That Winter, The Wind Blows E11


Every episode fills you up. You are full just from all these emotions welling up inside of you. Watching these characters go through so much pain and each one still holding onto some kind of residual hope – no matter how dim it appears, they hang onto every shred of a chance or a possibility.  It makes you think about the power of human nature –how sometimes love alone won’t be able to move mountains, but it sure can incite people to do things they never believed they were capable of, to say things they never knew they would ever mean with all their might, and to make personal sacrifices that tears them up inside. This drama is a testament to the beauty that lies within the chaos and confusion – ready to make its presence known. Just like his kiss, it was biding its time till it could no longer be denied. How miraculous is it that Young finally caught up to Soo and now both will have to deal with their feelings for each other. That’s what that kiss did – it leveled the playing field for their love.

*it’s not the kiss that is going to take her by surprise – it’s going to be how she feels inside. She is going to know for certain this is what a first kiss should have felt like – with the wave of emotions that come with the perfect kiss from someone who loves her and someone she loves in return. That instinct that it felt right is going to surprise her.

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Young says it doesnt seem like we can talk today. she turns to leave, but soo stands and says I am injured a lot. my lips and eyes have cuts and I am bleeding too, but you cant see me. no you dont even want to see.  cuz you are afraid of surgery. she goes over to touch him and asks why did you get hurt – where are you hurt. he swats her hand away and says you dont want to see me. it’s all a lie that you want to see me isnt it? young: yes it’s a lie – do you feel better now? she turns to go but he pushes her against the wall and says: no – I dont feel better. I am just sick of your lies. that is why I am going to leave now. young: why did you come – did you come to do this from the start. he says no – I didnt come to do this from the start, but if I knew you would be this selfish, I shouldnt have come from the start. I am regretting it now. young cries and says: what do you want from me. soo: the words that you want to live. that purpose for you to live. young: then what will change. I cant live. that I don’t want to see you? no I want to see you. ever since you came I wanted to see you every day. but what is the point.  I cant see. I  am so scared I could die. why do you keep making me so weak like this. why do you keep making me want to live?!

wang overhears that from outside the door.

Soo asks do you want to live. Young: no I don’t want to live. he takes his jacket and walks out so she asks where are you going. stop. dont go. talk with me. she senses wang is there outside his room so she asks for help. wang says just leave him alone so he can go. Young chases after Soo and says don’t go. talk with me. stop. oppa don’t go. he drives away. she remembers as a child yelling out for her mother as her mom and brother drove off. she keeps calling out oppa and crying.

she starts to go back in but Soo comes back and tells her to get in the car. wang comes over and says it’s two steps. the door is open. get in Young. she gives Young’s coat and shoes. Soo tells her to put her seatbelt on. Young calls him a bad guy. if I could see, I wouldn’t have left you alone. he drives off

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-48-35] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-49-01] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-49-35] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-49-48]

Soo pulls up and drags Young out of the car and up some steps without a word. she staggers and cant walk properly cuz she is being dragged up the steps. Young: where are we going? dont do this – it’s scary. I am blind. I am blind. dont do this – it’s scary. at the top Soo let’s go of her hand. Young: what are you doing? he takes her phone and takes photos.  Young: what is that? Soo gives her phone back and says: proof – today is the day I threw you away (abandoned you). put these photos in your hideaway room and if you are able to see look at them over time. also even if you cant see don’t forget – I threw you away. “while you are alive, before I left, you want to make beautiful memories?” that wont happen. after sending you off (watching you die) – how that would make me feel-it doesnt matter to you huh? that I would miss you, want to see you, and want to touch you –it doesnt matter to you cuz if you die that’s it.  if I knew you were this kind of awful girl a little sooner, making food with you – listening to the sound of the snowflakes -hugging you – those things that make my heart ache -things that I cant ever forget even if I wanted to forget – those memories- I would have never made them. she was crying and feeling hurt with each accusation so she stepped closer and closer to him as he spoke and tries to hug him but he pushes her away and keeps talking. all that time if you made those memories for the sake of dying, now I am going to make memories for the sake of living. cuz I have to live. if there are only painful memories like this with you, after you die it wont be hard to forget you so understand me. cuz I have to live! even without you -even without you – I have to live in this dirty world! she kept trying to get close to him the whole time, but he kept pushing her away but with his last words he lets her cling to him

soo takes her back to her room and helps her into bed. he tells her to sleep. she asks aren’t we sleeping together. he says i told you until you want to live we will never sleep together. he leaves

she goes out and walks to the snow filled yard

soo remembers how MC said I will give you 100 days starting from today. how MC stabbed him. then how JS said that Soo had to live first.

next morning while jogging, soo remembers all the past stuff he did with young. when they went sledding, baked, how she kissed him on the cheek on the mountain. then how Sora said she likes you as an oppa. if she knew you weren’t her oppa then she will end it right away

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he looks over and there is a tiny snowman that Young made with the words “I want to live” written in the snow. he starts to choke up and picks up the snowman and touches the face and remembers when young first touched his face and said his nose is high. he smiles. then he recalls how she measured his height with her hand. he cries and looks over at her window. she is looking out and the wind chime bell is ringing. he goes over and just stares at her

wang comes over and sees them. wang remembers how the woman said the ID number is different. the Oh Soo with the ID you are looking for wasnt here at our orphanage but an Oh Soo who is a year older was here.

jang shows the café guy the pic of the real brother – the real oh soo. he died a year and 3 months ago when a car hit him.  the hospital record has him as deceased but he wasnt registered as deceased on the records. the guy says looking at it carefully his face from the past still remains. his wife says the picture you had last time of the kid is very similar to him. mira overhears them. the woman asks did you hear everything. jang tells the café guy to act like he doesnt know anything for the time being. cuz you know young gave a lot of her heart to her brother right?

JS got the text from MH so HS reads it. “the girl problem from the past, Young already knows about it and understands -please dont threaten me with stuff like this.” JS says LS (his sister’s friend) the oppa she knows asked for the money by the day after tm. how can I come up with $50,000 by the day after tm.  JS goes out. his mom asks where are you going – arent you going to clean. HS gets a call and remembers how that girl said everything was settled by the oppa she knows. that he is paying off the damages now. then how JS asked what did she just say. HS remembers seeing MC there

Soo is in his room when he gets a call from Moo chul. Soo: is that for real? Moo chul: did I ever kid around with you?

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soo runs out and kisses Young on her head. he says I found a skilled doctor who can save you. that person said she would do your surgery. if she does the surgery you can live. see you at night. he runs off all happy like a kid.

wang is staring at a pic of young Soo. she remembers seeing the scar below his neck and realizes this is the Soo she has in the house now.

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Soo meets with Moo chul. Moo chul: deduct 5 days. for the price of getting Young treated by my sister – I’m saying I’m moving up the day you hand over your life to me. why? cant do you do that? do you have to live even a day longer? Soo agrees to it.  MC says from the remaining 24 minus 5 days you have 19 days left till the day you die. 2wks and 5 days. will you be able to come up with the money by that day. I bet that you cant. cuz you are preoccupied by these other matters. Soo turns to leave so MC says arent you sorry to HJ? Soo: I am not sorry at all. MC: why arent you sorry? if it was me I would be sorry cuz you forgot about HJ and love someone else. if it was me I would feel really sorry. Soo: you would do that hyung. what i am sorry to HJ about- when she died – to go well – for her heart to feel at ease there -for not sending her off easily. just that one thing. cuz I wanted to live recklessly -using the excuse of feeling like I committed a sin against her – just living carelessly – just that one thing.  MC: what about not liking that she was pregnant. Soo: I felt really sorry for that. HJ would have understood. she was that kind of kid. a kid who was always prepared to understand us. that’s the kind of kid we loved. dont turn her into someone petty like you.

HS tracks down the two selfish idiots shopping – JS’s sister and her friend. HS keeps asking who is the oppa you know. HS gets the phone and calls. she finds out the source of their income is MC. both of them promise not to do it again. JS’s sister thought the money she was spending, MC would get it from Soo. I wont do it again.  HS yells at the girls: you already did. you went shopping today too. how could you spend that money.  she hits them and asks when will you become a human.

*I hate these two stupid selfish useless girls so much I cant see straight. I think HS should have beaten them up with a full soda bottle and not an empty one

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Soo is on the phone with MC about this matter and MC says then deduct another five days. as payment for the debt JS’s sister accumulated. so let’s push up the day you die by 5 days. from what I can see you have already decided to die.  19 days or 14 days – it’s all the same. Soo says ok but leave JS and HS out of this and dont get them involved again. how is that? HS tries to take the phone from Soo to yell at MC but soo pulls away. MC: ok I will just go up to here with JS, but I dont know about Kim cuz of his money– if I can give you one advice. don’t hang around with JS and HS anymore cuz the moment they get caught on Kim’s radar -they will die with you. Soo: thanks for the advice. MC: then let’s meet after two weeks. they hang up.  HS calls him crazy for deducting days. soo: act like you dont know in front of JS.  as payment for MC not messing with JS again, this was cheap. HS says dong found out a secret to catch wang. her sister is involved with buildings here and there in a criminal way.  soo calls and tells dong thanks for his help all this time. you can stay out of it now. HS says I will report this to the police so soo takes her phone away and says as soon as you report it to the police I will die right away. you stay out of it too now. don’t get involved again in my business. he leaves her store. she calls out to him

HS calls JS and asks where are you. JS is going to meet dong to catch wang and get his money problem settled too. HS: you crazy guy that isnt important now. Oh Soo might die. cuz of you. JS listens and takes off running

MC’s sidekick tells him that Kim is kicking up a fuss now cuz you keep spending money. he wont stand still for it if he finds out you spent so much cuz of JS. just throw away taking care of Oh Soo (as in step away from it) and wipe your hands clean of the matter and look into other work – isnt that better. MC tells him I have cancer. I was already told there is no hope for survival over two months ago. seeing how I’ve been (so sick), I really dont look like I have any chance of survival.

JS runs over to them like crazy

MC: while living I only had two regrets. one is putting you on this dirty land (this dirty line of work) when you are so kind. another one is…. he is suddenly tackled by JS. MC tells the guy not to step in. JS and MC fight. JS says my debt is mine. why is  my debt hyung’s (soo) debt. they fight again. MC says take your parents and go to the countryside. JS yells if you are going to kill hyung kill me too. kill me too! MC beats him up and tells him to take his family and go to the countryside. also loyalty is for protecting the family first. you cant even protect your family so how could you protect your loyalty to a neighborhood hyung. JS goes after him and they fight some more

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MC is getting his cuts treated by his sister. he asks her to treat Soo’s younger sister. she says I told you I wouldnt. MC: yesterday Soo kneeled in front of me. Oh Soo did that. there was just one other time when he kneeled in front of me like yesterday. when he was 17 – saying “cuz I love HJ so could you step out of the way hyung.” she says you crazy guys are putting on a show. MC: I realized yesterday why HJ chose Oh Soo and not me. even if I die, I wont throw myself away. whether that is love, parents, you noona, even in front of death – even if I die I cant do things that make me lose face. but Soo threw himself away -things like saving face, pathetic things, he doesnt differentiate. when HJ went to soo do you know what I said? go well – live well – you have to be happy. that’s the kind of guy I am – I cant do things that make me lose face. to protect his love Soo threw himself away. but I wanted to save face and lost love -lost the chance to be treated (for his cancer). like you said noona I am getting a thousand punishments. she says there is no chance for Oh Young (to be saved) so MC urges her to try at least. you arent a god so if it doesnt work it doesnt work. she says there are so many people in the world to save so why would I save you gangsters. MC says that girl is not a gangster -she is just a patient. do you just look at the guardian (soo) and decide to do the surgery? she tells him to go to their countryside home and sleep for a day with mom and dad. MC: throwing away parents and siblings and all of it so that only you live -that is something you did that’s good. if you stayed at home to live with your siblings you would have ended up like me too. he leaves.

*I knew he was affected by Soo kneeling – I just knew it. I had no idea it was to this extent though – it was like part admiration sort of. He even urged his sister to try to treat Young at least. If MC didnt have so much resentment towards Soo cuz of HJ, they could have remained best friends – maybe proven to be more loyal than JS.

wang looks at the photo of the real oh soo. jang: i think it’s right to chase soo out today from this home. wang says we should do that. jang says I told soo to come home but we should tell Young first. wang: let’s go to young’s room

soo is driving home. he remembers how MC said – deduct 5 days. for the price of getting Young treated by my sister – I’m saying I’m moving up the day you hand over your life to me. from what I can see you already decided to die. soo gets a call from JS and ignores it cuz soo remembers what MC said: the moment JS and HS get caught on Kim’s radar -they will die with you.

JS keeps calling soo but soo ignores it. their friend dong asks isnt soo picking up? maybe you really are out. dong tells him about all the buildings wang’s sister is making money off of and it seems suspicious. so JS thinks that will work. that woman is making a lot of profit so something (illegal) must be there. how can someone who is average have a building in gangnam even if she is educated – does that make sense. this has to be illegal for sure. he walks away so dong says stay out of it if hyung said to but JS says if it’s hyung-I would even go into a fiery pit with him –  I will show him what loyalty is for sure

Young asks why aren’t you talking at all– didn’t you two come cuz you had something to say to me. wang and jang are nervous. young says I will speak first. since yesterday till today I thought about it carefully. I will get surgery. oppa found a doctor that could save me. doctor hyun is good but I want to get surgery by the doctor oppa is talking about. I want to trust her. weather she can really save me. please prepare so I can get surgery before oppa leaves

Lawyer Jang is on the phone with Young’s doctor (the one wang called). Jang says doctor Hyun knows doctor Cho (Moo chul’s sister) very well. her personality is rough/brusque but she has skills. she is a talented doctor that other doctors acknowledge at (medical) school. he (doctor Hyun) said we could trust her and entrust Young’s surgery to her. I dont know what Oh Soo is thinking.

Soo comes over so Jang invites him to sit but wang tells Soo to just go up. Soo says lawyer Jang asked to see me but wang says Young said she would have the surgery. we were going to request that you ask her to get surgery but there is no need. Soo: for the surgery – doctor Cho – the one I mentioned… wang interrupts and says: we will do that. Soo: this seems too easy. wang: there is nothing easy about it. we looked into dcotor cho and we can trust her so that’s why. you can go up. after Soo goes up Jang asks wang: why didnt you tell him. wang: he loves young. i think it’s been for a long time. i overheard the two of them talking yesterday and he sincerely worries about young. jang: that is probably cuz of money. wang: we control/manage the money. for the payment for deceiving young, the same time young finishes her surgery -he wont get a cent and he will be chased out of this home by me. the people who want their debt paid wont leave Soo alone, but that isnt our concern

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-48-24] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-49-16] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-51-32] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-51-55] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-52-41] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-53-36]

Soo and young are playing in the snow and making snowmen of each other. he says hers is too big. she says you are tall so he says you will know when you open your eyes but I am not as tall as you think. she touches hers and asks is this me. he says yes. your nose, eyes, face, and hands are smaller than me so you are cute. she says I want to open my eyes and see. he says you will see soon. she wants to touch his nose to make the nose on her snowman. he says it’s too big. my nose isnt that big. he takes it away so she asks for it. Soo: I dont want to. he throws the snow at her so she says dont do that. he says then you do it too. so they have a snowball fight. she asks did you get hit. he says I did. Young: liar. Soo: it’s for real. he pretends to be hit each time she throws and says you can see huh? they laugh and play in the snow as soo narrates: for the first time I had fun like a kid. I wasn’t afraid of MC’s knife. for the first time in my 30 yrs of life – I didnt feel indignant (that life was unfair). I thought for sure that the world was fair for the first time.   I shouldn’t forget this moment with young now so I wont feel it’s unfair when I get stabbed by MC’s knife. I remind myself hundreds and thousands of times. still there are moments in between when I am afraid. so then I try to think – until this moment today and the past she had been endlessly afraid of her death- Young who is in front of me. I am not feeling indignant/unfair about my life. I am happy now. That’s enough.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-54-54] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-56-02] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[03-56-10]

young is in bed with soo who is sleeping but she doesn’t know it. she says when I open my eyes (meaning when she can see again) I am going to walk alone for 24 yrs. and work on the nursery with my own hands. after that I am going to watch my favorite movie alone without anyone explaining it. also I want to see the face of the little prince you read to me to see what he looks like. what did you mean by that hideaway home last time– are you asleep. we said we would stay up all night talking today but you are sleeping. she turns around and moves his hand under the blanket. she tucks him in and her hand accidentally touches his cheek. she reaches out to touch his forehead and lets her finger go down his nose to his lips. she pulls away quickly. *she realizes she has feelings for him

she gets blankets and sleeps on the floor.

kim gives sora a plane ticket to go to switzerland 3 days later and there will be someone to meet you at the airport when you arrive. I know that the money that soo took is with you. I knew that from the start. she says then why are you getting money from soo. he says for payment for you liking him. the money in Switzerland will be all mine if you are still here after 3 days. also it will be the end of you and Oh Soo. see you later.

wang texts sora and says I cant do the favor you asked last time cuz soo needs to stay by young’s side. I hope you wont contact me again. I know soo’s identity.

sora calls young and says hello I am Oh Soo’s girlfriend. I have something to discuss so I was hoping we could meet today it’s about your brother so it would be good if you didnt tell him. let’s meet at the cheongdamdong café at one

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soo comes over and asks why did you sleep on the floor yesterday. the blankets were on the floor. why didnt you sleep next to me. she says I was just a little uncomfortable. Soo: you were uncomfortable? but you slept well next to me other days. she says from here on let’s sleep separately. soo: why? young: the bed is a little uncomfortable. soo: ok then I will just sleep at the edge of the bed – will that be ok then. (he smiles as he offers to make more room for her on the bed)  oh yeah today I am going to meet doctor cho and set a date for the surgery. she asks do you have a girl by any chance. soo: a girl? what girl. young: i just thought maybe you had a girl.  he asks what she is talking about suddenly

in the car she asks do you have a girlfriend by any chance. soo: what’s up with all this about girls and girlfriends starting from this morning. I don’t have one except for you. young:do you really not have a girl. he says I used to but not now. young: is she a pretty girl? soo: why are you like this. i told you i dont have one. young: the ex girlfriend  -was she pretty? soo: she was ok. young: she must have been prettier than me huh. he says of course. are you mad. it seems like you are mad. or are you jealous. young: between an oppa and his dongsang- why would I be jealous. you are an oppa and not a man.  soo: that’s right. it’s funny to have jealousy between siblings.  why are you meeting at cheongdamdong for the charity. young: we meet often like that – I just couldnt during that time after you came.  he asks should I go and pick you up later after I meet doctor cho. she says MH will come and we are going to the office together. soo: even between siblings there is jealousy. I suddenly feel like crap. young: there is huh? I’m not the only one who is strange then huh. soo: a while ago you were jealous.  young: what jealousy between siblings. he says go home quickly after meeting MH -if you are late you will be in trouble by me

Young waits to meet with sora and sora arrives

MC’s sister is looking at Young’s scan. soo asks her to look at it again. she says I saw it 10-20 times before you came. in a case like this there is no chance of success. soo: I will bring the patient tm.  meet the patient and then give your decision/prognosis again. she says we dont come to a decision after seeing the patient. we come to a decision after seeing the scan. dont bother/torment the patient for nothing.  there is not even 10 percent of success. even if she has the surgery it will end with her death.  for the time she has left make her happy. soo says a hyung I knew in the past had a brain first they said he would die but when they opened him up for surgery, the tumor was smaller than they thought. she says that case was like that but young’s case is that she relapsed. to have useless surgery when it wont work and mess with her tumor but soo interrupts and says how she is a good doctor and wouldnt do that. let’s talk tm. he leaves

soo stands in the hallway and cries alone

the other doctor says the patient is too young. MC’s sister looks at computer and then leaves

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-05-17]

sora is sitting nearby Young. sora sends soo a text meant for young: your oppa is not the real oppa. he is just pretending to be your oppa. your real oppa died a year ago. everyone around you already knows. if you ask sec wang – you will know what I am saying is the truth. soo reads the text and doesnt even flinch. sora calls him. sora says after 3 days come to the airport at ten at night. if you dont come then. the text I sent you I will send to your sister. I am looking at your sister now. she is really pretty. I know why you like her. but if you have a conscience you shouldn’t have messed with a kid like that. isnt that so? she hangs up

young gets up and leaves

sora helps her and says be careful there are 3 steps in front of you. young thanks her.

MH goes over to young. he asks why she didnt wait inside

they go to the company. MH is having a meeting and young remembers touching Soo’s lips while MH talks

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-05-42]

MH hears the girl oppa is dating asked to meet and didn’t show up. he says next time that happens dont come alone. also saying this is a little weird but about your brother… she cuts him off and says I don’t know this well but cant a sister feel jealousy over her brother? it must not be right. dont worry about it cuz it’s really a little bit. even when my mom and dad were too close, I was jealous. it’s light like that. MH says you know sec han too right? young: it’s in the past. MH: I am telling you truthfully – it’s in the past. really in the past. truthfully I like you a lot. my parents were opposed to you but after seeing you they thought my decision/choice was right. when i heard that my heart felt full. the president would have approved too.  I will make PL group the best. young says but why didn’t that girl show up. what was she going to say to me. he says even when you are with me you only think about your brother. young: did I do that

soo is drinking with JS’s dad. the mom says to the dad you are drinking well even though you said you cant work cuz you hurt your back. the dad says how could I not drink when this kid came to see me. the dad needs to go pee so his wife says hurry and go if you need to.

the dad tries to pee outside so soo says you cant do it here -let’s go to the bathroom. the dad asks there is something that isnt going well with you huh. soo says there isnt. the dad says while you’ve been living today was the 3rd time you wanted to see me. after HJ died when you went to prison. what is not going well. soo says there isnt such a thing.  the dad says you have to buy me cows. why arent you answering. you promised to buy me cows. is it a waste to buy them for me. soo:  no I will buy it for you. the dad says let’s all  go to the countryside to live together.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-07-28] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-08-14]

JS shows up and his dad yells at JS for not helping his mom and making her run the restaurant alone. soo helps the dad but JS pushes Soo against the wall and  asks what are you. soo: dont make me talk. JS: aren’t you curious who I got beat up by like this. soo: I am not curious. JS: you arent thinking of catching wang huh. you arent thinking of living huh? soo says from here on – dont talk to me and dont act like you know me.  meeting today -this is the end of it. I only came to see your dad cuz of that. JS: what if I cant do that.  soo punches him. JS says that isnt much of a punch.  how did you survive with those fists around here. during that time you were lucky. soo walks off so JS calls out: take me with you hyung but soo left

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-08-18]그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-07-32]그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-07-40]

soo goes home and goes to her room instead of his when he hears the bell ring. he sees her sleeping in bed. she has the string tied to her hand. he remembers how MC’s sister said “in this case there is no chance (of success)” he leans over and touches her face. he cries and kisses young with his eyes closed. she opens her eyes at the touch of his lips and if she had sight, she could see he is trembling from crying.


그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-10-53] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-12-09] 그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-12-15]


Soo kisses her head and shows more affection that usual

young asks: can a dongsang like her oppa

wang says there seems to be something only the two of them know inside the greenhouse

JS: in your eyes -do I look like a guy who would kill oh soo.

kim: it’s not a bad deal/offer

a man says I found the doctor who lied to Oh Young

Soo punches out that doctor

wang: what is going on between the two of you

Soo: be quiet -that insincere look in your eyes -pretending it’s for Young’s sake-dont do it again

(I think Soo knows that Wang could have prevented Young’s blindness)

MC’s sister comes out of surgery and she looks upset.

Soo has tears in his eyes

young: why did you do it?

soo: cuz I love you.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-09-23]

I started crying when Soo got that threatening text from Sora cuz he wasn’t even fazed. He doesn’t care if Young knows the truth about him cuz the only important thing is to save her. He seemed numb to anything except the fact that Young’s surgery doesn’t have a chance of success. He was so happy and giddy during their snowball fight, but now he has swung the other way mood wise. Nothing can cheer him up now cuz losing Young means he loses everything. He has never wanted anyone to live this much. All those other times, I think his impulse to kiss Young was predicated on his attraction, but now it’s based on something entirely different. He wants to spend the rest of the time she has left doing things the right way. No more hiding behind the excuse that he is her brother. Even though she cant see, he wants her to see him as a man who is in love with her now.

yssn그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[00-16-48]

written before it aired:

Last night something very monumental happened in that café scene towards the start of the episode. The minute Soo said, “if that’s not it, then I love you a lot,” that was the opening salvo for his heart to finally admit the truth aloud. It’s sort of ironic that when Soo’s voice started to break and he stopped himself from finishing his thought about how his attitude about life changed just from spending time with Young, that was when his confession had gained momentum. He stopped himself cuz he knew this wasn’t the time to finish his declaration.  Forget that it was incomplete and Young probably didn’t even catch on, but at least Soo knows he was on the verge of making a full out confession. It sort of makes you wonder if he was able to tip toe so close to making such a great one now and it was this poignant, how much better will it be when he goes all out and confesses with no holds barred. Just thinking about it gives me chills.



I’ve been spoiled by dramas characters that clearly stood on the good side or the other. Not many had gray areas as much as this one. From day one, I just couldn’t figure out if Secretary Wang was pure evil or just misunderstood. Watching her break down in tears last night just ended up pushing her into an even more gray area. We know she allowed Young’s father to die and didn’t do anything to stop it, but then I’ve never seen a woman so devoted to a girl who isn’t her biological daughter. It’s at 11 episodes so shouldn’t we know by now where exactly to categorize her or is she going to end up shocking us all and be someone we didn’t even imagine.  I have to admit, I am wary of the surprise element cuz from my past experience that would require dragging in hackneyed kdrama tropes in the last minute. I want TWTWB to stay high quality till the end so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a continual limited makjang show. Two people dying is enough if you ask me, we don’t need to complicate matters with last minute birth secrets.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E11.130314.HDTV.H264.450p-XTX[06-32-10]

I am loving Moo Chul more and more with each episode. Aside from how harsh he was to beat up Soo like that, I get why he did it. He can’t allow himself to show any weakness – not when he is so close to death himself. Till his last breath he is determined to go out playing the role of the thug, but I really wanted him to have one last scene where he is at peace with himself. I want him to leave this world regretting that he didn’t get to live longer to make a better life for himself. He needs to realize that even if Hee Joo never returned his love, he was worthy of receiving a love like hers. I want him to feel some sense of loss about that – for not giving himself the opportunity to prove that he could have loved someone so much that she would have been changed and affected by his love and vice versa. If he regrets not having done that, then it means he still has a soul. Maybe watching how much Soo loves Young and being moved by that enough to spare Soo’s life is going to be Moo Chul’s last chance for redemption – to show the world he can leave it a better man than he was while still in it.

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  1. Wow! Softy! You are so fast! *sigh* this drama is going to break my heart…but like you, I hope it does it in a high quality way. I think it’s interesting that all of a sudden Oh Young is feeling the attraction to Oh Soo that has been there all along. I am not quite sure what has precipitated the change. Ah! Also, Oh Soo knows how to handle everyone so well! And Moo Chul. I really can’t hate him at all. Sure, he’s despicable in one way, but he is also like Oh Soo, trying to save people. The scene with him and his sister, where he was telling her how Oh Soo is incredibly self-sacrificing, that was such a great scene! Ah! Now for waiting for next week.


  2. iviih says:

    Hi Softy!! ❤ hello everyone!

    I'm so behind T_T this weekend will watch the last episodes!

    Thanks so much for the recaps and also for translating some interviews ❤ 🙂 😀 ;D 😉

    I found these cute BTS video, wonder if it was already posted here.

    Well, posting again!

    Eunji and Kimbum soo cute! Heheheh Did you guys heard he went to watch her legally blonde musical? Aww ^^

    SGK and JIS

    Credits to uploader^^


  3. Hi softy~ I am really grateful when you started to write about this and became more grateful when you put up an official post. Thank you for the hard work 🙂 I do agree about your in sights about sec Wang, up until now it is still not clarified what her real motives behind her actions and her background story is still not fully unveiled and I’m starting to think maybe she really loves Young to the point that she didn’t cure her because she is afraid that if she regained her eyesight she is not going to need her anymore and even killed her father (indirectly) so that she is going to rely on her more or something like that or either wise just for the sake of money. Anyways, this a really good melodrama and I’ll be here every week reading your awesome recaps and in sights. Thanks a bunch Softy~ 🙂


  4. sunshine4ever says:

    Hi Softy, this is a new preview for episode 12. It has some added dialogue between Soo and Young, will you please translate it? Thanks so much. ❤


  5. sunshine4ever says:

    Thank you so much, Curioser and Softy, for the translations! Gosh, I was hoping that he will tell her he is not her brother ASAP, but it seemed if that’s what Soo’s tone is even after this preview, then that means Young will have to find out herself that he is not her brother. I hope it is soon so we can have real romance between the two of them (not as siblings, but as lovers.)

    Here is the preview for episode 12 with English subs by Shaylaman and translation comes from here.

    Enjoy, guys! 🙂


  6. tessieroo says:

    “It doesn’t matter” – NO, come on! Really? I hope there is much more to that conversation that just this. I hate getting confused by previews. (LMAO) Thanks to both Curioser and Curioser and Softy for that translation.


  7. debberdeux says:

    Hi Softy. Thanks for the recap. I really love your introduction for this episode. It’s beautifully written with so much depth and insight. 🙂

    I’m really curious on the outcome of the operation, it is driving me crazy all week.

    It could be possible that Young is Wang’s biological daughter since young’s mother abandoned her and only took her brother with her. Another interpretation could be Young’s mother left her with the father after knowing that she has brain tumour and only her father has the funds to cure her.

    I have yet to read your previous posts, but I have this nagging feeling that Secretary Wang is the mother who abandoned Oh Soo to follow Young’s father for a better life. She recognised a scar/birth mark on Oh Soo’s chest. Which, for me, explains why she tries to be Young’s mother as sort of redemption for her sin in abandoning Soo. This makes her somewhat a piteous character. But I think she’s just making use of Young to have access to her wealth. If Young dies, her access to the wealth ends with her death. Also, she needs Young to be somewhat independent (ie being able to read braille and learning how to move about and do things from the disabled community centre) so that the board of directors won’t completely rule out Young as the Chairman, which enables her to be the guardian and facilitator to the Chairman (and have access to her funds). She’s still a bad person to me. Just my take.

    Looking forward to your introduction for Episode 12!


  8. Softy says:

    This is my take on Soo’s line when he said “it doesn’t matter.” It’s hard to tell what drove her to such tears, but my guess is someone made a confession of sorts. One of them could have opened up about their feelings for the other – you can only cry that much if you are struggling with your emotions. She sounds like she is trying to reason with him when she said “I am your younger sister,” but she also sounded confused. Like she was convincing herself of that too – trying to rationalize her new found feelings for him by reminding both of them that they are siblings. I am almost one hundred percent certain that after he said “it doesn’t matter” there will be more added on. He won’t just leave it at that – maybe he will continue and explain it doesn’t matter cuz he isn’t her real brother. All this time I was really hoping Soo would be the one to break the news to her – to tell her the truth about his scam. I wanted him to be the one to come clean so she can beat him up. And then afterwards he can hold her and comfort her as she grieves for her dead brother. At this point there are so many others who might blab first like her friend Mira. She feels indebted to Young and wants to make it up to her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she blabbed first. Even if Soo doesnt tell the truth in that car, for him to say those words “it doesn’t matter,” I felt like he was finally being honest about something with the one person in the world he should never have lied to. It’s the most candid declaration he ever made recently. Cuz saying that means he is starting to own up to his feelings. He feels like he has nothing to lose now – he is already losing her to that brain tumor and he will end up dead too pretty soon for all he knows cuz of his debt so what else is there to fear. That’s why that kiss last week felt like it signified something momentous – a small gesture to do something selfish – to steal a memory he can hold onto and cherish when the truth hits the fan. that kiss was just for him – something he felt driven to do that would end up meaning a lot for him later on.

    I’m hoping the longer 3 min preview will be released on tues or wed afternoon like it has been for the past weeks so that we can get more insights about this short preview. That’s one of the benefits of having a drama that is running ahead of schedule – we always got our previews.


    • iviih says:

      ”so she can beat him beat him up” LOLOLOL Softy. Then after they talk, can he get a decent kiss? Please? Kekekeke ~~ I think Soo really have nothing to lose now aside Young. So he will do anything he can to help her, protect her. ❤ Aw.

      Btw Softy. I wasn't sure where post this, but here is the first teaser for Gu Family book.
      I was going to post it on KD forum but until you find it would be too late, lol

      Kisses! 😉


      • iviih says:

        can *we get


      • Softy says:

        You can leave any new clips on KD Chats if you want. Wow thanks so much for sharing this – it’s going to be a lot more epic than I thought. I guess I was just envisioning a light hearted comedy, but it looks more serious than that. Going to show this to Joonni cuz I am trying to convince her to recap this together cuz I’m pretty sure the sageuk language is gonna kick my butt. been out of practice ever since Arang and Faith ended. 🙂


    • Ooh! I like your way of thinking!


    • tessieroo says:

      I’m praying you’re right – I really hope the sibling thing will be over soon. I’d rather she be questioning if he is her brother at all. I don’t want her to try and rationalize any feelings she might be having – I just want that part over with and out in the open. *heehee* Then Soo is free to love her (and smother her in kisses) as much as he wants.


      • Softy says:

        I bet you are so getting your wish this week. I really thought the truth would’ve come out last week, but he wanted to continue to lie so he can stick around so he could convince her to have her surgery. I bet after the surgery he will tell her.

        I love that he punched out that doctor cuz Soo got the truth out of him. I think even though Wang loves Young – that love stems from guilt. She has stayed by Young’s side devotedly taking care of her cuz her blindness could have been prevented, but it’s getting more and more clear that Wang wanted to control Young so that she can manage the company. Wang’s family is benefitting from her position so she needs to keep it – that’s why she got so mad at lawyer jang saying the board wants to kick her out so they can have control. Wang is power hungry so she chose Myung Ho cuz she can control him too. Once Soo gets all the proof he needs of Wang’s corruption, he will show lawyer jang and jang will have no choice but to be disappointed in the woman he loves. I am just so worried about what Wang will do with Young ‘s secret room – what if she destroys all the tapes in there.

        That’s another thing – Young used to go in there late at night cuz she had insomnia and wanted to feel close to her brother and mother and it eased her loneliness, but ever since Soo came into her life – she stopped needing that room. My two favorite lines recently were when Soo promised to sleep together every night from here on till he left and then when he offered to sleep on the edge of the bed just so he could continue to sleep with her cuz she complained it was uncomfortable. He offered with such a cheeky grin I wish Young could have seen it, but she was too distracted by her sudden attraction to him to notice the goofy tone in his voice. The guy who lectured her at one time is now trying everything he can to stay in that bed with her – even risking rolling off the bed and falling.

        after this week there will only be 3 eps left so I doubt we will get anymore happy moments in the last stretch cuz there is going to be so much misery for all the characters – I should be dreading it, but I feel slightly optimistic. I already wrote about the possible ending on my recap for E12 and what I am prepared to see unfold.


        • debberdeux says:

          But if Soo breaks it to her now she will be suicidal (again) when she goes for the operation. She would want to die on the table and join her family. The only other thing that will stop her from being suicidal is when she finally owns up that she is in love with Soo and she can’t bear to leave him alone. (I really liked the part in one of the previous episodes where Soo told her that if she loves someone her heart will flutter when he arrives and she replies that she must be in love with him then. The only thing stopping me from squealing aloud was I was at a very public place in the club house lol)

          Aye. Wang has some kind of guilt that only time will tell. But I don’t mind that she is making use of Soo’s love for Young to get Young to undergo the operation. Otherwise Lawyer Jang would have spoilt everything.

          I know! I’m so anxious about the secret room. That’s the only evidence that Soo has against Wang and her wickedness. But even if she destroys those tapes, I hope Young, as smart as she is has some kind of a backup somewhere. Or, another interpretation would be after watching those tapes, it will be the catalyst to Wang explaining her “true” intentions behind all her actions. But with this woman, one must always include a caveat because she doesn’t always mean what she says.

          The week is simply passing too slowly towards my favourite part of the week. As consolation, I’m looking forward to ur translation for the extended preview. Knowing that this drama is ahead of schedule actually makes me wanna fly over to Seoul and steal all their tapes to get to the ending before air time. Lol. The only thing stopping me is my job.


    • sunshine4ever says:

      Softy, thanks so much for your thoughts above about Soo. I also thought that Soo should break it for her. I really hope that he will be the one who does it and the one to ask for her forgiveness because anybody else that tells her the truth will only make her madder. But I’m a bit scared because I’m afraid that if she found out the truth things will only get worse for Young because she needs to do surgery right now. If she found out the truth, will she go on with the plans of getting surgery? How much heart break will she have if she found out that her brother died a year ago? We’re not just talking about her status right now as a brain tumor/blind patient, but a fragile heart who loves her brother very much. Poor thing. I just couldn’t imagine how it’ll play out, but I was just hoping Soo will be the one who admit it to her ASAP so that she can be assured of his love for her and that he’s not going anywhere aside from being there for her.

      Anyway, I’m just going to have high hopes that things will work out for Ms. Noh’s script. I think she’ll go deeper and beyond my concerns here. Thanks again for sharing your insights. ^^


  9. hartofseeker says:

    ugh… i have midterms this week, 5 of them… i think i’ll have to wait till next week before scourge on TWTWB T-T

    btw, softy, I posted my thoughts here already (in the older comments section) Gonna miss thinking/commenting on this piece in real-time >=T


    • Softy says:

      Good luck on your midterms. Don’t worry we will still be here for you to share your thoughts on this week’s episodes when you are done with exams. So sorry for not replying sooner to your other post – right after i finished the recap I slept for a few hrs then i had to go to work. then time got away from me cuz I was so sleep deprived I kept sleeping early each night over the weekend. I really did mean to reply sooner.

      There were so many points you elaborated on that were so insightful that I found myself nodding in agreement. like what you said about this drama being more than just a melodrama romance. it isnt just about two people and their love, but how they come to value themselves as individuals as well due to their love for each other.
      You said it best here “But when they came together, you see repeatedly they challenge the other person to value themselves: OY saying that OS deserves comfort and understanding, someone to stay with him despite his errors; OS saying that OY is valuable to others, and therefore is she doesn’t value herself enough to fight for her life, she’s being selfish and inconsiderate of the people who are left behind.”

      what you said about sec wang and how she is like a “tight fisted” mother figure made me remember the interview with the writer from the press conference when she said something similar. she spoke about Wang a lot -how she needed to trap Young in the house cuz it’s the safest place for her – she didnt want Young to go out in the world and get hurt bumping into things so she felt like she needed to trap her at home so much so she can control Young’s safety. the writer said that’s what seeing people do with blind people. people with sight want to protect the blind and tell them to stay home all the time, but the blind keep insisting this is who I am – I am used to bumping into things and living so leave me alone to do that.

      I totally agree on Soo being a better brother to Young than her real brother would have been -the other Oh Soo would have been too nice and naive to go up against someone like wang. Only Soo would have the nerve to defy her from day one the minute he sensed Young’s attitude towards Wang. I love when he told Wang that he would take her down also when the truth comes out and he has to leave. even if Young did survive and the surgery goes well, I dont think he will leave wang next to her. Soo really does play both roles well – one as the man who loves her, but also as a protective brother who won’t let anyone hurt his sister. I keep thinking her real brother would have been very proud to have Soo as a brother in law cuz her brother knows Young was taken care of in the best possible sense – she was protected with the zealousness of a devoted brother and loved so earnestly that not even the threat of impending death could stop him from letting go of her till the very last minute.


      • debberdeux says:

        I like what you girls wrote about Soo being a better brother and a damn good lover. A crazy thought popped up. Soo never really finished reading the letter that Young’s real brother wrote to her after the line where he said that Soo is not such a bad man but a really good fella (something along those lines). Probably there is more to that after that line which shows that Young’s real brother approves their love? Something like speaking from the dead and a premonition that they will be together when he was writing that letter?

        I can’t bear it if either of them dies and I can’t take it even more if Soo eventually sacrifices his own sight just so that Young sees again. I hope that the melodrama of this drama won’t take that damned path.


        • burboy says:

          Hi, what abt it is MC that sacrifics his sight not Soo to help Young to sees near the end, afterall he is dying.


          • debberdeux says:

            That will be awesome if MC does that. In fact, I’ll hail him the knight in shining armour if he decides to donate all of his organs! (Except for his brains, of course).

            On second thoughts, I don’t mind a blind Soo. That way I can take advantage of such a pretty hunky boy. 😛


      • Wow! I love all your thoughts. I also think that Soo makes a much better oppa all round for Young. This show really has me waiting each week with bated breath for the next episode. Whether or not it ends tragically, I am okay, just as long as we get a relatively peaceful resolution for Soo and Young.

        I think it’s also interesting how Moo Chul might step up as Soo’s hyung and help him. They have a really interesting dynamic. I think many of the relationships in this drama bring out the question of what does family really mean? Soo hasn’t really ever had a family (isn’t that one of the questions So Ra asks him at the beginning of the drama?), and then we have his dynamic with Jin Sung and Hee Sun, who act like real siblings. And even Jin Sung’s family in many ways treats him as a son. It’s almost like he’s been a surrogate son, oppa, and hyung to so many people for so long, that the idea of family for Soo is rather dynamic.

        I think this is what makes him a perfect oppa for Young because he knows how important the people you love are, and it’s not about blood relations. And like a good oppa, he is willing to help those he loves, even at the expense of self. It’s what Moo Chul finds so attractive/admirable about Soo. I think that kind of love inspires loyalty, and we see how loyal people are to him despite his flaws. I am excited to see how loyal Young will be when she completely finds out that he’s not her real oppa. She does love him though, and he her, so I am hoping she will be loyal to him, and not cast him off.


        • debberdeux says:

          Aye, I agree with you that this drama stretches the meaning of family so much wider and so much more meaningful.

          It’ll be great if MooChul decides to be cool and help Soo out since he finally realised why HeeJoo chose Soo over him. It felt like he reconciled with Soo a little from that little chat he had with his sister. But he still wants to haunt Soo to test him out if he has changed from the time HJ died.

          It’ll be great if MooChul suddenly swings in Soo’s way and become Soo’s saviour by killing President Kim. He hates President Kim after all.


      • hartofseeker says:

        awww softy, thank you for doing the recaps for us even though it takes so much energy from you~~~ I’ll definitely share my thoughts here next week after midterms~

        and looking at those previews, I’m keeping my fingers crossed– I want the writer to give enough room/time for OY to reconcile the fact that OS was not her real brother and all =x… no rushing on emotional progress please~~ so chop chop! let the confrontation begin AT LEAST by early ep 13 (which seeing the convo btw HS and OY… it would likely happen)


  10. chokichoki says:

    Whoa! Reading all your wonderful posts here makes me feel like I’ve missed more than one episode. It’s a great one by the way and a lovely recap as usual, Softy. I have a lot to say but I’m gonna save it til Wednesday.

    Just one thing though, if you guys noticed Soo’s mom in ep 3 (I think), she looked a whole lot like Sect Wang. Not that I’m okay if the writer goes with the birth secret plot (I really hope she wont) but the resemblance is uncanny. I even compared the two faces and it cannot be just a coincidence. I’ll see if I can make a screencap of the 2 faces.


  11. kikay14 says:

    previews for episode 12 and 13


    • kikay14 says:

      those are 3 minute long preview.


      • Softy says:

        mira cries cuz she must have confessed about the part she played in the deceit with wang and that other doctor cuz lawyer Jang yells: how can a person do that? how can a friend do that!
        the woman defends mira and says: she was young and her family was struggling (financially) too. the café guy says calm down lawyer jang. calm down. the woman hits mira and says why did you do that. even though I am on your side my insides are turning upside down. (meaning she is upset with Mira)

        jang goes and meets Soo. he slaps Soo and tells him to follow him. (Jang hit him cuz he hates that Soo was correct about wang)

        wang greets Jang: you came. jang: where is young? wang: the greenhouse. jang: follow me. jang leads both soo and wang to talk. (I think he is going to mention the whole business with that other doctor and the role wang played in that)

        young: you really like the wedding dress right? wang: yes – when lawyer jang, Myung ho, and your brother see it too – they will like it. young: only you need to like it. you raised me for over 20 years so it’s too bad this is the only present I can give you. wang: what does that mean? young: after I get the surgery and I am able to see –at that time I wont need your help. now like oppa – you should prepare to leave.

        young: you need money? HS: help. you have a lot of money. young: go quietly. Insults are about to come out (of my mouth). HS: you love Oh Soo too. Young: to you guys – me being in love is a pretext for getting money huh. HS: for Oh Soo – cuz his life is hanging on the line…
        the rest of her sentence is cut off.


    • Softy says:

      When Young comes out and realizes Soo is standing there she steps back so he asks why are you so startled? Young: I wasn’t. she goes and sits in front of her vanity and he stands behind her and says the look on her face is a little strange. Young: I didn’t sleep well. Soo:why weren’t you able to sleep well? are you feeling ill? young: no. she drops a lotion so he puts it in her hand and asks are you really ok? young: yes. but oppa did something happen yesterday? Soo: no. why? Young: it just seemed like you came home really late. Soo: did you hear me coming in?

      (Oh crap she closed her eyes and pretended she slept through that kiss)

      wang: if the hospital says she has to be admitted contact me right away and I will get her clothes together and go. he stares at her so she asks why are you like that. Soo: cuz often I don’t understand your actions/behavior. wang: which behavior of mine? Soo: why are you leaving me alone. when you already know who I am.

      MC’s sister – doctor cho tells Young: the chance of a successful surgery is 10 percent. along with the surgery you have to have at least 6-20 sessions of chemotherapy. while having chemotherapy there are a lot more cases where it relapses (where the tumor comes back) than being cured. I cant recommend surgery.

      HS takes a sip of her drink but it’s too hot so Young smiles. HS asks what’s so funny. Young: everything you do is funny to me. she looks out and says the weather seems to be warm. the sunlight on my face makes me feel good. HS ah what color is sunlight? HS: there is no color – just a bright color.


    • Softy says:

      thanks for sharing these video links. 🙂
      wonder why my translations didnt post directly under the video link


  12. kikay14 says:

    omo tyvm softy! you are the best!


  13. Softy says:

    Behind the scene clip of MC beating up Soo

    It starts when JIS and the crew laugh. off camera the actor who plays Moo chul yells “why are you like that – the more they see you get hit it’s so cool”
    they rehearse the kicking scene so MC tells the director: I cant do stuff like this well (using my feet to kick) if you just make it safe here (the part where he has to kick JIS on the ribs)
    they film the crying scene where Soo begs MC to save young. the two actors watch the monitor and MC says “looking at it – the first take was good for the front and back parts” then JIS and him both agree the second cut was good for the middle part. JIS asks worriedly “I didn’t look funny right?” (meaning when he did his crying take) so the guy playing MC says “not at all-not at all.” someone else says “is that the problem?” MC reassures JIS: it was sad.
    Judging from his interviews I knew this actor playing Moo chul has a really kind heart and would have a difficult time filming this “beat up Oh Soo” scene but I had no idea to this extent. the poor guy was afraid to kick JIS by accident. Guess he isnt used to stunt scenes. JIS is so cute that he worries that he might have looked funny during his crying scene – when this is probably the scene that is going to earn him some drama acting awards and nominations.


    • It really is beautiful to witness how gentle MC is with JIS, even when he is helping him up off the floor. And MC’s affect is SO different when he is not acting — his features relax quite dramatically and he really looks like a kind person in real life. Thanks for sharing.


    • kikay14 says:

      Oh, I think JIS is really pressured doing this drama because of high expectations from viewers. There are harsh critics out there that ridicule his acting maybe that is why he is worried he might not give justice to the role.
      Moo Chul – Kim Tae Woo is a nice actor, I never really thought that he would play a gangster but he is nailing this role in TWTWB. It’s also nice to see they are having a camaraderie on set.
      Again, thank you so much softy for the translation. It really eases our hearts while waiting for the next episode.


  14. tessieroo says:

    I just noticed the previews were out and came running here as quickly as I could. Ahahaha! Softy, thank you so much for translating both of those clips. I can not wait for tomorrow – it’s really getting good! Wish we had more than 3 episodes left after this week. 😦


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