Flower Boy Next Door E13

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I lost track of how many hugs were in this episode. It’s like before he even thinks about it, he just reaches impulsively and embraces her. Whether it’s from relief after worrying about her, when he is just proud of her and words aren’t enough, or when he wants to convince her -but she just won’t listen. Whenever a hug fails to get the message across, Enrique can always fall back on his winning one liners – those sentences that have the ability to make time stand still for a second while you digest the meaning and once it sinks in, you will need a few more seconds to recover from them. When he said “Everything you can see with your eyes, you were giving your heart – that’s what I felt,” my eyes just welled up with tears. I don’t get how he does it- these words seem simple enough, but why is it packed with so much meaning and conviction. You can just tell he gets her – he can see through her lies, her insecurities, her defenses, and with only three episodes left, my only hope is that he continues to keep fighting for her affection. Since the voice of reason is no longer knocking on her door cuz it’s been replaced by this insistent need to put his ambition above her own, I desperately need Enrique to hold on and keep hugging her every chance he gets. The preview shows she is going to do everything she can to make him go back to Spain so I need each of these hugs to make Enrique more resistant to her encouragement to go back. I need him to hold on a little tighter so that it finally gets through to her heart.

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Written before it aired: Ask me how deep a sigh of relief I let out when I saw this tiny little picture the other day. You could have heard it from space. I have been on pins and needles ever since that finale last week. My mind ran through all the plausible scenarios like Dokmi never even saw the writing on her door cuz she had already stepped out so when she returned and saw everyone gathered, she was just as curious as to why they were standing around looking panic stricken. Then I imagined that E quickly ushered her out of there and spent the day with her outside while the others had her door repainted. Those were my “watched too many fairytales as a kid” induced versions, but the one I didn’t even want to consider was that maybe she did run scared and the guys spent almost the entire episode trying to locate her whereabouts. Could it be that after reading the webtoon about her life, she needed time and space to clear her head. Maybe she needed to reevaluate what it means to be in love with someone who has his own career in another country. How much of her dreams of writing and his dream of creating games was she willing to sacrifice bits and pieces of just so they can have their happy moments for the time being. This is my nightmare scenario: for her to humor E and spend that whole day at the zoo, buying couple t-shirts, and hugging in public – all leading up to the moment of break up. If that ever happened, I don’t think there will be enough curse words in the world for me to swear aloud. This kind of drama was never about individuals blindly driven by their ambitions so if anyone breaks up over careers, I am seriously going to throw a hissy fit. Since E likes sports metaphors so much, it’s like when you are winning a game and the other team brings in a pinch hitter at the last moment. Win or lose, I love the lineup that we had so those are the players I want to end the game with.  Bringing in this psychopath little chipmunk was bad enough so I hope they get rid of her character soon cuz I don’t relish the idea of her wreaking anymore havoc on our couple. I really wish I could lie and say Dokmi was strong enough emotionally to withstand any sort of negative comments from the panda stalker, but we all know the truth. Being around E so far has enabled Dokmi to make great strides in changing her life around, but that’s not the case when it comes to her heart. That is where she is still vulnerable and any sort of chatter about letting E go so he can resume his work in Spain is not going to fall on deaf ears. I guess we will all see what unfolds soon enough, but tonight will be the first time in a while that I recap with a lot of trepidation.

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E is dressed like a panda bear with a belly and everything and dances around in front of his window for D to see. he writes in the air with his butt. He points to her window and it’s not open (the curtains). He throws down his hat in anger and mutters you have to see something for  the event to be a success. he gets a call and speaks Spanish to someone named Manuel. he was asked when he would be returning, but E said that he was staying cuz there were more pressing matters than animation.

Dong texts DH if it’s possible to get an advance for his modeling fee and DH agrees to give him the money right away and invites him over to eat brunch now. Jin says I am going to sketch E7 and E8 and sending it. there arent that many lines.

E goes over to D’s home muttering I told her to open her window (curtains) – what was the purpose of me doing that event…he stops and sees what’s written on her door. He suddenly knocks and calls out in a panic “ajumma -are you inside?”

Dong reads the webtoon saying it’s so annoying i cant read it. he goes over and tells Jin – I put a note on 402’s milk to see the webtoon so Jin yells at him. what did you say? are you thinking or not? dong: why wouldnt I think? if E leaves do you think she will stay here and live? it means 402 will pack up and go to Spain. with her personality it will be hard for her to speak English you know that very well so don’t lose hope. (I did it) to push the two of you (along). cuz 402 is nice, right about now she is probably upset looking at the webtoon. Jin tells him to leave. dont: why are you telling me to leave. when I was trying to leave you are the one who held onto me.

Dong comes out and sees E knocking. He sees the word die on the door and yells out for Jin to come out. E is on the phone trying to call D. jin asks E: did D see this? is no one inside? what’s going on. E says she isnt inside for certain. the guard comes over with the realtor and a woman who wants to see the apartment. The woman screams and says I dont need to see this home. she leaves and the realtor says there are other homes (to look at). The guard asks the guys: what is this. did you do this on purpose so no one would move in. dong: ajussi – we are all shocked too right now so would these two do that -but these days these two are not in their right minds so they could have. Jin gives him a dirty look and says “what?”  E asks the guard if there is any CCTV on the elevator and hallway -for starters show those to me – so we can see who came and went and we can know when ajumma left. Guard says it doesn’t record – it was just hung up (for looks as precaution). E asks if he has the key to her home -open it for me. guard says there is no owner so how could I without permission but E says I will take responsibility so open it.  Jin wonders where D went. E thinks maybe her grandma’s home or do i need to call her sunbae (senior) at the publisher. for now when I go inside – there are notes and photos she put up of all the places she wanted to go in her lifetime-we can confirm those first. the landlady comes out saying it’s noisy -what’s going on. guard gives the keys to E and goes over to her. he says how he hasnt seen her around. it’s nothing much so you dont have to worry about it. are you going out. I will escort you. E opens the door and goes inside. her phone was left on the desk. He sees the note about the webtoon.

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E reads what D read about what Jin wrote. Jin’s voice narrates “when I extend  my hand (to touch the door)  – I can feel her behind the door that has been shut tight. are you happy inside? at some point, wont my trace from my hand be left on this closed door too?” E mutters ajumma stop running off now

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Dong tells Jin: what are you doing? you hurry and go inside too. Jin says I don’t know anything properly. if D one day suddenly disappears I wont be able to find her no matter what. dong says that’s why – go inside and find out.

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DH comes over and asks what are you two doing over there. I waited and you didnt show up. I thought you needed that (pay) advance urgently so I came myself cuz I was worried. She pays dong and gives him brunch to eat together with Jin. I better hurry and leave so it doesnt bother you. She is leaving but Jin calls out to her. she comes back happy and he shows her the door. She asks what is this. he asks do you really not know what this is. She asks what does that mean – that I did this. dong: hyung are you crazy. E comes out so she asks him to call D. E says D isnt home now. She says to Jin  – how do you think of me? I am sorry for hiding the fact that I knew from a long while back, it was cuz I thought no one knew. I did it cuz it seemed like the other person was hiding it. but I am not that low. When I heard D say she only needed me and it was plenty, my heart hurt too. E yells at her: did it hurt you a lot. then how much would it have hurt your friend -you can think about that once then. it seems unfair and it makes you angry huh. then my friend too – how long she must have had a hard time -then you can know that.  DH leaves. dong gives him the basket and says to Jin: you shouldn’t do that. if your love is important other people’s love is important too. He runs after DH

Dong runs into the panda girl and apologizes. she had the red spray paint cans. Dong says we met somewhere didnt we-we saw each other at the restaurant last time and at E’s lecture. why is your hand like that (she has red paint) You are the one who wrote that word on the door huh? (he mixed up his jondae and banmal)

jin gets out some paint. Dong calls Jin and tells him to apologize to DH cuz E’s fan did that-there is a girl who follows him around during his lectures – a sasaeng fan or something. what are you going to do about DH-hurry and apologize.

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The girl tells E: yes I did that. I am the one who wrote on her door.  he asks why are you so brazen. more than that terrible word you wrote on that door – your actions/attitude now is worse. girl: it’s ok listening to whatever you have to say. Sunrise animation is going into production but your name isnt on it. you have to hurry and go back to spain. E: I told them I wouldn’t do that. she says when you were 17 you gave an interview in a game magazine. with the game you made, you wanted to make it into an animation.  just thinking about it made you flutter (meaning his heart felt all excited and looked forward to it in anticipation). so are you going to give that up like this now? E: why do you think I am giving up my dream. also I dont need to do this right this second. She says you came all this way so why cant you do it now. is that person that important. I don’t like that girl. the nutbag walks off.

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D is walking home when E sees her. he runs over and hugs her. he says I thought you ran off somewhere. You were shocked huh. I found out who did it. I am sorry. it was cuz of me. D: I wasn’t shocked that much. cuz it happened often in high school so I know how to erase it well too. E: you are reacting so cool – I didnt even imagine it. it was unlike me but I was so confused. my thoughts – my heart- my mood/feelings they were all so complicated. D: there is nothing to feel complicated about. She shows him the paint remover she bought that will erase it well so that it’s clean. E: with this remover will it be erased cleanly? what about your heart ajumma? your heart that was hurt cuz of my fan – will it erase your heart? after reading Jin Rak hyung’s webtoon – your overwhelmed heart – will that be erased? She asks how he knows she read the webtoon. He says guard hong opened the door for me. D: but I am really ok. E: on your front door it says “die” so why are you ok -why are you saying you are used to that – it’s so upsetting. D: I dont like this. i dont like you being like this kaegeum shi. that you might get dark cuz of me.  I dont like that.   He takes her arm and asks do you think I will become dark or be scarred cuz of someone. you dont even know well. I think you fell for my kaegeum name. Go to my hyung’s home. I don’t want to show it (the word on her door) to you again. I will do it quickly and go there. he takes the bag from her and walks off, but she follows him and doesnt go to TJ’s home.

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Jin is already there painting over it with yellow paint and E says hyung doesn’t want her to see it again too. E goes over and says how the color will be brighter (than the rest of the doors) Jin drops his roller and pushes E against the wall and says I found out who did this. if you let this happen one more time to D again. D comes running over and pulls Jin away. D says to Jin: what are you doing. he was injured. She asks E are you ok. Are you not hurt. E: I am ok.

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DH is crying so dong tries to comfort her. dong says my hyung is not in his right mind these days. He knows who the culprit is now so he will be really sorry right about now. Her friends say to DH to stop it now. stop what? since this happened just tell him (dong) everything. DH liked  him (Jin) from a long time ago ever since he was Oh JW. DH says to be quiet. the girl says be quiet about what- do you know what kind of person your hyung is? he is someone who doesnt need to get pay advances. DH: Are you crazy

E is singing “Like a child” by Kim Dong Ryul  and painting over the door. he gets the lyrics wrong. he sang “as you say you love me -go over the wall” and says what is this – why is it so confusing. Guard comes over so E calls out “ajussi you came over to help me. you are so great at your job, but I can do it alone. it’s ok. Guard asks did you catch the culprit. E says I know who did it and it wont happen again. Guard says thank goodness it was settled. go back to work. he leaves flowers for the landlady. guard tells him to be careful not to drip paint going back and forth. E makes a face cuz he realizes Hong didnt come for him.

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D is waiting inside Jin’s home and he gives her a drink. She says sorry for a while ago. Jin: it’s ok I forgot he got injured. cuz he doesnt express that. (Jin called E “nom”which is a bad word like punk or jerk so Jin says he isnt a “nom”)  E goes over and tries to listen through the door. E says how Jin probably did this too – listen in. being jealous sure is a tiresome emotion

Jin tells her not to pay attention to the webtoon cuz the story will change a lot from here on. it would be nice if you didnt think you are Rapunzel. D: yes I am not the Rapunzel expressed in there. I am the witch who trapped Rapunzel. I am not nice, innocent, and clear like the lead character you drew. I am the opposite. I am dark, grim, and sharp/prickly.  I don’t love myself and I don’t love others. that is why I trapped myself inside and wasnt even thinking of going outside. Jin says I think I know that too. sitting alone in a dark room, when I was young when I heard my parents fighting, I thought I am someone who cant give happiness. I really am nothing at all. it is all cuz of me. I was sad. until I learned to love myself -for a very long time I tried to work on it. Even now I am still trying to work on it. I think he (E) must be bothered a lot outside (meaning E is worried about what’s going on in here)

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So D goes out to E. E says I am done. Jin rak hyung really didnt do it – you know right? what I am saying is hyung didn’t write that post it -to see the FBND webtoon. she says I know that too. E: yes cuz you are a pretty and smart agassi (young lady). He says go inside carefully and opens the door for her cuz the door hasn’t dried yet.

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while E is washing the paint off his hands, D is reading an article about E. she remembers the conversation she overheard earlier between the stalker girl and E. how that girl said “oppa when you were 17 you gave an interview in a game magazine. with the game you made, you wanted to make it into an animation.  just thinking about it made your heart flutter (from wanting to make it so much) so are you going to give that up like this now? then D remembers how E said to her “it was unlike me but I was so confused. my thoughts – my heart- my mood/feelings they were all so complicated.” so D tells herself “don’t think of it -act like you dont know- follow where your heart goes”

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E comes over and says ajumma my luggage went to Spain. I dont have any clothes to wear (he whispers “especially underwear”) so let’s go buy some. change (me) to your Go dokmi style. normally girls when they date – the first thing they want to do is change their guy’s style. She changes the subject. D: can I ask?  a while ago you said your thoughts, heart, and mood were complicated. why is it so complicated? E makes a joke of it and says you are asking to get to know me better. so this is how it feels. getting a question like this is putting me in a really good mood. normally you ask questions cuz you want to get to know the other person better. right now I want to know your mood, feelings, and thoughts. D: Don’t think of avoiding the answer and tell me. He points out the window and says I stood over there and looked at your home and said I will be your elephant trainer but it doesnt make sense to train a person. I just thought it meant i will do things my way so I will take back saying that. ah ajumma there is a place you have to go with me. (he sings) let’s go outside. She asks where. He asks when was the last time you went to the zoo

Dong is packing so Jin asks what are you doing. Dong asks Oh Jae won shi are you a son of a wealthy family. I am a son from a poor family that women dont like.  I thought our situations in life (our status) were similar so those other guys who started differently from us -(we could) beat out those guys whose life is easier and while getting ideas in meetings, I thought we would live biting down on our teeth and becoming a success once. during all this time was it fun? looking at me who is poor and a loser (pathetic/pitiful). Jin says I was going to tell you myself -where did you hear that? Dong says DH told me that Oh Jae won is a famous chaebol among kids who studied abroad in america but one day you disappeared. “a chaebol’s son who ran away from home to find his dream” – it was you. Jin says I am not a chaebol. do you believe what I say or believe what others say? I was going to explain it all to you. dong: no dont do it.  you had a chance to explain every day from the start till now.

on the bus, D asks what E is filming cuz he is videotaping. E: the world. inside my game I want to put in the feeling of the world.  so I always respect/honor the world and look at it assiduously. you should try taking it too (videos and pics) cuz you can get closer with the world quickly. he gives her his camcorder but she says I will take it and holds up her phone to do it. E: ok that would be good too.

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Dong is leaving but jin says listen to me even if you dont want to. my family is not chaebol or well off.  I don’t really know what my family is doing now. They always fought with fists during the few times everyone gathered so the police and ambulance normally came. ever since I was young I read comic books alone by myself. Since my family seemed to have a lot of money I decided to study abroad. on the plane as I was leaving, I cut off ties with my family. but after my father passed away, my hyungs made me sign a contract giving up my inheritanceand asked me to really cut off all ties with them.  so I even changed my name – now I am totally alone. I am totally poor. are you happy now? am I suited to be your roommate now?  dong tries not to cry and says you still have a place to go back hyung. I dont want to work with someone who has a place to go back to.  Jin yells  – I wont go back. I cant go back! dong: from here on dont yell at me.  jin cries and says: If you go out now you cant come back. if you leave now it’s the end with me. Even though I lost my hyungs I don’t want to lose my dongsang. I am envious of you. when you get calls from your family – why are they always so curious about what you ate. when you are annoyed (by that) I am envious of you. I am also envious of your drawing skills. And I am envious cuz you don’t do unrequited love. It makes dong cry saying how he cant leave him. dong drops his bag and turns around. dong: you are envious of me cuz I dont do unrequited love? You should give up now too hyung. cuz 402 being terrorized by (E’s)sasaeng fan means 402 is E’s girl. if you cut off ties and choose work, there will be a girl who is right for you realistically. for example could 402 even write a guarantee for you? Jin: a guarantee? Dong: if you need a guarantor -would 402 be able to sign (write) that for you? why cuz 402 works at home so she doesnt have the right to be a guarantor and without a person a guarantee wont work. jin asks what is that nonsense. did someone write a guarantee for you? dong goes to the sofa saying $5800. Jin asks did someone write a guarantee for you. even family members dont write that for each other. dong: you wouldnt write one for me? jin: of course I wouldnt write one for you.  unpack your stuff. dong: after all that fuss how could I unpack right away- it’s so embarrassing. jin: hurry and unpack and I will write a guarantee for you. he smiles at dong

*I bawled like crazy when Jin talked about his family history and how he was envious of dong and his family.

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E is mad and says what is this. why aren’t there any elephants in the winter.  E suddenly smiles at D and says how could you look like Go dokmi in middle school/junior high. There is something else I want to show you aside from elephants. let’s go.

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E: hurry and come over. He shows her a polar bear. I wanted to show you some kids who love winter a lot so we came. To tell the truth, we came cuz I wanted to see them. during summers when it’s really hot, they don’t come out of the water cuz they are having a hard time. they just stick close to the ice their trainers throw and just lay out. so when people come to see them in the summer they cant see who they are really like. look how well they play. during the summer, I come to see them and cheer them on to have strength. I know how to talk like polar bears. wanna see. He makes sounds and makes the bear look over. look how it’s staring at me. so amazing. why? you got moved by elephants so cant i be moved by polar bears. E keeps making that sound and says it is looking at me – it knows what I am saying. D smiles at him

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(during this upcoming scene, I just want to note that E used a different voice to impersonate the person speaking – both women)

E: The first game I made at ten – I made it after going to the zoo. she asks it wasnt those games where a monkey wants to eat bananas or sending lions far away right? E: what the game was about is not important. the reason behind why I made it is important. to tell the truth, I made it cuz I was really hurt. Ever since I was young I was really cute. (I think he said “so cute I could do no wrong” cuz she frowns at him for bragging.) on that day too – I was dressed really cute and was so excited so I was going around the zoo when suddenly some grandma appeared between my mom and me and said “you monkeys go back to your country.” what was uncanny was it hadnt been that long since I had gone to Spain but I completely understood her words.  My mom could totally be chatty but she couldnt say a word. after a long time, she said “kaegeum ah what that grandmother said was..” she tried to explain what the grandma said but she (my mom) just said “that grandma is someone whose heart is hurting a little  (meaning the grandma’s heart was hurting so she displaced her pain onto others). it was awkward but that’s how she explained it. starting from that next day my mom and I never spoke about what happened that day. After that stuff like that happened often. at school – at Sola studio -every time I was about to forget it happened once again  “this isnt a place for Asians like you to come. you smell like garlic so get lost you monkey” there were people who said these insulting things.  in high school ajumma, you said you struggled to figure out why do people discriminate against and hate other people. I struggled over that since I was ten but I still couldnt find the right answer. If I meet more more more people – wont I be able to find it. she cries listening to him. he smiles looking over at her so she smiles back

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D: you didn’t come to see the elephant did you? you didnt come cuz you wanted to see the polar bear did you? You came cuz you wanted to say that huh. They sit and talk. E: it’s correct. Talking about this – it’s the first time saying it to someone. if I think about it – I didnt train you ajumma – I think you trained me ajumma. let’s be fair and say we are both trainers. D: ever since I was young I thought people didn’t like me. because they didnt like me -my parents always fought. because they didnt like me, kids stayed away from me (ostracized me). I thought it was all cuz of me. I never once liked myself. D: do you know why I like Go dokmi shi. when we went together to see the ocean. I suddenly thought “the ocean must like it cuz it saw the way ajumma stared at it.” everything you can see with your eyes, you were giving your heart – that’s what I felt. If you like so many things, why don’t you like yourself. D: cuz I never received love so I don’t know how to love so that is why I am very overwelmed. E: then just receive it. what I am giving –  start with receiving it (love). A little girl is crying so E goes over and asks princess why are you crying. her parents run over to her. E says should I show you a polar bear and a horse. he imitates both animals and cheers her up. he picks up the little girl and gives her to her parents and takes a pic of them. so D takes a pic of that. she writes a note. “The wind and the waves demolished the sand castle.  That man can love even the wind and the waves too.  that man’s sand castle didnt demolish, he is saying it’s been permeated. That man knows a way to recover”

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D says I went to the publisher early this morning -on purpose to go to work (as in to practice going into work). “hiding somewhere and writing” this is hiding too. If I don’t know the world I wont be able to write-that’s what I thought. So I am going to go into work from here on. He says why. Why are you jumping so far overnight. instead of me working hard to drag you around, Jin rak hyung’s webtoon gave you a lot of strength huh? D: it’s cuz I knew I am trapping myself so I am going out. he hugs her and says you did well. I didn’t like zoos but it’s good we came. I am about to like it a lot

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(068805)07-42-55] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(070149)07-44-56] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(070186)07-45-03] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(070735)07-45-34]

Next scene E is dressed in crazy clothes -strutting and posing funny. He keeps trying on more crazy outfits and posing funny. Next D tries on outfits and he says she looks great-turn around. She tries on another dress and he claps and takes pics. Her skirts are short so she gets self conscious. She even starts to pose so he forgets to take pics.  They check out couple t shirts. He gets a text from Sola studio and D checks it. he comes over with different color clothes and says everything she wears looks good on her. she suddenly looks sad.

Dong is waiting outside a club and gets a call. He says I was wondering why you didn’t call. then he looks at the caller and says it’s not her. the call is from a customer

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(073788)07-47-36]

The editor is either trying to make her dark circles darker or lighter – cant tell which. she is going over her dating notes -to curb her annoyance and to lower her voice. She tells her phone to call. (in a smart phone world – cutting off contact -it’s like Hong Gil Dong not being able to call his father “father.” call call call.  She gets a call and dong says how he called to tell her that he deposited $84 today. since you didnt call today. anyway I will work hard to repay you back quickly. she grins and says ok.

At night E wants her to take his arm like other couples but she wont. since she wont do it, he holds her arm. his stupid panda stalker watches that from afar.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(078677)07-48-45] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(078806)07-48-55] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(081772)07-50-47] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(082169)07-51-19] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E13.130218.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(082461)07-51-48]

E wants to see an animation movie with D tm. he has been watching this creator for a few years and it will be total daebak. to be honest games and animation are similar -they have characters and story. let’s be sure to watch this tm. She says don’t watch other people’s work  make your own stuff yourself. You like it so much so are you going to give up on it? thanks to you kaegeum shi I like being outside in the world. so dont worry and go back to Spain. don’t have your luggage (clothes) here either. you dont have anything. E: you are here ajumma- you are here Go Dok mi shi. why are you like this suddenly? D: I wanted to act like I didnt know too. but we cant do that. did you forget? I am the one who edited your book.  I am someone who knows your dream well. that you are losing your chance for that dream – I know. cuz of me – you arent able to leave -how can I leave that alone and smile. E: you are lying again. I wont fall for your lies now. I started to hear you again.  She says you are the one lying. You really want to do that work. you want to do that so desperately. He says just once. exactly just one time -dont think of the other person and just say what you really want and what you want to have – couldnt you do that? “dont go. let’s find that dream together here.” couldnt you say that? if you were hurt -last time I left you said you were hurting. what about now? we came so far -so how about now? can you endure it ( if I am gone). she turns to leave but he holds onto her. she says to let go. that is the arm you injured. E: does it bother you to be with me. Do you not like me hurting. She pulls away saying dont do this. but he grabs her and hugs her. E: come with me to Spain ajumma.



D puts her finger to his forehead

D says to E: If you want to leave promise you will say you want to leave. E: dont tell me to leave – i can never keep that promise.

he puts her hand in his pocket as they walk away together

E: My fans dont know what I really like (he points his finger at her meaning I really like you) – you are going to wait for me right? she nods yes

Jin asks: do you really have the confidence not to regret?

(E has grown up hair –slicked back) his fans protest with signs

E: if it’s like right now – I cant be apart from her even for a day

Jin says to D: whatever you decide dokmi shi-  E wont change

D says to Jin: will you help me so he can leave.

*wow D is really going to push for E to go back to Spain. I think I have to get ready to start swearing. why cant E just make his animation here. arggghhhh


Written before it aired: In a way, Jin is the right man for her in many aspects. He brings consistency and stability to her world, but I’m not sure that’s enough when you weigh in excitement and life the way it was meant to be lived. It’s one thing to respect her wishes to want to stay inside, but it’s a whole new ball park if you want to go along with that cuz it’s easier for you to deal with.  Up to now that’s what Jin thought was better for her until he saw her outside in the real world after E brought her there. Jin is slowly starting to get his methods of observing and giving her room might not have been the best in the world. It’s like what they say – no matter how much you love someone, if the person she loves is better for her, you have to let her go.  For us viewers, from what we could see Jin never had her love and affection to begin with and only her respect so there shouldn’t be that much to let go, but I bet Jin would see it differently. He has devoted the past three years watching over her and loving her from afar and the future he envisioned with her has been growing steadily and letting all that go is going to devastate him. That’s why I don’t think he is going to take the news too well that Dong was the one who told Dokmi to read the webtoon. I bet Jin is going to see that as some kind of betrayal even though Dong only did it so his hyung could have a fighting chance with her against E. I kept wondering why Jin wouldn’t want her to see his webtoon and I realized it’s because revealing his love for her over the years is showing a card he didn’t want exposed yet. He is at a vulnerable state as it is with E hanging around so I doubt Jin wanted his feelings revealed this way. There is no way to save face anymore cuz everything is out there for Dokmi to know. His webtoon was the one thing he had to himself that he could write freely everything he felt for her, but now that she knows of its existence, he wont have that luxury of speaking unabashedly. That’s what Dong took away from Jin and I can’t help but feel that Jin has every right to be angry.

clips doke

Normally when I read a book or watch dramas, I don’t like spoilers. If I see a preview photo of something major that is coming up, I tend to look away or click out of the page quickly.  I have no such hang-ups with this drama though. Ever since last week I have been dying looking for confirmation that Dokmi didn’t run off and that we still have some lovey dovey scenes coming our way cuz I hate when dramas fill the last few episodes with angst that should have been dealt with way earlier on. So far this drama has not let me down and given me every sort of episode I’ve been wanting and some I didn’t even know I would crave so much.  Fingers crossed that winning streak continues today and tomorrow as we head into finale week.


the actor playing Dong is on Saturday Night Live – the Korean version. He has also been on a lot of other shows lately.

Dongendok ccute

jindk jindm

ys ys3 ysm2


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  1. Jada says:

    Hi Softy, thank u for the recap once again. This episode broke my heart. We finally found out what hurt Enrique’s and Jin Rak’s heart, and both was very painful. I admit I cried for the both of them. This is why I love this drama so much, it can make you laugh and cry…the outcome of two very strong emotions. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, I just hope Enrique won’t get his heart broken. Thanks again for your hardwork.


  2. flo says:

    Softy!! thank you very much for the recap!!
    LOL..the panda dance is the cutest thing ever..I can’t stop laughing **omg*LOL* how can a guy danced in a panda suit like that in front the girl he loves?..ha..haa Enrique is sooo amazing..it’s hard to find a guy like him in real life…only E who can do this to me…maybe I lost my interest,if i saw a guy danced a silly moves in front of me…but E is soo irresistable..he is soo adorable beyond words ^___^


    • Softy says:

      I’m not even kidding when I say this, but I replayed that scene over and over more than any kiss scenes combined. The first few minutes YSY had this adorable smile on his face and it just gets me cuz I bet he was thinking “I must look really cute doing this.” 🙂


  3. nik says:

    Softy, dear. Thanks for the recap! Awesome as always. *mmuuaahh!*
    I tried to sneak a peek here everytime I get the time. I sleep at odd hours cuz of my newborn, and I’m still sleepy now. Still cant believe how you manage to do all these recap without having much sleeptime. It’s 4 days straight, right? Watch out for you health too. *hugs*


    • Softy says:

      it used to be 5 nights cuz of 1n2d, but lately I had to curb my recap hours. some nights I can barely keep my eyes open, but it’s never on Mon and Tues – usually on Sundays. I am telling you -when I saw that editor and her dark circles, it was like looking in a mirror -as if that character was made just for me. except I am not as loud and outrageous. 🙂
      Congrats on your second child. time sure does fly.so does your son like having a younger sibling? 🙂


      • nik says:

        time sure does fly. 😀 I remember I emailed you before just to keep in touch. I thought you already forget about me. T_T My son really likes his sister a lot! I’m really glad he doesnt feel any jealousy sort of, and helps me a lot in taking care of the baby. 😀


  4. leekyu says:

    I have a feeling that espoide 14 Dok mi
    Is going to E away by getting help from
    Jin they will probably plan something that will hurt E and causes him to go back to Spain for his dream.Dok mi doesn’t want Ero give up what he all want just because
    Of her.


  5. Thanks so much for the recap.


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