You From Another Star E1

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Before Min Joon falls in love, he is going to have quite a rude awakening about fate. I bet even he didn’t know how mercurial and unexpected it could get. Song Yi came into his life three times so far, but he never had the chance to get to know her really well till now. The brief times they met in the past made him curious about her cuz her life keeps linking with his somehow, but he is about to get a crash course on what kind of havoc fate can wreak on his heart and his perception of love. Even though he will soon realize that she has every quality he hates in a woman, he is going to be dumbfounded by the fact that it won’t put the brakes on his emotions as it continues to run after her. He probably thought he saw all there was to see and do on earth after all these years, but it will take only a short time for him to discover one more gem he almost missed out on – the wonder of being in love. To think we get front row seats for that is the best gift for Kdrama fans this Christmas.

I absolutely loved these two in Thieves, but their chemistry in that movie and here is totally different. Their characters never got the chance to explore their feelings in the movie and left it up to our imaginations, but now we get to see some of that come to fruition. JJH played a confident spunky character in the movie and I see some of that attitude here, but Song Yi has a fragile shell that masks her insecurities -some of which continue to be highlighted by those hurtful comments from her naysayers.  She is going to reach a breaking point soon so I can’t wait to see Min Joon be that safety net – not to catch her, but to support her enough so she can stand on her own and face her critics. I think if she just has one person who believes in her, she will gain the confidence she needs to stop reading all the negative responses and focus on what’s more important – realizing that she doesn’t need the public’s approval. I trust this actress cuz I love her portrayal of Song Yi so far, but it’s her talent that is going to break our hearts later. It’s the same for Kim Soo Hyun. Right now his character has to be standoffish, but I predict that pretty soon, Min Joon will come to life. If there are any crying scenes, I dare anyone not to sob right along with him cuz if there is one thing Kim Soo Hyun always gets right perfectly, it’s those tears. Some actors just have a gift for nailing every emotional scene they get and utilizing their full potential to make that scene waver between reality and fiction and we are lucky KSH happens to be one of them.

A special shout-out: When we first learned that Heirs was 20 episodes, I giggled wickedly at Joonni before she even started recapping it so I guess karma has a sense of humor cuz that’s what I’m looking at now too.

Thanks to Joonni for helping me with all the hard words and lines. 🙂


Those flashbacks show that he met her during the Joseon era and then when she was a kid and now present day fully grown – that’s like fate coming into play three times for them to meet. When people say “you can’t mess with fate” I think they were talking about this story cuz fate seems to have a mind of its own and its own agenda.


Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon (MJ)

Jeon Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi (Song or SY)

Yoo Inna as Yoo Sae Mi (Sae)

Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung (HK)

Lawyer Jang= MJ’s only friend

Yang Mi Yun = Song Yi’s mother

Chun Min Goo = her father

Chun Yoon Jae=her younger brother

Lee Jae Kyung = heir of S&C group

The girl playing SY’s coordi is the same one from Master’s Sun -the milk delivery girl for the dead rich boy ghost.

Also that background with all those books and staircase reminds me of the set for My Princess


Written before it aired: I love this guy’s sarcasm and already I am noticing that he makes passing remarks about “human beings” -distinguishing himself from other humans. The fact that lawyer Jang already seems to know about  Min Joon’s identity has my full attention. That’s why I love the plot for this drama so much – there is potential for individuality and distinction – standing out among all the other trite storylines. To be an alien and the only one who knows it might be a lonely existence so I’m glad he has someone to confide in. It sort of reminds me of stories about characters who can’t die or do not age like in The Green Mile and Tuck Everlasting. The hardest part for them was to keep staying the same while their loved ones died off. I’m assuming since this character is 400 years old and doesn’t look old that he can’t die either. I hope we don’t have to run against the clock and have their romance have some kind of time limit – since he has been here 400 years, you would think he would want to remain. Especially now that he has found that girl he had been wanting to meet again.

E1 recap

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Starts from an UFO hurtling through space and flying over during Joseon time.

year 1609

servants are crying feeling sorry for the girl inside the palaquin. she lost her husband even before she saw his face.  the girl is crying inside too but suddenly the wind picks up as the UFO hovers over her palaquin. servants are picked up and thrown around as well as her palaquin cuz of the fierce wind. it lands precariously close to the edge of a cliff and she looks out just as she is about to fall over. suddenly time stops. MJ is wearing all black and walks through all the stillness – brushing aside leaves that are in his path. he goes over and pulls the palanquin back and puts it on safe ground. then he closes his eyes and makes time resume and people fall to the ground. MJ lifts up the door and peers inside at her. he holds out his hand.

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-42-48] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-06] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-28] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-47-59] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-15] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-48-24]

MJ narrates – in 1609 in Joseon an alien ship (a UFO)  that they didn’t know the existence of was witnessed by many -that the UFO brought me to Joseon. the name that was placed on where I am from is KMT18405. similar to earth – I am from there.

scenes show his fashion and home changes over the years from Joseon to current time. His homes got fancier as time went by.

from Joseon era till now -from Hanyang to Seoul – I lived here for over 400 years. I adjusted to the magnetic field, gravity, water. I have completely adjusted to life on earth. I have seven times better hearing and sight than people here. thanks to this I can hear and see things I don’t want to. there aren’t any particular food I cant handle but I cant mix saliva or blood with earthlings so I always eat meals alone.

he is riding to work when he witnesses a purse snatching and pauses but rides on. he asks why didn’t i help. I’m not allowed to get involved with people’s lives. just like I didn’t want to live here for over 400 years -whether I want it or not – things happen when they are supposed to. earthlings call that fate/destiny.

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MJ sees the news about the comet. a new fate is starting -the comet I have been waiting for 400 yrs is heading towards earth. i can go back to where i lived (his planet) after three months

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on the set, fans are calling out SY’s name. her manager brings over her coffee. she takes a self cal holding it up and gives it to her coordi to drink. manager is upset cuz he ran 200 meters to get the coffee for her but she just gave it away. but the calories for a mocha latte -just for drinking it a short time she has to run two hours on the running machine. he praises her for taking such good care of herself. she is texting on SNS so he asks what she wrote. she thanks a man from history for sneaking in coffee beans to Korea but she got it wrong. she thanked him for bringing in cotton seeds so people read it and laugh at her stupidity for mixing up mocha beans and mokhwa seeds

the SNS message becomes a big deal. the manager gets in trouble by her agency for not stopping her from tweeting cuz she sounds dumb for not differentiating between cotton seeds and coffee seed. she gets called in but she is tired and wants to go home to rest since she is done filming. her agency guy kisses up to her saying this isn’t a face that looks tired -it’s a face that could film a makeup CF. he asks if she heard about the mocha incident  and plays it down and tells her not to tweet on SNS starting from today on. but she doesn’t want to cuz if she doesn’t do that then who can she converse with so he says converse with me. SY:I don’t like that even more. She brings up how JK has been contacting her a lot cuz he got a lot of investment from Japan and if she doesn’t want to go over there to his agency. you two were best friends from when you were on the road so is it ok for him to do this?

professors are talking about how dumb SY is at the college. if she did that by accident and not cuz she is dumb but the woman says SY is famous for being ignorant. the male teacher reminds them of the dinner gathering for all the professors so the woman gets up to flirt with MJ and invites him to go with them to their gathering. MJ says I cant go. she says we worked for over a year together but didn’t get to have one meal together. she asks if he knows their names and since MJ doesnt know – he says I will be leaving.

manager is trying to get SY to stop tweeting but she doesn’t want to cuz of all the followers/friends she has. he points out those aren’t her friends. that it hasn’t even been a month since the garlic incident. she had texted a photo of herself holding the pizza and wrote “everyone – the garlic pizza strangely smells of manhar (Korean word for garlic). is it just me?” He reminds her how many people looked down on her for not knowing manhar was garlic. that her style shouldn’t converse with her fans. each time she does she becomes ridiculous. just stay mysterious. she heard enough and hits him and tells him to just drive.

he gets out of the car with her so she yells why come out – don’t follow me. he says you dont know your (new) home  but she says why wouldn’t I – you think I cant find my home cuz I didn’t know between garlic and manhar. you said it was 2301. but he wants to escort her cuz she shouldn’t ride the elevator alone. her coordi asks for her earrings and bags cuz they are sponsored and need to be returned so SY hands them over and goes in alone. manager and coordi worry if she can go alone cuz of the past incident with the pervert who got on the elevator with her. manager says it was the first time I felt sorry to the pervert (cuz the guy was hospitalized for 8 wks cuz SY beat him with her purse)

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SY gets on the elevator with MJ and thinks he is following her cuz he doesnt press his floor number. she looks over and asks why arent you pushing the floor you are going to. yes it’s me Chun SY -for how long did you tail me? how did you find out so soon where I newly moved to -what should I do for you? (give you an) autograph? take a photo? then will you go. just from looking at you – you are young so I get that you are hot blooded (that you have youthful vigor) -I get it but go and study or work out and exert that energy. if you chased after me to do something weird here – you got the wrong person. I am not a woman who has gone through this just once or twice.  MJ walks off the elevator so she chases after him calling out “hey perverted punk. are you not taking me seriously right now?” when she realizes her mistake she says “I was wondering where you were going but you were going next door (to me). so you live there. I newly moved to 2301.  you were surprised huh? don’t you know me? MJ: do I need to? SY:no that’s not it but why are you staring at me. MJ: I am going to press my house code. he makes her turn her head. SY: sorry. After he goes inside, she stands in the hall muttering “that young punk – does he really not know me? how could he not know me. did he come from North Korea? is he an alien?”

SY’s mom is bragging to her friends how everyone in korea knows SY.  you cant just add the word nation’s to just anyone – the whole nation has to know who you are.  so the other mom agrees that SY has the right to be called  the nation’s actress. her mom answers how SY got another drama cuz the director wanted SY to be in it. she rubs it in to Sae’s mom that Sae is in the drama too with SY.  the other moms didn’t see the news about it so SY’s mom says Sae plays my daughter’s friend. news only mentions the leads. so Sae’s mom asks dont you have to go to SY’s new home. didnt you know your daughter moved. her mom had no idea but recovers and gives the excuse that SY didn’t want her to suffer and stopped her from going over there.  her friend asks where SY moved to and the mom gives the wrong area and gets flustered when Sae’s mom corrects her.

*all these moms have kids who started as child actors so they are rivals but only Sae and SY’s moms have children who are famous.

SY’s mom is waiting by the curb for a cab and her Sae’s mom offers her a ride telling her to learn to drive or ask your nation’s actress daughter to get you a driver. the mom brags that her daughter SY wants to get her a driver but she declined. after Sae’s mom leaves. her mom mutters that SY should have called about moving

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SY is on the internet reading about herself -no knowledge – no manners – just looking at the IDs they are elementary kids- why did you get botox – your brain wont have wrinkles. she wonders -do elementary kids these days take classes in being evil or go to academies to learn how to leave negative replies. her mom keeps calling so SY finally picks up. her mom yells did you have to humiliate me? why did I have to hear from Sae’s mom that you moved. SY reminds her you told me never to call you again – to cut ties with you as your daughter. her mom says when did you start obeying me so well. SY: I obeyed you well – starting from when you asked me for money to set up a French restaurant (she lists other times the mom wanted money) the mom remarks those things happened a while back. so SY says should I mention recent ones. like the diet center you set up that failed. the donut shop that failed. the mom says if you add all that up how much does it come to (meaning it wasn’t that much) look in the mirror – your face and body -who do you think gave you that. if you didn’t meet a mom like me you think you could have made it that far without  your face.  the money you are earning now from doing the drama and Cfs. it’s cuz you took after me and you are pretty – it’s not cuz you are a good actor. you have to know that. SY says I took after my dad. the mom disagrees saying the dad wasn’t good looking. SY: oh that’s right. you didn’t look at dad’s looks and only looked at his money and married him. so when dad lost his money you dumped him. her mom yells – what do you know? SY: I took after dad so I don’t like how you are. so dont talk about dad with that mouth. her mom wants SY to send her $5,000 more for living expenses cuz it’s not enough-also call YJ cuz he hasn’t come home in two days. SY hangs up and mutters that her younger brother ran away from home again

SY’s younger brother is at the PC room and ignores her call. He gets mad at his friends for messing with his sister’s photo by photo shopping a bikini clad body and is thinking of making her nude next time. so he tells them to erase this by the time he comes back from the bathroom. his friends don’t know she is his sister. they wonder why YJ is like that if he likes SY.

it’s 10pm and MJ is trying to sleep and hears water droplets -way louder than it really is. he gets up and goes over to it and turns it off. then he goes back to bed but he hears SY singing – screeching out a song. he tries not to hear it but cant drown her out. she sings about cruelty so he mutters you are more merciless. he sits up and says i have to insult her.

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he rings her bell and when she opens the door she asks what’s going in. he asks do you know what time it is now. SY: isn’t it a little past ten. MJ: at this late in the night it would be etiquette not to sing even a song that you sing well. SY: you heard that? I moved here cuz i heard the building was sound proofed well. anyway- sorry. MJ: when you really cant sing -instead of saying you cant sing well it’s more like causing a commotion. causing a commotion is against the law and if I report you, you could get arrested. SY: so are you saying you will report me – just for singing a bit between neighbors. MJ: what I just said – not that I would report you but that you…. SY interrupts and says: so right now you are saying I’m not considerate. (this is where she starts to quote the negative comments on the internet and gets emotional) that I don’t have manners or knowledge. “did you get botox on your brains – you wont even have wrinkles on it.” that’s what you are saying now. I was dieting so all day I only ate an apple and half a lettuce but my tummy is still full.  from all the insults I took in from people so I had no idea I would get insulted at night too. just cuz I sang a bit. cant I sing? when I got insulted all day by people? then where do I release my stress.  when all day – just an apple and half a lettuce… she had been crying and yelling so she stops to compose herself. she tells him it’s ok there is no need to apologize.  i dont feel like talking to you anymore.

she cries in bed saying what did I do so wrong. do they all know everything. they said I was the prettiest that they liked me the best so how could they … MJ can hear her crying so he gives up sleeping and goes down to his library where there are books and scrolls that date back to joseon time. he sits and starts to write. 2013-12-18 his record of the last 3 months on earth

Sae’s manager is complaining to the staff cuz Sae has been on stand by for 5am so she woke up at 2am -got her hair and makeup done at 3am and came by 4:30 but now it’s 9am. the staff says the director isn’t ready to film yet so what do I do. manager asks is it ok to do this cuz she isn’t the lead? making her stand by for 5am and keep her delayed like this. yesterday she only filmed 3 scenes. the staff says then tell Sae to be the lead or if you don’t like it then quit. Sae goes out and tells her manager to stop. she says this didnt happen just once or twice – that SY will be late today and might not come at all. havent you seen the news

the news is reporting about actors and their school attendance.  that SY has been absent from school too much. other students only saw her on CFs and thought she had already graduated. she watches the news saying i was busy filming so how could I go to school. news reports her agency said it was due to her busy schedule but how she had leisure time to take a photo with coffee on her SNS -that she didn’t look busy cuz of her packed schedule at all.  that celebrities do keep to their studies. her agent says he got permission from the director to film her scenes on weekends and weeknights so she has to go back to school. she thinks it will look too transparent for going back to school just cuz of the news and could get cursed at but he doesn’t care and tells her to go to school

*the news said that SY got in through special admission and there was an anonymous tip that she hadn’t been attending school for several months – Joonni thinks Sae Min did it by putting it on her twitter

JK is in a meeting with his dad and some other man. the dad wonders if HK arrived by now. JK says he did so the dad mutters that HK goes around following that girl. JK brings up how some man who owned land passed away by hitting a guard rail and the son wanted to sell cuz he needs the money so JK’s dad says to call HK and lets have dinner together

HK comes out of the airport and gets the call from JK but his girl comes first before family. He goes to meet SY saying she got prettier. she asks when did you arrive. he says 30 mins ago. aren’t you happy to see me since it’s been 6 months since we met. SY: I don’t have the heart to be happy to see you. HK: i heard you are going to school – I will take you. get in

in the car she says he looks like he is in a good mood. he says things went well -open up your schedule more and diligently attend classes and when you graduate next year let’s get married.  she asks him to stop the car by that deluxe taxi over there. HK: why are you like that again – are you not going to get married for the rest of your life. SY: who said I wouldn’t. HK: then you will. SY: I probably will. HK: if you are going to then it would be good if you got married with me. and if you are going to with me it would be nice if it was even a day sooner.  she says i will one day with someone but not next year. HK: why? SY: if I get married no melos will come in and they will keep giving me ajumma roles. he says cuz you are pretty – even if you get married you can still do melos and rom com. and if they don’t come in I will tell my father and make it happen. but she doesn’t want rom coms -she wants to do passionate melos. the ones with kiss and bed scenes. he promises to be understanding if she does those things cuz he was born in america. he isn’t someone who cant differentiate between acting and real life. SY: it doesn’t matter if you understand or not – as long as my future husband understands. he brings up – that’s me. I told you millions of times since middle school till now. I didn’t say it in English that you don’t like so comprehend it

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when they arrive at school reporters crowd around. students in class remark about SY’s beauty. the guys wants to be that book she is holding or that chair she is sitting on. girls think SY got work done and it doesn’t make sense that her looks are all natural. that the girl would look prettier than SY if she had surgery so SY mutters that those girls should get surgery done so we can fight face to face. manager tells her to be patient. she wonders why class isnt starting so it can start quickly and end quickly. then MJ walks in. she recognizes him -calling him that next door young punk – why is he here? so her manager asks do you know him. SY: I know him he lives next door to me. he says that’s good cuz the professor is very picky. you even got an F before. you didnt make any mistakes with him right. you moved in yesterday so you wouldnt have time but she remembers all the mistakes she made and gets upset.

MJ starts his lecture about blowfly mating – females eat the males so males try to buy time by bringing something to eat and having the female unwrap it. but it happened so often the female is no longer tricked and confirms what’s inside. the male put his poop inside cuz the weight is same as the food item. SY yawns and nods off falling asleep. MJ takes note of that. her manager has to wake her.

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-32-38] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-57] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-01] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-13] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-19] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-35] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-40-59] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-41-34]

after class is over her manager stands guard outside while she speaks to MJ. she says you look so young so I didnt even imagine – I was so surprised cuz I was glad to see you. he has a hard time believing she is happy to see him so she says of course I am happy to see you . is it cuz of what happened yesterday -you were taken back weren’t you- I was too – I had some depression yesterday- like a cold. he asks what do you want to say. she says the report you gave us to write it’s sort of long. what do you think made asia become one. I think it’s cuz of hallyu.  she decides to tell the truth that she is busy filming but had to come to school cuz of the news. to be honest doing the report too is difficult. he starts to walk away but she asks for his help. I will ask for this favor. out first meeting wasn’t great that put us in good moods but where is a fate like this. when I moved in you lived next door and when I came to school you are the professor. you don’t know people’s fates. If you help me this once – a day will come when I can pay this back  – isn’t that how all people live. so MJ gets really close and retorts (speaking from experience): that’s not how people live – if you help them once -twice – three times – they keep begging you to keep helping -that’s how people live – stuff like a day will come when they pay up – it doesn’t come. lifetime isn’t that long for a human being to mature/grow up. he leaves her there flabbergasted. she comments about how young he is and that he spoke down to her (meaning in banmal).

MJ meets with the older man – lawyer Jang. MJ might look young but he has an old soul cuz that café is for grandpas to hang out in. they are playing a board game. Jang says – how could you not know Chun SY – that was too much – even I know who she is.  MJ tells him I don’t know celebrities these days – those kids are just loud. Jang says how older singers from the past were better so MJ says Baeho is a great singer (Joonni says he is from 1960s and 70s) dramas too – these days I don’t watch them so I don’t know but just hearing about them I wonder why they watch them – are they fun. Jang says older dramas were more fun too. they make small talk and MJ asks him how his new law office is doing. that 3 months later Jang needs to write out a death certificate for him (cuz Jang had been writing one every ten years so people wouldnt suspect how MJ stays young looking) Jang: it’s only been two years since the last one so is there a problem? MJ: with your talent would there be a problem. this one will be the last death certificate. after 3 months I will go back to where I came from. thank you for all this time. jang: this is so sudden. MJ: you were my only friend lawyer jang.

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during dinner Sae asks if he came back for good. HK says I cant study well anyway so why stay abroad. He asks Sae to be a witness cuz he is proposing to SY. HK: I waited 15 yrs – that’s a long time to wait

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-49-30]

Jang shows him a photo of themselves from 30 yrs ago. you remember this photo right? cuz you don’t like taking photos I only have this left. you are the same and only I aged.  you are young the same as 30 yrs ago and impressive/cool. MJ: this is what I was afraid of between friends – people get old quickly and quickly die and only I am left. they arent the same like me – young and impressive/cool. live for a long long time even without me. jang: I was always curious. when you first came why weren’t you able to go back right away. MJ says there was an accident. cuz of that accident I couldnt go back and one kid had to die. jang asks what kid. MJ says a kid who gave me a present for the first time.

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-32-33]

during joseon time the girl he rescued gave him a present of a drawing of a UFO that she drew herself.  the day he came riding on that – it was floating in the sky – like a star. are you not from here?  he looks at the drawing of the UFO.

MJ: but something really strange happened. 12 years ago during winter – the day before Christmas when I worked as a doctor in the surgery department. that night he suddenly got a premonition of that girl running and getting hit by a truck. MJ: that was the first time that happened. jang asks are you saying she had the same face as the girl from 400 years ago that you met. MJ: yes. jang: so did you go see her at the location you saw

SY says how HK gave her a ring as a present when they were in junior high on Christmas eve. HK: I did but you didn’t accept it. SY: I wont accept it today too. sorry. he says it hasnt been once or twice so I wont get hurt. but let me hear the reason -what is the reason why it cant be me. she asks do you remember that person’s face. he asks who.

flashback to young HK bringing flowers to her home and wishing her merry Christmas. Young SY was on her way out and looking upset. she asks why did you come again. it’s annoying, move aside. she runs off and he chases her. she tells him not to come after her. she was about to be hit by the truck. but she didnt get hit cuz MJ saved her by taking her to safety

SY asks dont you remember. HK says I didn’t see clearly so how can I say I remembered anything. SY:  i saw him for sure but cant remember. HK: why does that bother you so much. Sae says SY said that person was SY’s first love. HK: did she speak to him or see him for a long time it was only a few seconds. how can you call a person you cant remember a first love. SY says it’s overdoing it to call him my first love but i wanted to meet him and ask him once why save me and thank him for rescuing me. that’s all.

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-43-14] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-44-25] 별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-44-31]

MJ says on that night i went there. he saw her running and saw the truck heading for her. so MJ made the truck stop by suspending time. he ran over to her with the speed of light and moved her to safety. she looked up at him and said – who are you ajussi? a ghost? or someone like a grim reaper

별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-57-53]별에서 온 그대.E01.131218.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-58-11]

MJ walks into his apartment building and narrates what he said to Jang as he rides up the elevator- was what happened that night a dream. could a person who resembles her like that exist. if it wasnt a dream – before i leave I would like to meet her once. that couldnt happen huh? the elevator doors open and SY is standing there.



they film a SY special -following her around school filming her daily life – riding a bike to school etc. she gives an interview that she is only a star when she is outside – she is a regular student at school

MJ lists everything she did that was against his rules – plagiarizing, copying and pasting and she gets a zero for her grade on her report

SY: how old are you? MJ: do I have to answer?

SY: Chun SY is a human being too so couldn’t she make a mistake.

SY mutters that bad jerk.

lawyer jang is looking for that girl from 12 hrs ago that MJ met

MJ: if there is a reason to meet I wont meet her

faculty is talking about MJ as he rides by on his bike and what they are saying inside the cafe makes him stop his bike. they say that he is rude – that it doesnt matter he is a genius and came out of Harvard that he didnt go to the army. that someone like him needs to go to the army to make him come to his senses after two years.

MJ lists how many wars he was in (even the earliest one) and the bullets he stopped during the war. every ten years he had to go to the army – they talk about Psy going to the army twice but starting from joseon days till now I went to the army 24 times total -while living here in this country 400 yrs – 49 yrs and 7 months of my life was spent in the army. do you believe that?


31 comments on “You From Another Star E1

  1. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Thanks for the recap. Fighting! 🙂


    • Softy says:

      wanted to answer you on the chat page, but thought this might be quicker. 🙂
      I haven’t seen prime minister and probably wont cuz I’m not a Yoona fan at all. I have no idea what miss Korea is about – only thing I know is that guy from Coffee prince is in it and even though I like him as an actor, I have no time to watch any other dramas aside from this one. I even dropped pretty man somewhere around E5 or 6 and Golden rainbow around E6 – I just couldn’t hang on till Jung Il Woo and Uee.


      • raindrops1 says:

        Yoona is really placing her role well, even though I’ve read before the drama aired that her acting was not great (no offense, just comments I read). In regards to Ms. Korea, the first thing I knew was that the guy from CP was in it. Def recaping a show requires a lot of time, attention and dedication (all greatly appreciated). I found out during Heirs that ideally watching one show is best because I was watching several shows and dropped them. This time around I’m going to try to stick with two PMI and this one. I have a feeling I’m going to like it. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
        I hope it’s love at first recap with YFAS.


        • raindrops1 says:

          Sorry Softy, oh my reply is completely incoherent. I meant to say playing (acting) her role well. The main leads have good chemistry. It should be PMAI (sorry for confusing everyone). My only defense for writing is that to live stream I have to wake up before 5am so my brain is not fully functioning.
          After watching the ep raw and reading your recap I can already tell I’m going to love this show. I loom forward to him seeing the family pic, things will get more complex for him and more interesting for us.
          Again, Softy thanks the recap.


  2. joonni says:

    woohoo, it’s going to start! Fighting, Softy!!!!


  3. joonni says:

    It’s starting, it’s starting!


  4. afufu says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap! It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I would recommend PMI. I was skeptical about SM’s drama at first but now I’m hooked. Never thought Lee Bum Soo could be quite dreamy. Heee.


  5. Swee says:

    Oh man, I got the day wrong, thought Ep1 is airing tomorrow.
    Gonna watch first and read your recap later, thanks for recapping. Surprisingly I did not miss Heirs at all,…. well am missing YD big time, but am glad I have this new drama to follow now on wed/thur. PMI is really good, funny and with heart, I was like you, not a fan of the lead actress but she really surprised me this time, absolutely adore her now.
    Thanks Softy 😚


  6. Anonymous says:

    Pls what’s PMI?? N where can I get the download link for this drama?? Thank u


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi – I am here after Heirs …… and following Joonni’s orders ….lol !!! … God I miss Kim Tan so much……. Thank you for trying to keep our spirit up !!!
    I will read this at lunch time and I will let you know ……. I love this actor from Moon Embraces the Sun – he was great !!!! Thank you !!!! Maria from Washington DC !!


  8. bella1025 says:

    Those.. abs… o_o


    • Sally Wakasugi says:

      I agree, great bod, but had to laugh at the towel around the hips while in the shower. Keeps the drama PG but hardly realistic!


  9. 256train says:

    will we say good bye to The Heirs with Joonni…… i,love Joonni work, and did love your work with The Masters Sun,( i did not know it was you until Joonni say it so sorry for that)

    looking foreword to you recap, fighting


  10. tezuka says:

    Does anyone know where we can watch this online?


  11. tezuka says:

    thanks for the recap Softy and the great screen captures!


  12. Ange says:

    Thanks for the recap – can’t wait for the next recap.
    Same question – where can i watch this online?


  13. babyjiyong says:

    Everyday I’m grateful that there are people like you and joonni who do live recaps to save all our desperate souls from all around the world. It must be difficult but you guys still do it nonetheless, and I can’t even express how thankful I am for that. :’)


  14. tezuka says:

    Here is link where you can watch the drama online.


  15. nutty says:


    Thanks for recaps!

    Show sounds interesting but I noticed problems in the show….
    1) who wears a towel inside the shower?
    2) if mj cannot stand human saliva, how in the blazers are there going to be KISSES?


  16. swee says:

    Hi Softy, finally watched Ep 1. KSH looking so good in both modern and sageuk time. He is one interesting character, what is this about can’t mix human saliva and blood? I know he is an alien but perhaps a vampire too? Hmmm… I am so curious.
    @ nutty, only an alien wears a towel when taking a shower, but my eyes were fixed on the abs that I completely missed the towel, haha.
    Thanks for recapping Softy and looking forward to tonight’s ep and your comments. 😘


  17. soncka says:

    Thanks for recapping this show, Softy, so glad for people like you and Joonni that help out those of us who do not speak Korean. From what I’ve read and from the trailers I can see it’s going to be good 🙂 Greetings from far-away Europe 🙂


  18. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Happy New Year!! What a way to start a new year by following your recap again!!! I am so excited. Thanks for all the recaps you have done for this drama. I will finish reading them all. Have a great day/night!!


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