Flower Boy Next Door E15

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That last scene is what you call blind faith. When there is no reason to believe or hold on anymore, but you do.  When despair is knocking on your door, you should open it cuz it’s unavoidable, but I trust that D won’t do that. Till the very end, she is going to trust E and believe in him. Not just cuz they came too far to go back. There is no retracing your steps when your heart has felt this much and loved too much to turn back. It’s because D knows at this point what it means to believe in him.  By trusting him, she is also having faith in herself. She is choosing to hold onto the one person who has promised not to change for her. That is why she isn’t going to move from that spot till he finishes what he came to say. She knows there is more. She is going to hold her breath and wait for the rest of his words to come. Once it does, the relief will flood over her. I hope it also washes away any trace of doubt she has been harboring in her heart about his love for her. His declaration is going to be poignant, but more importantly, it’s going to heal her. The pain she had over her past trauma will finally find a resting place. I have a feeling I will be crying through every minute right along with her. What a way to start the finale.


Written before it aired: In his games, Enrique designed make believe worlds, but by walking into Dokmi’s home, he has stepped into his own real life fairytale. She might have been the damsel in distress, but there was no visible enemy.  He rescued her from herself and her own self imposed tower. He gave her the strength to open the gate and step outside. She might have had another capable knight willing to do the job, but Jin was three years too late. E rescued her first – heart, mind, and soul by helping her navigate through her personal issues. He has earned the right to stay by her side cuz by now he is very well aware that she has done a bit of rescuing herself. Even though E didn’t realize it, he needed someone like her to make him see the world more realistically. He always believed in people unconditionally and it’s only recently he has learned that not everyone deserves that whole hearted kind of faith. Sometimes that blind faith will cost you, but at least he has someone experienced in that to help him muddle through that pain and disillusionment.  I have no idea what awaits us in the last two episodes, but the past fourteen episodes taught me that this drama earned its right to have whatever kind of ending it wants. I’ve had faith in this drama from the first moment I ever heard of the premise so my anticipation for a great finale is not only warranted, but also foolproof. There is a Korean saying that goes “even just from watching, I feel full.” Normally mothers say it to their children as they watch them eat, but it applies to this drama as well. Every scene, every frame, every move, and every line of dialogue made my heart swell so it felt full just from watching.

hearing the words in the preview made my heart leap to my throat. omg how am I ever going to let this drama go…


Starts from D dropping the box on the floor and the contents spill out. D: That this has all our memories. you dont have any of that. Don’t play around with a person’s heart. from here on dont come next to me or next to that person. I wont leave you alone. Jin and E arrive to hear the rest. DH yells: what business is it of yours. Are you even his girlfriend or do you even like him. D yells back: I do like him. I like him. not the Jin rak shi someone like you only sees the exterior of but cuz I know he is a good person so I like him. she turns to leave but stops when she sees the guys standing there. she only stares at E. E looks devastated. Jin goes over and holds D’s hand. Jin remembers the previous night when Jin said no matter what you decide E wont change. D told Jin “I cant be happy watching him like that by my side. will you help me so he can leave.” Jin takes D out and E just stands there looking down.

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Jin takes her outside but she pulls her hand away. she says sorry. he says you said to help you isnt this a good timing now. I know you said it cuz it was too hard on you so I wanted to act like I didnt hear it, but you cant do it can you. even as a lie you cant do it (like me) no matter what right? you looked at me and said I was a good person. just once I might have had a chance but I lost it so I am going crazy with regret. he cries and says so I can give up please leave. if you cant leave then tell him to stay cuz he is a guy who will listen to anything you say.

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E watches them and comes over. he says hyung stop it now. I cant do it anymore. I cant hold it in anymore (his anger).  E takes D away as Jin stands there fighting back more tears cuz he knows E is right-he has to stop.

E asks her to go in and wait cuz he has something left to say to Jin but she says to stop. this all happened cuz of me. there is nothing for you two to talk about so stop. but he walks back to jin

E: I heard everything you two said last night with D.

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last night D told Jin:I couldnt do it. seeing how he  was like that next to me – I couldnt be happy. will you please help me so he can leave? Jin told her: leave with him together. cuz you are everything to E. you know that. she said I don’t have confidence. what I want is to see him achieve that dream.  even if we cant meet again. even if we go back to not knowing each other. I will never regret. Jin says both of you shouldn’t be in pain. she cries and says when I am next to him I have to smile, but my heart hurts. Jin told her to forget everything and just look at E. E opened his eyes and said “those two really are alike”

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E says to Jin: I know all your heart hyung but like a while ago – acting like I didnt hear- acting like I dont know your heart hyung  – I was acting strong. do you know what that means? right now I can only see the woman GDM – I cant think of others. Jin says with tears in his eyes: I know your heart but you could never know my heart – how many thoughts are coming to the top-you could never know so dont say you know. Jin walks away

D is waiting and sees a message from S for E on the tablet screen. S said “after I came back I found out about the animation. your heart- it might not be love and it could be pity so come back. don’t give up your dream. D remembers what E said in his book: “when you get turned down by the person you love the most. when you get betrayed by the person closest to you -you start to blame yourself.you hide yourself away and shut out your heart. I cant pass by those people.” she takes out her phone and looks at photos of S and E.

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E comes over looking like himself again and says I know with what meaning you said to DH that hyung is a good person, but for a second it made me feel bad. if I keep this up, I dont know if being jealous will become a habit. why did you make me like this? D: I will give you an answer. I cant go to spain. i cant go. he says ok. you don’t have to go I can stay here. D: I didnt say it to mean that. I cant be happy. it would be good if we stopped here. E: stop it -stop pushing me away. I can hear everything now so stop lying. D: you sent me out in the world. isnt that enough for you to go back. you have family there and things you need to do. you said to look inside your own heart. look at your heart. it might not be love. normally people who are hurting or having a hard time -you cant pass by them.  I don’t want that kind of pity. E: are you really the person who worked on my book together? you know better than anyone what my dream is and how I lived all this time.  you think I don’t know my heart and stayed here? you think I dont know my heart and let all that go?

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she stands and says: did someone ask you to stay by my side? did anyone ask you to let it all go? I have to learn to like myself. don’t make me pathetic. I just started to accept myself so dont make me give up again. when I see you it’s hard on me. I cant hold onto you – cant send you so I dont like this awful heart. he yells back: then what should I do? I cant ever let you go but it’s hard enduring cuz you keep pushing me away. tell me. tell me what you really want. she says I don’t trust someone who said he would leave once (meaning the first time he tried to leave for spain). E: is that it? was that it? it might sound like an excuse but back then I thought I should leave. I thought I should stop. D: it’s the same now. stop now for real. E: do you mean that? what you just said – do you have the confidence not to regret them? ok I got it it’s no good to stay anymore for both of us. I am sorry but I want to be alone. she leaves. only after she is gone he looks up.

she goes out and leans against the wall full of regret I bet.

E looks down at the message from S. S says aren’t you going to take my call or reply? he sees the previous message and remembers what D just said “you cant pass people who are hurt and having a hard time. I dont want that pity.”  he gets why she said that now

D goes home and asks herself- what did you just do?

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dong tells DH: I was on your side. i told you I liked you cuz you werent nice, but I was wrong. there is no situation when i can like someone cuz they arent nice. I hate it the most when someone uses someone, plays with people’s hearts, and not take people seriously.  my hyung is not the person you are thinking of.  he ended the spec you want on his own so it will be easy for you to settle your feelings for him. look well for the next person and dont get caught (about her seeking wealth intentions). he walks out and she just sits there

*when Dong said “spec” he meant the specific things she was looking for – like wealth and stuff.

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D is alone in her room and looks over at the window. she goes over and stands there just like E is doing. she closes her curtains and so does he.  he looks at the USB Jin gave him.

next day E goes to Jin’s home. E says let’s go out. we have something to settle. I really want to settle it. dong comes over and says settle what. what is there for you two to settle? it ended between you didnt it?

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editor is surprised to see E so she says you want me to believe the truth that E is in front of my eyes now. E: you should believe it. I am E Geum and I came with Jin Rak hyung to take a photo as proof. if we are going to take a photo for proof, I thought it would be best to do it here in this office so I came. his zombie soccer and Enrique has nothing to do with each other- a photo to prove there was no plagiarism. our Jin Rak hyung came up with that in high school. cuz his style is to do everything very slowly -even revealing it – he did it very very slowly. Dong tried to wave and get her attention the whole time but she didnt even see him. he goes over and says hurry and take the photo and end it. I am taking it. 1,2,3. he takes the pic but the editor wants to join the pic too. she snuggles against E and wants to take one more but dong gets jealous and says why one more. it’s done. he asks why arent you saying “go out right now?” she tells E to drop by suddenly anytime you want. you are so cool from your head to your toe. she compliments his bag but dong says what’s so cool about a black bag. dong tells him to hurry and go.

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Jin asks E: what is the reason you had to settle this matter for certain like this? like someone who is going to leave soon. E: do you know?  you and ajumma are really alike. I don’t want to leave but you keep asking “are you going to leave” and telling me to leave- what is the reason?  jin says cuz we havent received it – we havent received love. cuz ever since we were young we were rejected. cuz we were always alone. that’s why. for three years, why I only watched from a distance and why Dokmi shi hid away in her room, it’s probably the same reason.  so are you going to leave? E: she told me to leave so I said I would do as she wanted. Jin grabs his collar and yells if you were going to do this – don’t you know why she is really like this. it’s cuz you left once cuz you abandoned her then. E says if she told me not to go then I wouldnt have gone. if she held onto me I wouldnt have left. you and ajumma’s hearts – why is it so complicated? cant you just say what you want? Jin punches him and says what do you know? I did this in place of what I wanted to say.

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dong comes out and finds Jin alone. he asks why didn’t you go. jin says to tell the truth – I must have wanted to do this from the start. dong: what? jin:I must have wanted to guide that guy. dong:who? Jin: I think it’s really over now.

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the landlady woman goes and gives the guard hong drinks and food. she says it doesnt taste good when it gets cold so have some. hong is moved and thanks her. a man comes over and asks for hong. someone reported about the roof and they need to investigate. the woman asks why tell that to the guard -take that up with the owner so the man says Hong is the owner. hong gets taken away in a van. hong tells her not to worry cuz he will come back soon. dong asks where is ajussi going. she says cuz of the problem with the building he is going to be investigated. dong asks why is the guard going for that.  she says Hong is the owner. jin remembers back to the day he signed the contract. it was with hong

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[12-45-57] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[12-46-17] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[12-48-10]esn’t trust someone who E remembers D saying how she doesnt believe someone who left once. how Jin said the same thing “don’t you know why she is really like this. it’s cuz you left once cuz you abandoned her then. (the actual words “threw her away”)” E is sitting with the curtains drawn. he says “so this is what it feels like to be alone. to understand one person-even if you love her there are things you can never know – this is so hard.”

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D goes over and wants to open the curtains but she doesn’t. the bell rings. it’s E with the apple hair and magnifying glass. he introduces himself and asks is this Go Dokmi teacher’s home? I came to be taught by the teacher today. can I go in for a short time. he looks at items in her place -picture frame – flour- hot cake mix. so she asks what are you doing now. E: teacher I was alone for a few days and it was too hard. so I came to hear what essentials were needed.  (as in he wants to learn how to stay in a room by yourself for a long time) E: for starters, if you are going to stay indoors – what do you need to hang in there the longest? D: dont do that. you dont need to learn stuff like that. E: I want to think from the position/perspective of someone who really likes staying at home. “ah so this is how she lived. this is what it feels like to stay indoors” why? cuz she doesnt know how my heart feels. so that is why I am trying to think from the perspective of some ajumma. teacher – what do you need to stay trapped indoors. he doesnt let her answer and says I will search. books? cell phone? potted green onions? do I need potted green onions? no I dont like green onions. I might need this.  D: that day I was overwhelmed and went too far. I will apologize but he goes on and says “herbs” he asks can I borrow some books. D: are you really going to be like this? I said I would apologize for what happened that day.  I went too far. I think I was just angry then.  he ignores her and wipes his magnifying glass. so D yells: since you don’t like the word sorry I am saying I apologize. he pretends to be surprised and says my heart. teacher you normally had a temper. you are really alike with some ajumma I know.  “stop it for real now!” E: can I analyze why you were like that on that day. he makes her sit. E: you saw S’s message didnt you? you talked so big that you would never look (at other people’s writing) but you saw it huh? she says the screen came on so I saw it. E: me too. that’s why I saw it too (back when he read her writing on her phone). long time ago in the group text –  those pics of me and S together – you didn’t delete them yet have you?  when you look at them sometimes you get angry dont you? should I confirm? she wont let him touch her phone so he says see you didnt delete them. I was right. admit that on that day you got carried away by your emotions and got jealous. it’s correct we are dating. we get jealous, fight, sulk, and dont answer, but we miss each other. isnt that correct? couldnt you hold onto me just once? “I cant go to spain so just stay”I know that’s in your heart. she doesnt answer so he says i guess I have to stay at home a lot longer. thanks for teaching me today. he bows and leaves.

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D writes: I try to copy how that man laughs. I try to see the world through that man’s eyes. I try to think with that man’s heart. To that man, love is seeing with two people’s eyes and feeling with two people’s hearts to see the world more deeply.

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cue panda dance music. E is playing games on his tablet and gets bored, he cooks thuckboki and then pours water into it cuz it’s too spicy. then as he reads he asks what is this feeling. (he is talking about the character) with those puffy eyes – you look cute. he goes back to playing games on his tablet and stops suddenly. he throws a hissy fit and yells I am bored.

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the bell rings. E: who is that. he looks through the peephole and it’s D. he wonders why did ajumma come here. she keeps ringing but he tries to ignore it and not listen. she coughs and says I am sick I have to go to the hospital. he almost opens the door and tells himself not to be weak. she asks are you really going to be like this. E: what is that. you arent sick. I was almost duped. why is she being so childish. next she wears the panda hat and says you left this hat. you like this hat. he says the panda hat went to spain so did it get on a plane and come back. he looks again and says she looks totally cute with the panda hat on.  she comes back says it’s totally urgent there were some original pages that I was editing that I left behind in your room. it’s urgent. he walks over and is about to open it so she laughs inside. but he doesn’t fall for it and only slips her the pages through the crack in the door. she turns to leave and says so this is what it feels to turn back in front of a door that wont open

E is meeting with the theater guy and working on the directing. put more wind here. the man asks are you going back to spain after directing this. I was waiting for your animation too. E says I will handle that on my own. the man sees him out and says see you next time

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E is walking out when D stands there. he tries to avoid her and thinks in his head “how did she find me here.” but she reads his mind this time and says you are curious how I came here aren’t you. I called this place and asked when you would be coming. he says in his head that’s pretty impressive so she repeats that. then he thinks “it’s starting from now that you need to admit I am the elephant trainer” so says she says aloud stop it now. I will admit you are the elephant trainer. I have something to say. he is shocked cuz she keeps reading his thoughts. he tells himself “no-  dont weaken. you cant” she asks aloud :your heart is weakening huh? E backs away thinking : ajumma you can hear my words?  D: yes when you talk to someone, you are supposed to look at the person like that. he nods a lot so she puts her finger on his forehead and smiles.

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they are sitting 2 seats apart in the theater. he scowls and moves closer and closer while eating popcorn. he finally cuddles next to her like a puppy so she smiles.

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they are drinking rice wine and E says it’s really yummy. she says I will admit it. I was jealous. for the first time I was really angry to someone. E: no it’s not -you get angry at me very often.  D: you are right. that’s how I knew “I must like this person a lot” cuz i like you i get angry. and I get jealous that in his heart someone else might have remained. I am the same.  I am not different from others. he says I was like that too I fought with Jin Rak hyung. you cant say it was a fight. hyung wanted to hit me once from a long time ago. I felt it really means hyung is ending things (letting go of his feelings for D). Oh Jin Rak is a cool guy so for the first time I wanted to fight someone and was jealous. she says don’t do that from here on. I wont do it. cuz my heart got so much bigger – I worried you might not like me anymore. I wont lie and get angry (over that). when you closed your door I knew how it’s the hardest not being able to see you. that other things are nothing in comparison. E: that is a very grand confession. this is a confession right? then I will confess too. from here on -blindly taking your side, it wont happen. telling you to understand your friend-for saying your teacher would have had a hard time too – I dont regret those things. like games, I really dont like to differentiate people between villains and good guys. cuz people are way more complex than characters in a game. decide on your own now. like you did to me -it’s ok to get angry when you are mad. keep fighting till the person understands. if you avoid and hide that person will make you worse. even though I cant blindly take your side all the time, I will become that one person you want -that one person who wont change no matter what. he says to celebrate our confessions, should we have a glass. he pours her a drink. he tastes the pancake and says why doesn’t it taste like the one at the ocean. they both say “should we go on a trip” at the same time so they laugh.

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dong and the editor go to mandarina duck store. he asks if she came all this way cuz she wants to get the same bag as E. he mumbles about “just cuz you get the same bag – you think that means it’s a “couple’s bag”. she says i am buying it with my own money so what business is it of yours. are you jealous. dong: jealous? what is that? is that something you eat or drink. I dont know what that is. like our webtoon, I am saying that cuz I am worried you will have a one sided love and go crazy. she tells him to try the bag on so she can see if it looks good. he says if she carries it, it wont look the same as on him. she buys the bag for him (paying for it in 6 monthly installments) . she tells him from here on for 365 days dont let this bag down from your shoulder. dong: you are buying it for me? she says congratulations on your birthday. dong: it’s not my birthday.  she says you could just think to yourself she got the wrong birthday. she must have wanted to give me a gift but didnt have a reason.   dong: ok just say it was my birthday. she says congratulations on Flower boy. so he thinks she called him a flower boy but she says flower boy (the webtoon) cuz the number of clicks (hits) is no joke. the interest is a waterfall. she asks if there is a love triangle with rapunzel, jin, and E.

the crazy girl shows the group of fans photos of D and E. she lies and says cuz of this woman (D), E oppa’s first love went back to Spain crying. but this woman is two timing oppa with the Oh Jin Rak who plagiarized oppa’s work. cuz of a woman like this we cant let his wings be cut off. we have have to make E oppa go back to spain. no matter what we have to make that happen.

* I decided to stop calling her panda girl cuz she is giving pandas a bad name. I wish she was wearing that panda hat so I could wrap it around her like a straightjacket.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[13-24-59]

dong goes and shows Jin photos of E and D and then Jin with E and D. Dong: who took these and how are they spreading them around. dont pay too much attention. this is a problem between E and 402. we just need to draw the webtoon well. jin: so this is what it feels like. I kept telling him dont shake her up, but I shook her up.

DH’s friends show her the photos with D and E hugging and then D with Jin and E and says what happened in high school is happening again.  how D is two timing. i feel sorry for her now. DH  suddenly gets an idea and tells them to work. she starts to type.

D is packing lunch and smiling. E is packing for the trip too and makes sure his camera is charged. then he checks his messages.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[13-26-22] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[13-26-38]

E runs over and Jin is standing in the hallway. Jin says I didn’t even think it would turn out like this. my webtoon was going a different direction, but now i think I need to take it down.  E : dont do that. D isnt someone who would want that.  it’s not your fault. so far this is only going around people who play my games so I will settle it.

D opens the door and greets E. D: did something happen?

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-28-15] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-28-47]

E shows her the webpage and says sorry -sorry for making you go through this again. I am sorry. she says you don’t like the word sorry so don’t do it. I dont want to hear that word. he says I will stay by your side. let’s leave. we said we would go on a trip. let’s go far away and for a few days. but she says I dont want to now. I think I know what will happen from here on so I dont want to go through the same thing twice.  I really wanted to leave with a happy heart. I don’t want to now. E: no it wont be the same. I wont let you go through the same thing. I will take you to a very difficult place so will you trust me and follow me.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-30-52] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-31-11]

E goes to meet his fans at the café with D. a guy asks why did that woman come? the psycho girl glares at D. a girl walks out and brushes past D’s shoulder really hard so D remembers back to high school and being bullied again. the nut job says E oppa tell us what is going on. D remembers how DH said that same thing too back then. she had asked the teacher – tell us exactly what happened. D wonders in her mind: if the teacher spoke up then and told the truth would my life have changed? crazy girl asks :why you are giving up the animation you wanted. why you wont go back to sola studio-tell us. D thinks if back then DH took my side then would my life have changed?  she looks at E and thinks then I wouldnt have met you. in my life a fairy wouldnt have come and found me. E doesnt face D.  E tells his fans: I am going to do the animation. I am going back to Spain. his fans are relieved. E turns and finally looks at D. then he looks away in guilt.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-19-24]


the best preview I ever saw

E: right now the person in front of me – the one who loves me – I dont want to lose.

D: since you always dragged me around  by the hand- today I will take you around.

E: sorry for not finding you sooner. thank you for letting me love you. I love you ajumma. he kisses her forehead and they hug.

D: will you be my world?

E: I will become your world Go Dokmi shi. she nods yes.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-18-54] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-20-08] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E15.130225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[11-20-28]


I knew Dokmi was going to fall in love the second Enrique walked into her home and she turned on the heater without hesitating cuz he said he was cold. For someone like her with her frugal personality to do that without even thinking twice about it said a lot. She put his needs before her own. From the first moment they met, she has been listening to him. Every time he made a suggestion or a request, she instinctively followed it- trusting that he was right. It’s like she had faith him that he only had the best intentions for her so she willingly followed along. Just as Enrique had that connection with her where he could read her mind, she was drawn to this guy with a force that just built up strength as time went on. That is why it’s going to be so hard for E to pull away from her. Staying by her side is where he feels belonged, welcomed, and at home.  If he lost his adolescence from working on his games so much, he found it again with her. He can be as goofy and funny around her and now she has already become inured to his hyper antics. If he sits still, that’s when she gets uneasy and worried cuz then he isn’t the Kaeguem she knows and has come to appreciate. These two not only belong together, they need each other. They will become those couples who complete each other’s sentences, but in their case they can go one step better cuz he can complete her thoughts. Their love story began with a misunderstanding, but it’s going to continue with complete awareness and clarity. I just wish we could have been privy to more, but in a way, what this drama gave us was more than enough. This was a clear case of quality over quantity. What it didn’t give us in lengths of episodes; it more than made up for it with all that comedy and warmth. The only way to appreciate that is to recognize how remarkable its contribution has been to Kdramas.


I tried to pinpoint the source of popularity and general goodwill for this drama and I think it’s cuz it speaks to you. Not just at you by lecturing or pressuring you, but softly like an encouragement. I feel like I vicariously got therapy for all those years I suffered from extreme shyness. If I had seen this drama when I was growing up, I think I might have been able to overcome my diffidence faster with a healthier attitude. I would have realized sooner how painful and lonely restricting yourself from society could get and maybe make more of an effort to break out of it. Back then I just escaped into books and fictional worlds and had vicarious adventures through them cuz it felt safe and calming.  But this drama held a mirror up to our weaknesses and fallacies and said “don’t just be aware of the problem – see how you can change so that your problems are resolved.” This show was about reaching out and befriending someone who is in need and not just looking at your own problems. It was about not ignoring their pain. It was about recognizing a spirit like yourself and being drawn to them so that you can relate and share in their ups and downs. Instead of individual viewers spread throughout the world, at a certain point it became a family of supporters.  It has been a privilege and an honor to share this wonderful drama with all of you. I only wish there could be a season two so we can have more.

Normally I move out completed shows and save them on external hard drives, but not this one. I want to keep this nearby, close to my heart where it belongs. I kept OB on my computer hard drive for almost a year. Let’s see if FBND can top that record.


Some secrets about FBND I’ve kept since E1:

I originally thought KJH was way better looking than YSY, but now it’s switched.

I watched almost every interview YSY ever gave on youtube and currently he is right up there with JW as my top favorite actor. When I read in his interview that he came up with all of Kaegeum’s mannerisms on his own, my admiration for his acting ability shot through the roof.

For E1 and E2, I hardly ever wrote “peeping” cuz during the live recap, I was typing so fast that in my haste I would drop the second “p” and I realized I wrote “peeing” like a million times. So even if the accurate word was “peeping,” I always wrote “spying.” Now you know why.

That panda suit dance scene was replayed more than any kiss scene in all the dramas I ever watched.

Whenever I am stressed or angry, I watch this show and it calms me more than Jamba Juice, Ice cream, or any of my hobbies put together.

There isnt a single episode I haven’t rewatched.

I have a list of actors I really want to see in person and YSY’s name was added. If I ever meet him, I want to ask why he “bounced walked” past Jin on E2 when Jin ducks down so they can’t see him. I want to know if YSY walked like that cuz he was cold or if he thought that is what his character would do. cuz that was the scene when I fell hard for his character. That sort of minute detail into a character enlivened it more than just words. every time E bounces or does his happy feet dance, I fell more in love.

This Kaegeum character ruined any chances of falling for another male lead for a very long time to come. Yes – including current ones. *ducks and hides*


People wondered why TJ had to drop out of the picture, but his character already served its purpose. Before Enrique came along, she needed TJ cuz he kept her going. He was the band aid to her loneliness all those years. Someone who lessened her isolated existence and made it bearable. She owes him for that so I was glad she finally got to meet him in person and then get the chance to say goodbye.

p2 p5p7eador

This guy redefines the word “adorable” and puts it on a whole other level of cute. I love his “apple hair.”

*There is a great interview posted by Eniya on page 340 of the FBND thread you guys should check out. She translated it from Chinese to English.


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    Just speechless at how you expressed what I feel for this drama so well and accurately. Thanks! 🙂


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