That Winter, The Wind Blows E15

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I knew this was going to be my main pic for tonight the instant I saw it. One of the best scenes in this drama so far if you ask me.  The look on his face perfectly captures all the emotions he is feeling – love, regret, longing, relief, hope, and a little bit of prayer. He was willing this car to keep going at this pace for as long as it could so he could memorize every feature on her face and her smile. He was trying to read if she was happy and content – if she was doing okay without him. I bet this is the one time he really took advantage of her being blind to keep staring over at her.  It’s like just seeing her for these few seconds was enough to keep him going for another few days. This is how much she means to him so can you imagine how painful it will be for him to realize how her smile was just a pretext – to mask all her pain and loneliness. Her life before Soo wasn’t great, but now without him, there is too much of a void she knows she can never fill. Enduring the pain from her tumor was one thing, but this ongoing ache in her heart missing Soo was just too much for her. This cab ride wasn’t long enough cuz Soo didn’t get to see the most important thing. He didn’t get to see the truth written on her face – hidden cleverly behind the façade of contentment.


그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-11-33] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-12-31]

starts from Young watching a movie and remembers how they watched a movie together. how he explained the two people (on the movie) are sleeping together. Young: holding each other? soo: no separately. the man on the bed and the woman in the living room. that frustrating guy really ate ramen and slept. how young giggled over that

soo waves a cab over. his bracelet bell rings so he looks at it.

soo is walking and keeps hearing that bell ring. he stops and cries just standing there.

young smiles watching the movie – then her eyes fill with tears.

Kim tells JS that I already finished making a deal with Oh Soo but he said to leave you out of it. what do you think. cuz I cant trust Oh Soo without you. JS: your head is working. hyung cant play a game without me. ok do it that way, but dont forget that hyung cant know. JS leaves

MC’s sidekick watched that.

Kim’s guy shows him photos of JS’s sister

HS is riding on the back of Soo’s bike. Soo remembers giving Young a ride.

Soo says I gave you a ride on a bike and you don’t feel good? she drinks and pours. they keep drinking and Soo says it’s nice.

Jang tells Young: Oh Soo left the money and went- I told him to take it. he said he only needed one stack of checks so he took that one and left.  I dont know why that guy came here. Oh Soo must have liked you for real. Young: I dont want to hear it. Jang talks about planting flowers here -what should we plant, but she says leave it and I will do it after I get surgery. he offers to water them at least cuz they are wilting.  she asks to push back going to the hospital a day cuz they said I cant have a cold and I dont feel well. jang checks and says you dont seem to have a fever. she says dont worry I have medicine that dr cho prescribed for me. he says it’s not like you dont want surgery right. she says why would i – you said dr cho was reliable. also if I turn down having the surgery, you wont leave it alone. even if you have to knock me out, you will take me to the hospital. isnt that right? he laughs and says you know. I am going to be sure to make you have surgery – I see hope. she points out he has to go kimcheon tm but jang says i wont go. I will stay by your side.  she reminds him it’s a case involving an unfair murder so go.  but he says i wont go. she says my life is not great – cuz I cant do anything alone –  you cant rescue someone who in involved in an unfair murder. she gets up and leaves

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[02-02-26] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[02-03-22]

HS asks: why didnt you take the money from Young? are you putting your life on the line to  “look good” (or “save face”). don’t you know how hard I worked to try to save you. he says I know. HS: a guy who knows does this? a guy who knows how Young opened her heart big  and gave that money doesnt take it and comes back empty handed? and now you are putting your life on the line to gamble again? you did bad things to Young so if you dont take the money given and come back does a rag become a towel? if you are a rag – act like it and if you are a thug – live like a thug and dont confuse a person. Soo says I should have done that -if I am a thug I should have acted like a thug till the end– why did I have to fall in love. why did I fall in love. when I came out of that home I was going to be bold cuz I love her and she loves me. for my sake she will live for sure (his exact words “looking at me- for my sake she will live for sure”) so that is why even though we broke up like this now – at least just once- even by chance we will meet – i believe that so I left that home without being able to be bold and was impudent/brazen without a word of apology. but when I was like that Young looked at me and said she loved me. HS: did you like it. how was Young when she said that. Soo cries and says: she said she was happy but I could see she felt lonely. crazy guy – should have just deceived and not make her love me. crazy guy – it would have been better to just deceive her- I shouldnt have let her love someone like me. he keeps sobbing

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young is working out and Soo is running. he calls her but she doesn’t answer even though her phone says it’s Oh Soo.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[02-26-45] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[02-27-13]

HS worries about JS and says if you go into the gambling place and something bad happens to you too. JS: that will never happen. If MC stays out of it – there is no one who can beat hyung and me– game or fighting. she hugs him and says this is the last time. he says after this is over let’s go to the countryside. HS: save oh soo. JS: dont say anything to hyung. he kisses her cheek so Soo comes over and asks if they are having a morning kiss. JS says pretend like you dont know. HS gets up and leaves. JS: I tried to get a room for our game but I couldn’t get one. Soo says I already finished talking to Kim. you can stop being interested.  JS: ok. soo doesnt trust him and asks -you really understand right? JS: you said MC is staying out of it then I feel at ease/relieved. Soo: I am going to trust you. JS smiles and says trust me.

wang drives to some place and watches an elderly couple – maybe her parents

the cafe couple and mira are setting the table when young comes over and they all say good morning to each other. young asks what is going on cuz everyone gathered this morning. jang explains how complained about the maid’s cooking and how he cant eat it so the cafe woman made all this food – going early to the market. young says it smells good. the woman says when you go to the hospital, you wont  get to eat delicious food for the time being so eat up. mira tells young where the side dishes are. jang tells her to taste it and young says it’s good. she tells him to go to kimcheon after breakfast. she tells the others how jang has lawyer work on a murder case but cuz of me he wont do it. we cant let that happen. young says out of these 3 one can watch over me so the woman says I will do it.  mira says I will do it. the cafe guy tells jang to do that cuz a person’s life is on the line. so jang agrees. since you go to the hospital tm afternoon, i will come for sure by then. young: I saved a person. jang says let’s eat.

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MC’s sister tells soo that young pushed back the date of the surgery till tm – didnt you know. soo asks if young called but she says no jang called. he went somewhere before the surgery but she will come tm though for sure. Soo: if young has surgery, her eyes but dr cho cuts him off and says let’s not talk about the surgery. he asks what about the brain tumor but she says don’t ask. they both smile and he says I will come again. she asks do you know MC’s condition. he doesn’t seem to so she says no just go

MC’s sidekick asks for some painkillers from MC and he wants you to say hello to your parents for him so dr cho calls MC crazy and says tell him to do that.

soo calls and asks why aren’t you answering manager oh. call me.

he texts young – Young it’s me oh soo -can I contact you once in a while like this –even though it’s not often –  just sometimes – when I am curious to see if you are living well.  he doesn’t send the text

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a blind girl comes over so soo stares at her. she crosses the street and he walks ahead of her. she comes over to where he is at the bus stop. she tells the people she is blind and asks the people around her to let her know when her bus number comes over cuz there is no announcement. soo asks what bus number she rides. she says 7611. he says I will tell you when it comes. she thanks him.  the bus comes so he tells her it came. she thanks him. when she gets on the driver gets annoyed cuz she is taking a long time and tells her to hurry and get on. she apologizes. soo goes up and helps her sit down

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mira and young are with other blind kids coming out of the center. young threatens not to buy them pizza if they don’t obey. mira says do you want to eat pizza at the center or line up. the other kid tells the others to get in line or you are in trouble.  the kid lines up. young says maybe we should have just eaten here but mira says how much the kids like this a lot – you can hear them right. the bus stops and the blind girl gets off and soo watches her leave. the blind girl knows young’s group.he sees her greet young’s group. the kids tell her they are going to go eat pizza so she wants to join them so Young invites her along. Soo stares at young as his bus leaves.  soo suddenly asks the driver to stop and says it’s urgent. I’m sorry.  he runs back to where he saw young.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[00-04-52] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[00-05-07]

at the pizza place soo sits nearby at another table section and watches young with her group. he smiles looking at her. he doesnt take his eyes off her.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-50-15] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-50-27] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-51-30] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-51-41]

mira and young are in the car and soo follows in a cab. driver asks if he should continue to follow the other car so soo asks the driver to pull up ahead of the car and pull over at the intersection so he can get out. his cab passes next to her so he stares at young for as long as he can. mira sees soo’s cab pass by and watches soo get out.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-54-14] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[23-54-26]

soo stares over at young again as he walks by her car. mira says it’s for real. young asks what is wrong. mira asks the driver how long the cab was following them. he doesnt know. young asks what is going on. mira says it’s nothing and then says I saw oh soo oppa. he was in a cab and passed our car and it seemed like he was looking at you. i wasnt sure but it was for real. young: he did. how did his face look? did he look ok? mira: I don’t know. he didn’t really look good.

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HS asks what are you –  what are you to always come to me and be like this. Soo said he was done with his deal with you (as in what he owes him). MC: did Soo say that?  our dealing for the past 15 yrs – it’s over on his own? she accuses him of thinking he has suffered the most in the world –more than me whose older sister died – more than my mom and dad whose daughter died -you are the most pitiful huh? that’s really funny. all you did was lose a woman you had an unrequited love with – but you act like you’ve suffered the most in the world. even if I wanted to understand I cant understand. MC: that is why at least I am going to understand myself. HS: what? MC: cuz you and the whole world cant understand me – I will understand myself. in this world I wont be the only guy who had a woman he loves die. in the world – a guy who has been rejected – a guy whose life was messed up cuz of his poor family – if you look in the world there will be a lot. this stuff didnt happen just to me. she asks are you maturing. He says how he is living too and suddenly feels pain. MC: at the young age of 16 – my mom dad and younger siblings – eight lives were in my hands. your older sister who was pretty when she smiled,  she cried and died in front of me. I wasnt ok. if I get reborn I wont live like this. but anyhow – this is the end for me. HS ah – even though the rest of the world insult me – I wish someone would understand why I lived like this. if I don’t understand myself at least then it’s too pitiful. he smells the flowers and says it’s nice. so this is what a flowers scent is like. he walks out so she says are you not feeling well? your face is strange. go to the hospital-you don’t look well

the sidekick says go to the hospital. MC says dont forget what I asked you. the guy says Oh soo doesnt know your heart. HS and JS – they all don’t know. if you werent going around all this time taking care of them -Oh soo and JS would have died by Kim’s hands already. that you protected them like this .. MC tells him to go and organize my house. MC walks away alone. the kid who works for Kim – nam is following MC down an alley

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soo is meeting with a group of old guys. one says he wont play a game with Soo unless soo accepts their rules cuz the guy knows how Kim is gambling unfairly (as in cheating and conning) and it’s a lot of money.  soo agrees to the guy’s deal  -fine – do it that way. house -boss kim and dealer you.  and you bring the cards so we cant play any games (as in bring a new deck). the guy says change the house to here. Soo: no that wont work- I have to win your money but getting even with Kim is the objective so kim cant be left out cuz you guys win less. the guy agrees.  soo tells them to tell Kim all the rules for the game. if he says no then tell him never mind. before he leaves soo says this is getting fun.

young is in bed with mira. mira is sleeping but young gets up and takes her phone

wang transcribes a book in braille for young. she narrates -wanting to meet -separately embracing it in your heart -isnt it better to stay apart till the end. then you will be able to live embracing hope in your heart. she gets a call from young. wang asks what is going on young.  did something happen to you. young: you shouldnt talk like this. the person who chased you out called you late at night- not cursing and with a worried voice asking what’s going on -if you talk like that then what do I say.  wang asks: why – cant you sleep? are you scared about going into surgery tm? young: a little. what are you doing alone everyday. dont lie you are at home. you cant go home cuz of your stubborn father. tell me. what are you doing alone every day. wang says since you are saying it like that i have nothing to say cuz i am used to lying. young says it’s a pitiful life. wang says – living a long time I get to see this -you and I are kidding back and forth. sleep. after surgery call like this again. young: hang up. wang: ok.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[04-44-23] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[04-46-59] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[04-48-03] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[04-49-10] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[04-50-08]

young goes to soo’s room. she imagines him standing behind her putting on some skin product. she says this is the scent. he asks why did you come – couldn’t you sleep. she says uh. he tells her 3 steps to the left and it’s the bed so she goes and gets in. he says you cant go into other guy’s room this easily. like I said before oppa dongsang relationship-you cant use arms as pillows. just sleep straight. she says uh. they are in bed and he pushes her hair behind her ear. he asks should I give you my arm as a pillow. she says uh. he puts the little prince book on her lap and asks for her hand. he runs her hand over it and asks can you feel it. Young: uh. Soo says this is the mountain and the little prince went up to the mountain. she says I know. he talked to the echo.  soo says i feel bad for him – it was just an echo and he was alone- why did the little prince think that was a conversation. why are all fairytales sad. young starts to cry and she is all alone in bed having this conversation by herself.

jang is on the phone with young: you were packing. he is about to say something about his work but he asks to put mira on the phone but young asks what about your work. he says put mira on the phone but young says tell me cuz mira is busy packing my stuff for the hospital. she asks mira to get her some water.  mira tells him to hurry and come and make soup and leaves the room. young asks what is going on. jang says the work here is not easy – it is complicated. i wasnt going to take the case and go to seoul but the victim’s mom cried all night and asked for my help. young says to take care of work and then come. what is there to worry – I have mira oppa and unni to watch me 24 hours. jang: but I should be there. young: surgery is tm morning. tonight I only have to take tiring tests.  If you keep this up you will end up coming inside the operating room. he says ok I will finish work and be sure to go to the hospital at night. they hang up.

mira is packing and says I dont want to I  will wait till ajussi comes and see you are ok and then go. young says you can only stay till one. but he will come at 4. you have a job interview to go to. mira: is the job the problem now – it’s ok. young: let me try to be a friend too. she  gives mira a present for her interview.  mira asks are you really giving me this. young says I wont give it to you unless you go on the interview. put that on and go on the interview. I have ajumma (the maid) if you are going to stop by the salon and go you will be late. hurry and go. mira says ok. I will pack your bag and tell ajumma after she is done cleaning and then go. young: ok. she asks if jun tae oppa’s kids are ok. mira says the younger one was hospitalized but he is ok now. they will come to the hospital tm before your surgery.  mira asks why young took out all the braille books. you just need one or two to read at the hospital.  young says i read them all so i read fast.

young calls the hospital and tells the receptionist she will go by 9pm. young says sorry I had urgent business.  surgery is tm morning and I already finished my tests. the girl says there are some more tests to take. young says my belongings will go in this afternoon. I am sorry. I will be sure to go in by 9pm.

mira tells the maid jang will come at 4 so don’t leave young’s side till then. mira calls up to young I will go and do well at my interview. young says fighting

soo finds out that Young’s check in time for the hospital changed to 9 pm. he asks who changed the time. the woman doesn’t know. he asks where is dr cho and dr gu now. she says in surgery

the maid tells the driver to throw away all the braille books. wang made the books but after surgery young wont need them she said. young comes in and says lawyer jang just called now and he will arrive soon. she tells the maid and driver to go to the hospital and settle her stuff at the hospital and then both of you go on a break as planned. the maid says then young will be home alone so young tells them – you think I cant be alone for just 30 mins. maid says that’s not it. young  tells them to go  – I will go when ajussi comes. the two of us have business to talk about. hurry. the maid says ok and have a good surgery. they leave.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-22-13]

young goes to the greenhouse on her way to the secret room, but her hands brush against the lamb’s ear herb she knocked down that soo put back. she cries touching it. *if it wasnt for this, she would have gone in and seen Soo’s video message to her

soo checks the time and waits at the hospital. he sees young’s maid and driver. he gets a call from MC but says I will call later and goes after the maid.

MC is in pain and takes some medicine

jang is driving and cant reach young.

young is sitting in the greenhouse and ignores the call from jang. she stands up and throws away the key to the secret room and leaves

mira gets a call from jang. what about young? she starts to run.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-24-04]

HS asks to go with him cuz I end work in a little while but JS says you will ask for money again if you see young so you cant. I will go and come back. HS says when you see young, give her my best then. JS: what greeting – it will be good if I dont get slapped. like hyung said I will stand guard at the hospital and go to the operating area.

*I think JS is lying. MC watches him leave from his car.

mira keeps calling and tries to catch a cab.

jang is stuck in traffic and keeps calling young

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-24-51]

dr jo and soo hear that the patient called herself and pushed back the time. soo worries and takes off running and gets a call from young

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-27-29] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-29-40]

she is sitting on the stairs. young: hi. soo: hi. she says I am calling cuz I didn’t get to take your call. i was also curious if you are doing well. you’re ok right? soo: yes but where are you. werent you supposed to be checked into the hospital today. she says that’s right – I am in the hospital now. he says no I am at the hospital. where are you. she gets a call from jang. into the phone, she says I’ve been caught. I am at the house. I was afraid of the surgery. when I think about lying naked on the cold surgery table alone it was terrible. but don’t worry. jang is coming now and I will go to the hospital soon. the doorbell is ringing he must be here now. dr cho tells soo jang called and he cant reach young. soo runs and asks young- did you watch the video? she says no. he says what I wanted to say to you, I recorded on a video for you so go to the greenhouse now. go there now but she says I have nothing else to hear from you. I told you – I understood. he says even if you dont have anything to listen to I have something to say so don’t hang up and listen to me. she hangs up and puts the phone next to her.  he calls out her name and runs. he is looking for a cab. but there are no cars. MC pulls up and honks at soo

young goes down the stairs and to the kitchen. she is heading for some knives.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-31-08] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-31-15] 그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-32-35]

MC gets out and punches soo and then kicks him. soo says sorry but let’s talk later right now young…but MC hits him. soo hits him back and yells we can talk later. young is in danger – if I don’t go now. young will….MC says It looked good -your love – I really wanted to know there was love in this world and there really is love. like when I first met you – I wanted to say my last goodbye. he puts his car keys in soo’s hand and says go. MC staggers away and soo says I will call later. we can talk later. he takes off in MC’s car.

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-34-17]

another car pulls up and MC  turns to look at the bright light and that kid stabs MC in the stomach with a knife. MC cries as he realizes who just killed him.

*this was the kid he tried to keep out of this line of work cuz he is too young and now this kid has committed murder – there is no going back for this guy now – he is going to go on the same path as MC and be a thug. I think that saddened MC. Plus the fact that he didnt get to say goodbye properly to Soo

soo is calling Young but she isnt answering. his voice narrates:  I have to tell young that-  I was wrong -I love you – it’s not the end for us. let’s meet again. even by chance I really hope I get to see you once. all those words – even if I wasnt able to makes excuses…..

she is sitting by the tub with the water running as he runs to the house.

soo narrates as blood drips into the water: I have to tell young that at least. in this painful world, life is not a big deal – if it disappears it disappears-me who thinks that’s what life is – at least you Young – you became my last reason to live like a human being – couldnt I be that for you?  in this scary/terrible world -your last reason for living -could I really not be that?

그 겨울 바람이 분다.15회.130328 HDTV H264 720P-송지은[07-35-19]

soo runs into the house and calls out her name. he hears the water running

he goes to the bathroom and sees her slumped over with her wrist slashed -blood dripping into the water. he holds her in his arms and calls out her name over and over.


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I can’t stop crying. I dreaded translating that last scene, but I had to do it first. I didn’t cry at all when it aired due to stunned disbelief, but I couldn’t stop crying as I translated it starting from MC’s death scene. His death was overshadowed by Young’s actions at the end. We didn’t get to focus on MC at all cuz the shock of what she did overwhelmed everything. It took over the entire episode – all those sweet moments just evaporated the moment that last scene came out. I was so afraid for JS this entire time and when Young gave Mira that necklace for her interview present, I was like “wait isnt that the action of someone who is going to kill herself – giving away gifts” but my brain didn’t even go there cuz it just didn’t seem like a possibility. Then when she lied to Jang and the others about when he would be home and tried to get the place to herself, I was like what is she up to. I swear – the minute she went to the kitchen I knew what she was going to do and I lost it. I was so angry – how could she do this to Soo. Didn’t she know that if she dies like that, he will blame himself. He will never recover from it and he will hate himself even more than how much he hated himself for HJ and his unborn baby. cuz HJ’s death was an unfortunate accident – this one was premeditated and planned. Young didn’t do this last minute. She probably hatched her plan the minute she encouraged Jang to take that case out of town. She didn’t stop to think that Soo will have to live with the death of two women he loved – that is just beyond cruel. If she dies during her surgery that is one thing, but to take her own life and not even give a thought to what it would do to him –not to mention poor Jang. he thought he was doing such a good job taking care of her – he will hate himself too for failing to protect his friend’s daughter. Say what you want about wang, but this would never have happened if wang had been around.  Even though she made Young blind, at least for all those years she made sure young never took her own life and kept her safe.
At this point I don’t even know how to react if Young survives this suicide attempt – I don’t know if I can forgive her for this. How can Soo forgive her? I just know one thing – I don’t forgive writer Noh. After all this time falling in love with this drama and wishing for more, this felt like a slap on the face. I am going back to my original pact with myself – no more Korean melodramas or movies again for quite some time. I’m going to need years to recover from this one.

*for the first time ever, I am suddenly grateful this is only 16 eps. I can’t imagine if this was 18 or 20 eps and this happened now. At this point, I dont think even a wedding, honeymoon, and grandchildren running around could make up for how I feel right now. E16 had better be a freaking masterpiece to make it up to me. I was devoted to this show – I betrayed JW for this – this drama owes me.

**Now that I know writer Noh was following the Jdrama version, I don’t know if I hold her any less accountable. I still feel like she owed it to her viewers not to do this though. It’s just my personal belief, but I hate when dramas use suicide as an answer or an option – it’s even worse if it was used merely as a cliffhanger. It’s something that is prevalent in Korean society to the extent that it cripples people thinking this is always a choice. Lines have to be crossed somewhere that this shouldnt be acceptable. Taking a life just causes more lives to be destroyed. This writer had a gem of a drama, but whatever she has in store for us for the finale – now there will be this cloud hanging over everything. whatever happiness these characters find at the end, it came at a price that was almost too high to pay. I really wish she would have stuck with the character who changed – if Young really was a different person now as a result of falling in love, this would not have been her choice. If she really loved Soo like she said, she would have thought of him. What he did to her was wrong, but this was worse. She was taking away his chance to make it up to her.  Their love kept this drama strong and on track – it hasnt been derailed yet, but it’s going to take a lot to get it back on course.

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Written before it aired:

There is only one way to end this drama the right way and we all know it. Anything less and we are going to feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Some of the jaded more experienced viewers of melodramas started this show by holding on really tight to that rug knowing full well it will be yanked out from under us at the end, but newbies like myself are holding onto something totally different – our naïve faith that dramas we have come to love and cherish this much just won’t do anything to let us down. Let’s see if we get a hint of the finale tonight to see which side is still going to be standing and which group will be feeling the icy cold of the floor beneath them.

I haven’t seen enough melodramas to know, but is there some kind of unspoken given rule that I don’t know about where main characters have to die just cuz of the type of drama it is? Would it really hurt the story if these people didn’t die? Didn’t the threat of death looming over them serve as enough of a ploy to keep viewers interest and on their toes? Why follow through and actually kill off someone? Would anyone really complain and say “hey we feel ripped off, he or she should have died – what a wimpy ending.” If there are viewers who would actually think or say that, why reward such idiocy with a useless death. For me, when characters die in a drama, their death has to serve some kind of purpose or I feel like that character was wasted. No matter how hard I think about it, even if we get the kind of quasi happy ending where Young is the only one who is still alive at the end, tumor free with her sight back, walking around enjoying the view of the spring blossoms, not a single part of me will be celebrating her life with her. I don’t care how great the view is, the fact that she is alone and has to start her life over again without Soo is going to ruin everything for me. Now picture that same scene and say by some miracle Soo is next to her, but somehow JS had to die along the way for these two to get their happy ending. I still won’t be happy cuz it means Soo and Young’s happiness will be tainted and came at too high a cost. Losing a little brother like JS is not something Soo will easily forgive himself for. It will be like all those years it took to forgive himself for HJ’s death, but now he has to start over and forgive himself for being responsible for JS’s death. No way – not a good way to end this drama at all.

Writer Noh finished her script ages ago and I read the last episode will be filmed days before airtime to prevent script leaks, but at least four people know the ending already – the writer, director, JIS, and SHK. This means everything is pretty much set in stone and there is no way to undo what’s been filmed already, so here goes – my reasons for why these characters just can’t die:

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Young: The poor girl suffered enough. After everything she went through in her life, killing her off with a brain tumor or leaving her blind just seems like the cruelest thing a writer could ever put down on paper. Writer Noh looks sensible and just doesn’t seem like the type of woman who has it in her to go there – that’s the kind of insanity that can ruin a writing career cuz no self respecting writer would ever feel justified in following through with that sort of blatantly depressing ending.  A great deal of my admiration for her this time around on this drama is going to get bogged down in confusion and frustration- who knows  if my respect for her talent will be able to crawl out of that mire.

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Soo: You can’t keep one of them alive without the other. They are a pair now so if Young lives, Soo must as well. Neither can function without the other anymore as evidenced by the last scene on E14. The realization that Young is out of his life crippled him – he couldn’t even walk anymore. His emotions flooded his ability to function. Same for Young, she just sat there in a trance realizing how much it hurts not to have him around anymore. I bet Young was thinking if this is how it’s going to feel kicking him out of her life, maybe she was wrong – maybe she can find the will to keep him by her side and love him. You could just see her having second thoughts over and over again with each teardrop.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-48-03]

Jin Sung: For his unfailing loyalty to Soo, he deserves to be rewarded –not killed off as a plot movement. He is just now starting to have a relationship with HS and his life is just beginning – he earned the right to live it. If he dies, after losing her sister, HS won’t be able to take it. Killing JS will be like taking both of their lives. She will lose her laughter just like Soo did after HJ died.  There are too many casualties of the heart that will result in JS’s death so it would be pointless. There just isn’t any justification for it.


Moo Chul: He is going to be the sacrificial lamb in this drama. If this show has to have a death, it’s going to be his. His character is the only one who has been expecting this outcome. He has lived each day knowing that death is around the corner. It won’t come as a surprise to him and he has already prepared his heart to die. Of course he will be human and maybe in that last second he will pray for some miracle too and want to live, but he won’t go crying at least. He will do something brave and protective before he goes and my fervent wish is that he kills Kim before he dies. No matter how he succumbs to death, my keyboard will be flooded with tears cuz this was the character I should have hated from the start, but the good in him shined bright each time he came on screen. I just hope his death will be given the respect and attention it deserves so that his contribution can be fully appreciated and given due consideration.

*after watching it the second time to translate – this time I bawled. I put my head down on my arm and just cried for a few minutes. I loved his scenes so much today. everything he wanted to say, he did – except to Soo. Just the little bit he did say to Soo about love is going to make Soo cry so much later. even in the end, MC helped out Soo. If Soo didnt get that car from him it might have been too late to save Young. MC also told his sidekick to do something so even after his death, MC is going to save JS and Soo when they gamble. Young’s suicide attempt shouldnt have taken this moment away from MC -this was his episode. It should have been about his death – how it affects Soo and the others. He deserved that – he earned it.

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89 comments on “That Winter, The Wind Blows E15

  1. jessybee says:

    Since there are plenty comments about young’s suicide attempt, I wont add anymore.

    But I wanted to share how it was actually young and sec wang’s scenes that really got me emotionally. The way sec wang prepared breakfast and made sure there are still people around her. She also pointed out she wants young to jave the will to live even I its thru hatred. Like you said softy, if wang was around, young would not be able to commit suicide.

    Its also heart tugging to see young called wang, they know each other so well they can see thru each others lies. I guess wang really did teach her well…

    I Just thought, how did the writer create love n hate relationships, between lovers, siblings, mom and daughter..and have us viewers care wholeheartedly care despite how bizarre/complicated they are. Its quite a feat!

    So I am going to put my faith in writernim that she wrote a good (justify-able ending). I cantwait for Wednesday but at the same time also dread the end of this drama..

    Think I am going to need major withdrawal therapy group sessions.. hahaha..

    THank you for your insights evy week! Lets pray for good finale!


  2. Twtwb obsessed says:

    Softy,u r the next best thing that happened after twtwb.. so so happy I discovered u n ur blog..I m optimistic abt the finale n waiting for ur finale of a review with bated breath.on behalf of all who r obsessed with ts drama n all the characters…Thank You for sharing ur thoughts,feelings.emotions n reviews with us the past seven weeks.


  3. kathylang88 says:

    Thanks Softy. Like you, I love this drama so much that when I watched the suicide scene made me hate this drama also so much. I really hate the writer for going through this suicide attempt because it really somehow diminish the awesomeness of this drama. I hope Episode 16 will really make up for this stupid scene in Episode 15.


  4. kikay14 says:

    I just read the updates and I understand where you are coming from. Being a fan of the jdrama (which is one of the reasons why I followed TWTWB), I am still surprised (in a good way) about a lot of things writer Noh did in this adaptation. This touches the heart more than the jdrama.

    This episode is really the most frustrating part of the drama. Since I am aware of the jdrama, I came prepared so it’s not a shock for me, what surprised me was the stabbing scene of MC, cause I didn’t foresee that to happen in this episode, I thought it will happen in the finale (btw this plot is not in the jdrama).

    This is just my take on this episode, and may differ from yours but I respect all the opinions made for we have different perspective/outlook on a certain situation. Young’s will to live is the result of OS presence and love. She felt she found an ally in OS. OY is stubborn and manipulative, the reason she kicked out Wang and OS was to prove to them that she can do something for herself and of course her pride . When they are gone, she came to a realization that she can’t really live without their help and love. Her inner conflict ate her up, and she has this suicidal ideation from the start, thus the inevitable happened. This just shows her weak coping mechanism and her tendency to shut down and I live in her zombie world. I may partly blame OS here, for he didn’t say personally what he truly feels. That’s what OY is waiting to hear from OS and it is a hint when lawyer Jang told OS that Young doesn’t want to say goodbye to him–in her life, but needs to leave the house. She needs that confirmation that OS is willing to stay for her now that the con is out.

    I may be understanding to OY’s here because of my familiarity in the plot but OY’s character development here was ambiguous so I can’t blame the viewers who are not familiar with the plot to feel wronged. I may blame JIS too for he made his character sympathetic to viewers (well, he’s doing an amazing job and I love his version).

    I cannot make judgment to NHK right now but I believe she will clear all the issues thrown all throughout the episode, she’s an amazing writer. OY will redeem herself here, I believe so. A lot of surprises will be thrown for sure in the finale and I know we will get those answers. I’m about to lose patience too, 5 more days of agony is killing me.

    No one mentioned here that Heesun is OS’ confidante. She is the only one that understands OS’ inner struggles the best, and not OY. We have been shown that OY knows OS well, but it was Heesun who can really read OS like a book

    Sorry for this long post, my warmest thanks to you Softy for being the best recapper, your effort is truly a gift to us.

    sidenote: if it’s ok to put some facts about the similarities and differences in jd and kd that I remember (if it’s not, you can delete my post). Just for trivial purposes and no spoilers for the finale.

    -Jinsung’s character is way more complicated in the jdrama than in this version. Whereas SW has more character development here in kdrama than in jdrama.
    -same plot but with additional twists like the MC character and Sora and the one who stabbed MC
    -in jdrama OS is a bar escort, not a gambler
    -no existence of Jinsung’s family
    -OS ex-gf died because of suicide and not motorcycle accident
    -OS bought the pill in jdrama whereas Moochul gave him the pill in kd
    -OS was the one who ate the pill in jdrama and it’s the other way around in kdrama (it was emptied too)
    -you’ll hate OS character for 7episodes atleast in jdrama
    -jdrama is 10 episodes only against 16 episodes for TWTWB
    -the wrist cutting part was seen both in the last scene of episode before the finale and I thought OY will do it in the cabin at 14th episode (that was what happened in the jdrama, they were together)
    -OY’s counterpart in the jdrama is colder (not a lot of crying) as OY is more whiny
    -OS on the other hand here is more likeable than the jdrama character but JIS adapted some of the jdrama’s OS’s mannerisms especially the walking and posing
    -both used a lot of close-ups
    -jdrama is darker and no comic relief whatsover compared to kdrama that we had tons of good memories and fun not just between the leads but with side characters too.


    • jessybee says:

      Wow thanks kikay for the trivia/facts! This helps ease the 5 day wait until finale day.

      And you pointed a good point about heesun being soo’s confidante. actually both jinsung and heesun knows soo so well, they read him like an open book!


    • momof3 says:

      i just watched epi 14 and 15.. and oh gosh, another 2 hours of tears.. sigh..

      i totally agree with you kikay.. Why did soo not tell young what he felt earlier? the apology, that he loves her, that they should not end etc….saying it when he’s on the verge of losing her may just be too late.. that silly coot… she may not have felt so desperate to take her life if he had insisted that he stay, you think?

      i have another question – before MC gave soo the car keys and soo was crying out that young was in danger.. what did MC say about young? that she is dead? were the subtitles wrong? the part where MC talked abt witnessing love thereafter.



      • Softy says:

        Sorry to jump in, but MC never said Young was dead. The subtitle was wrong. What kind of crazy subtitle was that? The man isn’t psychic – how could he possibly know that Young was dying. I think you should look into other subtitles. 🙂


        • momof3 says:

          thanks softy.. so what did he say? thinking abt it.. maybe becos soo was so emotional and sputtering, he couldnt complete his sentence.. he was saying ‘ young in danger, if i dont go.. ‘ so maybe mc was just completing his sentence..

          aigoo.. i’m just thinking too much.. it is prob a blessing that drama is ending.. obsessing too much.. ;P


      • kikay14 says:

        I think MC is just saying he saw that love still exists in this world and he is a witness of OS’ love for Young that he didn’t expect for he knew OS as cold and unaffecting. He said they’re good together.

        We knew OS never explained nor apologized in everything he has done, even when he stole cows from JS’ parents, he never bothered to say sorry. In Episode 14, he tries to and he wants to, but he doesn’t know a way how to do it. The metaphors in his dialogues, from his disbelief/mistrust that jjajangmyun will not be taken to him, the first time to eat the porridge since it’s was never introduced to him when he was young, the love of JS’ father for cows and questioning the meaning of life when he had to sell it for a living, those are scenes that he wants to reach out but he can’t.

        In this episode, during his heart-to-heart to with Heesun, He stated that didn’t expect nor tried to make OY love him back. This is where he is guilty, for making OY love him and he knows that even if OY said that she was happy, he knows she is hurting inside, thus the breakdown.

        He is sincere in believing that he and OY will still come to terms, not today, but in the future. Just my speculation but he tried to go to the hospital twice to see OY, and this is his priority first, to get OY healed, and I think he wants to say something to OY before the operation.

        For me, what NHK was trying to express is if we want something to say to our loved ones, say it now, not tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings because we might never have a chance to express it and it will regret us in the end.


        • momof3 says:

          yep, agreed kikay.. always say whats in our hearts.. we’ll never know when it will be too late…

          i wish Soo was less ‘ constipated’ and just told young what he told hee sun though.. arrgh..


  5. mamie says:

    Not to satisfied your bored, but do you think you will simply die just because you cut your wrist? Especially if you can get help ASAP.

    May be you expected different thing by watching this drama, but me, as i consider drama as entertainment, i expect to be happy. I watch this drama because I believe I can get something to be satisfied and happy about to fill my free time. So its not that I cant handle the sad ending, I just don’t see any reason why this beautiful drama can’t be.end happily.

    Why cant we expect more? if we want more, of course we have to expect more. Even we have to hear more long bore explanation. Cos even from the worst thing happen in real life, we deserved to have explanation so we can understand and decide what we have to think or do next. Cos different head has different brain and do different way of seeing and think about something. By listening other explanation, we can enrich our mind and heart about others so then we understand and decide to accept or reject it. Even for drama, especially this one, i wish and expect to have explanation on ep 16 why did OH YOUNG decided to kill her self. with her character, her understanding to forgive others who betrayed her….For me, just do not make any sense why did she decide to kill her self?


    • Softy says:

      Sorry Mamie but I deleted the person you were replying to. That person left 3 comments that crossed the line and were extremely rude and offensive so I deleted them right away. sorry if you already read them and if you didn’t – thank goodness I saw it right away and got rid of them in time.


      • mamie says:

        Its long weekend here in my country, so I am having holiday with my family. Lucky I haven’t read the comment yet. If the comments was rude or worst, Thank you for deleted it. You have safe my mood. I was actually hesitated to response to his/.her comment, but I thought I have good reason to do it, so I just did it anyway. I didn’t mean to have words war though. Your Blog with your wise and beautiful word is not the place to express different mind with harsh words. I come here to learn more by reading what you write, and so far, I think your reader is different from others blog who simply express the different opinion by rude and arrogant words.

        Anyway, sorry for causing the trouble, I hope you didn’t lose one of your fan because me and again thank you very much for your kindness softy.


        • Softy says:

          Hello Mamie
          You did nothing wrong – it was that other person who was at fault. That person was not a fan at all of this drama or my blog. I am so glad you didn’t read the comments – good thing you were busy with your family. Enjoy your holiday then. 🙂


  6. aigayafu says:

    I realize you’re refering to me in your update below. Please don’t see it as a personal attack, because it wasn’t your recap alone. Many people had he same view as you and when all the negativity gathered up, I became a little bit cranky. I thought no one would see OY’s side of this. I love your recaps and I absolutely love your insight, but this episode our opinions drifted apart.

    For me her depression and resistance to live was just that apparent. The same with her selfishnes, suicide is such a “perfect” punishment to OS and a relief from the fear she has about the upcoming medical treatment and the loneliness that will come after. The café-people, Mira and Jang… they were not enough for her before and I don’t think they will be enough for her now either. Among the earlier suicide attempts by the river and the train, the oe by the river was most legit. How can I explain it… she felt relief and in peace. The fact that she walked out into the lake with that state of mind, to me, really shows just how much she wanted to just die.

    And you would believe she changed, I think so too. But old habits die hard, especially if the new and shiny rug is pulled out from under her feet. To me, all of her actions fit in with her previous behaviour. And what I was upset about is not differenting opinions, but about the lack of empathy for the suicidal and the lack of faith in the writer. Her actions just really fit in with a person who ihas fallen into depression and facing an almost certain death where even if the surgery is a success, there will be painful chemotherapy and high chanses of re-laps.

    It’s an opinion I stand by but the post was made with quite a fiery mind in a sudden moment. I really don’t want to get on your bad side, because I really like the way you think(usually :P)and actually think you’re one of the most sane and non-judgemental recappers out there. If you took it as a personal attack, I apologize.

    There’s one thing I want to add, it’s about MC. I find him a difficut character to sympathize with. But I sort of do agree about your views about his death. It was almost a little bit awkward in placement. But I was thinking about the earlier opinions about him being the “saviour” of OY. It’s just a speculation but…. I mean, they’re both heading towards the hospital, right? MC was a character who was heading towards a certain death. But why kill him off like this? I believe the writer will create something more meanigful about his death. And that’s why OY suicide attempt and his murder happened at the same time. If this is the case, he will be remembered as far more to others than just a thug.


    • aigayafu says:

      I noticed I missed replying about my word of choice *brilliant*, I’m not very comfortable with writing long posts because I can’t really review them properly in my head if I do. What I meant was of course not that suicide is a brilliant thing. I live in a country with high rates of suicide. I’ve personaly known 3 people who’s commited suicide. 2 of them being young teenagers. I really don’t think there’s anything brilliant in suicide at all. Thinking about it makes tear up even. What I thought was *briliant* was the chain of events and portrayal of her emotions leading up to the suicide. It was a very truthful characterisation of someone who’s lost the will to live. Not everyone would have come to the same conclusion that OY did, but it happened and it’s not an incorrect portrayal. That’s what I meant by the word.

      I too wished OS could have been a reason to cling on to. But he never really gave her a promise to being such. He left without an explanation, something she really needed and really wanted. It’s not OS’s fault, it’s OY decision. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have made a difference if he just “forced” his presence more. Do you know what I mean?

      I hope you reply soon, thinking you might feel as if I singled you out and personally attacked your opinion makes me feel jittery and regretful.


      • Softy says:

        We replied at the same time – how quick is that? This is sort of fun and amusing how we are basically apologizing to each other at the same time. 🙂

        Thanks for clearing up the brilliant comment – now I get where you are coming from.


    • Softy says:

      Oh man I knew leaving my rant up there was going to be a mistake and now here you are apologizing. I am so sorry you had to go through this trouble to explain again – I don’t know about you, but all this talk about suicide is making me depressed. I’m on an iPad now so it’s really a pain to edit posts on this, but I will do it tm so it no longer sounds like I was refuting what you wrote. I think we both wrote stuff in the heat of the moment, but I’m so glad there are no hard feelings. If I didn’t love this drama so much, I probably would’ve been able to see your side more objectively, but I must admit, I am really bummed the writer kept this suicide scene. It’s up there with birth secrets, switching babies, and revenge plots when it comes to stuff I hate about Kdramas.
      * I am treading carefully here cuz I don’t want to sound like I am arguing again, but I didn’t count that river scene as a suicide attempt at all. She knew full well he would come and get her. She went in really slowly on purpose too. If she wanted to die, she would have kicked and struggled and fought him to stay in that water. Or even be more emotional about it. I thought she was just thinking of her past happy memory and went in smiling cuz of what she was thinking at the time – that if she had to pick a moment to die, that one would have been nice – I forget her exact words. Also I don’t think she would have gone through with it even if Soo didn’t rescue her. The cold water would have made her snap out of it and come to her senses. Plus she is a good swimmer so drowning doesn’t sound plausible for her. it’s not like she loaded her pockets with rocks or something.

      Now that I think about it, I don’t think she really wanted to die last night either. Isn’t that why she called Soo and even told him the truth that she was home. She probably wanted him to come save her in time. After all her careful planning, I think she got cold feet when she heard his voice. That is why she hung up on him – she was losing her nerve the longer she listened. She knew if she let him keep talking, he could convince her not to go through with it.
      Like everyone is saying, I don’t think she will die. If she does I have no idea how I will be able to finish my finale recap cuz i will be busy swearing and throwing my computer across the room.

      Anyway I really appreciate you coming here and being so nice. I was sort of afraid to read your comment when I saw your name – I thought there would be a lot more swearing and name calling involved based on what you wrote on soompi, but you mellowed out a lot since then I see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on MC too. Peace. 🙂


      • aigayafu says:

        Indeed the heated replies we leave are the result of liking this drama so much! I might come of as brute in the beginning but I’m not difficult to reason with 🙂

        Reading your version of the river scene, I see that it’s very much up for interpretation. The question is in what opportunity she saw in walking out into the water or how far off in trance she was. Of course, her being a good swimmer questions the “opportunity” and really makes it seem like she was more in trance than anything. A person that is set up to die often feels robbed of control. So I saw it as her taking control over her own death. As I’ve come to understand, the control issue is usually why terminal-ill patient turn to suicide.

        You are completely right about her giving a heads-up to OS with the phone-call. During all this talk about suicide, I forgot the very crucial alternative, self-harm. Failed suicide-attempts are often misinterpreted as someone trying to take their life. But instead it usually boils down to self-harm as a cry for help.

        I’m glad we’re on good terms, I can finally drink my evening coffee in peace xD


        • Softy says:

          Wow you really know your stuff – all those exact words and everything. You must work in therapy.

          Yes we are on great terms so enjoy your coffee. 🙂


          • aigayafu says:

            That’s very flattering to hear ^^ I thought about studying psychology after a few beginning courses I took, but last year I ended up studying Korean full-time instead ;D

            And btw, thank you for the great recaps you’ve dedicated yourself to over the years. i’ve been enjoying them without even saying a proper “thank you”. They’ve even helped me in learning Korean since City Hunter(which was around the time shamefully even mere 24 hours in waiting for subs became too long for me).


        • hartofseeker says:

          If Noh can account for all of that in OY during E 16 I’ll be dancing in happiness~~ hehe still, OY needs some spanking to put all those people around her through that. self-harm as a cry for help is such an unhealthy and counter-productive way… honestly, she’s still very narrow-visioned– she had Jang and them who want to help her, but she deliberately directs them away just so she can… cry for help from OS?… hmmm thinking intently*


  7. hartofseeker says:

    I’m going to withhold my judgment of Noh for now and give her the benefit of doubt. For all we know, she could be writing this in exactly for the purpose of pointing out how wrong it is (just like she did through OS confronting OY’s selfishness all those times before)– in fact one of the things I LOVE about this (well one of the biggest redeeming factor over the other warts this show has) is Noh’s diving into the hearts of people who are terminally ill… and how people around them feel.

    In fact, I was a bit bummed when the big revelation of OS’s identity to OY overshadowed that in the previous 2 episodes (though to be fair, I’m placing high expectations on how Noh discusses the theme of wrongs and forgiveness in OS-OY-SW… I ALWAYS love realistic forgiveness arcs)

    I’ve seen a couple of posts on soompi about how they know people who attempted suicide because a breakup or some other emotionally straining incidence was too much for them to bear. I guess you can argue that for OY, and so she just snapped and decided to go screw it with living. But as you’ve mentioned, softy, I really do have a problem with OY’s careful planning so that she could pull it off– you have to be VERY convicted of your decision to do such a thing (etc. i’m not going to repeat your points here, esp. about the lifeline thing– cuz that’s EXACTLY what i felt)

    see the thing about these people who are going through an unimaginably difficult time is that we don’t want to affirm the wrong decision to selfishly end their lives.

    What we DO want to encourage is that they reach out to people around them for help and support… I’d say any day that even someone who completely crumbles in weakness and in the most undignified manner cry out and try to hold on to someone beside them that they’re suffering and need comfort– that’s better any day than one who says “forget it, I don’t want to fight anymore, so I’ll just give up, regardless of what others may say”… because the former is saying I still want to live.. I want to live really badly, but I can’t do this on my own.
    Willingness to acknowledge and address your weakness is a thousand times braver than backing out of/escaping from the struggle. THAT’S someone I can whole-heartedly cheer for. I care about OY and so I really want her to become someone I can whole-heartedly cheer for.. HECK I love it even more when a character goes through that process because I’d celebrate with her. but as of now I’m hurt and angry at OY…

    I’ll be a bit more patient and see how Noh deals with this. Then I’ll make my judgment call.


    • yourinsomnia says:

      I agree with this wholeheartedly. Reprimanding people for something that they have almost no control of – depression, desire to live, etc is about the worst thing you can to someone. I was extremely crushed by Young’s suicide attempt, just like many of us, but I feel not a shred of anger towards her.
      I’m also very much looking forward to see how Noh will resolve this. I have a lot a faith in her writing.


    • yourinsomnia says:

      Sorry forgot to say, that yes showing them the wrongness or the selfishness of an act won’t do any good, but reaching out in a supportive manner will. And I’m pretty sure Oh Soo was doing just that, I mean before when he was posing as her brother. She has recovered her will to live by being with him and having the ability to lean on someone. But once he hurt her, there is no way for him to continue to provide this support, she must really come into her own this time, otherwise there will be no end to her attempts to end her life. That’s why I’m curious to see how Noh will resolve this.


  8. In2deep says:

    Dear softy, i love how almost everyone here is open minded and is a great to be able to agree to disagree 🙂 it is also what makes your blog great. I really enjoy reading the different opinions, even those that differs from mine.

    The scene where Young was thinking of Soo, she smiled and then, the last moment, her face hardened, i think that was the moment that shows she decided on the path to think.

    I of course does not agree with the suicide. But on the otherhand, i can imagine why Young chose that path. Compared to Soo, her circumstances really is more tragic. Soo, while living a life of “trash”, went around hurting, conning, and scamming people, including Sora, the people he gambled with, and initially Young. Fortunately, the innate goodness in him won him a few true friends, JS, HS and even MC. Young, on the other hand, despite the tragic circumstances as well, tried to live a disciplined life, helpful, thoughtful, generous to those around her. I mean, her father is cold and distant, and didnt even believe her when she said that she SW didnt bring her to the hospital, and believed SW, her mother left and never came back, Her friends are all bought, she has no friends, I seriously dont consider mira one, not even till the e15. There was no one she can talk to, in a relaxed manner, like Soo with HS.and finally she met Soo, who turned out to be a con!

    Could his love for her changed all that? Should it? Actually, they were never really together. And throughout, Young was always a proud person. She didnt want help.. Yes, she changed when Soo came, but, then, she found out he is a con?? what is she suppose to believe? like she asked- when did the deceit end? till she believed he was the oppa? or till she fell in love with him? and now, just because Soo says, he was sIncere in loving her, she should believe him?

    This is the part where i understand the forced kiss. With Young it is needed. I agree that Soo should have stayed. He should force his presence. He knew she
    was lonely, though she pretended to be happy.

    And every scene of Young in e15 showed how lonely she was, esp the times when she was surrounded by people. So while i was shocked by the suicide, i also could see why, in her circumstances, that may be a greater relief to herself, than to be again, understanding and considerate to everyone else.


    • xuka says:

      Oh my god. In2deep, you are really In2deep. I totally share your thought. You wrote it so insightfully. Please continue to offer more comments on the last episode.


  9. Minsun says:

    Dear Softy
    Thank you for the beautifully written and lyrical recaps. Your writing is so heartfelt and thoughtful I think the story really resonated with you as it has with all of us here. Been following your site since skks days… Thank you for all your hard work of recapping and sharing!

    I actually really like Young’s stubbornness and “cruelty”(they have a Korean word for that they use– SWang used it to say how she has raised Young to be like her in this way)– all while she is missing SWang and Oh Soo. She has forgiven both of them, and she even loves them, but she did what had to be done (as she said, she had to calculate accurately SWang’s crimes against what she has done for her). That is the strength and resolve that has carried her through all these years living with SWang. The acting has been so amazing SHK has been hitting the ball out of the park with her very nuanced portrayal of loneliness.

    JIS’s acting is….heartbreaking. Those 2 scenes after Soo left the house and when Young opened the windows in ep 14 totally broke my dam.I cried so much watching both of them miss each other. So many times in kdrama the forced separation is exactly that: forced, rendering their times apart with unconvincing pathos. But watching these two trying to stay apart– you just know it’s killing them inside and they can never be whole without the other. *tears*

    Thank you Softy for providing us the forum to love this drama together 🙂


  10. conjie008 says:

    Soo gave Young something that no one else could ever give to her. That’s a strength to live onward and to have self confidence on decision what ever the out come may be. Young will have to recognized the difference between saying it in video and having to live it out in real life. She has learn so much from Soo’s interaction to go out and experiance what life

    Softy, I sent you a personal message in your email..I hope you don’t mind! When Minozlove & I met…I thought to my self, how grateful I was meeting her thur the Joonni’s blog & you. I never imagine, I could encounter such beautiful / out going people in my life.!! I’ve encounter so many ethnicities thru a life time and the line of work I do. But this is the first time I’ve enjoyed and indulged my whimsical desire of Kdrama. Your sincere thoughtfulness of the gift..I will always cherish..and hold it dear to my heart. As I read your comments in Eps. 15, my eyes becomes heavy with tears and starts to roll down my cheek…at that same time..I look down at my wrist noticing the present you sent over!!!
    Wow!! You really know how to hit every sentiment notes in my body.
    My Family would think I’ve lost it..and maybe they would put me in a mental Hospital soon..if they only knew what was going on. My husband already knows, but his not sure what to diagnose of what I have…I’ll leave it at that!!

    Again Thank you for everything…



  11. tetzie says:

    Oh I am so grateful I known this site – opinions and comments are so professional – thank you again Softy for making this clean – all your comments are all good – we cant be judgmental to any of the opinion neither NOs – I agree to wait until the last Ep 16 give our final verdict.
    To everyone – I am so please and thankful I learned from you guys – Me, I started watching this drama because of the lead stars which I both like very much, but become more appreciative because of your insights, comments and healthy opinion. Be blessed for it is Resurrection Day!


  12. apPlebOx says:

    Thank you, Softy, for the recap. Warmest hello to you 🙂


  13. in2deep says:

    Dear Softy, by now i guess you’ve heard of the kiss??

    Anyway, i was watching past episodes…and the part where Young left the video for Soo, and the last part where she said – “you don’t think you’ve won, do you?” …was that the hint to what she was planning??


  14. mamie says:

    The social medias wrote it will be happy ending. They even put the spoiler picture of the O2 couple kiss. I feel relieve, but at the same time i also feel worried wondering what story they going to give to save my disappointment from previous episode. No matter how bad i want this story to be end happily, still, I expect them to give smart reason with clear explanation. Peace 🙂


  15. nonski says:

    Softy, just dropping by to say Happy Easter! same goes to all my chingus here. 🙂


  16. in2deep says:

    after rewatching TWTWB to get my Soo and Young fix, i noticed that Young was written to have 2 sides to her…the Young in the secret room, and the Young outside.
    Young in the secret room is the one who gets angry, cry, tells what’s really in her heart, smash things. Young outside is the one who is always composed, understanding, in control, almost never gets angry. Outside of the room, she has only lost her cool when she was with Soo.
    The room holds a lot of significance – it is warm, with a comforting clutter. Her other room is meticulous and looks almost … the 2 sides to Young.

    And after Young found out that her secret room was violated, she was so angry that she smashed up the things in that room and she left the angry message there for Soo, she never went back. Though she may have planned to do that (the day she threw the lamb’s ear) but bumped into Soo, and turned around. so in a way, fate had it that Soo prevented Young from seeing his last video.

    It also goes to explain why she felt so lonely, yet didn’t reach out to anyone, attempted suicide. Because the part of her which is open, trusting and honest, has been violated and betrayed..

    i can’t wait for tomorrow!


  17. houstontwin says:

    I have this policy of not following dramas where the hero or heroine dies in the end. I am waiting for the final episode to see if I should watch this.


  18. freshspring says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii softy, sorry for my sudden, this is ep 16 preview, hope you can translate it


    • Softy says:

      Someone already translated this on Soompi thread and there is a subbed version of it.
      There are some slight differences to how I would have translated it though cuz one major line of dialogue that made me cry was when Young said to Soo “I love you a lot.”

      Young to Soo: you are in this room

      JS says to a dying MC: what are you?

      MC’s sidekick says: be careful of boss Kim

      JS says to Kim: now we have to do the real game

      Young says to Soo: if the surgery ends well -later on we will be able to talk wont we? dont cry I love you a lot.

      jang tells Soo: young will have surgery tm night at 8 pm -it would be good if you came for sure before then

      JS: this hand (of the game) – without “call” all in – how’s that?
      JS says to “kamnja” – this time it’s our last hand (game).

      *I am so nervous for tonight – my hands are already shaking….
      did anyone else notice that wang is back – she was sleeping on the cot by Young’s bed at the hospital.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks softy. Such tenderness in the way young said those words… I wonder if it was the last scene that they filmed after our 2 leads reportedly cried when they yelled the final ‘cut’ it must have been an exhausting 5 or 6 months of filming.. All that tears and sorrow

        Yeah.. Wang must have flown back when she heard that young attempted suicide.. No one is going to leave that girl on her own now.. We have to admit that SW really loves Young.. However warped the love might be..


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