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It all comes back to this scene and this moment. Who hasn’t been in this situation where you wish things were different so you could openly admit your feelings for someone and have them reciprocated. If he only knew that she was starting to feel something for him too, I bet he wouldn’t have felt so sad and lost here. The best part of this drama was watching Seol Chan struggle with his feelings for Se Yi cuz each misstep and wrong word he says, he is just making a bigger fool of himself. I love how she is the one thing he can’t control in his seemingly perfect little world. But now I have to admit, I want to put him out of his misery. I feel so bad for him – he is so good at everything else in his life, but when it comes to love, he is tripping all over himself and bungling everything up. I want him to hurry up and clear the air with Se Yi. No more excuses and lies – just the simple truth. Just put his arrogance and pride aside and tell her how he feels. I bet he will learn one more thing that he never knew before – that a genuine emotion, once it has been reciprocated, can sometimes lead to a deafening shout of joy from within – something way more satisfying than the cheer from thousands of adoring fans.

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He wishes he could have erased her from his thoughts and his heart back then, but this is what makes him a kid. That doesn’t happen as easily as you wish. Once someone has a hold of your heart, there is only one direction it’s going to go. No amount of wishing your heart would obey is going to make it. That’s why I love Sunwoo’s approach. He knows liking se yi is something he can’t help doing so he pursues her willingly and openly. He doesn’t try to mask his feelings behind pretenses and excuses like Seol chan. That is why Sunwoo is so lucky cuz Seol Chan just doesn’t have that freedom. He has his image and his career to think of, but before all that, Se Yi’s safety comes first for him. I saw this side of him before when he lied and blamed his manager for those racy drawing so Se Yi wouldn’t get in trouble with his fans. It sort of breaks my heart to see it happen again, but Seol chan is right. He did need to try to push Se Yi away and keep her at arm’s length in the past cuz his fans won’t be able to accept him liking her. He even had to lie to Eunha that he won’t date or like anyone, but now his denials and excuses have caught up to his emotions. He likes Se Yi too much to let her get taken away by Sunwoo. It’s going to be one major challenge for Seol Chan, but he is going to have to figure out a way to continue liking Se yi and keep her from being torn apart by his fans and media. I have no idea how he is going to do it, but I bet if it all turns out well in the end, he will know every effort was worth it. If any two lonely souls needed to be together, it’s these two and I am going to root for them all the way.

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Starts with adam asking why. se yi: I found out something it would have been better if I didnt know. my father passed away cuz of my mother. adam: what does that mean. se yi:my mother had someone other than my dad that she liked.

flashback to new zealand – her mom saying to her brother at se yi’s dad’s memorial “it was cuz of me. I shouldn’t have gone to meet that person that night. her brother says it is all in the past. she cries and says no matter how much I think about it – I should have settled my feelings for that person like kwang (se yi’s dad) said  – I should have listened to him. that he would follow me there – i didnt even dream that he would do that. on that night I couldnt forget the way he looked at me –  he was so angry – for letting him leave like that I cant forgive myself  – I killed him. I killed him. ” se yi hears all that in the other room and cries as much as her mom.

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se yi goes over to her mom and says you did it mom. you thought I didnt know. you had another man other than dad. I heard everything you told uncle. on that night dad saw you meet with that man. on that night dad was scary angry. that’s right – that happened. so dad ran after like that. so you did that to dad. you made dad die. her mom slaps her. se yi: you are dirty. her mom says: what did you say. se yi yells  “adulteress! murderer!” se yi runs off. her mom yells out se yi’s name.

adam looks stunned and gets up to go do the dishes but his hands tremble. se yi says: after that I couldn’t stay with mom. I could never forgive mom but she is my mom and I couldn’t do this or that so I left her. I dont want to see her for the rest of my life – I never told anyone this even once – but I told you ajussi – it’s strange. there is knocking so she says the kids must have come and runs out to open the door. adam slumps in shock

se yi opens the door for them. eunha says why didn’t you wait – I said to go together after I was done cleaning. seol chan: this seems like your home. se yi asks what about the other kids? eunha says they are coming. sunwoo is dropping by his home first and then coming cuz his parents are going overseas today.

adam looks at a photo of himself when he was in high school with his friends (it might be se yi’s parents with him when they were all young)

the kids practice

when se yi comes home, teacher dok asks if the practice is going well. se yi: yes I think we will win. dok says your mom called and said to eat well and stay healthy and dont get sick. your mom is suffering cuz of you acting out during your puberty. she has a terrible cold and body ache so call her once. se yi just goes to her room

se yi mutters no one is going to die cuz of a cold and body ache. she takes out her phone and a paper slips out. she looks at her phone and debates calling her mom. se yi: she is being punished. while she is at it – she should get punished with something big

flashback to her dad holding her in his lap and saying this kid is being punished (just like she just said). cuz you didnt listen to your mom you are being punished. the mom keeps telling him to put se yi down -arent you hot. she is a grown kid. the dad says it’s cuz she is sick. the mom says nothing can be done for a cold and body ache. se yi asks her dad is the song is hers. he nods yes  but the mom says that’s my song. the dad nods yes. se yi says but you said you made that song to give to me. her mom says how many times do I have to tell you -dad gave that song to me. she asks her husband whose song is it. he changes subject and says this isnt how you fold socks. give it to me. the mom says dont talk about something else and give your verdict. se yi asked her dad – tell me now dad-  whose song is it. dad: it’s my baby’s song – whose song would it be. se yi asks what did you say you were you thinking of when you made it (the song).

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the dad looks down at infant se yi as he writes at night. the baby cries so he fans his daughter and her mom says to sleep as the dad hums a tune. (it’s the song se yi sang) he grabs his guitar and starts playing the song. when se yi is about ten she is folding laundry as her dad plays guitar and they sing the song together.

se yi sings alone in her room and looks down at her phone. she notices something on the floor and picks up the paper and reads the note seol chan wrote –they say if you do stuff you never did before you will die. she suddenly laughs. then she opens her drawer to put the note inside and and looks at the button she pulled off his jacket the first time they met and laughs. then she remembers their conversation at school – how he said it bothers him and there is enough things bothering him. she said sunwoo so he says are you really like this cuz you dont know. she wonders why he is like that to sunwoo.

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seol chan is looking for her at school wondering she was just at the cafeteria so where did she go. he finds her sitting with eunha and sneaks over. sunwoo stops him by putting his hand on his shoulder so seol chan shakes him off. eunha is talking about the nice weather and doesnt like being in the basement when it’s this nice out. she feels bad for them for being shut up in the basement when it’s nice out.  se yi says (the great weather) doesn’t suit the basement. seol chan stares at sunwoo watching her

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sunwoo told the kids to practice at his home. se yi: go to your home? seol chan: why should we go to your home. sunwoo: the house will be empty plus tm is saturday and we can practice all night. se yi: I agree and then eunha says I agree too. seol chan gives her a look so she says when can we ever go to sunwoo’s home. so seol chan says I am disappointed in you eunha. eunha says just once – be disappointed.  radio agrees too so seol chan smiles at nana and says – you wont (agree) cuz you have a lot of pride right. nana doesnt reply. donam says just do it anywhere. seol chan gets a call from his manager to not forget about going straight to practice with his band at the studio after school today. seol chan: yes the kids texted that they are there.  his manager is going to the airport now to pick up the CEO so seol chan gets mad about being left with no ride. seol chan: what? then what do I do. hong says take the deluxe cab – I will call it for you. seol chan: why did you have to go. hong points out he has to do stuff like this for seol chan’s sake cuz hong is all he has. seol chan threatens to kick him but hong hangs up cuz he knows seol chan doesnt mean it. other kids leave and sunwoo says you didn’t forget about my home right. seol chan: I forgot

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in the car seol chan sits between se yi and sunwoo. sunwoo tells his driver to drop off seol chan at his company. se yi comments to seol chan – it’s cramped so you should have sat up front. seol chan: that’s why – why go this early – you should just go later. she sees nana walking along the street so the car pulls over. se yi asks her to come along now if she has nothing else to do. nana says no but sees the black car following her so she gets into sunwoo’s car. seol chan asks if nana if she can really fight well. nana asks why do you want to fight me once. seol chan looks out the window and says to sunwoo: the weather sure is nice. isnt it? sunwoo shakes his arm away from touching him. se yi says to sunwoo – it must be comfortable for you to have a driver give you rides everyday. sunwoo: my mom’s heart feels comfortable. seol chan: ever since he was an elementary kid he stood out like this.  se yi: when I was in elementary school – there was a kid like that too. he was in the class next to mine. every day a driver came to pick him up. he was goodlooking and studied well so he was very popular.  seol chan: wherever you go there is someone who is your style. se yi: during fifth grade my dad was in charge of a guitar appreciation class. that kid came too. everyone was shocked. cuz he was a kid who only took private lessons. he wanted to meet my dad separately, but on the appointed day I wasnt able to go out. sunwoo looks over at her cuz she started to sound sad. se yi: during class there was a song he sang together with my dad. he sang it so well so dad made him sing solo. that song was ..she tries to remember but sunwoo says the title first – atlantis girl. se yi and seol chan both look over at sunwoo with surprise. she asks how he knew that and finally guesses sunwoo was that kid. sunwoo: I was thinking what should I do if you dont remember cuz I would be so embarrassed. se yi asks are you that jung sunwoo. sunwoo: how could you not remember that much – I gave you so many hints. se yi: why didnt you say? sunwoo: like you just said – you didnt show up. you rejected me once so thanks to you I was extra cautious (from then on).  what if I said I am jung sunwoo and you said – who are you. then what do I do. they smile at each other. seol chan looks stunned and nana doesnt look happy either. sunwoo: on that night why didn’t you come out. did you reject me properly. she doesnt reply. seol chan asks the driver to stop the car.

nana gets out too. sunwoo asks seol chan: will you be ok. seol chan: go.  se yi tells nana to come quickly. they drive off. seol chan asks nana: why did you get out. nana just walks away. seol chan remembers how se yi said he wanted to meet my dad separately but on the appointed day I couldnt go out.

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seol chan has a flashback to back then. young seol chan asked – why should I meet that ajussi on christmas night. young sunwoo pleads: just once. I am asking as a favor.  seol chan says I practice a lot with MSG (seol chan’s current agency)- so why ask if I have potential or not again. also what if that ajussi becomes a famous singer. sunwoo:  still just once – go with me. seol chan guesses sunwoo has another objective -what did you say was her name- that ajussi’s daughter- the girl in your next door classroom.  I saw her pic she isnt even that pretty. sunwoo denies it. seol chan: if you like her so much ask her to date. why are you getting drawn to a girl that doesnt matter. sunwoo: is it that obvious (that I like her) then will she know that too

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they stand and wait -seol shan is muttering about the cold. he wonder why she isnt coming. they waited over 2 hours. seol chan asks did you call. sunwoo says she wont answer. seol chan says you have been rejected. there is a girl who would reject jung sunwoo. let’s go – I could die cuz it’s so cold. what a funny kid – if she didnt like you she should have told you directly.  I am going first. seol chan keeps saying aigoo and walks away watching sunwoo stand there looking sad about being stood up

*seol chan slipped a sweet potato into sunwoo’s hand before he left cuz people hold onto them to keep their hands warm on cold nights.

present day seol chan says sunwoo’s name over and over. then remembers how sunwoo said he was sincere (about his feeling for se yi) and how seol chan asked – what kind of reply is that easy and quick. then how he teased sunwoo in the car with se yi between them asking is it really sincere cuz you havent met that long. how can you be so quick and certain about your feelings then. seol chan mutters– is that why you talked with so much confidence. seol chan remembers how sunwoo said I had plenty of time. seol chan says see – he is still the same – backstabbing me. he takes out his hat and sunglasses and puts them on and takes out his phone. he pulled out her note so he what se yi wrote – fighting. he says are you teasing me? he calls his manager and tells him to call him a deluxe cab

*the deluxe cabs starting rate cost twice as much as regular cabs but it’s safer to take. they are black with yellow cab sign on top so you can spot the difference from a regular cab even in the dark.

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as they walk down the alley, sunwoo suddenly realizes what happened to her dad and turns to look at her asking did he (your dad) pass away. se yi: the night before I had to meet you. that is why I couldn’t go out. it’s ok. at first it was hard but now that time has passed – I can endure it. even hearts must form scabs/bruises. sometimes there are times when it’s pressed down but it doesnt hurt as much as it did at first. still there are times when I miss him a lot suddenly. sunwoo calls out her name and asks should we have a simple date. it means let’s play. he leads her away with his arm around her shoulder

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seol chan is practicing his dance and song with his band members. sunwoo and se yi are on their date and their scenes come out in between all the dancing and singing. nana is walking alone. the song is about – you are my first love. se yi made sunwoo eat his candy then pretended to make him try on some earrings. at the end of the song seol chan lays down. his band member says how well he is capturing the emotions (of the song). another one offers him water to drink. he asks about his school life – if it’s bearable. seol chan says sorry to them. one says how someone is worried a lot about seol much that we cant stand to watch it. seol chan tells him not to help the fan fiction but the other one says we are on your side so have strength. seol chan thanks him and gets a call from his manager.

*seol chan has a tatoo on his arm – it says if I die tm I would never regret

seol chan goes to see his president. seol chan: did you have a good trip. he looks at the trench coat he is wearing and asks arent you hot? the president yells – a bet? you think I sent you to school to play at being leader to a group of losers. quit now-I will go to the school tm, but seol chan tells him to leave it alone in a roundabout way. your artist is using his skills but the president acts like it’s nothing to do with me. so after all this time now what do you think you can do. everything has its own time. seol chan walks out. hong tries to call him back and tells the president I didnt let him read books. president wonders how much time is left on seol chan’s contract. manager hong points out after making the contract with him last year there are nine years left. you cant fire him anyway (as in you don’t want to fire seol chan for real). president says what were you doing. if you cant avoid it then have fun. who  said that. he calls someone to prepare someone on seol chan.

seol chan goes out and says to himself: yes, honestly, I am going to explode with jealousy. I don’t know the reason. But a human’s heart is made up of instinct and reason. I will work my superior reason to endure. With this it’s verified that I am a harmonious, perfect human being. you did well yoon seol chan. you did well. he laughs and growls – that punk sunwoo

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sunwoo says there is still some time left. should we eat something before we go. what do you want to eat. she lists off a lot of food like she had it memorized with one breath. spicy rice cake, pig intestines, omok (fried rice), fried port cutlets, jajamyun noodles, spicy seafood soup, sweet and sour pork. he just walks away. she follows asking why – is it too much? just spend a lot once. dont you have money. should I lend you some. I am really hungry. they walk by and nana sees them

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they are at a café eating desserts. se yi mutters about how she thought he had money but all he bought her were some pork cutlets. sunwoo says she cant be too obvious like that when a guy says he will buy her something. se yi asks was it obvious and he says yes. how could you eat all that in one setting anyway. se yi says she memorized that every day while in new Zealand. she repeats the list of food again. sunwoo: why did you go to new zealand. se yi: just cuz.  she changes topics and asks what his relationship is with seol chan- you guys seem like friends and then enemies. that seems like you guys are fighting while in love.  like when you really love… she stops and says is by any chance the kid you have a one sided love with seol chan. sunwoo says what are you talking about – I am not that kind of person at all.  I am someone who likes girls. I said I like girls. ya ya min sei.  she says I was kidding. why are you overreacting so much. it seems like it’s for real then. sunwoo – we were close ever since we were young and then during junior high or so he misunderstood something and got twisted. the misunderstanding got resolved but not his heart. I had a guy’s pride too. she asks what was the misunderstanding. he changes the topic and says the cake is yummy and feeds her some of hers and tells her to eat cuz it’s yummy. it’s yummy right?

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nana watches them on their date and walks away. she remembers what se yi told sunwoo in the car. during class there was a kid who wanted to sing with my dad – he sang so well so my dad made him sing solos. and then how se yi couldnt remember the name of the song and how sunwoo said the title of the song.

donam sees nana and wonders why she is going that way when she should be going this way. he follows her and sees her going into a bar (for drinking and singing). workers greet her and come out and talk about nana in an unpleasang way. the other guy warns how the boss will get mad if he hears the way the guy spoke about her. he wishes she changed out of her school uniform. donam hears all that

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nana is looking in the rooms and finds one where someone is playing guitar and she sits there and sings a sad song. she remembers watching sunwoo reading at a window. how he just walked by her without a word. then how she watched him enjoying a song in the classroom. after playing sports she watched him taking his shirt off. then watched him play his cello during rehearsal on stage at school. then waited outside the gate for his car to drive off. how sunwoo held her wrist that night when he saw her cut on her hand. how each time he looks up, but doesn’t really see her. she is crying a lot while singing and doesn’t finish. the guy who was playing the guitar asks who is the guy – should I punish him for you. she yells at him to be quiet and not lay a finger on him. he tells her to tell the boss – your mom. she tells him to be quiet and not to tell.

*ok so this explains a lot. maybe those men in suits that chase after nana are probably like the bodyguards her mom wants her to have but nana keeps shaking them off. I dont care if this makes nana rich. I still dont see sunwoo liking her. he has not shown any interest in her so far so if he suddenly had feelings for nana after seol chan and se yi are together, I am going to be disappointed in sunwoo.

the kids are at sunwoo’s home. sunwoo checks the mic. his whole yard is set up with equipment and tons of food. even tables with table cloth and formal dinner setting. eunha whispers to se yi that seol chan is really mad cuz nana didnt show up. why didnt she show up. but seol chan is glaring at sunwoo. radio says nana is not picking up her phone. it’s turned off. wonder if something happened. se yi remembers how nana was taken away by men in the car at school. sunwoo says to do this when nana comes. he asks seol chan to meet him so seol chan follows him

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seol chan: what I am really mad about is just like in the past – you are still a backstabber and cowardly. sunwoo: I backstabbed you? seol chan: that’s right. you didn’t tell me properly. sunwoo: I told you it was plenty of time for me (referring back to when he told seol chan that he knew se yi for plenty of time). seol chan:  you should have told me clearly that she was the girl from the past. sunwoo asks why should I -why should i tell you that.  if you were a proper rival I would have told cuz I have to be upfront but you said that wasnt it. so between friends I would have told you like I was getting some problems off my chest but we aren’t even friends. are we friends. seol chan: why would I be friends with you. sunwoo: see – then why should I have told you. why? why should I have told you! seol chan: cuz I like her too! se yi hears that and ducks so she isnt seen. she leaves. sunwoo says now it’s clear. seol chan walks off

se yi remembers how seol chan told her how it bothers him. how he asked her are you really like this cuz you don’t know why sunwoo is like that.

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she goes up to seol chan and startles him. seol chan: what are you. se yi: meet me for a second. she walks ahead of him so he asks why and follows her. why? how far are you going to go. she stops and turns and says sorry for not guessing. seol chan: what are you saying. se yi: I know it all. I heard everything you two said just a little while ago. seol chan: no…that was… she looks down. seol chan: ok yes – what to do – I ended up liking (you). why did you have to overhear that. that’s why – why did you have to come into my head on your own and not think of going out.  se yi: but sunwoo feels the same as you. seol chan: I know -that’s why I cant put up with him (cant tolerate him).  se yi: why cant you tolerate him? cuz you are afraid of what others think? what does that matter as long as you two like each other for sure. seol chan is confused but says: yes that’s so. se yi: you aren’t the only one who was tormented. sunwoo’s one sided love that you talked about – it was you. seol chan : what? sey yi: so you arent the only one hanging onto feelings for sunwoo  – sunwoo likes you too. seol chan: what are you saying now? are you saying now that sunwoo and I are that … she asks don’t you like sunwoo?

*cuz Koreans drop pronouns, se yi misunderstood that seol chan likes sunwoo. I included the right pronouns but they were never spoken aloud.

sunwoo asks the others where se yi is. eunha says didnt you see her- she followed you and seol chan a while ago. where is seol chan. sunwoo takes of running. eunha: why is he like that. she takes off running. donam asks where are you running off to. radio tries to talk to donam but he walks off muttering where did they go

se yi: you dont? then what are you saying you like. seol chan: whatever I like… he walks away for a few steps and stops – clenching his fists

sunwoo looks for them

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-47-51] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-49-10] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-49-16]

seol chan turns around  to face her and asks how do you see me. he goes over and says “you really…” he remembers how she said he is like a runny nosed kid. se yi: I am sorry if I misunderstood. seol chan steps foward each step as she walks backwards. seol chan: am I that funny – am I that easy (to push around and do what you like)  do I really not look like a guy that much – is that it? if you have two proper eyes and still dont know –  should I prove it to you once. he grabs her pulls her close. se yi: ya yoon seol chan. seol chan: be quiet. with every word you say my gauge goes up. he pushes her against the brick ledge. se yi: yoon seol….he yells I told you to be quiet.

eunha looks for them and hears them and thinks they are fighting again somewhere

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-53-31] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-54-11]

seol chan: look carefully and well – whether I am a guy, girl, or child. he leans in to kiss her. sunwoo looks for them. seol chan leans in closer and closer and stops. seol chan: you messed with me. he sees her close her eyes and then open them. seol chan: ya ya what do you want me to do if you have your lips apart like that. she couldnt help it cuz she was panting so he laughs and says aigoo- let’s quit. close those lips. he walks away and runs into sunwoo. sunwoo asks what are you doing here. why is she like that. eunha comes over and says you were here. what are you doing there se yi. did you two fight again. you said you would do well from today on so why did you do that.  seol chan walks off. she says to sunwoo: seol chan must be really mad. kim nana.  (she thinks seol chan is mad about nana not showing up)

the kids are singing and practicing without nana. se yi sings and keeps looking up at seol chan. sunwoo watches her looking at seol chan. se yi cant stop looking at seol chan. seol chan suddenly stops playing. he says it wont work today so let’s stop. he packs up his stuff

seol chan gets in his car and his manager drives away. eunha says he must have been really mad. kim nana. she asks se yi – why did you have nothing to say so much. did you have a bad fight a while ago. se yi: no. she tells sunwoo: I will be going. all the kids leave

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-06-02]

sunwoo watches se yi walking away and remembers turning the corner earlier and seeing seol chan almost kiss se yi. he hears seol chan say: aigoo- let’s quit. then how sunwoo asked him – what are you doing here. why is she like that.

nana shows up so sunwoo asks why were you so late. all the kids left. did something happen. nana: leader you said you could feel as much as you see. what do you see now from me. she walks away.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-11-34]

se yi walks home in a daze. she remembers how seol chan asked: do I really not look like a guy that much. is that it? if you have two proper eyes and still dont know -should I prove it to you once. look carefully and well – whether I am a guy – girl – or a kid. how he leaned in to kiss her. her heart is racing so she stops in panic. she covers her ears and says what to do. she runs like crazy

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-07-20]

seol chan is quiet in the car. hong aks what is wrong. did something make you mad. seol chan: I thought I would go crazy. he looks out the window and imagines se yi looking back at him like she did from her bus window. he touches the window and wipes and she is gone. seol chan: I should have erased you back then.

nana is cutting up stuff and pasting them. she stops.

sunwoo is studying and stops. he gets up and goes to stand by the window.

se yi is sitting at her desk and looks at seol chan’s button. she reaches for it but quickly closes the drawer.

seol chan is practicing his dance in the studio with hong waiting by. seol chan stops and sits

next day at school his car passes by se yi. seol chan stares at her and watches her get smaller in his side view mirror.

se yi goes to class and stops by the doorway. she looks at him in his seat. sunwoo comes up behind her and asks what are you doing blocking the door. she says sorry and moves aside. he takes her hand and goes over and puts her in her seat next to seol chan.

kids talk and say the rumors must be correct. they say that sunwoo went into seol chan’s team cuz that girl seduced sunwoo. hyo rin was furious and said that seol chan likes the transfer student. one of them says there is no way. the other one says  they say it’s true. the other one says if that is for real –   then that girl is dead ( as in seol chan’s fans wont leave se yi alone)   nana shows up and goes to her seat.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-23-18] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-23-31]

they dont look at each other as se yi takes out her books. seol chan tells her to forget about it cuz I was just kidding around. (sunwoo hears that from his desk). seol chan looks at her and asks: don’t you remember how we met the first time. as you know I was was joking then too. joking around like that is a hobby for me. se yi gets mad and says did anyone say anything? I didnt even ask so how could you explain it like that- so dirty/disgustingly.  whatever your hobby is – don’t joke around like that with me again from now on. also shouldn’t you apologize for that kind of insulting joke instead of telling me to forget. seol chan: what? insulting? se yi: then would I like it? seol chan: even if you didnt like it you didnt have to go so far as calling it insulting. she throws down her bag and leaves. he goes after her. sunwoo notices that and nana looks at sunwoo

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-07-06] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-08-29] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-09-33]

he is following her asking -ya did you really feel insulted?  didn’t you like it even a little bit? se yi: are you a dummy? seol chan: I am still a star. whatever the reason if a star gets close- didnt you feel flustered or something? huh? you didnt? I am trying to take a survey –  if you really didnt then it means my charisma point needs to be reevaluated. I have to report this to the company too. he grabs her arm to make her stop walking but she pulls away and says I told you not to kid around with me. she runs away so he calls out hey girl so his girl fans swarm seol chan saying we love you. seol chan was trying to say I wasnt kidding around but the screams drown him out. se yi just stands there and watches him be swallowed up. sunwooo breaks through the crowd to go to se yi saying what are you doing. class is starting. seol chan watches them walk back together

during basketball game seol chan knocks down sunwoo then sunwoo knocks him down. they take turns doing that. it gets violent. they are no longer even playing basketball it looks like. se yi and eunha watch them. eunha asks why are they like that. teacher choi yells at them – what are you doing. sunwoo walks out then seol chan follows.

sunwoo is washing his face when seol chan joins him. seol chan asks what is it – why are you erupting suddenly. (he points out how it’s not sunwoo’s style to be like this cuz his way is to make someone come out slowly with teases and taunts.) are you feeling threatened cuz I came out. I guess you couldnt help it either. sunwoo asks who feels that way – can you follow me.  seol chan: what? sunwoo looks over at seol chan’s fans and asks: can you hold se yi’s hand and push them away (his fans). whether you can do it or not, the popularity you like – let them go first and then challenge me (meaning for se yi’s affections) then I will match it.

in class seol chan stares at sunwoo. se yi notices that. nana too. donam looks at nana. eunha stares at seol chan then sunwoo.

eunha says it’s strange. isnt it strange. se yi: it’s not strange (she thinks eunha is talking about her face cuz eunha was looking in the mirror). eunha: no it’s strange. we were stuck together but now I hear that sound of us separating. I am talking about color bar. this is all cuz of nana. se yi says I will finish cleaning up and come back. eunha says I will do it but se yi says finish what you were doing. so it doesnt separate stick it together well.

she takes the trash and walks down and some girls cleaning the bathroom drench their mops to get all the dirty water in there when they see her.

se yi remembers how seol chan told her to forget about it cuz I was kidding around. se yi: a joke. he startled a person that much and says it was a joke. forget it?” nana watches as some girls with a bucket full of dirty water follow se yi

nana goes out and sees them ready to pour it on se yi. nana calls out se yi’s name and the girls get startled and pour it on themselves. the angry girl asks who was that and they see that it was nana. they run off all upset and filthy. se yi looks at the mess she narrowly missed and looks back but nana is gone.

adam comes out and his studio is quiet. he touches the piano. then he notices the flower is blooming. suddenly radio comes down and says hello the front door was open. adam: you didnt give up?  you didn’t come for a few days so I thought you gave up. since you came I was asking. donam comes in muttering about battery. he ask adam for a recharger for his phone. radio says I have one but donam ignores radio and says to adam: no one is going to call. never mind. he walks out. radio explains to adam: he is doing that on purpose to give me a hard time. but i put up with it. donam didnt do anything wrong. adam says you shouldnt put up with that- don’t you want to be a good friend. is putting up with that being a good friend.

adam runs into seol chan on his way in. seol chan says: ajussi – I don’t know about other things but I dont call people trash. even to people like you who is no help to anyone in the world. my parents told me to become someone who is of help to the world. so with what I have – I tried (to do that), but do you know what people said to me. thank you for being born. se yi walks in and bows to adam.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-14-59] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-14-47]

the kids all practice. sunwoo makes eunha and nana stand by each other. donam and eunha fight. seol chan says they dont fit (as in the group’s collaboration doesnt match up). frustrated, he walks out to the courtyard to be alone. eunha tells nana to be careful and calls for a break. she asks sunwoo to do something. sing a sweet melo song. sunwoo says just one then. he plays a soft song and keeps looking at se yi. he sings that famous song I cant remember the name of – I think it’s called I will love you –lyrics start off – my hot lips want to touch your soft lips. so my love can be conveyed to your heart. if you still dont know my heart -more than anyone in this world- I will love you.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-15-23] [Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-17-42]

seol chan listens from outside and watches se yi as the lyrics repeat I will love you. adam watches seol chan. seol chan goes back inside and watches se yi. sunwoo looks at se yi as he sings I will love you until whenever. I will love you like this moment. more than anyone in this world I will love you. nana stares at them. sunwoo smiles at se yi. se yi smiles at sunwoo.


* I love how sunwoo sang this song – it was perfection.

flo found a preview -it’s been posted in comments (thank you Flo)

majoon’s voice says I am sorry – the condition should have been fair.

seol chan tells his group- we should do power vocals too. i’m going to change (not sure but I think he said the composed music)

seol chan yells at se yi as she sing. he tells her to put less strength in her voice. more. more. she cries and says I cant do it dummy.

sunwoo asks: you help her out.

seol chan framed her note to him and says: feeling inspired is brimming to the surface again. we can finish this soon

donam: those guys took her for sure. donam and se yi run to help nana. seol chan jumps into the fight too.

adam: did you say the bet was in two days?

isnt this much fair?

sunwoo: there is 30 mins left

I really thought neither one of them would ever get here, but they have. The characters keep talking about seeing people, but not really seeing who they are inside and what they are feeling. It’s been a constant lesson about looking beneath the surface to get to the root of the character. I’m happy to announce after all the glimpsing and gazing from afar, Seol Chan and Se Yi both are seeing each other for the first time. When you first realize you even have feelings for someone, the first signs are when you look at something connected to the object of your interest and it stirs something within you. Those feelings will continue to rise until it bubbles over and control goes out the window. We’ve all seen seol chan brimming for weeks now, but he has finally boiled over to the top and his emotions are spilling out all over the place. It’s only a matter of seconds before he realizes there is no way to contain them anymore. Se Yi on the other hand has taken her first steps to catch up to him. She has fallen far behind him cuz her head is just not in dating or love right now, but finally Seol chan’s charm seems to have broken through her cluelessness. A light bulb of her registering her feelings has turned on so now it’s only a matter of time before she is where seol chan is on the emotional playing field. My concern is for the casualty cuz Sunwoo is just too adorable to overlook.

cute poster

[tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-49-34]

Maybe it’s just me, but after E4, I was starting to lose my enthusiasm for this show. For a drama that’s only twelve episodes, I sort of expected them to bring on the greatness every single time. If it was 16 or 20 episodes long, I would have more patience and shown leniency, but waiting for each week is not easy. We only get that one so I wanted everything we were deprived of for that week long wait to be packed into each hour. Not sure if the producers and directors of this show are being super smart or just plain selfish, but they have been holding out on us. All the cute and “omg daebak” moments are coming our way next Friday. I guess to celebrate its halfway mark, the show will pick up the speed when it comes to the love lines. Front and center is where you want to be for E6 and the sneak peek of the preview will scream why.

Since they are going to torture us with the above scene hanging over our heads for the next few days, I decided to help them and share my anticipation with you all by posting a main pic that has nothing to do with tonight.  Sorry – I just couldn’t help it.

*By the way does everyone know that m-net replays the same episode two hours later on the same night. it airs again at 12:50 am Korean time.

[tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-37-21]

I figured out what i like about this drama so much. it’s about following your heart, trusting in your instinct about people, and learning to work through your problems through your new found friendships. I love how Se Yi decided to just adopt Adam just cuz he was a close friend of her dad’s. I don’t fault Seol Chan one bit for feeling that Adam is hiding something or holding back the whole truth cuz he really does seem shifty, but he doesn’t get that Se Yi has found an adult figure she can cling to – to feel some of the happiness she used to with her father. That is why Seol chan isn’t going to deny Se Yi that, but he is still going to remain cautious and watchful cuz he has his own reasons to distrust grownups – his own parents.  As much as I enjoy the music and blossoming friendship, I can’t wait to get to the root of Seol chan’s issues with his parents. I have been dying of curiosity cuz I just don’t get how such an otherwise happy kid on the outside could turn out to be so mistrusting and wary on the inside. The day his mother pulled away from him on that street, she took something from him. Something he has never been able to get back till now. Part of me thinks that’s the reason why he can’t see what his feelings for Se yi really mean – his ability to trust in love has been compromised. It makes me wonder if having Se Yi reciprocate his feelings will help him in the healing process or make him feel more miserable cuz he doesn’t have that at home. It seems like he loves his parents out of a sense of duty or obligation as their son and nothing more. That’s why every time they show him sitting in his room, you can just tell this is the last place he wants to be. Feeling the loneliness engulf you when you are a beloved public figure is sad enough, but it must be so much more tragic when it happens in your own home.


previous scenes come out. when sunwoo said he likes her and wants to help her do what she wants to do. when se yi called seol chan a star. then when eunha asked if seol chan and sunwoo knew each other in the past. seol chan denies it

starts with sunwoo showing up and everyone smiling at him. sunwoo says this place is nice now that he has seen it in daylight. seol chan mutters what’s so nicet about it – everything is dead. they were dead, but I brought it to life. he plays some notes. sunwoo says that seol chan finally learned to tune but two are strange. seol chan retorts what do you know so sunwoo says I progressed faster – it was just cuz I switched to cello in the middle.  when eunha asks if they knew each other previously sunwoo says we had lesson together but seol chan denies it. as he sits sunwoo explains that he quit cuz he didnt get better and seol chan kept going cuz he had potential. sunwoo casually invites seol chan to play together like in the past by insinuating seol chan forgot how so seol chan joins him and they play the piano together.

as they play their past two selves as kids join. when the song ends the kids clap as seol chan stands up. eunha points out nana clapped. se yi notices that KD went outside

KD went out to call donam. donam asks why did you call. KD asks wont you come here. donam says this guy is crazy and hangs up. adam sees that

teacher dok tells teacher choi how the kids found a place to rehearse with a piano. it’s se yi’s dad’s friend’s place – it’s spacious and quiet. it’s perfect for practice so I should go over once to thank him.

during class the bully shin jae rok says is the radio broken these days.  jae tells radio to sing again so eunha tells him to stop it. donam tells her to be quiet. jae says dont do it if you dont want – seems like the kids dont really want to hear anyway.donam kicks the desk of some boys so the kid joins in and says it’s been a while so let’s hear something. radio breaks out in dance and sings single ladies. se yi comes into the room and calls out his name so KD stops. Jae says the black knight is here (meaning Se Yi cuz she rescues KD). donam tells radio to keep going so se yi calls out donam’s name. KD takes off running. seol chan asks why he is like that but se yi runs out after KD. seol chan: where are you going? he asks sunwoo is she is going after park kd and sunwoo says yes. seol chan: why? is it park kd this time? sunwoo: yes cuz he is the reason why she wants to do the charity concert.  seol chan calls out what does that mean?

KD is about to throw a paper airplane but she grabs it and says you didn’t draw your picture on it today. he mutters it’s not a good drawing anyway. se yi: how do you not know your own face. he asks: do you know? I dont know at all. when I close my eyes i can picture it  but when I open my eyes I cant picture it. i cant close my eyes and draw it. se yi: you are right. i dont know if I close or open my eyes. there probably isnt anyone among us who know their face for certain. he points out their class started. se yi: it’s ok it’s music class.

teacher dok asks if se yi skipped class too along with park kd. she asks where is seol chan. sunwoo looks behind and seol chan is missing too

seol chan watches the two on the rooftop. he mutters she only speaks harshly to him. KD thanks her and says cuz of you i get to do the concert. se yi: no why is it thanks to me. KD:  I know why you are doing this. it’s cuz of me.

seol chan suddenly remembers how sunwoo said (cuz I like her  -i am helping so she can do what she wants. then how seol chan asked him – did she say she wanted to do this?  seol chan figures out se yi did this so KD could do the concert. how does sunwoo know so much? does he know her father passed away too.

se yi asks if donam has to do this with them. you were like that at the palace last time too. (when he asked donam to do this with them) KD says I envied sunwoo and seol chan yesterday. seol chan mutters that’s crap- what is there to be envious about. KD says they must have been close when they were young.  seol chan says close? that’s crap. KD: I was close with donam too. se yi asks what happened now cuz donam is so harsh to him. KD explains I did something wrong so he is like that cuz he is angry. when he said he doesn’t want to -it’s cuz he has to keep practicing with me and he is doesnt like that

eunha asks nana to walk with them but nana chooses to walk behind. they run into sunwoo and he asks if they are going to practice now. eunha says yes. she explains se yi tol them to go ahead cuz she has something to do. he asks about seol chan so she says he is going in his own car. are you going to practice with all for one. sunwoo says yes and says work hard.  nana notices that sunwoo didn’t even look at her as he passed her. (she seems to like sunwoo)

se yi is following donam around and asking him “do it with us”  but he tells her to go away – I said I wouldnt do it. se yi: dont be like that and do it with us. donam: I’m going crazy. get lost but she says I wont get lost unless you come with me. he jerks her arm and warns – do you want to get in trouble? seol chan comes over and says how donam shouldnt use his strength like that. then seol chan says she is small but doesnt have any fear. seol chan tells him this is your last chance. dont be like that and let’s do it together. donam: I wont. get lost. seol chan speaks like sunwoo would to him and points out: you keep saying I wont and not I cant. there is a huge difference between the two. if you say you don’t want to it means you can but you just dont want to but I cant means you really dont know how and cant. there is nothing you know how to do but you keep saying you wont – you should say you cant you punk.  or show what you can do. you have to show you know how to do something so I wont fits.  what is there you know how to do? hit weaker people, scare girls and chase after kids with power.  donam tries to put his hand on seol chan but seol chan says you keep saying bastard but I am a star – dont call me that. he tells se yi let’s go. se yi:: just go? we cant. donam says I dont get a single word you said. I cant and I don’t want to are the same to me so you continue being the parent leader of the kids. donam leaves. se yi asks seol chan: what does that mean –what is a parent leader? does it mean he will come. seol chan walks off as she chases him

donam walks away calling him a crazy punk. he remembers what seol chan just said.if you say you don’t want to it means you can but you just dont want to but I cant means you really dont know how and cant. there is nothing you know how to do but you keep saying you wont – you should say you cant you punk. donam has a flashback to hak-ki-do wrestling when he was younger. the teacher says what donam is doing wrong and says you will never flip your opponent this way. aren’t you going to do it. young donam is being choked and replies I cant. it’s obvious I cant. the teacher says you arent doing it so you cant – even if you wanted to do it so much you could die you wont be able to do it if you cant. not doing it is not being able to.  young donam: I dont know. the teacher tells him to try till he bleeds.  the kid flips the teacher on his back. he is so happy he jumps up in joy then hugs his teacher.the memory made donam cry. he turns and sunwoo is waiting for him.

seol chan tells the kids to leave out donam. eunha: i told you to do that sooner – we just wasted time.  adam comes over and says a friend came. sunwoo comes in so seol chan yells why did you come again. sunwoo says I came to watch. se yi says i told him to come and watch today too.  then donam is there.  donam: it’s not that I cant – I don’t want to -I’m going to show you. so pick on that after and not before. seol chan says even though they have kids gathered with talent – they have no desire to drag along someone who has no ability. adam leaves. seol chan asks donam: what are you going to show us. KD gets up and pulls off the covers of some speakers and mics. eunha asks how KD knew that was there. adam goes up the steps and looks back down

eunhw wonders what donam is going to show. KD: something great. donam is holding a mic and starts to beat rap. KD joins him and sings the lyrics

[tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-11-13][tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-08-18]

nana and eunha clap at the end. seol chan just stares at donam in shock. donam says to seol chan: happy now. it’s not I cant I just don’t want to. seol chan hugs him from the back. donam says let go but seol chan says I cant let go i wont let go let’s die together – no let’s live together. others join in and se yi and eunha hold donam and say let’s do this together. seol chan just tells se yi to get off donam. nana tells them it’s noisy. just do it.  sunwoo tells donam to do it with them. the kids cant do it without you.l donam: what  does it matter with me. sunwoo: it looked like good- more than when you were just standing there behind them. eunha tells donam to do it. donam looks at radio.  seo yi notices a flower blooming outside. she thought it had died but it hadnt. (guess symbolism for their progress and potential to succeed)

se yi is playing guitar softly in her bedroom. teacher dok peeks in and tells se yi it’s night. se yi: quietly and carefully. dok: I cant hear you playing even from the kitchen but go to sleep now. se yi tells her I dont know why but I think we will do well at the concert

manager is driving seol chan and feels bad for seol chan sleeping in the van. cuz seol chan goes to school during the night he rehearses with kids and practices early in the morning for his own stuff. he says the CEO is coming tm and will talk about the school. seol chan says it’s ok – things are finally settled so dont add any more fire to it.

sunwoo calls out to se yi “transfer student”. she calls him sunwoo this time and not leader. she says hello to eunha then kd (radio). sunwoo says they are all coming.  seol chan pulls up and asks why sunwoo keeps butting in. teacher dok says they came early. she says seeing how they are all gathered their colors vary. all for one group shows up too. hyo rin says seol chan’s group is a color bar. teacher dok agrees they are all a color bar- I am curious how you will end up one color. she gets a call from the v-principal and says what are you saying now. she asks if majoon did that. majoon says we decided to go out (all for one) for that concert. he extends his hand and tells seol chan you worked hard during that time. sunwoo calls out majoon’s name. seol chan slaps his hand away and says who said (you could do this).

the kids go and watch hyorin and the others practice and wait around for the verdict.

the vice-principal explains how someone higher up is coming so how can they let kids like that go out as leaders/reps for the school. choi argues we have a star but the v-p says as for how effective having a star is – our all for one is plenty. he asks why teacher choi stepped in and interfered ( cuz choi was speaking up for dok to say this isnt right – to do this to the other kids).

the kids are waiting outside as teacher dok tells them sorry (the school decided to drop seol chan’s group and went for all for one)choi blames it on the higher up that is coming

majoon explains to sunwoo it wasnt just cuz the head of the school was coming – we kept feeling bad about all the time for turning them down. it’s for a good cause and thought we shouldnt just think of ourselves. it felt like we were being to indifferent to the school and teacher’s situations. sunwoo: not cuz the stage changed? I heard it was changed to the H art center. it will also be recorded by a tv station.  didnt you do it thinking of filling one line of your american school college application? jae argues that one line wont make a huge difference in the application.  he reminds sunwoo to come after classes to practice cuz sunwoo is going to be the lead as the celloist. but sunwoo says no you be the lead on piano and walks away

[tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-15-51] [tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-15-57]

eunha says this is upsetting. we could have done well. donam: this turned out well.  jae rok says it doesn’t suit you donam so why are you there (with those guys) so donam goes over to his side. jae rubs it in and makes a crack about the kids saying things dont work out the way they wanted. what to do we dont get to see your ability properly. that they went after something impossible so majoon tells him to cut it out. majoon walks by and brushes seol chan’s arm on purpose so seol chan stops se yi from going after them to say something. seol chan asks ma joon for a bout (as in a musical challenge)

the kids in the class and sunwoo hear about seol chan challenging majoon. that they have a bet going. to decide the team that will go out for the concert. the girl asks who is seol chan’s group? the boy points to the kids as they come into class

manager hong reads about the bet in his car

majoon told the vp about it. vp says all for one just could have gone out so why make more trouble.  teacher choi and teacher dok tell the v-principal what majoon said is not wrong cuz the other kids already prepared so it’s not right to do this to them. vp worries cuz the two teams want to settle this – what happens if those kids ( seol chan’s team) wins – then what will they do. dok says that wont happen. vp says it’s coming up soon so why do this unnecesarry thing. choi thinks majoon’s group hasn’t prepared properly and will just do what they’ve been doing and think of seol chan’s team as gum cuz they will win anyway. vp says to pick 5 teachers to watch

manager hong goes to school and wonders where seol chan went and why he isnt picking up his phone. kids take pics with them. they ask him not to let seol chan work with those losers. if you knew about it why did you stick seol chan with them. they accuse him of not taking better care of seol chan.  teacher dok comes to his rescue and makes the girls leave.

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eunha blames herself for not stopping seol chan and says I was crazy. radio and eunha think they will lose. se yi says I think we will win. donam and sunwoo go over to seol chan. donam says idol you really are going overboard. you make a bet on your own? sunwoo says all for one are not kids you should take lightly. they are experienced and practiced a lot. they arent at a level at just doing it for a hobby. seol chan: that’s good. they have to be at that level so it tastes like a fight worth having.  sunwoo: are you really ok when it’s like this?  seol chan: i’m not ok but it’s not for you to worry. eunha whines so seol chan tells her– we will win. don’t worry I am yoon seol chan. sunwoo says then I will be on your team starting from today. they all say what. seol chan: why are you on our team. se yi is thrilled and agrees to have sunwoo on. eunha: what about all for one?  donam says do you two really have confidence to win – then you better win cuz I will work hard to succeed. eunha asks if that means donam is going to do it too. seol chan says I haven’t lost all this time. nana: now what do we do. seol chan: first we have to chase away that spy. he is looking at sunwoo but radio eunha and se yi shake their heads no

majoon looks at the door waiting for sunwoo to show up. hyorin goes over to majoon and says this is ridiculous – are you really going to do that bet? this is embarrassing (cuz he accepted the challenge and she thinks it’s beneath them to play against seol chan’s group -the tambourines). he tells her to just practice. she asks if sunwoo is not coming for real. why is he like that. is it cuz of that crazy girl? Jae runs in and says sunwoo went to seol chan’s team. hyo rin calls sunwoo crazy

kids wonder how sunwoo could join that team – then what happens to all for one. he never even did anything when kd (radio) was mistreated. something is there for sure.

seol chan is chasing after se yi saying what are you agreeing for (cuz she agreed to sunwoo joining). she says it would be good if sunwoo came in. he asks you know why troy was ruined right? (cuz sunwoo is like the fake horse in troy.) she asks why he is like this cuz everyone said they liked it. seol chan: cuz it bothers me. think about it. (cuz he has a lot to do) so do I have to think about other things too. she says dont worry about it. sunwoo will… seol chan yells: are you really like this cuz you dont know?  (he was about to say sunwoo likes her but doesnt.) she wonders what is wrong with him as he walks away from her frustrated -i dont know why I am like this so how could you know.

during class se yi looks over at seol chan and then at sunwoo

sunwoo and majoon walk by each other without a word

eunha and se yi talk about sunwoo and seol chan while sitting by a seol chan poster at a bus stop. eunha says sunwoo is impressive. she says se yi is a scary girl (cuz eunha already put two and two together and realized sunwoo likes se yi).  do you know why sunwoo came into our team? se yi thinks he came into our team to help him (seol chan). eunha: i told you sunwoo isnt that kind of kid. se yi: no sunwoo is that kind of kid- he kept helping us. from what I can see he and this kid (seol chan) bicker on the outside but they are close. eunha: is that all you can see. se yi: but is it ok for sunwoo to work with us and not all for one.

seol chan goes to sunwoo and says what – come into our team.  he gets sarcastic saying there came a time when sunwoo made the wrong choice. cuz of his emotion that he isnt sure of -he is digging his own grave. sunwoo: dig a grave. does that mean you are talking about me coming out of all for one and went to your team. seol chan: you know so why ask. sunwoo: so that means we will lose. seol chan: why would we lose? sunwoo: you just said. that I am digging my own grave. doesnt that mean we will lose to all for one.seol chan: why would we lose to them? sunwoo: we arent then at least I am not digging my grave. seol chan: what are you talking about? he leaves seol chan confused. seol chan counts on his finger and does the math – if that guy is digging his grave -then does that calculate to us losing. sunwoo turns and asks why he is so sure they will win. seol chan says you think I will reveal that to a spy. sunwoo guesses right away: vocals huh? seol chan gulps. that’s right. no matter how impressive all for one’s talents are with their instruments there is no other instrument than a person’s voice. we will show that. if me se yi, kd, donam show them it’s plenty so you stay out.  sunwoo asks then what are you going to do with eunha and nana. are you going to leave them out. seol chan:why take them out when we are one team. sunwoo:what is the way? seol chan: there is a way you wont be able to imagine even if you died and woke up

seol chan tells eunha to be a mimi sister. he makes her do the same facial expression as nana and puts them side by side. snap of finger and a bingo later- eunha and nana are dressed alike. seol chan sings in the middle and others play instruments in the background. se yi and sunwoo on guitar. the song ends. seol chan asks how is it. eunha likes it but nana doesn’t. eunha asks her why do you not like it? it’s a ballad so it’s nice. she tells seol chan we will work hard. seol chan says this is all for today. we started and came half way. there is something more important to us than that right now. they ask what.

adam watches the kids talking in the yard.

manager knocks on the door looking for seol chan (cuz he brought food for the kids). seol chan comes up. adam tells seol chan not to call other people over here. seol chan says how the manager will leave right after moving in the stuff. adam says call your friend over. manager asks adam – do you perhaps know me. I think I saw you somewhere before. adam slams the door on manager’s face. hong asks if seol chan is ok. seol chan says I am ok – go. i will call you later. hong says I will leave the stuff here outside and go.

seol chan tells adam – aren’t you going too far. adam says from now on if there is something like this go out and do it. seol chan asks  you are hiding something huh. what to do – i can see it all. I see it all. are you hiding something? are you doing something bad and living in hiding. adam says get out of my home right now. seol chan asks just me? or all my friends too? even the daughter of your friend ajussi?  she is naive and thinks her dad’s friend is her dad but you shouldnt use a person’s trusting heart like that. let’s just say she is young so she is like that. but shouldnt you say directly that you arent. why dont you teach her properly? cuz she is pretty and young – do you like it cuz she hangs around.  adam gets offended by the insinuation that he is a pervert and grabs him by the collar and says how rude seol chan is. you can see it all? ok I will tell you what I see too. he points out how reckless and rude seol chan’s words and actions are. you thought if you covered that face with a mask everything would be covered huh? seol chan: what did you say? adam: what do you think you know? did your parents teach you that? do they put up with all your bad behaviors cuz you are such a great kid? while saying to your eyes you arent hurting? they probably did. just display your insolence and bitterness in front of yout parents.  so seol chan gets mad and shoves his hands away. seol chan: whatever my parents do to me –what does it have to do with you -whatever my parents do – what difference does it make.

adam goes back into his room and fumes.

the kids look at the feast manager hong dropped off for them to eat. eunha: how did he think of this? se yi wonders where seol chan went.

seol chan remembers what adam said about his parents. sunwoo asks what are you doing there. we are all ready. seol chan: are you all done.

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donam points out adults call this wasting money but seol chan says pros say this is professional about stuff like this. let’s do a fighting. they hold up their glasses and se yi asks why do I have milk? (cuz the rest are drinking wine) seol chan starts to say: cuz you like milk. but he changes it to cuz you need to do your best to grow.  he tries to make a toast but nana says don’t. seol chan and sunwoo each say for success and team. so se yi says for both and they clink glasses and drink. sunwoo notices se yi’s upper lip has milk foam so sunwoo smiles and points to his lips. she licks the side of her mouth and seol chan yells at her – ya don’t do that (cuz he doesnt want sunwoo falling in love with her doing that too). he ends up scaring the crap out of everyone. se yi frowns at him. radio asks what their team name should be. eunha says yoon seol chan’s kids. why? dont you know star marketing. donam asks how about bookodae- bukchon high school leader/rep. radio likes it but donam says you stop caring. se yi tries to suggest poop band cuz they started off gathering cuz of poop. but seol chan says dont mention that.  he says let’s just go with individual colors/ or colorful (not sure which word it is). eunha says how hyo rin was making fun of them with that and se yi says I dont like it. but seol chan says just go with that. donam:just go with whatever – we can eat now right? seol chan plays some music on his phone. se yi packs up some food for ajussi (adam) so seol chan says why take so much our donam can eat a lot. our donam likes that (the food she took). he chases after her saying be careful – yell if something happens. sunwoo says how he is overly concerned and seol chan says you guys arent. seol chan: I told her so many times how he isnt. sunwoo: what are you talking about. seol chan: she is mistaking her dad’s friend as her dad and doesnt know she is being duped. sunwoo: mistaken? is se yi a fool?  seol chan: so there are things you dont know. sunwoo: what? seol chan: I will say it again but time has to flow by for you to know sincerity.  if you just rush your heart forward you can be duped.  like you. like a guy like you who has a lot of confidence still cant confess (to her) -look inside yourself well – even though you are sincere something is bugging you so isnt that why are you just standing there. sunwoo: thank goodness it was just concern. I thought maybe you had the same feeling for se yi as me but like you said that would never happen.  seol chan: of course not -isnt that obvious. sunwoo: thank goodness for that, but seol chan my time was plenty. seol chan: plenty? ya – spy. he goes after sunwoo (*sunwoo meant he has liked se yi for a long time but seol chan doesnt know that)

se yi holds up the basket of food but adam says it’s ok. she says but you didn’t eat dinner. adam says take it with you. he calls her back and asks how many days are left. be sure to leave on the day you promised.

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eunha asks why she brought it back. se yi says he didn’t want to eat it. seol chan tells her to give that to our donam and then smiles and tells him to eat a lot. donam mutters why is he like that.  eunha says this feels like a party. we should take a pic. she goes and gets her phone and looks at the kids through the window and says it really does seem like a party. she suddenly imagines all of them dressed up at a rooftop party. she recites about them being invited again cuz of his tenth solo album. it was also his 17th birthday. suddenly the lights go out and se yi says it’s eunha. eunha has changed to ivy. ivy says this song is for seol chan for the past ten years. she sings. when the song is over seol chan says eunha I didnt know you sang this well. sorry for making you be mimi back then. she says back then I couldnt do it well so it’s ok.  present day eunha says it’s ok. se yi waves for eunha to hurry and come over. eunha goes and joins them. she takes their pics.

the kids leave adam’s home. seol chan says I will compose the music. they look at sunwoo so seol chan asks why are you looking at him when I said I would do it. sunwoo tells him to try to do it and se yi agrees. seol chan: not “try it” – i said I would do it.  the pro is saying he will do it for free from start to finish. eunha asks then when will you (find time to) sleep. seol chan poses and says time doesnt stop for korea’s idols. only eunha smiles at him as they all walk away but  he looks back at adam’s home.

adam looks out his window and sighs in the darkness

at night seol chan works on composing the music

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during class too se yi sees seol chan composing so she draws him and writes fighting on a note and passes it to him. he writes back if you do stuff you haven’t done before – you will die. she frowns at him. he keeps her note and smiles to himself

the kids talk about the fuss in other classes about the bet. how 70% bet for all for one. girl thinks 20% is for girls who fell for seol chan and 10%for girls who fell for sunwoo. they wonder how seol chan and sunwoo will win against all for one with those kids. eunha listens to all that

eunah is writing about her fiction – how S likes someone. this time that sword will slay S. a comic of seol chan dressed as some warrior fighting a dragon

majoon is on the piano and the rest of the kids play instruments. teacher dok claps when they are done and asks if this was a piece by Beethovan. majoon says yes we are going all the way to the concert with this. she asks what happened with sunwoo so majoon says he was originally close with seol chan so he went there cuz they are lacking but he will come back to us by the time of the concert. she says to just do up to here for today and leaves

as she walks out teacher choi is waiting for her. he praises all for one and congratulates her. she says they should have gone with all for one sooner. she lists all the good things about all for one. he says majoon just wasted their time and energy (cuz he didnt decide to do it sooner). she says anyway you worked hard. he says it was all for her sake. then he brings up what she said five years ago. about kids who it wouldnt turn out well – you could tell it from their eyes. *it seems like choi is trying to make dok feel guilty about her attitude towards seol chan’s team cuz she is feeling too flippant and breezy about having all for one play like she wanted from the start

jae asks if sunwoo really said he would come back by the time of the concert.  hyorin says are you crazy – who said we would take him back. jae asks if he should find out info from donam so they can prepare (what seol chan plans to do) so  she says how can you talk like that – what difference does it make to us what those tambourines play.she says majoon is not interested in what they are doing. he is more mad about sunwoo going over to that side. she says to majoon- what I said is correct- it was cuz of that brat (se yi). that girl is that girl but I hate sunwoo oppa more.

they walk out and run into sunwoo so majoon tells her not to say anything, but she goes and confronts sunwoo-did you really betray us cuz of that crazy transfer girl? are you a dummy? cant you see that yoon seol chan likes her? they look really good together. why cuz they are black crows. but what are you? didnt you learn not to go over to crows and play?  my father says that every morning. dont they say that at your home? we had fun so why did you do it.  majoon tells her to go. she stomps off. he looks around and makes all the other kids leave the area too. seol chan watches them from afar

hyo rin watches se yi walk by with eunha and determines not to leave se yi alone

majoon tells sunwoo to come back if you played enough. sunwoo: how can I go back when she threw such a fuss like this (in front of everyone). majoon says i can fix this. what she said was all nonsense anyway. sunwoo: dont do it cuz it doesnt matter. majoon: why are you really like this? is what hyo rin thinking correct? jae says that wouldnt be so majoon says then you dont need to go this far. I will help you. that one girl… he is about to insult se yi so sunwoo tells him to shut up.  I am looking for the reason why i am doing this too. for now I am following my heart. majoon: but you arent a guy who follows his heart. sunwoo: that’s what i am saying. he walks by as majoon says: you will regret it

sunwoo turns the corner as seol chan says you sure are living in a tiring way. why do stuff like being a spy? do they really not have confidence that much? sunwoo asks if the composing is going well. seol chan: ya how did you end up getting along with kids like that. sunwoo: cuz you didn’t play with me.  seol chan: if it was you would you? anyway stop hanging around our team. there is no place for you. sunwoo: my place is next to se yi. seol chan says I explained it to you well yesterday. look inside your heart well.  sunwoo just walks off

after class se yi is about to run off when eunha says go together after cleaning. arent you taking the subway and going straight there. I am too. let’s go together. se yi says sorry and texts eunha – sorry I will go first there first.

se yi opens the window and says I came earlier cuz I was hungry. she eats the ramen saying it’s the same as how my dad used to make it. adam tells her to eat at home from here on before she comes here. se yi: I cant eat at home- my aunt doesn’t like ramen. adam asks do you live with your mom and aunt. se yi: no mom is still in new Zealand. I’m the only one who came.  adam: why?  se yi: just cuz. she stops eating and gets serious so he says the ramen will bloat (soak up too much of the soup). se yi says in a serious tone:  I couldn’t live with mom like in the past so I just came. adam: why? se yi: I found out something that would have been better if I didn’t know. my dad passed away cuz of my mother. adam: what does that mean. se yi: my mother said there was a person she liked other than my dad. she looks over at him. adam looks shocked – or guilty.


preview (combined long and short together)

[tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-39-07] [tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-43-00] [tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-43-08] [tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-46-35] [tvN] 몬스타.E05.130614.한판붙자, 올포원!.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-45-05]

a voice says “a bet? you think I sent you to school to play leader to those (loser) kids?

seol chan tells the kids: let’s stop.

sunwoo asks se yi for a simple date

seol chan: to speak truthfully my jealousy is about to explode– I don’t know the reason either.

eunha says how they stuck together and now it’s constant fighting

adam asks seol chan: did you give up

seol chan: should I prove it once?

se yi: I told you not to kid around.

seol chan leans in to kiss se yi asking do you really not see me as a guy that much? is that it?

*se yi closes her eyes ready for the kiss, but I bet he will stop right before. kdrama jinx and all. I don’t know why but I am more excited to see what she does than what he says or does next. we know what page seol chan has been on since day one, but we still have no clue if she likes him that way at all. if she closed her eyes ready to kiss him just to prove a point that’s one thing but if she closed her eyes cuz she wanted to kiss him that is going to be amazing.

E5 felt like when you are dying for a drop of water in the sahara and someone gives you only drips to quench your thirst for a second only to make you even more thirsty and E6 will be the heavy rains you prayed for.

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(085877)01-45-11]

Twelve episodes might not be enough if our lead is going to drag his feet so much to catch up to his feelings. Practically the whole world knows by now, but he still won’t own up to it. Even our second lead got there a lot faster so I wish Seol Chan would take a cue from Sun Woo. Which guy Se Yi chooses to fall in love with matters just as much so I think we have to keep an eye out on her cuz so far poor Seol Chan seems to be left out in the cold. Every kind word she casually says about him has his heart soaring, but then another lecture makes him come crashing down again. If only he would face his feelings head on and deal with it. At this rate, we are going to get Seol Chan admitting he likes her more than half way into the drama. That’s “sageuk pace” slow and I’m just too impatient.

*I know Adam and Radio have real names, but memorizing all these Korean names is killing me so I’m keeping these two nicknames cuz it’s easy to remember and my brain needs a break. The most shocking thing is I am not using initials – only cuz their names start with “S” so it’s hard to tell them apart otherwise.

scenes from previous episode comes out

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(135748)01-37-49] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(135863)01-38-01]


Adam was drinking and having a nightmare about a car accident when he hears knocking at his door

when he opens it all the kids are there. se yi says hello. adam starts to say “what is….” but seol chan sees him and says to se yi – what is this. are you crazy. adam starts to close his door but se yi holds it open and says ajussi

adam lets them in and says leave when the rain stops. se yi: yes. he gives her the padlock and says to lock up and leave the key in front of the door. also dont touch anything else or look through anything. se yi: yes. adam is about to leave but seol chan says there must be something that would be big trouble if we touch it. cuz you are giving too much fear. as if you had something hidden that could break and shatter. adam ignores him and leaves. seol chan asks se yi – have you gone insane? dont you know who that person is? how could you be close to someone like that – enough to drop by his home. eun ha asks who is he. seol chan says what you kids were talking about – adam. se yi: he isnt. seol chan: what do you mean he isnt – you’ve been targeted by him. i saw him follow you around twice. in front of the school once and once when we cleaned the palace last time. oh yeah last time at the park makes it 3 times. sunwoo asks are you sure seol chan? se yi tells seol chan: he probably wasnt following me. seol chan just says we cant do it here. it’s suspicious. look at this. where is a place in the city of seoul where there is no phone reception. he walks out. sunwoo follows him out.

adam is listening to his music again.

donam (the bully) is uncovering stuff and looking at it. eun ha reassures se yi that seol chan got it wrong probably.  radio looks out and gets scared of the thunder. donam thinks there might be a flood. he goes and tried to open a door so radio said he said not to touch anything. donam says dont talk to me. donam thinks this is suspicious. he knocks and asks is someone there?

seol chan goes to the front gate and says his phone works here. he tries calling but the person isnt picking up. he says to go to his company cuz there is an empty space (to rehearse). sunwoo asks why do you do things on your own. he snatches away the phone.  what are you going to do if you arent right. seol chan: what do I have to do? sunwoo: this time apologize properly to se yi and dont make her cry. he gives back the phone. seol chan: ok if he isnt – I will get on my knees and apologize. what are you going to do if I am right. this time you apologize properly to me. dont make excuses and you kneel too. sunwoo gets a call from his  mother and says I am not meeting haerim I am with seol chan.

se yi goes to see adam and just walks in without knocking. he asks what’s going on. she asks did you follow me around. why? a kid in my class said you are a pervert. she hears her dad’s voice singing as he runs over to turn it off. she says wait a minute but he says go out. she grabs the cd so he asks what are you doing. give it to me. she holds it behind her and asks where did you get this song. this is my father’s. he lunges for it and says i said give it to me. they struggle for it

seol chan goes back down and asks where is se yi. they dont know. donam is still trying to get that door open. seol chan runs back out as sunwoo comes in. eun ha says se yi is gone. sunwoo runs out

seol chan hears se yi calling out let go. he goes in and sees adam’s arms around se yi. sunwoo and others come in. seol chan goes over and pulls adam off her and punches him. he pulls se yi over to them and calls adam a pervert and goes over to hit him some more but se yi yells out stop it. what is this. why hit a person? she asks if adam is ok. seol chan pulls her off him and asks what are you doing. sunwoo stops seol chan from hitting adam again. se yi goes over to him. he grabs the cd away from her and tells her to get out.  she pushes seol chan out but adam tells her to stay behind for a second. seol chan goes over to hit him again but she yells stop it.

the kids go back downstairs and donam says something insulting about se yi so seol chan tells him to watch his words. he laughs and asks seol chan: hey idol – arent you going overboard? seol chan: what?  sunwoo asks what do you want to do – should we start practicing by ourselves first. since se yi is the singing part how about practicing the instruments. seol chan goes outside.

adam asks what her name is so se yi replies. he says her dad’s name so she says you know my dad dont you. that song is my dad’s and that voice too. he says i know. se yi: how? were you friends? were you really close. he says we were friends. it’s been a long time since I lost track of him. se yi: oh so that’s it. i thought it was strange cuz my dad didnt have friends. she cries and says “my dad…my dad….it was so strange so I asked him – i asked why he didnt have friends. he said I was his friend. my dad must have been a liar. why you didnt hear news of him it’s cuz my dad passed away.” he finally turns around to face her. Se yi: why I am crying like this is cuz when my dad passed away – I was too shocked so I couldnt cry. I wanted to cry so much but….” she puts her hand over her heart and sobs.

*no matter how young or old you are – when you’ve lost a parent – this scene will unleash all those emotions you thought you had control over – those tears you thought you already shed and had no more of – you will find a reserve that accumulated since the last time you cried.

outside seol chan is waiting and looking worried about se yi inside. eunha comes up saying oppa so he says dont call me like that. she says no i have something to ask right now as your fan oppa.  oppa you know what we write in our fan fic(tion) dont you? seol chan: stop doing that. stop matching up guys.  (guess they wrote about guys liking each other) cuz he says dont involve me with other guys I know. he isnt even my taste. eunha: that’s cuz it’s better to have members dating each other than dating other girls. a star is a star cuz it’s hanging way up there nicely. if it comes down to earth and does the same as people then it’s not a star – it’s just a male person. seol chan argues but even a star is a person. she argues that cant happen cuz if it does then I will be really sad. then I have no place to go. so he agrees and says I wont ever date. she thanks him and says I like se yi too.  (even this girl can see that he likes se yi)

sunwoo comes up trying to get reception asking arent you going to rehearse? you should practice at least since you are on tambourines. seol chan asks him –when did you change your character? you being with those kids – that picture really doesnt suit you.  be honest – you have no interest in this so why get involved this much. sunwoo: cuz I like her. seol chan:what? sunwoo: I like min se yi. you told me to speak honestly. since i like her I am helping her so she can do what she wants to do. seol chan asks: she said she wanted to do this? she did? no – why do you like her. sunwoo replies I am a guy and she is a girl – cant I like her. seol chan: not that – why do you like her. sunwoo: is there a reason when you like a person. he gets a text and looks at it. he says how he heard the conversation earlier (with eunha)  that you would just hang there in the sky (like a star) everyone has their place. go in and practice. sunwoo leaves and seol chan mutters what is this.

adam asks did you finish crying. se yi: yes. she asks if that is why he followed her around (cuz he thought she plagiarized the music). she asks about the CD. he says your dad gave it to me. are you that curious about it? she says my dad sang only to me and mom.  seeing how my dad gave you that cd you must be a special person to him. he tells her to go now if she is done being curious. your friends are waiting. she asks: ok but ajussi – I can come tm too right? he looks at her cuz how in the world could he say no to that face

se yi comes out and seol chan remembers how sunwoo said he liked se yi. he says aloud: like her? starting from when did he like her. he calls out to her and asks what’s going on. why did you cry. she says apologize to ajussi. seol chan: what? you really….she walks away from him and goes down to the studio

sunwoo got the text from nana and went out to meet her. sunwoo: you came. she says how this is annoying. sunwoo: even though you caused trouble with them –  just you staying out of it doesnt seem like you. nana: I didnt do it. sunwoo: they probably didnt do it too. if you don’t want to then dont. nana: are you kidding around? sunwoo: even if you dont do it you will be safe. cuz the rest of the kids will work hard anyway. they can cover for you. but that’s not like you.  she asks since when did you show me so much interest? sunwoo: not cuz I have a lot of interest – just the amount i can see is what I am talking about. nana: where is the place. she turns to go but he sees her injured hand and asks did something happen. nana says see you dont know me well. didnt you hear. this is my life. didnt you know.  sunwoo: yes I didnt know that- I only believe what I can see.

seol chan calls out to se yi but eun ha tells him how that ajussi is se yi’s dad’s friend. se yi explains I was trying to confirm something. but i was behaving so rudely so ajussi was taken back. it was a huge imposition. eunha says we should apologize (but she meant seol chan). sunwoo says seol chan will be busy cuz he has to apologize here and there. your knee is ok right? seol chan remembers how he told sunwoo outside the house that he would apologize on his knees. sunwoo tells nana to come in. eun ha cant believe nana showed up. nana and donam says hurry and end this. radio is happy they are all gathered

adam comes out and looks down at the studio

the kids practice and sing. sunwoo stares at se yi as he sings. seol chan looks annoyed. se yi plays guitar and she and sunwoo sing lead vocals and radio backup vocals while others play their simple instruments. next day they perform for teacher choi and he claps. teacher dok watches from outside and says they are good enough. she gets a call from her boss and walks off and sunwoo nods to her and smiles at the group inside. (he isnt supposed to be a part of this cuz he wasn’t one of those caught on CCTV camera)

donam asks it’s done right? now we dont have to do this anymore right? teacher says pros are different.  how did you come up with this fun idea? he is praising seol chan but se yi tells teacher choi this was sunwoo’s idea. choi says whoever did it – it was well done. just do this much.

principal informs teacher dok that someone high up is going to attend the performance so they cant have the kids playing just tambourines. dont look at me with that face – I told you this wouldnt work. she asks what do you want us to do now cuz there isnt much time left before the concert. he says that’s why I told you to make them perform with proper instruments. no tambourines cuz what’s important is they have to look like a picture. even if they lack they have to look like a vision. if you want to be head teacher next year -cuz you have talent – work hard cuz I am going to put you in charge of the juniors.

during class seol chan keeps looking at sunwoo and then at se yi. when class is over, he texts sunwoo and motions for him to meet outside

sunwoo asks why. seol chan asks you were acting like a braggart so why did you stay out a while ago (while we were performing) – you are embarrassed to get involved there huh.sunwoo: yes is that why you wanted to meet-to say that.  sunwoo tells him to say what he really wants to say. seol chan: what you said is a lie huh. sunwoo:what? seol chan: that you like se yi. sunwoo: I mean it. seol asks what? *what kind of answer is so quick and easy. sunwoo are you done. I’m going to leave. seol asks so what are you going to do from here on. sunwoo: going to do what I want and not hold back. seol: what? not hold what back? sunwoo laughs and leaves as seol chan keeps asking the same thing. he gets a text

*denial boy is having a hard time grasping the concept of getting to the point about feelings.

teacher choi tells the six kids he takes back what he said about them not doing more or less and just doing exactly this much. eunha and radio say there are no instruments I know how to play. seol chan tells them – isnt it better than playing tambourines. sunwoo shows up so seol asks why did you show up. choi says I called him cuz you said it was sunwoo’s idea for what you did earlier. choi asks sunwoo- you heard from the kids right.  do you have any good ideas. seol chan says i do and eunha asks lip sync. like lip syncing  – you play the instrument like that (so it looks like you are playing but you really arent.)  seol chan snaps his finger cuz she got it right. donam mutters about seol chan being the master of lip sync so eunha gets mad at him saying our oppa never once lip synced. she calls him an idiot cuz no singer does that these days.  choi says wait – that doesnt make sense but it seems to. to lip sync it’s all in the details. how can you make the details come alive if you dont even know how to play the instrument. seol chan says you dont have to make it come alive – our concept is shadow band. like this.

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(061336)01-49-20] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(063130)03-50-42] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(063158)03-50-50]

he snaps his fingers and suddenly se yi is dressed up on stage singing pushing sunwoo’s guitar away and goes and sits next to seol chan then gets up moving around him with her hand on his shoulder while the rest of the kids are in the back hidden by a curtain – literally in the shadow. then she touches his chin and looks into his eyes at the end. choi and other kids clap. choi says pros are different. eun ha  praises seol chan saying he was originally very interested in stage performances. nana says just sing- I wont do cheezy stuff like that. donam says I wont do it either. choi says singing alone wont do cuz the picture is important.  sunwoo says then do it this way – those who can play an instrument play it and the rest sing. the song should give off emotion and not just be fun. and make the stage simple. his version comes up when he snaps his fingers. he is playing the cello next to se yi as she sings. seol chan is playing instruments with the others. at the end sunwoo smiles at se yi. choi claps and likes the feel for that. seol chan says to sunwoo: ya why am I in the chorus? choi asks if sunwoo is going to do it too. but sunwoo says no. seol chan: see look at him just when it’s the deciding moment he steps back.  sunwoo finishes his sentence. it was just an example – I can play another instrument. eun ha says shadow band is way better. donam says then I wont do it.  choi asks them to stand next to the person you want to follow his concept/ idea. eunha makes radio come over to her side with seol chan. sey yi and nana went over to sunwoo. only the donam is left. he doesn’t like both ideas. just do what we were originally going to do. eunha  says to leave him out. donam says please do yi watches radio look sad over that.

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(069355)04-09-08] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(069887)01-47-03] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(070310)04-10-55]

as they walk out, eunha asks why he said he doesnt want to cuz all you have to do is act like you are playing an instrument and if you cant sing just move your lips. you cant even pretend. what is it that he is good at. donam whirls around in anger.  donam is about to hit her so seol chan calls out his name as a warning to back off. donam walks away. eunah says leave him out and do it – that’s faster.  the trio from the band all for one come over. the girl mari calls them each a label like outcast -gangster- nutjob. she asks if their colors make them poop. the guy asks if seol chan can go around like this cuz he isnt taking care of his image well.   ma joon says to seol chan: i heard you got in charge of the performance at the concert. eunha explains seol chan isnt in charge but ma joon just says thank you for doing that cuz we were supposed to do it but something came up and we turned it down. I was sorry to the school but you guys are putting up a good image. work hard. mean kid says rumors are spreading about you guys-dog poop bug. what’s up with tambourines. sunwoo mutters about ma joon and is about to go in but se yi’s voice stops him. se yi  suddenly speaks up and tells the trio defiantly: don’t worry. we will make the school look good for sure. yoon seol chan is a star. what that means is – if he just stands on the stage it’s a success. seol chan takes notice cuz those were his exact words to her before. se yi continues: he is going to shake hands and give autographs to everyone. yoon seol chan is a pro. when a pro touches something – it gets different.  there are things amateurs (like you guys) can’t know. you saw the music evaluation last time right? also you freshmen poop (she is talking to mari) you are the one who should be saying thank you. she makes a crack about  her lack of violin skills. before mari l can talk back nana gives her a warning tone so mari shuts up. ma joon says to se yi: then I will look forward to it. you have to do well seol chan. seol chan: don’t worry. the trio leaves. seol chan looks at the back of se yi’s head with his heart racing. she comes over to him so he gulps and complains when did I say I would shake hands and give autographs. se yi points out he likes signing autographs. eunha praises se yi for saying everything on her mind -“how did you hold it in all this time all that you wanted to say.” sunwoo smiles proudly watching all that from a distance. eunha asks I feel so much better now. seol chan points out things just got bigger.  why did you interfere. se yi says cuz I felt sorry for you cuz you were being put down. seol chan: who was being disparaged. I was just holding back. eunha asks where do we practice.  we also need a piano. radio says teacher choi said he would find a place to rehearse.  nana says call me when you find a place to rehearse. se yi says how about your studio so seol chan says why keep bringing up other people’s rehearsal place. eun ha says we cant there. if reporters get the scent things will get out of hand. seol chan praises her saying you are better than my manager hyung. later on come work for our company/agency. she makes a joke but se yi says I will go first. bye.

nana gets picked up by some men and forced into a car. se yi watches and remembers how eunha said you cant mess with her. it’s better if you don’t know anymore about her cuz you will get hurt.

mari is mad about what se yi said. the guy thinks for a small girl she (Se yi) isnt a joke. mari tells ma joon to step on her once – that kind of kid – if you just step on her a little she will come straight to her senses. ma joon asks her- are you a gangster. sunwoo meets up with them. ma joon asks are you skipping rehearsal again. these days you are missing it often. sunwoo says more and more I don’t want to do it. see you tm. he walks off

seol chan goes to his car and wakes up his manager. he asks what is this – what’s up with the sneakers. manager says your fans are impressive. look at where they sent the delivery. they are like ghosts. seol chan tries it on and says it’s good cuz it’s light and cushiony. he sees sunwoo’s car leaving and says to himself“what? sincere”

manager is chattering on about how seol chan might be able to leave school earlier. seol chan: hyung I am going to say something so listen and just say what comes to mind right away. hong: what is it? seol chan: some guy said he likes some girl and from here on he will do what he wants and wont hold back. manager says it’s kissing. seol chan: what? you are a dirty minded manager. is that all you can think of? hong: it’s not “that’s all I can think of” – that’s all there is. if not that what else is there that a man cant hold in. seol chan: lots of things like games, exercise, smoking, drinking. manager says how naive he is and gives an example: I like you so from here on I wont hold back on games, eercise, smoking, alcohol. does that make sense. I wont hold back from kissing – this makes sense. he laughs and asks why ask that suddenly? did you get a shock today? seol chan makes him pull over when he sees sunwoo pull up next to se yi. sunwoo asks if the bus isnt coming. se yi: yes it’s late. he offers her a ride home saying I am going to pass it on my way anyway so let’s go together, but she says I am not going home. he says wherever you go and makes room for her.  seol chan watches her get in and says what is that – why get in? he suddenly remembers sunwoo’s words: I am going to do what I want and not hold back. seol chan is in a sudden panic and makes his manger go and cut them off. he gets out and goes over to sunwoo’s car and knocks on the window  saying sorry my car got a flat. let me get in too. sunwoo tells his driver to unlock the door. seol chan squeezes in next to se yi and says thank you.

on the ride over seol says to se yi acting all surprised – what are you doing here. she glares at him.  sunwoo mutters how did your tire end up that way. seol chan says I was surprised. (for the rest of this conversation seol chan looks at the back of se yi’s head when he means “her” and sunwoo tries to avoid her gaze.} seol chan: should we finish our conversation? did you say you were sincere? does she know too about your sincerity. she doesnt know? he laughs and says so it’s a one sided love? I cant believe sunwoo is having a one sided love. a day like this comes too. but is it really sincere.  you haven’t met for that long so how can you be so sure and quick about your feelings? what makes it certain is if you ask yourself over and over and then you get the answer –  I dont think you would have had time to do that. let’s just say it’s sincere but why haven’t you confessed yet.

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(086570)04-59-27] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(086612)04-59-36] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(088200)05-08-41] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(088239)05-08-47]

se yi blurts out they arrived. I will get out. she thanks sunwoo and says see you tm. sunwoo smiles and tells his driver to go. seol chan got out with her cuz he was by the door but he says I didn’t get out cuz of you I didnt want to be with him alone just the two of us so I got out. she tells him from now on dont go around making public announcements about a person’s private life. seol chan: why are you getting angry. cuz of sunwoo? cuz I put him in a difficult situation? ya if you like sunwoo that much be his partner – why are you by my side? she walks off so he follows asking: are you jealous right now? ah cuz of the kid sunwoo has a one sided love over. she asks him: how did you feel when people made a public announcement about your personal life? you are an expert when it comes to that. did you like it? is that why you are doing the same thing to your friend? you are still like a runny nosed kid. he lets that sink in for a second.

he chases after her and says where do I look like such a young kid? didnt you hear eunha calling me oppa? you think that’s all? I have a lot of fans who are in their 20s. that means I have an appeal as a guy.  are you listening to me or not. he realizes they are standing outside adam’s home so seol chan asks why she came here again. she tells him to go and he holds her back. look at this kid. how can you feel at ease just cuz he is your dad’s friend when it’s so unsafe these days.  dad’s friends are more scary. is your dad’s friend your dad. she gives him a look so he says ok go – I will go with you. she says don’t come or I will scream if you follow me.

*I love that seol chan makes it look like he is doing her favors when he actually wants to be her overprotective bodyguard.

the door opens and se yi says hello. she hits seol chan to talk so he says hello. adam asks what’s going on.  she says he wants to apologize to you. seol chan: I am sorry.

adam is covering up the instruments again muttering i said dont touch anything and the covers have been removed. she says sorry and offers to help. he says it’s ok and asks what brings her here. she asks when he was friends with her dad (starting when). he says we were in a high school band together. se yi: really. really? really? adam: why are you so shocked. didnt he tell you he was in a band. se yi: no I knew he was in a band but he didn’t like to talk about that time. then you must know my mother too

seol chan is outside while she is talking to adam inside. he watches them inside and then walks over to a piano and plays it but it hasn’t been used in a long time

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(095439)05-25-50] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(096676)05-29-50]

se yi : mom said she was in a band with dad. do you know choi kyung?  adam: I know. se yi: there is this kind of coincidence. did you know they were dating too. he asks what happened to her dad. she stops smiling so he looks up and says maybe I sholdnt have asked. se yi:they said in a car accident. I was in the car with him but I don’t remember anything. I was too shocked so I forgot the doctor said. when I woke in the hospital, my father’s wake and funeral were all over. they say if you are too shocked you couldnt talk (speech was blocked). I was like that. there was so much I wanted to ask and so much I wanted to say but words wouldnt come out. so I couldn’t even cry properly. since I kept being that way mother took me to New Zealand cuz my uncle lives there. he raised sheep in the countryside. people don’t believe me when I said I only spoke to sheep – I only spoke with sheep for real –  in my heart. it’s ok – thank goodness my speech came back.

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(097873)05-35-17]

seol chan heard all that outside. as he walks out he remembers how they fought in the car over her dad’s song when he yelled back: ok tell your dad I will give him the fee for composing. tell him how sorry I am. no give me his number and I will ask the request myself.” seol chan says to himself: is that why you cried. you are too much. you should have told me. why do you keep making me the bad guy. he remembers how he played her dad’s song in a funny way. he sighs and calls himself a crazy guy.

se yi comes out at night and gets a message from seol chan- I will be going first. she says what is this – he sure did send it quickly.

teacher dok is on the phone with teacher choi about a rehearsal place for the kids- you told me not to worry. she finds out the church he mentioned went bankrupt. she asks can a church go backrupt? hang up

se yi goes home and teacher dok asks cant you use seol chan’s rehearsal studio. se yi: he said we couldnt. dok: even if I ask?  se yi: probably wont work. don’t worry teacher choi said he would find us one. dok thinks guys are all the same and regrets choosing this line of work

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(102933)05-54-33]

sunwoo is studying and remembers how seol chan laughed in the car and said unrequited love? aside from sincerity – why werent you able to confess yet. sunwoo replies: if I’ve been rejected and I get rejected again cuz it hurts a lot you punk.

seo chan goes home and greets his mom. her friends say we are lucky we get to meet a star in person.  he says hello to them. the woman says it’s been a long time. after you became a singer we only saw you on tv so we were sad. seol chan: me too. he asks his mom what those are. there are boxes for kids in the orphanage. seol chan says I have to go to practice so don’t worry about dinner for me. his mom says to be sure to eat there. her friends remark say how seol chan is very mature/adult like ever since he was young cuz he keeps saying mother. she says how he was raised well.

seol chan goes to his room and sits on the bed. he gets a text. se yi says they don’t have a rehearsal place – can we really not use yours. his mom knocks and comes in and tells him to eat and go cuz it wont take long. he says no I have to dance – if I eat and then move my stomach hurts. she says to eat something after practice. she turns to leave but he asks permission to bring some friends over cuz they need to practice something with the piano. I’m sorry. she is surprised cuz he never had friends over before. he says no it’s ok I just said it. I shouldn’t impose over something like that. she is shocked he spoke like that –about imposing. she goes out and looks sad.

* he really does not act like this is his home.

at school se yi is clapping when sunwoo makes a basket. sunwoo is playing against seol chan. sunwoo warns him not to talk like he did yesterday. seol chan:  even if you think about it – one sided love is embarrassing huh. I was just worried. sunwoo says I don’t need your concern. seol chan says I don’t mean you- my naive partner. you are the icon of betrayal. sunwoo takes the ball from him to knock him out. eunha cant believe sunwoo cheated. teacher choi calls an end to class. he makes the six of them remain. sunwoo says see you later to se yi and leaves. eun ha asks if there is still no rehearsal place. teacher choi says I will get one soon so dont worry. prepare something amazing with input and output. eunha thinks he wont be able to get a place so se yi asks if they really cant use seol chan’s so eun ha says no. se yi says we should practice singing in the class room at least. eunha says they cant. it will be first on search engines. donam thinks eunha is like seol chan’s manager. he leaves so she asks where are you going.  let;s just take him out and do it. seol chan offers to pay for another place but eunha says whether they go there or the classroom there are too many eyes. eunha: isnt there some place – all we need is a piano.  radio says there was a piano at your dad’s friend’s place

the kid’s go to adam’s. he is about to say what brings you here but seol chan doesnt let him finish and just walks in saying hello. it’s nice cuz we come often.  the kids go in so se yi says sorry to him. she asks to use the studio for just a few days. adam says the piano wont be tuned cuz it hasn’t been used in a long time. seol chan says I know how to tune it. thank you. adam starts to say “about the other things” but seol chan interrupts and repeats exactly what adam said on the first night – he says we wont touch anything else. we wont go through anything here. after we lock up we just have to leave the key at the front door right. adam leaves. se yi asks why he is like that but seol chan asks if they have a song in mind. he gets a list from radio. he tells them to choose two songs.  se yi gets a text from adam about where stuff is and not to touch anything if they think it will be ruined. she shows the text to seol chan so he asks did you give him your number too?

sunwoo gets a call from his mother and says i am on my way to the academy. I will call after it ends. he sees some people run into some music sheets so sunwoo helps the guy pick them up. the guy thanks him and says I am from Thailand and street performs . he sings you raise me up. sunwoo sticks around and watches then he leaves. he calls se yi and asks her to come out cuz he wants to skip/ditch the academy cuz the weather is so nice.  se yi says if you are going to ditch then come here but seol chan yells why would sunwoo come here. he yells into the phone – don’t come. she hangs up and says ok. seol chan says that kid is not the type to come obediently cuz you say to come. you dont know him well huh? se yi: he said he would come cuz you said not to come. seol chan: what?

[tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(130722)06-40-43] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(132139)06-42-01] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(132608)06-42-26] [tvN] 몬스타.E04.130607.좋아해... 민세이!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(133340)06-43-09]

sunwoo shows up and says this place is nice during the day. seol chan:what is there to like – it’s all dead. (the plants and trees). this died too but i brought it to life. he plays the keys and brags how he tuned it. sunwoo says you finally learned. he points out two keys are strange. seol chan gets defensive and says what do you know. do you know how to tune. sunwoo says I was progressing faster than you. it was just cuz I switched to cello in the middle. so eun realizes they knew each other from the past. sunwoo: we had lessons together. seol chan: that didnt happen. sunwoo: I didnt get any better so I quit.  but seol chan was good (had room for improvement/talent) so he kept going. sunwoo plays the piano and says the rest of the keys are ok. should we play together like in the past. seol chan: what are you talking about –  did we play something together in the past. sunwoo accuses him: you must have forgotten it all. even if I want to forget my fingers remember so seol chan says ya who forgot. he sits next to him saying move over to the side. sunwoo explains how seol chan composed it so two can play. he starts to play and seol chan joins in and they play together really well. sunwoo smiles at him but seol chan scowls. eunha is impressed and says this is a picture. radio is envious. se yi takes a pic of them. music floats up and pops like bubbles. they are both young kids again playing and having fun. the song ends and the kids clap. even nana claps. seol chan pops up. eun points out that even nana clapped. what in the world – I saw nana’s reaction – must be time for me to die. nana: be quiet. they all laugh but nana tells them to be quiet again.


preview (there are two versions going around so I combined the dialogue for both)

se yi: I dont know why but I think our performance will go well

ma joon says our all for one will perform at that concert too

sunwoo says all for one are not kids to take lightly

seol chan: we will win – dont worry I am Yoon Seol chan. I have to chase away that spy first

sunwoo: then starting from today I will be on this team. se yi: I agree

seol chan challenges ma joon to a fight (hopefully musical and not actual fist fight)

[Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(033697)01-33-30]

Those are her tears flowing down his cheek and his remorse starting to register. It’s a wordless exchange of looks fraught with emotion. Every second just instensifies that moment more.

I love how this drama affects me. Most of the popular dramas these days I don’t even bother reading recaps for, but this one just stood out for me. It just hit the right notes when it comes to what you want in a drama – something light and its subtlety has a way of touching your heart to the extent that you feel the vibrations for days to come. Tonight’s episode had so much heart and humor I just couldn’t stand it. I don’t think I laughed so hard or cried so much at the same time.

I have to say – I love how these little cable dramas pop up and put the other major network ones to shame in terms of story, acting, and quality.

Since there are only 9 episodes left after tonight, these really will be brief summaries that do not go in order scene by scene at first cuz I went by memory. I watched it live then typed up what I remembered until torrents came out. I will translate key scenes but the rest will be summarized.

Monstar E3

Seol chan arrives late and Sunwoo says we will help him but seol chan turns him down flat and tells the teacher he will perform on the piano alone. the teacher says you cant sing your own song – for fair play. he sings an upbeat funny  version of Se Yi’s father’s song so she runs out of school so she doesn’t have to hear it.

she runs into the gangster girl on her way in so se yi asks her to beat up someone for her -a lot but not enough to kill him though. the girl says if I do then what are you going to give me. se yi asks how much she wants but the girl says no money – just kill two guys for me. you dont want to? se yi says let’s just act like this convo didnt happen. the girl says if you do this to me one more time you will die. like last time – you should settle it.

sunwoo and seol chan confront each other in the stairwell. sunwoo calls him a coward – can a singer play around with a song. if you have something to say to se yi then do it upfront and talk to her.  seol chan grabs his shoulder to stop him from going and asks why do you keep butting in? dont get involved. it’s hilarious cuz sun woo smiles and corrects Seol chan “your grammar is lacking cuz you havent been in school for a long time. you used the wrong pronoun. he points out what first person and second person pronouns are -“right now you shouldnt have used second person and used first person. “instead of why do you keep butting in” –  it should have been “why do I keep butting in.” make it natural like “why do i keep butting in” like this. let me know if you get stuck – I can help that much.  seol chan looks baffled and mutters “ae-eesh”

he looks up and sees se yi smirking at him as she walks by so he wonders – what is that expression? she mouths a word and leaves. he wonders what she said. what are these two set doing? (se yo and sunwoo)

when seol chan was going to autograph his photos for his fans they turn it over and see drawings of scantily clad women so the girls call him “a pervert” and it goes online. he remembers how se yi had photos like that on her phone and realizes she mouthed the word “pervert” as she walked by. he is mortified but offers to autograph other ones.

manager reads about the incident and gets a call from the CEO

teacher dok tries to tell the principal there is a student who sings really well but teacher choi interrupts and praises the girl (they are talking about se yi). she asks the students who can sing and play instruments like tambourine, piano, etc. none of the students are interested so she asks them to sign up for it by this week. radio tries to ask to join but she doesnt let him speak and just says “I know – kids were joking around -you dont have to do it.” he meant to say he wanted to do it but just leaves. the teacher tells gangster girl she wont graduate if she keeps missing school days

Seol chan walks to his car and spots Adam staring at se yi. seol chan mutters “I told him to work out.”

seol chan throws his innocent manager under the bus and blames him for drawing those and asks if he is a pervert in front of his fans.  seol chan glares over at adam

in the car, his manager asks how can you make me into such a creep. seol chan replies: if I live it’s the road for you to live. manager mutters with sarcasm – oh yeah – while going to school you got so smart. seol chan asks him to look into a tutor for grammar. manager: why? so you can study? we didnt send you to school to study. seol chan asks did we ride this car earlier? manager says how the CEO got mad and took away the celebrity van. seol chan calls him cheap.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(030601)01-21-09] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(030636)01-21-17] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(033533)01-33-05] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(033620)01-33-13]

Seol Chan spots seo yi walking along and tells his manager to give Se Yi a ride. she keeps saying I dont want to. the manager tries to get her to go inside the car explaining Seol Chan only wants to speak to her for a second, but she refuses. manager mutters she is so stubborn and says it will just take a minute but she says I dont want to. seol chan gets impatient and pulls her into the van. she lands on top of him and struggles but he wont let go of her wrists. she keeps telling him to let go and his manager keeps telling him to let her go and separate but seol chan tells him hyung you just do your work. seol chan tells her: dont play around – there is only so much I can tolerate. apologize. se yi: there is nothing for me to apologize for. manager says what is there for friends to apologize for- just let her go. you two look really odd right now. seol chan is mad cuz of her his internet search right now calls him “racy” (cuz of those drawings). so you dont have anything to apologize for? when you are the one drawing racy things. manager asks her did you do that – is that your hobby. she says it’s not her hobby. seol chan says what do you mean it’s not – there are photos of it on your phone. se yi: dummy! mananger asks why did you have to draw those on seol chan’s photos. what are you after? Se Yi: to get revenge cuz this guy stole my song. seol chan: how is that your song? se yi: cuz it’s my dad’s song! it’s not (some other guy’s name) song – my dad wrote that song and it wasnt a song you should have sang on your own – you thief!  seol chan: thief? tell your dad that I will pay the fee for the rights to use his song- tell him that I am really sorry. no – tell me his phone number and I will make that request myself nicely. in that instant – her emotions welled up and her tears flowed. she couldn’t tell him her father already passed away – she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing cuz he didn’t deserve it since he made a mockery of her father’s song. as he blinked to avoid her teardrops, I bet he felt some remorse. her tears flow down his cheek. she tells him to let go and he obeys. she asks the manager to stop the car so the manager pulls over and seol chan hands her the guitar case cuz she almost forgot it

sunwoo’s car pulls up and he gets out and asks if she cried. (she didn’t know it but sun woo saw her get dragged into the van so he had his driver follow seol chan’s car. the driver asked if they should report this but sunwoo explains he knows whose car it is – dont lose them and just follow. this scene came out right when seol chan told her to apologize but I didnt want to cut into that moment with sunwoo’s lines)

seol chan keeps asking “why cry? what did I do?” manager explains how hard it must have been for se yi to be in that position for so long – you should be grateful it ended with tears – a little while longer and she would have thrown up on you. seol chan: it would have been better if she threw up- it’s like i became the bad guy. manager says: that’s why – why did you hold onto the kid for so long? and if you knew she drew it why blame me?  seol chan: if the kids know you think they would leave her alone. manager hong looks over at him cuz that was so sweet of seol chan to think that far ahead.

seul chan finally relents and goes into his home after manager hong reminds him: starting from today you said you would go home. hurry and go in.

there is an odd moment where seol chan greets his mother in such a formal way – he steps back and wont even let her touch him when she reaches out to hug him. he keeps bowing and speaking formally to her like she is a stranger but keeps saying “mother” so I am pretty sure this isnt his stepmother. he must just still resent her for leaving him behind when he was a kid. he says i came mother. you’ve been healthy right?  she says yes and asks if he had been well too. seol chan: yes but school is sort of hard. she says school is normally hard. whatever you are doing and wherever  – I always trust you and cheer you on. seol chan: thank you mother. she says your father will come early too – i will get dinner ready so wash up and rest. seol chan: yes thank you. he turns to go in and she asks – are you still that grateful? he doesnt reply so she says it’s cuz i am grateful too. go in. he smiles and bows again before he goes

[Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(040707)01-44-02] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(040763)01-58-09] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(041260)01-45-39] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(041873)02-01-29] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(042220)02-01-48] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(042251)02-01-57] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(042288)02-02-05] [Mnet] 몬스타.E03.130531.반품돌 윤설찬, 대형사고치다.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(042427)02-02-19]

when he goes into his room he puts his family photo face down. he lays on the bed and remembers how se yi cried on top of him. he asks “why did you cry? why?” he imagines Se Yi on top of him again staring down at him. he gulps and has a conversation with her asking “what are you? you’re crazy huh? why are you like this? what are you trying to do to do this? if you keep doing this you will be in big trouble. before it gets more serious – go. stop it now.” but suddenly a vision of sunwoo pops up laying next to him and sunwoo is correcting seol chan’s grammar again. “you are doing it again. using second person pronoun doesnt match reality right now -i said you have to use first person pronoun. so dont say “you are crazy – why are you like this” say “I must be crazy – why am I like this. why am I doing this. if I keep doing this it will cause more trouble – before it gets worse i should stop.” so seol chan calls him a bad name and sunwoo smiles and his vision is gone. He tells her to go too and blows on her image to make her go away but calls her back by saying “wait a second- why did you cry a while ago? arent you going to say? if you dont want to then forget it. go! she disappears. I cant hear what he muffled into his pillow but i think it might have been her name.

sunwoo gave her a ride home and then walked with her. on the way she is lost in thought about what seol chan said – about how he said tell your dad I will pay for the rights to use his song. tell him that I am really sorry. sunwoo is two steps too late in telling her she is about to run into a pole so she hits her head on it. (I noticed he still calls her transfer student and she calls him leader – cus he leads the class). she holds her head in pain and says you should have told me sooner. he says I didnt know you would go in that direction. let me see. he looks at her head and says it’s just enough – you bumped it just enough to come to your senses. he steps back and says did I have to follow you to your home? she says sorry i was just thinking about myself. thank you. he says see you tm. she tells him to go well. then she turns and thanks him for the (singing) evaluation cuz it went well and wasnt a failure.

through a flashback we find out that sunwoo did meet her when they were both young. her father and se yi performed for their class and towards the end Sunwoo sang along with her. at the end of the flashback he is still singing the song and sits next to a young se yi who sings with him then she turns into grown se yi as they finish the song. then he sits alone and walks off

at home teacher dok asks if she gave up singing – why dont you go to the park these days? se yi doenst answer and just remembers adam asking about that song

the entire class has an outing where they have to clean up the palace. during roll call sunwoo doesnt look up except when he calls out se yi’s name. seol chan takes note of that and doesnt like it one bit. she looks over at him and looks away. seol chan mutters – i will show you what kind of person I am  -what it means to ride in my car – I will make sure you feel it. he asks the manager where are the reporters. he says I didnt call them cuz I thought you wouldnt like it. sunwoo finishes and tells the teacher no is absent. she warns them not even a rock can crumble her at the palace- just to clean and dont touch anything important – dont even dream running off cuz there are teachers guarding the exits. see you two hours later

manager hong seems to have a crush on teacher dok cuz he cant stop smiling at her. seol chan had to drag him away

the kids are dusting, scrubbing with toothbrushes, and brooming. * this is the part I never did get cuz it happens on sageuk dramas all the time too. I don’t get why people broom dirt – what do they think they are moving around other than kicking dust in the air.

fans swarm around seol chan for autographs so he says kids we came to clean so should we clean first. they scatter to clean. he thinks to himself – so what if there are no reporters. he looks over at se yi and says this is the kind of person I am (someone who does community service) he coughs and tries to get her attention but just as she looks up at him sunwoo blocks her view. seol chan is mad and says that punk. sunwoo asks is your forehead ok? se yi: yes did you go home ok yesterday? he says yes and notices seol chan trying to back up slowly towards Se yi so sunwoo says we worked enough here. the rest of you need to clean the bathrooms. her friend compplains  – we have to clean the bathrooms too. he tells her to work hard and leaves. she asks se yi if something happened between them yesterday. se yi says nothing much happened but the friend insinuates they looked close while performing.

seol thinks sunwoo would have made him clean the bathrooms – there was almost big trouble. he notices the flasher adam staring at se yi again.  seol chan: that pervert. he goes behind adam and asks do you not have money to buy a tread mill? should I give you the money? do you know why I am not reporting you? if I report you then my name would pop up with yours under pervert in the search engines. I dont like that. dont hang around that kid. even if she looks innocent/vulnerable- her temper is no joke.  but the man mutters “a kid” in a “how dare a kid talk to me this way kind of tone” so seol chan says “listen to a kid. if you dont want to be humiliated by a kid.” the guy interrupts and says it seems you have a lot (as in you have a lot of things going for you so you are set in life) so you have nothing to fear – you shine so bright. but the world is unfair -as much as that passion/amibtion that wants to gain something bright there is another passion that wants to break/shatter that  -you dont know and probably dont want to know. seol chan yells what is this nonsense you pervert. the man shakes him off and leaves

the kid – radio – who gets bullied loses his courage to ask se yi to be his partner for that performance thing. he is the only one out of the class who wants to do it but cant find a partner. so he tries to ask his bully if he wants to be his partner like the old days. next thing the bully starts to beat him up. he ends up destroying part of the wall cuz the bricks crumble when the kid’s hid’s head hits it. se yi comes over and fights off the bully and he crumbles more of the wall. the gangster girl watches the whole thing from a distance while she was trying to sneak a smoke.  sunwoon tells se yi – transfer student put that down. seol chan came looking for se yi so he ends up at the scene next with her friend. she asks why the wall is like that.  seol chan picked up the broken piece and the girl yelled at him not to and it crumbled and broke again. seol chan says you all saw i only touched the broken piece and runs off. radio says sorry to them cuz all of this happened cuz of him. se yi’s friend tells everyone to run. they are all scared about the damage they did to the palace wall and runs for it. CCTV camera footage caught them though.

next thing they know all the kids that were caught on camera are called into a room to be questioned. earlier in the classroom se yi’s friend thought maybe sunwoo turned them all in or else how would the school know it was those six. se yi wants to turn herself in but her friend and seol chan dont agree. (only two left out that weren’t called in for questioning were sunwoo cuz he is an exceptional student the school principal thought would never be involved in something like this and teacher choi.) once the six are gathered, they admit to breaking the wall so that’s how teacher dok finds out her students did that as well. instead of getting in trouble for the wall, they were called in cuz someone pooped within the palace. the teacher is trying to figure out which of those kids caught on camera did it. all the other kids say “I didn’t do it” but the only thing seol chan keeps repeating as his defense is “I am a star.” teacher choi warns them that even if they don’t confess once the rest of the school knows “it will follow you around till you graduate that maybe you were the one who pooped. someone might have seen it and pretended not to – someone might feel indignant so to be fair –  you have the sin of not stopping your friend from pooping. if you admit what you did the school will quietly take care of it and we will hold this secret in till we die. if you dont accept this offer -you will have to run till you die. ”

the kids who are in trouble end up having to perform together. while each kid gets a simple instrument seol chan gets the tambourine and he cant believe this is happening to him. he looks at se yi and says why did I go there. everyone leaves the room so radio is alone. he performs like he did when he was a kid in front of the class when they admired him. se yi saw it and compliments him. he runs off. sunwoo comes in and asks if she did something to the kid – why did he run off like that. she says i dont know and asks why do you act like nothing is going on with park KD (Radio). you are the leader. kids are teasing him and tormenting him so why dont you help him? sunwoo doesnt get to answer. sunwoo’s friends come over.

as they walk out Ma joon talks about seol chan’s father – how he is a famous professor and the other guy realizes how great seol chan’s family is. Ma joon thinks seol chan is interested in the transfer student. sunwoo asks why are you so interested – it’s not like you. the girl is about to spread this news online but sunwoo stops her

at home se yi asks teacher dok if there really is a culprit among them. the teacher lies and says of course. why arent you going to the park these days? even if it’s school related you cant practice at home (cuz of the noise complaints) se yi says I know

teacher dok remembers the principal told her that the poop was tested and it’s not human – most likely a dog did it.

se yi cant get that flasher adam out of her mind so she goes back to the park. she worries she came for nothing cuz he could really be adam ( a flasher). but he clearly asked her who composed that song and sang along with her. she thinks he might have just been asking in passing. she turns to leave but spots him hanging around and follows him home. he confronts her asking what she is doing. cuz she had taken a photo of his place. he asks who told you to take photos? how did you find out about me? was it all planned? singing that song too? she runs away and falls down. her knee is bleeding and her guitar string broke during the fall. he asks if she is ok. she waits on his steps while he goes inside to get her medicine. he comes out and puts medicine on her knee. she asks dont you have a bandaid. he says i dont have any. why did you take the photo? she explains she gets lost so she takes those pics. he says you should have told me sooner. he blows on her cut and says it’s done. she says sorry and runs off but he says your guitar string broke.

he takes her into his dusty unused and neglected basement studio to restring her guitar for her. he says the guitar is good so be careful. i heard you come out often to that park to sing.  i heard from the guard in charge of the park. cuz of your school uniform he knew your school. do you like singing in front of people? se yi: no I dont like it. I just think they are all sheep so I dont pay attention to them. the guy says sheep? se yi: cuz I cant sing at home I have no choice but to go out. after he is done he plays some chords to test it out and forgets himself and keeps playing. he stops and tells her to go now. she thanks him. she was going to say something but he tells her to go now. she goes out and says he wouldnt even let me ask.

*I couldnt help thinking she was the dumbest girl in the world for following a strange guy into his basement at night

seol chan is upset the CEO went to argentina to prepare for the world tour during this urgent time. while he is rehearsing his dance, he keeps muttering tambourine. do I need it. his mananger says just sing -why leave the singing up to an amateur when there is a singer. why make a pro play the tambourine. tell them you will sing a duet. suddenly seol chan imagines singing with se yi like she did with sunwoo. seol chan snaps out of it and tells him to just raise the volume. he starts to dance. seol chan looks at himself in the mirror and says “what duet? I am a star.”

next day seol chan asks her to sing a duet but she says I don’t want to. seol chan: you dont want to? why dont you want to? she says our voices dont match well.  he says ya what do you know – I am a pro-you dont know people like me well but I am a star – what that means is all I need to do is get on stage and it’s a success. se yi: so? seol chan: instead of “so” you should say “really?” don’t they have stars in new Zealand so she says I was only with sheep. but he cuts her off and starts to leave. sunwoo comes over so seol chan glares at him and goes away. chan wonders to himself: that punk didn’t hear that right.

Sunwoo asks her did you just say you didnt want to when seol chan asked you to sing a duet. seol chan overhears that from around the corner and mutters “he heard.” sunwoo asks did something happen. kids come out so se yi asks arent you going to practice? she tells her friend to go first and says see you tm to sunwoo. se yi goes in alone to speak to KD (radio) and says the kids all left. she asks do you want to perform? at the palace before – what you wanted to say to me – it was that huh? he says yes. se yi: you should have told me. sunwoo listens in the back of the room. se yi: back then why did you ask cha do to do it with you – he is the one tormenting you. he gets up to leave so she stops him saying- if you keep running away it becomes a habit. he says then what do I do? se yi: to be honest i dont know either. I am on the run now too. I dont know what to do too so for now I am running. she smiles at him and he smiles back. he sees sunwoo and takes off though. sunwoo asks what’s going on. teacher dok asks if they all left again.

teacher choi says a week passed and you didnt practice at all. the kids say they can just practice and perform the night before so there is no need for rehearsals so teacher choi says prove your talents and play this simple song now. they are all out of sync and sound terrible. teacher choi says he expected something great. he threatens to reveal everything so seol chan asks to go again. choi says I will give you another chance. rehearse by tm. (he calls them the dog poop orchestra)  if even one is off (wrong)he will put what happened in the papers.

seol chan is in his car. he finds out the CEO went to cuba now. some club that hemingway went to so it’s an honor so he will come back next week. seol chan gets a call from sunwoo – hurry and come the kids are waiting. seol chan: ya who are you to tell me to come and go. sunwoo jokes around calling seol chan the one who pooped so it makes seol chan angry.

*sunwoo is not supposed to know about the poop incident cuz he wasnt the original 6 that were caught on the CCTV photos

seol chan shows up and sunwoo says he is going to keep texting nana (the gangster girl). seol chan grabs se yi to the side. seol chan: who told? se yi: I did. we said we wouldnt tell. se yi: sunwoo said he would help – he would even do the duet. seol chan: what? duet? who said? he looks back at the others. he speaks closer to her ears and says what i am saying is he isnt part of the CCTV member. our secret might get out. she ignores him and asks the group behind him – where do we practice this late at night. he gets her attention again and speaks into her hair warning her his name better not come up in search engines for pooping. each kid says how the classrooms are locked. other says go to singing room. but the girl says it’s forbidden for kids under age to go in after ten. it wont be enough even if we practice all night. se yi asks seol chan: you have a rehearsal place right? he reminds her he plays the tambourine. the place charges a lot for overnight. the kids all say what to do. sunwoo suggest her park.

seol chan wears his sunglasses and tries to hide his face wondering how he ended up like this. sunwoo passes out the music but it starts to rain. when Se Yi takes them to the guy seol chan thinks is Adam, seol chan sees adam’s face and asks if se yi is crazy



some girl says seol chan is a star – if he just stands on stage it’s a success

seol chan asks why am I in the chorus

se yi says to seol chan – you are like a runny nosed kid.

seol chan asks why did sunwoo come here

sunwoo: I am just going to do what i want

someone says sunwoo is having an unrequited love (one sided love)

*seol chan looks at se yi like he gets that he is the one who is having an unrequited love.

I love how clever and original they are with portraying seol chan’s ever growing crush on se yi like with his imaginary conversation with her. (Those were some of my favorite scenes in secret garden too.) Here is a star idol who has girls screaming for him 24/7 but he is trying so desperately to grab the attention of the only girl in the world who doesnt see him as anything important. He actually has to earn her attention and respect instead of automatically having it. I dont know why but it’s so satisfying to see him start at rock bottom and crawl his way to the top – slipping and sliding the whole way cuz he isnt used to climbing.

Ma Joon Hee didn’t come out much today. he has the same name as JooWon’s character on Baker King so his name stuck out for me. Plus he seemed like the Gu Jun Pyo type of guy too. but there is just one thing about this actor that bugs me. from far away he looks sort of handsome, but when the camera zooms in, you wish they would back up again. someone needs to introduce him to the benefit of a tweezer cuz he has dark caterpillars where his eyebrows should be. seriously you could make a decent sageuk mustache out of all that hair.

[Mnet] 몬스타.E02.130524.소녀, 내가 스타야 스타!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(060462)16-25-37] [Mnet] 몬스타.E02.130524.소녀, 내가 스타야 스타!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(061429)16-09-45] [Mnet] 몬스타.E02.130524.소녀, 내가 스타야 스타!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(061965)16-11-03][Mnet] 몬스타.E02.130524.소녀, 내가 스타야 스타!.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(061780)16-10-50]

My favorite scene of E2 was when Seol chan stares out the window and sees Se yi on the bus looking back at him. both the van and her bus are stopped side by side at a light. seol chan asks if the tinting for this car is really strong so his manager says don’t worry it’s heavily tinted so from outside you can’t see in at all. Seol chan mutters “this isn’t fair. my pride is about to be hurt/wounded.” It’s like he knew even starting from then that this girl was starting to get to him. everything she does and says does wound his pride cuz this is the first time anyone hasn’t treated him like a star and looked up to him. with each interaction she was making him human and it wasn’t fair to him cuz she seems unaffected by his presence. that’s why I loved that he admitted aloud that “this isnt fair.” I bet a part of him knew he would be the one pursuing any kind of relationship while she just casually looked out the bus window and didn’t even see a celebrity van – to her it’s just another type of car. there is no meaning to her staring out her window, but for seol chan, as he stares back at her from his van, he is seeing the girl who is turning his life upside down. this scene just encapsulated all those feelings and more with hardly any dialogue. that is just pure kdrama genius and I wouldn’t expect any less from the people who brought us Arang and SKKS.


73 comments on “Monstar E3-E6

  1. lovcom00 says:

    hi softy ❤
    thank you SO much for your new recap, actually I did feel the same about episode 4.. I don't know it was like slower..? anyway it seems some things are speeding up soon lol
    *keep staring at the main pic*
    anyway this may be OFF TOPIC but are you watching "I Hear Your Voice"? for me it is really, really good (like the-best-thing-ever kind of good) and I definitely wanted some softy's commentary lol


  2. WeWe says:

    because the first picture (E6 preview still i believe) so charming in my eyes, i don’t even see the title of your recap. imagine how shock i am that this recap is 3 episodes long…..woah *clapping hands*

    like you said, each episode not fulfilling our thirst because every ending even make me thirstier and the waiting is like waiting downpouring rain in africa…*a bit exaggerating but really really true*

    your fave scene in E2 is also mine. love the scene so much – i rewind over and over -. and thanks to your info, i know who people behind this scene…what a great team

    last but not least….to ease my thirst i think i will put more suffering by rewatching all episodes again and again until next friday comes

    thank you for recappng this drama…


  3. flo says:

    Hi’s me again ^_^
    I just finishing the whole episode 5 just now, i have to say, i love this episode,I had been waiting this episode like crazy, a week, and just like you said, because we only get an episode a week, i also expected them to bring on the greatness every single time, but idk why honestly I’m quite satisfied with this episode, it just matter i have to wait a week to the next episode.and it’s really kiling me T_T
    as much as i love all seolchan and seyi’s scenes in this episode,i love the part when cha do nam & radio performed ‘ i’m the best” the most, that scene is awesome..all the poop group ” shocked” faces are deabak,
    and uri star is very possesif towards seyi, I adore his interest to seyi, even though he keeps telling him self i ‘m a star ,and his words are arrogant and rude, but he didnt behave like that, deep inside he is a nice guy, even though he is a star, he didnt hesitant to recognize someone else talents, he just back hug do nam right after he saw with his own eyes donam’s talent
    I just realize the relationship bet adam and seyi’s could be they were in triangle love back then, sy’s mom loved adam, but she married with sy’s dad. i had a feeling adam was a singer / idol, so that’s why whenever he saw seolchan it’s remain him at himself back then. so it didnt work bet him and seyi’smom,cuz he was a star , even though they loved each other. and the stories are repeated again..this time with seyi-seolchan and sun woo..
    arrrhhggg i ‘m imaginating too much i guess……..Softy, .sorry for my long post and pls understand with my bad english.
    once again thank soo much for recapping this drama my dear Softy..cuz of you i love this drama. My OwN STAR is the best ^_^


  4. raindrops1 says:

    I look forward to episode 6 very much as the love line will move forforward. I’m happy about that but I also want to learn more about SC and his family. I also hope that we learn howcNana and Eunha will fit into the group (as I don’t think SC’s current idea of mimi sisters will stick). I want to learn what their talents are.
    As this is only a 12 episode drama since we will be hitting the half way mark I hope that we learn more about our characters and that the hour is used to the max to move the story forward.


  5. flo says:

    our star is talking to himself..LOL


    • joonni says:

      Seol Chan: Yes, honestly, I am going to burst with jealousy. I don’ know the reason. But a human’s heart is made up of instinct and reason. I will work my superior reason to endure. With this it’s verified that I am a harmonious, perfect human being.

      “Perfect human being.” Oh god, Seol Chan! 😀


      • flo says:

        thanks so much for the translations..dear joooni
        I was laughing so hard when i saw this video..this guy is really something****


  6. flo says:

    spoiler “omg daebak”


    • joonni says:

      Seol Chan: Look properly. Whether I am a guy or girl. Or a child.

      Ah! It is hot in here? 😀


      • Softy says:

        When I watched this – I was saying “omo omo” right along with eunha. 🙂
        I swear this guy can ACT when he comes on strong. He is so different in his interviews joking around about how many NGs the director can handle – around two or so.

        cuz of Eunha’s narration, I am afraid this scene is part of her fan fiction. It better be for real and not imagined or I’m gonna spit nails. 🙂


        • flo says:

          yes you are right Softy..this guy can really act. I just learned about yong junhyung, he is not only a rapper in his group, but he is also a singer, song writer, composer and producer, and now he is a good actor also….kudos to him, he has a lot of talents ^_^


  7. flo says:

    and this video..I love it So much..the song is from “I’m the Best” 2ne1, but they change the lyrics with all monstar’s characters..there are some spoilers too for up coming episode


    • raindrops1 says:

      @flo, thanks for posting the vid. I love it!!! It’s 11:19 pm my time and listening to this just puts me in a up beat mood. Although I should be sleeping because I have work..I feel like listening to it over and over. I’m so enjoying the music in this show.


  8. flo says:

    I was real life is killing me T_T
    omg i missed the party..Softy dear thank you for the to read
    preview ep 7


  9. conjie008 says:

    I guess..I’m so behind on this drama as far as watching it..cuz of work!!
    I’ll catch up this weekend, unless the other drama will kill me for having a
    ” sleepless in LA” 🙂 😉
    But..I’ve read all your recapps for this drama.


  10. raindrops1 says:

    Thanks for the recap. The episode sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get home from work to watch it raw and then re-watch again with subs.


  11. flo says:

    Softy, I just rewatched ep 6, I enjoyed this episode so much, and i love it very much, and I re-read your recap again…i’ was rooting for kiss scene, and when it didnt happen, i’m not disappointed so much. uri seolchan has self control better than i imagine,. he can just kissed her already and it was so hilarious when he said even though it was an almost kiss scene, but i keep replayed it, and i love it so much, and i still gigling my self through that scene. finally after i waited 6 episodes,i knew seyi has the same feeling with seolchan, I was screaming when i see she still keeps seolchan’s note and button, in her drawer,he must be very happy if he knew about it!. i’m so relieved, cuz honestly speaking it’s my first k-drama that i’m so clueless about the female lead romantic feelings…seolchan and seyi are my current otp obsession, i love the way junhyung and yeon soo brought seolchan’s and seyi’s characters to life….i’m looking forward for the next episodes..thanks again for your wonderful recap, i love what you said in your intro and last words.


    • Softy says:

      I never noticed it before, but Se Yi always kept things neutral with sun woo – she never led him on or acted like she was into him. Even on their date she kept the mood casual, but when it comes to seol chan, she kept his button and his note. both objects made her laugh aloud. Plus after that near kiss, her heart was racing as she walked home. I would say it’s a clear sign that she is way on the path of not being able to turn back. That’s why I felt like when she saw seol chan mobbed by his fans, she sort of realized what it would take to like a star – she would have to deal with his fans jealousy and being in the limelight. Since she still doesn’t get that seol chan likes her, I’m curious to see how she reacts around him when they are alone again. I bet she will be super sensitive to his every word. I really hope we get more cute scenes between them this week. This show might be over an hour long, but it’s still too short for just once a week if you ask me. 🙂


  12. Well. I just finished epi 6. It was a great show. I know I am supposed to be all hot for Seol Chan but he seems too young, frankly they are all too young for me (but hot, I am older not dead) just to interject a little something off the beaten path I am probably the only one who who LOVED the guitar player at the club. Put him in a different out fit, hell forget changing the outfit…just as he was, he was wicked cool. I hope we hear and see him again. Maybe they will give up a little more info on Kim Na na and her story. Speaking of Kim Na na…I hope that was really her singing (I can’t imagine it wasn’t since this is a very music driven drama) she was GREAT. Just so I won’t make too many waves, I do enjoy watching Seol chan dance and RAP. This auntie does like hip hop and rap style as well as the very soulful sounds from Kim Na na…of course Se Yi and Sun woo sounds wonderful as well. I think MONSTAR kicks ass. I painfully wait for each subbed epi to be added. I love your recaps and everyone’s comments. I promise to look up the actors to learn more about their backgrounds. I have recently become a fan of BEAST…I know, I know. ‘ till next week…..


  13. flo says:

    spoiler..what is going on ?


  14. Abibuyog says:

    Hi. Just want to say that this probably the best recaps I’ve had read for Monstar, it is so detailed and your words are so powerful, full of heart and witty observation. Actually I just accidentally watch this drama and really have no idea since I’m not into KPOP. but first episode is turned to be magical for you to be captured. The good thing about this drama, liking both the actors are not forceful. You will love them and they will just bring you in to their world. I like Seolchan/ JunHyung and he is probably the first korean actor i like that came from the idol world. Can’t believe he is a rookie since he really act naturally. I agree that Sun Woo is too perfect to be ignored. Though I like Seol Chan and SeYi a lot, Sun Woo is such a powerful character.
    What really good about this for me is how the main character struggle for love. Like in his little perfect star world , love will make him confuse and choose between his fame and the person he likes the most. I think he cannot have both worlds. It will be a exciting to see who/what will Seol Chan choose, and what/who will make bring him true happiness. It applies in life, once decision may lead you to happiness and one may lead you to death, but whatever it is.. I still think that Love is the greatest gift of all specially if you find the ONE that God lead you to be.


  15. Enz says:

    Hi softy, have been quietly reading the recaps and comments. I am a fan of monstar too and can’t wait for each episodes just like everyone else.

    Tomorrow B2st is performing in Malaysia and I scored a free ticket. Am excited. Have never been into kpop but since jun hyung is in B2ST, I want OT go and see him up close.

    Thanks for your thoughts and recaps softy. The subs were late this week so your speedy recaps were really welcomed.


  16. flo says:

    spoiler ep 7..aww seyi is falling for seolchan for sure, i love this, cant wait for friday ^_^


  17. Abibuyog says:

    Hi ! Mnet, releases another teaser for us, this is so much fun.. C’mon friday, we are so ready for you!!!


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