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When you think you have nothing left, you hold onto what you have in your arms. You don’t think about anything else and just hold on tight. Right now KC is running on empty when it comes to his emotions. His attention has been pulled in every direction and the truth about his parents is flooding his senses. He is on emotional overload right now, but the one thing he has faith in is YW’s love for him and his love for her.  If he starts to doubt that or even question it for a second, he might as well pack up and head for the woods. Thank goodness he is standing on firmer ground than he thinks when it comes to YW. Just like his mother was human and made mistakes, YW finally made one with him. Unlike his mother who betrayed the one she loves, instead of turning his back to YW, KC goes straight into her arms. That’s what separates him from his mother and father. SH never believed in her love for WR enough and WR trusted her too much. At least their son won’t make the same mistakes. If anyone has a fighting chance to become human – it’s KC. Not cuz of the gu family book he will find, but the fact that he won’t have to go searching for it alone. Twenty years later, the players have changed and they are making their own rules – this time their love is going to make all the difference in the world.


Written before it aired:

I kept wondering what made YW walk past KC and not speak to him. For a girl who can kick butt even without a weapon, I sure hope that little passing remark CJ said about KC doesn’t end up being the one thing YW can’t ignore. Even with her tough exterior, she is still a girl and every girl has a vulnerable point.  I guess the fact that KC loved CJ first and still might have feelings for her is going to be that thorn that pokes at her insecurity. I would rather it be the fact that her father tried to kill WR 20 yrs ago and she kept that secret from KC. That makes it more plausible that her guilt would prevent her from hurting KC anymore. Whatever the reason, I sure hope this drama doesn’t keep them apart for long cuz just once, I would love to have some forward movement towards the end that doesn’t have to do with misunderstandings and pointless sacrifices. If they are going to call a drama GFB, then hurry up and find the book already and make KC human and all of these misunderstandings will be rendered moot. In the meantime, how great would it be if father and son could stop fighting long enough to actually work together toward a common goal. I would be on cloud nine if WR could pick up where he failed and find the book with KC to allow him to become human. If anything is going to help KC forgive his father for threatening to hurt YW – that would be it – a reformation on an epic scale.


E 18

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starts from KC running from those men. gon stops YW from helping KC. KC jumps over a wall and puts his bracelet back on and goes into the room. a woman’s voice asks in Japanese – who are you. KC turns and looks at her. he does the hand on the chin pose YW taught him.

aide asks are you happy now that you saw her face. he gets a message from the guard who has been spying on TS and everyone so the aide says it’s too bad but we will be leaving now. GW says it hasnt started yet but the aide says the mood is already broken. SR tries to say there are more entertainment prepared so couldn’t you stay a little longer since this was a way to make up for last time , but the aide says sorry that she (SH) doesn’t want it. SR nods to her gisaengs  so one goes over and pretends to run into fake SH and spill something on her. the other one pretends to clean up saying you should have been careful – these clothes are expensive and pulls on the back exposing a shoulder. so SR goes over and looks at the shoulder for the tattoo. she tells the girls you should have been careful. she apologizes to the fake SH. later on SR tells her girls you did well

SR tells GW that the woman is a fake. the one who attended is not the real one. the face you saw today is a fake one. GW asks what you just said – can you put your neck on the line? SR: if I do will you believe me? isnt it really strange? your relationship with her is over 20 yrs so why did she do this to you. GW wonders the same thing.

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SH keeps asking questions and all KC says is hai. she asks are you Korean. KC: do you know how to speak Korean? he explains sorry for alarming you. I thought this room was empty so excuse me.normally in front of a guest’s room there was a lantern.  her men are at the door asking if she is ok. they must have mentioned KC cuz she asks him- were you running away from them. KC explains I’m not being chased cuz I am a bad guy – the bad men were chasing me – it’s for real– please believe me. she makes her men leave. he sighs with relief and says thank you for believing me-  you speak Korean well even though you are a foreigner. she says I am Korean.I’m staying here for a short time cuz of work.  he gets closer and tells her to be sure to try and taste 3 dishes here cuz they are the most famous and delicious at the Inn. she says you know the Inn well. he says yes. before the lord park MS passed away I did. he says be sure to taste those dishes and you wont regret it. she asks what is your name. he says CKC. he says cuz I was thrown away in the river so I am choi KC. he leaves and she sees the piece of the map he dropped on the floor

*at this point she didnt know he was thrown away in the river so she doesnt know he is her son.

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YW peeks out and wonders what happened to KC. he comes up behind her and asks where she is looking. she asks what happened. what did you mess with to turn the inn upset down. he says I will explain after we get out. let’s get out of here first. TS comes over and says you cant go that way

SH looks at the map and yells for her aide

GW hears news about what happened with SH’s men and how they are after someone

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TS sees KC and YW holding hands as he tells them they cant go a certain way cuz of the guards.  KC thinks of another way but TS says they will already have men there and forbid anyone from exiting or coming in. KC says even if they did – there are 3 of us. we can get through. he asks YW: isnt that right? she nods yes.  gon snorts when he sees them holding hands in front of them. TS says your identities cant be found out so follow me

GW asks what is going on. the aide says an important item is missing so GW asks what is it. does it have to do with our work too. then it has to do with me too and it’s important so answer me what is the missing item?

TS greets SR and says you are leaving now. SR says it finished earlier than we thought. he tells his servant to guide them home with the lantern. GW says to stop there. SR asks what is going on. he says I heard a thief came into the inn. SR: what does that have to do with us? GW: i thought about it and it’s an amazing coincidence. on the same night you came on purpose to meet her an important item went missing from my guest. she points out you are the one who asked me to come here. GW says you already knew full well that she couldnt go to the gisaeng house. SR asks so are you saying the missing item has to do with us. GW says of course I dont suspect you. just to be sure I want to check your girls.  TS says I already checked these girls, but GW says I am asking SR right now. she orders all the girls to take their head covers off. the men search the girls. TS looks over at choi and shakes his head no. the men said nothing came out. GW asks did you check everywhere. the guy says yes. SR asks did you confirm now? can we leave now. GW tells his guard to catch any suspicious guys and especially check if any students came here cuz those students bother me. SR tells her girls let’s go now.

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TS nods to choi. choi motions for gon, KC, and YW to escape with the gisaeng girls. they are wearing hanboks. KC and TS nod their heads at each other. TS looks back at GW and nods politely.

the maid takes them into CJ’s room. CJ is sewing when they all come in- she is working on a red vest for KC. WS spies and sees them go in

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CJ asks what is going on – who are all these people.the maid shushes her. KC says CJ it’s us. gon YW and KC reveal themselves. CJ asks what is this. the maid says i will tell you the details later – for now take good care of these 3 cuz they will be staying here tonight. she leaves and the 3 stand around awkwardly till CJ smiles so they take off their skirts. SR comes in and calls gon and KC to meet with the elders.

SR greets SS and PJ saying sorry for making you come here. the situation was urgent. SS says it’s ok. (cuz it’s inappropriate for someone like SS to be here). PJ asks what KC is doing here. gon covers for him and says I brought him along cuz he knows the Inn well and we needed him. PJ asks did YW come too. gon and KC look at each other with guilt so PJ got his answer. SS asks what is the urgent thing you wanted to give us. KC says it’s a map

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KC lays out the pieces of the map and one is missing. he looks for it as SS looks at the map. gon and SR and SS talk about the map – what’s marked and how much GW prepared. that it would have taken 6 months to prepare that much. gon thinks the murders might be related with this map. PJ suggest capturing GW to question him about why he made the map and stuff. SS says the evidence against GW is not enough with just this map cuz it doesnt prove he did it on his own. SR thinks if they rush and haul GW in it will complicate matters. SS and PJ use extra hard words to talk about a war that’s going to happen and how the country doesnt know about this and will just be used. that they wont be prepared. but KC cuts in and says this is strange -where did one go.  I brought 8 pieces for  sure so where did one go. he realizes where he must have lost it

SH goes to her men and asks what’s going on -that map that took a few months to make –  did you get the map stolen? she shows the piece of the map and says find KC – he stole our maps. you know how important that map is to us. excuses wont work. even if you have to kill KC bring the remaining 7 pieces of the map

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YW asks how did you lose one. KC: that’s what I am saying. YW: that woman you met in the room-  you didn’t get your face shown right. KC: that…YW: did you get caught? KC smiles in guilt. instead of saying i got caught – we just say each other’s faces. gon says it’s ok if he just got his face shown as long as he didn’t give away his name. it wont make much of a difference. KC smiles again so they look at him in shock. YW: she knows who you are too? KC: she asked my name so how could I not reply. also I was grateful cuz she hid me. plus she looked really nice and honest. on top of that… gon jumps in and helps KC dig his hole and guesses: she must have been pretty. YW asks was she pretty? KC: instead of saying she was pretty – you know those faces – it’s the first time you saw her but she looks familiar like you’ve seen her before somewhere. that kind of face. YW: so she was pretty. KC: that’s not why it happened. gon: GW already has the scent that we did this but you gave away your identity to someone we dont know. gon says with sarcasm: you sure did well. KC says dont talk like that if you dont know the situation (I was in). she was a savior who hid me. YW says anyway – thanks to someone – it will be hard for us to leave tonight. let’s hide here and go back early tm morning when it’s light out. gon says yes master said that would be good too.  KC says to YW again: it really wasn’t cuz she was pretty -for real. she looks away peeved. Gon holds back a grin. KC sighs.

PJ asks what did you just say – that JHM could be SH. SR says I havent confirmed it for sure yet, but with the info I gathered -the possibility – that’s the way it looks.  the person we thought was dead came back. and WR who became a thousand year demon awoke again. PJ says if that is true I am worried about that kid KC. SR: if that is true – I am worried about JHM too. what was she thinking to show up in front of GW by his side. CJ is outside and hears all that

maid asks why bring the tray back when you were supposed to give it. CJ asks who is SH and what does she have to do with KC. also how does SR and PJ know her. maid asks how do you know that. CJ says just tell me

GW asks tell me – what else are you hiding from me?  aside from the map and fake woman – what else is there? SH: you are going too far (in the way you are speaking). GW says he wants to know her objectives -stop playing around and decide right here. are you going to show me your face and continue our dealings or let’s just say our deal is over. from here on it’s a fight for life.  if the map went into SS’s hands then I have to throw you away or else you stop playing with me. you choose. he is about to leave but she says wait a minute. she asks can you find the map. he says I will see your face and answer. she orders the screen be lifted. GW looks at her face and seems to recognize her. her guard blocks GW from getting closer.

GW goes to his room and says how could this happen. his hands are shaking.

back in that room GW asked her – aren’t you SH? she says what are you talking about. I am J. now that I showed my face – can you find my map. will you find it for me. GW calls for SB but the guard says he hasn’t recovered yet. GW breaks something in anger. TS watches that and leaves

SS reads a note from TS that choi brought over. SS looks at the 7 pieces of the map

SR thanks KC for the map cuz it made SS safe. KC asks if PJ was really angry. she says he wasnt angry – just worried. KC sighs and says if that’s true then thank goodness. she says seeing your face like this – your eyes look exactly like your mother. KC: do you know my mother? SR writes something on the paper. he asks what is this. she says haven’t you guessed yet. I am one of the four men of honor. are you shocked cuz I am a woman or gisaeng house owner. KC: that’s not it.  she explains -in the men of honor -they dont discriminate-  it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man, noble or slave, or commoner or not. cuz it’s a gathering with one purpose/meaning.  he asks what should I do with this. she says chop the wood that’s written on the paper. then bring the house you build from chopping that wood

YW paces and CJ asks do you know the name SH. they said KC’s mother’s name was SH. did you know? YW says no I didn’t know her name. CJ says she was a noble and became a gisaeng and ended up falling in love with KC’s father. do you know who killed KC’s father? they said it was a noble.

KC walks back to CJ’s room and cant figure out SR meant. KC: chop this wood and build a house. I dont know

CJ says that person was your father.  I heard that person killed KC’s father. did you know that truth. so you knew. does KC know that truth? did you hide it from KC and act like nothing is going on and smile with that face. you are impressive. YW says don’t talk like that. CJ says the worst thing is to deceive – deceving – how is it different from betrayal. isnt that so? YW says this isnt something I should be speaking to you about. she opens the door to leave, but KC is there and heard it all. he asks what is all this talk YW. she just walks off. he stands there in shock

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YW is outside and cries saying what to do. what do I go. gon sees her and asks why are you like this? are you hurt. she is crying and asks what do I do gon. he asks what’s wrong. she says it’s all over. now KC wont see me again. what do I do. she cries into her hands. he doesnt know what to do – he lifts his hands but doesnt touch her.

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CJ goes over and asks how much did you hear. KC: from the start. she says I am sorry. I didn’t want you to know like this. KC: is it all true. she says I heard PJ killed (ran a sword through) your father. your mother was left alone and had you (gave birth) by herself. then she died. he leans on the door and cries.

SH looks at the 8th piece of the map and looks angry

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WR is trying to hold in his pain and fury. he asks what is this place. SJ says my basement. you came here.  if you just put this medicine on your wound but WR pins him against the shelves and asks who are you. SJ: it’s me WR – SJ.  your only human friend SJ. WR lets go of him. he says go away don’t come close to me. he staggers away (it’s like WR is fighting with his demon side trying to keep it from surfacing but it’s a losing battle)

PJ has a guest. it’s SJ.

gon asks what do you mean KC is gone. CJ says he said he had someone to meet and left. i think he went to meet the person who killed his father. gon looks at YW. YW takes off running

KC goes to school and goes straight to PJ.

gon and YW are running. she is thinking – no you cant KC (cuz she is afraid KC will harm her dad)

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cuz of SJ’s visit earlier PJ is expecting KC. he stands and throws the sword at him and says it’s that sword. 20 yrs ago with that sword I killed your father. KC asks why did you do that. PJ: I lost 15 of my students to your father. in the last moment he (WR )was going to attack your mother so I had no other choice. KC says was my father that terrible of a being? enough to attack the wife he loved -was he that cruel. PJ: your father was the one who was betrayed KC.  I heard your father wanted to become human like you. so in order to get the gu family book, he tried to be good for a 100 days. but then he showed his real self to your mother and she fled in fear. so….KC cries and says: so is that why you killed my father? are you making an excuse now saying it was to protect my mother. PJ: did you hear it as an excuse. KC pulls out his sword and says: so my family’s tragedy started with the tip of this sword.

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YW asks if KC came back. the kid says KC went to PJ. they are together right now. they look and KC comes out and looks at her. she sees his bloody hand and gon sees that too. gon runs inside with the kid in alarm to check on PJ. KC says her name but she walks right by him and goes to her father. just like the others, she thinks he hurt her father. KC remembers WR’s words: trust me – all you get is betrayal in return when you believe in humans

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gon goes in and asks are you ok. YW comes in and sees the broken sword that KC broke it in half with his hands. KC told PJ  whatever happened 20 yrs ago it happened among the adults before we were born so it’s between the adults so please dont involve that past with us. what happened between adults – you figure it out amongst yourselves. he threw the sword down on the table. YW realizes what she did wrong and runs out. she calls out his name but he is gone.

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she finally finds him. she watches him looking at his bloody hand as the blue lights float around to heal his cut. she gets closer and stops. he notices her behind him. he turns to face her looking so sad. she says KC. he walks over and walks right past her and doesn’t hear her out. but then suddenly his arms go around her shoulders from behind. he says don’t ever do that again. dont make secrets from me.  don’t pass by me like you don’t know me ever again. she says it was cuz I was so sorry -so sorry to you and I didn’t know what to say so I did that. I am really sorry. he cries and makes her face him and says look at me. I said look at me. she finally lifts her eyes to face him. KC: I like you. I like you a lot. YW: KC. she hugs him. he remembers WR’s words – don’t trust them. KC replies: I want to believe. WR: you cant ever be with them. KC: till the end I want to be with them. KC holds on tighter.

*I am bawling all over the place.

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WR is still in the library and his veins get darker. black dots float around. he is becoming a demon

SH is suddenly afraid

*what the – why are we having a wuthering heights moment – she can sense WR turning into a demon miles away, but she doesnt recognize her own son right in front of her face.

GW is meeting with SH’s aide. GW says no matter how much I think about it – her face resembles someone. are you sure she doesn’t know the name YSH. the aide says I am sure. GW gives the paperwork for TS’s slave status (freeing him) and wont accept the money. the aide says how SH wants to pay but GW says this is my present to you. the guy says your kind heart is enough and only takes the paperwork. GW says it’s a waste cuz he wants someone like the aide. if you don’t like your job come to me. the aide says I will act like I didn’t hear that. GW says keep it in your heart cuz I mean it. the guy gets up to leave but GW says I heard the map was stolen by KC – is that correct. the guy says yes and leaves. GW asks did you say KC stayed at the gisaeng house last night. WS comes out of hiding and says yes he did. I saw him with my own eyes – he stayed overnight at CJ’s room – CJ – the one you treasure.

KC goes out to meet with CJ’s maid. she asks if he has been well. he says of course -what brings you here. she says CJ wants to meet with KC cuz she has something to say. she escorts him to CJ’s room, but looks guilty

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YW’s teacher says some gisaeng named CJ came to see YW. since YW seemed to know her I let her go into the room. is that ok? gon remembers how KC said I will be going to the gisaeng house cuz CJ wants to see me (gon realizes something is off cuz CJ cant be in two places at the same time)

YW stands to greet CJ

KC thinks he is meeting with the real CJ but he isnt.

YW is meeting with CJ.

fake CJ pours him a drink and KC coughs cuz of the incense. she tells him to drink. he asks why alcohol suddenly. she says you and I have known each other for a long time but I never got to pour you alcohol before. why? do you not want to accept cuz a gisaeng poured it. so that is it. then I will drink it. he stops her and drinks it himself. she smiles. she says just one would make me sad so just one more. she pours again

YW asks why did you come at this time(of night). CJ says I came to say something. YW: about KC? CJ: yes it’s about KC

the incense is burning while she is drugging KC. KC looks at it as CJ pours and says drink just one more. he says I already drank four. she says this is the last one – if you drink it I will tell you why I called you here. he drinks again. the maid is outside and looks nervous. SR comes over. the maid asks what brings you here. SR asks is CJ inside. what’s wrong. what’s going on

gon goes inside and asks CJ – what brings you here. YW asks how can you be so rude gon – to come barging into a room without knocking when there is a guest here. gon says I heard you have an appointment with KC at the gisaeng house today so how is it that you are here. CJ: what are you talking about – that KC had an appt with me? gon: didn’t you know? CJ looks at YW

SR goes in and asks what is all this. open the doors to clear the air (of the incense so the illusion stops). SR asks what are you doing here WS. KC looks at WS in shock cuz she is no longer CJ. WS says I was just feeding KC the drugged alcohol.  guards come in with GW and he says you did well WS. he asks have you been well KC? KC is drugged so he cant stand.  SR tells KC not to move or it will make it worse. WS says he drank five cups of it. SR scolds – are you crazy? dont you know if you give him 5 cups he will die? (but that only applies to humans). WS argues even though he drank he wouldnt get drunk (drugged). GW confirms and says to KC: since you could hang on like this even after that many drinks – you really are a monster – there is no doubt. SR asks what is all this. explain. GW says be quiet. I am catching the one who came to the Inn last night and stole something. if you dont want to be misunderstood as the one who hid him – keep your mouth shut and stand back. he orders his men to drag KC out and take him to jail. KC is too weak to struggle

SH hears that GW caught KC. the aide says they want you to come now and confirm his face. SH goes and says I heard you caught KC. GW steps aside to show KC in chains. she asks did you find the map. GW says I gave him drugs so he  hasnt come to his senses yet. I couldn’t ask him yet where the maps are. she asks why did you chain up someone who isnt in his right sense. GW: cuz I had a reason to chain him up – KC is not human. she asks what that means. GW says he has half his blood from a supernatural being/gumiho and half of him he has his mother’s human blood so he is half and half. to tell the truth I didn’t get to see his real self yet so I invited you to enjoy it together. how about it – wont it be fun to watch. SH realizes who KC is by now. GW orders the bracelet taken off. KC asks what are you doing. don’t do that. you can’t! the bracelet is taken off and KC starts to change. he yells out and his breathing changes. she cries and looks at her son. his eyes have changed color. he looks up at her. everyone is shocked but she is the only one who looks sad. GW asks her: how was it – is that monster the one you were looking for? is he the one you were looking for?  she glares at GW. GW smirks. KC suddenly passes out.


no preview

KC is the embodiment of every kdrama hero we’ve always wanted, but never got. He never says or does what we expect and dread and just surpasses our expectations. when he confronted PJ – he didn’t hurt him physically but he humbled PJ with words – a lecture from a 20 yrs old kid who had his life turned upside down by the man standing in front of him yet KC manages to find some semblance of understanding under all that pain. Even when the love of his life finally betrays him and doesn’t give him the benefit of the doubt and runs to check on her father, KC still finds it in his heart to understand why she did that. he gives her a chance to explain. Part of that has to do with how he doesn’t have any other place to go, but mostly he loves her too much to let this one lapse in trust break them apart. he has too much goodness in him to let that happen. I bet with this act of kindness and understanding, YW will never make that same mistake ever again. Next time she is going to trust first and reserve doubts for people who actually earned them.

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I knew a father’s love would prevent him from harming YW, but I had no idea it could seep through his demon side to reach his humane one. He shed tears twice tonight – once when he realized the extent of his son’s love for his person and when he wished he could die and go where SH is. It is such a relief to know that WR is not totally lost – as long as he can hold onto the humanity left inside, there is still hope that KC could have his real father back for a short time at least. I really don’t see a happy ending with WR and SH in the end, one way or the other – these two just don’t seem like they were fated to live out the rest of their lives together in happiness. If we got that kind of an ending, it would be too cookie cutter. I don’t want to be too greedy, just one happy couple at the end would suffice for me.

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Written bedore it aired:

When you relive a moment over and over in your head, you catch up with time. CJ got to spend her entire childhood growing up with KC, but during the short amount he has known YW, he has replayed every moment they shared a thousand times over. That’s why their love surpassed all the years he spent with CJ. I think CJ realized that when she watched KC and YW smiling at each other. She knew her residual feelings for KC could never catch up to them. Even her brother saw that and knew what KC and YW have together should be looked up to and envied, not torn apart. I have every faith he will stay true to his friendship with KC and step aside to allow YW to stay with him. It’s up to her father to accept how things are and find the wisdom to let YW to go KC or else PJ might get more innocent blood on his hands. You don’t have to take a life to break a spirit. Without YW by his side, there is no life for KC anymore. That fact has been obvious to everyone who ever saw YW and KC gazing at each other. PJ was just too stubborn to open his eyes and see. I really hope it doesn’t take a dire revelation to force his eyes open.


It turns out all that teasing last week only ended up fueling our anticipation for tonight. I would say E17 is a really long time to wait for this to happen, but judging from the stills – the wait might have surpassed our expectations. When I realized it was KC in his gumiho state that took the initiative to finally take charge and follow his heart, it made me realize even our meek and timid KC would have done the exact same thing as well in this situation. In the face of witnessing what you could have lost, you hold on for dear life – putting aside her disapproving father, a jealous bodyguard, a maniacal birth father, and even your own conscience. Deep down I’m sure KC realizes that YW deserves better – not to be abducted and threatened at knife point and having a strain on her relationship with her father all cuz of him, but the guy who took those decisive steps to sweep her into his arms isn’t thinking about that right now. He is too busy relishing this moment cuz he probably feels that YW is his reward for trying to remain a good person all his life and his sole purpose for becoming human.

*maybe something was in the water, maybe it’s cuz they are both doing a sageuk for the first time, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was for higher ratings, or the pressure to live up to the audience’s expectations and make up for the letdown last week, but these two put their all into this kiss – every single camera angle was captured. it was an all out makeout session never seen on a sageuk set in recent history. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally forgive them for the tease on E16 now. this was enough kissing to last the rest of the drama. LSG made Suzy forget that she is barely out of her teens – bet it was his dimples – they work their charm on women every time.


starts from YW asking if CJ is that kind of person -the most precious person to him and if that meaning will never change. KC wonders why couldn’t I answer her then. (then when KC asked why are you so good to me) how YW said I just want to do anything for your sake – that is my heart now. KC’s voice narrates: why couldn’t I tell you then. he gives her the flower and his voice  narrates:  to tell the truth, to tell the truth YW…(he doesn’t finish his sentence)

the teacher says to PJ and KC that YW has disappeared. we looked all over the school and she isnt here

KC finds the dropped bell and remembers how WR said give up becoming human or everyone involved with you will be destroyed. KC says with anger: WR

YW was kidnapped by GW’s men

PJ: what did you say? did you say WR? KC: that attacker is my father. he became a thousand year demon and came back. PJ: so he was the one who attacked teacher gong?  KC: yes it was him. PJ: why didn’t you tell me sooner. gong says cuz KC wanted to protect him since WR is his father. KC puts down the bracelet and becomes a gumiho and says  no matter what happens I will take responsibility and bring YW back safely – if I cant bring YW then I wont come back either. I will go and come back. KC leaves

gon is telling the students where to go to search. the kid spots KC. Gon asks where he is going like that in that form. KC: you dont need to get involved – I will find YW and bring her back. if I cant find her I wont come back

YW is masked, tied, and gagged. she can either see a bunch of men’s feet or just senses their movement. they are all SB’s men. they remove the gag. SB asks are you PJ’s daughter. she asks who are you why are you doing this. SB says blame your father- this is all cuz of your dad not knowing his place.

GW had told SB -I cant stand to see PJ – go now and get rid of the person most precious to PJ so he knows he cant treat me like this.

SB tells his men to leave her body in the woods for the animals to eat but take her head and throw it in the yard at the school. SB leaves and lets his men kill her. she fights them off just by her sense. right before she is killed someone comes to her rescue. she asks who is there. WR unties her and removes her band so she can see. he says so it was you. she sees the dead bodies around.

SB watches WR and YW and wont let his men go after WR cuz “he isnt someone you guys can handle. let’s go” but WR is right behind them and his eyes glow red. there are screams. YW takes off running

KC is running through the woods. so is YW.

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WR cuts her off and she tells him to go away and backs up. WR: are you trying to run away from me right now. YW: go away. WR: you cant ever get away from me if I make up my mind.  he senses KC before he shows up. YW turns around and says KC. WR grabs her by the neck. KC: get  away from YW.  WR: there is only one choice for you to save this girl.  give up becoming human. YW looks at WR. WR: did he still not say who I am? I am Choi KC’s father. she looks at him in shock. KC yells for him to get away from YW. WR: choose first.  YW tells KC- no dont KC – you cant give up. WR makes her face him and says be quiet. she tells WR – dont torment KC anymore. even if you dont do this – KC has been plenty hurt while living all this time. so stop it. if you are really his father you cant hurt KC anymore. do you get that? WR yells be quiet. KC hits WR to make him move aside. YW is free. he asks are you ok. she nods yes.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-32-41] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-32-57] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-33-39] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-33-56]

WR growls so KC runs over and fights WR. WR is winning. he is beating the crap out of his son. KC is wounded and cant get up. WR says you cant ever beat me so give up. WR turns to go to YW but KC blocks him and says no dont go close to YW. WR hits him. KC says get away from YW. WR hits him again and is about to claw him but KC yells YW is my person. don’t touch my person. WR remembers saying the same thing about SH to GW’s men. KC cries and says: if you are my father- don’t mess with my person. WR remembers how he said the same thing and felt the same way when SH was taken from him. he sees the blue lights come over and the lights are reflected in his eyes and tears. he puts his hand down and the wind blows and KC shields her from the wind. when he looks back WR is gone.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-38-36] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-38-50] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-39-59] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-40-13] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-41-22]

KC asks are you ok. she asks how about you. he says I thought I lost you. I was so scared of that. she hugs him. he narrates to tell the truth you are the most precious person to me. without you I have no meaning. he kisses her. the blue lights float around them. KC goes back to normal. she says his name and kisses him again.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-04-39] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-05-11] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-07-08]

SJ is looking through a book and senses something. he shuts the book and goes down to the library. he sees WR sitting there slumped over. SJ asks are you sleeping. he sees WR’s wounds. SJ asks are you hurt. how is it that your wounds aren’t healing. WR explains he doesnt have the ability to heal now cuz of his death. all i have are wrath, hatred, and death. when was it – I said those words before too – “dont touch my person” why I did it and cuz of who – I don’t remember. if all those memories of being with that person keep disappearing – then I will probably really become a demon -before that happens I wanted to die. cuz the only one who could kill me is that kid. SJ asks are you talking about KC. WR cries and says: if only I could die and go where SH is.

SH is meeting with GW. GW asks why did you want to see me this morning. she says I wanted to buy something from you so i asked to meet you like this. GW asks what is it that you want to buy that’s mine. the door is opened and TS comes in. GW looks at TS and guesses she wants to buy TS so she says yes. it’s him.   she heard how much trouble TS caused so she wants to compensate for that and puts TS in charge of the Inn again. she investigated the Inn and if things are left alone the doors of the Inn might get closed. GW says look here – you are mistaken – I am the owner of the Inn whether it stays open or the door closes -it’s all up to me. she says you are the one who is mistaken – it’s the Goongbun’s Inn (her financial resources purchased it). did you forget that? he gets angry and yells back so her aide clears his throat to warn GW to calm down. she offers to pay a lot so hand over TS’s slave status papers to me. GW says what if I don’t want to. then what will you do. she says you shouldn’t turn me down. he asks if that is a threat. she says it’s a warning. her aide tells him to end this discussion now. GW gets up to go over to her so her bodyguard protects her and tells GW to stand back. she averts her face so GW cant see her. GW says don’t mess with me it wont be good so she says that’s what I want to say. she looks right at him through the screen. he leaves in anger. she grips her dress

GW asks where is SB – has he not come back yet. the guard says no he hasn’t. GW: where has he been all this time

SB wakes in the wood and survived WR’s attack

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PJ asks who kidnapped her – did you get to confirm who they were. YW remembers how SB told her to blame her father cuz all of this happened cuz of her father. she lies and says no they covered my eyes so I couldn’t see. KC says they were all wearing something to cover their faces. PJ asks are you sure WR didnt do this?  they both say WR didn’t do this. PJ wonders who dared to come into the school to do that. gon thinks GW’s men were on the move. YW asks to be released now (from being confined to her room) cuz if she had her sword with her she wouldnt have been a victim like that. but KC says no – no matter what you cant. dont just restrict her to her room – you need to chain up her legs. YW: what do you mean chains – that’s going too far. KC: it’s cuz you dont listen to words. how could a girl be so fearless and go out at night. if you were a guy I would have already turned you over and whipped you. YW: what? there is nothing you cant say huh cuz I was so lenient. KC: who was lenient? she hits him and calls him a baby cuz he said it hurt over something so light a tap. he points out how her hands sting. she yells out his name so PJ tells them to stop it. she says sorry father -I cant stand to be with him anymore. I will go to my room first. KC says I cant stand to be here anymore so I will leave. gon looks surprised at them. PJ asks gon – did something happen between those two

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-57-37] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-58-14] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[01-59-45] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-00-38]

YW and KC go outside and glare at each other then break into smiles. they wonder if this was enough to make it seem real and laugh. he says it seemed for real. they get awkward remembering their extended makeout session in the woods and rub their lips together.  gon comes out and catches them together. KC and YW repeat the insults they said earlier and pretend to keep fighting and walk away from each other. gon has this look like I am not buying this.

YW goes to her room and remembers as they held hands on the way back to the school YW told KC let’s pretend to fight for the time being till I get released (from being confined to her room). KC asks do we have to do that. YW says if I just had a sword I wouldnt have been attacked like that last night. KC: still. YW: also that we met WR in the woods – for the time being keep it a secret from my father. KC:why?  in her head she says sorry KC – I cant tell you yet –  the one who made your father like that is my father. YW: cuz he might worry – also cuz WR is your dad.KC: a father who wants to torment me to death like that I dont really want to protect.  YW: KC. KC: ok I will do as you said but only until you are released. YW: of course.

KC smiles remembering that and turns and gets startled cuz gong is there. gong asks were you thinking of a girl? KC says no what do you mean think of a girl – I fought with YW. I had a big fight with her – for real. gong asks who asked about YW. you are so see through.  he coughs so KC gives him the medicine drink. gong mentions how bad it is getting old. it’s my body but I cant do what I want it to.  KC says I am sorry. gong: why should you be? KC: it was my father – I was there with you but couldn’t protect you. gong says it wasn’t your fault. what are you going to do now. even without the bracelet havent you started to control your form (meaning control his transformation so he can be calm or angry when he wants). if that happens you could find the gu family book and do what you wanted. KC realizes that

GW gets enough compensation for two slaves but GW doesn’t want it even if he was given ten times as much. the aide says over something small dont lose something big.  dont you want the southern province. GW says over something little dont mess with my anger. what you guys want – the only one in Korea who can do that for you is me and no one else – you should know that. the aide asks why GW is doing this over one slave – weren’t you planning a bigger picture.choi listens at the door and sneaks off. another guard saw that

choi reports what he heard to TS. TS realizes what GW is up to –not just selling information but putting up the country and placing a bet. SH’s guard sees choi leaving

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-44-15] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-44-34]

KC is training with the others so gon asks what he is doing here. KC: what do you mean what am I doing – training. keep going master.  gon calls out the next move and KC doesnt know it so he accidentally hits a guy on the head so KC says sorry.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-49-25] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-53-15]

gon drags him off and says go away and don’t kid around. KC says I am not kidding around. I sincerely want to learn. gon tells him that KC was only here till he could control his change so now that he can – prepare to leave to find the gu family book.  KC: right now the gu family book is not the problem. gon: then what is the problem? KC remembers fighting WR and says there is a reason why I have to be stronger than now. that’s why – tell me who the remaining two men of honor are. I want to learn from them. gon says just cuz you look for them – they arent men of honor you can find. until they want to see you you have to wait. got that? KC teases – it’s not cuz you don’t know who the two are right? it’s cuz I find it hard to believe you are one of the four men of honor. gon prepares to draw his sword and says: want to try dying?  KC: sorry but my body doesnt die easily. they are about to fight but TS shows up

TS told PJ and KC that he might get out of slave status and if that happens he could be in charge of the Inn. KC asks who they should be grateful to for doing that. TS says JHM (SH) the one staying at the Inn.  how she has a lot of wealth – TS doesnt know what her connection is with kimura but through GW she is doing something . KC hears that and thinks GW is selling off the country for money but TS says GW isnt selling off the country for money – he is doing it for some word I don’t know. but it has to do with the Japanese that came with SH.

PJ goes and tells SS about GW so SS thinks GW was planning to do something way more dangerous than they thought. PJ decided to send some students over to the Inn tonight for the sake of finding out more about the movements of the japanese. SS says find out how much info they know about Korea – that comes first. according to that info we can know about the war

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gon goes and reports to YW so she finds out she is being left out of the group going to the Inn on that mission cuz PJ hasnt released her yet.  she asks if KC is going too so gon says PJ wouldnt send KC to the Inn. her teacher comes in and acts all ladylike in front of gon and says you came. she says TS wants to meet with YW

YW goes to meet TS and says I heard from gon that things are going well. TS: there is still a long way more to go – before I get the Inn back, there are a lot of things I have to do. YW: you will do well. he asks where she has been. YW: havent you heard I was restricted to my room. TS says how much she must have suffered just being in her room cuz she is a free spirit. she brings up the mission tonight at the Inn so TS says if you want to get involved in that – I wanted to make a request for you to please dont this time.  she asks why cuz I am a girl. he says even though it’s the master’s decision – it’s cuz you are my fiancé. of course I know too – that’s it’s something I shouldnt even dream about – it might also be that the master rushed and said that to give me incentive (moral duty). that’s how I think.  a motivation for me to survive this somehow and stay alive. cuz you are enough of a reason for me to do that.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-38-24] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-38-58] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-40-41]

KC watches them from afar and turns to see Gon there. gon says just that much – how close you can get with miss YW. it would be better if you didnt get any closer than that.  KC asks what are you saying – didn’t you see me fighting heatedly with YW a while ago. gon says do I look like a fool who would be duped by that. you and YW will just end up getting hurt so before that happens you give up. KC says don’t you know YW hates that the most – giving up before you start. I wont ever do what YW doesn’t like. is that answer good enough. KC walks off. Gon turns and looks back to where YW is

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-52-15] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-52-54]

KC goes off by himself and remembers how gon said you and YW will end up hurt in the end. he is cleaning when YW calls him and comes over. she asks did you hear that. gon and some students are going to the inn tonight on a mission – they are going without you and me. does this make sense. how they are perfect to do this.  he asks what about TS. she asks how did you know I was with TS. he looks down so she asks why are you avoiding. KC: when did I. YW says look at this you are acting strange right now. do you know how to be jealous? KC: what are you talking about being jealous – why would I do that. YW: that is why I am asking. why would you do that. being jealous is for people who cant have someone they want. but you have nothing to worry about. dont you? he says to tell the truth – I don’t know well. up to now while I’ve been alive – I never had anyone. until now I wanted to belong to someone but I never got my person.  (he says in his head) so YW – I dont know what I should do –  can I really have these kinds of feelings for you – can I really do this to you. she says you aren’t the only one –I do too-  having these feelings – it’s the first for me too. they smile at each other. YW: so KC – what do you want to do about tonight. he asks what about tonight. (he thinks she wants to hang out with him to make out some more or something and looks at her lips) so she snaps him out of it and yells what are you imagining. I am talking about the mission to the Inn

KC listens in on gon’s meeting.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-56-56]

YW sweet talks her teacher and asks for the two of them to go out and get some air – eat some rice cakes and buy some stuff like accessories. the teacher says we cant. master dam isnt here and we dont have his permission. YW sighs and says sweetly: then do I have to tie you up and run away again.

they go out and shop together. teacher points out how to shop wisely. YW thinks all the hair accessories fabric all look the same so the teacher says you have to train yourself to know the difference. just like a person who ate meat knows the taste – you have to keep touching it and get used to it so you know what is good or bad. YW knocks out the table leg on purpose and runs off as the teacher says sorry and offers to pay for damages. CJ sees that. CJ: that person. maid asks do you know that person?

YW pulls a superman change around the corner. she has on a black outfit under her hanbok and takes it off. she says I feel like I can fly. CJ is there and says so it’s you.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-03-52] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-04-51]

gon hears that YW left for outside to go to the market with her teacher to get some air a while ago. gon goes and asks where KC went. the kid said KC left not too long ago to go to the market and said he would be late tonight. student reports his black uniform is missing.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-05-09]

KC runs off wearing that uniform and grins

YW asks have you been well. CJ says living as a gisaeng there is no being well or not. is KC well. YW: yes he is training hard these days and i think he has adjusted to living at school. CJ: you look happy. KC is normally like that. he has a talent for making people feel good. but do you know. if KC gives his heart once – he wont ever back down. even if I called him now KC would never turn me down.  YW asks what that means. CJ repeats what could that mean. she tells her maid let’s go

*I used to like and respect CJ but now she is like a spoiled brat whose toy got stolen – she is too scared of it to keep it close but she doesnt want anyone else playing with it and having fun while she is miserable. if she really loved KC – she would not have said this – it’s beneath her

GW is sitting there remembering how her bodyguard protected SH and she turned her face. he hears SR is here to see him. SR goes over and sits. he says I didnt even call you so what brings you here. SR says she came cuz she was thinking of having a drinking setting for him and his guests tonight at her gisaeng house to apologize to his guests over what happened at the festival last time. GW says you know my guest is a woman so would she be able to go to a gisaeng house. SR asks then could have bring that drink setting to the Inn. GW says I have a request then – will you hear me out.

SH says GW must really want to know about me. her aide says what should we do. she says tell him I will attend. if he is that curious about me I should show him who I am. aide says ok. she asks what happened with my request. the aide says how he has people looking into SJ the monk -but he isnt easy to find.  don’t worry I will bring you news about your son soon.

KC is waiting and wondering what’s taking YW. “why isnt she coming – can she not come.”  she showed up and watches him. he runs over and asks why are you so late- I thought you weren’t coming. did you get rid of your teacher ok.

her teacher found the hanbok and yells out YW’s name

SR and her gisaengs show up at the Inn. TS and SR nod at each other and the foreign guard sees that.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-34-15] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-36-04] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-42-57]

KC and YW sneak over. gon shows up and catches them. gon asks what are you doing here. YW: you know so why ask. did you think I wouldnt come.  KC says also where are you investigating – it’s the Inn. who knows the Inn better than anyone like my home. me -just CKC. gon asks did you forget about SS – if you are caught here SS will be in trouble. KC: only 12 total can hide inside the Inn without anyone knowing -out of the 12 who among us is one of them? it’s me CKC.  who can go in safely and come out safely -that’s me CKC.  Gon says PJ wont like this so YW says that’s for me to worry about later. YW says are you going to keep wasting time here all night arent you going to go in.

GW is with SH and SR and the other gisaengs. SR stares at SH. TS goes over and watches outside the room

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-46-42]

KC gives the men instructions on where to go and what to search for. he even tells YW and Gon where to go too. she tells him to be careful. he says I went around the Inn ever since I could walk so don’t worry. gon and YW leave. KC says aloud the hardest place is the one he is headed to.

GW asks why SH keeps covering her face. aide says how SH doesnt like showing her face to others normally. GW says if you want to make a deal –isnt it only polite to look at each other’s face- if you keep covering your face -doesnt it seem like it means you are covering up something else inside. isnt that right SR? SR remembers how the maid said SH’s shoulders had a tattoo and claw mark. GW says I know it’s impolite but I have an offer for you -will you show your face here. if you show me your face then I will give you Park TS’s slave papers.

구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-54-20] 구가의 서.E17.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-54-29]

KC covers his face and is about to go in but he is asked is stopped and asked something by the other Japanese guys. YW told him two things to say if those other guys try to talk to him. if it seems like a order say “hai” and if you arent sure then say “an-oh” (and tilt your head and rub your chin) so that second one is what KC does now and it works. the guys leave him alone and go in. KC follows and the place is full of masked men. the top Japanese guy comes in and they show pieces of a map and arrange it all on the table. they are speaking Japanese. the guy asks if all the map pieces are here. they are asked to remove their masks but KC doesn’t. he gets singled out so he does what YW  told him and it doesn’t work this time. they draw their swords so he turns around and takes his bracelet off. he changes form and glares at them.

gon and YW are together when she hears yelling and she says KC

the head guard watches KC run off

GW asks will you hurry and reveal your face. the aide says isnt this overdoing it – what is this bad manner when you invited us, but SH takes the hat off. it’s not SH and someone different -way younger and prettier. her aide asks GW-  are you satisfied now. SR realizes it’s not SH.

*didnt they wonder why SH didnt talk the whole time?

SH is in the room alone and smiles. she hears noise outside. KC is running away from the men. he puts his bracelet back on and goes into the room. men chase him and stop. they don’t go in the room

KC closes the door and hears a voice in Japanese. she lights a candle and goes over to him –asking who he is. she has a knife in her hand. KC turns and looks at her.



GW says I heard KC stole the maps.

KC showed the map pieces to SS, SR, gon and PJ

SH asks what is your name. KC says I am choi KC.

KC finds out through eavesdropping cuz CJ said to YW – I heard PJ killed KC’s father-did you hide that from KC?”  KC cries and asks YW: what is all this talk? (as in what did she just say?)

PJ asks what did you just say – she might be SH?  (SR must have told him her suspicions about SH)

SH orders some men – find KC – even if you have to kill him find him and bring him

KC asks PJ: how could you do that? is that why you killed my father? did my family’s misery/tragedy start with the end of this sword?

KC: I like you – I like you a lot. (imp to note – he used present tense not past tense)

YW avoids him and walks away

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-50-40]

I find it so tragic that their first conversation as father and son is to point out their differences in opinion about how to live. On the one hand WR has some valid points, but unfortunately for him he happened to meet a human who was weak and lacked faith – not just in him, but herself. SH wasn’t courageous enough to face her fears and was too quick to judge. KC got lucky cuz ever since he was picked up in that river, he grew up around human love and comfort. He had years to experience how much love, trust, and faith he could give and receive from people. He knows very well what he would be giving up if he obeyed his father, but WR has no clue. It’s not easy to let go of all that just cuz your long lost birth father gives you some advice from his personal experience. I have a feeling the more WR watches his son’s interactions with other humans who are close to KC, WR will start to realize he was wrong. I hope it doesn’t take meeting SH again for WR to open his heart again to trust in people. I rather that faith came from his own flesh and blood cuz then it will be more meaningful and lasting.


Written before it aired:

We are about to find out how much courage it takes to face a mob who believes the worst in you. At first I thought KC did this for himself just to put all the rumors about him to rest, but then I realized he had a nobler reason – it was done to save SS. KC isn’t the kind of guy who would let another man fight his battles for him. I bet the minute he found out GW was putting the pressure on SS, KC decided to step up and take matters into his own hand. For his sake, I’m hoping YW is standing right there when he takes off that bracelet. By now we know he can suppress his gumiho temper, but without YW around, his eyes will still change color.  Better yet, how cool would it be if he has been keeping a secret from everyone till now – the fact that he has learned to gain total control over his transformation. If only that could happen, aside from the kiss coming up, we would have one more thing to jump for joy over – the sight of GW throwing a silent fit of anger.



There are drama kisses and then there are dramatic kisses. This will more than likely be the rated G version, but it doesn’t mean the fans won’t go crazy any less. There is talk on Soompi that this scene took seven hours to film and if that’s true, I would really like to know why. Makes me wonder if fits of giggles played a role or if leg cramps from crouching for so long was a factor. As long as the scene turned out well, you won’t hear a word of complaint out of me, but if it took seven hours just to get every angle and the kiss was interrupted, expect some swearing at some point in this episode.


Starts with WR and KC facing off. KC: who are you. WR: are you choi KC? KC: I asked who you are. WR: I am Gu WR

SH asks what brings you here late at night – was it cuz you were curious about me. so it is.  it’s good timing – I was about to be curious about you. she takes off her hat. the two men with her watch as she lifts her face to smile at TS

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-57-46] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-58-40]

WR asks: are you SH’s son. KC: that’s what the monk said. WR: heard you are looking for the gu family book. KC: the monk talked too much. WR: did she say she was Dam YW. if you are looking for the gu family book cuz of that girl – it would be good if you stopped. if you give up becoming human and live as you are, I will spare your life. KC retorts what is this nonsense late at night. what right do you have to tell me to be human or not – give up or not – what are you? WR: you know very well who I am. KC: I dont really want to know – even if I know I dont want to act like I know – so get lost -go back to where you live and don’t show up again! WR goes over and pins KC’s neck to the wall. WR: trust me – if you trust humans all you get is betrayal in return-  they will never accept you -they will never believe in you -for the reason that you are different they will ostricize you and give pain– it’s my last warning– leave the human world right now. KC cries saying: leave and like a monster like you live alone in the woods– unable to die unable to get sick– for all those years you dont know when it will end – unable to see the person you like alone by myself – feeling that terrible and lonely- are you saying you want me to live like that in the woods- sorry but I cant live like that -why? cuz living as human is my dream.

WR watches his son’s tears and suddenly senses something behind him. he turns to look and it’s gong. gong showed up and asks WR- are you the one randomly killing people in the woods. put that hand down right now and get away from KC. KC yells at him – no teacher – go away – dont come! but gong tells WR-put that hand down and stand back. WR attacks gong and they fight. WR chokes him. his eyes turn red. KC screams you cant.

YW stands up when she hears the yell and so does gon and PJ.

she goes out and that lady asks where are you going. YW says didnt you hear that sound just now. the woman says your father will handle things outside. go back in. YW: it was KC’s voice. the woman says go back in.

KC throws down his bracelet and changes form. WR senses that and tells KC  “give up being human -if you dont I will destroy everything that has anything to do with you.” KC attacks, but WR disappears. KC tries to revive gong but he cant. please open your eyes teacher – try to breathe. he grabs a rock and cuts himself and puts his blood on gong’s neck. PJ puts a sword to his neck and says stand back. other students have their swords drawn at KC too. KC lets go and gong’s neck heals. he backs away once he sees that. the kid finds the bracelet. other students take gong away.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[00-50-20]

WR goes to his cave and sits. he looks at his injured arm. *it’s hard to tell if the look of pain on his face was the fact that his own son can hurt him or the truth his son spoke about living a lonely existence in the woods.

SH makes some green tea and offers it to TS.  TS: what did you mean. SH: didnt you come all this way cuz you were curious about me and I was curious about you too so starting from now how about asking one thing at a time about what we are curious about each other. TS asks I will ask first. are you Korean? she says yes I am Korean. her aide is shocked she admitted that. SH: now I will ask-  are you on GW’s side? TS says I am only trying to protect my sister who was sold off to the gisaeng house – that’s all. I will ask – what is your relationship with GW. SH says we give each other help and info that we need. TS asks for what objective/goal is the assistance and info.  SH wont answer and says it’s too bad but it’s my turn. this is my last question – do you want to get back the Inn – if you want I can make that happen.

next morning gon goes to see YW. she tells him to come in. what happened last night. gon says KC attacked gong. she asks what are you saying – why would KC. gon thinks it’s cuz KC is having a hard time with the changes inside of him. she asks how gong is doing. gon says they took him to the doctors but his condition is still not good and KC is being kept under guards.  she tries to leave but he says you cant. YW: let me go out and confirm for myself. KC would never do that! Gon yells gong was seriously injured and next to him was KC in his changed form. do you need more explanation.

the student says I knew this would happen – and now teacher gong got attacked too. the kid wonders if KC really did that. the guy says how can you say that when you saw with your own eyes – it wasnt done by someone human. kid: still.

other students are telling PJ how they feel- now even teacher gong attacked – how many more have to die. SS shows up to see gong too. SS says I heard there was an attack at night

KC goes out and students point their weapons at him. one asks where are you going. KC says I want to meet Master (PJ), but the guy says unless we get other orders you cant move. so KC grabs the weapon and remembers how YW told him not to do that. they need time to accept you. you know that too right? SS tells them all to step back. he looks at KC

the teacher tells YW to sit properly cuz it’s a bad habit cuz she was sitting hugging her knees.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-49-07]

SS asks what did you do to the teacher last night. KC: I didnt do it. SS says I heard everyone thinks you did it. KC: I didnt do that. SS interrupts – if you didnt do that then who did? KC remembers how WR said “they will never believe you.” KC: can you not believe me too?  KC remembers how WR said for other reasons they will end up hurting you. KC: cuz I am not human -cuz I am different from others -is that why you are suspecting me first? SS: I am asking who did that. KC: if it’s not revealed who did that – doesnt it mean you wont believe me. SS: are you asking about my benefit of doubt right now. KC: I am asking about your belief in me. SS: benefit of doubt doesnt drop from the sky overnight. it has to accumulate each day to be visible. if people cant trust you -what you accumulated wasnt right – it means you dont blame others. KC: in the end result does it mean it’s all my fault/doing? SS: everything that happens in your life is all your fault/all your doing. KC: no matter how hard I try people dont acknowledge it. SS yells you cant live doing that – just cuz they acknowledge you – you do better -just cuz they dont acknowledge you -you dont do better. KC: I didnt do that to teacher gong. SS says to instill trust -if you want people to trust you-learn to get along with people. KC remembers how gong gave that same advice – if you want to stay here a long time with YW then learn to get along with others.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-48-25] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-48-37]

KC goes out and PJ and gon are there with all the students gathered. KC asks PJ for one more chance. PJ says your fellow students are afraid – they don’t want to stay with you anymore. with tears in his eyes KC says I still have two days time and five bells left –within those two days, if I cant protect these bells then at that time I will leave this place on my own. I will think of this as my last chance. cant I do that?

YW is embroidering when her teacher falls asleep so YW changes back to her normal outfit and ties her up and gags her saying I am really sorry – I am sincerely sorry -I will be back within the hour-just think of it as a nap and sleep – I am really sorry. she sneaks out the window

KC goes and picks up the broom gong dropped when he was attacked. YW shows up and drags him off.

her teacher tries to get the door opened

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-46-00] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-46-06] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-46-32] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-46-44]

YW drags KC over. he asks how did you come. were you released from being confined to quarters. she says if I was released then would I have sneaked out like this. KC: did you just come out secretly then? YW says I cant stay long – I have to go back in soon. anyway are you ok. gon didnt tell me any details so I was so frustrated. what happened to teacher gong – did he get hurt a lot. how did it happen that you were there with him? i bet people misunderstood that teacher gong got hurt cuz of you huh? did you get into a lot of trouble with my dad. did you get hit? KC doesnt answer and asks how is your ankle sprain? YW: it’s all better. KC: still – after spraining it once -you could sprain it again so for the time being dont run and be very careful. you know right? she nods and says do you know your nagging has been getting worse lately? KC: you are playing around. YW goes into flirty mode and teases: do you know that too – you are like a guy these days. KC: so do you like that? YW: what do you think. KC: let’s see – it’s written in your two eyes that you like it so much you could die.  YW says in a roundabout way: you are mistaken. they have a moment just gazing at each other smiling. then he clears his throat and tells her -dont worry too much about teacher gong -he will be ok. YW: how are you? KC: there is still hope for me. all the other students want to chase me out but I still have 5 bells left.  she looks and asks so you started the bell test? KC: yes. YW: since when? KC: yesterday. YW: and you only have 5 left?! KC: from today for the next two days if I keep the remaining five bells safe, Master said I could continue to remain at the school. suddenly a bell is sliced off. gon snuck over and cut off another one. he says now you have 4 left. KC says I didnt see you like that but are you going to be so cheap. Gon retorts – who is the one who called out miss when she is confined to guarters to meet her secretly. YW: KC didnt call me I came out secretly. KC: did you hear that? YW was this worried about me so what are you. gon says to her – go back now and I will act like I didnt see anything. YW: ok I will go in. just a little more longer. her teacher shows up and says no you cant. she throws down her binds that YW used to tie her up and says go back in right now. YW: ok I will go in now

* the look on KC’s face when he hears her rambling on with total trust and faith in him – never suspecting him for even a second – I bet he was choked up with gratitude as his heart swelled with love for her unfailing trust in him.

YW gets an earful from her teacher. if YW does this one more time she is going to go and tell the master the whole truth. YW: ok –  I am really sorry – I was just worried about teacher gong – please understand. the teacher says they will start the next part of the lesson so YW is suddenly more compliant.

PJ says GW is after KC (for the murders). SS asks did the rumors come all the way here. PJ says there are rumors going around everywhere about KC. he asks for SS to give the order what to do. SS says TS is next to GW so what GW is up to –  what is the reason for the Japanese people who came in – finding that out is first. leave the problem about KC up to me – even if I have to go up against GW I will settle that problem

GW hears from the magistrate that SS wants to meet GW in person to discuss KC. so let him know what place is good. GW says tell him to come here himself. since he is the one who has something to say. the guy says SS is an admiral- not someone you tell where to go but GW says if he doesnt want to then forget it

SS agrees to go to the Inn then to meet GW and gives him the time he will be arriving

gong wakes up and tells the kid something in a whisper

KC is alone with the broom and remembers what gong said – you are only trying to grab the broom so you cant. important thing is the inherent nature of things. kid asks what are you doing here alone. KC: just thinking. come over here.  what is this. kid says a broom. KC asks him to try to grab the broom so the kid does. KC says do it again and the kid gets it again. KC asks how did you grab it. Kid: are you curious. KC: Yes I am curious – a lot. kid: the important thing is the inherent nature of things. KC: not that again -just tell me the method. kid: think about it. while the broom is moving who is the source of control for the broom. KC: who is that? kid: it’s you. cuz you are the one moving that broom. I didn’t look at the broom I watched how you moved. they go again but this time KC wants the kid to avoid him. the kid evades KC from grabbing it. KC asks to go again and KC grabs it. kid says rings a bell with the broom and says if this broom was a sword you would have been stabbed. KC asks if the kid is one of the four men of honor too. kid says that couldnt happen – he couldnt even step on their shadow with his skill. KC asks if gon’s skills are that great. kid says after the master Gon is the next best. KC looks defeated so the kid says have strength – SS is doing his best to protect you by putting himself through an inquisition so you cant back down here. KC: what are you saying -what do you mean SS is facing an inquisition- why? kid: didnt you know?

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-14-06] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-14-30]

KC goes and confronts gon and asks if that is true. cuz of the rumors about KC that GW is putting SS in a spot. gon says yes it is true. KC: why didnt you tell me. gon: if I told you do you even have a way to resolve it. KC: I could have stopped the rumors from spreading at least. gon: you cant even catch the hearts of the students properly so how can you control the hearts of the villagers. dont get involved and make more headache for others. you just protect those bells on your waist well. KC asks what will you do if I do have a way to resolve it. get rid of all the rumors and if there was a way to help SS-then will you help me?  students argue what trouble are you going to cause again-that’s right – it would be better to trust a passing stray dog -we cant trust him. KC takes the bell belt off and holds it out to gon. KC: if I get involved and SS gets into more trouble – dont bother pulling off the remaining bells – I will quietly disappear from your eyes on my own. I will never show up in front of anyone here again. gon asks does that include YW too so KC says you can include her. there isnt much time left. are you going to just stand by and watch SS being pushed around or will you help me -what will you do? the kid watches that from afar and smiles.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-16-04]

gon goes and asks to meet with YW’s teacher for a second. she checks on YW and follows him out. the kid sneaks in and says to YW: I have a message from teacher gong.

PJ asks what do you mean KC went down to the village – why didn’t you stop him

PJ gets up to go but gong comes over and says wait – sit down for a second. PJ says KC went down to the village. gong says I know. PJ asks if this is gong’s doing. gong says sit down and I will tell you everything

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-19-08] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-20-53] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-22-11] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-22-22] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-24-11] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-24-26]

her teacher asks  what did you want to say. gon stares everywhere trying to come up with something. he asks how YW is doing. she says so so. gon: how do you like living here. she thinks he is interested in her but YW is sneaking out behind her back. Pretty sure they didnt have the ok sign back in joseon days but YW makes him one and leaves. the teacher is about to turn around so he suddenly grabs her by the shoulders and says  thank you very much for taking care of our miss so well. he even manages a smile *the things he does for love.

her teacher goes back in and asks are you sleeping. what’s up with the sudden napping. it’s really the kid who is dressed as YW -he sighs loudly in relief as she turns to go but that stops her. she turns him over and they scare each other

YW goes out but the students block her

villagers are running over so CJ and her maid see that and wonder what is going on-maybe there is a fight. M and his men see people gathering and wonder what’s going on. KC says those who are curious if I am the child of a gumiho or not. those who are curious – he motions to raise your hands.  M comes over and asks what are you doing here. he gets close and asks what are you doing – what if your real identity is found out then what will you do, but KC yells – I will ask again – those who are curious if I am the child of a gumiho or not. M helps him and yells those who are curious- raise your hands. people do so KC says then come to the front of the Inn – I will reveal to you there whether or not I am a child of a gumiho or not.

SS goes to meet GW.

TW hears from choi that SS came here.

GW asks what is the reason you came to see me. SS says I heard you wanted KC to go to the magistrate’s office (police). GW says KC is not human and a monster -he is going around killing people in the woods so I couldn’t just stand by and watch it. SS asks if GW is intimidated by KC or else – that kid innocent -why does it scare you so much that you cant get him. GW asks why are you protecting that monster so much. SS quotes someone (something along the lines of – what you see is a reflection of how you feel in your heart kinda thing) and says a pig sees only a pig – if you saw KC as a monster so your heart is the monster. the murder investigation is already complicated so if you keep making a mess of it even more (with false accusations and stuff) then you will pay for that crime. GW asks are you daring to warn me right now? SS: if that is how you took it then it’s correct.  he gets up to leave but GW says I will ask one thing -in a country where there is no war-  why have all the army and funding-  also what is up with those turtle ships. are you getting ready for war – is that it? doesnt that mean you are committing treason-  also keeping KC by your side and helping him – is it for the same goal. SS says the turtle ship is a secret even in our army so how do you know that. do you have a spy/mole in my group. they hear KC’s voice outside calling out come over here

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-28-56] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-30-18] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-30-07] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-31-23]

KC is calling for GW to come out. the people in the Inn all come out and go over to him. choi asks what KC is doing here when there are rumors going around about you.  KC says that is why I came father. I am your son father – the Inn’s choi M’s son – so how can they call me a gumiho child. how could I stand still for that. TS’s servant says he is angry about those ridiculous rumors too. KC tells him to go in and tell the new owner lord to come out. GW comes out and asks what is all this. KC sees SS next to GW. CJ is in the crowd too watching. KC bows to SS. SS asks what brings you here. KC indirectly insults GW by calling him a name – he says there is someone going around spreading rumors about me these days. SS says dont cause trouble and go back. KC: so that the person watching out for me doesnt get in trouble -so that I wont disappoint that person- this is the best trust I can show him lord. KC asks GW: so tell me – how can I show you that I am not the child of a gumiho so that you will admit I am choi’s son. GW: take off that bracelet on your wrist cuz I heard it keeps you from changing into a monster. people mutter and M says he has been found out. KC asks what if I take this off and I don’t change into a monster– then what will you do. will you apologize a hundred times for falsely accusing me and spreading damaging rumors? GW:hurry and take it off first. KC looks around for YW. GW says what are you doing –  hurry and take it off if you are human. KC looks worried and stares at the bracelet. CJ says you cant KC and steps forward but YW beats her to it and calls out his name just then. he smiles at her as she goes over to him. GW says to take off the bracelet right now and show your proof. YW nods at KC so he takes it off. the wind blows really strong but KC stays the same. the people start talking KC is normal. M covered his eyes but then he looks. KC repeats in his head what he said before in the past: I don’t know why this only happens when YW is next to me. YW smiles at him and says you did well KC. GW asks SB – what happened. SB attacks KC but gon stops SB. PJ and other students come over to protect KC and orders SB to put his sword away. KC is a student in our school– if you are going to strike him down for no reason -putting my name Dam PJ on the line –  I wont forgive the one who strikes him down. SS asks GW- do you still see that kid KC as a monster? GW looks angry and goes in.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-30-25] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-30-40] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-33-24] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-38-58]

KC puts the bracelet back on and thanks YW. she says I told you – you don’t have to say that each time. PJ nods at SS. SS says to KC- I admire your courage but from here on if you are going to do something like this – give me a heads up. KC: were you perhaps nervous. SS laughs and pats him on the arm and leaves. PJ asks KC- why did you do this dangerous thing– what if I didn’t send YW then what would you have done. KC: I thought that would never happen. PJ:why? KC: cuz I trusted your heart in the admiral.

gong told PJ about what happened that night -that KC didnt attack him another beast did. PJ: what are you saying? what do you mean another beast. gong:  he asked KC  “are you SH’s son.” PJ says KC didnt say a word about that other being.  gong thinks there is a deep relationship with KC and the other creature.

PJ tells KC – we can talk in detail at the school. also you YW. YW: yes father.  PJ: get prepared to be in big trouble for leaving the school. YW: ah yes. he walks off and she says what to do – i’m dead. KC smiles at her. M laughs at them and points out how lovesick they are for each other – sort of like the modern version of “get a room”

CJ stands and watches KC and YW smiling at each other. TS watches them as well

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-41-19] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-42-45] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-44-48]

gon is talking to the group of students. he holds up the bells KC left with Gon– raise your hand if you still think KC should leave the school then I will take one bell off for each guy who thinks he should leave. hand goes up so Gon pulls one off. Gon: anymore? another hand goes up so KC loses another bell. gon: anymore? kid yells stop it – how much longer are you going to misunderstand KC hyungnim – he wasn’t trying to attack teacher gong he was trying to protect him. he is different from us for sure but I dont think that is something to ostracize him for and hate him for it. among us too -the world mistreated us and ostracized us – we didnt like that so there are a lot of kids who came here. but look how we treated KC – how is it any different from those who ostracized us. isnt that right? Gon asks are there anymore? but the kid shamed them into not raising their hands anymore. KC asks can I get the bells back now. gon takes off another one. KC: what are you? no one raised their hand so why pull off the bell? gon: I pulled it off for my vote cuz I still want you to leave this school. KC: what? Gon throws the belt to him. you have one left so protect it well till sunset today if you dont want to get kicked out of this school. Gon walks off. KC faces the students and thanks them for letting him stay here. to tell the truth – other than here there was no place for me to go. thank you everyone. he bows to them. the leader student comes over and says we are sorry too. they pat him on the shoulder as they leave. the kid comes over smiling so KC thanks him. kid says now you’ve become the bean in the bag – huh hyungnim. KC suddenly gets it

*I actually found myself crying as I typed this scene. when KC admitted he had no other place to go than this school, it broke my heart. He really is alone and lost in this world without YW, SS, PJ, Gong, and all the others. Just like he made a family at the Inn, he thought he was making a new one here. the idea that he has to leave it scared him cuz the last thing in the world he wants is to be alone.

KC puts down the bag of beans and tells gong I finally know the correct answer. gong: what is the correct answer? KC: one bagful. no matter how many thousands of beans there are when they are all put in together -they are just one bagful. how is it? this time I got it correct for sure huh? gong acts  vague and says did you get it right or not. KC: what? this isnt the correct answer too? gong: go and wash dishes. it’s piled up like a mountain. gong walks off. KC thinks to himself -that’s strange – I think it was right.

gong pinches the kid saying I told you to help KC -when did I tell you to give him the right answer. the kid says no I didn’t tell him the right answer at all – KC guessed on his own

the maid who attends to SH comes to meet SR. SR asks did you find out anything about the woman at the Inn. the maid says during the bath I saw something strange. she has a tattoo on her shoulder for a Chunan gisaeng (this gisaeng house) -that’s not all of it. on the other shoulder too – she has a scar like a claw mark. SR remembers how SH had that tattoo and when PJ told her to take good care of SH cuz she has a wound. so SR wonders how could that happen – how could that kid (SH) have lived

SH meets with TS. SH: so have you thought it over. TS: first I want to hear the conditions.  you wouldnt be willing to return the Inn to me for nothing – isnt there something you want from me. SH: of course there is. TS: what is it? SH: be my son. that will be plenty.

the teacher is falling asleep again during the needlework. YW ties her up again and says sorry – I am really sorry – just help me one more time. this time I will come right back so just sleep during that time

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-26-40] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-26-47] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-24-38] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-25-42]

she sneaks out to meet KC. he is standing there so she smiles watching him. YW: KC ya I came. he says you came out faster than I thought. YW: why did you want to see me. he holds out the bell to her saying I have one left. she takes it and says so in the end – you protected it. KC: the students protected it. YW: then you wont get kicked out now. he nods yes. YW: thank goodness. they hide from students walking by. his arm is around her and they look at each other. she grips the bell in her hand. he leans closer and takes her hand. other one is still around her shoulder. she closes her eyes as he leans in to kiss. the kid interrupts calling out for KC. YW motions for KC to go out but he motions he doesnt want to. she shoves him out of hiding. kid says master is looking for you. hurry and come. KC says ok I will go there. he motions for the kid to go first.  YW comes out of hiding and says hurry and go – my father is looking for you. hurry. KC grunts yes and reluctantly walks away. but he goes back and puts his hands on her shoulders. he leans in to kiss again but just says sleep well. she says you too.  after he leaves she smiles. someone suddenly snatches her

PJ says I heard from teacher gong about his attack. who was that. do you know who it is. KC says I do know. PJ: who is it. KC remembers how WR said give up being human. her teacher comes in and says YW has disappeared again. we looked all over the school but she isnt here. PJ: what do you mean she isnt in the school. KC says that wouldn’t have happened – she would have gone back to her room already.

구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-21-40] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-21-52] 구가의 서.E16.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-22-33]

KC goes back to where he left her and sees the bell she dropped on the ground. he remembers how WR said give up being human – if you dont then I will destroy everything  involved with you. KC grips the bell and says angrily “WR.”


no preview

I don’t care what kind of revenge plan she has in store for GW that took 20 yrs in the making, SH is like the worst mom ever. The first thing she should have done when she came back was to look for her son. Now she is asking TS to be her son – what is up with that. Her reason had better be the best one ever –otherwise I don’t think I will ever have any respect for this character. Even the thousand year demon father has more heart than her – he has been stalking his son and watching him from afar to see how he grew up. By giving him that advice not to trust humans, at least WR is trying to do something in KC’s best interest.  Can’t say SH has done anything so far to merit any of KC’s attention. Who would have thought a demon could end up being a better parent than a human. Now if only WR would listen to KC and not go around killing or hurting anymore people KC cares about, we might have a keeper.

*Reasons why I didnt curse on this recap over the “almost kissed” scenes and was more forgiving (not to mention I already swore under my breath during the live broadcast when it happened):

Watching Gon make a fool of himself trying to distract YW’s teacher was a gem

That kid’s speech defending KC in front of the other students

How adorable teacher gong is always watching out for KC by reasoning with PJ and being one step ahead of the game

The kid dressing up like YW to trick her teacher

how cute KC and YW are at flirting and dancing around each other

seeing how WR really does seem to care about KC – those scenes when he is alone in his cave thinking over what KC said- during that time he wasnt out killing. while he was distracted by KC and stalking him, WR didnt commit any murders

little old gong thinking he can fight WR and actually trying to protect KC

watching how moved KC was by YW’s quick caring reaction and worry over KC

how Gon defended KC from being slashed by SB’s sword and then having PJ and the other students backing KC up

mostly, I was too tired to swear again cuz WP froze on me and made me retranslate two scenes I lost so I swore up a storm

The best thing about this drama is how they phrase their convictions- as hard as it is – most of the stuff SS, PJ, and Gong say is pretty profound and eloquent. I might not catch every word, but I am so glad I get the gist of it. This writer is pretty good in that sense, but this whole tease with the almost kissing was a bit juvenile. yes most of us didnt even bother expecting cuz experience tells us this is what sageuks love to do, but it’s freaking E16 for crying out loud – would it have killed them to follow through and let them kiss already. at this rate, we will end up with just one or two for the entire series. I bet this writer was sitting back tonight sadistically enjoying our anguish, but the joke is on her/him cuz that person is going to get a backlash of tweets and emails from angry fans. ha – serves you right.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[00-16-08]

This is going to sound funny to admit, but I am more excited about WR’s progression with KC than I am with our main couple tonight. It’s cuz I have every faith that YW and KC will do everything they can to stay together, but I don’t have the same confidence that WR won’t harm KC. Now the preview kindled the hope I have been having for KC and his father to reunite. I just knew that despite being the demon he supposedly became, WR is feeling the pull of that blood tie. For the first time in his life, WR has someone who is like him. I took all those stalking scenes to mean that WR gets what KC is going through – stuff like watching how KC is starting to realize his other powers, abilities, and how to control them. When KC touched the plant to make it grow, WR copied him and noted his touch brings death and destruction. The look on WR’s face as he realized that seemed sort of sad cuz he doesn’t have the same ability as his son anymore. Maybe he will learn to become more in touch with his kinder side and become more humane through KC – that’s my fervent wish. The old WR would have loved having someone who can share his loneliness and anguish over not being normal, but this new one is being more paternal than I expected. He wants KC to accept who he is and discover ways to utilize his gifts and not make the same mistakes as WR and blindly trust in humans and love. What WR doesn’t understand yet is that the old WR wanted to become human for SH’s sake, but KC wants it for himself. This time around, WR may have let go of that desire to become human, but his son is holding on to that hope for dear life. How great of a love story would it be if his father was the one who could make that happen.

How much do you have to risk losing to see what you wanted all along. How much do you have to let go to get closer to what you want. These are some questions I bet these characters are going to ask themselves from time to time. Whatever happens in the end, I just want KC to know that more people loved him than feared him. That is something his father never got to experience so if there was one great outcome that came from WR and SH’s love – it’s their child – the only half gumiho who was so endearing that he received and elicited happiness in so many lives.

Written before it aired:


I love the direction this drama is going cuz it stays one step ahead of our anticipation. As if things weren’t tough enough for KC, he has yet another obstacle in his life. Learning that his long lost father is out to get him is hard enough to face, but now he has her disapproving father thrown into the mix. How many drama couples’ relationships have we seen screech to a halt once they find out her parent was responsible for the death of his? At first I was concerned about this typical makjang drama twist till I realized WR is still technically alive and YW is not your average maiden in distress. She is tough when she needs to be and vulnerable only when she is alone. She has come too far and felt too much to let anything or anyone come between them so I am hoping that terrible truth won’t be the determining factor that breaks down her resolve. We know KC won’t hold it against her or her father so I am hoping she doesn’t let it either. Just in case, there is nothing like the memory of sweet little moments to remind them what they need to fight and hold on to.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-05-30]

I’m pretty sure demons are not supposed to look this angelic or heavenly.


starts with young YW going over to take the sword but cant budge it. her dad comes over and pulls it out for her and tells her to hold it. he asks how is the weight of the sword. she says it’s too heavy. he says the sword is power – if you swing it the wrong way it could get an innocent person’s blood on it – to the extent that you cant handle the weight of that. she asks did you ever slay someone innocent father? he replies just once in my life i slayed someone innocent. flashback of him killing WR

YW calls for KC and sees WR so she draws her sword and asks who is there?

SJ tells KC “he showed up -he wants to kill you.”  KC asks who is he? SJ: WR. your father. KC says you said my father died already. SJ says he came back as a thousand year demon. he wants to kill everyone that has to do with SH. as SH’s son – everyone around you will get hurt so hurry and run away.

YW falls and sees WR standing in front of her. she calls out to KC for help in her head. KC is running and hears her. he says her name and keeps running.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-03-03] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-03-11] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-04-18] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-04-51] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-05-18] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[01-05-45]

WR steps closer to her and lifts her chin. she grabs her sword but he stops her by holding her sword hand. KC calls out for YW so WR tells her not to move. she asks who are you. he says I am WR. YW: WR? WR: yes that’s my name. what about you? she gives her name and the name of the school. he asks Dam YW? are you Master Dam PJ’s daughter? so you are.  how do you know KC? YW: do you know KC too? he says I know his father. 20 yrs ago the one Dam PJ killed. she is shocked and says what? WR: you didn’t know – the person who killed KC’s father is Master Dam PJ. did you really not know? does KC still not know that truth? is that it? she stands and draws her sword and puts it to his neck asking what is your identity to show up in front of me saying such things. he stands and says I will tell you this in advance but with those things you cant take me down. she strikes and he grabs her sword arm and turns the blade on her as he catches her. she screams

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-48-36] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-48-57] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-50-02] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-50-20]

KC hears the scream and runs toward her. she is on her knees alone in the wood. he runs over calling her name over and over. she looks at him. he touches her face asking are you ok? you aren’t hurt? she is crying so he asks what’s wrong – what did you see. she hugs him and sobs. he has tears flowing down too as he hugs her close

GW is staring at the drawing of the ship and TS tells him how SS is planning to make a new type of ship. GW asks -are you saying SS can make this kind of ship for real? TS says it hasnt been built yet so I dont know if it can be made for real or not. but I know my father planned to use the 5000nyang for those ships.  GW: how can I trust this info isnt a fake/lie? TS: what are you saying? GW: it could be that you brought fake info on purpose and are trying to dupe me . TS says I am someone standing on the edge of a cliff right now- on a cliff where I have nothing to hold onto – no foot hold – cant even see a place to go up to. trying to protect my sister’s life -hanging on with all my strength- to try to live – I am hanging on – so don’t try to push me to the edge anymore -it means dont test me anymore. got that?

GW tells SB he doesn’t know whose side TS is on –  if the change in him is for real or fake. SB thinks this kind of ship is impossible. so GW asks do you think this drawing is a trick/deception. SB thinks they could have suspected GW’s actions and fed him false info.  GW: there is a way to confirm one thing.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-53-34] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-54-11]

KC is binding her leg and asks what did you see that made you sprain your leg?  she remembers what WR said about her dad killing KC’s dad. she lies she tripped over some roots. KC lectures her: a girl going around alone in the woods at night. YW: cuz they said you disappeared without a word so I got worried. KC: you knew very well how dangerous the woods are these days – a girl alone without any fear. she says you are calling me a girl a lot these days. KC: you call a girl a girl – do I call her a guy? YW: do you even see me as a girl? KC retorts: re my eyes buttonholes? of course i see you as a girl. they let that sink in for a moment. he finishes binding her sprain and says it’s all done. he extends his hand to help her stand. she ends up in his arms holding hands. they stare into each other’s eyes. he gulps and says let’s go down now. master dam will be worried. but they don’t pull apart. he walks off first and then turns around. he goes back and picks up her weapon and walks off again

TS is looking over the Inn with his servant and choi. choi says the Inn is not like it used to be. it’s cuz the new owner lord has no interest in the Inn. TS’s servant says I don’t know why he came here if he has no interest in it. choi tells him to be careful cuz GW’s spies (rats) could overhear. TS asks do you think I can get the Inn back – if I do – then will my life be straightened out again?

the woman and her aide are watching TS from above. the man is telling the woman about TS and how he is the son of the owner of the Inn Park MS. that he was arrested for treason but now he is following GW’s orders. she wonders “if that kid is alive, that child would be his age too.” so the guy asks are you talking about your son.

*This conversation makes it very clear – the fact that the woman in the hat really is KC’s mother. Back in those days, KC would not have been considered a good match for YW based on what the public knows – his current status as a lowborn, but PJ knows that KC’s mother was from a noble family I think so his only objection should be the half gumiho part.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-41-08] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-41-20] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-42-09] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-43-04]

YW cries out in pain so KC asks does it hurt a lot? can you not walk? YW: it’s ok I can endure it. he crouches down and tells her to get on his back but she says -what is that – it’s ok – I don’t do that stuff. he tells her to get on again but she says I said I dont want to. so he stands and asks then should I carry you and go? YW: what? KC: which way do you want to go? do you want me to carry you or piggyback you. she says my leg isnt broken – it’s just sprained a little – I can walk plenty still but he picks her up in his arms. he says then I will carry you. she says I’m ok let me down. but he says no. she says it’s a long ways off to the school – it’s too hard on you. he tells her to just hold still at a time like this and act like you dont know what’s going on and leave it up to me. how can a girl not know that. she says it’s cuz I feel sorry. he says it’s not hard at all – even if you asked me to walk all night like this I can so just be still. she thanks him as he walks along carrying her.

*I felt bad for LSG cuz even tho Suzy isnt fat, she is really tall and big boned so she looks like she might weigh more than the average girl her age. plus I noticed today that LSG is a lot shorter than Sung Joon and CJH

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-46-38] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-46-53]

KC suddenly stops when he sees gon coming over with some students. Gon’s eyes go wide with shock -then he scowls. KC and YW freeze when they see her dad is right behind them. he looks ready to spit nails

PJ yells at her saying how could you not listen to me. I told you to watch your behavior and be careful. what were you doing with him all this time. YW: I told you – it was cuz I hurt my leg. PJ: you and TS are engaged right now. YW: you didnt even ask me for my opionion and decided that on your own. PJ says at the school, it’s the law/rule for the Master to arrange the marriage.  YW: is it cuz of KC’s dad. I heard you killed his father. is that true? is that why you were so cold to him and kept him at a distance. he asks if KC knows this too. she says KC doesnt know anything. he asks who she heard it from. YW: before that answer me -why did you do it. why did you kill KC’s father?  how did that happen? he says it happened a long time ago. I have nothing to say about that matter so leave now

flashback to WR holding her in his arms saying “so it is. seeing how you raise your sword to an innocent first –  you two are the same -the father and his daughter.” she says my father is not someone who would ever hold his sword up to an innocent.  WR: I was that innocent person. she is shocked and cant believe it. WR says believe my words – all of this is the truth. alone in her room she says this cant be-what to do KC

PJ tells Gon for the time being -we have to keep YW and KC apart

Gon reports to her that she cant go out on her dad’s orders. she tells him to move aside so she can speak to her dad but he says you cant go out. she yells at him to move but he says her lessons start today. if you go against his orders and go outside –  all of the students will get punished in your place. YW: what? father went so far as to say that? Gon asks her to follow the orders this time around. she asks where KC is now

KC is sneaking around the school dressed in all black. TS is in his room when he hears footsteps. TS asks who is it. KC says it’s me TS. TS asks what are you doing here. he looks at the sword KC is holding and realizes he is fake (not the real KC). TS: what are you doing here. KC: I came to confirm something. did you really steal the drawing from SS’s place? TS: what are you talking about.  KC: the ship that SS is planning to build. dont you know about it?  did you really betray us. TS says I only did what I had to to protect my sister CJ -as you now CJ is the only family member I have left. KC: so that’s it. you are saying you really changed? TS says an old saying and uses a candle holder to fight him with. GW comes in and says stop. this is enough. SB changes back from KC and says TS isnt lying. TS asks what is this. GW says I was confirming you really are on my side. TS says i went to your side cuz of my sister. got that? so don’t mess with my conscience that I covered for my sister. GW gives him some advice about how living with a conscience will only make the world tiring and burdensome.  how you threw everything aside like now for the sake of saving your sister and your life is way more like a person. he leaves with SB. TS breathes a sigh of relief cuz he convinced GW that he is on his side

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-37-46]

SJ wakes up and KC is asleep sitting by him. SJ looks at the medicine KC brought and calls out to him. KC wakes up and asks how do you feel. can you move? he tells him to drink some of this. he explains this medicine is special that I brought from our teacher gong -it is good for your body. SJ says I told you to run away so why are you still here. KC says how could I run away when someone is sick. I am not such a careless guy. SJ says your dad is looking all thru the woods to kill you. KC says how could something like that be my father -even though he is a gumiho/creature –  how can you call someone a father who is intent on killing his own kid. SJ says if something goes wrong you could die. KC: you told me one time that I could never die. SJ: between gumihos/creatures – they can kill or be killed.  KC:  if I can die then it means I can kill him too. isnt that so? SJ calls him frustrating and says you cant ever beat WR so why try to fight when you cant win. KC says cuz he messed with someone he should have never have messed with. so dont try to stop me and go somewhere safe. dont worry about me. now that I know who he is- that’s plenty. KC quotes the old saying that TS said before – if I know you and know me- we will either become enemies or friends

TS smiles to himself and says if that was really you – you would have replied like that.

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-35-50]

KC tells SJ to rest and leaves. WR watches KC walking away in the woods

KC sense him nearby and turns around. he sees him in the shrubs with his eyes red. KC goes over and realizes he cant move his legs cuz the plant starts to grow and cover his legs holding him in place. WR sees that and his eyes go back to normal. KC wonders what is this and pulls the plant away

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-39-07]

KC runs back to school calling out for YW. he asks the kid where is YW now – it’s cuz I have urgent news. gon asks what is so urgent. KC says how the plant climbed up his legs in the woods just now. where is YW now? gon says how YW is starting her lessons today.

YW is meeting with some instructor who tells her how she has to learn to sew and stuff – like embroidery (to become a wife) and the first thing is to change into a hanbok.

YW is furious and tells the student on guard duty to tell her dad she is going over there now about his order

she goes and yells at her dad. sewing? you are making me sew? he calmly says now that you are going to get married – starting from now learn to become a housewife.   YW: you told me not to forget the weight of the sword. to learn the sword to protect people. you taught me that.  he says live as a girl. put down the sword and find happiness as a wife. that is what your father means. he gets up to leave but she says if it’s not with KC –  I don’t want to. PJ: what did you say? YW:  if it’s not with KC- I dont want to live as anything else. he yells back is that something to say in front of your father? what father in this world would want to give his precious daughter to someone who is not human and half gumiho. also if  he knew the truth that I killed his father -how do you think KC will react – what if he gets revenge -then what are you going to do. please dont make your father’s sword have innocent blood on it twice. he leaves and she sinks to her knees

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-13-36]

KC argues how could a perfectly normal person be locked up. does that make sense. Gon: whether or not it makes sense – this is all cuz of you. (as in – it’s your fault). KC: what did I do? Gon says PJ gave this unusual order cuz KC was getting too close with YW too much so dont hang around her from here on.  KC says just cuz the body is locked up–does it lock up the heart too?  just cuz legs are bound – does it bind the heart too. gon: be careful what you say. KC: it would be better to tell me to leave this place and dont hold onto someone innocent. Gon: dont worry I am thinking of chasing you out soon. he throws some bells at him and tells him to tie the band around his waist. KC:why? Gon: just tie it if I tell you to tie it.  so KC obeys and asks “like this?” Gon quickly slices off a bell. KC asks what did you just do now. gon says you have 9 (bells) left now. KC: what? Gon: starting from today and for the next 4 days – protect the rest of the bells well for the next 4 days. KC: what if I cant protect them well? Gon: the moment all 9 bells fall off – you will get kicked out of here. KC: what? this punk. who are you to order me around so gon draws his sword to show the emblem and explains who he is. one of the four men of honor with the apricot blossom. KC is stunned. gon: from now on it’s 4 days. within that time I will make sure you disappear from here forever

YW is yelling at the woman – this is ridiculous. the woman says you don’t do needlework with words – you do it with your hands.

KC complains to gong about gon. does this make sense? Gon – one of the four men of honor- was he that good? since when? I am suddenly suspicious of this four men of honor qualifications. gong says you cant take Gon lightly – Gon is the best swordsman in the school after master Dam. KC: but still – all he ever does is go around following behind YW. gon shows up and slices off another bell and says you have 8 left  so KC calls out this is cheating to sneak up behind me. gong says forget 3 days – you wont last even a day and get kicked out if you keep this up. he offers up his new special medicine to take and get some strenth but KC turns him down. he hears steps and twirls around asking who is it. it’s the kid. why are you like this KC hyungnim. KC: it’s nothing. after KC leaves the kid asks if the bells started and gong verifies it. the kid thinks KC will get kicked out

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-30-23] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-31-29]

KC has to go to the bathroom but gon pops out and slices off another bell. gon says you have 7 left. KC is washing his face and gon cuts off another bell so KC looks at him between his legs. gon: with this you have 6 left. they fight and KC loses another. gon says five and leaves.

YW pricks her finger and says I cant do this. I cant guess where the needle will pop out. the woman says you hold a sword really well that’s way bigger than that. YW says of course cuz I carried a sword around like my hand for almost ten years.  the woman says just think the needle is a sword and swing it around. nothing happens overnight – with a focused heart – it takes one stitch at a time. YW starts and hurts herself again

KC is on full alert and wonders if he has to go around like this all the time (nervous and jumpy cuz of Gon). he remembers the vine grabbing his legs so he goes over to some and tells it to grow. it doesn’t work.  he says this is weird. the vine a while ago grew. he looks at his bracelet and takes it off. the wind blows and his eyes change color. he tries to make the vine grow again and this time it works. WR is watching him from around the corner. he touches a flower and they all turn black and wither.

M hears from his sidekick rumors about KC – that he is the child from the gumiho that was killed 20 yrs ago by PJ.  that all the murders in the forest werecommitted by KC. M yells at him for saying such ridiculous things. if KC was a gumiho’s child then M would have already been killed too. he tells the people not to go around talking about KC. the people nod and say ok. M wonders to himself how those rumors got started

SS is meeting with the corrupt magistrate. SS asks how the case of the murders are going.  the guy says some info has come in about that so he came here. SS: what are you saying? the guy says you might not know well cuz you are knew around here but 20 yrs ago there was a gumiho who showed up around here. Master Dam looked for it in the woods for 3 months and got rid of it. the gumiho that died then – now it’s been revealed that gumiho had a child and it’s KC. and it’s been said that KC has been going around committing the murders in the forest. SS asks does that make sense? who has been saying such nonsense. the guy says GW

SS meets with GW. GW says if you dont want to be accused of harboring the child of a gumiho -send KC to the magistrate’s office (the joseon police) now so that he can be investigated. if KC really is human then there is no reason why he shouldnt be investigated.  if KC is the one killing people in the woods, then SS has to take responsibility for setting him free and harboring him. SS asks if GW is threatening him now.  GW says the people need to know who is committing the murders in the forest.

the magistrate tells SS in this situation it’s best to lock up KC to find out who he really is.

GW: I will wait and see if you can get KC out again

TS asks what are you doing with SS. GW says he will never be on my side. so I have no choice but to get rid of him. SB announces the aide so GW says let him in and tells TS to go now

as TS leaves the woman’s aide comes in. GW welcomes him as TS looks over.

PJ is meeting with SR, gon, and gong. PJ reports to them about what’s going on – that GW is putting pressure on SS. gong asks if SS said anything to PJ about it. PJ says no – how SS is probably thinking a lot about how to protect KC.  SR thinks they need to get involved and get rid of GW cuz if something goes wrong then it will be bad for SS and then his other plans will be messed up. that’s what I came about too

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-09-35] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-11-30] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-11-40]

YW is stretching and looking out the window. KC comes over and smiles at her. he asks if she is getting lessons. she shows her bandaged fingers and says look at this – at this age doing needlework. he says how much it must have hurt. she says it would have been better to be cut with a sword – it makes me feel awful being pricked by a needle. he says I feel better though. YW: why? KC: cuz this way you wont be going into the woods alone now recklessly. since you are going to live like a woman you wont go after me recklessly. YW: how can you say such things but he interrupts and adds: also cuz you wont be in danger anymore cuz of me. YW looks at her fingers and says: but still – this isnt right. I will go crazy from being frustrated. he gets closer and holds up a plant so she asks what is this weed. he says look carefully again. he makes it grow and blossom into a flower. KC: how is it?  isnt it uncanny. she asks did you do this – how? how did you do this – what do you have to do for it to turn out like this. he says I don’t know either. YW: if you dont know how can you make it do this. KC: I just stare at it and told it to grow and it really did. she says you have an impressive ability – you are so cool. he gives her the flower she takes it. (LSG’s new song plays) as they hold onto that flower for a long time so their fingers are touching. she thanks him. he had taken his bracelet off and was holding it to make the plant blossom.

CJ looks stunned. the maid comes over and asks if CJ got to meet her brother but CJ says no my brother isnt here now. the maid asks what about KC – is he not here either? CJ doesnt answer. SR asks did you finish your business? CJ says yes and thank you for bringing me here cuz I wanted to get some air. SR says let’s go back now but CJ looks over and sees KC smiling at YW again

CJ goes to her room and picks up the medicine bottle. she breaks it and cries

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-07-57]

YW is looking at the flower and remembers how WR said her dad killed KC’s dad and how PJ asked what if he knows the truth that i killed his father -how do you think KC will react- what if he gets revenge then what are you going to do. she wonders if that happens then what happens to us KC.

KC is so happy to report to gong how many beans there are total. I finally counted all the beans in the bag.  gong asks really? how many were there. KC yells out the total and brags how proud he is of himself for counting all that – did I get the exact amount?  but gong says says you are wrong. KC guesses other numbers but gong says no it’s not. KC says I counted over and over and it was accurate. gong says but it’s not the correct answer. KC asks does this maybe not have a correct answer? gong asks how could there be a problem with no answer in this world. KC begs for a hint so gong tells him to try to grab the broom but KC cant so gong asks how can you not grab this broom? KC: it’s cuz you move faster than me. gong: wrong. it’s cuz you are only trying to grab the broom so you cant. KC: what does that mean. gong: what does it mean. he leaves KC confused.

gong turns around and looks at KC’s back and remembers how gong asked – so what are you thinking of doing. PJ told them if SS’s plans go awry cuz of KC – they have to block that even if it means getting rid of the kid. gong looks sad.

*I love that gong is old enough to place a higher value on an innocent life cuz PJ is too quick to sacrifice the life of one to save many.

WR is watching as KC tries to figure out the riddle – to grab the broom. cuz you are only trying to grab the broom you cant – what does that mean. does that mean dont grab the broom – then how do I grab the broom. I dont know- what does it mean.  he senses someone so he asks who is there. but WR is gone.

gong senses something too and gets up

TS is standing there at the Inn when the woman’s aide comes over and says hello young master TS

KC runs and looks over his shoulder and WR is watching him from the shadows. KC asks who are you. KC is standing in the light and WR’s face is in the dark as he growls

TS sits and meets with the woman. she asks why did you come here so late at night. is it cuz you are curious about me. so that’s it. it’s good timing. to tell the truth I was about to be curious about you. she takes her hat off and looks at him

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[00-16-00] 구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[06-06-31]

WR’s face is visible. KC asks who are you. WR: are you KC? KC: I said who are you. WR: I am GWR. KC stares directly at his father’s face



WR says to KC: give up becoming human – live as yourself-then I will spare your life

KC replies: I cant live like that – it’s my dream to live as human

WR attacks gong so KC yells you cant

SR hears about the hat woman staying at the Inn

TS asks the woman – are you korean? she asks do you want to get the Inn back? I can make that happen

KS hears about SS being threatened (by GW) cuz of him

KC tells the people – those who are curious if I am the child of a gumiho – come to the front of the Inn and I will reveal to you all. when they are all gathered – he looks down at his bracelet

YW: these days you seem like a guy. KC: so do you like that? YW: what do you think?

KC leans in to kiss YW

* listen to the way KC said “so do you like that?” cuz it was so cheeky and flirty. I swear if anything goes wrong with this kiss and they end right before or something interrupts – heads will roll. since it’s LSG and Suzy in a sageuk drama on MBC and not cable – I am not expecting passionate, but just dont make it a lame butterfly peck. also why is she shutting her eyes and clenching her hands so tightly – she wields swords for pete’s sake – how painful does she expect this to be?

구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[00-17-57]구가의 서.E15.130527.HDTV.H264.720p-SE[00-18-05]


70 comments on “GFB E15-18

  1. raindrops1 says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. You don’t know how much you help me get through Monday and Tuesday at work. Your skills and speediness are the stuff of legends. Thanks everyone for sharing info. 🙂


  2. summerlamb says:

    after watching episode 17 of the Gu Family Script, I had to vent somewhere. Well that kiss was certainly worth it, after last weeks tease, I even enjoy the way Choi Kang Chi, triggers, emotions that seem to reach deep down into WR’s inner being, it also reminded me, that in the beginning, WR, was a really Good guy, and maybe it was just me, but when It looked like WR, was somewhat injured, I kept thinking, KC could heal his Dad,….wishful thinking;)!!!, all in all, this was a very good episode, and the Kiss, tipped it even more, for being a fave eppy, 😀


    • conjie008 says:

      Softy, “Thank you” for all your hard work…you have no idea how much your reader’s are enjoying your live recapped. We enjoyed it so much..that our own emotions is overwhelm by reading it….so our comments are some unpredictable/funny and sometimes just to say hi..and converse w/ anyone!!
      I’m going to enjoy this drama..just because..analyzing it..will just ruin my train of thoughts. Also, to the fact that’s it’s going to have that “exquisite twisted situation before it ends.. 🙂


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy. I don’t dare post at soompi.
    This ahjumma is kinda shock the kiss went on for so long and wasn’t a limp kiss.

    How can the All about my romance kiss have a dead fish lips kiss and this young ‘un is kissing back? Is it Kang Chi? Or is it Lee Seung Gi?



    • lu says:

      must be because of Lee Min Jung boyfriend … maybe other actors don’t want to mess with him lol, he doesn’t have a good reputation…


    • raindrops1 says:

      @ck10z, I was reading the comments and updates that were being posted at soompi as the show aired. Do say ppl were soooo happy and excited and just beside themselves would be a understatement. I was very surrpised that Suzy kissed back I was expected her to stand there with her eyes open, shocked looked in her face and stading like a total statue.


  4. Ivoire says:

    Thanks for the recap of ep. 17, Softy! I am going to go watch it now…


    • Ivoire says:

      is the anticipation for Mondays and Tuesdays evenings as big in Korea as it is for the online community (many of whom are non-Koreans) because of GFB or is it so so, kind of meh? (and by online community, I mean those who watch GFB). I am sure it doesn’t compare to some dramas like SeGa, BOF or Sandglass for example, but I am just curious. I know that when I sit down to watch GFB raw and read your recaps, I don’t want anyone interrupting me or bothering me (and I make sure all my work is done before that). So yeah, for now, Mondays and Tuesdays are kind of a big deal for me (because of my appointments with GFB).

      The preview for ep. 18 looks good. It seems that we are entering angstville and Noble Idiocyville, maybe? I guess we will find out tomorrow.

      Thanks again, Softy!


  5. lu says:

    Omona, Suzy kissed back O__O can’t believe it.

    Now I’ll be really suprised if IU kisses like this on YATBLSS…



  6. Anonymous says:

    don´t hit me, but i would be more heartbroken if WR and SH not end up together, although i know they will have a tragic ending. so sad. i love WOl RYUNG 😀

    such a hot actor. i am happy that he is in heirs now, but he should do lead roles, he is an eye candy.


    • Softy says:

      No worries – no one is going to hurt anyone here. I agree – I want a happy ending for WR too, but I still dont think SH deserves it or earned the right to have one. all this time she hasnt done one good thing that I liked when it concerns WR or his child. even now like in the preview asking her men to go and find KC dead or alive just makes my skin crawl. WR sensed KC was part of him from day one but SH doesnt have that same maternal instinct. granted WR is a gumiho and has better senses but still – SH should have felt something about KC that seemed familiar. it is going to take a lot for me to side with SH again and hope for WR and her to have a happy ending – even a short term one. plus the actress playing SH is way older than CJH and I never liked her much on GDignity so I have a hard time imagining them in love. 🙂


      • conjie008 says:

        That’s too funny.. 🙂 😉
        It’s getting ruff out there w/ all that hatred..& jealousy!??
        I’m giving SH a chance to redeem her self towards RW. It will be heart ache towards a sad ending. Just because, “love & hate” has that thin boundary..” it can go either ways”!!


      • raindrops1 says:

        I believe this same actress was in My Love, Madame Butterfly she was the “villain” in the show and I could not help and smile because some of her facial expressions were the same ones she had on My Love, Butterfly. I’m with you Softy as much as I want a “happy” ending or satisfying, peaceful, fulfilling ending for WR I’m not sold that SH deserves such a fate. I wish for a “happy” ending for her only if it’s connected with WR getting a happy ending. If for WR to feel better, fill whole again it means SH being in the picture and her getting some kind of redemption then fine (ok). Up to now I have not seen her really show any remorse, or make her search for her number one priority. All I know is that I want WR to feel happy again, oh he deserves it. Does anyone know how many more eps CJH will be in? I’m really enjoying the twist and potential WR still having some “humanity” brings to the storyline. I’m soo excited he will be in Heirs.


  7. iviih says:

    Hi Softy! Thanks so much for recapping.

    I still have to watch the full episode, but watched some cuts and passing by to share!

    I loved the kiss scene ^^~~ LGS kiss scenes are always good, and I’m happy Suzy wasn’t afraid to kiss back being an idol… even some Actresses don’t really kiss and all.

    I’m also so happy that WR stopped when KC talked to him and happy he made his father remember what he felt back then T_T

    I’m sad and worried because of the preview! Omg, omg!

    Btw, KC must be happy huh? He has hot parents LOL, his mom so pretty and his father so cool and sexy… lolol

    Episode 18 Preview:

    Kiss scene^^

    WR cut:

    KC and YW pretending to fight:

    WR thinking about his past self:

    Ending scene:


    • iviih says:

      Really, I have to say Yoon Se Ah is looking amazing on Gu Family – she is really pretty, I didn’t think she was that pretty when I watched A gentleman Dignity, but here on Gu family she is wow… kimono really fits her plus black hair too.


  8. sarah says:

    Thanks Softy for the worderful fastest recap^^ I also do love ur thoughts on this drama.. love evrything you say nd feel.the same way on ChungJo.. Her charater is getting really annoying lately but kudos to actress she’s really good, I think.. I still dont get SeoHwa role?!! its been 4 episode she came back but still not clear what will be her role..

    Im speechless with KangChi and YeoWool kisseeu…. ;D One thing I realized both are really Great Kisser ;D

    again MillionThanks Dear Softy.. !!:)


  9. Pi@.@ says:

    Thank you so much for your recaps and for what you write before the episode begins!! My days are safe thanks to you!! :)) I’ll wait for ep 18 recap with patience!!! 🙂


  10. nynefox says:

    Omo! The liplock! I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s like half-yay! & half-shudder… Awkward for me yet acceptable.–Maybe because I don’t ship them that much (No offense to LSG fans). He gives off this related by blood-older-brother-vibe that sometimes I can’t see pass through it. Perhaps, I just feel like an overprotective parent who is watching their princess grow up so fast. I know she had already done a couple of lip-bump/smack/peck but this is probably the first time I saw her do a full-on lips to lips. What more in the finale, right?haha!

    BTW, muchos gracias Softy, I thought you weren’t recapping GFB. It’s a good thing I pass by your site.


  11. Ivoire says:

    Thank you for the recap of ep. 18, Softy. Have a great week!


  12. raindrops1 says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap!!!


  13. summerlamb says:

    Well what a way to leave us hanging, episode 18, well what’s to say,…I had every bit of Faith that KC would not kill PJ, and, how about that back hug?!!!,….anyhu, I hope SH, does not give away her identity, even though it would be understandable, I mean what mother would not feel, when her child is being treated poorly, just hope, that Gon, or someone has a plan to help, KC, before SH caves in.


  14. ssen68 says:

    Awww Softy,

    i am bawling at the same scene as you, really heartache for KangChi
    baby gu and papa gu need a lot of affection from YW and SH pronto

    Tnx so much for your labour of love ❤


  15. iviih says:

    Hi everyone^^~~

    today episode cuts, credits: MBC yt channel

    Awww KC and YW, love them.

    Nooo, pooe KC. 😦 hoped he could control himself.

    Please, WR save your son!

    Thanks for recapping Softy ❤


    • raindrops1 says:

      @iviih, thanks for posting the videos. After reading Softy’s recap and watching the ep raw(ish) because it was not fully subbed, I could not help think of how I wanted WR to help save KC. Having his son in danger and needing help might help give WR the strength to fight becoming a demon. They sure know how to leave us wanting more…as I saw the last scene as SH realized KC is her son…and I was literally talking to my computer screen…No, don’t end!!!….I need a preview!!! I can’t wait for the next ep.


  16. Anonymous says:

    oh no my poor WR , don´t turn bad, noooooo 😦


  17. Marie says:

    I am very happy that you are doing the recap and would like to thanks you for doing it. This is a very touching episode. Please keep doing it.


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