Monstar E7-E8

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It just dawned on me why I love their scenes so much. It’s cuz when they are apart, all they do is think of each other and miss one another, but when they come together – they forget everything except their shared moment. She is the only one who feels comfortable calling him a dummy and treating him like normal, but more importantly – what I realized tonight was that from day one, she saw through his heavily tinted window (the protective shield that covered his vulnerability) and saw right into him – the core of who he is – a very lonely and needy kid. He has parents, band members, his manager, and the adoration of thousands of fans, but he craves the attention of just one girl.  Not necessarily cuz she is attractive and talented, but for one main reason – he knows that even if all his fame and wealth went away tomorrow, she would never see him as anything other than what she saw the first day – a kid who needed friends and normalcy in his chaotic life. We all know what he will have to give up if he ever decides to admit his feelings and date her, but it’s just tonight that I realized what he would be gaining if he did – someone who makes him feel good on the inside. Music may have fed his soul, but love is what will make it soar.

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Starts right at the end of the song and teacher choi jumps up and yells bravo. Hyo rin tells Joon “oppa I want that guy” (as in seol chan).

choi asks the VP- what are you going to do – it will be complicated. (cuz it’s going to be tough choosing between the two groups) VP says they have to vote so tell all the kids to go outside for now

seol chan and his group go out and his fans mob him. the other color bar just stands around as he signs autographs

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nana is about to smoke when sunwoo comes over. he thanks her.

flashback to the studio.  sunwoo: I told you – I only say what I see. what I see right now is kim nana who was making clothes. not a gangster’s or room salon boss’ daughter kim nana, but kim nana who is in second year of high school – color bar kim nana –   kim nana who can sing well. kim nana who the kids are waiting for anxiously. she said: that’s right – I asked you what you see in me. as always you didn’t get it right. do you know that? you don’t just talk about what you see but you talk about what you want to see. Jung sunwoo – play with me just ten times then I will go -you cant huh? sunwoo says ok let’s do that – let’s play ten times. nana: just go.

sunwoo asks: it was ten times right– just let me know where, when, how you want to play after you choose. also….he gets really close and takes her cigarette and breaks it saying while you play with me you cant do this. he gets a text and motions for her to leave with him.

*You could tell she was debating whether or not to smoke before he showed up. I get that Nana can’t help who here parents are and where they work, but if she really likes Sunwoo, she could at least do one thing that might get on his good side and not smoke. It sure isn’t helping her already bad girl image.

VP says all for one will go out in the concert. the kids boo him. he goes on to say it was similar but all for one had the color needed. he yells out for them to leave and says they are loud. joon and his group get up and leave. color bar is in shock. eunha says our reaction was better – this doesn’t make sense. donam says to seol chan -you said we would win for sure. he leaves angry. sunwoo says let’s go. the kids leave. eunha says sorry to seol chan. seol chan: no – why should you be. eunha: you were the best today. seol chan: of course. let’s go.  he turns to look at se yi. se yi says to KD – what to do cuz we lost. he says it’s ok. it would have been better if we won but it’s ok- we got to sing together and kids applauded. se yi: are you really ok. KD: cuz the kids didn’t see radio and saw Park KD singing. they smile at each other and seol chan notes that and walks off

in the car hong cheers up seol chan saying -even if the team lost you survived. the mood is not bad. he quotes what people said on the internet like the best idol. they went overboard. seol chan says Isnt that reaction to be expected -you think I would have started without guessing that -hyung I am a pro. I have to calculate that much. hong tells him about what the CEO was going to do with men in black. seol chan says “tell him to do something good this time” seol chan reads the article that came up online asking didn’t the articles come out. letters float across the screen. hong asks if the contents of the articles are good. seol chan says the articles match exactly. hong says it’s good you came to school.

in his room seol chan looks up at se yi’s framed note. he aimed his lamp right at it like a spot light. sooooo cute.  he reads what was written on the articles again. he is about to call se yi but hesitates.

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in her room se yi remembers how donam said you said we would win for sure. she thinks seol chan must be feeling low too. no why am I paying attention to it. she is about to call him and looks down at his button and note. he is still debating whether to call her too. she gets a call from sunwoo before she can call seol chan. (her ringtone is my alarm) sunwoo asks if she went home ok. se yi: yes -you too? sunwoo: were you disappointed a lot today. she says no I am embarrassed cuz we talked big, but more than me seol chan…suddenly seol chan is calling on the other line. sunwoo asks what she is doing tm since it’s Sunday. se yi: nothing much. sunwoo is about to ask to see a movie but she puts him on hold saying just a second. she answers seol chan’s call. se yi: hello? why? he yells and says ya you are my partner so how could you just leave?  am I less than KD? who do you think had the biggest blow right now? you are my partner – shouldn’t you have taken care of your partner first? se yi: so? seol chan: right now I don’t know what to do with my heart – I want to rest these feelings tm while watching a movie but how can I go alone to see a movie. se yi: so? seol chan: go with me to see a movie.  she says go with your manager ajussi. he says I was going to do that but he wont go. she says go with someone else. seol chan: I don’t have anyone to go with. you are my partner -couldnt a partner do that much? she yells I don’t want to and hangs up on him. both guys look at their phones cuz she hung on sunwoo too.  sunwoo calls again and she yells out – I said I didn’t want to.  sunwoo says hello. she says sorry – I got a call and forgot. he says it’s ok. if you have nothing much tm let’s go see a movie. why? are you busy. she says something is going on tm at home.  he says it cant be helped then. se yi: sorry.  sunwoo: then see you on monday. they hang up. she remembers how seol chan said: I don’t have anyone to go with. she mutters – he said he was a star – he has so many people who like him so why doesn’t he have anyone to go with. she remembers looking into his car the first day they met. she calls him back and he runs over to his phone too quickly and bumps his shin. seol chan: why? she says I will go with you tm. seol chan: what?  se yi: since I am your partner. he tries to hold back his glee and says: I already made plans to go with someone else but ok- I should go with my partner -since you are my partner. he looks up at her framed note

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next day they meet at the theater. he walks up in sunglasses and just stands next to her and then pokes her arm with his finger.

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they sit in the back with all the other loveseats that cost more than regular seats. she asks if this isn’t really expensive so he explains – young lady you keep forgetting but I am a star and this is a star’s real life –  how nice is this – it covers you from others – it’s spacious – lean back (he shoves her back) how comfortable is this – even when I give you good things you don’t know it’s good. she looks at him so he has to say watch the movie. he smiles at her as she laughs at the movie

nana calls up sunwoo. he thinks about it before he answers

then she goes to meet sunwoo at the book store. she says you really came. he asks why she wanted to meet in a place like this. nana: when would I come here if it wasnt for you. she writes on his arm and subtracts one. (out of the ten dates) he asks what do you want to do.

they go to the same café she saw him with se yi. he tells her to eat the cake. you live alone but you cant eat cake in a place like this. you are more introverted than I thought. she asks why did you say you would play with me. cuz the president before wasnt that kind of person. he says to speak honestly – it’s like good work. she asks why give me that. he says you sent out an SOS. in the past I used it wrong to someone and things got twisted. originally I was a good kid so I’m trying to find that path now. he eats some more and asks what do you want to do after eating cake

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[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-39-31] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-41-43]

seol chan and se yi are walking around. some guy is taking photos nearby but didn’t see seol chan yet. sunwoo and nana walk right behind seol chan and se yi and just missed running into each other. se yi sees a stuffed animal sheep so seol chan says you sure do like sheep a lot. she says how someone raised them.  he buys her one and gives it to her saying it’s an event. se yi: what event. it’s ok I have one that’s similar. a mom and baby sheep. seol chan: then think of it as your boyfriend stuffed animal. se yi: what stuffed animal is a boyfriend. that is so childish.  seol chan: if you feel that way then later on when you get a boyfriend you can give it back to me. he shoves it at her and walks away

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sunwoo and nana are walking outside and see that same singer from Thailand performing on the street. sunwoo tells her the guy’s name and where he is from. he waves at the kid. sunwoo and nana watch him sing. the guy smiles at nana but she doesn’t so sunwoo asks cant you smile.  they move on. then seol chan and se yi come over. she sings along. he asks if she likes guys who play guitar that much. she nods yes. seol chan: aren’t guys who play piano more cool. se yi: the way my dad looked when he played guitar was the coolest. the way my dad looked when he sang and played guitar was like a person standing alone at the top of the Himalaya mountain and getting the wind blown on him. you can hear the sound of the wind and can smell sweat too. it looked solitary – not lonely or alone. seol chan says isn’t it all the same words. se yi: it’s different dummy. she walks away.

*Joonni looked it up for me so technically the word she used to describe her father means “lonely” but I changed it to solitude to differentiate from the others that mean lonely.

he asks what is different so she explains loneliness is when you need someone. alone is when you don’t need anyone. solitary is cool. my dad was really cool. he asks how was it to learn the guitar -is it hard?   she asks why? do you want to learn the guitar. he says no I have so much to do so how could I learn the guitar too. what are you looking at? she says you do want to. seol chan: what? se yi: you want to try. you are curious what solitude is huh? seol chan: that’s not it. se yi: come here. she drags him away

they go to a guitar place (where the guy makes and fixes them) she greets the old man and he calls her the new Zealand sheep young girl. I don’t think you came to fix your guitar so what do you want. she says my friend cant play the guitar but he wanted to play just once today. seol chan asks when did I say that.  she asks couldn’t you lend me a guitar for a short time. the man refers to seol chan as her boyfriend and says he has a face of someone who can sing. go inside and choose one.

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they go to a room and he starts to play. she asks if he knows some song. he says of course cuz I am a singer. she says sing it while playing the guitar. seol chan: are you taunting me (cuz there is no way he can do that)  she offers to play the chords for him and he just needs to strum like he just did. she does it in front of him and remarks it’s harder than it looks (cuz she has to play from the wrong side) so he says I saw something on stage – go to the side of the head. she goes behind his head so he smiles and says what are you doing – the head of the guitar so she goes and sits next to him. he tells her to play the chords again while he strums. she doesnt get it right and he seems to know more than he let on cuz he tells her the specific terms for what she needs to do. se yi: I am playing. seol chan: this is weird – when I first did it – it worked well. she finally knows what she needs to do and tells him how to play and moves his fingers over and plays for him. se yi: this is all you need to do. he kept looking at her face cuz she was holding his fingers. she is very close. seol chan: just this? he picks it up pretty quickly. she claps along as he plays. he asks this is all I have to do – what is this. she plays the other end. she says now sing. he sings as she taps the guitar to the rhythm and then she joins in and sings.

nana and sunwoo are at the movies. he is laughing at the movie and she looks over at him then partly smiles.

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seol chan’s song finishes and he says applause. she claps. they stare at each other. so she suddenly gets up and says let’s go now.

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they go outside. she asks if he feels better now. seol chan: you said yesterday you didn’t want to so why did you change your mind? se yi: cuz I thought of back then. seol chan: back then? se yi: back then when your fan forcibly – she points to his lips to refer to the forced kiss from his crazy fan. seol chan: ya forget that. se yi: back then you looked really lonely. seol chan: what? se yi: back then I saw you for a long time while you sat in the car. seol chan: you cant see me from outside. the sun tinting on my car is really strong. se yi: still – I could see you.  seol chan: you could see? se yi: in my heart I could see you. that guy sitting inside must really hate it – he must be so embarrassed and want to die- there are so many people but it didn’t look like you had anyone on your side so I thought you must be very lonely. so even though my cell phone was taken, I didn’t report it and was patient. today too – what kind of star doesnt have anyone to watch a movie with. he says then you take responsibility –you said loneliness is when you need someone. se yi: why should I? seol chan: I was trying to look cool and solitary, but you said that wasn’t it so the person saying it should take responsibility. if you feel it’s unfair then just take responsibility for a day. be a girlfriend for a day. se yi: a girlfriend for a day?

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suddenly there is smoke from a popper and they look over and spot sunwoo and nana together. the reporter sees seol chan and takes photos. he asks you are seol chan aren’t you. he states his name and news network – it’s for entertainment. he asks who is she –your gf. your gf is pretty. the two of you look really good together. seol chan: she isn’t my gf. the PD doesn’t believe it and asks did you come out on a date. he takes more pics asking her to smile. she keeps looking down. seol chan yells I told you she isnt so why are you like this. the PD says if you do this your gf will be disappointed. he says to se yi – even though you say you understand you cant help but feel upset huh? isnt that right? she looks over at seol chan and he tries not to look at her directly. PD takes more of her pics so seol chan blocks the camera lens so the PD says let go of the camera. sunwoo goes over and asks what is going on. he puts his arms around se yi and pulls her close and says she is my gf so why are you taking her pics. PD: she is your gf? sunwoo says to seol chan – this is why I told you not to follow. sunwoo says to the PD – seol chan was going to show his friends a movie. I told him to just spend money but he insisted on coming along. cant seol chan see movies with his friends. PD: of course. sunwoo: why aren’t the kids coming. he yells for nana to call and see how far the other kids came. nana plays along and gets her phone out. the PD says I am sorry. this student is your boyfriend right. if it’s correct then I need to formally apologize. se yi looks at sunwoo then seol chan and says yes -apologize. she holds onto sunwoo’s arm and says apologize to my boyfriend too. would you like it if someone called your gf your friend’s gf? sunwoo tells him to erase her photos. can you just take pics like that of a regular person. PD says sorry – I had a big misunderstanding.  nana comes over and says hurry and come cuz the kids are going straight to the theater. she sort of brushes past the PD twice just to hit him indirectly.

as they walk along, sunwoo sees the sheep se yi is holding. he says to seol chan-  the pd is following so you have to go with us to the theater. he makes a crack about how seol chan was careless so seol chan tells him to shut up. the PD keeps following them.

the four of them meet up with donam, eunha, and KD.  KD asks why show us a movie just cuz you feel sorry. they all watch the same movie again. only 4 that saw it before look miserable. se yi looks all the way over to where seol chan is. they both look sad. sunwoo looks at se yi. the PD watches all of them from the backseats

all the kids walk home going their separate ways

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se yi goes to her room and sits on the bed. she opens her bag and takes out the stuffed sheep. she remembers how he asked her to be his gf for a day. then how he told the PD she isnt my gf. she says he said I wasn’t cuz I’m not but why do I feel like this

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-49-28]

seol chan goes home and remembers how se yi said to the PD – apologize to my bf too. would you like it if someone called your gf your friend’s gf? he mutters why she had to be so cold. he throws his shirt to cover the light on the framed note

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-55-31]

next day at school sunwoo goes over to se yi. she was about to talk but he finishes and says you want to thank me for yesterday. she nods yes. he asks what did you do with seol chan after you met. se yi: just this and that. sunwoo: was it a date. she denies it.  it was cuz seol chan was feeling depressed. when I said there was something going on at home… he cuts her off and says I met nana cuz she said she was bored and asked me to play. se yi: nana did? sunwoo: to be honest – I was a little mad yesterday at seol chan for putting you in a difficult position – I couldnt stand that. she says no – it wasn’t a difficult situation. he stops walking and looks at her.  then why did you look angry yesterday. wasn’t it cuz you were mad about that? wasn’t it? you almost became an outcast everywhere. if seol chan kidded around and said she is my gf – you would have had to go back to New Zealand. so if it wasn’t that – why were you angry? nana walks right between them. he tells se yi to get an apology from seol chan.

the kids look at the video of color bar and are upset they didn’t get to see it live. they are glad they get to see it on video at least. they cant believe about nana and say even donam was surprising -that his beat was killer. donam hears that and grins. they say KD looks cool and handsome now that they saw him properly – it makes KD smile. they say color bar is killer. eunha says aren’t we cool but the girl says she can barely see eunha’s face. what were you doing here – it sort of looks like you sang.  they say seol chan and sunwoo are cool. they wonder why the color bar mood is like that –  is it cuz they lost the bet? they say how color bar should know that all the kids think they should have won.  Jin gets mad and asks what did you say. the girls say you only won cuz of the vice principal

during class seol chan writes her a note. he asks for her to come to the car after she eats lunch. she goes there and hong is waiting and opens the door for her. hong tells her to get in and closes the door. he says this feels strange. it feels like when the CEO was dating a celebrity in the past. that kid cant be doing that. he gets a call from the PD who stalked seol chan.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-10-46] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-14-14] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-14-29]

se yi asks what he wanted to see her about. he says sorry about yesterday. se yi: for what? seol chan: making you go through something unnecessary. I will make sure that wont happen again. it happened in the past so I know from experience. there was nothing going on between us but people talked – it made me annoyed and angry. se yi: for making him misunderstand that I was your gf – it was my fault too – so accept my apology too. It was wrong of me to think it was ok for friends to watch a movie or eat.  you are a special person and I forgot that. like you said let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again. seol chan: ok since we are partners. we cant be uncomfortable over stuff like that. she agrees.  you are done talking right. can I go. seol chan says yes.  go. she gets out of the car.

seol chan comes out and hong asks why didn’t you tell me you met PD. you aren’t dating that girl now are you. seol chan asks can I date alone. hong: what? no way  – were you rejected/dumped. seol chan : what do you mean rejected – I rejected her. hong laughs so seol chan asks are you laughing? hong: no – whoever dumped or didn’t dump you cant do it (date)- you know you cant right? seol chan: I said I wasn’t.  hong: then what is that talk about your partner being your class president’s gf.  seol chan gets mad and says how is she that jerk’s gf. he walks off angry. hong says I know it must torment you but erase it from your heart

girls are watching color bar perform and saying how they thought all for one was the best all this time. their popularity was made from sunwoo and joon. since sunwoo is out the mood on stage was dull. Jin is mad listening but joon asks why are you so upset about kids who don’t know anything and keep saying the same thing.

when KD walks by Jin trips him to make him fall. jin remarks about how radio is being played here and there. what are you doing. are you looking down on me. (meaning just cuz your group is doing well) donam comes over. Jin says why did you hide your great beatbox talent all this time. were you close with radio in the past –why did you break apart. tell me

at the bus stop eunha asks se yi – look here – can you not see me (in the video of their performance) se yi doesn’t even look and says why wouldn’t you be visible.  I will walk today – you go alone. sorry I want to walk. see you tm

adam goes to the studio and imagines all the kids in the room. he goes outside and looks at the violets then the piano. there is a knock. he smiles and goes to open it. it’s se yi. she says I was rejected.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-43-28]

he is wiping the piano. se yi: I think it’s this feeling right now. being rejected. isn’t it strange? I don’t even like him so why do I feel this way. it’s all his fault. asking to see a movie. singing a song together. asking to be his one day gf. so I was a little confused. does he like me. but seeing him today – that wasn’t it at all. he said that happened to him in the past so he got annoyed and angry.  still yesterday when that PD called me that – I thought maybe. adam says even if you said it was correct he wouldn’t have been able to reply honestly. se yi: still. adam: were you still upset. she says yes to be honest I was. it’s selfish thoughts.  I don’t know why I have those feelings.

they go back inside and he clears an area. she asks what are you going to do. he says I am bringing the piano inside. she asks really -are you going to play it. he says I cant play the piano. se yi: then why have the piano. he says in the past when the people hung out here. he changes topic and asks -how about you- do you really like that kid? se yi: I don’t think I do. adam: then why see the movie with him and play with him. she explains -he said he didnt have anyone to go with him so it hurt my heart a little.  like he said we are partners. I really don’t know. adam: so what are you going to do now. se yi: I have to cut my hair. they say that’s what you do when you’ve been rejected.

they sit at the salon side by side and adam asks why my hair. she says cuz I cant cut my hair. she tells the stylist to cut just her bangs. I like long hair. adam panics and says her name. se yi: I will cut my hair and start over with a new feelings.

they walk back and his hair is short. she says sorry – to be honest I think long hair suited you better. just kidding. you look cool. to tell the truth – from when I first saw you I wanted to be sure to cut your hair. I will think of your cut hair and put to order my feelings-that would be respecting your cut hair. we are here. thank you for today. I will come and visit again. he walked her home

adam is walking back and runs into se yi’s mom on her way home. they stop and look at each other. he says her name – choi kyung.

se yi asks who is coming. dok says your mom. she starts to mention se yi’s hair but se yi says: who? dok: I just found out a while ago. she came suddenly without calling.  se yi: who is coming? who?

adam asks how  – I thought you were in new Zealand. it’s been a long time. her mom doesn’t say a word and walks away from him. she turns and looks back though

se yi packs in a hurry. dok asks what are you doing – are you a little kid. just do enough. I cant put up with you. is puberty (meaning acting out) only tormenting you? se yi says -puberty- what do you know aunt. why is she coming suddenly. why is she coming secretly without any word. does she have a crime she committed?  when she goes out her mom is there. the mom says what were you doing with the door unlocked. dok: how did you come without calling? the mom asks se yi – have you been well. she grabs se yi’s hand to stop her from leaving. se yi says let go. her mom takes her bag away. se yi leaves with her guitar. dok calls out se yi’s name but the mom says leave it alone just put her bag back inside. her mom goes after her. dok: this is all wrong. should I get another home.

her mom says I really want to hit you. go inside. even if you are going to leave – go tm when it’s light out. se yi: why did you come – I don’t want to see you mom. her mom asks were you not going to see me for all your life. se yi: if I could do that I was going to. her mom says It wont be easy. go inside. I wont lose you. I will chase you all night. se yi says don’t expect anything from me. she goes back in

adam looks at the CD

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-16-49] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-16-59]

se yi tosses in bed and looks at her sheep

seol chan is tossing too.

at school next day, PD shows a pic of se yi and asks do you know this student. the girls look annoyed and give se yi’s name asking why he wants to know. PD says do you know what this female student and seol chan have to do with each other (as in what is their relationship). the girl asks who are you. he shows his business card and says I am the PD for entertainment news. Hyo rin and Joon walked over so she tells her brother to go inside first.  Joon tells her not to do anything silly and hurry and come inside.PD asks is she my any chance seol chan’s gf. there are rumors at the school. the girls deny it.  hyo rin says I am seol chan’s gf. PD: are you really seol chan’s gf? hyo rin: yes should I tell you my name. ma hyo rin. she gives her address. she gives her parents names. why? aren’t you going to write it down? PD asks are you chairman ma’s daughter by any chance. she repeats the name of his company and says it’s the same name that is contracted with my dad’s company.  she holds out her hand so he rips out his paper and gives it to her. she says seol chan is mine so don’t mess with him. why are you putting that crazy girl with him.

*it’s going to get confusing here cuz the two guys are talking and sometimes addressing her but still looking at each other.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-48-34] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-49-24]

sunwoo spots se yi watching seol chan go in so sunwoo calls out her name. it makes seol chan stop and look back. sunwoo goes over to seol chan and says to her the bangs suit her. seol chan tries to get a look. sunwoo: did you get the apology from seol chan. she says yes I got it.  seol chan: what does it have to do with you? se yi asks why doesn’t it matter to him – if sunwoo didn’t help out you and I would have been in a complicated situation. did you thank sunwoo? seol chan: what? why should I say thank you to this punk. seol chan says to sunwoo: did anyone ask you to? if you got involved/interfered you thought I would be grateful? how did you not change at all from the past or now. listen carefully – even now- if the other person doesn’t want the kindness then it’s not a kindness. they say that is a thorn. sunwoo: I don’t need to hear a thank you from you. of course yesterday wasn’t a kindness. sunwoo says to se yi – seol chan knows my true feeling so he knows he doesn’t need any formality. se yi: what does that mean? seol chan calls out sunwoo’s name. sunwoo: it means I wont beat around the bush. *like you min se yi. se yi: who does. sunwoo: I do. it’s very telling here that she looked at seol chan at that moment. seol chan glares at him and just walks into school and leaves sunwoo staring at se yi. she looks down after seol chan leaves. seol chan half looks back at them then goes.

*Like I said before – with the missing pronoun it can sound like an accusation at seol chan – you like min se yi.

seol chan goes to his desk angry

some girl says hi to KD and says to get contact lens and he would look much better if he took his glasses off. KD takes it off and looks at himself. jin calls out radio and says put your glasses on. I thought radio was broken these days but when I saw him at the bet he worked really well.

eunha looks down at her bruise on her leg

seol chan slams his hands down on his desk and says they are playing with me. he gets up and leaves

Jin and his buddies discuss what would be fun to tell radio to sing. KD says I wont do it anymore – I wont sing like that anymore. also don’t call me radio. he walks out. jin is mad and goes after him

KD passes donam in the hall and asks to talk. Jin watches them

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-14-01]

donam says -what – hurry and talk. KD gets on his knees and says I’m sorry. donam: what are you doing. KD: I’m sorry – back then I was really wrong. donam: are you not going to get up. you punk. KD: I wanted to do this sooner. for real. every day 10 or 12 times I imagined this, but I didn’t have any courage -didn’t have any courage at all. even the courage to apologize to you. the courage to talk back to those kids.  I wanted to kill the kids who called me a dummy and laughed  but I didn’t have that courage either. I would have rather wanted to die, but I didn’t have that courage. I prayed on the rooftop too – god please give me the courage to jump down. donam says courage – ask for what you can have- you originally didn’t have that – you just had greed

flashback to when they were kids and auditioned together. their name was kang brothers. young KD explains – yes our last names are different – our blood is different and out homes are different but we are brothers. donam adds we don’t pick on stuff like that and are brothers. she reads how they called themselves the outcast brothers. KD says he is an outcast and so am I but when we are together we aren’t outcasts. they are asked to start so KD sang and donam backed him up with his beat rap. the woman asked if only one of you two could move on what will you do.

KD and donam talk and donam says what to we do if they say only one of the two of us can go up. I really wanted to make it all the way to the stage. KD tells him not to worry. how can they separate us – then will a proper song come out. they both said I wont like it if they say they will only pick me.

then they are given that situation – the judges decided only for KD to go on -she asks so what do you think park kd. he doesn’t reply so the judge says then give it all up. loyalty is for guys.  or there is a dance program on Mnet.  both of you dance well so practice and then come out for that. or just KD can practice more and decide for him to move on to the next level. donam waited for KD to say something like no but he didnt

outside the room, KD promises to do well – even donam’s part but donam gets mad and says is that something for you to say.  you should have said I wont do anything without donam. that is what you should have said. I would have done that. even if you said that I would have stopped you. what are you to betray me. KD says I am sorry and holds on but donam pulls away saying let go and falls down the stairs and injures himself. donam is in pain saying: what do I do.

*so I guess this is why his yudo career ended too. this is still a crappy reason to hate KD for so long.

donam says while I was lying in the hospital and watching you came out on that again – you should have done it properly but you were cut right away . KD keeps saying I am sorry. donam says if you are sorry then put me back in yudo then I will accept your apology even a hundred times. so get lost punk. every time I see you I feel like I will go crazy thinking of that betrayal. all you do is act nice. Jin heard that from afar

seol chan walks around looking for sunwoo and se yi and mutters about sunwoo – confessing is up to you but you did it in front of my nose for me to hear.  where did they go. are these two already…he doesn’t finish cuz he thinks they might have become a couple already.

sunwoo is at the office and choi says something looks different about you sunwoo. something is different – the scent of being a man. dok tells him to go.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-55-24]

choi asks sunwoo to drop by the gym and open the windows to air it out. sunwoo opens it and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and smiles – probably relieved he confessed to se yi or maybe he is testing to see if he really does smell manly now. wow that was a weird thing to say but lack of sleep is making me loopy.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-46-22]

KD goes back to class and the kids were talking about him cuz Jin told them everything. they say we felt sorry for you up to now but now it makes me think of karma. donam comes in. the girl says I heard you betrayed donam so you could succeed alone. Jin says I told them all about you so you would feel good. like you said – all this time -that punk was acting nice. I thought you were to harsh on him to be honest but after hearing everything you said – I get why you did that. we will pay him back for everything you had to go through cuz of KD.  donam goes back out. KD looks sad. kids throw things at him. KD takes off his glasses. Jin comes over and puts it back on. I told you to put it on. you think all the applause was for you – it was seol chan’s. you thought you were something? you don’t know your place. you are just radio. KD asks can I sing one song. can I sing. Jin laughs and says do it – that’s what you should do. he tells the kids KD wants to sing so should we accept it. Jin says the kids don’t want it. KD starts to sing anyway. he finishes and leaves the room. Jin laughs and makes the motion that KD has gone crazy

*even though he was crying and emotional, KD sang the best he could – sort of like a mockingbird right before it dies. watching him sing so beautifully sort of broke my heart cuz even though I knew this moment was coming, I was dreading it like crazy.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-49-53] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-50-38]

se yi remembers how sunwoo said It means I wont beat around the bush – I like you Min se yi. she sees a paper airplane fly by and picks it up. KD is on the roof getting ready to jump. she says his name. the wind blows around him as she starts to run and call out his name. she takes out her phone and dials and runs like crazy. KD looks down. he says sorry mom – dad. he isnt answering his phone. he finally looks at it and says I am sorry se yi. he drops his phone. se yi stops running when she looks down at his dropped phone. then she looks up.

donam is walking and looks over

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-59-13]

sunwoo was looking out the window and looks over his shoulder

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-52-04] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-43-15] [Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-43-32]

se yi runs into seol chan. she is crying. he asks what is going. KD steps closer to the ledge. KD: at last the courage I wanted so much – I have it -so with this, it is plenty. he inhales deeply and takes one step off

se yi keeps crying as seol chan suddenly looks up


*Am I the only one yelling “run up there first and stop him and cry later” -why did she have to stop just cuz she ran into Seol chan – she was running so well so keep going. also why did she lose the ability to speak – tell him to stop KD from jumping off the roof – is that so hard to say. why make this moment about you and your feelings – KD is the one up there needing a friend to care right now.

CK found preview – it’s on the bottom comments

KD’s voice says I am sorry mom and dad

Se Yi throws the backpack at donam and says you carry it. donam yells back what do you know

someone says: that cowardly punk

hyo rin tells sunwoo: oppa doesn’t know – I chose seol chan oppa ( as in she is going after him)

se yi: I didn’t matter to him at all (as in he wasn’t interested in me at all)

Seol chan advises se yi – if it’s a guy like sunwoo – you wont lack anything in a boyfriend so do well.

se yi’s mom says to adam: I hope we don’t have to meet again – let’s act like we don’t know each other.

se yi cries and throws the stuffed sheep at seol chan: I got a boyfriend so I will give it back

*I refuse to believe he died. I have a feeling they stopped KD from jumping. this is not TWTWB – it just wasn’t meant to be such a dark drama. It would be a bizarre show if they went from a kid committing suicide to wanting the audience to enjoy the love triangle between Se Yi, Seol Chan, and Sunwoo cuz that’s just impossible after a death. (I can’t include Nana yet cuz she has a long way to go to win Sunwoo over) Plus I want KD to survive so it rattles Donam and those other kids who bullied KD. I swear if KD dies, I am going to be so upset next Friday. It would be the worst random plot point that serves zero purpose. I still have hope that he is alive cuz when Se Yi tossed that bookbag at Donam, she wasn’t crying. In the preview they both ran up those stairs so I trust Seol chan to say the right things to talk KD down from that ledge. if Seol chan is good at anything other than music, it’s talking – he seems to like the sound of his own voice. He will say all the wrong things of course, but he will still get the job done. He wont let Se Yi endure watching her friend dying – not if Seol chan can help it.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-33-42]

I have to be honest – I sort of envied their little victory here. I love that Seol Chan has every right to be arrogant about his skills as a musician cuz he really does have a gift. Then I envied each kid cuz they all had a talent to contribute – this was a collaborative effort that proved to the audience that a group of misfits could amount to something even All For One would be intimidated by. If this little performance doesn’t make Joon and his posse shake in their designer shoes, I don’t know what will. At least they won’t be able to look down on Color Bar anymore and every reason to look up to them. That is if they have the guts to admit they have been beaten. Knowing Joon and his team – that might be asking too much of them to cow down in defeat. Heaven forbid, but now they might actually have to rehearse to catch up to Seol Chan’s team.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-46-33]

Everything Seol Chan isnt saying aloud, he says it with just one look. Se Yi was the one with her wrist held tight, but you could tell this moment was more painful for him. He didn’t want to hurt her – he never meant to anyway, but he knew he was. Each time he spoke or behaved harshly. He probably even thought about how much more pain he would end up causing her if he dated her and his fans reacted negatively.  As she kept asking why are you doing this to me – you could tell he desperately wanted to give her an answer – that he was holding on cuz this was all that he was capable of doing – that he never wanted to let go – that even reading her note brought him laughter -that he was living and breathing just her these days. But the only answer he could give was a silent one, desperately pleading with her to listen. He would he so shocked if he knew that Adam might be the one to make her hear.


Starts from Sun woo singing. Seol Chan watches Se Yi though the window then he goes in. after the song ends they all clap. eunha tells him not to sing that song in front of just any girl cuz it will make her fall for him at once. se yi agrees. sunwoo says let’s practice now, but nana speaks up. she asks him to sing another one. do you know that song -person’s love– don’t you want to. sunwoo: no but that song is a duet though. eunha says to sing it with se yi but nana says never mind. seol chan calls and end for today and tells them to practice more and then come. he leaves

hong is on the phone with the CEO and asks shouldn’t we tell that news to seol chan since that kind of article came out. the CEO said no it seems. suddenly seol chan comes in the car and throws his bag inside. seol chan orders Hong to go. hong asks why did you come so quickly. he points to the package in the front and says I did as you asked. why frame something like this. suddenly seol chan rocks back and forth grabbing his head acting like he is in misery

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-59-46] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-59-55]

se yi is walking along and gets shocked by seol chan popping up in front of her wearing sunglasses. se yi: what is this. he gestures but doesn’t talk. se yi: what? he asks accusingly  “did you like it?” (meaning if she enjoyed sunwoo singing to her). se yi: what? he doesn’t say and just runs off embarrassed. she wonders why is he like that.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-02-15] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-02-59]

seol chan is in the car and takes off his sunglasses. he hits himself in the head asking “why. why. why.” he asks hong to hit him once so hong asks why. seol chan: just hit me! so hong does -right on the face. seol chan starts to cry and asks why hit me. cuz you hit me – tears are coming out. a guy who is a star has tears coming out. he continues to cry now that he has an excuse.

at night nana throws a Boa cd over the gate into sunwoo’s yard. he finds it the next morning

his driver asks if sunwo doesn’t get car sick reading in the car but sunwoo says I am used to it so it’s ok. he spots nana on the street. she takes out her phone from her pocket to check a text and her bus card falls out so sunwoo asks his driver to pull over and picks it up. nana gets a text (from her dad) to come quickly after school ends. sunwoo starts to follow nana but stops.

sunwoo watches nana from the window at school

seol chan gets to class and texts sunwoo to come outside

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-09-57]

sunwoo: what now? seol chan says cuz of you – last night I couldnt sleep a wink. sunwoo: why? seol chan: cuz you were too greasy. since when did you become that way.  cuz you were so greasy I slurped up some buttered mayonnaise thinking it would be that greasy but it wasn’t even close.  sunwoo: why are you like this. seol chan: cuz you gave shock to an artist’s precious mentality. don’t you know how important mentality is to an artist?  sunwoo: could it be more greasy than what you did? (referring to what he did with se yi -the kiss). seol chan: what? sunwoo walks away

*the Korean word for “nuk-ee-ae” can mean a lot of things – like greasy, unctuous, oily, or overly pleasing in an uncomfortable way. it’s like if someone is really sweet to you and it grosses you out.

radio remembers how adam said friends shouldnt put up with doing things without wanting to. he asks donam to talk but donam says he is being gross. radio yells out cha donam so donam goes over and calls him crazy and to go away. this fool. radio says I wanted to say thank you for singing with me. donam asks if he wants to beat up again. radio: do it if you want. donam: is that all – what you should really have said.. radio cuts in and says you never gave me a chance to talk. donam says to run away and sit slumped says I don’t want to. JR teases and asks donam are you dating radio –cuz you like each other – do you do love fights too

seol chan wonders how does he know. what did I do that was greasy. he suddenly remembers how he tried to kiss se yi. seol chan: no way – he didn’t see that right. this is so embarrassing. no he didn’t see it. if he saw that guy wouldn’t sit still. no cuz he acts like he is nice so he might have acted like he didn’t see. this school. he sees donam and radio with JR.

JR is asking donam what are you doing over there. Joon says don’t bother about it so I left it alone. but I really don’t get it. is it fun?  this guy radio sings -yoon seol chan, that sheep girl, sunwoo – you, kim nana, shim eunha – what do you guys do?  seol chan walks by. JR calls out to seol chan – hey idol. is practice going well with those kids. it should go well. seol chan: you guys just do well. JR: we don’t practice. we just do what we’ve always done. that is real talent. can you even follow us – why would we practice. seol chan asks is it nice to do as you always did.  while holding onto instruments that cost thousands of dollars and paying for expensive lessons fees -bragging about putting money to it to the world – it’s all you know how to do huh. JR says sorry we have money but you guys don’t even have that. seol chan: why don’t we have it – we have our voices you ignorant -don’t you know that a voice is the best out of all the instruments. you cant put a price on it.  JR gets mad at being called ignorant. seol chan: you guys dont have that. your smart president knows that probably. he just isn’t saying it, but right about now I bet he is cowering. ma joon and hyo ri come over. joon says I didn’t know that much –  so you guys are saying cuz you cant do it with money you will succeed with your voices. I am sorry – I didn’t think far ahead. the condition should have been fair

the vice principal gets a call from an angry mom –joon’s mom. he says that will never happen. don’t worry. he hangs up and asks if teacher dok found the article. she reads the news about seol chan and man in black. how seol chan was picked up while going to school to do some charity event for the art center that is opening (but without permission to perform from his agency). the principal says how joon’s mom thinks seol chan’s team is being put out there for this. he wonders what kind of company lets articles like this go out cuz it makes him look bad – like he is abusing his students into doing stuff like this.

seol chan’s group is gathered by the stage. eunha asks what’s going on – why did joon want to meet us. seol chan asks joon -what is it that you are trying to do. hyo ri takes the stage with her violin and starts to play with some others. seol chan yawns. he is about to walk away but hyo ri starts to sing that tragic sageuk song from Heartstrings really well while joon plays the piano. seol chan freezes and goes back to watch. his team looks worried as JR silently gloats. after the song, joon asks if it’s this much -is it fair. teacher dok comes in and tells them the vice principal will be doing the judging

seol chan asks sunwoo if he knew that hyorin could sing well. sunwoo: yes. seol chan: then why didn’t you say it. sunwoo: normally those kids don’t put up vocals during performances. seol chan: what a joke. you really are a spy aren’t you. is it that important to get on the show? se yi yells that seol chan caused the trouble (by opening his mouth and talking about using vocals) so why take it out on sunwoo. seol chan:what?  se yi: you made them challenge us. eunha says this isnt the time to fight. what do we do now. radio thinks if those kids go with vocals and their orchestra it wont be a joke. seol chan says we will go with power vocal and will change the order

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-31-16]

at night seol chan is drilling se yi and making her sing over and over. seol chan: again. sunwoo calls out his name as a warning so seol chan tells him – stay out of it spy. seol chan tells her to put strength in her stomach and open her throat. se yi: how do I open the throat. seol chan: dummy – take out power from your voice but se yi says how can I take out the strength in my voice. seol chan: dummy – you cant even do that? se yi: I cant. eunha asks them to rest and then do it. seol chan goes outside. sunwoo asks if her voice is ok. se yi: not yet. sunwoo says don’t do it if it’s hard. se yi looks out at seol chan. eunha comments all their voices are the same so if we only had one strong voice it would be perfect. sunwoo looks over at nana. donam wonders why seol chan has been like that all day

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-39-59]

radio asks seol chan – cant we do as we have been – we don’t have to follow all for one. I don’t know why you are like this but all the kids know you are forcing yourself (to do something he doesnt want to). seol chan: I’m not forcing myself to do something I don’t want. radio: you are making it hard on se yi on purpose – that isnt what you really want to do. seol chan looks inside and see se yi smiling up at sunwoo and it makes him jealous

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-43-20] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-43-31]

seol chan goes back and says break is over. he tells se yi to do it again. she does it but he makes her do it more and calls her a dummy. sunwoo says stop it – I cant watch it anymore. seol chan says stay out of it spy. se yi says I cant do it – I cant do it dummy. she grabs her bag and runs out. seol chan goes out too. donam says they sure are doing well.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-46-20] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-50-26][Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-48-41]

se yi is crying as she walks away. seol chan goes after her and grabs her wrist so she says let go -let go dummy. I don’t want to see you. he holds on though with the saddest pained expression on his face. se yi: why are you doing this to me – why do you keep doing this to me. what did I do wrong to you – on that night too – why did you do that to me. let me go. please let me go. she tries to break free. adam comes out and says let go of that hand. let her go. seol chan lets her go. she runs over to adam.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-33-25]

sunwoo keeps looking over at nana. he goes over to her

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-39-04] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-40-05]

they go out to talk. nana: why? what is it that you want to say. sunwoo: you help out. nana: what? sunwoo: you can help. nana: what are you talking about. sunwoo: you asked what I can see in you – there is something I saw. I think I’m the only one who saw. so I wanted to act like I knew but I didn’t think you wanted that so I didn’t do anything.  but in this situation is like this. nana: I don’t know what you are saying but let’s just say I can help like you said – but why should I do that. why should I help se yi. sunwoo: not se yi – but help our team. during all this time you did act like one team. nana: sorry but as you know I don’t have anything. he grabs her wrist and drags her inside. nana: what are you doing.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-40-54] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-41-02]

he plays the guitar and starts to sing. she stops and doesn’t walk away. the lyrics he sings “are you getting closer to me – are you my person now. even though I cant walk far – will you protect me. you are my person now. even if things happen that hurt your heart -my love – I can make you laugh so don’t worry now -my person -my love – more precious than anything. so that I can lean on you. let’s always go together forever -always with me. you are my love.”  she turns and looks at him. he asks if she knows what comes after – it’s hard to do this alone. he plays and sings again, but she doesn’t join so he starts over and calls out her name and waits. nana suddenly starts to sing and eunha, radio, and donam are surprised. sunwoo and nana sing together. nana had sang this song on the street that day that sunwoo quietly followed her. when they stop radio and donam clap then eunha claps like crazy and keeps saying omo – omo. sunwoo goes over and gives her the bus card and says you dropped it on the street.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-53-55]

they are sitting on the park bench as she cries – adam gives se yi milk. she says I don’t know why seol chan is like this to me – I don’t know why he is tormenting me like this. but I must be crazy too ajussi– I cant stand to see him but he weighs on my mind -him getting mad weighs on my mind/ bothers me – I hate him but he weighs on my mind. he keeps weighing on my mind again and again. (meaning it bothers her that she is bothered). also these days there is something I was hurt by seol chan.  I should be really angry about it, but it’s strange – I am hurt and sad. why am I like this. adam smiles says in the past there was someone who asked the same question as you. why am I like this?  se yi: so?  adam: I got mad. se yi: why? adam: cuz he/she knew and still asked. you probably know too and are still asking. se yi: I know?

in the car hong says you didn’t bring your bag too – what to do. seol chan just looks out the window

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-57-14] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-00-13]

seol chan goes to his room and lies face down on his bed and remembers se yi asking why are you like this. why do you keep doing this to me. what did I do wrong to you – on that night too why did you do that to me. seol chan mutters about making her cry again and again. “you bad guy.” he sees the package and opens it. it’s a frame of her note that he had made. the one hong had asked why frame this. seol chan laughs looking at it.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-04-04] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-04-46]

next day se yi sees seol chan walking ahead of her. he turns and asks why follow behind me – he says how expensive his back is. he goes over to her and she steps back. he snaps his finger in her face and says red sun. don’t be mad anymore. I am sorry about yesterday. cuz I was eager to succeed I went crazy for a short while. he smiles at her.  sunwoo comes over and throws his bag at him. how can a student not have his bag. seol chan asks why did you bring it. sunwoo: I should have sent it through quick delivery. sunwoo takes her hand and says se yi let’s go. seol chan yells after him – ya are you not going to let go of my partner’s hand. ya she is my partner

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-35-42]

during class se yi looks at her book and formulas fly off the pages. seol chan is drawing on his. the teacher asks if they are sleepy – should we do a relay rap that will wake you right up and the class says no. they are in a flutter so seol chan asks what is it. the kid explains they have to do relay math rap. se yi gets chosen so seol chan and se yi stand. each kid has to rap about math. se yi and seol chan look lost. seol chan just dances when it’s his turn. the teacher sings their parts. teacher finishes and says once again. the kids go again. seol chan just dances again when it’s his turn. se yi just stares at the teacher in a daze.

*there is no way I can translate this Korean “rapping” math – regular math in English is hard enough. It sure does sound cute though

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-42-38]

se yi and seol chan were told by their math teacher to memorize this well and come recite it at the teacher’s lounge after class today and if you cant then forget going home.  so they sit outside and practice. seol chan says it’s all in the rhythm but she says rhythm isn’t the problem- it’s hard to memorize. so he asks didn’t you learn math in New Zealand. did you only learn to count sheep. he brings up how she looked like she was in a daze awhile ago – like last time when I tried to kiss you…she suddenly looks down mortified so he decides not to go there. seol chan: this isn’t a time for you to glare at me now- we only have 30 mins left. just follow me. he reads the math rap. he tells her to do it with tempo. she follows him. it makes him smile listening to her. she watches him as she repeats after him

they go to the teacher’s office and sings the math rap to the math teacher. dok hides her face in shame. seol chan and se yi were really good though

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-26-12]

seol chan comes out and says how embarrassing that was. she says how rumors will spread again about him. seol chan: it’s ok – later I can go on a talk show and clear it up while laughing. why did you sneak peeks at me all day –  can you see the attraction/charm of a Hollywood star now. se yi: what are you going to do about vocals – I cant do what you want. seol chan: I told you I just went crazy for a short time. let’s just go according to our color. we don’t need a power vocal.

seol chan tells the group that and they all say who said you could.  seol chan: what are you talking about.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-27-47] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-29-03] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-31-45] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-35-19]

back at the studio, nana sings. seol chan is surprised and goes over and hugs her twice her calling her tough girl. nana hits him for hugging her. seol chan says  I am getting inspired again. we can finish this quickly – follow me. he takes nana out to the piano to go over her part. radio says to se yi that sunwoo solved the problem. se yi smiles at sunwoo. she says look over there- more flowers bloomed. when did it bloom. * it’s like the better they do the more flowers bloom

se yi asks adam what the flower name is in the courtyard that are blooming. he says violets. he asks if practice is going well. se yi: yes. adam: did you say the bet is in two days –then you can use the basement till Friday then

the group practices and seol chan smiles cuz they are doing well

teacher dok tells the class as you know there is something important tm at school. students are forbidden to attend. so don’t try to come out to school and watch. the student asks cant we watch too but dok calls an end to class.

*so some of them sneak in advance and hide in the auditorium on that day

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-42-29]

after class dok asks if preparations are going well. eunha says yes.  it starts at 3pm tm so come before and get ready. seol chan tells the group to hurry and do their stuff that they need to do and gather, but nana answers her phone and says I don’t want to. I wont go.

nana is walking when men pull up and drag her away in the car. se yi and donam see that and chase after the car

donam tells se yi about the room salon – what is that? donam: where men drink alcohol. she asks if that is where nana is working part time. donam says for sure those guys took her.  I have to go. se yi stops him asking what are you going to do. nana wont like being caught by you. donam: didn’t you hear her talking a while ago – she said she didn’t want to go there. she might have been abducted. you should know the situation. she might not be able to come to practice. se yi says ok I will go with you. he says you are a girl so stay out. she says think of me as your back up. they go together but sunwoo sees them and wonders where they are going. he makes his driver stop and he calls se yi asking where are you going now but se yi lies and says I am going to the subway station now. see you later. she hangs up. she explains to donam she couldn’t tell sunwoo about nana’s business. they get in a cab. sunwoo makes his driver follow the cab.  seol chan sees se yi getting in a cab with donam and wonder where they are going. he sees sunwoo’s car following the cab so seol chan says what is that. so they all follow se yi and donam’s cab.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-56-32]

sunwoo gets out his car and follows donam and se yi. then seol chan pulls up behind them and runs over. sunwoo sees where they are and asks what donam is doing here. nana comes running out and runs right into his arms. he looks up at the room salon name. the men say catch her and grab her to take her inside. she says to let go. so sunwoo stops them and says let her go – what are you doing – she is a high school student -cant you see her uniform. the man says go away. donam pulls the men off nana and sunwoo frees nana from the guy’s grasp.  a fight breaks out. se yi bites the guy holding onto donam. before he can hit se yi seol chan jumps in and punches him. sunwoo and seol chan are fighting the guys and nana sees the chaos and runs away. hong comes over and sees seol chan about to get hit. he shoves seol chan’s pillow in the guy’s face asking what are you doing. hong gets hit trying to protect seol chan. seol chan hits the guy for hitting hong. sunwoo stops a guy from hitting se yi. some old man comes outside and asks the kids – what are you. do you know nana

*teens are not allowed in places like this cuz they are underage and room salons are very seedy and not reputable. it’s no wonder Nana wanted to keep this from her classmates

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-05-20]

hong says I cant live cuz of you as he puts a band aid on seol chan’s injured finger. seol chan tries to put a band aid on hong’s injury (aww – these two are so sweet to each other). seol chan looks over to the café where the kids are with nana’s dad. seol chan cant believe what nana’s dad is (head of a group of thugs)

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-11-19]

sunwoo, donam, and se yi meet with the dad. the dad repeats what sunwoo just said – the bet about the performance. sunwoo explains that their team needs nana. dad says if nana has to show a side of herself she doesn’t want to then she wont make contact. sunwoo: I will ask nana that myself. donam asks why he takes nana away by force like that. the dad says these days my nana’s heart was hurt a lot cuz of some guy. I was going to take care of it (have the guy beat up). but nana wont discuss it with me so I brought her by force. do you know who that guy is. se yi says don’t send those men in black to school – I saw a few times and nana really hates it. the dad says I will convince her well and send the kid so wait. he pauses to look at sunwoo again and then leaves. the dad probably guessed sunwoo is the guy nana must like. se yi says we shouldnt have followed nana. donam wonders if nana will show up tm for real

students sneak inside to watch the performances. they notice that sunwoo is late. and it looked like nana didn’t come out.

kids are waiting and eunha calls nana but she wont answer. eunha says why is nana changing her mind again – she didn’t show up yesterday either. there is only 30 mins left before they go on. se yi gets a call. nana’s dad says nana wont pick up her phone. sunwoo takes her phone and calls. he gets some info from her dad and thanks the dad. he asks the group to stall for 30 mins more– I will borrow your phone for a while. he runs off. teacher choi asks where is sunwoo going – it’s almost time

sunwoo makes his driver put the address into the navigation.

se yi asks if they cant start when the kids come. choi doesn’t think that can happen. seol chan asks if the vice principal came. choi says he will be here soon. seol chan says there is a method I use to get away from saesangs (anti fans). he makes a call

vice principal is trying to park but cant cuz the parking space is so narrow. hong parked so he took up almost two spaces. the principal barely makes it in but cant open his door to get out. hong reparks even closer and then sneaks away. then teacher choi pulls up behind the principal so he cant get out of his car at all. they trapped the v-principal in his car -how do I get out of here. save a person.

hong says to seol chan- I did as you told me. but is it really ok to do this. seol chan: just get in trouble once. you said you got into a lot of trouble in the past. hong says it wont last long cuz  he still has his phone

VP asks is anyone here? se yi sees the principal and goes over. he asks her to call out the number of that car. *In korea you leave your cell phone number on your car so people can call you to move your car.  she says there isnt one. this is yoon seol chan’s car. I will bring him. I saw that manager go way over there. he says hurry and come back. she leaves

sunwoo calls but nana doesn’t answer. her dad says there is just one place nana would go to.

principal wonders where that student went – she said she would come right back but 20 mins passed. eunha goes over asking what are you doing here and offers help, but he doesn’t trust kids and calls dok. dok asks why aren’t you coming – they are all waiting.  his battery runs out so he says quickly I am trapped-hurry and come to the parking lot.

sunwoo pulls up to a design studio. nana is sewing and crying. she remembers running into sunwoo’s arms and how he looked up at the sign and knows she came out of a room salon. her thread gets caught and falls so she bends down to pick it up. she cuts her hand and it bleeds. flashback to that same hand injury and sunwoo holding her hand asking did something happen. sunwoo goes in and sees her crying. he calls out to her

dok asks what are you doing -it’s starting soon. hurry and go in. why? se yi  says sunwoo and nana aren’t here.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-48-24][Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-24-55]

nana asks how he knew to come here. sunwoo says your dad told me. let’s go. she asks you met my dad. sunwoo: yes. She closes her eyes cuz the shame of it all overwhelms her cuz now sunwoo knows her true background. sunwoo looks at his watch and says let’s hurry and go-it’s almost time. I told them to stall for as long as they can.  she yells why did you go there (to the room salon). why did you come. nothing would have happened if you guys didn’t come there. what are you guys to go there. It’s pathetic huh. (she lists what his reaction must have been like to finding out about her) I even heard her boyfriend was a gangster. he wasn’t a boyfriend – he was my dad. you think that is mom is a room salon boss. that I was this kind of kid. that you spoke with this kind of kid. that this kind of kid was put in charge and sang. you did huh? sunwoo: he didnt mention anything about your mother. nana: get lost. sunwoo I cant get lost. I told you – I only say what I see. what I see right now is kim nana who was making clothes. not a gangster’s or room salon boss’ daughter kim nana, but kim nana who is in second year of high school – color bar kim nana –   kim nana who can sing well. kim nana who the kids are waiting for anxiously.

*he sure does make it hard for her to not swoon over him.  it’s like a hopeless cause.

se yi told teacher dok that sunwoo said he would bring nana and come right away -couldn’t you wait a little longer. vice principal calls out to her -over here but she goes another way pretending not to have seen him

the kids sit down and joon and hyo rin wonder where sunwoo went – what happened to sunwoo.

the parking lot guard finds the principal (and probably frees him)

joon asks seol chan – what happened with sunwoo. hyo rin wonders why the vprincipal isnt coming. he finally comes in all sweaty and says start cuz I have to hurry and end and go rest afterwards. dok says seol chan’s team isn’t ready yet. principal points at se yi and says you. se yi goes over and says I looked all over school and couldn’t find him. he says to start. dok tries to say again seol chan’s team isn’t ready but he yells to start. se yi fans him and says you look really hot. dry out your sweat and then do it.  he says I dont need it. he tells dok to start again so dok tells se yi to go back to her seat. se yi says to him – no – you will faint like this. seol chan tells eunha to go and bring se yi over. vp says to start. sunwoo arrives alone. se yi asks what about nana. sunwoo: I’m sorry I couldn’t convince her. seol chan tells KD to sing nana’s part. cuz you can at least pretend. we will go right into it without the first part so be on alert.  KD says I really cant do it. principal says to start. joon gets up with his group and they go on stage. hyo rin sings amazing grace as the rest plays instruments and joon on the piano. then a choir in the back sings with her. the kids who snuck in the back watch from their hiding places.  principal and other school officials clap when it’s over. dok calls out for color bar to go on next. some girl says poor seol chan. they notice that nana is missing. heard sunwoo went to go get her awhile ago. whether she is there or not wont make a difference so why go get her.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[06-09-10]

eunha shoves KD forward to the center so he can sing. he looks terrified. se yi and sunwoo are on guitar. se yi goes over and looks at KD to encourage him and calm him down. seol chan plays piano. KD starts to sing and the kids make negative comments. they wonder why sunwoo went over there to that team. the door opens as KD falters. nana walks down the aisle and se yi calls out to her and runs over to hug her. nana lets her. principal asks what is that student. dok lectures nana for being late on a day like this. choi says they should start over. principal says this will cause a problem with fairness but joon says it’s ok with us. we have to go up against them with the same conditions so there is no talk later whether they win or not. choi says of course – we have to make sure they don’t say they lost cuz nana was missing. students wonder if they will lose cuz nana was missing. nana shouldn’t have come.  principal agrees to let them start over. seol chan thanks him.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-06-14] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-32-50] [Mnet] 몬스타.E07.130628.드디어 배틀! 칼라바 VS 올포원.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-33-22]

seol chan plays again and nana sings. everyone in the audience is surprised. se yi and sunwoo sing backup. donam does his beat box thing and radio and eunha dance as back up. all for one look really concerned. teachers choi and dok look impressed. the kids in hiding jump out when the dance part comes out and cheer loudly. seol chan sings a bit too. at the last part seol chan comes out to dance with the rest. color bar blew the competition away and they hold up their arms triumphantly at the end in a rock star pose.



seol chan or color bar get compliments “today you were the best”

seol chan says on the phone – right now who do you think suffered the biggest blow?

seol chan and se yi go on a date and watch a movie. cuz se yi says “I will go with you today cuz I am your partner.”  sunwoo asks se yi what she did with seol chan today when they played. seol chan and se yi also play the guitar together

some guy asks do you know who is yoon seol chan’s girlfriend? hyo rin lies and says I am yoon seol chan’s girlfriend

se yi says I was rejected (as in someone turned her down cuz they don’t like her)

sunwoo: I like you min se yi

seol chan: these guys are playing with me?

KD stands up for himself in class and says don’t call me radio. JR asks do you think that applause was for you?

se yi is on the phone and running. seol chan asks what is going on?


54 comments on “Monstar E7-E8

  1. nonski says:

    thanks so much for the recaps softy!


  2. PiscesDragon says:

    Would you know the title of the song KD sang? He looked so pitiful while singing but towards the end he looked peaceful. Monstar always pick the perfect song to fit the emotion they want to convey in the scene. That why I love this show so much. Thanks for the nice recap!


    • Softy says:

      sorry I have no idea what that song title was but if you check the monstar thread on soompi, i’m sure someone there could tell you. lately there have been these video clips available to download that have 3 or 4 songs on them each from the episodes. they have all the songs from the first episode to E8 so far including the one you want, but they are broken up into 3 or 4 video clips so far. it’s sort of cool cuz you get to watch just the scenes with the songs. 🙂


      • PiscesDragon says:

        Thanks for the tip, I found it there. 1st time to visit Soompi just for this drama and to think I’ve been watching Asian dramas since 2001 (=^-^=)


  3. Hikary25 says:

    Thanks so much for the recap!! ^0^


  4. summerose says:

    thank you for your recap… but most of all, i love reading your thoughts…I hope SC will pick SY over his career.


  5. flo says:

    Hi..Softy..thank you very much for your wonderful recap, you are very detail, just reading your recap, i feel like i watched the actual drama,,,i love it ^_^
    I just rewatched ep 8, this episode leave me with mixed feelings, i was giggling over sy-sc’s date scene, of course like you said i always love all their scenes, especially the duet’.i think their voices are compliment to each other and i love the song , its so beautiful scene, maybe i expected too much, but their guitar duet and their scene at movie theater are a way too short!! i want more, i can’t get enough of their scenes..
    judging from prev. ep 9 the misunderstanding are getting worst, this triangle love story is so complicated, i got impatient already,,i noticed seyi not only give the sheep doll back to seolchan but she also give sc’s note and button back to him , it’s attached on the back of the sheep doll.
    and the last, this episode is so heartbreaking, when kd cried while he sang, i cried all along with him, i felt his sadness,and i did the same as you did when seyi just cried in front of seolchan and didnt say anything, arhhh..forgive her dear, she was so smitten by seolchan,,^_^
    waiting another friday..and i heard they already finished the filmings for the final episode, i’m so sad, i’m not ready to say goodbye to this drama,,arghh i’m having monstar withdrawal symptoms already


    • flo says:

      ooo.i think i was wrong..after i rewatched, it is not sc’s note and’s look a like she sewed something on it..


    • Softy says:

      In the preview Se Yi is crying a lot and then she gave him back the sheep so that sort of gave me hope – if it hurts her that much that seol chan pushed her away into sunwoo’s arms cuz he is safer for her – sure that makes seol chan the foolish one, but it’s also coming from a place of love. he just wants to protect her from his fans and the media, but I have this feeling when she gives that sheep back, it’s going to be a breaking point for him. he is going to realize he was wrong – that his feelings matter too – sending her to sunwoo only protects her, but it’s going to break his heart so knowing seol chan – he will do something drastic to let her know he likes her too. They just have to cuz it’s getting close to the end – seol chan cant play it cool anymore – he is running out of time. (not to mention I am running out of patience – make a move already idol boy) 🙂

      I just saw the first episode when seol chan was by the door and watched se yi singing with KD – he was looking right at her and I swear his eyes were tearing up listening to her – not just cuz the song was beautiful but more cuz she was singing along to help out KD. I wonder if that’s when his heart decided she should be his partner – cuz out of all the kids in the class, she was the only one behaving like a decent human being – something he hasn’t seen often in his entertainment world.


  6. Eve says:

    Can I just say: THANK YOU. The translations on Viki are much appreciated but made no sense in this episode. Reading your recap of what they said made me realize better why they reacted like they did (Se Yi feeling like she got rejected, the part where Sunwoo confesses, etc) because I was honestly 100% lost as to why people were acting how they did.

    I’m with you. If they kill him off I will be extremely upset. I understand that this raises awareness of the danger of bullying on victims but I couldn’t sit through and care about the rest of the cast if they kill him off. I just couldn’t handle it. I’m hoping they get to him in time and he can get help and that his bullies can be reprimanded.

    Once again thanks for the translations and I’m bookmarking your blog for more (hopefully!)


  7. Ben says:

    Softy do you realize this? I think the reason why SY is looking at SC after SW confession is because she realize that SC like her too. She is not surprise by Seon Woo confession but knowing Seol Chan like her. She basically know that SC like the same person as SW (I’m referring to previous when she misunderstood that SC like SW)….live this drama….<3


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