RBTL on Heirs E19-E20


That snowstorm they were walking in was exactly the kind of weather we had today. There were light flurries, but it suddenly became bigger and next thing you know – it looked like nature decided to make everything look like a pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere. That’s what happened with this drama too. It started out as something easy and breezy, then it got more serious, but always maintained its humor. Then the snow finally let up and all we had to show for it was the slush accumulated on the ground. That pretty much sums up how I felt after the finale. After enjoying all that beautiful snow, I was left looking drenched and confused.

I feel like someone hijacked the drama I loved, rushed through some editing inserting a bunch of boring business scenes, and replaced it with tonight’s finale. I wrote a much longer rant, but even I think it was too harsh to post so I toned it down and left it at the bottom. 🙂

**I recapped the entire episode, but I’m going to cut and paste only a few scenes that stood out.


YD and his dad are having a meal. his dad says how he is voluntarily going to turn himself into the prosecution office. so YD asks then what happens – will you be indicted/arrested. his dad says listen to what I’m about to say carefully – don’t trust anyone. when it involves the hotel -just trust the vice president alone. when someone wants to relay something to me or want your assistance/cooperation -be sure to have that conversation through lawyer choi. got that? if I don’t come out quickly go to your aunt’s home and don’t stay home alone. got it? just cuz I’m gone – don’t skip out on the kitchen work. I will come out quickly. eat.

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YD watches his dad on the news and turns it off. lawyers come in so YD asks about his father. what happened. the head lawyer says do you know why your father uses 7 lawyers -we worry about your father so it means you don’t have to worry. just go about as usual – attend school well and dont worry about the hotel. his dad gave a message – there has to be rules and can’t cheat.

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YD waits outside for Joon- the kid he bullied. others ask Joon who he is. Joon says Choi YD. the boy asks the one who bullied you – that’s him? that hotel family’s son. YD walks over to them. Yoon  asks why did you come. do you still have something to bully me about. YD says it’s not like that. I came cuz I wanted to say sorry. I was sorry -sincerely -I’m apologizing. I’m really sorry. Joon: it’s surprising that you are a kid who knows how to apologize but if you are really sorry to me – live feeling guilty for the rest of your life. YD: ok I will. Joon:  I won’t ever accept your apology. don’t come and find me again. he tells his new friends let’s go and they all leave.

YD saw his dad take responsibility for his actions so YD is doing the same thing in his life. Facing what he did wrong – acknowledging it and apologizing. As much as I adore YD, I don’t blame that kid one bit for not accepting the apology. YD scarred that kid for life – even just seeing the back of YD made the kid’s entire body shake with fear all over again just by instinct. when you do that much damage to a kid’s psyche – there aren’t enough apologies in the world to help him recover. YD should have offered therapy along with that apology. The look on YD’s face after the kid walked away shows that YD just learned another lesson. sometimes sincerity isn’t enough to cover all the damage you inflicted – penitence has to be part of the punishment too.

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ES texts Tan and says Seoul is colder cuz you arent here. she watches the news about YD’s dad. having to see your family member’s face on news the whole country is watching-what is the weight of that misfortune. you YD and the kids inside that world everyone covets- how much you must have gotten hurt. every morning when ES arrives first at school- she discovers the person who drew the chalk outline. I was really surprised – the culprit wasn’t just one person who did that. one day it was HS another day it was YS and another day it was MS -someone who is always bright so I didnt even imagine him doing that-  and another day Rachel. today it was YD. she watches him leave. was it when I knew who the culprits were – as I did in the past, I couldnt envy or hate the kids.

she asks aloud if Tan ever drew that chalk outline in the morning too

*the kids see themselves as victims in their complicated family lives and that chalk outline was a reflection of how they feel inside. I bet this made ES be grateful for the first time for having a simple life and a mom who just loves her unconditionally.

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YD goes to his mom’s shop. he looks through the window at her thanking her customer. he just stares for a long time and hides when she looks over. he stands against the wall crying. ES narrates: whether too heavy too harsh too sad -so that being hurt isnt the only thing you can do. that weight – so it doesnt  become a reason to break. I miss you Kim Tan.

*when he hid so he wouldn’t be seen, I wondered if YD was more afraid of not being recognized, but then it hit me that he doesn’t want to be rejected. He wants to see her, but what if she changed her mind and didn’t want to see him – he couldn’t take that kind of rejection from his own mom. But I bet the tears were cuz he didn’t realize just how much he missed his mom till this moment and those years of aching loneliness caught up to him in this second.

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Tan goes to see YD. Tan: sorry for coming to see you cuz of my problem at a time like this. it involves the stockholder meeting. YD guesses what JS is up to (trying to take over) and says mothers are a problem whether you have a lot of them or don’t have them. Tan: help me. even though we can’t be friends. I will pay this back one day for sure. YD: pay it back now. during all that time how I misbehaved towards your mother -let’s say I am compensating for it with this. Tan: you don’t have to come in person. through your lawyer just send your vote. YD: what about your father – is he better. Tan: you just worry about yourself. YD: even when I worry you act out. Tan: thanks. YD: leave – I have to go wash dishes. Tan: dishes? YD: the only thing I can do now is dishes. (that’s all I can do)

while washing dishes, YD cuts his finger, but he rinses off the blood and keeps working.

*I just want to point out that YD is on a roll. first he apologized to the kid for bullying him and now he uses the debt Tan owes him to make compensation for what YD said in front of Tan’s mom that time at the house when YD pretended not to be aware of the fact that KA was Tan’s real mom. He knew that was rude to her and tried to apologize to her for it the day he helped her find Tan, but now YD did it again by calling it even so that Tan doesn’t owe him a debt. From day one, I just knew that not having a mom around made YD extra sensitive to the fact that even if KS is the mistress, she is still a mom who is sticking by Tan’s side no matter what she has to endure. YD respected that and probably envied Tan for having such a loyal mom so each and every time he referred to KA as a mistress, I know the words were meant to hurt Tan, but it hurt YD as well. Insulting kids with other stuff was one thing, but speaking ill of someone’s mom was a line that YD did not like crossing. Now that he finally got to make it up to Tan, I bet YD felt a weight off his conscience.

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YD goes to see his mom. she recognizes him right away. she says his name. YD: hello. she asks have you been well. he cries and says no in his head. she steps closer and wipes his tears away. she says you grew this tall. my son got so handsome. YD: mom. mom. she hugs him saying I’m sorry. sorry for not waiting for a long time (back then) I was going to go see you soon, but sorry I didnt. he hugs her back

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ES goes and sits with her mom asking what she is doing. her mom is making that powder for drinks – the exact same one ES took to California -the one that was mistaken for drugs.  ES says you should have told me to do it but isn’t this too much for just the two of us. her mom says I’m going to send it to your sister. ES: she called? her mom got a text that the sister got a job and bought a cell phone. ES: is that all? she didn’t mention the money she ran off with? what is her number – give it to me. her mom asks why? so you can say what? ES: what  would I say – that you are healthy – I’m more healthy and that I miss her a lot. we are happy and doing well so just worry about yourself. her mom asks is my daughter really happy? meeting a mom like this all you did was suffer a lot. ES: what are you talking about. cuz I am your daughter – I am so happy. I will hurry and grow up and make you retire. I love you mom. they hug.

CY and his dad go fishing. they walk down and CY points out – dad you’ve been too busy. Yoon: dad has to be busy so you can eat and live. CY: you weren’t just pretending to be busy?

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CY checks his watch and takes out his phone to take a pic saying dad – smile. Yoon: you are going to send it to BN. CY: if she doesn’t see me every hour she said she cant breathe or something. Yoon: from what I can see as soon as you get to college you will get the leading role stolen by BN (cuz now BN does what CY wants but it will change in college). CY: I am looking forward to that. haven’t you thought of getting married again dad? aren’t you dating? Yoon: it’s hard enough to earn a living so what dating. haven’t you thought of taking care of me? CY: why do you keep thinking of playing and eating (as in not doing anything) even when you got fired last time you weren’t fazed. Yoon: you try growing up -it’s not easy making a living. more than dating it’s more hot and painful. Won’s voice asks are you talking about me right now. Tan and Won came together. CY and Tan sit by the water and CY talks about fishing so Tan tells him to be quiet. Yoon mentioned coffee and didn’t know Won would come running over like this. Won: when I make up my mind there is no end. do you come often to fish? Yoon gives his reasons like to get some air after the finals ended. that’s when Won remembers he didn’t ask Tan how he did on his finals so Won turns and asks Tan. you didn’t get that rank again right? Tan: when you find out you will be surprised. ask CY. CY: Kim Tan got 50th place. Yoon and Won repeat the score with shocked looks on their faces for very different reasons. Won smiles big and brags he did really well. Yoon: did he do well? I didn’t even know there was a 50th place. Won: what did CY get? Yoon: he is always first place. there is no drama with his report card so these days there is no fun and I don’t even check on it much. Won scowls at Tan. Tan yells at CY for causing this mood (shift) and says follow me. Tan runs off in shame.

Yoon: if we always had days like this it would be great. Tan doesn’t know yet does he? Won: what good is there for him to know in advance. Yoon: the article will go out tm. Won: yes it has to go out. this place is nice. I have to come here next time.

The article about Won marrying that rich girl goes out and HJ sees it and cries.

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YD  goes to the bike shop. he is looking at helmets and notices that cut on his finger from washing dishes. a girl makes a delivery so it makes him think of ES. he remembers how she made deliveries here.  YD says our first meeting was earlier than I remembered. he remembers the band aid ES gave him. he takes it out and puts it on and smiles.

*The fact that he finally used that tattered band aid he had been carrying around was symbolic cuz using it meant he isn’t going to hold onto any lingering feelings anymore. whenever he looked at it he could remember how thoughtful ES was to think of him and give it to him, but now he has some closure. he is going to use that band aid and heal the cut on his finger and if it hasn’t happened already – his broken heart is on the mend as well.


I cried like crazy during this scene and when he met his mom again. It felt like they had been apart for so long but if you think about it, it has only been about three years since they have seen each other. but those 3 years might as well have been 3 decades to him. It was 3 yrs of feeling resentment – driving people away from him so he wouldn’t get close to them and have the chance of getting hurt again. it was 3 yrs of building that protective wall to keep people out, but he was trapped behind it as well. 3 yrs of eating alone and accumulating so much bitterness he didn’t know how to climb out of it. For a guy who can easily intimidate any kid at school – he looked so vulnerable here. as if even just one word could make him crumble. no matter how you look at it – his mom hurt him a lot by leaving him behind. taking those steps to seek her out again took courage – the kind that comes from deep inside where pride doesn’t matter – only the desperation to not feel alone anymore forced his bravery.

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You know that feeling of anticipation you get for a finale – when you hope for the best but are willing to settle for good enough?  Well keep hoping. Even though realistically I knew we wouldn’t get all the story lines tied up neatly, I was still foolish enough to hold my breath -waiting for at least one storyline other than Tan and ES to have an amazing resolution. I’m now dizzy from inhaling too long – I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. I don’t know what happened to this show, but ever since E19, something has felt off – like the scenes aren’t clicking and syncing as well as they used to. The storylines and relationships just derailed – not just for Won and HJ, but Esther and Yoon too. Don’t even get me started on why Tan said to YD that they can’t be friends. News flash – when you ask about your friend’s parent’s health – that’s called caring. When you ask a friend for help and they do – you are supposed to react nicer. They are clearly friends so why can’t they act like it already.  Seriously –  I just don’t get why this finale lacked so much when it had everything going for it. Do we attribute the drop in interesting scenes and coherent editing due to fatigue? actors overworked? staff exhaustion? writer losing her mind? After enduring my share of wacky finales this year, I get that I should be grateful no one died and was reincarnated, but still – I can’t seem to wrap my head around this ending. It’s funny how Tan brought up his birthday wish – that he wanted ES to be at the end of his road. Glad he got his wish cuz I didn’t get mine. When you sign up for melos, you expect and even anticipate the angst, but when Won cried alone in his office staring at the broken wishbone – pity and sympathy were the last emotions I was feeling. He chose that life over fighting to stand by HJ’s side so he doesn’t  have the right to regret.  He walked into that marriage agreement cuz he wanted to beat JS. he knew the stakes were his heart and HJ, but he paid it. Frustration just shouldn’t be a reaction to have on a finale.

This ending feels like a rushed science project done in haste at the last minute. Right before it’s time for you to hand it in, you remember one more thing you forgot so you just jam it in wherever you think it fits. They lingered on scenes that clearly didn’t need it and lost time for the ones that would have been portrayed better if it had been drawn out and given time to breathe. Emotions can’t be activated that easily unless there is something of substance to react to. Try as I might, I’m just not seeing the silver lining here.

Just noticed tonight that this writer loves narration to end her shows. She did it on SG, but she did a lot on tonight’s. It’s like she suddenly felt driven to turn this drama into something it hasn’t been all this time – something deep , meaningful, and powerful all at the same time. There was a lot less humor that any previous eps for certain so in her attempt to sound profound, she sacrificed some of the comedy, lightheartedness, sincerity, and heart – some of the best things about this drama.


That figurative edge of the cliff that Tan thought his dad pushed ES out to -now both guys are standing there. Apart – they might not be able to overcome their obstacles, but if they work together, they have a fighting chance. All they have to do is realize they don’t need to go at this alone so it’s good to see Tan being man enough to ask for YD’s help first. At the fragile state he is in right now, YD is in no position to turn him down. This is the point in their lives when they need each other the most so they would be fools not to lean on one another.

*interview updated


I’m still debating whether I have enough dramas on my list to write a year end review since I only watched a handful this year, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed “Heirs.” Though I do see its weaknesses, over the weeks, I chose to focus on the positive. Sometimes when that’s all you want to see, it’s easier to find them. No matter what – this drama still makes you care enough about the characters to feel invested in how they turn out. After School 2013 and Monstar, I was pretty sure there was nothing about high school settings that could surprise me, but then these guys came along and changed everything.


3 lmhh yddd ydkwb ydss yy

On One night of entertainment, the interviewer asks LMH and PSH “how many hours did you sleep.” LMH: about an hour. she whispers “sorry but did the two of you sleep together?”  PSH explains: our ending and starting time today was the same so that is why (they slept the same amount). LMH: I think when it ends I will be sad but up to now I’m ok still. ES:I think it will start to feel real after it ends -little by little. the woman asks them to choose their fav scene so LMH jokes to PSH – you were going to say the kiss scene huh? PSH says not the kiss scene and both of them choose the scene in the pantry when they were about to kiss but didn’t. audience named this non kiss as “the holding back kiss (hard to restrain kiss)” LMH explains in the scene “my lips were moving in front of her lips- I wasn’t doing that in my head.” He goes on to say he has a lot of those pantry kisses in dramas (cuz he has lots of experience) this location wasn’t a set and we were enclosed inside but it felt comfortable.

the woman brings up how Tan confesses – that it made their romance more sweet. “do I like you- did I miss you -right now I am a crazy guy who wants to hug you so much I could die.” LMH explains: when I first saw those lines I went “ack” and he makes a reflex gesture so they discuss how hard it is for a guy to say those things. but LMH says the way he (Tan) confessed was cool. Tan’s lines – cuz it reflects his heart so it was cool.

KWB said about YD: I felt frustrated. I asked ES and Tan – “do you like it” as a joke, but my heart hurt.  since I didn’t see it in person -left it up to his imagination. the woman says YD’s twisted charm made women fall for him. (twisted in the sense that he made ES trip and stuff). His character on screen even said :if you do this it will make me twisted. KWB: even from what I could see he was awful (a bad guy)- when I saw the monitor – I was like “he is really awful –  he even looked awful.” I said these things a lot. even my mother texted me “stop tormenting/bullying kids.” truthfully – even then it’s not like I didn’t have feelings of guilt/blame/fault. cuz it wasn’t 100% that I was tormenting ES for the sake of tormenting- should I say it was a way or habit to do that in order to torment Tan.

the woman points out that when YD torments someone, he touches his eyebrows. KWB: at first it was intentional-there were times when I did it on purpose and times when I did it naturally  –every time I touched my eyebrow I sighed.

woman says YD didn’t know how to love and was awkward at expressing love, but with his entire heart he liked ES. PSH is asked which line she likes that YD said to her so PSH says “don’t look at me like that it makes me tremble.” “who is your friend – how am I your friend. don’t draw a line -before I just cross it” “you make me want to protect you.” KWB reads those lines and says: I think I (YD) liked ES a lot. now that I see it again. He reads “you answering your own phone, replying when I talk to you, saying hi when we lock eyes.” It was different from the usual YD. cuz he couldn’t convey his heart, but that’s when he was dumped. he was dumped for real. woman says poor YD – my heart hurts for him. PSH: even if you don’t trip her – someone who can hold your hand- I hope he meets another girl with a warm heart.  KWB hears that and says: it makes me feel sad. I didn’t see her like that -Cha ES – go well.

the actress who plays ES’s mom says when I saw him on the show where YD eats cup ramen at the convenience store I wanted to make him a meal. so KWB says “on the set sunbaenim said – “I finally prepared a meal for you.” something he (YD) wanted so much and waited for – that warm meal. couldn’t express with words.

woman brings up how many times Tan cried cuz ES disappeared. LMH: it’s the first time I cried that much. in real life -I hardly cry so crying so hard made me feel like my insides opened up. PSH: I asked him – oppa did you film well yesterday and he said “I just cried one teardrop.” PSH jokes “you are lying.”

the woman asks if the ending came out and Tan said yes it came out. woman asks it will be good right? PSH says it could be good or bad.

LMH and PSH says we will finish up the remaining filming well. KWB asks for the audience to tune till the last show and PSH says please love us till the end. KWB says YD’s line “don’t open your eyes like that it makes me tremble” and runs off embarrassed.

*Just want to add how much the Korean public loves this character – had no idea to this extent till tonight.

tgl tl

This is the first time I realized how much fun these guys had filming this drama. They are still young so “Heirs” might not end up as their career highs or the best work they are capable of, but at least it won’t be something they wish they had never done. If anything LMH will not regret playing a high school character again. Maybe the maturity and experience he gained over the years from doing City Hunter and Faith enabled him to make Kim Tan this memorable. It’s funny to say, but playing more grown up roles helped him play a teenager again with more layers and depth. Sort of like how he referenced his city hunter character here, there are parts of his acting craft that he learned over the years since BOF that slipped into his portrayal of Tan. The seeds of his budding career are starting to bloom more and more and playing Kim Tan is going to be something he can look back on with pride.

twl ybl

About Kim Woo Bin: Something tells me he is not quite done with playing a teen either so I bet we will see him in another uniform soon. I expected greatness from him and he didn’t disappoint. He proved once again that charisma onscreen translates to making a character come to life. From being despicable to sympathetic, his character ran away with my full attention then later on with my heart. Any scenes that were memorable or stood out involved YD most times.

About YD – it was a matter of too much too late. By the time YD realized how much he liked ES, the damage had been done and it was irreversible. His first impression left a lot to be desired so it was difficult for ES to see beyond her fears to see a boy who was doing everything wrong to attract a girl.

In a way, his mother’s abandonment scarred him in more ways than one cuz he lost his ability to trust women. He kept girls at a distance and only flirted, but never gave his heart. When he first saw ES and then started having feelings for her, for the first time in his life he thought he was ready to embrace love. He wanted to let someone in so he did something uncharacteristic of him and started to become a nicer guy. For a short while, he let himself having feelings for someone and dared to hope. During that time he was happy – just caring for ES and protecting her gave him a purpose. He held on for as long as he could – hoping, waiting, and being patient, but it ended as it began and his arms were empty once again.

Once his demeanor changed, what we saw was a rebirth – he became a different person. Instead of letting this failed attempt at unrequited love turn him bitter, he used that pain as a catalyst for change. No longer the helpless boy who didn’t have a choice, he is strong enough now to seek answers. The fact that he will go looking for his mom proves that loving ES wasn’t a total failure. It opened his heart to the possibility of having his love returned next time around. In order to do a better job at it, he began by taking steps to mend the cracks in his heart so he went looking for his mom. Hopefully on the last episode, he will also make amends with the kid he bullied. For a character who started at rock bottom, he managed to climb pretty high on the road to redemption.



Turns out Won’s blind date – the one he was set up to marry has a boyfriend who is poor so she couldn’t come with him to the party so she came with her rich dad. she asks if Won has a girlfriend. he says yes. she says is that why we suit each other. dad told me to marry you. Won says we don’t suit each other.  she says it doesn’t matter. today’s lead hasn’t arrived yet. I heard you aren’t real siblings (as in Won and Tan only share one parent)

Tan asks are you shaking. ES says a little. Tan: cuz you are next to me right now it’s an honor Cha ES. they hold hands and go in and say hello to his dad. his dad looks displeased. their friends look surprised. his dad stares at them holding hands. JS has to remind him reporters are watching so his dad keeps it civil and says the reporters took enough photos. Tan introduces ES as his girlfriend to his relatives.

when the 3 of them are alone, his dad yells at Tan for showing up like that in front of so many people who can see and talk about it so Tan says how he wants to show her off to the world (brag) and doesn’t want the world the dad is offering over her. Tan asks for permission for them to date. his dad looks over and says if you like her so much then date. Tan: do you mean it. the dad says if you think this is a permission – you are mistaken. I believe you will regret this choice. then he says to ES – a day will come when you will regret shaking up my son. he stands and says the room number of where Tan’s mom is staying #3409.  don’t ever think I lost to you. I am just overlooking it.  the dad leaves

ES asks did we get permission or a threat. Tan says a permission that could change into a threat at any time. be understanding of his harsh words cuz it’s his last pride.  we stepped over one threshold. she says happy birthday. he pulls her into a hug. Tan says let’s go have a real bday party now to the 34th floor. my mom left home. she left home but is still trapped. cant even come to her son’s bday. let’s go there.

his mom opens the door and Tan is there with a birthday cake. ES says hello too. his mom wants to know how her mom could not call even once after leaving. she looks at ES’s dress and guesses she went to the party but Tan tells his mom to let him celebrate his bday first.

the 3 of them have a party inside. his mom congratulates him on his bday and thanks him for being born as her son. he thanks her too. she reminds him how he should have made a wish before blowing out the candles. Tan: I already made the wish – it’s a secret what it is. he puts a necklace around his mom’s neck – it’s a key pendant. he thanks her for having him. the time you lived as Kim Tan’s mom – hope you were happy. she says of course I was very happy -happy now too- thank you son. she asks how they survived the party. Tan says dad overlooked it. she thinks the dad didn’t overlook it and just lost. I wont lose to your dad too. Tan says I think dad is overlooking it for you too. he knows you are here. she suddenly asks ES – where is your mom – where are you living now

ES’s mom waits outside until Tan’s mom shows up. they hug cuz they are happy to see each other. KA asks how could you do this – leave without a word.  you are bad. even though I behaved badly how could you hate me.  her mom says I don’t hate you. I wrote you a letter before I left. his mom says it was just 3 lines. do you know how many times I read those 3 lines. KA asks why her face is half (meaning ES’s mom hasn’t been doing well) being with me was the best right ajumma? her mom nods yes. KS asks where the home is cuz she is cold. did you miss me or not. her mom nods yes. his mom says what a lie. how could you not text even once. ES calls Tan and tells him how they arrived and their moms hugged each other. where is my boyfriend. Tan says I came to meet YD cuz I had something to say.  I will go pick you and my mom up tm -see you tm

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-21-29] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-23-14] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-26-36] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-27-07]

YD and Tan sit in awkward silence. YD finally asks what is it that are you stalling this much. Tan starts to say my mom but YD says don’t do it. let’s not feel sorry or grateful to each other. but Tan says I’m grateful and sorry. YD: then what does that make me. Tan: you don’t have to be anything. I just feel that way. I will be going. don’t come out (don’t see me to the door) he gets up to leave but YD says – my mom – I didn’t miss seeing her cuz of you – she just left first. I needed you for that resentment. Tan says I know. I will be going

*It must have been so hard for YD to admit that aloud – that truth that he needed to resent Tan at least cuz he didn’t have the heart to resent his own mother for leaving first. And that Tan already knew that really hit home for YD. To say those words aloud – to admit what he did wrong was a big milestone for YD. To say it to Tan has to hurt even more cuz Tan is the one ES chose.  Even though YD can rationalize in his head that ES never cared for him like that to begin with, it’s his heart that has such a hard time accepting it. But the side who wants to take steps to reinstate this friendship had to say those words to Tan.

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-28-00] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-28-10] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-31-04] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-31-59] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-34-31] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-38-27] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-38-46] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-38-55]

YD looks at photos from the party of Tan and ES but stares at ES’s face when MS comes in. MS covers up the photos by sitting on them asking when did you arrive – did you eat. YD grins and says: I already saw them. MS: you saw. that’s why – what did I say -did I say you cant forget first love or not. it would have been nice if you listened to me.  I prepared this for you for failing at your first love. MS made a sign with their faces crossed out – as in they aren’t allowed in -Tan, ES, and a dog – to hang on the door of his studio. YD: take out the dog – what sin did it commit. (the word for “dog” in Korean is “gae” but it also means “that person/that one” too so MS makes a correction pretending YD meant ES and says ” yes you should leave out Cha ES. cuz she is still your first love” so YD slaps his knee and says jokingly – you are going to die. They both grin at each other.

YD practices judo. the teacher asks why suddenly work so hard. YD says to beat my father without cheating. teacher says it’s not possible with your skills. YD flips him and says I will work hard.

both moms drink and her mom lectures his mom “how could you leave home? do you have a skill – are you young? you don’t know the world is scary.   his mom reads the note and says you put two exclamation points. it makes me feel bad. you are bad. did I know my life would turn out this way. another woman’s home.  another woman’s bag. another woman’s husband -for wanting those things this is what I received (punishment). one man’s wife my son’s mom- I didn’t get to be those things. she leaves saying I have to go to the bathroom

but Tan’s mom is on the beach sobbing so her mom goes out and sits next to her. his mom keeps crying.


ES goes to the café and runs into Tan. He was just calling her and wonders how she knew to come, but she asks how he knew to come cuz she came to meet some other guy. Just as Tan gets mad about her meeting another guy this late at night – Won comes inside. the 3 of them sit together. Tan asks why she has to move there. but she wants to go back to the place she lived before the maid’s room. Won: just go into the apartment – the pain and suffering you endured cant be compensated with money so just think of the apartment as compensation. she explains she discussed the moving problem with her mother plenty and decided to go back to the neighborhood they lived in. just cheering us on makes me feel strong and I’m grateful. Won: I never cheered you on. just correcting the mistake you are making. Tan asks again for her to move to the apartment – if you knew what kind of deal I made with hyung to hide you there. just go in there. but she doesn’t want to in case they break up and it will be complicated to sort through that stuff. I am meeting you cuz I cant live without you but how do we know the future. Tan: I cant live without you either. that is our future dummy. Won tries to stop them from arguing saying “kids” but Tan says hyung – be still – I will take care of this. Tan asks ES: are you really going to be like this. she says there is no guarantee they will be happy forever cuz she could dump him, so he says be quiet – follow me.  he tells Won to go up to Seoul first. they leave as Won grins


Tan kneels before her mom saying :I am really sorry for causing you worry all this time. please forgive me. this wont happen again. I got permission from my father so now if we get your permission I want to date ES formally. please give us  permission mother.” but her mom doesn’t say anything. his mom bursts out and Tan and ES are distracted by her outfit. she is dressed like ES’s mom and the clothes do not suit her.   KA is saying how frustrated she is. why isn’t anyone saying something. are you opposing my son right now ajumma. that’s what the mood is. her mom signs – I am sorry but I cant give the two of them permission.  I don’t want to be involved with your family anymore. my daughter hurt too much during all that time. KA asks ES: did your mom just oppose?  my son is good looking, tall, nice. when it involves ES he puts his life on the line. my son is precious so why say you don’t like it (them dating). her mom signs my ES is pretty, nice, and studies well too. Tan asks what she said. before ES can say her mom says to her – your curfew is now 9pm. don’t you dare me late. if you hold hands coming in like today you will be beat to death by me. ES translates that as be sure to bring me home and it’s ok to go as far as holding hands.  her mom moves to hit ES for lying but Tan gets hit instead for her. ES whispers for him to do what he does well so he suddenly falls down pretending that hit hurt. KA yells ajumma did you just hit my son. ES says to him – are you ok? it hurts a lot huh? Tan: I think it will be ok if she gives permission.  his mom says to sue if she doesn’t give permission. sue. her mom hits him once more.  he pretends to be in pain. ES thanks her and so does Tan. both moms smile and KA helps her mom with the socks.


ES moves back to her old place. Tan comes out of her home on moving day. she asks how he could come out of there. Tan: why? did you think I would only come out of a fairytale.  hurry and come here. he covers her eyes and leads her in. Tan: just go straight – is going straight difficult? ES: cuz you lived well you haven’t been in the dark huh?  he says just trust me and walk. she says just to act like an average person. he warns her he would do something if she keeps talking (kissing). she insists it’s cuz this home is where she lived so she knows it’s not a place he can make into an event, but he surprises her by showing a video he made of her. Tan hugs her from the back asking do you like it.  she is moved and says I look good on the screen. he says how she isn’t saying she is moved. she reminds him how her tastes runs towards horror-not romance. and this kind of thriller. she kisses him on the cheek. he says watch a lot of thrillers at home. but right now let’s do romance. she backs away saying don’t do that. he chases her around to get some skinship and locks the door so they wont be interrupted

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-11-41] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-12-47] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-13-15] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-13-41]

at the cafeteria Rachel runs into YS so YS tells her to apologize. girls come over and mention how Rachel and her mom broke off their engagements. that they were nice to rachel cuz she had been engaged to Tan, but YD steps in and says isn’t it enough she was Choi YD’s sister. I lived too nicely these days huh. he manages to scare the girls away. he tells Rachel – kids are watching so get up and let’s go out. he puts his arm around her saying let’s look like we get along. she asks cant you go back to being bad and put your hair back up. he says I like it now but she says it’s not great-think it over again


outside she says how kids don’t cower in front of him like in the past so he reminds her how he still has some intimidation leftover from the old days to rescue his sister. Rachel: how am I still your sister? YD: cuz I’m going to be your oppa. you can lean on me sometimes.  she asks if it ended with ES cuz he looks like he has nothing to do these days. he says is there anything to end or not. without needing the other person’s agreement or consultation – as long as I end it it’s over. she asks did nothing much happen to your dad’s company. YD: it’s still the same so far.  Rachel: I hope nothing happens that I need to comfort you/cheer you up about. we seem to have spent time comforting each other. going to class.

ES comes over ready to say something, but YD walks past her without a word or a glance.

*It sort of kills me that YD isn’t done being someone’s black knight. Since he cant be one for ES anymore, now he decided to be Rachel’s big brother and watch over her. I can’t say that I ever felt anything good towards Rachel so his gallantry seems misplaced somehow – just wish it was directed at someone more deserving cuz I’m still miffed about how Rachel insulted ES’s mom and mistreated ES at every turn.

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-09-20] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-09-28] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-11-01]

scores come out and BN tells ES to stay far away from her and not come close to her right now cuz the scores came out. if CY was distracted with worry cuz ES disappeared and lost his first place to Rachel, then BN will take it out on ES. Tan blocks everyone from looking at the scores telling them to go away. then he runs away with the scores. ES asks did you get last place again? stop right there. you said you would always be behind me. he stops running and tells her to go in front of him. she skips over saying you keep your word. she gets the list away from him and runs off. they go to the park and he tells her to hand it over while he is asking nicely. she says don’t come close cuz my mom told me not to even hold hands with you. he points out her mom isn’t here right now. she asks why he ripped up the list. he says I wasn’t ready to look yet.  she says everyone will know the score anyway so why hide it. he asks for the list again. she asks if he is sure he got 100. want a drink. she takes out her wallet and he sees the list inside. she gets a text so when she tucks her wallet under her arm he snatches it away. she wonders how poorly he did on the test to do this. he decides they shouldn’t know so they can date for a long time. he offers to wait while she checks her text. CY texted the list to ES cuz Tan took it away so she tells Tan. Tan gets mad at CY. ES says look at it together. ES says that MS took away Tan’s crown (MS is 100th now),  Tan begs her not to scroll down but she does. He placed 50th. Tan: what? I did? ES: what happened. Tan: in my life – finally a middle ground. to tell the truth it was just cuz I didn’t put in any effort. but she isn’t listening. ES: Choi YD is 27. Tan: it’s probably 97. ES: he is 27th. Choi YD is so cool. instead of randomly selecting this time he must have solved it. Tan gets mad and jealous saying: ya – is there only final exams? you don’t know how I will rank next time so why say 27th is cool? since I went from 100 to 50 – what do rank do you think I will be next time? ES: It will be hard cuz of CY. now that I think about it CY is really cool. Tan shoves her saying – if he is cool then go date him.  He walks off so she follows but he turns and asks what rank are you. she runs off.


YD and his dad are having a judo match. YD knocks his dad down. he finally won. his dad says for the first time you beat me. YD: yes. his dad asks – what is it that you want. say it. YD: mom. tell me where mom is. his dad says I cant give you that (info)cuz I don’t know what happened to your mom too. YD: that’s good.

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-22] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-55] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-38-58]

YD sits at the restaurant alone. the owner looks at his name tag from school and says you are choi YD. YD: yes- do you know me. she says I knew your face but didn’t know your name (cuz he comes so often).she gives his mom’s business card saying: take this. when you showed up she told me to give this to you. YD: who? she says a pretty ajumma. it’s been a while since I received it but I was too preoccupied. who is it? YD stares at the card remembering his mom’s words – are you doing well YD? and how he replied “no”

Tan pours wine for his mom and himself. she asks what got into him cuz he always nagged for her to drink less wine. Tan: since there will be more things for you to enjoy than wine now -let’s have a glass. they say you learn to drink from your dad but now you are my dad. when do you want to move -hyung said to come in when you feel comfortable, but she doesn’t want to move. now I don’t want a nice home at all. I want to wander around here and there. not just back and forth from hotel to departments store kind of vacations. I want to walk on my own feet and see all the skies in the world. for now I want to walk around gangnam tm.  he wants to walk with her holding hands so she says ok hold my hand tm for a day, but go to your dad  after cuz your dad is alone now. Tan says I wont go you are my dad now, but she says don’t do that


Tan’s dad looks around his empty home. he gets dizzy suddenly. he imagines young Won coming home after school and young Tan running after him asking hyung did you come back from school? did you study too much? young Tan goes to hug his dad and his dad was going to hug him, but stops cuz Won was watching them. his dad grabs his head and falls down.

* Tan’s dad mentioned this exact scene to Won when Tan was in America – that the dad never got to hug Tan when he was a kid cuz the dad cared too much about what Won would think and feel. This scene made me realize how hard it must have been for their dad – not being able to show young Tan any love when he wanted to in his heart. In order to please one son, he had to neglect the other. I bet this was when his dad decided to make it up to Tan later on in life and give him those shares of stock and let Tan have a chance of being the heir by putting him under JS’s name in the registry. No matter how much the dad complicated his personal life, he did want the best for both sons. I hated this scene cuz it humanized the evil dad and made him look sympathetic. I felt so sorry for young Tan and his dad that I forgot I can’t stand this dad.

Tan rushes to the hospital. Won drives over there too. his mom runs out of the hotel too

his mom sits by the dad’s side. doctor says they cant operate now so Won asks how they can just leave him in a coma. doctor says we can operate once he comes to. Tan asks what if he doesn’t wake up. doc says we have to hope he does wake from the coma. his mom cries and holds the dad’s hand.

Tan tells his mom to go to the hotel. he doesn’t want her to meet JS here. she gets up to leave and tells Tan to call. take good care of your dad. she leaves


YD stares at his mom’s business card (it says Secret Garden on it). then he gets up and goes to wash dishes.


YD hears the employees whisper so YD goes to his dad’s office and sees the men packing everything. YD yells asking what they are doing and tries to stop them. his dad tells him to step back – you will get hurt. YD shakes off the guy holding him and asks his dad – why are they doing this father. what is it. his dad says to leave. YD yells: why are they doing this father? his dad tells him to leave so men drag YD out.

*His dad didn’t want YD to get hurt. the look on his face as he told YD to get out, it was all concern for his son. It’s also the first time YD looked at his father without any fear.  I thought about it and if any one of these kids had to start over from the bottom again – without anything to inherit, YD just might be the one that could actually survive this setback and make something of himself once he grows up. His father trained him to succeed once he inherits, but the training that YD got by working at the hotel so he knows how to run it later just might pay off


at his dad’s bedside, Tan holds his dad’s hand. People keep saying Tan is still young, but he is old enough to know that no matter what happens, the man is still his father and Tan could never stop loving him.

after her conversation with Tan, when Won comes in, JS says now that I see – you two are alike. she leaves. Won says with concern to Tan: whatever you heard dont pay any attention – you arent at that age yet. (meaning you aren’t old enough to have to go through that) today I will stay so you go home and sleep.

Tan goes to the roof of the hotel and YD is standing there. YD looks behind and sees Tan. they both look at the view. both in the same shoes – still too young and too helpless to help their parents out.

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-42] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-52] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-04] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-21] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-24-44] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-25-23] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-25-34] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-26-05] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-27-34] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-27-46] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-28-09] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-29-56] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-48-39]상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-06] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-15]

This scene didn’t even air and already I am crying watching his tears stream down his face. Just imagine how long he has waited for this moment – at a time in his life when he feels the lowest and most alone – to finally get a glimpse of his mother. I have a feeling that home cooked meal ES’s mom made for him drove him to find his mom. That’s why he practiced judo so much so he could beat his father on the mat and earn the chance to ask his dad about his mom. YD finally got fed up eating alone so much – envying other people’s mothers. I have no idea what kind of courage he will need to go up to speak to his mom, but I hope he does it. He needs to hear her explanation – he needs to see her tears from missing him as much as he missed her. He desperately needs to feel love from the one person in the world right now who can help him through his pain. Whether their meeting goes well or not, he needs to feel his mom’s arms around him so he can change his answer to her question. Instead of saying “I lived wrongly,” I want him to reply “now I can live the right way.”

상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-58] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-31-52] 상속자들.E19.131211.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-55-58]

I’m kind of scared about this preview. I don’t like the way HS said goodbye to ES – she is correct – he does sound like someone who is leaving. plus she seemed to be walking by that spot where the chalk outline of the body was. people used to think it was the kid who was being bullied who might have done that, but now I think HS might have drawn it. I didn’t really pay much attention to HS much before, but I like him a lot these days for befriending Tan. There just isn’t room in the finale for any sort of tragic turn of events.

Also if YD’s dad gets arrested, YD will need a parent. I don’t want his father’s arrest to be the reason why he seeks out his mom.

What happened between Won and HJ since the last time they were in bed being all chummy for her to say they should break up and that is her wish. This seems pretty random to me. Did she say it just to get him to make a choice once and for all.

I have to admit, E19 could have used more work. They filled it with stuff that wasn’t half as important as tying up all these loose ends. If they tightened up the story line more tonight than there would be less to clear up in the finale, but now the pressure is on to make it up to us and give us a finale we earned and deserve. Don’t fail me now show – I’m counting on your for a strong finish.


19 comments on “RBTL on Heirs E19-E20

  1. raindrops1 says:

    Softy, I want to say a big thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping us read between the lines of each episode of Heirs. Both your your thoughts and insights as well as Jooni’s helped make the experiece of watching and following Heirs that much more enjoyable. I do always love to read your thoughts.
    Athough you feel that you don’t have a lot of a dramas to do a end of a year post, I would encourage (of cousse if you want to) do pls write one. Many of the dramas that I’ve followed and loved this year have been the ones you recapped. Furthermore, I would love to hear your thoughts on each drama mons after they finished airing to see what lasting impact they had on you. In addition I would love to see hear whether your thoughts on each changed as time has passed.
    I too have loved Heirs, as with faults and all. I do not regret for one minute following it and becoming a addticted to the drama. Heirs, fighting!


    • Softy says:

      Hi raindrops – I meant to reply to your previous comment about what I thought of the previews for You from another star, but time got away from me. I have been loving each and every preview so far, but I’m scared some of the words will be hard to translate so I already asked Joonni to help me out the first week or so till I get the hang of it. She now knows my limit and can guess which words will trip me up so it’s perfect cuz she can help me exactly when I need it. Turns out it’s phrases even she has problems with and promised to look them up for me.

      I’m sort of looking forward to writing a year end review as well cuz it’s my last chance to gush over my favorite dramas. I feel like I recapped a lot of great ones this year. 🙂
      one problem is I still have 36 eps of potato star to watch cuz I never did get around to starting it yet- I don’t want to miss out on writing about that since so many readers love that show.


      • raindrops1 says:

        Hi Softy,
        Thank you for the reply and I know you are busy so no worries. I’m looking forward to next week and the start of You from another star. I’m still not quite ready to say bye to Heirs but the thought of finding another drama that I fall in love with helps me slowly let go. I’m hoping that the first episode is a good and engaging and that you (and I) love it from the start.
        Yes, you did recap a lot of great dramas this year. I’m hoping that 2014 continues to give you dramas that you enjoy and fall in love with. I’ve heard a lot of good things about potato star but have not watched it. Maybe I should 🙂
        Will be here next week…camping out. Sending Hugs and wishing you a lovely day.


  2. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy:
    Thanks so much for episode 19. I agree these actors have made us care about them;so, even with all the flaws the drama had, I have enjoyed this drama more due to your postings. I told you before you have set my Wed-Th so it does not matter how cold it is, I can smile and feel happy because I read your posts!!! Looking forward watching this episode. I love those two mothers’ friendship! Have a good one.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you – I’m going to recap Kim Soo Hyun’s drama next week so I hope you will tune in and check that out as well. who knows – SBS has been doing well lately with their drama lineup so they might have another hit on their hands. so far I hear your voice, Master’s Sun, and Heirs were all great so hope that lucky streak holds up for the next one. something tells me it wont suck – just my instinct. 🙂


  3. conjie008 says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve written to this site, and miss it so..
    I agree w/ Ranidrop’s reply, it wouldn’t be a year end if you didn’t do one.
    Just because you have devoted fans that still reads your recapped & thoughts.
    Any other thoughts you may have is always an insight & inspirational to all who read’s your blog site.

    Your Faithfull Friend


    • Softy says:

      Hi Conjie – Joonni told me you left a message on her blog. how you’ve been busy with work. I already started writing my year end review, but I was surprised by how short my list was so I was debating whether to post cuz of that.

      Hope you have time to rest up now that you’re less busy. 🙂


  4. calliep says:

    “Just want to add how much the Korean public loves this character – did not know the extent till today.” Softy, I gather you mean Young Do. Can you elaborate on how the Korean viewers love Young Do’s character? Do they like him more than Kim Tan? I was very intrigued by your statement. What did you find out today?


    • Softy says:

      Right before tonight’s entertainment news program aired, I watched another one that aired on the 8th and KWB was mentioned there with other actors who portrayed bad/evil characters. they have these sticker contests where the public sticks one under the actor they like the most and KWB won. his star has really risen cuz ppl rave about him all the time these days. even tonight the host kept mentioning KWB/YD over and over.
      I still cant find any torrents for the interview from earlier tonight – wanted to translate that before I slept but my eyes are shutting on their own. not sure how much longer I can hang on.
      Just to clarify – I never meant to say Koreans love YD more than Tan. It’s just that they really love YD a lot. they love how that bad boy character transformed into a nicer person.


  5. eva says:

    I am choke already.. start have this tears on my eyes just to see his tears falls down.. My God.. My heart is full oh him.. and I wish like your wish softy.. you are my mind and my thought of all happen in this drama especially Young Do’s..


  6. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, watching the finale now, just wanna thank you for mini recapping this drama and sharing your love for the characters esp YD. I have enjoyed taking this journey with you, you have help me understand the characters and scenes better, you are so good at reading between the lines and you write so well. Thank you Softy, I am going to miss Heirs esp seeing YD on weekly basis on my screen. Should I watch School 2013 for KWB?? 😘😘


  7. ybell says:

    Hi Softy! I really appreciate all your insights. It made me appreciate the show better. 🙂 Thanks!


  8. Sleepybird says:

    Hello Softy

    Thanks for giving focus to YD – my favourite character in the entire show! KT, while really sweet, was set up to win fans. YD’s role could have gone either way with the viewers but KWB did an amazing job. He made me tear so many times especially when he met his mum in the last episode. If there is anything to miss about this show, it would be YD. Woo Bin is really the actor to look out for in the near future.

    Just a minor observation: When YD’s mum called his name “Youngdo ah” – it reminded me of the scenes he had with ES when she called him the same way. The way ES addressed him is probably extremely heartbreaking as his mum probably used to call him the same way – the 2 women in his life so far that have made a profound effect on him. I need to re-watch his scenes to see if anyone calls him the same way but as far as I can remember – everyone calls him Choi Young Do.

    Look forward to your recap for “Man from another star”. 🙂


  9. KDaddict says:

    I’m thankful for your leading paragraph to the finale; without it I might not dare say what’s on my mind.

    I’ve loved this drama from the beginning, but I find Eps 19 and 20 lacking in many ways.
    I do like that:
    1. YD goes to apologize to Joon, but like you say, a simple I am sorry doesn’t quite cut it.
    2. YD’s dad is going to jail. The way that guy behaves, you get the feeling that he has it coming. And I don’t mind if he’s taken down a few pegs.
    3. YD goes to see his mom. I think he needs her more than CES, who is just this girl he has a crush on for 1 semester. It’s a crush cos it’s one-sided. But then, you wonder why mom hasn’t sought him out at school in the past 3 years. Head scratching.

    Other than that, we know that JS’s arc is to create trouble for Won and Tan. She never loved them. She’s only in it for her Jeguk shares. Of course Chairman is gonna wake up and divorce her for her audacity to take over his company. But then there is that dream party for 10 years later, when she is there chatting happily with KA and CES’s mom. What the effing? Strikes me that this writer just doesn’t have the guts to stick with anything nasty to the end.

    Then we have lots of sweet moments for the OTP. It leaves me wondering if it is possible to have too much cuteness and fan-service. I feel like I’ve eaten too much baklava after a full dinner.

    The fundamental rule of writing, not to mention drama, is Show not tell. All that narration at the end takes away from the connection between viewers and chars. Shooting oneself in the foot comes to mind.

    Secret Garden is one of my very fav dramas. But t the end, Kim when Joo Won got to keep his job as well as his house, I wondered what the big struggle was. It nullified any meaning his fight for Gil Ra Im might have had. Here I wonder the same thing. Was all the hullabaloo necessary,Tan wanting to die, his dad threatening to ruin CES, when in fact all Tannie had to do was bring CES to a publicized occasion? A great deal of thunder but no rain?

    KWB is truly one gifted actor. I look forward to his next project. Will miss LMH too. This is the most handsome I’ve seen him. How or why is that level of beauty even humanly possible? Might mute the sound and repeat this drama just to stare at him and KWB.

    Thank you Softy for the lovely reads.


  10. KDaddict says:

    I forgot to type out the comment in my email before transferring it here, and it has disappeared again! Your WP and my Mac don’t seem to get along. Doesn’t seem like other ppl here have that problem.


  11. Iviih says:

    Well Softy, I didn’t air heirs, but glad you had fun with it, my oppa had such sad ending. 😦

    How are you? What dramas you are going to watch or is watching right now? ^^


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