The Good Doctor E1-E2

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This drama is sort of like S’s heart – sincere and genuine, but not appreciated. There are some really great character building scenes and I can already see a few episodes ahead – the cracks that are forming in shattering some of the mistrust and misunderstanding regarding S. If any of these awful doctors have any soul left in them, they will let S set an example and lead the way in patient care. D called his behavior robotic and accused him of only caring about saving lives, but being methodical has its advantage sometimes. You can have a cooler head and carry out your duty more efficiently. More importantly, D would never have said that if he hears S quietly thanking each kid for surviving. Sometimes it’s not enough to just perform the surgery, you have to care from the start to be sincere about saving lives. In real life, kids do this all the time. Their honesty makes the grownups stop and realize their faults and mistakes. That’s what S is doing at this hospital one case at a time. He might be burning bridges left and right accidentally now, but give him some time and I bet when he leaves this hospital, he won’t be going out as quietly as he came in. He will have a crowd of patients and staff gathered around him in tears.

One major piece of news is that starting from tm night, I will be recapping Master’s Son live on Soompi so it would be nice if my friends came over there and kept me company while I try a new trick – to type and chew on my nails at the same time. I started off live recapping on Soompi during MGIAG and SKKS so I thought it would be fun to go back to my roots and recap this scary drama there. If I did it here, I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open. Hoping this experience will help me overcome my fears and if it backfires, I’ll just have a few more nightmares for the next 16 episodes. Sleep is highly overrated anyway.

Park Si On: S

Cha Yoon seo: Y

Kim Do Han: D (everyone calls him professor but I just write D all the time)

Yoo Chae Kyeong (D’s fiancé): C

C’s step mom-Lee Yeo won

Choi woo seok- the hospital director – the one who helped S become a doctor ever since S was 7 yrs old

Go Choong man the lazy mean one who doesn’t care about his patients -chief of pediatric surgery department

gruff doctor – Kim Jae joon-chief of pancreatic surgery

glasses guy – Kang hyun tae –  deputy director

Lee hyuk Pil -old guy- managing director of the hospital foundation

Han Jin wook -young cute 4th year resident


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starts from Y screaming as she sees S standing  there in his boxers brushing his teeth. just like a kid, his boxer waist band is tucked inwards. she throws stuff at him and asks what did you do to me – you did something bad to me didn’t you. she was holding out a remote as a weapon and accidentally turns on the news and hears a case about an assault/rape where a guy took home a drunk girl pretending the girl was his gf and he did that to 3 girls. Y screams and threatens to report him to the police.  don’t get close. he says this is my  home. she says it’s not your home it’s my home. this bad guy. you just wait. she falls off the bed trying to reach her bag so he innocently goes over to help her up but Y tells him not to get close. she regains her senses and asks what room number is this. he says 101. she asks him to turn his head so he rolls his head around, but she says no – not like that – turn around and face the other way. don’t look. she gets into her clothes mumbling about how humiliating this is. she says don’t look and he stops brushing to nod and says ok. He must have some really clean teeth cuz he sure does brush for a long time.


they walk out and she says sorry there was some misunderstanding. I lived at your home up to last week. now I live upstairs at 201. the secret (house code) number I used then must still be saved. I was drunk so I pressed that number from my previous home. you understand the  situation right. he says no. she says sorry and asks if he is new and which department he is in. he introduces himself. she reverts to banmal and says that new resident that came in. i left work early yesterday and didn’t see you. she introduces herself as a pediatrics fellow. it’s ok to speak in banmal since you are a hoobae right. he recites the directions -make a right in front of the convenience store and go straight after you pass the dry cleaners. at the bus stop 80 meters away -take bus 202. she asks are you ignoring me just cuz I made a mistake. what? talk. he continues reciting “travel time to hospital 16 mins and 8 bus stops total”  and she wonders if he is amazing or crazy

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while S puts his coat on, Y says no wonder.Jin tells Y that S is normal on the outside, but looking at how he speaks he isn’t normal. Y asks professor didn’t say anything much. Jin thought only fellows would be chosen but Y says yes but it’s cuz of the director’s support (like nepotism was shown to S by the director.) Jin: that’s what I don’t understand cuz the director isnt someone who would joke around about a doctor. D walks in and S bows to him. D stares at him then throws Y some skin lotion (after shave) for men cuz she still smells like alcohol. she says I don’t like this – I can just spray some perfume but D says you don’t have any perfume. other doctors laugh. Y tells them not to laugh. she wonders how he knew she didn’t have perfume. S says to Y – they have that aftershave at my neighborhood sauna and if you wear it- it smells like ajussi. S follows the others on their morning round

the male orderly Jo is talking to the kids. they wanted him to teach them how to make kids at school not torment them. so that others are all scared of the kid. Jo says become the best fighter. he says to poke them in the eyes and stuff so nurse nam asks what are you doing. she tells Jo not to teach bad things to the kids and do his checks. Jo whispers he will continue ten mins later. Asian harry potter looking kid says that Jo is full of it cuz he cant even win against nurse nam

nurses talk about S and wonder how a doctor like him got in and whisper about nepotism through the director. the doctors show up and nurses stare at S. Jin introduces S as the new resident so S speaks loudly and introduces himself but the other doc says just up to there cuz it’s embarrassing. nurse nam and Jo the orderly introduce themselves to S. she welcomes him and Jo says please take good care of me. D says prepare surgery for EJ (that little girl Y thinks isn’t ready for surgery)  nurse nam says it would be good if she got some therapy first but D basically just accepts it as an opinion and disregards her.

D goes over a kid’s condition and other doctors write down what he says. D tells the mom not to worry too much. she thanks him. D gives Jin some orders about feeding the kid milk . Jin asks aren’t you taking notes. S says I am doing it – he points to his head and says here. Y tells him to recite it then so S repeats all the info about the kid. before Y can lecture him D says leave it alone. they all move on. S bows to the mom and is about to leave but looks at some butterfly drawings at the next bed and looks down at the chart and memorizes the kid’s name sung hoo. he asks the mom if sung hoo drew them and the mom says yes. he likes butterflies a lot. S says he drew it so well – so pretty- I like butterflies a lot too. the kid wakes up and throws up something mustard colored. S notes that. mom asks if the kid is ok

S goes and asks about the kid to Jo and learns the kid had surgery 4 days ago. S asks to see his record.


S goes and asks the mom when SH started feeling lethargic. she says starting yesterday morning saying his stomach hurt. S asks when he started throwing up. she says starting from early this morning. S asks has he had good bowel movements. she says no -not starting from yesterday. S checks him out. he closes his eyes and senses the problem right away.

the mom screams out SH so the doctors all go back to the kid. S says SH needs surgery now -have to hurry. Y says explain it detail but D stops her and asks Jo if this is chief Go’s patient. Jo says yes. he is the doctor in charge of him.  D asks to speak to S outside. nurse nam tells the mom to calm down cuz he will be ok. the mom says the doctor said that too yesterday -that he is ok but what is this

S says repeatedly: SH is in danger. Y asks why is he in danger. S: SH had surgery 4 days ago but he keeps having a fever and his stomach hurts a lot and is vomiting. D says he could vomit that after surgery. S: no there is more. SH wasn’t able to have bowel movements since yesterday cuz of problems (something else I don’t know)  Y lists all the reasons that could happen after surgery. but S argues if the surgery went well, he would have gained energy for sure.   kids are strong and if doctors fix them well kids get up right away. D says call the chief right now but Jo says he went to a seminar today. D tells Jo to call the chief himself. D tells S -don’t do anything and dont tell anyone from here on. other doc tells S to follow

Jo tries to call chief Go but he is playing golf and doesn’t pick up

D scrubs up for that other surgery -that scared girl. Jin asks if he should tell them to get ready for the chief’s patient and Y wants to tell doc Kim JJ just in case but D says for everyone to focus.

D is going over stuff about the girl patient and how it would have been dangerous for her if they let another day pass. Y says sorry. D suddenly realizes S is missing and asks where he went

S walked out of surgery and the resident says he was just here and must have slipped out. Y thinks S went back to the chief’s patient. resident says he was told and still didn’t come to his senses. D yells for them to all pay attention to the girl.

director choi and C’s stepmom are talking. she doesn’t know what to do about C. I thought if time passed she would be ok but she is getting in deeper. choi says her affection for her real mom was deep. even though it’s hard wait just a little while longer. she is smart so she will realize quickly. she says that would be good. my greed might be too big. choi gets a call from S and asks him to speak again slowly

chief Go compliments the old man’s golf skills and says be tested for a pro. another asks if their company’s product passed ok. Go finally picks up his phone cuz the woman says it’s been ringing. Go says so annoying. Jo says if you don’t come now there will be big trouble. Go says I will be there in 2 hrs so check on him well. Jo says it will be too late by then. should I contact professor D. Go: what are you talking about now. he is my patient. don’t let anyone else lay a hand on him no matter what. I will figure it out

S paces and hears that Go will come in 2 hrs, but S doesn’t want to wait that long – 2 hrs is too late. nam asks how about transferring him to surgery. Jo says he said no.  the mom says hurry and do something. please. S pushes the bed. nurse nam says the order hasn’t come yet. she tells Jo to stop him, but Jo helps S. she tries to stop S and Jo. Jo says sorry and helps S take the kid into surgery. they get on the elevator. kang watches nam yelling and asks what is going on.

Jo and S are blocked from entering but Jo says sorry and asks to pass just once and pushes them out of the way.

D hears that the chief is going to take 2 hrs to get here and he will handle it himself and not to let anyone touch his patient and that S brought the kid to the surgery room next door. Y says 2 hrs will take too long.

Nam says it’s not too late. so step away from the patient. Jo calls out the kid’s stats like his blood pressure and stuff. it’s not good. his vitals are dropping. S says we have to hurry and have surgery or SH will die. I will do it. S knocks into supplies and nurse nam says you cant do this. jo tells him to calm down. D shows up and asks do you know what you just did. S tries to say the kid is in septic shock but S tells him to shut up.

D tells the other doctors they are going to do two surgeries (in the same room side by side) and divides the docs and assigns them jobs. Y performs surgery on the girl and D takes on the urgent kid SH. Jo wants to stay and help so D makes nurse nam get gowns. S wants to join but D tells him to get out. S says no I want to stay next to him but D yells get out. S looks at the kid and leaves


S watches from the gallery above with Kang and director choi joins him. kang says D is impressive. how could he do this kind of surgery. they look at both sides at the two surgeries going on at the same time. S is intently watching the surgery and the monitor.

D tells Y what to do and changes gloves and gown to operate on SH next

D gives instructions and S tries to join in and say SH was normal before surgery but now it’s severe  but D tells him to shut up and stay still

D discovers what went wrong with the kid’s previous surgery. D fixes the problem. Jin says if we didn’t hurry and have surgery early there would have been big trouble (meaning the kid would have died) his bowel color is coming back little by little

Kang says even while watching it’s hard to believe. S watches the monitor and says there is blood – hurry. hurry. D was about to go back to the girl but Jin says I see blood. director choi asks what is the problem and D replies.

Y is having surgery on the other side and calls out every once in a while which procedure she finished

D is talking aloud and S gives him the answer. something that was done in America but not here and cites the page it was in-page 16

Y yells out what she just finished and did all that she could and D says ok I will go over there now. D tells jin to finish up so D can do the other surgery

director says you finished both surgeries with success – you did well. kang says I was honestly moved. choi says hurry and tell the guardians. chief Go runs in and asks kang and choi what are you two doing here. director choi glares at him and leaves. Go tells them to go safely. he turns and asks D – whose permission did you get but D punches S. Jin holds D back as D says let me go. Y goes over and protects S. S smiles so D says are you smiling – do I look like I am kidding now. Y tells S to hurry and say he did wrong. she wipes the blood from his nose. D: what is there to hear from a guy who doesn’t know what he did wrong.  just cuz  the patient is safe you think it’s ok. it’s not at all. cuz you were lucky today both kids are alive. but if you were unlucky something bad could have happened to both of them.  just cuz of you. what is worse for the patient than an irresponsible doctor is a doctor who cant differentiate between (?don’t know this word). like you – while reacting rashly  the patient dies then the doctor dies too. Y says I will tell S so he understands. D says he doesn’t want to look at S’s face again so Y takes S away. D kicks the table out of anger so Go asks what are you doing professor kim. D: dont you know from seeing. Go mutters D doesn’t know from his superiors or subordinates. how dare you in front of me…suddenly his golf ball falls out and D picks it up and gives it back. Jo looks at the golf ball and says did you go to a golf seminar


Y asks do you still not know what you did wrong. S: butterfly – pretty butterfly. Y: what are you saying now- you really don’t know? listen well to my words. the one who knows the patient who is about to have surgery and his condition the best is the doctor in charge of him. just cuz it’s urgent- if another doctor performs surgery it could be dangerous. cuz he doesn’t know about the patient’s changes or if he does something wrong, he could make a bigger mistake so that is why professor asked us to wait for the chief. ok? also one more thing. she talks about what he did to their team.  now do you know what you did wrong. just act like you know at least. she gets a call and says ok I will go now. she tells S to stay here and go with her later. you cant go alone. Jo comes over and makes a fist so S thinks he is playing rock paper scissors so Jo says make a fist and does a fist bump with S

D says sorry to director choi for being carried away by his emotions. choi says that kid did something that made you really angry. sorry for giving you unnecessary burden.  D says don’t say that to me. choi says there is something about S you need to know.


D stands on the roof and remembers what choi told him –  I am telling you cuz there will be a misunderstanding. the reason why S smiled even after he was hit by you was cuz he still has some trauma leftover.  how S reacts the opposite of his fear – cuz of that -when S was young, he got beaten even more by his friends -cuz he kept smiling even as he was hit.

S sits by the kid’s bedside and says thank you sun hoo. the mom thanks S and says SH was born again thanks to you. I will tell him to live assiduously and become a great person like you. she thanks him again

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S sits outside and stares at a butterfly. Y comes looking for him. she goes over and says I told you not go anywhere – you really don’t listen. you didn’t eat lunch yet right. she hands him bread and says eat. he says I wont eat it. Y: why? S:  I just don’t want to eat it. she says even if you are upset you should eat. he sees I don’t want to. she holds his face and makes him say ahh – eat. open your mouth – eat. hurry.  D watches that

doc kim JJ comes over and says heard you are suffering cuz of one guy. told you not to take him in. you should have staid under me. why go over to there and suffer. D says I am not suffering.  JJ says that D’s department has a lot of problems – Cha YS too.  He cites an incident involving Y two weeks ago – they had a kid with a certain condition and how Y threw a fuss cuz she wanted the kid transferred.  she didnt take the other doctors seriously. chief Go is busy taking care of where he is headed. that wasn’t your order right? (to treat SH) so D says it wasn’t. JJ says – we cant send all the kids your way cuz you cant cover them anyway.   keep the rules and don’t act out. also take care of your chief (as in protect chief Go and overlook his negligence) he mutters that D doesn’t know the difference between superiors and subordinates.

nurse Nam lectures Jo. cuz he ignored her order. Jo says SH lived but she says what if some other urgent situation  happened to the other kids while you were absent. she says what punishment he will get so he tries to get her to give him something else so she yells who told you to cause trouble. kids and other nurse listen and fall through the door and gives Jo tips to beat the nurse in a fight – to throw that in her eyes. guess one of his tips. Jo says you cant do that. I’m going crazy

Kang says on the phone-  we took care of it. I will explain later in detail. we might be able to get on the same boat. C knocks and comes in. they talk about Lee and C says you know he is sensitive. kang apologizes and says if I had more talent I could have given you better counsel. but C flatters him and says that is a mystery – with his great background to come here and save one hospital.  kang says this hospital is the best in the country.  she asks him to teach her a lot. he says she has to take care of this hospital from here on

Y asks S what are you doing and not coming in. she makes S come inside. the doc says D said he didn’t want to see S but Y says be quiet I will take care of it. D comes in and asks Y to come into his room

D asks why she did that cuz she went against Kim JJ  – he didn’t do anything wrong to the patient so why ask for the transfer. she says it’s cuz the other doctors who dont know got in the way. D yells at her to be quiet and warns her not to mess with Kim JJ. she agrees.

a teenage girl comes over after waiting in the ER (a frequent patient) she thought she is ok but they told her to be hospitalized again. they were hoping she was all better. S comes over with some paperwork to give to doc cha and the girl takes one look at him and has a crush

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D tells S to leave work from here on at 6pm. Y says what are you saying – how can a resident leave work (cuz they are usually on call 24 hrs). S says I will stay at the hospital -to study and take care of the patients. but D says don’t pay any attention to that and hurry and get ready to get off work-don’t make me say it 3times

Y goes and says I totally understand you scolding S in the morning. but making him leave work so early – he still has skills/talent. D says that talent is the problem. his skills are alarmingly exceptional. he could be better than you. but S only thinks about fixing (curing) the patient. Y: it’s not wrong to think that way. D: it’s wrong. it’s not from making decisions as a doctor -it’s a mechanical (machine like) reaction that has been trained. the park S I saw the last two days is a robot – someone who just needs to save the patient no matter what. Y says the comparison is too harsh/severe. S has feelings too. D: he does have feelings. I’m talking as a doctor but S doesn’t think like a doctor. D brings up savant syndrome. Y says he seems robotic  cuz of his personality – he might not be able to express himself. D: the problem isn’t that he cant express himself.  his problem is his mentality as a doctor. you saw him too (how S was nervous in the surgery room and spoke in a high tone). if he keeps doing that in his nervous state – it’s just a matter of time before he causes trouble. she says if he is like that it’s cuz he hasn’t been treated 100%  yet. he could improve so until then treat him more nicely, but D warns -what you need to pay attention to now are patients not S. over some unnecessary problem if it affects your work, then you are out too. be careful. he walks away.


S gets on the bus and greets the driver. Y runs to catch up and gets on and goes over to S. she says I almost threw up blood trying to chase after you. he recites what causes vomiting up blood something about gastric. Y: not that – I thought I would die cuz it was so hard. she tells him to do as D said and leave early for a few days and then he will be able to go back to normal.  were your feelings hurt a lot? he says no. suddenly his stomach rumbles so she asks how his stomach rumbling sound can be louder than the bus engine. are you eating properly? he lists what he buys at the convenience store to eat – kimbap, sandwich, salad. it’s really delicious. she asks how he could eat that every day. he says even if I eat it every day, I never get sick of it. she says get off the bus but S says they have 8 more stops to go. she taps him and says just to get off for now.


she takes him grocery shopping and says I wont cook all the time. tell me everything you want to eat. S: kalbi jim (braised beef). Y: too hard – something else. S: bulkoki. (another beef dish). Y: it’s too sweet so I don’t like it. something else. S: spicy chicken stews. Y: takes too much preparation. something else. S sighs and says I will just eat kimbap.  she says he is ignoring her kindness.  she settles on something simple -let’s eat fried egg, kim, and kimchi. how’s that? he has no choice but to say ok

Lee, chief Go, and Kang are having dinner. Lee yells Go- why get humiliated. why use that kind of medicine and cause all this trouble. we had such a good opportunity today. Go says I have no excuses. Lee yells about  Kim JJ and that medicine. Kang just quietly listens. Lee says to Kang -as you know he (Go) is the only son in law I have. he finally came up to seoul so I cant send him back to Ulsan. Kang says I will find a way to figure this out. Go is grateful and pours for him. Go worries that the director wont stand still for this (his mistake)

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Y and S walk home. she says I thought it over again. you really are a perverted guy. going back to yesterday – I made a mistake and opened your door and slept. the sensible thing to do is to wake me and send me on my way. did you wake me. look at this – why didn’t you wake me. S: cuz you were in such a deep sleep. she asks: you wanted to keep looking at in my undressed state so that’s why you didn’t wake me huh. she talks about how her nickname was a goddess body in medical school. he looks at her body and asks which goddess. Y: I don’t know either. S: I didn’t look at your undressed state – I stared at your face. she asks why stare at my face. S: cuz it was so pretty. cuz your face was so pretty in the moonlight. she says he is doing well explaining.

they go inside and she forgot to buy something and sends him out to buy some – not at the convenience store out front cuz it’s expensive, but to the mini mart at the corner.  she finds his leftover choco pie and cleans up and throws away his toy scalpel too.

D and C go to Y’s uncle’s bar. the uncle says it’s been a long time since they came. D orders what they always drink. C says how this is the place she asked D to date when she was drunk. she asks what he is thinking about these days -aside from me. D says the hospital and patients-that’s all. she says this is a joke and asks him to have an affair. cuz right now he is like in a coma state. to shatter that they need something serious. go and get some air and just come back. he says all doctors are like this – get tired of his work -then recover. one day he will enjoy his job

S is looking all over so she asks what he is doing and not scooping out the rice. he asks did you not see something here -a green scalpel. she says she cleaned here and threw it all out. is something missing? he asks where did you throw it away. she says outside at the trash bin


S goes through the trash till he finds his green scalpel. he sits on the ground in relief looking at it. she asks what is it. is it important. he goes inside and she says sorry. while cleaning I threw it away without knowing. S: don’t come to my home again. you don’t have to cook for me. I will just eat kimbap.

D walks home and remembers how he warned Y that she could be out too if she goes around doing something unnecessary

D calls her and S picks up. D asks isn’t this Cha Y’s phone? S: yes it is her phone. I’m Park S. D: why are you answering her phone?  S: please wait a moment.

Y comes downstairs saying my bag. S goes out to give her bag and phone saying professor called. D asks if she was taking care of S till this late hour. Y: no – not that. she asks why D called. he tells her to do the PT check tm morning.

*I sort of hate D for many reasons. one cuz he is a total butt. second- he shouldn’t be calling Y so much when he has a fiancé and getting jealous of her attention to S. third – cuz he is just too arrogant for his own good. so no screencaps of him.

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S is lying in bed and looks at his scalpel. he remembers how he pretended to do surgery on his brother and ended up getting tickled. he falls asleep imagining his bother petting his head. S: hyung. today it feels like I went around the exercise yard ten times.  his brother pats his back softly. S falls asleep imagining his brother patting him

*some of us need some peace and quiet, maybe even a prayer, but this is what gets him through the hard days -his memory of his loving brother. it just breaks your heart each time.


next morning Y looks over at S and asks are you still mad. don’t be angry anymore. I was wrong. S isn’t speaking to her. she asks cant you tell me why you did that yesterday. did your first love give it to you. it’s right huh. S just lowers his head more and more till his nose is on the page. He gets called away by Jin to go to the NICU – neonatal intensive care unit. *It looks like all those years of watching House and ER rubbed off on me

kang talks with director choi. choi wants to take measures against Go, but Kang wants the director to “fold up” (meaning don’t pursue) the mistake Go made cuz it wont look good. director says that doesn’t make sense. kang says to do it for S’s sake.

S listens as parents are told their premature baby’s condition is too severe (weighs too little and his stomach condition is not well) and that the baby cant have surgery (cuz the baby wont heal well). the mom begs him to try at least-just in case. doc kim JJ says sorry even if they do the surgery the baby doesn’t have a chance of living. the mom begs him saying no- it’s their first baby and they haven’t even named him/her yet. the doc says even if you go to another hospital you will hear the same thing. you have to prepare your heart.

D goes and asks director choi what the reason is for canceling the punishment for chief Go. choi says if we go after chief Go – we would just end up getting spit on our faces (meaning damage the reputation of their department and hospital). so they are going to end it with a minor reprimand.  D argues this is a problem with the patient’s life on the line. choi says I know how you feel but chief Go is our family too.  D asks since when was chief Go our family? choi: whether you hate him or not he is chief of pediatric surgery. D: is it cuz of S? D thinks the director is doing that -not going after Go to protect S and keep him on. I cant stand by and watch you going astray cuz of S anymore. I will take care of S on my own. he storms off as the director calls him.

D goes to yell at S and remembers how the director asked him on S’s first day to help S. it’s my last request. then how C said the board agreed to hire S for that reason – to control the director (as in eventually get him to resign over trouble with S so D stops himself). Y asks D if something happened. D turns away but doc kim JJ comes in and grabs D’s collar and says I told you not to act out. D asks what he is talking about and to let go and talk. doc kim JJ says – I warned you. you dare to take away my patient? Y tries to explain -it is a misunderstanding – after that day, I didn’t…  but he yells at her to shut up.


*they really need to work on their endings – it just stopped at the oddest place.


someone talks about a bait (referring to S)

D is drunk and says to director choi: I will keep you safe. me – Kim DY

doc kim JJ says -S pediatrics -are you conducting business with the kids

Y: how can you say such a thing

someone says his pride is excessive-  it’s a weakness – if you mess with it

S gets bullied by other doctors

the premature baby’s mom says why did you do it – you cant do that to us.

S: I think all the people hate me

Y: with your heart you are getting closer to the patient. you just want to save them that’s all.

S: I can feel it – that baby wants to live.

굿닥터.E02.130806.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-39-47] 굿닥터.E02.130806.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-44-54] 굿닥터.E02.130806.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-47-04]

I just had a thought and I’m debating whether or not to share it. For those of you just coming off the “I hear your voice” high, don’t expect this love line between S and Y to go smoothly or quickly. Considering the fact that he is innocent like a kid, we are talking decades of maturity between Y and S. I’m really unsure how they can handle this love story well considering they have to treat it with kid gloves. I get why any woman would fall in love with S cuz their nurturing protective instinct automatically kicks in, but I don’t get how they are going to make S understand love between two grown adults. He only knows about the love he had for his brother, his mother, and his rabbit. Not sure where Y will fit in. Hopefully higher than that rabbit. I feel like the writer sort of stepped into quicksand when she came up with this plot. I wonder if she thought it through all the way how difficult it will be to portray a convincing relationship between Y and S. It’s too late to backtrack now so let’s just hope there is no sinking somewhere down the line.

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-52-43]

There are times when you just know how a show will turn out. There are no twists and turns or any surprises. That’s how most medical or business related dramas are by its very nature. If a show is headed towards a predictable plotline – why bother watching? Simply put – the interpretation of the character and what the actor is capable of drawing forth. I know there were naysayers out there like me who didn’t really appreciate Joowon’s portrayal of autism outright based on the ten minute preview, but I think those people will feel a bit of relief. He is proving once again that if any young actor these days can tackle this role convincingly, he deserves to be at the head of the line.

good doctor mn


starts from an alarm clock going off. S wakes up and folds down his blanket, washes his hair, gets ready, locks his door and looks back once before he leaves taking a carry on with him.

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-09-03] 굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-10-51]

he gets to a location near the tracks and looks over to an area and has a flashback to being beaten by some boys as a kid. young S kept his eyes on his pet rabbit during the beating. his older brother comes over and yells at them “I said to stop -who do you think you are – do you want to die.” the kids run off. his brother checks S and asks are you hurt anywhere else. the train rolls by and obscures S’s view

his brother says you should have asked to play with them – how could you just get hit. if you keep asking them to play they will accept you. how much longer are you going to play with just the rabbit. I cant play with you every day.

his dad throws stuff at S and his mom  the dad is mad cuz the mom wants to send S away to fix his condition somehow cuz she doesn’t want to leave him as he is. the dad keeps throwing so his brother hits the dad saying stop it. his dad kicks the brother as his brother protects his mom and S. his dad throws the rabbit cage and S stares at his dead rabbit – still in his cage

S takes the dead rabbit to the doctor. (the future hospital director where S will be working). the doctor says it seems to be dead. S: then is it in the heaven world? doc says yes the heaven world. S: couldn’t it not go to the heaven world? doc: before you go to heaven world – if you get treated (for the illness) well then you might not go.  S asks then if I become a doctor can I prevent it from going to the heaven world. the doctor nods yes. S pets his dead rabbit and says I want to become a doctor too

S buries his rabbit.

his brother yells at him for being alone. even if you get hit I told you to stay next to the kids. he scolds him for carrying the dead rabbit cage around. listen to your hyung. follow me

the other boy leader says there is one condition to be on our side – to go in and get a metal ring from the mine. so his brother strikes a bargain that they would include S and not torment him if they bring it out .  the lead boy agrees – to let S eat spicy rice cakes with them and play arcade. his brother and S go into the mine but it suddenly caves in

a rescue is underway in heavy rain. the doctor discovers the two boys. the mom and other leader kid are waiting outside as the doctor says I found  them. he goes back in but he is trapped in with them. he gives his oxygen to S and works on the brother giving him CPR, but the doctor stops cuz it’s too late.

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-20-20]굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-20-39]

S is twirling his toy scalpel in his hand sitting near the train track just like he used to as a kid. he wraps up his scalpel in a handkerchief and gets ready to board the train

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-41]

he watches a mom feeding her son. the boy looks over so S looks away. the boy comes over and offers him a boiled egg. the boy motions for him to hit his head with it to crack it and S does it. S rubs his head from the pain. the boy laughs.

Y is telling a scary story to sick patients in the kid’s ward. the male orderly/nurse yells and scares the children. Y says he will take them away if they don’t take their medicine so you have to eat it well

D goes and puts some flowers on a memorial and cries. the photos are of a young man. D quickly walks away

his fiancé C is meeting with her stepmother. they talk about the hospital. the stepmom cares about saving patient’s lives and doesn’t think of  the hospital as a factory, but C cares about the life of the hospital

S says aloud the directions he needs to take but stops and puts on 3D glasses and gets distracted by a cartoon on the tv screen

the doctor who saved S remembers the past. as S watched him treat patients and read from the medical books. the doctor is shocked S can comprehend all that at such a young age. the books pile up as S reads each one

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[01-44-02]

back at the train station the boy from the train is looking up at a billboard being put up. his mom says hyun yoo go with me. it suddenly breaks and falls on the kid. his mom screams for help. the boy has glass shards sticking out of his body.  a man says to the mom the kid will be ok and just needs pressure on the neck injury, but S says no. you cant put so much pressure on the neck injury and needs pressure above it. he checks the boy’s pulse and says it’s normal still and looks for other wounds. he listens and tilts the boy’s chin up and checks his breathing and does mouth to mouth – if the chest comes up from the air it means he is getting air. he asks the man to check if the chest moves as he gives mouth to mouth every 3 seconds. S goes to get supplies from the pharmacy. she doesn’t have masks or tubes so he grabs a pen and other supplies. he uses an exacto knife (like a thin box cutter) to cut the side and insert the tube from the pen. the paramedics show up and S asks for the incubation set. he inserts a breathing tube and checks the stomach again. he says the stomach is becoming more distended and the kid could die (from asphyxia arrest) .paramedic wonder why S didn’t do this sooner. S says there is no time and he cant do this in a shaking car. he narrates what needs to happen. the paramedic doesn’t have what he needs so S comes up with a way. he says to squeeze the bag so it goes through faster. he says to the kid you will be ok now hyun woo – don’t worry. onlookers claps. S says hurry and move him to the hospital and walks away. the mom asks S to go with them. S says I have a place to go but she says I will feel safer if you do. they are in the ambulance and S says which Seongwon hospital he needs to go and the paramedic says that’s where we are going. are you a doctor there? S says yes

the doctor who helped S is now the hospital director here. he talks about S -that he is a pediatric resident with extenuating circumstances so Lee asks what is that. Choi explains about S’s savant syndrome condition – that it’s a form of autism that comes with exceptional genius. how he was able to see S’s ability by accident. at the age of seven he was able to memorize the human body perfectly. he finishes his internship and has his residency left. S had perfect scores and everything in med school and thinks S has the right to be a doctor.

the kid has respiratory problems as S realizes he doesn’t have his bag. S listens to the kid again to check. the ambulance arrives and S says you have to check the heart, but the ER doctor says there is nothing wrong with his heart monitor. are you a doctor. the mom says he saved my son. he is a doctor here. the ER says it’s the first time I saw him. the doctor takes over and tells S to wait here and tells the mom to follow. S tries to call out to him about an echo but the ER doctor doesn’t listen.

Y is telling the kid – I will make sure you aren’t scared and then have the surgery, but the kid is scared she will die during surgery. nurse says just trust this pretty doctor and the guy says who is pretty so Y hits him. Y hears the kid is having surgery tm so Y says I didn’t order that. the mom says D ordered it. what do we do.

Y gets mad and confronts D. Y argues the kid needs to be mentally stable first cuz of her fear so she needs to have psychotherapy tm, but D says the surgery is tm cuz her condition could worsen. if you are that concerned about her safety then quit being a doctor and  become a teacher. He takes Y off the kid’s case. D is called into surgery for hyun woo

D is prepped for surgery for the boy. S is being stopped by nurses and security and told he couldn’t go in, but S keeps saying just a minute – I have something to say. D asks what is it.  are you the guardian. nurse says no. there is no time you have to hurry.  D says be quiet – this is the surgery ward. S tries to say “echo cardiogram and pericardial effusion” but the security guard covers his mouth.  S gets thrown out. he says there will be big trouble

the doctors look over the medical procedures S did on hyun woo and D says that doctor knew exactly what he was doing

the director explains S was already determined to be fit for duty as a doctor, but the deputy director points out S was already credited, but it was rescinded. director says that is the reason why S was scouted. if S stays on as a resident here for a year then he will get his credentials back. (he holds up the paperwork to prove it) then the director tells the board about a treatment S had that’s not complete, but it wont prevent him from doing his job as a doctor and there wont be problems. the others don’t think S can become a doctor here even if he has been treated.  is this hospital for doctors with disabilities. the step mom says the man spoke too harshly. one guy wants to meet S first and then talk it over. 30 mins has passed but S hasn’t arrived yet.

S’s cell phone rings back at the train station. the guard blocks S from entering surgery

D begins surgery and thinks there wont be a problem but the vitals and saturation isn’t good and D thinks maybe it’s the heart that is the problem and remembers S saying echo cardiogram and pericardial effusion

S is out in the hall and closes his eyes and pretends he is doing the surgery. he goes through all the motions and says aloud what procedures need to be done just as D says the same thing.

the board takes a vote and S isn’t chosen.

the guard asks what S is doing. the other one says I don’t know – he has been doing that for 2 hrs – I think he is crazy. the kid arrests so they have to shock him to bring him back. S already called that – that it would happen. (can I just say covering up JW’s face with a mask is a crying shame) the saturation and vitals come back.

D goes out and tells the mom the surgery went well- there was a dangerous moment but it went well. S hears that and says thank you hyun woo. D asks who took care of the kid -who is the doctor. the mom says he was just here a few mins ago – he said he was a doctor here

S goes in and the director almost yells at him for being so late, but stops when he sees how nervous S is. director asks why come now when you are always prompt. what is up with your clothes. S explains there was a kid who got hurt. the director asks if the injured kid is ok and S says yes. the director says listen to me well.

the other docs talk and hope the new resident will hurry up and come so they can go home

D remembers what S said when his mouth was covered

the director asks do you want to keep staying here (in seoul). S says no. the director asks aren’t you hungry. S says no. his stomach rumbles. the director says then I will go alone to eat kalbi stew. S stands up and describes the restaurant in detail like colors and how they use the best beef asking is that the one you are talking about. director says yes. but you said you weren’t hungry. S changes his tune

C’s stepmom walks out with the board and one guy wonders why she had to be bothered about filling one resident position so she says the former CEO (C’s dad) checked on each intern and spoke with them – our doctors are family not employees. they see a crowd and wonder what is going on. reporters want to interview the doctor who saved a kid who was badly injured at the station. they don’t know the name of the doctor but that he works at this hospital

S is eating kalbi and the director says eat slowly cuz it’s all yours. the news comes out and the director watches video footage of S saving the kid that was posted on the internet and how many times the video was watched in the last 4 hrs. director gets a call

the board meets again to revote and C’s stepmom wants to hire S saying how even overseas they saw the video, but C says it’s nonsense to choose him to become a doctor here just based on the fact that the news thinks he already works here. her stepmom says it’s cuz he has the right to be called a doctor. the others don’t want to let him in but the director makes a bargain. he says give S six months and if there is a problem or he doesn’t live up to your standards as a doctor – I will resign as the director. it’s different according to the patient, but there are a lot that can be treated – S is becoming that one good reason. the objective is not to fill the spot with a doctor with a disability- it’s to give hope and courage for the patients with disabilities and their families in this country. he bows his head as a request for them to have an open mind. S sticks his head in and comes inside. C’s step mom asks what is your reason for becoming a doctor. S: cuz of rabbit and hyung-on the day the tree smelled like ice cream, next to my side, rabbit went up to the heaven world. on the day the mine smelled like rusty metal, next to my side hyung went up to the heaven world. both of them weren’t able to become adults. I wanted to make them become adults so they can have a child and love that child. I really wanted to make that happen.  also I wanted to earn a lot of money and give the kids at the place I stayed at when I was young a 3D tv as a gift cuz those kids have never once seen one before so I want to be sure to show them. C says S is a resident here starting from today and welcomes him along with other doctors

C’s stepmom says this could be dangerous for the director. cuz so many want him out of his position. the director says even if I have to step down as a director I can still be a doctor as always. she says it’s like talking to a wall

while S is giving his interview to reporters. the doctors who are opposed to S laugh and want rumors about him being spread everywhere and he wont hang on for even a month. the other one says do you know casinos. we just spun the roulette wheel and doctor park is the ball we just tossed in. the chances of us winning – no one knows

D is trying to solve the Rubik’s cube – he thought he could do it in a few hrs but it has been a week

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[02-51-16]

the mean doctor says the new resident you’ve been waiting for arrived. he is a special recruit from the director, but he is strange and you will see for yourself. the doctors recognize as the weird guy at the surgery ward.  S is introduced as the new resident. director asks where Y is and the guy says she had work and left early. S introduces himself really fast -name- address- where he interned etc. mean doc whispers didn’t I tell you.  director asks them to introduce each other. S explains his name as what his pastor gave him. the mean doctor yells at him like a drill sergeant so S says if a person keeps yelling for 8 yrs -if you use that energy that came out then you could boil one cup of coffee.  but looking at his stomach you could adjust and shorten the time

D is opposed to this kind of doctor -one with savant syndrome -how could he make decisions when he is at a child’s level -patients and their parents wont accept a doctor like this.  the director explains this was decided to test that he can make those decisions and he will succeed for sure.   D says I never went against what you said before up to now cuz you never did anything that deserved it, but this time I have to for the first time. director asks him not to react emotionally. D says I am thinking rationally. director: I think of all you as my kids. S too. D says if I am your kid then think of my opinions too. director says if you bite all your fingers there isn’t one that doesn’t hurt-  S happens to be the finger that hurts more to me so please help him – this is my last request

D quizzes him about general surgeons and S replies correctly but D says you cant become that kind of surgeon. when S seems distracted by the Rubik’s cube, D yells where is your attention. S: I’m sorry. D: two things you shouldn’t do while you are under me – make mistakes or excuses. D asks him to go home and rest today and be on call for 24 hrs tm.  go out. wait -other than first aid or simple procedures have you done surgery. S: aside from first aid and simple procedures – no.  D asks about hyun woo (the injured kid) and how S knew hyun woo’s condition. S says “from what I saw and heard and studied -I mixed it up in my head.  D: explain exactly how you mixed it up. S: at first his saturation was normal  (and the rest he lost me cuz he talks super fast) but it seems to have impressed D. D gets called away on a case and tells S to leave

when D goes back S is still in his office. D asks do you have something to say. S says no and leaves. D looks down and his super hard Rubik’s cue is done (S solved it in the few seconds D stepped away)

a mom is worried about her son cuz it’s been 3 days since his surgery but the kid is still in pain but the lazy doctor in charge says the pain will last a week. don’t worry the medicines are really good.  the lazy doc yells at the orderly for calling him when he was getting off work. I have an important seminar tm so don’t call me unnecessarily

S checks in on hyun woo (the kid) and smiles

Y is drinking and complains she isn’t getting drunk even though she drank all day. he asks why they are always at war. she is complaining cuz D is arrogant and didn’t listen to a word of what she said. he says I don’t like arrogant people but D can do that. it suits him. she yells at the bartender – her uncle – for always taking D’s side.

Y gets a call from D. he asks where she is. she says the library. he asks are you drinking again. are you still mad. Y: why are you like that. are you going to lessen my anger? D: no – repent over what you did wrong today even if you are drunk. don’t drink too much and get ready well for surgery tm. he hangs up so she curses him and orders all the drink here

S goes to his new place and looks around.

D goes home and sees clothes on the stairs. he sits down and C comes over in a bathrobe. he says you should have called to tell me (you were here) so I could come earlier. C asks why he is wearing black formal suit and he says I had a gathering in the morning. she explains for the sake of the director she kept opposing till the end cuz  the director is going to take responsibility and resign if the new resident causes trouble. the reason why S was hired was for that. so the others agreed to let him in so they can get rid of the director. D is mad the director did that.

Y is drunk and singing on the street about D so someone yells at her to hurry and go home and sleep if she is drunk. she yells so he threatens to report her to the police so she says go ahead so I can ride in the backseat – how annoying.

S made a cake by piling on choco pies with a candle on top. he is holding his toy scalpel and remembers how his brother did that for him and sang happy birthday to him. S blew out the candles and his brother gave him a toy medical kit as a present. hyung collected his allowance to buy it. you said you wanted to become a doctor – you can do it cuz you are my younger brother. right? S: yes cuz I am your younger brother. his brother says you are not a dummy at all – you are way smarter than me. when you become a great doctor you have to fix/cure us later when mom and I get sick- got that. S nods yes. his brother pet his hair and fed him the choco pie saying eat it slowly

S blows out the candle and starts to eat

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[03-36-12] 굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[03-36-24]


suddenly Y comes in and takes off her clothes. just her top and jeans. she is mumbling about D – other than your looks I don’t like anything about you.  S is still eating his choco pie and looking away as she gets undressed and gets into bed. he puts the pie down and goes over to her. he calls out “look here” but she yells at him to get lost. she never opened her eyes even once. he paces back and forth wondering what to do. then he watches her sleep.

next morning Y screams when she sees S standing there casually brushing his teeth in his boxers. (Not exactly a sight to fear if you ask me.)



when S is asked if he isn’t taking notes S points to his head and says I am doing it – here.

someone asks what Y is protecting

Y says to S: don’t be mad anymore – I was wrong. S buries his nose in his book.

S messes up before surgery. the nurse yells don’t do this doctor park. D asks do you know what you just did?

굿닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-01-00] 굿닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-03-33] 굿닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-03-44] 굿닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-02-03]

굿 닥터.E01.130805.HDTV.x264.720p-LTE[00-34-12]

Before anyone gets too excited – I am going to have to rethink recapping this. Since I already translated it, I’m posting, but omg JW’s character talks super fast. Medical terms just fly out of his mouth and he lost me countless times. I feel like this is worth watching, but the thought of having to recap such a technical drama still makes me feel uneasy. Business and medical dramas are just not my forte. My heart wants to continue cuz of Joowon, but my brain is yelling something else. Guess which side is winning at this point. If you don’t see another recap tm night, you will know the answer. Even if he is shirtless again – though that sure doesn’t get old.

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    Thank you for the recaps, Softy. I guffawed when you said ‘Hopefully higher than that rabbit.’ I agree it’s quite difficult to portray a romantic relationship between them. I think it’s a delicate matter as well that, if not handled properly, can backfire on the whole plot.

    I just came off the IHYV high too, but personally I don’t have any expectations for the love line in this drama. I’d rather have this series dedicated to the children they save episode after episode. On the other hand, I’m not totally closed to it, but that development would take many many years of guidance and medication.



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        Chill – she was replying to a comment I made at the end of E2. no one is hating MCW so don’t worry. I’m not her fan, but even I have to admit she isn’t bad at all in this. Just wish she would wash her hair cuz it looks stringy like she hasnt washed it. I know residents are overworked and tired, but if the guys can look that good, she could try at least not to have oily hair. Maybe it’s just the weird cut that makes it look unflattering. All I know is thank goodness it’s not a silly bob like on Nine.


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        Eh I am the viki channel manager and editor for Good doctor. I think I would have watched the episodes more times than you. By the time I edit the subs and verify the medical terminology.

        I wonder why MCW fans are so sensitive? This is the 2nd time I’ve encountered this, the 1st being that we didn’t include her in the viki synopsis. When I actually had the whole written synopsis translated into English. It was all about the medical system and the handicapped in Korea. Plus the paediatric doctors working really hard and forgotten.

        I find it funny that someone who was Godiva in med school in Si On’s eyes may not be as important as his rabbit. 🙂

        See you softy 🙂 I am going to watch ep 1 and 2 again tomorrow uninterrupted by the need to check if the translations are alright. This drama is faster paced then the last 2 medical dramas I was on- you have no idea how happy I am it’s not draggy.


        • Jillia says:


          Why are you bringing up your position as the viki channel manager!? O.o This has nothing to with my question, right?

          And me being a fan of MCW has nothing to with it as well.

          I was complaining about the tone of your comment – that’s all.


          • ck1Oz says:

            Are you still at it?

            I am only replying because seriously I came to visit am old friend. Who gets my humor. And you’re spoiling the party. If you choose to think the worse of someone that’s your prerogative. But I am here because I visit softy for many years now.Even before her blog.

            So go defend your views or whatever somewhere other than my comments. Goodness me. I don’t know you and don’t care to explain my views to you.


  5. raindrops1 says:

    I love how the recpa is peppered with your commentary. ” I sort of hate D for many reasons. one cuz he is a total butt. second- he shouldn’t be calling Y so much when he has a fiancé and getting jealous of her attention to S. third – cuz he is just too arrogant for his own good. so no screencaps of him” Among others including the ER reference. It makes it even more fun reading

    I do think that it will be quite interesting to see how a romatic relationship is dealt with. If the storyline goes that route the writer will have to be very skilled. Although I think a safer route would be for a borther- (older) sister relationship to be developed. But we shall see.


  6. SS says:

    Softy, I just want applaud you for doing the live recap on soompi last night. For some reason, I felt as nervous as if I am the one doing the live recap. I had a mental picture of how stressful it can be. Especially when what you type is going to go out on a public forum.

    I wasn’t planning to watch Master’s Sun live because after Good Doctor on Mon and Tues, I can’t set aside any more free time during that time of the day. Hence I can imagine if you have to choose between recapping GD and MS.

    Since I won’t be on the live recap, I will wish you here all the best. You are doing great, Softy, keep it up!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much for your support – it means a lot to me. Since I’ve recapped so many dramas live, it’s become second nature to me. I don’t even think twice about it and don’t get nervous. but I was shaking like a leaf on soompi before it started cuz honestly master’s sun really scared me with their previews. I didn’t know if I could brave my way through and be able to recap and like I said on the first episode, as soon as I realized there were actual normal nice people under all that make-up, I let go of my fear. not all of it cuz that preview of the crawling ghost almost gave me a freakin’ heart attack. 🙂

      Now that I finished both drama recaps, I have the weekend to think about how much longer I can keep up covering both. I was really hoping other blogs would have picked up recapping this but I guess they find it hard too. I keep thinking up reasons why I should continue instead of why I should stop so I guess that’s a good sign. Plus I still feel bad for dropping JW’s previous drama. I also like this drama and want to see what they do with this story, but the only things preventing me from being certain are lack of time and losing sleep. I don’t want to start looking like I could beat out Tae Gong Sil in a race to see whose dark circles are worse cuz after a few more weeks, pretty sure I’d win. 🙂

      P.S. Thanks for that article about JW – knowing him he will just get even better from here on.


      • SS says:

        LOl, Softy! Yes, GS dark circles are so awful, it was yellowish too but gah…Gong Hyo Jin is just too cute. Maybe she will start a fashion trend, eh? Comforting myself cuz since I became kdrama obsessed………………..make that Joo Won obsessed, my dark circles became permanent. At this rate, I won’t look like GS but those ghosts on Master’s Sun! I need to go Seoul, get my eyebags fixed and watch GHOST at the same time.

        About Good Doctor recap, how about just writing your thoughts? That is if you still find the drama worth watching. The subs come out pretty fast but what I love most is reading your thoughts on the drama.


  7. DeeDeeW says:

    Softy-Thank you for the recap and commentary. I always love it when you recap a drama.

    On the issue of them falling in love…there was a great J-dorama ( English title-I Learned All the Important Things From You) where the female lead was a high functioning autistic who was genius in determining weather. They handled the love story pretty good. He actually taught her through very creative means what love was so she could attach the term with certain feelings she had. I’m hoping they do an even better job here. It seems he is more high functioning then the gal in the Japanese drama. I think that’s why they keep talking about it being curable. It just takes time for them to learn, understand and attache emotions correctly. I’m looking forward to it!


    • DeeDeeW says:

      Correction on the name of that dorama–it’s actually ‘The Things You Taught Me/From the Heart-Kimi ga oshietekureta koto’. There are actually two drama’s with similar titles.


  8. SS says:

    Translated article on Joo Won’s acting

    Joo Won’s Portrayal of Autism Has Moved Even the Experts

    Autism experts lends Joo Won assistance.

    On the 6th broadcast of KBS2 TV Mon/Tues drama , Joo Won received praises for his role as Dr Park Si On, an autistic savant resident in the Pediatric Surgery department.

    On the 7th through his agency, Joo Won relayed his gratitude towards the viewers for their compliments on his acting. At the same time, he revealed the story behind the scenes regarding his autism acting.

    Joo Won expressed: “Before filming started, I often visited the autism treatment centre. I met up with the Head of the centre and heard many stories. I was introduced to the specialists in the field and to the individuals who suffered from autism. I met them many times. From these meetings and observations, I gathered a lot of learning experience.”

    Joo Won continued: “I was very worried but thankfully viewers gave me praise. I am in high spirits and from this, I gather strength. Especially when I received a message from the Head of the centre, saying: ‘You amazed me with how accurately you portrayed an autistic person, I am really thankful Next, I will be anticipating how you will portray falling in love and the emotions.’ When I received this helpful message, I was very moved.”

    In , Joo Won displays fantastic acting skills. It is the first in the nation, as a character with savant syndrome, Joo Won takes on the role of Park Si On, a resident in Pediatric Surgery. The audience has been giving him endless praise on the way he acts autism without the pessimism and never losing hope.

    Chinese translation post on Joo Won Baidu by answnsdnjs
    English translation: mrdimples@soompi


  9. Pi@.@ says:

    Waaaaaa!! You’re even writing the recaps for Good Doctor!! >.< thaaaaaank you!!! You're awesome!!


  10. umi says:

    hi softy and my OB siblings, miss u all, thanks for the recap ep1-2, when I heard jw took this role I was little worry not because of jw but I really want this drama become another hit for jw, after watching ep 1-2, I’m quite satisfied with the story and the way jw potray PSO so far, jw just awesome. GD fighting!! Oh I want to say Happy birthday to you softy dear, I remembered last year your bday same with sgp birthday (cmiiw), so wishing u a wonderful birthday filled with happiness and joy today, and for my sgp friends happy 48th national day…many more happy and good years years to come and thank you for being my second home..


    • SS says:

      my dearest chingu! Have not seen you for a long time but it’s my fault, I haven’t been here much. Are flo, bbblue, yanna still around?


  11. SS says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Softy! Wishing you Health, Love and Happiness!


  12. ck1Oz says:

    Happy Birthday softy. Hope you have lots of fun with your friends.


  13. Softy says:

    thank you for the birthday wishes – plan on eating all my favorite food today and enjoying some time with friends. Starting from Fri and all the way to Sun – the celebration will continue so it looks like it’s going to be another great bday this year. *hugs* to Umi, SS, and CK. Luv you guys 🙂


  14. joowon forever says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Softy !!!!!!

    Thanks again for all your patience and hard work …….


  15. nonski says:

    Softy belated happy birthday! sorry for the late greetings — i haven’t been around for a while. you know what can keep me from you, your blog and JW — RL. 😦


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