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Ask me how much I hated that WR didn’t hug his son. I have been looking forward to their reunion just to see that. I wanted WR to get to know KC for himself and see how great he turned out to be – that there was a good reason why KC had so many people around him who loved and respected him and for WR to feel that fatherly pride from realizing that. All this time people like Lord Park MS, SS, and Choi – all of KC’s other father figures have given hugs and words of comfort during times when KC needed them the most so I wanted to see WR do that too. But as I watched WR put his hand on KC’s shoulder and look into his face, I realized WR didn’t hug him cuz he doesn’t know his son that well. All those other men could tell you everything about KC, but his own father doesn’t know enough about his own flesh and blood. WR does know one crucial key to holding onto a love so at least he was able to impart some wisdom and pass it along to his son. Hopefully KC will follow WR’s advice, but even if KC’s human fallible side doesn’t heed it, at least WR can feel at ease knowing that he did what he could for his son. After all, sometimes it’s not about the length of time you know someone – it’s how much of an impression they leave behind that defines the strength of the relationship. So in that sense, I would say the indelible unfluence WR had on his son is worth more than a thousand hugs.

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Written before it aired:

Now that there are only two episodes left, I’m wondering how they are going to resolve this whole prediction that one of them could die. It already came true for WR cuz during the first episodes SJ warned that falling in love with a human would end badly. I don’t know how they are going to explain this well enough so that it’s believable that if KC and YW stay together, one will die. What kind of circumstances have to come together for that to even occur cuz what happened in the past with WR and SH do not apply to the kids. The thing is those rules that WR had to follow for a hundred days to be able to find the gu family book KC has already done two of them all his life. He hasn’t killed anyone (except in self defense) and hasn’t refused to help people so the only rule that he hasn’t been able to keep was that he revealed his true nature to people. The major plus side of this is that YW has an advantage here cuz KC will never have to use that wooden knife on YW. SJ told WR that if the human still loves him after finding out his real state then WR is safe from turning into a demon. Back then, young SH didn’t so that is why WR turned into a demon, but KC will never have that problem with YW. She has loved him from the start even after discovering that he is a gumiho so if anyone has a fighting chance of overcoming their predicted fate, all bets should be on KC and YW. Fate owes KC that much at least for taking away his loved ones.

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We finally get to see both his eyes again. How am I going to be able to stand it till Oct and not see this face for all summer. CJH better do a lot of interviews and magazine spreads to tide us over.


starts from when KC walks back to the school in the rain and sees YW waiting for him. she gets up and sees him. she notices he doesn’t have his bracelet so she remembers how her dad said it was time to send KC away so he can find the gu family book. she walks over to him and says now you came. KC: yes I came back. he hugs her as she says it must have been hard on you. KC: a little. she pats his back as he cries. she remembers how her dad said let him go now – you have to let him go so he can leave comfortably. she told PJ: what if he becomes a thousand demon like WR father? that could happen if he fails in finding the gu family book. KC: all those choices are KC’s.  YW: I know but. PJ: if he can find the gu book and become human – more than anyone – wasnt it you who wanted that. if it’s hard for you then I will tell him. YW: no I will tell him – i have to do it but give me some time. just two days no three days -just give me that much time  and then I will tell him. as KC hugs her she says to herself – the time we have left to us is 3 days –in that time will I be able to send you away KC. she cries and hugs him.

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KC wakes up and is shocked to find YW is sleeping next to him with her hand on his chest. he holds her hand and stares at her sleeping. he calls out her name softly and asks why she is here. she says you were crying so much last night so how could I leave you alone and go. how are you feeling now – are you better. he grunts yes so she says that’s good. he tells her it’s morning. she is still drowsy so he counts down till the words register and she wakes up in a panic saying what to do cuz the sun is already up. KC: what do I do. YW: why you? KC jokes: it was my first time sleeping with a woman but I dont remember a thing and just slept through it all. what a big waste. she says since you are joking like that you must really be ok. KC: is that it. he smiles. she remembers that they have 3 days left. he asks why she is looking at him like that-  if she has any worries. YW: what worries – I dont have those. if you have any wishes to ask me – tell me 3 of them. KC: 3 wishes? why suddenly. YW: just to make you feel better. KC: will you grant any wish at all? YW: yes just tell me and I will listen to them (meaning she will do it).  he says first wish is food. food you made. she asks for the second wish. he says second is…but gon’s voice says KC it’s me. aren’t you awake yet. YW and KC are in a panic.

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gon opens the door and sees KC sleeping. but then he sees the umbrella and realizes YW is hiding under the blanket with KC. he slams the door shut. she peeks out and asks if gon left. KC:I think he left. she sits up and they both sigh in relief.  gon suddenly opens the door and looks at them with his jaws clenched in anger. He attacks KC and wont let him explain how this happened saying “just shut up and die.” her teacher comes in and sees gon on top of KC with Gon’s legs over him and KC’s shoulder bare. she averts her eyes and asks what gon is going. Gon takes his hand away from KC. then she sees  YW and asks what she is doing here. YW says I was here stopping these two saying dont do this. the teacher asks “stopping them – what were those two doing just now?”  YW: something they shouldn’t be doing. both guys yell out YW’s name.  the teacher is shocked thinking gon and KC are gay so she runs off. gon asks YW: how can you say such a thing. what do you mean “doing something we shouldnt be?”  YW says fighting – you were fighting – something you shouldn’t have been doing. gon: what if she misunderstands and spreads rumors then what will you do. YW: that is what I am saying – misunderstandings are that scary so dont misunderstand what happened with KC and me. got that. the teacher comes back and asks why YW isnt leaving. YW:I am going now. before she leaves, the teacher gives gon a disappointing look and shakes her head. KC laughs. gon: you are laughing? how can you laugh right now. KC: but I can laugh again. KC thinks to himself – it’s passing (his grief) thanks to you guys by my side right now – I can laugh again like this. gon: that’s good then. shake it off quickly. (meaning let it go) and don’t keep it in your heart too long (the grief). KC says ok and thanks him. gon leaves

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SJ is outside when WR comes to see him. WR says it’s been a long time SJ. SJ goes over and says is it really you – are you my friend WR. WR: yes it’s me your friend. SJ hugs him and says you finally came back.

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SJ goes to meet KC. KC: you came. why didn’t you come inside. SJ: cuz someone wanted to meet you. behind him WR steps out.

YW asks her teacher how to cook. cuz I cant just learn to sew. teach me to cook

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KC stares at WR. he asks is this how you originally looked. WR: yes. KC: my mother? WR: she will be with me forever now. what happened yesterday wont ever happen again. KC: I heard mother betrayed you. WR: it might have been me that lost faith first. the fear that she could betray me – maybe that is what turned me into that terrible demon. in the end becoming that thousand year demon – it wasnt someone’s fault – maybe it was my heart – my fear made that (happen). KC: I want to resent someone so who should I resent. WR: it would be better if you didnt have resentment or want vengeance. he relays some wisdom about how those emotions arent good to have and not to give into them and to trust in cuz it will change the way you live. so KC asks doesnt that sound too “supernatural like” and it makes WR smile.  WR: didn’t you say you wanted to become human. KC nods yes. WR: then dont have *fear about the one you chose – the moment you each hold onto fear – you will lose everything. do you get that?  the opposite of faith is not lacking trust – it is fear. he walks over and puts a hand on KC’s shoulder and looks him in the eye. he is walking away as KC asks this is the last time huh. WR: probably. KC: but often – really often – I will miss you. WR turns and looks at him and KC has tears in his eyes. WR smiles at him and then walks away. SJ pats KC’s shoulder as KC says to himself – it passes like this again. another farewell is passing like this.

*it’s imp to note that the fear WR is talking about is having doubts – not trusting and believing in the other person. as if that fear could breed mistrust

*this song is CJH singing for the Gu OST

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WR goes back to the cave and looks at SH. flowers are all around her. he takes SH’s hand and holds it as he lays down next to her and closes his eyes. blue lights float everywhere. their bodies are covered in lights and the garden cave is sealed up and they are buried

SB goes in to see GW. he says they caught one guy. they drag in TS. aide says this guy was spying on us so we brought him to you

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KC tells SJ: I want to find the gu family book. SJ:before that – I told you that you had to gain the ability to control your change on your own first. KC takes off the bracelet and shows him that he can. SJ is surprised and asks how he did it – cuz he did it so fast. KC: I told you I could do it. now as promised – will you teach me how to find the gu family book.

SJ shows him the book – the way to find the gu family book is written here. before KC can open it SJ asks:  think it over again. do you really have to become human. KC: I already thought it over a thousand times. I must become one.  SJ: you dont know that much about the life of a supernatural being. it’s not too late-  how about living as one for a little while longer and then decide which way is better. KC: I want to grow old together with YW. SJ says you have to do this for one hundred days. (cuz the Gu Family Book appears only after you keep three rules for one hundred days.) SJ lists them and KC makes comments after each one.

1. Can’t kill anything. KC: I have confidence to do that

2. Can’t refuse a human’s request for help. KC: I have confidence to do that too.

3. Can’t show his true identity to any human being. KC: what does that mean.

SJ: for the hundred days no human can know your true identity. KC: what about the people who already know who I really am? SJ: you have to leave them – to somewhere no one knows (about you). KC: still – if I succeed I can come back after 100 days right? SJ says not one being has succeeded yet. including your father WR. KC: that I know too. SJ says if you go back on even one of those 3 rules – you will…KC finishes his sentence and says dont you mean I become a thousand year demon -like WR. SJ: (knowing that) do you still want to find the gu book? KC: I told you – growing old with YW is my dream. I don’t even want to think about remaining alone by myself in a world without YW. SJ: KC do you really not know anything. KC: what are you talking about?

flashback to what SJ told YW –if you can avoid it – it’s a fate you should avoid.  YW: what if I cant avoid that fate. then what happens. SJ: between the two of you one could die.

KC is shocked. what does that mean?  SJ: between the two of you one could die. KC puts the book back down.

YW drops another bowl so the teacher says how many is this. YW feels bad and doesnt get why as soon as she gets it in her hands she breaks things. it’s a special medicine that teacher gong made. gong comes in and asking what is this sound. what are you doing in my kitchen. teacher says we were having class. YW and the teacher hide the broken bowl pieces from gong by kicking it away

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KC: between the two of us that one could die? SJ: yes between the two of you one will die. since you are supernatural – if one of the two of you dies – who do you think will end up dying?  KC says no – I dont think that will happen. SJ: trust my words – my predictions havent been wrong. KC: still even if that happens it doesnt matter. if something happens to YW then I can heal her.  I already saved her like that once before. SJ: did you not know? using supernatural blood to heal and save a life can happen only once in that person’s lifetime. KC: in one lifetime just once? SJ: a life that has been saved with supernatural blood means you cant save that person again like that. so give up on YW and leave. KC : what if I find the gu family book and become human -if I become human then wont the fate change too. but SJ says that isnt your fate – it’s YW’s. the fate that you met under the crescent moon beneath a peach blossom tree – it’s YW’s. KC: did you say under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree. (he remembers that night when she saved KC) that was YW back then? SJ: finding the gu family book is up to you but you cant change her fate on your own.

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YW is waiting for KC when he goes back. he doesnt go up the stairs and sits down. she goes down asking what he is doing here. KC: nothing. YW: it doesnt look like it’s nothing – something happened.  what is it? he looks at her and thinks – between the two of us one will die. YW could die. YW: you are being strange – what’s wrong. what’s going on. he asks why she came out here. she says waiting for you. KC:why?  YW: your first wish

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she is so proud and tells him to look forward to it. the first rice Dam YW made. she uncovers it, but it’s just rice with kimchi. she is excited and brags. YW: how is it? I made this rice. doesnt it look different from others. hurry and eat it. KC: so all you made was just rice. she asks do you know how long it took to make it. KC: then should I try it. he eats a big spoonful and it crunches. YW: what is that sound. KC: I didnt hear anything. she thinks a rock is inside and tells him to spit it out, but he swallows it anyway. YW: how could you swallow that. KC: it’s delicious – maybe cuz you made the rice even the rock is yummy. they talk in their heads and both of them tear up. YW: the time left to us is 3 days. KC: between the two of us – one of us will die. YW: will I be able to send you away. KC: what do I do with you YW. she asks aloud -now tell me. KC: what? YW: your second wish. KC: second wish. the kid comes and says there is a guest from the Inn. TS’s servant runs inside out of breath.

*I just remembered that SH was a bad cook too, but WR was more than happy eating her food. now it’s the same for YW and KC.

GW says talk – whose orders are you following. SS or PJ? TS says both sides (meaning GW and then SS and PJ) – for info he needs. that way it matters if he takes this side and that side. GW says how he cant figure TS out – what TS’s real intentions are. what is it that you want. TS: seeing how you are curious about that – now I feel like making a deal.  GW says what – a deal? do you know what position you are in now for you to say that. with just one order – I could cut your head. TS says go ahead and try that then. the moment you cut my neck it will be the end of you too. with the info I know -your neck will be cut by SS. GW: what? TS: what do you want to do.  want to make a deal with me or do you want to die by SS’s hands.

gon and PJ are leaving and KC says how he heard about what happened at the Inn – that TS was caught. PJ: I am going to the admiral now (SS). so KC asks to go along. PJ asks if he is better (meaning after losing his mother and grieving). KC: yes master.  PJ: follow me. YW is there too so the four of them leave.

they go to see SS. PJ says I heard something happened at night. SS says the maps that were kept here were stolen at night. PJ asks if goongbon did it. SS: that’s how it looks. on the night WR went to the village the aide’s ninjas came into the army base and stole the maps

aide hears from the Japanese guy about an unusually shaped ship so the aide shows him the drawing of the ship that GW had and asks did you see this shape of a ship. I heard SS was trying to build it but I didnt think that he could make it for real.  are you saying he made this shape of a ship for real.

KC looks at the model of the ship and asks what kind of ship is this. SS says it’s called a turtle ship. KC: can you make a ship like this for real? and SS says yes in a detailed way. KC says it’s impressive. SS says thankfully this turtle ship model was stored in this secret room so it was safe. PJ asks if the stolen map wont be bad for them. SS shows a map on the wall and says those (goongbon) men took the fake map. they werent able to take any accurate info. KC asks what do we do about TS now – should I go in and rescue him. can we take him out now. just give me the order – I will do everything I can.

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GW goes to see TS and asks did you want to make a deal. what is it that you want to get out of it. TS says I want to get back the Inn. reveal my father’s innocence and after you give back the Inn, restore  my sister back in her original status and I will spare your life. GW says if any of the info you have is fake then you get nothing and I will cut your neck. TS says that SH gave SS a list of names.  men who were back stabbing the goongbon – SS has that list of names. SS will start calling them in and questioning them. the second even one of them says your name, what do you think will happen? GW: do you have a way for me to avoid that situation. TS says give me the paperwork for the Inn first. you dont have much time it would be better if you hurried. GW says like now I will give you your current position at the Inn and after this is all over then I will change your sister’s status. those are my conditions. what are you going to do -are you going to take the road where you and everyone else dies or are you going to at least get your current position at the Inn and your sister.  TS:  kill them all. before SS acts –  you move first and murder all of the 11 of the men involved– that’s the only way right now.

SS tells them this is the list of 11 names that Jang (SH) gave me. PJ takes it from him. SS orders his soldier to bring the 11 men on the list to PJ. SS gives orders to PJ -to watch the goongbon guys’ movement.  and then SS says to the 3 of them (gon KC and YW) that he has a separate request for them– but we don’t get to hear what his orders were for them.

when SS’s men go to collect the 11 men some are already dead so the soldier reports how many of them have been killed so far so SS crosses off their names from the list

SB says they can get this settled by tonight (all the murders).  GW says don’t take longer than tonight. more men are killed.

the aide gets mad at GW and asks why are you killing off our men. GW says this is all cuz of your negligence at not taking care of matters after Jang (SH). SH gave SS the list of names of people on our side. if something went wrong my neck would have been on the line and before you go back you might have all been killed. since power and position we can get back later we can just fight again. so shouldnt protecting your life and mine come first. isnt that so? SB comes over and says 3 people (on the list) came wanting to meet with you. if you dont meet them they said they would go to SS. I sent them to the gisaeng house for now.  GW says to prepare the guard and leaves.

SS gets the report that 3 of those men on the list are waiting to meet with GW at the gisaeng house. SS says to prepare some of the army cuz I will go there in person

gon, KC, and YW are hiding and watch GW leave the Inn. KC tells them which way in is faster and YW says I know that road too. I will lead the way but KC wont let YW go with them and says only gon and I will go from here. YW: what? KC: you asked me to tell you what my second wish is – wait here – that is my second wish. she says this is work that is an order from SS –  you cant connect this with granting wishes. but he says as promise you made with me is a promise too – until gon and I come back from our mission – wait here. KC asks gon – what do you think – you and I can handle this right. gon: there is no reason why we cant. KC says to her – you heard that right.  I will come back so wait. he leaves with gon. gon: I will come back

SR is pacing when her maid comes over. SR: what happened. the maid says CJ just left to attend to the guests.

the 3 men wait and wonder if GW is going to show up or not. they wonder if they didnt get on the wrong rope (side). WS is pouring for them when CJ comes in. WS asks why she came. CJ introduces herself and explains to the men that SR sent her to entertain them and asks which instrument they would like to hear. but GW showed up saying we dont need anything. he tells WS to take the girls out cuz I have important matters to discuss. they leave but CJ stays so he asks why aren’t you leaving. CJ says you still need one person to pour alcohol for you. he asks when she started to pour so easily. CJ: why are you like this to me. GW says does what I said about when you become mine I will become yours – it also means if you betray me I wont leave you alone. got that? go out. CJ leaves and the maid reports to SR that it didn’t work (CJ didn’t get to stay in the room to spy)

the 3 men complain cuz they are the only ones left alive. did SS do all this. GW: SS wouldnt have killed you guys – after capturing and questioning just one man – he would have gotten my name out of them. it couldn’t be helped. they realize it was GW’s doing as all 3 are slain right there. GW says something about what needs to be done for the sake of living.

GW walks out and SB says now all 11 men have been killed.  GW: you did well.  suddenly SS comes in. GW asks what brings you here to a gisaeng house. SS says I came cuz I heard there are traitors who are selling  info to foreigners and to capture them. GW: you are working hard for the sake of the country.  a woman screams cuz she found the bodies. SS tells his men to go find out what is going on. his man reports the remaining 3 from the list have been killed.   SS: all 3? the guy says yes lord. GW: the traitors must have jumped the wrong way.   SS asks his guy if everyone on the list have been killed. his man says yes. all 11 on the list have been taken care of.  SS asks GW if he knows a certain saying. to fight two tigers even if I dont use my own hands – it means you can get what you wanted. (basically he is saying – thank goodness I was able to settle this matter about the 11 traitors without any fuss.   (*GW was tricked– those 11 men werent betraying GW- it means GW killed his own loyal men).  GW is mad and sees TS show up. SS: what’s wrong – are you involved in this matter?  GW asks what are you saying – are you daring to accuse me of being a traitor. SS: I was just thinking what I should do with you. (what would be good). GW: if you are going to mess with me – it would be better if you are more well prepared before you come after me. SS: I should. go carefully.  as GW walks out TS smiles at him. SS tells TS you did well.

KC and gon sneak over.KC tells him to stop and they roll to avoid star shaped blades. suddenly they are surrounded by ninjas.

YW is pacing when she senses a ninja come up behind her. she fights but gets sliced on the stomach. she takes off running

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KC takes off the bracelet and gon and KC stand back to back and then start fighting when KC yells

YW is running away from the ninja

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as they fight off the ninjas, KC goes over and helps out gon when two attack him at the same time. YW comes in and sees them all fighting. she fights the one who followed her. she runs into the middle of the fight to get closer to KC when KC swings around and slashes her with his claws. he didn’t even know what he had done till he saw her face. she drops her sword and looks at him in shock and cries. her arm is bleeding. the fighting stopped the moment she got hurt. he starts to cry as well when he sees her fall to her knees. gon slashes away a guy who was about to attack YW and gon catches her before she falls. the rest of the ninjas were going to kill all 3 of them but the Japanese guy calls a stop to the attack. KC looks down at his bloody hand. gon asks if the guy is K (the name is too long to spell) and shows the guy a note and says we are running an errand for SS. the guy looks at the letter.

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KC goes over and kneels by her asking if she is ok. he sees her bloody arm. he cuts his hand with a rock and drips his blood on her arm but no blue lights come. SJ had told him how he could only do that (using the blood of a supernatural to heal) only once in a lifetime for each person. (he already saved her like this before so now it wont work on her anymore).  KC drips blood on her and begs please but it doesnt work. so he cuts himself again and tries a second time but it doesn’t work. gon tells him to stop now before KC can try again

gong bandages her arm up. PJ comes in and says I heard you were hurt a lot. what happened. YW: I’m ok – I only got slightly grazed by a blade is all. PJ: I heard you got hurt cuz of KC but she lies and says no father –  KC was too busy fighting with the ninjas – cuz it might be dangerous for me he wouldnt even let me into the Inn, but I didnt obey him and went in and was attacked. for real father. gong says to PJ: like YW said -the injury is slight and not too bad.  gon doesnt like the lie and goes out and looks at KC waiting

KC is still crying and looking guilty

GW’s room is a mess when SB says the aide came. GW yells let him in. the aide asks what happened. GW wants ten skilled ninjas to kill SS.

at night YW goes to KC’s room but he isnt there. she goes to the kitchen and the kid says I heard you got hurt – can you come out like this. she says it’s nothing (her injury). I’m ok. where is KC – havent you seen him.

구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-30-59]

YW finds KC sitting on the steps and says I knew you would be doing this. I knew you would be looking defeated like this. he asks how her arm is. she says it doesn’t hurt  at all. teacher gong has a lot of good medicine – i drank some and applied medicine so the blood quickly stopped flowing and I got more alert so don’t worry. he tells her to go in now.

구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-38-42] 구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-38-50]

he gets up to leave so she asks why are you like this – it wasn’t your fault. you didnt do it on purpose too. KC wont face her and says: i wasnt in my right mind. I smelled blood and was fighting when I wasnt in my right mind. next time it might not end with just claw marks – I might kill you. YW: did you hear about something – you did didnt you? (meaning he heard from someone about  their fate) KC: that the fated meeting under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree would be dire for you and also that it’s me (the one she was fated to meet)-why did you come all this way if you knew that. YW: cuz I wasnt afraid of some prediction like that. KC: he said you could die. YW: cuz of a fate that you dont know how it will turn out –  I didnt want to lose you now KC.

KC remembers WR warning: the moment you succumb tol fear – you could lose everything. KC replies in his head: but I am afraid – YW might die.

KC tells her: my fate with you – it’s only up to here. YW: what are you saying now. KC: that is my third wish Dam YW.


no preview

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I read in a children’s book once where the grownup characters were talking about all the terrible things they wanted to do to Hitler, but one little girl said I would turn him into a really good person. That would be the worst kind of punishment, torture, and anguish for him cuz he would have to live with the guilt of the atrocity he inflicted and would be tormented the rest of his life. That thought came to mind when I realized why WR chose to die with SH. He has killed so many villagers and men over the course of his short time as a demon. Now that he is back to being the kind WR like in the past, there is no way he can live with his guilt and crime anymore. Even if death means losing the time he could have spent with his son, staying forever next to SH’s side was probably his way of repaying her for her sacrifice and the only way to find peace in his heart. She gave him the chance to say goodbye to their son in his original state. At least KC got to see his father the way he was in the past – the person his mother fell in love with. That in itself was a nice little gift WR left behind for KC.

* having said that I still bawled like a baby when he died next to her and when he said his goodbye to KC.

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Twenty years ago WR didn’t have the heart to sacrifice his love to save himself and risked his life to protect SH. Now it’s SH’s turn and she finally gets the chance to prove how much their love really meant to her. Even though his arms will feel empty again soon, having their son nearby should give WR some solace. Though they may live apart, at least his son can finish what WR didn’t get to do all those years ago. As his father, I am sure WR will be happy just knowing KC can live out the rest of his days with YW being fully human.

*even though I wrote SH everywhere, when she is meeting with PJ, SS, and those other people they call her by another name and title. I just never bothered learning it. same goes for all other job titles.


starts from SH meeting WR. WR wonders who is that woman – why does it hurt this much just to see her. flashback to young SH calling out to him. it surprises him to remember that. then present day SH asks WR – is it you? men rush over with arrows drawn. WR asks her – who are you – do you know me. suddenly KC steps in between them.  KC says you cant –don’t kill anyone anymore. I wont let you kill  – I will stop you WR. they fight and KC says stop it. I know you are tormented/in anguish –I also know that isnt the real you. I also know that I am the only one who can stop that. I will make it stop for you, I will make you stop. WR growls and fights him more ready to kill him but SH yells you cant WR. don’t do that. he looks at her. she cries and says he is your child – he is our son. don’t do that. KC takes that chance to fight him some more. men show up with arrows drawn. KC sees them and yells no and blocks WR from being shot

GW shoots his gun and gets complimented for his aiming skills

KC has 4 arrows on his back. the men get ready to shoot again so WR goes over and kills them. SH calls out to KC and worries about his injuries. she looks over and WR is gone.

gon, YW, and TS are still fighting as more men show up. TS tells them there is no end to it and to get away now so they run for it. the men give chase but the japanese guy stops them from pursuing

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-22-13] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-24-13]

SH asks if he is ok. KC: I’m ok – don’t worry mother. YW, gon, and TS show up. YW goes to KC and asks what happened. she hugs him. she tells gon to do something about it. gon tells him to endure and pulls out the arrows one by one as YW holds him tight in her arms. YW tells him it’s ok  – it’s almost over – just hold on a little longer. all the arrows are out. blue lights come and heal him. TS tells gon he did well. WR is watching all that from the woods. he is staring at SH and grips a tree branch trying to figure out how he knows her. SH looks into the woods for WR.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-26-09]

they all go back to school. KC brought his mom. PJ and the rest of the school are waiting. they all bow to each other. KC and YW smile at each other

SB sees his dead men in the woods and fumes

GW was told they were all dead. what happened with WR – did you lose him. SB says as soon as they know reports will come in . the aide comes in and says there is a problem. my people lost her (SH). KC and his people came and took her. GW: does that mean they took SH away? SB says it just means they took her to the school but GW says the school is not the problem – after that it will be SS – dont you know what that means? (*he is scared cuz SH can tell everything about GW to SS)

SS goes to school and says I heard SH is here. TS says yes she is waiting inside with master dam. KC tells him “she is my mother lord.” SH introduces herself then SS does too. SS says I heard you have something to tell me. she tells KC to step outside for a minute. SS tells her to sit and PJ and the 3 of them meet

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-49-25] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-38-52]

TS asks if they are done talking. YW: why did you come out alone? what about your mother? KC explains how he was told to come out while they talk cuz they are going to be a awhile. they hear her stomach rumble loudly and stare at her in shock. she says I didn’t do it. KC: if you didnt do it… YW: my stomach did it. KC, gon, TS, and gon all laugh.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-49-53] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-43-18]

gong feeds them and tells them to eat a lot. KC serves YW first cuz she is the hungriest. but she gives it to him and tells him to eat cuz he bled the most. they keep pushing the bowl back and forth telling the other to eat so TS takes it and says since you two don’t want to eat I will. gon takes the other portion of leg. YW goes for the wing but KC makes her take the breast part. gong watches them and says it’s nice to be young.

SH tells SS that there will be a war. SS: I think that too but what I am worried about is not outside (out of the country) but inside (as in who is informing their enemies from the inside). SS says how GW has been getting funds from goongbon from over 20 yrs ago. she goes on to detail how much involvement GW has with goongbon – how deep and expansive. SS asks what do you want to tell me. she knows all the names of the people involved and offers SS a list of names in return for a favor.

KC tells TS to come out of the Inn now cuz it’s dangerous for him to be there alone. but TS says while the goongbon is staying there I have to keep tabs on what they are doing. KC says whenever you think it’s dangerous let me know through father (choi). no matter what I will run over there and help.  TS asks what that paper is so KC shows him the character SR wrote. the puzzle she gave him to solve. to cut down this tree and build a home – what that is and to bring it. do you know anything.  TS says if you are going to build a home with that tree you have to cut its trunk. he puts a slash through it and asks what do you see? KC guesses it’s another riddle. TS: how can a person say he knows himself if he doesnt know what is the basis for him. if you know your roots then you know what is the most precious to you. that is the purpose of this assignment

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KC makes a bed for SH and says you can rest here. starting from today dont sit and lay down comfortably and sleep. she asks how his wounds are and he says cuz of his supernatural blood his wounds heal quickly.  she takes his hand with both of hers. SH: I didn’t live well as a mother but you grew up well. KC: is that how you see me. SH: yes so I am very proud and so grateful. KC: thank goodness cuz I got praise from you. she says to tell the truth back then I went looking  for you. as soon as I came to I went back to the moonlight cave where I left you. but the path into the mountain wouldnt open for me.  I kept getting lost again and again and couldnt find the way to you. I didn’t mean to throw you away. all this time I’ve been alive – not even for a day – I never forgot you from my heart. KC: yes mother. he holds her hand too and they smile at each other. YW hears from outside and says having a mother is really nice

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-16-08] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-18-08] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-22-23]

YW confides in gon: a relationship between a parent and child – isnt it strange? they say nothing torments a parent as much as a child but nothing upsets a child as much as a parent. gon asks if she ever felt upset with her dad. YW:whenever he mistreats KC it does hurt me. gon:I understand where master’s heart is coming from. the two of you have a fate where you should never meet. he even heard that one of you could die so it would be weird for him to not have an anxious heart. isnt that so? YW:I’m not afraid of a future that hasnt come yet. what is the future. it’s what happens after you fight at this moment now. so if I change the present to match the future then there is no meaning to living now. she stretches and says right at this moment I want to get a workout tonight- how about a bout?

SS gets some reports about mass murders getting closer

one man begs for his life but WR is in the village and killed everyone there.

SB reports to GW about WR’s mass killings and which villages and how it’s getting closer. GW knows where the killings will occur next.

SS says it’s the Inn – WR will arrive at the inn for sure. he orders surrounding villagers to seek safety at the Inn, assist with the police, and put up a road block at the Inn and men ready to take down WR. then inform the school (PJ)

WR says to himself – someone please stop me. I want to kill everyone – please someone stop me. he yells out in the night hating himself

*this is the main reason why WR and KC can never live together. WR killed too many people – no human wants him around. KC wont live in the woods either so that’s why they have to live apart.

KC is sleeping with his head on his mom’s lap. she plays with his hair strands. then she looks sad and takes out the knife that WR was supposed to use on her a long time ago.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-43-05] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-43-13]

gon and YW practice fighting at night. she accuses him of going easy on her. gon: if I fight for real you will lose and you don’t like to lose. YW: but i hate you going easy on me even more. do it properly. gon: what will you do if you get hurt. YW: are you looking down on me?  she keeps attacking and he counts 3 times when he could have stabbed her – one in the side. the back. then the neck. he says she was late. YW: what a waste – if i was just a little faster it would have been a good shot. he lets go of her hand cuz he was holding it and says it’s cuz her practice time was reduced cuz of her lessons – after she practices a few days she will get back to being good again. she is going to practice twice as much starting from tm. she looks over and see SH there

a rider comes with a letter. SH nods at PJ after he reads it

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-42-09]

YW goes in to watch KC as he sleeps and touches his hair. she remembers what SH told her in the yard: please take care of my son. encourage him a lot and treasure him. I will ask this as a request. YW: why are you saying that suddenly? SH: I have to go and stop that person now. as his mother I cant give my son that burden. I will stop him. YW says but I heard WR lost all his memory now. he cant remember anyone. he just kills. also you finally came back to KC and he is that happy so if you leave like this then what do I do. SH says when I saw you next to KC I believed you will be his happiness. so I could make this decision. even a child you hold in your arms when he gets of age,  you send him off. he turned out to be such a great man and he was able to meet such a pretty and refined person like you so I have nothing else I could hope for. she takes YW’s hands and says I was unable to protect a love cuz I was too foolish – please let me protect it now. she holds YW’s hand as a request. YW calls out KC and says wake up. he asks what happened – what are you doing here. where is mother. did she go somewhere?  YW says she went down to the village to stop WR. KC: what? YW: she told me to keep it a secret but I didn’t think this was right (to keep it from you). I didnt think it was right for you not to know

villagers are running to the Inn for safety. the police guard tells GW to hurry and get away. GW says did you think I was someone who is scared of some demon and would run away. the guy stutters about how powerful an opponent WR is so GW says if he loses his neck he wont be able to live.  GW has his gun

aide tells the other Japanese guy how things are getting interesting. cuz a lot of people have come over to this side (to avoid the demon) they can use the chaos to get the map back. he talks about GW as TS listens in disguise hiding around the corner. TS is caught by the aide

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-00-56]

KC walks out and gon asks where are you going. KC: you talk first –  what you are hiding from me. it’s my mother gon. hurry and tell me. please let me know. gon tells him how many villages and how many people WR killed. KC: what about my mother? gon: she went down to the village to stop WR herself. KC yells what? which village? which way did she go. YW lists the places WR killed at and says next is the inn. wait a second – let’s go together – I will go and get my sword so wait. he holds her hand to stop her but she says I will be right back. it will only take a sec. she runs off as KC asks gon to take care of YW. gon nods yes

the teacher asks what are you going to do at this late hour. YW tells her: I have somewhere to go in a hurry. the woman asks where are you going in a hurry carrying your sword. YW: to protect someone. when she opens the door gon stands in her way. YW: move aside. gon: KC asked me. he told me to tell you “I will come back.” that guy KC keeps his words so this time do as he wants and wait. this isnt a fight humans should get in the way. she says but KC cant do it alone. something could go wrong. I have to stay by his side. but gon tells her how KC can control his power on his own. (his ability to control his transformation) even without the bracelet and without you -he can control his ability. YW: he can do it without me?  gon: stop worrying now. more than we know – more than he realizes – he can get a lot stronger

KC runs and takes his bracelet off

GW and the police have a blockade up. they are waiting for WR. there are black lights as WR calmly walks over. WR stares at the humans as they quake in fear. GW stands his ground. the men draw their swords and archers get ready to shoot. GW gets his rifle and steps forward. he aims and WR walks toward the gun. suddenly SH steps in the way between the gun and WR. WR stares at her. she says stop it now. please. stop here. WR. he grabs her throat as black lights float around. she calls out his name and cries. tears drop on his hand. his eyes soften. GW aims his gun again at WR. WR looks up and sees that. he moves her out of the way and gets shot in her place. the bullet goes through his chest and she got hit on her shoulder.

KC was running and stops when he sees SS.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-13-54]

she sees the blood and tries to cover his wound from bleeding out. WR’s face goes back to normal. the red veins and eyes are gone. he is back to himself. he cries and says her name. SH: yes – do you remember? WR: I missed you. SH: WR! they embrace and cry. her voice says – let’s go back now  -to the moonlight garden we were in. the wind blows. they disappear.

KC says no – I cant send her like this. SS: send here – you have to send her KC. for your sake it was your mother’s last choice/decision.

this was the favor she asked before. she got on her knees and says I have a favor to ask.  this is a bad mother’s final request– please let my KC live the life he wants. the last path this bad mother takes – I don’t want to show my son – Please I am begging.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-28-30]

KC says no I finally got to meet her. I finally get to feel at ease and see my mother’s face. I finally get to cry with her. I cant send her (to her death). I wont send her. please let me go. SS says please don’t go against your mom’s wishes. a parent’s heart that wants to protect her child – please let her. KC gets on his knees crying and hits his chest so SS bends down, holds his hand, hugs him and pats his back. SS cries with him.

next morning GW remembers confronting SH and saying: the 20 year revenge you have been plotting finished like this with failure. it’s too bad SH. I will give you one last chance. come to me and I will forget everything (you did) and accept you. SH says that is his punishment. she lists what he has and even if you got everything in the world you wont be satisfied – so you go after more but in the end you wont have anything. she walked away and he screamed out her name in anger

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-11-42] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-12-19] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-06-42] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-06-53] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-07-44] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-08-05]

SH wakes up in the cave. she looks around and goes outside. flashback to the blue lights floating around 20 yrs ago when she went out of the cave and looked at the garden for the first time. WR asks did you finally wake up. she turns and old WR is there smiling at her. but he is replaced by present day WR wearing black. she asks are you ok. WR: I only remember your name I only remember your  face. when it gets to daylight try to go back to the humans  cuz I don’t know when these memories will disappear again. he turns to go so she yells I am sorry WR. back then I was too young. I couldnt control my heart enough to handle your love. sorry for giving you scars. sorry for hurting you. she takes out the knife and holds it out with both hands. he turns to look at her. SH: I kept it precious all my life. in case I met you one day -if only I could meet you – that I would make you go back to the way you were. if only I could do that – that I would make everything go back to the way it was.WR: what are you saying now. SH: in your eternal life -I might not have been enough like a passing breeze but please remember me- you were everything to me. she stabs herself with that knife he should have used on her 20 yrs ago. he yells no and runs to her and catches her.  young SH is back in his arms. he begs her to let go so he can take the knife out. she holds onto the knife and says I love you WR. also I am sorry that this is the extent of my love. she holds his cheek and smiles at him. her hand drops and she dies. he hugs her close and keeps yelling no. blue lights float around. his tears rain down her face.

flashback to their past scenes.

WR is holding present day SH.  his voice narrates: I never hated you I only missed you. I never resented you – I only loved you with all my heart. he keeps yelling no and begs her to open her eyes

it starts to rain. SJ is in his library and looks out at the rain

the maid gives SR the answer to her riddle he dropped off. KC narrates I cut down the tree and saw its roots so if it’s the foundation of my home – isnt it the mother who gave birth to me. SR looks out and says it is raining. CJ says there is a storm coming

KC walks back in the rain and sees YW sitting outside in the rain with an umbrella. he cries looking at her. she gets up and sees him. she sees that his bracelet is gone. she remembers how gon told her how KC can control his powers/ability without his bracelet or her now.

YW remembers how her dad said let him go now. YW: what did you just say father? PJ: let him go now so he can go find the gu family book. it’s time to send KC now. let that kid go – you have to let him go so KC can leave comfortably.

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-38-26] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-41-31]구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-40-23]

she walks over and covers him with the umbrella. she says you are back and asks about his mother. he cant bring himself to tell her so he just hugs her. he cries and finally says: my mother left. she remembers her dad telling her to let KC go so he can leave comfortably.



KC: I want to go together with YW. I don’t even want to think about a world where I am left alone without YW

KC asks WR: this is the last time huh – I will miss you often.

TS says there is a list of names that Jang (SH) left with SS -what will you do – will you make a deal with me?

KC finds out their fate from SJ. KC: what are you talking about? that between the two of us – one will die? SJ: so you give up YW and leave

YW looks at KC and says: we have 3 days left together – will I be able to send you

KC: what should I do with you YW

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[23-56-20]

*there is a saying about how rain washes away your pain and stuff, but I doubt KC believes that. this is a fresh sort of pain he is going through. he never knew his mom so he never had to miss her but now that he knows what she is like – he knows what he was missing out on. it’s only when you lose a parent too soon that you feel a stab of pain each time you say or hear the word “mother.” the awful truth is it never gets any better. once there is that hole in your heart – nothing ever fills it. during those days he spent his time hating his mother – now he is going to look back on it and realized he wasted it. he should have listened to YW even a second earlier so he could have had a few more days with his mother. it was just too short – even a week would have been too brief cuz it cant make up for an entire childhood

구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[23-56-27] 구가의 서.E21.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-01-15]

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-43-46]

I have every faith that KC won’t have to kill WR – not cuz KC can avoid his fate, but I just have a feeling WR won’t let that happen to his own son. He burdened KC enough just by inheriting half of WR’s genes so I doubt WR will allow his son to bear the pain and anguish of having to slay his own father. Demon or not – there has to be some little part of humanity left in him to spare his only child that terrible burden. When it comes down to that crucial moment of confrontation, I really hope the love he felt once for SH brings him back to himself even for a second.

This is one tragic family. WR kills just about everyone, KC has to kill WR, and now SH will have to try to prevent her son from having to kill his own father so she might try to sacrifice herself in the process to stop it. No matter which way you look – there will be heartache. I sure hope KC is at least spared and left unscathed in the end so he can resume his life with YW and heal from all this pain – with or without parents.

*Just to let everyone know why I have fewer screencaps of WR lately and hardly any of KC when he is in his gumiho state, it’s cuz I am not brave like Joonni – I’m just too chicken. Arang sort of traumatized me so I’m still not over that. Any spooky night time scene still scares the crap out of me and WR’s red eyes and dark veins now aren’t helping. As for why I have so many Gon screencaps during all the KC and PJ fight scenes – you try grabbing a screenshot of them moving in action. It is not easy and it takes forever to get one and Gon is just standing there looking good so why not.

*I chose not to use KC’s shirtless scene as my main photo cuz it’s just too obvious it should start this recap. It just begs to be posted as the highlight of tonight’s episode. Also I wanted to be brave and posted WR instead cuz even though he is smiling, it still gives me chills.

written before it aired:

구가의 서.E19.130610.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-06-56]

A thousand tears shed behind his back won’t make a bit of difference cuz KC needs to see them. For KC to make the first step toward reconciliation, he has to see for himself that she feels remorse. He deserves to know why she abandoned him – why she turned her back on him and chose vengeance. Why it mattered more to her than raising her own child. I found it interesting how she pounded her chest silently like that cuz normally you see Korean women do that after their loved ones die to show how much pain they feel in their heart. All KC did was turn around and walk away from her and it was enough to bring her to her knees in anguish. It makes me wonder if she did that out of regret or if she hated herself for how much she hurt her son. Maybe it was the fact that she wasn’t done hurting him. As long as she continues on her path and keeps trying to salvage what she can of her revenge machinations instead of giving up and choosing to gain back the belated love from her son, she is going to end up hurting KC some more. Let’s just hope YW continues coming to KC’s rescue armed with reassuring words and comforting pats on the back cuz sometimes you need protection from the ones you never expect to hurt you.


Starts from TS asking what he can do for the sake of goongbon. SH says first go get back the map we lost from SS. TS: then when will GW die. SH: he will die tonight

GW goes out and sees his guards dead. an assassin holds a blade to his throat so GW asks who are you – did SH send you. from behind, SB killed the assassin. SB says sorry I was late. GW asks where have you been all this time and what have you been doing to show up now. SB says the explanation is long – for now it’s dangerous so let’s move you. I will escort you. they go out and see all the men in black desiccated (the men in black are SH’s men). SB tells GW to get away in a hurry cuz it’s dangerous.  the wind blows and WR shows up. the guards draw their swords and GW asks are you… (he doesnt finish) so WR asks do you know me. do you know me?

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-31-01]

PJ holds out his sword to KC and says don’t you hear me. take off the bracelet and take my sword. KC: why are you like this suddenly. why are you doing this to me.  PJ: I will attack you and stab you even if you don’t take off the bracelet so if you dont want to get hurt by my sword-  hurry and take off the bracelet. i said take it off

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-37-38] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-17-15]

GW says this is nonsense. how could this happen. you are dead for sure– I saw you slain and dead with my own eyes so how. WR: you saw me die then did you make me this way. was it you who made me come here. SB yells for GW to hurry and get away and I will stop that guy. he orders the guards to attack WR but he knocks them down. SB attacks so WR grabs him by the neck and says the weakest are a human’s life . a human’s life – it’s lighter than a passing breeze. GW yells for him to stop. WR asks then answer me – what happened to me. are you the one who made me this way. GW says it wasn’t me. it was SH – she made you this way. she is your enemy. WR asks who is that – who the hell is SH?

SH asks how do you know the kid KC. YW says I live in the same training school with him. SH asks why did you come to see me. YW asks cant you come back to KC. SH: what are you saying. YW: you are his mother. I don’t know what the situation was for you to abandon KC in the river but couldn’t you live as his mother even now. the time he lived without a mother and all the scars he got from that -couldnt you make it up to him and take care of him while you live together and get back the time you two lost – couldnt you start over?

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-24-22]

KC says I don’t want to -why do I have to fight you. tell me the reason, before that I dont want to fight you. but PJ cuts his belt off. KC has no choice but to fight him to defend himself. PJ points his blade at KC and says make me fall. if you dont make me fall I will run you through.

kid asks that sword training – what is that? gong says it’s a fight till the sword hits its mark. between the two – until one dies or it wont end. that kind of training. kid asks are you saying the master is going to kill KC?  gong: what is training. kid: to learn. gong: what do you think the master’s objective/goal is? for the sake of making him (KC) strong, master is putting his life on the line.  as a master it’s a training he can only do once in his life.

* this means PJ is willing to die just to train KC to become stronger (so he can kill WR)that is why gon was watching so intently during their fight.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-12-43]

in a flashback before the fight, gon is angry and asks PJ – why is it that guy? PJ: I told you he is the only one who can stop a thousand year demon. for the sake of that kid who has the terrible fate in front of him of having to kill his father this is the only thing I can do for him.  gon: but still master…PJ cuts him off and says I was the one who turned that kid’s father into a demon. this is what I have to do. gon says you cant do this – you cant sword fight till the death. PJ: this might be my last training –  I am sorry it wasnt for you. but if I can die for the sake of making him realize his potential as a teacher isnt it the best death? gon: are you sincerely thinking that far? (as in willing to die) PJ: if only I can bring forth KC’s ability (to do the task of killing WR) I am prepared (to die). PJ: go and bring KC.

* so in a nutshell PJ is willing to risk his life to do this and train KC so that KC will find it in himself to be able to kill WR when the time comes and not back down. PJ feels bad that he didnt do this for gon cuz out of all his students gon should have been honored with this but it’s KC

KC is on the ground looking at the pointy end of PJ’s sword and asks why are you like this to me.  PJ: get up. KC: do you still have ill will left towards me. PJ slices his arm and says didnt I tell you I would cut you? so it would be good if you did your best and won this fight. stand up. KC says ok then. let’s do this. he takes off his bracelet. they both yell and attack each other

SH is in her room the next morning and her aide asks to come in. he asks if she sent an assassin last night to GW. she admits yes I did that. he says why did you do that. I said it wasn’t time yet. she says now TS will do GW’s work.  he says they havent vetted TS enough yet. and it will take him ten years to know and have the info and status GW has. she says then what do I do cuz GW is already dead. he says go outside for a minute

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-40-37]

GW is standing there with all the dead bodies. GW: did you have a good night. she asks what is going on. GW: I came to ask what’s going on. how did your men end up dead in my inn. SH: how dare you kill my men. GW: how dare you come after my life. SH smiles: if I did then what are you going to do about it.  GW: what? her aide says to her “please” but she calls her guards over. (she doesnt know it but they look at each other and nod as a sign.)  GW: what are you going to do to me now? SH: as a human being dont breathe anymore. GW: what?  she says how she couldnt stand him breathing each time so die now. she orders her men to slash his throat but they don’t. the swords are aimed at her. her aide walks over to GW’s side. the aide asks her to take back her order. from here on the only orders I will take is for goongbon – I wont take any other orders so if you want to give an order for personal reasons –  take it back/rescind it. (to Kill GW). she is shaking in rage. TS sees that from afar

SR reads the letter and CJ asks what’s wrong. is there bad news? SR says the actions of the people at the inn are suspicious. there has been a betrayal. CJ asks if something happened to SH.

YW is sneaking back into her room and her teacher is already inside. YW is surprised and asks what are you doing here. the teacher says I was waiting for you. where did you go. YW says where would I go – I went out for some air. she yells you went outside to get air.  how could you stay out all night. YW says I was wrong. you didn’t tell on me to my dad right. teacher says I wanted to but I couldn’t cuz he was training someone since last night. YW: all night training?

YW goes out and sees PJ and KC fighting. she asks the kid about what’s going on (cuz she knows about this type of training). the kid explains how they have been at this since last night – the two of them havent come out even once (out of the training square). gong stops YW from going in. he says PJ decided this. she asks why her dad is doing this to KC. he says again her dad decided this.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-59-19] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[06-22-27]

KC tries to catch his breath and goes to a corner under the statue but PJ says hurry and come out here. KC: I dont want to.  PJ: I told you to do your best so why are you being so cowardly and running away and hiding only. so KC says I’m not hiding cuz I’m cowardly I just don’t want to fight you so I am hiding. PJ yells: a guy who cant fight against me -how can you fight against your father. your father who became a demon is killing people and you are the only one who can stop him so with that weak heart how can you go up against him. use the heart you will go against your father on me. if you cant make me fall you will never be able to make your father fall. gon tells KC to do his best. honestly no one among us really knows what you are capable of (your ability/skill) -how far you can bring forth your dormant skills depends on your heart and will. master is trying to wake that right now. so do this properly (as in fight for real). if you dont put in your sincerity you are killing the master. KC makes a fist and fights. he tries to hit PJ for real. PJ says this is not enough. it’s weak. remember the moment you were able to channel (bring forth) your most strength. so KC remembers how he broke the chains to defend his dad choi and when he protected YW from WR. PJ: come. they fight again. KC is about to kill PJ but holds back. PJ runs him through with the sword. PJ says once you decide to kill don’t hesitate. the moment you hesitate you will die -not just you but also the people you have to protect will die with you. being strong is lonely. only when you can bear all that you will win. dont forget that. come back here later after you treat your wound. YW and the kid run over to KC to check on him. gon tells KC to learn what PJ taught quickly.

PJ goes to his room and puts his sword down. he looks exhausted. his hands are bloody from KC’s blood.

aide gives GW a present as an apology (a rifle). GW gives him a present too. the drawing of the turtle ship. aide asks what is this. GW says the  turtle ship SS is preparing and making

SS’s man reports about the number of cannons (the ones they are going to put on the ship) -how far it can shoot and how much ammo goes into it. SS says to get more (900) and gives more instructions on the distance it can shoot – to make it farther. a message comes and the guy says we made it again like you wanted. there is a new drawing of the turtle ship.

aide asks if SS is planning to make this ship for real. GW says I cant confirm yet if he can make it for real or not but even if he does make it for real there is nothing to worry about – I will make sure he doesnt have ammo. he aims his rifle

KC thinks about what PJ said about not hesitating once he decides to kill cuz you will die the moment you hesitate -not just you but also the people you have to protect will die with you. then he remembers how gon told him -becoming stronger means you have that much more to bear.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-21-17]구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-27-49]

YW pops her head in and says I brought your clothes. she goes over asking how his wound is. he says it’s ok it’s all healed. YW: let me see. she opens his shirt to see his wound. YW: it still hurt a lot when you were stabbed huh?  he suddenly lost his ability to speak cuz of that skinship. YW: I said to change so why are you putting your shirt back on. KC: oh yeah that’s right. he is too shy to change in front of her so he turns around but she is still watching. he makes her turn around. he reaches for his top and cant reach so she pushes it closer to him and their hands touch. they lock eyes while he is shirtless. she looks down at his chest. he quickly gets dressed and she giggles over his modesty. when he is dressed he teases do you like it that much looking at a guy’s body undressed. YW: what did I do? KC: I thought you were innocent but you are being too obvious about liking this. she turns and retorts: doesnt mean I like just every guy who is undressed. KC: then do you like it cuz it was me. YW: you are bragging again. he squishes her cheeks together cuz she is cute. YW:what are you doing? he gives her a few pecks on the lips. he hugs her and asks can I really get strong? will I be able to bear that (killing WR). she says you are already strong you just don’t realize it yet. he closes his eyes and says this is nice.

*see excessive photo montage of this scene at the bottom – had to reduce it from 25 total

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-49-32] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-49-42]

gon goes to the door and says it’s me KC – are you inside? there is no answer so he goes in and finds KC reading while YW is embroidering. KC asks what is up. gon says a guest came. CJ comes over and looks at them both inside. KC stands and asks what brings you.  CJ says I came to give you urgent news about the goongbu envoy –I think she (SH) is in danger now (as in she will be attacked)

aide tells SH to leave here. there is a ship that will go to osaka and to get on it you will have to leave right away today. she asks when did you start planting the seed of betrayal. he says you changed not me. it’s you. he tells her to hurry and get ready to leave after one

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-13-07]

CJ says SH will leave the Inn this afternoon  – what do you want to do. since it might be the last time – shouldn’t you go meet her. YW says I think the same as CJ if you dont say goodbye this time you might never get to meet her ever again. but KC says he has to train with PJ at that time. I can’t. YW: she is your mother. you finally met her after 20 yrs so you cant send her off like this. dont regret later and go say goodbye to her. KC yells she is someone who had me (gave birth to me) and thought I was disgusting and threw me away in the river.  in front of her son who she hadnt seen in 20 yrs -she is the one who said whether i was trampled to death or strangled to death that it had nothing to do with her. what kind of mother is like that. what mother is like that. she is someone who has already been gone to me for a long time. the moment she threw me away she is someone who has disappeared from my life and I erased her. she is someone who is a waste to call mother so don’t ever bring her up again in front of me. I’m begging you. he goes out

he was about to go back in but he changes his mind and leaves. YW comes out and sees him

CJ left the red vest she made for KC on the table before leaving

SH’s double leaves something for TS so he goes over and reads it

SH is in her room upset

GW goes to the place KC was tied up. he asks where are you WR. SB makes him look up. WR is standing above and says you are late. GW says there was something urgent I had to take care of. they look up but WR is already next to them. WR asks did you bring SH. GW: before that I have something to say. among us humans if you want to get something the other side has to pay for it. we call that a deal –on the condition that I hand over SH, what will you do (for me). WR: are you saying a mere human is wanting to make a deal with me right now.  GW: wont that be fair. WR: tell me where SH is first.  GW: can I take that to mean you will make a deal with me? suddenly WR grabs him by the throat and says my condition for the deal is to not kill you so if you dont want to die tell me where SH is first. hurry.

M is playing that same game where you bet where the bean is hidden under the cup. M chose but KC shows up and says it’s not that side it’s this side. M asks what brings you here. he says KC has dark circles. did something happen. KC says I am hungry so let’s eat.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-11-24]

M gives KC the best piece of the chicken. KC asks is your mom ok. M says yes she is nagging so much cuz I’m havent gotten married. she has high tastes for her daugther in law. KC: that’s how all moms are normally like huh – they worry a lot and nag a lot. M says of course moms are like that. is something bothering you. KC: it’s nothing. M leans in and asks where perhaps you dumped? KC: what are you talking about. M: i knew this would happen. he brings up the flower boy young master (YW) and says it doesnt matter how pretty “he” is. KC: flower boy young master? who? M: the one who always hangs around you. that guy.  YW shows up and asks are you talking about me. just cuz I wasnt here were you talking behind my back? KC asks M: do you see him as a young master. M says of course cuz he is wearing split pants. KC: my eyes werent wrong.  I thought she was a young master at first too. M: are you saying he isnt a guy? she grabs both of their ears.

as they walk back to school KC asks why did you come all this way when I was going back soon. she says I was just worried and I had something to tell you. KC: something to say? what is it? YW: to tell the truth I met that person last night. your mother.

as SH walks out of the Inn her aide gives her some last remarks. TS nods at SH. GW watches her leave from above and says our animosity is at an end now. the aide tells the Japanese guard to take care of it without any mistakes. the other guy says something in Japanese so the aide says it’s all for the sake of protecting goongbon. (the aide sent men to ambush and kill SH on her way)

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-27-53]

everyone is waiting as KC comes over in his gumiho form. PJ asks are you ready to fight. KC says this time I will end it quickly. PJ says not to hesitate. KC says I wont hesitate. I think PJ said something like at the end of an attack (at the moment of kill) you cant go weak so KC says I wont.

flashback to YW’s voice saying how his mother called herself a sinner/one who has done wrong. SH told YW that for the past 20 yrs I didn’t sleep lying down even one day. YW: not even a day for the past 20 yrs? why? SH: cuz I committed a sin. the sin of making that person (WR) die and the sin of abandoning my child so how could a sinner sleep comfortably lying down. I cant even look for forgiveness from that kid. going back to him is something that could never happen. (meaning cuz she doesnt deserve to)

*ok this explains  a lot about all those scenes at night when she didnt sleep and just sat in her sitting position with her eyes closed.

YW said to KC: that kind of mother – dont you think you have to forgive her now. unless you forgive her she cant come back even if she wanted to -isnt that so?

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-54-00] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-54-40] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-55-13] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-55-47]

PJ asks what are you waiting for hurry and attack. KC: I will ask one thing before then. what is the sword to you. PJ says while I am fighting the sword is everything to me. KC: I see – then I will go. PJ: come.  KC attacks. he fights better than he ever did and claws PJ. gon YW and everyone is shocked. PJ’s sword hand is bleeding. KC says I made that sword fall so I won. he smiles at PJ

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-58-01] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-58-30]

KC is leaving so YW asks are you going now to meet her. KC says yes. her dad gon and gong come over. she looks at PJ and says father (to wordlessly ask his permission to go with KC). PJ nods yes. she joins KC. PJ tells gon to keep YW safe so gon joins them.

the 3 walk down the hill. YW says which road SH will be taking. gon says I know a short cut. KC thanks him as they run

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-03-34]

gong wraps up the injury and asks what did you see a while ago. in that last moment you seemed surprised. what did you see? PJ says I think that kid found a way. flashback to that scene. KC: you said the sword was everything to you. since I made that sword fall, I won master. KC smiled and his eyes went back to normal. PJ says at that moment KC was able to tap into his human side without the bracelet or YW. it’s time to send him to find the gu family book now

SH is on the road and a masked man watches her. the trio is running through the woods. GW touches his rifle. masked men run through the woods

as SH travels through the wood she asks if the girl sent the letter to TS and the girl says yes. he said he would come to escort SH before she gets to a location.  suddenly they ambushed and surrounded by some Japanese ninjas wearing black. there is a fight and the girl tells SH to hurry and get out.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-15-55] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-16-08] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-21-28]

the two women run off through the woods -they are chased. the girl trips and falls and tells SH to run away first. SH says I dont want to alone. let’s go together. hurry and hold my hand. they stand but they are surrounded. SH says how dare you. she yells out who she is and orders them to put those swords away. she is about to be killed so the girl shields her and dies in SH’s place. before SH is killed the man gets taken down by an arrow. she looks over and KC, gon, and YW walk over. SH looks scared for KC. KC says to the men – what are you guys. isnt it going too far all of you to gang up on one woman. SH tells KC in banmal -why did you come. this has nothing to do with you so go – hurry and go. KC says my personality is I cant stand by and watch something like this. KC counts and says there are over ten of them. Gon says there are 12 total. KC: then each of us can fight four of them. but YW says – what are you talking about. just the two of us is enough. gon and I can take care of this so you take your mom where it’s safe. KC looks at her in gratitude. gon: didnt you hear her – she said to get away. KC tells her not to get hurt. YW: of course. the ninja gets impatient and yells to charge. most go up the hill to attack gon and YW. the trio fights them. SH gets dragged off so KC tells YW and gon where to meet up later and goes after his mom.

SH is about to be killed but KC comes and knocks all 3 down.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-29-24]

WR shows up and sees all the dead bodies on the ground

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-58-09] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-59-09] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-00-20]

KC tells her to stand up now. come with me. SH cries and stands with a sword. she says go – I have something I need to do. he stops her and dont do this. she says let go. KC: I said come with me. SH: please leave me alone. I have something to do – I have some guy to kill – the one who murdered my family and made your father, you, and me this way. the guy who tried to kill me. I will kill him with my own hands so let go. KC: what about me.  in your eyes you only see the guy you need to kill but don’t you see me. don’t you see your son who came running determined to rescue you like this. cuz I am your son. I am your son mother. she drops her sword and holds out her hands to touch his face. she keeps saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have a mother like me. I’m really sorry. KC: mother. SH: KC. they hug as they both sob.

omg the tears – I cant see my keyboard.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-36-36] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-36-55] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-37-59] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-39-02]

more men in black show up and gon and YW are outnumbered. they fight and gon protects her over and over.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-44-50] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-45-09]

TS shows up with a mask on and helps them. gon asks if it’s TS so TS asks did you remember my sword skills. gon says i have a habit of remembering sword skills even after just one time. TS asks what happened with SH so YW says KC took her somewhere safe. TS: then we just need to take you somewhere safe. gon: of course. the two guys step up together at the same time and swing their swords around in unison and then attack. YW looks impressed and joins in

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-49-10] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-49-19]

KC helps SH sit and tells her he is going to meet his friends here so rest for a while while I check if they are on their way. he turns to go but she holds his hand and says be careful. it’s the first motherly concern she has shown. he runs off into the woods.

KC stops and senses something

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-50-59] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-51-51] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-52-58]

SH looks as WR heads over to her. she looks up at WR’s face. she stands up. SH: WR? she says his name over and over. is it you? WR seems surprised she knows him and for a second he has that same wide eyed innocence about him like he used to have when they first met 20 yrs ago. WR: who are you? do you know me? SH: WR. she cries and says his name.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-54-30] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-54-45] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-54-59]

KC quietly steps in between them. KC says to WR – you cant. you cant do this anymore. don’t kill anyone anymore. I wont let you kill. I will stop you WR.


It’s amazing how one line of dialogue just changed my entire opinion of SH. Now I forgot what I ever resented her for in the first place. It’s like her admission of wrongdoing and her own harsh punishment for the past 20 yrs just absolves her of most of her sins against KC and WR. There is still one aspect that bothers me though. Instead of making herself suffer all those years to punish herself, wouldn’t it have been better just to come back sooner and reconnect with KC. He is still the innocent one here – why did he have to suffer along with her. If you are going to punish yourself for your actions then do that without taking along an innocent child. Now that mother and son are reunited, I fear even more for what kind of complication demon WR will throw into the mix. We know where WR stands about KC pursuing his dream to become human, but now I’m curious what SH has to say about it if she really learned her lesson in the past. Something tells me getting his parents on the same page about the gu family book won’t be easy.

Written before it aired:

I can’t wait to see the effect WR and SH’s love from twenty years ago has on them now. Has time changed both of them so much that they can no longer feel anything from what they had long ago. It’s highly likely from WR’s demon standpoint, but I’m curious about SH. Will she be glad that WR is still alive or will she shun him out of shame for how much she hurt him back then. Given how she reacted to finding out the truth about her son, I’m not expecting any warm embraces between WR and SH either. Demon aspect aside, even if WR was normal, I doubt he will feel anything but anger and regret over SH’s betrayal. Now that he knows she abandoned their son on top of everything, he has just one more reason to hate her.

구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-05-14] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-06-50] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-08-03] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-13-33] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-14-22] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-15-11] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-16-58] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-17-34] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-17-43] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-20-26] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-25-22] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-25-32] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-25-59] 구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-26-25]구가의 서.E20.130611.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-48-09]

*I got carried away with screencaps cuz it’s not everyday LSG goes shirtless for a drama – he must love Gu cuz he has been shirtless quite a few times already. Now if only someone could come up with a good reason for CJH to go shirtless then I think ratings would skyrocket.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-16-38]

I don’t blame him for turning his back and walking away from her. This is something she did to him before he was even born. She tried to kill him even when he was still in her womb and once she saw his face, she turned away from him again by choosing to kill GW and leaving KC alone in the world. SH forfeited her right to be called mother the day she did that so I don’t know what she thinks she could ever say or do to make it up to KC. Worst of all, even while watching her own son struggle in chains, she denounced KC again in front of GW to prove that she was on his side. If SH has been on a mission of revenge, somewhere along the way she decided it was okay to use her own son as a pawn to achieve her goal. That’s not acceptable behavior for a human being much less a mother. Before KC turned his back on her, he had to ask if she abandoned him at the river as soon as he was born cuz she found him that disgusting. She needed that stab to remind her of her past actions. SH probably thinks it’s possible to have KC back in her life again after what she did to him and that she has that right as his mother. She may have given him life, but all the love he has ever felt in the world came from the kindness of strangers. That’s something KC will never forgive her for and if you ask me, I hope she always remembers that. Her son grew up to be a good person and she didn’t have anything to do with it – all the credit goes to the love he got from his family at the Inn. I wonder if that fact will hurt her more down the line. She failed in love when she betrayed WR and she failed KC as a parent – I wonder what it’s going to take to save her as a decent human being.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-23-10]

I’m starting to have the same hope again like I had before WR met KC. I was praying some part of him wanted to save his son and that turned out to be true, but now that he has turned into a full on demon, I am wondering if seeing SH – his first and only love will pull him back to his old self once more. Maybe it’s too late for him to change who he is, but I just wish SH could have some kind of positive influence to motivate WR to hold onto goodness for a little while longer. At least long enough for KC not to have to kill him. It’s bad enough he got dealt with such a bad hand in life when it came to having normal parents– why throw on patricide on top of that. Cut the boy some slack.


구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-46-02] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-46-45]

Starts from flashback of SH from 20 yrs ago when she stepped closer and slashed GW’s face. a Japanese guard/soldier saw that. as GW’s guard slashed at her, she glared at GW and passed out. they took GW away to treat his wounds. the Japanese guard checked her pulse and knew she was alive. he covered her face and lied to SB that she is dead. SB ordered her body to be taken away. later on a night the men bribed the guards and he checked her pulse. she was still alive and moving. he gave orders to take her away

* the japanese guy in the flashback who saved her is different from the current one. if this one had some hair he might be considered handsome – like a younger asian version of gregory peck from roman holiday.

young SH saw her baby boy’s normal face and screamed my baby.

present day GW says how KC is not human – half he has human blood on his mom’s side and half monster’s blood. so he is half and half. the bracelet gets taken off. KC transforms as blue lights float around him and SH thinks back to when she saw her baby for the first time and said he isnt a monster. GW asks her is that monster the one you were looking for. she glares at GW as her son passes out.

SR says to report the truth. CJ’s maid cries and admits: cuz of the people from school CJ hid – WS said CJ could be dragged off to prison.  SR asks if WS gave you that kind of fear. the girl cries cuz she was told that WS would say the right thing if CJ was caught and CJ would have no problems as long as KC was brought over.

PJ reads the note

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-53-26] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-53-35] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-53-46]

Gon informs YW that he heard a report that KC was set up in a trap and captured. that SR and TS are trying to find out what’s going on with KC’s condition for now.  but she grabs her sword getting ready to go . gon says after finding out what’s going on first then we can act. (on PJ’s orders) but she says if KC cant come back on his own strength, this means something went really wrong – he might be seriously hurt. gon says KC will quickly recover anyway –  he wont die. she says just cuz he cant die doesnt mean he doesnt feel pain. KC still feels pain when he is hurt – when he gets stabbed with a sword, he bleeds. when he gets hit he gets bruises and sores. even though he doesnt die he still feels every pain – like us. do you know that? so dont stop me – just cuz you do – I’m not a kid who wont go.  he stops her saying you cant so she says if you hold me back one more time then you will end up fighting with my sword. CJ says wait a minute before that i have something to say but YW says sorry I cant talk any longer today. but CJ says it’s about KC’s mom – I heard she might still be alive

SH stares at her son in pain as GW asks what should we do now. SH: about what? GW: that guy who isnt human –  I am asking what should we do with him. SH: all I want is the map we lost. GW: is that so. then it’s ok whatever I do to him- is that what you are saying. whether I trample him to death or strangle him to death  as long as you get your map back, you’re good with that. is that what you mean. she yells you sure do talk a lot. that kid who isnt human or whatever. whether you trample him to death or strangle him to death or some other torture – that is something for you to do- all I need is the map -do you get that so just bring the map. KC looks at her as she said that. she stops and looks at him then turns around and leaves

SH goes to her room and remembers how KC told her I am choi KC cuz I was abandoned at the river. she sinks to her knees and holds back her sobs.

GW puts a fan to KC’s throat and wonders how KC lived all this time hiding this side of him. KC asks what did you do to me. GW says I made you drink drugged alcohol. if you drink that your mind/senses get cloudy, your body is enervated, then you end up dying in pain. now tell me about the map you took. where is that map. does PJ have it or is it already in SS’s hands. KC gets up and growls at him. GW wonders did you really drink 5 glasses -how do you still have that kind of strength. since you are this monster, that’s probably why she threw her bloodline into the river as soon as you were born. even though you are a son she hasnt met in 20 yrs, that’s why she was so cold like that. KC asks what are you talking about. what are you saying right now. GW: yoon SH -your mother. KC: my mother -who are you taking about. GW: that is the wrong question. not who but if she really is – that’s what you should ask. I am curious if that woman is your real mother. KC tries to fight and coughs. GW says dont use your strength like that. to live if you keep using your strength, the drug will get worse and make you suffer more pain. if you want to save your life for a little longer it would be better if you stayed still. KC yells

SH hears KC’s screams and does nothing.

SR gave TS a pill/ medicine. it’s an antidote for the drugged alcohol. if it’s not taken within a day of drinking the drugged alcohol his life might be in danger. no matter what you have to do before sunset today you have to feed it to KC. TS takes the pill.

choi reports there are too many guards and they cant get close to KC. TS tells choi to prepare some rice balls. choi takes the pill and says I will do it. I am his father so I should do it.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-55-49]

her teacher asks if she is awake and goes in to find YW dressed and armed and asks – what are you doing now. YW says I have someplace to go but the teacher says you cant go without permission from master dam. YW asks have you ever sincerely liked someone. cuz my mind and heart is full of one person so if that person laughs I laugh with him if that person cries it makes me tear up with him – just having him by my side fills up my world and makes me safe. have you ever had that kind of person? that’s the kind of person KC is to me

*YW’s cogent words worked ten times better than binding up the teacher’s hands and feet

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-52-03] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-53-59]

the teacher comes out and closes the door. gon asks if YW is up. can I go in for a second. the teacher blocks gon from going in to see YW. he asks what’s wrong. he goes around her and goes inside. he asks what’s going on – where is YW. she stalls and uses YW’s tactic and asks have you ever sincerely liked someone? gon gives her a baffled look

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-57-19]

YW goes to find M and gives him a hint about which side he should be choosing to win the game. M asks who are you. she says dont you remember me. I saw you at the stew place with KC. he says aren’t you KC’s friend. what brings you here. YW: I have a request so I came. M says I am someone who wont listen to requests without getting money. YW: wont you go with me to rob the Inn? M: for what? YW: for  KC

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-57-55]

choi goes in and sees KC chained up and in pain. guard asks what it is so choi says I brought food. TS told choi what to say about where the food came from – from goong (SH). choi says I was told to pass out rice balls to each guard for their hard work. choi says I brought one for that person too. it’s ok to feed him right? the guard throws it on the ground near KC. choi goes over and picks it up off the ground. KC says – father. choi cries and bites off the dirty parts and tells him to take a bite. KC says it hurts – it hurts too much so I feel like I will die father. he shows the pill inside and says hurry and eat it. before KC can take a bite the guard knocks choi away saying what are you doing- get back. if you want to eat it – eat with your mouth. a baby fox bites with his mouth to eat and not with his hands. choi begs to feed just one bite but they drag him out. KC tries to reach it but the guard kicks it away.

TS asks did you feed KC that antidote. choi says I gave it to him but I wasn’t able to see him eat it before I got chased out. TS says he has to eat it to overcome his condition

SH: what did you just say? GW tells SH that he will chain up KC in public and let everyone in the village know KC is a child of a gumiho. after letting the people stone him to death I will request the state to take care of admiral Lee SS for backing KC up. SH says SS will not be taken down so easily like that. GW says aside from KC he has other things on SS. he invites her to come out and watch if she has time. it isnt often you get to watch a child of a gumino being stoned to death -isnt that so?

after he leaves SH tells his aide I have to kill him – GW, but the aide says you cant. we need him. she asks how much longer should I hold back. he says calm down – you swore to Mihomato to do your best – dont make a mess of the work cuz of your personal rash feelings.

GW goes out and says I will see how much longer you can hide and hang on (about who she really is)

M showed up with his men and make some noise. GW asks what’s going on. M: it’s been a long time lord. it’s the first time seeing you after the mountain incident. GW: you are still alive. M says I dont have any money or power so I should at least enjoy my lifeline- isnt that so.  GW asks why did you come and make so much noise. M says I came for back payment. since I did the work I should be paid. plus all my men died so you have to compensate for that. he tells his men the lord doesn’t want to open his purse so wait till he does. they all lay on the ground in protest

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-39-21]

KC stares at the rice ball. some guards are called away and only a few are left. suddenly one gets shot with an arrow. the rest YW takes down on her own by sword fighting. the rice ball gets kicked around.

*how cool is it that KC has a girlfriend who can actually save him herself – well at least try too.

guards go over to threaten M to stand up but M stands his ground and says to keep hanging in there. his men all lay back down.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-58-27]

YW only has one guy left to kill. the ball gets kicked over to him so KC ate the pill just as GW came in and yelled to stop. YW is cornered. M is dragged in all beaten. M looks over at KC and passes out. YW yells at GW to release KC right now cuz he did nothing wrong and shouldnt be chained up. GW says he is not human but a monster so of course he should be treated as a monster.  but she says from what I can see you are the monster. GW slaps her then he orders her tied up as KC yells out her name.

the servant tells TS what’s going on -that KC will be chained up in public.  TS remembers how SR told him -no matter what you have to do – if GW threatens SS with KC, you have to stop GW. TS looks over at his sword

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-00-08] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-00-51] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-01-55]

GW brings KC out and makes the people at the Inn see what KC really is. he orders him dragged out and tied up so people can stone him to death. choi goes over and kneels in front of KC to protect him and begs GW: please save him lord – please just save him once- the deceased lord Park picked him up (out of the river) and I have held him in my arms and raised him as my child – please take back the order to stone him lord – I will do everything you want  – just please  save my son’s life. he cries and begs but GW orders choi taken away so the guards kick choi. KC yells father. dont do that. KC gets his power back and yells I said to stop it. he breaks his chains and fights off the guards.  he is about to attack GW but a pain in his chest stops him for a second. GW: you are determined to die huh. he says how KC’s condition will make his organ burst (cuz of taking the medicine after drinking all that drugged alcohol) so KC says don’t worry I have plenty of time to kill you before I die. the Japanese guard takes down KC before he can kill GW (he seems to be acting on SH’s order).  suddenly SH walks over wearing a hanbok. GW: this monster was your bloodline that you threw away in the river huh. KC looks at her and faints. choi and others rush to his side. GW:  since you showed up dressed like this – I almost mistook you for someone again. it’s getting late.  he orders his men to take that monster out and chain him. SH yells: that’s enough – stop now. you win. GW: what does that mean. SH: it means I am SH the one you killed 20 yrs ago. now that you know my real identity what will you do. what are you going to do? TS watches that from a distance. he is holding his sword

*I bawled when Choi begged for KC’s life to be spared. Choi is more of a true parent than SH will ever be

PJ asks SS -how about going after GW now (as in kill him and be rid of him) but SS says this fight wont end just cuz we get rid of one person. they would need an order from the state (or whatever higher ups are called back then). PJ says GW’s misdeeds are getting more serious. SS says everything in the world has its own time. you have to know how to choose the right time to catch your prey. now tell me what is troubling you. PJ says the monk SJ came to see me not to long ago

SJ says you have to stop WR – the moment he forgets everything  there will be a lot of deaths in the human world. PJ asks what can I do. SJ says you cant do anything – in this world there is only one person who can kill WR – KC is the only one who can kill the thousand year demon WR

WR is in the library changing into a demon. SJ calls down but WR is gone

WR is outside killing another human and taking his ki/blood. taking each life makes some of the dark veins disappear so he killed a bunch of men

SS feels bad for KC saying: even if he (WR) is a demon, he is still his true parent. the child has to kill his true father, that is such a terrible fate for KC.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-12-03] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-12-39]

SH sits by KC’s side as he sleeps. she says I heard he was picked up out of the river. choi: yes we did. SH: so you acted as his father all this time. choi says all I did was feed him, clothe him, and put him to sleep.  the lord Park MS who passed away acted more like a true father to him.  she is staring at KC as he praises KC saying how even when he was younger he was smart and cheerful, respectful to his elders, and was good to weaker people. there is no other son like him in the world. she gets up to go and says don’t tell the kid about me. it will be better if he doesnt know. please do that. choi escorts her out. KC sits up. he heard all that

SH goes to meet TS. she asks do you remember when I asked you to become my son. TS: yes I remember. SH: then can you throw away the Park TS you’ve been all this time and swear your allegiance to our goongboon. TS: what does that mean.  SH: I know that you’ve been on the school’s side and that you’ve been sending info to SS. stop doing that now and become our goongboon’s son and take over everything GW has been doing in his place. TS: are you telling me to be a traitor right now? (as in committing treason). SH: what do you mean treason. what has this country done for you? when your father was unjustly accused – did it free him from that unfair shame or did it stop your sister from being sold into the gisaeng house. you lost your family – name – everything so what is there that did this country did for you. this country gives someone like GW power so what hope is there. stop doing useless stuff (informing SS) and get the Inn back -get your sister back- also be the goongboon’s son and then I will kill GW.

GW is yelling at her aide. GW says look here- what have you all been doing with me. aide asks what are you talking about. GW: yoon SH – that woman. she used the goongboon’s name and dared to stab me in the back. how can this happen. the aide says there is a misunderstanding -she didnt have any other objective but GW yells shut up. my dealings with SH is over now. why? you think I cant do it? did you think I couldnt kill SH twice. I will do everything I can and make it so that goongbon reps/envoys can never set foot in korea ever again. aide asks for some time but GW says I dont have a lot of patience. so you choose – is it me or SH? the aide asks him to take that back but GW yells is it me or SH

choi goes to feed KC but he is gone

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-13-46] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-14-43]

KC walks out and sees SH standing there. he remembers how GW accused her of throwing this monster her bloodline away in the river as soon as he was born. then how she said KC wasn’t human so whether you trample him to death or strangle him to death – or torture him in other ways – that’s for you to do whatever you want with him. and how she told choi to not tell KC who she is. she looks over at him and smiles. she speaks formally to him. SH: so you woke up. KC says yes sorry to impose on you again. SH: are you leaving. KC: yes. SH: then go safely. he says yes and turns around to leave. he turns back around and says I am asking this cuz I am really curious.  did you hate me that much? enough that you would throw me away in the river as soon as I was born – was I that abominable/disgusting? she doesn’t reply so he says I just wanted to ask once. it’s ok – with this. he turns and walks out the gate. she falls to her knees and beats herself on the chest. her aide watches from afar

CJ pours for WS so WS asks what are you trying to do now. CJ says she doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. WS asks why? cuz lord GW is backing me again so do you want to get back in my good graces. CJ gives her a box of accessories and says it’s a present. WS says you think you can turn my heart around with that. she drinks what CJ poured and says I will overlook it once but you shouldn’t mess with my anger again. got that? CJ says in banmal: you shouldn’t mess with my anger again. WS chokes and asks what did you put in the alcohol. CJ says it’s the drugged alcohol (the one WS fed KC) dont worry I will give you the antidote tm night -until then you will feel the same pain and suffering  KC went through. dont you ever use me again to do anything deceitful.  if you dream of doing that just one more time – I will pour poison down your throat and not drugged liquor -got that WS? she gets up and walks out

when she gets outside, CJ tells her maid – watch carefully – I wont be threatened by anyone -no one can mess with me. so you too – be alert and don’t disappoint me again.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-52-56] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-56-40]

YW and M are tied up in the same room. she yells at M to wake up. he thinks his mom called him so she says it’s me – not your mom. he asks where this place is. she tells him to try to get free. he struggles but cant saying it’s too tight. they hear fighting outside and KC comes in and unties YW first. M says I am not crying cuz I am happy to be alive I am crying cuz I am happy you came back. they both ignore M and YW asks KC: how are you. is your body ok? KC: thankfully cuz I ate the antidote father gave me I am a lot better. she asks then why is your face like that –  you still dont look well like you are in a lot of pain. he stares at her and then hugs her. she asks whats wrong – did something happen. he says no nothing happened at all. just cuz. she hugs him back and pats his back. M turns and sees them hugging. he looks away to give them privacy

*this is why I love YW – each time KC feels deflated by betrayals – she comes to his emotional rescue and fills him with love and concern.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-01-24] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-02-00] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-07-17]

gon and the kid are waiting outside. they see KC coming back with YW. KC asks what are you doing out this late. kid says I was waiting for you with teacher Gon.KC asks if gon was worried about him too but gon denies it. why would I worry about you? the kid says gon was worried all day. until we heard from TS that you were safe, he almost rushed into the Inn. Gon tries to shush the kid. gon asks if YW was ok. she says yes of course I am ok and asks if her dad knew she left secretly. gon says PJ was with SS. YW: thank goodness. the kid asks did you have dinner yet. KC says not yet – I am starving and the kid says we are too cuz we were starving waiting for you two. they decide to eat first. KC puts his arms around the kid and YW and race off. gon smirks.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-18-45] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-19-05] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-31-26] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-33-45]

KC gets served a soup with beans so KC says beans again. YW says it looks delicious and says I will eat it well teacher. KC wonders if gong put some special medicine in the soup so gong says he did. they laugh and start to eat. gong tells the kid he put beans in everything. KC smiles and looks around and it makes him remember that even though his own mother didnt want him, these are the people who matter to him.  KC cries as he eats and says the soup tastes good. YW puts her hand on his knees. gon asks if it tastes that good – enough for tears to come out. KC says yes. gong says I have plenty – I will make it again for you so eat a lot.  KC says yes I will eat it well teacher. her teacher is at the door and says I brought some alcohol. gong invites her to join them and sit over here. gong pours but KC says I dont drink. he pours for gon and says give some to YW.

M is getting drunk and his guy asks why are you like this. are you not over the shock from being beaten during the day.  M says my dongsang KC likes guys. he cries and says don’t go around and spread rumors or I will kill you. how did he end up liking guys and pushing away all those women.  he yells for more alcohol

*I guess he still thinks YW is a guy. it cracks me up that it doesnt bother him one bit that  KC is a gumiho but the thought that KC might be gay has him in tears.

KC looks at the one character SR wrote about the tree he needs to cut down. he was told by another student – did you know that corpses have been discovered in the woods again – starting from the mountain and it’s getting closer to the village

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구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-12-01] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-15-47]

gon is practicing sword fighting outside. KC claps and says you are flying. how do you do that. gon: just cuz I explain in words it isnt something that can be learned. KC: let me ask again – what do I have to go to get stronger? gon: what does that mean? KC: cuz I have to get stronger. I have more and more that I want to protect. gon remembers how SJ said there is just one person in this world who can stop WR. gon asks: getting strong means that you have that much more to bear. KC: like what example?  gon: for example… he cant finish so KC does: are you talking about something like having to kill my father with my own hands. gon: did you know. KC: yes. gong: are you still ok with it. KC: even if I am not ok it cant be helped cuz I am the only one who can do it. isnt that so? gon says follow me

WR shows up at the village at night

SH: have you decided? TS asks if I decide to do that what do I get. SH says you get back the Inn and your sister. and that he will be an employee of their goongbon as it’s rep.  TS: what can I do for the goongbon. she asks him to get back the map they lost from SS first. TS: for now will that be all. SH: for now that will be all. TS: then when will GW die. she says he will die tonight. the aide sits and listens to all that

GW hears something and asks who is out there. he goes out and his guards are all dead. he yells is no one outside. suddenly a sword is at his throat. he asks who is it? did SH send you? an assassin is about to kill him but the assassin gets killed instead.

*I bet SH’s aide turned on her cuz she was losing sight of her job cuz of her personal issues so he accepted GW’s offer.

gon takes KC over to PJ. PJ has a sword in hand. gon calls out to him.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-23-01] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-23-20] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-23-55]

WR goes to the Inn and asks who is it? who called me here. he looks at the Inn. SH is inside

YW goes to see SH. SH welcomes her and says you wanted to see me.  YW says hello I am dam YW. SH asks if YW is PJ’s daughter. YW: yes that’s right. SH: what brings you here so late at night. YW: cuz I have something to tell you about KC

KC: what are you saying? PJ orders KC to take his bracelet off and accept his sword (as in fight him). PJ is holding it out to attack so KC looks shocked and says master.




GW says to WR: that’s right – SH-  that woman made you this way. she is the enemy

KC transforms and fights PJ in front of everyone

PJ says to KC: make me fall down – if you cant knock me down you wont be able make your father fall (as in kill him)

KC hugs YW asking: can I really become strong? then will I be able to handle that

the voice sounds like SH’s former aide – there is an order to take care of it without mistakes (kill SH on the road)

CJ says how SH is about to be attacked

KC stops his mom and says: in your eyes you only see me as something to kill – don’t you see me?

KC says to YW: what kind of mom is that – what kind of mom is like that. she is someone who disappeared from my life. she is someone who has been erased. I am begging you don’t mention that person to me again

SH looks up as Gon, YW, and KC come to her rescue

*I keep wondering how much longer SH is going to pull away from KC. the truth is out and they both know who each other are so why deny her feelings – is she just ashamed to face him or ashamed of what she has done to KC and WR. I dont get why she is pulling away from him like that even after he rescued her.

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-40-13] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-40-23] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-40-47] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-40-59]


53 comments on “GFB E19 – E22

  1. Nina says:

    thank you for the fast recap softy. I still crying after watched ep 21. read your recap about ep 22 preview made me cries again. poor KC; his mom dead, he will never meet his father again n then YW also leave him TT_TT
    Kang Chi-ya fighting


  2. Pam says:

    Thanks, Softy!


    So freaking sad! But could it have ended any other way???


  3. OUAFA says:

    Thanks Softy you’re my savior,
    My tears won’t stop still shocked for KC’s mother .i didn’t want her to die .
    I hope he will happy at least with his father since his scarified herself for him .
    I hope for happy ending


  4. Pam says:

    Random rant:

    BTW, Sofy, thanks for putting Lee Min Ho/Choi Young as your banner! Gosh, that man is so beautiful! Made my day 🙂 *Hugs


  5. Ivoire says:

    Thanks for the recap of ep. 21 Softy! I appreciate it, very much.


  6. Russ says:

    Hi Softy,
    Thanks for the great recaps. Question you seem to have a sixth sense do you think that KC and YW will end up together after they mess with us a little more? i think I am your only male in here but softy iI dont think I can take much more lol. I lost my Mom and you are right the hole never fills
    in so i gueess it hits home for some of us in here. Thanks for your time!


    • Softy says:

      I do not have a sixth sense about drama endings at all – for this one tho they already messed up the happy ending for WR and SH so the only right thing to do would be to give the kids KC and YW their shot at happiness that KC’s parents never got. 🙂


      • Russ says:

        Kamsahamnida….. For the reply,,, I sure hope they do give the kids a shot at being happy. KC’s Mom, didn’t she come from a higher class than what ever the 100 yr Inn family was? I don’t think that will come into play but nice to have a Ace in the whole as they say.


  7. lena says:

    Hopefully i can see kang chi wear attire same as like TS when he become a human..and going to marry YW..huhu


  8. The monk said “one of them MAY die” NOT “one of them WILL die.” So there’s hope for happiness for both in the end. Thanks for the recap.


  9. conjie008 says:

    Oh Softy, my box of kleenex was not enough…for the 2 days of bawling out my eyes. Between SH & WR..I lost track how many boxes..I used up!! That’s only reading your recapped…not watching the drama yet!!
    I’m still trying to find the courage to watch the last one..though I know my eyes will be totally red & puffy the next day. I’ll just watch it on Friday, when there’s not work the next day. 🙂
    There has to be a catch on the “Gu Family Book”..for KC to be human!!
    As for KC & YW..the destiny of one dying…has to be a certain sacrifice for their loving each other.

    Softy, sending you email..after my swelling eyes goes down.. 🙂 😉


  10. Anonymous says:

    so sad…


  11. Ivoire says:

    Thank you Softy, for the recap of ep. 22.


  12. minozlove says:

    I am so sad just reading this, oh, so unfair, in my life, i want every character to have a happy ending. Period.


    • raindrops1 says:

      I’m with you when I luv a character I want the happy ending for them and I think to myself “why can’t everyone get their happy ending” “they should, they have to”.


  13. minozlove says:

    Softy omo the pictures from Arang. Arang was death of me, I LOVED IT SO MUCH and cried so much, oh God, full on depression ensued until the ending.


  14. raindrops1 says:

    Such a an emotional and sad episodes these last two. Oh and KC can’t he catch a break, the mom, the dad. He must get his happy ending YW this is just a rock but they will get their happy ending. Right?! I also agree with you Softy that the only fair thing to do since SH and WR did not get their happy ending is to give it to KC and YW. Furthermore, KC and YW have been so strong, rightious, and have completely reacted in opposite ways to SH and WR than to not allow them to be together in the end would be tragic and such cruel.

    Softy, one of my fav. parts of reading your recaps are your insights prior to the airing of the episode and then post episode.


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