend says cuz you do hateful stuff. SY mutters that bad jerk. friend asks who

MJ is playing majong with old people and Jang. MJ wins and old people dont get how a young person learned this – did you learn from your father. they think Jang is MJ’s dad so jang says yes. an old man comes over and recognizes MJ asking are you Kim MS’s grandson? so Jang lies and says that person who passed away was my father and this person is my son. old man says the grandson looks just like his grandpa. how could you be the same. Jang says my son took after my father’s skill for mahjong. the old man says I always won and your grandpa always lost to me. MJ says that wouldnt happen. I heard he was the best mahjong player. old man claims to be the best player and your grandpa lied. MJ says from what I know he wasn’t someone who  would lie so old man says so are you saying i am lying now. I was the best player.  i know better since I lived through that time – did you see. did you see your grandpa beat me? did you?

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-19-49] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-23-06]

as they walk out MJ insists I even remember his name. he insisted well back then too. 60yrs passed and he hasn’t changed.  Jang thinks this is fun. MJ: that time seems like the day before yesterday. whether they live 80 yrs or 100yrs – there arent that many people who would say a life was long. they all say it was short like a nap.  even though I lived here 400 years -now that I look back- there aren’t that memories I can take with me. Jang: what you spoke about last time -the kid you met 12 yrs ago –   i am looking for her.  there are only 3 middle schools in that area. if you look through the graduation photos -wouldn’t she be among them. even though it’s not a certain way. MJ: you don’t need to do that. Jang: bu you said you wanted to meet her once before you left. MJ: I am curious. but if there is a reason to meet wouldn’t I meet her. if I go without meeting her -it would be cuz there was no reason to – from the long years I lived here that’s what I learned.

* you should have learned one more – sometimes human beings can make their own destiny just by following their heart.

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MJ sits in his lush lounge area replete with a tree, water, plants etc listening to the cars honking outside. omg this home is gorgeous. it’s like he kept a part of joseon. he turns on music and the grass grows taller. he suddenly hears his home door keypad being pushed.

a drunk SY is trying to press her house code but the message keeps saying the secret code is wrong. SY: how could that happen? she tells her hair to “stay put and not to fall down. are you not going to obey unni? if you keep falling down I look like a ghost.” She tries the numbers again and says you dare to disobey me? MJ watches her on the intercom screen and finally opens the door. she kept yelling out phrases to get the door to open and is surprised when it really does. MJ: of course it opened cuz I opened it. She calls him the joseon insulting guy. MJ: I’m not someone who insults. SY: insulter. why are you at my home? MJ: cuz this is my home -not yours. SY: do you like it? that you gave me a zero and humiliated me. you like it?  she lets out a stream of insults including gumwad (cuz he is young). MJ: look here Chun SY shi. SY: why? are you the only one who can insult in Joseon (talk)? I can do it too. she says some more joseon grandpa trash talk, but got it wrong so he corrects her. she tells him to be quiet and goes inside so he asks where are you going

Sae is getting ready for HK to pick her up but HK got the call from the manager that he cant reach SY starting from during the day and she isnt picking up her phone either so HK turns the car around

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-16-24] 별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-16-33]

MJ stares at SY passed out on his couch. she took off her shoes and stuff so he picks them up.  he covers her with her scarf cuz her camisole strap is showing. her phone rings so MJ answers asking who is this. HK : who are you? why are you answering my SY’s phone? put SY on the phone. why didn’t she go to her own home and go sleep at her neighbor’s?

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-28-27]별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-29-21]

HK goes there and yells at MJ – isn’t the right thing to turn her away when she came to the wrong home by mistake. on top of that she came in when she was very drunk.  MJ: to return her to her home nicely I answered your phone and let you into my home so isn’t it right for you to thanking me. HK goes in and asks MJ – you didnt do anything to my SY for certain right?  MJ says just hurry and get rid of her from my home. HK: what? get rid of her? look at how this guy talks. is my SY trash – what do you mean get rid of her. he doesnt trust MJ and wants his phone to check if MJ took any pics of her cuz she is the hottest actress in Korea and came in here all drunk. how can I trust you and just leave?  MJ: that’s true. like you said if that woman is that famous and impressive -what can I trust about you to just hand her over nicely. HK:what? MJ: she might be the hottest in Korea but she is very drunk so how do I know you wont do anything to her. HK: what you punk? I am her boyfriend. she wakes up and says it’s too loud. I was sleeping. she sat up so HK asks her if she knows where she had been sleeping. SY: where is this place. HK: that’s what I want to ask. He helps her out of the place, but she dropped her wallet on the ground. as they walk away MJ covers up her bare shoulder with his power

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-45-28]

SY goes to her own home and says why follow me in – go. HK says cuz  I’m worried about you – you were so out of it that you went to someone else’s home. MJ hears everything from his home. HK: what would you have done if that guy did something weird to you. just from looking at him he doesn’t look nice.   MJ showers and hears her saying I am tired – going to sleep so hurry and go. HK:I will go after just one cup of coffee. no – do you have beer?  MJ turns up the water to drown out their talk.

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-50]

HK watches her sleep and mutters to himself – the weather is this cold – when should I go home. the time is this late already. he gulps beer and turns around and leans in to kiss her. MJ is drinking water and senses that. before HK can actually kiss her, SY says do you want to die. HK: you werent sleeping. she hits HK and tells him to go as HK says I am warning you don’t hit my back. MJ grins listening to all that and quickly catches himself.

별에서 온 그대.E02.131219.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-57-08]

HK came home and realizes he stood up Sae. HK: I’m gonna go crazy. He calls Sae and says sorry I forgot – SY went to her neighbor’s home cuz she was drunk. Sae lies: it’s ok filming ran late so I couldn’t have met – let’s eat next time. I have to go shoot. hang up. she stands there crying

HK waits for his brother JK to come outside. JK says it’s hard to see your face after you returned. HK says I’m busy cuz of my girl but JK corrects him saying what do you mean your girl – you are always being dragged around. HK: at least I have someone – do you?  are you always going to work and not get married? as the S&C heir -just cuz you were married once – are you afraid? JK laughs and asks: you went to work ok right? cuz people don’t know your background so do well (cuz HK is starting from a rookie position) HK argues that JK got a team leader position when he first went to work so why am I a rookie.  JK says I thought our older brother would inherit the company so I didn’t even take classes.  you know- my dream was to be a veterinarian. HK:I know – after that happened that you tried very hard. you are perfect and I cant follow you and don’t want to. JK gets a call and tells HK to go in first. JK answers the call and a woman begs – please help me. you arent a bad person. JK talks to her in an ominous way saying – he is not a bad person because he has let a lot more people live than killing them out of the people he wanted to kill. She’s in the latter group. So she shouldn’t beg him, but be grateful.

*I have a feeling their older brother passed away

next day MJ finds her wallet and looks at her family photo. he sees the girl he rescued back in joseon and 12 yrs ago. he goes out and runs into the manager. he says it’s the professor who gave my noona a zero. MJ asks where she is now. manager asks – why are you suddenly looking for my noona – to adjust her grade. MJ yells where is she now

MJ drives like a crazy person

SY is getting her makeup done. she is wearing shoes similar to the ones in that dream he had. makeup stylist asks if she did something to her face cuz it’s really swollen. SY says it’s cuz I ate ramen and drank yesterday. stylist suggests not filming today. SY gets up to puke.

Han comes into the bathroom and SY says hello to her. Han says change hair salons. SY asks were you talking to me. why should I switch salons? Han says change cuz when I run into you it makes me feel bad. SY says I do too so how about if you change. Han yells that SY isn’t obeying a sunbae so SY retorts – say it correctly – it’s true that you are old but you arent a sunbae. i debuted at 15 so it’s been 12 yrs and it’s only been 5 yrs since you debuted so to tell the truth it’s cuz I didn’t make it obvious but I am the sunbae. Han says i heard you werent going to do the Chun SY special but decided to do it cuz I was going to. SY: yes how did you know? Han: do you have an inferiority complex about me.SY denies it since it should be something one feels is one is actually not as good as the other person, even if she isn’t smart she knows that so what SY is actually feeling is superiority complex towards Han. Han says how when people gather they are too busy insulting SY’s drama so SY agrees when people gather they talk about me and my drama -it seems that’s all they have to do – whether that is insults or praise -it’s better than no one knowing when I start or end a drama that only got 4% ratings. Han: are you talking about my drama now? SY: oh yeah that’s right – the drama you finished last month ended at 4% huh? I turned that down saying I wouldn’t do it. it did so poorly that I felt sorry. Han defends the drama she made saying -ratings isn’t all of it – my drama got a lot of praise for being well made.  there were a lot of fans of that drama. but SY says that drama’s writer failed so you should buy food. I also know you are spreading rumors about me. I was being patient – you didn’t know huh so keep it to a minimum.  she puts Han in her place like that and leaves

Han chases after her throwing things at SY. Han says I heard you were trying hard to get the second son of S&C (talking about HK). is this a rumor too? SY: not a rumor – the truth. but something changed. but it’s not me – that person is trying to seduce me. So Han talks about SY’s mom and what her mom is doing in front of everyone to shame SY. that the mom got loans and started businesses using SY’s name and now she is selling the name of HK’s family’s company S&C -that her future son in law is in that family. that’s the gossip going around – isn’t your mom going too far ahead. so SY says don’t  touch family but Han doesnt listen. why? it’s cuz I might become that family’s person (as in marry into it) -if you don’t think you can take the bait (take up HK’s marriage proposal) you should just give up cleanly. SY talks back to her. it’s not cuz I cant – it’s cuz I won’t. you don’t seem to know but unlike someone  I don’t want to get involved in another’s life for money cuz it’s pathetic – cuz I can earn my own money.   Han is about to slap her but MJ stops her. SY asks how did you come here. MJ says let’s go out. Han says go out where – cant you see that i am talking with this bitch right now so dont interrupt and get lost. MJ makes all the glass in the room shatter and takes SY out

they go to the roof and she asks do you know how shocked I am right now.  how did you know I was here. he only stares at her intently so she asks: why? is it cuz I got drunk yesterday and went to your home my mistake? are you doing this right now to pick on that. it was a mistake. that could happen. you could drink and get drunk. and if you get drunk you could make a mistake. he holds up the photo in the wallet asking who is this. she says who said you could see my pic without permission. MJ yells who is it? SY: do I have to answer? she turns to leave but he pushes her against the window. SY: what are you doing – are you crazy?  MJ: who are you. he searches her face for some recognition as she looks back at him

MJ narrates: whether you want it or not – things that were meant to happen -happen – earthlings call that fate


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while filming for her special – SY talks about first love. I just had a few dates but not anyone I would call a first love yet. when I was younger I almost had a big accident and some ajussi rescued me -I cant think of his face clearly but he was tall and his style was heartwarming

MJ says -don’t have a style of woman that I like – but there is a style of woman I don’t like. I hate a drunk woman – I don’t like a woman who has a bad habit while drunk-  I really don’t like a woman who behaves superciliously and is ignorant. i know a woman who has all those negative qualities -she is the worst.

SY: he was the best. it was a short time – I still remember it.  I dont know if that ajussi will remember me. but when I see him I think i will know him – like destiny/fate.

she finishes filming and watches MJ ride by on his bike and calls him a bad name

Sae asks SY: who is the guy who grabbed your wrist and dragged you out

SY: we know the feeling – I think he was flirting with me

Jang: reincarnation or doppelganger. You’re taking an interest.

SY is putting on makeup: my stomach hurts – Asia’s star goddess

SY is sick and calls MJ for help saying I don’t feel well

MJ: did you think i would listen to that kind of request

MJ took her to the hospital and she holds onto him asking him -you cant go -when I wake up you have to be by my side.

MJ opens his shoe closet and those heels from his nightmare are there

Jang talks about the owner of those heels: it means the shoes’ owner can die. Will you interfere in the incident like twelve years ago, or look the other way.

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I just had a thought – Jeon Ji Hyun came back to dramas after 14 yrs to film with KSH and Kim Hee Sun came back after a long time too to film with LMH – those two guys are some pretty great reasons to come back. There is no way anyone is losing out on anything so it’s win win all around. Some people can’t seem to see the chemistry between JJH and KSH yet cuz of his baby face, but trust me – they have it.  It might seem like it’s brewing right now, but it’s going to get pretty electrifying by the next two episodes for sure. This is one actor who knows how to bring on the charisma full force when he let’s go of all restraints. It’s going to be amazing to behold.


27 comments on “You From Another Star E2

  1. swee says:

    Camping here, Softy… Thanks.😘


  2. Adela_Romania says:

    Happy watching and recap, Softy 🙂


  3. raindrops1 says:

    Camping as well Softy. Thank you so much for the recap.


  4. tari says:

    To stay or not to stay 🙂 the stake is high isn’t? Even if he chose to stay he will lose her one day, him being immortal and all. But this is romcom, so finger crosses that the journey to our alien and his diva’s happily ever after is not only swoonworthy but smart as well. Thank you for recapping the show Softy.


  5. Ivoire says:

    Hello Softy,

    And thank you for the recap. I have a question for you and for the community here: if MJ cannot mix water and blood, that means he can’t kiss, right? Because that would be mixing fluids (and water is a fluid), or am I wrong in my assumptions? Or are water and bodily fluids considered to be different?
    Thank you to whoever answers.


    • joonni says:

      yup, he can’t mix saliva or blood with humans so yes…he can’t kiss or go beyond that. But since we don’t know exactly what happens if he does mix those fluids with earthlings, maybe he can kiss her at least once.


      • Softy says:

        but if they kiss the way they did on Thieves then once is NOT going to be enough. 🙂


        • raindrops1 says:

          Now I’m going to have to go and watch Thieves. My curiosity is peaked. 🙂
          We don’t know exactly what happens if he mixes saliva or blood. Is it as @LizJ mentioned that he will not be immortal anymore, does it affect his lifespan (could it possible make him die–pls no. I think throughout this time he has been very rigid in they way he has lived his life, it’s all about structure, limits and not getting emotionally involved. These two eps that both are effected by each other and are not indifferent. I think with the realization that SY is the girl he has been hoping to see, slowly his emotions, curiosity will get the better of him. Emotions, love is not something that one can control, all this time MJ’s brain, mind have been the one in control but once his heart starts to take action and open up I think all bets will be off. This show has some many interesting angles (alien/human premise, wanting to go back home to what you know or having love make you doubt and change your mind about what you want, etc) that it can explore and that it make it quite unique that I look forward to seeing how the storyline evolves from here. I’m sooo looking foward to next week.
          Thank you Softy!!! Your helping my Thursday start off on a very positive note.


      • LizJ says:

        Maybe exposure to human fluids takes away his immortality? He had a reason to hold on to if if he was waiting to be rescued.


    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Softy and Joonni,

      And thank you for your answers. Also thank you for correcting me, Joonni. It IS saliva that he can’t mix, sorry. I am assuming that the drama will eventually show us/tell us what would happen to him if he does mix saliva or blood with humans. I am not sure that he can kiss even once though, since he was really clear about that (about not mixing saliva or blood).

      I am thinking, based on your response Joonni, that it might be one of the many dilemmas he will find himself facing, since he will develop feelings for her, and a physical attraction along the way, as the teasers indicated. It will be interesting to see how that will be handled (by the show). To see if it will be cleverly handled, or if it will fall flat. The stakes are high, since he wants to go back home in 3 months. I am wondering what else might impact his life. Might exchanging saliva or blood, be one of them, like, could he die? (though he has not died in 400 years). I guess it is a good thing that he doesn’t cut himself (no?) or gets sick, since he couldn’t receive blood transfusions. I look forward to seeing how that (the not mixing saliva and blood aspects) will be used in the drama.


  6. Claire says:

    Thanks for the lovely recap Softy!! 🙂


  7. clarisa says:

    actually i’m coming back here after almost 2 year because i’m coming on ur site when ojakkyo recap.
    But back then i’m just a silent reader keke~~

    Thanks for recap-ing you from another stars,sbs really win a row in my heart after they give me master’s sun–>the heirs–> and now this! aaaaa ❤ all~


  8. conjie008 says:

    Hi Softy & Joonni,
    I look forward to this site & Joonni’s. This will be my well being and to keep my sanity in tack. Next week, I’ll be in the Bahamas again for the whole Holiday. I’ll be thinking of Minoz/Softy & Joonni in the winter wonder land of Korea!!
    But I assure you, I’ll still have my iPad in one hand and my drink at the other hand..sitting in the beach 🙂 catching up on all those dramas.
    Especially “Empress Ki”, which I really like…can’t wait till it goes out on DVD.
    The “sub-english” in Hulu is terrible, no other recapped..maybe a little in
    Facebook. I catch my self remembering all those translation from “faith”, so it helps. I look forward to your awesome recapped Softy.. Joonni
    Faithful Friend Conjie


  9. `Eun says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy!


  10. bluecat13 says:

    First of all, I wanna thank U the live recap; it’s so helpful.
    I started to watch the drama because of JJH and it already worth it!! She’s just awesome, cute, so natural and shining like a diamond.
    I read the comment about the chemistry of the couple and just said “pufff” because I already love them together and cannot see the age difference at all. I totally agree with softy and everyone who couldn’t notice that will see it soon.
    Lastly, I wanna share something else about yoo in na. I think she has done nose job again because it really looks different than before; and I’m %90 sure about that (whatever 😛😛😛)


  11. helen says:

    Thank you so much for the recap! Great job!


  12. Marie says:

    Thanks for the recap, Softy. I am so happy that you are doing the recap for this story 🙂


  13. Pi@.@ says:

    It is not going to be like Gu family Book and JJH dies at the end, is it??!?! I have a bad feeling!!


  14. Swee says:

    Dear Softy, thank you for your detailed recap, this ep sealed it for me, I am onboard this drama for the long haul.
    MJ is so reserved and aloof, cant wait for him to loosen up and fall hopeless in love with SY.
    MJ said in the 1st ep that he could not go back to his planet coz of an accident, I wonder whether if he were to save SY from falling into the water,, does that mean he cant go back again in 3 months time??
    Looking forward to next Wed. 😚


  15. tezuka says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy. Even when I watch the episode ahead of time, it is nice reading your take to remember things I had forgotten. They can’t kiss, he can’s stay, they are both certainly going to fall for each other. I am expecting this show to break my heart, but I am definitely here for the long haul. Loving both lead actors and how they are capturing the nuanced aspects of their characters. Loved that scene where MJ levitated during his interaction with the young SY. Kim Soo Hyun’s understated expression of confusion, slight embarrassment, openness, were beautiful. (It is wonderful watching KSY work with the small emotional range MJ’s character is allowed at this point.) MJ has worldly wisdom and knowledge because of his age, but also the naive confusion that comes from someone who has not experienced much emotionally. What a great set up. This should be a fun ride.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recaps softy… kim soo hyun is such a great actor.. this is going to be one of my favorite k drama after the heirs.. i was wonder how was the lovelife between alien and human, it seems very interesting… Kim Soo Hyun kawai….


  17. kirei says:

    Kim Soo Hyun Such a perfect and sexiest alien ever….


  18. Anonymous says:

    I love MJ’s apartment also, but is that an actually apartment called Golden Palace or is that just a studio prop SY’s apartment looks similar.


  19. Sally Wakasugi says:

    Hi Everyone! Thanks to Softy for the recap and commentary; I was guided to Cadence by Joonni and appreciate your help for the duration of this drama. It’s an interesting story and the flashbacks in MJ’s memories are so fascinating to me, seeing various periods in Korean history. I loved Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High and The Moon that Embraces the Sun, so was looking forward to this drama a lot. I have liked Jeon Ji Hyun in her movies, but frankly, so far this character is so repulsive to me, I’m having a little trouble finding a sense of sympathy for her. JJH’s skill in acting is obvious!! I look forward to the unfolding love story and join with you all in wondering how in the heck this saliva/blood “allergy?” will affect it. I laughed to see the towel wrap in the shower, but sure enjoyed that delicious body–as much as we were allowed to see! As the Japanese say, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” (expressing thanks in advance for your help which I’m relying on). Take care, Softy!!


  20. Pi@.@ says:

    Thank God people like you exist in this world that would be meaningless without you! 🙂 I’m going to rely on your perfect recaps to watch this amazing and wonderfoul drama!!

    I only hope that SY will not end up dead or something!! These shoes……..


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