That Winter, The Wind Blows E14

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I knew Soo fell in love with the right person ever since Young made him feel whole again after a lifetime of events that left holes in his heart. What his mother did, growing up in an orphanage, losing HJ, being framed by Sora, losing the real Oh Soo by having him die like that cuz of him, living an aimless life, and so on – Soo just had too many things in his life go wrong. Young came into his life and started to fill up the cracks and crevices of his broken heart with her warmth, kindness, generosity, devotion, and unrestrained love. From day one he knew he didn’t deserve someone like her, but she showed him that he is a person of worth. That he deserved love and happiness just as much as the next person. When they arrived back at the house, he didn’t want to get out of that car. He knew the minute he stepped into that home, his world would start to crumble and fall apart again. He probably thought he wasn’t strong enough to face saying goodbye, but she made it even harder with her kind words. Before she spoke to him he still had that case full of money in his hand, but after she left him, he came to his senses. He left it behind cuz he took too much from her already. He already stole her faith and trust in people. He took away her will to laugh and be happy. He left her with just the pain of having to grieve for a brother she never got to know. He took enough from her and he wasn’t about to take anything else. Since his words no longer carry any weight, he had to prove that her love meant something to him – even if showing her that cost him his life.

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written before it aired:

When you’ve wronged someone you love to this extent where they can’t even begin to think of forgiving you, there is a fine line you have to tread. It’s right on the border of being as penitent as you can be and swallowing your pride for the sake of making some headway to gain some forgiveness. One misstep and she could easily revert back to her anger. Afraid to say or do the wrong thing at this crucial juncture, I bet he is holding his breath for her next move.

I wish I didn’t know where Soo is coming from, but my real life experience taught me a lesson that he is now starting to learn. Watching Soo clam up and just do every little thing Young wanted without a word of complaint – it felt like déjà vu. I know exactly why he behaved that way. Young has every right to feel betrayed and hurt so Soo is going to continue hating himself for causing more pain than she already has in her life. He might even question if his presence in her life made it worse for her. While he sits there watching her as she sleeps for the last time, he is going to have a lot of thoughts cross his mind. Things like how he wishes he could have done things differently, that he should have complimented her more when he had the chance, that he should have done more fun things with her to make her laugh even a minute longer, and he is going to regret all those times he lectured her and refused to sleep in the same bed together. Soo knows very well that this will be the last time they spend the night together in the same room. She is sleeping with her back to him so he can’t see her face, but that’s not going to stop him from holding onto this moment for as long as he can. He isn’t just staring at her back, he is memorizing every curve cuz this may be the last time he gets to stare at her this freely. Just listening to the sound of her breathing as she slumbers is going to sound like music to his ears and he will pray for every minute to drag on. Even though they are physically apart in distance right now, in his heart he is still holding her just as tightly as he did in that hospital room. What he doesn’t get yet is that everything he is feeling now so strongly won’t last. Once she is out of his life, he is going to feel numb. He gave too much of himself into this relationship so without Young, he is going to feel so lost. He probably thinks their happy memories will sustain him in times of loneliness, but they will only make that ache more acute. These two can’t live apart now anymore than they can keep fighting their feelings for each other. There is a reason why they fell in love in the first place. He saw himself in her – she is what he feels inside. Every longing, desire for acceptance, or sense of self-worth he ever had in his life is reflected in her eyes. When they are together, they bring out the best in each other. That is what they are losing so it’s no wonder he is tearfully counting down the seconds till their time runs out.


starts from Soo kissing her and she stops struggling. he lets her go and she stands there looking defeated and asks now it’s really over between us huh? she turns away – taking small steps away from him while crying. soo cries and looks up at her. her eyes are full of tears

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she is sitting by the fire outside. he heats up some water and goes outside. he asks her to come inside. she says call jang right now. he says no we will stay together today and go to seoul tm night. she asks for the phone but he turns it off. she asks what are you doing. he turns and goes inside

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back inside, he tells her to get angry – it’s good to say insults too – at least later – you will feel better for it. she says it’s ok. being blind- i was living being trapped at night -after meeting you there were times I had fun. I dont know about being thankful, but i have to be understanding. it was my fault too. the moment I first met you – for feeling something for you- I should have known then. i was the fool wasnt I? how is this – if I did this much I am being very understanding of you arent I. he says dont try to-  you dont have to be understanding -I wont try to understand how much you are hurting now. when you were 6 and got the brain tumor – no end to waiting for your mom who didnt come – you must have been afraid, but the dad you believed a lot in passed away – you trusted him as your brother, but without you realizing you loved that person- a conman, also having to endure a surgery again …she yells for him to stop and breaks her cup. he says even though you cant understand – there is no problem to how you live so dont try so hard. but me loving you it was sincere. he gets up and walks out of the room

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he goes and stands by the fire outside while she sits inside

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she is sleeping in the room and he sits next to her. she tells him to go to the living room but he says i told jang that until I take you back safely you are my responsibility so just sleep. she says it’s really sad that even in this situation you are my guardian. she turns her back to him and sleeps. he watches her.

she wakes up and he is asleep in his sitting position. she gets up and walks over and feels his feet so she covers him with a blanket. she reaches out to touch his hair. then runs her fingers down his face to his nose. she closes her eyes.

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MC is eating at JS’s dad’s restaurant with that kid Nam (Kim’s lackey that hates Soo and MC) and MC’s sidekick. JS comes in and sees them. JS’s dad tells JS to make MC leave but JS says leave him alone so we can make more income. MC compliments the mom that the soup tastes great but she tells him to hurry and eat and go (in a rude way). MC laughs it off.  the kid asks MC: why cant you kill Oh Soo -are you afraid? the cho MC I like is the Cho MC who is really strong and doesnt have blood or tears.  so MC punches him and apologizes to the others. MC lectures the kid and says dont like a guy who doesnt have blood or tears – if he is a person he has to have blood and tears -that’s what makes him human. but the kid leaves. MC tells his sidekick to find another line of work too – how about a street vendor. a restaurant would be good. he calls JS’s mom “mom” and asks her to sell this restaurant to him so he can give it to that guy – how much is it. so JS punches MC for talking to his mom. his parents tell him to hold in his anger. MC says it looks good that you dared to throw your punch at me for the sake of your family. JS tells him to leave. MC tells JS’s mom:  mom I just came to eat your food cuz I was thinking of my mom. he pays and leaves

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Soo is piggybacking Young down the hill and tells her to hold on tight. she says as soon as we go down tell jang to come. he almost slips and falls so he says see I told you to hold on tight. he is sweating from carrying her. he says I told you yesterday–we are going home at night. even though we part when we have to part, I have to be with you now. she asks what makes him so sure of himself. he says he is trying not to look miserable.  she says you succeeded then cuz you look shameless. he tells her to hold on tight cuz it’s downhill

he drives her into town and tells her to get out but she asks for the phone. he dials and says tell jang you are going at night or I could take you somewhere further. jang asks where is Young. she says it’s me. jang asks are you safe. wang and MH both ask where is she. Soo got out of the car and waited outside. young asked jang for a favor and said see you at night.

wang asks what young said. jang tells the staff to stop work for today and go on a break. wang asks what is going on. he says young asked for oh soo to prepare to leave and for you to pack your bags too. he leaves to go follow young’s request

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as they walk down the street, Soo protects her from someone bumping into her.  he opens peanuts and tastes it. soo: while I was living at the orphanage – what was the most delicious was the black bean noodles sold at tented food stands at markets. 30 kids would sit in a row on the streets and eat black bean noodles. I ate it the fastest. so the director (of the orphanage) would say “ya eat slowly – no one will take it from you” but I couldn’t believe those words. it felt like someone would take it from me and eat it for sure. Young: it’s like me. after I was 6, it always felt like someone was deceiving me. (what) if they put drugs in my food, since I can’t see – what do I do if they push me from the stairs, what do I do if someone plays around with me, I was always nervous – like today. Soo looks guilty hearing that, but says there is a place that sells red bean porridge.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-29-28] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-30-24] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-31-46]그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-43-14]

Soo watches a kid eat with his mom with some envy. young says I don’t know why you are doing this now. he says I just wanted to stay with you for a little while. they are served their porridge so he says it looks delicious.  he gives her a spoon to eat and says the porridge is in front of her, but she says I don’t want to eat it. Soo: then wait. he asks if the kid wants to eat some more. the kid says yes. the mom asks her son why he is like that. soo asks how old he is. the kid says 7. soo motions him over and asks why are you speaking banmal then. he says to Young: let’s give this porridge to the kid. he gives the kid the bowl and tells him to go eat. the kid and his mom thank soo. soo watches the mom blow on the porridge and feed her son. soo eats some and says to Young: to tell the truth this is the first time I ate red bean porridge. I dont know about other stuff, but red bean porridge was too hot for kids to eat. they need a grownup’s assistance so the short staffed orphanage didnt make it for us. he eats some more and says it’s really good. he blows and tells her to eat but she doesn’t. he says you will regret it (cuz it tastes good). that story got to her cuz she wasnt so rude when she turned him down the second time

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they go and look at cows. he says how JS’s dad thinks these cows are so pretty. the cows are pretty so he is raising them but when it’s time to sell them for the sake of making a living, he questions the meaning of life. Young says I don’t know what you are talking about now. he turns and looks at her and says while living I never said farewell to someone. not to my mom or HJ. but with you I want to say a proper farewell  but starting from yesterday till today –no matter how much I think about it – I don’t know well. she says how about saying it cleanly -go well. she walks back to the car. MC texts Soo and says you remember the date you and I end our deal right? there are not many days left. you are looking forward to it huh?

JS confronts Kim. JS: why cant we? if Oh Soo hyung dies, what else is there but him not being able to pay you back–use your brain. Oh Soo Hyung and I will win and pay back your money so why aren’t you letting us go into the (gambling) house –let us go into the house. Kim: I said you couldn’t. JS: ok then don’t hold onto our ankles so we can go into another house.

after JS leaves, a guy asks Kim: why are you like that. their seed gambling money is what you gave them anyway so why.  Kim says I am going to end Oh Soo and same for MC too.  I need a plan to do that

soo brings Young home. young gets out of the car and heads inside as Soo just sits there not wanting to get out.

she goes inside and asks jang if he prepared what she asked. he says yes. she says then the people who are leaving should pack their belongings. let’s meet in a little while again. jang tells wang to pack her stuff.

young apologizes to MH for breaking off the engagement unilaterally. he asks if she did it cuz of sec han cuz it’s all in the past. I said that many times. he tells her to rescind her suggestion regarding who runs for president next and contact Chung and Im. I have the confidence to make our group successful more than anyone. calm down and think of the company. she asks him to take over and run for president in her place. jang will endorse you on my behalf. jang nods and says Young believes you will manage the company well better than anyone. starting from today I am going to be young’s legal power of attorney rep so the board will know soon that my endorsement is the same as Young’s. MH says I want to marry Young but jang says  young will only focus on her surgery so stop it. get up now. young tells  MH not to forget that her dad had faith in him (to run the company)

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Jang gives Soo the 7 million and says I still don’t understand why young has to give you this but young said to give it to you so take it. young said she doesn’t want to say goodbye to you. leave this home now. soo closes the case and says thank goodness you are here for young lawyer jang. he tells wang to go well. he takes the money and goes

wang tells jang to speak

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-36-47]

soo goes to young’s room to look around one last time

wang asks if this is what she is getting/her share. the stocks she has in the company she keeps, she is kicked out of the board, and lost her right to be Young’s legal power of attorney-  that is my share that Young is giving me.  jang says how Young wont legally pursue how wang embezzled company funds. also bribing the doctor to lie and ruining her sight- since it’s all in the past- she will bury it all. wang gets up in anger to talk to young but he holds her arm. she says to let go but young says let her go and tells wang to come inside

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-38-12] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-38-26]

they sit down to talk but wang goes over and asks did you get all the use out of me now. you knew from the start I messed up your eyes. but you held it in – what is that reason. young says I was young and father was sick. I needed someone to run the company. wang: you knew I embezzled company funds so what is the reason you held that in. young: my father said that even if the people around me try to take bites of my fortune overlook it so that people will stay around me. wang: like the other board members – do you think I killed your father too? your father turned down the offer to resuscitate him but I still saved your father 10-20 times. one day your father said to me “stop it HaeJee cuz I am having too hard of a time. stop it” ask Dr hyun if your father had a DNR order or not. ask him. not telling Jang and you that – the reason why I accepted the misconception that I killed your father all this time -there was just one reason. for you to please live -even with the strength of hating me. you were all I had. even if others saw it as obsession or being crazy -you were all I had. I dont need the company stocks. the seat on the board – being your power of attorney – I will give that all up.  using the company money- I only did it out of my resentment for your dad. when you were running the company I didnt take a cent. I raised you since i was 26. although my parents disowned me for being a mistress, I didn’t have my own kid, I only raised you. you are my daughter. just leave me by your side but young cuts her off and says I am sorry. also I was grateful. thanks to you I grew up really well. whatever happens I am strong enough so that I can live alone. but even after surgery if I can open my eyes I don’t want to see you. I lost my sight and you put your whole life on the line and loved and lost me -someone who is like your daughter. I have to calculate accurately. (meaning what she did with the cost of her actions) wang says I loved you like a daughter and till the end you used me. then I should leave. why –cuz I am a mom. a mom loses to her child. wang leaves and young allows herself to cry

wang cries while packing. jang goes and watches her.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-38-57] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-39-08]

soo is leaving when young comes up the steps. he says have a good surgery. I hope you don’t think the world is not great cuz of someone like me. he is about to walk away when she asks if a person kills another person what is the cost of the crime? Soo: according to the law about 15 yrs. she says that’s probably the biggest crime/sin in the world. Soo: probably. Young: then how about the sin of your mom throwing you away – it will probably be less than that. your sin of throwing away HJ – it will probably be less than that. I hope you remember your mom coming to see you at least once. also I hope you will release yourself from your guilt for HJ now. you hated yourself for a long time for that. enough that you were exhausted cuz of it. Soo doesnt say anything and turns to leave again but what Young says next makes him stop. Young: I loved you. I don’t have the confidence to leave you by my side and love you but you deceiving me -you arent guilty. it was a way for you to live and for me – there were times I was happy. she cries and goes inside her room

In Korean the word for crime and sin are the same so I used it accordingly to the situation here

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-39-47]

Soo goes over and leaves the briefcase full of money on a chair. jang sees that and goes after him with it. jang: what is this. soo says this is plenty (and holds up the single pack of checks he needs to pay back JS’s debt). jang urges him to take the money. I know you are involved with hitman cho MC. I dont want to know what the situation is between the two of you, but take this cuz your life depends on it. soo says don’t leave young’s side even for a short while. she is a kid who really wants to live but death was always closeby.  I will ask this as a request. he leaves as Jang calls out to him

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-09-54]

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-11-05] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-41-14]

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-44-44] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-46-02]

soo drives along and sticks his hand out the window and remembers young’s laughter. how they ate cotton candy together. he smiles remembering each memory. then how he kissed her lightly the first time as she slept. he keeps smiling as a tear flows down

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-46-26]

young opens her window and hears the wind chime he put back and looks up. she feels the wind on her face. she closes her window and curtain to silence it.

*I cried more in these two scenes than any previous episodes put together. Normally I hate flashbacks, but these were done with the right touch of melancholy and heart – It’s going to make me cry each time I watch these scenes

Soo meets Moo chul and gave him money for JS’s debt so MC says what about your debt. Soo: I still have time. now JS doesnt have a debt. MC: did you come out of that home? Soo smiles and walks away but MC asks: werent you in love with that fake dongsang (sister)? if you are in love you can receive money from her so why are you empty handed? Soo: that’s true (he meant it as a passing remark). see you again hyung. MC smiles watching him leave and says: funny kid. you are always making me laugh for all my life.  he suddenly feels pain

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-42-44]

JS’s dad is happy to get the money from soo. the dad asks if this is the money from selling his car. soo tells him: go to the countryside with that money father. the dad hugs him and kisses him. he says you did well- now you have come to your senses. when you drove an expensive car, lived in an expensive apartment and said you worked at a company, I didnt believe it but now i do. the dad is so happy. soo says if you take JS and JM and go to the countryside – I will go and visit too. the dad says what do you mean you will visit – are you a stranger. you should come and live with us you punk. he hugs Soo

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-44-10] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-44-22]

the cafe woman asks how much longer do we have to stand like this -are we being punished. the cafe guy says there must be some meaning so wait. wang serves food as mira and the café couple wait till jang and young come over. the guy says wang told them to come. he tells Young we came.  jang asks why wang invited them. wang tells young and jang to sit. wang tells young where the side dishes are for her like usual – from direction of 9 to 3. she describes each dish in detail. she tells the others to tell young according to directions of a clock and informs the maid to remember that in particular and just dont tell Young randomly. the maid says young knows all that but young says obey wang. the maid says yes. wang tells the cafe couple to know that too cuz mira already knows well.  she brings up Mira’s salary and depositing it in her bank account but mira says I dont need it. from here on I will only take care of Young as her friend. I wont take your money sec wang.  wang says to young that mira didn’t do anything wrong – I made her keep a difficult secret. she is a good friend to you. young: I know. wang asks the café couple to call young at least once a day -since you received a lot of (financial) help from young-this isnt much of a request. the guy says of course – dont worry. wang invites them to stay and eat. she says I better be going now. she touches young’s shoulder and says be well young. wang leaves. jang tells the others to eat and goes out

wang tells the driver she will drive and that he can go. she looks at the home once more. jang asks if she is going to her home and if she will keep in touch. she says of course. I will keep my phone on 24 hrs a day. if it’s not much trouble, please let me know how young is doing often.  I wont do anything that will worry Young. the person I hate the most is a parent who makes her child worry. I will live well. she gets in and drives off

jang goes back inside and sits. he says she left. let’s eat. she should have eaten breakfast before she left. young stops eating and says sec wang’s spinach soup tastes really good.

wang pulls over and looks at which direction to go. the car behind her honks at her so she pulls over. she calls her sibling and asks what their parents address is. she says I know dad doesn’t want to see me but I forgot their address. she writes it down and sits in the car

young gets her scan at the hospital. dr cho is talking to jang

jang takes young to eat ice cream and walks with her and says the weather is nice.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-45-27]

HS is trying to wake Soo. but he wont wake up. she tells him to stop sleeping. she checks to see he is breathing and tells him to get up now. JS runs inside and she says how soo has been sleeping for 24 hrs. JS is relieved to see him ok and says leave him alone so he can sleep.

Soo wakes up and HS asks why did you sell your car.  didnt young give you money? Soo: let’s eat some food. HS: you came out of the home right? so why are you empty handed. Young said she would give you money. didnt she give it to you? Soo: I got it and spent it all. HS: funny. she grabs her phone to call but he takes it away from her. HS: you crazy guy. you didnt take that money on purpose didnt you?  you didnt take that money on purpose huh you bastard. you crazy guy – what to do if you dont take that money?

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-46-55] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-47-27] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-48-10]

Soo sits outside and feels the sun on his face. JS comes over and reassures Soo that HS wont call Young since the kid is sick. to go that far HS knows better than that. HS knows what you wanted to do for young. Soo tells him to go to the countryside too. JS says how excited his dad is so he is selling his store. mom said seoul was nice but she is excited too. the mom said that if his sister goes to the countryside she would send her to college so his sister likes it. mom must have saved some money without dad knowing. Soo: that’s good. JS: weren’t you embarrassed getting money for me from Young. soo puts his arm around him and says it’s you so I should take it being embarrassed that much.  JS: you arent going to die by MC right? Soo: never. I am going to go into a game (for gambling). JS says I am looking into a game we can join. so soo yells at him: I told you not to get involved in my business. please you just leave but JS says dont you know me – I wont go and leave you behind.

Young breaks a glass cup and cuts her foot. the maid cleans it up. jang yells at the maid and says how many times did I tell you to do what wang did. have you ever seen her put a water glass here. I told you to put it at the head of the bed. young tells him to stop. the maid says sorry and leaves. jang says I dont like her – how long did she live with us and didnt learn.  young asks about  wang. has she contacted you. jang tells her how wang went to her home and said her father is still coming on strong but her mother really liked having wang. she was in a really good mood when she called. to not worry. at night she didnt have to cook and eating the food her mom made is delicious she said. her voice sounded comfortable. young: that’s good. wang lied cuz she is going around alone and eating out.

JS and soo are waiting at a club. a guy comes over and says I want to help you hyung. but I dont know what boss Kim said to the heads of the (gambling) house – when I told them it was you they all shook their heads no. I am sorry hyung. JS: it’s ok stop being sorry and go in. JS tells Soo: there is only one way now. gather all the (gambling) pros and do it at the hotel. Soo takes out his phone and dials as he walks away. JS asks where are you going hyung. Soo tells him to go to HS. Soo says into the phone it’s me Oh Soo – where are you.

Kim meets with Soo. kim says how is my condition. if you accept this condition our deal ends cleanly (meaning Soo is off the hook). let’s include JS in the deceitful gambling – deal?  but Soo says leave out JS. Kim: I cant. Soo: then kill me. I know your calculation. after dragging me into the deceitful gambling, you get your money, and I get killed by the guys I deceitfully gambled with. isnt that right? I know very well what your calculations are so you cant include JS. I can either die like this or die like that. arent I? Kim says who will kill you. ah MC? I will get rid of MC. if you just win this game you are free and clear. ok fine leave out JS. call me when you have the pros gathered.

Soo walks away and makes a call

a guy comes over and asks if Kim is really leaving out JS but Kim says to get rid of Oh Soo – if it’s not MC it’s JS so are you crazy to leave out JS.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[05-48-49]

MC is playing basketball and tells his brother he is doing well. he feels pain so he tells his brother to rest a little and then continue. he gets a text from Soo. soo tells him to be careful of Kim cuz I think Kim will go after you ( as in attempt to kill you). Kim and I have ended our calculation (as in we have a deal made) so now you have nothing to do with Kim. please I am asking as a favor – hurry and leave this area. later when we meet let’s get a drink of alcohol hyung. MC laughs and says what – have a drink with me.

a guy is there watching MC and he has a knife

while Soo’s voice was narrating that text he was making calls and gathering people to gamble with

Young is watching a movie and remembers soo feeding her chocolates. then she remembers how they watched a movie together. how he explained the two people (on the movie) are sleeping together. Young: holding each other? soo: no separately. the man on the bed and the woman in the living room. that frustrating guy really ate ramen and slept. how young giggled over that

soo makes his call and waves a cab over. his bracelet bell rings so he looks at it.

young smiles watching the movie.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-34-17] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-35-13] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-35-34] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-35-53]

soo is walking and keeps hearing that bell ring. he stops and cries just standing there.

young is sitting there – her eyes full of tears. it’s like her loneliness is engulfing her.


It’s like the truth caught up to him – that she is out of his life now. He put on a brave face and went about his business trying to survive again without really having a reason to live once more. But the sound of that bell made him catch up to his emotions – he suddenly realized how much he missed her and that ache and hollow feeling left him stunned and stopped him in his tracks. I don’t know why watching him break down like this got to me so much more than the loneliness Young is feeling at the same time, but I bet it has to do with his guilt. She doesn’t have that extra burden to carry around. She needs to forgive him, but he has to do something to earn that forgiveness and he just doesnt know how to. time is running out -not just for them, but for a lot of people.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-36-09] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-36-18] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-37-10] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E14.130327.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[01-37-42]


jang tells young: oh soo left the money and went. he must have liked you for real

young says she wants to push back the day of going to the hospital by one day

kim is trying to cause a rift between JS and Soo so he tells JS: at that time Oh soo said to leave you out and go

HS tells JS: this is really the last time. JS: dont say anything to hyung

MC’s buddy says Oh soo doesnt know your heart hyungnim -that you went this far to protect them

mira tells Young: I saw Oh soo oppa and it seemed like he was staring at you

soo is holding young in bed and asks why are all fairytales sad.  she is crying alone in the next scene on that same bed so she may have imagined him

wang: young – did something happen to you

soo cries and it’s like he is talking about himself in the third person: “if you deceive – you shouldn’t make her love you.”

omg I am getting some really bad vibes here – something terrible might happen to JS. That hug and kiss he gave HS looks so final. He is doing something behind Soo’s back and the way Soo was running in the preview – the look on his face – it’s how he would look if something bad happened to JS. I’m already feeling uneasy about MC getting killed, but if JS dies too – I am going to lose it. It’s going to devastate Soo – like bring him to his knees in anguish

If Young, Soo, MC, and JS all die –  wouldnt that make it the worst ending in kdrama history? Even just one death so far is going to be hard to take so the body count better stay super low – like just one – none would be even better.

Written before it aired:

ycs sc

Young told Jang to tell Soo that she didn’t want to say goodbye, but she did it anyway. She probably changed her mind cuz she felt like she owed it to him since he gave her some wonderful memories and she still loves him. At the top of the stairs, when they faced away from each other as she spoke, he listened to her parting words and they immobilized him for a moment. The look on his face was disbelief and helplessness. I think this is the moment he truly realized what he is losing. He wasn’t just walking away from the love of his life, he was saying goodbye to the better person he has become as a result of her love. I bet each step he took felt heavy – like the weight of his broken heart was making it difficult for him to leave.

Soo may have come for money, but while he was here he gave her more joy than she has had in the past 20 yrs or so. No one can deny that as much hurt and betrayal he inflicted, he gave more wonderful memories. Whether it’s enough to overlook the deceit is up to Young’s heart to decide, but at least Soo is leaving with a clean conscience. Till the very end he did his best. For that alone, he should walk away with his head held high.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[16-51-07]

While Young was waiting for Soo to come back from going into town to get some food and while Soo was watching her sleep during their last night together, they were both measuring time for different reasons. She was counting down how many more hours till she has to confront him with the truth and end their pretend sibling bond. He was counting how many more minutes and hours he gets to be this close to Young for the last time. I bet in both of their hearts, they were wishing time could just stop so they can hold onto their love for a little while longer.


Everyone is praying for a miracle for Young to survive, but I want this guy to live somehow too. He may have started off the bad guy, but I think he has proven he is more than that. He deserves to live just as much and I want people to mourn him after he is gone. I want the people around him to appreciate the kind of man he has been trying to be. He tried to be the better man by letting Hee Joo go to Soo, he tried to be a better brother by not fighting with his sister anymore, and now he is openly admitting that Soo has always amused him. Despite their rivalry for the same girl, I knew he could never stop liking Soo. What really breaks my heart is that Soo still doesn’t know that Moo Chul is dying. I keep wondering if knowing the truth will change anything, but I bet at least Soo will treat him better for the short time that MC has left. MC was the closest thing Soo had to an older brother figure so I know for certain that MC’s death will affect Soo. Just like he begged him to do, MC listened to Soo’s request and got his sister to operate on Young.  MC was protecting Soo’s love for Young cuz he knows it’s genuine. I just hope Soo gets the chance to tell him how much he has meant to him before it’s too late.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-32-35]

I noticed that when Wang left and put her hand on Young’s shoulder, Young had tears in her eyes. It made me wonder if Young was crying cuz she is finally rid of the woman who made her blind or cuz a part of her would miss the woman who became her surrogate mother. Maybe it’s cuz what she said in the video came true. She told Wang she wouldn’t get away with this – making her go blind cuz she is not alone – she has a brother and he won’t leave Wang alone when he finds out what Wang did to her. Her real brother couldn’t do anything, but at least Soo stepped in and took matters into his own hands.

I never could understand how a mother could take one child and abandon the other. I get that Young’s father kept Young thinking his wife would come back to him at least for their daughter, but that didn’t turn out to be true. Young’s mother really did leave behind her daughter and only took her son. That is something Young should never forgive her mother for. Her brother also waited way too long to start contacting Young. They were siblings and had every right to keep in touch despite their parents’ divorce. He should have written to Young years ago since childhood. Wang intercepted letters from him just a year before his death so Young’s brother waited too long to reach out to his sister. Now that Soo has left the house too, I keep wondering how Young will manage day to day without Wang around. Jang can’t really do much for her cuz he is a man so it’s not like he is going to step into the role of being her father overnight. If Young doesn’t regain her eyesight, I don’t think she can keep living alone in that big house. I’m hoping her isolation will drive her to forgive Soo quicker cuz now that she knows the truth, he really is the only person in the world she can trust wholeheartedly now.


60 comments on “That Winter, The Wind Blows E14

  1. raindrops1 says:

    Thank you Softy, for translating the preview for ep 15. You’re great. You spoil us too much (but please keep on spoiling us). Just thinking of ep 15 makes me tense. I can’t wait to see it but at the same time I’m scared of what might happen because I don’t want anyone to die.


  2. In2deep says:

    Dear softy, i was just going to ask you what you think Soo has in his mind when he left-that that is the end and he will never see Young again? Or that he believe that he will see Young again. But i guess the preview answers that!


  3. In2deep says:

    I agree with you Softy, that ep14 was great. And reading your recap of e15 preview, suddenly, one see the meaning behind Soo’s behavior in E14. And its true, he didnt apologised for what he did. But i love his optimism. Its funny but watching the show makes me think about my own behavior and responses to hurt and people i love and people who loves me as well..and then i’d go… Gosh…im learning life’s lessons from kdrama…


  4. momof3 says:


    apparently script for epi 16 was leaked and SBS has comfirmed it but has said that it does not determine the ending…

    softy, any objections if i post it?


    • Softy says:

      it will be in Korean so I cant read it anyway, but if it was already posted on soompi then i guess we will all find out sooner or later. I rather not post it here since some ppl really hate spoilers – I’m not one of them but some of my readers are – that is why I dont mention what happened at the end of an episode for my intros unless everyone already knows like the kiss. we saw pics of it days in advance.


  5. momof3 says:

    i respect that. wont post it then 😉


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