Monstar E11-E12

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Forgive me for saying this, but I wanted more from this finale. Donam singing off key was not my idea of a good lasting image I wanted to keep in my head. I have the type of personality where I don’t like to see loose ends – I like everything tied up nice and proper leaving no room for questions. This last episode just opened up a whole new can of worms and left us hanging. In a way they left it up to our imaginations to fill in the gaps, but what can I say – I’m lazy – I need them to do that for me. How these relationships worked out plays way better on the screen than in my imagination. Of course there were hints along the way which direction these couples were headed, but I guess this director is a fan of saying less even though he could ‘ve said a lot more. That petty little complaint aside, E12 will only remind you again what we are going to miss out on now that this show has ended.  They filled this episode to the brim with information and I feel like I am still trying to contain all the overflow. We got to see more of what we loved about this show – that despite whatever struggles they each go through, they put that aside to come together and be there for a friend. This drama really is going to go out as quietly as it came in – with no fanfare and no over the top last minute craziness. If you look at the silver lining, in the zany world of kdrama, getting this kind of ending is a blessing.  Problem is trying to muster up the enthusiasm to believe that takes some time, but I am getting there.

Finale updated


Written before it aired:

The term “sleeper hit” fits this drama perfectly. Not that many people got to watch it, but those who did fell instantly in love. There is no way to pinpoint exactly what made this show special, but for me it was all the quiet scenes where they hardly spoke and let the mood of the moment take center stage. I used to believe you couldn’t capture a perfect moment on film and even if you managed to, the essence of it would fade with time, but I might have been wrong. This director and music composer showed us that if you do your job well, what you produced could very well be something you look back on with swelling pride. Just like a great performance, there will be a lot of applause at the end and maybe even a few tears. We will hang around after everyone is gone listening to the last echoes of Color Bar’s voices recede in the dark and stay there till only silence remains. Then we will close our eyes and let this lingering feeling envelope us until our memories turn up the volume so we can hear them singing again as they say goodbye. For a youthful show like this, I don’t want to picture them fading to black. Just like the vitality they exude in real life, I want to envision these kids jumping and dancing all the way till the last second so let’s cue our favorite track from the OST.

scsw swgrp

It’s a bizarre feeling knowing this cast already said their goodbyes weeks ago, but I like to pretend that in their hearts, they are gathered again to watch the finale episode with the rest of the audience. They portrayed great unity on film so it’s easy to imagine they would do that in reality. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me and helping me enjoy this drama even more. Sharing kdrama’s best is always more fun with friends.

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Starts from se yi turning around to face sunwoo and saying I think I like seol chan a lot.

nana sings

seol chan is recording some rap

se yi says I will be going. she walks away until sunwoo calls her name. she turns and looks at him. he says there is money dropped on the ground. she looks down and he says just kidding. he says I cant do this today (meaning break it off) and I cant take you home today. see you at school. he quickly walks away

nana and seol chan sing separately but it sounds good together

sunwoo cries and says getting dumped and dumped again – it hurts a lot

seol chan leaves the recording room as Ari comes in

seol chan is practicing his guitar and composing a song. the skin on his fingers are peeling from too much practice

se yi gets a text from eunha with a photo from their party. se yi zooms in on seol chan’s face

PD hears that seol chan is not taking part in goddess kiss. PD is angry cuz he didn’t go all that way for seol chan not to take part. she tried to explain seol chan’s agency is going to have him on another music program, but PD yells and puts the blame on her so after he leaves, she calls him bad names. he comes back in and talks about color bar kids and to pull up their info. the basic of program is to have it be fun or moving/poignant – so let’s make them cry

se yi tells her mom about dad’s friend – they were close – you know him too –  he was in a band with dad in high school- J ajussi – don’t you know him

at school nana greets sunwoo and then other kids show up

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seol chan asks what she did over the weekend. he says how he had to record what he didn’t want to. he almost says Ari but doesn’t. what were you doing to not call even once? you didn’t meet another guy did you – for real? did you meet sunwoo? she looks guilty. seol chan: I said I would overlook what he is doing, but I didn’t mean for you to do it too. are you going to be like this. se yi: that’s not it. seol chan: then why make me misunderstand. you really are something else. he pointed at her when he said “you are a player huh” so she asks why his fingers are like that. sunwoo comes over and gets between them. sunwoo says we are going to prepare for goddess kiss starting from today right? then let’s meet at the basement after school ends.  and you are going to stay out (he said it to seol chan). eunha thinks something about sunwoo changed. seol chan remembers how sunwoo asked do you have something to feel sorry for? so don’t do it cuz I’m not done yet (with se yi). seol chan calls sunwoo to meet

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sunwoo: why? seol chan: I really wasn’t going to say yet- I wanted to keep my manners considering the time we spent and do this later. sunwoo: what kind of explanation is this long – hurry up. i’m busy. seol chan: get away from min se yi. I said get away. sunwoo smiles. seol chan: you are smiling? sunwoo: I don’t want to. seol chan: what?  sunwoo repeats what he said before –  if seol chan can do it or not  (date se yi without his fans hurting her)  then i will match it (as in back off). sunwoo leaves. seol chan mutters what was that – is that punk saying he wont get away – so he is going to use goddess kiss as an excuse to hang around her. ok – I only need to not film on the show

at the basement, seol chan asks what they can do properly – what are you going to do for the performance on show. sunwoo remarks your explanations are long these days – what is it that you want-  do you want us to include you? seol chan says ya – include who? this was already my position. sunwoo: so. seol chan cant go on stage with them but offers to help out with the instrumentals and composing- inspiration is coming up. let’s finish this voting in one shot.  eunha and KD say ok.

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at night they come out and seol chan says quietly to se yi – I have some time left. sunwoo says me too. eunha tells the others to go and leaves the 3 of them. sunwoo asks what should we do and takes her hand. let’s go. seol chan yells for him to let go of her hand

se yi’s mom comes to visit adam. she asks you knew she was my daughter so why didn’t you say something then. he says cuz you told me to act like we didn’t know each other from here on – I had no excuse so I did that. why did you leave it alone. se yi is misunderstanding about what happened that night. she asks does se yi know I met you that night. he says she is having a hard time and so are you so what are you trying to protect. she says se yi. se yi is sey yi but it’s punishment I was given. he didn’t like me going to see you but I didn’t listen to him so I am being punished. adam says until se yi came to my home – I lived hating you. why did you have to come on that night – after making me this way – I wondered if you guys were  happy, but then se yi told me that kwang died that night. and that kwang saw me that night-cuz of that he got into that accident. so I wasn’t able to say anything to se yi and from here on too (I wont be able to say). the mom says you cant. after this (performance) is over don’t accept her anymore. he asks are you going to keep carrying around that misunderstanding. she says yes till the kid grows up and becomes strong- I will carry it

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se yi sits inside and waits while the two guys talk outside. seol chan says what are you doing – you are being really childish now. sunwoo says I know. seol chan: you know? sunwoo:  someone said I wasn’t childish enough so I am going to be childish. I told you I will match you. seol chan asks is that what you are going to match- being childish. sunwoo: of course. seol chan: what you just said – does it mean I am childish. sunwoo – didn’t you know. se yi watches them outside and wonders what is that picture- so embarrassing. how did this happen

seol chan asks should I show you what childish really is and waves his hands at sunwoo’s face annoyingly then at se yi when seol chan notices sunwoo is smiling at her the whole time.

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sunwoo gets a text from nana. she asks what he is doing. and reminds him of what she said would happen to him if he tried to match the other person’s taste/preference. sunwoo: I am practicing. (he means letting se yi go) today I told her i couldn’t say bye but whether it’s tm, the day after tm, a month later, or a year later I have to do it for her. i’m trying to let go little by little. nana asks why – cuz you don’t want to return (her)

joon tells dok they want to practice somewhere else, but wont tell her where . she reminds him she is the teacher in charge but he points out she is the teacher of the grade (the color bar kids are in – that’s why he wont divulge their practice location)

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eunha wonders why all for one is hiding and practicing -if  someone sees they would think they are going out for the Olympics. heard they have a hidden card prepared. KD: what is it. she doesn’t know. she tells them to get the kids to find out through intimidation. donam says where would we get them. she says you look like you would – then should I tell nana so both guys say nana is not that kind of kid.  hyo rin comes over and leaves saying what are you doing blocking the road. KD wonders what all for one will bring out this time. eunha thinks since they already revealed hyo rin (her talent) last time they wont this time – their hidden card is could be something like this. she snaps her fingers. cue the gayest music and dance ever. suddenly joon and them are dancing and singing to a really childish song. this is eunha’s idea of a hidden card. eunha and the other two laugh

color bar is practicing. seol chan gets a call from his mother. she says his company came to take his stuff. he goes out to talk and explains it’s cuz he is going to his dorm (living quarters with his band) soon so he is taking his stuff out in advance.  his mom says I will tell them to leave it alone -how about thinking it over again to commute from home. do it that way – see you at dinner. he says yes and they hang up

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adam asks when are you going to perform (for se yi). seol chan says there is no good place. adam: since the basement is full all the time and since you are a star cuz you cant sing on the street? seol chan: even if I wasnt a star, if I do that on the street girls all run away. seol chan is about to go back down but remembers what Hong said about adam -that he is being punished by the world. then how seol chan had asked him – are you hiding something? like you did something you shouldn’t have and are living in hiding. then how adam said what the world feels inside -there is no forever.  seol chan says ajussi – to be honest I don’t acknowledge others much, but there is one really good composer I like – J ahn-while listening to that person’s songs, I nurtured my dream. just saying that I did that. seol chan goes back down and adam realizes seol chan knows who he is.

PD and writer Jo go over the pics of the color bar kids and decide which ones to take out and keep. he calls KD the human radio and an outcast. that he went through a catharsis. donam – that he was a victim but recovered. eunha as a sasaeng fan, but Jo disagrees. she tells him who nana’s dad is-that nana’s story is the most fun cuz it’s sexy, but he says take her out. Jo says take out sunwoo cuz of his family (sunwoo’s dad is powerful like Joon’s dad so the PD doesn’t dare to mess with sunwoo). Jo mentions se yi saying there isn’t much about her cuz it hasnt been long since she transferred. but there is one thing that is sexy. where they practice is her dad’s friend’s home. guess whose home that is? you know J ahn right – it’s his basement. PD says the one who caused the accident a few years ago. Jo doesn’t feel right about doing this – using the kids. no matter how much we want to do the show -cuz others wouldnt.  he says if you really don’t like it that much then let seol chan know now

*since seol chan wont be on the show, the PD is basically forcing him to by using the other kids – by threatening to reveal their private lives for entertainment knowing seol chan wont stand by and let that happen. getting writer Jo to tell seol chan now, it will make seol chan react

seol chan is coaching se yi on her guitar. seol chan gets a text from writer Jo from goddess kiss asking to talk – it’s regarding the color bar kids -cuz of you those friends will be in a difficult situation. se yi asks what’s wrong and seol chan says it’s nothing and says hang on and goes outside.

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seol chan calls writer Jo and asks – what are you talking about now – why talk about the kids on the show. where is the PD now? sunwoo heard the call and asks what’s going on. seol chan: nothing. sunwoo: what was that about- that they would talk about the kids on the show. seol chan says it’s nothing and leaves

seol chan says what are you doing – you shouldn’t do that. PD says even though you are a star you shouldn’t barge in and tell me to do the program or not- what’s happening with teaching kids manners in this country. seol chan: that is not the issue and you know it. cuz I am dropping out aren’t you using my friends? PD: from the position as the one in charge of the program, trying to make a good show.  seol chan: the kids wont do the show anyway so don’t try so hard. PD says from what I hear your friends really want to do it

seol chan told hong what is going on and how the PD wouldn’t back off. hong: that is why I told you l would meet with him. just tell the kids to give up. seol chan asks if the CEO is in

his CEO says I am going to get angry if you keep bringing up something you cant do- this isn’t just a matter with me – why cant you think of other members. I already said this before too. hong says seol chan the single will be revealed soon so this isn’t a problem just for you. no matter how much I think about it that program isn’t right for you. CEO: goddess kiss? ok I will step aside a 100 times – if the star that comes out on that is like Ari or Stella’s level then I will think about it. hong says it would be hard to get even Ari, but why would Stella when she is more in demand. give it up.

Ari gets a call about seol chan and their recording cuz they are doing it separately. she points out seol chan is the one who wanted to do it separately (she sings and he raps for her song but never recording together at the same time).

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she runs into seol chan and they talk. she asks why ask that kind of favor to me. also why tell me? go and ask stella that request yourself.  seol chan says I heard stella listens to you. she says stella does cuz we are special cousins. seol chan asks what can I do for you to listen to my favor. she asks what can you do for me. seol chan: should I fulfill that bet from last time (from E1 when she had that bet with her friends that she would kiss seol chan).  ari: what? how are you going to fulfill it? she tells him as punishment he has to put down something more serious than that. if you do it –  then I will think about it once, but you cant do it can you

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joon says to seol chan – heard you are dropping out. I knew you would idol. even though you brag- you cant do whatever you want. that is how you and I are different idol

*when Joon spoke to seol chan, his eyes weren’t looking at him at all.

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joon runs into sunwoo. sunwoo asks what are you hiding so much this time – what is the talk about a hidden card. joon says heard seol chan is dropping out – can you guys afford to let him drop out. It will be hard for seol chan to drop out. sunwoo: what does that mean. joon: PD wont stand still for it. why do you think he is doing this show (meaning it’s cuz of seol chan)  if he cant catch seol chan- he will do something else. sunwoo remembers how seol chan said on the phone – why talk about the kids on the show. joon: it seems he (the PD) already did do something

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in class seol chan remembers what Joon just said to him. he looks with concern at se yi and other color bar members cuz they are about to get hurt cuz of him. he looks up and sees sunwoo come in. sunwoo motions to meet outside

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sunwoo asks what they said about talking about the kids on the show -it means they are going to do that on goddess kiss huh? in place of you dropping out – that PD will use the kids? seol chan says I will figure this out so don’t pay attention to it. sunwoo asks how. seol chan: I will take care of it.sunwoo: how – cuz you cant go on the show. seol chan: stop caring. sunwoo: ya yoon seol chan – if se yi gets hurt I wont leave you alone

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seol chan goes to meet ari. ari: what is it now? seol chan: you said you would listen to my request if I do that. she claims she didn’t say she would only that she would think about it. he says listen (to my request) she brings up the past regarding their non kiss incident and wonders where all that bluster went – that going to school broke him down. but then she sees he is serious. he steps forward and asks you are going to listen (to my request) right? she asks why are you going this far -what is the reason. people will come. seol chan: you must listen (to my request). ari: are you really going to do it?  seol chan: you said I just needed to kiss your shoes. he is about to but she tells him to stop. I really cant stand to watch you do this – I am really disappointed in you. seol chan: cant I do it once (bend and kiss her shoe)- I will kiss you passionately. she says don’t do it. he says thank you noona

seol chan tells the kids he is doing the show with them. they wonder if he can-you are done practicing right. let’s match it well

sunwoo asks what happened. seol chan: I sold something (meaning his pride) I told you I would figure it out so don’t pay attention. now do you hear “get lost” properly. sunwoo: no. he goes in. seol chan: that punk. se yi says we are done preparing

the kids perform. KD sings. then sunwoo

hong asks why make a promise you cant keep. CEO: did something happen to Ari. hong says Ari has loyalty. CEO: ari? loyalty? ari and her CEO – don’t they have any thoughts? hong says that ari pretty much controls her CEO.  CEO: wait a second. what should I do with this. they say if you cant avoid it then enjoy it.

PD hears that stella and men in black will have a special performance. PD is so happy and says seol chan is a star indeed (cuz of his powers). the woman says we don’t have to make the VCR for the kids right. he says why not make it – cuz it has J ahn in it

PD meets with another guy who mentions how J ahn was meeting with another woman after his party – she is not his gf – it was over a demo CD

flashback to se yi’s mom that night saying it’s been a long time. congratulations. can you listen to this once – it was made a long time ago but it’s good to listen to even now and gives him the CD her husband made. adam says you said you wouldn’t see me forever – a guy who makes music. (adam was sort of mean to her.) she tries to take the CD back saying i thought wrong – but he says I will listen to it to see how impressive it is. does he know you came to see me. she gave adam the reason why she didn’t accept his heart. that’s when that girl asked for a ride

the guy says he was a friend of his from when he was young and they had a band together. that adam spread the CD around saying it’s his friend’s. se yi’s dad’s name comes out and PD connects the dots and remembers writer Jo saying it’s min se yi’s dad’s friend. PD: this is fun

writer Jo is at school asking what min se yi is like and where she lives. girls says se yi lives with her aunt and how strange se yi is -that she is a fox. hyo rin watches them

hyo rin asks joon why goddess kiss writer is asking about the crazy girl (se yi)’s background. jae says she is only asking about se yi all day and came to ask me too. Joon says I thought he (the PD) would dismiss it since seol chan is participating but they are asking around about Min se yi? Jae: yes they arent interested in the other kids they are just curious about her. what is going on. hyo rin thinks it’s still about se yi being seol chan’s gf cuz she already said se yi wasn’t

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-34-13] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-34-57]

joon meets with the PD. joon says sorry I should have gone to you but I am busy with practice. PD: it’s ok I had to come to school once anyway.  what’s going on. Joon asks if he is looking into color bar’s min se yi. PD:yes cuz her story is fun and it will help the program. to be honest I am almost done looking into her- her life is shocking-  I am telling you between us two- the kid doesn’t know about her situation well – if she knows about it – it will blow her mind. from all for one’s position -it wont be bad. joon smiles and says stop it. do we look like we want to win by getting involved in that low stuff. listen well. don’t put your hands on this bet

*even though Joon made the PD not air that segment about se yi out of his own arrogance at wanting to beat color bar fairly, you can’t help but feel like he is a good person cuz another side of him probably knew it was wrong of the PD to do that and wanted to put the PD in his place.

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sunwoo says let’s go together to practice but seolchan says se yi cant go to practice today and leads her away by her arm. seol chan goes back and says hey sunwoo have you taken your gf home before? seol chan leaves with se yi

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-58-02] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-59-12] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-59-26]

they go to his home and se yi says hi to his mom. seol chan says we will go to my room and play. he led se yi by her hand again.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-53-18] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-54-16] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[04-01-17]

seol chan moves his chair over and sits on his bed and she sits on his chair. she looks over at her framed note and asks what are you doing with that. he turns off the spotlight.  she sees her sheep and asks should I take it back. he asks why take it. leave it. you said you would give it back when you got a bf. she says he looks really cute in his pic (of him when he was 5). she taps the glass over his face so seol chan says ya why are you touching a boy’s cheek cuz you feel like it. se yi: you look like your mom. you resemble her – look – the eyes, nose, and cheeks. he gives her a look cuz she already knows he is adopted so se yi smiles and says: you dummy – don’t you know the saying that even spouses resemble each other? people who love each other if they live doing things together they resemble each other. do you know why? cuz the (facial) muscles they use become alike. what they like and dislike become similar so even expressing it becomes similar. when they laugh they laugh together, when they cry they cry together, so they use the same muscles. so their faces become alike. seol chan mutters where she heard such baseless crap. se yi: I’m saying you look alike. my eyes are accurate. seol chan asks shyly:  then are we resembling each other? she quickly puts the pic down and runs over to the window and stands there. seol chan grins.  the mom knocks and brings in drinks. se yi takes it from her and bows her head to say thanks. the mom says to se yi: it’s cuz he never brought his friends over before. his mom says to seol chan: when you were younger, other than sunwoo, it’s your first time bringing a friend over huh. seol chan: yes. the mom says call if you need anything. the mom leaves the door open a bit so he closes it.

se yi hands him his juice and asks what were you going to show me to ask me to come here. the mom knocks and brings in a plate of rolled cake asking are you not hungry. se yi takes the plate from her. seol chan clears his throat so she leaves. she left the door open so he was going to close it but he opens it and sees his mom there. she asks couldn’t you leave the door open a bit. he asks why. she says I saw in a book or somewhere when a son brings his gf over it would be good to leave the door open a bit. seol chan says mother it’s not like that and closes the door

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-27-07] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-30-24] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-33-52] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-44-13]

seol chan picks up his guitar to play and says even if I don’t do it well just overlook it. I am paying back the debt for ruining your dad’s song. this time it’s really composed by yoon seol chan. he plays and sings. the lyrics are about his partner. omg I am dying here- this song is so sweet. starts off about her hair in the sunlight – then it goes “we can share that sadness cuz you are my partner. while watching your footprints that you treaded, I know how you spent your day-  now lean on me – don’t hide your sadness – close your eyes – forget what happened in the past- now smile together -be another reason for living for me -cuz it’s you, hold tight to my hands and walk -wiping each other’s tears – let’s smile together now-now I can hold you tight, cuz you are my partner

the mom listens from the door and says he grew up

seol chan walks se yi home. they wave bye to each other

his mom goes to his room and looks around

seol chan is quiet on the car ride back with hong

seol chan goes home and wonders if se yi liked it more when sunwoo sang to her or when he did. I forgot to ask something important.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[06-57-00]

his mom asks did you take her home ok. seol chan says yes. mother – my friend said you and I look alike. he smiles and bows and goes to his room. she looks happy

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-40-48]

there is a knock and she comes in. she sits on the bed and asks him to sit too. she looks at him and says seol chan. I am sorry. I am sorry. I thought if I say this to you – you would be scarred and even if I didn’t you would be scarred – I didn’t know what to do so I did that.  It wasn’t cuz I wasn’t sorry and kept my mouth closed during all this time.  doing that to you back then. sending you back to the orphanage too. I did it cuz I didn’t know what to do. back then mom didn’t know how to do things – everything was hard to do – I wasn’t prepared to be a mom so that’s why I did it. just cuz you are a grownup doesn’t mean you know everything (and handle things well). even when you are a grown up you still have some adolescence.  now too and will in the future as well. but still mom loves you.  she takes his face as she says that. seol chan is crying. he says mother. she asks when he will call her mom instead of mother.

*this is why he was so careful around his mother being so polite – his fear that she would abandon him again

she goes out and leans against his door

Dok tells color bar they cant use that music. there is a situation with the program so they said no. seol chan asks what do we do if they tell us this late we cant use that music. dok says if you practice like crazy for a day

the kids are talking about it in class. they want to bet seol chan can do it

eunha narrates that seol chan can do it. the kids practice frantically as seol chan makes changes in the music. adam watches seol chan in the yard

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-38-36]

there is a knock and it’s that kid nam. adam and the kid sit and talk. nam says I leave korea tm. I didn’t come to korea on purpose to meet you. since I was here I thought it would be good to meet you once. my older sister’s dream was to be a singer in korea. adam can barely talk. I am sorry. nam says I came to say it’s ok last time. I’m ok so you can stop sending money now. I will use the money you sent for tuition. I am ok so stop now and forgive yourself. my older sister would say it’s ok too. adam hangs his head and cries

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-44-04] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-45-18]

seol chan and se yi are at a café. he says you found a place where there aren’t that many people around. she says how tired she was too (and didn’t want to deal with his fans). grapefruit cake is brought over. she says it’s my heart so he says why are you like this. she feeds it to him and says to eat a lot of vitamins. he asks did you give it to sunwoo too. she sighs then they laugh

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-03-13]

sunwoo gets a text from nana – coupon 8. he goes to the basement and waits for her. she comes with a bag and her guitar. he asks if you had something to say why didn’t you say it a awhile ago.  she asks are you acting like you don’t know or do you really not know – you know it’s something I couldn’t say in front of the kids. did you decide about your coupon expiration. she asks how much longer she can use the coupons. sunwoo: today. she cries and says then you will just keep giving me kindness. he nods yes. she leaves then comes back asking for one last song. she reminds him of what she said before -what is the point of making her laugh all the time -going to a guy who always teases her is a girl. so make me laugh once. he asks what song. nana: what you want to sing. she sits next to him. he asks can I really sing what I want. he plays and it’s a sad song about hearts hurting. she calls him a bad guy and walks out on him while he sings.

nana walks home crying

sunwoo finishes and sees that she left behind that bag for him by the window

se yi is about to leave. her mom says do well. se yi says to watch the program and vote and tell aunt too.

the stage is set. PD tries to get drinks out. all for one are practicing

color bar is too. sunwoo and nana run into each other. sunwoo says take good care of us. nana: you just do well.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-48-13]

when seol chan is sitting near se yi sunwoo comes over and sits between them by shoving seol chan aside. se yi leaves

se yi mutters it’s embarrassing. why are they like that-  seol chan was like that but why is sunwoo like that

writer jo is talking with another guy. he asks why didn’t you let color bar use the music they had. she explains cuz someone else was going to sing it in japan after their show. he asks who. she says the director’s son. the guy asks about the PD. she explains while making the VCR about the kid named min se yi in color bar, the PD got caught by the hwang and got in trouble. I told him it wouldn’t work. guy asks what the VCR about se yi was. se yi hears them talking about her. writer jo says her dad passed away in an accident and it was cuz of her. that accident was a shock so it was left in articles.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-51-44][tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-15-15]

seol chan and sunwoo came up behind her as se yi remembers that night – she was asking her dad to go slower cuz he was driving too fast. she offered to play their song. go slowly.  se yi remembers how her dad said don’t turn it on. but she kept reaching for it yelling “I don’t want to – I will turn it on – go slowly” and her dad yelled don’t turn it on so he didn’t pay attention to the road and they got into that accident. se yi falls down from the shock of remembering.  sunwoo and seol chan look at se yi and then hear writer jo talking about the details of the accident. se yi runs away so seol chan runs after her. but his fans get in the way so he cant go after her

seol chan is in the car and goes to adam’s house. adam: what’s going on. seol chan: didn’t se yi come here. they check the basement but she isn’t there.  adam asks isnt there somewhere else she would go.

sunwoo tells the kids something happened

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[04-55-20] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[04-56-59] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-28-14]

seol chan runs and finds her crying in the park. he says her name over and over. he sits next to her. she says sorry but I cant sing. it wasn’t cuz of my mom – it was cuz of me (that her dad died). seol chan:  I have 3 names. first name was kang ji hoon – the orphanage gave it to me. second name  is yoon joon soo – my mother gave me that name when I was adopted. third name yoon seol chan. my mother returned me and came back again to take me and gave me that new name. when I lived 3 months as yoon joon soo my mother and I had a hard time. cuz it was the first time for my mother and me to become parent and child. I wouldn’t have been sad about birth parents I didn’t know their faces or names but the moment when my mother let go of my hand in front of the orphanage -it continued to leave a hole in my heart. when I was having a hard time I thought of those words- God only gives what we can handle. it’s just words, but it’s useful. why do we hurt so much like this. when we are only 18. she cries more.

color bar sits quietly.

PD yells start and the program begins. stella is cued. the host welcomes them to the new goddess kiss. he mentions the best orchestra all for one, men in black, and color bar. I will introduce korea’s goddess stella. she goes on stage. the guy says you are very beautiful.

dok says they (color bar) are doing it. choi mentions what’s on color bar’s shirts and Dok says it was drawn by nana. he asks where the VP is and she says he is sulking over there cuz the writer was supposed make time for him to talk about putting up the school name, but jo didn’t

eunha wonders what is going on and tells nana – last time this is exactly what it felt like (when nana didn’t show up). KD comes in and says what all for one is up to -inviting a third year sunbae.  donam comes in and asks sunwoo who is Daniel park. he is a member of all for one. sunwoo: Daniel Park sunbae? there is a sunbae who transferred from England last year. donam says he is all for one’s hidden card that they hid so much.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[15-08-29]

joon plays the piano then Daniel takes the stage and sings. *wow he is really good. I heard he could sing, but had no idea he sounded this good. I still picture the bad actor who looked good on MGIAG. Daniel goes down stage and joins hyo rin on her violin.

color bar watches them on tv and eunha wonders how joon could do that. he threw away his pride. donam says no he is showing his pride. it wasn’t that he couldn’t do it and that he could have done this before. that if he makes up his mind he can do anything. sunwoo gets a text from seol chan – we are going

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[04-50-31] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[04-53-48]

men in black perform without seol chan. he is on his way with se yi and hong in the car. she is still crying and he holds her hand. she looks up at him.

when they get out of the car seol chan was holding her hand but his fans crowd around and he loses his grip on her hand.

color bar goes on in ten mins. eunha says what do we do. sunwoo runs out

sunwoo sees seol chan separated from se yi. seol chan manages to grab her hand again and they run down the hall

seol chan says I brought her. eunha points and says psycho. he looks back and it’s the crazy girl who kissed him. seol chan pulls away. sunwoo comes in with se yi and says seol chan come to your senses. seol chan says let go of that hand. color bar is told to come out. sunwoo asks if she can do it. seol chan tells her – do it. cry as you do it.

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-32-37] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-33-18]

color bar goes on stage. se yi starts to sing. she is singing and crying. seol chan joins in. then the rest of them sing. the song started out slow but picks up speed.  se yi never stopped crying the whole time.

the song ends and seol chan smiles at Hong giving him the thumbs up, but then he looks at se yi and looks worried. sunwoo sees her sobbing

adam is watering his flowers. se yi comes over. he asks did you come alone. she says they will all come. he asks what happened did you win? did you lose? she asks him to guess. adam: se yi. se yi: yes?

sunwoo looks at their group photo and looks at the present nana gave him. it’s the jacket she made him try on.  he looks in the mirror and smiles. sunwoo: I thought it wouldn’t suit me.

sunwoo narrates: Because love came, because love came into our lives, it became longing.
Human beings, even though we waver under the force of time, doggedly continue to remember there is love secretly living inside us. Whether in our childhood, adolescence, or the prime of life…

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-34-34] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-34-48] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-35-22] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-35-44]

se yi is crying alone when sol chan comes over and sits next to her. they look at each other and he wipes her tears. sunwoo narrates: That the name that passes most deeply into our existence is love.

*Sunwoo’s narration was translated by Joonni.

donam is singing eunha’s song and laughs. *there was a good reason why he played drums. my ears hurt.


* Thanks to sharp viewers, now I get that his birth parents abandoned him when seol chan was five. then his adoptive mom took him in for 3 months and gave him back. then she came back again and kept him this time. ever since he has been walking on egg shells around her. no wonder she seemed awkward as a parent. they still aren’t comfortable in their roles as parent and child. I sure hope one day Seol chan learns to call her “mom,” but I kind of doubt it cuz he is getting older now.

cast photos

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-36-40] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-37-08] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-38-16] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-38-41] [tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-39-00]

then the cast sing eunha’s song

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-13-08]

When we were kept in the dark about Seol Chan’s background, I really thought it would be something more mundane and easy to process. I had no clue the magnitude of what he has had to live with all his life. How is it that one insight into a character suddenly makes you see him in a whole different light. It’s like all the questions were answered with just one word and that was more than plenty to suffice as an explanation. All this time I thought I was watching a show about a teen who was falling in love for the first time despite himself, but the real truth was we were watching a kid finding someone he trusted enough to be the second person he shared his secret with. Just like the way he slowly fell in love one shared moment at a time, that is how he told Se yi his secret. There was no build up to that moment – no dramatic explanations – just a simple honest revelation. All this time we have been dying to hear Seol chan openly confess his love to Se Yi, but I sort of feel like I got that tonight and the word “love” or “like” never came up. The proof was in his words and how she listened quietly in shock. It’s a good thing he chose a girl like her cuz only someone like Se yi would get the extent of the meaning in what he shared and take that as a cue to put a certain rival out of his misery once and for all.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-43-00]

If you hold on tight enough, can you make a moment last? That’s how I feel after each episode of this drama. There are so many scenes and dialogue I just want to cherish before time and super short term memory robs me of them. It never ceases to amaze me the power such a subtle little drama wields. What’s even more astounding is that I don’t think this show even knows how good it is. It is breaking ground and becoming a pioneer for kdramas to become more like mini Indy films. Where the smaller quiet moments rise to heights it didn’t dare to strive, but found itself there anyway looking down at all the other major networks churning out flops. If only all dramas could take a cue from this one, I could always remain a very happy recapper.

*major revelation about seol chan that explains everything about him and sunwoo


At the basement studio, se yi is looking at the flowers when adam comes outside. Se yi asks ajussi you thought they all died huh? you didn’t know it would blossom like this again did you. adam agrees and looks around. se yi: My mom came back home.  truthfully my heart doesn’t feel good. no to tell the truth i dont know.  Adam: she is your mom. Se yi says these days – just enough that I pay less attention to my mom – my attention is elsewhere. Adam asks are you talking about seol chan. are you overwhelmed again? Se yi: no I settled it. that’s what makes me think –  what it was like for mom when she first met dad. Did she feel like me. Why did it change. While you were alive till now when was the moment you wanted to turn back. For me it was that night. I shouldn’t have hid and heard when my mom was talking to uncle. If I could go back to then – I would never go there.

The others kids come in. eunha says you came early. Sunwoo didn’t come yet. Se yi says no. did you practice a lot. The boys play instruments. Eunha says donam – is it really your first time playing drums- you are so good.  se yi says KD got a lot better too. eunha asks if they saw Y kiss – the one who performed last time. to tell the truth arent we as good as them. we were the best during the bet last time. That video (of our performance) is still popular. KD says it was fun then. donam says we have to have a goal/objective to improve our skills.  eunha guesses donam wants to go out for it. Se yi has a cake. She invites them to sit and eat. She jokes it’s her birthday today and then admits she just craved something sweet and delicious. after eating let’s practice in good spirits. they say how delicious it is.

Adam remembers se yi asking While you were alive till now when was the moment you wanted to turn back. He flashes back to that night and giving that girl a ride to make se yi’s mom jealous. The girl said – teacher couldnt you give me a ride. I cant catch a cab. on your way you can just drop me off at hannamdong.  Adam says if I could go back to then –  I wouldn’t have given that kid a ride in my car. There is a knock. It’s sunwoo. Adam asks where he can go to meet that kid from Thailand.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-22-00][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-23-28]

The kids play and se yi and sunwoo sing as they study outside. This song is famous but I forgot the title. Se yi says it’s fun. She shows the key adam gave her a while ago (so the kids can come and go as they please). Sunwoo says we do come here too often

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-36-18]

Hong asks why come here again. Seol chan: it’s cuz I dont feel at ease. Hong: huh? what? seol chan: I cant let her be last (in class) but I cant teach her to study either.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-26-57]

He flashes back to when they were kids and sunwoo had that crush on se yi. seol chan said to him – if you like her so much ask her to date. sunwoo: is it that obvious? then will she know it too. then sunwoo and seol chan waiting on Christmas eve and being stood up. seol chan: what a funny girl – she should just say she doesnt like you directly. I’ll be going first

in the car, Seol chan confides: hyung looking at it rationally I dont need to feel sorry but i feel like I’m sorry to him unnecessarily. but that’s also not something to feel sorry for. being sorry – you, her, and me -it seems unavoidable. then again acting like I dont know… since seol chan rambles to himself again – Hong stops him and says ya if you are going to talk do it properly -if you are going to talk to yourself then just talk to yourself. why make someone so confused. you are doing this on purpose huh. also the CEO is waiting. Seol chan complains and says hong is going around in circles (not getting there quicker).Hong reminds him back when seol chan didnt want to go to school and made him take the long way – it hasnt even been two months. seol chan just replies: we are here. They see adam coming out. Hong says isn’t he the home owner. where did I see him before.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-47-41]

Seol chan gets out and adam says your friends are here. Seol chan asks do you know how to play guitar. Adam says yes. Seol chan mutters to himself -she really does like all guys who play guitar. Seol chan asks adam to teach him to play guitar. adam: ask se yi. seol chan: no – not her.  adam: I don’t teach just anyone. ask them to open the door for you. Eunha comes out and asks where is nana. Nana shows up and says I am here. Seol chan: nana – is playing bass going well. nana: turn off your interest. seol chan says eunha but she just goes in and says close the door after you come in. he stands there feeling unloved for the first time ever

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-48-29][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-55-56]

KD greets nana. Se yi comes in with sunwoo and sees seol chan. seol chan smiles at her and looks away when he sees sunwoo. se yi smiled back at seol chan though. Sunwoo greets them. seol chan asks if they didnt prepare for the test. Eunha says we were going to but the result will be it wont make much of a difference if we did or not. why did you come? when is Arnold’s birthday. What does he like. He doesn’t have a gf right. (Seems eunha has moved on from seol chan to Arnold). Donam plays the drum loudly

*Korean have the oddest greeting. none of them said hi. all they said was “did you arrive/come” – why they say that I dont get it. if you have eyes cant you see that they arrived. why ask. the next common thing they say as a greeting is “did you eat”

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-00-38]

Seol chan follows sunwoo out and asks are you calling your mom. Sunwoo: yes- thought I should tell her I will be late. Seol chan asks do you still tell your mother every little thing. seol chan is about to talk but doesn’t. sunwoo asks did something happen with se yi. Seol chan says no. I will be going in

Nana is playing the guitar. eunha says you are learning really quick. Seol chan says I am going. Eunha: ya really – why did you come. Since you came sing a song. there is one donam, KD, and I have been practicing.  cant you match it with us. KD says it’s a song you like so we practiced it. Donam: hey idol – match it with us once so we can do something.  Seol chan says ok since we are friends. What song. Eunha says lee seung chul. Loving a friend’s friend. things suddenly take an awkward turn as the trio steals looks at each other. at one point seol chan and sunwoo look over at se yi at the same time. Seol chan says I don’t know it. Eunha: what are you talking about. she cites the exact date and time seol chan sang it. he sang it on arnold’s birthday party. i even have a video of it -should I show it to you

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-14-37]

The music starts and seol chan just stands there. eunha asks what are you doing. Are you looking down on us right now. Seol chan goes over to the mic. He starts to sing.

Nam spots adam in the audience during his street performance. He looks for adam after he is done but adam is gone

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-16-09]

Seol chan is meeting with hong and the CEO. Seol chan finds out he has to sing with Ari. Seol chan says she isn’t even a singer so why is she singing. did she say she will become a singer? hong says for the project she is just singing one song. seol chan asks what that is. Hong explains it’s a project for international adoption. famous people who can sing are all participating. CEO says only top stars will participate on this. Seol chan asks why do that. How will that help out those people. CEO and Hong try to convince him

In the car seol chan asks hyung cant I not do that. Hong says you are a guy so have a big heart. are you still not getting along with Ari. I bet she forgot all about it. You don’t know what you might do with Ari in the future so you shouldn’t be like this

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-22-28][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-22-48][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-23-05]

Seol chan goes to his room and looks at his family photos. *that dad looks like the one from Gu family

Se yi is walking home alone and on the phone with eunha. during this whole conversation se yi only says eunha’s name as a reply.  Eunha is taking down all the pics of seol chan as she talks and putting up new ones of arnold. Eunha is trying to convince se yi that sunwoo is better. “if you pick on looks – sunwoo is way better. I did feel sorry to seol chan a while ago when I heard him sing, but you know sunwoo likes you right. You didn’t know? you dummy – I gave you so many hints. Our president will get hurt by you. Her mom comes over so se yi hangs up saying see you tm. Se yi: Why did you come out. Her mom asks why are you going around so late. Se yi turns and says mom why did you do that. It would have been good if you didn’t. se yi goes in without waiting to hear the answer

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-09-54]

Sunwoo is sitting in the studio alone at night. He plays the guitar and sings. When he is done nana comes in. he sets up the bass guitar and says how quickly she is learning. Since you practiced basic scale and rhythm last time I will teach you blues pattern today. It’s a little hard. He plays. nana: is that hard? Sunwoo: It isnt that hard. you can learn it quickly. Nana says no it looks hard. It makes me think should I keep acting like I don’t know. sunwoo talks about bass but nana says It shows – I can see it. It’s not easy to get your first love stolen. Why aren’t you saying anything. if you stall like that it will really be the end. you cant turn it back. What are you thinking. Sunwoo: whether I am making the proper sounds – if it’s correct. (meaning if he is saying the right things to se yi) thoughts like that. Nana says that is your problem.  a person has to have times when they are childish. Hand it over so I can try it. he gives her the guitar. Nana: you have to make the proper sounds -not the taste/preference of the person listening.  taste/preference cant be helped. and you can’t force it. Should I show you something funny. Sunwoo : something funny? She plays something on her phone and plays the bass guitar loudly like a pro. Sunwoo looks impressed and scared at the same time. It’s like hard rock music. She stops and says it’s funny huh. I told you room salon was my playground. I learned from master ajussi. Sunwoo asks then why ask me to teach you. She explains it’s cuz she wants to change her playing style cuz she doesnt like the one now. starting from the beginning – slowly.  what do I do if the one I want to hear my performance doesnt want to cuz of (her current style of playing). this is just from my experience – while matching the taste/preference of the other person I saw a lot of people who lost out on performing.  Sunwoo says I get what you are saying but my concern now is not a problem of taste. Anyway you sure have a way of surprising a person in many ways.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-34-34][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-31-13]

Next day at school, after the exam – seol chan mutters it was hard. se yi puts her head down. he teases and asks se yi.  do you think you wont get last place. she gives him this look.  He says I saw a while ago and you got some answers about Korea wrong. if it was about New Zealand you would have gotten them all correct huh. se yi: ya yoon seol chan. sunwoo looks back at them and seol chan stops grinning.  Eunha comes over and teases se yi saying do you think you got last. She whispers two guys in our class think of you as a goddess. seol chan: who does? eunha points them out.  the one next to donam and one in front of sunwoo. the guys smile at se yi. eunha says chang is last in our class and Da in is second to last – they havent been out of that standing. So they are counting on you big this time. Eunha leaves cackling. Seol chan asks se yi – shim eunha – what did she end up like that (cuz that was sort of mean).

PD goes to school with another reporter. The girl says the school picture is different. he asks how much the  winning for the bet is and she gives him a number and says how the amount keeps amassing. why do they think an amateur video is that great. he says it’s cuz of seol chan. she reminds him how the school said they wouldnt do it. PD: that is why we came. she says they wont be convinced. PD: forget convincing the school. have to make them. she asks you? PD: not me. there is someone in this school who can

The kids walk out and seol chan says you’ve become cynical. ya shim eunha – i’m alive so how could arnold top me? eunha says “love moves.” (as in her love for seol chan moved onto his band member Arnold) She says to donam and KD to practice today. so seol chan asks what were you practicing. arnold’s #18 “bad guy.” she  calls out to nana. KD asks let’s go together nana. nana asks what about the president. Eunha says he stayed behind cuz the gym teacher asked for his help. even though he is color bar  – would he hang out with us when nothing is going on. eunha gives seol chan a disappointed look and says: a star. Seol chan gets defensive and says ya I have to go too – I have to practice for a recording. eunha: what is taking se yi so long to come

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-05-36][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-09-12][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-13-56][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-11-25]

Joon greets se yi. it’s been a long time Min se yi. how was your test. was it ok. She calls him school president so he says it’s Ma Joon -my name –  you know it. she says I am busy kids are waiting. He asks what did you say my name was. She says class president. I am busy. my friends are waiting. if you have nothing special to say I can go right. joon: min se yi – what did I say my name was. my name. she calls him class president. he seems to be angry now. He faces her and says I told you my name is ma joon. Se yi: whatever it is to me it’s still class president. calling someone by their name means you want to be friends. I dont want to be friends with you. do you want to be friends with me. You don’t. sunwoo comes over and asks why. He faces off with Joon  – literally eye to eye glaring at each other

*I think Joon is not used to being spoken down to like that by someone like her so it hurt his pride and ego. he looked like he wanted to squish her like a bug. at one point in the earlier episodes I sort of thought he was interested in her too cuz if sunwoo likes her, Joon probably figured there had to be something about her. but given his wealth and status, he probably thought it would be beneath him to go after se yi.

Sunwoo and se yi go to class to get their bags. He asks how could you leave your bag behind. It seems like your attention is elsewhere these days. He gets a call from haerim. Ok I will ask. See you later. se yi: it’s haerim? sunwoo: it’s her birthday today and she told me to come with you

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-18-25] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-22-06]

Eunha wonders why se yi isn’t coming out. since she went all the way to the classroom on her short legs it would take a long time. seol chan gives her a look of disbelief.  Hyo rin comes over and asks eunha for the notebook (the one eunha left on that bench) Hyo rin says it has that crazy girl and seol chan in it and their relationship. Eunha tries to cover her mouth so hyo rin will stop talking but Hyo run pushes her off so eunha falls back. KD runs over to help her up. hyo rin says how dare you lay hands on me. this dirty little thing. this beggar.  nana: ya freshman. donam: ya what did you just say. hyo rin wipes her mouth and says these dirty things. these bugs. these beggars. she acts like she is spitting. even Jae seems taken back by her rudeness and calls out her name to stop her. She tells him – what are you doing – hurry and bring water I think my mouth is rotting. donam: ya! this brat. hyo rin: how dare you – who do you think you are yelling in front of. you pig. KD: ya Ma hyo rin. hyo rin: the outcast too. the price of the property is dropping. just cuz I put up with you – you think we are the same? seol chan: ya freshman!  Joon comes over yelling what are you doing. hyo rin: oppa

From a distance, PD spots them. she asks isnt that yoon seol chan. PD says my sixth sense is sky level.  She asks who is that guy in front (she is talking about Joon) PD tells her

Joon: what are you doing. Seol chan says to Joon- educate your sister properly (to have better manners) How can she speak to her sunbaes like this. Joon: sunbae? who is a sunbae? Joon says to jae – what were you doing not protecting the kid. Hyo rin calls them beggars again and leaves with Joon

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-38-05]

Sunwoo asks what happened. Seol chan glares at him. sunwoo gets a call from haerim again. He says to se yi-  you have to go with me today. Haerim wont back down. Eunha asks where are you going. Seol chan says I am leaving first.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[10-42-13]

Hyo rin calls them beggars. I better not get a diease. should I tell doctor kim to come ( she wants him to make a house call) PD calls out ma joon. he says to hyo rin – we meet again. hyo rin asks what he wants this time. PD introduces himself to Joon and says he is in charge of YK and wants color bar and all for one to go against each other again formally.  Joon: not interested. PD: from what I know last time you werent able to beat them properly.  Hyo rin says look at this ajussi. We won.  PD says that was the result but a lot of people don’t think so.  Joon: I am even more not interested in that. PD says Isn’t it better to step on the fake properly. if you leave a fake in a real event – what will happen to the world. shouldnt a leader like you with an opinion  be there. Joon says I can see what you are trying to get at and it wont work on me but I like what you said about stepping on a fake properly.

* it’s interesting to note that the PD is old enough where he can speak banmal to the kids (which he does to everyone else) but he spoke only to Joon using jeondae cuz of Joon’s family background. plus Joon spoke in banmal in that last sentence.

Seol chan: who is Haerim. Hong sees the PD talking with joon and hyo rin. isnt he your student body president – the leader of all for one.  the PD quit variety and is in charge of YK. YK – the program that was dying out-that he would revive it. Seol chan says when did you say practice was – there is a lot of time left right? Go to the basement room. hong: why again

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-00-16]

Seol chan is playing guitar as Adam watches. they actually smile at each other as they talk. Adam asks what are you thinking about. during that time you were progressing well but today you are slower. seol chan: I am sorry. adam: You do tend to learn quickly though. Seol chan: I am korea’s idol. Adam: isn’t it hard. Seol chan: It is hard – even though it’s hard I like it. adam: cuz you became famous. seol chan: no. I told you – people thank me for being born. Adam says you trust/believe in the world. I told you before- how the world feels inside – there is no forever .  Adam plays the guitar.

Hong gets a drink and says it’s been a long time since he heard this song. he suddenly remembers where he knows adam from. He calls in to ask about the composer for the song. what was his name. yes J Han. do you by any chance have his photo. yes please send it to me right away. thank you. Hong waits and doesn’t think he is right. He gets the pic and it’s adam

in the car, Seol chan cant believe it and asks what? for real? that ajussi is really J Han? Hong says i thought he looked familiar cuz I only saw him 2 or 3 times – when a person is ruined-  they can change like that.  he was Korea’s top producer, top fashion, top composer, top top top so how could he end up like that. After that happened people totally forgot him. seol chan asks what happened. Hong says it happened 5 or 6 yrs ago on Christmas

at home adam pulls out an award he won that night

Flashback: Adam was walking out with his friends congratulating him they say how many time has been it already (that he won). se yi’s mom was waiting outside for him.

In the car adam was driving too fast while that girl was sleeping next to him. he got into an accident

Hong says after that night his life ended. The girl who rode with him died. seol chan: she died? Hong: she was a singer in training. hong cant remember where she was from.  for killing a person he was punished but the problem was the girl was underage. Writers made up stuff that he was drunk when he drove and did something to the girl (rape). He was cleared of the charges, but it was all over for him. He was punished by the world

Adam is alone and playing the guitar.

se yi and sunwoo are in his car on their way. he looks over at her staring out the window

Se yi’s mom is cleaning her desk and sits. she touches the sheep

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-30-09]

Seol chan goes home to his empty house. He goes to his room and sits on the bed. He remembers how hong said J was punished by the world. Seol chan looks at the sheep. seol chan: where did that guy want her to go with him? did she really follow him. He debates whether to call or not

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-39-36] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-42-01] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-43-59]

Haerim is wearing a long wig. Sunwoo: our haerim looks like Rapunzel. She asks who is prettier. between me and that unni-who is prettier?  Sunwoo: our Haerim is way prettier. this unni – when you look at her once she is pretty,but if you keep looking at her, she’s not that great. haerim: what about me? sunwoo: even if you become a grandma you will be pretty. Haerim beams. Se yi gives her a present. congratulations on your birthday. haerim: what is it? Se yi: a doll. haerim: really? se yi:  that’s not it – the case that it was inside (is the present). haerim: what? se yi: just kidding. but the doll resembles you. haerim: it’s pretty huh? se yi: it’s too small so it doesnt make me think it’s that pretty. haerim: what? se yi: just kidding. the kid starts to bawl. Sunwoo tells haerim not to cry

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-05-02][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-27-13]

As they walk, Sunwoo smiles and says: you – really. (cuz of what she did to haerim)  Se yi retorts: you have to be hard on them as you raise them. (this comment is lost in translation but it was hilarious in Korean coming from such a sweet young girl sounding like a gruff grandpa) sunwoo tries not to laugh. se yi: You may have to marry haerim cuz she likes you that much. He says I had a younger sister her age before. She died around that age. he quietly says the name of the disease she died from.  He sits and says we had a 4 yr age gap. I practically raised her. For real – I changed her diapers and fed her milk.  She would say oppa oppa and followed me around a lot. Wouldn’t let me go to school too. in eight grade -in the middle of class, the teacher suddenly asked who are you. the kid came in through an open back door calling out oppa. Se yi : so cute. Sunwoo: she was a reckless kid. long time ago when I first saw you. It made me think of her. so starting from the first did I put the button in the wrong buttonhole. cuz you cant be my younger sister. did I hide my sadness too much as her oppa. After the kid died it was really hard. Losing the person you love – it’s harder than you think. But I thought I was the only one having a hard time but compared to how hard it was on my mom, it wasnt even close. after she lost Hana -me who remained –  she always fretted something would happen to me.

Se yi recalls what she said in the backseat of the car when sunwoo gave seyi and sunwoo a ride. Se yi: you must be comfortable having a driver give you a ride every day. Sunwoo: my mom’s heart feels at ease

*In Korean instead of saying she died or passed away, he kept saying she left. also he used a Korean expression to describe how much harder it was on his mom compared to him but it had to do with the dead skin on the bottom of your feet that you exfoliate so I left it out.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-29-59][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-29-50][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-31-14]

Sunwoo walks her home and thanks her for today. Go in. see you tm. She says see you tm. She goes up the steps. Seol chan watches them. Seol chan mutters: she really did follow him. she followed him like she really liked it. he watches sunwoo leave and says that punk. until this time – where and what were they doing

Se yi sits in her room and remembers how sunwoo said I thought I was the only one having a hard time but compared to how hard it was on my mom, it wasnt even close. She remembers her dad singing and cries

Se yi goes out of her room and sees her mom folding laundry. She goes over and sits next to her and folds too. Her mom says did you learn that from your dad. your dad is the only one who folded socks like that. He never taught me no matter how much I asked. Se yi says what do you mean he didnt teach you – even if he did you wouldnt have been able to do it properly. her mom says why wouldnt I be able to do it properly -dad didnt teach me right. se yi:  mom -dad said you weren’t good with your hands so you couldnt do anything. that’s why you werent able to learn the guitar. mom: your dad is funny. you stuck to each other and just made fun of me.  Se Yi gets serious and asks is that why you did it. I stole your position too much so is that why your heart left dad. I’m not getting mad – I just suddenly thought that. then maybe that (the affair) was my fault. Her mom says what are you talking about. You were not to blame at all. Go inside

Her mom goes out and imagines her husband there sitting nearby. He asks why are you sitting there like that. Are you having a hard time. She says yes. He offers to play for her and sings and plays the guitar as she cries. She says when I hear this song do you know  I get furious. he asks why. she says are you asking cuz you dont know? just sit there. In our junior year of college when you had a secret date you got caught by me. what was that -they called you a  king card. I cried and threw a fuss and said let’s break up. She lists some things he did. He asks if she is going to keep holding onto all that alone. she says yes. he says I am sorry. She says I know. he asks her to take good care of se yi. She says I know that too and starts to sob. Se yi comes out and sees her crying alone.

At school se yi runs into seol chan. seol chan: now you came. He walks with her. He asks did you go somewhere yesterday with sunwoo. Where. And who is haeriim. Se yi says it’s a girl sunwoo knows. Seol chan: a girl sunwoo knows? ya why are you meeting a girl sunwoo knows with him. He walks away angry

Dok is talking with the vice principal about YK (goddess kiss) . she reminds him how he wouldnt let them in last time. that variety show filming was prohibited.  he says it’s good  for the sake of publicity for the school so it’s been decided to participate. dok asks why are you doing this to me. Joon comes into the room and VP looks over at him

Girls come in and mention how YK is coming to their school. Kids say then who goes out from our school. All for one? is it part two of the bet?

Dok tells the color bar kids about YK and says the broadcasting station wants color bar and all for one but you dont have to do it if you dont want to. Eunha: no why wouldnt we do it. we wanted to go out on that so much. didnt we? seol chan looks upset by the news and sunwoo notices

Eunha says to the kids- see? what did I say. she tells seol chan: this time produce/compose however you like. just cuz I said that it doesnt mean do it on a professional level. KD: we will practice a lot. eunha: his time we can even have drums. you dont have to make drum sounds. donam is good at playing and we have bass too. We can have a proper band. Seol chan cuts in and says It’s hard for me – I cant perform. This time – it is not a problem I can decide on my own  (cuz of his agency).– a broadcast is a lot different from last time. Sorry. I will be going first.  he leaves. eunha calls herself crazy for doing that to seol chan

Se yi follows him out. She says eunha and the kids are sorry. seol chan: for what? se yi: for not thinking about your situation. me too. He says it;s ok don’t worry about it. He looks over and sees sunwoo. seol chan: but is that all you are bothered about. between you and me dont you know what should be bothering us the most right now? do you not know what is bothering me the most? I will be going

Eunha and donam and KD walk and talk. eunha says it’s not a problem seol chan can choose on his own. I was crazy. KD: everyone will watch to see how it turns out so it will be weird to go out on a program like that.  eunha: a friend didnt think about that and was just happy. donam wants them to do it alone (without seol chan) cuz they have sunwoo.

Sunwoo is in the car. Seol chan is in the car and gets a call from him

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-36-51] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-40-32] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-41-47] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-43-41]

Seol chan goes to meet him. seol chan talks first and lists the reasons why he cant participate. I have a situation too.  I have a situation with the company. even though I do whatever I want, I am still a pro. Sunwoo: I didnt come to talk about that. Why do you avoid me these days. Do you have something to feel sorry to me about. Seol chan: what would I have to feel sorry to you about. Sunoo: you dont right? then dont do that.  cuz I am not done yet (meaning he isn’t done trying to go after se yi)

Sunwoo is in the car and nana texts 7th coupon.

*that phone of his is ancient I just noticed.

Sunwoo went to meet her as Nana shops for a shirt. sunwoo says I don’t need it. She says it’s for master – the one who taught me bass. sunwoo says just make him clothes then. She did and gave it to him, but he really hated it. if she keeps giving it to him he said he would use it as a rag. she picks a shirt out and asks him to try it on. He comes out wearing a tight black t shirt. She says that’s good and buys it. sunwoo: is he my size? nana: no

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-09-17][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-10-31]

Outside sunwoo says why didnt you buy him one that fits. she admits that wasnt the purpose. she was trying to use the coupons. it’s the same as when coupons expire and you cant use them. till when is the expiration date on your coupons. He says I will think about. She asks did your resolve your worries/troubles (his struggle about what to do with se yi). sunwoo: troubles? nana: it wasnt a problem of taste – the worry that it was something else. sunwoo: ah. nana: what was the problem/worry. sunwoo: that I didnt want to push her. if i change to match her taste and go out strong. she wont be able to this or that. nana stops walking and yells out his name. hey dummy – she is going to the guy who fits her. dont you know that? that is why you cant beat seol chan. she storms off

Se yi remembers what seol chan said to her. “between you and me dont you know what should be bothering us the most right now? do you not know what is bothering me the most?” Donam asks se yi and eunha what they are doing. (Cuz they werent focused) KD says stop for today and ask donam to go to the PC game room together

The girls sit and talk. Eunha says what was coming came finally. seol chan’s insides will be loud too. sunwoo wouldnt have given up cuz he really does well and will feel nervous too. they say a woman’s heart is a divider. she exaggerates and says that sunwoo and seol chan do not have the kind of relationship where they would duel it out over a girl and from watching them play Canon they didnt seem like they weren’t close.  She says it again that sunwoo is way better. if you were to let go of seol chan even at this point I would take him back as my ideal. Tell me who haerim is -from what I can see – seol chan will really be curious about her. when they are at that state they get curious about everything. all se yi just kept saying eunha’s name through this conversation again like before

Seol chan is in the studio and remembers saying to sunwoo- what do I have to feel sorry for to you.  And how sunwoo said you dont right. so dont do it. cuz I am not done yet. Hong comes in and asks aren’t you going to answer your phone. Seol chan says later. It was a call from se yi. Hong shows him the band’s poster and says the pic came out well. Seol chan says Arnold came out better. hong: it does look like it. from here on should we put arnold in the middle. seol chan: hyung. hong points to the pic and says: he is good looking. seol chan looks at his phone

Eunha asks why. Se yi says he didn’t answer. Eunha says it’s probably cuz he is concentrating and it will interrupt.

Seol chan looks at his phone but puts it away when hong comes in

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-34-40]

When se yi goes home seol chan is there waiting. Se yi: what’s going on -I thought you were working. Seol chan: I was working but while i was gone, it bugged me you would be playing with some other guy. you were really thinking of doing that?

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-54-24][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-52-19]

They sit and talk. Seol chan: Of course sunwoo bothers me-would it not. Plus today that guy…(seol chan doesn’t finish his sentence). no – leave that out. anyway from here on I have start my next project and you and sunwoo will end up spending more time. In my heart I want to tell him to get lost, but that’s not easy right now. more than you can guess I know a lot more about sunwoo. No matter how much I try there is one thing I cant beat him at- time. If I didnt know anything that would be one thing but i know everything. the time I spent with sunwoo – to be polite – I think I have to protect that cuz we are friends. I don’t dislike him that much. friends and manners not withstanding I still want to tell him to get lost. She asks why they ended up like this. according to what sunwoo said – you got angry when he tried to do something nice. Seol chan hesitates and then says to tell the truth, I was adopted. When I was 5. it’s a secret that only sunwoo and I knew but sunwoo told that to his mother. Something happened to me and he said that cuz he was trying to take my side. sunwoo’s mother worried about me and told that to my mother. And then my mother worried so I got mad. I hate it the most when my mother worries about me. se yi: why?  seol chan: cuz I become an imposition

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-45-00]

Se yi sits in her room and looks at the photo of sunwoo and seol chan playing the piano together. She calls sunwoo. She asks him to see a movie tm.

Eunha says se yi has work today. KD says sunwoo cant come too. donam tells nana to do the vocals today.  KD quickly gets the chair and asks nana to sit. Eunha asks cant I sing today i got better. donam gets her to play the other instrument telling her how great her rhythm is. donam pulls nana up to sit on the chair to sing

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-49-38]

Sunwoo waits for se yi outside the movie theater. She sneaks up on him and says his name and smiles up at him.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-53-20]

They are asked which seats they want as they get tickets. The premium seats on the upper level that are comfortable or lower seats that are dynamic for enjoyment.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-00-05]

Se yi says it’s cool – there is time left before the movie so what should we do. he says let’s wait in the lounge. it’s good there for killing time. She says I am hungry so he says stay here and I will get some food. She asks for spicy rice cakes, pig intestine sausages, and fried pork cutlets (none of those things are sold in theaters so he brings back popcorn and stuff). She picks out something to read. he comes over and reads the title.  She asks if he read it. He quotes from the book. She says you memorized it.  he points to his brain and says bragging: I am jung sunwoo. He tells her to eat and feeds her popcorn

They watch the movie together and laugh. He looks over at her. She looks at him and has a sad smile

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-06-43][Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-06-15] [Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-06-27]

They are walking at night. Se yi: I had fun today. Sunwoo: um. Se yi: Why do you always answer like that. You say “um” to everything. Most people say “I had fun too.” He says um. Se yi: while saying “um um” – for listening to everything – thank you. I’m grateful a lot.  You can say “um” to this too right? he had stopped walking so she stops and faces him. I think I like seol chan a lot. sunwoo just stands there.

Nana starts to sing.

Se yi says I will be going. she turns and walks away. Sunwoo calls out her name. she turns around to look at him. they stare at each other.


The song lyric nana just sang was – there won’t be any farewells.

*I don’t feel bad for sunwoo cuz he got to kiss her a lot in their CFs together so i feel like they got an alternate happy ending there


seol chan: get away from Min se yi

sunwoo: I dont want to

seol chan: you are really childish right now

se yi: it’s really embarrassing

PD: what do you mean seol chan dropped out

not sure of the voice but someone says if you cant catch seol chan he will take part in another show.   I think Ma Joon said that.

you know J right? it’s his basement studio

joon mentions color bar’s Min se yi (as in she will be their main singer – I think that is why someone  tries to prevent her from showing up)

sunwoo says to Ma Joon: what are you hiding so much this time. what is the talk about a hidden card?

sunwoo and seol chan both run

sunwoo: Min se yi – if you get hurt I really wont leave you alone.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E11.130726.친구의 친구를 사랑했네....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-36-03]

Now i totally get why seol chan yelled that people thanked him for being born when he was fighting with adam a few episodes back. it makes total sense now. his own birth parents didnt want him and he grew up knowing that. he was adopted when he was 5 so either he grew up in a orphanage or he got to live with his real parents till then. either way he grew up with abandonment issues. that is why he keeps his parents at arm’s length and is so careful to be respectful. he never felt like he belonged with them. omg i have no idea why, but finding that out tonight just gutted me. it made me feel so bad for him cuz all the love he gets from fans doesnt matter. there are only two people in this world he wants attention from and he will never get it.

The production for this show beats to its own rhythm. They don’t care about pacing or ratings and simply tells the story exactly the way they want. I noticed it each week, but even as we head into the last episode, there is no rushing. No one is out of breath making that last dash for the finish line. There is no scrambling to fit everything in at the last second. They paced themselves well so they are taking their time to get there. I guess they think crossing that line isn’t half as important and this whole process to get to this point. I have to agree – with any other show I might be throwing my own little fit worried about the outcome, but I decided to just sit back and relax. Whatever ending they give us, I’m going to listen to that quiet drum they have been beating to and just join in the fun. Will I miss our little show when it’s over next week? Just follow the trail of tears on the finale recap and you will have your answer.


82 comments on “Monstar E11-E12

  1. Swee says:

    Thank you Softy for the super fast recap. I am satisfied with the open ended ending, the PD certainly did not wrap everything up nicely and present it to us,instead we are left with scenes that are open to our own interpretations. I wish there is season 2 or at least a Special ep, boy, withdrawal symptom is kicking in, I am already missing my Star and the Shepherd girl 😘


    • summerose says:

      i agree! i wish there is a season 2 or at least a special episode… huhu…

      at least they gave as some cute OTP moments… 🙂

      anyway, thanks for the recap…


  2. flo says:

    no need to apologize dear..
    honestly i;m a little bit disappointed with the ending..
    i’m not finish reading your recap yet..but i didnt find words hugs and kiss even confession between our otp..T_T


  3. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I can not believe it is already Friday and time to say farewell to this drama. Thanks a million for the endless hours you spent recapping this drama. I came first to read your post and I will watch later. Thank you again for your blog site. I would be lost without you. When I type, you make my days brighter and better, I am not exaggerating. I am an addict to Korean dramas and love to read your posts. Have a great one everyone!!


  4. Sabah says:

    Thank you so much for your recaps for this series. I’ve loved all your insights and notes. I agree with you about the ending but after giving myself a good talking to, I’ve realized that just like the very few other kdramas with endings that didn’t bring complete denouement but instead chose to say something and mostly something profound, after calming myself down, I love them more for it, so did Monstar.

    In truth it isn’t important who gets the girl but rather she is loved; it isn’t important if Sunwoo & Nana become an item but rather that they met and affected each other; it isn’t important who ‘won’ but rather that they playing together; it isn’t important if Se Yi learns from her mother’s mistakes or not but rather than she understands her better; it doesn’t matter about Adam’s past but rather his future; it doesn’t matter what craziness Seol Chan’s fans get up to but rather that he has real love, affection at home and school, to comfort and shield him. All in all none of details matter but rather the central theme of friendship, just as you noted.

    It’s how Shut Up Flower Boy Band ended things and I loved that show and it remains high in my ranks of favourites because of it and now so does Monstar. Once again, thank you.


    • Enz says:

      Very well said. I havent watched the finale yet but if the drama got those messages across then i would be happy. This drama quietly draws out emotions in you and will be remembered and enjoyed long after more ‘clever’, perhaps better written better paced dramas have been forgotten. I dont normally need everything wrappped up neatly in the stories.

      After all,their stories are not ending when the drama ends. And its really keeping in how the drama’s direction have been i would think. Most episodes ended quietly in a scene that is just part of a moment in their lives. So i love that the last scene is just the two of them sitting together. Cant wait to watch..

      Stupidly tearing up at the thought of the ending hah


      • Sabah says:

        Hey Enz,

        I think they ended it well. Sure some fangirl part of me would want certain things acted out but then I have to admit that I get all of that in nearly all other kdramas, so if this one actually wanted to say something beyond two people just getting together, and in its own understated way then I applaud its courage but more than that, I really truly love it.

        I hate that it ended too but I’ve got the awesome OST to listen to and a new set of actors to follow too and when I feel like just lingering a bit, drifting upon a note, I’ll rewatch it. : )


  5. blnmom says:

    Softy, we’ve said thanks to you a thousand times, so I’ll make it a thousand and one. THANK YOU!!! You’re the best and I can’t wait to see what you tackle next, since we have the same taste in dramas…

    I cried so much during this episode, now I have to go to work… whoops. Colorbar’s last song was the best thing EVER.


  6. bbarnavi says:

    Softy, many many thanks for making my drama-watching experience more enjoyable than ever. I may not have liked the ending leaving too few untied ends, and the journey here might have been less than satisfying at times, but there are no regrets watching this drama. It’s exactly as the band’s final number says. I enjoyed everyone’s musical numbers immensely (I’ll refrain from fanboying Dahee, just for now), and that alone made the series worth it. The characters were the icing on the cake.

    Just one remark though: While we have undoubtedly seen Seolchan’s progression into a more compassionate individual, I felt that Sunwoo, being Mr. Perfect in the beginning, underwent a major character REgression. He came off as extremely selfish in this last episode, being the one to butt into situations where he is not wanted, all the time. It makes me wonder if this was purposeful on the part of the writers, using SW and SC as polar opposites on a converging journey, where ultimately they end up where the other began.

    And he made Nana cry during their last encounter, which is a no-no in my books. Especially when she spends the rest of the episode as her mopey self. Oh well, I shall find escape in the BTS with Happy!Dahee!


  7. nik says:

    No! No more Monstar to look forward too! I haven’t watched it yet but read your recap! I think I’m going to be satisfied with it, by looking at our OTP moments in this episode and what they’re sharing now that they’re finally on the same page.

    Dear softy,
    Thank you so much for your recaps and dedication to this drama! I’ve found about this gem a few weeks ago and fall in love with it. I never knew I’ll ever love musical drama other than Dream High. I haven’t watched kdramas for months due to hectic life. But I still come here often to check what dramas you’re watching cuz I’ll definitely check those out when I have time. Now that things have settled down, I have time for my kdrama again. Everyone been saying how good I Can Hear Your Voice and Monstar is and you’ve been recapping them. Read more I Can Hear Your Voice, OK, it’s a given it’s popular. Read more about Monstar. Monstar? Who are the actors? Idol? Yes, of course I was skeptical about it. Beast? I only knew Kikwang in it since coincidentally he was in Me too, Flower, My Princess and my all time fav sitcom HIgh Kick Through the Roof. They’re all very new to me. But I checked out the first episode anyway. Bam! I was pulled in instantly with its simpleness, choice of songs and more importantly the message it was sending. How it’s slowly uniting 7 vulnerable characters through music and give them another chance to develop in a good way.

    This drama made me think about teenagers these days and their family environment. How I don’t want my children to feel lonely and to let them know that we really care and that there’s always someone who cares. How even if they never feel lonely, understand the loneliness of others and save them. I want them to grow up like that. To never feel lonely and to save others. This drama just adds one more point in my diary how I want my children to be when they grow up. That’s the depth of how this drama affects me .

    That aside, I fall in love this actor Jun Hyung! Omg. Flo! Add another ahjumma fan! I wasn’t into k-pop now that they’ve been growing very rapidly and that worries me especially when young girls had to dance like that, showing more skin and everything. Heard about Beast but never a fan. I watched them on several dance battles though. But after been watching Monstar, I keep watching and reading about JunHyung and been watching their interviews and programs. Just wanted to find out more about how he’s out there. And god, I fall in love with him evenmore. He’s a shy, well mannered and very talented young man. Lol! Flo, Really appreciate your share about the interviews. I agree with Jun Hyung, he’s not like Seol Chan. I really can’t find Seol Chan. That’s why he’s a very actor! He can believably act as Seol Chan! I don’t think I can ever see him laugh out loud ha-ha-ha like Seol Chan ever again.

    Wow, I’ll stop here before I start fangirling about JunHyung even more. Sorry softy, made you read this. 😀 Again, really thank you for your recaps and insights. Really made the journey with Monstar more enjoyable! *mmuuuuaahhh!*

    PS. Just to make sure. So his mom now, is his birth mom?


    • nik says:

      Typo: I really can’t find Seol Chan in him. That’s why he’s a very good actor!

      Duh. *smacks forehead*


    • Softy says:

      The woman looks sane, but yup she was the crazy adoptive mother who treated her son like a human yo yo and lived with him for 3 months then gave him back then came back for him. The whole time I was thinking where was the dad in all this. Why didn’t he play a role. He is alive cuz in a previous ep the mom mentioned he would be home.
      * I waited for seol chan to differentiate between the mothers too cuz it’s too crazy to think one woman did all that, but that comment about his birth parents supported the fact he was talking about his adoptive mother. Makes me think he isn’t calling her the more chummy term “mom” cuz she doesnt deserve it.


      • nik says:

        She abandoned him twice?! o.o
        You’re right. Where’s the father in all this?

        Then one more thing. I might miss the details but. Did Adam and Se Yi’s father got into an accident at the same night?


      • blnmom says:

        Hmm. OK, this is ironic considering that I have only your translation to go on, but I get the feeling that his real birth mom isn’t the adoptive mom. After he was originally left at the orphanage, he was adopted at age 5 and then his adoptive mom returned him because she couldn’t handle it, and then took him back. But in any case, heck, no wonder he can’t trust her, SHE was the one in his memory who abandoned him, it wasn’t even a different person!


        • nik says:

          That makes sense. Cuz it actually weird he didn’t say she’s actually his birth mom and all the talk about facial features by Se Yi. Why talk about that if she’s his birth mother?

          Now that I’m watching up to this point, the scar that’s in Seol Chan’s heart is so deep and I don’t think he will be calling him “mom” sooner. This is the charm of this drama. Realistically portrayal. If it’s another drama, it would be “Ommmaa!” Hug! That silence to let everything sinking in.


          • nik says:

            Oh. I think Softy updated the whole conversation with Se Yi. His real mom’s not the mother now. It’s true when you said she was the one in his memory who abandoned him. No wonder, he acts like that. 😦


    • flo says:

      hi are welcome..i love to sharing what i love in this blog..
      i have to admit more something ..i hope softy wont mind..
      i was digging informations about junhyung just to know more about him, and you are right, in real life he’s very shy, well mannared, when the other members of beast are so playfull , he is often very quite and he said he wont talked and laughed so much if he is not close to a person.that’s why he received less intentions from b2uties than the other members. even ha yeon soo said in her interview , when she is being asked about what the most attractive about junhyung, she said cuz he is clumsy lol
      yes. i really can’t find seolchan in him. that’s make me so sad. i wasn’t b2utie, so i’m falling in love with seolchan first before junhyung,but as much as i love seolchan naturaly my intentions goes for the actor, and now the fact he is not an ordinary idol who just can sing and dance, he is more than that. i keep want to see him as junhyung, he is such a romantic person in real life judging from all the songs he wrote. i even learn about his past relationship, and i dont like his ex-idol gf for no,
      i’m too emotional about this final, to be honest i’m crying in deep my heart, so i cant figured out how the ending yet. one thing for sure..i do love seolchan’s serenade to seyi..i love the it a new song or just a remake song? and junhyung once again amaze me, he always been able to full of the right emotion with the song. i’ve got goosebump when i heard his voice, and the way he sang, he nailed it perpectly, and this is what i miss the most about monstar, yoon junhyung’s singing..i doubt i will find this when he is with beast..
      i have been live with monstar for 3 months, i keep told my self that i deserve a satisfied ending, as i read some sweet scenes bet the otp i’m very grateful, but i;m more grateful cuz a lot of seolchan’s scenes in this final episode ..^_^


  8. Enz says:

    Thanks softy so much for all your hard work on this drama. Your words and your thoughts really enhanced the drama watching for us all. I love this little drama. This is the first time i have loved a simulcasted drama since ojakgyo. Loved in an emotional way. There are some dramas i appreciated for being well written and acted like IHYV but doesnt squeeze my heart. But this one, did. Hoping to marathon it now that its over.

    Once again, thank you. Ad flo, if youre reading this, thanks for all the links youve posted :).


  9. raindrops1 says:

    Thank you, Softy for all your hard work and I just love your insights.


  10. OUAFA says:

    Dear Softy thank you so much for all you recaps and thank you for your hardwork you are really our savior , please keep up and let us know wich dramas you will be recaping in the future so we can follow you as always ,
    Thank you and see you soon ,
    Komawwo unnie.


  11. says:

    What the ending means to me.

    Drama is theater, life, an escape from life, happiness, and sadness all rolled into one.
    – Rebekah Adams –

    Thank you very much for all your hard work in recaps of this drama.


  12. Qua Trang says:

    Dear Softy, I wrote a long reaction on Monstar originally as a comment here to thank you for your wonderful recaps, with a lot of details that make the enjoyment elevated. But because the text keep getting longer and longer, I moved it to my tumblr here

    Just once again, thank you very very much!


    • flo says:

      very well said..i do love reading your nailed it
      it’s exactly how i felt about the ending, especially about sy-sc’s love confessions, my heart is feeling so much better.i thought i’m the only one who thinking that way..
      thank you for sharing your thoughts


  13. nonski says:

    thank you so much Softy! i haven’t watched it yet (i am still too absorbed with IHYV, i don’t want anything atm, lols). i’ll just read for the meantime.


  14. joonni says:

    What Sunwoo said. I seems to be a poem that starts with a line that is very famous. It seems people use that starting line and then create their own poem underneath…. I need to do more research on this, but this is what I have gathered so far.

    Because love came, because love came into our life, it became longing.
    Human beings, even though we waver under the force of time, doggedly continue to remember there is love secretly living inside us.
    Whether in our childhood, adolescence, or the prime of life,
    That the name that passes most deeply into our existence is love.


  15. joonni says:

    I was saying to Softy, the poem is really beautiful. And sounds even better with Kang Ha Neul’s voice!


  16. joonni says:

    Ha! But Donam singing right after. Wow, that broke the mood.


  17. enz says:

    finally got to watch the last episode. i LOVE it.

    i loved the scene of seol chan and the mom. jun hyung was pitch perfect as the scarred boy listening to what the mom had to tell him about the decision that traumatised him so. loved also the seol chan -se yi scenes. him sharing his deepest secret and pain with her as she faced hers. and him taking her hand in the car. of course, the singing in the room was swoonworthy. but overall, i just loved the whole feel of the last episode. i will be piucking random scenes from this drama to relive it and all the emotions that it manages to evoke in me.

    thanks everyone for contributing your thoughts. it was nice to have a group of people as fervent about the drama as i was/am.


    • enz says:

      i love too that last scene of them just sitting together contentedly. and i think that last bit with do nam? perfect! really!! 🙂


      • raindrops1 says:

        I agree with @enz, the poem is beautiful. I love when writers put these type of details into the storyline. Love in various forms (whether it be first love, one-sided love, friendship, or parental love etc..) was a thread that ran throughout the show. I think it’s fitting that we ended on that note.
        Softy, again thank you for all the time given to Monstar and us your readers (and cheerleaders 🙂 ). I had already read the recap of the finale when it was posted but I just had the chance to read the updates version. As always you always help me better understand the episode.


  18. iviih says:

    Hello guys! How are you??

    @Softy my dear, everything right? ^^ ~~

    thanks so much for recapping this drama.

    I heard/read so many people not that happy about Monstar ending that I did not watch it yet… lol but I’ll.

    I’m here to share about this mini-special drama (only 4 episodes) that is airing on KBS, they even released 2 episodes subbed on their YT official channel! And next week episode 3 airs and by friday it is subbed already (I think) so, it is a school drama too, lol and since it is short, I thought someone here might like it, however It isn’t musical drama I LOL-ed many times watching it, it is cute and fun, hahaha and the main guy, never saw him before but I think he is funny.

    Remember the bully from School 2013? Here he is the bullied guy and he is cute and friendly, so weird watching him like this after being the troubled bully in School 2013!

    Here, episodes 1 and 2 eng subbed:

    Hope it is ok to post it here softy!


    • raindrops1 says:

      I would also recommend Puberty Medley. If you like coming of age dramas. If your a fan of school set (high school) dramas, you will like PB. It’s funny but it’s flashy. The scenery is beautiful. Although music is not the main theme, there is a musical performance to come.


  19. flo says:

    dear Softy..
    i just manage my self to rewatched this final episode, and i think this final is getting better and better by rewatched and i understood what’s the writer was doing.
    i ‘ll be lying if i say i’m satisfied with the ending..i bothered with some loose ends in this final, but i dont want to list it, cuz i found some hearwharming scenes that i love, especially about my otp, you have to replayed and learned some scenes and what the meanings behind that…
    my fav.scenes in this final of course about my otp,,seolchan’s serenade to seyi,,is the sweetest love confessions,,and more than of’s originaly composed by yong junhyung, i admire him even more, despite with his hectic schedules, he still manage himself to composed this sweet song,actually they can just find a remake song that fit the situation, like they did in all monstar’s ost. but it’s a very sweet of junhyung to composed the song by him self…their conversations in his room were breath taking, and sweet..confirm once again about their status as bf and gf..eventhough this couple begin their relationship quietly, and not explicit in words, but judjing they’ve already shared the darkest past history of them, wanting to be there and sitting by each other side,they will be each other’s strength, and carry one another through their hard times, they already have a stronger relationship more than they never though…
    of course i desperated, cuz i was dying to see more skinships between the otp, this writer/ pd were so the scene when seyi was sobbing at the bench, seolchan should have hugged her, and the last scene when they were setting together by silence at the basement, seyi should lean her head on seolchan’s shoulder..that’s would be perpect, but still the pic is so beautiful, ha! cant help my self to talked about this..he..he..
    after all i stil love this little show, i never regret watching monstar..for you Softy..i can’t even describe with much i appreciate your hardworks by recapping monstar..thank you..thank you very much, i hope i found another drama that i love like monstar soon, so my struggles with monstar withdrawal will coming to ends asap.


    • flo says:

      typo * sitting together**


      • raindrops1 says:

        @flo, well said. What you said is how I feel about the finale. (if there was a “I agree/like button I will click it. I had no idea that junhyung had composed that song. Wow!!! He is so talented. Although I loved all the colorbar kids SC by far was my fav character. I think junhyung did a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing what he does down the road acting wise. He should be very proud of himself.


    • Swee says:

      Wow, I did not realise JunHyung composed the partner song, he is one talented young man, love him, love him. Thanks for sharing, @flo


      • flo says:

        i know .he is so adorable isn’t he?.that’s why he was nailing perpectly with the right emotions he put in every word and note in the song, the little smile/shy he showed when he sang the lyric ” because your are my “jjak” was priceless..he behaves exactly like his character, fantastic acting, he’s really brought seolchan’s character to life… ha yeon soo is so lucky, its not everyday a rapper from top idol was singing and composing a song for her character.


    • Enz says:

      Wow junhyung WROTE that song? Its so evocative and poetic. I love the song.

      I have to disagree with you flo on more skinship. I think there is nothing deeper and more intimate than two people sitting quietly doing nothing and just basking in each other’s company. It was perfect.

      Thanks for sharing that piece of info about the song 🙂


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