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I debated all weekend whether or not I had the energy to recap two dramas for the next two months and my immediate answer was “heck no.” Then I had to remind myself this is Joowon we are talking about. He is on a drama that could easily surpass how amazing he was on Gaksital. I’m sure he was great on Level 7 as well, but I don’t want to compare serious roles with light hearted ones.  If I had to pinpoint one main deterrent – to put it bluntly, there are just too many names to memorize on this show and I hate subjecting readers to my abbreviated ones. Problem is, some of these characters are so despicable, I just don’t want to bother memorizing their names. I don’t blame the show at all. In fact, this drama is very well received here in Seoul. Friends who rarely watch dramas are tuning in to catch it cuz they really love the acting and story. There are no action scenes and nothing scary jumps out on the screen, but this show has something else going for it aside from Joowon – a story with possibility to go beyond what’s just on paper. This is the big question for me though – how much corporate back stabbings  must we wallow through to see the good come out victorious in the end. After watching E3 just now, I have my answer.

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Kim yells at D for taking away his patient after he warned D. Y tries to say you are misunderstanding- after that day I didn’t, but Kim tells her to shut up. D says I don’t know about this – who stole your patient and Kim says the patient’s parents told me a male resident from pediatrics so it would be one of you guys. S says I did it. he told the parents – the baby can be saved. that pediatrics can save the baby and that professor Kim D can perform the surgery. Kim says to D sarcastically you trained your residents well – a resident went on his own and caused all this trouble. S says I did it and professor Kim said nothing but Kim interrupts and says to D -do I look that easy like your director- is pediatrics doing business with kids. Y says it’s understandable he is angry but he is speaking too harshly but D tells her to be quiet. Kim says if you don’t want to hear it and then behave. he tells D to take care of this well or he has to take responsibility with the hospital board. S looks guilty and stares at D. Y asks how S plans to save the premature baby this time (cuz last time the problem was visible right away with sun woo). S explains how Kim’s department wouldn’t do the surgery so pediatrics should and she yells at him cuz that was the only reason. the parents of the baby come to see D. S says it’s the premature patient’s parents

D explains to the parents that he thinks the same as Kim and the surgery cant be performed. the dad says but that doctor outside said you could save her. Y explains S is still in training and spoke out of turn cuz he felt bad for the parents and their sorrow and made that mistake. D takes all the responsibility and says it’s all my fault please forgive us. the mom cries and says what are you doing – why destroy our last hope

the other doctors scold S. why do this and get D in trouble too. the mom comes out and asks S – why did you do that – you shouldn’t have done that to us. after they leave Y makes the other doctors go to work and check stuff

the mom tells the baby – you are hurting a lot aren’t you our baby. have strength -have strength for a little while longer baby. she asks her husband what to do now – should we change hospitals. he says this is the best hospital in our country so where else could we move her to. she says we have to do something – cuz we went through so much to have the baby. as soon as she was born, I didn’t get to breast feed her once. I  didn’t get to hug her – didn’t get to change her diapers once. I should get to do one thing for her at least -so that I am her mom. her husband hugs her and cries with her. S watches that from the door and stares at the baby

D reports to Kim that he returned the patient and then apologizes. Kim asks what if this happens again then what will you do. D says it wont. Kim asks why D is sticking with pediatrics. is it cuz of the director? D doesn’t want to say the reason. Kim offers D a better position to come back. D says I will be going

Y looks up and sees S with the baby again. he is watching the baby’s finger’s moving. she remembers how D said S was just after fixing the patient -like a machine and not a doctor. a robot that only thinks about fixing the patients no matter what. other doctors from Kim’s NICU motion for S to come out of the neonatal unit

they corner him and ask have you not come to your senses still. why are you still watching that patient. it’s tiring so don’t do this. S says the baby’s condition is not getting better and needs to have surgery quickly.  the guy is about to hit S so Y comes over and yells at them for being bullies. she says what are you doing – should I give you each 50 cents? the guy says that’s not it – this matter has already been settled from high up.  she says it has been settled but cant he look? if it’s not your patient in NICU do you have to go around with your eyes closed? she yells at them tormenting S without any right  – especially when he is under her charge.  she tells S to follow her

Gu asks Kim – why didn’t you tell me sooner. Kim says if I did could you have settled it ok. if you don’t have skills (as a surgeon) at least be able to keep control over them well. he suggests for Gu to go to another branch for various reasons (mostly cuz none of the doctors respect Gu at all cuz he has no talent as a doctor).

Y asks why S -what is a doctor to you. he quotes the Hippocratic oath. think of the patient and his health and life first. a doctor thinks of a patient’s health and life first. she asks what is a patient to you? he says a patient is someone who needs help from the doctor. if they need help you must treat them no matter what. she asks how did you think that way? S says it’s what doctor Hippocrates said and director choi. she says not what the director said – what do you think about the job of being a doctor. S: when a person is hurting and needs help you must treat them no matter what. but she cuts him off and says never mind. I got it.  for the past few days, you being like this I took it in a good way. it was hard and a headache but I liked it. it seemed like seeing myself in the past with overflowing enthusiasm/ passion. and it felt good like a real doctor came in. but now that I think it over, I don’t think you are working according to your thoughts. a doctor without passion is no different from a robot that does surgery. have your own convictions. before you treat and save patients.

Gu yells at D for not reporting to him after what happened cuz it’s looking down on him as the sunbae and his position as chief, but D brings up what Gu did wrong and asks if it’s ok for Gu to ignore his work (cuz the kid went into septic shock and had to have surgery). I have an appt. so I will be going now.  Gu says I know very well you don’t respect me but couldn’t you pretend to at least in the hospital. D bows and says “something like this?” and leaves

Gu makes one of D’s residents (Kyu) report to him about any problems with D and S does from here on and also to do other things he makes Kyu do. the guy hesitates so Gu asks don’t you want to do it? Gu points out who brought you all the way here. think about it carefully. Kyu has no choice but to spy and work for Gu

C’s step mom invited C and D to lunch. the stepmom says I thought you two would be busy so I came in person. C says if it’s about marriage I want to cancel the (food) order cuz my appetite will drop.  so the step mom says I wont talk about that if I want to feed you. C thanks her. the stepmom tells them both to go to America. D can move up his year ahead and go to boston’s children’s hospital as a professor and C can start with American law. D tries to bring up his pediatrics position but she tells him not to think about it and she and the director will take care of it. C thinks she is doing it for other reasons -for the two of them to go to America and naturally get together (as a married couple) and get rid of C so D says she (the step mom) didn’t mean it that way. the mom says I didn’t say it to hurt your feelings. do you really not know? C  says there is something you are misunderstanding. I am not mad about you getting involved with my wedding problems-I am getting mad cuz you are planning things about my life.  (as in trying to control her life). so don’t do it. she gets up first. D goes after C

D says that mother is trying to be the grownup even if you don’t see her as one. C says I am doing the best I can. he asks should we just get married. she doesn’t like the way he proposed and says how he doesn’t have to marry her cuz all she wants is his commitment

nurses are talking about what happened with Kim JJ and S so Jo tells them not to talk about S and go back to work

Kyu tell S not to go anywhere near the NICU and just stay here checking on patients. Jo asks then what about the ER call – which doctor will do it. the other doctor says we took all the ER calls cuz D said not to let S take them. cuz the maknae resident was coming in we said mansai but.  a mom comes over saying how her kid wont eat and asks one of the doctors to scold the kid. so Kyu sends in S

the kid throws stuff and asks for pizza. the mom says the doctors say you cant have any. S explains how the kid cant digest yet so you cant eat food with flour. the kid whines so S distracts the kid by asking about the robot series. the kid asks how he knows about it. S says this is so cool where did you buy it? kid says my dad got it for me when he went to Japan. S says it must be so nice for you – do you have the second version? Kid says yes and lists what else he has. you are the first doctor to know about all the series. S asks to borrow it for a day but the kid says no.  I will just look at it for a day and give it back tm. but the kid says no and cries. S tells the mom I am not trying to steal it – just borrow it. he threatens to pull it apart if the kid keeps crying and S messes up and breaks it

Lee hears that they had a chance for S and D to mess up. that they should have been left alone to do something wrong. Gu filled him in on the details. kang uses baseball field as an analogy and mentions the surgery that’s hard to do (the premature baby Mi soo’s). Gu says not just in our country but anywhere else you go that surgery is difficult. Lee asks if kang has a way and kang asks Gu if he has someone he can trust and give an assignment to. (he means Kyu  – to bait D into doing the surgery)

the fussy kid’s mom and other moms talk about S. how it took over 2 hrs to calm her bratty son down after what S did. the other mom thought S was ok as a resident but he does have a problem.  it doesn’t make sense that a person with a disability became a doctor. other one wonders why the hospital chose someone like S. the other one explains why the hospital took him in and the mom says they hospital shouldn’t have cuz a person’s life is on the line. the other one finds out he didn’t attend sungwon medical school – some college near his home.  S also gets to leave early so how is he a resident. the boy he saved mom says my son was saved cuz of that doctor but the other mom says D did the surgery not S. tell the other moms to think it over

the teenage girl is joking around with Jo when the moms all come over and complain at the nurses desk to change doctors from S to D. nurse asks why they want the doctors changed and Jo tries to say S has really great skills but the mom say how much skill could a one year resident have. switch doctors. cuz he isn’t totally normal. S hears that and leaves.

S is sitting alone outside and choi asks what are you doing and not working. did you get in trouble again? S says no. people seem to all hate me again. but I’m not sad. this always happened. he brings up being called “surgery robot” by Y, but doesn’t finish and says I will go work

Jin asks where did you go when you were told to stay at your station. he tries to cheer up S and says relax your shoulders- when else can you cause trouble except when you are a resident. today it was a bit harsh but don’t do that again in the future. a kid comes in and says hurry- Innae noona.

S and Jin run in and Jin asks where it hurts. the teenage girl says my eye balls are hurting. they feel like they will pop out. Jin gets the clue from other kids what’s going in – that this is a prank. Jin tells S to take care of it. S takes it seriously and asks where does it hurt. let me see. lower your hands. she removes her hands and fake eyes pop out. she welcomes S. they all clap and laugh. he seems hurt and asks is it really a lot of fun. I don’t think it’s fun at all you kids teasing me. S leaves. she says oops -this wasn’t it. Jin says there is a misunderstanding I will bring him back

on his way out Jin meets the girl’s older sister and say how it’s been a long time since he has seen her. Jin seems to have a crush on the older sister and Innae picks up on that

S packs up to leave and bows at Y then goes.

D gets a call from choi to meet

they drink soju. choi says I heard what happened. sorry. thank you for not chasing out S. D says hearing you say sorry and thank used to burden me but now it makes me mad. even over small mistakes you threw a fit. he lists the other things choi used to do and that he misses it now. please answer me truthfully -why are you protecting S so much – to the extent that you are overlooking the things that matter the most to you. choi says I told you already last time. D: after getting bit the finger that hurts the most? no the doctor I know – all your fingers hurting. but choi says this time you are wrong.  S is a special kid to me. from the start you were the best at everything, but for S – everything was the worst. if he had the same conditions as others, he might have been the best teacher like you. to that kind of S – I want to help his life recover even a little bit. D: what meaning does that have for you. choi: cuz I am a doctor. treating one person’s life is this old man’s last wish. before I die, a wish for it to come true.

S is walking home but he goes in and stares at a 3D tv at a store.

*each time he stops to do this, it makes me wonder if he puts on those 3D glasses – along with seeing things differently -does he get to escape his reality for a bit and enjoy the peace that comes with wonder and delight.

S takes off the glasses and remembers how his hyung made him a kaleidoscope and asked S to look through it. S was fascinated and D asks what do you see. S says butterflies, flowers, and names other inspects. his brother says you see that much. my dongsang is the best. his brother pats him on the head. S puts the glasses back on.

D is drunk and D makes choi promise not to step down easily and to hang in there. if you leave unfairly I will really resent you. choi says ok. D says I will make sure you don’t leave – me – Kim D.  Y comes out and sees D struggling to walk. she runs over to help asking if the two of them drank this much. choi asks what she was doing in the hospital till now she tells him what she was preparing. choi tells her to go in then but she tells choi to leave cuz he isn’t well and I will take the professor (D).

Y takes D home and puts him on his bed. she looks over at his photos and smiles. she remembers how they all drank at her uncle’s bar and they drank for their pediatrics department (when she was just starting). she had a crush on him back then cuz D knew how to smile. later on that night D piggybacked her home. she tries to confess but doesn’t have the courage so he says don’t blow cuz I smell alcohol on your breath. she tries to say I liked you from long time ago but changes it to do you like marinated dishes. he asks what are you talking about

she looks over at D sleeping and smiles

she walks home and sees S sitting outside staring at the sky. she goes inside without saying anything to him

S is having a bad dream. the night choi performed CPR on his brother during the cave in. S saw his brother’s fingers moving. S wakes up and says hyung-ah. S sits up and he is all sweaty

next morning D says you worked hard yesterday (taking him home). Y says it’s nothing and tells him not to drink so much. he says it’s cuz of piled up stress. you guys just need to not make me upset. Y: if that is our fault then we will do well. he gives her perfume as a present cuz she doesn’t have any and tells her not to drink so much. she thanks him and leaves

she goes out and sees S leaving. she stops him in the hallway before he can see the baby again

she lectures him. can you not understand my words? can you not hear (my words)? do you think this is for the baby’s sake or our team. why do you only do what you want? I told you clearly to have thoughts.  S says I am not a robot. she says his heart isn’t with the patient – all you want to do is save them. S: no I can feel it. that baby wants to live. did you see the baby’s hands. it’s expressing that it wants to live – that it wants to live so much. she thinks it’s just a reaction to the treatments but S says no – the baby cant talk – it’s too young, in pain, and scared so it cant talk but it wants to live and wants to see her mom. he remembers how his brother’s fingers moved as choi performed CPR on him

Y goes and looks at the baby’s hands.

D is telling a mom her child is ok and not to worry. Kyu remembers how Gu asked him – listen well to my words and just relay it exactly to D

Kyu goes and speaks to D. he says I don’t know if I should tell you this but after dinner yesterday – by chance I heard other residents talking that you turned away that baby cuz you didn’t have confidence. they were spreading that talk around. professor Kim JJ must have said that.  if you have that surgery for nothing, that you didn’t want to take on the bad repercussions. I heard that so I am just telling you.  D laughs it off and says don’t spread that around. but he walks away with his pride bothered.

D goes and asks for the baby’s chart. the other NICU residents say you shouldn’t do this – it will become a problem/complication –  we are doing everything we can. D says then I will make it so it’s not a complication for you. I will take on the premature baby’s case. is just taking xrays all that you can do? are you calling yourselves surgeons? give it all up. you don’t even have the basics of a surgeon.

Y gets the call and asks Jin why D changed his mind  but Jin doesn’t know. she tells S -later on tell the professor thank you. you aren’t the only one who wants to save the baby. be warned

D goes over the baby’s case and since the baby is still hanging on it’s worth doing the surgery.  let’s have surgery as soon as possible – within 24 hrs. remember this though -this surgery has 20% chance of succeeding. but S says he sees something twisted below an organ that isn’t showing up on the xray (but it’s not visible to all the others) so the guy asks if S has 3D vision.

Kim comes with his staff and asks what are you doing. D tells Kim that he is doing surgery on the baby. D says what Kim is doing is not treatment.  Kim says I clearly told you to take responsibility in front of the hospital board. so prepare to do it properly. S offers to take responsibility too and asks but what do I need to take responsibility for? S asked sincerely but to others he looks like he is making light of what D is doing

kang tells choi what’s going on. since S caused this problem to start with, choi says I have to take responsibility too with him – since I promised in front of everyone. kang says you don’t have to worry about that problem

Jin cant believe they are having that meeting right away tm (to discuss having the surgery). Y thinks higher ups want to settle this. cuz it’s a problem with pride. other doctors wonder if they will be able to do the surgery or not. what to do cuz the baby’s condition is worsening. Y says we just need to follow the professors decision.

S goes to see D and thanks him for doing the baby’s surgery. D says you don’t need to be grateful cuz I am not doing surgery for your sake. he points out – you did something wrong to the patient and her family. you gave them hope when there wasn’t any. and that hope made more big expectations. he thinks S is the worst doctor in that sense for that reason. so I wont chase you out with my hands.  after going through your residency and fellow become a real doctor. then the patients you will be responsible -at that time – how big a wrong you are doing to them – realize that yourself. when you realize that, take off your doctor’s coat and don’t have any second thoughts

Lee praises kang for reading a person’s personality so well (cuz he read D like a book).Gu says who knew D would fall for it – guys with excessive pride is their weakness. if you just mess with them they give into it. Kang says for now we sent out the arrow so we have to watch it. Gu thinks S will be the target cuz he caused the problem. Lee says after that is director choi taking responsibility (to get him to resign). kang excuses himself to leave first cuz he has urgent matter to take care of

Kang goes to the hitting range. he gets a file delivered and looks through it in the car. it has photos of D on it. kang makes a call

D is at home and finds a photo with him and that dead kid (from the memorial D visited) so he tears it up and crumples it

D and S are in front of the board. gu wants to know who will take responsibility first. who is the one who convinced the patient’s parents? was it D or S acting on his own. choi calls out S’s name so S tries to take the blame and says it was me. without permission I” but D cuts him off and says I gave the order. S tries to say no I told the baby’s parents but D tells him to stop. Gu says from what I know S made a decision on his own but D says think about it rationally. a one year resident cant make this kind of decision and couldn’t have given it. Kang asks what is the reason for reaching that decision.  D says it’s cuz of NICU’s neglect/apathy (as in they didn’t do anything for the patient). Kim gets mad and argues so D asks then did you treat the baby? Kim says a patient with no hope – doing surgery no matter what as treatment is the surgeon’s selfishness (to win).  but S says the chance for succeeding in surgery is 20%  so she isn’t without hope. Kim yells at him for interrupting since he is just a resident. Kim says the reason I didn’t choose surgery was for the family and the patient’s sake.  D says wasn’t it cuz it was obvious that even if you did the surgery she would die. so you didn’t want to waste time and effort?  Kim: what did you say?   choi tells D to be respectful of his elders and for Kim to control his emotions

the vitals for the baby beeps so Y checks them and runs off

choi says that without permission D used the patient’s parents choice and transferred the patient.  there are two choices. return the patient to NICU or perform surgery on the patient with all the ramifications in tow. he asks what D will do. D says I will do the surgery. kang asks what if something goes wrong with the surgery. will you take responsibility. Kim says no cuz if something goes wrong the reputation of the hospital could be tarnished. Y runs in and says the baby’s vitals are spiking and lists all the things wrong-what’s dropping and getting worse. that the baby hasn’t had a bowel movement from 3 hours ago. S says the baby has to have surgery right now. D says sorry I will come back after surgery. kang and choi call a recess to the meeting till after the surgery. choi says it cant be helped. I have to go to NICU too

they all run and D checks on the baby and orders surgery to be done here. S lists all the reasons why the baby cant be moved cuz it would be dangerous so the surgery has to be done here. Y adds shaking the baby even a bit is dangerous. D sends them off to get everything they need for surgery

D asks why they aren’t preparing for surgery still. the other doctor say how someone high up is not giving permission. how the vitals are dangerous. D tries to ask the scrub nurse but she says surgery isn’t allowed in here. and the nurses here do not have experience with surgeries. D says it’s urgent and Y says the baby’s life is on the line so why keep the rule but the head nurse says who will take on the responsibility if something goes wrong. follow the rules. but choi comes in and says I will take responsibility if something arises- prepare for surgery.

the surgery is under way and everyone watches. (not sure how trance music is appropriate here but let’s go with it). the mom prays outside. since he doesn’t know, kang asks if the surgery is going well and choi says it’s not to the extent that it’s going well –  that it will become a big deal (record surgery kinda thing) for being successful.

D is about to close but S says you cant – I saw something clearly on the scan that below the liver something is twisted and D asks what he saw and Y thinks S is mistaking it for something else but S says I clearly saw it. Y says we have to end surgery quickly cuz the baby is in very dangerous condition. but D stops her and asks for suction. both D and Y sees what S was talking about and Y says it was CBD perforation. D and Y say what needs to be done cuz the danger is big but S says they cant do that. Y: what are you talking about. right now that’s the only way.  D realizes and says: what S said is correct. Y asks then is there another way. but D says there isn’t.


there is fall out from the surgery

D takes all the responsibility. S says I have to go too and receive the punishment. D: go and stay there when I say go

other doctor Kyu throws S down and ask – cant you say one word – I am sorry – I committed a sin/crime that deserves death

C  asks D -cant you quit pediatrics

a kid is hurt and S gets blamed for the kid’s injury. the mom asks what kind of person is he? the kid says I’m scared- that doctor is really strange

Y tells at S and says what is the point in reading all these (medical) books when no one wants you to be a doctor

someone says if they leave S alone he will kill someone

Y looks at a stuffed animal and asks what kind of person are you park S?

**Just to let everyone know, I found out someone else is doing live recaps of this drama on Soompi so I think this will be the last one for me since no one will need these. I won’t have time to make it detailed like I normally would with another drama on my plate and I don’t think it’s fair just to post the incomplete versions of the rough live recaps each Mon and Tues. I read on comments that subs for this come out very quickly so that’s good news for TGD fans. I’m going to miss posting Joowon’s screencaps. Enjoy the drama for the rest of its run everyone. 🙂

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    Please… I want to read your version even if there’s someone recapping it.


  9. hananguyen1990 says:

    Wish that you will consider continue recapping good doctor, yours are detailed and the best that I could find ^^, I could not find the live recap for good doctor on scoompi, and I doubt that it could be as detailed and as good as yours. Could you please show me where the recap is on scoompi. BTW, thks a lot for your hard work with all the detail recaps for good doctor.


  10. Softy says:

    After E3 ended, I mentally threw in the towel. I have too many issues with this drama. first and foremost the pressure to recap this accurately is daunting. I hate that all the medical jargon flies right over my head when I’m recapping live and it doesnt get any easier to understand once I have video and hit rewind. I could replay the lines till the cows come home, but I won’t be any closer to understanding any of it. next I don’t get some of these characters. I’m angry that D has feelings for Y, but is still considered C’s fiancé. If she comes and showers at his place, I’m thinking they have a physical intimacy as well so I just don’t get how he can be like that with C and turn around giving perfume gifts to Y and think that is ok. Cuz it’s NOT. I also don’t get how Y knows how to get in his home and looks at the photos and remembers her crush on him even know when she knows about C. I’m assuming it’s no secret at the hospital that D is engaged to C. then in the preview for E4, Y is suddenly all interested in what kind of person S is. I wanted to tell her “S is someone who has enough problems as it is without needing to add D’s jealousy thrown in when D finds out you might start liking S.” Since D is already mad at S just for existing, I can’t imagine how much harder he will be on S when D’s unwarranted jealousy flares up.
    I also don’t get why C is such a bi$&@. what bug crawled up her butt to be so nasty to everyone – especially her step mom. Judging from the step mom’s conversations with Choi, she is a likable person so I don’t get why C has to be so mean to her. I also don’t get why D is engaged to such a horrid person. I think I liked this actress better when she was a clumsy inept love struck spy who shot off guns in the office cuz she forgot about the safety.

    The only characters I like are, choi, Jin, nurse nam, and Jo. But the other mean people get more airtime. Could they have picked a more convincing detestable group of actors to play the bad guys. I didn’t know if I should include Kang cuz he is pretty hard to figure out. Half the time I don’t know which side he is on. Some days he seems to be siding with the corrupt doctors then he goes and acts all nice and sweet to choi and makes me forget. Plus his use of roulette, archery, and baseball metaphors makes it even more ambiguous which side he is on.

    Today we had to watch S get bullied, but tm we have to watch him get shoved and treated like an outcast even more. Maybe it’s cuz I’m watching live and know exactly how terrible it will be to translate these horrible things they are saying about S, but I don’t have the stomach for it. He is going to be mistreated for a lot more episodes before it gets any better and he is finally treated like a human being. I have no patience for idiots like those moms who were bad mouthing S cuz of his condition. Even the mom who owes S her son’s life. I wanted to yell at her to defend S better. You get to hold your son and watch him grow up so you better stick up for S.

    Each time I hear the sweet things choi says about S and why S is so special, it just hurts cuz he is the only one standing up for a doctor who deserves all the respect for genuinely caring about saving lives. After enduring such harshness at work, watching S constantly relying on his memories of his deceased brother to get him through another day just guts me. What if he runs out of them one day. I appreciate the fact that Choi and Y are willing to fight his battles for S, but I would love to see him fight his own one day. Better yet just don’t give him any to fight. Let the guy just be the doctor he was meant to be on his own terms and in his own way. Guess then I would be watching a whole other drama. Maybe that’s asking too much from reality.


    • raindrops1 says:

      Hi Softy,

      Well said. I completely understand where you are coming from. I saw the first 2 eps and for me the list of ppl I truly liked was very short: S, Choi and Nurse Jo. Everyone else, I either really didn’t like or I was indifferent about. I will continue to watch the show because I think S will be a person that will change their perspective on medicine, treating patients and will ultimately impact everyone around him. Furthermore, S is just such a wonderful character that of course I’m rooting for him all the way. Jowoon is doing such a good job.
      I keep on asking myself how these doctors can be so clueless and just right out mean to S without any consideration of his condition. Really I don’t think the way they behave is ok no matter what. They are just terrible and it makes me want to hit them (sorry but that’s what I feel like doing in addtion to calling them jerks) because just are such self-absorbed. I would think that as doctors they would have better knowledge and awareness of autism than your average Jane or Joe off the street. My hope is that S gets more people on his side because I do think that it will take us a while before the other doctors stop see him as the person at fault for everything that goes wrong.


    • russ820 says:

      Thank you Softy for putting the nail in the coffin as they say. I don’t need to watch crap like that! I think Joowon and Moon are good actors and Joowon is doing one hell of a job playing someone that has a problem and also comes across as a real Doc. Just remembering the med terms he should get a Best Actor Award. I really hope that the people there in Korea show there dislike for a story with as much bullying. The shop I run uses people with handicaps and I know how caring they are and they give 110% all the time. The kdramas that I have seen seem to take bullying and the rest as the norm. We saw it in Monstar and what it almost did. Are the writers that blind to how it hurts and they make it look OK to do that or is it all just for ratings and a fat paycheck and to hell who it hurts? I know it is a TV show but I guess it hits a nerve. I could go on but I will stop before I say something that will get me in trouble LOL I really hope there is a backlash because of this, to me they are promoting this type of thing just because he is different and does not fit the norm as they see it. If I stepped on anyone’s toes I am sorry but that is the way I see it. I wish I had Softy’s gift of writing so I could maybe get it across in a better way. Thanks Softy for being honest and one hell of a good writer!


    • SS says:

      Softy thank you for this recap, sad that you are not doing this anymore. Although I have not been frequenting your blog as much as I did during Ojakgyo Brothers, I still check in as a silent rider on and off.

      Medical dramas aren’t the easiest to recap because of the medical terms and jargon plus it is also not the favorite genre out there. Not sure if I am right but even Brain which was the most well received recent medical drama, it barely touched topped 20% in ratings. I will be the first to admit medical drama aren’t my kind of thing. I started and planned to stick to it because of Joo Won but I am happy to say that the drama itself is proving to be a gem. 3 eps in, Good Doctor looks like it’s on its way to be an awesome drama that’s a real standout. In my opinion, for 2013, only ‘I Hear Your Voice’ is worth watching.

      The drama is realistic in portraying hospital politics and doctors. I have read contributors who have shared direct or indirect accounts of how the dynamics work. Reality is much more harsh and nasty than what we imagine. Although we can say Dr Go and the nasties are caricatures, it is not far-fetched to have such awful medical professionals in real life. In Singapore, we had a case of a doctor overcharging her patient for a whopping USD20 million. The medical profession is not as altruistic as we imagine.

      This writer must have some form of medical training or worked in this field because so far, his knowledge and the details are evidenced in the accuracy of the medical procedures and the workings of a hospital. These were pointed out by contributors on soompi who are surgeons in real life and non-medical professionals who worked with doctors and hospitals.

      I am glad that the number 1 villain(so it seems), Deputy Director Kang is what we Chinese call, a smiling Tiger. His motives are not so obvious and he is a hard one to read. This actor is doing a fine job because he gives me the creep when he smiles. Could have easily turn into one of the many kdramaland villain but not this one. I am almost putting him up there with MJG but we shall see.

      So far, I am pleased that the writer did not portray PSO as a quirky savant doctor who dazzles his patients, colleagues and naysayers with his amazing abilities. That applies to viewers as well. Do we expect PSO to pull a rabbit out of the hat in every episode? The writer has done a fine job in bringing out very realistic reactions of his colleagues, peers, patients, patient’s guardians alike. It is awful and sad to watch but it happens in real life. If we can doubt the experience and ability of a resident doctor who looks too young and wet behind the ears, it’s not far fetched at all to doubt someone like Park Si On. So as much as I disliked the mothers’ reaction, I can see it happening. In a mother’s eyes, only the well-being and the life of her child matters. They gossip, take baseless info as truths and fear overtakes them.

      The only gripe I have now is KDH’s story because I am piqued to know what’s eating him so bad. Presumably he lost a brother but he tore the photo into half? I hope the writer will not disappoint because there has to be one heck of a story there.

      I have no issue with Cha Yoon Seo thinking fondly of KDH even though he is engaged and everyone knows it. It happens in dramas and it happens in real life. It’s obvious she still likes him, fiance be damned. She is just in denial of her feelings for him or she probably thinks as long as she keeps it to herself, no one is harmed. It’s not like she is sitting herself on his lap. From the synopsis, KDH is also supposed to get more and more attracted to her. That one I admit is a stupid drama troupe. They had better do it probably but if they don’t, I’ll just ignore and hope it adds more color to the main pairing instead of being a pain in the butt.

      Finally, regarding what you wrote here: “Let the guy just be the doctor he was meant to be on his own terms and in his own way. Guess then I would be watching a whole other drama. Maybe that’s asking too much from reality.”

      You are spot on, Softy. PSO can never be a doctor on his own terms and in his own way. If that happens in another drama, it won’t be a medical one but fantasy like Gumiho or something. This job is daunting for the writer but I think the story will end with PSO becoming a doctor not on his own terms and ways but adapting and conforming to the rules and protocol of the hospital and his profession. The people who will be instrumental in his journey will not be confined to just Cha Yoon Seon, Dr Choi, Nurse Jo but also his detractors and enemies. Yet in spite of all these, he will still be PSO, he will always be different and in turn, adds a breath of fresh air and inspiration to all around him.


      • dapinaymrs says:

        Oh my, you have nailed it. Everything from–may I borrow your term–hospital politics to the negative reaction of people around Si On to even the ambiguous relationship Dr Cha Yoonseo and Prof KDH has.

        My dongsaeng is a resident surgeon at a public hospital and just from observing her and her fellow doctors for more than five years, this drama paints a similar (if not totally accurate) picture of what goes on inside a hospital and how people view a person with a disorder such as Si On’s. Indeed, it’s not as altruistic and it’s a place where more people are involved rather than just the patient and the doctor. 😦


        • russ820 says:

          Hey dapinaymrs, thanks for the inside view of things. Is that in Korea or in the US that she is a surgeon? Thanks again


          • dapinaymrs says:

            oh no, she’s a surgeon in the Phils. That is why I was actually surprised at how similar the situation is. I didn’t expect it at all. Good Doctor even has it down to doctor fashion–scrub suit, oily hair and crocs!


            • russ820 says:

              Thanks for getting back. I am sorry that it is like that there. you would think people that are that smart would do something you would expect from school bullies, thugs etc. I have to laugh at the way you said they look down to the croc’s. I wish your sister all the best. Thanks again for answering my question. Cheers


    • dapinaymrs says:

      *Gives you a virtual hug*

      I hope the future episodes will be better.


    • nonski says:

      hello softy,

      thanks for the recaps. i can very well understand you. as much as i love joo won and moon chae won and i like joo sang wok, it just didn’t drew me in, well not totally. i knew this drama has a long way to go and will be successful. i have decided not to live stream atm. dramas will for the meantime be related on the weekends. i still have to watch this with subs to fully appreciate and to watch it with my full attention to give it proper credit. i just can’t say anything about it when i have not given it a chance yet. i must admit tho that i’m still overly obsessed with IHYV. it was the case of i only like LJS but not the other actors but it turned out to be a drama made out of gold. i will watch this over the weekend and hope that it will live up to be like that.


  11. Swee says:

    Dear Softy, I totally understand why you decide to stop recapping and appreciate your explanation. There are so many characters to detest in this drama, the saying “academic brilliance is no substitute for poverty of character” rings true for these characters. But I am still watching because of JW, this is the second time I watched his drama after that baker drama,yes, I am one of the few that has yet to watch OB! Subbed version comes out really fast the next day, so Softy, we are well taken care of, no worries. Thanks 😘


  12. iviih says:

    Hello Softy ❤

    How are you?

    I think you did the right decision, glad you aren't overworking yourself. And I hope you are enjoying GD now!

    Happy together Good doctor was released by KBSwolrd YT channel! English subbed ^^

    Enjoy everyone 😉


  13. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,

    I hope you are well. I was just curious wondering if you are still watching GD? I’m still stuck at ep 2 and keep on telling myself that I need to catch up. Maybe this weekend. I was wondering if your impression on the show has changed at all from the first few episodes. Even though I’m behind I’m happy to hear that ratings are so good for the show.


  14. Pi@.@ says:



  15. Hi Softy,
    Just want to say that I miss your recaps…..
    Hope you are well…
    Miss you!!


  16. SS says:

    Hi Softy
    How are you? Guess you must be busy.

    Waves to all chingus

    Joo Won’s awesome voice so many feels


  17. iviih says:

    Hello Softy!! *hugs*

    Did you see the news? JW will leave 2n1d because of his packed schedule…. I find it weird that he is leaving now that his drama is ending but… must be sad news for you guys.

    Btw, I’m enjoying a lot your recaps for master sun on Soompi, however, I miss your recaps here were had less comments and less spams (omg, L fans sure love to spam the thread even if he appeared for 10 seconds in the max.), here we could talk with each other more and I knew who was who, over soompi I’m not sure who is who and I end up not commenting there, sorry about that.

    What are you guys usernames at soompi? Let me know guys… I know some keep the same name they use here or on Viki – like me – but others change their usernames.

    Kisses and miss you all!


  18. raindrops1 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Softy, just wanted to say thanks for all your work in the TMS live recaps @soompi. Always great insights and you have such a wonderful flow to your writing.

    I look forward to seeing which drama you decide to recap next.

    I hope everyone is well.


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