1N2D brief recaps

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It must have been nice to be the center of attention for an entire trip. When CKH talked about the memories she made on 1n2d, it reminded me of all the other people before her who went on these trips. No matter where they go or what they do, the consensus of every guest on the show is they have a great time and walk away with unforgettable moments. I doubt bumping noses with JM and seeing him in a towel will be the highlight of her trip, but I bet everything else was – especially getting to spend some extra time with her favorite adorable dongsang.

Starts from KH’s room where she says to the camera – 1n2d hello everyone i’m CKH – it’s nice to meet you. in a little bit I will get to go on a backpacking trip.

then TW says to his wife – what are you talking about – I should take a camera

TH tells his son I am taking music

SK says I have a surprise present prepared for everyone

previous scenes come out

1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-45-24] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-43-18]1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-49-54] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-54-38] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-54-49] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-57-12]

PD shows what the teams can win. winners get a proper portable stove and loser gets an empty can to make a fire in. they are going to play the cham cham cham game. SK and JW were chosen to represent their teams and goes first. JM and others tell KH to send a message for JW like a sexy wave and she says but JW doesnt like stuff like that. (boy she really knows JW well) she does it anyway and JW claps. SK asks what about me so JM dances and SK doesnt even bother looking. SK and JW are both good but JW loses to him in the end. next – SG introduces the best player for this so JM thinks it’s him and gets ready but SG calls out his own name and steps up to play. he ends up hitting HJ on the head. next SG says your hidden card has to come out. TH says our ace has to go out so KH says I am the ace? she has to go against their ace – JM. JM says I will hit as much as I like you. but later SK says KH shi doesnt have any feelings for you. SG says KH looks like a doll (cuz she is wearing a plastic cover over her head cuz it’s drizzling). she gets confused which to hit with – the plastic hammer or pot so they all laugh at how cute that was. she wins. next TW and TH go against each other.  TH is super fast to prevent getting hit and wins. next JM has to go against KH so JM says she is too cute – I cant hit her. SG asks her to choose among the 4 she wants to play against so she chooses JM. TH yells at her to put the pot over her head each time so she wont get hit cuz she isnt used to playing this. KH says I think he is being lenient on me so SG hits JM. SK tells him she has no interest in you. next SG and TH go. SG wins

next game they are playing for mats and boxes. for this game they have to use their bodies to talk. it’s for movie titles.

TH’s team comes up with hard titles and practice how to convey it with their bodies. SK asks for them to come up with easy titles. SG has to act it out first and he has a hard start. it takes forever for his team to guess it. SG keeps complaining about the titles he has to act out cuz it’s too hard. but he doesn’t skip and keeps acting them out. for some reason JM is good at guessing them and SK. TW just sits there mostly. SK thinks it was too hard so he takes the time to pretend kick JW. they got 6 min 22 secs. next it’s TH’s team’s turn. JW acts it out and tries to be a woman but it’s hard so he says I cant do this well. His team guesses it right pretty quickly. SK throws down the paper cuz JW’s team got it under two mins.

they go again and this time KH acts out the hints as her team guesses. as her team is trying to guess SK keeps saying she looks cute. she points to JW as a hint but she cant do it so she switches out with JW. he takes over. TH tells him to just do one word at a time so JW says that’s what I want to do too. his team gets it right but for the next one he says what is this. they took over 4 mins. next SG’s team goes and SK acts it out.  SK says we lost so he goes over and helps SG act out the hints and even with both his team cant get it right. TW gets it right. KH’s team wins.

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there is a lot of fog. KH  went to her car and then goes over to the tent with the others. PD asks how her filming for the day was so far, but HJ cuts in and says she really suffered a lot today. SK: she is the best. another female PD asks about her makeup so KH says it’s cuz I came here and couldn’t see the mirror properly. KH says since this is a situation where she cant wipe it off- it will probably get erased somehow. PD says how the concept was to go fishing originally but they cant now. PD says one from each team can call whoever they want to bring food here so if they bring food they can invite them to stay for the backpacking trip. SG asks can we eat all the food they bring. PD says yes. JM calls his group member first and gets hung up on. JW gets scared of a giant moth flying near him. then he makes sure her coat stays on and tucks it around her shoulder. JW says I will call and JM yells – who? Uee? TW grins at JM cuz of that. JW says it’s someone noona and I both know and HJ too. he calls the woman who played Y – their team leader on level 7. JW asks are you filming? KH asks are you done filming? JW says we are filming 1n2d. HJ talks to her too. he asks guess who this is. how could you not call once after you got married. she says sorry forgive me. he asks how. she says how she watched every movie he came out in. he says  everyone here is your fan. she says I am grateful. he says let’s talk later. SG asks her to say 1n2d so she does. next SK says I had someone in mind (as in he already contacted this person if they ever went on a backpacking trip like this and SK texted him) SK makes a call. SK explains we can call someone we know to bring meat and invite them.  the guy he called is Lee Moo sae – he was on his way home from chuncheon to seoul to his wife so SG gets on the phone and butters him up saying we were going to go with the concept of LMS backpacking trip but since you have something scheduled and you cant – the food was a lie and we just wanted you to come but since it’s a little weird to just come you could bring bacon for 30 people and dont overdo it. you could play the guitar at the campfire. SK gets on the phone and says if you didnt get on the highway yet so Moo says if I can buy the food I can give it to you and then go.  SK tells him they can eat anything he gets for them so Moo says if there is anything on the way to buy I will or if there is nothing I will just pay for a meal in seoul (when the team gets back). HJ says backpacking suits Moo. SK is on the phone again saying there is nothing here at all (to eat) no drinks too -if you buy meat we can just grill that or if you bring meat and kimchi we can grill both or if you bring rice we can make that – just bring anything even snacks like crackers/ biscuits. KH talks about Moo’s songs so the guys sing.  HJ tries to sing like Moo but they comment he needs to tuck in his lips more so he says what can I do cuz I look this way. it makes KH laugh so hard she ends up falling on JW. SK asks what her fav food is and KH says I don’t hardly eat meat but today I am craving it. she lies down next to JW saying I am cold and hungry.

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Moo shows up looking all scruffy and says how this place didn’t show up on navigation. he takes out a box and says someone has to carry this. have you seen a sunbae who runs an errand for his hoobae (someone younger than him). he carries over all the food in a box. the guys all stand up when they see him. moo asks are you happy to see me or the food. I’m no better than bacon? he sits with them and SG says how Moo did something most people wouldn’t do unless it’s for family cuz he turned around after being on the highway. Moo says I didnt eat dinner so I bought enough meat for 9 people. SG explains how the winners (SG’s team) get to eat cuz the person they called came first and the others dont get to eat cuz the person they called is late so Moo says what I brought everyone cant eat together? what does that game have to do with this situation so SG explains to Moo that the right to do whatever with the food passed over to them once Moo handed it over. so you have the right to eat with us. Moo seems surprised to hear that – even though I bought it I received the right? he moves over to SG’s team so he can eat. he doesnt think that is right to treat the guest KH like that so SG and the guys say how she did everything today – she says I even went into the cold water. Moo jokes she smells fishy and that she shouldnt be on the same team with TH (cuz she loses then. it means Moo watches 1n2d and knows about TH’s losing streak) TH and JW take the food over to prepare it. he says somehow I need to get some bites from the others. JM asks Moo – you know I became a singer right? Moo hugs him and says why are you like that.  Moo says how cool this place is.  this is my first time seeing this.

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Moo goes out with JM and the others and wait for the food to be prepared. JM and his team were eating peppero (chocolate covered stick crackers) and SG asks if she wants to eat some. so KH says I wont eat it alone (without her team) so SG says I will let you all eat so that gets her interest. SG tells JM to get ready. she asks for what. camera shows JM getting ready to do the peppero game so it makes her fall off her chair.  (the game is to get it really short after putting it in their mouths and chewing towards each other) SG says if she succeeds in getting 1 cm he will give her the chance to eat with them. he offers her a choice to choose among the 5 guys to choose to play the game with and if she succeeds one guy from her team gets to eat dinner with them. SG asks Moo- arent you looking forward to it but Moo suddenly is at a loss for words (cuz he is looking forward to it).   Moo suddenly stands and says I have to go home (cuz he is married and doesnt want to get in trouble with his wife probably). KH asks if she gets to choose who she eats with and agrees to the game. TH means she is going to choose JM to play against. each guy gets a chance to say something for her to choose him to play against. Moo says the weather is cold but my lips are warm. SK says confidently – I can do well and cut off as much as you want (meaning he will let their lips get really close). SG says my nickname when I was young was plum.  TW says I dont have any of “this.” ( a word I cant hear) JM: I don’t know what will happen after it’s done-  you might like me for real. she chooses JM cuz his nose is flat. he just needs to stand there holding it in his mouth as she eats. SG tells JM to bend his knees and spread his legs apart so he will be same height as her. JW cant bear to look and closes his eyes. she gets close but her lips don’t touch his. they all say their lips didnt touch.  Moo says the remaining piece is 1cm long. she succeeded. she gets to choose one guy so she says I came as JW’s guest so I have to feed him. SG and others chant “don’t cry” so JW pretends to be touched.  next TH and HJ go against each other. SG says how their lips have to touch to get such a tiny piece – so TH says I know that our lips have to touch 100% – either yours or my top or bottom lip but dont get both. HJ tells him not to misunderstand – I will think I didn’t get close (touch) but I might be there. TH: this is not a pretty picture so let’s do this quickly. they put their hands on each other’s hips and get into position. before they start HJ opens his mouth really wide so TH calls him an alligator. HJ gets really close and practically makes out with TH. the guys are grossed out and cant believe their eyes. TH doesn’t want to waste his lips getting abused so he makes HJ spit out that last piece so they can measure it and win

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the meat and veggies are cooked. KH asks can I eat? she takes a bite of meat. SK feeds Moo a mouthful. then KH feeds JM. JM says she is thinking of the kiss. she says the atmosphere is like camping/backpacking trip. since HJ and TH cant eat JM says the PD said if she does the embarrassed dance from level 7 the other two can eat so TH asks her what song should I play for you. Moo says the meat is disappearing so hurry and feed them. so she does the cute dance and her team joins her. Moo says tears are about to come out cuz he is moved – also cuz she did that so the other two could eat. SG hints about Moo singing on their last night of their backpacking trip so Moo says I have to go now. SG: yes you have to go – go and get your guitar.

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Moo warms up and sings a little bit. he asks if they ate a lot of bacon and sausage and segues into the next song. JW mouths the words along. later on JW brings over a sparkler with a pile of choco pies and the guys sing happy bday to her. KH gives s speech: we did a lot today. the best present – this time and these memories – I feel like I got them as a present.  SG asks Moo to stay and sleep cuz they have to sleep on the ground but if Moo is here they wont have to suffer as much and sleep in the tent so Moo pretends to cough. PD says without getting into teams – they can choose 4 winners (so the 4 who get green tea sleeps inside the tent)– each has to choose between two drinks and one doesn’t taste good cuz it’s bitter. Moo decides to go first and asks if he can drink it all even if it’s bad. he lucks out and chose green tea. KH drinks and it’s green tea. so his HJ’s. TH drinks and it’s the one that tastes bitter. out of the remaining five there are 3 bitter ones. SG drinks and spits. but it’s green tea. TH passes out the rest of the 4 and the guys drink all at once. JM spits. JW and TW too. only SK got green tea. HJ asks is there someone who wants to switch with me and KH says me too.she wants to switch. I talked about this a while ago but you all get to do this all the time but I only get this one chance so before I die I want to do this once. SG thinks HJ just wants to follow her outside.  HJ says I said this from the start – that I wanted to sleep outdoors. she asks is there anyone who wants to switch. SG says the ones who want to sleep inside sit. 3 sit except for JW.  HJ chooses TH and KH chooses JM to take their place and sleep inside the tent. TH tells him to please use my home cleanly cuz next week I have to go inside.

the guys are in the tent snacking and told about their morning mission. it’s at 8 am and KH is going to make a special dish for them. someone says she never cooked before.

clip of her when she was packing. KH: I know I shouldn’t take something to eat but since I am a woman I thought it would be nice to make them something to eat at night so I am going to take it.

inside the tent Moo and others get ready to sleep. moo worries cuz he heard JM snores

outside KH sleeps between JW and HJ. KH says it’s warm (inside the sleeping bag)HJ wants stars to come out.

JM asks Moo – can I ask something I am curious about  – who is your rival. Moo says in the past and now too – it’s SSK. SK worries Moo wont be able to sleep cuz he changed his normal sleeping place.  JM keeps asking questions so Moo turns his back to him.

outside, the group is sleeping and someone is snoring – it sounds like HJ.

next morning, KH wakes up first. she takes her stuffed polar bear to her car. PD asks if she slept well. KH says I slept really well but I was hot. she washes up at the river and says the water is refreshing as SK wakes up too. she says it’s really nice

1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-20-52]

the rest of the guys wake up when the music starts. SK runs out and so does HJ. guys say hi to KH as they run past. she is setting up to cook.  the guys get on the boats and take off. moo grabs TW on his way. KH says hi to JW as he runs past. KH says they are impressive – they run as soon as they wake up. she says hi to JM and tells him to hurry and go find the flag. SG is still sleeping. JW gets on the boat with Moo  – they both get flags. SK arrives with HJ. SK and HJ get flags. JM and TH count flags and realize one flag is left. JM and TW see it and run.  camera guy wakes SG up. KH tells the guys what she will be making for them. it’s a mixture of spicy rice cakes and ramen. HJ asks this isnt your first time making it right. they say it is her first time. she has problem squeezing out the spicy pepper paste. SG comes over and says you should have woken me. some of the guys go out on boats and SG goes fishing. moo asks can we sleep again after we eat breakfast? oh yeah I have to go after eating breakfast. why am I like this – acting like I belong here. he jokes where are you filming next week. the guys taste her food and say it tastes good. they want to add cold rice  to it. JW tells her it tastes good. but she adds more seasoning while they eat and says excuse me so they laugh. TH calls out from the top of the cliff and says it’s nice here but HJ says it’s better here. TH coughs saying I got old. SG asks can I eat the leftover food so he makes more food out of it. she says it tastes like the ones at the market. she asks if everyone ate well. SK says I can feel her heart. she says as a woman I am happy. 1n2d

1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-21-26] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-22-05] 1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-23-20]

she lies on the rocky ground and says one of the things she likes the most is lying under the sun. the sunlight is kinda strong. it feels like therapy. so JW joins her. he says how surprising it is to go on a trip with her –  she has everything for a home in her trunk – like screens and stuff.

clips show the members acting out scenes. JW acts angry and jealous and says what are you doing here – you said you came to get some air. KH: I will explain it all later. JW: explain what?

in the tent SG says this could end up being a memory for KH on this trip so they decide to do this (dress up in funny outfits and act out scenes with one of them being the director) Moo says I am acting with my eyes. clips of what they filmed are shown.  moo tells the others the ideas he has – to skip rocks and say no dont do that. so that person wont get hurt. cuz her love remains there by the rocks. so the story revolving that. others join in and suggests stuff.  like KH will be crying and Moo will be her father. stop crying and forget him. if only that didnt happen back then. TW gets the idea that’s the line each one should say in each situation. everyone looks for stuff to wear. JW tries on two wigs. Moo stands there dressed in a funny outfit and says I should have left last night.

1박2일.E293.최강희 2부.130512.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-49-30]

HJ acts like an impatient director and yells we don’t have time. Moo says shouldn’t I take the sunglasses off but HJ says keep it on. HJ keeps yelling at the stuff and asks where is the expresso I ordered. Moo: I should have left last night. HJ: why isnt the actress coming. what is her name. she is trying to get dressed in a trashbag skirt with tape. she doesn’t know where to put the mic. HJ says director come over. SG comes over and starts making complaints. what are these clothes on the actress. SG says this is an imp scene today. the lead actress has to look out over the river like it’s her boyfriend who left  and cry being sad while looking at it. calling out his name. he asks if she read the script and she says I haven’t. SG asks what happened to the script – where is her manager. TH points out JM on the cliff with a towel over his underwear and SG yells at him to hide.  he calls action and she walks along singing music from a sageuk but SG yells for the boom to be taken out. HJ goes over and says sorry. SG calls out today is the last day for you and me (meaning he doesnt want to work with HJ anymore) SK pretends to clap the slate so SG says you have to say what number the take is so SK makes up a number and SG says that’s my home address. SG yells at the boom to not come in HJ thinks SG is really convincing as a mean director. SG calls action and she sings again. she pretends to cry and calls out JW. SG: look at her acting. Moo comes over and says stop crying forget it all now. KH: father I am having such a hard time. Moo messes up his lines. she says I cant ad lib. she yells out something in Japanese so SG asks is she Japanese. cut. how can a korean speak japanese. he yells at JM on the cliff.  KH complains I cant get into character when I look over there (cuz JM is not wearing clothes). she starts the lines again and Moo says stop crying it’s all in the past now – if only that didn’t happen that time. SG yells cut that was great. Moo says my eye acting was lacking a bit but SG says no it was good. I almost cried. SK is playing her oppa. she adjusts his clothes and says your happiness is mine. JW comes over and sees them. she says it’s not what you think and he asks what are you doing now. he says to SK: who are you. then JW says to KH: what are you doing – you said you came to get fresh air. KH: i will explain it all later. JW: explain what. are you meeting another guy at a wedding hall.  KH: cant you trust me. JW: i cant -who can trust in this situation. i’m going crazy.  SK says I am her real brother. JW: really?  she pretends to kick and JW says I forgot my lines director. SG yells at him. they resume and KH pretends to kick JW so he doubles over in pain and says if only that didn’t happen that time.  SG asks for JM to go next and JM runs around like a crazy person till Moo asks look here what are you doing. JM says if only that didn’t happen then. TW says his lines but no one understood so SK says put subtitles here. next TH plays in the water with a red cape and does his jeon woo chi moves. Moo asks what are you doing there in the cold. TH: if only that didn’t happen then. the whole thing is played in full. SG asks HJ to go buy ice cream but HJ says I don’t have money.

they show past clips from last week and today’s episode. before she came on the trip, KH said hello 1n2d audience – I am really nervous and shaking.

she makes a closing speech – from here on and in the past too – for making memories I couldnt have made -thank you for this backpacking trip. Moo: where dreams and backpacking are… KH: come visit chuncheon. 1n2d.


해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-15-31]

It was bring your noona to work day for JW. Guess it pays to be the maknae and star of back to back dramas cuz CKH is the only friend who was invited on this trip. Now that I’ve seen the episode, I totally get why she was invited on the show. JW was correct – her personality suits 1n2d. I liked her no frills attitude – getting ready by herself without needing stylists around her. She was like a ray of sunshine and brightened the mood during filming. She literally jumped in and played all the games like a good sport and didn’t act girly and scared. Now we get to see for ourselves that JW and KH do not have any feelings for each other beyond “noona dongsang” cuz they act more like friends than anything. Watching how caring JW is with her makes you realize how lucky she was to be able to make that drama with him. It seems like she found a friend or human equivalent to a puppy for life.

해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-12-54] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-13-14] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-13-52]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-03-52] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-04-06] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-04-49] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-06-57] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-25-24] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-27-20] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-27-44] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-29-39] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-29-48] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-30-41]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-04-01] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-08-02] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-08-21] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-04-34] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-05-44] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-10-12]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-10-52] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-11-23] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-11-33] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-33-18] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-34-24] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-37-50] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-41-17]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-14-50] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-14-58]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-16-22] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-18-55] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-21-38] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-24-46] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-38-16] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-39-32] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-40-38] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-41-56] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-42-08]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-06-17] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-15-01] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-17-16] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-33-54] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-35-25] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-37-41] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-42-30] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-49-06] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-50-00] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-01-35] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-10-54] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-11-12] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-12-50] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-14-22]해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-50-10] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-53-42] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[04-54-57] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-00-49] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-18-57] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-22-07] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-22-22] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-25-14] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[05-55-31] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[06-01-31] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[06-11-45] 해피선데이.E437.1박2일 - 강원도 춘천, 낭만 배낭 여행.130505.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[06-26-49]

Each guy is shown at home getting ready for the trip – packing and stuff. TW’s wife films him as he gets ready. she tells him not to wear that funny looking vest but he insists and puts it on. his cute puppy doesnt pay any attention to him at all when TW calls him and asks how does this look. HJ shows his favorite room – the kitchen. he points out how messy it is. JM tells the camera guy to go out and come in and wont let him film the living room saying it’s private. he makes the camera turn around but he isnt done when the camera goes back to JM. (My poor eyes).  JW says you can go on a camping and backbacking trip alone but a trip with a friend is better. so I invited a friend. someone I really treasure and someone I want to take care of all my life. (this is not going to be music to his future wife’s ears) TH and his kids are so adorable cuz they both look exactly like him. TH asks his baby daughter which cap out of the 4 he should take. she picks one up and then picks up another. he wipes her drool.  he puts one on her and she says daddy. his son does 1n2d with him and TH says you do it so well. the kid asks dad when are you going to do 3n4d? they do 3n4d and 5n6d. the kid keeps going and says 7n8d. the camera gets way too close on HJ’s face as he says the weather is nice today for camping and there are a lot of flowers in bloom. let’s leave for Cheongnyangni station. the guys meet up and TW asks SG – what is that – are you going on an overseas trip? why so much? the guys say bye to their staff like stylists and managers. SK says I have 3 change of clothes inside with 3 pairs of shoes. JW skips along between SK and TW. PD gives them their tickets and the guys read where they are going and SG says chicken kalbi (it’s marinated spicy chicken and veggies grilled till done and when the chicken has been consumed, you fry up the leftover with rice, kim, eggs, and some other basic veggies and make fried rice out of it. It’s out of this world good and the place they are going to is well known for this dish.)

SG announces TH is going to have his 3rd child and asks for everyone to clap. TW asks if the baby was planned, but I cant hear TH’s answer. SG says our Cha teacher is healthy. PD says to go and ride the train.

the train they are taking has 3 decks so the guys are shocked. this train starting running since last year.

on the train, JW tells the other members I brought a friend along. this kind of outdoor camping trip fits well with that person. he yells “it’s a woman” so the other guys are happy. TW asks is it your girlfriend. JW says it’s not like that.  SG thinks it’s the girl from Gaksital.   TH asks is it a girl or a guy. if it’s a guy tell him to leave.then SG guesses KH shi. JW calls her and says in banmal “you can come up now. you are shaking right now huh? you can come now noona.” the other guys are like she is on this train? the guys move seats. TW says i’m bashful.

the guys freak out when they see CKH. JM: the door opened – a woman on 1n2d -CKH shi. SG pulled up JM’s shirt so JW pulls it back down before she can see JM. JW waves at her and says you came looking pretty. the guys tell her to sit down and makes JW sit next to her.

KH says CTH was her first kiss on their drama when she was 20 yrs old. she says “I wanted to experience the wild and sleep outdoors and liks this cuz we arent taking our staff -while acting the staff keep touching (for hair and makeup) it’s all for my sake but it stresses me out – when I want to mess up my hair. I will be able to experience that (looking unkempt)” so SG says we will make sure you get dirty. they all laugh. preview of her brushing her teeth in the outdoors with an electric Braun toothbrush. HJ asks among the members – who is the person you looked forward to the most and wanted to see. SG asks the person you wanted to stick close to among the 7 of us. JM ask who she thinks smells like a man- “going on a trip with this guy will be ok.” she says the guy I thought would be nice to go on a trip with is JWonie cuz as my dongsang I think he will protect me. he takes good care of me. JM asks for the 6th place to first. SG asks her to choose the most attractive-the one CKH picks – This kind of guy I really like.” HJ: not just based on looks.  they laugh so he says cuz you keep saying attractive. KH asks if the face also has to be her taste. they say yes. JM: i want to go on 1n2d trip with this guy. KH: leaving out JWonie? she chooses HJ. she says a lot of female celebrities like him cuz he has charm. SG says I know the reason – the female actors are first place in looks so they want to meet someone on the other end. she says she likes the style of guys who look pretty in an ugly way. then she points out his eyes and nose dont fit reality. SG says HJ is first. he asks who is 2nd. she says TW is comfortable to go on a trip with. she chooses SK next as 3rd. SG remarks I cant figure out this woman’s heart -it’s not a short guy – not a tall guy –  so is it an ugly guy? or a good looking guy? then they ask who she wouldnt choose even if he was the only one in the world.  she says it’s hard. she chooses TH.  he hides his face. they ask why. TW says to TH it’s cuz her first kiss back then wasnt good. she says it’s cuz he never treated her like a girl even once (as in he didnt show any interest in her) he didnt make her feel awkward and just called her “kang Hee ya” “let’s eat”and we would eat together. even when we filmed the kiss scene I was really nervous but…TW addds it’s cuz this guy filmed too many.

she shows them her camera and it looks like a polaroid but she says it doesnt develop right away – it takes a day. HJ asks if it has some kind of special memory for her and she says no. they take pics and she puts it in the pages of a book. she says 1n2d with them and they say how the tone is so different.

when they get off the train, JM offers to carry her handbag for her and JW is already pulling her carry on and TW is carrying her other bag. it’s time for the slate to mark the time stamp so SG asks if she can do it pretty – and demonstrates a cute pose then one with her hitting it with her hip. so she does a cute turn with her tongue sticking out a little. the PD says they are being divided cuz it can be 4 and 4 now (since there are 8 of them). PD asks how to divide the teams so TW thinks he is already in cuz he says KH shi said I was comfortable a while ago. JM says I have her handbag so JW and TW show her other bags they are carring for her. SG says for sure you have to separate KH and JW cuz the two of them might just talk to each other. SG suggests they make KH choose as the guest the 3 guys she wants to go on the trip with. JM wants her to back hug the guys she picks.. SG says tap the shoulder but then they think she should kick the ones she eliminates or shove.  the ones who get shoved has to lie face down. they say push with your hand or with your foot so she kicks TH out first. then JM is out. HJ kicks SG next as a joke. JM gives back her bag. there are two left. she pushes SK out next. TW wonders why SK. she pushes TW out so he says why me. HJ,SG, and JW call themselves the dream team. SG asks her reasons for kicking them out but they skip over it cuz TW says does there have to be a reason for why someone doesnt like someone.  SK says TH will be their leader cuz it’s time for his image to change. we will follow his lead and sleep indoors today CKH shi will starve and sleep outdoors.  TH and KH have to play the instinct game as leaders of their team. TH tells her to do it comfortably cuz I cant win anyway. she says how she cant play games well. they both do well first round but TH wins the second.  the PD gives them two choices of trips – cheongchu and the other one is for memories. SK thinks the other trip is going to be hard that young people do. the memory one will be more relaxing and maybe walk along a dam. THpicks the memories trip.  SG says there are memories of having the most fun playing in cheongchu when they were young. ride bikes. someone says get in the water. PD says the missions they have to do later. SG thinks TH’s team will have to bungee jump there. PD says how SG’s team will ride a floating boat. JW gets KH to join in on their group hug. PD says they will be told when they get there what mission to do.

KH drives and HJ sits next to her. SG says it’s like having a pretty guide when you go overseas. dont we have to eat as soon as we get there guidenim? she laughs.

TW says now that I’m married  too -when we get thrown away -we think it’s cuz we are married men but what’s up with you guys. SK says the reason is strange but she is a noona to me. they all laugh. JM sings the song for that area.

KH says when I was a DJ on the radio the most uncomfortable guests were actors. I hope no one does that today. HJ says when I had to do interviews for promos, I didnt say a word. if they asked was it fun to film this movie, he would smile and nod. she laughs along with JW. SG jokes – do you really not go to the bathroom? they say actors dont go to the bathroom. KH: I want to go now. SG says to JW: must be nice for JW – while doing music, movies, and dramas you get to meet so many good people. JW: I like noona the most. (did she like feed him a lot or something on set – why is he so attached to her?) KH says good things about JW. there probably isnt anyone who dislikes JW. cuz he does only good things (meaning behave well and doing things people like). HJ gets the lyrics of the song wrong so KH sings it.

they arrive and get out of the car. the weather is cold and she didn’t bring a jacket so JW takes off his jacket and gives it to her to wear. he puts it over her shoulders. she says sometimes he seems like a boyfriend and sometimes he seems like a girl dongsang. SG asks what they have to do here and the PD says if you hang on the raft (and dont fall off) the you will succeed. they have to ride through a course . SG says cuz KH shi is here it will be so fun to ride the raft. someone will have to protect her from the back so who is there. he suddenly launches into rock paper scissors to see who gets to do that with JW- they both got scissors. SG tells her to not just stand there and say she doesnt want to do it if she doesnt and if she is cold say does this make sense when it’s cold. she asks if anyone has ever not done it. since we are going to do it anyway let’s do it.

when TH’s team arrives at the amusement park, PD says since this is children’s day it’s a mission involving them – if you succeed you get to eat chicken kalbi. TH thinks they will get crackers so SK lectures him and says why think you wont get to eat. you have to break that. JM says act like a leader so TH says let’s do this. SK: I will feed CTH food. PD says while walking around – pick a kid and do rock paper scissors. if all 4 of you win then you succeed. JM says that’s too hard. PD says you get ten chances. kids run over to them. a girl who has the same name as TH’s daughter says her dream is to be a singer. she loses to SK at RPS. SK sort of hugs her. she beats TW next but the guys argue she didnt open her hand all the way but PD takes her side so the guys tell her she won. the guys walk around and play against kids. they give candy to the kids who lose. they even play against a 4 yr old and have to ask if she even knows how to play. she only knows paper. she gets scared by SK.

they changed into scuba wetsuits and JW says she looks cute and asks how she found the towel and that the wetsuit looks good on her. he says to the camera “when noona said she would come out (on the show)  suddenly my heart fluttered cuz I liked it so much. cuz now noona would be coming on here and not someone else so I liked it a lot. (he doesnt finish his sentence and leaves it blank when he says “it’s a little …to say she is my friend.”  (probably cuz there is a ten year age gap). KH comments that something was put into the men’s suits in the back but HJ says “it’s all HJ” (meaning no padding). JW and KH laugh. SG says let’s ride it again after riding it with fun to show the audience that in may Chungcheon is this cool.   they all stretch and do jumping jacks cuz they are riding the banana boat.

she sits at the front with JW behind her. SG asks the PD to let them go around once before they do their mission. they get back to the start and SG says this is too fast. he asks to go slower. photos of them when they were younger are shown.

the guys all fall off the boat and end up in the water. they are looking for KH and she is hanging on the side of the boat. JW swims over to her. SG helps her up on the boat and then JW. her makeup still looks perfect. must be waterproof. she says it’s cold.

the guys go over to some kids and ask if the food is yummy. the guys get fed cuz it’s lunchtime. some little girl kicks SK’s butt at rock paper scissors. then TW loses to another kid. then JM. TH plays agaisnt a kid who is too young to make a fist.

JW’s team goes again. now HJ is riding in the front with KH right behind him. JW is behind her.

SK goes against another kid who wont say what hand he is going to pull out. he beats SK and laughs. another kid hops around and poses. TH beats him. JM loses to him.

the female PD goes over the game they have to play for food. KH says I prefer noodles over rice and meat and JW says me too. (since when? you love meat – you almost cried on camera when you didnt get to eat it before. I noticed throughout this episode he keeps doing whatever she does. perching on the railing like her and stuff. ) HJ asks can we just buy it and eat? (without playing games). PD says they have to do what college students do – jump on the floats to reach the raft. HJ points out what you said is a game for young college kids so SG asks the PD – do you know our ages? JW laughs really loudly. PD says if they succeed they will be fed. HJ asks if they can take the heater with them (cuz it gets really cold once you get wet)

SK says since we already gave up on the chicken kalbi. TH adds we didnt even think of it (getting to eat it) SK says with your permission- this time if one of us wins against a kid just once we get one serving amount – if we win against two then we get two portions. if we lose we will just starve. the same girl from before comes over so they ask if you tie your hair back did you think we wouldnt recognize you. TH makes the kids line up and tells the PD if I beat all of them we get ten servings amount. he loses to a boy first try so does TW. TH says we cant win against them.

SG jumps into the water and says it was just for experience. he asks is there no stairs to come back up. JW jumps in holding his nose and gets up. SG says “so cool. say save me” so JW says save me in a daze cuz he is cold. SG helps him up by pulling on his life jacket saying JW was cool.

TH’s team comes over and says we want to participate cuz we all failed. JM and TH cover KH with a jacket while she waits cuz she is shaking from the cold. she thanks them and JM says i am a guy with manners. JW helps cover her too.

SG starts the game and he has to run on those white planks but he slips and falls off almost right away. KH watches and yells what to do. they all laugh. TH asks cant you go one by one hyung?

next HJ goes but he doesn’t even run – he goes slow like a grandpa. crawling along. it’s hilarious. SG keeps counting and urging him along to jump so HJ gets annoyed and says just wait a second. he jumps like an old frog from one to another and makes it to the raft. SG goes next and does the same – hopping. SG says you have to jump cuz you are a man. next JW goes but he walks and falls right off. he stutters “I’m up for the challenge.” next KH goes and she moves one at a time.  TW says you are doing well. I’m distracted by how sexy JW looks with wet hair. her team says she is being safe.  she almost falls off the last one so SG pretends he is rescuing her. she makes it to the raft.

PD says she will give chicken kalbi to two of them who succeed so TH’s team changes into the wetsuits too. KH goes over and shows them how to warm up and stretch. SG comes over and acts like their drill sargent. JM asks what happens if we fail. JW says you will end up drinking water. SG says then you have to stay in the water 5 more mins. TW has his feet in the water and says how cold his feet are when SG goes over and shoves him in. TW gets back on deck but SG yells why come back up so TW rolls into the water again obediently. HJ pretends to help him up and shoves him back in. SG yells the chicken kalbi is being cooked – so hurry – there isnt much time. KH sits next to JW to watch the fun.

TW jumps in and does sort of well. he gets caught between two floats so he asks what happens now? it still counts. what they don’t know is that while the guys were changing, SG asked for one of the white floats to be taken out so it will be extra hard to complete. others say TW cant do it. SG tells him to focus. TW stands to get his balance and falls in.  next TH goes and he does sort of well. he gets a cramp on his back from jumping the wide gap. then SK does well cuz he wants to eat. he is smart and pulls the floats closer to him as he moves along. no one else thought of doing that. JM asks “CKH – do you have a boyfriend?” JW’s voice says “JM hyung has a girlfriend” so everyone laughs. JM talks too much saying how his body is a feather so TW shoves him along with his foot so JM loses his balance and misses the first float and falls in. JM says how cold it is. he failed. the guys say how well SK swims. TH goes back on the floats and barely hangs on so JM pretends to help saying hyung I will go to you and shoves TH in.  PD offers to feed the guy who makes it to the 3rd platform by running. TW belly flops and gets to the third and PD says he failed so he asks for some leniency to let it count. then he asks to jump to the next one. he doesn’t make it so he gives up and says “I just wont eat.” HJ says let’s let all of them jump like that and eat together. so TH, JM, and TW get ready to go again. TH spits on his hands to prepare so HJ says why spit when there is so much water. they all laugh. JM goes first and falls off. TH does well but falls off on the 3rd. they argue the sole of his feet didnt touch but he argues it did. he goes again and falls off on the second. JM tells SG’s team to go inside and start eating and I will succeed and join you. TH says it’s ok go inside and just leave us two cameramen. HJ is still trying to get a deal for them and says how about if they just make it to the third platform but TH says go in and eat – we have our pride.

SG’s team goes in to eat as TH tells his team we have to get this done before they are done eating. TH tells the PD we will do this on our own – couldnt we edit our own scenes?  TW doesn’t make it then TH doesn’t. they keep going but it’s not working. someone says to give up.

SG’s team is enjoying their food inside.

TH finally makes it so HJ claps and says he succeeded. KH was doling out servings to the guys and stops to clap. everyone chants CTH. he was amazing. they pull him up out of the water by his life vest. they go inside to eat. JW is still wearing a towel on his head cuz he had a weird hair moment earlier in the water- it was sticking straight up cuz he put too much hair gel on it. TH’s team joins them and eats. JW says to KH that the food tastes good. SG’s team gets to eat noodles too. they get friend rice too.

after they eat the guys are in the car remarking about the flowers blooming and how pretty it is so SK makes a comment about how it’s really strange if a car full of guys are saying flowers are pretty.

JW is driving and KH is sitting next to him. HJ says a lot of flowers have bloomed now. JW has on a hat. crud. SG says when those flowers fall off another season has passed. SG and HJ sing. SG and HJ say how a song can make you recall certain times. how it gives you memories of the past – esp when it’s raining like now. SG and HJ sing.  KH asks JW – you dont know this song do you? he smiles and looks over at her. if it wasnt for SG and HJ in the back it’s like JW and KH are on a scenic date. her body is leaning towards him. SG says how KH sings well so she is shocked and says “me?” SG asks her to sing – it’s raining too – let’s hear an actress sing. for the first and last time today. HJ says on the sides there are flowers – above us rain and below us is KH shi. SG: I think this is the most beautiful spring. she says there is a song among hers and if she sings people fall asleep right away. SG: please put us to sleep. she sings a pretty song and JW sings along with her. lyrics – last cup of coffee. I shouldnt have drank it. last episode of the drama – I should have watched it next time. SG says the window wipers are like waving their hands to the song.  they all say how pretty the song is and her singing voice is very clear. SG asks if JW knew this as noona’s fan. JW: I knew. the lyrics are really good and those lyrics fits really well with noona’s voice. SG: it’s cuz you like noona so it all sounds good. if you didnt like her even if she gave you money you wouldnt like her. she laughs along with JW. SG says HJ is able to enjoy the view and stuff cuz there is a woman here – without her it wouldnt be like this at all.

sure enough in the other car the guys are yawning, sleeping or being weird like JM.

TW is singing softly as HJ and SG sing something loud and abrasive so KH covers her ears. the lyric is i love you but JW laughs and sings “stop it.” KH tells SG and HJ they fit really well.

they all arrive at their basecamp.

JW and KH play with some dog. JW tells it to sit but it doesnt obey till KH says it. she says how smart it is. some guy takes their photos from afar. it’s JM acting like paparazzi looking for evidence.

KH is sitting in the car when JW comes over and tells her to move in. he gets in the car with KH. their kiss scenes from Level 7 are shown as the two of them play games on their phones in real life.

JM is outside taking their photo and runs off. JM smiles and poses for the camera. JW shows the photos he took and says they are enough – to show they are in love and dating. he says I have a team. he shows the other guys and says this is love. they joke about how much to charge.

when SG gets in the car JW asks hyung did they say it would be tents. KH asks if everyone is sleeping outside. it probably wont be right?

JW asks if the other team wants to play off road cuz the car ride is so rocky.

the guys change clothes. it’s so funny cuz the guy’s stylist wrote down exactly how they should dress with pics cuz the stylist didn’t trust them. someone says it’s so hard. KH just changes in the car and gets ready sitting on the bed of the car. SG says an actress changed in the truck.  JM asks her for concealer so she puts it on him cuz he didnt rub it in when she told him to. she asks what is wrong with this – it looks like infected pus.  even though TW and JW changed they arent wearing this in the next scene so it was edited out of order.

SG tells the PD to let KH do the arrival opening so she says do what? he asks are you going to speak banmal. he says how she has to say we arrived at basecamp 1n2d. they get TW to show her how to do it but he messes up right away and gives up saying it wont work. KH: the first time meeting the wild -we arrived at basecamp. 1n2d. they clap and SG says you did well.  he gives her a tip – today this is where we sleep. our rock bed in the wild. JM says this is a ten star hotel.  why cuz of the walll of rock. he throws a rock into the water so SG says let’s do this for dinner BBB. SG throws a rock and it’s impressive cuz his skipping rock skills are amazing. that one rock skimmed over the edge of the water all the way till it disappeared around the bend.

PD says this is basecamp. KH says I didnt know our country had a place like this – it’s so beautiful and it seems like something out of a dream. PD says how this place was chosen as one of the top camping sites. SG asks what are we going to do here at this beautiful camp. SK: I am nervous. PD says like i said we are going to camp here. SG asks if they will have a BBQ with a grill but PD says there are campers like that but then there is our way. with the stuff they have for camping they have to make do till tm morning. the guys complain you didnt tell us to pack food. PD says if they do well they can get camping gear and food. SG makes them line up in teams. TW says we are keeping the same team for too long.  PD says I will give you a chance to switch. TH: can we do that. he tells KH to do whatever she wants cuz she is their guest today.  she says how she wants the other team’s leader so TH is happy and shakes her hand. so TW suggests this team leader go over there and that team leader come over here. JM asks her to send someone over from her team cuz he isnt that great. he cant be on our team. so KH kicks out SG and TH comes over to her team. she says it’s cuz the energy can change cuz we won rock paper scissors a while ago. TH asks the PD if there wont be any basic bedding (something to sleep on). the guys are shocked to hear the PD say there isnt any. meaning no tents at all and they have to sleep out in the open. SK asks are you going to keep doing it this way from here on? PD says cuz this is camping outdoors. JW jokes – is suffering staying outdoors. SG asks if KH loses if she has to sleep the same as them with nothing at all. PD says yes. SK asks as a guest if she heard that could happen before she came.  KH: I think it’s cuz of me cuz I said I wanted to experience the real wild. SK pretends to go over to hit her.

PD says the winning team gets sleeping bags -the basic item for camping and the losing team gets trash bags to cover themselves and sleep. SG points out the person who starves starting now will end up starving for a day. the first game is to put on the sleeping bag and roll over the rocks to the flag and back. it doesnt matter how you roll and come back. it’s a relay. the guys ask if KH will be ok doing that. HJ says this is hard even for a guy to do so he wants to give KH a handicap and let her start ahead of them. SK says I think KH shi will be the fastest. SG says how women and men have been treated the same for a while now. JW asks is it the same if a woman rolls on this and if a guy rolls on this. SK says the more you weigh it will hurt more. TH points out our ace is lacing up her shoes now. TW says we dont know how good she is yet. she could work out a lot.  SK doesn’t think KH is a style that tries to spare her body (from doing rough activities). SG says we will ask her directly so she says “again?”  He asks do you want to have a head start or cuz I am a girl, an actress, and a leader so I will start the same. she asks the PD for a practice game so SG asks in disbelief – you want to practice this? HJ thinks that’s not a good idea (cuz it will hurt like crazy) so KH says I don’t want to do it. cuz i’ve never done this game so I cant be certain. even if I am slow will there be some leeway. she asks JW where they have to roll so he points it out for her. TH asks for them to get a chance for a handicap for her. SG says it will be too much for her to go around once (meaning she only has to go up to the flag and not come back) so HJ says one guy will go around one and a half times. SG says the one guy you are talking about is JW. JW nods yes. PD agrees to it.  KH asks if JW will be ok doing it. if it’s not ok – while doing it if it’s ok I will tell you I will do it all.

they start the game and KH does really well. SG says see. he asks where SK is going cuz SK rolled over next to her. JW was waiting by the flag to take over for her but she keeps going so he stands up and guides her back to the starting line. SK followed her back to her side. JW goes next and rolls well. he is super fast. JM is super slow yelling out in pain all the way. TH goes next and KH runs out and tells him you cant roll like that. follow me. she leads him back. fold your legs. she gets back and says there is a big baggage here (SK) so take him back. when TH comes back and it’s HJ’s turn to go she tells JW to run ahead of him and guide him along cuz it’s dizzing. JW obeys and runs out with HJ.  on the other team TW rolls well but went to the wrong side. SG asks where TW is going.  KH’s team wins. she waves the flag. SG didn’t get to go and he shows how fast he is and says this is how you do it – JM all you had to do was work hard (cuz JM was super slow and made them lose). TW says why did KH roll all the way when she said she would only roll part way so JW explains how they were going to do that cuz she was a girl but TW dismisses him. she tells them what she said to JW before it started – that if it’s ok for her she would just roll the rest of the way herself. SG says why tell us that now – you only said that between the two of you. she points out how SK kept getting in her way. SK: I didnt know where I was going. so SG asks him -why does your body just follow a girl?  they all laugh and SK shoves him asking what are you saying?


preview: future clips of games are shown. JM is standing on a cliff wearing only a towel-not a pretty sight at all.

Just what I noticed but ever since the new PD and HJ came on, these episodes have been more fun. It seems like 1n2d is going on the right track and not stalling anymore like it was when Bird PD and SW were still on. This was one of the best episodes in a long time. last week’s was a lot of fun too, but I didnt really care for the open mic at the market. if they didnt sing trot I might have liked it more.

해피선데이.E436.1박2일.충남 태안 - 육해공 여행 살아있네 태안 제2탄.130428.HDTV.x264.720p-ASSA[13-13-56]

There is one segment last week that just had me in stitches -rolling around in laughter. Normally I would go in order from start to end, but since a new episode of 1n2d is coming up tm along with Barefoot friends E3 and End of the world finale, I just wanted to share this funny part for now. Watching it will make you love Cha Tae Hyun even more than you ever did.

I don’t have an opinion about the new guy yet except that he scored a lot of points from me when he was super considerate towards JW last episode. He wanted JW to sit out that game where the guys had to pull the staff in large carts. Since the physical task was too hard on the guys, HJ suggested the maknae sit this out since he is tired and didnt get to sleep cuz of filming for his drama finale. JW seemed really touched that HJ was so thoughtful, but JW’s team pointed out that JW was their ace so no way can he sit out. Poor JW ended up having to participate in that game and pulled a bunch of staff members in a cart across the field.

해피선데이.E436.1박2일.충남 태안 - 육해공 여행 살아있네 태안 제2탄.130428.HDTV.x264.720p-ASSA[00-38-46]

The scene starts when the PD says “since we didnt get to give you a lot of delicious stuff to eat so we prepared a dish for you. Before we go out and do sleeping BBB, we will give it to one person through a vote.” TH quips “got it – that one person wont be me anyway” (cuz he has bad luck and never wins anything)

flashback to the popularity vote from a previous episode. The guys had argued who would be voted the ugliest and SG thought it would be JM but it ended up being SG. when YHJ joined this cast, the first thing SG said was “I’m saying this cuz he isnt here, but there is someone who is certain (to be picked most ugly) for sure.”

Inside the room SG says “I wasnt last – something went wrong.” JM points out “at least here – you were last.” SG tells him “you really are ugly.” JM argues “that’s not it- I came in cuz of my face – I became a singer with my face.” They all laugh. HJ quietly says “anyway cuz I came in everyone felt at ease.” (He is admitting he is the least attractive out of the group). SG says to the PD “there are a lot of scriptwriters who are women so do a proper vote – include charm” (charisma/magnetic appeal) HJ says “didnt the members already get voted a lot?” SG and others says “no it would be a first.” HJ insists doing that would be a waste of time. So SG says “hyungnim – is it cuz you are nervous?” HJ nods yes and says “I’m really nervous.”

SG and JM want the vote to be based on “if I had to marry this person” and it has to include the guy’s charm. the female staff is gathered outside and the guys come out one by one trying to do and say something that will make the women fall for them. SG talks about love and stuff as he rakes. his age is listed as 39. TW comes out next and swings something heavy and tries to look tough and cool.his age is listed as 40.  TH comes out cleaning and talks to the girls saying when did you come to visit. I am the owner here. JW comes out grinning and drinking water from a bottle and the women scream and yell over it. SK tosses something heavy and circular. before HJ even comes out SG says “he is really ugly.” HJ’s age is listed as 44. HJ tells SG “I was coming out so why say that – it’s making me lose my nerve.” the object that he brought out is used to scoop up poop from joseon days so TW points that out. it grosses out the women cuz HJ pretends to scoop and drink from it. JM comes out and says I dont have anything. he holds up a pair of shoes from the olden days like a glass slipper and talks about his match and asks the women to accept the slipper. the women say no.

The PD lists what the winner will get to eat. then the members are asked to chop wood. they dont even have to actually chop it in half – just go through the motions of doing it is ok and the female staff will give them points for it. TH goes first and chips the edge. he  puts the small chipped piece in his pocket and jokes “I am only taking the part I’m going to use.” TW gets a thick one and manages to chip off the edge. JM totally misses hitting his wood so he says to the women “you laughed. I will always make you have fun.” he finally manages to chop some. SK does a good job at chopping. JW tries to chop his and gets his axe stuck. HJ says “however you do it JW – you will get points.” JW hits again but the wood just flew away cuz it was too thin and long to chop properly. SG does it in a cute way and chops really well. the women all clap. he even poses at the end. food truck ajumma makes a heart pose with her arms. HJ goes next and kicks the wood and makes everyone laugh. he says there is a sound you have to make and then chops and splits the wood. food truck ajumma makes a heart with her arms and stands up.  next the guys have to pick a female staff member and piggy back her and sit down and stand up over and over – the one who gets tired is eliminated. TH asks can we choose on our own. PD says choose your partner yourself. TH raises his hand and chooses the girl who weighs the most among the women – the one who gave JW a hard time cuz she weighed as much as the men. SK had insisted that she doesnt weigh as much as a man but I’m not too sure about that. TH pronounces her name like “Rio” but I think it’s “Lee Ho” and keeps repeating it in a funny way so it was hilarious. TH puts up the flaps on his hat getting ready and says “a man should do this much” (as in challenge himself this much) as the poor girl hides her face not wanting to be in the spotlight again like last week cuz of her weight. SG jokes “if TH can just carry her on his back we should acknowledge it” (as in that counts cuz it would be hard to do even that). SK chooses the food truck ajumma saying she is like his mother. JM takes a vote and asks who wants to be carried by me. all the women look down and pray like crazy they wont get picked. HJ chooses the woman behind the camera – she looks pretty big boned too. He must like a challenge. SG says “he chose someone we didnt even think of.” she asks HJ concerned- will you be ok? HJ laughs and replies “I dont think I will be ok.” TH is eager to begin and jokes “let’s start” and pretends to get on Rio’s back. she goes over to take off her jacket and TH pats the chair and says “rio – get up here rio – if you are on the ground I dont think I can lift you rio.  she wants to start on the ground but TH says “no no no -not from the ground rio – my back will break rio.” PD says to start but TH wants to take his jacket off first so he says “wait a minute rio.” JM wants to be cool so he carries his girl in his arms but quickly puts her down saying “it wont work.” the poor girl is embarrassed cuz it seems like it was cuz she was heavy but she is skinny. so JM explains to her – it’s cuz of me – I cant carry you that way. not cuz you’re heavy.” she wont even face him and just nods ok. SG jokes “but it’s hard to say so easily – it wont work.” The guys get ready and start. they are going to begin with standing up. the women get on their backs. the guys are squatting down so it’s easy for the women to get on the guys’ backs. except TH and JM cuz their girls are standing on chairs. once she is on his back, TH yells for his girl to hold her head down cuz if she is in the sitting position her weight isnt distributed evenly. TH struggles to keep her on his back and yells and screams cuz she weighs so much. meanwhile the other guys are squatting and standing like they are supposed to. PD counts off “one – two” and TH looks up in surprise and says “it’s already at two? I didnt even do one yet. wait a second.” he tries to squat but just cant go down low enough. the girl hides her face and must have said “I’m scared” cuz he says to her “ya I am more scared right now.” The guys keep going and TH says “what happened to the timing?” cuz at the count he is standing as the others are squatting. he is out of sync with the other guys. TH: why am I standing. at a certain point his body just wont go down anymore. so the girl pats his back and wants to stop so he quickly listens to her and gives up. HJ struggles and gives up next. SG demonstrates for others to sit completely with your butt to the back of your feet but once he gets into that low squat position SG cant get back up and the girl falls backwards with him. the rest of the guys keep going and JM chants “I am a man – I am a man ….I am….not a man.” He gives up and falls to the side from fatigue.  TW yells he gives up too and gently puts her down on a chair. it’s down to SK and JW. SG asks the food truck ajumma if her husband carries her and she says no. she seems to be savoring every moment on SK’s back. but poor SK is suffering. he gives up so JW wins. TH jokes “rio is really lighter than I thought.” JM and JW say “but you had a really hard time.”

the women vote. SG asks them to write seriously (no joking) as JM grins and waves his old fashioned slipper at them. PD says the result has come out. there were 14 votes. SG says even if one guy’s name comes out that person isnt last. SG reads the first name – KJM. JM is shocked and says really? who was it? SG reads the reason “cuz I thought he wouldnt get a vote.” JM is embarrassed about the reason but is still ok with that vote. second is SSK. next is LSG – even if it was for a short time it was good. SG reads “wow everyone is here – CTH.” TH stands and yells out rio’s name. some girl wrote “the second you chose rio I fell for your courage. Rio and CTH – be happy for a long time.” JW reads the next name – it’s CTH again so TH stands and asks Rio if it’s her. SG reads “CTH – seeing you carry Rio – it was so cool.” TH is so happy to have so many votes so he asks his staff member – “ya bring me my wallet. rio – eat chicken today.” SG reads “CTH – rio’s man.” TH reads the last vote and it’s for LSG. TW didnt get a single vote. SG announces CTH the winner today. he goes over and hugs her. SG says what to do about UTW. TW says it’s ok – I’m married. SG: I’m married too but it was really hard on me (not being chosen). PD awards the grilled food to TH and he shares it with the girl.

I’m not sure if I can finish the rest of this recap cuz of Barefoot friends and End of the world finale tm. If the friends episode comes out on 1n2d with CKH as JW’s guest then I wanted to recap that as well – which makes 3 recaps in one night. I might die so I’m pretty sure this episode will have to be pushed back a few more days after Nine E17 and E18 are done next week.

해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-33-40]

Even babies love JW. I really like this trip a lot considering the guys had to travel solo. It was a lot more fun than I expected. In the back of my mind I keep thinking about SW and Bird PD leaving so I wonder how the dynamics of this show will change again with a new member and PD. Hope there isnt too much of a disruption to the cast and crew.

Sorry – recap for 3-31 will be delayed this week cuz of busy schedule

해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-56-21]

해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-14-20] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-15-25] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-29-35] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-33-10] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-33-58]해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-26-55] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-33-28] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-41-39] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-42-46] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-56-32] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-57-37] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[00-58-05]해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-04-33] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-05-05] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-26-38] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-34-50] 해피선데이.E431.1박2일 - 제주도.130324.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[01-36-58]

Starts from last week when SW was complaining they only get one meal so the members want to be fed as soon as they meet so Bird PD asks if there is any game they can win against the staff. they decide to go with kickball volleyball style. SG calls up to the camera director and asks for all the elders to come down. the guys play for lunch next time they meet up to film. the condition is that TW has to play (cuz he has dog feet and cant kick a ball to save his life) and on the staff team that older camera director and SK makes a crack about him being over 60 so the man swears at SK cuz he isnt that old. SG introduces the referee. right away as soon as the game is underway JW messes up and the other team scores a point.  the old guy on the staff teams messes up 3 times in a row so Bird PD switches him out. JM enters the game and messes up twice in a row so TW tags in. then JW messes up 3 times in a row. SG argues a shot doesn’t count cuz the staff’s foot went over the net but the referee says I didn’t see it. he decides not to give the staff that point and goes back to 7 to 6 as before. SG hits a really great shot in but the referee says it’s out. he says it was hit too hard. SG promises not to hit it hard again. JW makes a great save but JM messes up again so JW runs at him to kick him. TW tags in and when the ball come to him, he just watches and lets it bounce twice. the guys lose 13 to 15.

New filming day. the members meet at the airport and Bird PD catches JM eating in his van. TH says his wife fed him this morning cuz they only get one meal today (cuz they lost that game last time). JW misses doing the “cute” opening cuz he is late due to filming his drama. SG says this is the second time they are going to Jejudo (for season two) and Bird PD says I didn’t tell you we were going to jejudo but you already knew. the members joke we wouldn’t be going overseas from here like Japan. from Bird PD’s hints they realize they have to travel separately. Bird says you are traveling alone with a backpack. TH asks can we go alone without a camera? the guys notice JW coming over. SK tells Bird to make JW do it from the start alone. JW says I am late cuz of filming. they make him do the cute opening. the guys say it’s cute when JW does it. Bird says starting from when they arrive in jejudo at 10:15am they will play for sleeping BBB. SW says you really are going too far – sleeping BBB at ten am? Bird says the order of arrival at the end with the flag is not according to who arrives first. The ones who get to sleep indoors have to arrive first, third, fifth, or seventh.  so second, fourth, and sixth have to sleep outdoors. SK says that means the one who is last gets to sleep indoors. SG points out they could take all day to play the game so they could arrive at 1am – have you thought of that. Bird says yes. he gives them each a spoon and it’s a way for them to get lunch today. while on their trip, they can get a little bit of food from the people they meet.  SG asks to clarify they cant go into restaurants but just get a bite of food from people they meet on their trip. Bird says you cant go into places that sell food. SG says have you thought of our scar from getting the food. JW jokes it would be nice if someone was grilling meat on the street. SK: that would be daebak.

at the ticket counter the guys are asked to show their IDs. JM and TH look at each other and ask when the pic was taken. JM says I was in my 20s. he looks at TH’s young photo and says hyung you got old. your skin was great then. on the plane Bird PD tells them the first mission with horses and stuff- this is impossible to hear. they arrive and JM tells all of them let’s go together. let’s go slowly. but then he starts to run away to the bus. SK wont let him on. each guy has to get separate rides on their own. JW tries to ask a woman about where he has to go but she doesn’t even listen and tells him to get in her car. LOL.  SW joins a large family on a trip and gets to eat some bread with his spoon. SK is with a group of elderly and remarks they don’t seem close cuz everyone is staring off somewhere else. one lady says SK in real life looks more like a baby.  he thanks her. she says on tv I thought you were old. He says I am 35 so she says you seem older. TW watches TH drive by on a car. TW takes his time and says I can just walk so his camera guy looks worried. SG is in a car with a young couple. the wife is pregnant so he asks how far along she is. she says 30 weeks. he asks for the baby’s nickname. the husband went the wrong way so SG worries cuz he only has ten mins. JW turns around to stare at the baby in the back. he says how pretty the baby is and I swear that baby took one look at JW’s face and just smiled so big at him. the mom says the baby is 8 months old. they think the baby recognizes JW. the other woman offers him candy so JW takes out his spoon and asks her to put one on it. SW gets to eat rice cake. TW gets to eat something in his car too. SK gets candy on his. TH finds out the guy he is traveling with is taking his exam to be a policeman. that baby is smiling big at JW again and reaching out for him. only time it stops smiling is when the baby looks at the camera guy. from his clothes I would guess this baby is a boy. SG poses with the couple he rode with and tells the camera he hopes the baby will be delivered healthy.  SW passes out 1n2d buttons and takes photos with the kids. SK gets into another car with a woman who brags about how pretty her daughter is so he looks at the pic and says she is pretty. the mom asks him to edit this well so he asks so that your daughter comes out pretty but she meant herself. LOL.

SK arrives first at the horse ranch and finds out he is first. he has to put on some white cover up and do a mission he selects on the dart board. he has to take a self photo with horse number 22. TH is close to the ranch but gets a ride with a couple. the guy insists I can make room for you and gives TH a ride. he passes SW and wonders why SW is standing there when he is almost there. TH says the ranch is cool. when he filmed a movie a long time ago he came to a ranch like this a lot. the horses are numbered so SK finds his very quickly. he talks to the horse and says stay still – I will take the pic. you cant go. each guy spins and finds out what they have to do with their numbered horses. JM thinks a horse is having a staring contest with him. he is holding grass so the horse comes over to him so he says don’t come over here. SK takes his pic with his horse and he is done. JW has to find horse 75. he says hi to the horses and makes clucking sounds. he must be a pro around them after gaksital. as SK is leaving TW and SG arrived. SG tastes the grass so the camera guy says you have to use your spoon. SK gets his next mission. he has to take a car with his photo on it and drive with his camera guy to the next location. SW says I am scared – I cant do this. he has to pet his horse. JW calls his horse over and feeds him. he talks to the horse in baby talk: you are eating well. want to eat this too. is it delicious. he asks the PD: did I succeed. the PD says yes. SW is taught how to pet the horse. TH calls his horse over and feeds some others too. he takes his photo with one. as JW drives off he says this was really easy this time. I cant go like this cuz I am in second- I have to be 1,3,5, or 7.  he says the pretty road looks like a picture. as SK drives he talks about the places where they sell ramen and stuff and how there will be people who eat there and have soju. as SW drives he talks about how nice it would be if someone had a 100 day buffet party outside for their baby. TW pets his horse but it kept moving away from him so TW basically petted it in a circle. JM leaves second to last. TW is last. JM pulls over and hides so he can drive off after TW leaves. TW is busy looking at the dogs there and reading up on jejudo dogs. he finally leaves so JM thinks I can be 7th if I go slowly now.

JW spots a car ahead and says who are you in English. it’s SK. JW asks did you eat something hyung? SK: I didn’t get to I am hungry. they talk about how nice the place is. there is a van full of ajummas so JW walks over asking mother did you come on a trip? since you came on a trip didn’t you bring something to eat? he shows his spoon so they start putting food on it. he asks one to put the whole tangerine on his spoon. (those large tangerines are called halabongs and are indigenous to jejudo and they are super expensive in seoul. they are like a hybrid of oranges and tangerines – the yummiest citrus you will ever find) the women gather around JW and talk about him being on level 7. SK just stands there. one woman says on 1n2d SK looked fat but in real life he is really skinny. I think I figured out why SK is still single. he puts his foot in his mouth and says mother when you come out on tv you will look fat too. JW shares his tangerine with his camera guy. TH pulls up so those women scream. he asks if the women gave the other guys something. JW asks his camera guy should we get going. TH says I cant eat this so the women yell give us your spoon so they can put the tangerine on it. he gets other food too so SK says that’s too much hyung. he goes over and asks for one too. TH and SK thank them. in the car SK says JW just left. should I go last. maybe I should go and sleep someplace. SG pulls over and asks what TH is eating. TH talks about the food he got from some mothers. SG says I will go so you come later. SW arrives first at some place and finds out he is first. he has to choose a yellow piece of paper and ask people the questions. if they give the same answers it’s a success. one of the questions is you like JW or SW and they both say SW.  the couple he chose gave all the same answers so SW finishes quickly. JW and SK arrive at the same time and hear the mission. JW goes up to a couple and asks for them to participate on 1n2d. he asks how long they dated. the guys says 4 yrs. first question is which do you like – friend or seasoned chicken. they give two different answers. JW makes a crack about if they really dated 4yrs. SK’s elderly couple give two different answers too so he walks away. they apologize to him so he says it’s ok. SK goes down to get new set of questions and tells his camera hyung to wait at the top of the stairs and I will go and come back. this is nice cuz it’s exercise. then he complains about his legs hurting. SW says I am hungry – it would be great to eat now. he sees someone and says hello. do you have anything to eat in the car? she shows him bananas so he eats with his spoon while she holds the banana. he goes on his next mission. SW stops and asks for directions. he says I am really lucky today. JW is about to ask the next question and says I am the one trembling. he asks the question – I like cola or cider (sprite). they both choose cola. next is I like hat or sunglasses. they both choose hat. JW: there is one left but this is the hardest. it’s the last one. like Kim tae hee or song hye kyo. they both choose KTH. in the car the PD asks the camera director – aren’t you hungry. the PD explains to JW they have a designated time of 20 mins to eat so JW says I didn’t hear that cuz I came late. the guy says while we eat you have to sit quietly next to us. SK goes up to a married couple and says you have a baby too (cuz the woman is pregnant). he asks like mountains or beach and they both choose mountains. then they choose the same season and then the same food so SK succeeds. TH, TW, SG, and JM’s couples answers match so those guys succeed.

while his staff eats SW asks the woman who runs the restaurant to take a photo with him but she says I am too busy. he even offers to clean up for her and autographs a 1n2d flag for her. he takes his photo with her with the flippers and stuff. the photo has to show wind, rock, and woman. he calls Bird PD and he says SW failed his mission cuz there was no wind shown in any of his items. SW has to do it over so he tells his staff to hurry and eat. TH tells his staff to hurry and eat. there is no time we have to go. stop filming the food and just eat. why did you order this. isnt this too much food for just two people. TH takes photos with his fans. SG fails in trying to get food from an elderly couple. JW is walking with some ajumma and says there is a lot of wind here. he says hello mother and goes inside some restaurant. he asks her to take a photo with him. he explains how they have to express the wind is cool. he took his hat off so the wind could blow his hair around. Bird PD says you failed the mission. JW: what wasn’t expressed/shown? Bird says the wind. the ajumma disagrees and says but our hair went up to the sky so JW laughs. they try again with the banner blowing in the wind and Bird PD says you succeed. JW and that lady thanks him. JW is given the last mission – to pull the flag at the designated location.

TW is in the car and mutters – wind, rock, woman. he gets a bright idea and takes a photo with a rock on his head and tissue blowing in the wind with a photo of women in the background. Bird PD shows the photo he received from TW and asks the camera guy – what do you think of this. is this a success? he tells TW you succeeded in the mission. TW brags about his idea. SG drives up and sees SW there. SW complains how his staff gets to eat and we have to get food from people. he explains about the photo so SG joins him and they succeed in the mission. JM went to the waterfall and says how beautiful it is. he shows how the wind is blowing and the woman gives him plastic. they take their photo together. next TH takes his photo with a woman. then SK. JW is walking and wonders since this place is for health- if there wont be something to eat here. I am so hungry. he spots something to eat. the woman offers him bread so he explains it has to be put on his spoon. she breaks off a small piece so JW says you can put a big chunk on it so she breaks off a bigger piece. he puts the whole thing in his mouth. the woman says what to do – should I give you some coffee. the PD says you have to give him coffee on the spoon too so JW laughs with his mouth full. she asks how about water so the PD says same for the water. she gives JW a spoonful of water so he wont choke so he asks for another spoonful. he says I am about to cry. he runs up the steps to the place that overlooks the waterfall. he says it’s the same feeling as I felt back then (when they first came here). TW goes into a restaurant and asks if there is any food left. his PD says TW cant be served anything new so TW eats the women’s leftover rice and food. like all of it. SW calls SG and complains that he had to sit by and watch as his camera director and PD ate. he thinks he might be first place. SW realizes that SG suddenly disappeared (cuz SG had been driving behind him). JW sits and wipes down his spoon and tangerine. as his staff eats, JW’s face keeps scowling. he says I will keep track of the time and looks at the time and says only 3 mins have passed. the PD offers to give JW 30 secs to eat the leftovers so JW asks you really want to see me doing that? The PD is allowing it in exchange for his tangerine. JW says deal and hands it over and says you know it’s expensive right? JW: “say start” (and then I will commence eating). JW eats a lot really quickly. the staff actually left him a really good piece of fish. he even ate some rice.  SK records while his staff eats. he asks cant you let me have a taste? they let him eat standing outside. TW drives with his PD and camera guy running behind the car. TW pulls over to nap. SW thinks if it’s not for JM there is a high chance I am first. would he be first. a woman says JM looks exactly like her son and her son’s nickname is JM. SW lists where all the others might be and thinks I can really be first place if it wasn’t for JM.

SG arrives at a place that has flowers everywhere for a party and thinks there will be rice wine there with sliced beef. the party is already over. he asks if there are any leftovers that were taken home. he asks when it ended. he sits in his car and looks miserable. each guy heads to the flag destination except for TW who is still resting. SW sees the flag and walks over. he calls JM cuz he knows the rest are behind him but he just isnt sure about JM. JM doesn’t pick up. SW asks if someone came but Bird PD wont answer. SW says from the start I was really lucky. I will pull this flag. the PD says 1,3,5, 7 will sleep indoors. Bird says after you pull the flag we will let you know where to go. SW asks aren’t you going to tell me which order I am. he gets nervous and says I will make one more call. he calls JM again and asks where he is and what order he is. JM says I have 5 more km to go so SW says work hard. thanks JM. after he hangs up he wonders if JM already came and then answered the phone. Bird PD says he could have so SW doesn’t believe that and pulls the flag and is shown to a waiting van. if no one is inside SW is first. he sees someone inside and it’s only the PDs. he asks am I first? he is so he thanks them. inside the van he calls JM and asks where are you. JM: I am almost there. SW: you always say that. JM: did you pull the flag? SW: not yet. hang up. JM sees JW’s car go by so he says I am going crazy. SG arrives with a bike and asks why is everyone laughing. am I 6th place? but why aren’t there any cars in the parking lot? Bird PD reminds him about the numbers that get to sleep indoors and outdoors. SG tries to read their faces. he walks over to the van and asks if someone else came they pulled the flag and went inside huh? he thinks he sees TW’s finger. I don’t know. should I pull it now or hide and pull it last. that’s up to me right? JM arrives and says it’s around here somewhere. he sees TH pull up. JW drives by. TH counts who he saw and says if I go now I am 5th place. so he starts to run and JM runs behind him. JM says you are 6th place if you pull that. TH asks you kept waiting didn’t you. JW stops and counts JM and TH and tries to figure out how many there have been. TH says I think I am 5th. JM says I don’t know and rushes him so TH pulls the flag. he goes inside the van and realizes he is second. SW asks why did you have to pull it. you were doing so well. SG traded coats and hat with a camera guy and hid behind the staff as TH and JM fought over the flag. SW tells TH what SG did. JM hides behind some rocks. TW walks over and sees JW hiding so he says come here. what are you doing. JW: I was going to go a little later. SG runs over to the flag and says don’t come. TW and JW surround him and then JM joins them.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy!

    Did they mention the baby is girl or boy??!! Hehe.

    I’m a bit nervous about the new PD but I think most of the new PDs and staff will probably stay.


    • Softy says:

      I rewatched it over and over and I didnt hear a gender -they kept saying baby but based on his clothes he looks like a boy. Maybe his mom watches level 7 so the baby liked JW’s face cuz I’ve never seen a baby react so quickly and eagerly to some stranger like that – the baby didnt smile at the camera guy like that at all. Plus that baby smiled at JW like that twice. 🙂


  2. tessieroo says:

    OMG, that baby is the cutest thing ever. LMAO!


  3. tessieroo says:

    *didn’t mean to say “thing” – That was stupid. Sorry!


    • Softy says:

      I said the exact same thing as you – I saw that baby smile and went “awwww arent you the cutest thing ever – forget JW – your adorable little face is going up there as the main pic” but then JW looked so good in that photo so I put both of them up there.


  4. Anonymous says:

    “JW tries to ask a woman about where he has to go but she doesn’t even listen and tells him to get in her car. LOL”

    LOL. I will do the same too. Hop in Cutie!!!!
    OMG the baby is so cute.

    JW : Anyeong. You’re cute.
    Baby: No. You’re cute.
    JW : No. You.
    Baby : Fine. We’re both cute.

    Thank you Softy. It’s a fun episode, I can’t wait to watch the ending of this episode… I guess this Sunday will be floaded with tears. Sobs. At least KSW will have a chance to say a proper farewell to 1N2D, unlike Kim C, MC Mong & Kang Ho Dong in last season… When the controversy strikes, they just went ‘missing’ without even had the chance to say goodbye to the viewers. KSW will be missed but I look forward to the new member and new PD.


  5. Dramafed1782 says:

    Thanks Softy for the reap. It was an awesome episode but dreading for the next telecast 😦


  6. SS says:

    Thank you Softy. I love what you wrote about the baby. Children have this intuition about people so it’s telling that the baby took such a liking to Joo Won.

    I just translated a long interview of Joo Won that appeared on Naver. It’s largely on Level 7 but he mentions 1N2D too. Not sure if this is the right place to post, please feel free to put it up anywhere you deemed fit.

    Joo Won Naver Interview Part 1

    In midst of the Wed&Thurs drama war, it’s really a pity that MBC’s 7th Level Civil Servant has ranked behind the top billing SBS “That Winter the Wind Blows”. In addition, the plots were far-fetched and at one time, it felt like it was stagnating, making one feel really frustrated. However in the final 2 episodes the tension suddenly escalates. Strange but the anticipation has increased. The only regret is that there is not much time left. Joo Won who plays ‘Han Gilro’ has been billed as the ratings guarantee man after his success in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Ojakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask. What are Joo Won’s feelings on the eve of drama completion?

    Interviewer: Now left with 2 more episodes, all of a sudden I am feeling excited.

    JW: We also have the same feeling. As usual, filming a drama is something which you can’t tear yourself away. We also do not film the scenes in sequence, it’s all mixed up so we have to focus and channel our efforts to display the correct flow of emotions well. We didn’t feel the time fly.

    Interviewer: No matter how, you need time to mull over things. But because you have to rush with the filming, this is a little regretful.

    JW: Although the situation is like this, it seems to be working out well when we don’t prepare but just dive straight into the filming. It all depends on what you think; of course there will be pros and cons. There are times when you can’t think and have to just throw yourself into the shoot right away. Isn’t it better this way?

    Interviewer: Aha, your enthusiasm about this is very similar to Han Gilro.

    JW: Yes, definitely there are similarities. In all the characters I play, not matter how, it’s like as if there is something within me that’s released. I also show my best ability and put in my best efforts.

    Interviewer: Your appearance on the show Win-Win gave me a fright. You were totally different from what I imagine. In KBS 2’s Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask, the characters you took on were very calm. The grannies also felt this way. But who knew that you could be this sincere?

    JW laughs: Ah was it like this? I am …a little. As a person, I do not like tension in squabbles; I also do not like being on tenterhooks. When I am in love, it’s the same. Especially with regards to love, I want very much to protect it. Recently, it seems like ‘Bad Guys’ are in the vogue, as for the lure of ‘Bad Girls’ I am not too sure.

    Interviewer: Are simple, unsophisticated and kind women good? Men always like women who have that bit of arrogance. For example, they are attracted to women whom they desire but reject them.

    JW: Is that the case? But isn’t that not being honest with your feelings? Of course, being totally open with your feelings can make it difficult. However, in front of the person I love, I feel it is absolutely necessary to be honest and open. I belong to the type who will open up about everything.

    Interviewer: Before 7th Level Civil Servant, the roles that you took on belong to the strong, unyielding type. Was it difficult as it was different from your own person?

    JW: When I was filming, I became very sharp. I had to create things which do not normally exist within me like the way the character thinks, the frustrations etc. Of course, there are times when I am unable to bring out something that’s opposed to my nature. Because there isn’t, I put in tremendous efforts to ignite those emotions and convey them. In this manner, I had to do many takes for those scenes where I had to portray extreme vileness. It requires a lot more concentration, this is the reality.

    Interviewer: Then, it must be more comfortable playing ‘Han Gilro’. Together with Choi Kang Hee-xi, you look really natural. But this role is very diversified. At times, you have to portray happiness, at times being guileless, you’d also have to display charisma and there is also the romance part. It could not have been easy.

    JW: Is it? It is because it was a multi-faceted role. In the beginning it was rather difficult but it became more and more comfortable as I act. Usually, don’t even the bad guys become very loving when they are in love? So, on the job it’s also possible to give off the charisma.

    Interviewer: Your chemistry with Choi Kang Hee exceeds my expectations. In addition, the acting is good so I don’t feel the age gap.

    JW: If I really have to assess, she has the most experience and acting ability among my screen partners. But more than this, Choi Kang Hee-xi has given me a lot of help. Although I was originally a fan of hers, now our relationship is almost like that between a real brother and sister. As everyone knows, this is something of our own freewill. During the filming, more than our own feelings, we have to take care of the other person’s feelings. Because we could act like in our daily interactions, it was definitely more natural than acting according to the script. This time, I learnt a lot of things from Choi Kang Hee noona. I really feel very comfortable and relaxed. I already forgot the age gap issue, Choi Kang Hee has a very youthful countenance and I have become suitably more mature. (Laughs)

    Interviewer: You must really like Choi Kang Hee, right? But your hair has been grabbed by Seo Won’s father and been beaten up at least 2 times, this is not the usual standard.

    JW: Yes! It was very painful. No matter what, to finish the take in one go, we had to do it for real in our acting. In the last one, when Lee Han Wi sunbae viciously grabbed my hair, my scalp felt as if it was being torn. I even complained about it but gradually I managed to grasp the art of being grabbed.

    Interviewer: Although it is a TV drama, your mom must be very upset.

    JW: More than my mom, it was my grandmother who felt so. Although I was not really kicked in the vital parts, my grandmother felt a lot of heartache to see that person always being hurt in this manner.

    Chinese translation: beshd斯达 on Joo Won Baidu

    English translation: mrdimples@soompi


  7. SS says:

    Joo Won Naver Interview Part 2

    Interviewer: I can see from watching KBS2 ‘Happy Sunday 2N1D’ that you have prepared general knowledge. For 7th Level Civil Servant what have you prepared?

    JW: This time, I didn’t prepare much. Because Gilro is a very carefree person who likes to act cool. He is completely different from me. When I first met the director, he said: “You must have lots of fun. Don’t look at the script, just play along.” But my personality is not like that so I couldn’t just not look at all.

    Interviewer: When they visited your house, seems like you did practice your general knowledge?

    JW (laughs in embarrassment): People my age love to dance so they go Club. But why do I not have any interest in this? What I like to do is to have coffee with my friends in the little café in front of my house or go bowling or song studio. So, even during the period of preparations, I don’t have much thoughts, I just pass time idly. In the beginning for about 2 weeks, it’s training for the filming. During that time, I will grasp the personality of the character. It has always been like this. To immerse into the role and get the emotions, I will give my utmost.

    Interviewer: If that’s the case, it’s really amazing. Why do you act crying scenes so well? Are you personally the sort who loves to cry?

    JW: Choi Kang Hee-xi also asked me why I cry so well. Normally I don’t often cry. Filming a drama requires the ingenuity of letting your emotions burst out in an instant. On this point, Choi Kang Hee-xi is the best. Usually, one needs to prepare by building up the emotions then the filming can start. Choi Kang Hee-xi does not need any preparation and is able to immerse into the role right away. For a person like me who needs preparation, I really admire her.

    Interviewer: I have heard that the correct method is to prepare and practice. But if it’s like that, it may not be able to capture the emotions vividly.

    JW: That’s right. When you prepare too well, there’s always this feeling of stiffness? We should do less of that. But at this moment, my acting experience is still very short so I don’t really know how to.

    Interviewer: When Ahn Nae Sang-xi was being shot, the earnestness and tears in the acting from the 2 of you were really good.

    JW: When we read the script, we figure the possibility of us crying at the scene. I was really worried. But once we entered the actual filming, both of our tears just flowed. It seemed like the emotions from the 3 of us were well synchronized. Ha….at that time, I was really sad.

    Interviewer: In the drama, do Dok Ko Yeong Jae and Im Ye Jin treat you very well?

    JW: They treat me very well. In the first meeting, they gave me many suggestions on the acting. Recently, they really treat me just like their son. When I see sunbaes like them who have such experience, also looking at the script in detail and preparing, I am learning from them in all aspects.

    Interviewer: You are so adorable who wouldn’t like you? How do you get along with colleagues who are around your age?

    JW: Isn’t there is high expectation on the ratings when it was said that I will be acting? Of course the reason that a drama has pulled in high rating is not due to me. So I don’t know why it becomes a worry and a feeling of burden. Thankfully, the first half had quite high ratings. Although the ratings have dropped recently but now that I have faced it, my feelings have on the contrary become serene. I don’t feel bad and thinking about it, I feel that it’s not necessary to be too uptight about ratings. Especially when I feel that I have reaped from this drama. The atmosphere on the set is really good. It is so whether among the actors or the staff. I even said to Choi Kang Hee-xi: “Don’t get married.” (laughs) Because I wish that we could act as a couple in other dramas. In this occupation, acting in dramas or movies, no matter how close you were when you were filming, once it is completed, you’d seldom get a chance to meet again. This is probably very different from other jobs. In this way, when I look around me and I can’t find anyone, I become very lonely. Even so, I think I will have the chance to able to meet with Choi Kang Hee-xi, Hwang Chansung-xi and the rest of the colleagues. On the set, Hwang Chansung-xi who is younger than me is a rare person who is very polite and is really very kind.

    Interviewer: At the completion, won’t they air rehearsed scenes or NGs? From there, we can feel the warm atmosphere of the team. Heard that when they filmed the individual parts, everyone was dejected, why was that?

    JW: We didn’t do anything except film consecutively for days on end, through the nights. We were like dying but once we met our colleagues on the set, we felt really happy, it was amazing. After we met, we talked as we filmed and all the fatigue and lack of sleep just disappeared. So when they filmed us individually like we were expressing our thoughts, it didn’t seem meaningful.

    Interviewer: When you are with Choi Kang Hee or Hwang Chansung, was it really like “bilibibang” (fooling around) as you filmed?

    JW: Yes, it was. It’s really interesting. There were many times it was different from the script. During the practice, we’d find ways to do it better. So we rehearsed a lot. As long as it doesn’t affect the main plot, we would freely improvise.

    Interview: The one who came out at the end, giving directions to the acting is the director?

    JW: Yes. He would explain a lot as we rehearsed and try this and that different scenarios.

    Interview: Ep 18 ended with a lot of suspense, I am really anticipating. Only those dramas that make viewers anticipate are recognized as meaningful dramas.

    JW: I am also curious. Obviously, something happened to Do Ha. I hope that it is not too late for that sort of conflict. Aren’t we left with only ep 19 and 20? If there is any particularly tragic scenario, then for me and Seo Won, won’t it be kind of ridiculous for our romance? So I do not know what will become of it.

    Interviewer: I don’t know why but it feels that something bad has happened to Do Ha, I am starting to feel uncomfortable.

    JW: I think you will not be able to take it if I and Choi Kang Hee become like that. (laughs) I am totally ignorant. As of now, I have not even film any scenes in ep 19 so I really do not know.

    Interviewer: This week, you don’t seem to have any rest and you are going to film “2D1N”, right? But because the “2D1N” team is being dissolved, do you feel uncomfortable?

    JW(let out a deep sigh): In the last filming, I cried a lot, everyone was filled with regrets. When we first started filming, I had a dream that even though in ages 40s and 50s, as long as we are able to film well, it will be good. When we heard this news during the last filming, everyone was originally holding it in without a sound or sign. When we saw Seung Woo hyun’s tears, we cried even as we banter. At the closing, all of a sudden, the 7 of us were just lost for words.

    Interviewer: In the eyes of the viewers, it was just a working relationship. What was it that made you guys think of doing it for long term?

    JW: “2D1N’ is the type of program where we interact closely in a physical sense, we eat together, sleep together. Outside of filming, we often meet up. Of course, we also get to meet at other occasions but the fact that we can’t do this program together makes me feel really sad.

    Interviewer: Because of Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun and Uhm Tae Woong, did you receive their care when you were filming ‘Bridal Mask’ or other drama? The other actors also.

    JW: No matter what, there are many actors who gave me a lot of help and support. It is very scary to be filming a drama together with ‘2D1N’. Although psychological strength and sleep are different but it seems that being on the film location is where psychological strength comes about. Although I was very tired physically but because I laughed many times, I garnered strength. Before I reached the film location, I would be very lethargic and drowsy but once we meet up, I will be ‘cured’ through the laughing and playing.

    Interviewer: So your personality is the type who doesn’t get discontented. Your mother must have had an easy time looking after you. (laughs) Now that the drama is coming to an end, what are your plans?

    JW: I am very busy. (laughs) CFs and jobs here and there, I should be very busy.

    Interviewer: Although working is good, you don’t have any time to rest. Because you are young, it will be good if you get to experience different things in life, also do more travelling.

    JW: I also get to do some of these things whilst on the job. Of course, travelling is very interesting and beneficial. Living like this is also good although it’s very tiring.

    Interviewer: Definitely so, it is. I was expecting a face full of fatigue but seeing such a bright face, I am very happy and thankful.

    Interviewer’s afterthoughts:

    I do not know if it’s his youth or his personality that makes him so energetic and full of zeal. When we were chatting, Joo Won(honorific used, like Mr.) was always so cheerful. His schedule is packed from morning to night and yet he never revealed any sign of fatigue. He did not say anything negative about anyone or any situation, there was not a shred of false pretense, it must be in-born. Or maybe due to his parents’ upbringing? He is often very exquisite. Whatever it is, he is really admirable. He brings forth unbounded positivity to all round him.

    Chinese translation: Wily0710 and beshd斯达 on Joo Won Baidu

    English translation: mrdimples@soompi


    • anon says:

      Owh thank you SS.

      Is this a new interview? Joo Won once again proved his good chemistry with his co-star. He always have this safe and pleasant answer about his drama and his other co-stars. I like this interview, the interviewer asked him brilliant question.

      All the best Joo Wonie.

      Sorry Softy, can I ask you something. Did you watch The Best Lee Soon Shin? I just want to hear your opinion about the show. Thanks.

      It’s been a awhile for me to follow a weekend family drama that can grab my heart like OB.

      …. And, thank you for the recap. Love it!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much for sharing that interview SS. I really miss reading these. Of course you can leave any info on JW wherever you want – it’s up to you. 🙂

      I knew the guys would be crying cuz of SW and Bird PD leaving, but I only expected a handful of them to cry like JW, JM, and SG. TH, SK, and TW don’t seem like the crying type too much. I can’t believe SW cried that much.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow..last time they featured the strawberries and they’ve got tangerines in this epi. I love Korean strawberries and will always buy em though they can be a bit pricey here in my country. I gotta taste those tangerines! When am I going to set foot in South Korea?!


  9. iviih says:

    I don’t follow this show but this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And JW looking fine, I’m waiting for him play a dork role in a new drama, please pd-nims! I want a silly and cute role for JW ^^ heheheheh

    Softy, today I had no problems getting here, I think the problem was fixed^^ YAY! so happy !


  10. iviih says:

    Btw Softy and everyone, new videos of Gu Family were released 🙂 I posted them on KD forum 7^^~~ kisses


  11. SS says:

    Lovely magazine pic of Joo Won post by Aera on soompi

    there are more if any one is interested


    • Softy says:

      thanks so much SS for dropping these off – they are motivating me to not neglect 1n2d anymore – can’t believe how many eps I missed.
      I bought 5 of these Star 1 “magazines” at the bookstore the other day to give out to his fans on a future blog giveaway or when they come to Seoul to see his musical. It’s the first time I saw him on a cover looking so great. This magazine is actually the same size as High Cut so people who bought the TWTWB edition know it’s like a B4 size newspaper. Except TWTWB had 12 pgs of photos, but this one only has like 2 or 3 front and back and it costs 3 times more for some reason when it’s thinner. If it wasn’t for JW, I would have never bought this mag cuz it’s boring. can’t believe how online websites are charging over 5 times what it’s worth. Granted he looks like perfection, but it’s still only 2 or 3 pages and the cover shot – not sure it’s worth paying so much.

      I really loved what he wore to his Ghost press conf. He looked stunning too – so young and vibrant. he said some sweet stuff about Ivy too. I thought it was so cool that the tall older hyung he debuted on stage with a few years ago is on Ghost too. Talent, luck, diligence, and ambition turned JW into a star during that time and now he is the lead while that hyung is still just one of the other characters. I bet that guy felt weird watching JW be in the limelight now. He seemed to be taking it well though and JW seems to really respect and look up to him so I bet he knows fame hasn’t gone to JW’s head.


      • SS says:

        You are welcome, Softy. I agree, Joo Won looks really great in these photos. The styling, make up, colors, poses and angles are beyond beautiful.

        I was torn when I heard that he was going back to theater even though it’s just for 6 or 9 months(still not clear on that one). On one hand, I know that it has always been his dream to go back on stage. On the other, I am so sad because it means he won’t be in any dramas till end 2014. The prospect of not seeing him on small screen for almost 2 years is frightening. And he should be enlisting in 2015. Add that all up, it seems like I can only see him in one drama for the next 4 years.

        If I am living in Korea, I’ll probably go and watch him every week. I am planning to go next year but there’s major obstacles in the way. My goal is get the tickets first and figure later. However, getting the tickets may prove challenging for us as well. We need to know his schedule and we are afraid by the time we find out, the tickets will be sold out. Hopefully the ticketing site is user-friendly to international fans. Assuming we get our tickets, we still take a risk in that if there’s any change in the actor’s schedule, we’d have flown there for nothing. If I can go, I’ll probably pack as many nights as I can.

        This is all new to me because I have never followed any actor or singer in my life, much less fly overseas to see one. But I just cannot miss the chance. I have always been fascinated with Joo Won’s Spring Awakening even if it’s just by watching the very few clips on it. I said to myself if I could turn back the clock, I’ll go to watch him. Well, I got what I wished for in Ghost but real life is always more challenging than my dreams.

        I also wonder at how appearing in Ghost will affect his popularity. Theater does not have the reach to the masses like dramas or movies. The other aspect is financial, I think actors make most when they are popular by doing CFs, endorsements, fan meets and a movie now and then. I may be wrong in all these. I was totally surprised when it was announced. I did expect it but not so soon, at least not before his enlistment. I had imagined him squeezing as many dramas and movies as possible over the next 2 years.

        When I saw the short clip of Joo Won in Ghost rehearsal, there was that look on his face and in his eyes which struck me. He really loves what he is doing. I remember he said in an interview, the feeling he gets standing there on stage is like no other, it’s mystifying and wonderful. I admire him for his passion and his guts to go back to his first love and pursuing his dream. Joo Won continues to surprise me and I have not stopped being in awe of this wonderful person.


  12. SS says:

    Thank you Softy!


  13. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks for the recap. Just dropped by been waiting for CKH to come. Man he’s really attached to her huh?


  14. SS says:

    Oh my post just disappeared. Re-typing…

    Thank you Softy for live recapping. I didn’t watch it but when I saw the screencaps on Baidu, I thought there was something going on with all those pink hearts and hearts a fluttering. Plus, JM acted as a paparazzi, making it look like JW and CKH got caught. One JM fan blog even headlined that JW and CKH relationship got exposed. It’s all sensationalized, right?

    I don’t get it when JW said that CKH is a friend he treasures and he will take care of her for the rest of his life. The former I can understand but the latter is funny, isn’t it? Am I missing something here or it should be interpreted in a certain context?

    And that part where JW said his heart flutter and the sentence which he did not finish, what did he mean?

    I know that you wrote that they acted like friends so I am asking you these questions because I think I am missing something.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry your comments got lost – WP was wonky tonight cuz it lost 30 mins of my translations too and didnt save it for me so I had to redo them. I was cursing up a storm.

      Let me try to explain those parts for you. When he said he would take care of her he meant it the same way he would for SG, TW, or TH. As in watch over her and be considerate of. Sort of like how he still keeps in touch with his baker king mom I bet.
      I put the reason in for why he didn’t finish his sentence – it’s typical of Koreans to phrase it like that cuz it’s unusual to call it a friendship when there is such a huge age gap. There is no way to fill in the missing words to express that. The part that bugged me was when he said his heart fluttered cuz that just shouldnt be happening unless you have feelings for someone. I had to watch this over and over so believe me I paid close attention to his every move towards her. He was considerate and attentive, but not overly. There were no love sick glances her way or any nervousness around her. If anything it was the other way around. Her body language like leaning towards him in the car and always standing or sitting near him said stuff. What convinced me their relationship was platonic was how they separately played games on their phones in the car. That wasn’t acting just for the camera – they were both more interested in their games than each other. Plus if he really did like her I doubt he would have invited her on the show – it would be too hard to hide his feelings for her then. The guy is see through – you can see what’s in his heart just from how he stares at someone. I really truly believe that he gets to vicariously have feelings of love and dating through his roles so that’s why Uee, that girl from Gaksital, and CKH have become so important to him. Just like he seems to have put his feelings aside for Uee to make room for that other girl, he will do the same when his next drama costar comes along and CKH won’t be the center of attention anymore. 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Ummm where did my name go – I was logged on -that was me by the way – softy.


        • SS says:

          Thank you Softy!

          I have never come across a celeb like Joo Won. Even as a person, he is rare. He seems to be so rich in emotions or should I say, very affectionate? It’s not just towards women but men too. If I am watching him for the first time on such a show, I would think there is definitely something going on here. Even as a fan, I have to ask you for your opinion and clarification.

          You hit the nail on its head when you said that he has feelings of love and dating through his roles.Actually he said the same thing himself in an interview I translated after Bridal Mask. And he mused why viewers love to ship him with his co-stars? Aigoo…… I just wonder how will he handle it if he has a girlfriend or wife in the future?

          I am thankful that CKH is one level headed noona. I am sure it’s wonderful to be the subject of such adoration and affection. The fact that she said he is at times like a boyfriend and at others a girl dongsaeng speaks volume.

          Joo Won’s next co-stars are Kim Ah Joong and Ivy. Two sexy noonas, I am kind of apprehensive of the latter. I am planning to watch his musical if I can get the tickets. I would imagine that I’ll be stuffing my hands into my mouth while watching certain scenes.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I would only start to believe that JW have feelings for CKH if after his new movie and musIcal he still say CKH is the best co-star he ever had 😀


  16. SS says:

    Not sure if you have seen these, Softy.

    This is the best magazine shoot Joo Won did. There were many BTS pics and videos like these. Totally awesome


    • Softy says:

      jumpin jupiters – these are amazing. Good thing I know how to screencap so I can treasure some of these shots and angles. Thank you so much for sharing these here – it pulled focus away from my barefoot friends recap, but who can resist watching these over and over. def need a drool bucket to view these. 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Excuse me if I am feeling slightly light headed.
      Thank you so much for the links. Totally went into this Joo Won zoned out land.
      I love the #1 best, where he was in the salmon coloured t shirt.
      However he was just so good looking at every shot. Far out brussels sprouts.


  17. anon says:

    Thanks for the long lost recap Softy. Heeeee. Thank you for the back to back recap on the recent episode. It’s fun and enjoyable.

    CKH is so sporting. Is it true that she’s quite popular in SK and have a huge fan base. What surprised me when I saw the popularity award poll for Baeksand Awards in TV category, she’s behind SNSD Yoona and Yuri who leads the poll 🙂

    I love reading all the comments re CHK as guest and Cutie’s best friend. Oh boy, this boy is one that really transparent about his feeling. Be it towards his hyungs, closest friends and his co-stars. I guess he is so comfortable around CKH noona. He easily touching her (in a friendly and proper manner 🙂 ) and talk to her like a closed friends. I noticed also during the KBS Drama Awards that he was excited when JSY won the best new actress and touched her arm, and he almost hug her (also I think in a friendly manner). His love is so BIG and sometimes I’m afraid that he will get frustrated when things didn’t go well according to what he wish for.

    It’s a good and positive thing for him to have friends that is grounded like all his hyungs in 1N2D and now CKH.

    Thank you once again Softy for the recap.


  18. ctfrsgp says:

    Hi Softy… i missed reading your recaps on 1n2d for the past few weeks. Am so happy when i saw your update for latest ep. I have been looking forward to this ep since news abt gangjang (tatz wat CKH’s fans call her) will appear as JW’s guest came out early last week.

    I think JW regards CKH as his family now more than just a good friend. I have not watch the ep yet but fr the screencaps that I saw, I like the way he’s so considerate towards her and constantly looking out for her thru out the show – taking off his jacket and putting it onto her, holding her elbow to make sure she’s steady on her feet where the ground maybe wet and slippery, mimicking his noona’s not-so-ladylike actions so tat she wouldnt look awkward on screen (e.g. when she sat on the railings and squatting on the chair)… I’m glad tat JW has found himself close friends like his “mom” in BK, PKW in BM and now CKH in 7G and all his hyungs in 1n2d, despite their age gaps. These sunbaes will no doubt be his “security blankies” when he needs them and they definitely are good ppl who will give his wise advice and guidance in his career and in RL as well.


  19. SS says:

    Softy, an interview where CKH speaks more about Joo Won …

    “Looks forward to acting with Joo Won again. (Joo Won’s) weird habit, fond of touching people”

    Choi Kang Hee’s Sina Entertainment Interview

    Spring has completely swept away the bitter cold of winter. Perhaps Korean actress Choi Kang Hee has been feeling the fullness of spring’s arrival that she is always smiling and greeting in a soft and gentle manner. This comfortable feeling is also because Choi Kang Hee is warm like Spring itself. After ended, Choi Kang Hee had travelled to Gyeongju. It has always felt unhurried and at ease meeting with her.

    On the 16th May, Choi Kang Hee appears in the movie where she plays Mina, a civil servant who has to take over a stationery shop when the situation was suddenly forced upon her. She had already completed the filming last year and right after, she filmed . When the drama ended, she immediately worked nonstop doing promotions. Although she expressed that this will enable her to step out of the character at once, but till now, she is unable to truly walk away from the drama character.

    During the interview, more than , Choi Kang Hee talks more about the team on who always supported and encouraged each other. Especially of Joo won who has called her “The Best Partner”, she was full of praises. Choi Kang Hee revealed: “Together with the team and Joo won, we wanted to go on a holiday. Joo Won was in charge of making the travel plans. In the beginning we started a group chat and asked everyone to cast a vote, it became a really hot topic. However because we could not agree on the timing, so everyone decided that whoever who wishes to come or leave, just do so and we set the dates on Wed, Thurs and Fri. But in those 3 days, I, Joo Won and Son Jin Young were the only ones who hang around. In the chatroom, Son Jin Young had said: “Why do I feel that there will only be the 3 of us?” I didn’t believe him and thought that everyone would come. But as it turned out, it was really only the 3 of us. We even took sad pictures of ourselves and had fun.”

    Jang Young Nam had wanted to come but had to leave because of work. In the end, Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee and Son Jin Young decided to go to a karaoke in the city. They chat, listened to music, watched movies and spent a leisurely time together. CKH said: “Joo Won cannot touch a drop of alcohol. Although he was very quiet, he loves to touch people, just like a younger sister. After chatting for 3 days, I discovered that Joo Won will not touch someone he likes. But towards his hyungs and noonas, he frequently touches them, he is also like that towards me. Although Joo Won and Son Jin Young’s faces are different, their past love relationships are fundamentally the same.

    When heard that “Joo Won is very sensible and also loves to cry”, she nodded her head: “Very fond of crying. There were times we had to stop filming because his tears just kept flowing. As a girl, I feel embarrassed but an actor’s tears can also be uncontrollable. That’s why Joo Won is said to be a very pure person.”

    Previously, in interviews Joo Won expressed that he has learned innocence and warmth from Choi Kang Hee. To this, CKH laughed, saying: I don’t know why he said this, I even asked him about it. Joo Won and I share many similarities. First, we do not like the atmosphere on the film set to feel distant, filled with ambitions or always competing for various things also gives me a lot of stress. I also hate those who do not respect their elders.”

    Jokingly self-professing to be Joo Won’s spokesman, CKH revealed: “I thought that Joo Won would only like me as his partner but I had a shock after reading his interviews recently, I really didn’t know. Frequently, he would pull my arm and called me Noona or leaned towards me, I will always say he is very cute and just treat him as my great source of comfort. I am very thankful that he said so much good things about me.”

    When the casting of was confirmed, many people wondered if Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee who have an age gap of 10 years between them, are able to pull it off. However, after the drama was broadcast, both wowed the audience with their chemistry to the point that people suspected that they might be dating.

    Looking back, was there ever a movie or drama where by Choi Kang Hee did not have chemistry with her co-stars? Be it “Noona-dongsaeng love” with Ji Hyun Woo or Lee Seon Gyeon or Ji Sung. She has always attracted the attention of viewers with her onscreen romance with her co-stars. She said: “I heard that Joo Won also had the same thinking, Usually after I complete a drama, I would maintain a friendly disposition towards my co-star, I will also loathe it when the drama ends. But before that, I will try my best to bring the feelings to the maximum. I do not do this just to please everyone and then in reality, after the drama ends while chatting with friends, I will complain about the lack of response from the other party when I was doing my best. Neither will I just play my part or put in just 70% of my effort while acting. I will never be like these and neither will Joo Won nor Bong Tae Gu who I partner this time. We will always put in more effort in our scenes than if we were just acting by ourselves, only by doing so we are able to achieve good results.”

    Hence, Choi Kang Hee hopes for an opportunity to work with Joo Won again, fulfilling her wish that did not materialized in . It was also because of this that Choi Kang Hee who usually does not participate in variety shows, appeared in KBS2 as Joo Won’s best friend. She said: “I have some regrets with regards to the drama so I hope to be able to work with Joo Won again. Of course, I do not want to play someone who’s the same age as him like we did in but maybe a’ noona-dongsaeng romance’ or as brother and sister, the quarrelsome, bickering type. “

    source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/j/k/2013-05-07/15253914864.shtml

    english translation: mrdimples@soompi


    • Softy says:

      Very interesting interview – thanks for sharing it. hmmmm – If he doesn’t touch people he likes then does it mean he likes that Gakistal girl cuz I noticed he was reluctant to touch her most times except for photos and ads. Now I cant remember if he did that with Uee too.

      I wonder if that’s true for all Korean men cuz I noticed on Barefoot friends no one hugs Uee at all. The 3 married guys can’t cuz their wives would kill them and the younger guys seem shy or intimidated by her beauty.


      • SS says:

        Joo Won’s language of love is touch. As we can see, he does it a lot with his hyungs. For his noonas, I think he’d like to do the same but he has to be more careful as they are the opposite sex. I don’t have enough to refer to when it comes to him and female dongsaengs. Would age make a difference or is he just as “touchy” with them as he would be with a noona if he likes them as friends?

        I think Joo Won really lives out his romance in the drama with his co-stars. He acts like their boyfriend on the film set. But after the drama ends, CKH is the only one whom I see him being open and at ease with.

        You are right regarding him being reluctant to touch JSY or Uee. I am not sure if it means he is more reserved when it comes to women his age or younger or because he sees them as a potential candidate for romance.

        Now that you brought up how he is with JSY(Jin Se Yeon, LOL. a.k.a. that Gaksital girl), I think I get that vibe in their latest Edwin ads. I can kind of read from JSY’s expressions and body language that she is at ease with Joo Won or maybe this girl with her megawatt smile is just a sunshine everywhere. But I can’t read Joo Won at all.


      • Anonymous says:

        If you watch BTS for Gaksital, you can see that he’s quite touchy towards Jin Se Yeon too. But I don’t know about how he act around Uee since I haven’t seen OB’s BTS yet.
        One thing though, from that interview, does that mean CKH knows who’s the object of JW’s affection? Coz she obviously saw how he act around that person for her to be able to know that JW won’t touch someone he likes 🙂


        • Softy says:

          I saw some bts of Gaksital with JSY and they didn’t seem that close to me – my impression was that she isn’t the type to get all physical so JW respected that – probably why he was so chummy with PKW even more than usual.

          Good point about CKH knowing who JW likes cuz how else would she know that.

          I find it interesting the first name JM still yells out is Uee when JW was making that call tonight. Plus TW gave JM a knowing smile. Or I could have misread it and they both have crushes on Uee and just want her to be the one he is calling.

          One of these days when they have to call someone they know, I really hope JW calls Uee – just once and I will be happy cuz it’s bad enough he said CKH was his best partner so far. He made 58 eps with Uee – half of them where his character was in love with her so how could he choose CKH over Uee? I sat and watched JW and Uee interact in person for over 3 hrs – they even mimicked each other’s behavior – you don’t do that unless you like that person. I feel like all these hyungs teasing him about Uee – there has to be something there. They tease him about Uee way more than JSY.


  20. SS says:

    softy, I post a translated interview where CKH talks about Joo Won, it’s probably new and has some stuff I have not read before. However my post doesn’t appear T…….T


    • Softy says:

      So sorry it got lost – I will find it and post it when I get hm around 11:30 pm cuz it’s impossible to do on iPhone
      WP has been weird lately – it listed me as anonymous too and lost my comments


      • SS says:

        No hurry, Softy. Just wanted to let you know. I can always re-post cuz I just need to cut and paste but I’d better wait till WP goes back to normal.


  21. gil says:

    any comments on jw n u interaction at baeksang awards


  22. SS says:

    Thanks for today’s recap, Softy, Off to read 🙂


  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy for today’s recap, I find kind of amusing when Uee name appears from the guys xD for me at least is like a teasing to someone in particular¿? xD I enjoy this episode.


    • moimeme says:

      when is Uee’s name being mentioned? at which minute? lol


      • Anonymous says:

        @moimeme; Hi! from Softy recap.

        “JW gets scared of a giant moth flying near him. then he makes sure her coat stays on and tucks it around her shoulder. JW says I will call and JM yells – who? Uee? TW grins at JM cuz of that. JW says it’s someone noona and I both know and HJ too.”

        you got it there xD find more interesting how TW grins at JM xD


  24. f says:

    any1 got torrent for the cloud pjs episode? thanks


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