That Winter, The Wind Blows E13


I used to think if you cared enough or if it mattered enough, somehow you could make a difference. Then I realized sometimes real life gets in the way of that and takes away your choices and options. The power is out of your hands and the only thing you can do is fight for some semblance of control. By pretending to not have heard the confrontation between Soo and Wang last night, that’s what Young is doing. She really is stronger than most people give her credit for. To hold it together like that and act like nothing happened – that takes some special kind of courage. Who knew that that being the victim in this scenario could be so empowering for her. She is the pawn in all this -being pushed around, used, and told what to do so now she is taking some of that control away from Soo, Wang, and everyone else. She probably thinks everyone knows the truth by now except for her so she really has no one to trust or turn to. I didn’t realize that one of the consequences of this scam would be that Soo is going to rob Young of her trust in people to this extent that she can shut off her emotions and run on auto pilot. It’s hard to imagine just a few weeks ago this is the same girl who broke down in tears in his arms asking if she could trust at least him cuz he is her brother and Soo said yes she could. To her it seems like he lied, but he actually meant every word – even back then and ever since he really did want to be that one person she could count on. That’s the thing about Soo that I wish her intellect would connect with and not just listen to the pain and hurt in her heart- despite all his lies and deceptions, there was a basis of sincerity and truth built up over time. He began to believe his own lies and really did start to love and care for her as a brother should. Right now she can’t trust anything he has said or done and will question his every word and action up to now like in the preview, but once her inquisition is done, she will reach the same conclusion we’ve all known all along: he never meant to hurt her. He would do anything to undo all the choices he made that forced him to commit such a terrible fraud on an innocent girl. More than anything all he wants right now is for her to forgive him so he can go back into her arms. The comforting words she addressed to the other Oh Soo she thought was the con artist, he needs to hear that directed at him this time. Deaths aside, the real tragedy would be if they never get the chance to say to each other: “I’m sorry, please forgive me” or “despite my pain, loving you hasn’t changed.” Only these two know the exact words that can start their healing process – it’s just a matter of who is going to be brave enough to go first and say what needs to be said or being willing to listen to what needs to be heard.

*new comment on the bottom cuz I got carried away emotionally so it came out super long.


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Starts from Young crying and walking down the hall. she remembers sora saying Oh Soo is not your real brother. she goes to Soo’s room and says it’s me Young. she hears the clock glass open and turns

wang says how could someone like you kiss young. how dare you lay a hand on her. Soo: I wish I could kill you. at this moment if I could kill you – it would be really nice. wang: what? Soo: young cant have surgery. she cant fix her eyes too. I don’t believe you love young. you – your existence that is like trash – you are just trying to find a reason for it from Young. wang: what about you. aren’t you trying to be compensated for your miserable life. young’s eyes? yes I did that. Young stands outside the door and listens to all this. wang: young knows that too. but why did she act like she didnt know – cuz she needs me. Soo: you are crazy. she says compare to the scar/pain you gave her I’m nothing. when Young knows you arent her brother -have you thought how she would feel? going into the greenhouse secret room and stealing Young’s memories and pretending to be the brother she missed so much -will Young be able to forgive that? for the 7 million debt – you pretending to love your younger sister– do you think young will forgive that? young cries hearing that and suddenly remembers soo’s neck scar. how she saw it when he kissed her. then she remembers how Soo had that same scar when he told her on the day he read her brother’s letter “your brother said he loved you.” she feels pain and closes her eyes then opens them.

wang pushes soo away and says I know you love Young. she will get the surgery.

young makes her way back to her room crying

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wang says a little while ago dr cho met lawyer jang. the simulation wasnt a success, but dr cho said she would perform the surgery. other doctors aren’t certain, but she found a possible way.  after young goes into the operating room – you quietly leave empty handed. cuz you love Young,  you werent able to take the money – I will say that for you.   soo says tm lawyer jang will meet Kwak GS from J Hospital – the doctor who lied to young for you and mira will be the witness. I told you  – we would end up leaving together. he walks away leaving wang  stunned

soo knocks on young’s door but she doesn’t reply.

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young sits on her bed crying and remembers how she asked if he was the man she met a year ago and how he replied – you are imagining things. are you bored or did my dongsang by any chance like me.
how she said I want to see that man – the more I am with you it’s strange I keep thinking of that man. how soo said he duped me – he is not a good guy – he is a con- forget him. the guy is like trash in this world.
how wang said when Young knows you arent her brother have you thought how she would feel -going into the secret room in the greenhouse and stealing her memories.
how soo told her to take the pics (for proof) and put them in her hideaway room in the greenhouse and look at them over time
how HS said I will tell you the reason why your brother came to you – it was for money.
how wang said cuz of a 7 million debt – you pretending to love your dongsang -you think Young will forgive that.
she cries and remembers their past memories – how she held him and told him not to go. this is how you kiss a oppa right? and she kissed him on the cheek on the mountaintop. then how he kissed her on the cheek then on the lips. she cries and holds the bell chime string and tugs really hard out of anger

soo looks through their photos on his phone. he sees the text from sora – I told Oh Young everything about you – there is only one way for you to live now-to come to me. I will wait for you in Italy where we went on our first trip.

next day, mira cries as lawyer Jang yells: how can a person do that? how can a friend do that! the woman defends mira and says: she was young and her family was struggling (financially) too. the café guy says calm down lawyer jang. calm down. the woman hits mira and says why did you do that. even though I am on your side my insides are turning upside down.

jang goes out and calls a guy about the bad doctor – to report kwak to the medical board right now( to get his medical license taken away type of punishment)

soo watches young walking outside. he sees JS coming over

young is in the secret room and records a video message. she sees a light for a second. young records: now i know why i smelled so many people in this room – sec wang and you.

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JS comes out with his bag and meets with soo. they smile at each other. soo thanks him for everything all this time. JS: the problem is to a guy like me who only knows family – hyung you are my family too. when I was younger I didnt like you cuz my mom always took better care of you than me. so one day I said to her –  mom send soo hyung back to the orphanage. back then mom said-  how can you throw away your family. JS: let’s go together till the end. this is my plan. let’s gather some key money for a game. it wont be easy to get some money cuz of kim but somehow we should get some money together and play a game with Kim. and we win – so it’s cool. Mandoo got some money together so i will call you.  Soo says i wont gamble with you. even if I die. JS says ok I will just watch – you are the pro so you do it.  also you will win in that game for sure. and what you werent able to do till now – behave like a human being. to my mom and dad behave like their child -to me a hyung – to HS a oppa and to Young –  later when the time comes when you have to tell young everything – be sure to tell her that -cuz of you young – you who thought life was nothing – you who was thrown away like trash so you were going to live like trash -for the first time, even though you were thrown away like trash, that you want to live like a person. make sure to say that. soo walks away and grins

jang pulls up and slaps soo and says follow me

wang: you came. jang: where is young. she says at the greenhouse. he tells wang to follow him too. they all go in the room and jang turns and faces her. he says young is having surgery this weekend. she says to soo: then the day you will leave will be this weekend too. jang says wang will leave with Soo on that day too. I will stay by young’s side. wang says it wont happen like you want. jang says how he is going to report her wrongdoings to the board during the meeting today -the problem you caused to the company with your stock dealings,  how you abused your position as Young’s power of attorney, the board wont stand for it.  also the terrible harm you did to Young -to pursue that legally I will discuss with Young later and then proceed. you crossed a line I cant understand. she walks out. he tells soo – you passed a line that I can understand -if you think even a little bit about Young -till the end pretend to be her friendly oppa. Soo cuts in and says till the end I will do my best.

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young calls for wang. soo comes over so she says you are here too. jang says I came. young asks what the 3 of them are doing gathered here together. jang says I asked to meet to discuss something. young asks wang: let’s go today to get fitted for a wedding dress. jang says young’s surgery is this weekend. young says that’s good then I have to pick out the wedding dress today for sure. so that there wont be any delay to have the wedding after the surgery is over. wang: should I call MH? soo says that’s not a good idea but young cuts him off and asks for just wang and her to go out today cuz the two of us used to do that often. don’t you want to. wang says ok  let’s do that – I will get ready. young asks jang if the company is doing well cuz lately I wasnt able to see the reports. jang says I am doing it. there is no big matter. the maid tells young the bell chime was in the trash can so young says throw it out.  young asks soo: should we go on a trip cuz you cant  go on the honeymoon with me. it would be good to go before the surgery.  should we go to Italy? is it too far for me to go? soo says let’s go somewhere better than Italy. young: ok. she walks away. soo says to jang: I told you I would do my best till the end.

soo goes to the trash to get the wind chime back

in the car wang says the weather today is really good. young asks how many years did you live with me. wang: over 20 yrs. young: how old were you when you were first lost someone. wang says around your age now.  Young; you were too young. wang: yes I was too young – if I think about it now. but back then why I did I think I knew everything. I dont know. after having a love that hurts, it made me act like I knew the whole world. acting older. when truthfully it was such a young age. young holds her hand and says your hand is always cold. wang says my hand is cold like that.

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soo goes to the secret room and sees the mess that young made of the place. he imagines watching her trash the room and looks sad. he starts to clean up.

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he finds the camera set up so he plays it. it’s young. she cries and says now I know why I smelled so many people in this room – sec wang and you. how much of it was your planned deceit–even that I trust you as my brother? or up to making me love you. right now – this too – you are watching this huh?  the scar/pain you gave me I wasn’t able to avoid for even a moment – how do you feel seeing me this anguished and destroyed. you dont by any chance think that you won right?  soo looks down in guilt and shame.

wang says everything looks pretty but I dont know what will look good on young. the woman says to try on the dress first. wang gets a call from MH and asks should we call him but young says no let’s just stay the two of us. young asks for a ruffled dress but wang says you don’t like that cuz oppa doesn’t like it. young says but you like it. she asks for it from the attendant.

HS calls and asks to meet young so young agrees

HS goes back in the restaurant and tells JS’s sister to wipe the dishes and clean while I am gone, but the brat says I am going to watch a movie with friends so HS says you still havent come to your senses yet- should I tell your parents what you did. JS comes in after delivery and tells his mom about an order later on tonight. HS asks arent you going to act like you know me. JS: then dont say one word to Young. he gets a call from the guy he is borrowing money from Mandoo so HS asks why is he calling you? JS tells him I will go there now. he tells his parents he will go out for a short time. HS follows him out. his dad thinks the two of them will get married but the brat says I dont like HS. her parents say we dont like you.

HS says he cant go. don’t play with mandoo – you said you wouldnt do bad things anymore. I will live with you – dont meet mandoo. JS says thanks for living with me but I have to go and rides off. she yells out dont meet him

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young is wearing the wedding dress and wang goes over and says you are so pretty. young asks should we take a pic. their photos are taken. then they are left alone. young says this is the first pic the two of us took. wang holds her hand and says yes.  young: you really like the wedding dress right? wang: yes – when lawyer jang, Myung ho, and your brother see it too – they will like it. young: only you need to like it. you raised me for over 20 years so it’s too bad this is the only present I can give you. wang: what does that mean? young: after I get the surgery and I am able to see –at that time I wont need your help. now like oppa – you should prepare to leave.

young meets HS. young: you need money? HS: you have a lot of money. just think of it as charity. also we are friends – friends listen to a friend’s favor. young: are we friends. HS: of course. i like you. young: ok I will give it to you. HS: arent you going to ask how much. Young: it’s probably 7 million. I remember what you said last time. not sure about other things, but i have a good memory. did oppa ask you to do this. HS: that isnt it. young calls wang and says bring the car over. HS: oh soo doesnt know. I dont know whether you believe it or not, but it’s true. I wish you wouldnt misunderstand him or hate him. as much as my sister loved him, Oh Soo is a good guy. help him. you have a lot of money. young: go quietly. Insults are about to come out (of my mouth). HS: you love Oh Soo too. Young:  to you guys – me being in love is a pretext for getting money huh. HS: for Oh Soo- it’s a matter that has his life on the line – will trust you will give it ( the money) she gets up and leaves

JS gets the money from mandoo. JS says there is no interest – just going to pay this back. the guy acts all nice and says what interest between us  – and soo and me. JS thanks him and goes.

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after JS leaves mandoo tells another one (the one who spies for Kim)  to tell Kim that JS is now involved. MC comes over and sees that. he acts casual with  the other guys and asks what is going on between JS and mandoo. the guy says let go and leaves.  MC yells to have drinks sometimes to the guy, but MC looks scared for JS

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young goes to the greenhouse and soo is there just coming out of the secret room. she asks who is there. soo: it’s me. she asks why are you here at night. did you water the flowers? soo: yes. young: have you thought of where to go on the trip. soo says I cant think of any place special. young says how about our cabin. it’s the last place our family went before our parents divorced. don’t you remember. soo: I don’t remember. young says you can remember something useless as cotton candy well but how could you not remember that. she says she hasnt been able to go after her father passed away. let’s go there. soo: ok but first have your surgery.  but she says let’s go tm -after surgery if I cant see  – no if I cant survive it then it wont work so let’s go tm. her hand brushes against the herb  and remembers when she told soo that “mom teased that it resembled my ears so I said that’s not true and cried saying my ears are prettier. how did you remember it.”  young remembers how that was the first of many deceptions she fell for so she throws it on the ground and says it’s a herb but there is no scent at all.  it’s no good. she leaves so he picks it up and puts it back

next day in the car young rolls down the window and says it smells like spring. it was too cold this past winter wasn’t it. Soo: no not much cuz you were here. young:even though you are there the wind was too cold. this spring too like the past winter it seems it will be cold

jang asks what are you saying. Wang shows sora’s number to jang and says it’s Jin sora’s number – she used to be oh Soo’s girlfriend- I was wondering why her number was here so I called her- she said she already told young everything about oh soo

Wang calls soo and says you come back right now – young already knows all about you. He looks over at young.  Young asks who is it. Wang says there is something strange about young’s behavior. Come back right now. Young tells him to hang up the phone. soo tells wang – after the trip ends I will return her home safely. he gets off the phone. Young says let’s turn off the phone it’s getting in the way (interrupting)

wang tries to call him again but the phone is turned off. she is going through young’s stuff so jang asks what’s going on. wang says young is acting strange – she knows oh soo’s identity so why is she going on a trip with him just the two of them. she finds what young wrote. the new will with yesterday’s date. young is giving everything to the center ( like as charity for the place where she volunteers for the blind)

MH calls jang and asks what is going on – young texted and called off the engagement without a word to me and told Jung to go out as president cuz she isn’t going to. Did you know that? Jang wonders what is going on. Wang says we have to find out where the two of them went on the trip

Soo says the road is blocked. Young asks what does the navigation say.  Soo says it says to go straight but cars can’t pass here (can’t go in) want to walk? Young: I thought you would say let’s go back. Soo: we already started this road so it’s a little odd to go back. Get out.

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He piggybacks her as the navigation gives them instructions. it’s like the scene on the mountain when Soo carried Young on his back. she asks if he remembers the last time when they came here. Soo: no. young: I remember all of it.  Soo: was it fun?  young: who?  Soo: you. Young: it was fun. soo: if you had fun then that’s good. hang on tight.

he sits and rests. she gives him water. he drinks and says should we go again.

they get to the house. soo says we finally arrived. I will put you down. Young: you are dead cuz I am hungry. Soo: we can just eat- by any chance is there nothing here at all? Young: probably. Soo: no way. she tells him where the key to the place is. he goes inside and looks around. cobwebs everywhere. he goes out and says we cant sleep here.  let’s go somewhere else but she says no i am going to stay here. soo: there is nothing to eat at all. young: but I will still stay here. soo: fine then let’s do this. you stay here and I will go to the village and buy something to eat and come back. he is about to leave, but she says i am cold.

He tries to chop wood. She hears him miss and says dad chopped wood well. Soo: I am doing it for the first time. Young: you don’t have strength huh? Soo:you don’t do this with strength but by a knack (knowing the ropes) Young: then you don’t have a knack for it. he says he doesnt like hearing that much. he finally chops. now i know the ropes (meaning he has the hang of it now)  she sort of smiles.

soo goes alone into town to get food- he runs through the woods as young sits and waits. it’s dark by the time he gets to the car and drives into town. the food place is closing

wang and jang are in the secret room. wang gathered all the pics of the kids. wang finds a letter that soo wrote to young in Braille. wang: Oh Soo already knows that Young knows his identity. if the two of them both know then why go on the trip. jang says it’s for certain that Oh soo is doing this for young’s sake so dont worry too much. what did young do here alone. wang worries: will Young really be ok. jang finds the real oh soo’s pic torn.

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it’s after 9:42 when soo climbs back with food so he hurries. he goes inside but she isnt there. he finds her in the room. it’s 10:30. she says it took him 3 hrs and 30 mins to come. he says let’s eat.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-15-55] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-16-37]

he prepares food for them.  he made rice and bean paste soup. he says it tastes good. want to taste it. she says no. Soo: then later on as you eat – don’t say the seasoning was right or not. young: if you take after dad -not sure about other things but the bean paste soup will be good. when we came here – the soup that dad made was really delicious. at that time you asked dad how to make it– don’t you remember. he says I don’t. but mine will taste good too. look forward to it.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-19-49] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-20-05]

after their meal soo serves tea. young: when mom sat next to the heater like this – dad made her coffee. soo: back then did the two of them get along? she changes the subject and says leave on the day I get surgery. soo: I will see the surgery end first and then leave. Young: no leave when we go back to seoul tm. Soo: I will take care of it on my own. tell me more about when (we) came here with mom and dad. when mom and dad – the two of them were drinking tea like this – what did you and I do? did we pretend to sleep and joke around under the covers? young: no we cried in that room. cuz mom and dad yelled here and fought. “you made me lonely so I had an affair” “no you were already that kind of person”  they continued that fight till morning. also in the morning mom and dad called you and me over and said “from now on soo will live with mom and young will live with dad.” what I told you today was all a lie. from the start – that dad chopped firewood, made the soup, we had fun- those things never happened. that day like today –no like the past few days – it was just a really terrible day. should we talk about other things. the oh soo who was thrown away under a tree- what was his dream. was he a con from the first. ever since he was abandoned under a tree –  enough to justify committing fraud against people in the world without any sin -like you said – from birth was he just trash? Soo: I want to drink alcohol. he gets up to get a beer.  she says I don’t want alcohol – tell me. soo says you don’t drink I will just drink.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-23-01] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-23-21]

she asks what was con oh soo’s dream when he was younger. soo lists careers: farmer, fisherman, engineer. everything that wasn’t a con or gambler. not from the start but starting from after meeting you. she says I am asking about the con oh soo right now. he says I am telling you now -about me. let’s stop it now. you know who I am. young: I know – the con oh soo who needs 7 million. why – you should  do more. I wanted to see how far you went playing with me. now should I hear your excuse/explanation . soo: I have no explanation. I know I hurt you. she throws her drink in his face. she cries and says: other than those words  – it would have been better if you said cuz of the scar from being thrown away like trash at a young age-saying you wanted to live like trash -more than me who is blind – saying it hurt you more would have comforted me more. knowing that I love you – you who played around with me -saying that it really wasnt fun -that would have comforted me more.  out of all the many reasons why I cant forgive you  – the one i cant forgive the most -right now, the oppa I missed as much as my mom, even knowing about his death cuz of the anger towards you -I cant be sad about it. loving you a con-  let’s just say it was my fault since I cant see. even though I hate you so much I want to kill you – no matter how much I think about it – I cant see so there is nothing I can do. you deceived me well during all that time.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-26-11] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-26-30] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-26-49] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-27-19] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-27-28] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-27-56] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-29-26]

she gets up and walks away. he holds her, but she shakes him off. he grabs her wrist so she turns and slaps him. she turns to go, but he goes over and pulls her into his arms and hugs her tightly with his entire body.  she struggles quietly to pull away, but it’s no use. he holds her head and kisses her roughly so she pulls away and turns her head. he kisses her again and this time she stops struggling after a while. he lets her go and she stands there looking defeated and asks now it’s really over between us huh? she turns away – taking small steps away from him while crying. soo cries and looks up at her. the camera stops on her tear filled eyes.


그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-30-36] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-30-53] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-32-35] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-34-03] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-35-23]그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-34-12] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-33-25]그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-34-19]


young: now those who have to leave should prepare their belongings.

wang packs and says I have to leave. cuz I am a mom.  losing to a child is a mom

Soo gets a suitcase full of money

jang says young said she wouldnt say bye to you

HS asks soo- you left the house didnt you? then why are you empty handed

some guy says: there is only Oh soo who can step on that guy

(it seems like Kim hates that scruffy looking guy and the only one who can beat him is Oh Soo so maybe Kim will make a bargain with Soo to beat that other guy at gambling)

Soo:  while living – I never had to say farewell to someone before

Soo watches her sleep but later she wakes up and reaches out to touch him as he sleeps.

Soo: me loving you- it was sincere/the truth ( I meant it)

young: I loved you –you deceiving me-you’re not guilty.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E13.130321.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-32-49]

Young took such small steps cuz she can’t leave him. Walking away from him is something her mind is telling her to do, but the rest of her doesn’t want to listen. It’s like she is that string that is tied to that wind chime. Soo can pull on it to hear Young “chime.” Only his words and actions could elicit laughter and smiles from her. She brings him joy in an otherwise bleak life.  That realization hit me like a force and knocked the air out of me cuz she threw away the wind chime – the one thing that represented him and was a reminder of him. It’s like his existence was thrown away again. As a baby he didn’t know anything, but as a grown man in love, this pain cuts him so deep.


Some days I feel like I am watching this through some drug induced haze cuz normally you can only sing the praises of a drama this much if you are on some kind of high. Everywhere you look you can only see perfection. It sort of scares me wondering where and when reality is going to hit. All these years I avoided melodramas like the plague, but this show has made me see them differently in a whole new light. Now I know how deeply you can fall for these characters when you have such beautiful writing and acting. Throw in the great directing and gorgeous cinematography and you have a gem that just can’t be surpassed by any others. This show is going to make other dramas look downright ugly in comparison from here on. Gu Family Book – you have your work cut out for you. You have some mighty big shoes to fill.  I would hate to be the next drama that follows this.

I have a confession to make. This is the first drama where the lead actress is making me so envious with every screencap I take. I never had this problem while watching her on Full House though. I don’t think watching SHK is healthy for teens cuz it might mess with their self confidence. The woman just doesn’t look human most times on screen. She is like a living breathing doll or something. What is even more infuriating is, as the drama progresses, she is getting prettier instead of the other way around. So I actually find myself talking to the screen “Why aren’t you looking exhausted? Who the heck is your makeup artist to make you look so flawless each time? Does she wave some kind of magic wand over you to make you look so luminescent? Do you have some kind of special deal with the lighting guy to make you glow a special way? By now you should have bags under your eyes so where are they?  Show them just once so we know you are still human.” The only way to console myself is to mutter under my breath and chant repeatedly “at least I am taller than her and my lips and hands are prettier” – I know it’s lame but it helps me sleep at night okay.


When she turned to go, I kept wondering where does she think she is going. She can’t leave that place or that room for that matter. Not just cuz she is blind and can’t possibly walk out on her own through the woods and to the car, but how would she ever find her way once she steps outside? She allowed herself to be brought to a place that renders her totally helpless. It made me realize she planned it this way.

Young wanted to have it out with Soo in this place where there would be no interruptions or distractions. From the way she spoke, she expected him to beg for forgiveness and come up with explanations, but his reticence took her by surprise. She doesn’t get that Soo knows there is nothing he could ever say that would come even close to resembling even a modicum of remorse. She doesn’t need to hate him cuz he is already doing plenty of that for the both of them. Soo barely spoke and didn’t even try to defend his past behavior, but when it came down to it, he yelled with his actions. There will be a lot of viewers who think Soo stepped over some lines by forcibly kissing Young like that, but this is how I see it. When he first came here, he didn’t want to stay cuz it’s not a safe environment for her, but she insisted so he relented. Sacrifice number one. Through that whole time he tried his best to keep up her spirits till she was ready to speak the truth. He chopped wood to keep her warm and trekked through the forest back and forth for her sake. Sacrifice number two. He sat there and endured all those harsh comments she made about the Oh Soo who had been abandoned. She used the info that he shared as ammunition to hurt him. Finally when she yelled at him and slapped him, he didn’t even flinch cuz he knows he deserves even more than that. Sacrifice number three.  After that he was done. It’s like a switch went off inside of him. He was sick and tired of being patient and holding back the only emotion he now has around her – just pure genuine love.  When he hugged her so tightly at first, I was afraid he would smother her. It was like he was afraid of the thought of losing her so he hung on for dear life. But holding her again wasn’t enough. He wanted to convince her in another way. That kiss didn’t come from passion and it wasn’t done in the heat of taking advantage of a situation. It was Soo trying to convince Young without words that he will fight for her love. No matter how long he has to wait and how much more pain she wants to inflict, he will stay by her side as promised. Even if she resists and continues to push him away and out of her life, he will remain. He will hold on and cling to her cuz he doesn’t see any other answers or options opened for him. He can’t live without her now and he wanted to convey that. Don’t you remember how many times he held back from kissing her when she was sleeping. This kiss has been coming for a long time. He is finally free of the lie that he is her brother and now he can do this – he can show her the kind of love he can offer. That is why she stopped struggling. She understands that. Just because she can’t see doesn’t mean she lost her ability to speak. She could have yelled for him to stop at any point and he would have honored that. If she had just stood perfectly still and didn’t react to him at all like someone who feels nothing inside, he would have stopped and stepped back. She could have said something, but she stayed quiet for a reason. She wasn’t just struggling with him- there were some inner struggles too.  By asking if it’s really over between them now, she was admitting aloud to both of them that she didn’t want it to be.

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  1. sunshine4ever says:

    In case something happens to YT link

    [ 20130327] [That Winter, The Wind Blows][BTS] Jo In-seong

    Picture of this BTS:

    credits to NEWMARIO @ Soompi


  2. sunshine4ever says:

    [20130327][That Winter, The Wind Blows][BTS] SHG Wedding Scene


    credits to NEWMARIO @ Soompi


  3. kimmie23 says:

    hoping for them to be a real couple….happiest, if they’ll get married in real life. ^O^ hope hye kyo unnie will not close her heart to jo in sung because of her past relationship/experience with her fellow artist/co-star. i really like in jo in sung for hye kyo!! ToT


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