That Winter, The Wind Blows E8

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I was crying through this scene before I even realized why. It wasn’t just the beauty of it all -it was more his loving heart. He suffered so much to carry her up there just to show her a breathtaking view she couldn’t even see. Yet he was certain she could enjoy it more than someone with sight cuz she could feel and sense everything in the wind and in his embrace. At first I thought she cried cuz she was caught up in the moment, but I think she was moved by his words more. His wish for her to see herself the way he sees her seems to have satiated that ache of insecurity she had about her appearance all those years. Each time they are alone and say such thoughtful things or perform kind acts to one another, it’s like they are effacing each other’s scars left by life and loneliness.  The way they communicate and convey their appreciation for each other so naturally like when she kissed him on the cheek and when he hugged her in return -it makes you wish they never stop healing each another.

twbk130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-38-22] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-38-30] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-38-42]130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-11-45]

Watching these two on screen is like staring at love personified in the very best possible way. Soo has been dancing around his feelings way more openly than her, but I think even Young is starting to sense how deep this relationship is getting on a daily basis. Every time she offers to do something nice for him like baking this cake, she is doing it to draw them closer to each other. Like those videos she listens to in the hidden shed in the nursery, she wants to store up mental memories to replay after he leaves. In reality, he knows that these actions will only end up becoming fuel for her resentment and anger later on, but he needs these moments more than her. I’m hoping each of these special events will become an anchor that keeps him rooted where he belongs –by her side and in her heart.


Starts from Soo holding Young in his arms and locking eyes with Sora. a man comes over and says the car is ready so come here. Soo leaves with Young. sora turns to look at him and takes a step to follow, but MH calls Sora. HS sees that and calls JS to run over to the first floor quickly.

in the ambulance the medics are taking care of young and giving her oxygen. Soo is following in the car behind and Young’s phone is ringing. she gets a call from wang but soo ignores it. the maid asks if Young isnt picking up her phone. that oppa is a little. Miss has to prepare for the party tm so he said he would bring her home early. where is he taking around a person who cant see in front of her.

they arrive at the hospital and Soo says I am her guardian. the doctor says she will be going in for tests so go to the desk and sign her in. JS calls Soo and says there is big trouble. right now sora and Myung Ho are meeting. we were following him like you ordered to catch him when he meets that woman, but …HS takes the phone from JS and says this guy is not meeting the woman he is seeing and meeting sora. Soo says I know. HS: you knew? how did you know – are you in contact with sora. JS says this girl – why get jealous now -dont you get what’s going on. JS: what should we do – run away? just say it and I will do as you ask.  he gets instructions from Soo and leaves. HS asks where are you going. JS: follow me if you are curious

MH asks if she knows these people in the photo. Sora: yes. MH: I am sorry but you know if there is a scandal the ad will be canceled right? I heard you were dating one of those guys. he points to the real Oh Soo and asks is this the person? Sora: no from what i know that person died a long time ago. the person I dated is the one next to him. she lets him point to Soo. MH: this person? Sora: yes that person. JS calls sora and says it’s me Jin sung. you know right? I’m at the cafe now. she looks over at him. JS: Oh Soo hyung is asking if there is still empathy left between you two. Sora: of course. JS: he asked for you to take care of MH on your own and he said he will call you later. but sora says I don’t believe it. give me his number but JS says you know hyung will do what he says. wait.

HS says they should be begging sora on their knees so what are you doing. JS  says I dont know i am just doing as hyung told me. he makes a call to someone named dong about listening to soo’s request. you are saying ok so easily.

MH points from the real Oh soo to Soo and says not this person but this person? Sora let’s MH point to Soo’s photo and says  yes that person -PL group’s son.

a nurse calls for Oh Young’s guardian. Soo says it’s me. what’s going on. she says the doctor is looking for him

sora: please give me Oh Soo’s number. I still cant forget that person so I want to meet him once. MH says I will send the contract canceling the ad. sora: it cant be helped. MH says: this is too big a scandal. he leaves.

JS and HS read the text from Sora- cuz of Oh Soo I lost my ad deal.  they both say bad things about sora. JW says cuz of her hyung could die so where does she get off talking like this. they suddenly look over and take photos. JS says do it more.

Soo is talking with the doctor. the doctor said she yelled and said she wont get tested so I dont know her condition well.  Soo: they said my dongsang’s eyes are from RP. the doctor says that wouldn’t make her lose consciousness. Soo says she has a brain tumor so the doctor says it would be good if she got tested quickly cuz there is chance (for recovery). nurse calls the doctor cuz of another emergency patient. doctor tells Soo to hurry and get her tested

young asks to go home now cuz wang is calling a lot. she asks for his arm but he pulls away roughly. Young: you are angry cuz you are worried huh. it’s ok. it’s just a body ache. Soo: are you a doctor. Young: the day after tm at pyungchang there is a party so I have to go early cuz of the rehearsal tm.  Soo says: the doctor said it’s strange that you are in this much pain. you have to be tested to know but there is a chance for recovery for the brain tumor. Young: are you taking after wang too. cold – body aches- pain. even something light saying it’s cuz of my brain tumor –  making me get complete tests – draw blood from all over my body by poking me with needles- trap me in the medical room at all hours and days – are you going to do all that in wang’s place. I am scared of my illness too. but more than that do you know what  I am more scared of? in this smelly hospital- being trapped 24 hrs a day with wang who is no fun. if I do have a brain tumor then I will be in pain again. just wait and I will get tested then. she walks off alone

in the car young asks if he is angry. Soo: no. she takes his hand and promises if I am in pain again I will go to the hospital. Soo: I dont like you. Young smiles and says: you are a good oppa. he asks why she went to the department store alone when it’s dangerous. Young: come to the party with me. in front of all the people in the company who looked at me like a pitiful handicapped person – I want to brag that I am not alone and I have a cool brother. Soo: I dont fit in that kind of place. young: what if I am sick at the party?  I will never tell you if I am hurting. if you go to the party with me you can watch me 24 hrs to see if I am feeling ill or not. Soo: for sure you are a fox with 9 tails.

young informs wang I am going to the party with my brother even if you dont give me permission. it’s not bad for you either cuz you can put to sleep the suspicion among the board members that you and Myung ho control me like a doll.  wang agrees and says cuz of work tm and the day after tm I didnt have time to go to the party site ahead of time.  asking your brother to escort you- the board will like that the deceased president’s son has shown up. young thanks her for understanding and asks to wear the outfit her brother bought instead of says your father like this. young: let’s not fight. I am in a good mood. there are only 31 days left till oppa leaves so I want to have fun till then. wang says I will hope for that too that you have fun till then and nothing much happens

JS shows soo the photos that HS and he took of MH hugging and kissing his secretary girlfriend in the parking garage. JS: I didnt even get to eat food and ran around taking those. HS took those -arent they great up to here. JS presses play on the video and says this is the problem. on the video MH is pushing her away saying stop it. what else do I have to do.  it’s over with us. it’s over. JS thinks it’s not enough to prove MH is working with wang if they insist it’s over (between MH and his girlfriend). Soo says to keep following him. just cuz one side says it’s over doesnt mean it’s over. and after Dong researches about wang – let’s see what she asked. JS: what are you going to do about sora. she sent me threatening texts for over 2 hrs. Soo: I know how to stop her. dont worry about it. go.

wang is talking with MH. wang says what sora said is different from what Moo chul said -the person you met.  MH: yes sora said oppa Oh Soo said he was PL Group’s son and the person Moo chul talked about has been dead for some time. wang says invite sora to the party -let’s let her meet Oh soo there. cuz I am curious what sora and soo have to say to each other when they meet. invite her to the party

young and soo walk into some nice resort. soo asks why they are being escorted like this. she says if you like this then live with me. Soo: I like Italy. Young:  it sounds like you like Italy more than me. I’m sad. Soo: I’m still going. young: i know.

soo stands outside and looks around. young comes out and says it’s nice here huh. Soo says I like Italy. dont have any wishful thinking that I will remain here.  Young: ever since I was young – while i was sick do you know what I learned? if there is any wishful thinking i will only get hurt. it’s ok. you will leave and I will remain. I know that too. soo asks what those people are doing. she says I asked them to do that cuz I wanted to be a chef like you at one time. a chef that bakes bread/cake so I wanted to make it once. Soo: let’s just buy it and eat it. Young: no I am going to make it and feed it to you so look forward to it. Soo: I dont like bread. Young: you still have to eat it.

young bakes as her phone reads out the recipe and instructions. she is getting flour on her cheek so he offers to help but she says I will do it with my own strength. Soo: what are you going to do? Young: slice cherries in half. Soo: you? Young: me. Soo: it’s dangerous. I will do it but she says no I will do it- I have to do this. he asks if she ever cut anything at home. she says no wang wouldn’t let me. but I did it at a program for the blind.  she is about to cut so Soo says stop. he stands behind her and says I cant open my eyes and watch you cut and even if you die you will do it if you make up your mind to do so – let’s do it this way. Young: then I did this and you just helped. Soo: ok you are the chef and I am the attendant. he lets her cut alone with his help. he whispers slowly in her ear so she says it tickles. he says to watch the knife. they get the pan out of the oven together too. they both yell it’s hot when she is the only one who felt the heat. he asks if she is ok. young: I’m ok.

as they ice the cake, he asks again why she went to the department store. she says to buy a present to give someone. soo: who? young: just someone. soo: me? young: no someone I love. soo: lee myung ho? Young: no. lawyer jang. he says you could have asked me to buy his present so why go alone to the department store when it’s dangerous. she says I wanted to select the gift myself. I thought I could do that much. soo: if I am gone is jang someone you can trust. she says yes. he kids around and puts frosting on her and she tells him to stop that. he doesnt listen so she ends up putting a lot on his face. he almost throws the whole cake on her. she laughs and tells him to go and wash up

he comes out and looks for her. she is looking for something in her bag. he asks what she is doing.  she says my windchime. when I sleep I was going to hold it in my hand so I told the maid to pack it but it’s gone. soo: if it’s gone we can just buy one. Young: when you are gone and I think of you I wanted to hear that wind chime sound. move over. I will look for it. why isnt it here – the maid said she clearly put it in here. he sees it and moves it over for her to find.

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young asks are we really going to ride the (ski) lift. soo says yes. Young: sounds like fun. but it’s not scary. he asks how many socks she put on. young: one. Soo: what? one? he tells her to sit and I will go the room. young: why? Soo: when I say something just say yes and dont say why.  you talk so much. young: hurry back. he puts socks on her and asks you dont have a doll’s feet so why are your feet so small. young: is it that cold to just ride lifts. soo: we arent just riding the lift. we are going to the top of the mountain.  young: that will be hard on you. soo: it’s not cuz you dont want to right? young: I want to go. young: then we will go. he wraps a scarf around her neck. he says she looks cute and takes her face and touches foreheads with her. let’s go.

some guy that works there says it’s dangerous – what if sec wang and the board members know. soo says so that wang and the board wont know – just don’t tell. the guy says miss will be scared too. Young: I wont be scared. soo: you heard right.  my dongsang is not an object/furniture that should be shut up in a room. young: I want to ride it. the man asks then you are just riding the lift and coming right back but soo says no we are going to the top of he mountain. so young echoes him. soo: you heard right? we arent furniture that should be shut up in a room.  it’s only natural to go the top of the mountain if you come to a mountain. the man says ok and tells them to go

130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-53-47]

they ride the ski lift and she says it’s scary. I can feel the wind blowing beneath my feet but it’s nice. soo: all the people are beneath your feet. the mountains and homes are all below your feet. she says the wind is nice. he says from here -I will take you where the wind is good so look forward to it

130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[04-09-22] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[04-09-56]

he piggy backs her on the mountain. he says we are almost there- i’ll put you down for a sec. he puts her down. he is out of breath so she says sorry it’s cuz I cant see. I am a bad dongsang huh for making you have such a hard time. Soo is still catching his breath and agrees: yes that’s right. young: later on meet a good woman -one who can see, speaks demurely, and obeys you well. he says I did meet a woman like that and it was really boring. she smiles and asks how many women he met. he brags: an number you cant even imagine. young: you are a player huh?  Soo strikes a pose and says: I am just a man women like. he puts earmuffs on her and tells her not to take it off till I do. he piggybacks her again. they keep walking through the snowy mountain top. I don’t know what is prettier the two of them or the view. he puts her down and removes the earmuffs so she can hear the wind. there are wind chime sounds all around. young: this sound. he back hugs her and says for your sake I hung wind chimes. to tell the truth – this sound is cuz the snow is frozen on the tree – it’s the sound of them bumping into each other. later on when oppa leaves, even if you lose the wind chime, when the winter wind blows – anytime – think of this place. it would be really nice if you could see this now. young is crying. Soo: but more than this – there is something I really want to show you – you Young. I wish you could see yourself more than anything else. why? cuz you are really really pretty and cool/impressive. she cries and turns around and kisses him on the cheek. she asks this is how I should kiss you oppa – right? he smiles and hugs her tightly. she smiles in his arms.

at night soo is in bed and Young comes over and says shouldn’t I sleep here today. whether I am sick or not you have to watch over me for 24 hours so we should be together. I will go and get blankets since brothers and sisters shouldn’t sleep together in one bed. he says lie down I will go get blankets. Young: when you go to my room there is a book. read it to me. Soo grins and says: it sure is hard raising a dongsang.

he reads it and says like the lead man in this book if I have amnesia, will i find the memories that i that’s not that great. there are no memories I want to find. no I would want to find memories of you. how about you. are you sleeping. he looks over and her eyes are closed. she is holding his wind chime in her hand as she sleeps. he goes back to reading but looks over at her again. he goes over and tucks her in. he stares at her face and leans closer to her lips. he almost kisses her – just barely brushing her lips with his, but he pulls away. she stirs and he pats her arm to get her to sleep again.

she wakes up and opens her eyes. she sits up and goes to the kitchen quietly to make him coffee. she spills hot coffee on herself. she puts the coffee on a tray and gets something out of the fridge.

she calls him on the phone and sings happy birthday to Soo. he says oh yeah it’s today. she says go to the kitchen. I hope you like my birthday present. after you leave if by any chance you miss me listen to that sound. even though it is small – me who cant see – you know I went through some danger to buy it right? congratulations on your birthday. she hangs up

soo walks over and there is a messy cake with the candle lit and his present on top. it’s a bracelet with a bell on it. his voice narrates: when I could have stopped I should have stopped then. not to get closer to Young.  this dangerous game was crossing the lines of danger. this warning coming from deep in my heart -at that moment I heard it for sure. he puts the bracelet on and shakes it to listen to the bell sound. he starts to eat the cake. he smiles looking at the spilt coffee and drinks it. Soo: out of all the many thoughts I could play with love. for the first time in this dangerous game -I was sure that I would get hurt more than Young that kid.

soo is dressed in a suit and goes to see young. Young is doing a rehearsal and is going over where to stand and how many steps it is to the podium from the door (14 steps). the woman says your brother will escort you but it’s good to memorize how many steps. soo shakes his wrist so young hears the bell and asks if he likes it. soo: yes. she says let’s eat seaweed soup at the restaurant. she asks the woman to go over it again.

sora is driving in her car and is on the phone. she says I am on my way to meet soo. there is a party at his company. Moo Chul says I am curious what Soo will do when he sees you. but be careful of Kim. you know what I am saying right. Moo Chul hangs up and is talking with the doctor – his older sister. Moo Chul only has two months to live out of four according to his sister’s friend doctor Hong. leave it alone so I can live like this and then die. his sister yells at him saying -what did I say – that you would get a thousand punishments for living like that. MC: what? this woman is really funny. cuz you fixed Yoo chul when he couldnt sit or stand – that’s why I am speaking to you so are you not taking me seriously. she sighs deeply and walks away but Moo chul calls out : you should be the one who is punished not me– why did I quit school and become a gangster – if I didnt work as a gangster and threw away our family like you -my dongsangs – no your dongsangs would all have turned out like me – do you know that? he spits in anger. there is blood on the snow

MH pulls up and HS and JS are on his tail and watch him. she asks why chase him when we know very well where he is going. JS says dont use your head we are just doing what hyung told us. he could meet that woman at the party or the woman might show up at the party. I am going to chase him till the end. if you dont want to then just go back up to seoul. HS says you have charm. should I just date you. cuz Oh Soo and I will never work out. should I just date you? he says say that again when you really mean it. right now focus on that guy. she says you have more charm the more I see you.

wang greets the board members. they say hello it’s good to see you. she says the weather is really nice today-we chose a very good day. a man comes over and says i heard the president’s son is coming today. wang: yes. the man says i saw him before but I dont know if he will remember me. wang says ask him. MH comes over and tells the men it’s almost ready and to head inside. they all go in. she where young is. MH says after she finished rehearsal she is with soo. she said to tell you she will see you inside. wang asks is sora here. MH: she said she is almost here. wang says ok then let’s go inside.  MH calls out to jang. jang says to go in first.

jang is on the phone and asks what is the photo you sent me. it’s pics of soo with sora. the café guy says I was looking for a picture of soo when he was younger and it was upsetting not being able to find it so my wife found those pics when she was going through sora’s pics cuz i am sora’s fan. Oh Soo is not an Italian chef. he was a famous gambler in cheongdamdong. jang says don’t tell anyone this truth and hang up. jang repeats “chef – cheongdam dong gambler.” sora shows up and reporters take pics of her

the party starts and people are told to take their sets. HS and JS go inside and look around. sora shows up and bows to wang.

young is adjusting soo’s tie. he asks when she learned to tie a tie. she says when  I was young. after mom left home, so I could do it for dad in place of mom. but I didnt get to do it for dad cuz sec wang was there. soo: no matter how much I think about it -this kind of place is awkward and uncomfortable so couldnt you just go with sec wang?  she says today might be the last time I stand with the title of being president. soo: what does that mean. she explains: there isnt much time left till i am selected again. at that time someone else might be the president. the board was always nervous about me cuz of my handicap. help me. let the people know that I am not alone and that I have a strong/dependable brother -for dad and for me – this might be the last present you can do for us.  soo says ok let’s go. but young doesn’t feel well

they are escorted to the back of the stage. they are holding hands and he says your hand is sweating a lot. she says it’s cuz I am nervous so don’t worry about it. he tells her there are steps.

soo tells young to keep it short cuz I dont want to stand up there for a long time.young: ok. she is called so Soo asks for her hand and helps her to the podium. young says the person next to me is president Oh’s Son – my brother Oh soo. I wanted to introduce him to the board so he attended with me. if oppa wanted, I was willing to give him the position of president at any time, but oppa has no interest in the company and is a famous chef at an Italian restaurant. he is going to leave for Italy soon. please say hello. sora smirks. soo steps up and says i wont talk long. please help president Oh (right here).

wang looks over at sora.

soo whispers to young that people arent looking at her with pity in their eyes. you must be cool/impressive. I will go and wait outside. he bows and before he steps off stage he locks eyes with sora. sora motions her head to meet outside and gets up. HS gets up to follow but JS pulls her down and says our objective is MH. leave sora up to hyung. MH calls someone and tells the guy to follow sora. MH’s gf shows up so JS says you two have been caught. JS and HS go after her. young goes over and whispers to some attendant

soo and sora meet and she gives him the room number to meet-  6078. the man follows them.

in the elevator, soo asks to borrow her phone. she sees the CCTV and hands it over. as they get out, he calls kim and says it’s me oh soo. how are you taking care of your girlfriend. the 7million dollar debt I owe you I am trying my best to pay you back but this kind of interruption is annoying. please take good care of controling your gf. he had her arms pinned so she wouldnt take the phone from him. after his call he drops her phone. she calls out his name. soo: stop it unless you are going to quit being an actress. you are a good actor as much as me.  the guy comes off the elevator but soo knocks him down and leaves.

the board member tells wang that one of them told him the man is going to support young for president in the next reelection. they are acting cuz Oh soo is the opposite of what Young wants.   wang: that’s good. another guy gives compliments to MH about having young’s brother escort her. MH: of course I had to step aside (defer) since Oh Soo is her brother. soo shows up and gets a call from young. he asks where are you. jang excuses himself

wang asks where young is. MH says she went out to change cuz her clothes were uncomfortable. she will be here soon. MH hears from the spy that soo and sora met but couldn’t hear what they were saying. wang: ok when young comes let’s greet the others and leave soon. MH: yes. he looks over at his ex.

jang is talking on the phone with some investigator working in cheongdam dong and says I am looking for a gambler named oh soo. can you look into it

soo asks: what? you are going home alone. are you in pain. your voice is strange. she says I’m not hurting much. dont worry. I just need to go home and take the medicine. soo suddenly remembers the pill. how she asked for that pill – cant you really give it to me? dont worry I wont use it easily. cuz it’s the only one in the world. when I take it I will get permission from you. Soo gets alarmed and asks where are you. I will go now so where are you. she says I’m ok come slowly after the party ends. I will hang up now. soo runs like crazy.

in the car the driver thinks it’s best to call sec wang cuz you seem to be hurting a lot so young says then just know you will be fired

soo drives like crazy.

when they get to the house, young tells the driver to leave and don’t tell anyone my condition if you don’t want to get fired

she goes inside and the maid comes over. the maid was going to the mart with the others cuz she didn’t know young was coming. young tells her to go.

soo pulls up and runs up the stairs. he goes to her room but she isnt there. he goes to his room and she looked for his pill. it’s gone. he calls out for her.

130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-08-57] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-09-14]

young  drank some water and swallowed. the glass in her hand drops and breaks. he runs over and sees her slumped over. the pill bottle is empty. Soo’s face is frozen in fear.


130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-13-33] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-13-40]


soo splits the pill in half so the contents spill out

young: why did you go that far and wouldn’t let me take that pill

soo: there is no such pill in the world

Soo writes Young a note in Braille

soo says to Moo chul: I want to show Young to your older sister hyung (MC’s sister the doctor)

Moo chul says to soo: are you really dating? you are putting your life on the line to date huh?

soo: let me ask this favor. MC throws the basketball at him

JS to Soo: are you only worried about Young? dont you worry about yourself hyung?

HS says to JS: let’s fold up our work. she kisses him

HS asks: who gave you that medicine. it’s for putting down animals.

young avoids Soo’s kiss. *what the – how did she see his kiss coming? cuz he moved pretty fast-not sure any seeing person could have avoided it that well. I bet she is mad about that medicine.

young: I am sorry – I got sensitive

soo yells at young: if you are angry at me- tell me what you are angry about

young: there is someone i have to meet now. let’s talk after i come back

in the car, young calls Moo chul

130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-40-23] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-40-40] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-41-20] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-42-10] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-44-07] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-44-48] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-44-56] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-45-37] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-46-24] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-49-58] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-50-39]130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-05-51]130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-47-00] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[00-47-10]130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-09-51] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-10-05] 130306 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 E08 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[01-10-14]

Kim Bum is on some entertainment program now. he says how he lost a lot of weight last year – ten kilos. he talks about his six pack and how quickly the six pack lines went away (once he stopped working out). his eyes resemble his mom. he isnt dating anyone now. she gave him a pillow then they went to go eat. Hee sun from the drama dropped by. she says how comfortable he is on set. she is asked who is her ideal – jo in sung or kim bum so she chose kim bum.  kim bum: I won! they talk about their kiss scene and how she slapped his cheek. kim bum says i never imagined i would do a kiss scene with trash around – instead of like at a reserved restaurant. I have to work harder. he says how he lost like 100 auditions. he learned to introduce himself in a special/unique way to stand out. he debuted at 18 and didnt rest since. i will work hard on my projects.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E05.130221.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[19-15-28]

Every time I watch that scene where she measures how tall he is with her hand, I keep thinking she isn’t just measuring his height. She is actually trying to gauge how much the years have changed her brother and what affect all those years had on him. Her fingertips don’t just have the sense of touch – it is trying to record the years they lost and the memories they can share before he leaves.  Young might not be able to see, but she knows what she is feeling.  She might be mixing up the definition of love at this point, but when it comes down to it, I keep wondering why she doesn’t sense his heart racing each time he holds her in his arms. Could it be that the sound of her own heart is drowning out his.

그 겨울, 바람이 분다.E07.130228.HDTV.XviD-KOR[(045359)19-00-51]

That scene last week when she was standing on her front yard and she called him to see when he would be coming home reminded me of the trivial things we do when we are in love. How they both lied about their whereabouts so they could humor each other and go along with what the other wanted. Just like a child eagerly awaiting her brother and friend, she wanted to go and greet him so he followed her and then ran ahead to wait for her. As he watched over her while walking from behind, I bet he wondered about the emotions stirring within – questioning and measuring just how much he is allowed to feel for her. I love when characters do this – feel more than they should. They have to hold back, but watching them struggle feels so real. The game changer in the drama will be when the floodgates of their emotions are unleashed and that deluge knocks everyone off their feet. You can just sense that barricade cracking each time Soo gets closer to her – literally and figuratively. I wouldn’t be half surprised if Young was actually expecting that moment of awareness or even anticipating it.

52 comments on “That Winter, The Wind Blows E8

  1. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy! Goshhh…this is such a huge favor you’re doing us! I’ll definitely keep on refreshing this page like crazy. Thanks in advance! Ahh… i so wanna watch this live. Just like how you say Young is building her memories with Soo, we viewers are also drawn to do the same, building our own sweet memories of them before the big storm hits!


    • Softy says:

      Did you notice that I was able to press update halfway through -that means it’s live coverage and not just posted at the end like usual. I was so proud of myself for typing so fast. 🙂


      • chokichoki says:

        Tell me about it! I was doing my office work and refreshing soompi and your page at the same time. Then bam came one long post. I can’t imagine how you do it. Were you typing the whole time you were watching the show or what?


  2. bella1025 says:

    Camping! Can’t wait for your recap Softy. Thanks a lot. 🙂


  3. bella1025 says:

    Softy.. Soo tailing behind Young last episode so reminds me of TaeHee tailing Ja Eun ❤ I absolutely love that scene too. ^^


    • chokichoki says:

      I so agree!! I guess that explains even more of how Soo feels towards Young. He wants to reach out to her but can’t really do so…


  4. chokichoki says:

    Young’s character is really puzzling cos you can just never guess what’s going on inside her head!! And I love how this drama makes it all mysterious. We know how Soo feel towards Young and the writer seems to emphasize just how his love starts to influence his guilty conscience. I wonder if he would feel guilty (or love) enough to confess to her..


    • bella1025 says:

      That’s what so mysterious about this drama. We’re let into Soo’s thoughts but Young is another matter. We “think” that she’s going this or that way because her actions and/or expressions say so.. only to be gobsmacked when she pulls another card into the equation.

      What I’d really like is for Young to learn all about Soo’s identity on her own and to play the lying game with him. This is to learn what really happened to her real brother. I want her to pull a fast one against our con artists. I’d like, for once, for Young to get rid of that annoying snarky expression that HS seems to be adapting most of the time. I still can’t get over that she snapped at Young’s question last episode. She appears to treat Young as though she’s of the superior intellect just because they’re able to fool her. Which is why I’d like Young to find out about the con on her own.. and to show her smarts to these greedy people.

      The only main conflict that I’d like to see happening between the couple is the brother-whereabouts. I think that’s enough since it’s only a 16-episode run.. and we’re halfway through. 😀 Once Young finds out about the lie, she needs to confront Soo about his lie/con, her real brother’s whereabouts and if and when he does confess about her brother’s fate, suspicions would probably be raised too (about Soo’s involvement in her oppa’s death and that’s gonna be painful to watch). I wish that when it does happen that she learns of her oppa’s death, that she’ll recall what she said to Soo back in the lodge. Although I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be hard for her to do so. There’s also the romantic feelings to be resolved as well. I can’t believe that we only have 8 more episodes to go. 😀


      • chokichoki says:

        It’ll indeed be hard for her. And especially after facing all those betrayals, I think only the feelings of resentment will be left in her so hopefully the writer can spin out something good that would lead them to end up together.

        I just watched the preview for tomorrow’s episode. I’m curious to know the content of Soo’s letter! For some reasons, I’m hoping for the letter scene to come after the ‘confrontation’ (whatever you may call it) between Soo and Young. The fact that he went through all the trouble to write a letter in Braille to her… sigh…I can melt just by the thought of it!

        p.s: It didn’t dawn on me that we’re halfway through. Aaaaaaaa!


        • bella1025 says:

          wah.. I haven’t seen the preview.. my streaming lagged around the end!! did he write a love letter in braille? so sweet!! ❤ I can't get over the fact that we, as the audience, are able to read into a male lead's innermost thoughts. And one thing that he keeps repeating is the fact that he does realize that he'll be the one who'll end up hurt the most in the end. Aww.. poor Soo. I'm hoping for a happy ending for these two.

          It reminds me of Harry Potter (lol.. sorry for this example if you don't care for it. hehe)… when there were rumors that Rowling was gonna kill off Harry in the end.. and when I was reading the part where he found out that he really has to sacrifice himself.. I was set to believe that myself. Nonetheless, I still kept praying in my head that he not die because I felt that it was just too cruel for him. That sort of ending that is because he has suffered a lot. So this reminds me of Soo's plight. Granted that Harry was never a womanizing con artist.. LOL


        • bella1025 says:

          p.s: It didn’t dawn on me that we’re halfway through. Aaaaaaaa!

          Yep.. this drama’s so good that it practically breezes by–in a good you-hadn’t-notice-that-it’s-gonna-end-soon. ❤


          • chokichoki says:

            Can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. Heheh!


            • bella1025 says:

              I just hope the con gets revealed soon.. I can’t wait for the kisses to begin with tension-filled-forced ones.. then ending up passion-laden full blown make out sessions. hahaha! They need to do it. I trust Soo.. and SHK because @tessie said that she did decent kisses with Binnie. So please make it work you beautiful people!


            • chokichoki says:

              They’d better be after all those teasing with the almost-kisses! By the way, I’m glad HS has made a move on JS. Next is the turn for our OTP


            • bella1025 says:

              I’m glad too. She was totally starting to piss me off. I hope she learns to respect Young.. because she’s totally undeserving of HS’s snarky comments. She’s actually nice and genuine to HS.. unless.. Young knows? Or doesn’t she? =))


  5. mamie says:

    Thank you Softy. I Always like your recap more than other’s. Reading each of your words written is like watching the drama live on my head. You are the best


  6. chokichoki says:

    I’m probably the only who’s excited and keeps posting stuff here. Hope you don’t mind Softy. Watching that almost kiss scene, man.. JIS’ acting is daebak! But I wonder for a blind girl like Young, she surely has strong senses especially if someone comes close to her face. I wonder if all these while she’s aware of Soo wanting to kiss her which leads to what happened in the preview (which I haven’t watched, by the way). What if she’s also using Soo to get rid of all those evil and greedy people around her?


    • bella1025 says:

      That’s what I keep praying!! hihihihi.. That she’s totally aware of all the almost-kisses.. I mean..he couldn’t have been holding his breath for long whenever he hovers like that over her lips. And she knows how he smells like right? So she either sleeps like the dead or she’s pretending coz she’s totally playing him. hahaha!! BTW, you’re not the only one busy commenting here … hihihi.. I noticed that we’ve been both commenting a lot here. LOL But we love Softy so I’m sure she won’t mind. 😀


      • chokichoki says:

        I know, right? That’s what happens when you get too invested in a drama. I don’t wanna be doing this to myself anymore right after OB but what do to, you can never resist good stuff (and not to mention all the pretties).


      • Softy says:

        There is no way she didn’t feel his breath on her face cuz his nose touched her cheek. It has to tickle which would make her pretending to be asleep and realizing what’s going on.


        • bella1025 says:

          Aww… I pray that you’re right Softy!! I’m gonna giggle like mad when it turns out to be that way. What’s driving me crazy is that we haven’t seen nor heard of Young’s innermost thoughts whenever those scenes happen. Everything about these two is just constant getting all up in your space. It’s crazy. ❤


  7. Softy says:

    I’m loving every word you guys are writing, but I wanted to hurry and finish translating so I can post those gorgeous screencaps quickly. I will join the chat later when I am done. I promise. 🙂


    • bella1025 says:

      Softy!! Thank you again for giving us the recaps. I’m really so happy that you’ve decided to recap this. Now, even when I’m unable to stream live.. I’m not as frantic anymore. LOL

      I can’t wait to read your thoughts about this episode. And the screencaps too!! ❤


    • chokichoki says:

      We’ll be waiting!! 🙂


  8. sailorenigma says:

    Thank you Softy for all of your hard word!!! Gracias! I really appreciate it ^3^


  9. h0ns_niech says:

    Aaaaahhh softy… Thank youuuuu….

    You spoiled me… And I’m really grateful..


  10. h0ns_niech says:

    Wondering what soo writes for young.. And why in that preview young seems avoiding soo…

    Aaaaahh.. And poor Moo Chul.. I find him not a total evil.. He is the enemy with hard… Gosh that sounds weird.. @_@


  11. bella1025 says:

    LOL.. watching the preview repeatedly. JIS really has a way when it comes to swooping in for kisses. *giggles mad* I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode. 😀


  12. My2Girls says:

    Nothing better in the world than waking up on a Wednesday morning and finding Softy has recapped my latest addiction. You are an angel. Off to read.


  13. yossie says:


    Thanks so much for the recaps. I like this episode, but for me the story is going nowhere. Well, maybe it’s just me. I hope we’re moving forward in the next episode, and Young finds out that he’s not his real brother.


  14. conjie008 says:

    Wow!! Softy a very awesome intro. as if you’re actually there feeling it.
    I’m sure there’s more to how you describe Young’s sense.

    When you lose your sight..all of the sense becomes more vibrant, acute in all your sense. I’m sure Young knows what her limit is..and she is going to pushing it the extreme.


  15. Anon says:

    Their lips were so close! How long are they gonna tease us like this >_< Thanks, Softy!


  16. Marie says:

    Thank You for the recaps this drama is the best!! SHK and JIS have such HOT chemistry cannot wait to see what is going to happen when she knows he is not her brother.


  17. Mumof3 says:

    Dear Softy,

    Wow, I read your quick recap last night and today you have updated it with even more details.. Now i understand the drama and its nuances even more. You are fantastic!! Thank you so much..

    I especially love reading your thoughts on each episode as it gives me new insight on what the screenwriter may be trying to conver. I don’t normally think too deeply about dramas but I really love this one.. The actors, cinematography and dialogue really entrance me.

    Thank you so much for your hard work and generous sharing. Most of all, thank you for loving this drama so we can all love it more as well.. :))


  18. iviih says:

    Hi Softy~ I’m back ^^ how are you ??? Thanks so much for recaping it. When you wasn’t recapping it I was really curious because I thought it was a drama you would like/enjoy… I’m now addicted to TWTB…. this drama…. is just… so pretty!!!!!! I want to make some hearders but the program I used is gone T_T *cries* you once asked me on the hearders thread about which program I use, I answered you there but you might not saw it, so I use Adobe photoshop elements 7, it came free on my notebook…

    I confess I never thought SGK was so pretty like people said she was, but I’m having a girl crush because she is really pretty in this drama LOL Of course I’m crushing on JIS and Kim Bum and I adore Eunji, just hopes her character smiles more because I love her smile! Hoping to listen a Eunji ost for this drama, I already heard Apink songs playing in the drama, so I’m happy ^^


    • iviih says:

      Oh I mean ”headers”

      I really need to study english gramar more… Kisses Kisses ! 🙂 😀 😉


    • Softy says:

      Welcome back Iviih – missed you. Also your headers too. It seems like a lot of people are in love with SHK. My friend even wants to cut her hair like SHK now. Those High Cut magazines are selling like crazy cuz of her too. People overseas are making such a big deal about the magazine, but it only costs 70 cents so no one here thinks it’s that special. This happened during YAB and SKK cuz those high cut magazines sold really well then too. it just shows you how popular a drama can get overnight. 🙂


  19. nonski says:

    waves at everyone!

    now why do i suddenly want to marathon this drama so i could catch up?! all my favorite people are here. 🙂 @bella1025 @tessieroo (pssssst why so quiet?) @chokichoki @sailorenigma @iviih (missed you) @conjie

    this is what i missed the most, lengthy discussions just like what we did on OB before. 🙂

    and softy dear, thanks for the recaps!


    • iviih says:

      Hiii 😀 Nonski ^^ How are you? Everything alright?

      I missed you too. And I also miss the OB times ^^ so many long comments and thoughts shared there. It was so fun 🙂

      I think it is a great drama, and tbh is the only drama I kept watching .. not watching any other drama airing right now… I’m watching also an old drama ”,Soul mates”

      OMG, I’m loving it! Never laughed so hard… . It is funny, light 😉


    • bella1025 says:

      LOL. Ate, I didn’t catch you last night! You have got to watch!! hihihihi


    • chokichoki says:

      Nonski! You just have to watch this drama. Do it now so you can join in the discussions later. Heheh… It’s been a while since I got so invested in a drama hence the many comments.. Thanks to our dear Softy for being the enabler! 🙂


      • nonski says:

        i will try to catch up this week end, it might do me some good. just to wash out some bad things happening in RL work.


  20. nonski says:

    wow @soomp was here too!


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