Monstar E9-E10

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If these two ever learn the art of communication, we won’t have a show to watch.  Ask me how much I enjoy watching their inner turmoil – the looks on their faces say it all. This is what I will miss the most about this show. It took a typical scene and turned it into a gem just by their mutual reactions. With every episode, they insert their unique twist on the original that make us relive the moments of wonder that come at that age. I realize Seol Chan was never meant to graduate with this class, but during the short time he has been there, he already earned that right. The friends he made, the lasting impression he had on their lives, those were not one sided and every moment was reciprocated.  When it comes time for him to leave, I hope he sees that he is leaving with a few more fans than he started with and the only difference will be that he remains their friend.

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Those who watch this live know what I am talking about, but this drama has one of the best opening credit ever. It’s so cleverly made – it’s fresh, vibrant, and alive with youthful vitality. I really love the longer version even more. These shots were from the last second.

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When it comes to this drama, sometimes you need a few days to let everything sink in to really appreciate the things you didn’t notice at first. Right before he kissed her, I’m pretty sure it was the first time he ever called her only by her first name. Normally he calls her Min Se Yi, young lady, partner, or a brat. I don’t know why it makes it more special that he said her name like that, but it just did. It was like he was allowing himself to acknowledge who she is to him right before he did the most personal thing he has ever done.


Starts from seol chan saying her name softly and kissing her. Then he opens his eyes and so does she. They quickly separate. he asks what are you doing. Why are you doing this to me. She keeps saying what. What are you doing. Seol chan: me? She asks is it another joke. Seol chan: it’s not a joke. But just now did you just sit still…she yells don’t talk about it. They both stand and run off their separate ways.

She runs inside with her shoes on and has to go take them off and then she runs into her room and rolls around under her blanket. Her mom goes to check on her.

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Seol chan is running down the alley and is out of breath. He says what is this. What to do. He looks up and imagines the stars making a heart shape. seol chan: it’s so childish.

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Next morning they both wake up saying what to do. They hide their faces. He says why did I kiss then. He looks at her framed note. Did I overdo the fighting. it’s so embarrassing so how do I face her. But for sure she sat still – she didnt push me away. she didnt push me away. Then does she by any chance …(he doesn’t finish but he thinks maybe she likes him back)

Eunha says hi to se yi who has dark circles. Eunha asks did you not sleep well. Sunwoo comes by and sees se yi. eunha says “you came early” to him. he says to go in cuz he has to go to the office. Eunha asks how was your date yesterday. you didnt have one? i took the kids away and put you two together. you did do it. Se yi denies it.

Dok asks what happened with KD – did you meet him. sunwoo: yes. dok: you met him. where did he go after missing school. Sunwoo says he went through something difficult. She wonders why he didn’t tell her cuz she is the teacher. Is he not coming back to school. Sunwoo says I didn’t get to find out. She says ok then I will have to call him again. sunwoo tells her  “you asked what happened to KD- it’s something you and I already knew about.” He leaves.

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Se yi goes and looks at his desk. she sits and remembers the kiss. She is thinking what to do. Eunha says seol chan will be coming in on the flight this morning so he will be tired and wont come today probably. suddenly eunha is happy and says he came. se yi looks over in a panic but it’s KD. Se yi smiles at him. KD sits down. Jin calls out ya radio – it’s been a long time. ya after you left like that, I thought you died. But you came back perfectly fine. I would have come back with a broken arm at least. kids laugh. nana is about to speak but Se yi calls jin cowardly. i’ve never seen a more cowardly guy than you – it’s the first. Jin:what did you just say? se yi: that you are cowardly. dont you get it? cowardly.  jin: what a funny kid. just cuz it looks like jung sunwoo and yoon seol chan have some interest in you – do you have no fear. since sunwoo and seol chan is backing you – of course you dont have any fear. Se yi: that’s why I am saying you are cowardly. jin: what? se yi: cuz you are scared of sunwoo and seol chan – you cant mess with a kid like me. aside from you, park KD has a lot of kids who mess with him. she looks around the room accusingly at those who laugh and let Jin run his mouth. that’s why it’s easy for you to put your spoon on a table that is already set with food. would a kid like you know how to wash rice or know how much the water level should be. do you even know how to press the on button for the rice cooker?  (all this to mean that he lets others like Joon and sunwoo make the friends and Jin just mooches off their popularity but he cant do anything on his own) Jin gets up in anger to hit her, but just then donam comes in and goes straight to KD. he glares but not out of anger and throws his bag at him lightly. then donam glares at jin and sits down. donam tells se yi to go back to her seat. such a little thing but has no fear. she smiles at donam and gives Jin a snarky smirk. so cute.

*I bet seol chan would have gotten such a kick out of her little speech and would have beamed with pride, but then he would have kicked Jin’s butt right after for almost hitting her.

Sunwoo comes in and smiles at KD and addresses the class to go to the video room. He looks over at se yi who is staring at seol chan’s empty seat

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Se yi is in the hall saying is he coming or not. She checks her phone and wonders is he not coming. after he did that. What do I do if he comes. yes then don’t come – it would be better if you didnt come. what to do. Sunwoo asks are you waiting for a call. se yi: no. He asks where eunha is. She says the bathroom. He points and says your lips. She covers them up behind her notebooks and asks why – are my lips strange. Is something wrong with them. He says no there is a hair on it. She wipes the wrong side so he leans in and says on this side and reaches out to try to move it. But nana says move. She steps between them and brusquely moves the hair out of the way for se yi

During music class, the teacher rambles on about poems and beauty.  KD looks over at donam and donam looks at him. eunha doesnt get what the teacher is saying just as the teacher says you guys dont get what i am saying at all huh. I will play a song you kids like so listen and let’s talk again afterwards.  The kids watch a performance on the screen. Nana watches sunwoo looking over at se yi. Suddenly se yi imagines the singers right in front of her performing. Then they are gone. Then they are singing from outside through the window.

Se yi walks down the hall in a daze as the singers keep singing to her. Then during the next class and even when she is speaking with dok- the two guys just keep singing. Dok tries to get her attention

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Eunha is talking but se yi only hears them singing. They are singing right into her ears when se yi sits alone on a bench. So she figures if you cant get rid of them, join them. she finally just sings along with them. Sunwoo walks by and watches her singing alone

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Se yi walks back down the hall and sunwoo follows her. He asks are you sick. She says I keep hearing and seeing things. she looks over and her singers are gone. Sunwoo: what? Se yi: just kidding. Suddenly seol chan shows up

Eunha says seol chan I thought you weren’t coming back ever-since you showed up suddenly so I thought you would suddenly disappear like that too cuz that’s what stars do. He says before I disappear I will tell you at least. Eunha:really? seol chan: really. they both laugh. she tells him your partner has been like this all day. she tells se yi to go to the infirmary if she is sick. se yi: i’m not. Seol chan asks se yi – are you sick. Se yi denies it. she pretends to read her book (not knowing it’s upside down) so seol chan turns it right side up for her. se yi is more mortified. eunha and Sunwoo look over at them

After class they look over at each other awkwardly. Seol chan says I will be going. she tells him to go well. eunha comes over and asks him – are you still busy. He tells eunha yes I have an important schedule today. He leaves. She says sadly: it must really be time for him to leave. yes our oppa is the coolest when he receives adoration and sings. oppa to the stage – should we go to the basement.

Sunwoo is about to go over to se yi but he gets a text from nana about the 3rd coupon

Seol chan leaves and nana sees him as she leans waiting on sunwoo. KD asks nana – are you waiting for someone. See you tm. Donam comes out and says to nana – I heard you saved that guy. Thank you. What I am saying…she says ok. He leaves. Sunwoo comes out and nana says I have a request

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Nana made him try on a cool jacket she is making. She has to get close to insert pins so they are like face to face. He asks whose clothes they are. nana: no owner. I am just making it. cuz it’s better anyway to have the fitting done and taking it. He asks is your dream to be a designer. She says no.I dont know. I am just making it. While I am doing it i will know if it’s a dream or not. Take it off. I wish you could wear one more, but it’s not done yet. Can you wait about an hour. He nods yes after looking at his watch. He sits and waits while she sews. She says read a book. Aren’t you going to study for the exam. She stops to watch him read for a second.

*sunwoo is a smart guy – he has to know she likes him so I dont get why he is going along with the rest of her “play with me ten times” request. doesnt he get that Nana will just end up liking him more after their dates.

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Hong asks how was school.
From here on seol chan is in his own little word rambling on and hong has no clue what he is talking about.
Seol chan: it was way more embarrassing than I imagined. 
hong: it was embarrassing?
seol chan: yes – what do i do- she will ask why I did it.
hong: huh? who? what?
seol chan: to tell the truth i went today to tell her why I did it.
hong: what?
seol chan:  but I couldnt say it.
hong: why?
seol chan: cuz that guy (sunwoo) said it first to her. 
hong: who?
seol chan: isnt there another word (meaning another word for “like”)
Hong: what?
seol chan: ah – grammar. aie…
he holds his head in frustration

Adam remembers what nam said. “dont you know her? (giving adam her thai name) her korean name was choi sae young -six yrs ago in korean” Adam wonders why nam suddenly came looking for him. There is a knock and se yi and eunha say hello. He says I am not even surprised anymore. The girls smile

They go in and KD is practicing the piano. Eunah tells him to resume. she asks se yi what ajussi does for a living to have all these things (like the studio and instruments)Se yi says since he was in a band with my dad up to high school- maybe he works in that (music). Eunah says so your dad was in a band. she wonders then why does adam live in hiding. dont know what the problem is. she looks at KD and says should I learn the piano too. Should I asks seol chan to teach me. that is nonsense talk. se yi: why? eunha: just cuz we are close, I shouldn’t take advantage of that – it’s bad to do that.  She spots a bongo and plays cuz it’s her level. Se yi plays on the guitar and KD joins on the piano and they play together.

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at night they walk together. Sunwoo asks do you like making clothes. nana: just doing it. sunwoo: Why clothes (of all things). Nana: my mom is a really strange woman. do you know where my playground was when I was young – a room salon. pretty onyis (older women) always changed into pretty clothes every day and went back and forth. they looked just like dolls. That’s when i started making doll clothes. but I grew and dolls didnt grow. so i made people’s clothes. Are you certain about what your dream is. a kid like you must be certain. people who impel others to go after dreams are funny. they seem like patients in a (dont know this word but it makes sunwoo smile.) if they dont have a dream, they are treated as nothing.  my dream is to get my high school diploma and get out of home.  to those people’s level that isnt a dream. dad said I could leave home when I get my high school diploma. he promised he wouldnt send those black suit guys to catch me.  the rest of the (date) coupons – let’s use them as the lesson fee for guitar lessons. sunwoo: what? nana: teach me to play bass guitar

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Seol chan sits up in bed and says should I just tell her outright– “ya young lady – I like….” He remembers how sunwoo said “I like Min se yi. it means I wont beat around the bush. I like you Min se yi.” Seol chan says “aish – wait a second – isnt there another word – (in English) “like”? no “I love you”  no it’s too cheesy. “my heart is…” what is that.(in English) Bounce? he lays back down saying – I should have said it first. He looks over at the sheep and taps it saying dummy. he remembers how se yi said I will give it back since I have a bf. Seol chan holds the sheep and asks – then why did you accept my kiss?

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Se yi is nervous about going up the steps to her home cuz seol chan might be there. She avoids the spot where they kissed. She is about to go inside but seol chan comes out of hiding and asks why are you going around this late. She asks-for how long were you there– you should have called.seol chan repeats “call” like that just now occurred to him. se yi: Did you come to say sorry. Seol chan: no. you said that – if it’s a joke to apologize. so that wasn’t anything to apologize over. (he starts to stammer) To tell the truth, to tell the truth – why I did that was…that…she blurts out: don’t say it. Seol chan: what? again? (cuz she already told him once before not to say it)  Se yi: I asked why you came not why you did that. Also don’t talk about that anymore. Seol chan is relieved and says: ok I wont do it. He is happy and says I will be going. She nods ok. He says see you tm. She waves bye. He starts to leave but she says wait.

*they added blush on both their cheeks when she said dont talk about that anymore

She walks him saying I will only take you to your car cuz you might get bored (along the way). he says  i can go alone. se yi stops and says: ok then. She turns to go back but he holds her arm and says but you came all this way. They keep walking. She stops and looks back. seol chan: why? se yi: doesn’t it seem like someone is following us. seol chan: ya – why are you doing that – it’s scary. She says you are more scary. He doesnt have a reply so he keeps walking. They match their pace just as her singers show up and follow them so they have music

They get to the end of the alley and his car is visible. Seol chan says we are here. She says see you at school. He says wait and then walks her back

He explains cuz this alley is dark. He walks her all the way home. With her invisible entourage of singers in tow singing lyrics “is this the love” on repeat.

the song starts off – I forgot about love. it’s talk that’s old. tired of living just acted like I didnt know. pretending i was ok on my own. but one day I met you. without my knowing, my heart kept going to you. is this the love. is this the love. not being able to do anything just smiling. my heart keeps racing. is this the love. just hearing that name makes my heart flutter. me being like this, i feel awkward too. *i feel like I’m breathing cuz of you. can life shine so bright like this it hurts my eyes.

*not sure about that one line – it might have been just “I feel like I’m breathing like that” but mine sounded more romantic – maybe i just wanted to hear that and projected.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(065883)00-37-53] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(066404)00-39-28]

Then they walk down together again to his car. They keep smiling at each other. Then he walks her home again. Then she walks him back. I lost track of how many times they went back and forth. At least they have music to keep them company. Back up her steps they go and then se yi says now go for real. Her mom comes out asking is that you se yi. seol chan bows and says hello. Se yi: he is my partner. Her mom says you are that famous idol aren’t you. Se yi says to him- I didn’t tell her (about you). Go. She runs inside. Seol chan bows and says bye to her mom very formally.

Se yi says don’t come in when she hears her mom knocking. Her mom asks he is just your partner? Se yi asks what are you thinking. The mom says If not – it’s ok. I heard he is impressive but se yi cuts her off saying advice only gets through when the person who has the right says it. Her mom is taken back by the harsh words but smiles looking over at the stuffed mom and baby sheep and leaves.

Dok comes in and the mom says you are very late. Dok talks about all the work she had to do and wonders why she is doing this job. The mom reminds her how this was her dream -to be the principal ever since dok was young

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-48-00] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-49-40]

Next morning seol chan is singing and dancing in the backseat. hong: what is this. seol chan:  a person has to sleep well. night came for the sake of entrusting morning. After waking up from sleep everything is great. I was a guy who does what he needs to. from here on they party on –  Hong and seol chan both sing and dance on their drive to school

Seol chan asks when did your mom come back. Se yi says it’s been a few days. He asks when did you talk about me (to her). She says I said I didn’t do that. seol chan: she seems like a good person. Sunwoo comes in and seol chan stops smiling. Sunwoo says it’s been a long time. Seol chan: I came yesterday. Eunha asks sunwoo to teach her and se yi how to make study guides. se yi asks what are you talking about. eunha explains I have to be sure to raise my grade this time or else I will (she is about to say she will get hit by her dad but stops herself). she says out of color bar we cant have anyone be last (in class). Seol chan asks who is last and looks right at se yi. Eunha says to se yi: if you were last would it be cuz you cant study. it’s cuz the curriculum is different and it’s your first test in korea. sunwoo says to se yi: let’s do that. eunha says to seol chan: we will study and you sing.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(078437)01-40-18]

This guy next to Nana is really cute.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(079221)01-42-47]

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(079627)01-44-39]

During gym class choi tells the kids they will be playing paired soccer. He will give perfect score for MVI – most valuable player. i get to pick your partners. he tells them to face off.  take your partner’s hand. Seol chan watches jealously as sunwoo holds se yi’s hand normally at first but then intertwines his fingers with hers. Seol chan does that with nana with some anger directed at sunwoo. nana doesnt seem to like the tight grip. se yi and seol chan glance at each other. Choi holds up sunwoo and se yi’s hands as an example for others to do it like this. Choi: while you run – you will want to collapse and give up but at that time remember that some else is holding my hand. if i collapse they collapse with me. if you consider the other person you can overcome together. that is a friend. even if you die dont let go of the other’s hand. if you let go there is a penalty. he calls for sunwoo and seol chan to come out to start the game. while he was talking donam took KD’s hand.

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the whistle is blown and the kids start playing. Sunwoo makes a goal. Donam and KD are holding hands and playing too. Sunwoo makes another goal. Dok comes in and watches them. Dok asks why do this to the kids when they have a test coming up. Choi gives an answer about how this is a class about health and stuff. donam asks KD- why cant you chase along – do you not work out these days. KD says dont speak of others and indicates donam’s belly. sunwoo gets the ball away from seol chan so Nana tells seol chan to do it right. Se yi is out of breath. Sunwoo asks is it hard on you. she says i ran a lot chasing after sheep when i herded them, but that is different from soccer. sunwoo: let’s rest. they will cut us some slack since i made the goal. Seol chan asks nana – cant we rest. ability to dance and this ability is different. Suddenly seol chan sees that jin is about to kick the ball right at se yi so seol chan jumps and gets hit in her place but sunwoo already shielded her. They run over to check on him and seol chan looks at se yi then closes his eyes

Dok comes out of the infirmary and tells the kids that seol chan will be ok and will wake up soon. She tells them to go back to class. she tells sunwoo to make the kids study.  As they leave, Se yi looks back at the room with worry

Jin says you have to play soccer with your feet not your shoulders. that is an illness from being a star. whatever he does and wherever he has to have attention. A kid speaks up and says I dont think that’s right.  Jin goes over and says are you crazy. Sunwoo shows up so jin backs off and says it’s hot. Sunwoo tells the kids to be quiet and study. he notices that se yi is looking at seol chan’s empty seat

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-05-13] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-05-33] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(093054)02-09-14]

Se yi leaves and goes to see seol chan. He is lying in the infirmary. She says to herself – he isn’t dead right.She leans in to hear.  Is he breathing or not. She is about to leave but he grabs her wrist and sits up gasping for air saying: ya are you trying to kill a person by making him not breath? se yi: why? seol chan: I thought I would die from holding my breath. se yi: why hold your breath. seol chan: you put your face so close so how can I breath. (he held his breath while she leaned in to check if he was breathing). se yi: what? last time in the car, you said that it wasnt anything at all. (when he leaned in close to her face) seol chan: is it the same back then and now? He lets go of her hand. He says don’t keep getting close like that cuz I might do it again (kiss her). she moves back. seol chan: Stand back at least one meter away from me. Se yi moves back a few steps again. She turns to leave but asks is your head ok. He says yes i was just tired from running so I was lying down. She thanks him (for trying to shield her). he says repay me later for the kindness

Eunha is outside in shock. hong runs over asking about seol chan. Eunha just walks away without a word. She must have heard them talking

She goes and washes her face. She says dummy

Se yi takes out her phone during class texting eunha “class started”

Eunha is on the roof and ignores the text and turns her phone off. She takes out her notebook and flips through the pages. She reads the words – you messed with me. That day eunha saw seol chan almost kissing se yi at sunwoo’s home. eunha said you cant. she recalls he said never mind and walked away from se yi. Eunha cries

Sunwoo gets a text from nana to meet at the basement. KD wonders where eunha went. Sunwoo asks is she not answering her phone. Se yi says no. donam says let’s go and leads KD out by the bag strap saying I found a really fast PC room (for playing games). let’s go. KD is surprised as he is led away. Sunwoo smiles watching them go. Eunha comes back in. se yi asks where have you been. Sunwoo says you don’t skip class so why do it. Eunha says at least you found out I skipped. she takes her bag and says see you tm to him. Seol chan comes in and asks are you leaving. you have to confirm how i am doing and then go. She doesn’t say anything and leaves. Se yi runs after her

Eunha remembers how she told seol chan: stars are stars cuz they are way up high out of reach -if you come down to earth and do the same thing as people then it’s not a star.  that just is just a male person.  seol chan: ok I will never do stuff like dating. eunha: thank you- I like se yi too.

Eunha: I made that request like that -I didnt ask him to like me. I said I liked se yi too. Se yi comes over and asks what’s wrong. Eunha: nothing. Just leave me alone.

Donam and KD are playing games in a PC room. donam says you are good. KD asks why are you doing this suddenly. Donam: you got strong. I wont leave you alone for real if you do something stupid one more time.  I wont say sorry. I don’t have to carry your bags right? KD cries. donam looks like he is about to cry too. just when he reaches over to comfort KD, he gets his bag and says I am going to go play the piano. Donam says why the piano like a girl. while I didn’t play with you –  you got sissy. He goes after KD

Adam opens the door and nana is there. She goes to the basement and looks at on old CD of hyori and plays it. Nana used to dance to that song in the room salon as a kid. Nana dances to it now along with her younger self. Sunwoo comes in and hides watching her dance. He makes donam and KD quiet and stops them from going in.

The song ends and the guys come in. sunwoo claps and so do the other two. She grabs her bag and leaves. KD and donam say nana is daebak.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(112154)02-36-00] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(112233)02-35-26]

Sunwoo goes after her and says why get so mad – it’s not like we saw something we shouldn’t. nana: be quiet. sunwoo: where are you going. i’m busy. I have to study for the test too

they are gathered in the basement. Sunwoo teaches her where to place her fingers on the guitar.

At home, Eunha looks at her poster of seol chan. She cant bring herself to take it down. she gets a call from se yi but ignores it

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(116123)02-39-37] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(116433)02-40-24]

at school eunha goes and sits. seol chan asks why eunha is like that. Sunwoo asks se yi – do you want to study for the exam starting from today. let’s meet at the basement afterwards cuz i have a lot of lessons. She says wont it interrupt your studies. Sunwoo says studying is what you do all your life. Seol chan mutters – he is really full of himself.

Eunha ignores se yi and brushes past. she goes back and sees seol chan wiping off the graffitti on se yi’s desk -trying to look casual

She goes out and remembers how seol chan told her to be a mimi sister. seol chan: how about it. eunha: i like it. present day eunha says: I dont like it. past eunha said: it’s ok. She cries and says no It’s not ok- it’s not ok at all. I didn’t want to do the mimi sisters. She looks at her photos of all of them in the basement

She goes back into class and watches seol chan and se yi smiling at each other. She goes and sits. Se yi looks at her. Eunha takes out her mirror. Se yi goes over and calls out her name.

Eunha says no I don’t have to do it so you do it. Se yi says what are you saying -you were the one who asked sunwoo to do it. eunha: I did then but now I don’t want to do it anymore. se yi: then what do i do. eunha: what difference does it make. you are close with sunwoo anyway- whether i am there or not what changes. se yi: ya. eunha: do you think all the other people just look at you only.  I am busy too. Se yi asks why are you like this. Tell me if you are mad at me about something. I have to know too… Eunha cuts her off: You dont know. do you really not know or just acting like you dont know.  what is important to a person, you shouldnt ever steal – it’s a given promise between friends.  Se yi asks did I steal something that was your. what did I take. se yi tries to stop her from walking off and Eunha grabs her arm roughly saying: this is the problem. cuz you get everything so easily you don’t know what you did. but I knew him first. You didn’t even know him. you didnt like him. I found him first. I was first. suddenly seol chan comes over and sees how tightly eunha grabbed se yi and says: let go of this hand and talk. he reaches over to make her and says let go but Eunha brushes him off. she walks off angry. Seol chan: Why is she like that from yesterday. Se yi: yoon seol chan – you stay out of it.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(125849)04-17-27]

they are back in class. Eunha writes her fan fiction and narrates it. The little mermaid went after the prince who lost consciousness and was submerged in the ocean. She didn’t even feel her injuries from the chaos and debris from the ship’s wreckage. The little mermaid who rescued the prince had to hide her body before she could go to him. The one who stayed by his side was a beautiful princess. To gain back her lost love, the little mermaid drank a magic potion and in place of getting human legs she lost her voice. Because every magic has conditions, if the prince falls in love with another girl the little mermaid has to disappear like bubbles. The little mermaid who lost her voice couldnt stop that love. While she was on her way to C– as if the star lost his way and fell to the ground the little mermaid stood next to that star.  The only way for the betrayed little mermaid not to die was to stab the prince’s heart. (eunha went to seol chan’s bedside in the infirmary and held her notebook in her hands cuz this is what could hurt se yi and his reputation) I believed/trusted him, protected him, in one moment everything became bubbles – in her hand was the knife. “I was the one who rescued you. I saw you first.” But she couldn’t voice that. (eunha left her notebook on the bench to be found by others so the book could hurt seol chan but she had a change of heart and took it back). The little mermaid’s fantasy ended. She had to disappear and went back to her pitiful human life. her dream disappeared like bubbles –whether she was there or not … she breaks down in tears and doesn’t finish. She sobs so kids look at her. The teacher goes over and takes her notebook.

In the teacher’s lounge the teacher compliments her writing saying it’s not to the extent that it’s hard to believe she wrote it but she has talent.  the teacher gives back the notebook. When eunha goes out se yi asks it’s cuz of seol can and me huh

They sit and talk. eunha: I am a bad person. Se yi : no you’re not- for real – you’re not. Eunha says I know. when you really say it’s not that it’s not. there are so many people who say it’s really not and act like it really is when it’s not -but you are certain so that’s why he saw you. i’m talking about seol chan. To be honest I don’t think he fell for you cuz you are pretty. among his fans there are a lot of really pretty girls who look like Miss Korea. There was a short time when I shined too. During our bet, even though I couldn’t sing I did my best. The reaction was good and I thought I was pretty good but it wasn’t. no one keeps seeing me. My dad says I am pathetic and hits me. I got hit a lot that day. My dad is like that. If I say this, I really feel sorry to KD, but i was always curious about the teacher’s hearts. if they could see KD better or  see me better.  she expresses what seol chan was to her then says I hated you – I didnt hate you cuz you stole seol chan. it’s cuz you turned seol chan into a person so I hated you. Se yi cries and says I am sorry. Eunha: no I am more sorry. They keep saying that to each other and finally hug.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(138226)02-58-48]

Sunwoo and seol chan watch them from the top of the stairs looking baffled. the guys look at each other and then look away

In class when it’s just sunwoo seol chan and Se yi. seol chan asks: what did you want me to do?

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(141087)03-05-39]

Se yi leads eunha to the basement. Eunha asks what are you going to do. Seol chan says did you come manner shin eunha. he asks se yi to go get that for her. se yi gives her a small mic. eunha: what is this? seol chan: You have something to do.  eunha: what is it. seol chan pretends he has to make a song ordered by his CEO. You have manners so you can help me this much right. Eunha says you know I cant sing. seol chan: that is the concept. eunha: Tell se yi to do it. Se yi says I already did it -help out once. se yi: do it – do it once. it’s not easy to ask other kids.  Sunwoo tells her to do it. I did it too. Eunha asks what do I need to sing. Se yi hands her the music to “my song.” eunha says i dont know this song well. Se yi asks we can practice for a bit and then do it right. Seol chan says yes. he will do the basic music. Se yi sings and then eunha sings. Se yi says just do it this way – with more confidence – let’s do it again. Eunha sings. Seol chan records.

come at me presumptuous world.
now i cant put up with you anymore
let’s fight
i wont avoid
come at me world
my song will go out
with the weight of my confidence
forever my song
forever is my song
i always just stood back
i always just faced the other way
same as others -this is how you live.
that’s what i learned – that’s how I healed
the songs i longed for, waited for, and resented
now i will love
i will become more confident
more than anyone
come at me presumptuous world.
now i cant put up with you anymore
let’s fight
i wont avoid
come at me world
my song will go out
with the weight of my confidence
forever my song
forever is my song

Eunha goes home and gets to her front gate. She puts her ear phones on and goes back to walking around  (she must really hate going home)

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(144950)21-10-08] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(146883)21-11-59] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(147153)21-12-20] [Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.XviD-WITH[(148786)21-13-47]

She gets a music text. She starts to cry as soon as she hears how good she sounds singing –seol chan made her sound so great. after she left the basement, seol chan worked on it. Even sunwoo went over to record and sing for the song too along with seol chan. then seol chan recorded it at his own studio

suddenly eunha is there and the four of them sing this song. After they finished, se yi takes her hand and smiles at her.


I admit – I cried when I saw her tears start to fall. In that moment she felt special – the spotlight was on her for a change. all the attention she wanted and never got this whole time, she felt with that song what it’s like to have people care about her.


sunwoo: these days why do you avoid me?

eunha: loving a friend’s friend

sunwoo: you have to go with me

hyo rin asks for something to be handed over

eunha: it can be different from last time

someone talks about stepping on something properly (sounds like the PD’s voice probably talking about how he needs to get the right story)

PD comes back to school to check up on him and some girl says isnt that Yoon seol chan

seol chan: I am having a hard time

seol chan asks isnt that ajussi (adam) the real criminal/culprit?  heard he was in some accident

seol chan says to se yi: right now between you and me – dont you know what’s bothering us the most?

If you think about it, that kiss was very age appropriate and perfectly matched their bumbling personalities. Like most kisses on a drama, that peck served its purpose, but this time it mattered more for these two than others cuz I bet it was her first (I was going to include Seol chan but his psycho fan sort of stole that honor already) It brought two people together who have been dancing around their feelings for each other for way too long. Just in those few seconds, there was no confusion and no insecurities. It’s like the music of denial in their heads finally stopped and they gave in to the silence and let that moment speak for them. I love how he noticed the next morning that she sat still and didn’t pull away. I was really hoping he would pick up on that. What’s even better is that she knows that this kiss wasn’t a joke to him. If only she knew how seriously he took this, but based on their conversation in the infirmary, she has a clue. Normally at this point near the end, I would be in semi-panic mode cuz lately the dramas I have been watching have not ended well. Since I came into this with no expectations whatsoever, I should have that same mindset now, but that first episode promised me this drama would be original. That it could be held to a higher standard of creativity and with each passing episode, the characters convinced me to believe they could tie up this story well. I trust it will end the same way it started- with lots of quirky fun dialogue, great music, and an amazing fade out. Something that reflects how much these kids have grown and changed in the time they have known each other and that the lessons they learned will be something they value just as much as they cherish their friendships.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-22-39]

I don’t know why this drama makes me cry even when nothing sad happens on the screen. It sets up the mood and lets our imagination and our own experiences take over from there. Our emotions dictate how we react to the scenes. And it’s usually tears for me. I’m constantly surprised by how swept up I am with certain lines of dialogue or a pained expression on their faces. Tonight was the worst – I lost count of how many times tears came to my eyes. This drama really is simplicity at its best.


Se yi and seol chan run up the stairs. KD says the courage I wanted so much I got. this is plenty. the other two run up as KD edges closer, but suddenly someone pulls KD back off the ledge. it wasnt seol chan or se yi though. seol chan got through the doors first and se yi follows soon after. all her crying slowed her down. they stand by the door panting out of breath just in time to see who did it.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-37-26]

they look at KD lying on top of nana. se yi calls out his name. nana tells KD – arent you going to move (as in get off of me). KD quickly stands up. seol chan asks what were you doing. he points and asks when did the two of you start being in that kind of relationship. nana glares at him. seol chan retracts his pointing finger. se yi asks if KD is ok. KD runs off. she calls afer him. nana says leave him alone he is embarrassed to death so dont keep pressing on it. se yi says he was going to jump from here. nana says that is why -how embarrassed he must be. se yi worries if they leave him alone he could do it again. nana says you think he can get that kind of courage a few more times.

*I bet nana was on that roof smoking and saw what KD was going to do.

during class they all stare over at each other -se yi at KD’s empty seat- seol chan at se yi then the empty seat and then at sunwoo – sunwoo tries to look back at se yi but meets seol chan’s glare

eunha fills in se yi about what Jin said about donam and KD and truthfully after hearing that she felt a little weird about KD (cuz what he did was wrong). se yi asks how could you -you should have gotten involved.  eunha: I’m sorry- I had something i didnt feel good about too so I couldnt pay attention to him. did something happen? she is about to tell se yi her problems, but se yi says go first -I have to go meet donam. she still has KD’s bag as she runs off

se yi finally locates him and yells at donam. she throws KD’s bag at him and tells him to go and find KD. donam: why should I? se yi: cuz it’s cuz of you. he denies telling the other kids – i didnt even open my mouth. she yells it’s cuz you didnt open your mouth so that happened. you should have accepted his apology and told the other kids it’s not like that. shouldnt you have done that. he yells back what do you know to run your mouth off. se yi: KD was going to jump from the roof. if it wasnt for nana he would have already – if he jumped you pushed his back.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-09-46] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-10-10]

seol chan walks and mutters cowardly punk. you did it on purpose for me to hear huh? sunwoo: did I confess to you? seol chan: shouldnt you at least give the other person time to put up his guard. do you just attack. sunwoo: are you boxing right now? cowardly? fine. if i confessed secretly when you werent there then does it make it not cowardly? isnt it time to stop doing this now. the answer/solution doesnt come out so why keep at it. seol chan: the answer doesnt come out? sunwoo: on that day that problem the PD ajussi laid out – did the answer come out? (meaning the solution to seol chan’s dilemma that who he dates will be subjected to the public) seol chan: then is your solution the right one? did min se yi say that too? sunwoo: I trust she will

*koreans use the word answer to mean solution

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-18-33]

sunwoo walks away and sees seyi heading towards him after confronting donam. he asks what she has been busy with all day. just do as you always did. I was just expressing my heart. se yi: but I – sunwoo ya…he stops her and says dont give me an answer – i didnt ask. someone said sincerity has to flow over time to know. after you disappeared like that – I thought of you for 6 yrs. so even if it’s not 6 yrs shouldnt i give you some time. he taps her shoulder and says if you keep that up you will cry.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-32-09]

seol chan sees them together and turns to go but hyo rin is standing there smiling at him. seol chan: what is this. she calls him oppa – winks at him then leaves. seol chan: *hur. he goes and lies down in the sun

* “hur” is an expression that everyone picked up from somewhere a few years back- probably on some show so now everyone is using it here. you use it when someone says or does something so unbelievable it leaves you flabbergasted or speechless. like now cuz seol chan didnt see that crush coming.

adam remembers seeing se yi’s mom and saying it’s been a long time.

flashback to the 3 of them in high school – adam and se yi’s parents. Young Se yi’s mom complains her legs hurt from putting up fliers and asks adam to put some up too. She looks over at the other guy. they talk about the bands that will come to their school festival and how the other band thinks of them as rivals. The one playing guitar must be se yi’s dad. He asks to sing while they wait for the others. She says: so you can tease me and say I cant sing huh. He says why cant you sing. He starts to sing while adam plays too on the guitar. She joins him on vocals. Then adam joins in. his voice is deeper. They all sing together.

Adam looks at his old guitar case when he hears a knock. He opens it and it’s KD. KD says I didn’t have a place to go.

They go to the basement and KD says the piano was put inside and you cut your hair. Adam asks what happened with the bet. KD says we lost but it was like we won thanks to seol chan. Adam asks did you skip school. KD: yes. Adam: I didn’t see you being someone like that. KD: I was going to die.

Donam walks and remembers how se yi said KD was going to jump from the roof– if it wasn’t for nana he would have already – if he jumped you pushed his back.  Then donam remembers how KD told him he prayed on the roof -God please give me the courage to jump. then how donam told him -courage? ask for something you can have- from the start you didnt have it -all you had was greed. he calls KD a stupid bastard and tosses his bag

KD says I was going to jump from the roof of the school. after dying I was going to get revenge from everyone. to give back as much as I received. after dying. after dying. Adam says after you die you cant do anything.  KD says I know -right at that moment when I was going to jump – I thought of that. but I couldn’t turn back. realization is always like that. the moment you cant turn back – right at that moment it comes. How did I live? Nana came and saved me. KD motions – the girl who did this (held her head down). Adam says don’t think of doing that again. KD: it was hard to start at first but from the second it is easier. there was another experience. it wasnt unlike dying like in that desperate moment. having experienced it once – it doesnt make me worry about me twice. But now there is trouble. I’m too humiliated to go back to school (as in I cant go anymore). Did you ever want to die ajussi. Adam says yes where is someone who hasnt thought that. I went to the verge too.  You have your friends by your side but it was when I didn’t have anyone. how did I live? (an aphorism written on) wooden chopsticks saved me.

Adam got drunk one day and goes over to grab some pills and swallows them. He is about to drink the water when his eyes fall on the wooden chopsticks cover in the sink. He reads the letters on the wrapper and spit out the pills. Adam tells him later on I found out some famous japanese author wrote it. He strums the guitar and says your friend saved your life –  my life was saved by a chinese restaurant wooden chopsticks. KD asks to borrow his phone

Hong compliments seol chan on the music for the drama ost they are going to record today. if you do well, you can go backer faster than we thought.seol chan panics cuz he doesnt want to leave school/se yi and says:what? hong: that is what he (the agency CEO) is calculating. he is slowly getting ready. also last time cuz of the movie, he is planning something with Ari (the girl from E1 that seol chan fake kissed). As they pass by seol chan sees se yi waiting for the bus. she sees seol chan too.  

She gets a call and she thinks it was adam (cuz it’s his number) but KD says It’s me. I called to tell you not to worry. a while ago you saw me right? it would be nice if you acted like you didn’t know. Also me being here – act like you know. thank you. I will be hanging up. Se yi tries to ask about school tm, but he hung up. Nana comes over and asks was that KD?  se yi: yes. nana: where is he. Did he say don’t tell anyone? Se yi: yes. Nana: I’m going to play with jung sunwoo for ten times. Sunwoo passed by in his car and sees them

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-32-08][Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-14-30]

while hong is napping – Seol chan recalls what sunwoo said “on that day that problem the PD ajussi laid out – did the answer come out? seol chan: then is your solution the right one? did min se yi say that too? sunwoo: I trust she will. seol chan says that’s not for certain. thinking she will and for her to do that – it’s the difference between the sky and the ground. no for that punk to have the confidence to say that something is there. they have shared memories. he knows her dad too. maybe I should have asked min se yi. You are crazy! Hong stirs in his sleep cuz seol chan yelled. The band members show up and seol chan hugs each of  them. good to see you again.  CEO asks why seol chan is like that. Seol chan says cuz I was lonely. CEO says now I will make it so you arent lonely. they hear that seol chan is going with them too for their single. you didnt say anything in the morning. CEO asks did you see a group with the leader left out. filming overseas. seol chan: huh? when? where. the band member says tm to japan. seol chan: what? how can I leave right away tm? they say the school was already informed. seol chan: not cuz of the school attendance – wasnt I on probation. Hong explains cuz of the reaction to the bet your image got better. it’s time to slowly free you but Seol chan yells  I wont go- talking nonsense. he goes and mutters – make an ost for others to hear – I’m the drama now.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-24-21]

Seol chan and his band record the drama ost. Omg I love this song

while the music plays scenes of the kids come out. Se yi walks alone. Sunwoo is in his car. Nana is walking. Donam is walking and carrying KD’s bookbag – the weight of it probably making him feel guilty with each step. KD is uncovering stuff at the studio and cleaning up the place. Eunha is in an empty classroom with her head down.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-37-19] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-38-00] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-39-31]

Seol chan is in his car as hong drives him home. Seol chan remembers seeing sunwoo tap se yi’s shoulder and smiling at her. Then how seol chan asked him – did min se yi say that too. Sunwoo: I trust she will. Hong says seol chan – we didnt get to finish talking about Ari. seol chan: it will be better to ask her (he means se yi). hong: who? ari? seol chan yells: why keep talking about her.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-41-58] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-49-23]

Se yi stares at the sheep seol chan gave her. when she turns it over she sees the writing on it and wonders if he bought her a defective one. She talks to it. ya how was it for you. You were with me a while ago. How did it feel. By any chance – I am asking  just in case-  Did he seem like he was in a really bad mood or… She suddenly gets a call

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-50-26] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-51-22] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-51-46]

She goes out and seol chan is there. She asks what is it you want to say. What is it. Seol chan: today – about sunwoo. He confessed to you. Se yi: yes. Why? Seol chan: congratulations. se yi: what? seol chan: that punk – he should have said that when the two of you met (alone). se yi: thank you. seol chan: what? se yi: thank you. so this is what a partner is. You could have said it over the phone but came all the way to my home. seol chan: then are you going to accept sunwoo’s confession. Se yi: isnt that obvious – it’s jung sunwoo – it would be weird not to accept. seol chan: yes if it’s someone like sunwoo you wont lack in a boyfriend. if I knew it would be this easy I should have told him to confess sooner. Se yi: what? She suddenly remembers what seol chan said in the car when he teased sunwoo about having one sided love. while living – a day like that comes too. let’s just say you mean it – why werent you able to confess yet? Se yi asks – what is this – did you already know?  back then in the car – you knew and teased him?  Seol chan says I wasnt teasing him – I was pushing him to hurry and confess. how about you- didnt you already know? se yi: what? seol chan: that is why you accepted so eagerly. ah that’s right – you did that too on the day we saw the movie. like you waited for sunwoo’s words you eagerly accepted (when she went along in front of the PD and acted like she was sunwoo’s gf) I’m the only one who became the fool. didnt even know that and asked you to be my one day gf. this punk yoon seol chan.  oh that’s right – what was that – when i asked you to go see a movie and you agreed so quickly. se yi: what? seol chan: ah so that is why you said it was childish to call a stuffed doll a boyfriend. Now it all fits. Se yi: are you just now getting that. you sure are slow. Seol chan: do well. He walks away from her and down the stairs

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-52-12]

She goes into her room and sits and cries. She wipes her tears but more come. She looks at the sheep and goes back out. Her mom sees her leave

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-53-32] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-54-05]

Se yi runs out after him. she calls out to him and throws the sheep at him. it drops by his feet. Since I have a bf now I am giving it back. She runs off. He looks at the sheep and says this is the worst

Her mom checks on her but se yi has the covers up to her head. She is crying under the blanket and stifling the sound

At school se yi looks over at seol chan’s empty seat. Sunwoo looks at her. Dok comes in and asks if KD didn’t come today too. a kid who always comes to school -Where did he go. Since it’s hot you are sleeping a lot these days. if you can control it, hold your head up and sleep with your eyes open. Teachers are working hard so do you know how enervating it is to watch you sleep with your head down. let’s show some consideration to each other. She asks sunwoo to come to the office. He goes to meet her.

Eunha goes and sits next to se yi muttering about how seol chan gave her the taste of school (meaning how fun it could be). She is upset cuz seol chan left cuz of his sudden schedule. He should have said something about when he will come back before he left. since he will return tm so he will probably come to school the day after. what happened to KD – I think you know something. se yi denies it. eunha: what is it – what happened. if you do this i will be sad… but se yi gets up and says wait a sec. she asks to speak to donam

choi asks how many days has it been. Dok says KD went out saying he is going to school today but he keeps doing this. his grandmother scolded him last night and got a promise from him (to come to school). choi thinks KD didnt miss that much to be in trouble – he needs to have as many as nana to be in trouble of not graduating.  Since you are color bar member I thought you knew something. He says sorry after the bet I don’t know. She says ok. I will have to go to his home

Se yi asks arent you going to find KD. Donam says mind your own business. se yi: I know where KD is now. I can go. but I think you should go. he will be at the basement studio. Sunwoo comes over and asks if anything is going on. She says nothing. Donam leaves. Sunwoo asks what’s going on. Is it about KD. Eunha watches them and wonders what they are talking about between themselves.

Se yi told sunwoo about KD and said he told me to act like it didnt happen. sunwoo says you should still have told the teacher something that major. She is going to KD’s home today. Should we go later together to meet him? should I tell the teacher to wait one day?

Seol chan’s group is in japan. they tell the staff they worked hard. seol chan asks hong if their schedule is done. Hong says yes rest well today – we have a flight tm morning. The band talks about going shopping and one wants to go back to the hotel cuz i’m too tired. but seol chan asks hong to reserve a flight back today -the earliest one available. hong reminds him he is acting alone right now.

Dok and choi are talking in the hall. choi offers to go with her later (to KD’s). she says I dont have to go so you can go alone if you want. he asks if KD came back – why did he do it. she asks why are you so curious about what’s going on in another classroom.  he reminds her how in the past she had a personality where she couldnt stand it when she was curious. but now she works diligently. (no clue what he is babbling about for the rest cuz he talks like a 90 year old on crack)

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-41-05]

Eunha asks se yi to go to the singing room today-I will pay (my treat). Seyi says next time – I have something today. Eunha asks will it take long I will wait. Se yi says sorry. Eunha: then I will go first. she leaves. Sunwoo waits till eunha leaves and says let’s go to se yi. jin calls sunwoo and motions to joon. Joon comes over so sunwoo says I heard the concert went well -congratulations- heard all for one was the best. Joon tells him -come back whenever you want. let me make a request. kids are practicing today but we are missing a celloist . come for an hour and a half. you can do that much right? se yi said I will wait.

Eunha asks nana -wont you play with me?  it’s cuz I feel stuffy inside. go to the singing room with me. you cant huh? just keep doing what you were. see you tm. she waves and leaves. nana keeps leaning on the wall. Nana watches sunwoo go inside to practice with joon and the group

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-49-31] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-50-35]

Hyo rin goes over to sunwoo and says it’s been a long time. when is seol chan oppa coming back from japan. what is that look? you dont know? I picked seol chan oppa (going after him). sunwoo smirks and says you did. so she asks what is so funny. Jin asks her: why are you like this too.  joon: let’s start.

All for one plays and nana watched sunwoo play the cello and stands outside the door

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-04-08]

Se yi sits in an empty classroom looking at seol chan’s seat and talking – the problem is not if he is interested in me or not – not a problem of whether he likes me or not – he wasn’t into me at all so that is why – so that is why – I cant know if I am sad or mad right now. i dont know what I should do dad.

Sunwoo comes out and sees nana. nana says 9 times are left. Se yi comes over so sunwoo explains to nana I was going to go somewhere with se yi. Se yi says go with us- KD will like it

Adam says you didn’t need to do this (clean). KD says it’s much better. adam: Are you never going to school. are you waiting. KD : yes. adam: I often wait too. I behave in ways I didnt know I would do. I dont know what that is.  KD:  you have a lot of instruments. Adam asks him to watch the house. KD asks are you going somewhere. adam leaves without an answer

adam puts some cash into an envelope. it looks like a few thousand dollars worh of won. the date june 12th is circled on the calendar. There is a knock and it’s eunha. She says hello – there was no place to go

KD is playing 3 bears when adam brings eunha down. She asks what are you – you skipped school and stayed here? She tells adam your hair – you look good/handsome. He leaves. She says to KD – you are worse than nana.  she looks around and says this place got clean. KD asks what brings you here. She says  why-you can come here but I cant. KD: that’s not it. She asks did you know how to play the piano. He says no I learned for 3 months and quit, i regret it watching seol chan and sunwoo doing it –  I should have kept learning. She tells him to play so he plays chopsticks.

In the car sunwoo looks at se yi as she sits next to nana. nana watches him look at se yi

Donam is playing a hitting game and kicks it

Adam is going in and runs into that singer from Thailand.

Eunha says you’re great at playing chopsticks. He sees the bruise on her knee so she says what are you looking at. I fell down. why are there so many instruments. I should have learned one too so when I feel low like this I could have used that ability well. now looking at things – there is nothing i know how to do. KD ask did something happen. She says let’s play. what are you doing –  Hurry and move them

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-12-44]

She set up the room with mics and points out where all the members will be standing with their instruments –guitar se yi, bass guitar sunwoo, drum donam, seol chan DJ, tambourine eunha, keyboard KD, vocal nana. right now it’s rock – I want to listen to rock. shall we start. She envisions all the kids are dressed as rock stars with crazy hair and eye liners and singing. KD just sees empty mics until he catches on. Eunah asks KD- cant you hear them (as in imagine them singing). The song lyric has “shut up” KD jumps up and down with eunha and they move their bodies to the music. she says you and I must have gone crazy. When the song ends they fall on the ground. There is a knock

when the door is open, Se yi nana the Thailand kid and sunwoo are there. Se yi asks where is ajussi.

Se yi’s mom is at the bank transferring her funds from new Zealand. Adam is there to make a deposit – he is sending money to thailand. She sees him and he sees her when he stands

They go to a café. she asks what’s wrong. He says cuz it’s been such a long time since I came to a place like this. She says your taste must have changed (cuz of his new haircut) you must have kept living in this neighborhood. I thought you moved. Do you still have parties every night at that home. You were famous. even we heard news about it. He brings up se yi’s dad so she says don’t talk about him – you know he isn’t in this world right. you would have heard that news through others. It just turned out that way. why look at me like that. do i look pitiful cuz I became a widow? I’m ok – I was normally lively (lived well on her own)  -still I hope there is no reason for us to meet again – even if we meet like this somehow- let’s act like we don’t know each other

Eunha says if you were coming here you should have said – then I could have come with you. you just left me out. S yi says no it’s not like that. KD says it was cuz of me. I told her not to tell anyone I was here. se yi: sorry.  Eunha asks how KD could skip school and come here to clean. KD looks at nana. Eunha asks who is that. The guy from Thailand says his name and says where he is from and how he ran into sunwoo. it sounds like he said his name is nam woo (which sounds like the korean word for “wood”) She asks what he is doing here. Sunwoo says we met him around here. He said was looking for someone and all he had was an address and was lost. se yi adds – saw the address and it was ajussi’s – isnt it uncanny.Eunha says to him – you are very lucky today. she asks why he does street performances when he came all the way from thailand. KD goes out

Se yi goes out and says sorry I wasn’t able to keep my promise. KD: it’s ok there must have been a reason for you to do that. She says come to school. Teacher was going to go to your home today but sunwoo stopped her and promised he would bring you back. dont worry about school – you have me. How did you think of coming here. i was surprised. He says there was no place to go and thinking about it -the time spent here was the best. He asks about seol chan. ah he doesn’t need to come here anymore huh. I like this place. It would be nice to keep staying here. Adam comes in so she says hi. he asks how did you come. Se yi says I got a ride from sunwoo and got out and walked.  a guest came. he said he came from thailand. adam seems alarmed.

Adam goes to the studio and nam introduces himself.  adam tells the other kids to leave now

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-42-05] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-43-06]

They are outside and eunha says adam became dark again. sunwoo says let’s go. KD quietly thanks nana. nana: ok. Eunha wonders what my oppa (seol chan) is doing now at this time. They don’t see that seol chan is there watching seyi and sunwoo walking together. sunwoo is tapping her shoulders and she smiles at him

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-45-01] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-45-35]

Adam says it’s not someone I would know. Nam says I was told this is the right place.  The kid shows a pic and asks dont you know her. her  Korean name is Choi sae young. 6 yrs ago in Korea..but adam cuts him off and yells I don’t know her – leave. He kicks out the kid. There is more knocking. Adam opens it and yells I said I don’t know her. he sees it’s seol chan so he says: I dont have the energy to fight with you today. Seol chan: me too. There is no place for me to go.

Seol chan sits in the basement and remembers how se yi smiled at sunwoo. Seol chan: I wanted to confirm everything today so I came.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-53-47]

Sunwoo walks behind her and calls out “transfer student the pole in front of you””  (like last time when he didnt and she ran into the pole).  she stops walking but nothing is there. sunwoo says you believed me. se yi: what was that. sunwoo: asks why do you not have any energy. This is too much. The person who confessed is right next to you but you aren’t nervous. Even though I said do as you always did. He touches her forehead. just cuz I said that you dont have to be this serious. Why do you not have a middle ground (meaning she is one end or the other in terms of emotions). He gets a call from haerim (that same little girl from before). He says I cant today. today oppa has too…Ok. I will go now. Se yi asks do you have to go somewhere. Sunwoo: yes. Will you meet my gf.

Adam is having that nightmare with the dead girl in the car. Then he remembers how Nam said her name is choi sae young and 6 yrs ago in korea…but adam cut him off and yelled “I don’t know her. go” There is a knocking.

Adam asks donam – do you not have a place to go too. Donam says no -did some guy who didnt have a place to go come here. They check and adam says he must have gone. what are you going to do. Are you going to stay and then go. Donam says no

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-37-25]

Sunwoo goes to the hospital and calls out haerim. a little girl with her head bandaged runs into his arms calling him sunwoo oppa and rubs her cheek against his. why did you come so late. sunwoo: I was late cuz I had to get my guitar. you asked me to play it. she asks who se yi is. se yi says hi. haerim says “not hi” (as in she doesnt want to say hi to se yi). haerim asks sunwoo: who is this girl.  she is ugly. just her hair is like rapunzel. Isn’t this a wig. She pulls se yi’s hair. se yi is in pain and asks her to let go. haerim  asks sunwoo – oppa if I just grow my hair -I will be prettier than this onyi right? sunwoo: of course. other kids run over calling him oppa. why did you come so late. we were waiting.  

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-47-16] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-47-56]

they set up to play. Sunwoo: I told you to prepare your heart (meaning be prepared to meet children who have cancer and some are terminally ill). I met her two years ago. When I didn’t go out and meet you that night at the park for the first practice, I stood you up. that kid cried and called cuz her friend who shared the same room as her went up to heaven. she will overcome this – just like someone. Se yi: it looks like she will. i was surprised you did charity work in a place like this. Sunwoo says It’s been a while since I came. I couldn’t during the time I was with color bar. the nurse says they are all ready and how sad they were cuz sunwoo didnt come. haerim asks is tihs onyi  going to sing with you. Se yi says I wont sing. haerim: then do that. se yi asks the girl – have you spoken to a sheep. haerim: sheep? se yi: you know – sheep. their fur is curly and soft. If you let me sing I will let you talk to the sheep. The girl goes for it. Sunwoo smiles watching how good se yi is with children.  then he starts to sing. Se yi joins in and they are singing to a bunch of patients who are children.

Donam hides and watches KD take the trash out. He still has KD’s bag.

Seol chan is sitting on a park bench alone

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-05-31] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-09-01] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-12-15] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-14-55]

As they walk, Sunwoo says your mood seems better. Se yi: yes. Sunwoo: for a few days you looked enervated. Se yi: what is that – were you watching just me. he says do you know how it made me feel. se yi: I’m sorry I was going to do as you said. Sunwoo points out – up to now you followed my words too much. i have to let you know for you to be nervous. (nervous as in feel tense around him cuz that’s how you feel in front of the person you like)  am I just comfortable. Do you not sense me as a guy that much. (se yi remembers seol chan saying that – do you really not see me as a guy that much- is that it – should I prove it to you once? and how he tried to kiss her) sunwoo: it’s weird saying it with my own mouth but I’m a really cool guy –not knowing that jung sunwoo is cool  you are the first. She keeps remembering how seol chan said those words too – “I am a star! a star! you are the first girl to turn her back to a star! ” She remembers how she gave back the sheep saying since I have a bf I am giving it back. What seol chan said to her outside her home and his last comment – how he didnt know and asked her to be his one day gf and then how he said do well (with sunwoo). She cries so sunwoo asks what’s wrong. She keeps crying and saying it’s nothing. He asks if it’s cuz of seol chan. She looks up with tear filled eyes. Sunwoo just says the name seol chan and she crouches and cries saying I told you it’s not. I’m sorry. He says you don’t have to be sorry yet -it’s still early. Seol chan said being sure/certain is when you ask yourself and after you ask again – it’s the answer you get. you heard too. Seol chan watches sunwoo put his hand on her back comforting her. He walks away

*make you wonder if seol chan was so wise, why didnt he ever hear his own answer – all his actions screamed that he likes her.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-16-28] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-16-57]

Sunwoo walks her up the steps to her home. He tells her to go in. I will be going. He starts to go down the stairs and she holds up her hand to say bye. He keeps looking up at her as he goes.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[09-18-45]

She goes the rest of the way up the stairs alone. Seol chan calls out her name and comes out of the dark from where he was hiding and waiting for her. She asks didn’t you go to japan. he asks why did you cry. Did that punk sunwoo make you cry.

Sunwoo is walking and stops.

 [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-27-32]

Seol chan sits next to her. If sunwoo didn’t make you cry then why did you cry. you arent going to talk again. You are always doing that – crying and not saying anything.  if you arent going to (say anything) then you shouldn’t cry in front of me or if you cried- at least tell me. Se yi: What difference does it make to you /what business it is of yours. Seol chan: Why wouldn’t it matter – You are my partner. Se yi: “cuz you are my partner – cuz you are my partner” – I don’t like hearing it. seol chan says in a hurt tone: now you dont even want to be partners? se yi: not saying I dont want to be partners – I just dont like hearing you are doing that cuz we are partners. cant you differentiate that?  Seol chan: Wonder why we became partners. Se yi: What is that – you came over and asked to be partners. Seol chan: that is what i am saying. Why did I do that. Why. why. They sit in silence. He looks over at her and calls out her name softly. Se yi: why? He suddenly grabs her face and kisses her. She is surprised and tries to pull his hand away but he holds her hand to keep them down while his other hand supports the back of her head. she slowly closes her eyes and gives into the kiss.



*this was their first moment not being mad at one another – when they didnt hide their feelings or say something they didnt mean. no misunderstandings. no more hiding. their feelings for each other are two open books here and they read everything they needed from each other.

**I just realized seol chan is going to be replaying this kiss in his head on repeat mode. too bad he cant frame this moment to stare at every day like her note

E10 preview

seol chan: why did I kiss her then (at that moment)

se yi to seol chan: were you joking around again?

seol chan is elated and giddy in the backseat throwing his own silent party back there

eunha says to se yi – your partner is looking at you all day

sunwoo points and says your lips. se yi hides them behind her notebook in guilt and asks why.

eunah says my oppa is the coolest when he composes and sings huh

seol chan: should I just say it

eunha says to se yi: do you really not know or just acting like you dont know.

seol chan says about eunha: why is she like that from yesterday

eunha to seol chan: it’s not like I asked you to like me – I said I liked se yi too

se yi to eunha: just tell me if you are mad at me over something

eunha to se yi: just leave me alone

[Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-26-58] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-28-07] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-28-24] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-29-58] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-30-17] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-30-45] [Mnet] 몬스타.E09.130712.원한다면 구원은 온다.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-31-05]

Is it wrong to say I wanted him to do this so much – probably from the first moment he couldnt stop thinking about her – the way she talks, acts, sings, yells – just the way she is. we all know how passionate seol chan is about his music so I wanted him to know that he can feel alive in other ways too – as much as he does when he performs -being in love can do that to him too. For way too long seol chan lived in his own sheltered world – keeping an arm’s length from people who should matter more than he lets on. se yi somehow managed to slip through that wall of defense he put up – maybe cuz he could see his own pain masked on her face as well. she invaded his space and his heart and once there – it’s like she set up camp and he gave her the supplies. no matter how much he denied she mattered – it just became more apparent that this was one battle he was never meant to win. when it comes to love – he is as tame and amenable as those sheep she probably helped to herd in New Zealand. what is even more fun is that she isn’t done pulling his emotions around – looks like they are going to hit some more bumps before the coast is clear.


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      glad that eun-ha’s story was resolved… also glad that kyu-dong and donam’s back in each other’s arms… 😀

      2 more episodes and i have faith that the writers will resolve all other issues… especially sun woo and seol chan! i want them to be friends again!


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    eun ha getting the much needed attention. what they did was just awesome. 🙂
    always wishing for Woo-Na ship to set sail so i am happy with this episode. 🙂 🙂
    do-nam and KD~! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    oh and everything seol chan is making me happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    i have to sleep now, cuz i must prepare for fasting tomorrow..once again thank you!!!


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    • I just commented on episode 11 (which i am waiting to see) and I see here…that i used the 2 tag phrases that i say are overly used. So i admit, i include myself in the overly used OMG and I AM DYING. Maybe that is where I hear them so much…from me. thank you for not calling me on it. I call myself. LOL thanks for all your hard work!!!


  16. Softy says:

    I just finished translating in full and turned off my laptop so I’m typing this from my iPad. That line from the song at the end needs an explanation I just realized. When I translated “come at me world” it was meant as a challenge of sorts. This song is about not being passive anymore, becoming more confident, and sticking up for yourself. and the way she is doing that is to go up against the world in a fight. it’s a pretty fitting song for eunha, but it applies to all these kids. They were going through the motions of life, but with newfound inspiration, now they are about to embark and leave their mark on the world.

    I think this is what sets Monstar apart from Dream High. They take the time to make each song or piece of music match what’s going on in that scene or with what that character is going through. That’s what enhances the emotions we discern from it. There is a constant connection between the characters and music. just like the way a certain song moves us, this drama is taking that concept and making sure each scene gets highlighted even more by the music and so far it’s working like a charm.


    • Enz says:

      Youre absolutely right there, softy. Even that song when se yi was all in turmoil constantly wondering if seol chan was going to show up at school and the two guys kept tormenting her with the song ( her hallucinations) perfectly captured her confusion at what she was feeling. Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts


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    Softy thank you for your recap’s update
    i’m enjoying reading your recap so much, as always,, you are very detail, it makes me more understand what’s going on in this episode.
    i want to share one my fav.part of this episode,,it’s eunha’s song, very beautiful and heartwarming scene, i love it,


  18. flo says:

    I just noticed ,,I am LOLing so hard in the scene after they kissed and quickly separate, seolchan’s expression was hilarious when he asked what are you doing this to me,,,ke,,ke,, it’s like someone stole something precious from him, and the scene when eunha said out color bar we cant have anyone be last, and star chan asked who is the last and right away looked at seyi,,ha,,ha,, he really think seyi will be the last!!,and seyi’s expression lol..i know its’ just simple scenes, but i found it’s very hilarious, that’s why i love this drama so much, like you said simplicity at its the best..and i realized i super love all seolchan’s scenes, his expressions, his speechs, his jealousy,everything about him it’s very entertaining to watch. i cant get enough of him, i’m going to miss him the most if the drama ends. i know sunwoo is too perpect to ignore, most of you will choose him in real life instead of seolchan, maybe i over reacting here, but if i can turn back time when i was young, i will choose someone like seolchan in real life for sure ^_^
    Ps : one thing for sure i want to hug the music director of Monstar, cuz she / he has a great music taste, i love all the musics and songs in Monstar


    • Des says:

      For me i choose seolchan over sunwoo!! Even in real life still i choose seolchan character.. Sunwoo is too perfect.. But i dont hate him!! This ep. Seolchan makes me laugh loud like crazy ajumma.. Every seolchan scene i really love it!!! Can’t choose which scene i like most!!!


  19. Des says:

    Tanx a lot softy for a wonderful recaps…you are very detail in every scenes..i dont know why i love this my age still enjoying it,,,and your recap makes me more enjoyed it!!! It will ended soon,, hoping for a good ending!!! Look forward for ep 11!!


  20. bbarnavi says:

    I’m disappointed in the way they handled Eunha’s situation. I would’ve liked them to cultivate a hidden talent of hers rather than just have her sing a cover and autotune it. Also, the revelation of her abuse was rather sudden and had no buildup. What – a leg bruise? Her loneliness and invisibility were pretty strong points to build off of, and Kim Minyoung acted very well with the material that was handed to her. So much more could have been done with her, but I just felt that the writers wanted to get things over with her.

    The walking scene with SY and SC felt like an overextended Family Guy cutaway gag. WE GET IT GUIZE, no need for this five-ton hammer with the words “they’re ambivalent” carved on it.

    No complaints about Dahee’s dancing. NANA DAEBAK indeed. MOAR PLZ.


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    ep 11 new prev.


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