1N2D brief recaps


It’s been one year since these guys came together. Instead of stepping into the giant footprints left by season one, these guys decided to take their own path and leave their own unique mark on a beloved variety show. Looking back on their trips, there were lots of laughter, suffering when they had to starve or sleep outdoors, struggling to get through quizzes with a shred of dignity and falling short, learning about the country, culture, and each other, but mostly we watched seven men become a family. They counted on one another, they shared the good and the bad, they bonded closer than brothers, and now they have gained an audience of their own. Let’s just hope their viewers continue to increase as they set out to bring us more laughter in the coming months and years.

Recap for March 24th episode will be added to a new 1n2d post on Tues night.

1 Night 2 Days.E285.130317.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-31-15] 1 Night 2 Days.E285.130317.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-32-04] 1 Night 2 Days.E285.130317.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-33-55] 1 Night 2 Days.E285.130317.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-49-39] 1 Night 2 Days.E285.130317.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-49-48]

Bird PD shows the guys the “strawberry house” and the guys chow down on them. If anyone has tasted Korean strawberries, you know how sweet and delicious they are. it’s like you died and went to heaven. the guys say stuff like why are they so sweet. JW: look at the color.  the guys walk out and TH sees a field of green and asks SG: what are those. green onions? SG: no garlic.  not green onions. TH thinks something is going on so Bird PD gives the hint “if you remember well it will be of help” so the guys look around and wonder “what is there to remember?”

back at basecamp SG asks JW: last week when your parents saw the  program did they say anything when they came home? someone says they must have liked it after seeing the program. SG: what did they say? JW: she said it would have been better if she could have showed the home when it was better. so it was too bad. SG: your mother felt like it was too bad (she didnt get to show it better) then call her and ask what is it that you wanted to do for us. cuz I am curious. JW calls and puts his mom on  speakerphone.  she calls JW “son” but SG says “mother” so she asks “who are you.” SG lies and says I am Kim SW. no mother I am Lee SG. mother did you watch the show last week? she says yes I saw it. he says we heard cuz you werent there it was too bad. she laughs and says she felt bad (about not being there and missing them). SG: we didnt go to look at the home we went to say hello to you mother. she says oh you did. SG: we didnt get to wish you a happy new year and just ate your food. she made some comment but I cant hear her above the laughter. SW asks do you think JW is doing well on 1n2d? she says JW is doing well as the role of the maknae. she says how you can see how much he is getting along with the hyungs. SW asks what do you think about his intelligence. so she brings up the missing quiz notes so TH takes the phone and says mother I took them. this is TH. I will study them a little more and return them. she says to return them cuz JW has to study them. TH asks her the same quiz hint about the old saying that JW got wrong when he was on the zip line earlier about crying. JW keeps hitting him cuz TH asked his mom.  she doesnt know the answer either. TH gives her the correct answer and the guys say no one got it right. SG says to be healthy and asks for her bank account number so they can collect some money and send it to her.  always be healthy and happy mother. after shehangs up TH comments her “yes” was getting more tired sounding over time. SK remarks her voice went down when she heard the quiz question. SW says she didnt like that – it brought her down a lot.  *I dont think she liked being quizzed like that either and being put on the spot same as her son. JM suggests they get tested

so the next part is the guys being quizzed about old sayings and terms by another PD – not Bird PD. the first one is about helping each other and JM says JW should know this but JW doesnt so the guys joke his facial expression is he is going to cry. JM insists they should answer starting from the right where JW is so SK gets suspicious and asks if JM knows the answer. JM insists “I do” but SK doesnt believe him cuz they should be going around the circle starting from JM. turns out JM really didnt know the answer. SK gives JW a hint so JW gets it right. they say how JW knew the answer but he wasnt sure. SK says I dont have certainty. SK says to ask starting from JM and that JM needs a bet. so SK says let’s play for flicking foreheads. so the two of them going against each other. they are going to play 3 rounds. JM gets the first one correct really fast and calls SK a dummy. he flicks SK really hard. JM gets the second one too.  he kept getting the answer before the question was finished. SK gets flicked again. SK says it’s ok if I get hit 10 times just let me get him once. JM gets the 3rd one right too. he hits SK and says come to your senses. SK asks for another problem so JM says this time against JW. TH asks when Bird PD showed up. SK points out Bird PD quietly came over to watch. Bird probably came over to watch SK get his butt handed to him. SG says when you cant see – SK and Bird PD go up against each other all the time so there should be a quiz time for the two of them. so this time they pitt SK and Bird PD against each other for the quiz. SG introduces them. the others are asked who they think will win. TH starts by saying “since he is our member” and then chooses Bird instead of SK. SG asks JM what the negative sides are to SK and Bird. JM says SK has trauma (from losing to JM) and Bird PD is really girly. Bird PD mutters in banmal “i’m going crazy.” the question is thrown out – name the 4 tragedies of Shakespeare. Bird PD answers first but he left out one (Othello) and only named King lear, hamlet, and macbeth. JW brags “even I know that.” SK cant think of it either so they let JW answer and he gets Othello.  SK hangs his head in shame as JW jumps up and hugs everyone. SK mutters I am losing more and more confidence.

the guys go out and TH cries out that he slept outdoors 12 times. the guys do the sleeping BBB opening based on TH sleeping outdoors all the time and end with but it’s now Spring. SG points out how TH hasnt slept properly or ate properly all this time so I want to make this suggestion – today for TH’s sake let’s do some games for him. Bird PD says today we are going to do sleeping BBB so TH can have a chance to sleep indoors. so you guys can do whatever game you want. the person to win during the first game gets to choose the next game. SG says for example I win first so I sleep indoors and get to say the rest of the 6 can do a simple rock paper scissors and the winner gets to sleep indoors. Bird PD says yes – they can keep going till there are 4 people to sleep indoors. the guys like the idea. Bird PD says they are going to start off with taking off shoes. they just need to start the game by taking each other’s shoes off. both shoes till only one person is left. the guys discuss who to target first. then they do rock paper scissors to target someone. JM is first. next is JW. while TH holds him down SG and SK take off TH’s shoes too. Next TW motions with his eyes to get SK so the other 3 go after SK next. he gave them a hard time cuz he tied his shoelaces tightly. they say we caught a monster.  TW sits on SG’s face and tries to get his shoes off with SW’s help. SG is out. next SW so TW wins. he gets to sleep indoors. he chooses the next game. he calls out for the guys to imitate certain people like SG, SW, or TW or characters like king kong and chooses the best impressions. SG wins so he chooses for them to get hit by a big pan and be the funniest to win. SW wins and wants a game that will be good for TH’s sake. so he wants 50 cups of drinks. 30 to be green tea and the 20 something that tastes bad.  the person who keeps having to drink the bad one gets to sleep indoors. TH thinks he has a good chance for this but he keeps drinking green tea -like 7 in a row. JW ends up winning and being the 4 th so TH sleeps outdoors again with SK and JM.

TH lifts his leg in the room and says cant i just sleep indoors like this then no one will know. Bird PD says since you slept outside so much isnt it comfortable by now? TH: it’s not comfortable. Bird PD tells them their morning mission. 50 flags will be hidden around the village and it will have ingredients written on them. they have to find them and make their breakfast with those ingredients of the flags they find. they only have ten mins to collect as many flags as they can and take it to a location to discover which ingredients they can cook with.

when TH goes to the tent to sleep Bird PD asks if TH’s son watches 1n2d – doesnt he get sad watching his dad sleep outside all the time. TH: he gets sad. when I lose at games he says I am pitiful. Bird says there must have been two times when you said you won. TH: I lie sometimes too. since he doesnt know well I say this is winning. it’s a white lie.

next morning the guys split up and gather flags. they got 25 out of 50.  after the guys collect the flags SK determines which  dishes he can make from those ingredients-4 dishes.  the guys are resting but Bird PD tells them all to come out and they wonder why cuz only SK the chef needs to go out. but Bird throws in a twist cuz SK is always cooking so he makes each guy cook for 5 mins and the next one goes so like a relay cooking.  the guys start to complain. SK: what kind of food will come out. JW: you want us to cook everything in 35 mins? even my mom cant do that. how can she do that. Bird PD says it’s not our fault if it ends up not tasting well. SK gives instructions for each guy and tells them what to do. JW runs to make the rice and prepare other stuff too.  everyone does their part but JM is the only one who didnt do anything helpful and just kept eating the food that was made. the food ends up tasting good so the guys  say we should open a restaurant. JW says everything tastes good. they say no matter what the situation now JW makes the rice well. JW beams.

the guys go for a walk to the strawberry nursery again. they are instructed to pick basketfull of strawberries. the guys eat as they pick.  SG brags I am like a farmer. SW  says you dont need to add sugar to these cuz they are so sweet. JM talks about the nutrients. he asks how many days they stay sweet after being picked and the man says 5 days. TH brags about the size of his strawberry. JW says TW is good at doing this (picking these). TW says how delicious they are. he says one is like plastic cuz it’s so perfect. I should take this home (for his wife) I cant put this in my mouth. SK wants to take these to his parents. JM says these are good for kids. TH says his kids take after their mom so they love fruit. I dont cuz they are sour. his son can eat ten in one sitting.  JW asks JM: hyung dont you want to take these to your mom. JM: no it’s ok. he changes his mind and then says he does. they come out carrying their baskets full saying they picked a lot. Bird PD eats one. SK: what do we do with these? Bird PD says you can take them home. the guys are shocked and ask “really? thank you. they will like it so much.” SW: you should have told us sooner that we could take them home cuz then we would have picked more. what is this. I would have picked quicker instead of slower.  SW picked the least amount. JM eats some from TH’s basket. SG asks: are you giving them to your girlfriend? JM: no I am going to give them to my mom. SW asks Bird PD if they are going to follow this system of giving only one meal. Bird PD says what do you mean just one meal. SW: you should give us lunch. SW brings up playing next week for lunch. SG and others join in and say give us breakfast and lunch. with no mission. if we lose we have to bet something.  Bird PD asks if they can beat the staff at something. SW: you look down on us too much. Bird PD wants TW included and play 4 against 4 kickball against the staff for black bean noodles.

preview shows the members playing against the staff. there was an important part but the referee says I didnt see it.


Quick recap for March 10th

I don’t think I can put up many pics cuz the guys don’t look so good today. One looks scary, the other went from crazy rocker to distant relative of Bigfoot, and the rest just look funny.  You will see what I mean later when I post some screencaps. 🙂

해피선데이-1박2일.E283.130310.경남 사천 1탄.HDTV.XviD-KOR[(023740)13-49-54] 해피선데이-1박2일.E283.130310.경남 사천 1탄.HDTV.XviD-KOR[(023799)13-48-58] 해피선데이-1박2일.E283.130310.경남 사천 1탄.HDTV.XviD-KOR[(023818)13-48-42] 해피선데이-1박2일.E283.130310.경남 사천 1탄.HDTV.XviD-KOR[(028037)13-53-30]

Starts from the parking lot. Bird PD passes out little bags and says don’t look at it until I tell you. the guys do the opening and say that it’s spring. they joke the price of JW’s home went up cuz it came out on tv last week.

Bird PD shows them the various food they can get to eat ranging from feast to bare basic. They have to earn points by going to specific locations they choose and doing well on quizzes and games to get the best food. they choose team by taking out the colored balls in the bag. they all get teamed up except for SK. he is all alone. there are 3 teams – the red (JW, TH, and SW), blue (SG, TW, and JM), and white (SK).

the guys have to wear various wigs. JW’s team has the shorter wig. SG’s team has really long hair. TW looks like a rocker. TH calls his kids with the wig on and scares them and they run off. Bird PD has to suppress his laughter cuz the guys look so silly. SW jokes and asks the director to let them go to a hair salon first (so they can do something about his wig to make it look better).

SK has to leave 30 mins later than the rest

JW’s team pulls up and meets with Bird PD to do the quiz. they have to do the game where they emphasize the syllables. SW messes up cuz he was never good at this from the start. JW does well of course and TH sort of does too.

SG’s team doesn’t do well on the guessing the answers to the quizzes.

SK arrives and he can take the points from one person if he catches him. if they run back inside the car they are safe from SK. they trick him and let him catch SW but he doesn’t have any points. they gave it to JW. TH says it’s hard to run away with the wig.

SG’s team has to take turns to run up the stairs and yell out the quiz and have the other two below guess the answer. after answering JM says ok and then goes back down. so in order to save time SG told him not to say ok, but JM doesn’t listen. so SG gets frustrated and keeps yelling at JM not to say ok and just run during that time cuz they have to solve these within 1 min.

SK talks about food in the car and says I am hungry. why I am hungry. I come on 1n2d and I get hungry – so strange

SG’s team decides where to go next.

JW spots SG’s team’s car so they run before SG’s blue team can get there first. JW takes the flag first. for 400 points they can take a zip line. SW volunteers JW to ride it. JW worries he wont be able to say one word cuz he is supposed to call out something for them to guess while he is zipping by. SK shows up and chases TW but he doesn’t have any points. SK chases SW and SW gets his points taken away cuz TH had the door locked and SW couldn’t get in. TH argues I didn’t lock it – that it was already locked. SK dances cuz he gets to eat ramen at least. JW yells out the clue but no one gets it right. times runs out. next TW rides the zip line. his hint is “something that happened that was bad became something good.” his team doesn’t get it right. SG rides next and yells out two quizzes and JM and TW both get it right. suddenly SK comes out of nowhere and chases them and catches JM. SG yells at JM for getting captured. SK hugs JM and thanks him and takes his points.

SW overheard SG talking and telling JM to be careful so SW tips SK and says JM has the points. that’s why SK chased JM. SK has 400 points now. he wants to go eat ramen first

TW’s wig is getting more crazy looking by the minute cuz of the wind. SG goes on the zip line again and the other two get the answers right again.

JW’s team gets to a location and plays yut again. that game with sticks that I don’t know how to play. JW throws crazy and does well, but SW throws with his eyes closed like TH said and it doesn’t turn out well.

SK complains cuz the ramen is too small. “why do they have to sell such small ramens.” he finishes it pretty quickly and even added more water for the soup. he asks for another ramen.

SG’s team has to ride a bike for about 30 secs in such a short distance and space so it’s tricky. JM fails the first attempt. SG calls over a cute boy to cheer on TW. the boy ran over to SG like he knew SG.  SG pretended to run and hug the kid but totally missed the boy and acted like he didn’t see the boy and confused the kid. the baffled look on the kid’s face was so cute. the little boy got to stay with the guys till the game was over. TW goes next and fails too.

JW keeps losing his wig and has to put it on again. he has a weird violent way of throwing and it does well. they finally win some points and leave

SG rides twice and earns 400 points. they go the their next site and has to eat ramen and crackers. TW asks JM to hold his hair while he eats. JM orders another ramen, but SG says we will be full and wont be able to eat lunch. they eat another ramen anyway. it’s 100 points for each ramen

JW’s team goes back to the syllable game. this time SW does well but JW messes up. SW suddenly got better, but then he messes up again. TH goes out and keeps lookout for SK so each time a guy finishes he goes out and looks for SK.

the guys gather to show their points to Bird PD and TH says how embarrassing it was to look like this so he couldn’t talk with people. JW shows how he has 500 points. JM shows how he has 500 points. TW and TH show how many they have at the same time, but TH was pulling out the same card. SK says how he only has 300 cuz he ate ramen. SG’s team wins the feast. Bird PD says this is dinner BBB. SW asks is there snack BBB. Bird PD says we told you to eat when you had a chance. TH argues you didn’t say this was for dinner BBB. Bird PD says if you look at the time you could guess. JW points out it was 3pm then so how could they know. the guys pretend to fight and pull each other’s wigs off

on the bus they talk about how fast SK was to catch JM.

they arrive and there is a huge feast for SG’s team. SK watches through the window and drools. Bird PD calls the red team to come over.  they are asking the winning team why aren’t you eating this and that. SW’s team eats their food which isnt that bad. TH keeps looking over at the winning table and says all day long I am looking over my shoulder. TH complains about the bones in their fish. Bird PD calls SK outside.  he joins them and looks sad. he goes to the winning team and stares at the food. he goes and eats his bowl of rice and soup from a tiny table off to the side on the ground. he kneels and eats. SW says think of SK. SG: I do but there is nothing I can do for him. SK asks Bird PD: why am I the only one having to eat on the floor like a slave.


preview shoes the guys playing a rough game where they pull on each other

I just want to say something about Bird PD and Kim SW leaving the show. When I first heard they were changing members, I had a minor heart attack cuz I was so afraid JW would leave. He is my main reason for watching this show, even though I love the other guys too. The reports say that Bird PD’s health is the reason why he can’t do this show since it’s too grueling, but I think there might be some personality clashes that played a factor as well. I’ve been noticing that SK and SW are the two that give Bird PD the hardest time. Their jokes towards Bird PD is a little on the harsh side. Like recently when they went to Suwon the other week, just cuz they were standing in an area where a lot of sageuk dramas are filmed, SK joked that he wanted to give Bird PD poison to drink cuz Bird PD was kneeling on the ground. I really didn’t get how that was supposed to be remotely funny, but Bird PD was a good sport and laughed it off. In the past SW was a little harsh with Bird PD too during games when SW got frustrated. He pushed his kidding a little too far and I think those things might have hurt Bird PD. I’m sure all the kidding from the 1n2d members wasn’t the main reason for Bird PD quitting, but I’m sure he is relieved not to be embarrassed on live tv so often. From day one, there were some hiccups in production and the person held responsible for them is Bird PD cuz he is in charge of this crew. I thought maybe he finally found his footing and wouldn’t make any more rookie mistakes, but he really never settled into this show. I don’t think his heart is in his job so that’s probably why he wants out. I hope the best for his future endeavors and maybe one day people will stop calling him Bird PD.

As for SW leaving, to be honest if I had to pick one person to go it would have been him. The leadership role really belonged to SG, but since SW was older he automatically filled the position. He wasn’t bad at variety, but I think he seems more in his element on dramas wearing a suit and a serious expression. If he had been just a few years younger, I think he would have fit in better. Too often he acted his age and got a little too demanding and complained more times than I can count. I don’t think this show will suffer due to his absence. As for the other comedians that are being considered for filling his vacancy, I sort of wish it’s that good looking one. It would be nice to have a funny guy who could also look pretty good dressed up. I really hope there are no more changes to this show for the rest of the year at least cuz I want these guys to take root. I want them to feel like this is where they belong and they won’t get to if there are more cast changes and shakeups. The new PD that they bring in will play a strong role in tying up the gap that has been left open by Bird PD’s exit. In an ideal world, we will get a new PD who knows what he is doing and comes in with a lot of great ideas and confidence. If we are really lucky, he will settle in quickly and breathe new life to this show.

해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-50-51] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-50-59]해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[22-47-09] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[22-50-17] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[22-52-33] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[22-52-52] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[23-00-42] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[23-15-29] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[23-17-56] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[23-20-19]해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[00-01-48] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[00-04-28] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[00-05-51] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[00-43-54] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-28-02] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-29-08] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-42-29] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-43-31] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-43-48] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-44-11] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-49-42]해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[01-18-13]해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-10-25]

Bird PD tells the guys how the view from the top is great cuz they can see everything so the guys get on the bus and drive over there to go look from that top perch they saw earlier in the day. on the way over SW asks if they can enjoy the view and open the curtains. they look out the window and SG remarks that it feels like they are at a different country. JM says what the others said so JW says hyung you keep repeating what was already said. the guys walk up with lights on their heads. SG says how great the air is. JM looks at the crescent moon and says the moon is smiling. the guys get to the top and say you can really see everything in the horizon. they say how cool/impressive it is. Bird PD says the first shooting was 2-24 a year ago. they show footage from the past year. SW: it’s already been a year – the time really went by fast. SG says to convey our gratitude we prepared a laser show. the guys line up and say “to all you viewers thank you.” the guys keep asking can you see it? is it ok? as they make out the letters thank you with a heart.

the guys start sleeping BBB. Bird PD says today 4 people will sleep indoors and 3 will sleep outside. indoors they sleep in the room where they are and outside that place they saw. TH says it will be too loud to sleep there cuz of cars passing by. Bird says all of today’s games will be 100% by chance and not skills.

first game. the guys decide if they want to be even or odds and sit accordingly – odds on one side and evens on the other. Bird PD throws a die and evens win. the 4 winners go again and choose odd or even. JW was so sure it would be even but odds win. now it’s down between SG and SW so they are now enemies. Bird PD says they have to choose the number so SG says it’s going to be 3 then changes to 2 and SW goes with 4. SW wins and is the first of the 4 to sleep indoors. so now it’s his room so he tells the guys to go and wash cuz of their smelly feet.

Bird PD says the second game is toss those yut sticks. I don’t get this stick game. the guys get SW to toss. then they get TW to toss and he does well so JM and TH win. now it’s between those two to see who wins and gets to be the 2nd person to sleep indoors. they call out what will come out before SG tosses. JM wins. Bird PD asks JM to eat lemons so the other two have a chance to join him so he actually tries but cant finish eating them cuz it’s too sour. next SG and TH battle it out to see who can hit the highest note. only JW chooses SG, but SG loses and says sorry to JW. next SW has to thread a needle in 10 secs but he cant even grasp the needle so they all laugh. SK bets he will fail. SW says it will take 2 mins just to pick it up. SK decides to say he will make it and TW says SW wont make it. TW tells him to put some more spit on it but SW says there is no time for that. someone says SW looks like a doctor. JW makes fun of how SW said “I don’t have time for that.” before time runs out SW says sorry SK. TW becomes the 3rd to sleep indoors.

Bird says TW can hit the hacky sack more than 3 times. SK says he cant do it. so do SG and TH. JW hits like 6 so they all say how well he did. so TW accuses him of practicing at home. JW: I didn’t. TH yells UTW cant hit those –there is no way. SK asks can you do it. TW: I think I can. TH: he cant do it. from last year he had “dog feet” so will he have changed. He cant do it. SG asks didn’t you hit 3. TW: I hit 4 before.  Bird PD says UTW’s manager said if he hits more than 3, I will walk to Seoul.  awww poor TW – even his manager doesn’t have faith in him. JW wants to have faith so he says TW can do it. JW: I believe in you hyung. SW notes that TW’s legs are going up higher than in the past as TW does some practice kicks. JW makes the praying position.  SG points out in the past TW didn’t even get the first hit. TW: that happened. even now I am shaking.  he says to JW: you are sleeping in the room. JW bites his nails. even before TW can hit the fourth one JW runs over to hug him. TW’s manager’s jaw drops open in shock and leaves the room so no one will make him honor what he said.

Bird PD says it’s SW and SG’s birthday so they got cake and they sing happy birthday. SG eats with his hand and then Bird PD gives them forks. then they get rice cakes from SW’s fan club I think. Bird PD tells them what their breakfast will be tm morning and it’s a great feast, but not everyone can eat it. they have to win the breakfast mission

Bird PD tells the 3 to go out and sleep now. SK reads the signs about not feeding them so he says what  are we- animals? cuz their names and pics are on there TH asks did you just write these just now. tm is Saturday and people will be going back and forth – isnt this too much. what is this? SG reads the signs – if you use flash the celebrities will be shocked. don’t feed them. they go inside and say how cold it is. TH: we aren’t fighting the cold – it’s the embarrassment/humiliation.

JM leaves happy birthday messages for SG all over on each camera: even though you are sleeping outside and it will be cold – I will hope that it’s a refreshing breeze. I love you – fighting. let’s not break this tie – let’s go a long long time. I love you happy birthday.

TW says to SG: When I started 1n2d, also when we met the new members too- you were a great strength to me and held onto me when I was going to run away so that I could spend such a wonderful time with a great hyung and dongsangs. thank you so much. for always saying good things to me and giving me hope – thank you. happy birthday- love you.

SW: “happy birthday SG. you are turning 42 on this birthday – you’ve become a pro. I hope you will always do well with your bright/cheerful charm/outlook.  Lee su geun fighting. love you.” SW says to the camera guy “this is so awkward-sleep well”

the 3 in the tent give SW bday messages. TH: thank goodness you get to sleep indoors on your birthday. SK: I hope you will continue being a close hyung who doesn’t seem like there is an age difference like you’ve been up to now. take care of your health – happy birthday.  SG: happy birthday. hope there are a lot of great things coming up for you. be healthy. Love you hyung.

next morning the guys gather outside the tent and SG realizes cuz it’s Saturday the kids didn’t go to school. one girl says she is JW’s fan so SG makes him step up and give the girl a hug. she sort of doesn’t plan to let go and jumps up and down with him. SG says next JM but there are no takers except for one grandma. so cute.

Bird PD says their morning mission is to get stamps from 9 locations. even if they didn’t get one row if they use that special stamp it counts and they get to eat breakfast. so even though you don’t have anything if you just stamp with that it counts. but once that stamp is used another cant use it. JW says the hyungs know hanmun so they can find them easily but I cant read these characters. it’s no good for me to be able to run quickly. TH already found the special stamp so JW has to wait his turn till TH goes first. TH calls his son and asks which road should dad take – the right or the left. the kid yells right so TH says ok. hang up. JW says TH’s son takes after TH so he might have failed. SW gets to one of those stands too and has to choose. TH decides to trust his son’s word and chooses the right one. SW chooses the left. SW chose correctly and gets to eat. TH doesn’t get the right one. SW shows off his stamp. he says more than skills I’m better at luck/chance. TH calls his son back so his kid says “what now dad.” TH tells him what happened. SG gets bingo 3 in a row. SK asks for another paper cuz he stamped incorrectly. JM comes running and gets bingo but he stamped all of them upside down. SW comes over and brags. JW got one wrong so he goes back. TW gets really lost and goes off the grid. JW makes it. TW finishes alone and no one is there.

the 4 winners get to feast and the other 3 get their leftovers. TW reminds them the kings wouldn’t eat on purpose so the others could eat but the 4 guys don’t listen to him. winners left a lot of food so the losers get to eat a lot. SK keeps eating.

after their meal they get on some transport and end up at the archery range again so TH calls out why is this here again. SG: do we have to shoot something again. there are balloons with their names on them and they have to shoot them to see who the last one left is. Bird PD says this is their “get off work mission.” cuz all this time you guys complained who gets to go early and who goes late so today we are leaving it up to chance. the loser in this game  has to drive the rest of them home and then drive home alone. JW worries if it’s him cuz he only lives 15 mins away, but if he has to drive all over seoul and come back home it will take forever. while he is talking each guy says where they live. SG says I live on the other end of where JW lives. (so they live really far from each other). he jokes that if JW drives and drops them off-after driving back from SG’s home JW just needs to go straight to sleep (cuz it will be nightfall). SG yells at Bird PD: why cant you understand what we are saying – cant we go home early. Bird PD says you can run off to somewhere else so TH yells we will get caught. it will come out on the program. what do we do. JM asks the married guys – why do you not want to go home so much. SG says on the weekend we have to go home late.

the guys start shooting and miss a lot. JM finally gets one. then TW gets one so TH says after TW got married he changed. then TH gets one. then SK. then SW. it’s down to SG and JW. JW gets one so he does a happy dance. SG says it’s good cuz it’s me since after I drop them all off my home is last (the farthest anyway) so just end there. SK jokes dont we need to bring the car back here.

JW got dropped off first cuz he lives nearby. TH asks SG – driver cant we go see a movie but SG says I said I would just take you home not somewhere else or pay extra. JW says it’s already here? cuz they reached his home so fast. he gives directions then says bye to everyone and gets out of the van. SG says tell your mom we enjoyed the food. JW walks out and says go safely hyung. JW laughs and says this is the second time I came home during 1n2d. SG circles and pretends to pick JW back up again saying get in we have to leave now. so JW laughs and pretends to get in. he says to the camera see you in two weeks. 1n2d

JM gives complicated directions to SG so SG says cant you just take a cab? there is traffic so they drop off SW first. then they drop off JM. he says see you next time we film. TW calls out I will come to visit you. next SK gets dropped off. then TW. interesting – so he didnt move after he got married. he lives in the same home with his parents I guess. he rang the bell but no one answered. so in the car TH calls and asks what happened. was sister in law not home? TW says she was in the bathroom.  next TH gets dropped off. his wife and children are outside waiting. SG goes out to greet them. SG says to the boy “it’s uncle. do you know uncle?” TH tells him to say hello but the kid just grins. SG wants to give the kid allowance but he doesnt have money or his wallet so he asks Bird PD for money. Bird PD says if the kid says 1n2d. SG says goodbye and as he drives off he says they look so happy. dont they look so happy? TH calls for his camera shy wife to hurry and come out cuz she was hiding. he says they could have covered your face with a circle if you wanted. hurry and come out. the kid yells out for his mom to hurry and come out.

SG: I dropped off all the 1n2d members safely and I am getting off work last. I am suddenly lonely talking by myself like this. it’s awkward. he talks about suwon and the history there. next week we will meet you with an even more fun way. for the first time without members, I am doing the closing in the car. since I am alone – viewers please say “2” – 1n2d.


해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-56-59] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-57-22] 해피선데이.E428.1박2일.130303.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-58-36]

I think cuz the guys stayed near Seoul, their stylists went home or something cuz they seem to have dressed themselves – most of them are color blind cuz their outfits were so mismatched. No self respecting stylist would let the guys dress like this – would they? I have to admit – SK looked adorable in his Shrek hoodie.


OMG they really did go to JW’s home today cuz it’s close to Suwon (the location they are going to today). So many fun things happened, but the most surprising was what TH discovered. The guilty look on Bird PD’s face when he realized how much he had been stressing out the maknae with all the quizzes was totally priceless. I have to say JW’s home and room were nothing like I imagined, but exactly like him in real life – humble, unpretentious, normal, and very homey. This guy will never get too arrogant or drunk on fame cuz his home life is going to keep him grounded.

1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-01-55] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-02-03] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-02-21] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-04-51] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-08-30]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-17-21] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-20-38] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-20-46]

The guys did the opening at KBS building. SG feels uneasy cuz there are only 2 reasons why they are doing an opening at KBS – when the program is doing well or when they do something special= simply put when they suffer. Bird PD says no today there is no suffering. the reason why they are having a special opening at KBS today is the 40 year anniversary for KBS (*even though KBS was founded in 1927 tv shows and radio didnt take off till  1973) so SW asks- simply put are you saying KBS is younger than me? (cuz SW is 44) he points to the building and says “it’s not even greeting me (as in bowing to him out of respect). SG jokes if it was 1973 my parents were getting prepared to debut me. then SG asks what about JW then? his dad wasnt even thinking of meeting a woman at the time. his dad was young too back then. Bird PD says aside from the anniversary you all suffered a lot during the winter so TW asks for a buffet. Bird PD says we prepared a light hiking trip. it’s the closest location out of all the trips in the past year. so the guys are going near Seoul this time only an hour away to Suwon. (the footage showed the wall so for a second there I thought they were going where King to Hearts, Rooftop Prince, and all those other dramas were filmed, but that location is very close to Myong Dong which is more like the center of Seoul) Bird PD said as a special service, he would give them breakfast before they went on the trip since they had to leave without breakfast so often and cuz of the anniverary. Each guy had to choose a slip of paper and it had a hint about the person they needed to locate. They have to track down their $4 food vouchers to eat at the cafeteria from various people on the staff at KBS. when JW got his, he looked at it and said “who is that? why did i have to get something like that?” JM says she is pretty. SG jokes “she could turn out to be a man. a pretty looking man.” so the guys laugh. Bird PD says the cafeteria closes at 9:30 so you have to find it before then. the guys start at 9am.

JW and TW go to info desk to find out which floors they need to go to. JW asks where the announcers are and was told 3rd floor. TH called his dad cuz his dad used to work here and found out where the cafeteria was before he even found the guy with his voucher. TH was the first to get his voucher from the KBS security guy by the gate. SG had to get his voucher from that singer who was doing a radio show at the time. while he was waiting around a woman was typing really fast so SG asks are you playing a game? cuz your mouse was moving so fast. she just giggled and shook her head no.  SG sat in as a surprise guest and later TH joined them. right before they left SG told a caller “we will send you a kimchi fridge” (which is really expensive) so the radio host quickly changed it to “we will send you kimchi.” LOL.  Poor JW’s hint was a picture of a woman’s eyes and the department she worked at so it was hard for him to track her down. JW worried “what if the woman in the picture didnt wear any eyeliner today. then what do I do? her eyes are very pretty.” he went inside the office and asked the men do you know who this person is? It was funny cuz every woman he passed by he tried to look at their eyes. some ajumma tried to lie and say it was her eyes, but he kept insisting the woman in his photo didnt draw on her eyeliner as thick as that ajumma.  He finally found her, but she made him do a speed quiz – answer 5 questions within 30 secs. JW: a quiz? I’m the weakest at quizzes. It took forever – plus he had wasted time just to locate her. All of these people could have just handed over the ticket, but this one had a quiz prepared. the quiz questions were about seafood. then one about “what do you say when the movie doesnt do well and the ratings dont come in well – what do you say then. JW: it’s a big fail. he is shocked cuz it’s the right answer. then she asks what do you call it when you make the problem and have to resolve it yourself. JW: I failed. So JW ended up not getting to eat breakfast cuz of that stupid woman. Part of me thinks she wanted to quiz him just so she could spend more time with him, but she made the poor guy starve to do it. SK had to get his ticket from an idol singer so he asked girl groups if they had his voucher. he was so embarrassed to ask them. but then he finally found CN Blue’s Youngwha who had it.  Yongwha said he would hand over the ticket after a game since it’s no fun to just give it.  the band members were like we could use this voucher to eat cuz anyone can use it. so SK asks when did you debut? the band says 2010 so SK says “i debuted in 2000. of course it doesnt have a big meaning but i dont want things to get messy over just a food voucher.”so Yongwha said just play 3 rounds of rock paper scissors with the other members and if SK can beat all of them, he gets the voucher. Yongwha loses so he says this cant happen. SK explains when you do games it makes you confused so just cuz you lose here doesnt mean you fail at variety. if you fail it just means you are giving your sunbae $4 so he can go eat. when a member lost SK said the guy was nice, but when one of them won SK didnt say anything.  it was funny cuz the members didnt intend to win but they kept winning so SK was getting a little annoyed so he joked “should we turn the cameras off for a sec.” he was feeling pressure for time cuz the 1n2d guys have to get to the cafeteria before 9:30am to eat. SK finally won and high fived the guys. He literally skipped all the way to the cafeteria. SW and TH didnt have much a problem getting their vouchers and were the first two to sit down and eat. TH and then SG joined them a little later.  then SK joined them. only JW and JM missed out on breakfast. poor JM really had a hard time. the guy who had the voucher passed it onto someone higher up so JM was told to find the director for content (the one who helps decide which shows air and stuff) only to be told he was in a meeting. by the time JM found the right guy, that man was in a meeting that couldnt be disturbed with the head of KBS – the president. JM was so nervous cuz he didnt want to piss off the KBS president, but JM really wanted his breakfast so he summoned up the courage and went in. as he was leaving, he apologized a lot and told all the heads of KBS departments “Thank you- I will work hard.”

after the guys ate Bird PD offered all of them coffee when the guys asked for it. the members were so shocked and thought Bird PD put something in their coffee so Bird PD offered to sip each drink then. PD asks them to move over to the sofa to wait for a while till everything is prepared. Turns out there was a hint written on the cup protector but only SG spotted it right away. there was filming for a drama going on so no one was allowed to pass by the front door, but SG just said excuse me and went right through. he came outside first and saw the sign to get in the small car. the first 5 get to ride the car and the last two have to take the bus to suwon. TH was next to pick up on the clue and ran out. the others saw TH running so they chased him. JM and SW were the last to get in the car so they had to take the bus.

on the car ride over, JW says my home is close to Suwon. also Suzy. SG: Suzy lives there? TH: what is that? are you saying it’s Suzy’s home? JW laughs and says :what are you talking about. while TW sings Suzy Q, the others like TH wonder why Suzy’s name came up. SG asks is your mother and father there? JW ah – let’s drop by your home. so we can greet them. we cant go to my home cuz it’s yangpyung. SG: JWah when we get there let’s play hidden camera with your mom and dad. when she asks why did you come cuz you said you went to film say I decided not to do it. that Bird PD person kept annoying me so I said I couldnt do it. when you say you dont want to do it make sure to yell it out. JW tried to call his mom to give her a heads up, but she was at church. TW tells the others so SK says go to church then. SG asked even if your mom isnt home, if there was something to eat there so SK offered to cook something. JW said there is a lot to eat. even though my mom is always saying we dont have anything in the home to eat, “my mom’s hands are big” which in Korean means she can make something to eat out of anything.

as they pulled up to his apartment complex the guys asked if all the neighbors watched JW grow up cuz he has been living here for ten years. JW said yes. *I guess his neighbors all know who he is cuz he has grown up there and to them he is just the skinny awkward looking teenager who became a celebrity. when they were walking in JW kept saying “this this this this is big trouble” I guess cuz he was nervous since he is about to reveal his home to the world – without his mom’s permission.

once inside the home the guys look around and there was a big level 7 poster in the living room. JW looks shy suddenly. SG says to JW: you lived here ten years? this home is full of your memories. TW finds a stuffed animal lamb and holds it like a baby saying how cute it is. there is an area next to the TV with all his awards displayed.  SG: you got a Baeksang? JW: it was surreal. TW says look at JW when he was young – so cute. The camera also showed a family photo where his older brother was skinny so SG said his brother looked more like a celebrity back then.  JW: I told you my hyung was this skinny. JW’s parents look older than I imagined. SG says we have to see JW’s room first.  JW says my room is awful and laughs. my room is very small (as in it’s confining and tight). it’s the one right by the door.  SG: oh it’s a celebrity’s room. look at the clothes. there were figures of Gaksital dolls on the top with his masks and scripts. he doesnt have a closet. he just put his clothes on the shelf of his bookcase.  one of them is full of facial products. there are more skin care products like lotions to the left of the mirror. he has a baby wipe container near his bed. TH and TW laid on the bed. his bedcover was some animal print.

SG goes out and says how proud JW’s father must be. cuz he has a sucessful son. *there is a really expensive massage chair in the corner by the AC. SG sits on the sofa and pretends to be his dad so JW comes over and puts his legs on top of him and SG massages them saying my son – you had a hard time huh? someone asks what JW normally does so JW says even if my mom and dad are sitting here I just lean on them or lay on their laps. SG: cuz he is the maknae.

TH was the last to leave the room and found a notebook. he looked through the pages and read JW’s notes on stuff like Miranda rights – what you read to the criminal. TH laughs and says look how he is studying.  what do we do. he is studying. JW runs over and sees it. TH goes out and told everyone how JW has been studying for the quizzes on 1n2d cuz there were pages of notes. JW kept saying no I didnt study. I havent studied recently cuz I am filming a drama. TH starts to quiz him saying you studied this. JW got the answers right. SG says JW got a lot of stress (from 1n2d quizzes). our maknae was having this much of a hard time. even the camera guy was smiling.  SK was trying to answer the quiz and couldnt get it right but JW yelled out the answer correctly while cutting up fruit in the kitchen. JW brings over fruit and snacks and says we should give some to JM hyung. (cuz JM didnt get to eat breakfast like him) TH asks can I take these? (JW’s notes) so JW says I wasnt able to do it all.  TH: since you used them once it’s done (meaning JW doesnt need them) but JW says cuz I was working on the drama I didnt get to read them. SK looked at the notes and said look how cutely he did it.

*unlike JW’s character G on Level 7, he has no problem calling his parents mom and dad instead of father and mother

JW asks Bird PD: since JM hyung didnt get to eat breakfast can I take something for him? Bird PD says fruit. SG says to him: after coming to your home and feeling this comfortable it means it feels good here-like you are happy. TW: if you lived here for ten years and good thing happened then it’s a good home. Right before the guys left, the members looked at the camera and left a message to JW’s parents. SG: we werent able to meet you in person today to say hello mother and father, but thanks to maknae we ate the food and fruit well. TW doubles over in pain and jokes my stomach hurts so JW laughs. they all say thank you mother. dont be surprised. JW added “sorry mom.”

on the bus, SW and JM made an exchange for the 1n2d pin and empty purse bag they used to carry around their cash to the guy with the bread cuz the 2 members were hungry. after they got off the bus SW jokes I thought you got a girlfriend cuz JM had been overly friendly to the girl sitting next to him and her mother who sat in front of him.

once they arrived at the location where that wall is, SG and everyone welcomes them. SG explains we went to JW’s home and JW brought strawberries and banana for you to eat. JM asks Bird PD can I really eat this? SW asks the guys did you eat? SK says we ate a lot and pancakes too. Bird PD asks how riding on the bus was. SW says it was really good. SG: it was comfortable huh? a lot of people recognize you now huh? SW: they normally recognized me. SG: but still younger kids must have been surprised (to see you). you must be sensitive about that – when people recognize you or not. Bird PD gave the guys some history facts about the place and my eyes glazed over. I couldnt translate this to save my life. suddenly Bird PD gets quiet so SG and others remark that he didnt memorize this stuff well. SK jokes cuz Bird PD was kneeling in front of a place like this, “I want to give you poison.” (cuz back then that’s how people of royalty were killed) Bird PD laughs it off and says we cant look at the whole place but let’s go around one side. he passes out informational packets about the place in a book form that they prepared. he also gives each guy quivers and says you will find out why you got them later. Bird PD suddenly asks the guys a question about what this place is called so SK and JW guess. SK gets it correct so he gets an arrow to put in his quiver. others claim they said the answer too but SK says I was first. JW guesses that it was built that way for better view so he gets an arrow. Bird explains how if you hide here and look out you can see every angle for 180 degrees. TH points out the holes are different – some for looking down, others straight out. he gets an arrow for his facial expression “a reaction award”  so JM does it too and gets one as well.  they stand on some lookout point and JM says “this is a picture frame for the view.” sometimes this guy says the most amazing things and it’s shocking cuz it came from him.

after the tour, SG comments again about how history and reality are blended here (cuz of this old place situated in the middle of the city) and how history is alive here. TH says make these books smaller and sell them. SG: so that people can come here without needing a guide. Bird PD says the arrows will be used in a good way now.

the guys have to play dinner BBB so the guys complained cuz it’s too early for dinner. SK guesses it’s expensive grilled beef. using the arrows they got, they had to hit the mark during archery. SG brags and says how he went to a training place and was told by the athletes that he should have gone into archery cuz his short body form is ideal for it. so SG goes first. He had excellent form so the guys were “wowing” before he even released his arrow, but it landed on the ground. the guys laugh and JM says you are really terrible at this. second one hits outside the box so he gets $4. SK does well and gets $5. SW misses so he only gets $3. same for JW so he gets $3. same for JM. TW does the best and gets $5. TH has really great form and hits the marks so all the guys say how cool he is. he gets $5.

Bird PD says this is the second round of dinner BBB. they have to take their money and buy the heaviest items at the market to win the chance to eat really expensive grilled beef. on the bus ride over TH asks how much is a watermelon. SG says in winter it would be $20 (cuz it’s not the season for it) so TH asks how much for radish so SG says dont just say anything aloud (since TH is basically giving the other guys ideas).  It worked cuz  JW and SK listened and went for radish just like TH. the rest of the guys just went on their own and bought what they thought would be heavy. The guys are timed and have to buy it within 5 mins. JW told the ajummas following him that he needs to buy something heavy and cheap for $3. so the lady helped him out and told the other lady to sell it to him cheaper.  one was 70 cents but she gave him 5 for just $3. as they all headed in, TH tells TW “hyung I told you in the car – squash or radish” so TW lifts TH’s bag and scowls cuz he messed up. TH lifts TW’s bag and laughs cuz it’s so light. they both had $5 to spend but the weight difference is no joke. TH and TW watch JW heading over and since JW only had $3 to spend, TW remarks “he (JW) will sulk again today cuz he wont get to eat meat.” while walking along, JW says “I dont know why but even though I only had $3 i think what I bought is worth seeing and has a chance to compete.” as soon as JW saw TH coming over, JW pretended his bag was too heavy to pull so TH told him to stop acting. it’s obvious. you look like you brought your bag as is (meaning empty). TW seemed so envious when he heard how the others bought radish and said he should have done that too. SG bought a heavy dish. TW bought a flower pot. his camera guy says you decided too quickly but TW insists I am going to eat grilled meat today. the music by Sting from “The Professional” keeps playing cuz he bought a flower pot. If you saw the movie you know why.  SW bought rice cakes. JM only bought one special salty radish with his money. SK got really lucky cuz the woman sold him bigger radishes from the back so SK, JW, and TH each bought 5 radishes so they ended up winning and getting to eat the grilled beef. JW says I thought marinated beef was yummy but plain beef is yummy too. the losers were given the bones to eat with their rice. JM asks how is it. SW: my teeth will fall out (from pulling the tiny morsels of meat off the bones). they decide to eat the rice cake they bought too with the bones. cuz rice cake is called “thuck” and certain types of kalbi is called “thuck kalbi” so they are pretending to eat “thuck kalbi.” It’s sort of sad for them, but funny for us.

preview shows a large tent/tarp set up in the middle of some area.

1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-03-58] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-30-31] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-30-49] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-34-53]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-06-28] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-06-44] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-07-36] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-07-51]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-03-07] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-03-31] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-04-45] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-05-20] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-42-45] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-43-36] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-47-39] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[12-47-54]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-11-18] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-11-42] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-12-04] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-12-25] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-12-34] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-14-33] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-14-45] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-15-31] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-15-38]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-17-29] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-17-38] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-20-15] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-22-48] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-27-58] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-29-17] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-30-22] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-35-13] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-37-14] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-39-38] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-40-21]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-55-05] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-55-59] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-56-06] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-56-15] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-57-52]1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[19-16-58] 1박2일.E282.130224.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[19-17-16]


해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-21-20]

해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[09-49-04]

while they guys were waiting for SK and Miran to make the dumpling soup, they made BC fence against the other guys using an eraser. it was so funny when SG went after him but SG’s arm was too short to reach BC so SG had to chase after him across the room. everyone was dying of laughter. TH pulled on SG’s arm saying make it longer cuz SG almost had him – if only his arm was a little bit longer.

When KS did her high kick over JW’s head, he says I had my eyes closed so I didn’t see anything (he was too afraid to open them in case she kicked him in the face. Later on before she sleeps she says how it’s better to stretch your body before sleeping so JW and the other guys copy her. JW looked really great in that hat right before he went to bed.

right before the guys ate, after SK explains that Miran made the dumplings,  JW said this is Miran noonas first time cooking then.

Before they play sleeping BBB, MS asked to switch out one guy so she chose JW and the other team got TW. (I knew she had a crush on JW ever since last week – who can blame her) The two girls are queens but when kwang knocked out SK during the chicken leg they said she isnt a queen she is a man

Throughout the night JW kept repeating the funny things someone did so TH says these days JW got so good at imitating people – he got so good at it and became a civil servant.

During the part where the guys have to protect their queen from the other side pushing her out of the circle, SW said how that side’s queen (miran) is too comfortable sitting there cuz our queen (KS) is tense and nervous. Miran’s team wins.

SK explains this was our plan for SG to break through and make that hole and we were going to barrel through but TH says they didn’t  tell me this plan though-not a word of this plan to me.

During the part where you have to put your palms up and knock the other person out, when it was the two girls against each other, KS’s side was going to get ready to catch her but on Miran’s side TH said we cant (meaning cuz miran is too heavy) but later on they  tried to catch her anyway.

When SK was going against KS, JW said “SK hyung is smiling” so the guys accused SK of liking it when his hands met hers so SK stops and says “what this feeling was – even though she is a medalist she is a girl”. SG says SSK shi- the one who made dumplings with you was miran. When it was KS against miran, Miran almost touched her boobs so she moved her hands down so they all laugh about it. JW does a replay of it. Miran’s side lost too many so they all slept outside.

The rest of the show was picking up the kids from their homes and having that sports competition by dividing up the kids and 1n2d members and guests.

해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-33-52] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-34-49] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-38-04] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-38-50] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-39-04] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-39-21] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-39-53] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-41-33] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-47-28] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-48-49] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[07-52-35] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-00-36] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-03-09] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-09-06]해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-10-14] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-10-21] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-14-29] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-18-04] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-18-09] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-20-03] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-20-13] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-20-56] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-22-21] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-26-10] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-30-36] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-31-37]해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-47-47] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-48-24] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-49-40] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-51-13] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-52-02] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[08-59-52] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[09-02-04] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[09-04-42] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[09-07-42] 해피선데이-1박2일.E280.130217.강원도 삼척 산골 두레 운동회 2탄.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[09-26-45]

Feb 11 th episode

1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-40-21]

I’m so sorry, but I just can’t recap this in full today. Since it was Lunar break, I have been away from my laptop for a while. I just got back and I am exhausted. I just wanted to quickly highlight only the funny parts of tonight’s episode and then translate that clip for JW from that entertainment clip bird left us.

During the opening the guys said have a happy new (lunar) year and have a lot of luck. then they bowed to SW and asked for money (cuz elders give money to younger people when they bow to elders on this lunar day) so SW says where would I have a wallet on me. I don’t have it. SW says he wishes that TW’s baby is born healthy. for SG to do well in his career and grow some cm. then to TH- you suffered a lot (making Jeon woo chi) but it would be nice if you rested except for doing 1n2d. TH points to JW and sort of gets mad cuz level 7 took over his first in ratings spot. for himself, SW just wants to keep being funny while doing 1n2d. Bird PD explains they are going to a school and do games with 15 kids so they called in some people who could do sports.

in the van miran said to the camera guy – you cant get too close and look so BC said in banmal to her “it’s ok. you have on makeup.” so she says oppa you are ok (as in you look good) so he jokes “why? dont you have confidence in your looks these days?” so she throws something at him and says what is that. (these 3 seem pretty close cuz they all speak banmal to each other)

the 3 Olympians are introduced. Tigger already wrote down who they are: Jang Mi-Ran, well respected for her weightlifting achievements / Hwang Kyung Seon, London 2012 gold medalist for women’s taekwando / Choi Byung Chul, London 2012 bronze medalist for men’s fencing.

when Miran went to greet the guys, SG laid down on the ground and asked her to lift him but she didnt do it. I like what she said – any of the athletes would love to come on 1n2d but they cant come on just cuz they want to so inwardly I was so happy cuz it’s a time that I can make memories that I will never forget. SG says to her “while you were talking just now JM nudged me and said “I like Miran shi” so it makes her giggle. Miran jokes back “isnt there a mother or aunt that always texts you” (she is indirectly referring to JM’s alleged secret girlfriend) SG asks her why she gave her training suit to SK on his first day of filming to wear to jejudo. she says she heard on the radio that SK likes to exercise a lot and she happened to meet up with his stylist so as his fan, she gave it to him as a present to wear and exercise in. SK replies: to be honest – out of everything I wore since then – that was the funniest. he asked if the amount she has been eating since her training days has been reduced. so she makes it a point to say to Bird PD – “even though I reduced the amount i eat, there is an amount I still need to eat” (meaning dont starve me)

they ask what KS thinks of JW their maknae so they make JW stand next to her. SG jokes right now his (JW) job is a civil servant so he is ok. JM says what if between the two of us there is just one (he is making her choose) so without any words she just shoves JM away.

SK and Miran spend some awkward moments standing around talking about her reducing the amount she eats and her achy knees. SK: what do we do – we arent really close yet. he suddenly hands her one of his heat packs. when KS comes over he hands her one too and then walks away. the other guys touch BC’s thigh cuz I guess he has a lot of muscle from fencing.

when they get in the van, TH makes a comment that Miran’s photo isnt good. then when she gets in the front, he tells her that is where SK sits normally (cuz of his long legs). poor JW has to sit on the cup holder and arm rest. on the ride over to the train station, JM asks what is your ideal (guy) Jang miran shi so TH suddenly says “it’s not you” so it makes everyone laugh. DC says what kind of guy Miran likes so TW and JM say SK is like that the most so JM asks her – how about SK’s style so she says of course he is good.  JM: do you love him? SK says to JM: you only learned bad things from Ho dong hyung.

since the 3 of them havent traveled and it’s KS’s first time riding on a train, Bird PD makes Miran buy the tickets for all ten of them by giving her his card. the guys joke dont let it get taken from you.

when they get on the train, there is a sign for a proposal room so JM jokes I have something to say to you for a minute. it makes KS laugh. SG jokes I bet he will be kicked properly by her feet (cuz KS kicks well).

on the train SG jokes that Miran’s tummy is rumbling cuz she is hungry so Bird PD says how they will get to eat crabs. but not all of them. when they arrive there will be a lunch BBB and winning team gets to eat the crabs.

it will be a 5 on 5 race. the two girls have to keep saying olympics. the winner gets to choose 4 so TH argues that team will win no matter what then. Bird PD makes a comment about how the two remaining can still do well but SW takes offense cuz the last two is referring to the ones who make you lose so since he is going to be one of those two he complains about that term. JM reassures TH there could be a miracle (and they could win) but TH says that miracle didnt happen even once in ten months. Bird PD asks the two girls – is there one person you wouldnt choose so KS says very quickly JM oppa. Miran says me too so SW says at least we arent that bad. When Mi Ran won and got to choose her four guy team, she chose JW, SG, SK, and TH so the other girl KS got more and more upset hearing the names being called out but you could tell the name JW got to her the most. KS asked to switch just one guy so JM says if you did get the chance to switch who are you going to change with so she holds his arm as her answer. SG tells KS to show her kick and if Mi ran likes it then she can consider switching. KS asked  her are you really going to switch unni? so Miran said I will think about it. But after the kick, Miran whispered to TH to speak for her. TH said that Miran said she enjoyed the demonstration and “watched it well” but basically no dice. I doubt Mi ran had any intention of trading any of her guys cuz she has the dream team.

they have to race to find the car keys first. SK and JW go after the keys while SG, Miran, and TH stand around waiting. TH wonders if they can just stand around so SG explains this is what it’s like when you are on a team that does well.

when they get to the beach they have to choose between nose and feet so they guess that nose will be doing elephant turns so Miran’s team chooses feet. they have to race – one foot, two feet, 3 feet, and four feet (so that is why JW raced with his hands on the ground to make 4 feet)

When they were on that tram where you had to peddle to move forward, Bird PD was in the car ahead of JW’s team so JW, TH, and SK yelled at Bird PD to “peddle faster” “you are going too slow” so JW said in banmal “just ram into him-I am really going to ram into him” and JW peddled faster to rear end Bird PD’s car but Bird PD was like “I am too exhausted.” TH: how is this a race? you said this was a race. Bird PD: You should be thankful for the view (as in go slow and enjoy it) so SK yells in banmal “be thankful for what? It’s just waves that we’ve seen lots of.” So Bird ignores him and says to Miran “isnt it really nice Miran shi?” so SK mimics Bird PD saying that. she just laughs. SK says again “hurry and step on it PD– what are you doing.”

on the last course they choose pictures so they get a map and have to find 5 boxes with 1n2d on them. SK and JW are running and SK says I like running. JW: we have to run like this to eat.  JW finds his box pretty quickly. they all collect them and think what word they can make from the hints.  Miran gets it correct and they get the code for the lock. they have to look for TH so they all call out for him. JW finally finds TH and says “I called you 500 times!” they run back together and JW calls out I found TH hyung. SG: what were you doing? why didnt you answer? TH: I couldnt hear. SG: it was cuz you had your ears plugged. Miran’s team wins. KS’s team gets something to eat too. cup ramen with triangle kimbaps. JM offers to go into the ocean to let KS eat crabs with the winning team.

During the meal scene, the fencing guy BC talked about being in the Olympics. He also pointed out that Miran eats for 2 hrs. SG says after we eat all this when we go outside we will be walking sideways. Miran asks arent you going to eat PD nim so SG offers one to Bird PD. JM gets upset that Bird PD gets to eat so JM goes in and gets to eat one too. KS goes out to give one too.

while they were eating crab, the 3 of them kept eating nonstop. SK says I have a long way to go (till I am done) so SG turned it into some kind of marathon narration and called each person an athlete and made remarks about their eating style. how all 3 ate like one box. SK ate 6 of the whole body.  JW is eating a lot of the legs. Miran is eating the body and legs. TH says Jang is a champion. SG: it’s been 2 hrs. they are still not full. since this food you cant gain weight with so it’s not overdoing it.  this is really delicious for them. the champion added rice (cuz Miran ate her rice). TH and SG joke we are the last ones to get to eat crabs from here (cuz the other 3 are eating up the entire amount in the area).

*It was sort of funny cuz I bet SK could beat her cuz he really did not look like he was ever going to stop eating. I was surprised JW could eat so much too.

on the bus ride over SW asks around and finds out none of the athletes have ever slept in a tent so SW suggests they get to sleep in tents.

They go to the school and the 1n2d team introduces themselves. JW says I was Gaksital not too long ago. they all decide to walk the kids home. the kids are invited to play games with them the next day. JW held hands with a little girl and her mom says must be so nice for you. he got to drink a strawberry drink the mom made herself from strawberries in the mountain.


1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-44-12]1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-11-10] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-16-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-19-18] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-20-03]1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-33-12] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-03-17] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-04-26] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-10-19] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-15-58]1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-24-47]1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-24-19]

1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-40-30] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-41-19] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-41-32]1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-53-56] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-54-24] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-57-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-06-38] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-09-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-10-00] 1박 2일 시즌2.E280.130210.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-11-45]

Here is the Level 7 interview clip bird left for us on the recap for E6.

The guy talks about level 7 first. Then JW says the script came out late today so he is quickly studying (cramming) the lines right now.  Today seems like tm and tm seems like day after tm. CKH says she is trying to see JW as a cool/impressive man. The guy asks which is better – the skydiving or the paper cup so CKH says since it was on a bigger scale the skydiving but JW says I like the cups. If the scale is too big starting from the beginning so CKH says jokingly “what do you know” (as in you are too young) so JW pouts. JW talks about how he has been hit a lot by CKH. CKH says these days I hit well – so it doesn’t hurt I can get it over with just one. The guy asks for a demo so she pretends to hit him. CKH imitates how JW smiles and says when he goes around smiling like this he makes the energy go up (cuz he lifts up the mood) – he is the film set cute energy maker.  They talk about what they said they would do if they get first in ratings again. She is asked which one she would choose between Chansung and JW so she says I match better chemistry with JW. Since it’s the first time acting for chansung he has that newbie energy so it makes me work hard with him so JW pouts and says she means I don’t have that. I don’t have that newbie energy quality. Then they talk about how well chansung is doing. He talks about the difference between his character and himself. And how he looks like that Simpson’s character. Then the guy says that girl who plays M looks so close with JW so she says this is the second time I have seen him on set so we pretended to be close very well huh? Then they talk about how she has been working on the glaring look – like how well UTW did.


48 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. Pink★ says:

    Hello..sorry to put my comment here!I was surprise yesterday for not seeing your 7LCS ep13 recap!Im a little sad!!anyhow im sure you have your own reason!REALLY THANKS FOR ALL THE EFFORT YOU’VE DONE!AND WILL BE DONE!TAKECARE!!!


  2. Cheng says:

    Hi! Is the Suzy that JW spoke of… miss A’s Suzy?
    Or are there any other Suzy’s in Korea that I do not know of. 😛



  3. Tigger says:

    Dailymotion links to S2’s 25th trip on the 03-10 episode – Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy3ayv_mix-1y2y-e284-130310-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_webcam and Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy3az7_mix-1y2y-e284-130310-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_webcam (credit jongmin koyote blog) … Have a good weekend 🙂


  4. Dramafed1710 says:

    Thanks again for the recap of today’s 1N2D telecast Softy. Gonna watch it now 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy.

    I was laughing like crazy when I first saw them in wigs. Pheww, it will be worse if they wearing a mullet!

    I’m not sure about any of the comedians joining them, 1n2d might surprise us again, remember when they add Cha Tae Hyun at the last minute.. I rather they add someone who is rare in variety and entertainment shows.

    And… I dont mind if they want to let Kang Ho Dong to 1n2d. They had their peak ratings between 30% to 40% before. They survived so many years and I hope to see that happening again. 1n2d fighting!

    Thank you for not dropping 1n2d. Hihi.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recaps.
    UTW looks like an awesome 90’s rocker in that wig, and I’m laughing my a** off when they’re playing the Kenny G bgm when he’s on screen and put the motorcycle sound when he’s riding that bike as if he’s some wild biker LOL 😀
    I hope the new PD can make things as fun as these too…


  7. d says:

    those wigs really suit them. ksw, cth, jw, utw look so pretty. haha


  8. kimm says:

    love those teddy bear bags, theyre carrying, any1 knows where to buy or what brand. thanks


  9. popit says:

    does he call her yu jin ah irl?


  10. Tigger says:

    Hi, Dailymotion links to the 17-03 episode – Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy9m4a_mix-1y2y-e285-130317-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_webcam and Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy9m5s_mix-1y2y-e285-130317-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_webcam (credit jongmin koyote blog) … Have a great weekend ahead 🙂


  11. g says:

    his movie co star is out. another ‘huh’ who is she type of female co star again 😦


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