Flower Boy Next Door E16

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Every word of translation felt like a reward. Not just for choosing such a wonderful drama, but for all the hours I invested in falling in love with these characters.  They gave me hope, insight, laughter, and even tears, but there was something else it gave me quietly through its message. FBND made me believe in love again. It made me want to trust and believe in it after the damage done from my last breakup. I’ve been jaded about love for quite some time and my heart was frozen – I didn’t believe I would ever want it to thaw out again, but this show managed to with every word and interaction. I realize a fictional show shouldn’t wield so much power and influence over my reality, but I’m glad it did. I needed some push to feel something other than bitterness for a change when it came to love so I will be forever grateful to this webtoon writer for showing me that sometimes making that leap of faith in love doesn’t mean you will always crash and fall. Each of these characters took their own risks with their hearts and some paid off, while others had to wait their turn till the right person came along. The most important lesson is to make that jump. Who knows, maybe one of these days when I make that leap, I will land on my feet and be whole again.


On the recent SBS entertainment show, there is a cute interview of YSY. He shared “I tend to be proper(pure and innocent) to the extent it’s tiresome. I have one sided (unrequited) loves for a long time and then meet (date).” Then he shares something hilarious “I wish they wouldnt come close and talk to me cuz there are so many tall people. like Daniel (Choi) and JW. I like acting with them, but I want to do it while sitting at a table. how good would that be.” (LOL)

*how adorable that in real life, he has a tendency to have one sided loves first before he dates them. Bet he knew what Jin and others were going through on this show then cuz if you think about it there were a lot of unrequited loves on this drama.


YSY: While I read books, I tend to organize (my thoughts/feelings) and heal so there is something I really want to get – could you listen to that request. YSY goes over to meet the interviewer. they both say it’s been a long time. he gently high fives her. he says you got prettier. but she says did I? I gained some weight huh? YSY: yes. so she playfully hits him cuz he answered without hesitating. she asks what the reaction was to his aegyo (on the drama). YSY: they liked it. she says pretend I’m your girlfriend and I am sulking – she uses a baby voice – it’s so cold so why did you pick Chunggaechung…he suddenly points so she looks over and he pretends to kiss her cheek. (to demonstrate that’s the kind of aegyo he does on the show) the interviewer asks the ajumma on the street what drama she likes YSY from the most and the woman mistakenly says soccer king instead of baker king so YSY pretends to play soccer. another woman comes over and grabs his hands saying how good looking he is. so the intv asks what are his 3 attractive qualities  so the woman says he is good looking his face is good looking and he is manly.  intv asks how much longer are you going to hold his hands so YSY gives the woman a hug. intv asks what was your wish today – to get what? YSY: truthfully – to go to the bookstore and get the little prince book from a long time ago – one that has a scent from a long time ago and something filled with memory. she asks how many books he has at home so he says 2000. (he said 1500 during strong heart so I guess he got some more during that short time). when I was younger my mom liked books so she got boxes from the grocery store and folded it and made a bookshelf.  so I thought later when I grow up and make a lot of money instead of buying a nice car – I wanted those huge libraries you see in wealthy homes with book shelves that need ladders. that was my dream. they arrive and before he even goes inside he says I really love the feeling I get as I go in cuz I can smell the books. he talks about a book he read before he debuted. I thought I should become that kind of person. while reading this book what I liked the most was – if I wanted to become the best person – it wasn’t necessary to become the best person but to gain the best person. she calls him the librarian YSY. he focuses and finds the little prince book – one that is old from a long time ago. he says he likes this book cuz of the illustration. and he wants to live like the little prince (meaning the little prince’s heart). she buys him the book and they leave.

they go to the market and talk about his hometown and hers. they speak in their southern dialect. he says her accent is cute.

then they go and eat. she says his charm is that he doesn’t act his age and seems more mature cuz when he was younger he lived with his grandmother (raised by her) so she asks you must have a lot of memories with your grandmother. YSY: yes I did – if I replied even once without showing manners that night I would get in a lot of trouble (as in shed blood) –she never overlooked it even though I was a kid. that was love.  the woman says that’s why you have that image of being polite and respectful. YSY: it’s cuz they saw it in a good way.  she says there are times when you want to drink and cut free so he quickly says I do that. he doesn’t like doing things he doesn’t normally do but when it comes to things he does he is very upfront and has fun. they play a game of truth or misunderstanding. first one is YSY is proper/pure and innocent so he says yes. YSY: “I tend to be proper(pure and innocent) to the extent it’s tiresome. I have one sided (unrequited) loves for a long time and then meet (date).” Next YSY cant drink. he holds up X. YSY: I can still drink one or two bottles (soju) when I drink I get energetic/hyper. I wake up any friends who are sleeping.  like this “is this a time for someone young to be passed out. “ next one is YSY doesn’t get angry. he holds up X. YSY: no I do. I wish they wouldnt come close and talk to me cuz there are so many tall people. like Daniel (Choi) and JW. I like acting with them, but I want to do it while sitting at a table. how good would that be.

she talks about how he debuted in 2009 with highkick then baker king in 2010. she says there are more people who remember Kim Tak Gu than YSY. YSY: being remembered for some role is a really big honor. but I am not Kim tak gu – I am an actor so I have to show the next role. she asks a really good question. out of a 100 page book  -up to what page did you come to in the book (meaning how much of his life he has come along so far). YSY: I think this is the start. I keep thinking there is a lot more I still have to go. I want to keep trying – at least more than today- I want to be the person who goes after tomorrow. she says YSY the actor shines more than his looks


I can totally picture the off screen conversation they were having here. I bet since she was so cold, he was offering her the warmth from sharing his coat, but he did it jokingly so it made her laugh. In another photo she did sort of stick her hand inside his coat to keep them warm. If they were just a bit less shy, I bet he would have been able to convince her to just let him warm her up cuz I remember other older costars doing that during their filming. They don’t even care or think about scandals cuz they are just too cold so they snuggle. Like they say – with age comes wisdom – in this case common sense. Give these two a few years and I bet they wont hesitate the next time this happens.

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Written before it aired: Years from now you will marvel over how much you used to love certain dramas so much, but you won’t question why for this one. It will remain relevant then as it is today. It will test time and win hands down. It’s the kind of drama you try to step away from cuz you find yourself way too engrossed and overly invested, but it calls to you so you end up watching it again and again. Just like friendships you don’t walk away from, once this show grabbed your heart, it held on tighter than you ever imagined any little cable drama could. It didn’t try to be more than it was. It didn’t put on airs or try to show off. It wanted to tell a simple little story and it did with all the flair of any epic drama minus the pomp. It was simplicity at its best elevated to a higher standard of greatness. Just like how some small indie film comes along and steals the thunder from a blockbuster airing at the same time, it came with an element of surprise and packed so much in just a short 47 minutes. Many more will try to aim for the same level of success, but never even come close to touching its hem. For such a small drama, it will steal a great deal more than just your heart.

I want to thank all of you for leaving such wonderful and supportive comments all this time. Thank you so much for staying up to find raw links or torrents for me and for always leaving great music videos, previews, interviews, and other info about FBND. It’s been so much fun sharing the joy this drama has given all of us. Let’s all commiserate together in the coming days and weeks as we step into the next phase of kdrama addiction – the withdrawal. This time it’s coming in pretty slow for me cuz I don’t even feel it yet. I guess I have to finish translating the last episode for it to fully sink in. Hope it’s not another case of not being able to see my keyboard through my tears. If I had a choice, I would rather have laughter through my tears.

What a whirlwind of an ending. Daebak. So much was covered in that last hour I feel dizzy and giddy at the same time. I am so happy for how it ended well and proud of how this show accomplished so much, but also sad that it’s over. I want more. There is enough material to cover a season two if you ask me or just start a whole other chapter. Maybe this author will write another one someday. I will be first in line for that as well.

E16 Finale

starts from a pan of D’s room and it has changed. the news is on the tv about the start of 2014.

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D is at work at a meeting at the publisher’s office. the sunbae comes over and wishes them a happy new year. she says E’s book was chosen as the best healing book last year. now it’s going to come out again as (not sure if the word is eye healing cuz snow healing sounds funny. snow and eyes are the same word in korean)

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D goes outside and Jin asks what should we do for a one year anniversary. D: it’s already been a year.

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back at the cafe, crazy girl asks :why you are giving up the animation you wanted. why you wont go back to sola studio-tell us. E doesnt face D.  E tells his fans: I am going to do the animation. I am going back to Spain. his fans are relieved. E turns and finally looks at D. then he looks away. E continues: but I am not going back cuz of the animation with Sola. I will do the animation at some time for sure, but not now. sola already got someone else to do it. he tells them: when I was in spain. you played games with me and we sent emails and notes to each other – I remember all that. but my dream isnt all of your dream. i wish you would have your own dream and achieve them. also at this moment, this person knows what is the most important to me right now in my life. he turns to look at D and says right now the person in front of me – my love is important. I don’t want to lose it. I dont think I need to explain more. the crazy girl says we dont need talk like that. she points at D and says cuz of that woman who is two timing with the webtoon writer, you threw away your love. now you are going to throw away your work too. E yells at her: are you a five year old kid? dont you know how to listen properly to what someone says. why do you waste your precious time doing this -spreading false rumors – insulting others – something meaningless and unnecessary. one person who is the most precious to me –  cuz of me- cuz of false rumors -she is getting fingers pointed at her.  so how can I leave. if I leave like that and achieve my dream -will that dream be able to shine. so that is why- until you all stop, I cant leave. he takes D’s hand and leaves

dong keeps primping so Jin asks arent you going? let’s go. dong: does it make sense to quit rapunzel now. the editor will try to kill you. Jin: E is doing his best to keep D safe so how can I just continue drawing alone. dong: I dont like reality. Jin yells let’s go you punk.

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they walk to the bustop and wait. E asks are you ok? even if you resent me for taking you there it cant be helped.  I wanted to take you there-when people are talking about someone they dont know at all they become worse (more strong). cuz they dont know. cuz they dont have to think of anything at all. but when they see a face in person – look into their eyes -then cuz of that time spent together  -they think “ah this person is the same as me. this person can be hurt the same as me.” they can feel that.  so even though it was hard on you, I took you there. D: don’t worry. at that place, the past that I was dragging along, I was able to cut that off there. I am ok. E: you always say you are ok. if you are having a hard time say you are having a hard time. if you are angry say you are angry. if you feel indignant say you feel indignant. do that now. D: didnt we say we would go on a trip. first time that trip starting as a lie -how about a second dopee trip?  E: dopee? D: let’s run away. from this noisy reality for a while. E: this ajumma – you still don’t know me. I am not the style that avoids and hides. I will continue to fight in this situation. she says do you know how hard it is for a girl to say let’s go on a trip first. you told me to say what I wanted. I want to go on a trip. at a time like this you are supposed to go along with it. E: where should we go. since it’s a dopee trip, wouldnt it be good to go somewhere far far far away? an island? never mind if you dont want to. (he whispered the word “island” cuz he knows it means it will be more intimate)  she takes his sleeve and says I want to guide you today. you always led me around by hand so today I will take you around. he nods yes. she leads him away

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the editor starts to yell “I told you not to drop by suddenly” but calms when she sees dong. while Jin talks looking down she makes googly eyes with dong as he thanks her again for the bag.  jin says I am sorry – it would be nice if you didnt get carried away (by your anger), but I was wondering if we could change the story cuz a complication formed with FBND and rapunzel. Jin braces himself for her yelling but opens his eys and sees her smiling at dong. jin: a while back on the day I wasnt able to continue cuz of the blackout, like you put up that talk about unrequited love, how about if we draw episodes about love. ( as in use FBND as a springboard to share about love)  she says FBND is finally doing well cuz of that scandal with E – it’s finally doing well but you want to change it now on your own? last time I told you but I am the pro. I have to ok the concept and changes.FBND talks about love. what a lie. do you know love? you said there was no such thing as a timid confession. you just stood by and watched so what do you know about love? you have to know something to discuss.  dong calms her and says that’s not it. what hyung is saying to protect rapunzel – 402 he wants to quit. isnt it?he whispers to her there is a situation.  jin looks down and looks sad. he remembers the past with D. first time he met her. watching her sort through the recycle at night. riding up in the elevator with her. how he said he wanted to stay by her side a long time so a little bit of his trace will be left like that hat. so she just needs to stay there. Jin says aloud: I really didn’t know love. love is what a person does so you can get rejected and make mistakes. but on my own, I put love too high so I only saw air.  so I wanted people not to regret like me, give courage to people who cant confess, and I want to comfort painful loves. editor agrees with his new idea and says ok then let’s hear about the first story of love. is there something you are thinking of.  jin: even though their pockets are poor, it’s a love story about a blindingly young couple. she says ok continue. so does dong. Jin: there is a girl who only sleeps 4 hours a day. and a guy who has to do part time jobs every night. (jin is talking about dong and  the editor) the girl who can only sleep 4 hrs a day it’s cuz she is so tired and having a hard time from living.  the man who has to do part time jobs every night cuz it’s too realistic -his ideal is to have a successful woman. these two in this scary world-they can write guarantees for each other and are confident. these two know too well that love is being realistic and not picking a star you cant reach – this love story is a real melo. the editor and dong wonder are we in love. they smile at each other

* I just realized even though the premise for this drama was that D was the one peeping, almost every character has also been guilty of doing that too. only thing they didnt have was a window, but everyone was looking at someone in particular.

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E and D go to some old place and he films it saying how impressive it is here. there is a tiny figure wedged on the corner so he asks if it’s a (model of a) person under the roof. she says it’s the wife of the architect who built this. back then this place was an island so while he was constructing this he had to live apart from his wife. but she got tired of waiting and his wife went somewhere far away. so he made this cuz of his resentment towards his wife who left.  for her to support the heavy roof for the rest of her life. E says that’s a sad story. But to (associate such a story to this building), the architecture is too beautiful. truthfully- maybe he was carving away the hate he had for the person he used to love. the sharp/pointy heart, he was carving away (the pointy parts). maybe cuz people really dont know what’s inside the heart they made this story. between love and hate – it seems like there will be a huge difference but truthfully it might be a slight difference. you saw a while ago – with a hateful heart if they just take one step down they can change back to a loving heart. D: that would be nice if they did. I want to believe the story you made now.  that he cut away at his hateful heart – I want to believe it. E: see – in the end I was the guide today too.

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they stand on a bridge and E says the sunset is fading, the sunset is coloring, the sunset is falling, or the sunset is permeating. which one do you like the most? she chooses the sunset is beautiful but it wasnt a choice.  E: answer properly. The waves crashing, the waves are pounding, the waves are surging in, the waves are rolling. which one do you like the most? D: waves are beautiful. he tells her not to answer so carelessly. but he admits it’s beautiful. D: why are you asking stuff like that. E: I went to Spain at the age of ten so my mom played this game with me every day so I wouldn’t forget Korean. if you do anything as a game, it becomes fun. a question again.  I am sorry – thank you- I love you. which one do you like the most? he repeats but says “sorry and thank you” quietly but yells out “I love you” D: I like all 3. he asks her to make up lines out of all 3 words. Go Dokmi shi whose dream it is to be a children’s writer. wonder what you will come up with. D:  sorry for pushing your heart away until now. it was a far road, thank you for not getting lost and finding me. thanks to you Kaegeum shi, I ended up loving myself. He was quietly coaching her to say “I love you” back but since she didnt he makes a face and turns away sulking while she smiles.  D:I did it so it’s your turn. E faces her and says without any hesitation: sorry for not finding your sooner. thank you for letting me love you. I love you ajumma.

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he kisses her forehead and they hug during the sunset

*this scene made me cry – not just cuz he said that but mostly because he didnt think twice about it. he didnt try to think of those words – they just flowed out of him

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dong says how E met his fan café members and the rumors didn’t spread cuz E isnt a celebrity so dont worry cuz our stars (ratings for their webtoon) are going up. Jin: is that star ratings the problem? dong mentions how he knows DH’s ID cuz it’s the same as the shopping mall and she wrote a lot about 402. jin: what? dong: that the talk about what happened during those high school years is not the truth. it was all made up. so stop now. she wrote that stuff. also DH was the one who gave them so many stars on their webtoon-for going after you – for tormenting 402- I guess it means she wants you to know that the woman who used to like you at one time is not that bad a person. jin brings up how dong has fallen in love and sees the the world in a better light now. dong: who fell in love? I havent fallen yet. fall into what. but isnt the editor’s dark circles cute. jin says no it’s not cute. not at all.  instead of some other strong woman – her heart will be the most bright.  DH walks over so dong leaves.

she nods and passes by but jin says you are alone today. what about your friends. DH says they already left work for the day. he says those  friends have been your friends since high school haven’t they. DH: yes. Jin: they seem like good friends. whenever you have a hard time they worry over you, take your side, and like you. don’t lose friendship this time. he bows and leaves

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by a fire outside E says I have something to show you. he clears his throat and starts to sing “Like a child” and D smiles at him. he says this is my heart. she says I have something to show you too. she shows him her writing from her phone – the one she wrote at the zoo. you said to put in the world. the first one I saw of the world and put in was you. I knew from writing the title on the photo for “That Woman’s” world. “you are my world” this is my confession. I will play that game from a while ago again. “I am sorry I am confessing just now. thank you for being my world. I love you.” he looks at her and cries. he says this is cheating ajumma. “you are my world” if you do such a major confession then the confession I did a while ago is too weak. D: I just heard it – a very impressive song confession. to tell the truth, I was very moved. I should have recorded it so I can listen to it every day. will you sing it again? E:  dummy I can just sing it to you every day from here on. D: from here on will you continue to be my world. he nods yes and says I will do that. I will become your world Go Dokmi shi. a peaceful, bright, and cheery world. she says there is no world like that. cuz it can rain sometimes, they will fight sometimes, and there will be times when we hurt. but still even though it does that the world wont disappear. I will wait. until you achieve your dream and come back I will wait. I will wait thinking you are next to me always. like the sun rises and sets, I will wait without any change. he says from here on let’s not talk about leaving and waiting – just think about the two of us. as if there is only the two of us in this world. she nods yes.

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in a room at an inn, D is calling out stuff for E to write down. he is writing like a kid. D: the view of the sunset is beautiful. he messes up the spelling and wont let her look. E: what are you looking at I am not done yet. D calls clashing just cuz you want to … becomes smaller. he messes up so she says you should mail letters. he says in this digital world isnt it going too far asking me to exchange hand written letters. If make mistakes, you can edit them and then read it editor.  she ignores him andd asks did you finish writing. he says no I havent written it yet. wait.  she tickles him and takes the paper away to look at it. he asks for it back and they almost kiss. she gives the paper back.

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later on she falls asleep. he covers her with a blanket and watches her sleep. he narrates: I thought in love, you give half of yourself and in that place you fill it with the other half of that person. that woman pushed away love thinking the half of herself she is giving was dark and shameful. That woman just now realizes gathering the half that was lacking and making it complete was love.  she wakes up and sees him sleeping on the floor by her side. she narrates:
Love is a wind-up clock.
When it is a shiny new thing, it tells you the correct time.
But if you forget to wind it up as time passes,
the clock breaks and stops.
That man started to wind it up so the clock won’t stop even if time passes.
From “That Man”

*Thanks to Joonni for translating D’s lines about “That Man”

D is at her meeting at the publishing company just like the start of the episode

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-33-18] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-33-25]

when D goes outside she runs into Jin. she asks what brings him here. he says how his webtoon is coming out as a book there at the publishers. she says she is enjoying reading it and heard from others that it’s about his expertise in love. Jin: I didnt even start to love, but somehow it turned out that way.  he says it’s been a year since hong and the lady have been together so what should we do to celebrate. D: it’s already been a year. have you been to the guard’s office these days. Jin says he passed by and noticed that the woman added touches to it. (meaning changed the inside)D: yes the trace of the hat is gone but there is a picture frame of the two of them so after time there will be a trace of that frame left. no alone but the two of their trace. they walk together and he asks is E – is Kaegeum really in spain. he is annoying me several times a day coming in through messenger. he is loud even on messenger. he is probably worse to you huh? D: what does he send? Jin: he only talks about you. he starts off with is she really going into work well. does it seem like she is writing a children’s book. does she seem like she is eating well. is there any guy chasing after her. is she pretty as always. stuff like that.

D is putting the topping on a cake with W. hong asks if the woman likes the ring. she says how pretty it is. hong: I should have given you something better. dong asks why hong doesn’t take security deposits from his tenants. are you going to not take them forever? Jin tells dong: dont ask unnecessary stuff. he whispers for him to be quiet cuz next month they have to renew their contract.if you dont want to be homeless with me be quiet.  hong says it was my dream. when I was younger I had such a hard time . I was so poor. I was so hungry so I thought if only someone housed me for free, then I  will live repaying others the same way. everyone here is young. so that’s why I don’t take deposits from young people. but you cant be late on rents cuz it becomes a habit. resenting the world becomes a habit. giving up becomes a habit too. got that? so if you are late on rent it’s over. W brings the cake over with D. W: for the two of you I made a cake. a love cake. Hong thanks him

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-32-26] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-32-38]

suddenly a girl shows up. it’s the editor minus the dark circles. she comes in and says excuse me.  jin asks dong: you called her didnt you? are you crazy. dong invites her in. the woman asks arent you the young lady who is  moving in to where i lived in 404. the editor asks a bunch of questions about the place – the type of heater, if she has to pay for using the elevator even if she doesnt take it, how do you divide the cost for the utility and the guard, is the plumbing good. then she asks about the roof. the woman says I don’t know about that stuff but there is no deposit so the editor gets happy. she even says I love you. she goes over to Jin and says this is my seat. move right now. she makes him move so dong can sit with her. Jin: are you two dating now? they snuggle and stick their tongue out at jin. D smiles

W says: it’s time for me to leave. hong and jin ask leave for where. W: I am going to another country to learn to cook.  jin: which country are you leaving to learn to cook this time. W says I am going to Africa. dong asks what food is there. W describes some food and wants to see it. the woman and hong say it’s too bad cuz we got so close to you. your cooking was delicious. W gives D a present – a fairy that grants wishes and gives happiness. it’s a glass owl. D thanks him.  she remembers past times with W. dong asks do you know how much is inside my bank account now. I have 58 cents. my life doesnt have a minus now. editor cries and he hugs her. Jin: what is this poor couple.  they all eat cake and say how good it is. the woman thanks W. D watches them all be happy and remembers how E hugged her and told her to live well and come out into the world

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-29-59] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-30-15]

D goes home and sits at her desk. there is a letter from E. E: ajumma I will give you news about the Barcelona match I watched today. he tells her about how the goal got in right at the last 30 seconds so he thought his heart would burst.  E: ajumma right now I need a “last minute” time too-you can wait just a little longer right. this time I didnt get any grammar mistakes huh? heehee. he signs off “Go dokmi’s world. Kaegeum.” she says he didn’t make any mistakes in writing. it’s 100%.  she thinks he shouldnt have used the word “a little while here” cuz it’s been one year and 3 months. how is that “a little while?” it would have been better if he had said from the start “wait a long time – wait a lot.” is he training the elephant. does he want me to go to Spain. she puts his letter with all the rest. there are a lot. she takes out her phone and calls her boss. she asks to use up the 3 day holiday she has left. she stands up and looks across the way over to TJ’s home and there is a guy standing there in all black staring back at her. she looks again and he is gone. D: I have to go to spain cuz now I am seeing things. (as in hallucinating). she hides and looks again. it really is E standing there with black hair. she takes out her binoculars and looks again. he makes the pointy fingers at her gesturing I am watching you. she runs outside

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-27-52] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-28-07] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-28-18]

he is already standing there. he asks have you been well ajumma. she thinks in her head this isnt a dream right. he says it’s not a dream. it really is Kaegeum who just arrived.  she thinks I missed you. he says I missed you too ajumma.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-39-35][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-39-47][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-39-55][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-40-04][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-40-19][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-40-36][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-41-11][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[01-42-41]

they walk over to each other and he kisses her. a slow lingering one. the last shot turns into a cartoon frame.

since the camera pans around them, I took advantage of all the angles. 🙂

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-16-56] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-17-07]

Jin is sitting with a woman with long hair interviewing her for the position as a his illustrator. she looks like D. he says how the drawing is good. when can you start work?  she doesnt face him and asks: cant I work at home.  I will do everything you ask. he asks : by any chance – is your home comfortable. once you go in you dont want to come out. afraid of the outside. hard for you to meet people. you don’t like deliveries or express mail so you go directly to the post office to receive them.do you do that? she asks how do you know. Jin’s mouth opens in surprise cuz he found his ideal.

DH is with her friends. her friend wants to go to a club. a waiter comes over and brings the bottle DH stored here. she thinks there was half a bottle left. she asks is this the drink we store here. he says it is. I will bring you more later. her friends say that there are rumors that bartender is the son of a wealthy family. that he gives off wealthy vibes. that he ran away from home to find his dream. DH takes interest and calls him. she asks to see him for a while. he says he will bring over more service (free stuff). he says how she is more attractive when she is chic. DH falls in love.

hong and his fiance feed each other

W looks around his room as he packs up

dong and the editor are dressed alike and playing a game. they are yelling instructions to avoid and she says it’s suddenly jumping in. then they stop and smile at each other

D is at her desk typing. she narrates: knock on the closed door. wrap your arms around shoulders that are slumped from weary, wipe away the tears, listen to the sound in each other’s heart. that is how you can love each other. she looks over her shoulder and smiles

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-26-07] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-26-29]

D and E are running down the street holding hands and joined by the rest of the gang – all running in slow motion.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-24-17] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E16.END.130226.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[07-20-26]

E narrates one person can’t change the world, but you can become one person’s world. warm, bright, peaceful world. if everyone – for the sake of one person can become a warm, bright peaceful world then one person becomes 10 people then 100 and the world becomes better and wider. Kaegeum’s world Go Dokmi. D: Go Dokmi’s world Kaegeum.



[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-43-26]

I knew he could do this – I was so proud of him for letting go. Jin confessed in the best way possible and got it out of his system. He threw out that question with the last breath of desperation already knowing full well in his heart what her answer would be. If he didn’t look in her eyes, he could have lived in denial for a few more seconds. He shouldnt have any regrets, but he is still holding onto just one for now  – for not acting on his feelings sooner. That is why E chose the worst time to confront Jin cuz E was looking at a man whose heart was shattering in this moment. Jin wasn’t just letting go of a love he cherished for all those years, he was also giving up on any hope for a last chance. He was right – E could never know how that feels, how painful that loss is, and how empty his arms feel cuz he won’t get to know what it’s like to hold her in a loving embrace even once. All his life, he hadn’t received love so he thought she was the one who could have changed that around. Now he has to face the reality of his situation. I really hope that once this pain passes, there will be enough of his heart leftover to start anew. Maybe this time he will have learned his lesson and react more quickly when he falls in love.


You know that feeling when you walk along the beach and something sparkly catches your eye so you bend down to get a closer look. What is before you is one of many shells on the sand, but this one has a special glow. Even among so many, it wanted to stand out so it made sure to shine to catch your attention. That’s who YSY has become in my eyes. At this point, this actor could burp and I would still pay attention. The funny thing is I wouldn’t have felt this way about him just a few months ago. I seem to have a latent recognition for talent when it comes to Baker King actors. First JW didn’t make me look twice back then, but now this entire blog revolves around him. YSY actually annoyed me during Baker King cuz of his southern dialect. I found his character difficult to relate with, but I still thought YSY’s acting was pretty solid. Now my appreciation for his ability to transform himself and become one with his character has reached an all time high. He doesn’t just throw himself into a role, it’s more like his whole being becomes that character. He captured every essence of who Kaegeum is from the way he talks, smiles, walks, stares, reacts, and even loves. If you look closely at the BTS photos sometimes, you can tell he hasnt slipped out of character quite yet from his lingering gaze at Dokmi. I find that very hopeful. I really wanted for YSY to hold onto being Kaegeum for a little bit longer. There is going to be a dull ache in the void left behind by this character for quite some time to come. The only sound heard will be Kaegeum’s laughter fading away.

ysy notv

YSY: Younger fans recognize me so it’s nice – their reaction is strong. cuz it’s a manhwa character, how much I can make him come alive in a fun way was the biggest problem.  Before I go into filming, I normally do that. I go on a trip and tend to take a lot of books to read (to study up on the character), but this time since it’s from a manhwa so I didn’t get any info from other books and got a lot from manhwa books. I want to say he is in the process of becoming a grownup. he deliberately wants to be a grownup later (in life). Right now with new eyes – he is starting to get more serious. Up till now he doesn’t want to lose that innocence.

About his Baker King role: cuz it was based on a true story, I passed on that story to people. I showed them the Kim Tak Gu character. since they remembered him, I view it as a success.

My objective for my 20s is one thing – to be a productive person. to achieve my dreams, be productive and stay active. To always show that I haven’t stopped is my dream and objective. Even from what my fans can see, so they can say “oh this friend succeeded in this – he didn’t play around (and rest). Showing them that side is what I want now. while acting as Kaegeum, I was able to sense it for a short time. (meaning he played that character for a short time) What is left is to diligently shake this off. As hard as I worked– I have to work hard to shake it off (as in shake off this character). I will show up in another way again so please wait a short time. thank you.

beach pass16f

I love the writing scenes. Being part of her thoughts and sharing how she feels, the viewers felt more connected to her character. There were these little scene photos with the words she typed on them. I didn’t get to collect them all, but I wish I did. They were like little keepsakes of each episode.


I don’t think I have ever felt this kind of physical pain just from saying goodbye. It literally hurts to put down this show and walk away from it. Maybe I need to take baby steps. Ask me again in a few months how many inches I moved away from this show.


PSY is from the same agency as PSH so that’s probably why she got this cameo. She is going to be Jin’s happily ever after.

theabts finbtfin이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-57-37]

Goodbye FBND. Thank you for leaving us with so much to smile about. You will be missed. 🙂


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