Nine and EOTW

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Nine E20: You know when you wish and pray for a great conclusion – well this one comes decorated with bows ( lots of cute scenes and happy moments). Everything falls into place and when the dust settled after E19, what we got to see clearly is that this show had one of the strongest finales I’ve seen in a while. I have the perfect screencap to prove it. It’s not this one – this is the tame version of the one below.

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Nine E15 – E20

End of the world E11 and E12 finale 

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My first choice for main pic – kinda clear why.

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This kiss was pretty good, but they are taking the term “pucker up” too literally.

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She showed restraint – I would have kept going and been smart and unbuttoned the middle one for better view.

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-45-51] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-45-59] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-46-14] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-46-50] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-46-55] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-47-42][tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-22-05] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E20.END.130514.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-22-12]

E20 finale

as young MY stands there calling out ajussi – a man comes over and sees SW. he calls for help to get the booth off SW. they yell for him to wake up and realize he might be dead. call the police – a person is dead here. her mom comes over and says I told you to hurry and run so what are you doing here.  where is your bear. MY points and says he is dead. ajussi died. her mom asks who? why stand here looking. let’s go. MY: wait – I know him.  he was talking to me. the mom says it’s almost their flight time. you think we are going to the countryside? we are going to America -we arent coming back to korea. hurry.  she takes MY away

in the cab she looks at her pinky. her plane takes off

1993 JW knocks on the door and calls out to SW but he doesn’t open the door. cops say let’s go down so they take JW away as SW watches from his window. just the maid cries over JW as she sees him off

SW cries alone in his room.

he gets a page and dials. hello – me? I’m just at home. dinner?

1993 reporter Oh buys him meat. he says hurry and eat before it all burns. after finishing up the incident –  suddenly i was concerned about you so i called you out to buy you meat and feed you. SW: thank you. Oh says that JW will get a light sentence cuz of his cooperation and since it wasnt intentional. don’t hate your hyung too much – if you live with hate for family – only you lose out. i see unbelievable things all the time – this isnt that big a deal -you think this only happens to your home? it’s not that special -doesnt just happen to your home. SW asks if he can be a reporter like him. oh: you want to become a reporter. SW: I never thought of it even once but looking at it this time it seems like a cool job. i got to do something I couldnt have. Oh says dont do it. dont even think of doing it. on this path – you have to suffer a lot. why do you want to do it. in order to become a reporter you have to study really well.  do you study well. SW: yes. Oh says It doesnt work just cuz you study-to become an anchor reporter – you need looks like me. SW: then I am perfect for it. Oh laughs and says if you get in then I will raise you – cuz you went through a lot this time around – when you become a reporter you will do well. how many holes the law has – instead of with your head feel it with your heart and run after it.  study hard and get in and then I will raise you. SW says you promised. Oh says you will live well even if I dont worry about you. eat a lot.

at home, young SW listens to his message

in the phone booth SW said :from 20yrs ahead – my last message I am leaving to myself –when it’s noon I will go back and I wont be able to come back here again. whatever message you leave I wont be able to respond. so now forget me and live your life. there is no need to be curious about how I am living. cuz every choice you made each moment made me. i told you – you always made good choices and will live well so forget my existence.after you live hard each day – after 20 yrs – you will meet me in your mirror. let’s see each other 20 yrs later

young SW deletes the message and writes in his journal : 20 yrs from now – the last message sent to me – you went back well right? I will believe what you said. that a day will come when I understand hyung. also that I always made good choices – i will try to believe it. cuz the person I saw – you seemed like a good person – it was an honor. I wont leave a message somewhere again and wont  be curious about what you are doing – cuz I am someone who keeps my promise. you know that right. let’s meet 20 yrs later. goodbye


a man is walking in a tunnel with a flashlight. cops are at an accident site down the road and one of them says an arm is missing-the right one. find the right arm. he makes the reporters step away and kicks them out. cameraman says reporter park- there is nothing else that can come out here so let’s go to the hospital. but SW isnt there. he asks where did he go and calls out for SW

reporter Park (SW) is looking in the tunnel and finds the arm. he gets a call from the camera guy asking where are you. SW says call the cop there –there is an arm cut off inside the tunnel. see  I told you this wasn’t an accident – told you it was a murder case. a car heads over to him. he asks didnt they stop the cars from coming thru here. he moves out of the way and realizes the arm is in the path so he reaches for the arm and grabs it in time

Oh asks where are you. SW says I just left. oh says there is an office gathering for new reporters today so don’t you dare miss it. SW says i just almost died and came to life- the purpose of your call is some gathering? Oh says it doesnt matter if your head breaks on the truck –  just dont miss the gathering. you better not skip it again.  SW: you said you would raise me- not sure what you are raising – you deceived an innocent high school student. Oh: be quiet -hurry and come. SW grins when he hangs up

during the office gathering MY and another guy are dancing and Oh and others clap. SW shows up. they hear her yelling inside. MY falls down unconscious when SW opens the door. Oh yells at him for coming late and hitting her. SW: I hit her? she is bleeding so Oh says you take her to the hospital. SW says but I just got here. Oh says how fun it was but SW ruined it.

at the hospital he is on the phone when she comes to. he asks did you finally wake up. she says who are you. he says who am I? your sunbae. MY: sunbae? it’s my first time seeing you tho. SW: of course cuz as soon as we met you fainted. what is your name. she says JMY.  SW: you must have been hired while I was gone on a business trip- but listen well to what I say. do you know what kind of person I hate the most? one whose drinking behavior is like a dog – a person like you.on the way over here you pulled my hair about ten times-  you threw up on my clothes 3 times-made fun of the cab driver for being bald- you whined for me to carry you so while carrying you over I twisted my back. you said you were hurting and caused a commotion in the emergency room -as a newbie you ruined the office – you are the worst. JMY you’ve been caught by me- life as a reporter will get fun from here on thanks to me -be prepared. MY: yes. he asks what is yes. what does that mean. how can you say yes now. do you not get it. how did you take the test to get in. MY: I am sorry. you speak really well I like guys who speak well. SW: what? MY: you are really cool. do you have a girlfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. SW: how could a psycho dog like this get in

she chases him out and says I am sober now. I am so sorry for before. he ignores her and hails a cab as she talks. where are you going. he says home. she says I was going to buy you coffee cuz I am sorry or just to talk for a short time. wait. SW: what are you doing – why get in. she gets in his cab with him so he calls her crazy. what are you. she says I am taking the  subway and drop me off any station on the way. the cab driver says there is one there so she says any station on the second line. let’s go ajussi.

she asks what is your name sunbaenim. SW: I wont tell you. MY: why?  I am JMY. he says I know you said it awhile ago. MY: did I tell you? what is your name I bet even your name is cool. he asks you are all sober now right. she says yes very cutely. SW: then pay attention to what I say- you will die if you act like a girl one more time in front of me. you’ve already been caught by me that you have bad drinking habits. if you keep acting like a girl like this from here on … she suddenly gets scared and backs off so he asks what is this. she asks for the driver to hurry and pull over. he says I havent gotten there yet but she yells hurry and pull over please. she gets out quickly so SW asks what are you. she says sorry I have a situation. goodbye. she shuts the door. he thinks she is really crazy

she went home and looked him up. she remembers how a dying SW told her to remember my face well and no matter what you cant forget. MY: this doesnt make sense – how could this happen. SW: later on when you meet someone who resembles me don’t get close -dont try to get  chummy- and dont take any interest cuz he will ruin your life so avoid him no matter what. she looks at his photo and remembers the last line about ruining her life and to avoid him

next day when he catches up to the elevator and asks her to wait, she closes the door to avoid him.

he gets to the office and asks where JMY went. the guy asks what happened between you and JYM yesterday- do you know what she said to me?

she asked if reporter Park had a criminal past like beating people or is he a really bad guy. she lists some bad stuff so the guy asked SW what did you do to her for her to say all those bad things about you. what did you do. SW calls her a crazy dog

he goes over and finds her laughing with two coworkers. he tells her to follow him. she holds onto the two guys and ask cant you talk here. SW pulls her away from them and drags her away saying let’s talk so she pleads dont do this and asks for others to save her. they wonder why she wants them to save her when all SW wants to do is talk

he takes her to a room and locks the door. she is scared and asks why are you like this. he asks why cuz you think I will hit you or that I will attack you – is that why you are like this. others outside can see so that will never happen so dont worry. would I do it here. let’s hear it – why are you like this to me. why did you run away from me yesterday. from the moment I first saw you till now – I don’t get even one of your behavior. are you really just crazy or is there another reason. she says sorry I had a trauma that I cant overcome. SW: trauma? MY: yes but I cant tell you cuz you will think I am psycho. he says you are plenty psycho so what else could there be for you to seem psycho. MY: yes. SW: I dont want to know the details – just tell me the gist/main point- what is it. she blurts out: I like you too much- I think I fell for you at first sight- this feeling is the first time in my 25 yrs but you are someone I cant love so I am struggling over it/conflicted – why I cant love you is cuz you will ruin my life. dont ask me cuz I cant tell you.  so I struggled all night if I should quit and go look somewhere else for a job. but I really wanted to work here. it was my dream to be a reporter for a station. my parents like it so much. cuz of you I cant write out my resignation so I am really tormented. so I am asking you – couldn’t you stop being interested in me? SW: what? MY:  I want to keep our distance. it will be a problem if we get close. dont be good to me – dont call me personally- it would be good if the two of us didnt meet separately. truthfully  I like you so much but I am too scared – it’s cuz I am in anguish. help me.  he says you are really crazy huh. she says I’m not crazy. he says ok I can answer this clearly for certain- even if you begged me to have interest i dont plan to give it – there wont be any incidences where I call you- if the two of us meet I will hate it more. that you might end up liking me- i am already afraid. you arent my style at all -face -body shape- personality – not a single thing so there will be no incident where i touch even your fingertip so rest easy and please just work hard. dont say you wrote out your resignation cuz of me. got that? MY yells: that’s it – don’t do that please. SW: what? MY: cuz it’s too sexy. I told you I want to keep working here.

he goes out and the guy asks why did she say she was like that – what did she say. SW:that girl is totally psycho crazy-she will become a blight in my life – how did someone like her come in (get this job here). who chose her? i’m gonna go insane.


MY goes into the office and sees SW sleeping. she puts down the paperwork and turns around to stare at his neckline and face closer. she lifts his shirt to see more underneath when he wakes up. he asks what are you doing now. MY: what am I doing now. his phone rings so she says answer your call. she tries to run off but he pulls her on the sofa and pins her so she says I promise never to do it again. oh comes in and asks what are you doing. SW says call the police and says she has dirty habits with her hand-we have to turn her over to the police.  she reminds him you said you wouldnt lay a finger on my body so why touch me – let me go. SW: who touched first. you are dead. he asks Oh to call the police again but Oh says you are playing well and leaves. SW tells her to hold still as she says save me. I was wrong.


at night she gets into the news van and gives SW coffee. he asks why are you sitting here. you cant sit here. we have to keep our distance. he asks the camera guy to switch places with her but the camera guy says I have sense. SW says her life will be ruined if we get close.

SW falls asleep and leans on her shoulder. she takes pics of it. he wakes up and moves away saying sorry for making this mistake. she says it’s ok lean on me if you are tired. he says no I cant do that-I am someone who keeps promises well. she says stop it now -that happened so long ago but you keep doing this.  at first it was cuz I was afraid. I said I will take back saying that- I know you aren’t a bad person. SW: what are you talking about- you said it was trauma –you cant overcome trauma that easily. traumsa are precious. ah did I talk too much again just now. did I hit a sore spot again? aish -I am so sorry. he turns away and grins cuz he is enjoying her misery


MY is at home and gets a call from him. hello -what’s going on. me? I am just at home. he asks her to come out if she has nothing to do – let’s see a movie. MY: movie? she tries on various outfits and puts on makeup.

she goes to meet him and smiles. she is wearing heels. there are other reporters there too and they ask why do you look like that – did you take drugs? she must have thought she was going to see a with reporter Park sunbae just the two of them. ah so that’s it. you mistook this for a date? our poor MY. we just came to kill some time. SW tries hard not to laugh

MY cries thru the movie. SW asks are you crying – why cry. she says cuz I am embarrassed. he says what is embarrassing. cuz she has done stuff like this before. she says I thought today was for real. SW: what’s real – you think I would call you for personal reasons. MY: it’s time now for you to do it. wasn’t I really pretty today? he calls her crazy and hands over popcorn so she sniffles and eats as he grins.


he is sleeping in a hotel room when he gets a call. MY says it’s me. he asks are you a daughter of a rich man -overseas calls will cost so much so why are you always calling. she says I am leaving now. SW: where to. MY: NY – starting from today I am on a break so come to greet me at the airport. SW: why come here if you are on a break without asking theother’s schedule. MY: I know you dont have a schedule so why act busy. starting from today how you are going to play with me – make a schedule now. when I arrive -give me a welcome greeting – deep kiss or just a hug. I have to check in now I will call again. she hangs up before him so he says she grew up a lot. he grins and gets out of bed.

12- 2012

SW goes and meets JW. JW says it’s been a long time. i met mother this morning she is the same as always. SW: she got better these days and talks often even though I havent heard it. he orders steak for them cuz it’s good. he asks nothing much is going on right. JW: yes. he stares so SW asks: why? JW: everytime I see you it’s uncanny. SW: what? JW: that man that helped us 20 yrs ago these days when I see you i get startled cuz you resemble that person – over time you seem to resemble him more. SW: I don’t remember. JW asks arent you going to marry don’t you have a girl. SW: how about you – why not get married. if I do get married there is a  girl I want to marry. her bad points are about 9. but there is one positive. if I marry her I will never be depressed all my life. JW: who is it – I am curious. SW: I will introduce you to her next time. I was going to bring her today but I thought she would go overboard. JW: next time I come let me meet her then. SW: you will be here over the weekend right. he says no I am going to Nepal tm. SW says she is going to Nepal today too

SW meets the other reporters who are going to Nepal. W says you are going early. the guy says you sit in a warm place and be comfortable. we are going to go and suffer a lot. SW  asks about MY. so the guy tells him she was looking for him

she calls and looks for him. where did he go. SW: why are you here alone they all went down. she asks where were you. SW: a lunch appt. she says I am leaving today so isnt this too much. when we made an appt. SW: I forgot. why pout. what am I supposed to do when you are going on a business trip. MY: I wont be able to see you for a few weeks. he says so what if we cant meet for a few weeks. what do you want me to do about it. he locks the door and asks are you expecting this. MY: yes. SW:what next. MY: next – something.. you know there is that thing. he picks her up and sits her on the vanity and looks into her eyes. SW: something like this. MY: that’s right – something like this. SW:  what next. MY: you know. SW: know what. he leans in close to kiss and stops. MY: why arent you doing it? SW: I remember the past that I promised not to touch your fingertip even- what if I ruin your life. MY: that would never happen. SW: in your life you said I was a trauma. MY: I dont remember if it was a trauma or not.  someone knocks asking if she is in there so she says hurry we dont have time. he kisses her passionately. there is another knock so they stop. they look into each other’s eyes. he tells her to hurry and go- you will be late. she says still have ten mins left. SW: so you want to do more. she looks ready and eager. he says no next kiss is after a year. MY: what? SW: just wait a year. I will do it for you a year later. MY: what? SW: first – once every 5 yrs – after that once a yr after that once every 6months. she says you are kidding right now arent you. he shakes his head no and says it’s not a joke – this my charm. you know. if you dont want to wait – I wont stop you if you get married to someone else. he walks away grinning. he calls out for the guy and says JMY is here so take her away

while waiting for the elevator MY says he is playing around with a person. she goes back crying and yells at him. this is it – now I know. SW: you didnt go yet? MY: how you will ruin my life. this was it – making me wait so long and making me die an old spinster. that’s how you ruin my life. i didnt know that. I said it would never happen. what that person said was all correct. I should have listened to him saying dont get interested and avoid. i didnt listen to those words so I could die from resentfulness.  he asks what she is talking about. she says I should have listened to him. SW: who is that guy. she says someone who looks just like you. he said later on if I meet someone who looks just like you to avoid you no matter what – I even promised so why did I do it.  he wonders what she is talking about and then suddenly he remembers. he asks someone who looks just like me. she says I met someone who looked just like you in the past. he remembers what he told young MY. MY: that you would ruin my life I didnt know it would be this. SW: when was that. when did you meet that guy. she says when I was in middle school – when I immigrated- 93. why? SW: where did you meet him. MY: in seoul. SW: where in seoul. MY: near home so around chongno. why? SW: that person said that to you and died. MY: he died – I saw him. SW: why did he die. MY: I dont know he was badly hurt. SW: is that the trauma you were talking about. MY: yes.  the other guy comes in and says what are you doing MY we have to hurry and go there is no time now. run. she says to SW: I am really mad so don’t call from here on – even if you do I wont answer

SW stands there stunned.

she is on the plane when she gets a call from him after the announcement to turn phones off. MY: why. SW: why did you ignore that person’s words? he said to avoid and dont have interest that I would ruin your life. you even promised so why didnt you listen to those words. why did you ignore that and kept chasing after me. MY: cuz there was no basis for  it. SW: at the start you avoided me. you must have believed those words to do that. so why chase after me again. when he said it would ruin your life. MY: then what do I do when I like you.  if I like you how can I force myself to shut off my heart. he calls her names and says that’s why that person  said that to you cuz he knows your personality is like this. how worried he must have been to leave that advice behind. why did you stick so close and not fall off like this.  all that time it’s been 5 yrs. was there no other guy for you – you stupid girl. MY: why get angry? SW: what are you going to do now if I die. she asks why would you die. what are you talking about now. flight attendant told her to turn off the phone so she says I cant talk now so I will call again when I arrive

he looks at his journal – his narration and young SW switch back and forth later. young SW:  the last message for me you sent for 20 yrs later you went back well right. I will believe what you said. that a day will come when I understand hyung. (SW calls for plane tickets for today to nepal.)

as he packs young SW narrates: that I made good choices every day I will believe that cuz the person I saw seemed like a good person and it was an honor. SW: if you live hard each day -you will meet me inside the mirror 20 yrs later. let’s meet 20 yrs later. young SW: meet 20 yrs later. bye. he looks in the mirror and sees his young self looking back at him

at the airport he puts his coat inside his bag. he buys a digital watch. he looks at the flight schedule and gets a call. it’s Han. he asks where are you – you broke your promise/appt. SW says at the airport. Han: why the airport. to go meet MY? W: she has the key to my life/destiny. han: what does that mean? SW: that person’s problem wasnt just the brain tumor.listen up. me who was in 2013 went to the past in 1993 and died. since that happened in the future- If I just know about it could I avoid it or since I died in the past it’s already determined. what do you think?

he boards and narrates: 12-4- 2012 my first message to myself. your fate- not sure if was was something to fear or be grateful for- JMY ignored the advice and loved me. ( how he couldnt do something to the future) facts might be these: cuz you showed up in front of young MY and left a deep impression –from the first moment she saw me for her to fall in love with me- to get involved in your past and connect me with the director i was able to become a reporter-if that is a fact then I can rescue you.  the hope that MY wont have to be miserable cuz of me -that’s probably a fantasy huh. if it was you what would you do right now. if it’s me I would think simply. so all you have to do is believe the fantasy you want and love the woman you want. he grins with his eyes closed.

as the credits roll, SW stands over JW who is dying in the snow and SW says it’s been a long time hyung. he reaches out his hand to him.


I love this finale

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E19.130513.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(015293)06-43-55]

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E19.130513.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(016117)06-46-21] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E19.130513.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(016935)06-46-57] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E19.130513.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(097828)06-47-50]

Nine E19

Han plays the first message from SW (recorded on his own phone) saying he is trapped in the past (the one previously shown at the end of E18) – each time he leaves a message he starts with the date 4-24-2013

The second message says 30 mins have passed and still trapped in the past – curious how things changed over there – if hyung is alive – if choi paid for his crimes – if MY changed to JMY

The boss is on the phone and says the wedding hasn’t started yet. He compliments MY saying she looks pretty -that they are the best couple so live well. if you fight you will get in trouble with me. Her friends show up and say how pretty she is and her dress.

SW message continues –  if we are happier than in the past.

choi runs him down with his car

boss wonders why it hasnt started. it’s way past one.  coworker friend reports that SW has disappeared on his way over and no phone or cell. the other guesses a car accident but this guy checked and there wasnt one. boss asks did you locate him with his cell phone but the guy says it wont come out.

MY calls and asks do you know anything yet. Han says – I think I know where his car is so I am on my way there now. he said he was going to choi so he would have parker his car at the old M hospital.  like last time I think he is hurt somewhere and couldnt call. i will call when i find him -dont tell others anything. he tells the cab driver to go faster

He gets to the empty car and calls out for SW and sees choi there on the ground. Han remembers choi the way he used to be and looks at choi now. choi drives away

SW is still bleeding. He comes to and looks at the phone and the time. He reaches for the phone and records another message – the third one. I am hurt a lot – there is no way to go back. but I dont want to believe the end of my life is this.  I have to live –let’s try to think of a way for me to get back. he tries to lift the phone booth off, but it has him pinned down. he breaks the glass

Her dad comes over and says we should go home – it’s really late. Change your clothes. She cries

Friend gives the ring box from SW’s car to han to be in charge of it cuz it’s expensive and might get lost – the rest is with the police. We are going to the police station. So you should go home cuz there is no point in waiting here, but han says don’t worry about me and continues to sit on the sidewalk. He looks at the wedding rings. He says where are you? He cries. He gets a call from JW. Han: did you arrive? JW asks what happened – did you still not find SW. Han: I couldnt find him. the police are looking into it but i dont expect anything.  I dont think anything happened here. i cant tell the police that – he will come back to where  his car is so I am waiting alone. JW asks even if something happens in the past if the incense burns all out doesnt he have to come back? Han: that is why it’s strange – it’s been over 6 hrs. JW says I will go there now. han says one thing bugs me – I saw choi a while ago in front of SW’s car. at first I didn’t recognize him cuz he changed too much. he was like a totally different person. Him being here is weird. what if he was going to harm him. JW asks how. Han: but he didnt look like he had the strength to harm.  He looked like an old man with no strength. but just in case – who knows – when i saw his car, I should have memorized his car plates at least -right now I dont what where or what he is doing.  JW says I know where to find him. han: you met him? JW: no i didnt meet but I know where and what he is doing. I will go find him.

JW goes to meet choi. Choi is getting drunk and says business hours are over so get out.  he sees JW and says today I saw a lot of shocking things – a dead guy came back alive. How did you know to come here. I’m not famous to come out in the news. I searched online and not even an address showed up. did you come cuz you were curious how I was living – how my life got miserable and how much I aged cuz of you two brothers. This is how I live.  How is my store – it’s great huh. It cant hold a candle to the hospital. He calls both of them bastards. JW: where is SW? you know dont you –  where is he. Choi says he died – I killed him cuz he made me this way. Report me if you want. It doesn’t matter if you do report cuz he died 20 yrs ago so the statute of limitations ran out.

1993 choi picks up the phone and calls Park C.

Park C comes to and tries to get free and yells for help.

1993 choi wonders what happened – he must have died and couldn’t have survived since I ran him down like that. You did well – that was the best you could do

choi says he was standing in the phone booth like a fool so I ran him down my car. The timing was great. Not a single person was there that day cuz of the rainstorm. no one knows. it’s a secret only I know.  JW makes a fist. Choi says don’t you believe me. does it sound like the ramblings of an old man. then research the hit and car accident in a phone booth on 4-24- 1993 in the alley behind Chongno at the police station – it will come out.  back then I should have ended you too but i was too foolish then. Get out bastard. JW says why is that the only way you can live when you are human. You lived two lifetimes so why didnt you change. why was that the only way you could live your life. I hoped you wouldnt do bad things – I prayed for your sake every day for 20 yrs so why is this the only way you could… Choi cuts him off and says are you giving the illness and medicine -who are you to pray for my sake – you are the one who ruined my life – so who are you to do that. JW says cuz you are my father. cuz you gave me life at least.  He cries so choi asks what are you saying now. JW says would there be pitiful people like us again – I killed my father with my hands and you killed his son. We are going to hell together– don’t know who will go there first but we will meet there anyway so in this life I will never come find you again. He leaves

JW gets in a cab as choi follows him out and sees him leave

JW is crying in the car.

Choi goes back in and picks up his cup to resume drinking and says what nonsense is that – is he crazy? It’s ridiculous. Suddenly choi remembers his fight with JW’s mom when they were younger and how accused her of just looking at the money so she said no cuz I like him. he is better than you –  not cuz he has more money than you. How he dragged her away.

choi gets in his truck and drives away

Han asks what happened. JW says I asked about a hit and run accident in 1993 so i’m waiting. han asks if choi did that so JW says that’s for certain. it’s not a lie. but he (choi) didnt see until his (SW) last moment so let’s wait. Han says I didn’t tell MY yet cuz I don’t know what to say.

Choi goes to see JW’s mom. The nurses say it’s not visiting hours. They threaten to call the police. Choi asks the mom – what is JW talking about – explain it. It happened over 40 yrs ago so I don’t remember cuz I am old. What is this suddenly. Flashback to pregnant JW’s mom. she tells him not to call. Choi asks is that baby his? no matter how i think about it it’s strange – it seems like it’s my baby. She says are you crazy – you are really crazy. choi: it isnt? she says go before I report this to the police. choi: it really isnt? She says if it was yours – would I have it   – I would abort it.

Choi says back then you said it wasn’t. he cries in front of the mom.  He yells why did you. Guards come and take him away. He yells what is this

Han is pacing and cop comes out and says there is a similar accident like that hit and run of the phone booth. Come inside. They go in and see the report. The address of the accident and eye witness says I heard a loud sound and saw a car passing by but doesnt remember the model of the car. the victim was discovered at 8 pm at night. we arrived at 8:30. By the time we arrived the victim had already died. They found his reporter badge and was confirmed it was a fake and tried to ID the victim but couldn’t. on july 1, 1993 the case was closed and the body creamted. there are photos of the accident scene so Han falls to the floor in shock as JW cries

MY is still trying to call but cant get through. Her mom says from the start I was nervous – how could they behave the same – just like brothers.

JW gets a call and goes out to take it. Choi says it’s me. JW asks how did you know my number. Choi asks where are you let’s meet. JW says I said I didn’t want to meet you again in this life. Choi says that’s not fair – your mom didnt say one word to me –if I knew I wouldnt have gone this far –  I have something to say too. yes I will probably go to hell –  The two of us are alive so why do we have to meet in hell only. let’s meet first – Are you listening? JW hung up so choi tries to call again. He doesn’t see the road and gets into a car accident.

JW sits and cries.

Truck driver looks over and choi is out of his truck head down first and all bloodied.

1993 choi paces and takes the call. JW? Why are you calling now. heard you didn’t show up at the wedding. You were supposed to leave. Do you have to go through something terrible to listen to me. don’t you know how scary I can be. JW is at the police station turning himself in and lies I am about to leave. Choi says good – go well.

Han looks at the personal belongings of the victim from 1993. it’s a current phone so the cop  thinks it was mixed up and says why is this here. Why would it be in a box from 1993. han grabs it and says wait a minute.

Han is alone in his office and hooks up SW’s phone to charge it. He checks the messages. The first message to Han plays.  The one about the incense and being trapped. Second message about how he is curious about how things changed here. Then the 3rd message. I am hurt a lot. No way to go back. I don’t want to believe this is how my life ends. I have to live. Let’s think of a way for me to go back. Fourth message.  A car passes by so SW tries to motion to it but it kept going. He picks up the broken phone handle and hits the metal. SW: “I cant lose again. In the end I will win.  I will live. I will go back. I wont lose no matter what.” Han cries

At night SW is weak from loss of blood. He picks up his phone and leaves another message. The fifth. Now I know why I cant go back. The incense was me.

Previous scenes come out.

I said the incense was trying to mock my fate so I said I would fight and beat it, but I was the incense. starting from the moment i lit the incense, I was the source in other people’s lives.

JW goes home and looks around SW’s room. He cries and gets a call. It’s the police cuz he was choi’s last call (the most recent one). What is your relationship with the deceased. JW says I am his son.

SW: the incense that could have been both an opportunity and curse, salvation or ruin- it was me. since I used it all up so my role is done too. I wont be able to go back forever. Now I know that. Since I thought of it that way – there is no need to be indignant about death (that it was unfair)  I wont feel guilty for daring to act like God. In the end – it wasn’t me – it was up to His choice. So I’m thankful to everyone. For the people who unfailingly protected their position next to me during hard times. to those people who chose that fate-  every time it was my birthday- for being my sincere friend – I am grateful to you. Han is sobbing. SW continues – also MY… he doesn’t finish and drops the phone and his head droops.

MY’s mom thinks SW is dead somewhere or else why cant they find him when the police are looking everywhere -why is there no trace. Give me some water. MY gets up to get her some. She suddenly realizes or remembers something as a child.

Young MY found SW bleeding in that alley.  She sees the phone booth on top of him.

Present day MY drops her glass. Her mom asks what’s wrong.

Young MY calls out ajussi and he looks up at her. She asks are you hurt. SW: a little. She says should I call 911. SW: no it’s ok. She says I remember you ajussi. You took my mom to the emergency room back then. SW: why did you come here. She says to get my teddy bear – we are leaving for America now but mom forgot my stuffed bear even though I told her many times. SW: thank goodness. Cuz your mom didn’t take the stuffed bear. Come over here. She goes over to him. He says remember my face well – you cant forget it no matter what. She asks why. SW: later on when you meet someone who looks just like me – don’t get close to him – don’t try to become chummy with him and don’t have any interest. She asks why. He says cuz he will ruin your life so avoid him no matter what. Got that? He holds out his hand and makes her promise.  hurry cuz ajussi doesn’t have time.

MY cries remembering that.

Young MY pinky swears with him. His tears run down his face as he smiles at her and then he closes his eyes. His hand falls to the ground. She yells out ajussi

MY is sobbing


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Starts at 4-24-1993 at 11:59

people walk out of the church and priest asks the friend what happened. the friend says what do we do with the bride – it looks like JW disappeared. young Han hears the people talking amongst themselves saying the groom ran off it looks like.

Just as it turns noon present day Han’s eyes go wide as his office wall seems different. he finds himself walking into church with his family. he stops walking so his wife asks what are you doing and not coming. he asks are we on our way to a wedding by any chance? are we really going to SW and MY’s wedding – is it correct? she asks then where else would we be going now. suddenly he is happy

back in 1993 at the same time MY watches young JW walk away in the rain. she calls out and asks where he is going but he turns and looks at her and doesn’t say anything and keeps going. church bells ring

at noon present day MY is at the wake and everyone vanishes. she suddenly finds herself wearing a wedding dress and standing outside a church on her way into church on her wedding day. her mom is smiling and greeting people. she has her other dad there. MY replays her conversation with SW in her head when she said – I thought of something else – the lawyer in boston – my stepfather. is that correct? SW’s said yes probably.

at the same time choi tries to break the window with the golf club when it disappears along with his sec and driver and then his car.

choi finds himself with crazy Einstein hair working in a cluttered store. his employee comes in and says he is hungry and asks how about Chinese food. choi doesn’t pay attention and goes outside to look around. he goes back in and does some research on the internet and remembers how SW told him – I was going to kill you but  I thought not stealing the next 20 yrs in front of you would be way more torturous. choi says aloud this bastard how dare he, but his employee thinks choi is saying that to him cuz he ordered extra dumplings for lunch so he says I will cancel it. choi says I will kill him and runs out to locate his car. it’s a crappy truck so choi pulls at his hair in frustration cuz he doesn’t have any wealth anymore. the employee comes out and says I canceled the dumpling order. choi beats up his jalopy.

young JW had walked out in the rain when young MY calls out to him asking where he is going.

present day JW is holding a syringe and about to administer a shot to his patient. he looks around at the small clinic that gives medical aid to foreigners. (He is in another country and not Korea) JW suddenly remembers the past

young JW had gone to the hospital and found young SW getting treated for his stab wounds. reporter Oh was there too. (SW’s future boss). SW asks hyung how did you come already – what about the wedding? JW asks are you ok? where were you stabbed? SW says hyung I really almost died. Oh asks are you the hyung? he introduces himself and gives his card. that student came cuz he said he had something to submit but his condition was severe so I brought him here first. JW says I know very well who did this. talk with me reporter. SW asks how do you know hyung?

young YJ (MY’s mom) is crying in her wedding dress as her friends wonder who could do this. is JW crazy? YJ says he was always this kind of person. this wasn’t the first time. if I forgive him and trust him again I am the fool. she throws down her bouquet and tells her daughter to go change clothes and get her belongings together. she asks her friend to get her stuff out of the car for her. friend asks why – to do what. YJ says we are going to leave (her and her daughter). I cant stay here even a day – I will leave. right away today.

in the car her mom is still crying as they head to the airport and leave

reporter Oh is in front of the police station giving the news. how SW’s father’s death was ruled a simple accident by the police but to tell the truth it was totally not the case. how he was accidentally pushed and killed and choi showed up and covered up what happened for the wife and son and blackmailed them. how there was a connection with choi and two officers in charge of the case. (choi and the officers are arrested) how the two officers were bribed to quickly resolve the incident with a lie.

1993 choi is put in a car with Park C who has also been arrested. Park says cuz matters got complicated like this I knew this would happen. choi says I told you to catch that guy – who said to stab a high school student. Park C says you said to hurry and settle this – if I didn’t get rid of him right away there would be big trouble. choi asks what – when did I say that. Park C wants to hit him

young JW is handcuffed and standing in front of his mother who is in a wheelchair. cops wait nearby to take him in when he is done. JW says to her – mom I am sorry I didn’t listen to you again. but I think this is the best thing to do. don’t be too upset. he turns away and walks towards the cops. tears run down his mom’s face. young SW watches from his room as JW turns to look up at him. SW turns his head away so he wont have to look at JW. the maid sees JW off and cries saying what to do – JW.

young SW breaks down in tears in his room.

young JW and Choi are handcuffed in court standing side by side and the judge is reading their offenses. the judge says they acknowledge that JW pushed the dad and killed him in order to stop him from going after the mom so there was no intent for murder. cant hear the rest cuz choi is talking to JW saying I am the fool for helping someone like you. JW tells him to live repenting – I am going to live the rest of my life repenting too – it would be good if you did that too, but choi says why should I repent when you are the one who killed a person. I’m the one whose life got ruined cuz of you. the judge tells choi to be quiet. JW got 3 yrs and choi got 4 yrs and 6 months in prison. also cuz of what choi did his hospital gets taken away from him.

young JW is in prison when he is told he has a visitor. JW goes over and sees young SW there. SW holds up his acceptance letter and says I got into school – I came to tell you this. JW is happy and says that’s good. you did well – thank goodness. cuz of me you wasted a year’s worth of time so I am sorry. how is mother. SW: she is the same she doesn’t even know I got in. they sit in silence and JW says thanks for coming- I didn’t know you would come but SW interrupts and says I still don’t understand you hyung but as I get older I was told I would understand so that’s why – I trust that will happen one day. JW asks what does that mean? all this time SW didn’t face him but now he does looking straight at JW and says it’s a secret.

present day JW cries remembering that. he asks the other doctor what time it is in korea now so the doctor says past noon. JW: already? today is my younger brother’s wedding so wait a second. I should give him a call. the doc says why did you stay here then and not go. JW: cuz I have to not go to be of help.

all the reporters are gathered at church and that obnoxious guy who is jealous of SW asks the others for some cash cuz he doesn’t have any money in his wallet. the other guy is annoyed and says you still didn’t pay me for last month (at another guy’s wedding) so the obnoxious guy says I will pay you back. they notice boss Oh coming in. he asks where SW is-why cant I see him. the other guy says did you see JMY – a miracle happened– JMY is pretty. boss goes over to see. the guys notice reporter Lee enter and make comments about how she doesn’t look good cuz she got SW stolen away by JMY. after chasing him for 5 yrs JMY finally gets to get married to him.

Han runs in to see MY and says that guy finally succeeded. SW changed things –he went back and did this. you remember right? what just happened? she asks then is this all for real? it’s not a dream? he says no this is all real. you and SW getting married today – it’s reality. now you aren’t Park MY and JMY. it went back to the way it was originally. his wife calls asking where he went so he tells her this is just a secret that we know. no one knows it changed and they cant know. she nods yes. he goes but comes back and holds her hand saying congratulations –you don’t know how much I wanted things to work out for the two of you. he runs off

the truth is sinking in for her at last as she looks over at her wedding photos with SW.

flashback to 2-2013

she hops into bed with a sleeping SW and asks for a proposal. he pulls her under the covers with him but she says wake up –stop sleeping and propose. she pinches his cheeks and asks why aren’t you proposing. how long must I wait.  you are awake. I want to be proposed to. when are you going to do it? how about today? the weather is nice so it’s perfect to do today. today – propose today. he asks do you think I will do stuff like proposing and keep asking? she asks cant you do it – why don’t you do a single thing that other guys do. SW: that is my charm. you already know. she says today is my birthday. he laughs so she says it’s your girlfriend’s bday and you snort? SW: is your bday once every month? MY: when I said it was my bday last month it was a lie –the real bday is today. that gets him to open one eye and he looks at her. MY: so if you propose with a hundred roses today it will make a really great bday present. he rolls over and turns his back to her. she says he is ignoring a person really well – I am going to sulk for real. I am sulking for real. I am going out alone to have a bday party and then come back. don’t even look for me. he holds up his fingers and makes the ok sign and says it too. I wont look for you no matter what. she leaves in a huff.

later on he hears the door and says this is why push and pull doesn’t work. does a kid who is sulking come back only after 30 mins. he hears a voice that isnt MY say “omo” so he turns and looks. it’s her mom. she asks who are you I am MY’s mom. he hops out of bed and covers his underwear with the blanket. the dad comes in with the luggage and says someone was here. she yells at SW – I said who are you? SW says I am Park SW who works at the  same station with her. I heard you were in Boston so how is it you are here. she says I followed him to a business trip to Japan and dropped by cuz today is MY’s bday. the dad says I told you we should have called first. the mom says I didn’t know I had to call since my daughter lives alone. that brat – where is MY. SW says I don’t really know. she asks you don’t know. he says I think she went somewhere for a while but I don’t know where. she asks how much longer are you going to stand there not dressed? he says I am sorry and grabs his clothes and loses his blanket by accident so the dad says to be careful as SW runs off to the bathroom.

SW runs into the bathroom and calls MY but her mom yells through the door stop calling cuz MY left her phone and went out.

MY comes home and says you woke up. she is startled to see her dad. he asks have you been well. she asks what  happened – how are you here but he makes her look over to her mom who is fuming in the corner. her mom says since it’s morning we didn’t want to wake you so we just came straight but some man was lying in your bed. MY realizes the awkward situation now

Meanwhile SW is brushing his teeth, but it looks more like he is trying to brush away the embarrassment he went through earlier. His gums are gonna bleed if he brushes any harder. MY knocks on the door so he quickly lets her in and asks if she planned this to get back at him.  she swears she didn’t do that – I really didn’t know – they just came suddenly. SW:  does that make sense? that they would come all the way from America to here without a call. MY: it’s for real – I am shocked too. they said they came cuz of my bday. he says but your bday was last month. MY: I said it’s today –that day I just wanted to get a present so I lied. SW turns away in frustration and says: only when I am with you – things like this happen. what do I do – getting caught by them.  MY the opportunist says slyly: but what do we do – mom is totally furious. if we treat this lightly she wont hold still for it – should we say we are going to get married soon? SW: what? she acts like she is doing him a favor and says that’s how you wont end up the strange person. I already got proposed to and you gave notice for a vacation to go and greet them (formally to announce their marriage). let’s say it like that. she claps like a kid. he says she is having too much fun (she is too excited). MY: me? I’m not. he thinks she planned this out cuz ever since this morning she has been talking about proposals. MY: no not at all. SW: if not – why smile then? MY: I don’t know – since it happened this way – I think it turned out well. her mom yells at her – what are you doing – come out. MY tells SW – april sounds good – wont it be great to get married when flowers are in bloom? she does a happy dance and kisses him on the cheek and goes out saying “it’s so exciting.” SW just stands there like his whole being just got whiplash.

MY remembers all that and looks over at her wedding photos again. she gets a call and it’s her former dad. JW: is it MY? it’s dad. I know I have to call you sister in law, but it’s awkward. just for today can I call you that? (meaning just as his daughter) MY: of course. JW: SW is not answering his phone. sorry for not being able to go to the wedding. MY: no it’s ok. JW: I am so happy cuz you two are happy. you don’t know how much I wanted things to turn out this way. it’s so strange – I couldn’t believe that I am alive like this –only a few minutes have passed (meaning since things changed to this state) just saying it now makes it feel real.  MY is crying and says “cuz you are alive – I am happy). JW: I am happy too cuz I’m not tormented like before. your mother is happy too right? MY: yes. JW: live well and be happy. MY: yes. her mom comes over calling her name so he hears that and says you are busy huh? I’m going there next month so let’s meet up then. when SW arrives tell him to contact me. MY: yes.

*considering how she had just been at her dad’s wake a few minutes ago – the reality that he is alive now flooded her emotions

she hangs up and wipes her tears. her mom asks who called for you to cry? MY: no it’s nothing. her mom asks who is it? MY: sunbae’s hyungnim. her mom asks Park JW? why would he call you? MY: to say congratulations – sorry for not being able to come. mom: he is not coming to his younger brother’s wedding – it’s not like I would say something if we met. it’s cuz he is selfish – that person was normally selfish. MY defends him and says it’s cuz he is busy and they don’t have enough workers there. her mom says cuz MY and SW had already decided to get married, she wasn’t able to stop it but if she had known earlier she would have never given permission.

flashback to her mom asking SW personal questions like about his parents. SW says my father passed away when I was in high school so there is only my mother. mom: do you live with your mother? SW: no cuz her health isnt good, she lives in a hospice. she asks how is she unwell so MY says mom ask slowly – but her mom says you stay out of it. her dad tells MY to stay quiet. the mom continues to drill SW: how about siblings? SW: I have one hyung. she asks what does he do. SW: he is a physician. right now he works with Green Hope overseas doing charity. the dad says “then he is doing good work – so is he normally residing abroad? SW: yes. right now he is in China and he comes to Korea once or twice a year. the dad says that’s hard to do for most people so he is very impressive. the mom reacted to what SW said about his brother and stayed strangely quiet until her husband gets a call from his boss and goes to another area to talk. she says you said your name is Park SW right? SW: yes. she asks then is your brother’s name Park JW?  SW: yes that’s correct but how did you know? she asks don’t you know me? I am Kim YJ. S’s mother – don’t you remember? back then you were in high school. omo – what to do – how in the world could this happen. while you were meeting her – you didn’t know she was S? SW keeps acting like he doesn’t get it. so she explains how MY is S and when they went to the states they changed her name. he looks over at MY. the mom asks did you really not know and dated? SW: I didn’t know at all cuz it happened when I was so young. the mom keeps muttering how in the world could this happen – how could fate be like this. she explains how after they went to the states they didn’t hear anything about his family so I didn’t think of it either. SW: yes me too – cuz after that happened we never met. she asks if his brother is doing well and if he got married. SW: no he didnt

on the wedding day her mom is standing there when her husband says a relative came so go and say hello. she says but he said he wouldn’t be able to come. she goes over to him.

Han’s wife is taking photos of their daughters as Han calls SW again but cant get through. he wonders where SW is cuz the wedding is about to start soon so why isnt he coming. he tries again

in 1993 SW is waiting in a phone booth. he looks at the time and he has one minute left

choi gets his golf club out as his sec asks why are you like this

SW looks again and he has about 29 secs left to go

choi runs over to the car to break the window but the golf club, sec, driver, and car vanish as SW is left with 7 secs to go. then choi vanishes along with the incense stick suddenly gone

the time is up so SW closes his eyes to go back and nothing happens.

suddenly a box appears on his passenger seat (like a wedding ring box)

SW checks the time again and it’s at 00. it’s noon now so he should have gone back. he tries to call but his phone wont work in 1993. he realizes something went terribly wrong.

in his car the incense stick and case vanish

SW stands there looking at the rain then back at his watch that reads 12:10. a smile forms like he gets what fate just did to him. he records a message on his phone. 2013 – 4-24 – my first message I’m sending to my friend Han. I don’t know what the result of my life will be yet but just in case I am leaving this message. the incense outsmarted me till the end. right now I am trapped in the past.

at 12:30 Han runs out of the church. MY tries to call SW but cant reach him too. Han comes in and asks did you speak to SW? she say no he isnt picking up- where is he? Han: I don’t know – something is strange. he wouldn’t still be in the past cuz he can only stay there for 30 mins. he would have come back for sure so I don’t know there is no contact. he must be on his way – since there is time let’s just wait. he leaves. her friend says people are looking for reporter Park and wondering why he hasn’t come. she tries calling again but cant get through.

in 1993 choi is still tied to that chair and calls out for help for his nurse or anyone. a guard comes in and says I thought you went to the wedding so how did this happen. choi tells him to hurry and set him free

inside Park C’s car the phone rings but he isnt around – still knocked out at the store. security guard says you should call the police but choi says leave it alone – keep your mouth closed. he grabs his keys and leaves

he is driving in the rain

present day crazy haired choi is driving too and calling SW a bastard – I am going to kill him. he pulls up and sees SW’s car. where is this bastard – Park SW

1993 choi drives by and sees something so he breaks

present day choi remembers that and his face gets even crazier looking than his hair – dizzying camera angle isnt helping either

1993 choi reverses and sees SW standing in the phone booth just finishing up his message to Han.

present day choi says that’s right – it’s not over yet.

1993 choi reverses some more and gets into position

SW looks at his watch again and sighs deeply

1993 choi accelerates and heads right for SW. SW looks over just as he is about to be run down. he had no time to get out

present day choi remembers that moment

SW is dripping blood from everywhere – standing by a demolished phone booth. a man from a nearby building sticks his head out wondering what the sound was. choi reverses and leaves the crime scene

SW doesn’t have the strength to stand anymore and starts to slowly squat down to sit behind the broken phone booth

present day choi says that’s right – now it’s fair – you made me live this way so did you think you could live well? he gets dizzy and sits on the ground saying now it’s even.

SW is barely able to breathe – his blood just mixes with the rain on the ground. his hand goes limp first and then his whole body.


Written 5-8

throughout this first part when SW was missing and everyone was looking for him, I swear I had no idea THAT had happened to him. It made me uneasy cuz he wasn’t showing up, but I just didn’t see that outcome coming. It baffles my mind why the last incense made him get stuck in 1993. SW seems to have accepted it easily enough cuz he kept smiling in that phone booth– but I just chalked that up to the first signs of a man about to lose his sanity. what else can you do in that situation but smile – you certainly cant cry about it. it wont bring you back to where you belong. Everything worked out the way he had hoped, but by changing JW’s life like that made his search for those incense sticks moot. Of course he would have never gone looking for them in the Himalayas cuz he wouldn’t have lived a life of regret. he served his time and became a doctor so why would he have been so desperate to go after some incense sticks that transport him back to 20 yrs ago. I wish SW had thought of this before he went back, but he had no choice cuz his younger self was about to die. Even now watching him bleed out, I still take comfort in the fact that no lead can die with two episodes remaining so he will survive somehow – that’s what I keep telling myself, but I’m having trouble believing it cuz this is a cable drama – if we learned anything from QIHM – they play by their own rules.

Written 5-9

Watching this show is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Just when you think you have the hang of it and you know where everything goes, you discover a few pieces are missing. No matter how much you look, you just don’t see them. That’s what happened to SW. He thought he had the picture in his head of how things should turn out and what goes were and I bet he even thought he put the correct pieces in place – but he didn’t see the big picture. He didn’t realize what the crucial missing piece of the puzzle was until reality sunk in when he was stuck in 1993. That’s when he saw his mistake. He changed too much – even the parts he shouldn’t have like regarding those incense sticks. Fans of QIHM went crazy when that phone worked at the end and served as the substitute for the talisman, but I wonder what fans of Nine wouldn’t give right now to see such a miracle happen in the last two episodes.

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(064599)02-55-08]

It must be an odd feeling to be in awe of yourself when you become your own hero. I think I will miss his scenes with his younger self the most. Of course they get along since they are the same person, but it’s so fun to watch how much they seem to admire each other. Young SW respects future SW’s awesomeness while future SW envies young SW’s sweet nature before his life turned upside down. All the circumstances of those certain events changed SW so I bet it was nice to see how carefree he used to be when he still had his family intact. I bet when he looked into the eyes of his younger self, SW felt like a hyung for the first time in his life. Like he had a younger brother to protect and take care of. It must feel like something else to be looked at with so much gratitude and adoration when those eyes belong to you.

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(067379)03-00-43] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(053024)02-57-15] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(053244)02-57-38] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(063689)02-55-58]

Tonight was the first time this show sort of reminded me of “24.” This guy can do more in 25 mins than anyone I know. He gives new meaning to the word “productive.” Compared to what he gets accomplished in that time, I feel lazy. Recapping this drama live is a nightmare cuz everything happens at the speed of light. There are no pauses or a second to take a breath. I did not see that ending coming at all. I was totally blinded sided.


Starts from the wedding day in 1993 may 24th

People are going up to church. young Han goes over and congratulates young JW. JW says thanks and walks away. Han goes in and looks around. Young MY comes over and says hello to Han. he asks where SW is and she says I don’t know.

young JW goes over to his bride and she says I found the passport – she put it in the bag. JW: but I sent SW to go find it. she says what to do so he says if it’s not there then he will come. thank goodness it was found.  her friend asks isnt YJ pretty so he says yes and leaves. her friends say JW is shy. but he doesnt look well – like he has some troubles recently and he looks thinner.

he walks out and his maid brings his mom over and says his mom seems to be in better spirits. he watches her go inside.

the priest comes over and asks where is your brother. young JW says I sent him on an errand to YJ’s store. the priest says then will he be here soon? JW: it will take a while cuz he just left. why? priest says someone called from school. I will tell him that. (It was Park C- the bad guy choi hired calling to get info about SW)

young SW is looking all over and in the drawers for the passport and says it’s not here. he is on his way out of the record store and locks up.

present day SW is on the phone with Han says on that day it was written I ran an errand for hyung and was late to the wedding – do you know what the errand was so Han says I don’t know. how could I when you don’t know either.

young SW is walking in the rain when Park C pulls up and asks if he is park sw – a junior from myungjin High school. he gets out and SW sees the knife. he gets slashed just as present day SW sees the scar run up his arm. Han asks are you listening SW?

park C attacks young SW again.

Han asks what is going on. SW: I think I will die soon but I don’t know where I will die.

park C slashes at the umbrella and stabs young SW in the chest.

present day SW is in pain and takes off his tie and unbuttons his shirt and looks at the scar on his chest.

Park C is still stabbing when young SW grabs a bottle nearby and hits him with it. he runs off as park C chases him.

young SW makes it back to the store. he goes up the stairs but leaves a bloody trail. he unlocks the store and goes in just as park C arrives. problem is young SW dropped the keys and kicked it away just before he went into the store.

Han says if you are alive then answer. what’s going on. SW says I think I was stabbed a few times but I am ok for now. I think I am hiding somewhere. I will call again. he drives like crazy ignoring signal lights.

MY asks what is going on. she cries and says if something else happens I wont be able to endure. han says don’t cry SW went to go find the incense. he found it. she says but you said it disappeared. he says it was found but there was some trouble

SW’s coworker – that reporter calls SW’s boss Oh and says SW went to go see choi and reporters took a lot of photos so what do we do. boss oh says but SW is here at the wake but the guy says no SW came to see choi. boss asks what choi said to the reporters. the guys says choi said no comment.

boss Oh calls SW and says why do things you don’t do. SW asks for his help. boss: help with what?

SW pulls over and gets the last incense out. he sets his watch for 25 mins.

her mom asks why MY is alone and MY tells her to go lay down some more. MY gets a call from SW. she asks where are you? he says I am going to use the last incense right now but before that I have something to say to you. my life is in an ugent situation so I must go back right now no matter what. if possible – while I am there there is one more thing I want to do. stopping hyung’s wedding. after 30 mins it will be hyung and sister in law’s wedding. if the ceremony is over I cant ever turn back this relationship. if you are thinking of changing anything this is really the last chance. it was my fault for going back to the past, but I thought there were extenuating circumstances to do that. but seeing what happened up to today – in the end this whole thing is anguishing/full of despair.  hyung committed suicide. sister in law became a woman who had to send away two husbands (as in lose them to death) and us. no one can be happy. I don’t have to confidence to continue living this life. how about you. she looks over at her dad’s photo and mom. he asks do you know what that means. I want to change you back to JMY. I don’t know what result will come out. I told you – this incense doesn’t do what I want. but still – shouldnt we do it till the end? while the hope of being able to be happy remains. you are in agreement right? I wish you would be in agreement. she says yes. he says wait and hangs up.

he lights the last incense and starts the timer. he disappears in his car.

her hand is shaking as she looks over at her mom and then her dad’s photo.

choi is pacing and his sec comes over. choi asks what happened. the sec says I lost him. he disappeared. wait cuz he will be nearby. he gets a call and leaves. choi says I told him (Park C) to hurry and get rid of him (young SW) so what is he doing (meaning why is it taking so long to kill SW)

park C is still trying to get the door opened. young SW backs up and runs over to the phone and calls. the line is dead cuz his brother disconnected it (since they are leaving for America today). park taps on the window with the knife. he disappears and SW drops the phone scared. he cries and holds his injured arm.

in 1993, it’s 11:30 am and the nurse asks aren’t you going to Park JW’s wedding. it’s almost time. choi says go first so she says see you at church then.

1993 choi writes out a name on an envelope when present day SW barges in. choi asks who are you

present day choi remembers that day

SW has a bat

present day choi raises his arm and says you cant just as SW strikes. sec comes in and asks what’s wrong. choi says get the car ready. sec asks where are you going. there are reporters outside. choi says I know where that guy is. choi leaves among reporters asking questions

1993 choi is tied up as SW goes through his drawer and gets Park C’s number. he verifies it’s the correct number and dials. choi asks who are you – how did you survive after jumping in the river. SW orders him to call and ask what happened to park SW. park was getting a hammer out of his car when choi calls and asks what happened with Park SW. park says I stabbed him a few times but he ran away. SW says ask where he is now. choi asks where SW is so park says at the store – Park JW’s woman’s store. flashback to young JW asking his brother to run the errand to find the passport at the store. park C says he might run away I will call after I finish up. he hangs up and goes back to the store

1993 choi asks why kill SW- look here – who are you – why keep getting involved. SW: you dont need to know – 20 yrs later you will find out on your own. choi: let’s talk. if you need money I will pay whatever. SW swings the bat to hit so both present day choi and 1993 choi yell. SW doesn’t hit him though and just grins at 1993 choi. SW: you are going to remember so I will tell you here. I was going to kill you but taking away the next 20yrs in front of your eyes – it will be way more anguishing. it will be like real hell – I know cuz I experienced it -even if you are alive – it’s not like living. SW leaves him there

*I’ve seen the inside of Choi’s mouth too much these past episodes – way more than I cared to.

present day choi tells his driver to hurry.

at the wedding everyone is waiting. young han wonders why SW isn’t coming

Park C walks over with the hammer. young SW gets closer to the door to look. he is about to open it when park shows up. park found the keys and opens the door. he goes inside as young SW backs up asking why are you like this I don’t have money. park tries to hit him with the hammer. young SW throws albums at park. park keeps trying to hit him with the hammer. young SW is cornered with no where to run. park swings his hammer and gets ready to hit again but present day SW hits him on the back of the head. he asks young SW “are you ok.” young SW looks up at him. park C gets back up. he recognizes SW. he asks how did you survive. SW tells young SW to hide.  park swings his hammer and so does SW. he swings his bat. they fight and struggle. SW hits him really hard with the bat. park C goes down. SW goes looking for young SW. he helps him up and ties up his wound. he says go around being careful of your body – your body is mine. young SW says you were alive. SW: of course – you saved me. young SW: then why show up now. did you read my journal. I also wrote a message on the guitar. who is that guy? why did he try to kill me. also how did you know to come? SW checks the time and says every time I come I’m so busy so there is no time to explain. you have somewhere you need to go right away. you can walk right?

present day han calls and doesn’t get through

young han calls and leaves a message for young SW to hurry and run over cuz hyung’s wedding will start soon

the assistant priest tells everyone to sit and the bride and groom will enter.

the priest gets a call

young JW is outside waiting for SW. there is an urgent call for JW so he goes in to take it. the priest says there is a call but they didn’t say who – just that it’s urgent. young JW takes the call. present day SW is calling from a payphone and asks have you been well. I am the one you met last time – the one who jumped from the bridge.

young SW is in a cab and cab driver says you are bleeding a lot don’t you have to go hospital first. SW says it’s ok please hurry

present day SW put young SW in a cab and gave him the videotape with a name and numberof a contact. when you meet him tell him that you have something that clears up the myunsae hospital incident. give this to him (the videotape). young SW ask was my father murdered. SW doesn’t answer. it is huh? SW tells the driver where to take young SW – the name of the police station. SW knocks on the window and young SW rolls it down. SW says you will know soon but whoever the culprit is – don’t hate him. it happened cuz the situation couldnt be helped. it was no one’s fault. it might be hard for you to accept now but when you get to my age you end up understanding.  also that incident wont ruin your future. from here on – you can live well and be happy despite it. got that? he tells the driver to leave. SW smiles at him as the cab pulls away

present day SW: hello? are you listening. young JW: yes what happened that night. SW: listen carefully to what I am saying.  what I am about to say is not a warning. choi tried to go so far as to kill your little brother and I stopped it for now. instead of you- I gave your brother the video tape as evidence. I gave you the chance to turn yourself in but you hesitated so it cant be helped. now the time for you to admit on your own has ended. You and choi will be arrested soon and pay for your crimes. for the sake of the future, I wish you knew this is the best for you. young JW asks who are you. SW: I cant tell you that. I will give you one choice to decide your life. it will take some time for the arrest warrant so as planned if you get married and go to the airport and leave for america you wont be caught for the rest of your life probably and be able to live. so either get married  like this and run away and live or  remain behind and pay for your crime -now it’s your problem. you decide on your own. I hope you will save your own life. the priest says you have to go in now so let’s go. young JW hangs up the phone as SW looks at the time. he has 5 mins left. he looks up at the rain

4-24- 2013

choi says we are here. they spot SW’s car. choi runs over to it and looks inside. he sees the incense. he tries to open the door. sec says reporter SW will be around here. choi says we have to put that out. break this window

the coworker is on the phone with boss Oh and says choi left and looked fine. he must have been faking it

SW called his boss and asked for the boss’s pager number and contact info for the boss and the place where the boss worked in 1993. the boss asks why – why would that help you now. SW talks about the corrupt police and stuff and how someone needs to bring them down. he says the only reporter I wasn’t suspicious of his ethics even once till now is just you. if I cant trust you I cant trust the world.

young boss is with the head of police and says you think I will stand still after seeing this. you called him yourself so why do you keep saying you didnt do it. I wont let this go so prepare yourself.  the head of police says why are you doing this. all over that one call. young boss says this is why the precinct is so corrupt cuz the head is. should I look into other things to see what else comes up?  as a last show of loyalty I am telling you this. he leaves the office

young SW was told who he can trust (reporter Oh – SW’s boss) and to go there (SW has the video)

young boss is told “someone came to see you.” boss asks who

the wedding begins. the bride gets ready to go in. the audience is asked to stand. SW’s mom remains seated in her wheelchair

young JW comes out of the office and his best friend is looking for him and tells him to hurry cuz the wedding started.

the groom is asked to enter. young JW stands there undecided

choi yells to open the trunk. he gets out his golf club and goes over to break the window with it.

1993 boss Oh sees young SW bleeding and asks were you looking for me. young SW asks are you reporter Oh. the boss says yes. who are you. SW introduces himself.

choi is about to break the window with his golf club but  his sec blocks the car. the golf club disappears from his hands.

*so cool. it’s like fate is saying I don’t think so – you got away with too much already. you don’t get this too.

his sec and driver vanish before his eyes along with his car. choi is left standing there alone

the doors open and the groom is called. no one enters.

present day han is pacing and suddenly remembers.

MY looks surprised too

the best friend is looking for young JW.

young MY goes out and calls after young JW – ajussi where are you going? he turns in the rain and smiles at her and continues walking away from the church as the bells ring

it’s noon. MY sees people disappearing at the wake one by one. her dad’s pic is gone too. so is her mom. the white band in her hair is gone too and she is standing in a wedding dress holding a bouquet. her friends are fixing her veil before she walks into church.

her mom is dressed in hanbok and smiling as she greets guests. MY looks shocked to be standing there on her wedding day.


[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E17.130506.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(087495)02-53-57]

preview is mixed in with what we saw today. while they are in bed, MY squeezes his cheeks and says why arent you proposing? SW is caught in MY’s bed by her mom. she asks who are you – I am MY’s mom. SW covers himself while she averts her eyes

[JTBC] 특별기획드라마 세계의 끝.E11.130428.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-08-00]

People who said End of the World was a scary drama were absolutely correct. The real contagion wasn’t just the virus itself, but how fear manifests in the most frightening form.  This show didn’t just portray the horrors of the infected – it also showed how the uninfected can become monsters just to stay alive.   It’s terrifying to think you could lose all control over who you are as a human being – to say and do things that go against your heart, ethics, belief, morals, and your own conscience. If this drama has shown anything relevant in this fictional backdrop of viruses and vaccines – it made us realize that despite how our bodies might betray us by following the will of the virus, as long as a part of us remains that struggles to hold onto our souls, there is still some hope left. Not just for a cure, but for saving the most important part of what makes us who we are – our humanity.

End of the world finale

starts from Kang saying Kim S is inside and so is dr. Lee and asking for a hospital gown.

Kang is changing and Yoon comes over with one and says let’s go together. but Kang talks him out of it. if we can choose the order of who dies– I would choose you last cuz you need to save people. Yoon says how he doesn’t know to express thanks. kang: should I teach you how. he pats his back and says let’s have a drink later. that’s how they do it. Yoon tells him to be careful.

the cop goes over the map with Kang and Yoon and shows how Kang can avoid the people. to go through the basement and it will be connected to the surgery room

Park’s husband comes running in and asks for Yoon. park tells him how kang is going in and will go and get it (what they need from Kim S)

the director tells park’s husband says my heart hurts thinking of your son but we have to control the virus. how it comes  first.

kang goes through the woods in the dark to get to the hospital.

Lee checks on Kim S. he asks if the others died. she says yes.

kang makes it to the gate and climbs over. some female patient watches kang from the window. Kang sneaks inside. he gets on the elevator. some older patient gets on and coughs inside the elevator with kang. the old man has spots all over his face. kang was holding his breath the whole time till he got off the elevator.

kang runs inside where Lee is. she asks how he could come without a hasmet suit. he asks if she got something from Kim S’s spine (not sure if it’s bone marrow)  and she says I am about to now. he say do it now while I keep watch

the infected patients are looking for someone in the hospital. they must have been alerted about kang

Lee starts the procedure and gets some fluid or bone marrow from Kim S’s spine.

kang notices the group coming and runs back to Lee. he asks if she is done. she says yes. he says the infected patients are coming now. he is going to distract them and tells her to go alone ahead of him when she sees the lights turned on in the other room. as soon as you leave here get on the elevator and go to the basement and there is a way out. run no matter what. I will trust you. he runs back to distract the infected group.

the main crazy guy says kang came on his own and they didn’t have to go after him. the first M virus carrier says the shot you didn’t get to have last time – you can get it now, but kang pushes him off. the crazy guy says we arent just your average patients – we are moving bombs – did you forget. kang: I remember very well. the moment I wore this outfit and came into this building I already got it. the guy says you aren’t taking us seriously cuz we are sick patients. kang looks at the original carrier and says: I wanted to make you die as a human being. if you didn’t get infected – you wouldn’t have stabbed someone with a needle and lived properly – graduating getting married and having kids. they move closer so kang says is this what you guys want. he stabs himself in the leg.

Lee sneaks away

kang is sitting on the ground looking defeated and they smile at him and walk out one by one. as soon as they leave he gets up.

Lee is about to sneak out when and infected patient tries to take off her mask. Kim holds the guy back and tells her to go. she runs out and escapes through the woods. Yoon gets to work

men clad in hasmet suits go into the hospital and pick up all the dead bodies.

they come upon the carrier’s body and a man says cuz of him many lived but she says there were a lot who died cuz of him too.

the CDC gather and hear Park’s son is not doing well so she is at the hospital. they say if kang hangs on a little longer he could get better but his condition is worsening.

Lee goes to see Kang. Kang is standing over Kim’s body. Kim just passed away. Kang asks for a minute and looks at Kim’s face one more time. he buttons his shirt for him. the infected team leader is there too.

Lee watches as Kim’s body is rolled out. she is crying

Lee says how well Kim took care of her. how he helped her. kang says in the world only monsters will be left. how can a human being doing that. in a day you think about it all the time. she says the vaccine will be made soon so don’t have those thoughts. he is afraid – without him knowing – that he will change. don’t be hurt by me and ignore – no don’t even look back and run far away. she says no matter what you say however you look at me – you will always be my team leader.

Yoon is working on the vaccine as others look on at the computer screen till it reaches 100% – perfect. Yoon got it. he nods to Park’s husband.

the director is on the phone as she walks into the meeting. how they are putting the vaccine into use today. they say how it’s not enough cuz there more patients than prepared vaccine.

park’s husband gets the list of 300 names of the people who will get treated. the dad is mad and argues about the age – ten and seven – saying there is no reason for leaving out my son. the other staff guy says the chance of his son surviving isnt high so his name was taken off.  the dad is outraged. yoon pulls him off. the dad keeps yelling my son is Park’s J’s son. Yoon just stands there speechless so the dad runs off

kang is told it might get more dangerous for him. (cuz Kang is passing on his vaccine for another person) kang says I’ve been healthy most of my life. I already lost one team member. I just need to hang on for another week or so.

Park’s husband stole a vaccine for his son. park tells him to stop it. the son is pass saving. the dad keeps saying open your eyes but his son is near death already.

Lee takes kang out by the window. he is coughing so she asks are you cold. we should go in but he asks to stay for 5 more mins. you said you had something to show me. she says it’s embarrassing cuz now I have to show you. she shows her baby pic. she says how she doesn’t look good but he asks to see it. he starts to cough and then looks at the pic and says she was pretty. she asks him to show his pic when he gets all better. you have to keep your promise for sure. he tells her to go away. he screams at her to go away in a scary way. he turns his wheelchair around and leaves her behind

he goes and coughs up blood. he gets in bed and starts to tear up the sheets to make a rope. he ties up his foot to the bed

Lee is outside his room at night. she peeks in and sees him sleeping with his back to her. she stands by outside.

when Yoon goes home a drunk Kim (park’s husband) is sitting on his doorstep. yoon asks what are you doing here at this time. I will call you a cab. kim says if I didn’t steal your work – then choi wouldn’t have died. if I didn’t steal the vaccine then my JW wouldn’t have…he doesn’t finish his sentence. Yoon sits next to him and lets him put his head on his shoulder.

after the staff leaves, kang takes out what he had been hiding. a syringe (he is having the urge to stab someone).

lee asks if the list of names who will be treated today has come out. the staff says no not yet. Lee asks for them to let her know as soon as it comes out

Lee asks why Kang isnt looking at her. he looks up at her and tells her- don’t trust me now. Lee says a person believing another person – it isnt something that happens the way you want – not cuz you say trust me or don’t trust me. he tells her not to come from now on. he turns to leave but she offers to push for him. he drops his syringe. she picks it up and gives it back to him. she gets eye level and says stab me with it. look into my eyes and stab me with it and I wont come again.  he doesn’t do it and leaves.

Kang is called to get his shot. Lee is relieved and goes and pushes his wheelchair.

the director is going over how the vaccines are going. Park is back at work. they talk about how much awards Yoon will be getting for his work. a woman comes in saying how there was a lot of traffic –now it feels real that the nightmare is over. they go over the stats about how many died. park leaves the room

park goes to see Yoon. she says it feels like spring now that she came to the campus. yoon says it’s like compensation for what you endured. she is scared that she will live normally like nothing happened.

he tells her to take a cab but she wants to walk. she asks why he didn’t register his name for the vaccine. he quotes something as his answer.

lee and the team leader are back at work and lee welcomes a new guy. the team tells the new guy our team leader can tell you what you ate for breakfast and everything so don’t meet his eyes. kang shows up and says there is a newbie who was brought here by his mother.

the CDC car pulls up and goes inside a building. kang and his team walk down a hallway. kang makes them each check each other’s hasmet suit. he gives his speech about making sure and being careful and not taking off their gloves no matter what. in a moment of danger you cant count on other team members to save you so you have to be responsible for your own life

they go inside to itemize and tag each suspicious belonging.

scenes from previous episodes are shown as credits roll.

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E16.130430.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-25-09]

As I caught up on all the missed episodes of Nine, I kept being reminded of a story called the Monkey’s Paw. It was used to make wishes, but unless it was phrased just the right way, you would get your wish granted, but would have to pay a high price for it to come true. It’s sort of like what’s happening with SW and those incense sticks. He never took the time to think about the consequences of his actions and choices as he used them and now they are coming back to haunt him in the worst possible way. It’s like when you throw a pebble into a lake – the ripples it causes – you just don’t know how far and wide they will get. Each time he used that stick of incense, he was throwing a huge rock into his problem causing more unforeseen complications. For SW, all he can do now is bide his time watching the ripples of his actions –hoping and praying they slow down and eventually stop in the right place.

[tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E16.130430.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-34-23] [tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E16.130430.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-34-35][tvN] 나인-아홉 번의 시간여행.E16.130430.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-39-21]


Starts from SW sitting in church. Han goes inside to meet him. SW is crying and says I never prayed before so I’m praying my own way. He (God) will probably understand right? Han says 30 mins ago he (JW) passed away

MY’s mom is crying and calling out “yobo – what to do” as JW’s body is taken away.

Han says cuz it happened suddenly I couldnt call – your sister in law is not doing well – you should go to her. Han sits down to pray as SW looks over at him. It’s like SW envies Han’s faith cuz when SW looks back up at the alter, he looks like he resents God right now. when Han opens his eyes SW is gone. Han calls out to him as SW walks out but SW doesnt look back so Han goes after him

SW is about to drive off. Han stops him and opens the car door and asks where are you going. you could just walk to the hospital. SW: shut the door. Han: where are you going. you are going to choi arent you? to do what? SW: to kill him – but don’t worry I wont kill him here. I’ve been kicked out due to a scandal so if I’m labeled a murder too then how disgraceful would that be for the office. move aside. Han pulls him out and hits him and yells – all night you thought at church and all you came up with is murder. you crazy bastard. he takes the incense stick away from him. Han: it’s all cuz of this. SW asks for it back but Han says you are crazy- cuz of this you are totally going crazy. SW asks for it back but Han says I wont and runs off with it. he goes back into church and SW follows him. Han says let’s get rid of it. you said we had to take care of it somehow. we cant let it get taken by choi but if you have it your life will be ruined. step on it and turn it into dust so no one can use it. He takes it out of the case as SW says give it back. Han says not one person who used this was happy. to save JW hyung you threw everything away. coming all this way – what is the result. that life you wanted to save – he took his own life. it might have been better if JW hyung died lost in the Himalayas – he might have been more happy. until he died he had hope. now – when he injected that needle into his arm – how do you think he felt. dont put this all on Choi. what you have to get rid of is not Choi – it’s this incense. getting rid of it here is the best thing – if this really is evil. God will protect us (keep us safe). he holds it up and it disappears in his hands. the case is gone too.

SW runs over in shock and Han asks what is this – where did it go? he looks up at the alter at the crucifix and asks “did He take it?” SW looks over too


choi’s sec tells him how SW is at the hospital and didn’t go home. he didnt go anywhere and just stayed at the mouring place.

they are having a wake for his brother.

the sec tells choi that the body will be moved tm to church and after mass they will go to the burial.  until then SW wont be alone. the sec reports about the texts. how there are a few strange texts. SW texted his friend and said he was going somewhere for 30 mins but didn’t say where. it was before he did the news. that everything would go back to the way it was in 30 mins.  choi remembers how SW said I have a time machine. there was a text where Han asks if choi knows about the incense. choi wonders what that means. there is an incense I cant know about. is this all there is. nothing else. the sec says it will take longer about 4 days cuz there are a lot of texts. choi yells how can I wait 4 days. I could die before then. the sec wonders what that means. choi was talking about SW’s threat to kill choi. choi says if that guy is finished with the wake, it’s the end of me. find out by today what this means – what the incense means and where it is

SW tells his sister in law to rest and tells MY to take her. MY tells her mom to get up and takes her to go lie down. SW stares at JW’s photo. his boss comes in to pay his respects. SW asks did you come alone. his boss says cuz the meeting ended just now. he asks why SW is alone. where is MY. SW says cuz sister in law wasn’t feeling well so MY took her in. the boss says when I heard the news – i felt bad. why did this have to happen after both of you resigned. SW: you dont have to say anything – you have a hard time enduring these things. his boss asks do you resent me. SW: no not at all. his boss says choi is going to prison today. is there anything I can help with. SW: there is nothing. if I need help I will tell you. have something to eat. his boss pats his arm and walks out.

Han calls SW over and asks him – the incense didn’t show up right? han thinks God took it cuz He was afraid SW would commit a sin. at first I was shocked but it makes me feel better to think that. that incense and God were not meant to exist in this world. I thought about it and that incense originally belonged to JW hyung so of course it would disappear when he passed away. SW says you believe in God but maybe cuz I’m agnostic, I believe more in the evil of man. God didnt take it away- in that instant I lost the incense. that’s what I think.

flashback to young SW sleeping and someone finding the incense case. Han asks who would take it. SW says I dont know but thankfully it wasn’t choi cuz if he took it, I wouldn’t be here in this world. flashback to choi threatening to kill the high student SW. SW says seeing how I am still alive choi didn’t take it. If someone was cleaning and threw it away – that would be good. I don’t know where it went or whose hand it is in now. Han doesnt agree and thinks he is right. that it’s gone cuz JW died. believe me

MY remembers her dad calling and asking if they are resting well. she says yes. where are you dad. he says at the hospital cuz there is a lot to prepare for surgery tm. MY: since you arent here I am bored. hurry and come. he asks about her mom. MY says how her mom went to the spa again. what time will you come the day after tm. he says I will call when I leave. he thanks her for choosing him as her dad when he had no right. she asks why say that. he says sorry – be well. tell mom to be well too. MY says yes see you the day after tm. she hangs up. she is crying.

MY cries remembering that last call with her dad.

SW comes back in the room and sees her crying. she turns and sees him. he comes over and asks about his sister in law. MY: she is lying down. SW: the director came. MY: yes I said hello to him. SW:you should sleep too-there just needs to be one person. but she turns and looks at him and says I regretted. I keep thinking that. what you said about turning things back. flashback to SW saying to her – if it was me, i would do it till the end. do my best so everyone is happy. if it was me I would use the incense stick. MY: I must have chosen wrong. I thought it would be ok if I just endured. I didn’t know dad would do that. is there no way to turn things back to the way it was now. SW: cant now – I cant. there is no incense. MY: you said one was left. he says it disappeared. hyung had a lot of things that went wrong in his life.  I was trying to settle that for him but it didnt turn out well.  it’s not your fault. she sits and cries as he looks at his brother’s pic.

choi is being sentenced. flashback to 4-24-1994. the maid hands over the incense stick to choi’s corrupt cop.  the night before, the maid is on the phone about the incense stick with choi’s corrupt cop –  it was given SW cuz they thought it belonged to the younger son. SW was sleeping so the maid took it out of the box and gave it to the cop the next day. he asks when Park JW goes to america. she says today at night after the wedding is over. he says tell him I said congratulations

during his sentencing choi realizes and remembers back to 20 yrs ago. the cop told him there is no way to know how that videotape was filmed and this was the only item that bothered me so I brought it- take a look at it. choi looks at the incense case. cop says cuz they thought it was the younger brother’s belonging it wasnt investigated and handed over to him. but it was an odd item to have been left there.  choi took it out of the case and looked at it.choi: what is this -isnt this incense

during the sentencing choi remembers the incense stick.

flashback to the past – the cop told choi this item was the only thing that could have belonged to the intruder. choi looks at the sticks and reads the note from young SW to future SW. the note said this has my fingerprint on it but it’s not mine so it must be yours. I will keep it safe for 20 yrs.  but why aren’t you coming to meet me. if you are really me your personality would be that you  keep your promise. choi reads the note and wonders what it means.

in present time- choi says aloud – what do you mean what does it mean – it means it came from the future.

in the past, choi put it back and put it in his desk cuz he thought it was useless

present time – choi says I didn’t throw it away. I didn’t throw it away for sure. where did I put that? he fakes it and passes out.

SW is told choi passed out during his sentencing so it’s been delayed. he is being taken away to the hospital. I think he is putting on a show but I will call again after I get to the hospital

in the ambulance, the sec is on the phone saying which hospital they are going to since they cant go to choi’s hospital so tell dr kim to come there, but choi tells him where to find it and to bring the black package (the incense stick) and pretends to have passed out again.

SW remembers choi threat to find out

SW leaves the wake and MY asks where he is going. he smiles and says I will be back soon. stay alone for a while. he pulls her hand away and leaves

the sec is on the phone with the lawyer saying I dont know what’s going on either- nothing to worry about. he suddenly told me to find some item from the past. he finds the package. I found it so I will be going there – you should go there too.

SW calls his coworker and asks which room choi is in. Han calls and asks where are you. MY is worried cuz you are gone. where are you going.  SW: to choi. Han: why there? to do what? SW: I think choi has the incense. han: what? SW: it’s strange that he passed out suddenly during sentencing-choi probably remembered right about now -that he had the incense

in the hospital, a doctor is checking out choi’s vitals. the sec shows up so choi makes the doc leave. the doc leaves and is seen by SW’s coworker

choi grabs the stick from the sec and opens it. sec asks why were you looking for this. choi tells him to leave.

sec goes to talk to the doctor. doctor asks what is this – it wasn’t for real? sec asks for a minute and takes the doctor away

choi reads the note again from Young SW to future SW again

Han calls and asks SW – how many sticks does choi have now. in the present time you used one but choi got it from storage so wouldn’t he have two?

choi opens the case and there are two sticks. he lights one and it burns up very quickly and disappears. he takes out the second one and lights it. it burns and disappears in his hand. he is in a hospital room in the past. he looks at the news and then at the date. he remembers how SW said I have a time machine. he looks at the phone and goes over to it.

he calls his office and speaks to the nurse. he asks her to look up a number for him – for park and tells her to call out the number so he can write it down.

SW runs down the hall to choi’s room. guards block him and wont let him see choi.

choi from 1994 goes to his room and startles his nurse.

choi calls park and park says I haven’t found the corpse yet. I told you I would call when I find it. i told you he would have died so why are you so worried. he cant be alive. choi says that’s not why I am calling. there is another guy you have to take care of. Park JW’s younger brother -Park SW

SW makes a run for it goes inside the room and puts out the incense just as choi told Park to get rid of a junior at myungjin high school. park: kill a high  school student? choi: you have to get rid of him for sure. as soon as possible. choi comes back to present time.

SW takes the incense and is taken outside by the guards. choi smiles.

Park is annoyed to have to kill a high school student on top of that other matter – cuz he thought this was going to be an easy job but it’s not turning out to be

sec asks why reporter Park came. choi says go and chase him so he cant use the incense. take it away from him -hurry

SW leaves and his reporter friend asks what is going on. SW says sorry – i will explain soon

SW checks his journal and sees what happens on the 4-24. young SW wrote – saturday 4-24 – 1993 today is hyung’s wedding. starting from morning i was so busy but running hyung’s errand I was late to the wedding.

Han asks MY if SW came back yet. he looks worried so she asks what’s going on – something happened to uncle huh? he says it’s nothing he will come soon

Han goes out and calls SW. Han: what happened- did you find it. SW: I did find it but choi used the incense.  for about 5 mins. during that 5 mins I dont know what he did when he went there but it doesnt feel good. do you remember where I dropped by today 20 yrs ago on the day of hyung’s wedding? that day was hyung’s wedding and the ceremony was at noon. right now it’s past 11am and on my journal, it says I was late to the wedding cuz of hyung’s errand. but I don’t remember what the errand was and where I went. do you know? han says I don’t know – how could I remember that? when you don’t know either.

as young SW was walking in the rain, Park pulls up and asks are you Park SW  a junior from myungjinhigh school. young SW says yes that’s correct – who are you. Park says I found the right one.

SW is stopped at a light. Han is saying: since it was JW hyung’s errand he would have remembered. cuz hyung is gone – what do we do. SW looks down at his arm. there is a scar running down it (like a knife wound) from the middle of his hand all the way up his arm. Han asks are you listening.

young SW’s hand is bleeding and Park says you punk-you dare to block it. Young SW asks why are you like this.

Han: what is going on?

SW: I think I am going to die soon, but I don’t know where I will die.



Park stabs young SW through his umbrella

SW:I think I was stabbed with a knife

MY tells Han: I cant endure if anything else happens

SW: I am going to use the last incense now – before then I have something to say to you for the last time -stopping hyung’s wedding

SW calls his boss and says you said to ask if I needed your help -help me.

choi: I told him (park) to hurry and get rid of him (young SW) so what is he (Park) doing

SW rescues his younger self and asks are you ok?

[tvN] 나인.E15.130429.HDTV.H264.720p-TVHQ[23-23-59]

E15 – clips from previous episode come out – the date on the screen: 4-23-2013

SJ reads about SW and choi in the paper. the article is saying that SW’s health condition isnt good

Dr. Han gets a call that SW wont be treated (for his injury). after he was discharged from the hospital he didnt come even once. he left against medical advice. there will be big trouble if his injury is left unattended.  han says I left him alone on purpose cuz he said he wanted to rest. I will contact him.

Han drives to SW’s house. it’s a mess and SW is sleeping in the dark. when Han opens the curtains, SW thinks he is the housekeeper and says I told you to come next week. SW drank alcohol so Han lectures him cuz SW shouldn’t be drinking in his condition cuz he is a patient who got surgery.  SW jokes should I not have drank – no wonder my injury was hurting. Han asks if he locked himself up and just drank like this after leaving the news center. SW says cuz there was nothing else to do suddenly. since he said he was sick and had to leave work he cant go somewhere and play like crazy. he cant go to the hospital cuz he is uncomfortable there.  no one to meet. people are uncomfortable to meet his gaze now. MY changed into a niece again. you did such a good job of convincing her – she left without even looking back-before 12. Han asks was I wrong to do that? is it hard going back to how it was. MY looks like she is trying – she went to Japan with her family. I worried about MY. I didnt know you would be like this. you hung in there well for a few months even when she was going to get married. cant you go back to getting along well like that back then. SW says the sunlight is too bright on his eyes and asks for the curtains to be closed

MY’s mom is on the phone saying i came here 4 days ago. I didnt know. MY didnt say anything about it. I will call when I get to seoul. she asks if uncle put out an article that he had to quit being an anchor cuz his condition was too severe. MY asks who said that. the mom says S’s mom was curious and asked me. you said he was ok. is he not doing the news? dont you know?  the mom worries and says maybe I should call – what if he is sick all alone.

Han is cleaning up when he gets the call and tells SW his sister in law is calling from Japan. SW gets on the phone and reassures her that he is ok – he put out that article on purpose so he could rest. nothing much is going on. the mom says i was worried that we came to play when you are sick.  we are doing well. he asked about the place she is staying at so she gives the phone to MY cuz the mom doesnt even know the name of this place cuz MY dragged her here. MY tells her the name of the place but the mom tells her to explain so MY takes the phone and says uncle – it’s me. she tells him where they are and where it’s located.  what are you doing since you arent going to the office. he says just eating and sleeping then playing- I like being jobless – it’s total heaven. how about you – is it ok. she says I am playing eating and sleeping too and it’s the same – being jobless. you know that. he asks about his brother. MY: dad didnt come. SW: didnt everyone go together? MY: no dad suddenly had a VIP surgery but he will come tm. he will come for sure cuz it’s mom and dad’s wedding anniversary tm. he tells her to rest well. she says you too. they hang up and she gives the phone back to her mom. the mom wants to finish their tea and go to the hot spa again.

han tells SW to get up and go out and eat since he is awake anyway. SW asks how his brother is these days cuz he hasnt seen him in a while. Han says he went on a trip. SW tells him how his hyung didn’t go on the trip yet cuz of a VIP surgery. but Han says JW went on vacation since yesterday. he didnt come into work today saying he went on a family trip. Han realizes what’s going on so he asks you are saying he didnt go to Japan – then where is he? SW quickly calls JW but he doesnt pick up. he asks han to find out what’s going on at the hospital. Han is told JW went on vacation since today and there is no VIP surgery. SW keeps calling and gets dressed.

Han makes the nurse go and knock on JW’s office door. she says he isnt in. i didnt see him leave work. she hears the cell phone inside. Han says the door is locked but you can hear the phone inside and there is no answer? he orders to have the door unlocked. he drives SW over to the hospital cuz SW isnt allowed to drive (cuz he just had surgery). Han thinks that maybe JW just wanted to be alone like SW did. when they pull up, SW runs inside. Han yells that he shouldnt be running (cuz of his stitches)

they get the door open but it’s chained from the inside. nurse calls out to JW to open the door, but no answer.

a doctor points out SW to SJ and calls SW brazen (for walking around here after that scandal and breaking up MY and SJ). SW is bleeding cuz he broke his stitches. he arrives just as they get the door opened and they yell out in alarm to discover JW unconscious

SW flashes back to the moment he discovered his dad had been murdered. he walks in slow motion to the door – blood dripping from his side. the nurse and other doctor is trying to revive JW but he had overdosed on drugs.

Han comes in and sees JW being taken away. SW went over to the desk. JW wrote on the paper– I am sorry for everything.

flashback to JW going to see SW at home. SW was pouring a drink and tells him to come in and offers him a drink. SW: I had nothing to do so I was going to have a drink. do you want one – this is good alcohol. JW says I just came from meeting MY. how about you two leaving. and we will go back to america. you two leave somewhere far away and if we leave- then it wont matter what others say here. her mom will have a hard time to accept but after some time has passed she will understand cuz she is a mom. cuz I’m no good – there is not a single thing I can do for you. SW: if leaving was the best thing to do then I would not even look back and leave, but that is not the best hyung. in this situation there is no best. whatever we choose, everything already got too twisted up. you and I have nothing we can decide on. the road we chose – we already failed once.  next it’s MY’s turn to choose. that’s how it’s fair. don’t worry over it too much. MY chose you as her father. JW cries and says living is really awful (but he used a more strong word like unbearable

on JW’s desk, there is a letter –with the words: please give this to my younger brother SW. SW picks it up

SW’s boss gets a call from another guy about SW so the boss gets angry and says my writer got stabbed and are you having fun – if you write one word of the rumor –  I will kill you. (the other man wants to print a slanderous article about SW and his makjang girl problem saying if he lives like that – it’s not weird to get stabbed so SW’s boss protects SW).  the boss is told the police contacted them – they found him

han is told by another doctor how JW probably wont make it through the night and that he had suffered from depression all his life. Han wipes his tears as he looks at JW. JW seems to be unconscious but alive

Han asks shouldn’t you contact your sister in law. if she doesn’t hurry she might not be able to see him pass away. should I call?  SW doesn’t answer so Han says I will call her. SJ secretly watches SW just sitting there and cries. SW notices him

MY and her mom are about to go out when MY gets a call from Han. her mom comes over and asks what the call was about but MY is in shock from the news about her dad and doesn’t say anything

Han tells SW he contacted MY. it wont take long cuz they got a ticket. he notices the blood on SW’s side so he says you should be treated first. SW gets a call and his coworker says they found the criminal who stabbed you with a knife

cops go to the place where the man who stabbed SW is working. he is very old now. he hides some set of keys before the police come in. cops arrest him for stabbing SW and take him in. he asks who is park SW? what are you saying?

SW asks how can you catch the criminal when there is not a single piece of evidence. the coworker says there is one piece of evidence – during surgery they found a fingernail. it broke and went inside your body when he stabbed you. they checked the DNA and he was in the police DNA database. he gives the name and age (64) of the criminal now and list of his past crimes. SW’s boss reads the info about how the criminal was paid a salary under a different name from 1993 -2002 by the hospital (the one choi owns) which proves the criminal did thug related activities for choi. the coworker tells SW – it’s good that he was caught. how do you feel. SW says like it’s a nightmare. where is choi right now. he is told where choi is

Han tells the other doctor that SW didnt take his meds and wasnt treated even once after his discharge from the hospital. Han goes back to the chairs and SW already left

choi is reading the paper about himself. his sec comes in and choi says these crazy reporters wrote whatever they want. the sec says someone wants to talk to you. someone you know from 20 yrs ago. park – he said you would know him. what should I do – just hang up? choi takes the call and the criminal Park says do you remember me. you have to help me. I’ve been arrested for stabbing Park SW and I am at the police station now.  but I don’t know who Park SW is and never stabbed him. how can I stab him when I dont know who he is. but they say my fingernail was on the knife. isnt that strange? i saw his photo and that reporter – this doesnt make sense – but he looks exactly like that guy that jumped off the bridge back then. and he hasnt aged either.  do you know what is baffling me – that knife. it’s the one I used to carry around 20 yrs ago-the one I stabbed into that guy on that night. I dont know the reporter. but it is correct that I stabbed someone who looks similar to him 20 yrs ago. how do I explain this to the police. I will call again so think about what’s going on. don’t act like you don’t know any of this cuz if I become the killer/culprit over that job- so do you.

choi looks at the old photo of SW and says no way – it’s really Park SW?

SW tears out the pages of the journal his younger self wrote “cuz I am you – what could that mean? I am going to die of a brain tumor. if you are alive – you will be living in 2013 now Park SW-are you reading this? please come to meet  me cuz I am waiting. it supposedly belonged to me but it was the first time I saw it. (talking about the burned incense stick case). SW rips up the pages and flushes it down the toilet.

han asks what he is doing. SW tells han – the criminal was captured so choi will suspect soon-if he does no matter what he has to do he will find out.

choi remembers the night SW told him to confirm and after that you will know–who made father like that.  I only believe facts. SW left him the USB drive

flashback to choi meeting park – they are wondering why the body isnt floating up and speculate where the body could have gone like be caught somewhere. choi wonders if he is alive maybe. park says if comes out of the river alive – then he isnt human. he couldnt even walk properly so how could he come out of the river

choi says this is ridiculous -how could this happen. he tells his sec to contact Park SW’s hyung park JW to meet right away. choi thinks that will be the easiest -to deal with him

Han asks what about the remaining incense stick. SW says I have to take care of it somehow – just cuz I don’t use it doesn’t mean it will end

choi finds out JW tried to commit suicide and is in the hospital critical unit

choi goes to the hospital and SW is sitting there. choi says I thought you would be lying down cuz the article says you are hurt but you are here. they say JW is in critical condition – I can go in – right? choi goes inside to see JW. sec explains they happen to hear the news about SW’s hyung and came. there is no other meaning behind it

SW takes out the letter left for him by his brother

JW wrote-during the most terrible moments, I am leaving all the baggage with you and running away again –forgive your hyung. for the sake of my life – I know how much effort and troubles you went through –  I don’t have the strength to make things right anymore. I am sorry. there is something I didn’t tell you yet. about how I came about and my father choi.

flashback to young JW asking his mom –was everything father said that night the truth? am I not father’s son. was father mistaken. please tell me. his mom cries

flashback to the mom and choi when they were young before she married SW’s dad. choi yells – how could you do this – how could you marry him. she said what did I do wrong – I really dont know. he says  you ignored me – you knew my heart. you shouldnt have given me hope then. all you did was look at the money. she says I didnt do that. he says you did it every day. you betrayed me. she says you are mistaken. I only met you a few times cuz you asked. he accuses her of just looking at the money and choosing. she says no it’s cuz I like him. he says dont lie. she says he is better than you- it’s not cuz he has more money than you. he drags her off. (now I wonder if he raped her)

*the woman playing SW’s mom’s younger version is from QIHM too.

JW’s letter continues – mother probably wanted that but I didnt want anybody to know either. his mother says with my strength- it couldnt be avoided . JW’s voice continues: that my life began like that through rape- I was so ashamed-I was born like that and made my mother traumatized  and came between my parents. and the father that raised me I killed with my own hands. if that wasnt enough -I got in the way of my daughter’s happiness and gave a scar for the rest of his life to my younger brother. from the start my life went wrong. I hated my life and was ashamed of who I am and couldnt put up with it – for all my life. please understand me and our mother. I am sorry.

choi comes out and asks how did that happen. when he didn’t have any problems in life. he was just always nervous from a long time ago. he was nice. it’s too bad. SW smiles and says you don’t know who is the one who is really pitiful. choi: what did you say? SW says you dont know what you are losing right now. it’s too bad. choi asks what that means. SW: I have no intention of telling you. cuz it was the biggest mistake in hyung’s life. choi: I dont know what you saying. SW: why did you come here. it wasn’t really cuz you wanted to see hyung for the last time. it seems you came cuz you had something to discuss with me. choi :20yrs ago – there was a guy who was stabbed with a knife and disappeared. the one who gave JW the videotape –the same one you gave me.  the one who jumped into the river and wasnt discovered. i was curious where he was hiding and didn’t show up. you don’t know how much I looked for him. how many months. but that guy seems like he is in front of me. I am not senile so how did you do it – do you have some kind of time machine like in movies? SW: yes. choi laughs and says you have a time machine. SW: yes I have it. are you envious? don’t be envious- having it isnt that great. choi says I dont want to joke around now. I am putting my life on the line and asking- you know – after the sentencing tm – I will be imprisoned. now it looks like I will be blamed for the attempt on your life too. SW: it’s not putting the blame on you – it’s correct that you attempted to kill me.  cuz the thug you sent stabbed me. this is what is different. your corrupt police – if you give money you could do whatever you like but in 2013, a broken fingernail -the ability to find someone thru DNA. do you know what I am struggling over now? you think it’s unfair that your life is ending like this, but I’m going crazy over the unfairness about what you got away with for 20 yrs. so I am struggling over it now. whether to steal those 20 yrs from you. to make your life pathetic so that it ends with you not able to go anywhere near success. how about that.  or should I just make it clean and kill you. go back to then and like you did to me – stab you with a knife and come back. I will be in the clear  cuz back then even if I left behind a fingernail they wont be able to find me. i think i’ve been very considerate up to now so get lost. choi says if I make up my mind starting right now – you think I wont be able to find out. I thought of these things too – I dont know how yet, but if I could go back, I just need to get rid of one guy. the youngest – a son – a young high school student. cuz in my life – he was the only one who got in the way. I didnt know that easy way and was looking for the perpetrator -just cuz I am sitting in prison doesn’t mean I cant find out – like you said in this advanced day and age. just wait and see. he leaves

*crap choi just threatened to kill young SW

choi orders his sec to find out everything about Park SW – investigate everything from 1992 to 1993 -journal – video tape- find out everything including who he called- the people around him – the texts – also from last dec till he got stabbed -all of it -also find out where he was on 12-30 in the early hours – cuz there will be a time when he doesn’t have an alibi.

SW stares at the last stick. MY and her mom rush inside. MY stops and he looks up at her. she is crying. he stands up and looks at her.



SW is told 30 mins ago JW passed away

choi passes out at his sentencing – like he had a stroke or something. he got ten years in prison

Han: it didnt show up right? the incense stick.

MY: where are you going

SW: I will be right back

Han: you are going to choi now arent you

SW: to kill him

choi yells to find out what this incense does

choi uses the last stick.

*question: does choi not know that JW was his son?

End of the World

There are too many dramas and variety shows I am watching now so I wanted to gather them all on one post and do quick live same night summaries for remaining episodes of Nine and End of the world. I will add previous summaries for End of the world only cuz I heard Nine already has completed subs for E1-E14.  Barefoot friends already has a post and I will add today’s second episode on it now. Hopefully I can update 1n2d tm if I can keep it really brief cuz I plan to skip the “open mic” part at the market.  I wanted to add We Got Married, but I need subs for the Japanese and Chinese interview scenes. Since I can only translate the Korean parts, I don’t think that will be much help. Main photo will change each night to indicate if it’s Nine or EOTW.


End of the world E11

infected patients complain this is prison not a hospital. he goes on about how there a police everywhere keeping guard. putting all of us in here together – what are they trying to do. Kim, the young guy who used to work for the CDC sees choi joining them and says if you are infected too then what about the vaccine – is there no chance for one now.

Park’s son is infected so she is driving him over there, but she doesn’t want to send him to the one hospital they are gathering all the infected in Incheon. she tries to call in a favor to a doctor she knows to take her son to his hospital but he says you know better than anyone you cant do that. her son needed to pee, but he is wearing the hasmet suit so he cant infect others so they cant stop at a public restroom so he ends up peeing in his suit. then he coughs up blood and gets scared so she tells him to keep his eyes closed.

yoon is at home with his phone off so his mom tells him how dr park is calling him. he takes the call. park says I am in front of your home. she begs him to save her son and help. she cries and says he is so young. yoon says I will try.

infected patients are going stir crazy at night. no one can sleep anyway cuz the virus keeps them up. kim says I heard the vaccine was almost made. one by one they ask choi these medical questions. one says what difference does it make if they come up with the vaccine if we are already dead. they ask is there is a vaccine or not. choi says there is none. the patients ask if there is no cure then why gather us here. choi says we aren’t humans. they just want us to die out so they can kill the virus. they need to kill the virus so what other way is there but to gather us and let it run its course. the shots you are getting now – it might seem like it’s saving you but to tell the truth it could be the opposite. choi says we have to find a way to stay alive. if there is none we have to make one.

while yoon waits by the car, park drops off her son at the hospital and says mom will come back for you soon. Lee and kang take the boy away.

park goes home and tells her husband their son went to the incheon hospital cuz he is infected.

kang notices the boy already has a spot on his neck (the number of red spots indicate how worse off their condition is)

her husband asks if she is certain – she said we tested him 12 times. he gets angry and asks why she didn’t tell him when he is the dad. she says I would have wanted to hide the fact that he is infected like you would have so I didn’t.

*I really like this woman – she did something responsible like her job and conscience dictates even though it was the hardest thing to do as a mother.

kim meets with his former team leader and plays up sympathy points. they talk about how he wanted to be the team leader’s right hand man. Kim flatters the guy and says how kang didn’t come to see him even once. he asks for a favor and says I want to send some emails. he asks to borrow a tablet pc for a day. the team leader breaks the rule and says I will bring you one.

at night when the staff leaves them alone to sleep they record choi on the tablet pc. he introduces himself and says how all his efforts werent enough  and he failed to stop M2. that he didnt come up with a vaccine for M2.  the chance of death is 100 percent and I’ve been infected too. in this room – I’m not alone. there are 6 others doomed to die too. just cuz they control us doesnt mean they can control M2 and come up with a cure. they have to find someone who can fight m2 and win. the problem is no one knows who that is. that person hasnt been infected yet. until that person who has overcome m2 shows up, every day – our children- our husbands, our wives – we have to just stand by and watch them die. we have to find that person.  in order to do that we have to hang in there. if they stop you – even if you have to break the window- get involved. it’s the way we can all live. among families – between those in dating relationships – even just one more person hang on. (his speech incites the public and makes them scared and act irrationally – to spread the virus to find the person who can beat it to cure their loved ones)

in public areas, people spread the virus by spitting into the water in public vending machines. coughing then touching the ATM all over. one mom with an infected child takes boxes of pizza for the whole classroom

*these scenes are chilling to watch and makes you want to wash your hands 24/7.

the CDC staff talks about choi’s video. how it doesn’t seem like him. he is like a monster. it seemed like he planned this. they ask how choi was able to send that video out so one person brings up kim and the team leader and the favor kim asked for a tablet PC

the team leader is angry and goes and yells at kim, but Kim says “you said I could have been your right hand man so we have to go together.” Kim infects him by puncturing his hasmet suit. when another orderly comes in to help, the other crazy guy comes out of hiding and stabs him too. he says “now you are on our side. you have to go and tell now don’t you.”

park tells Yoon about an incident on a plane with 3 infected and other cases.

the infected patients tied up the team leader and the orderly. one puts on the hasmet suit and goes and gets some drugs and more hasmet suits. the other two guys are tied up in beds and drugged to sleep for a few days. then the infected guys put on the hasmet suits and pretend to take out two bodies. they threaten to infect the staff if they meet his eyes. all the infected patients make a run for it.

park and yoon go to the hospital but aren’t allowed to enter. they hear that the patients tried to escape.

choi is in another section of the hospital and dies there. Lee tries to revive him, but it’s no use.

an infected patient goes to the critical area and goes up to one guy and says “if it wasn’t for you (I wouldn’t be here) – you should at least die before me.” he pulls the cord on the guy’s oxygen. Lee was hiding and saw that. she takes the patient to get him hooked up to another oxygen. he asks what happened to choi so she tells him how choi died

there is a riot going on between the patients and the cops. yoon and park want to go in for one patient but the cop says there is no way to get through to those patients. park goes on the intercom to address the mob and says “I know how you feel better than anyone. I have a 7 yr old son who is infected like all of you now. but like a miracle a person showed up who could save him. he is in that hospital. his name is Kim S. Yoon has to see him so he can have the chance to make a vaccine. this isnt a problem that will be resolved if you all go out.”

Kim suggests they give Yoon Kim S but the crazy guy says don’t believe those guys – don’t you remember what choi said. the other guy (the one who killed Kim S) says we cant give them Kim S even if we wanted cuz he is dead. Kim argues and says even if his body is dead they can still use his blood and stuff, but the crazy guy says let’s talk.

Kim argues with him and the crazy guy says I want to die as if I am living. Kim says cant you see people are dying. the guy says “what difference does that make to me. you walking around like this – it might be your last. you are dying anyway so why worry about others dying. to save the remaining guys – if you destroy my day I will kill you. if you don’t want to die keep your mouth shut.” he goes back and stirs up the crowd again.

kang goes and joins Yoon and park and gets updated on what’s going on. he tells them how Lee was with Kim S and that he spoke to her over the phone. he gets worried cuz Lee was supposed to leave after taking care of Kim S. he calls and Lee says I couldn’t leave cuz the patient’s condition got worse. Kang tells her to stay put.  he tells park what’s going on. she asks what about Kim S’s bone marrow or spinal fluid. (not sure which one is the word they are saying in Korean)  Kang says Lee is about to get it from him now. park wonders if Lee can get out safely.

the cop says it will be hard for Lee to come out alone cuz it’s like a war zone right now. there is no way in or out. kang asks how about from this side and the cop says that’s even harder. they tried to go in and gave up cuz those people arent just your average people. if you run into them and get an injury, you will be infected right away so who would go in. Kang offers to go inside. the cop says I said we gave up too to make a hole (a way in). kang: if a lot of you move/act then you will stand out but alone there will be a way. cops says if you wear a hasmet suit you wont make it ten steps from here to there and just get caught.  so Kang says “then I wont wear a hasmet suit. prepare a patient’s hospital gown.”



Kang says to Yoon – let’s have a drink later.

Kang helps Lee escape through the woods alone with the cooler (probably what Yoon needs –like spinal fluid or bone marrow from Kim S)

the infected guy says “I wanted you to die of the virus” so Kang yells “is this what you all wanted!” he stabs himself with a needle to infect himself.

56 comments on “Nine and EOTW

  1. conjie008 says:

    This is one of those day’s, I wish..I can watch live streaming on Korean Drama’s!! Just because it’s the final episode on “Nine”!! My schedules are so off the chart’’s ridiculous!! I need to set up my iPad & Apple computer to self’s self..with Kdramas. 🙂
    Can someone..just post it here, so I won’t do a nail bitting/pacing scenario!!


  2. chokichoki says:

    Yay! The recap is up! You’re super fast. Can’t wait to read the whole thing and the screencaps too. Love you lots Softy!!


    • chokichoki says:

      Owh!! I just wanna add how much I love the fact that they managed to focus the whole of ep 20 on SW and MY. Unlike other dramas which we only get to see the OTP towards the end or somewhere in the middle, Nine managed to do justice to the suffering we and the characters had to go through.Now I think I should watch QIHM cuz this is just so damn good!


  3. chokichoki says:

    Here’s the link to the torrent if anyone needs it. I got it from soompi by the way


  4. conjie008 says:

    Softy..Thank you again. The story makes sense, for the old SW to die in the phone both. It would be a continuation if he had to come had to end there. The only difference was his older brother served time in prison.
    SW..still couldn’t prevent JW going to the Himalayas and looking for that in-scent. I had a feeling it would be SW to save his brother at the end. all started w/ him dying in Himalayas just getting back what he lost.
    Thank you


  5. SH says:

    Softy, Nine ending is errr…I don’t know what to make of it. How many timelines are there? So future SW saves present (2012) JW O_o?


    • Softy says:

      So sorry for the really late reply, but I’ve been losing sleep these past nights reading a book that’s over a thousand pages. It’s one of those novels you can’t put down so you keep telling yourself just one more chapter and next thing you know the sun is coming up.
      As for the Nine finale, except for really crazy endings that seem like it came out of left field, I’m not all that picky about how dramas tie up their stories. For a time traveling drama, I thought Nine ended pretty well. I liked how he repeated that line about believing the fantasy you want and loving the woman you want from E3 for the last line of E20.
      It still took those scenes at the airport and on the plane when SW was narrating for me to realize what he is about to embark on. He is going to play god again and travel back in time to fix things, but this time he knows the rules so he won’t make the same mistakes (like get killed in the past). That last scene of SW extending his hand out to his brother in the snow just solidified everyone’s assumptions. As long as time traveling SW died, that means MY lived in misery so he can’t allow that to happen to her. That’s why he went and saved his brother in Nepal again. With that kind of ending, this drama should have been called Nine Redux cuz it’s like restarting a game and this time you know where your mistakes were so you avoid them this second time.
      I’m not sure what you mean by how many timelines – did you mean which SW? cuz young SW from 1993 was saved so he didnt die and grew up. that’s how he was able to meet SW 20 yrs later in the mirror. It’s too complicated to explain but basically SW is going to do everything over again and this time he wont get stuck and killed in 1993.


      • conjie008 says:

        Softy..sorry for butting in..
        Maybe this will answer it a simple way..maybe?? !! 😉 🙂

        I think…” she got confused which is reality and what is fantasy”!!?
        In reality SW was going to die from brain tumor and in the brink of death..he chose to live his life w/ no regrets and love the woman that he loves!!
        With the incense, SW realized his Family’s turmoil could not be prevent it…he ends up ruining his own love with MY in the process.
        The two main things he prevented was to obtain the cure for his brain tumor…which he succeeded.
        Second is.. he’s brother served time in prison for the accidental death of their Father..and still lives…”but w/regrets”.
        SW returned everything in his own life again..everything was erased because he died 1993 as the incense burned gave a new beginning for young SW in 1993.
        Instead of doing everything again, SW prevents his brothers dying in Himalayas and using the incense to change things.

        I hope that helps you to understand the whole drama concept..


        • SH says:

          The part I’m still confused is after the credit SW saves his brother. He has a beard and looks somewhat older, is that him of the future (2032) or of the present (2012)?
          Because by the time he gets to Nepal, his brother would have died already, right? He wouldn’t have time to save him in 2012, so he would wait 20 years with that one incense stick his brother left and use to save JW twenty years from 2012. That how I see the ending, but it’s still too open for me to be sure.

          What book was it, Softy?


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi softy-
        just my two cents worth:
        I think the last scene shows an older SW reaching out his hand to JW in the snow-hence I am thinking that he went Nepal to find MY and they got married. And


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Okay I shouldn’t have watched ep 20. I wanted to see the ending. And now am thoroughly confused.

    Far out. Now do I start from ep 1 or what? I am scratching my head. If you guys watched it for 20 episodes and am still not 100% certain what happened, how am I supposed to trust myself to start it.


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