Flower Boy Next Door Special

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As much joy as this drama has given us, FBND decided to say farewell with laughter, shared secrets, and insights. I thought it was a miracle that there was a special, but now I realize they were having a hard time saying goodbye just like us. I know this FBND special might not seem like much, but for someone having a hard time saying goodbye they mean a world of difference.

UPDATED with press conference and Part two

*Part two added below, but the second half of Part two of the special is on the new upcoming drama Nine. Only about 24 mins of FBND came out and the rest was about Nine so I won’t be translating it cuz I don’t plan to watch Nine. That story is CONFUSING, but the guy sure is good looking. I will fill in what I can for the first half where FBND came out, but that was sort of sneaky to throw in promos for Nine like that using PSH’s voice as Dokmi. It was so bizarre.


They say once you reach the end, you want to go back to the beginning so that’s what I did. I came across some FBND press conference videos and realized I never really watched them before. I tried to check if they had been translated already, but there were just too many pages of thread to sift through so I decided to just translate the lines that were new to me and interesting for everyone.

YSY: after I finished Kim Tak Gu – Projects came in that had similar image to Kim Tak Gu –it had some sadness and messages that were strong, but I was drawn to this character that was the opposite. I had fun reading this –each page it was a character I hadn’t seen before. It was fun goofing around. Up to now I hadn’t gotten to do it – I got to excitedly goof around a lot and filmed like that for 3 weeks. when I am the most comfortable, in a good mood, and when I am at my most natural (state) – those expressions came out in the drama. Good acting I still have to do a lot and get better at it. I think I can show my most natural state (on this drama).

KJH: this was a project that I got to do after a long time-while I was in the army I wanted to act so much – to tell the truth when I went back to the film set –I started the first shooting half worrying half looking forward to it to see if I could get adjusted to it again. on the first day of shooting, all my concerns disappeared  and I had a really fun time and I remember being so happy as I filmed. it made me think “this is my job/occupation” even now while filming there are days when we film all night and times when it’s too cold, but I always film with a happy heart.

The director says when I first met KJH, I gave him the script and next time we met he hadn’t looked at the script. when I asked why didn’t you read the script he said cuz I am in the webtoon I thought I can just read that so I stayed up all night reading it, but his character doesn’t come out in the webtoon. so it’s fun to compare the drama with the webtoon –if you enjoy our drama you will have fun too.

KJH: I am 33 yrs old, but I had no idea Kyung pyo was that young. he is 10 years younger than me. I thought he would be like 2 or 3 yrs younger than me but Kyung pyo is 10 years younger and so is (P) SH. she corrects him and says she is 9 yrs younger. I saw her for a long time on tv so I didn’t know there would be such a big difference (age wise) with me. Kyung Pyo jokes I cant feel much of a difference looks wise, but I feel the age difference a lot.

YSY: this friend is fun and cheery/bubbly- like a fairy- he goes around being goofy- that’s Kaegeum.

the actor who played TJ: my character is soft, warm, and loves animals.

Kouki Mizuta: this might be weird to say, but should I say W is a character that receives love.  I am also like a character who receives love so I think we are similar.

KJH: this character is rooted in reality –there is some fantasy aspects to him – but while I was acting – I wanted to make him realistic (so people would think)  “oh that kind of person exists.”

YSY: when I came today I realized our project is flower boy. our set is so fun it’s like coming to play. for my previous projects up to this, I had too much burden that I had to do well but this time I thought I just need to enjoy this –no one told me this I felt this by myself.  we want to extend our hearts that are having a lot of fun and our energy. someone said if you are happy and having fun yourself the audience will know that 100% – whether that is correct or not let’s test that for real and we will work hard and have fun filming. please enjoy it while watching and *“it tastes right” when you watch our drama at 11pm (*meaning don’t just catch reruns and watch it live to enjoy it)

On a personal curious note – turns out PSH really was talking about this director being a flower boy “when he was much younger.” So the answer to that can finally be put to rest cuz I was sure she was talking about someone else each time I watched the BTS videos. I don’t see any trace of a flower boy in him, but I’m pretty sure she just said that cuz he is her current director.


There is a really cute interview with YSY from Mnet. It’s proof that he still hasn’t stepped out of character yet cuz he laughs and reacts just like Kaegeum. I lost track of how many times his real life laughter and mannerisms are so similar to Kaegeum. Maybe he just hasn’t broken character yet, but I’m hoping this is just who he is cuz then we will always see Kaegeum in him from time to time.


Mnet Interview:

YSY says it’s the last filming. director tells Kaegeum to stand by the window and stare at Dokmi and then do the finger to eye pointing to Dokmi when he sees her. YSY sits around waiting and someone asks how long since he has done an interview like this (on set) and he says it’s been a really long time – I think it’s been over 2 yrs. I will reveal things well. there is a knock and a woman says you have to open the door. the door is shut. he jokes if I don’t open this door then I don’t have to do the interview. I will do the interview alone. he lets the woman in and she brought him lots of toilet paper as present. so that things will work out well for him in 2013. she asks him to show her around the home –  is this where you made the pasta. does the water come out for real. YSY: no it doesn’t. she asks do you normally cook. he says just snacks like kimbap. I make kimchi kimbap and eat it when it’s long (whole – meaning instead of cut up like most people). she says you are a man who knows how to cook. she asks what room is this so he shows her the bedroom and says Dokmi stayed here once. she says they are filming next door so should we have a seat in this home and talk. she asks how long it’s been since filming started. the first time we met was during MAMA. YSY: we put it out there and said that our drama was really fun so we worked really hard making it.  thank goodness the other actors made it fun. he was asked about Kaegeum so YSY says how compliments brighten him up. YSY: for starters -the character was really fun and gave me energy. normally when I decide on a project I don’t know what to look at – I don’t know what to decide/choose too. it had been a while but as I was reading about this friend Kaegeum he kept coming alive so I was already acting while I was reading it. she says to see how high the similarities were between Kaegeum and the real YSY – they prepared a brain chart like thing that maps out what his thoughts are. he says how much he likes this stuff. he fills in his parts next to Kaegeum’s and autographs it. she reads that finishing up the drama took up the most important part. then there is a part about leaning Chinese so she asks do you study it diligently. YSY: no actors these days have to keep working overseas (so that’s why). she reads the chart and says the baseball season is coming up. do you still go often. he talks about how many games he has already reserved seats for if you want to come see him. (good luck finding him in that crowd) she says how they are giving this to someone on SNS as a present so he says really? then I should have written it better. she asks about his favorite scenes and he says when I wore the panda suit. she talks about the forehead touch – think of me as Dokmi and how about doing that scene. he blinks a lot and says huh? (he starts to stall and says) “for real – that scene…” so she says you are trying to avoid doing it aren’t you. YSY: no I don’t talk in circles like a guy. she says but you are circling a lot right now. YSY: was I talking too much. I was in the middle of talking. he quickly touches her forehead. she asks what is your real dating style. YSY: I’m really slow. the person I dated before – I watched her for 7-8 months and then dated. she says for a time you must not have been able to date. YSY: I really thought after I debuted there would be a lot of girlfriends. (deep sigh of regret) she says your standards got higher huh? YSY: no I felt more responsibility. (cuz he has to care about her privacy and stuff)

YSY is offered rice cakes with sugar and sesame filling. she says you chose the heart shaped one. he eats it and she asks how is it. it cooled but it’s chewy right. he says personally it tastes better when it’s cooled. YSY: I wanted to go with the feeling of a house cat. the director said every “acting as Kaegeum” starts with this room. normally there was another room but it was never revealed even once. she says not too long ago you came out on the Gag concert. YSY: just forget about it. she brings up the “aegyo pose 3 set.” YSY: I knew you were going to say that. he does 2 but she almost missed his 3 rd one so she asks was that one. what is that. could you do the “cute player.” he doesn’t know how to do it so she teaches him. (it’s the one everyone on strong heart and other shows all do) so he does the first step part. he eats another rice cake so she can read what’s underneath.  she suddenly asks: you are lonely aren’t you? he laughs and says what does that and this have to do with each other? she says cuz (I have no idea which pronoun to put in here- she might have meant she wanted to date him) want to date. YSY: how could you jump to that. About taking part in the OST. YSY: I participated in it cuz it had the feeling of Kaegeum. if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have participated in it. she asks him to sing a little bit so he starts off well but suddenly hears a phone sound and looks past her and asks who are you? we are talking (recording) here (in banmal) He loses focus and keeps laughing. YSY laughs cuz someone wrote on SNS “say everything about Kaegeum” so YSY says: I asked *Kouki (the actor who played W) did you eat rice cake soup cuz it’s new years, but he didn’t know what rice cake soup was so I said come to my home.  my manager on the side whispered to me “he might be put off so think it over carefully before you speak” so I said what are you talking about right now. my foreign friend couldn’t  eat rice cake soup so he might be one year less older so right at that spot I called my mom and said “mom I am going to take my friend tm so make some rice cake soup. the woman says you are manly.  YSY: make rice cake dumpling soup. so I told him you just wait. tm at 12. we finished shooting around 5am. with SH, JH hyung, and the director we were all eating and my head was circling. she says cuz you didn’t sleep much at all. YSY: I closed my eyes for a second and opened them. and I got a call right away. I said “hello” and Kouki said hyung I am in front of the subway station by your side. so after I fed the kid the rice cake soup I was so sleepy I could have died cuz I only got to sleep for 3 hrs so I said “Kouki you saw the sauna on our drama right? so the kid said yes I like it I want to go. so I said yes let’s go. so I told him to say to the man who would be scrubbing him (exfoliating him) and told Kouki tell the man when it hurts. say “ap-pa-yo” (meaning it hurts) so I taught him two things to say in Korean. You have to say “appayo” and the ajussi will do this (clap) and it means to turn over (so the man can scrub the other side) so Kouki said “ah ok” so I entrusted the kid with the guy and slept. YSY says to the camera to Kouki “to tell the truth I did it cuz I was tired. I’m sorry.” (I love how YSY told this story – it was so hilarious how he went into details)

YSY: this time I want to be brave/courageous. I did my best but until now in dating if there was one thing I regretted – I think maybe I lacked courage. I want to be courageous

some guy who saw him at the baseball station wrote in that YSY had a banana scent. she says it should have been chicken at a baseball game, but some guy said you gave off a banana scent. YSY: what is that? who is that? there are a few things I do at the baseball game all the time –buy something to eat or what have you but banana scent? YSY is too confused so they skip to the next one. she asks him to choose one question he likes out of the list so she can give that chart as a present. he looks at the list and chooses someone cuz of their ID name and not the question. in his closing greeting YSY says: I will come back in another form and make you happy –don’t expect and just trust me. I will be sure to pay you back for that trust. without being lazy so you can think he walked that next step- in order for you not to give up on that trust, as soon as this project finishes the next day I will prepare for the next one .

*Kouki Mizuta as Watanabe.

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PSY as Dokmi is narrating about this special. “By any chance are there any flower boys living in front of you too. For the past two months,  thanks to FBND if your fatigue and stress were relieved then adjust your channel again. a special program was prepared for the audience who were feeling sad about saying farewell to FB. Peeping on FBND with Dokmi – it’s starting now.

they show footage of the press conference. the director says “they are working hard so the characters could express a different charm.” PSH: for the audience who watches this drama-I think what they imagined about their neighbors- they might be able to get rid of that sense of being strangers.

they show the poster photoshoot. “2013 January another flower boy drama joined. a drama that received a lot of love like a pandemonium – FBND. should we meet their lead characters?”

Hello I am Go dokmi from 402. I’m a girl where my small room is the whole world. instead of turning on the boiler (heater) I sleep in a sleeping bag and I’m very economical.

She introduces the rest of the flower boys. starting with E – his personality and profile showing past scenes. even with people he met for the first time he can become close with them right away. he has such an uncanny strength. after he showed up I was affected by that energy.

*the personality and profile descriptions are what we already know – for the profile it was their name/nickname, where they live, job, stuff like that.

then the scene with Jin running after the car. she talks about Jin’s profile. next they show dong hoon and gives his description and profile. then they show W and she gives his profile. how the people living there were able to get closer while learning to cook from him. then they show footage from the Christmas theme photoshoot. then the interview with the 3 of them – KJH, PSH, and YSY. JH says our personalities arent just average/normal/regular, but we all get along so that’s good and it’s fun. YSY: to be honest we all think we are normal. JH: do you do that? YSY: I do that. PSH: it doesnt seem like it. YSY: huh?

next the camera pans down YSY’s legs and he gets alarmed cuz he didnt realize it was a video. some woman says werent you in tak gu in the past so YSY jokes yes I play ping pong really well. he walks around shirtless for that scene where he has to put the trench coat on and go outside, but there were NGs cuz he couldnt get the coat on. director keeps calling for a redo.

PSY says how she tries to go around and being a good flower but they dont accept it. JH says I try to be good – to show good sides as the oppa.

JH says to someone off camera: what? that you like me. I cant focus on acting.

they show footage behind the scenes and NGs. some of these BTS were shown before that i already translated before. others are new so those are the ones I am translating.

during that scene with the teacher where D faints in Jin’s arms. PSY worries she will smile. when Jin yells at DH “what the hell did you do” YSY says it felt like a sageuk (cuz he said it scary with authority) KJH keeps going over how to play out the scene so PSH yells out jokingly – just how many ways did you prepare (to say this line).

PSH says personally dong hoon shi has charm. KJH says how dong did a two hour long one man show and people fell for him. PSH: more than saying he is my ideal, he made all of us focus on him and be interested in him.

dong broke a toy so he tries to put it back together. the slapping NG comes out. some guy off camera tells KJH to do it properly (as in slap dong)

KJH asks who her ideal is cuz there is the two of us so PSH says it would be nice to combine all 3 of you (including dong).

Dokmi talks about the scenes that look like a movie (like during the flashback or imaginary scenes) and the ones that look like a manhwa -starting from now I will reveal FBND’s pretty scene secrets

ocean village was only up to second floor but through CG (computer graphics) they made it fifth floor. they also changed the banners on the side of the building through CG. she talks about how FBND was different than others. cuz of the type of film that was used they were able to make a much better drama. then the pretty letters on the screen were all hand written. at first the letters were 3 D for the title, but they changed it to hand written starting from E4 for the sake of saving the dating scenes. FBND opened the door for this title look.  the lead actors have to look like a picture to go inside a cartoon frame – you remember this scene (the kissing one) right? it looked like a drama you could read instead of a drama you can watch. as much as the drama in the webtoon, FBND was really effective like a manhwa.

a woman comes out and says: the casting for the actors was really well done. the scriptwriter said more than the characters he/she thought(envisioned) – the actors that came out were prettier and more impressive/cool and he/she liked it a lot. since it’s a drama and different from a webtoon there were new characters. since he/she made so many good characters, we were able to make such a fun drama. Dokmi asks who is the lead character who resembles the webtoon character the most. the woman says how well liked Park SJ was (the one who played DH). She talks about DH’s character from the webtoon. in the webtoon she was a fashionable character who ran a shopping mall. PSJ is very fashionable too. her look was very similar too – like her hairstyle. the writer said DH seemed to have jumped out of the manhwa.

dokmi talks about the two men- cuz of them she was able to come out cautiously into the world after living in hiding behind her closed door.the way these two men loved her was very different.

she talks about Jin Rak first. how he didnt knock on her door or open it willy nilly on his own. for 3 years he secretly stuck post its on her milk to convey his heart. he carefully got closer to her and kept his manner, he thought that was the road to show his respect. quietly protecting/watching her by her side was the next door Jin Rak’s way of loving.

then she talks about E. Kaegeum was different from Jin Rak and blatantly knocked on her door and suddenly barged into her home. so that she could come out into the world he didnt try to refrain from giving lectures.  that woman who lived being trapped within herself -he was like a fresh new breeze that aired out her trapped air. that was the way Kaegeum loved.

she talks about the other scandals in FBND besides E, D, and Jin. Jin and DH, the guard and ajumma. then Jin and E. among them was the biggest scandal-  the editor and dong. she talks about how their relationship started when the editor signed as his guarantor. even though she yells whenever they meet, how they stole each other’s heart was really lovable/adorable. their song comes out as their previous scene comes out when she buys his bag. dokmi welcomes the editor to ocean village and FBND family. Dokmi says “there is a fantastic life at ocean village that anyone would dream about -this isnt the end of FBND family’s story. tm I will show you the FB family more closely. starting from the scenes that were hidden (up) to talking about the drama ending. don’t peep like me and watch confidently. everyone you are going to watch with me tm too right?”

end part one

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Part two

they show clips of best scenes that the audience chose as the best five. number five is when the two guys did the sing off in the singing room. number four is when D and E first have their fight over the search key words. number three is when the 3 of them dress in suits and goes to try to deceive Jin’s brother. the 3 men looked great in suits but what’s the point since outside they shined but inside they were dumb (hudang=when you do foolish things). She says they failed in the end and went back but their friendship got stronger. she asks do you remember this scene when D was caught by E for the first time  after peeping at the man (who lives across) in front. she was so scared by Kaegeum’s scary stare and pointing fingers. back then I didn’t know how we would turn out like this. the scene where they met for the first time. number two is the scene when E thinks she is a peeping tom and goes over to confront her and calls her “pervert”shi. number one is the sweet accidental kiss on the floor. then they show the kiss in her room. she says both of their sincerities were filled in this tearful kiss. then they show how E says sorry for not finding you sooner –thank you for letting me love you. I love you ajumma. Dokmi says the kiss where they received confessions of love. all of Dokmi and Kaegeum’s kisses were chosen as the best of the best scenes.

they show bts that haven’t been shown so D says should we watch them together. PSH taught dong and W the “gee gee” dance steps.

they show the kiss scene between Jin and DH. omg that is so funny.  DH says oppa your lips will get a lot of my lipstick on it so Jin says smear it all over. they rehearse his repulsed reaction. director says think of this as your first kiss so Jin says that’s overdoing it. would this really be his first kiss – would he never have kissed when he is a guy. they call “action” and the kiss happens but Jin is not pulling away and just lingers. DH asks the director – so after doing it – don’t shake and just hold still. Jin says to kiss for real to make it real. he pretends to be nervous about his first kiss. she says it was your first kiss but you ate sundae (pig intestine) soup (it has a strong taste so she is sort of complaining while pointing it out). so he grins and says I have to eat – it’s cold so I ate the sundae soup- why are you like that. they do the kiss scene

BTS of the floor kiss. PSH gets instructions on how to shoot the kiss on the floor so YSY asks her “this your first kiss” (meaning Dokmi’s). PSH: what? YSY: sorry. YSY jokes she should be bleeding on her head and the other guy says her teeth should have been bumped into. PSH is going over what happens – she will sit up suddenly when Kaegeum says something. YSY jokes after that the next scene is me showering.

then they show the singing room scene where Jin and E have to sing off key and yell sort of. they rehearse how to sing poorly. Jin says we have to do this again right. the director makes comments about dong’s crazy pants. dong says it’s better to dress like this and do that isnt it? (singing Gee gee) so DH says it’s gross so dong says why say it’s gross. dong and W pretend to do the Gee Gee dance.

Dokmi says FBND wasnt just a romance comedy – it was a drama that tossed important questions in life. if you look back at FBND family – each one had had scars/pain. starting from Dokmi who lived inside her home cuz of her bad memories. she didn’t like the sound of her door being knocked on, the sound of her phone, the intercom sound, the sound of my name being called– cuz it means I have to meet someone.

they show the scene when E looks at his posters vandalized. D says even his job as a creative game director isnt good cuz he has anti fans

they show the rooftop scene where Jin says what kind of people he doesn’t like and E says you don’t like me too huh – these days I gather anti fans.

then the editor telling Jin the background is too pretty so the faces don’t show up. so Jin  says I drew the faces.  then the scene when the editor yells at Jin and dong asking why the world is so cruel to her. dong asks Jin what he thinks of what he drew and Jin says it’s better than what I drew. they show the scene when dong gives out his card as designated driver. how dong told Jin I have to quit drawing the webtoon. then the scene when dong confesses about his life and quits.

dokmi talks about ocean village –where it’s like a dream to live in.  there is no security deposits and flower boys live in front and next door. while watching FBND there were a lot of people having fun imagining a fantasy like that would come true. while watching the lead characters that resemble themselves- there were those who were comforted.  wasnt FBND a drama that soothed away the scars

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-26-05] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-26-35] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-26-58] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-28-25][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-27-57] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-29-39][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남 스페셜 2부.130305.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[15-28-11]

cast members come out and give last remarks. PSY says the time went by so quickly that I didnt even feel it. Jin: it still doesnt feel real that this is the last filming, but…. editor finishes his sentence: it was a fun time. from here on too. guard and ajumma say we had a fun time with these kids. with these hoobaes. Jin: for all of you who have loved FBND-thank you very much. Kyung pyo (Dong Hoon): thank you to the viewing audience. I love you. PSH: It makes me so happy and thank you for accepting us so well.  YSY made bunny ears on her head while she was talking and then pretends tears are coming out so she does too and calls him Kaegeum. he makes a funny face at her cuz she is clueless about what he just did behind her back. dokmi says thanks to these neighbors I was able to come out into the world.  I will miss this family of neighbors who made precious memories. everyone from here on please remember our drama for a long time.

To intro Nine, Dokmi says: I shouldn’t have said that (to E) “please leave my home.”

they show clips of Nine and she talks about turning back time and the plot for Nine. she talks about Nine more as they show clips of how that drama went into production. she talks about the lead actors.

there are interviews with the lead actors of Nine. the director talks about the actors. the supporting cast comes out too. that actor from School is on this too and asks for a lot of audience attention. she talks about the locations this drama was filmed – like Nepal. wow it’s pretty.

she talks about how the people behind Queen In hyun’s man is making Nine. director comes out again about the movie scene in 1992.

there is a poster shoot for Nine. Dokmi says to watch this lovey dovey chemistry. the lead actress keeps saying it’s awkward to shoot the lovey dovey scene. cuz of his facial hair and stuff, but then he shaved later.

they show the kiss scene shot outside by the car and then both actors talk about it. there is another more intense kiss scene in a room.

*I wasn’t going to watch this drama, but now I’m getting curious.

next they show the day the cast and crew of Nine met to commemorate the start of the drama. the cast and director comes out again. they show footage of filming in nepal again. dokmi says the first episode airs 3-11.

they show a long preview of Nine



The actors have moved on, the sets cleared, and the lights have been turned off already on this drama, but nothing was final until tonight. Now it’s really over, but it just doesn’t feel like it yet. As long as the memories are still this fresh and the emotions still this raw, this drama is not going anywhere for me. Saying goodbye is something that will have to happen over time – just not sure how long it will take at this point.


42 comments on “Flower Boy Next Door Special

  1. flo says:

    YSY performed at Leejung’s concert after he finished his volunteer activities in Africa..
    dear Softy..if you have a time..could you please translate his conversations..i’m dying to know what they were talking about..thank you very much in advance


    • Softy says:

      Amazing guy – how does he not even look jetlagged or tired. He just got back from Africa for Pete’s sake. That is not a short flight. He looks soooooo good. Thanks for sharing this video flo.
      *a few words here and there are hard to make out when the mic goes away from their mouth but I got most of their conversation. they seem awkward with each other a bit cuz they have a big age gap since YSY calls him “hyungnim” and not “hyung.” Jung kept squeezing YSY’s shoulders every time he was nervous. that shoulder must have a bruise by now. 🙂

      They hug and Jung says how YSY acted on FBND and came as his guest to sing the ost. Please give him another big round of applause. He came from Africa yesterday. YSY calls him hyungnim and says I matched your schedule and came. I think Jung said I’m sorry (for that). Jung doesn’t finish his sentence and just says “your singing…” (cuz he is a singer and he knows YSY didn’t sing well and he cant bring himself to lie) so YSY fills in what he must want to say and goes “ the singing –it’s cuz it’s live” so Jung says “it’s ok. this is your first live (version) singing after you were born.” YSY nods his head. some girl says he did well. jung asks the crowd – is there anyone who knew YSY was coming today? the crowd says yes so Jung says you should act like you didn’t know. so he asks again – did anyone know YSY would come out so they yell “no” YSY says even my mom didn’t know. it gets awkward so YSY says sorry it’s cuz there is no script to read and we are doing this. they both mumble and I think Jung said sorry the conversation is going here and there so YSY agrees and says we should have had a drink of alcohol first (meaning meet before this and get to know each other first). Jung tells the audience today is the first time I met him (YSY). after talking today we will get close (from here on). YSY: to celebrate meeting for the first time today we should meet every few years. a woman yells I want to go too so YSY tells her to come too. Jung tells him to go to his concert as his guest. YSY says long time ago I saw you sing as a congratulation (at some person’s wedding) so I wanted to be sure to ask you to sing for me too later (as in his wedding) so jung asks are you thinking of getting married ( as in do you want to get married) so YSY says of course. later when I meet a good person. jung asks how old YSY is so he says 28. Jung: I am more urgent so introduce me around. they get awkward again so YSY says I am so happy just being like this. Jung says the concert will finish now. cuz I have a concert tm too. thank you. come again tm. YSY: got a reservation. jung: at today’s gathering we will be having bacon. please give YSY applause again. cuz of the hard conversation the concert shined more. do you have any plan for future projects so YSY says FBND ended and brings up kaegeum. then his overseas activities. jung says the exact amount FBND was sold overseas but he got the numbers mixed up so YSY says how could you say that ahead of time when there are reporters. so Jung says I got ahead of myself. anyway it sold a lot. it did well. YSY: it would have been nice if it got sold one or two more places. after coming here – it’s the first time coming to such a large venue . he says to Jung: there are a lot of pretty women – I was surprised so Jung asks where? YSY randomly points to certain directions. some woman yells out something so jung says it’s cuz you stood for a long time. he tells the women to wait a little while. YSY: I am really envious. jung: for this concert – as a singer I am grateful and thank you YSY for coming. I will be sure to reciprocate this for certain (I will return this favor for sure) somehow. YSY laughs and says Jung said that making a face so Jung says I really meant it. YSY: it seems like you mean you will get revenge –not return the favor. Jung: no return the favor – you can feel it cant you? YSY humors him and says yes. it seems like you fight well. jung: I really can’t. jung: while sending YSY away – please give him a very warm round of applause. YSY: while coming up a while ago – when I saw all of your faces – I thought he would be very happy. I really hope everyone here along with hyungnim have happy hearts.


      • flo says:

        aww..dear Softy..thanks soo much.you are so kind to me
        i just missed YSY..so i was so curious about everything he said in this video
        i’m really proud of him,and yes indeed he looks soo good ^_^


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